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Hellesdon. 1851 Census

James GALLEY Head M 26 M Shepherd Hellsdon-Nfk
Martha GALLEY Wife - 24 F --- Renishaw-Dby
James W. HOWES Son - 5 M --- Feltorpe-Nfk
Emily GALLEY Daur - 3 F --- Hellsdon-Nfk
George GALLEY Son - 10m M --- Hellsdon-Nfk
Howard Slatter
The only Norfolk born William Howes in County Durham in the 1881
seems to be the following. Any use?

Dwelling: Pelton Fell Burnt Houses
Census Place: Pelton, Durham, England
Source: FHL Film 1342198 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4981
Folio 130 Page 42
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William HOWES M 38 M Besthope, Norfolk, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Plate Layer
Mary HOWES M 30 F Hargham, Norfolk, England
Rel: Wife
Boursth W. HOWES 9 M Besthope, Norfolk,
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Annie M. HOWES 8 F Hannyham, Norfolk, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar
Edith M. HOWES 6 F Besthope, Norfolk, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar
Charles Ed. HOWES 4 M Chester Le Street,
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Herbert HOWES 2 M Chester Le Street, Durham,
Rel: Son
Robert GRAHAM U 46 M Chester Le Street, Durham,
Rel: Lodger
Occ: Coal Miner

Howard Slatter

Not Sure
My Great Great Grandmother was called Letticia Howes, she was born in Redlingfield, Suffolk on the 25th February 1816. Her parent's were Oliver Howes & Mary. I dont know anything else. If I come across any info i'll E-Mail you. I've just joined the Suffolk, family history society, hoping things might open up for me. This side of my family moved up into Chesterfield, Derbyshire around 1860. I live in Nottinghamshire, England, and
I'ts difficult trying to get to know anything about the family. My Great Grandad, (Lettucia's son ), Oliver Bates died in 1944, aged 93yrs. I have two Aunties still living, one in her 70's, the other late 80's, they tell me bits about my great grandad, but they dont know anything about his family. It's
sue swannack
Not Sure
My Howes family is no doubt connected to yours at some point. I have my family lineage (on that particular Tree) going back to 1458 and my Howes are all in the Wymondham (Windham, as it is called), Tacolnestone and Besthorpe area of Norfolk.
bronwyn spurr
Not Sure
I think I mentioned that I had to go into Lancashire yesterday and I managed an hour in Colne Library. I was surprised to find that they had the parish records for Ulverston and these are the Creary entries.

Joseph son of Joseph Creary baptised November 29 1801

Robert husband of Ann Creary buried November 30th 1802

Ann widow of Robert Creary buried April 6th 1807

Hannah daughter of Joseph Creary baptised December 23 1811

Since these are the only Creary entries from the Seventeenth century onwards the Creary's must have moved into Ulverston in the late 1700's. However they could have been a catholic family from Ireland, especially with a name like Creary and may have used a Catholic church in Ulverston rather than the Parish one.
Howes, Benjamin Watch & Clock Mkr. High St., Downham Mkt. Howes, John King's Arms - Inn Market Pl., Nth.Walsham Howes, Richard Carpenter & Boat Builder Blakeney Howes, Robert Goat-Public Hse. Frier St., Lynn Regis Howes, Robert Veterinary Surgeon White Hart St., Aylsham
1839 Pigot Directory Norfolk
Genuki Web site
I have therefore looked for all of the Howes that were living in St Michael Coslany in 1851 (the parish where Martha was living at the time of her wedding) and the family shown below may be linked in some way.

Charlotte Howes born 1843 at Norwich
Edward R Howes born 1849 at Norwich
Eliza Howes born 1811 at Yarmouth
John Howes born 1805 at Wymondham
Joseph C Howes born 1837 at Norwich
Walter K Howes born 1851 at Norwich
William Howes born 1839 at Norwich

Since Eliza was born in 1811 I suppose it is unlikely that she would be Martha's mother.(On my mothers side we have had instances of brothers/sisters marrying in laws after a family death)
David Galley
In my e-mail I mentioned that a widow Mary Howes was living in Hellesdon at the time of the census. At that time a visitor Elizabeth Howes was staying with her. In addition a Mary Ann Howes was also staying there. Mary Ann's age was given as 20 and was a dressmaker. She is also listed as the granddaughter of Mary. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Elizabeth was Mary's daughter in law. She is listed as being the wife of a butcher. I am afraid that I cannot trace whether there were any butchers in Norfolk whose wives were elsewhere at the time of the census. Her birthplace was Northrepps in Norfolk whilst that of her daughter is simply listed as Norfolk. It is the only entry out of approximately 250 to be listed in this way and I am wondering whether this might suggest some doubt over the place of birth and maybe the enumerator didn't know so he put Norfolk down
David Galley
I went to Chesterfield Library today and looked at the 1841 census for Renishaw. I am afraid that I did not learn a lot about the Howes family but there was a lot of background material which I found interesting.

