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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

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Kaikora News
I regret to say that "La Grippe" has been the cause of adding victim to Victim irrespective of relationship in our little township. Two weeks ago Mrs E FIRTH succumbed to this dread disease or its effects and now her brother Mr A C Taylor (father of Mrs R CROXTON, Mrs Chas LEACH and Mrs J C TAYLOR) has succumbed to the same dreaded epidemic and was buried yesterday afternoon, the Rev ECCLES officiating at the funeral. WM Tues Jan 51892.

The treasurer, Mr J M DODDS M A, of the funds collected here by Messrs McQuilkan and Westmoreland on behalf of poor John' Moffitt, to send him to the Napier Hospital for treatment and who died recently of consumption, informed me that at a meeting of the subscribers to the above fund held in the Library last Wednesday evening, it was resolved that after paying the hospital dues and funeral expenses, which amounted to £21.6.6. to be deducted from the handsome sum collected £27.11.O. The balance £6.4.6. to be handed over to Mrs CARLYLE grandmother and guardian, in aid of the brothers (three) and sister of the deceased. These are the surviving children of the late Robert and Mrs MOFFITT who were highly esteemed in Waipawa, Kaikora and Napier. The hand of affliction struck this family heavily indeed, father, mother, sister and brother gone to their long home. Mrs Carlyle desires, most gratefully, to convey her warmest thanks to those kind friends who so generously and nobly came! to her assistance during her time of trial and distress. WM Sat Feb 31894.

John STEVEEN, one of the oldest residents in the Province, is lying seriously ill at Kaikora. WMSatJuIy2l 1894.

The Elizabeth Cemetery - Hadley. This is to give notice that Mr J C TAYLORhas been appointed (by the trustees) Secretary and Treasurer to the above, to whom, in future all applications for ground and all payments must be made. S McGREEVY, Trustee. WM Tues Sept 181894

The friends of Mr BUCHANAN will be sorry to learn that he is lying seriously ill at his residence here. He attended, on Saturday night last, a meeting of the trustees of the organ belonging to the Band of Hope, complaining a little that he did not feel well. On Monday he was going to St Lawrence to work when he seemed suddenly overcome with his present illness. WM Thurs MarS 1896

Mr and Mrs A H DILLON, in passing through here (Kaikora) last evening were greeted with a few handfuls of nce in the railway carriage. WMThurs June2 1898..

Tenders are invited for the cash purchase of the property in the estate of the late James AVISON, deceased, Waipawa Bush, lately in the occupation of Mrs Avison. Good four roomed house. All tenders care of J W WATTS, Kaikora North. Signed John Avison. J W Watts. WM Sat Jan 51901.

In the administration of the Estate of the late John Galloway MUSSEN of Elsthorpe, Farmer, died intestate. WM Sat AUg 151903.

In the estate of Peter MILLER of Kaikora North, labourer, deceased. WMTues Sept 11 1906

Yesterday afternoon the members of the Ngatiawa Hockey Club entertained their treasurer, Miss Bella SCRIMGEOUR , at a bric-a-brac afternoon tea. Miss J CLARK kindly lent her home and garden for the purpose and a most enjoyable afternoon was spent with competitions and music. After a dainty afternoon tea had been served , Miss INGLETON, Captain, on behalf of the club wished Miss Scrimgeour much joy and happiness in her new home and said they were glad that they had not to bid her goodbye but simply good luck as they would
still claim her as a Ngatiawa. Mrs Alan DILLON thanked the girls on behalf of Miss Scrimgeour and advised them to follow her example. Miss Scrimgeour is to be married on Wednesday next. WM M Thurs Oct 311907.

