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The West Coast that is mentioned, is in the South Island

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AHERN, MICHAEL 38 , from Kerry arr Nelson in Oct 1874. His wife ELLEN died on board in Sept from constant sickness and miscarriage.
ARNOLD, JAMES 1820--1896 from Cork marr Hannah Ratt in Waimea. buried in Wakefield with several of his family.
ARNOLD, JOHN b, 1840 . from County Cork son of William Arnold and Nora Burt. he married Johanne Reardon and lived in Spring Grove. He died in 1913.
BAILIE, THOMAS b, 1836 Northern Ireland. left Ireland at the age of 16, and followed the gold trail to Victoria and on to N.Z. he was later a store-keeper in Westport.
BAKEY, MARGARET single woman from Clare arr Nelson 1875 aged 21.
BARER, JOHN 35 and ELLEN 34 arr Nelson 1874 with 5 children. They were from Cork.
BARNHILL, HUGH from Northern ireland. marr Sarah Aston in 1867. He was a hotel-owner on the West Coast
BARRY, PATRICK b, 1830 in Southern Ireland. went to Victoria in 1855. to NZ West Coast 1868 and later to the Coromandel
BARRY, THOMAS aged 32 and wife MARY aged 30 arr with their 4 children from Limerick to Westland in 1879
BARTLEY, JOSEPH age 26 and EDWARD age 18 when they arr in Nelson in 1875. They were from Limerick
BEATTY, DAVID b,1827 County Tyrone. went to Victoria, Otago and the West-Coast in 1865.
BELL, DAVID b, 1838 in Kerry. sent to N.Z with the 58th regiment. In 1869 he was a grain and produce merchant in Wellington. Also a hotel-keeper and general carrier
BLANCHFEILD, PATRICK was on the West Coast. He died in 1896 aged 64
BOHAN, MICHAEL b, Tipperary. emigrated to Victoria goldfields in 1859 on to Otago and the West Coast. Later , went to Wellington where he est a Coach Building Factory in 1873
BOLAND, MARGARET b, Limerick marr JOHN HAYES. They arr N.Z on the "Wiltshire" with 3 year old Sarah and settled in ChCh.
BOYLE, MARY on the west Coast in the gold mining days
BRAY, MICHAEL arr Westland in 1874 aged 21
BROHAM, THOMAS b, 1840 limerick. he was a policeman in Victoria, Australia before going to Otago in 1863 and the West Coast where he continued to do police work. he died in 1900 a photo of him in the canterbury museum.
BROSNAHAN, PATRICK arr Timaru on the "Echunga" in Dec 1862. also on board were John Brosnahan and his sister Margaret.
CALDWELL, JOHN and MARGARET from Derry to Westland in 1875
CAPLES, PATRICK QUIRK son of a County Limerick Doctor. Patrick went to Australia1st, on to Otago in 1861 at the age of 30. Later settled in Reefton.
CARMODY, JOHN and PATRICK aged 26 and 24 from Clare arr Nelson in 1875
CASSIDY, HUGH b, in Donegal. ran hotels in Hokitika from 1866-1876. Became owner of coaches and was often behind the reins himself.
CLACK, PATRICK and MARY worked as servants in ChCh.
CLEARY, MATHEW MICHAEL from Clare. became Govener at the Lyttelton Gaol.
CLEMENTS, ARCHIBALD b, 1840 in Roscommon. Followed the gold trail, Finally ending up at Auckland, where he joined the Waikato Militia. He was later a J.P at Auckland.
COLEMAN, JOHN b, 1837 in Dublin. was a captain for the N.Z Militia.
COLVIN, JAMES b, 1844 , Donegal. became a store-keeper, followering the miners. Was on the West Coast in 1867..Was a Councillor in Westport in 1897
CONNORS, MARY ELLEN dau of James Connors. she was b, abt 1842 in Limerick. arr in N.Z in 1870 and died in ChCh 1928
CONNORS, MARY ELLEN dau of James Connors. she was b, abt 1842 in Limerick. arr in N.Z in 1870 and died in ChCh 1928
CORBY, TIMOTHY came to N.Z in 1875 aged 25. Bound for Westland. he was from Tipperary
CORCORAN, MICHAEL b, 1834 in Galway. followed the gold trail to Australia, Otago and the West Coast of N.Z.Ran a store in Westport. In 1868 took over a Hotels in Auckland and Thames
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM FITZGERALD arr N.Z aged 20. He lived in Gisborne and worked as a brewer. Was also a Photographer
CRONIN, BARTHOLOMEW b, Cork arr N.Z in 1876 . became a school principal in Auckland in 1888
DALY, ENEAS 21 and PATRICK 21 from Kerry arr Nelson 1874.