I think that I found Martha Although the writing of the enumerator was a bit flowery and as the entry was at the foot of a page it was slightly indistinct. If it was Martha she was recorded as being a servant aged 18 at the house of a clerk in Southgate, Renishaw. There was no mention of any parents brothers or sisters and I searched both the Renishaw pages and all those of neighbouring parishes. However the Renishaw of 1841 was vastly different to the Renishaw of today and the largest employer in those days was the local squire Sir George Sitwell. He lived at Renishaw Hall and was keen on shooting, visiting Scotland to shoot and also inviting friends to shoot on his estate. Since Benjamin Howes was a gamekeeper I assume he must have been employed by the Sitwells. There was no other employment for a gamekeeper in Renishaw.

In the 1840s Sir George was spending more than he was receiving. Apparently his wife used to invite hordes of her Scottish relatives to shoot on the estate at Renishaw and offer them unlimited hospitality. In addition farm incomes were falling, Sir George spent a fortune trying to become an MP and to make matters worse his bank in Sheffield collapsed. By 1846 he was having to sell personal possessions from the house and it was vacated for number of years until another Sitwell appeared. This does not help us find Benjamin but I find it very interesting.
David Galley
Samuel Galley bapt. 1775 at Antingham, Norfolk who married Martha Laws was the son of John Galley and Elizabeth Bellenmore, John was born about 1744 possible son of John Galley and Ann Matsell they married at Bintree, Norfolk 1744 this John was born about 1710.
My branch comes down from John Galley Born 1814 son of Samuel and Martha, its the first time that I have made contact with others interested in my Galleys,

I. BENJAMIN HOWES married MARY (UNKNOWN). He was born circa 1801 at England.

A. MARY HOWES was born circa 1826. She married DANIEL MASON, son of WILLIAM MASON and MARY ANN COOPER, on 30 September 1849 at Hickling, Norfolk, England. She died circa 1854.

Checked the 1841 census as requested.

Hellesdon, Norfolk

No Howes recorded

James Lutkin aged 40 Ag. Lab. Y Y = meaning born in Norfolk
Tabitha " " 35 Y
Selay? " " 15 Y
Charlotte " " 13 Y
James " " 11 Y
George " " 9 Y
Robert " " 7 Y
Mary Ann " " 2 Y

St. Michael, Coslany, Norwich, Norfolk

Extracted all the Howes

William Sadd aged 30 Y
Sarah " " 25 Y
William " " 5 Y
Margaret " " 65 Y
Rachael Shenfield Y
Sarah Howes " 20 Y

Thomas Riches and Family
Caroline Howes aged 20 Y
Sarah Sexton " 20 Y
Frederick Edwards aged 15 Y

Jerimia Howes Jnr. aged 30 Hot Presser Y
Thomas " " 5 Y
Alice Ount? " 40 Y
Sarah Jones " 30 Shawl Cleaner Y

Thomas Howes aged 75 Hot Presser Y
Susanna " 75
Charles " 50
Bridget Bevor " 80
Ann Cowles " 50
Maria Fellows " 20

Derek Corky
Caroline and Sarah both shown as aged 20 in 1841. Both probably married by 1851.

Jeremiah aged 30 in 1841. No Jeremiah shown on the 1851 census for Norfolk so he must have died or moved out of the county.

Thomas aged 5 in 1841. The only possible Thomas shown on the 1851 census that could be the one in question is shown as being born in 1841 and living at Lakenham. However since he appears to have been living with Thomas senior(his father) at that time, he could not be the son of Jeremiah. This may support the theory that Jeremiah moved out of the area.

Thomas and Susanna both aged 75 in 1841. I assume that they must have passed away as they are not shown on the 1851 census.

Charles aged 50 in 1841. Once again no Charles with a birthdate of late 1700s appears on the 1851 census. He may have also died.

