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ACHESON, ROBERT ,J leased land at D,Urville for a short while
ASTON, MURRAY arr from the Stewart Islands to the French Pass in the early 1900s. He married Margaret Finnigan of Nelson in 1910 and had 6 children
ATKINSON, MARY school teacher in 1904.
BALDICK, GEORGE marr Eliza Jackson in 1859 and raised 15 children at Port Underwood.
BALDICK, GEORGE Jnr arr Port underwood in the "Hope" in 1840
BALDICK, HERMAN and DARSEA farmers at Queen Charlotte Sounds abt 1912
BARNES, LOUISE taught school in 1910
BOLLAN, HINE teacher at Stephens Island 1921.later became Mrs Sparks of Wellington. Her father was Peter Bollan
BRISENDEN, Petty Officer fell off the French Passwharf and drowned on the 17th Aug 1912
BROWN, NORMAN JAMES leased land at D,Urville
leased land in the Sounds in 1907
CAMPBELL, ELSIE a School-twacher at D,Urville in 1910
CARKEEK, MORGAN goverment surveyor at D,Urville Sounds.
DAGWELL, CHARLES a Queen Charlotte Sounds Carpenter in the 1840s
DAKEN, CLARA died from T.B on 6th Nov 1908 age 22. Is buried in the family Cemetery on Opihi Bay
DOUGHERTY, ELLEN b, at Cutters Bay abt 1843. Dau of Sarah and Daniel Dougherty (a Whaler, who died in 1857. the family then move to Wellington) Ellen became a nurse and then a Matron in Wellington and Palmerston North.. She never married and died in 1919.
DWAN, THOMAS,B leased land at D,Urville for a short time
ELMSLIE, ARTHUR lived at French Pass in the 1860s he died in 1893
EVANS, REECE drowned in the Stephens Passage in the 1890s
FLOWERDAY, ERNIE lived at Catherine Cove.
FORD, JESSIE taught school in 1903
GAUZEL, WILFRED and OLIVER EDWARD farmers at French Pass
GIDALL, JACOB fisherman in the French Pass
GIZZLING, JOE was in the Sounds in th 1880s
GUARD, JACKY died at Kakapo Bay in 1857. He was an old time Whaler.
GUARD, GEORGE and EDWARD were born at Port Underwood . Edward marr Hannah King-Turner of Admiralty Bay. They had 14 children. George and family moved to the North island
HAMILTON, THOMAS developed land at Admiralty Bay in the 1860s
HAMILTON, JEAN taught school in 1909
HARVEY, WILLIAM CHARLES a Farmer at French Pass.
HARVEY, ALICE teacher at Deep Bay
HARVEY, ALLEY helped build the French Pass Wharf
HAYTER, family settled at Greville Harbour in the 1920s They sold out to Len and Ruth Leov in 1944. James and Adrian Hayter became excellent seamen
HEBERLEY, JACOB WILLIAM 1849--1906 lived in the Sounds.
HEBBERLEY,Mr drowned in the Picton Harbour in Sept 1899. He was almost 100 years old.
HENAGHAN,Mr reported about wild cats on Stephen Island in 1895
HEWITT, Miss a teacher at Stephens island in 1894
HICKEY, JOHN a bush contractor at D,Urville in 1911
HITCHCOCK, a Mariner at Waikawa Bay in 1858
HOPE, Brothers at D,Urville Islands.
HOPE, DOUGAL marr MARTHA JAMIESON . One of the early Boatmen to take mail to Stephens Islands
HOPE, EDGAR marr Lena MacKellar and lived all his life at Deep Bay where he died in Sept 1968
HOPE, JAMES CONRAD HAMILTON born 1877 drowned 24th Sept 1900 at Fitzroy Bay Pelourus Sounds.
HOPE, KATHLEEN MATILDA JANE d, 1st July 1878 at Mahakipawa, result of a house fire. she had been born in Dec 1875 at nelson
IRONSIDES, SAMUEL was a missionary at Port underwood in 1840
JACKSON, GEORGE came out from London in the 1840s to work for Dan Dougherty at Cutters Bay
JACKSON, JAMES marr ELIZA ROIL in Nelson in Feb 1843. They settled at Te Awaiti and had several children
JACKSON, ESTHER b, at Jacksons Bay 6th Feb 1850. 5th child of James and Eliza. married Thomas Daken
JACOBSEN, CHARLIE born 1886 at Takaka. Operated a mail and Launch service at the French Pass. He had 9 childen..
JOHNSON, FREEMAN from the French Pass.
daughter of Freeman. Became a N.Z Champion Blade Shearer
JONES, LAURIE and EDWARD brought a farm at Endeavour Inlet in 1928
JIKES, Miss a teacher at Stephens island in 1908
KASSEY, family lived in the French-Pass
KASSEY, Mrs GRACE taught school in 1916
KEELING, GRAY a school teacher at Stephens Island in 1907
KEENAN, WILLIAM and his Maori wife had 3 sons by 1843
KING-TURNER, ROBERT and wife CATHERINE of Waitata Bay, Pelorus Sounds 1878
LAMMAS, MINNIE a school teacher at the French Pass. Minnie later died giving birth to premature twins.
LANDON-LANE, GEORGE and wife MARIA lived at D,Urville from 1916-1919.they had 9 children. One son, ARTHUR died as a result of an accident at the age of 7 in 1917
LEOV, family lived at the French Pass
LYNDS, JOHN 1844-1896 worked at Jackson Bay and marr one of his daughters.