Daniel RANSFIELD and CHRISTENSEN at Ransfields place. Christensen, who it was deposed was not drunk, said he would go home to Waikawa by himself. Daniel said "all right, we will overtake you", Christensen rode away towards Waikawa and Daniel rode to the township but his brother and AKUHATA not seeing inclined to come he went after Christensen, who must have turned back as before Daniel got to his fathers place his horse shied at something on the road. It was a dark night but Daniel could see it was a man and he galloped back to the billiard room and told Akuhata someone was lying, making groaning noises. They both went back, Akuhata struck a match and found it was Christensen. He remained with the body while Daniel went back to fetch his brother Ihaka. In the meantime a man called RYDER coming down the road heard someone groaning and he, after striking a match and
seeing who it was, went to the police station and informed constable CARR , who procured a wheelbarrow and a! lantern and he, RYDER, HARRISON and CANUTE went to where Christensen was lying. He was quite unconscious and blood was running from his mouth, nose and ears and he was wheeled down the road to the Telegraph Hotel where every means was used to restore him without avail as he died about 10 minutes after arrival. An inquest was held on Monday before Mr H SIMCOX esq J P and the following Jury, Messers
COOTES(foreman) W BENNETT, G BENNETt, LEE,NELSON, COX and WRIGHT. After hearing the evidence the Jury returned a verdict of accidental death. The deceased was buried the same day in the Church of England cemetery, the Rev J McWILLIAM officiating. The deceased leaves a widow and 5 young children as they are not well off it is the intention of the Otaki people to get up a subscription for them. (this report must have been re-reported from a newspaper circulated in the Otaki region. it IS supposed Christensen must have been thrown from his horse.)

Lost Relatives Paragraph - Robert James SPORLE sailed in the Ship "Hudson" for Napier H B November 17 1874 and last wrote to his Mother March 8th 1875. WM Sat Nov20 1886.

A man named Daniel O'DONOHUE is missing. He has been working at Edenham Station and the Police will be thankful for any information regarding his whereabouts. His horse has turned up, saddle wet and one stirrup iron gone and fears are entertained that the poor fellow is DROWNED

At Te Aute crossing (on the Tukituki river?) the body of the man O'Donaghue was found by Mr Connor of Patanagata. W M Dec30 1887.

Sickness is still prevalent .. remnants of whooping cough. One little one has succumbed and was buried some ten days ago ... two others are now lying dangerously ill. WM Tues Feb 14 1888.

A most enjoyable social party was held last night in the Rechabite Hall, Kaikora to inaugurate the coming of age of Mr Donald McDONALD at his own invitation 125 guests presented their invitation cards at the hall door. Mr AHERN of Christchurch, proposed the toast. In reply Mr McDonald conveyed his intention of staying in the Kaikora district. (the words used in this report suggest that Mr McDonald is a man of some means and he is the McDonald who runs a sheep boiling down works at Willow Bank, Waipawa) WMThurs May 171888.

The Kaikora people have determined to do something to help Mrs MOFFITT It will be remembered that in addition to the death of her husband she has lately lost two of her children and altogether her cup of sorrow has been filled to overflowing. A committee of gentlemen have taken the work of a benefit concert in hand and a committee of ladies are carrying out the details of a ball. WMWedMay23 888.

Mr and Mrs LIMBRICK have issued invitations to the celebration of their Silver Wedding on the 12 th inst. W M Sat Oct 61888.

Report on above Silver Wedding Celebration. Over 150 friends were present.. The Rechabite Hall was magnificently set up an ample spread. The Mayor of Napier, Mr SWAN, proposed the toast of the evening, Songs and Music Messrs F W COLLINS, PLOWMAN, INGLETON, MERRYLESS, INGE and HIGGINS. MrMILLS, a new arrival, recitation "Mao, Bairnies Cuddle Door" The ball was opened by Mrs SWAN and Mrs LIMBRICK- dancing was kept up until 5 this morning. This afternoon Mr and Mrs Limbrick are to entertain the Schoolchildren. Waipawa Mail. Saturday October13 1888.

(A very official and lengthy notice - change of name) William Arthur Goose late of Soberton in the county of Hampshire and now residing in Kaikora has assumed the name William Arthur Goose STAINTON WM Tues Apr 22 1884.

On Thursday evening last a social party of friends and relatives met at Mr C CLARK'S residence at Kaikora to celebrate the eightieth birthday of our old colonist John STEVEN The hospitable board with "the cup that cheers" was spread under the weeping willow trees and was done fair justice to. W M Thurs Feb 26 1885.

Some names - James DUNCAN Neil DUNCAN and Angus CAMPBELL 3 lads of Kaikora aged 14, 10 and 7 (don't know which age applies to whom) Robert KENNEDY, Alfred PILCHER (lads too?) WMThurs May21 1885.

Court Hearing. Kaikora names included William ANDERSON, elderly man occupying dwelling house in

Kaikora belonging to George CLARK sheep farmer of Patangata. Jessie ALLANACH, step daughter of

ANDERSON, lived at the house until her mothers death 27th March 1885. Richard BROCK settler at Kaikora.