I can only now assume that the Howes family that were living in St Michel Coslany moved there in the 1840s from somewhere in Norwich. You will probably have already seen that on the 1851 census all the sons and daughters of the Howes family that lived there were shown as being born in Norwich.

The same applies to the Mary Howes who was living in Hellesdon in 1851. She must have moved there in the 1840s but since she would have been about sixty three in 1841 I find it hard to grasp that she might have moved there at such an age, especially in those days
David Galley
assume your lady’s mother must have been a Golden – I have not come across a Martha but that doesn’t mean we aren’t connected as my g-g-g-g-g grandfather a Samuel Golden (married to a Sarah Cross) had 3 daughters but as I said in my last e-mail I am having enough trouble following the Golden line via the males that I have not even thought about going side-ways yet. The three daughters are as follows:

SArah Golden Born Swanton Abbott christened November 1793

Maria Golden born Swanton Abbott christened June 1789

Elizabeth Golden born Swanton Abbott christened July 1791

So all could have had children about the time you say your lady was born.

I suppose you have already tried the IGI and free BMD – I am at present working my way through the Parish Records for Swanton Abbott and Scottow which go back to the 1600’s but unfortunately only forward to 1812.

I sure I haven't come across a Martha or Benjamin in my search, I will check the records I have though just in case.

Originally the story that was handed down through the generations was that Frederick Golden Howes was born at the Golden Anchor Hotel, Queen Street, Great Yarmouth in 1863. However, the family didn't take over the hotel until 1864, but the address given on the Birth Certificate was definitely Queen Street, so maybe they were at the hotel before they became Licencees. Maybe the name 'Golden' was just a coincidence because I have just recently learned that Golden was also a surname in the Yarmouth district and the family seem to carry old surnames as their second names, although we haven't postively proved a connection on this one.
It looks as though this might be the family we are seeking. Thomas William would have been about 15 in 1841 and this may have been him living with Benjamin and Susannah at Erpingham. If Derek can tell us that he was recorded as being born out of county on the 1841 census I think we may be able to link Martha with the Howes family at Erpingham.

I will also see whether I have any other references from other censuses to a Thomas William Howes which would confirm the link with that family.
David Galley
I have searched Eckington baptisms register 1818-1831. I found:

6 June 1819 ( born 17 April )Joseph son of John and Rebecca Howe of Sheffield, Razor maker

baptised 26th June 1825 (born 17th June 1821) Martha daughter of Benjn & Susan Golden-howes, Harbour Lands, Gamekeeper

baptised 26th June 1825 ( born 4th March 1824) Ann –do-

baptised 12th February 1826 ( born 29th December 1825) Thomas William son of Benjamin and Susan Golding , Harbour Lands, Gamekeeper

I am sure these entries are for your family in spite of the name changes

As the two girls were baptised a bit late I imagine they had perhaps just moved to Eckington.

The 1801 census of heads of families shows a William How at Troway; and George How at Mosborough.

David Galley
I have no knowledge of a Martha Golden HOWES but here is what I have about my Benjamin .

I have him born in about 1795 in Thorpe Market although I haven’t seen the register entry.

He married Susannah THOMPSON in Burgh next Aylsham on Nov 1st 1812.

The 1841 census has him living in Lower Street, Erpingham, Southrepps, age 47 with Susannah(42), William(15), Emily(11), Benjamin(9), Samuel(6), Henry(3) and Sarah Ann(10m).He is an ag, lab.

The 1851 census has him living in the same place age 56 with Susannah(52), Samuel(15), Henry(13) and Sarah(10). He is described as a woodman. Samuel and Henry have Aylmerton as their place of birth.

Benjamin Golden died in Southrepps on March 29th 1859.

His son Samuel is my husbands g g grandfather who by 1871 had moved to London.

There does seem to be a large gap between the date of marriage and Williams birth – perhaps Martha fitted in there? I have not had much luck in finding any more details about this family – there seem to be several HOWES families in Norfolk and their Christian names are often the same and include what must be the mothers maiden name (Samuel's name is Samuel Thompson Golden HOWES!).

a Samuel Thompson Golden Howes born about 1836 possibly in Aylmerton, Norfolk. He was married in Dec 1861 in Spitalfields, London and was my husbands great-grandfather. His fathers name was Benjamin Golden Howes (from the marriage certificate). I think this must be the Benjamin G Howes living in Lower St., Erpingham, Southrepps on the 1851 census. Benjamin’s wife was Susannah Howes who appears to be living (alone) in the same place in the 1861 census. This census shows Samuel Joseph(?) Golden, his wife Elizabeth and 4 children (Benjamin-16), ?female-14, Walter(?)-6, and Mary-4 living in the same place (PRO RG/1202 157. Samuel Golden was born in Thorpe Market as was Benjamin G Howes.
Stella Lanner
Howes burials New Zealand

