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MARLBOROUGH NAMES 1800s and early 1900s
Most of this has been taken out of old newspapers.
I have more information on some of these people.

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

ADAMS, SAMUEL was a Jeweller & watchmaker in Picton in 1865
ADAMS, WILLIAM and PATTY owned "Langley Dale" in the 1850s
AIKEN, GEORGE registered wine and spirit merchant in 1869
ALEXANDER, JAMES a Picton Councillor in 1867
ALLEN, THOMAS had a store in Havelock.
ALLEN, HENRY publican in 1864
ALLINSON, WILLIAM opened the "Havelock Inn' in 1860 but left not long after
ALLPORT, THOMAS moved to Marlborough from Nelson in 1865
ALLWOOD, R.F a commission agent in 1863
ANNEAR, BILLY in the Marlborough area in 1880
ARBER, GEORGE was a stonemason in 1863
ARMSTRONG, JOHN born Ireland died Blenheim 1902
ARBER, GEORGE Stone-mason in Picton 1863
ARNOLD, FLORENCE drowned. b, 1-3-1887.( Nelson or Marlborough?)
ARNOLD, JAMES (Jim) worked on Marlborough sheep stations until he became crippled with arthritis, He them became publican of the "Riwaka Hotel" from 1887.Jim was b, 9th March 1852..d, 1890 was married to Sarah Margaret Fowler.They had 4 children
ATKINSON, JANE married William BLICK in 1865 at Wairau. 2nd marriage to John SINCLAIR
ATKINSON, SARAH married 1st William BURSILL. 2nd Thomas COTTLE
AUGHAN, HARRY shoemaker in 1868
AVIS, CHARLES was adjudged bankrupt in Picton in 1882
BAILLIE, JAMES offered his Bakery for sale at Picton in 1871
BAILLIE, W operated a coach service in 1911
BAKEWELL, FRED a schoolteacher in 1883
BALL, MABEL MARY married Arthur Leslie Hendra in Blenheim 1904
BALL, RICHARD died in Blenheim 28th july 1923 aged 89. He was survived by 6 children, 30 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren.
BALL, TOM JACOBS b, 1869 in Nelson d, 30th April 1920 in Blenheim . His wife Sarah Jane Barnes d,30th April 1959 in Blenheim.
BALL, FREDERICK RICHARD b, 30th May 1891 at Blenheim
BALL, FREDERICK died age 13 in 1880 in Blenheim
BALLARD, SAM,D shot himself in 1882
BARTLETT, JAMES was a painter & paper-hanger in 1863
BARTLETT, JOHN and MARIA and sons JOSEPH amnd THOMAS lived in Malborough.
BARTLETT JOHN,D drowned in the Wairau river in 1860
BATES, SARAH died 23rd March 1885 in Blenheim
BAX, T.B licensee of the Jordan Accomadation House
BEAUCHAMP, ARTHUR store keeper in 1861
BEAUMONT, RICHARD leased land in 1869.put a manager on it and went back to England in 1871.
BEDFORD, ROBERT Public Vaccinator at Kaikoura in 1882
BENNETT, JOHN arrived in the Pelorus area in the 1860s
BERRY, E.J was a grocer in Picton
BERRY, JOHN died 14th July 1916 aged 75.
BERRY, ANNA JANE HOUGHTON died 21st Sept 1927 aged 75
BIRCH, FREDERICK a engineer 1891
BIRD, WILLIAM chaplain in the Awatere Valley in 1859
BIRSS, storekeeper and postmaster in 1870
BLAYMIRES, ROBERT and 2 brothers settled in Picton. Robert drowned near Havelock. Joseph drowned in 1868. John was the other brother.
BLICK, WILLIAM b, july 1867 at Rapaura, Blenheim
BLICK, GERTRUDE ALICE b, 5th Sep 1897 in Blenheim
BLICK, OLIVE HANNAH b, 14th April 1902 at Blenheim
BLICK, GEORGE drowned 20th Feb 1889 aged 18
BLIZZARD, CHARLES died 1890 aged 70. . He was a blacksmith at Picton. He arrived in N.Z 1857 from England.
BLIZZARD, GEORGE was a land & commission agent in Picton in 1910.
BLIZZARD, E.H was a contractor in Picton in 1900
BLIZZARD, W.J was granted a plumbers licence in Picton in 1892
BOERS, WYNARD a Vaccinator at Pelorus in March 1887
BOLTON, EDWARD farmed at the Awatere in 1851
BONIFACE, HELEN (wife of JAMES) d, Dec 1945 aged 67. James d, Sept 1955 aged 84
BONIFACE, ALEXANDER MURRAY son of above, d, 22nd May 1934 aged 17.
