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Persons Qualified as Jurors for the Province of Hawkes Bay 1860-61
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine,and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
List of persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the province of Hawkes
Bay, for the Year 1860-61.
Abbott Arthur, Waipawa, laborer
Abbott Frederick Sedgwick, Waipawa, grazier
Aiken Alexander, Napier, carter
Aiken Daniel, Petane, laborer
Aiken George, Napier, carter
Alexander Alexander, Whenuarangi, esquire, J.P.
Alexander George, Waipawa, laborer
Allan Alexander, Mohaka, grazier
Alley Henry, taipo, farmer
Allridge T, Petane, laborer
Anderson Charles, Napier, carpenter
Anderson C.J., Mangaone, grazier
Anderson James, Napier, esquire, J.P.
Anderson John, Napier, carpenter
Anderson Murray, Napier, clerk
Anderson Thomas, Napier, gardener
Anderson Thomas, Napier, laborer
Annabell Joseph, te mata, settler
Anson James, Waipukurau, laborer
Archer Thomas, Waipawa, butcher
Arden Hamar, Napier, photographist
Armstrong John, Mohaka, sawyer
Armstrong R, Pakiaka, sawyer
Armstrong W.H.R, Mohaka, settler
Arnold Charles, Petane, laborer
Arnott William, Waipawa, laborer
Atkinson Thomas, Napier, storekeeper
Atward William, Wairoa, settler
Austen William, Kaikoura, settler
Avison James, Waipukurau, carpenter

Bailey Benjamin, Waipawa, settler
Baines Edward, Eparaima, laborer
Baker John, Te Aute, laborer
Baldwyn Courtney, Aorangi, shepherd
Bamforth John, Puketapu, laborer
Barnaby Thomas, Napier, butcher
Barrow G.L., Eparaima, laborer
Barry Charles, Napier, carpenter
Barry Roger, Napier carpenter
Bartlett Henry, Clive, sawyer
Bartlett William, Wairoa, whaler
Bates William, Clive, schoolmaster
Batey Johnson, Patangata, laborer
Batty Joseph, Patangata, laborer
Beale Richard, Ruataniwha, laborer
Bee Francis, Waipuka, grazier
Begg John, Napier, settler
Begg Richard, Napier, settler
Bell Edward, Napier, settler
Bell Edward James, Waipawa, brickmaker
Bell James, Ruataniwha, shepherd
Benkers_____, Napier, settler
Bennett John, Kaukauroa, laborer
Bennett Thomas, Petane, laborer
Benstead John, Clive, carpenter
Bentick John, Mohaka, whaler
Bentick R.J., Mahia, whaler
Berrigan John, Te Aute, laborer
Berry Daniel, Mohaka, settler
Biguall John, Clive, shepherd
Birch Edward, Waipawa, sawyer
Birch Henry, Wakapirau, sawyer
Bird John S., Kaukauropa, laborer
Bissett James, Waipukurau, gardener
Black John, Te Aute, laborer
Blain John, Clive, horse dealer
Blair Alexander, Napier, master mariner
Blake Andrew,, Clive, baker
Blake James, Napier, carpenter
Blake John, Ruataniwha, settler
Blake Thomas, Napier, settler
Blake Lawrence, Napier, carpenter
Blakeman G., Ruataniwha, settler
Bolton Edmund, Waipukurau, sawyer
Bolton Edward, Waipawa, sawyer
Bolton Thomas, Waipukurau, sawyer
Booth George, Eparaima, laborer
Borer_____, Napier, laborer
Borr Joseph, Eparaima, laborer
Bourke Peter, Porepore, storekeeper
Bower Adam, Kaukauroa, laborer
Boylan Michael, Napier, storekeeper
Boylan Thomas, Petane, laborer
Boylan Richard, Petane, laborer
Boyle James, Clive, carter
Boyle Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
Braden_____, Napier, laborer
Bragg Alfred, Waipawa, settler
Braithwaite James, napier, banker
Bray John, Napier, painter
Breingan R., Tutaekuri, farmer
Brett James, Waipukurau, servant
Bridge George, Petane, laborer
Broadbent Joseph, Waipukurau, shepherd
Brooking Henry, Napier, timber merchant
Brooks Wm., Napier, tailor
Brophy Michael, Te Aute, laborer
Brown George, Ngawakatara, laborer
Brown George, Te Aute, laborer
Brown Joseph, Eparaima, laborer
Brown Thomas, Waipawa, butcher
Browne Alexander, Napier, draper
Browne, John, Napier, draper
Browne, John, Kaukauroa, laborer
Bryan, G.A., Napier, painter
Bryant______, Napier, settler
Bryce John, Kaukauroa, laborer
Bryson Achibald, Napier, carpenter
Budden Stephen, Pukipuki, laborer
Bull William, Petane, laborer
Burgess R.P., Wairoa, publican
Burgess Thomas, Clive, blacksmith
Burgess Thomas, Wautukai, sawyer
Burke John, Tutaekuri, farmer
Burkitt E., Eparaima, laborer
Burns James, Petane, laborer
Burns Joseph, Kaukauroa, laborer
Burns Michael, Mount Pleasant, shepherd
Burrows George, Eparaima, laborer
Burrows John, Waipukurau, shepherd
Burrows Thomas, Petane, laborer
Burton William, Napier, boatman
Butcher Edward, Waipawa, sawyer
Butterfield John, Waipawa, servant

