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Electoral Roll for the Town of Napier 1861-1862

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
AARONSON, Simon, Carlyle Street, Napier
ALLAN, Alexander, Mohaka
ALLEN, Charles, Napier
ANDERSON, James, Napier
ANDERSON, Murray, Napier
AUSTEN, John, Auckland

BEGG, John, Awapuni
BELL, Frederick Augustus, Dedwood, Auckland
BELL, Henry John, At the Hospital, Shakespeare road
BLAIR, Alexander, Carlyle street
BODDINGTON, Edward, Motuotaria
BOORMAN, William, Shakespeare road
BOURKE, Peter, Poukawa
BOWLER, William, Wellington
BOYLAN, Michael, Napier, Carlyle street
BOYLE, Thomas, Ashcott, Ruataniwha plains
BRAUND, James, Auckland
BRAY, John, Shakespeare road
BRIDGE, Thomas A., Hastings street
BRYAN, George Augustus, Carlyle street
BUCK, George, Napier
BURTON, William, Napier

CAMPBELL, John, Napier
CARLYON, Edward Augustus, Town of Wellington
CARLYON, George Gwavas, Hutt
CARSWELL, David, Carlyle street
CATCHPOOL, Edward, Port Napier
CHAMBERS, John, Te Mata
CHARLTON, George, Napier
CHRISTIE, John, Napier
CLAYTON, Henry, Chaucer road
CLAYTON, Walter, Chaucer road, Napier
COLENSO, William, Waitangi
CONDIE, Thomas, Maraekakaho
COTTERILL, Henry John, Napier
COX, John Collins, Clive

DAVIS, Edward, Manahuna
DENHOLM, William, Napier
DINWIDDIE, John, Napier
DOHERTY, James, Napier
DOLBEL, Philip, Clive
DOLBEL, Ricahrd, Clive
DOUGHERTY, Joseph, Shakespeare road
DUNCAN, John Russell, Forest Gate Station, Ruataniwha

EDWARDS, Thomas, Napier
ELMES, John, Napier

FANNIN, George Thomas, Napier
FARRAR, William, Napier
FAULKNOR, George, Shakespeare road
FERGUSON, James Burns, Clive
FERGUSON, William Ryder Dobbs, Clive
FERRERS, Bernard, Napier
FITTALL, Samuel, Napier
FITZGERALD, Michael, Napier
FITZGERALD, Thomas Henry, Napier
FLANAGAN, Patrick, Milton road, Napier
FORESTER, George, Napier
FRAME, William Henry, Napier
FRANCE, Robert, Napier
FRANCE, William, Napier
FURNESS, Henry, Napier

GARDINER, Ralph, Napier
GARRY, John, Shakespeare road
GILL, Thomas, Te Aute
GOLDFINCH, Richard Leonard, Napier
GREENE, William Scott, Poverty Bay
GRIFFIN, Michael, Napier
GRINDALL, James, Napier
GROOM, Henry, Napier

HALLASEY, Michael, Shakespeare road
HALLETT, James, Meanee
HAMELING, Samuel, Waipawa
HAMLIN, Francis Edward, Clive
HAMON, Joseph, Napier
HAPUKA, Poukawa
HARDING, Thomas Bennick, Hardinge road, Napier
HARROP, Issaac Worthington, Woodville, Auckland
HART, George, Wellington
HART, Robert, Hobson st., Wellington
HENRY, Nathan, Shakespeare road, Napier
HEYDN, John Long, Napier
HITCHINGS, Thomas, Napier
HOBEN, Denis Augustus Graham, Carlyle street
HOLDER, Richard, Shakespeare road
HOLT, Robert, Napier
HOWSE, Thomas, Hastings street

JANISCH, Vautier Lauche Machado

KARAITIANA, Takamoana, Tanenuiarangi
KELLY, John Joseph, Napier
KENNEDY, Alexander, Napier
KINROSS, John Gibson, Wellington

LEAR, Joshua, Napier
LECHNER, William, Napier
LE QUESNE, Joseph, Napier
LORRIGAN, Bartholomew, Shakespeare road
LUFF, Andrew, Napier
LYNDON, Edward, Napier