DARGAVILLE, JOSEPH b, 1837 in Cork son of a doctor. He founded the town that bears his name.
DIAMOND, ANN b, Adare, County Limerick abt 1820s. went to Australia in 1858 .and to Otago in 1862 with her husband,Patrick Diamond and 1 child. They were in Greymouth in 1865
DILWORTH, JAMES b, 1815 Count Tyrone son of a farmer. Worked in Auckland He died in 1894 with a estate value of 150,000 pounds
DOWNEY, JOHN from Limerick was 23 when he arr in Westland in 1875
EATON, GEORGE b, abt 1835 in Limerick
ELLIS, HENRY arr Auckland in the 1850s. he was from Donegal
ENTRICAN, ANDREW JACK b, Northern Ireland in 1858
EWART, MARY arr N.Z 1886. Became Matron at ChCh Hospital in 1898
FITZGERALD, JOHN PATRICK arr Wellington 1840 as a surgeon on the ship " Oriental". became a coroner and health officer in Wellington.In 1845 he was surgeon to the Wellington Militia. he died in Britian in 1897
FITZGIBBON, DENIS from Limerick to Westland. aged 23 in 1875
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK b, County Kilkenny in 1807 arr Auckland Oct, 1847. He died in 1887
FOLEY, JOHN 21 from Kerry arr Nelson 1874
FOSTER, JOHN b, 1847 Ireland. Settled on the west Coast
FOX, WILLIAM b, in the 1820s. went to California, Australia, arr Otago 1861. he died in Reefton in 1890
FOX, FRANCIS JOHN b, 1857 in County Westmeath. the son of a army officer. from 1896 he was farming at Canterbury. He died in Napier in 1902
FRANKS, THOMAS age 31 from Tipperary. arr Nelson on the "Chile" in 1874
GALVIN, PATRICK b, 1840 in Clare. emigrated to Australia in 1857. to Otago in 1862. began his publican career at Alexander, he retired to Cardrona.
GLEESON, PATRICK from Tipperary. went to Australia at the age of 16 in 1853 and on to Otago, Thames and the Coromandel. He built hotels in Auckland and Napier
GOODWIN, BRIDGET( Biddy) many stories have been written about this lady, She was born in Dublin and died on the West Coast, N.Z 19th Oct 1899.
GOUGH, BENJAMIN b, Waterford .Came to N.Z via California, Australia. In 1866 he was farming and running a hotel on the West Coast.
GREEN, WILLIAM SPOTSWOOD b, 1847. he was a irish anglican priest, but is better known as the person that leaded the expedition that almost reached Mount Cook in 1882
GREEN, WILLIAM b, 1840 near Londonderry. went to Australia 1st. and was on the West Coast in 1865.
GRESSON, HENRY BARNES arr Canterbury with his family in 1854. He was a judge. He retired 1875 and died in 1901
GORHAM, EDWARD was 21 when he arr in Nelson in 1874. He was from Kerry.
GRACE, MORGAN STANISLAUS from Tipperary. was sent to N.Z as a medical officer for the Maori Land Wars of the 1860s he married in 1866 and had a medical practice in Wellington
GRATTAN, WYNDHAM MALAN born in Dublin. arr at Napier in the 1880s and travelled on to Auckland in 1890 where he had a doctors practice.
GRAY, CHRISSINA from Armagh marr William Wratt from Nelson.
GRIMMOND, JOSEPH b, Drogheda 1843. went to Australia in 1859 when he was 16, on to Otago in 1861 and to the West Coast in 1865
HAGEN, JAMES b, 1817 Armagh died 1868. The Hagens lived at Wakefield.
HAMLITON, DOROTHEA came to N.Z and by 1892 was appointed mistress of Kaitoke School, north of Wellington
HANNAH, ROBERT b, 1846 in County Antrim. In 1866 he was a gold-miner on the West Coast of N.Z. He founded the Hannahs shoe stores in N.Z. he died in 1930
HARRIGAN, JOHN and JAMES from Clare.arr N.Z at age 26 . On the "Hannibal" to 1875
HENNAN, DENIS arr N.Z 1849. became a school teacher in Wellington before following the gold trail to Bendigo,Australia and Otago, N.Z
HESLOP, JOHN GEORGE b, 1833 Kerry .was in Australia 1856, in Otago in 1862 and at Reefton in 1872. where he was an estate agent.