McCAULEY, Mr was a fisherman in the sounds.
McDONALD, JOHN an old time Whaler
McKEGNEY, HARRY a Whaler in 1909
McLAREN, JAMES 1st European settler in the French Pass
McMANNAWAY well known Sounds family dating back to the 1880s
MALTHUS, children at school on Stephens Island
MILLA, LENA school teacher in 1914
MOLETA, Brothers from Italy arr 1890s lived at D,Urville Island
MONKHOUSE, GRACE taught school in 1914
MOORE, BERTHA a school teacher at French Pass in 1916
MORRIS, IRIS school teacher at French Pass 1915
MORRIS, HILDA a school teacher at French Pass in 1916
MORRISON, JOHN LAIRD of Petone. leased land at D,Urville in 1906. he transferred the lease to ANDREW HEGARTY in 1907
NEAL, FRED worked as a farm-hand at Te Awaiti. marr Mary Jackson in 1878. Fred was born in Brightwater.
NEAL, MAUDE school-teacher at French Pass,and Waikawa Bay in 1897 married GEORGE WELLS and had 6 children. They later retired to Nelson.
NORBERG, CHARLIE swedish fisherman and mailboat man at French Pass abt 1920
NORTON, JAMES a whaler. died in 1914.
NORTON ,brothers DICK, HARRY, TOM and JACK whalers in the Sounds in the 1900s
PERANO,family.. last of the Cook Straight Whalers, operating from 1911--1964
PERCIVAL, HENRY developed some land at Admiralty Bay in the 1860s
PRATT, children FLORENCE, JACK and BOB in the french Pass in 1911.
PRITCHARD, Mr sold his farm to a Mr McLellan in 1874.
RAMPLING, CLARK lived in the Sounds for 14 years
ROBSON, MABEL school teacher at French Pass 1909-1910
ROSS, JAMES leased land at D,Urville for a short time.
ROUGH, PATRICK a school teacher at Port Underwood in 1905
REEVES, LENA taught school in the Sounds in 1909
RUFF, CHARLES a teacher at Port Underwood in 1890
RUSSO, BARTOLOMEO Fisherman/Farmer died 1941
SAUNDERS,Miss W.H teacher at Stephens Island in 1906
SCOTT, DAVID lived and worked on Stephens Island for 2 years.
SMYLIE, Dr from Dublin, leased land from Richard Woodman in 1896. Dr Smylie was drowned in the French Pass in 1906. His wife and children moved to Wellington
SNOOK, Brothers leased land in the early 1900s
SNOOK, ARTHUR built a big house at Hamilton Bay.
SPENCER, JAMES HENRY lived at Whangakoko Bay in the 1880s
STAVELY, ROBERT was a Teacher at Port underwood in 1885/86 with 15 pupils
STEER, ARTHUR a Bush Contractor at D,Urville in 1911
STENT, CHARLES Emma Jacksons 2nd husband.
STONE, LEONARD a Mariner at Waikawa Bay in 1858
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM born abt 1850 at Port Underwood. He married in Blenheim in 1877
STUART, family . lived at Fitzroy Bay & farmed land in the 1860s
SULLIVAN, MONICA school teacher in 1902
TARLTON, HOWARD SYDNEY and wife LOUISA (Akhurst) and 5 sons. Eric, Harold, Ivan ,Roy and Ewart..they came from D,Urville 1912--1920
TETLEY,WALTER drowned at Ruamoko Point in 1896. His brother Samuel had drowned in the Wairua River abt 1880
THOMS, MARIA and JOSEPH..Joseph died in 1850 leaving Maria and his youngest son Joseph Jnr
THOMS, WILLIAM living in the Sounds in 1900s
TOXWARD, MYRA school teacher in 1915
TRISCHENER, Miss a school teacher in the Sounds in 1912
TURNER, WILLIAM est a farm at Admiralty Bay in the late 1870s
VERGILLIE, PERO an Italian who lived on Arapawa Island in the 1890s. he later moved to Picton
WALKER, CHARLES a Bush Contractor at D,Urville in 1911
WEBBER, WILLIAM HENRY from Devon. hired by Elmslie at the French Pass.William drowned in the sea along with Elmslies neice, Carolyn on the 14th Dec 1871. he was only 24.
WEBBER, GEORGE WILLIAM brought a block of land at D,Urville in 1915
WEBBER, WALLACE had a mailboat run to Stephens Island in 1897. Wallace marr Elizabeth Maria Wells who was almost 17 years at the time of her marriage. They had 6 children.
( Stanton)of Nelson had 15 childrenLived in the French pass
WINCHESTER, teacher at Te Awaiti school in 1903
WIGGINS, STANLEY MYOTT leased land at D,Urville
WOODGATE, WILLIAM and SARAH lived at Endeavour Inlet
WOODMAN, RICHARD had a lease dated May 1893 at D,Urville Island.which he developed into good farmland. Richard, along with 4 other men legally leased the whole of D,Urville Island from its Maori Owners in 1893.Richard married Elizabeth Muir
WOODMAN , ALAN and NORMAN sons of richard.. Alan married Hilda Swinnerton of Devonport, Auckland and had 2 children ..Norman married Eva rush in 1913
WYNEN, JAMES a Port Underwood Store-Keeper. His Maori wife was murdered by Dick Cook , an English Whaler. Dick Cook was found not guilty but was drowned soon after .
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