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Electoral Roll July 13th 1869 for the House of Representatives Napier
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

ABRAHAMS Abraham Wolfe Napier Freehold
AIKEN, Alexander Stewart Petane Household
ALEXANDER Alexander Puketapu Freehold
ALLEN John Mohaka leasehold
ALLEY Henry Taipo leasehold
ANDERSON Charles Clyde Freehold
Anderson Charles James Mangaone Freehold
ANDERSON James Napier Household &Freehold
ASHLEY George Napier Household
ASHTON James Meanee South Freehold
ATKINSON Thomas Eskdale Household
ATWARD William Wairoa Freehold
BADLEY Paul Napier Freehold
BAKER Benjamin Wharepango 1-Household 2-Freehold
BALDWIN William Napier Freehold
BALHARRY David Napier Household
BARRY John Napier Freehold
BATY John Meanee Household
BAXTER William Napier 1-leasehold 2-freehold
BEAGLEY William Napier Freehold
BECK Edward Napier Household
BEGG John Napier Freehold
BEGG Samuel Napier Freehold
BELL Frederick Auhustus Napier Freehold
BELL Thomas Te Wairoa Freehold
BENNETT Edward Meanee Freehold
BENNETT John Puketapu Freehold
BEUKERS Hendrick Napier Freehold
BEYER Oskar Napier Freehold
BIBBY Edward Waipawa Freehold
BISHOP Henry Napier Household
BISHOP Nathaniel Napier Household
BLACK David Meanee Freehold
BLACK David Wairoa Freehold
BLACK John Scott Wairoa Freehold
BLACK Walter Wairoa Freehold
BOLD Edward Henry NapierHousehold
BOUSFIELD Octavius Lawes Woodthorpe Tutaekuri Freehold
BOWDEN Francis Napier Leasehold
BOWMAN George Napier Freehold
BOYLAN Michael Napier Leasehold
BRANDON Sydney Griffiths Napier1&2-leasehold 3-freehold
BRATHWAITE James Butch34 Napier 1-2-3-4-freehold 5-leasehold
BRAUND James Auckland Freehold
BRAY John West Clive Leasehold
BREINGAN Robert Meanee 1-Household 2-freehold
BRENTON Robert NapierHousehold
BREWER John Napier Household and Leasehold
BRITTEN WilliamNapier Freehold
BROWN Cartwright Matapirau 1-Freehold2-leasehold
BROWN Charles Clyde Freehold
BROWNE MichaelNapier1-Household2-Freehold 3-leasehold
BRYSON ArchibaldNapier Freehold
BUNDRET Henry Napier Freehold
BURDEN John Napier Household
BURNS Joseph West Clive Freehold
BURTON WilliamNapier 1-Housefold 2-Leasehold
BURTON John Napier 1-Household 2-leasehold
BYCROFT Richard Wellhall,Hutt, Near Wgtn. Freehold
BYGUM Hans Napier freehold
CAMPBELL John Napier 1-household 2-freehold
CAMPBELL ThomasOnepotofreehold
CARLYON Edward Augustus Gwavas freehold
CARLYON George Gwavas Gwavas freehold
CARR Edmund Petane freehold
CARRICK Michael Napier freehold
CARROLL Joseph Wairoa freehold
CARTER Edwin Wairoa 1-household 2-freehold
CARTERTON John Chilton Lamb Maraetara 1-household2-freehold
CATCHPOOL Edward Napier freehold
CAULTON George Walter Napier freehold
CAULTON Henry Oakley Napier Leasehold
CHAMBERS John Te Matafreehold
CHAPMAN Frederick Martin Te Aute freehold
CHICKEN John Napier freehold
CLARIBURT John Napier Houshold
CLAYTON Henry Napier Freehold
CLEARY Timothy Napier 1-Freehold 2-household
CLOSE John Napier Freehold
COLELLO Vernon Napier Freehold
COLEMAN James Henry Napier Leasehold
COLENSO William NapierFreehold
COLLINS Thomas NapierFreehold
CONDIE Thomas MaraekakahoFreehold