HOARE, DENNIS from Kerry. was in the hotel trade in N.Z but became bankrupt in 1882.
HORNIBROOK, HENRY PIERCE arr Auckland in 1867 at the age of 17. Later became a mine manager.
HUGHES, DANIEL FRANCIS b, 1852 in County Galway. Came to N.Z in the 1870sarr in Southland in 1884
HUNTER, WILLIAM MAGEE b, 1830s in county Antrim. son of landed gentry. emigrated to N.Z with brother HENRY in 1861. He was fatally wounded at Moturoa on the 7th Nov, 1868.
HUTTON, THOMAS from County Tyrone, to N.Z in 1874. marr Sarah Ann Wood. They had 10 children
IVESS, JOSEPH b, 1844 marr Sarah Ann Reddin at Melbourne. was 24 years old when he arr at Hokitika. He died in 1919
JACKSON, THOMAS HENRY arr at Christchurch in 1890
JOHNSTON, ROBERT ALEXANDER b, abt 1846 at Donegal died 3rd april 1912 at Wallacetown, Invercargill. He was the father of Catherine.
JOHNSTON,CATHERINE b, 1873 at Donegal. died 20th July 1949 at Kew Hospital in Invercargill
KEEFE, JOHN and JEREMIAH both aged 20 (twins?) from Cork to Marlborough, N.Z in 1879. both single men.
KEENE, NANNO single woman aged 22 from Cork, servant for Marlborough 1879
KELLY, LOUISA 21, HONORIA 19 and ANNIE 11 set off from Southern Ireland in 1884.
KENNY, DAVID b, in Limerick. followed the gold trail to Australia and onto the west coast of N.Z in 1866. He was a warder at the jail in Lyttelton for 15 years. In 1890 he started to manage Hotels.
KING, MARTHA b, abt 1803 in Cork arr Wellington 1840 with sister Maria and brother Samuel. Sometime later Samuel married and his wife joined the two sisters in opening a school in Taranaki. Martha died in 1897
KNOX, CHARLES b, 1809 in County Tyrone. went to Australia with his wife. in the 1840s. Later , coming to N.Z where he brought land around the Auckland area. He died 1871 aged 62.
LITTLE, ROBERT b, 1847 in County Fermanagh. arr Auckland 1864. Ran a boot and shoe business for 7 years from 1879
LOUGHLIN, DAVID JOHN from Cumber, near Belfast. arr Auckland with his father in the 1860s. Later became a mine manager in 1890
MCALLAN, JESSIE MARGUERITE b, Dublin abt 1856. dau of John McAllan, a merchant.. She marr Hugh Williamson in Dublin. They settled in Wanganui, N.Z Hugh ran a chemist shop
MCAULEY, SARAH b, abt 1818 in Londonderry. marr a whaler Daniel Dougherty. They lived at Port Underwood. Daniel died 1857 and Sarah est 2 boarding houses in Wellington where she died in 1898
MCCOY, BRIDGET ran a Hotel in Southland 1860s
MCCLURE, GEORGE b, 1840 in Killinchy. came to N.Z in 1860 where he worked on farms, before buying land of his own.
MCCLUSKEY, ELIZABETH b, abt 1842. marr FELIX DONNELLY in County Tyrone. They arr in Otago 1863. Felix died in 1879 leaving Elizabeth to look after 12 children. Elizabeth died in 1926 aged 84.
MCELREA, WILLIAM b, 1857 in County Tyrone. arr Port Chalmers 1880. was a school teacher at Green Island in 1881 and Principal at Balcluth High School . Retired in 1922. and died at the grand age of 102.
MCFARLANE, ROBERT b, 1835 County Tyrone. went to Australia at the age of 21 in 1856.. on to Otago 1862 and later settled in Waimangaroa on the West Coast. He died there 1909 age 72 and is buried Waimangaroa Cemetery.
MCFARLANE, HUGH b, 1855 county Tyrone died in Seddonville, West Coast N.Z He was a Blacksmith on the Coast
MCGONOGLE, ROBERT b, 1844 in Armagh. He was a carpenter at Thames
MCGOWAN, WILLIAM and SARAH from Armagh. arr nelson 1842. Their small son died on the voyage out. he was a farmer . the "Colonists" in 1891 lists him as having 560 acres.
