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A Selection of Nelson and surrounding districts in the 1800s and early 1900s
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ARNOLD, JAMES occupied the "Travellers Rest" in Riwaka in Jan 1889
AITKEN, ROBERT wine and Spirit merchant in Nelson 1869
AVIS, J had the Waimea Inn 1859
BAIGENT, ELIAB proprietor of the Wakefield Brewery in 1892
BANKS, ARCHIBALD est a brewery in 1860
BARLOW, CHARLES Hotel Keeper 1912-20
BARNES, H "Collingwood Hotel" 1859
BARTLETT, CHARLES wine and spirit merchant in Nelson 1869
BARTLEY, JAMES wine and spirit merchant 1869
BEECH, B the "Turf Hotel" 1859
BENFIELD, WILLIAM proprietor of a Hotel in Richmond 1870-73
BENSEMANN, CORD granted a licence in 1857 for the Upper Moutere Hotel which he built
BERRY, F.T Golden Age Tavern, Collingwood 1859
BEVAN, P Innkeeper 1859
BRACE, DURHAM JOSEPH wine and spirit merchant 1869
BUSH, A Inn keeper at Appleby 1859
BUTLER, JAMES ran a Hotel in Richmond 1870-73
CARTER, J Innkeeper "Bush Tavern" 1859
CHANT, WILLIAM Brewer in Motueka
CLARK, G "Commercial Hotel" 1859
CLARK, T ran the "Bridge Hotel" in 1859
CLEAVER, WILLIAM ran a Hotel in Richmond in 1853
CLEAVER, Mrs "Plough Inn" Richmond 1859
COLEMAN, E Waimea Hotel. 1859
CROOKS, J "Golden Age" Collingwood 1859
CROWTHER, W "Northumberland Arms" Nelson 1859
CURTIS, G Aorere Hotel, Collingwood 1859
DAVIS, HYAM wine and spirit merchant in Nelson 1869
DISHER, JOHN ran a Hotel in 1867
DISHER, R "Star and Garter, Richmond 1859
DEMPSIE, W proprietor of the "Claredon Hotel" in 1888
DODSON, A at the "Riwaka Hotel" 1859
DRANE, J.G proprietor of the "Albion Hotel DUNCAN, PATRICK Hotel Proprietor 1890
EDWARDS, J Hotelier "Prince Albert Hotel" Nelson 1859
EVERETT, EDWARD hotelier "Masonic Hotel", Nelson 1859 proprietor of the "Bank Hotel" in 1868
FIELD, T a Nelson brewer.
FISHER, THOMAS wine and spirit merchant 1869
FULFORD, GEORGE Hotel Owner 1925
GANAWAY, JAMES bought a Brewery in 1884
GRINDLE family had the "Kohatu Hotel"
GROVE, JAMES brewer at Belgrove in the late 1880s
HAINES, J lower Moutere Inn-Keeper in 1859
HARDING,G ran the "Swan Inn" at Motueka in 1859. He was also a store-keeper.
HARRISON, H at the Riwaka Inn in 1859
HARTLEY, WILLIAM CHARLES brewer of nelson 1869
HAYCOCK, HENRY occupied the "Red Horse Inn" in 1883
HEATH, THOMAS ran a hotel 1909-11
HILL, T at the Inn " The Holly Bush" Spring Grove in 1859
HOGG, JOHN ran a brewery in Nelson 1894
HOOK, ALFRED FRANK ran a hotel 1900--1907
HUBBARD, H at a Wakefield Inn .was also at Richmond
HUDSON, THOMAS ran the "Red Horse Inn" 1866
HYDE, JAMES owner of a Hotel in 1906
JERVIS, JOHN had the Commercial Hotel in Jan, 1868 and the Foxhill Hotel in 1876
KENNING, WILLIAM brewer at Stoke 1869
KERR, THOMAS had the "Hampden Hotel" in Murchison 1873
KITE, THOMAS ran hotels in Richmond. He died in 1860 and his wife Lucy continued the business
LAWSON, WILLIAM ran a brewery in 1918
LEWTHWAITE, J a Nelson Hotelier in 1859
LINES, BENJAMIN brewer at Wai-iti
LONGNEY, N proprietor of the "Tophouse Accomadation House" in Jan 1889.
LUCK, JOHN ran the Trafalgar Hotel in Nelson in 1859
MADIGAN, PATRICK LACY Inn-keeper at Riwaka 1871-72
MEAD, THOMAS brewer at Foxhill in the late 1880s
MILES, J.W ran a Collingwood Hotel in 1859
McDONALD, JAMES wine and spirit merchant in Motueka 1869
McGEE, CHARLES Hotelier in 1859. proprietor of the "Royal Hotel" in Nelson in Jan 1875
McINTOSH, JOHN wine and spirit merchant in Nelson 1869
McLEOD,JAMES Hotel Proprietor 1887
NEAL, ROBERT a brewer. b, 1850 d, 1919. married Julia Barry
OXLEY, THOMAS JEFFERSON brewer at Hope in 1869
PALMER, JOHN established the "Volunteer Arms Inn" abt 1844
PALMER, J Inn-keeper at Waimea West in 1859.Was also a postmaster and storekeeper (busy man!)
PARKER, J ran the "Motueka Hotel in 1859
PARMENTER, W.R Proprietor in 1875
PLANK, WILLIAM Hotel Proprietor in 1847-55
REES, THOMAS hotel proprietor1917-20
RILEY, WILLIAM CALVERLY wine and spirit merchant at Collingwood in 1869
ROSE, J had a Hotel at Thorp
SCHAFER, W Innkeeper at the "Wanderers Rest, Collingwood in 1859
SILCOCK, SIMON hotel proprietor 1876
SIMPSON, M.A Hotelier at Nelson in 1859
SMITH, J a malster at Nelson 1850s
SMITH, ROBERT, M of the "Forest Inn" Wakefield 1876
SMITH, THOMAS had a brewery 1846 until his death in 1853
SPITTAL, J Innkeeper at Motupipi , Takaka in the 1850s
STANTON, WILLIAM MOSES wine and spirit merchant in Nelson 1869
STOCK, FREDERICK Hotelier at Nelson in 1859
THOMPSON, GEORGE proprietor of the Wakatu Hotel in Jan 1875
TIDD, THOMAS Brewer at Stoke.also on the Education Comitee
TRAVERS & CO Brewers at Nelson in 1859
TREGEA, J Hotelier at Nelson in 1859
TROWER, GEORGE owned the ""Owen River Hotel" for awhile.
TROWER, CHARLIE hotel owner and brewer . died in 1918.
TROWER, WILLIAM NOEL Hotel proprietor 1855
WAGSTAFF, JOSEPH hotel proprietor 1869-71
WARNOCK, DAVID ran the Wakefield Arms in 1859 hotel proprietor 1869.
WASTNEY, W had "The Black Horse Inn" at Wakapuaka, Nelson in 1859
WEBSTER, MALCOLM MUIR wine and spirit merchant at nelson in 1869
WISE, C a Motueka Inn keeper in 1859
WRIGHT,W a nelson Hotelier in 1859

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