CONLEY Patrick Napier Household
CORRY JohnNapier Freehold
COSGROVE Patrick Napier 1-Leasehold
COTTERILL Henry JohnNapier Freehold
COUPER William Havelock Freehold
COX John Collins Clive Freehold
CRESSWELL Albert Edwin Napier 1-household 2-Freehold
CUFF Joshua Waitangi 1-Leasehold 2-Freehold 3-freehold
CULLEN George Walter Napier Household
DAVERN John Napier Freehold
DAVIDSON Alexander Napier Freehold
DAVIS Edward Manahuna Freehold
DAVIS John WairoaFreehold
DEIGHTON Samuel Clyde Freehold
DENHOLM William NapierHousehold
DENNETT William Young Napier Freehold
DINWIDDIE John Napier 1-Leasehold 2-household
DOLBEL Charles Springfield 1-Freehold 2-household
DOLBEL Philip Springfield 1,2,3-Freehold 2-household
DOLBEL Richard Springfield Freehold
DOMETT Alfred Auckland Freehold
DOYLE John Napier Freehold
DUFF Hugh Alexander Kereru Freehold
DUNCAN John Russell Tangoio Freehold
DUNCAN Richard John Wellington Freehold
EDWARDS Thomas Napier 1&3-Freehold 2-household
EGHAN John Napier 1&2 Freehold
ELBOURN William Meanee Leasehold & Household
ELLISON William Springvale Leasehold
ELMES John Napier Freehold
ELWIN William Jaker Petane Freehold
FAIRTLOUGH Edward D'Heillimer Napier 1-freehold 2-household 3&4 freehold
FANNIN George Thomas Napier Household
FARRAR William Napier Freehold
FAULKNOR George Ngaruroro Leasehold
FAULKNOR William Napier Freehold
FERARD Bingham Arthur Napier Freehold
FERGUSON Archibald Wairoa Freehold
FIELDER John Beckett Napier Freehold
FINLAYSON Robert Clyde Freehold
FISHER William Napier Household
FITZGERALD Michael Napier Freehold Household
FITZGERALD Richard Napier Household
FLANAGAN Patrick Napier Freehold
FLOYD Thomas Napier Household
FORD Arthur Napier Freehold
FORD Horace Napier Household
FOX Thomas Napier Household
FRAME William Henry Meanee Freehold
FRANCE Robert Napier Freehold
FRANCE William Napier Freehold
FRANKLIN Baldwin Napier Household
FRASER James Napier Freehold
FREEMAN Stephen Napier Household
GARDINER Ralph Napier 1-freehold 2-Leasehold
GARRY John Havelock Freehold
GEBBIE John Meanee Freehold
GILL JosephNapier Freehold
GILLESPIE [Peter Napier Leasehold
GOLDFINCH Richard Leonard Napier Leasehold
GOSNELL Joseph Wairoa Freehold
GOWING James John Warden Napier Leasehold
GRAHAM Andrew Napier 1-household 2-Freehold
GRAHAM Robert Napier 1-Household 2-Freehold
GRAHAM William John Napier Freehold
GRAY John Clyde Freehold
GREEN Edward Lister Bothwell Glen 1&2household & leasehold 3-freehold
GRIFFIN Michael Napier
GRINDELL James Napier
GROOM Henry Napier
GULLY Charles James Napier
GUPPY Robert Meanee
HALLETT James Meanee
HAMELING Samuel Waipawa
HAMLIN Francis Edwards Clive
HAMMOND John Meanee
HAMON Joseph Napier
HAMON Joseph Jnr Napier
HAMSHAR James Wairoaiti
HAPUKA Poukawa
HARDING Thomas Bennick Napier
HARGRAVE William Frederick Wharerangi
HARPHAM William Meanee
HARROP Isaac Worthington Auckland
HART George Wellington
HART Robert Wellington
HARTLEY JohnNapier
HARVEY JohnMeanee
HASTIE Robert CarruthersNapier
HAWES Robert GeorgeNapier
HAWKER WilliamWharepongo
HAWKINS JamesMeanee
HAWKINS WilliamMeanee
HAWKINS NicholasTutaekuri
HAWKINS ThomasTutaekuri
HAYDEN JohnNapier
HENDERSON ThomasNapier.