Caldwell Samuel, Clive, shepherd
Caldwell Walter, Clive, shepherd
Callcott William, Te Aute, laborer
Cameron G., Napier, settler
Cameron R., Napier, settler
Campbell George, Napier, carpenter
Campbell James, Patangata, settler
Campbell John, Napier, boatman
Campbell John, Kinikini, master whaler
Campbell John Cameron, Pohue, grazier
Campbell Neil, Pukipuki, contractor
Canning Davis, Porangahan, grazier
Canning John Davis, Porangahan, grazier
Cannon John, Clive, sawyer
Cannon William, Te Aute, laborer
Cannon William A., Waipukurau, sawyer
Carmichael D., Wapipukurau, farmer
Carmont John, Napier, butcher
Carr Henry, Patangata, shepherd
Carroll Joseph, Wairoa, trader
Carswell David, Napier, baker
Carter J.C.L., Maraetara, grazier
Carter Thomas, Patangata, shepherd
Carter Thomas, Petane, laborer
Cash Newman, Whakapirau, farmer
Chambers John, Te Mata, grazier
Chapman Alfred, Edenham, grazier
Chapman Frederick, Edenham, grazier
Chapman James, Green Meadows, farmer
Charlton George, Napier, merchant
Cheir John, Napier, settler
Cherry Samuel, Waipukurau, settler
Cheyne Peter, Tutaekuri, farmer
Christie John, Napier, baker
Christie William, Te Mahia, laborer
Chute William, Waipukurau, splitter
Clapham Charles, Petane, laborer
Claridge Charles, Waipawa, laborer
Clark George, Napier, bricklayer
Clarke John, Ruataniwha, shepherd
Clarke John, Waipawa, settler
Clarke John G., Wapipukurau, carpenter
Clarke William, Te Aute, laborer
Clarkson Thomas, Petane, laborer
Clayton Henry, Napier, carpenter
Clary ______, Napier, laborer
Cleary Jeremiah, petane, grazier
Cloud _____, Napier, laborer
Cockburn Robert, Petane, grazier
Cole Charles, Napier, carter
Coleman Thomas, Ngaruroro, shepherd
Colenso William, Napier, Provincial Auditor
Collier Edward, Waipawa, laborer
Collier Richard, Waipukurau, sawyer
Collins Alfred, Patangata, settler
Collins Edward, Tamumu, grazier
Collins James, Wautukai, carrier
Collins Samuel, Wautukai, farmer
Collins Sidney, Petane, laborer
Condie George, Ruataniwha, settler
Condie David, Ruataniwha, settler
Condie Thomas, Ruataniwha, settler
Connell Patrick, Kaukauroa, laborer
Connor John, Eparaima, laborer
Cook Edward, Napier, laborer
Cook Edward, Porangahau, sawyer
Cook John, Eparaima, laborer
Cooper A.J., Mohaka, farmer
Cooper Samuel, Waipawa, servant
Cooper Shaftesbury, Waipukurau, settler
Cooper William, Kaukauroa, laborer
Cooper William, Napier, servant
Corben William, Ruataniwha, carpenter
Corkery Charles, Waipukurau, laborer
Corkery C., Te Aute, laborer
Cotterell H.J., Eparaima, overseer of road
Couper William, Kauranaki, grazier
Couper William, Mt Alexander, grazier
Cowley George, Clive, laborer
Cox John, Clive, bullock driver
Cracknell John, Te Aute, settler
Craig James, Eparaima, laborer
Craig Robert, Kaukauroa, laborer
Crawford James, Kaukauroa, overseer of road
Creery Michael, Eparaima, laborer
Cronon James, Napier, laborer
Crosse C.G., Porangahau, grazier
Crossley Charles, Petane, laborer
Crowther Thomas, Clive, sawyer
Croxton _____, Napier, servant
Crozier George, Waipukurau, laborer
Cruickshank Wm., Ruataniwha, shepherd
Cuddy Daniel, Petane, laborer
Cunningham Thomas, Waipawa, laborer
Curling E.S., Te Kopanga, esq., J.P.
Currie William, Napier, servant
Currie William, Napier, servant
Curtis J., Mohaka, grazier
Curtis R., Mohaka, grazier