BONNINGTON, ANNIE and baby dau drowned in the Wairau river in 1906
BORRIE, JAMES a contractor in Picton in 1861
BOWLER, SAMUEL runholder in the Lower Wairau in the 1860s
BOWN, JOHN purchased land in the pelorus Valley in 1858. married Emma DALTON in 1866
BOWRON, HERBERT ROBIN d, 25th July 1947 aged 69
BOYCE, MABEL LOUISA d, 8th May 1911 aged 25. she was the wife of David, J Boyce
BOYCE, GEORGE contractor and carrier at Blenheim arrived in NZ 1875 on the "Carnatic"
BOYCE, HENRY and GEORGE sons of the above.
BOYD, THOMAS and his sister VIOLET in Kaikoura in 1910.
BRADLEY, THOMAS was a tailor in 1867
BRENT, ELIZABETH ANN b, 1842 Prince Edward Island. d, 17th Nov 1899 in Blenheim
BRIDGES, JOHN a bank-manager at Picton 1862
BRIGHT, THOMAS and ELLEN and family 1885 at Enveavor Inlet
BRIGHT, THOMAS 1832--1920 (same one?) worked in Blenheim as a bricklayer married Jane Newport and they had 12 children.
BRINDELL, CHARLES a runholder in the 1860s
BROOKBY, JOSEPH WARD in Marlborough in the 1860s
BROOKES, THOMAS and OWEN in the area in 1880
BROOKES, OWEN drowned at the age of 10 in the Wairau River in 1881
BROWN, JOHN married EMMA DALTON in 1866
BRYDON, ELIZABETH d,1849 at Awatere. her father was William Brydon
BUCHAN, MARAGARET ran a boarding house in Marlborough. She sold out in 1911 to Mr and Mrs David Walker
BUDGE, WILLIAM in marlborough 1848
BURN, HENRY ARTHUR 1883--1955 He was a policeman in Marlborough. married to Olive Croline Baigent. They had 8 children
BURSILL, EDWARD in the Awatere in 1864 married 16 year old Sarah Atkinson in 1865
BUSH, ALBERT a Picton builder
BUTT, F.G Captian in WW2 born Blenheim 8th Dec 1913. was a farmer
BYTHELL, RAYMOND was in Blenheim in 1917.
CAMPBELL, ANGUS went to the Lyell in 1893
CANNING, GEORGE a Wairau run-holder
CARMICHAEL, ROBERT,H and sons RICHARD and THOMAS in the area 1898
CARD, A.T a reporter for the marlborough Press. later the owner.
CARLEEK, MORGAN JAMES a surveyor in the Awatere Valley in 1895
CARRICK, FRANK of Blenheim married Margery Grace HUNT June 1892.
CATON, JOHN HENRY 1st leased land in 1864, later was sentenced to 3 years gaol for trying to abscond with proceeds from a cattle sale. Later, he went to Australia where he drowned.
CATTO, J was in the Picton area in 1919
CAWTES, JOHN a jailor in Picton in the 1880s
CHAPMAN, PETER from Western Australia
CHANT, GEORGE sent to Spring Creek into service with a Mrs HULL, Blenheim in Jan 1877. He previously was in the Motueka Home for 6 years 9 months, where he went at the age of 6 with brother HENRY ,age 4in March 1870. Henry went into service at Stanley Bros (probably Nelson area)
CHEESEMAN, THOMAS. a teacher in 1869. He had previously been in Australia. He had a wife and 4 children
CLARK, WILLIAM owner of the "Ships Hotel" in Picton 1865
CLARKE, WILLIAM had a Hotel built in Picton in 1872
CLENDON, REBECCA b, 1804 at Kent, England. d, 11th July 1899 in Blenheim. She married William Lott Howard 1829 in England. He died 21st July 1865 in Blenheim
CLEGHORN, GEORGE a Doctor in 1880
CLIMO, JAMES arrived at havelock in 1860 had a wife and daughter
COHEN, FRANK was a wine and spirit merchant at Havelock 1869
COLLINS, WILLIAM ran the "Pelorus Hotel"
CONOLLY, E.T a solicitor 1865. In 1881 his sons joined the business
COOK, WALTER was a Tailor at Picton in 1915
COOKE, brothers HENRY and JOHN from Waimea to the Awatere 1848.
CORKILL, WILLIAM resident of Havelock in 1859. He was from the Isle Of Man
CORRY, J.J purchased a brewery in 1920. Corry was adjudged bankrupt in 1926
COUPER, DANIEL and MARY-ANN and son JOHN est, a store at the Pelorus Bridge in 1861
CRIBB, EMMA Schoolteacher 1894--?
