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from Tiritiri Matangi:
A Model of Conservation by Anne Rimmer published by Tandem Press (2005).
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Names in bold indicate Principal Keepers or Chief Signalmen. From 1865-1913 there were only keepers on Tiri. From 1913-25 there were both keepers and signalmen, (signalmen are marked with 'AHB') from 1925-47 only signalmen, and from 1947-84 only lighthouse keepers. Some names were relieving keepers who were on Tiri for only a short time. N.B. Though this list is fuller than any previously published list, it is still incomplete. Not all the dates, nor all the full names are known.

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
A. Gibson 1865-67
G. Hand 1865-67
Robert Wilson 1866-73
John Wheeler 1874-79
James McKay 1874-85

John Seith 1878-81
A. F. S. Sandager 1881-83
Felix McGahey 1883-86
John Marsh 1885-90
Robert H. Seighton 1886-89
John Jess 1890-94
Norman Simpson 1890-98
Henry Jacobson 1894-99
T. J. Cox 1898-1900
Alexander Connell 1898-1902
Charles Moeller 1900-02
C. Broughton 1901-02
Peter W. Grayfell 1902-05
Horace A. Wakefield 1902-06
Alexander Duncan 1904-07
Anders Hansen 1906-09
Albert V. Pearce 1907-10
J. F. Raynor 1910-12
W. Creamer 1910-12
James Lyon 1911-13
P. J. Voyle 1913-16
C. N. Trainer 1914-15
T. R. Turner 1916-18
W. K. Cleverly 1916-18
Chris Gow 1916-20
Arnold 1919-21
James Lyon (AHB) 1920-25
I. Owen Lord (AHB) 1921-c.1925
Joshua Stuart Roberts c1918-24
R. H. Neal 1922-25
McLeod 1923
R. S. Wilson 1925-26
Alfred King (AHB) 1928-36
James Lyon (AHB) 1927-35
Alf Roberts (AHB) 1927-35
William Childs Davies (AHB) 1928-39
George Ramsay (AHB) 1936-39
Henry A. Dunnet (AHB) 1938-39
H. J. Petty (AHB) 1939
Charles Webster (AHB) 1940
McTaggart (AHB) 1940-42
Goodale (AHB) 1942-45
Alfred King (AHB) 1945-47

Bill Ford (AHB) 1945-47
George Chamberlain (AHB) 1945-47
Coulson (AHB) 1947
Rasman 1947
Galvin 1948
Blake 1949
McLean 1949
MacGuiness 1949-50
G.R. Gilbert 1949-50
C. Bowles 1949-50
C. Olsen 1949-52
E. Don Meads 1949-53
Forbes 1950
Bisset 1951
B Cranston 1951-53
Robertson 1952
Henderson 1953-54
Tom A. Clark 1953-54
A. Olsen 1954
Robertson 1954
T. Rour 1954
T. R. (Bob) Welsh 1954-58
Stan H. Rhodes 1955-56
R. S. Johnson 1957-58
Ray Mander 1959-60
Trevor W Scott 1959-61
Lief Ericsson c.1955?
P. C. Taylor 1960
R. R. Trainer 1960-62
Poole 1962
Alan Wright 1962
Wallace 1963
Charles H. Mallowes 1963-65
George Holmes 1965
Peter C. Taylor 1965-67
Mike P. Pilone 1965-67
Trevor W Scott 1967-70
Roger Fowler c.1968
Lee Challis 1967-70
Frank Rowe 1970-74
Frank Williams c.1971
Tom A. Clark 1974-79
Ray Walter 1980-84

Sources: interviews; books written by keepers; relatives; Wellington Maritime Museum; National Maritime Museum; Ray Walter; Annette Brown; Pat Greenfield; Wynne Spring-Rice; Anne Rimmer.

Dear Barbara
I found your sites by accident while searching NZ Lighthouses etc.
My parents were lighthouse keepers from 1960 - 1972.
Dad (still living at 81yrs) is ROBERT WALLACE, he was assistant keeper
at Tiri from 1962-64, this was the fourth station of seven
that we lived on during the twelve years.
Thought you may find the info useful if you are updating at some time.
I have just recently started researching our family tree so it was quite
interesting to come across your site. I will have a closer look at it.
Tim Wallace

2002-2005 Barbara Andrew