DANVERS Alfred, Ngaruroro, settler
DANVERS B.D., Ngaruroro, settler
DARCY Patrick, Petane, laborer
DAVIDSON James, Waipukurau, laborer
DAVIDSON John, Motuotaraia, settler
DAVIS Edward, Tutaekuri, farmer
DAVIS John, Kaukauroa, laborer
DAVIS Thomas, Ruataniwha, laborer
DAVISON James, Petane, laborer
DAY Washington, Wairoa, cooper
DAY William, Waipawa, sawyer
DEADMAN William, Waimarama, shepherd
DENHOLM William, Napier, storeman
DENNETT John, Waipukurau, shepherd
DESTER Joseph, Petane, laborer
DEVEREUX Henry, Waipawa, laborer
DEVINE Charles, Petane, overseer of road
DHUM J., Napier, laborer
DILLON Patrick E., Napier, shopman
DIXON John, Tutaekuri, sawyer
DIXON John, Aorangi, servant
DOGHERTY John, Napier, laborer
DOGHERTY James, Napier, laborer
DOLBELL Philip, Clive, carpenter
DOLBELL Richard, Clive, blacksmith
DONAGHEY Daniel, Napier, cabinetmaker
DONALDSON Robert, Waipuka, schoolmaster
DONNELLY James, Petane, laborer
DONOVAN Peter, Petane, laborer
DONOVAN Peter, Waipawa, laborer
DONOVAN Simon, Petane, laborer
DOUBLEDAY William, Aorangi, settler
DOUGALD David, Waipawa, laborer
DOUGHERTY William, Pakeaka, sawyer
DOUGLASS Frederick, Kauranaki, splitter
DOUGLASS W., Clive, sawyer
DOW John, Petane, laborer
DRAKE Herbert, Kaukauroa, laborer
DROUER Frederick, Waipukurau, laborer
DROVETT William, Waipawa, laborer
DUFF High Alexander, Ruataniwha, settler
DUNCAN John Russell, Ruataniwha, grazier
DUNOVAN Richard, Napier, shoemaker
DUNOYER Louis, Petane, settler
DUNWEEDEN John, Napier, carpenter
DURAN Edward, Napier, butcher
DYETT Frederick, Clive, publican
DYSON F.W., Puketitiri, stockowner

EDMONDS David, Petane, carter
EDMUND Daniel, Porangahau, laborer
EDWARDS Thomas, Napier, storekeeper
EDWARDS William, Te Aute, settler
EGAN Daniel, Napier, carter
ELKHOLM Edward, Eparaima, laborer
ELLINGHAM Thomas, Te Aute, storeman
ELLINGHAM William, Te Aute, publican
ELLMAN James Boys, Mangaone, settler
ENGLAND John, Eparaima, laborer
EVANS Henry, Napier, settler
EVANS James, Porangahau, settler
EVANS John, Kaukauroa, laborer
EVANS Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
ESSEX Joseph, Eparaima, laborer
EXETER Richard, Mohaka, mariner

FAIRWEATHER John, Te Aute, carter
FAULKNER George, Napier, storekeeper
FANNIN Eustace, Ruataniwha, grazier
FANNIN George Thomas, Napier, clerk
FANNIN William (junior), Ruataniwha, grazier
FARMER William, Te Aute, carter
FARR Alfred, Te Aute, laborer
FARRELL John, Eparaima, laborer
FARRELL R.D., Napier, cooper
FARRELL John, Kohinurakau, splitter
FERGUSON James Burne, Clive, Esq., J.P
FERGUSON William, Clive, storekeeper
FERRERS B., Napier, publican
FISHER Charles, Petane, laborer
FITTALL Samuel, Napier, surveyor
FITZGERALD Henry, Petane, laborer
FITZGERALD Michael, Napier, surveyor
FITZGERALD T. Henry, Napier, Superintendent
FITZGERALD William, Waipukurau, servant
FLANAGAN John, Kaukauroa, laborer
FLANIGAN Michael, Waipawa, laborer
FLANIGAN Patick, Napier, carter
FLEMING David, Ruataniwha, shepherd
FLETCHER William, Napier, blacksmith
FORD Arthur, Napier, butcher
FORD Henry, Waipawa, publican
FORESTER George, Waipawa, laborer
FORESTER Robert, Napier, servant
FOUGERE James, Clive, publican
FOULGER Edward, Waipukurau, servant
FRAME W.H., Napier, butcher
FRANCE Robert, Napier, storekeeper
FRANKLIN John, Eparaima, laborer
FRASER Donald, Waipukurau, servant
FRASER Duncan, Porangahau, shepherd
FREEMAN J., Te Aute, laborer
FREEMAN Stephen, Ngawakatatara, laborer

GANEY William, Waipawa, laborer
GARRY John, Napier, blacksmith
GASCOIGNE Frederick, Aorangi, settler
GASON Henry, Napier, settler
GEMMEL John, Wairoa, sawyer
GEORGE William, Clive, laborer
GERRARD Maurice, Napier, merchant
GIBBONS Edward, Napier, settler
GIDNEY Samuel, Te Aute, laborer
GIDNEY William, Patangata, settler
GILCHRIST George, Te Aute, laborer
GILES Somers, Te Aute, laborer
GILL Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
GILL Thomas, Napier, engineer
GILLMER E.B., Te Aute, settler
GILWAY James, Kaukauroa, laborer
GLENNY John, Ruataniwha, settler
GLENNY William, Ruataniwha, settler
GODDARD S., Te Aute, laborer
GOLDEN Joseph, Clive, sawyer
GOLDFINCH J., Napier, settler
GOLLAN Donald, Mangatarata, esquire, J.P.
GOLLAN Kenneth, Mangatarata, settler
GOODWIN George, Waipawa, laborer
GOODWIN James, Ngawakatatara, laborer
GOODWIN William, Waipukurau, shepherd
GORTON John, Petane, laborer
GOUGH James, Porangahau, shepherd
GRAHAM W.A., Waipawa, surveyor
GRAINGER William, Napier, laborer
GRANT Alexander, Ruataniwha, grazier
GRANT Alexander, Kaukauroa, laborer
GRAY George M., Titiokura, grazier
GREEN John, Waipawa, settler
GREEN Thomas, Te Aute, laborer
GREENING John, Table Cape, trader
GREENSIDE Charles, Petane, laborer
GREENWOOD Wm., Te Aute, laborer
GRIFFEN Martin, Petane, laborer
GRIFFEN Michael, Napier, laborer
GULLOVAN James, Kaukauroa, laborer
GULLY C.J., Ruataniwha, grazier
GUPPY Wm., Clive, Groom