CROWTHER, WILLIAM ran a Hotel in Picton 1860-65
CURRIE, ROBERT was a jeweller & watchmaker in Picton in 1873
CUTHBERTSON, HUGH a butcher at Picton in 1866
DAVIES, CALEB and THOMAS in the Marlborough area in 1871
DAWKINS, R.G had a auctioneers licence in 1915
DEEBLE, JACK in the Marlborough area in 1880
DICKSON, Mrs ELIZABETH ran a boarding-house in 1888
DILLON, THOMAS HARFORD died Nov 1921 at Grovetown.
DILLON, CONSTANTINE drowned in the Wairau river aged 40 in 1853
DILLON, ALFRED a hotel owner--postmaster--storeman in 1891
DOLOMORE, MARY LOUISA married to William BELL in Blenheim 1879. Mary was a dau of Decimus Dolomore from Nelson.
DONALDSON, JOHN a store-keeper in 1880
DOWNIE, JOHN a blacksmith in 1888
DOYLE, JOHN in the area in 1890
DOUSLIN, H an architect from Blenheim in the 1870-80s
DUDLEY, JAMES murdered on the Maungatapu Track
DUFFY, WILLIAM a school-teacher from Nelson. In Jan 1871 he was killed in a farm accident and is buried at Rapaura Cemetery.
EAVES, SAMUEL a runholder in the 1860s
EDEN, CLEMENT WILLIAM 1895--1967 was in the Waurau Valley as a storekeeper. Later moved to Murchison
ELBECK, HERMAN in Picton in 1862. In 1881 he was a bookseller
ELLIOTT, CHARLES B. Born 1811 marr 1862 died 1876 wife was Marion Muller
ELLIOTT, CHARLES Jnr born Blenheim 1863
EMPSON, CHARLES b, april 1819. died 15-8-1875 at Blenheim
EMPSON, HENRY b, 12th Feb 1853. d, 24th Oct 1864.
EMPSON, FRANCIS SLOCOMBE b, 1864 in Marlborough died 1903.
ENSOR, REV, ERNEST HENRY born 26-1-1863 . died 29-2-1904
EYES, W.H a runholder in the 1860s
FAMA, MARGARET School Teacher in 1889
FARNELL, WILLIAM settled in the Pelorus area in 1858. He 1st arrived at Nelson from the Victorian goldfeilds.
FARNEY, MARY ELLEN b, 1846 in Scotland. d, 10th Dec 1920 at the Wairau Hospital aged 75 . She was married to Thomas Dillon.
FELL, ALFRED Brewery and town Mayor of Picton in 1884. His wifes name was Alice.
FINNEY, P a carpenter in 1864
FLEMING, WILLIAM HENRY b, Waimea West 1856. d, Renwicktown 1914
FLOOD, THOMAS a builder in 1925
FLOOD, JAMES murdered on the 3rd Nov 1931
FLOWER, THOMAS GEORGE b, 21st Oct 1875 at Nelson d, 18th March 1938 at Blenheim
FOWLER, THOMAS had a Coach Service in 1891
FORD, DANIEL died 1st Dec 1879 aged 43.
FOSTER, FRANK MAITLAND in the Awatere in 1893. was from Canterbury
FOSTOR, SUSANNAH ELIZA of Blenheim , married William NEWBURRY 9th Oct 1877
FRASER, JOHN a runholder in the 1860s
FREELAND, THOMAS had a shop in Picton in 1873
FRITZGERALD, THOMAS killed by a rock-fall in 1889
FULLER, JAMES Snr and his sister MARY-ANN ESSON completed their 50th year of their residence in Picton. They arr at Waitohi on the 13th Nov 1855. "Marlborough Express" Sat, Nov 18th 1905.
FULLER, JAMES general store-keeper at Seddon in 1899. Later his brothers Donald and Hugh joined the business
FULTON, JAMES was a butcher in 1888
GALLAGHER, HAROLD in the area in 1920
GALLOWAWAY, THOMAS had a Drapery store at Picton abt 1870
GANE, LEONARD WILLIAM d, 10th Sept 1946 aged 65
GANE, MARY LOUISA wife of Samuel Gane d, 15th Dec 1929 aged 75.Samuel d, 26th July 1926.
GANE, GWEN d, 21st Aug 1916 aged 6 years. she was the dau of Albert and Ada Gane.