Name Date of Death/Burial Location/Type Headstone Image
HOWES, HELEN MARY 27/12/1987 HASTINGS Headstone not yet available
HOWES, RONALD WALTER 24/08/2002 HASTINGS Headstone not yet available
HOWES, STANLEY JOSEPH 07/03/1970 HASTINGS Headstone not yet available

HOWES , WILLIAM ALFRED 11/03/1931 Kelvin Grove Cemetery
HOWES , ALFRED 21/01/1895 Terrace End Cemetery
HOWES , MARGARET 20/10/1921 Terrace End Cemetery
HOWES , MARGARET 13/12/1939 Terrace End Cemetery
HOWES , NORMAN GEORGE 15/07/1957 Kelvin Grove Cemetery
HOWES , HENRY FRANCIS EDGAR 27/02/1976 Kelvin Grove Cemetery
HOWES , OLIVE MARY 15/12/2004 Kelvin Grove Cemetery

Rongotea HOWES Arthur James 23 56 31/07/1968 77
Feilding Howes Henry Francis Edgar 2 117 95 6/03/1976 62

Norfolk Chronicle
Extracts from August 1780
5 August 1780
5 August 1780. Page 2, column 2
Monday last was committed to the Castle by John BLOFIELD, Esq., Elizabeth HOWES, who stands charged on the oath of Thomas SYMONDS, of Catfield, and others, on a violent suspicion of her having feloniously taken, and carried away from out of the dwelling-house of the said Thomas SYMONDS, divers goods, his property.

Extracts from July 1781
7 July 1781. Page 3, column 2
To be Sold by Hand, or Auction, by Richard BACON, from Norwich, on Tuesday next, the 10th Day of July, Instant, at the Dwelling-house of Mr John HOWES, of Edgfield, in Norfolk.
All the Household Furniture of the said Mr HOWES; consisting of several Beds, Chests of Drawers, Mahogany Tables, Chairs etc and also the remaining Part of the Stock in Trade of Linen and Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery, and Grocery Goods, etc.
N.B. All Persons indebted to the said Mr HOWES are required, in order to prevent Suit, to pay their several Debts on the Day of the Sale to the Trustees, who will then attend the said Mr HOWES's to receive them.

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1883
FUNDENHALL, 4½ miles S.S.E. of Wymondham, and 9 miles S.S.W. of Norwich, has its parish in Depwade union, Wymondham county court district, Norwich bankruptcy district, Depwade petty sessional division, Stratton polling district of South Norfolk, Depwade hundred, Depwade rural deanery, and Norfolk archdeaconry. It had 318 inhabitants in 1881, living on 1347 acres, and has a rateable value of £2047.

The chief landowners are Baroness Berners, George Duckett Berney, Esq., Sir F.G.M. Boileau, Bart., Wm. Howes, Esq., and the Rev. Gerard Barton. Baroness Berners is lady of the manor. William Howes, Esq., is lord of the rectory manor, and his farm suffered damage to the amount of £1470, in the great storm of hail and wind, on August 9, 1843. Many other farms in this neighbourhood suffered severely at the same time.

The CHURCH (St.Nicholas) is an ancient fabric, comprising nave, chancel, porch and tower with five bells. The tower stands at the junction of the nave and chancel, and is of the Norman period, as also is the porch. The church was restored in 1869, when a new oak pulpit on a stone base was given by the present minister in memory of his deceased wife, and has a Latin inscription upon it. The rood loft still remains, and is handsomely carved and painted, and bears a Latin inscription. The font has figures of angels bearing shields, upon the shaft; and in the chancel is a good piscina.

G.D. Berney, Esq., is patron of the living, which is a donative, worth only about £51 a year, and now held by the Rev. Thomas Sedger, M.A. The tithes were commuted, in 1840, for £506 per annum.

The School was built in 1856 by William Howes, Esq., and is attended by 50 children.

The fuel allotment, 5A., awarded at the enclosure in 1814, is let for £7 10s.

POST OFFICE at Thomas Chapman's. Letters delivered at 9 am., and despatched at 5.55 p.m., viâ Wymondham, which is the nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office.