HAGAN James, Te Aute, laborer
HAKKITT William, Eparaima, laborer
HALL William, Ruataniwha, shepherd
HALLETT James, Tutaekuri, farmer
HALSTEAD William, Eparaima, laborer
HAMELING Samuel, Waipawa, settler
HAMILTON Edward, Wairoa, sawyer
HAMILTON G.D., Clive, overseer
HAMILTON Thomas, Patangata, shepherd
HAMLIN George, Wairoa, settler
HAMLIN F.E., Clive, settler
HAMLIN Martin, Wairoa, settler
HAMMOND Edward, Napier, carpenter
HAMMOND John, Petane, laborer
HAMSHAWE James, Maraetara, shepherd
HARDING John, Waipukurau, grazier
HARDING Thomas, Waikari, grazier
HARGRAVE Wm. F., Waimarama, grazier
HARGREAVES Arthur, Kaukauroa, laborer
HARRIS William, Clive, laborer
HARRIS Henry, Mangatarata, overseer
HARRISON Alfred, Clive, shepherd
HARRISON William, Kaukauroa, laborer
HART George, Clive, sawyer
HART Peter, Te Aute, laborer
HARTLEY Charles, Ngaruroro, laborer
HARTLEY John, Kaukauroa, laborer
HARTLEY William, Eparaima, laborer
HARVEY John, Green Meadows, laborer
HARVEY John, Te Aute, laborer
HARWOOD Ebenezer, Ruataniwha, shepherd
HASTINGS John, Napier, laborer
HAWKER William, Maraetara, shepherd
HAWKINS James, Tutaekuri, farmer
HAWKINS John, Wairoa, carpenter
HAWKINS Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
HAWTHORNE James, Ruataniwha, shepherd
HAYES William, Clive, carpenter
HAYWOOD Samuel, Te Aute, laborer
HELPS William, Eparaima, laborer
HENDELL William, Napier, laborer
HENDERSON Christopher, Petane, laborer
HENDERSON David, Patangata, settler
HENDERSON J., Petane, laborer
HENRIEI Adolphus, Mohaka, ship carpenter
HENRY Alexander, Eparaima, sawyer
HENRY William, Kaukauroa, laborer
HENTON James Ohuarau, grazier
HENWOOD William, Ruataniwha, shepherd
HERBERT Joseph, Wainui, publican
HERBERT George, Petane, settler
HERBISON George, Waipawa, laborer
HERRICK J.T., Ngaruroro, grazier
HESLOP John, Puketapu, farmer
HEYDN J.L., Napier, blacksmith
HIGHMORE William, Waipukurau, shepherd
HIGGINBOTTOM Michael, Mohaka, settler
HILL George, Kaukauroa, laborer
HILL Matthew, Ohotu, grazier
HILL William, Napier, saddler
HIRST Thomas, Petane, laborer
HOBBS William, Waipukurau, servant
HOCKING Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
HODGES G., Kaukauroa, laborer
HODGES J. Lucas, Mohaka, shepherd
HOLDER Jonathan, Ruataniwha, laborer
HOLDER W.H., Napier, saddler
HOLDSWORTH George, Eparaima, laborer
HOGAN John, Te Aute, laborer
HOLT Robert, Napier, carpenter
HOOK John, Wairoa, settler
HOOPER James, Wairoa, settler
HORNE James, Patangata, servant
HOUSELY Benjamin, Waipawa, laborer
HOWARD Henry, Tutaekuri, settler
HOWELLDavid, Clive, shepherd
HOWES George, Waipukurae, shepherd
HOWES Thomas, Napier, storekeeper
HUNTER David S., Porangahau, grazier
HUNTER Joshua, Te Aute, laborer
HUNTER William, Porangahau, grazier
HURLEY William, Clive, sawyer
HUTCHINSON William, Napier, carpenter
HYDE William, Ruataniwha, settler

IANISCH Vautier, Napier, merchant
INRIE George, Petane, grazier
INGLIS Alex St. C., Ruataniwha, grazier
INGRAM John, Te Aute, laborer

JARVIS Wm., Clive, storekeeper
JEFFARES Thomas, Napier, publican
JOHNSON A.J., Napier, servant
JOHNSON John, Patangata, settler
JOHNSON W., Patangata, settler
JOHNSON W., Te Aute, carter
JOHNSON Sidney, Ruataniwha, grazier
JONES Charles, NApier, laborer
JONES John, Te Aute, laborer
JONES John, Eparaima, laborer
JONES William, Kaukauroa, laborer
JORDAN John, Te Aute, laborer

KEEFE John, Mahia, settler
KELLY John Joseph, Napier, storekeeper
KELLY Peter, Te Aute, laborer
KELLY Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
KENDALL William, Eparaima, laborer
KENNEDY Alexander, Napier, storekeeper
KENNINGTON William, Petane, laborer
KENNY Hugh, Petane, laborer
KEOGH James, Eparaima
KEWLEY John, Te Aute, laborer
KING E., Te Aute, laborer
KING T., Napier, clerk
KIRK John, Petane, laborer
KITCHING George, Eparaima, laborer
KITT William, Clive, laborer
KNIGHT John, Kaikoura, carrier
KNIGHT Samuel, Kaikoura, carrier
KNOWLES Edward W., Wairoa, storekeeper