GALE, FRED a Doctor married Annie Parsons on the 7th June 1890
GIBBONS, ANNIE married ERNEST MASON 23rd May 1911
GIBSON, MARTHA born at the Awatere on the 12th feb 1866 to Henry Gibson and Harriett SUTTON.she married Charles Sargent BALL 9th July 1887. Charles was a son of Richard and Mary Ball. Martha died at Masterton in 1941. Charles died at Masterton in 1942. they had 4 children
GIBSON, JOHN owner of a accomadation-house at Okaramio in 1880
GIBSON, SANDY son of John Gibson
GIBSON, MALVINA b, 21st Nov, 1879 at Blenheim parents were Thomas Lennox Gibson and Lizzy Gibson (nee Weaver). Malvina married John Harold Manssen 24th Dec 1902.
GILES, THOMAS, MARY and son RICHARD in the area in 1884.. Richard was buried by a collapsed hillside in 1884.
GLOVER, ALICE MAUD wife of Thomas d, 12th Nov 1924 aged 41. Thomas d, 21st Oct 1959 aged 78
GLOVER, THOMAS ROY killed in action (Lybia) 28th June 1942 aged 25. 2nd son of above
GODFREY, ALFRED a blacksmith in 1881 at Picton
GODFREY, FRANK , R made footware in 1883
GODFREY, JIM in the Marlborough area in 1880
GODFREY, HENRY in the area in 1852. was a runholder in the 1860s
GODFREY, JOHN a Picton Councillor in 1867
GODSIFF, HARRY was in Picton in 1864
GOODALL, SAMUEL a sergeant at Havelock. He died in 1909
GOSLIN, BEN a Blenheim blade-shearer in 1868-1916. Gave up at the age of 70. died in 1937 aged 92
GOULAND, HENRY a land owner in 1861
GOULTER, CYRUS was a runholder in the 1860s
GRANT, WILLIAM found murdered in May 1863 near Havelock.
GREGORY, THOMAS born Lancashire, England in May 1845. He was the 4th son of Richard Gregory. He came to Nelson from Australia aboard the steamer Gotenburg in 1876, soon after he travelled to the Wairau. His wife Mary-Ann died 1890. at the age of 30. They had 3 children, Ivy, Gordon, & Alice.Thomas remarried after his wifes death to his sister-in-law and fathered another 4 children
GREEN, EDWARD a runholder. died 1896
GREENSILL, W.H.J obtained a auctioneers licence in Picton in 1904
GREIG, WILLIAM, J a store-keeper in Picton in 1860
GULLERY, JAMES owned a guest-house in Keneperu. His wife Mary died in 1876
HANDLEY, NELLIE dressmaker in 1897
HAMLING, HENRY a Havelock constable
HAMMOND, ROLAND in Marlborough
HANNA, THOMAS married Laura McRAE in 1885.
HARRIS, WILLIAM MORGAN a Bullock-Driver who inherited a large amount of money from Wales
HARRIS, SAMUEL contractor in Picton in 1871. Still there in 1888
HARRIS, HIRAM a schoolteacher at Picton in 1865. died in Feilding 1915 aged 77
HART, JOHN goldseeker in 1888
HARVEY, HARRIET died at Okaramio in 1907
HASTILOW, CHARLES TURNER farmed at Tua Marina. He was married to May POWICK. Charles was born 27th April 1873.
HASTILOW, EDWIN DODDS b, 29th June 1871 married Anna NEAL 1900.Lived at Tua Marina.
HAWKE, HENRY a school teacher at Havelock in the 1860s
HAWKER, GEORGE a store-keeper at Koromiko in 1881
HEBLEY, J.J a carpenter and under-taker in Picton in 1923
HEBERLY, FREDERICK had a shoe and boot repair shop at Picton in 1862
HENDERSON, EDWARD ANDREW b, at Blenheim 1892
HENDERSON, DAVID died in Picton 1874
HENDERSON, ANDREW died at Okarmio 1916
HENDERSON, THOMAS HARVEY married in Kaikoura 1875
HENDRA, RALPH came to N.Z from Cornwall in 1875 to work at "Langley Dale". In 1896 he leased land at Taylors Pass. Ralph d, 26th Aug 1935. His wife Mary had died in 1907. They had 9 children
HENDRA, RALPH Jnr b,21st Nov 1876. d, 22nd June 1921 in Wellington.
HENRY, PATRICK drowned 1866. buried at Havelock
HEYWARD, RICHARD mail contractor in 1900
HICKMAN, CHARLES went to work for a Mr HULL in Blenheim. in 1873..was 9 years in 1869 and was in the Motueka Home for 4 years.
HICKMAN, GEORGE was age 4 in 1869 in the Motueka Home. went into service with a Mr G Dodson. Blenheim in 1877.