MACFARLANE, John Saugster, Auckland
MacGREGOR, Robert Henry, Napier
MacINTYRE, Charles, Goldsmith road
MacNALTY, Martin, Shakespeare road
MacROBERTS, Richard Thomas, Gough Island, Napier
MacSHANE, Eugene, Whanganui
MALTBY, William, Eastern Spit
MANEY, Richard D., Napier
MANTELL, Walter Baldcock Durant, Wellington
MARSHALL, John, Napier
MARSHALL, William, Woodlands, Pohui
McDONALD, Archibald, Tennyson street
McKAIN, James Buchanan, Meanee Spit
MILLER, William, Shakespeare road
MILLER, William Robert, Waghorn street, Napier
MOANANUI, Waipureku
MOGRIDGE, Charles, Dickens street, Napier
MOORE, George, Wellington
MULLANY, Michael, Shakespeare road
MUNN, Daniel, Napier

NEWMAN, Alfred, Waipukurau
NEWTON, Thomas Kennedy, Milton road

O'CRONIN, John, Carlyle street
OLIVER, William, Napier
ORMOND, John Davis, Eparaima
OXENBRIDGE, John Charles Johnston, Carlyle street

PARK, Robert, Wellington
PARSON, William R., Napier
PEAKMAN, William, Napier
PERRY, John Robert, Napier
PILLIET, Walter Hippolyte, Napier

RABONE, Edward, Napier
RAY, Walter, Napier
REARDON, William, Napier
REDWARD, James Baldwin, Porangahau District
REID, James, Napier
REYNOLDS, John, Porangahau
REYNOLDS, Thomas, Napier
RHODES, Joseph, Clive
RICH, William, Napier
RICHARDS, Edward Smallwood, Carlyle street, Napier
RICHARDSON, George Edward Gordon, Meanee Spit
RIDDELL, Robert, Mohaka
RIDDELL, Walter, Carlton Downs, Mohaka
ROBJOHN, Henry Charles, Carlyle street, Napier
ROBOTTOM, John senior, Shakespeare road
ROSE, John, Napier
ROY, John, Hutt
RUSSELL, Henry Robert, Mount Herbert, Waipukurau

SEALY, Henry Bowman, Patoka
SEARLES, Peter, Eastern Spit
SEBLEY, Henry, Napier
SEED, William, Wellington
SIM, John, Mohaka
SKEET, Henry Lufkin, Coote road, Napier
SKEET, Robert Mixer, Napier
SLATER, Francis, Napier
SMITH, James, Napier
SMITH, John Alexander, Emerson street, Napier
SMITH, Thomas Dillion, Napier
SMITH, William, Napier
SMITH, William Pater, Chaucer road
STAPLETON, Herman, Carlton Downs, Mohaka
STARK, Henry Powning, Napier
STEVEN, John, Napier
STEWART, James, Goldsmith road
STUART, James Meliss, Napier
STURLEY, Henry James, Auckland
SUTTON, Frederick, Napier
SWAIN, James, Napier
SYMONDS, James, Napier

TANNER, Thomas, Napier
TAREHA, Pawhakairo
TAYLOR, Brooke, Napier
TAYLOR, Samuel, Napier
TAYLOR, Thomas, Battery road
THOMAS, William, Port Napier
THOMPSON, John, Napier
TIFFEN, Henry Stokes, Napier
TOPPING, James, Napier
TRAIL, James, Napier
TRIPHOOK, Thomas Dawson, Napier
TUKE, Edmund, Aorangi
TURNER, Henry Ferdinand, Wellington
TURNER, John Armstrong, Waghorn street

VAUTIER, John Helier, Waghorn street
VILLERS, John, Napier
VYE, Oliver, Napier

WAITE, William, Napier
WARNES, Benjamin William, Napier
WEBB, Henry Edwin, Sea View Cottage, Napier
WIGGINS, Robert, Napier
WILKIE, George, Hastings street
WILKINSON, John, Napier
WILLIAMS, James, Carlyle street, Napier
WILLIAMS, Richard, Napier
WILLIAMS, Thomas, Napier
WILLIAMS, Thomas Coldham, Auckland
WILSON, James, Napier
WILSON, John Nathaniel, Shakespeare road
WINSOR, Samuel, Napier
WOOD, James, Napier
WOOD, John, Napier
WOOD, Richard Valentine, Napier
WORGAN, George, Ruataniwha
WRIGHT, Edward George, Napier

YATES, William Ward, Napier

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