HENRICI Adolph FrederickMohaka
HERBERT GeorgeWairoaiti
HESLOP GeorgePuketapu
HESLOP John SeniorPuketapu
HESLOP John JuniorPuketapu
HESLOP WilliamPuketapu
HIGGINS LawrenceNapier
HILL Kenrick JonasNapier
HILL MatthewNapier
HITCHINGS ThomasNapier
HOLDER Henry RichardNapier
HOLT RobertNapier
HOOPER StephenNapier
HORN JamesNapier
HOWARD HenryMeanee
HOWELL EdwardNapier
HOWSE EdwardTutaekuri
HUGHES WilliamPuketapu
HUNT DavidNapier
HUNT RichardNapier
IHAKA WhanagaMahaia
IRVINE JamesNapier
JACOBS NathanielNapier
JEW SamuelNapier
JOHNSON BenjaminNapier
JOHNSON HenryNapier
JOHNSON John ThompsonNapier
KARAITIANA TakamoanaTaneneuiarangi
KENNEDY AlexanderNapier
KENT PeterPuketapu
KINROSS John GibsonNapier
KNIGHT Herbert Thomas HalseyNapier
KNOWLES Edward WilliamNapier
KOCH August Carl FerdinandNapier
LAMONT George HenryNapier
LANGLEY JohnNapier
LARGE James StanistreetNapier
LAUGHTON JamesNapier
LAWRENCE JamesHomewood
LAWSON JohnNapier
LEAR JoshuaNapier
LEE George EdmundNapier
LeQUESNE JosephNapier
LESLIE DavidNapier
LEVER John RobertOkawa
LINDSAY David EarlNapier
LINGARD JohnNapier
LOCKE SamuelNapier
LOCKWOOD WilliamWairoa
LOPDELL JamesNapier
LORD Richard HalkettNapier
LORIGAN BartholomewMeanee
LOWRY ThomasOkawa
LUFF AndrewNapier
LUFF Joseph Napier
LYNDO Edward Napier
MABBETT John Napier
MACFARLANE John Sangster Auckland
MACGREGOR George HenryNapier
MACNALTY MartinNapier
MACSHANE EugeneWanganui
MAHONEY JohnNapier
MALTBY WilliamsNapier
MAIHI KaimoanaWairoa
MANAENA TiniPakowai
MANEY Richard DavidMeanee
MANOY AbrahamNapier
MANTELL Walter Baldock DurantWellington
MARSHALL JamesPetane
MARSHALL WilliamNapier
MARTIN JohnNapier
MASTERSON ThomasNapier
McCARTHY ThomasNapier
McCREEVY NathanielMohaka
McFARLANE John Napier
McHARDY Alexander Napier
McKAIN James Buchanan Eskdale
McKAIN Isaac Septimus Petane
McLEAN Donald Napier
McLEOD David Puketapu
McMURRAY James Tareha's bridge
MEEHAN Thomas Napier
MILLEN William Napier
MOGRIDGE Charles Napier
MOLONEY William Wairoa
MOORE George Wellington
MORLEY George Frederick Napier
MORONEY Timothy Napier
MORRISON Thomas Napier
MOULSON John Meanee
MULLANEY Michael Napier
MURPHY John Meanee
MURRAY John Napier
MURRAY Robert Napier
NEAGLE Richard Napier
NEAL John Wainhouse Napier
NELSON Frederick Kereru
NELSON William Waipukurau
NEWBOULD Simeon Napier
NEWMAN Alfred Waipukurau
NEWTON Thomas Kennedy Whakamarumaru
NOBLE William George Napier
NORCROSS Thomas Wairoa
NORTHE William Henry Napier
0'DONNELL Charles Napier
0'KEEFE Cornelius Napier
OLIVER William Napier
ORMOND John Davis Eperaima
ORR John South Meanee
PALMER Charles Napier
PALMER William Frederick Napier
PAORA te Apatu Wairoa
PARK Robert Wellington
PARKER Henry Napier
PARKER William Napier
PARSONS John Woodlands,Pohui
PARSONS Samuel Meanee South
PEACOCK David Meanee
PEACOCK Gavin Meanee
PEACOCK Hector Meanee
PEACOCK James Meanee
PEARSE John Mohaka
PEARSE Martin Mohaka
PEARSE Thomas Allan Mohaka
PERRY John Robert Napier
PETERS Andrew Napier
POCOCK James Napier
POWDRELL Henry Meanee
POWDRELL John Dutton Turiroa
POWDRELL Joseph Wairoa
POWDRELL Samuel Dutton Wairoa
POWDRELL Thomas Meanee
PREECE George Augustus Wairoa
PRENTICE Stephen Filgate Wairoa
PRICE Thomas Treneray Napier
PRITCHARD John James Napier
PULFORD Edward Napier
QUEENLAN Andrew Napier
RABONE Edward Napier
REARDON William Napier
REDWARD James Baldwin Porangahau
REES John Ralph Wellington