HICKMAN, JANE age 7 in 1869 in the Motueka Home. went into service in 1875 at a Mrs Best (either nelson or Blenheim)
HILDRETH, MARY KIMBER b, 1838. died 15th Sept 1909 at Blenheim
HISKENS, CAROLINE ELIZABETH d, 18th Oct 1921 aged 51.
HODGSON, ALFRED a farmer in Marlborough
HOOD, THOMAS was drowned on the 1st Aug 1865 at the Grove
HORN, GEORGE from Picton
HOUGHTON, ALLEN a store-owner & postmaster in Havelock in 1863. He was from Wellington.
HOULT, ELIZABETH b, 5th Dec 1830
HOWARD, WILLIAM died 1865 in Blenheim
HUGHES, MAGGIE a schoolteacher at the Awatere in 1908.
JACKSON, ADAM runholder in the 1860s
JACKSON, WILLIAM, H had a store at Koromiko in 1881
JACKSON, ELLEN married in 1891
JAMES, GEORGE owned the "Tasmanian" at Picton .He was later adjudged bankrupt.
JAMES, HERBERT ROY died 28th Oct 1930 aged 32.son of Ernest and Isabella James
JELLYMAN, WILLIAM d, 7th Jine 1904 aged 48. He is buried at the Methodist Cemetery at Rapaura.His wife Elizabeth-Ann d, 22nd Aug 1931 aged 72
JEFFRIES, THOMAS bought a property in 1899
JENKINS, ALFRED GEORGE 1813-1890 was a runholder at the Awatere in 1849
JOHNSON, AMY Miss a dentist in Marlborough in 1874 was bankrupt in 1902.
JOHNSTON, JOHN hotel proprietor at Okaramio in 1897
JONES, WILLIAM and THOMAS from England
JONES, MARY from Cork.
KEEFE, JOHN and JEREMIAH both age 20 ( twins?) from Cork. arrived NZ 1880
KEENE, NANNO age 22 arrived 1880
KEMP, GEORGE died July 5th 1853 aged 41. result of an accident.. His wife died from childbirth complications 17th Feburary 1854. aged 42 . They are buried at Seddon.. They left 7 children.
KEMP, MARION eldest dau of the above , married Aug 21st 1854 to William MARSHALL , manager of a sheep run at the Awatere They moved to Nelson in 1865.
KUMMER, FRANZ ran a shop in 1869 at Picton
LAMB, THOMAS b, in England.was a teacher in 1888
LAMB, MARY wife of Thomas Cornwallis Lamb d, 31st July 1920 aged 85
LAMB, WILLIAM WENTWORTH d, 14th Feb 1931 aged 62
LAMB, LOUISA FRANCES d, 14th April 1945 aged 67
LARKIN, PERCY,J and wife MARY arr 1880
LAW, THOMAS owned a hotel at Picton in 1883
LAWS, CARL opened a bakery in Picton in 1868.
LAWSON, BERNARD died from a puntured lung in 1891
LEDGER, H.O had sheep at the pelorus in the 1860s
LEVIEN, GEORGE harbour-master at Havelock in 1866
LIPSCOMBE, THOMAS was a tailor in Picton in 1883
LITCHFIELD, FREDERICK,J and wife ELLEN ther in 1880.
LITCHFIELD, ALFRED, ARTHUR,B and FRANK sons of the above
LITCHFIELD, ARTHUR went bankrupt in 1889
McALLISTER, WILLIAM (Will) born in Cornweall in 1872 lived in Blenheim as a child.Later went to Palmerston North.
McBETH, JAMES in Picton in 1865
McCALLUM, DUGALD had a coach service in 1888
McCLEAN, HERBERT drowned at Okaramio in Dec 1878. He was married to Mary-Ann BROOK
MCDONALD, JOHN in Picton 1853 died in Picton in 1892
MCCORMACK, DONALD had a grocery in Picton in 1905
McCORMACK, HUGH ALEXANDER b, feb 9th 1869 at Picton married Charlotte Elizabeth Smith 11th Oct, 1899. He was a store-keeper in Picton in 1897-1901 and Mayor from 1909-10.
McISAAC , LILY had tea-rooms at Picton in 1937
McNABB, SAMUEL a solicitor in 1883
McNEILL, LACHLAN was a marine surveyor in 1881
McQUEEN, J.R. was a watch-maker & jeweller in Picton from 1926--1944
McRAE, PHILLIP was a runholder at the "Awatere" in the 1860s. He died at his daughters Mrs Hanna in 1888 aged 51.
McRAE, WILLIAM had a farm at the Clarence in the 1860s. he had been at the Awatere in 1848
McRAE, GEORGE 1800--1864 father of William
McRAE, NEHEMIAH drowned in the Awatere on May 11th 1872.