MCMURRAY, JAMES 1843--1916 and ROBERT both from County Down. followed the gold trail to Australia, Otago. James marr Charlotte Kite in Nelson 1864.
MCNAMARA, ANN b, 1850 in Clare. came to N.Z in 1879. 1st to Nelson, then to Hokitika where she married Edward ODonnell. Edward died in 1894 leaving Ann with 6 children to manage. She ran a Hotel in Waiuta and died in 1934
MCNANCEY, STEPHEN and JOHN from Clare to Westland in 1879
MADIGAN, PATRICK and MICHAEL from Limerick were at Gabriels Gully, Otago in 1862. Patrick married Emily Holyoake in 1866 at Motueka. He lived the rest of his life Riwaka and Takaka.
MAHER, FANNY (nee MCALARY) b, 1855 in Derry. was Matron of Aucklands Gaol.
MAHER, JAMES b, Tipperary died 1910 at Blenheim
MAHER, THOMAS b, Kilkenny DIED n.z 1889
MAHONEY, KATE single woman, servant for Marlborough, N.Z in 1879. aged 18 from Cork, Ireland
MARTIN, JOHN arr N.Z in 1841 with his 10 brothers and sisters. Their parents had died abt 1839 of Typhus.
MITCHELL. SAMUEL from Buncrana, Northern Ireland. arr in N.Z in 1877 to manage a sheep station at Lake Manapouri in the South Island.. He staye there for 18 years
MOORE, LORENZO and brother JOSEPH arr N.Z 1862
MORGAN, JOHN b, Dublin abt 1806 arr N.Z in 1833. ran a mission station at Te Awamutu. He died in Auckland in 1865
MORISON, HARRIET b, abt 1862 in Londonderry. dau of Margaret and James Morison. She came to N.Z in 1874. She died in New Lynn 19th Aug 1925.
MAUNSELL, ROBERT b, Limerick 1810. a priest. arr Bay of Islands in Nov, 1836 with his wife Susan.
MILNE, MARY JANE from County Tyrone. arr Auckland with her family in 1863 at the age of 23..married Henry Charles CHOYCE in N.Z
MURPHY, JOHANNA age 19 from Kerry. single woman for Westland 1879
MURPHY, JOHN was 35 and his wife Ellen 40 when they arr at Nelson in 1874 with 5 children
NICHOLL, WILLIAM SHARMAN arr N.Z in 1862 with his parents. Worked on the thames goldfeilds in the 1870s. died in Auckland abt 1937
OCONNOR, MARY b Count Clare abt 1839
OCONNOR, NANCY and BEDILIA, cousins of Mary all arr N.Z 1862 at Port Chalmers on the "Pladda". Mary married Timothy OLeary in 1863. Her husband later left her and she spent many hard years.By 1898 she was in Seacliff Asylum near Dunedin and was later transferred to Porirua Asylam to be near her children Jack and Clare. She died 1907 aged 69.
OLEARY, TIMOTHY died of a heart attack at Hokitika in 1900.he was the husband of Mary. they had 8 children
OLEARY, BILL nicknamed "Arawata Bill" many good stories have been told about this well-known man. he was a son of the above.
OMALLEY, BRIDGET left Galway 1862 with 3 others of her family members........... 3 years later her sister Anne joined her. followed a year later by 2 more sisters and 1 brother..In 1871 her widowed mother, Bridget also joined them..
OKEEFFE, MICHAEL b, abt 1852 in Cork. arr Auckland in 1879. Later became bankrupt.
OSHEA,/ SHEA, THOMAS b, 1836 Castlemaine. died in Wakefield 1916.
PHILSON, THOMAS MOORE b in Londonderry. was a doctor in Auckland from 1851. Thomas died in 1899
QUIN, JIMMY from Ireland lived in Southland
QUINBURN, WALTER was 21 when he arrived from Limerick to Nelson in 1875
QUINLAN, WILLIAM in Okarito on the West Coast in 1865
REEVES, RICHARD HARMAN b, 1836 County Wexford. miner and cattle dealer in Australia 1852 .Was in Hokitika, West Coast in 1865 where he was an Auctioneer.
REILLY, CHRISTOPHER a miner at Clutha, Otago.
RITCHIE, THOMAS b, County Down in 1844..went to Australia at the age of 25 where he was headmaster of schools in Queensland.. He arr in N.Z and taught in ChCh.was appointed an inspector in 1893
ROONEY, FRANK b, abt 1842. followed the gold trail to Australia, N.Z. finally going to Thames.