REEVES Andrew Wairoa
REIGNIER Euloge Tutaekuri
RENOUF Henry Napier
RENOUF John Napier
REYNOLDS John Porangahau
RHODES Joseph Clive
RICHARDS Joseph Napier
RICHARDSON George Edward Gordon Napier
RICHARDSON Thomas Eskdale
RICHARDSON William Airey Eskdale
ROBERTSON William Napier
ROBJOHNS Henry Charles Napier
ROBJOHNS John Napier
ROBINSON William Napier
ROBINSON William Robert Napier
ROBOTTOM John Senior Napier
ROPER Frank Paapakura
ROSS Daniel Napier
ROUTLEDGE WilliamE Napier
RUDMAN Henry Napier
RUSSELL Andrew Hamilton Redclyffe
RUSSELL Andrew Hamilton Jnr Redclyffe
RUSSELL Henry Robert Waipukurau
RUSSELL William Russell Redclyffe
RYMER George Meanee
SCANLAN MichaelNapier
SCULLY Thomas Napier
SEALY Henry Bowman Napier
SEALY Henry John Napier
SEARLES Peter Napier
SHARLEY Henry Puketapu
SHARLEY James Greenvale,Turaekuri
SHARLEY Thomas Tutaekuri
SHARP John Napier
SIM John Mohaka
SINGLE Samuel Henry Wairoa
SKILLICORN Abraham Meanee
SLATER John Napier
SLATER Walter George Napier
SMITH Edward Napier
SMITH Edwin Nonus Hakowai
SMITH George Napier
SMITH John Alexander Napier
SMITH William Napier
SMITH William Peter Napier
SPENCE George Meanee
STABLES John Napier
STARK William Mohaka
STEED John William Napier
STEEVENS Henry Napier
STEVENS George Napier
STEVENS Henry Napier
STEVEN John Napier
STEVEN John Jnr Eskdale
STOKES Robert Wellington
STUART Archibald Paisley Wellington
STUART George Henry Napier
STUART James Meliss Napier
STUART John Napier
STURM Frederick William Christian Napier
SULLIVAN Florence Napier
SUTTON Edmund Napier
SUTTON Frederick Napier
SUTTON Isaac Rogers Meanee
SWAIN James Napier
SWAN George Henry Napier
SWEETAPPLE Richard Napier
SYMES Thomas Napier
SYMONDS James Napier
TANNER Thomas Napier
TAREHA Pa Whakairo
TAYLOR Brooke Napier
TAYLOR John Jude Clyde
TEAT William Napier
THOMAS William Napier
TIER Robert Napier
TIFFEN Henry Stokes Napier
TIFFEN Louis Ansel Greenmeadows
TOD James Napier
TODD Alexander Meanee
TOHA Rahurahu Wairoa
TOPPING James Napier
TORR Joseph Petane
TORR Thomas Napier
TORR William Petane
TOWGOOD Edward Napier
TOWNLEY John Napier
TRASK John Henry Napier
TRESTAIL Richard Napier
TROUTBECK Hutton Eskdale
TUKE Edmond Meanee
TUPPER Henry DeLisle Petane
TURNER Henry Ferdinand Wellington
TURNER John Armstrong Napier
TUXFORD Albert George Eskdale
TUXFORD Franklin Napier
TYLEE John Thomas Napier
UNDERDOWN William Napier
URUPENE Puhara Pakipaki
VAUGHAN David Napier
VAUTIER John Helier Napier
VILLERS John Petane
VILLERS William Petane
VINING James Napier
WAITE William Napier
WALKER Malcolm Napier
WALLACE Henry Ritchie Poraite
WARNES Benjamin William Napier
WATT Archibald Anderson Napier
WATT James Napier
WEBB Henry Edwin Napier
WEBER Charles Herman Napier
WESTON John Elsthorpe
WHITE Levi Napier
WHITMORE George Stoddart Napier
WIGGINS Robert Napier
WILLIAMS Isaac Napier
WILLIAMS Henry Napier
WILLIAMS Henry Edward Napier
WILLIAMS Nathaniel Napier
WILLIAMS Richard Napier
WILLIAMS Samuel Te Aute
WILLIAMS Thomas Coldham Auckland
WILSON George Napier
WILSON Isaac West Clive
WILSON James Meanee
WILSON John Nathaniel Napier
WINSOR Samuel Waipawa
WISHART James Napier
WITHERS Edward Napier
WOOD Daniel Napier
WOOD James Napier
WOOD John Napier
WORGAN George Napier
WORGAN George Buckland Wairoa
YATES Henry Leigh Napier
YATES William Ward Napier

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