LAMB J., Porangahau, publican
LAMBERT Alfred, Porangahau, publican
LAMBERT Charles, Puataniwha, grazier
LAMBERT James, Waipukurau, settler
LANDER James, Kaikauroa, laborer
LANGFORD William, Napier, settler
LA SERRE Charles, Napier, clerk
LAUDE Peter, Eparaima, laborer
LAUGHTON William, Ruahine, shepherd
LAVERICK Charles, Waipukurau, shepherd
LAVIN John, Mohaka, farmer
LAWTON John, Te Aute, laborer
LAURENCE George, Wairoa, trader
LAURENCE James, Homewood, overseer
LAWSON George, Napier, baker
LEAR Joshua, Napier, servant
LEARY Michael, Eparaima, laborer
LEARY Patrick, Petane, laborer
LEES J., Te Aute, laborer
LENAGHAN Richard, Petane, laborer
LEONARD Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
LEONARD William, Petane, laborer
LEQUESNE Joseph, Napier, carpenter
LEWIS David, Wairoa, settler
LEWIS John, Eparaima, laborer
LEWIS William, Wairoa, master mariner
LIDDELL William, Ruataniwha, settler
LIMPAS Charles, Wautukai, settler
LINGARD James, Napier, settler
LINGARD John, Napier, settler
LINSEY James, Napier, carpenter
LISTON James, Napier, settler
LITTLEDALE William, Kaukauroa, laborer
LIVINGSTONE Angus, Pukipuki, contractor
LIVINGSTONE John, Pukipuki, contractor
LLOYD George, Waipukurau, publican
LOGAN Andrew, Waipukurau, shepherd
LOGAN William, Te Aute, laborer
LORD John, Wautukai, laborer
LORIGAN J., Napier, settler
LOUND Thomas, Petane, laborer
LOVELACE Levi, Tamumu, settler
LOWRY Thomas, Okawa, grazier
LOZELL Samuel, Petane, schoolmaster
LUCAS Daniel, Clive, sawyer
LUCAS William, Te Aute, laborer
LUFF Andrew, Napier, clerk
LYNCH John, Kaukauroa, laborer
LYNCH Joshua, Eparima, laborer
LYNDON Edward, Napier, accountant
LYONS Edward, Te Aute, laborer

MACARTHY John, Petane, settler
MALONEY Patrick, Napier, laborer
MALTBY William, Napier, merchant
MANEY A., Napier, carpenter
MANEY Richard, Napier, carpenter
MARSH James, Clive, carter
MARSHALL G., Eparaima, laborer
MARSHALL Hugh, Napier, settler
MARSHALL John, Napier, publican
MARSHALL William, Petane, grazier
MASON Edward, Te Aute, laborer
MASON Joseph, Kidnapper, whaler
MASON William, Clive, shepherd
MAUDE William, Eparaima, laborer
MAY James, Eparaima, laborer
MAY Thomas, Waipawa, laborer
McCARTHY John, Waipawa, laborer
McCLAREN Neil, Pukipuki, laborer
McCLEARY James, Eparaima, laborer
McCLELLAN Gordon, Pukipuki, laborer
McCORMACK Duncan, Petane, laborer
McCORRAGH John, Porangahau, laborer
McCREE Duncan, Pourerere, shepherd
McCREEVY Nathaniel, Mohaka, settler
McDANIEL Edward, Petane, laborer
McDERMOTT James, Waipawa, sawyer
McDERMOTT Henry, Waipawa, shepherd
McDONALD Archibald, Napier, boatman
McDONALD John, Napier, boatman
McDONNELL Alexander, Petane, shepherd
McDONNELL J. W., Ruataniwha, shepherd
McDONNELL Thomas, Ruataniwha, settler
McDONNELL William, Aorangi, shepherd
McFEE James, Napier, settler
McGEERY Stephen, Waipukurau, servant
McGLASHAN Alexander, Mangaone, shepherd
McGOWAN William, Porangahau, shepherd
McGRATH John, Green Meadows, servant
McGREERY Charles, Petane, laborer
McHARDY Peter, Maraetara, shepherd
McHUGH Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
McINTYRE Charles, Napier, carpenter
McKAIN Frederick, Petane, farmer
McKAIN Isaac, Petane, farmer
McKAIN James B., Petane, farmer
McKAY James, Mount Pleasant, shepherd
McKAY Colin, Mangatarata, shepherd
McKAY Kenneth, Eparaima, laborer
McKENZIE Donald F., Kauranaki, settler
McKENZIE Duncan, Te Aute
McKENZIE James, Ruataniwha, shepherd
McKENZIE James, Pukipuki, laborer
McKENZIE John, Napier, miller
McKENZIE John, Petane, laborer
McKENZIE John, Eparaima, laborer
McKINNON John, Clive, ferryman
McLAREN Neil, Clive, laborer
McLEAN Alexander, Maraekakaho, grazier
McLEAN Archibald, Maraekakaho, settler
McLEAN Archibald, Maraekakaho, settler
McLEAN Henry, Eparaima, laborer
McLEAN John, Eparaima, laborer
McLEAN H., Petane, laborer
McLEOD Neil, Te Aute, laborer
McMAHON Peter, Clive, sawyer
McMANUS Edward, Napier, baker
McMANUS Michael, Petane, laborer
McMASTER Allan, Te Aute, laborer
McNAB John, Porangahau, laborer
McNIEL Archibald, Napier, laborer
McNIEL John, Eparaima, laborer
McNIEL J.M., Patangata, shepherd
McNULTY Martin, Napier, settler
McROBERTS Richard, Napier, boatbuilder
MEAGHER Thomas, Napier, laborer
MEAGHER Thomas, Porangahau, laborer
MILGETT Thomas, Ruataniwha, shepherd
MILLER Peter, Downside, shepherd
MILLER Thomas, Downside, shepherd
MILLER William, Waipukurau, laborer
MILLER William, Napier, carpenter
MILLS John, Porangahau, shepherd
MILLS Joseph, Waipukurau, laborer
MINTIN H., Petane, laborer
MITCHELL James, Wairoa, trader
MOGRIDGE Charles, Napier, carpenter
MONOGHAN Edward, Te Aute, laborer
MONTEITH G.D., Oero, grazier
MONTEITH Jacob, Oero, grazier
MOON John, Napier, settler
MOORE James, Waipawa, sawyer
MOORE W.H., Waipawa, sawyer
MORECROFT Henry, Ruataniwha, shepherd
MORETON William, Napier, saddler
MORKILL Arthur, Porangahau, surveyor
MORGAN James, Clive, laborer
MOSS John, Te Aute, laborer
MORRIS William, Waikokopu, master whaler
MORRISON Thomas, Mangatarata, servant
MORRISON Thomas, Te Aute, laborer
MOULSON James, Te Aute, laborer
MUDGEWAY William, Clive, settler
MULLER Charles, Te Aute, laborer
MUNN Daniel, Napier, publican
MUNRO John, Petane, grazier
MURPHY James, Petane, laborer
MURPHY Patrick, Pukipuki, laborer
MURPHY Walter, Petane, laborer
MURPHY William, Petane, laborer
MURRAY John, Napier, laborer
MURRAY Robert Napier, laborer

