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These Names have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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HEMPSTALK BMD's from Christchurch City Library * church register
births & deaths*
Allan John Peace Hempstalk, b. 14 November 1918 to Robert Stannard &
Emma Louisa,
of Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula, occ: mail contractor, sp.
John Hempstalk
Elias b. 10 september 1877 to John & Eliza of Lyttelton, shipwright.
Elias bur. 26 September 1877 age 12 days.
Elizabeth bur. 9 July 1889, Lyttelton, age 42
Elizabeth Culenda, b. 13 May 1884, Hawkhurst St. Lyttelton, age 78
Gwenda Gibbs b. 12 January 1923 to William Nicholas & Olive. Lyttelton,
sp. Elizabeth Ann Hempstalk
Gwenda bur. 12 July 1931 dau. of W. hempstalk age 8 yrs. res.
Lyttelton, Christchurch Hospital
Harold William b. 18 December 1920 to William & Olive Elsie Maud
Harriett b. 30 July 1876 to John & Elizabeth, Lyttelton
Helen Gertrude b. 13 MMarch 1894 to John & Elizabeth, Lyttelton,
Helen Gertrude bur. 19 January 1895, age 3 mths.
Inga Elizabeth Marie b. 31 May 1905 to Thomas Bertinus & Elizabeth
Anna, Lyttelton East.
Ivor William Trengrove b. 4 September 1906 to Thomas & Elizabeth Anna,
John bur. 31 August 1909 at Lyttelton, age 69
John Clarence b. 16 September 1895 to John & Ellen Elizabeth,
Lyttelton West, shipwright
Lily Maud b. 20 May 1886 to John & Elizabeth, Lyttelton West,
Lily Maud bur. 28 November 1890 Lyttelton age 5 yrs.
Mary b. 7 November 1878 to John & Elizabeth, Lyttelton West,
Thomas Bertineus b. 5 May 1880 to John & Elizabeth.
sp. William & Mary Ann Hempstalk
William Nicholas b. 21 July 1882 to John & Elizabeth. Lyttelton

*HEMPSTALK * marriages

John Hempstalk & Elese DAHL m. 5 May 1875 at St. Michaels, Church,
full age/ full age, carpenter, bach/sp.

Robert Stannard Hempstalk & Emie Louisa ANDERSON m. 8 November 1917
at St. Michaels, Christchurch,ages: 26/21, bach/sp, occ:
born; Heathcote Valley,Chch/Melbourne
parents: John & Ellen Elizabeth Hempstalk nee FELLINGHAM
Richard James & Emma Alice DOREY formerly Anderson, nee BUTSON

Thomas Hempstalk & Elizabeth Anna TRENGROVE m. 9 April 1903
at St. Saviours, West Lyttelton, ages: 23/23, bach/sp, occ:
labourer/Home duties,
b. Lytelton/Woodbury, Geraldine, Canterbury,
parents: John & Elizabeth Inga Hempstalk nee DAHL
Charles Samuel & Hannah Trengrove nee STRINGER blacksmith.
witness: Robert Alick Jones, John Trengrove, blacksmith. Timaru

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