Samual CAMERON. AngusLIVINGSTONE , farmer of Kaikora. Dwelling house burned down 1 Dec 1885. WMTues Dec8 1885.

The relatives of our octogenarian neighbour, Mr STEVEN decided to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of his day by having as large a gathering of his friends and acquaintances as possible. WM Tues Feb23 1886.

>From the Waipawa Correspondent. MrLIMPUS of Patatanga was in town yesterday from whom I gathered that another man had a very narrow escape from drowning a fortnight ago. It will be remembered that the remains of the late

Mr WESTOBY were found lying in the Tukituki river bed on the Sunday afternoon by Mr Limpus' son Charles. Having reported to his father what he had seen he was, in company withhis younger brother, despatched to Waipawa to inform the police. On leaving the river they met Mr H HARTSHORN accompanied by Mr R McKENZIE going home in the direction of the river, which they had to cross, and shortly after happening to look back, saw they were making for the wrong ford, which was impassable for horses. On again looking back Charles Limpus saw Hartshorn floundering in the water and hastened back to a position lower down the river where he knew he would pass and went into the stream up to his waist. Presently Hartshorn floated along and he grasped him by the arm and drew him out with McKenzies help, quite insensible, having been under WESTOBY's body caused Hartshorns life to be saved. Why Limpus did not report this story to the Police as well as finding of the body seeing he was accompanied back by Sergeant O'MALLEY and BROSNAHAN, I can't know. WM Wed July 21 1886.

Mrs CHRISTENSEN and five little ones were brought from Otaki last Thursday and she is at present residing with her Mother Mrs BROCK W M Sat Aug 7 1886

With reference to the sad accident that occurred at Otaki recently resulting in the death of Mr CHRISTENSEN whose widow is a Kaikora lady, I may mention that the deceased was well known and respected in this district and the sad affair has excited the general commiseration for his widow who has been left absolutely penniless. It is to be hoped that the charitably disposed will rally to the assistance of this poor lady who is in a bad state of health. Herself and five little ones were bought over last Thursday from Otaki, and she is at present residing with her mother Mrs BROCK who, of course, does all in her power to alleviate her affliction but for obvious reasons it will be necessary to provide the poor woman with a separate residence as soon as possible. WMSatAug7 1886.

Boer War Contributions

Mounted Police, but, after passing the necessary exams and tests he was accepted as a member of the South African Light Horse. Three days after he was on his way to Maritzburg to join the forces commanded by General BULLER. Both Messrs C D & A WHITE are well known in this district, where they were deservedly popular. The former was employed for some years by Messrs G & P HUNTER, of Porangahau and the latter was in the service of the Bank of Australasia in Waipawa.

W M Thurs July26 1900.

NOTICE. All dogs found on the rifle range on Mr John NIGHTS property will be destroyed. By Order of Captain Commanding.W M Thur Nov 8 1900.

Mr H C CHRISTENSEN , of Kaikora, has been accepted as a member of the 7th Contingent and left for Wellington yesterday. WM Tues Mar 12 1901.

A complimentary Social and Dance tendered to Mr Algy WHITE on the occasion of his return from South Africa, will be held in the Rechabite Hall, Kaikora on Friday 10th May. Admission 2s 6d. Ladies free.


The social given by the residents of Kaikora last night to Mr Algy WHITE.. was a great success. There was a large attendance and dancing was indulged in till an early hour. WMTues May7 1901.

A large number of persons assembled at the Railway Station ( Waipawa) this morning to bid goodbye to Lieutenant H C COLLETT who left by express to join the 8th Contingent at Wellington.

Trooper D McCULLOCH of Kaikora, and the extra men of the Contingent were on the express. The troopers were loudly cheered as the train steamed away from the platform. W M Tues Jan 14 1902.

The following are amongs the final selections of the Napier Division of the 9th Contingent. A E COLLETT, Waipawa and E V WALLACE, Kaikora.WMThurFeb6 1902.

Trooper LEYLAND'S letter to his parents entitled "Chasing de Wet" W M Thur Apr 3 1902.

Mr C 0 WHITE, son of Mr and Mrs White of Kaikora, returned home from South Africa on Saturday last, arriving with members of the 6th Contingent. During his two years of absence he was a member of DAMENT's Horse. He also visited the Old Country. WMThurMay22 1902.