RUSSELL, THOMAS and wife MARY left Ireland in 1833 with 2 children for Australia.. In 1840 they were in Auckland. Mary died in 1847.
RUSSELL, SARAH b, 1822 in Cork daughter of a army officer. emigrated 1st to Australia with her family when she was 16. married EDWARD OCONNELL in 1844. In 1852 OConnell bought the Mount Grey run north of ChCh. He died in 1853 leaving Sarah with 5 children. Sarah died in 1870
RYALL, DENIS b, 1838 county Kerry. In Australia in 1860. Otago 1861 and the West Coast in 1866 where he was a publican and storekeeper.
RYAN, WILLIAM in Okarito, on the West Coast in 1865
RYAN, THOMAS JERVIS arr Otago in 1861. joined the police force as a mounted policeman. worked for the the policeforce till 1870. married and had 7 children. Was tried twice for attempted murder in Otago and the West Coast. gaoled for theft and eventually died in Sunnyside mental hospital on 14th Oct 1901.
SHANNON, GEORGE VANCE b, Ulster 1842. Came to N.Z 1865
SHEARMAN, ROBERT CLARKE native of Kilkenny and a nephew of William Hobson. Became N.Zs best known colonial policeman. He was b, 1825 and died at Tauranga in 1910.
SHEEDY, DANIEL b, 1839 County Cork. miner in Australia 1859 , Otago 1861 and the West Coast 1865 where he was a miner and publican.
SHEEHAN, JOHN b, abt 1850 in Tipperary. went to Australia in 1852 as a 2 year old with his parents. returned to Ireland and later came to N.Z in 1860.
SILKE, ELLEN aged 20 sailed for Lyttelton in 1866. from Galway Bay. sister Mary arr on the "Charlotte Gladstone" in 1874.Also their mother, Bridget, with 3 younger brothers...1 more brother came out to NZ later.
SLATTERY, EDMOND (ned) known as "The Shiner" a swagger. b, abt 1839 in Count Clare he spent most of his life in N.Z on the roads of Canterbury,Otago and Southland. died in Dunedin on 11th Aug 1927. Many stories have been written about this man.
SMITH, JOHN b, abt 1837. from County leitrim. arr Lyttelton in 1864. brought land in Halswell, ChCh.
STEWART, MATILDA b, Northern Ireland arr Auckland 1880 worked at Thames Hospital as a Matron in the 1890s
STEWART, ROBERT b, in April 1835. from County Down. followed the gold trail to Australia and Otago, N.Z. Later ran a accomadation house in the nelson area.
SULLIVAN, JOHN single man aged 20 from Cork arr on the "Eastminster" for Blenheim in 1879
SWEENY, CON a former shearer who died alone in a swaggers hut near Ashburton.
SYRON, MICHAEL b, Ireland. went to Australia 1st . Later settled in Waimangaroa, West Coast as a dairy framer .died 1899.
THACKER, JOHN EDWARD b, Sligo, in 1825. arr Canterbury 1850 with his wife. In 1857 he bought 60 acres at Okains Bay
TROUSDELL, CHARLES in Southland in 1881
VOGAN, GEORGE b, in Count Cavan. arr Lyttelton with wife Margaret in 1862. later, owned a 40 acre property at Banks Peninsula.
WALLACE, JAMES from County Antrim, his wife Caroline came from County Neath. They met at Okarito on the West Coast and married when she was 18. They had 13 children
WELDON, BARBARA. b, Count Limerick. arr Otago in 1869 ( proabaly from Australia). worked as a prostitute in Dunedin and the West Coast. died in Kumara, West Coast when her house burned down. in Oct 1882.
WELDON, THOMAS KING son of a police inspector. arr Otago in 1862 and became inspector of the Southland Policeforce.
WELLWOOD, ROBERT b, Kilkenny. arr N.Z at the age of 23 in 1859. worked as a farm manager in Hastings before owning his own land.
WILSON, ROBERT b, 1832 in County Tyrone. Emigrated to Australia with his family when he was 20. Came to N.Z in 1861 and became a well known Dunedin Buisiness man
WITHERS, ELIZA JANE from County Down arr 1862 at Lytlleton
WOODS, JOHN age 22 from Londonderry sailed for Westland in 1879
WOODS, BENJAMIN went to Australia with his family in 1839. came to N.Z and became Cheif Police Constable in 1846. He retired in 1853
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