NAIRN C.J., Pourerere, grazier
NAIRN Francis, Pourerere, grazier
NAIRN Henry, Pourerere, grazier
NATION Charles, Petane, surveyor
NELSON Charles, Petane, laborer
NELSON John, Eparaima, laborer
NEVILLE Joseph, Eparaima, laborer
NEWTON James, Poukawa, shepherd
NEWTON Thomas K., Napier, storekeeper
NEWTON James, Te Aute, laborer
NEWMAN Alfred, Waipukurau, esq., J.P.
NEWMAN James, Waipukurau, settler
NEWEY James, Eparaima, laborer
NICHOLSON Alfred, Te Aute, laborer
NICHOLSON Charles, Patangata, laborer
NOBLE Andrew, Petane, laborer
NODDER John, Petane, laborer
NOONAN John, Wautaukai, sawyer
NORCROSS Thomas, Mohaka, settler

OAKEY Richard, Te Aute, laborer
OATHAM Samuel, Waipukurau, laborer
O'BRIEN Charles, Tutaekuri, settler
O'BRIEN Thomas, Ngawakatatara, sawyer
O'BRIEN Thomas, Tutaekiri, laborer
O'CONNELL Alfred, Ngawakatatara, laborer
O'HARA Daniel, Te Aute, laborer
O'HARA ______, Napier, laborer
OLIVER George A., Doonside, grazier
ORMOND F.F., Doonsode, grazier
ORMOND J.D., Porangahau, esq. J.P.
ONIONS Samuel, Waipawa, blacksmith
O'SHANNESSEY P., Waipawa, laborer
OWEN John, Te Aute, laborer
OXENBRIDGE C.J., Napier, baker
OXENHAM Nicholas, Te Aute, settler

PAGE Thomas, Kaukauroa, laborer
PALMER James, Poraiti, shepherd
PARKER Robert, Petane, laborer
PARKER William, Petane, laborer
PARKHOUSE Robert, Napier, settler
PARKINS George, Te Aute, laborer
PARSONS John, Te Aute, laborer
PARSONS T., Napier, carpenter
PATON James, Petane, laborer
PATRICK Henry, Petane, laborer
PEACOCK Gavin, Wainui, grazier
PEACOCK Hector, Wainui, grazier
PEACOCK J., Wainui, grazier
PEAKMAN Wm., Napier, storekeeper
PEARCE James, Eparaima, laborer
PEARCE Octavius, Kaukauroa, laborer
PEARCE Samuel, Clive, bullock driver
PERCIVAL Nelson, Eparaima, laborer
PERRIL Benjamin, Mohaka, settler
PHARAZYN Charles, Tamumu, settler
PHARAZYN Edward, Tamumu, settler
PHILIPS Samuel, Eparaima, laborer
PHIN James, Kaukauroa, laborer
PILCHER George, Clive, laborer
POPE J.W., Doonside, settler
PORTER Henry, Te Aute, laborer
PORTER James, Petane, laborer
POWDERILL J.D., Te Aute, settler
POWLES W.P., Napier, carter
POWERS J., Te Aute, overseer on road
PROCTER Samuel, Waipawa, carpenter
PUTLEY Joseph, Eparaima, laborer