MADDOCK, THOMAS in the area in 1857
MAERS, MICHAEL had a farm at Tua Marina in the 1860s
MAHER, PATRICK and MARY ran the "Miners Arms Hotel" 1889
MAHER, JOHN a wagoner in Marlborough
MAHER, MICHAEL of Kaituna , married Elizabeth Hoult
MAHONEY, KATE from Cork was 18 when she arr in 1880
MAHR, HENRY a cabinet-maker in 1873
MAITLAND, GORDON was a auctioneer in 1907
MARKMAN, CARL was a tailor at Picton in 1868
MASSEN, GEORGE born in germany died at Picton 22nd April 1877
MATHISON, GUS married in 1891
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM his house was destroyed by fire in 1906
MILLER, JOHN a carpenter at Picton in 1862
MILLS, ALFRED GEORGE Jnr accidently killed at Renwicktown in July 1920 aged 33. He was the son of Alfred and Joan Mills
MILLS, JOAN relict of the late Alfred George Mills. d, 20th Nov 1931 aged 75
MITCHELL, CHARLES had a store in Koromiko, Picton in 1881
MILES, FRANCES LOUISE a dressmaker of Picton, married Donald McCormick at the age of 22 on the 11th Oct 1905. Donald was 27.
MILLINGTON, TIMOTHY WILLIAM editor of the "Marlborough Express" in 1861
MOORE, SAMUEL arrived at the Pelorous area in the 1860s
MOREY,EDWARD WILLIAM died in Picton in 1892
MORRISON, WILLIAM at the Awatere in 1854
MOSER, HENRY had a tobacconist & barber-shop in Picton in 1865
MOUAT, GEORGE had a store called Dunedin House. Later it became known as the Bridge Post Office Store in Picton in 1865
MOWAT, ALEXANDER was a runholder at the "Awatere" in the 1860s
MULLER, STEPHEN a Magistrate in Blenheim. had moved from Nelson in 1857 wife was Mary Ann Wilson
MUNRO, DAVID a Wairau run-holder in 1856
MURPHY, CORNELIUS b, 14th July 1849.
NADERS, JONSON married Barbara PATTERSON in 1897
NEAL, THOMAS NELSON d, 25th April 1924 aged 81. His wife Selina d, 3rd March 1925 aged 76.
NEAL, THOMAS NELSON b, 1842 married Lena BUSH lived in Blenheim (married twice?)
NEAVE, J.L owned the "Ship Hotel" in 1864
NEILSON, CHARLES died in 1905 when his coat was caught in a axle resulting in a broken neck
NEWCOME, RICHARD b, 1811 shortly after freeholding his property at the Awatere in 1864 .He died in Nelson after a short illness in March 1865 aged 53 years.
NEWCOMBE, RICHARD KINDERSLEY b, 1811 in Wales. was from the Waimea to the Awatere in 1848
NEWCOMBE, EDITH born in 1865, married James William PATTERSON in 1883. James was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1835. Went to Australia with his parents before moving on to NZ.
NICHOLLS, RICHARD was in Picton in 1878. He also had a tea-house in 1882
NICHOLLS, EDWIN FRANCIS 1861--1863 Drowned at Marlborough
NOLAN, THOMAS killed by a fall of earth on the 9th June 1865
NORDEN, BERNARD had a store in Picton in 1863
NORGROVE, brothers set up a fish curing factory in 1880
OLDHAM, HEDLEY Teacher in the early 1900s. He died 1962 aged 80. His wife Mabel died 1952 aged 74
OLIVER, EDWARD and ANN in the area in 1888
OTTERSON, FRANCIS b, Ireland 1797 . Drowned in the Awatere River Oct 19th 1854
OVEREND, WILLIAM was a Wheelwright in 1865 was also a hotel-keeper in 1866
PAGE, JOHN died 10th Aug 1912 at Blenheim aged 65 . He married at 28 to Ann Hart in Blenheim. Ann died in Blenheim 28th Nov 1935 aged 82
PARKER, RICHARD and WILLIAM in the area in 1864. Came from Otago.
PARKES, GEORGE WILLIAM 1860-1898 married Elizabeth BLICK lived at Old Renwick Road. George died in a machinery accident.
PARRITT, CHARLES in the Marlborough area in 1880
PARSONS, ALICE ANNIE ELLEN placed in the Wallis Family Home at Motueka in Feb 1883 at the age of 11.funded by the goverment. was placed with Mrs F.S SUISTED at Picton in Feb 1885.
