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Hawkes Bay Herald
1892 May
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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Monday-Page 2'



At the residence of the bride's brother, on the 30th April by the Rev. G.W.J.SPENCE, George Henry Freeman of NAPIER to Kate, eldest daughter of W.READING of FIELDING.

HBH 1892 May 2

Mr E.H. WOLEDGE, of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company's staff, who has been promoted to the position of accountant at BLENHEIM, left by the express train yesterday morning to take up his new duties.

Before his departure the Napier staff of the company presented to him a handsome marble timepiece. Mr CRAIG in making the presentation, in well chosen phrases congratulated Mr WOLEDGE on having received well-deserved promotion, but expressed the regret of the Napier staff, and of his many friends outside the office, at his departure.

Mr WOLEDGE replied briefly, as time and tide wait for no man, and railway trains for only the favored few, and a hearty handshake all round ended a pleasant episode in the life of an officer of the Loan and Mercantile Company.

Adverts news

Mr T.E.BRILL of PETANE, notifies that at the next licensing meeting for that district he will apply for the license for the PETANE HOTEL.

C.B.HOADLEY and Co, have for sale the freehold site in Hastings Street owned and occupied by Mrs D. LEVI.

It is notified that Mr Philip DOLBEL having withdrawn his candidature for the PAPAKURA Road Board the number of candidates does not now exceed the number required and they are therefore declared elected.

Arthur John COOPER of GISBORNE, has been adjudged a bankrupt.

Mr W.J. M?Ginn ARMSTRONG notifies that at the next licensing meeting at Clyde WAIROA he will apply for an accommodation license for the UPPER MOHAKA HOTEL.

The finder of a purse containing money will be rewarded on returning to Mr E.H. WILLIAMS, solicitor, NAPIER.

local news

R.M.Court before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

James CAMERON pleaded guilty to drunkenness and was discharged with a caution.

Canon FOX M.A, the newly appointed minister of St. Augustine's Church arrived in NAPIER on Saturday.

By the Te Anau yesterday there arrived Miss Myra KEMBLE, with her manager Mr. James E. KITTS and members of the KEMBLE comedy company.

The Rev. G.C. GRUBB and his party of missioners arrived in NAPIER on Saturday for the purpose of conducting a week's mission here.


The companionship of the HERALD was strongly in evidence at a wedding which took place on Saturday, when Miss K.READING, daughter of Mr W. READING, of FIELDING, was united in matrimony to Mr G.H. FREEMAN, of NAPIER.

The wedding took place at the residence of Mr M.L. READING, brother of the bride, the officiating minister being the Rev. G.W.J.SPENCE.

The bridesmaids were Miss Mattie SMITH of Port AHURIRI, and Miss Nellie READING, youngest sister of the bride.

The latter was given away by her father, the best man being Mr W.T.C.READING, a brother of the bride.

A large gathering sat down to the wedding breakfast, at which the health of the bride and bridegroom was enthusiastically toasted.

The happy pair left by the boat yesterday for AUCKLAND, where they will spend their honeymoon

HBH 1892 May 3 REIHANA

A Maori named REIHANA, who comes from the neighbourhood of Clive, was yesterday let off very lightly at the R M Court when he was charged with ill-treating a horse.

It appeared that some three months ago the animal sustained a wound in its sheath. This was not attended to, and became a mass of shocking corruption, and the horse being evidently in great pain. Constable KENNEDY several times advised REIHANA to shoot the horse, but as he did not do so he was proceeded against.

When he received the summons he caused the animal to be killed, after it had been suffering great agony for nearly three months.

REIHANA'S defence was that he did not own the horse; he was only in charge of it. He was fined ?1 and costs.

Resident Court

At the R M Court yesterday, before Mr TURNBULL R.M.,

George BRADY and John M'LEOD pleaded guilty to drunkenness and were dismissed with a caution.

William STOREY fined 10s and costs for a similar offence

E.POLLOCK, G.S.THATCHER, H.J.STARKEY, Matanga PAHI PAHI were each fined 1s and cost for failing to register their dogs.

H.GLAZEBROOK fined 5s and costs for allowing cattle to stray

R.W.GROVE charged with selling goods as a hawker at CLIVE without being licensed, pleaded guilty. He explained that he had a license for NAPIER and PALMERSTON, and did not know that he needed another. He took out a license as soon as he was summoned. A nominal fine of 1s and costs were imposed.

Four boys named JOURDAIN, CROWLEY, CALDWELL (2), and CROSS were each fined 10s and costs for breaking windows at CLIVE.

SIM John jnr

The Government Life Insurance Department set a good example in the way of prompt payment of claims. The latest instance that interests Hawke's Bay residents is in connection with the late John SIM, jun., who was insured for ?500. Copy of probate was received by the district agent, Mr QUINN on the 22nd of April.