RABONE Edward, Napier, carpenter
RADLEY James, Te Aute, laborer
RALPH Thomas, Wairoa, laborer
RATHBONE William, Waipawa, storekeeper
READ Alexander, Kaukauroa, laborer
READ Frederick, Waipukurau, laborer
READ James, Napier, carpenter
REARDON William, Napier, shoemaker
REAY Walter, Napier, messenger
REDWOOD F., Eparaima, settler
REDWOOD J., Eparaima, settler
REDWOOD T., Eparaima, settler
REEVES Andrew, Waipukurau, overseer
RENOUF Henry, Napier, carpenter
REYNOLDS James, Te Mata, schoolmaster
REYNOLDS Thomas, Patangata, publican
RHODES Joseph, Clive, esquire, J.P.
RICH William, Napier, butcher
RICHARDS Edward S., Napier, settler
RICHARDSON G.E.G., Napier, merchant
RICHARDSON Robert, Eparaima, laborer
RIDDELL Robert, Mohaka, grazier
RIGBY John, Wairoa, settler
ROBERTSON Robert, Petane, laborer
ROBINSON Henry, Petane, laborer
ROBINSON William, Waipawa, laborer
ROBINSON William, Petane, laborer
ROBJOHN John, Patangata, storekeeper
ROE Frederick, Eparaima, laborer
ROE Samuel, Clive, settler
ROLFE John, Napier, settler
ROLFE James, Kaukauroa, laborer
ROSE John, Napier, carter
ROUT S., Napier, settler
ROUTLEDGE W., Napier, merchant
ROWE W., Kaukauroa, laborer
ROY Alexander, Ruataniwha, grazier
RULLY James, Petane, laborer
RUSHTON Samuel, Kaukauroa, laborer
RUSSELL J., Petane, laborer
RUSSELL T.P., Waipukurau, grazier
RUTH James, Petane, laborer

SANTOS John, Petane, laborer
SARGEANT Henry, Napier, shoemaker
SAUNDERS Francis, Tutaekuri, farmer
SAUNDERS William, Eparaima, laborer
SAUNDERS John S., Waipawa, settler
SCISSON Charles, Napier, settler
SCOTT Matthew, Wairoa, whaler
SEARLES Peter, Napier, laborer
SEALEY H.B., Napier, registrar
SEBLEY J.H., Napier, publican
SHARLEY Henry, Napier, publican
SHARLEY Thomas (junr.,) Tutaekuri, farmer
SHARPE Richard, Ruataniwha, shepherd
SHEEN James, Waipawa, laborer
SHEERIN Daniel, Kaukauroa, laborer
SHELTON William, Napier, tailor
SHEPHERD Thomas, Napier, carpenter
SHERIFF Reginald, Waipawa, laborer
SHERLEY John, Te Aute, laborer
SHIPLEY Richard, Eparaima, laborer
SIBLEY Luke, Waipukurau, bullock-driver
SIMM John, Mohaka, publican
SIMONS John, Petane, laborer
SIMMONDS William, Napier, settler
SIMPKINS John, Eparaima, laborer
SIMPSON G.L., Napier, settler
SINCLAIR John, Ruataniwha, splitter
SINGLE Henry, Petane, carpenter
SKEET Henry, Napier, surveyor
SKEET Robert M., Napier, surveyor
SLATER Francis, Napier, clerk
SLATER John, Napier, tailor
SLATTERY John, Eparaima, laborer
SMITH Alexander, Edenham, carpenter
SMITH Dillon, Napier, carpenter
SMITH Henry, Petane, laborer
SMITH Hector W.P., Aorangi, grazier
SMITH Isaac, Eparaima, laborer
SMITH James, Petane, laborer
SMITH James, Napier, brickmaker
SMITH James, Napier, carpenter
SMITH James, Napier, groom
SMITH James, Clive, shepherd
SMITH James, Clive, carter
SMITH John, Wairoa, whaler
SMITH John, Te Aute, laborer
SMITH John, Eparaima, laborer
SMITH John A., Napier, merchant
SMITH Raglan, Napier, settler
SMITH Robert, Ruataniwha, bullock driver
SMITH Samuel, Ruataniwha, bricklayer
SMITH Thomas B., Waipawa, shoemaker
SMITH William, Waikare, whaler
SMITH William, Napier, clerk
SMITH William, Napier, ship carpenter
SMITH William, Te Aute, laborer
SMITH William Peter, Napier, carpenter
SMITHSON William, Kaukauroa, laborer
SNODGRASS W.J., Motuotaraia, grazier
SOLEY John, Homewood, shepherd
SOTHERBY Edward, Ruataniwha, shepherd
SOWERBY Charles, Porangahau, shepherd
SPEEDY Graham, Wainui, grazier
SPEEDY William, Wainui, grazier
SPEERY Henry, Eparaima, laborer
SPINNER Robert, Te Aute, settler
SPOONER Frederick, Wairoa, trader
STACEY William, Waipukurau, sawyer
STANLEY John, Napier, carpenter
STAPLETON Herman, Mohaka, grazier
STARK H.P., Napier, merchant
STARK William, Te Aute, laborer
STEAD Jr, Waipukurau, settler
STEDDY John G., Mahia, settler
STEVENS John, Napier, carpenter
STEVENS John, junior, Petane, farmer
STEWART Alexander, Waipukurau, laborer
STEWART Daniel, Aorangi, settler
STEWART James, Napier, publican
STUART Alexander, Eparaima, laborer
STUART George H., Napier, publican
STUART Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
STURLEY H.J., Wairoa, settler
STUTFIELD Herbert, Ruataniwha, shepherd
SULLIVAN James, Clive, laborer
SULLIVAN Matthew, Tutaekuri, laborer
SUTCLIFFE Samuel, Eparaima, laborer
SUTHERLAND William, Waipawa, laborer
SUTTON Charles, Clive, carter
SUTTON Frederick, Napier, storekeeper
SUTTON George, Mt. Pleasant, laborer
SUTTON James, Kaukauroa, laborer
SUTTON James, Petane, laborer
SWAIN Frederick, Petane, laborer
SWAIN James, Napier, laborer
SYMONS William, Napier, settler