PATCHETT, ALEXANDER CHARLES b, April 1900 Blenheim. d, 27th June 1946 at Wellington. His parents were Israel and Elizabeth (Knight) Patchett
PATTERSON, THOMAS a blacksmith
PENNALL, MOLLY a teacher till she resigned in 1929. She was married to a Mr Anderson.
PENNEY, AARON hotel-keeper at Kaituna 1894-95
PICKERING, WILLIAM had a general store in Picton 1860
PHILPOTTS, THOMAS a storekeeper in Picton in 1865. b, in New Foundland , arr N.Z 1859 d, 1917. He was also the harbourmaster at Picton.
PIGGOTT, JAMES a Blenheim Draper 1888
POPE brothers ROBERT, ROGER, JOHN and GEORGE along with some of their families arrived in the Canvastown area in 1861 GEORGE married ELIZABETH CLIMO
POWICK, THOMAS owned the Waikakaho Hotel in 1894
POWELL, H.W a builder & undertaker at Picton in 1926
PRENDERGAST, MICHAEL a solicitor in 1864.
PRICE, CHARLES was a carrier in 1868
PRICE, DORIS b, 1894 married Lance STENT moved from Nelson to Blenheim
PRIDDLE, ERNEST ALFRED a billard Hall Proprietor
PRIDDLE, MYRA KATHLEEN MARY was born in Havelock 7th Feb, 1903. she married Noel Edward WEBBY 19th Oct 1927 at Blenheim. Parents of Myra were Ernest Alfred Priddle and Ellen Mary BALL. Ellen Mary Ball was a dau of Richard and Mary Ball of Blenheim
PRICHARD,FLORENCE was a head-teacher at Rapaura from 1892--1904
PRITCHARD,H was a goods carrier between Blenheim and Picton in 1866
PRITCHARD, ANNIE HARRIET b, 1867 at Blenheim
PROCTOR, JOHN a builder and under-taker in 1873 at Picton.
PUGH, TOM was a maltster in 1926 and owner of a Hotel in Picton
PURKISS, CHARLES opened a Hotel at Havelock in 1864
PURSER, EDWARD store-keeper 1880
QUIGLEY, C.V a solicitor in Picton in 1921
RAGG, JOHN and wife DUDLEY , who died giving birth to their son John Jnr.
RASMUSSEN, HANS was a bootmaker in Picton in 1876
RATT, JOSEPH lived at Tua Marina
RATT, GEORGE owned "Landsdowne" He died in 1898
REDWOOD, HENRY b,, 1794 in England.
REDWOOD, THOMAS a runholder in the 1860s
REEVES, MARY-ANN d, 10th Sept 1914 in her 90th year
REEVES, HARRY d, 16th Oct 1940 aged 84
REYNOLDS, LOUISA died 1892 at Picton (sc)
ROBINSON, WILLIAM landowner in 1853
ROGERSON, HENRY had a store and stables in Canvastown in the 1860s
ROSE, JOHN WALLIS b, 1871 eldest son of John and Ellen (Gifford).He married Mabel Wilkie Watson of Blenheim and had 5 children
RUSH, PHILIP died 8th Sept 1917 at Grovetown. buried at the Omaka Cemetery
RUSS, WILLIAM EDMUND married Hannah HIGGINS at Picton in June 1884.
RUTLAND, JOSUHA In 1865 he bought all of Andre Salmons land at Pelorus. Josuha & HENRY, his brother never married.
RUTTER, EDWARD d, 1903 in Blenheim. He was from Australia
SALMON, ANDREW settled in Pelorus 1858. but later moved.
SCHENKEL, ARTHUR d, 2nd March 1936 aged 63
SCHWASS, FRANK carter and farmer at Seddon
SCOTT, DAVID from Scotland. d, 1932 aged 65.
SCOTT, ROBERT from the Wairau Valley married Phoebe GIBBINS in 1896.
SEYMOUR, ARTHUR,P a runholder in Marlborough in the 1860s
SHERIDAN, GEORGE BYFORD was killed in action in France. He was from Blenheim.
SHERMAN, JANE NEISHAM married George REMNANT on Jan 28th 1853.. They had 13 children.