Declaration of Peace. WMThurJune5 1902.

Peace Socials at Patangata inDILLON'S woolshed. W M Sat June 7 1902.

Complimentary Social and Dance to the returning Troopers at Rechabite Hall Friday July 11th. Admission Gentlemen 3s, Ladies free. W M Tues July 81902.

A committee of young ladies and gentlemen are busy making preparations for a social on Friday evening next to welcome home Trooper LEYLAND of the 7th Contingent and other Troopers recently returned from South Africa. WMTuesJuly8I902. Social and Dance for TroopersLEYLAND, CHRISTENSEN, WHITE and BUCHANAN About 70 couples, including visitors from Waipawa, Waipukurau, Elsthorpe, Patangata, Hastings and Napier. Mr James COLLINS made the welcome speech, Mr Bert WHITE replied on behalf of the Troopers. Music was by Miss MORONEY, extras by Misses SAMPSON, GRAY and SMALL. Instrumental and vocal selections - Miss TOD, Messes MUDGWAY, TOD, COSGROVE and WOOD, Mr Gilbert McKAY,
valuable help Misses Westmoreland and Nicholson, refreshments mesdames ASPLET and PORTER. Mr PRIEST made thanks on behalf of the visitors. Mr SCRIMGEOUR lent his piano. S H WHITE was Secretary, Messes SMALL and ROWBOTTOM were M C s.
W M Sat July12 1902.

The sum of £2.9.0 being the balance from the Returned Troopers Social held last Friday evening was handed over to the, School Committee as a donation towards the School Library. WMThur July 171902.

Miss ARROW's letter from South Africa. " Miss A W Arrow, daughter of Mr H Arrow of Waipawa has been selected as one of the teachers for the Boer Concentration Camps. WMSatAprl2 1902.

Mr Bert WHITE, son of Mr William WHITE of Kaikora, has returned to South Africa where he intends to take up permanent residence. WMThurSept4 1902.

Miss ARROW's letter from South Africa WMTues Sept 161902.

Miss ARROW's letter from South Africa WM Wed 18 Sept 1902.

World War One. A special War Cable will be posted on the premises of our agents at Ongaonga, Otane, Tikokino and Waipukurau immediately after their receipt by us.

Expeditionary Force - Residents and settlers of Otane are invited to attend a Public Meeting in the Town Hall, Otane on Wednesday evening, August 12th at 8 pm, to discuss arrangements etc re sending men to the front. J J LANGRIDGE, Convenor. WMTuesAugl1 1914.

A meeting of ladies was held in the Town Hall on Monday afternoon for the purpose of deciding on the best way to raise funds to assist the Expeditionary Force. The Rev DAVIDSON presided and there were about 30 ladies present. Mrs E G WILLIAMS read a letter from Lady LIVERPOOL and explained what was required. AII. present were formed into a committee to collect funds and Mrs J MBARRIEwas appointed Treasurer. Over £30 was collected in the room. A working bee was held on Tuesday and a quantity of garments and useful articles were made. It is hoped to forward a large parcel on Friday to Headquarters. The Napier Frivolity Minstrels are to give a concert on the 19th inst in aid of the Cricket Club and the committee intend to donate a substantial amount of the return to the Ladies Fund. WMThur Aug 13 1914.

Patriotic Fund - Otane - The following is a list of subscribers to the Otane Ladies "Lady Liverpool Fund".

Mrs E G WILLIAMS £5, Mrs Alick WILLIAMSON £5, Station Hands "Clareinch" £2.5, Mrs W WITHEROW £2, Miss NTOD£1, RH TOD £1, Miss CHAPMAN £1, Mrs G C WILLIAMS £1.13, Miss SUTHERLAND£1, Miss McCULLOCH £1, Miss DAVIDSON 10/-, Mrs ESKDALE 11/-, Misses M & S WILLIAMS116, Employees "Rangitapu" Station 17/0. W M Thur Aug 27 1914.

N Z Military Forces. All Men fulfilling the undernoted conditions and willing to enlist with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force 1914, for Active Service Abroad should apply personally and register their names forthwith with the undersigned or with the nearest Defence Office. Volunteers should
1. Be between 20 & 40 years of age.

2. Be willing to serve for the duration of the War or much later period as may be necessary to carry out their discharge.

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Photo, taken c1885 is of about 26 children and their teacher, all un-named

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