Householders Cert No 506
Page 3


We the undersigned ten House holders, residing in the immediate neighbourhood of the above-named house, do hereby certify that T.E.BRIL is a person of good fame and reputation, and fit and proper to have granted to him a Publican's License.

Witness our hands this 29th April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two.

Alfred Griffiths HEBBERLEY
Hugh ? OGUE
Joseph KING

Householders Cert No 50
Page 3
No 50


We the undersigned ten House holders, residing in the immediate neighbourhood of the above-named house, do hereby certify that T.E.BRIL is a person of good fame and reputation, and fit and proper to have granted to him a Publican's License.

Witness our hands this 29th April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two.

Cuthbert CARR
W. Henry SMITH
William HAIMES
Donald M. COUPER

Notice of Application for Accommodation License
No 506
William James M?Ginn ARMSTRONG of Upper Mohaka-known as the UPPER MOHAKA HOTEL
29th Day of April 1892.
Gilbert M. CLARK.

A short time ago Mr Samuel Vaile, land and estate agent, in looking through some family papers belonging to his father, the late Mr George Vaile, came across a tracing of a plan of the city of Auckland, made early in 1844 for Mr Vaile.

There is a plan of the city of Auckland in the Free Public Library by Mr Felton MATTHEWS, of 1841, in which the Barrack Hill was laid out in a series of crescents and terraces.

A second map of Auckland was published by order of the House of Commons in October 1842, the last-named being a very poor affair, not including a dozen streets.

In the second map, as well as in the map in Mr Vaile's possession of 1844, there seems to have been considerable change in the names of the streets.

In the later map, from the entry on an allotment in Wellesley-Street, 66 feet frontage, Mr Vaile's father appears to have purchased for ?4!

Mr Vaile has also in his possession other old printed documents, and old land sale bill of Brown and Campbell's of 1845, and one issued by Mr H.R.CRETNEY, auctioneer, relative to a sale of land in Hobson, Queen, and Victoria streets, and printed in the New Zealander office.

A curious paper is the Government Emigration Office Regulations, issued in England in 1842, in the selection of laborers for a free passage to New Zealand, and the conditions on which the passages were granted; all the adults were to be capable of labor, and emigrating with the intention of working for wages after arrival.

Persons in a workhouse, or in receipt of habitual parish relief were ineligible. Mr Vaile has also a copy of the land regulations issued in 1842 by Her Majesty's Commissioners for Colonial Lands and Emigration.

The lowest upset price for land was to be ?1 per acres. Governments could raise the price but not reduce it. No lands were to be sold by private contract except for ready money.

When sold at auction 10 per cent cash and balance in a month or forfeited. Land was not to be sold in larger blocks than a square mile, but in exceptional cases the Governor could dispose of blocks, at not less than upset price, of 20,000 acres or more.

Persons in England for every ?100 in invested in purchasing lands could within six months of payment nominate four adults (two children to rate as an adult) for a free passage.-N.Z.HERALD.

HBH 1892 May 4 Napier School Committee

The Napier School Committee met this evening

Present: -
Messrs M.HEBDEN (Chair)

Miss GOULDING wrote reporting the average attendance at the Hastings Street School to be 180. She also recommended the playground be planted with trees, asked for a supply of stationery, and named several children not attending school. The Secretary was instructed to have summonses served on the parents of the children named.

The headmaster reported that the average daily attendance at the main school to be 872 and requested better pen holders and stationary.

A reply to Mr T.MORRISON - his complaint of the absence of his name from the merit board -Secretary was instructed to write stating the merit board was compiled on the information obtained from the Education Board Office, where the dux of the school was registered each year on the result of the inspector's examination.

In Wellington the mission of Mr GRUBB who is now conducting a Mission in NAPIER, caused much heated controversy in the newspapers.

The Rev Richard COFFEY, Rector of St Mark's, in a letter in Monday's N.Z.TIMES, says that Mr Grubb professes faith healing and that "he preaches sensible conversion, final perseverance, and seems to belong to that school of Calvinism which is responsible for much of the infidelity of the present day. In DUNEDIN he alleged to have taught the doctrine 'annihilation.' He certainly came to Wellington under the auspices of the schismatic and during his stay acted the lines of the separatists."

The letter which is very long ......more

During the passage of the s.s. KIWI to NAPIER on Thursday last an accident happened to Mr DICKER, the chief officer of the vessel.

While the steamer was crossing PALLISER Bay during a gale with high seas, Mr DICKER was lashing some cargo on deck when an enormous wave broke on board the vessel.

The wave knocked Mr DICKER with great force against the winch thereby breaking his collarbone.

As soon as the vessel arrived here medical assistance was procured, and Mr DICKER was able to return to WELLINGTON.