SHIRTLIFF, GORDON killed in a accident in 1928
SLOAN, JOHN was a tobacconist in Picton in 1889
SMITH, GEORGE a builder at Picton in th early 1900s
SMITH, ALBERT b, 1st Nov 1876 lived in Blenheim
SOPER, FELIX WILLIAM d, 14th April 1937 aged 76.his wife Matilda d, 18th April 1939 aged 76
SOPER, WHEATON d, 18th Aug 1930 aged 83. his wife Mary-Ann-Sarah d, 8th July 1922 aged 73
SOUTHWICK, W.H was a chemist at Picton in 1905
SPARKES, FRANK accidently poisened in 1907
SQUIRE, JOHN d, 1907 aged 84 his wife Eliza d, March 1915 aged 93. a son John died in 1915
SQUIRE, CHARLES DAWSON d, 6th Aug 1935 aged 84. his wife died aged 69
STACE, HENRY JOSEPH was manager for a runholder in 1871
STAFFORD, EDWARD WILLIAM 1819-1901 was from England. was in the area in 1840
STEPHENSON, CHARLES was in the Motueka Home for 6 years 9 months where he went at the age of 6 with his brother HENRY age 4..Charles went into service with a Mrs Hull, at Blenheim in Jan 1877. Henry went into service at Stanley Bros .
STOWE, LEONARD was a contractor in Picton in 1863
SULLIVAN, JOHN arrived from Cork at the age of 20 in 1880
SUTHERLAND, ALEX and BEN there in 1869
SWANWICK, SAMUEL had a cordial factory at Picton in 1865
SYMS, W.H a chemist in Picton in 1864. still there in 1904.
TARRANT, EDWARD arrested for the murder of James Flood in 1931
TAYLOR, JOHN PARKIN 1854 , then went to Southland.
TAYLOR, WALTER an estate agent 1864
TERILL, HUGO sold a butcher-shop to James Smith in Picton in 1910.
TETLEY, JOSEPH DRESSER in Marlborough in 1865
THOMS, ELIZABETH b, 1869 at Picton
THOMS, GERTRUDE b, 1876 at Picton.
TIMMS, CHARLES and family
TOMBS, CHARLES born in England. Came to N.Z with his brother, James. In 1885 he purchased 50 acres from Henry Redwood Jnr. Charles married Emma Bonnington from Wairau in 1883. They had 7 children. Emma died 5th Jan 1934 aged 76 and Charles died in Aug 1934 aged 83.. They are buried in the Anglican Cemetery at Rapaura.
TOMS, JOSEPH a boat-builder in the 1830s
TRIMBLE, JOSEPH owned a Hotel abt 1864
VAVASOUR, HENRY DUNSTAN in Marlborough in 1897
VERCOE, JOHN and RICHARD veteran Flaxmillers at Marlborough in 1898.
VILE, WILLIAM marr Cora Elizabeth Baigent. Cora was b, 26th June 1858
WALSH, BRIDGET married Thomas Jeffries in Blenheim in 1868. Thomas died 1921 aged 76 years. Bridget died 1934 aged 85 years.
WARD, JOHN went bankrupt in 1902
WARD, JOHN drowned in 1863 ( related to the above?)
WASKETT, FREDERICK drowned in the Wairau river in 1906
WATERS, NETTIE a school-teacher at the Awatere in 1908
WEARNE, JAKETH and wife JULIA in the area in 1885. sons were William and Thomas.Thomas was a mine manager in 1907
WEAVER, HELENA a school-teacher at the Awatere in 1908
WEBSTER, THOMAS built a butcher-shop in Picton in 1871.
WEIR, DAVID went bankrupt in 1889
WELFORD, WILLIAM in Picton in 1865.
WELLS, WILLIAM landlord of the Havelock Inn
WELLS, THOMAS was the father of William
WELLS, ELIZABETH b, 2nd May 1850 married Henry JELLYMAN. Elizabeth died 27th Feb 1903 and is buried in Blenheim. Henry is also buried at Blenheim 9-1-1923
WEMYSS, JAMES ,B a runholder in the 1860s
WHEELER, DAVID and HETTY at Lake Grassmere in 1898
WHITE, FANNY MARIA b Manuka Island
WILKENS, AYLEEN b, 10th Aug 1911 married Victor SMART of Blenheim
WILLIAMS, THOMAS an estate agent in 1868
WILLIAMS, HENRY and FREDERICK runholders in the 1860s
WILSON, JOHN and wife LILLIAS were the 1st European settlers in the Pelorus area. He arr Nelson 1854 from the Austalian goldfields.
WILSON, THOMAS a shepard at the Awatere in 1853
WINSTANLEY, N.H a cabinet-maker at picton in 1902
WOODGATE, JANE died 1892 at Picton (sc)
WOODGATE, WILLIAM HENRY Hung for murder in 1876
WOODWARD, GUY married ALICE-MARY FULLER in Picton 1929.
WOOSTER, JOHN FRANCIS served in ww1. He was from Okaramio
WYNEN, JAMES In 1839 he settled among the whalers at Port Underwood. where he established a store.
YOUNGER, THOMAS Town Clerk for 15 years at Picton until his death in 1898.


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