TAIT Thomas, Ruataniwha, overseer
TANNER Joseph, Ruataniwha, grazier
TANNER Thomas, Ruataniwha, grazier
TAYLOR James, Petane, laborer
TAYLOR Patrick, Eparaima, laborer
TAYLOR Samuel, Napier, servant
TAYLOR Thomas, Napier, baker
THOMAS Henry, Napier, carpenter
THOMAS William, Napier, carpenter
THOMAS William, Napier, surveyor
THOMPSON Henry, Eparaima, laborer
THOMPSON Robert, Eparaima, laborer
THOMPSON R.H., Napier, schoolmaster
THOMPSON Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
THOMPSON William, Waitaha, settler
THOMPSON William, Napier, servant
TIBBALLS Alfred, Kaukauroa, laborer
TIFFEN Frederick, Ruataniwha, grazier
TIFFEN Louis Ansel, Homewood, grazier
TIRN Joseph, Ruataniwha, laborer
TONKINS Charles, Ngawakatatara, laborer
TORR Joseph, Petane, farmer
TORR Thomas, Petane, farmer
TORR William Henry, Petane, farmer
TOWGOOD E., Pohue, grazier
TRAINER John, Ngawakatatara, laborer
TRASK Israel, Mt. Alexander, settler
TRASK James, Eparaima, laborer
TRAVERS Hugh, Waikara, shepherd
TRUSTRELL William, Napier, settler
TUCK James, Petane, laborer
TUCKER Edward, Clive, sawyer
TUCKER John, Ruataniwha, grazier
TUCKER Walter, Ruataniwha, grazier
TUKE Edmund, Aorangi, grazier
TURNER Daniel, Wairoa, carpenter
TURNER John A., Napier, clerk

VAUTIER John Helier, Napier, carpenter
VENUS Thomas, Eparaima, laborer
VENUS William, Ruataniwha, shepherd
VILE William, Kaukauroa, laborer
VILLERS John, Petane, farmer
VILLERS William, Petane, farmer
VILLERS William jun, Mapier, carpenter

WALKER George, Puketapu, farmer
WALLACE Joseph, Te Aute, laborer
WALLACE R.D., Tuatane, grazier
WALSH James, Eparaima, laborer
WARD Joseph, Wairoa, mariner
WARROP T., Napier, settler
WATSON Thomas, Porangahau, shepherd
WATTS Edward, Kaikoura, carrier
WATTS Robert, Te Aute, laborer
WEBB H., Napier, clerk
WEBBER Charles, Waipawa, surveyor
WEBSTER Hartley, Napier, photographist
WELCH George, Napier, servant
WELSH James, Pukipuki, laborer
WELCH John, Clive, sawyer
WELLS Daniel, Clive, shepherd
WELLWOOD Robert, Aorangi, servant
WETHERLY Watson, Waipawa, laborer
WHITE Joseph, Eparaima, laborer
WHITFIELD James, Mohaka, carpenter
WHITTON James, Napier, laborer
WILKES John, Ruataniwha, laborer
WILKIE George, Napier, painter
WILKINSON John, Petane, settler
WILKINSON William, Waipawa, laborer
WILLGOOS Joseph, Eparaima, laborer
WILLIAMS James, Napier, settler
WILLIAMS James Nelson, Ngaruroro, grazier
WILLIAMS John, Napier, carpenter
WILLIAMS Richard, Napier, carpenter
WILLIAMS Thomas, Napier, shoemaker
WILLIAMS William, Ruataniwha, shepherd
WILLIAMSON John, Eparaima, laborer
WILLIS George, Ruataniwha, shepherd
WILSON Charles, Eparaima, laborer
WILSON James, Te Aute, laborer
WILSON Joseph, Petane, laborer
WILSON Peter, Puketapu, servant
WINK James, Eparaima, laborer
WINSOR Samuel, Napier, shoemaker
WISHARD James, Mohaka, laborer
WITHEROW Joseph, Wautukai, farmer
WOOD James, Napier, printer
WOOD James, Ngawakatatara, laborer
WOOD John, Napier, shoemaker
WOOD Morris, Napier, photographist
WOOD Richard V., Napier, carpenter
WOODS Daniel, Te Aute, laborer
WOODS Peter, Eparaima, laborer
WOODS Thomas, Te Aute, laborer
WORGAN George, Ruataniwha, grazier
WORGAN George jun., Ruataniwha, grazier
WORGAN James, Te Aute, laborer
WREFORD Charles, Te Aute, overseer of roads

YATES George, Napier, storeman
YATES William, Napier, storekeeper
YORK Charles, Pukipuki, laborer

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