Anderson Miss schoolmistress
Attoe George farmer
Bailey William Norman shopkeeper
Barton Rev. Gerard The Grange
Browne Mr Edward
Bunting William, sen. farmer
Bunting William, jun. corn miller
Chapman Thomas farmer, shopkeeper, and postmaster
Howes Mr William farmer & owner, Black Hall
Myhill Wm. farmer, the Grange farm
Rattee Mrs Elizabeth farmer and owner
Ringwood James farmer
Sewell Stephen farmer
Tye Mrs Sarah farmer

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845
MORNINGTHORPE, or Mourningthorpe, 11 miles S. of Norwich, and 8 miles N. by W. of Harleston, has in its parish 192 souls, and 921A. of land. The soil is held by several owners, some of whom have neat houses here.

The Rev. Thos. Howes is lord of the manor of Morningthorpe, and Wm. F. Irby, Esq., is lord of Boyland manor, which extends into this and several other parishes, and resides at BOYLAND HALL, a large and handsome Elizabethan mansion, with pleasant grounds, in a picturesque valley, 1 mile N. of Morningthorpe.

This mansion was built in 1571, and was thoroughly repaired in 1804, by its late owner, the Hon. Admiral F. P. Irby, (died 1844,) who collected on the coast of Africa, a large quantity of cowrie shells, with which he studded the interior of an alcove, in a shrubbery, near the hall, which has over its entrance porch, a fine bust of Queen Elizabeth, removed from a niche, at the demolition of Tilbury House. It has recently been much improved and enlarged.

The Church (St. John the Baptist,) has a round tower, and the living is a discharged rectory, valued in the King's Book at £7, and now having 7A. of glebe, and a yearly rent of £300, in lieu of tithes. The patronage is in the Crown, and the Rev. C.N. Wodehouse is the incumbent, and has lately erected a new Rectory House.

The Rev. Thos. Howes, a former rector, who died in 1814, aged 86, was a learned divine and author of "Critical Observations on Books Ancient and Modern," in 4 vols. 8vo.

The Town Lands, 14A. 1R., are let for about £30 a year, which is applied with the church rates. The sum of £16 left by John Ward, to provide fuel for two poor families, was laid out in 1646, in the purchase of 1½A. of land, at Stratton St. Michael.


Biggs Rev. Wm., M.A. vicar of Tharston
Burroughes Rev. Walter
Goldsworth Alfred cider and brick maker
Howes Rev. Thos. rector of Fritton, &c.
Irby Wm. F., Esq. Boyland Hall
Rouse Samuel blacksmith
Simpson Martha National School
Wicks John wheelwright
Wodehouse Rev.Charles Nourse rectory


Claxton Richard
Cole James
Fryer John Thomas (owner)
Goldsworth Alfred
Harvey Charles
Mear James
Meek Jno.

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845
FUNDENHALL, 9 miles S.S.W. of Norwich, has in its parish 367 souls, and 1348 acres of land, belonging to several owners, the largest of whom are, Lord Berners, lord of the manor of Fundenhall-cum-Hapton, (fines arbitrary,) and T. T. Berney, Esq., impropriator of the tithes and patron of the Church (St. Nicholas,) which is a donative, worth only about £21 a year, and now held by the Rev. Wm. Hurnard. The tithes were commuted, in 1840, for £506 per annum.

Mr. Wm. Howes is lord of the rectory manor, and his farm suffered damage to the amount of £1470, in the great storm of hail and wind, on Aug. 9th, 1843. (See p.403 [this is the entry for Thetford].) Many other farms in this neighbourhood suffered severely at the same time.

The Fuel Allotment, 5A., awarded at the enclosure in 1814, is let for £6. 10s.


Flegg Wm. miller
Harrison Robert shoemaker
Howard Mrs. Ann
Newman Wm. grocer, &c.
Smith John grocer, &c.
Rattee Daniel veterinary surgeon

farmers (Marked * are owners.)

Harvey Robt. and Thos.
*Howes Wm. and John
*Howes James
*Peel Henry
Self John
*Tye Francis
Wright Jno.

Norfolk Chronicle
Extracts from January 18th 1783
Page 3, column 3

Last week James HOWES, of Wymondham, worstead weaver, and an old offender, chopping off the bough of a tree in order to add to a bundle of wood which he had stolen, missed his stroke and cut his thigh in so terrible a manner that he immediately died.
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