The zoological and ethnological collection made by Herr REISCHEK during his travelling for twelve years over New Zealand and adjacent islands excited great interest not only in Austria but on the Continent generally on the naturalist's
Return to Vienna.

After being visited by thousands in the Imperial Museum for Natural History, many offers of purchase from foreign countries were received, but Herr REISCHEK'S patriotism was too strong and subsequently he sold the whole collection to the Austrian Government for the handsome sum of ?2400, and it will now remain permanently in the Museum.

A man was found yesterday in an unconscious state in a paddock in Sydney Street. He was taken to the hospital where he died a few hours later. He appeared to have been drinking heavily.

It has been ascertained that his name was William DICKSON, formerly a canvasser for a life insurance company.

Court Civil

Judgment was given for plaintiff at the R M Court yesterday in each of the following cases-Mr TURNBULL R.M. presiding




There was a bit of a "breeze" in the R M Court yesterday, during the hearing of the charges against ALEXANDER and BEY.

The question arose as to where a certain pawn ticket was, and Sergeant CULLEN, who was conducting the prosecution, stated that the accused man ALEXANDER had been served with a notice to produce the ticket. Mr LASCELLES loudly asserted that this notice was a "bogus" one, the police having in their possession the very ticket they called upon ALEXANDER to produce. The statement was denied by Sergeant CULLEN.

***There is quite a large item in connection with this case-Elaine

St John's Band of Hope

Held their fortnightly meeting in the schoolroom last evening, when there was a fair attendance of members.

The following contributed songs, recitations, &c: -

Pianoforte duet-Misses CROSS
Violin solo by Master Robert SKIPPAGE.

Mr SAUNDERS announced that the meetings in future will be held upon the first Tuesday in every month.

de LISLE presentation

Unity of Oddfellows Napier

The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows of Napier have marked their appreciation of Dr. de LISLE'S long services to them by presenting him with an illuminated testimonial.

It is a work in Mr H C A WUNDRAM'S best style,, the design being artistic and the coloring superb....more description of..

The presentation was made last night at Dr. de LISLE'S residence, the spokesman being Bro. J.B.FIELDER G.C.S.., who was supported by the signatories.

Mr S.E. COOPER's shop will display the wording of the testimonial and will be on view for a few days and reads as follows: -

"To Frederic Irving de LISLE, Esq., L.R.C.P.,

Dear Sir: The members of the Loyal Napier Lodge, No 4596, Manchester Unity, of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, desire to place on record the sincere regret with which they have accepted your resignation as surgeon of the Lodge.

You have held the position for the past fifteen years, and during the whole of that period have carried out the responsible professional duties of your office, to the entire satisfaction of the Lodge members.

We also sincerely trust that your health, which has suffered so severely of late, may be speedily restored, and that you may be spared for many years to benefit the town and district with your wide experience and professional skill.

We are dear sir, for and on behalf of the Lodge, yours faithfully,
Frank BEE P.P.G.M;
Thomas SIDEY P.P.G.M;
J.B.FIELDER, Provincial Grand Secretary."

May 3, 1892


At last the town of Waipawa has got a reserve, and one that is worthy of the name, and in days to come those to whom the inhabitants are indebted for this boon will be deservedly remembered.

It is described in the Gazette as follows:-

"All that parcel of land in the Hawke's Bay land district, containing by admeasurements 51 acres (more or less), being a portion of the old bed of the Waipawa situated in Block 11, Waipukurau Survey District, in the Waipawa County. . . . for a public recreation ground."

The other day we were told that Messrs H.H.BRIDGE, R. HARDING, A.H.ROSS were appointed a Board of Review of assessments under the Land and Income Tax Act, but as there are two gentlemen named Archibald Hilson ROSS at Makaretu now it may be as well to say it is Mr A.H.ROSS jun, that is appointed.

Mr C.N.CLAUSEN, of MAHARAHARA, has secured a contract for 4000 totara sleepers at 3s 9d each, delivered at LYTTELTON

Mr F.JENSEN, Napier of NAPIER, a similar quantity at 4s, delivered at TIMARU.

H. CARLSON, DANEVIRKE, tendered at 4s and 4s 2d for hewn and sawn totara respectively, delivered at TAMAKI, but both were declined.

Mr SKERRETT has resumed duty at the R.M.Court.

Mr A.R.NICHOLLS, who has occupied the position of teller in the Bank of New South Wales, NAPIER, for over four years, has received notice of his appointment as accountant at MASTERTON, for which place he leaves on Monday next.

Although Mr NICHOLLS' numerous friends will regret his departure, they will be glad to hear that his removal from NAPIER means promotion in the service of the bank.

Mr NICHOLLS has for a considerable time been the painstaking honorary secretary of the Napier Cathedral choir, as well as an active member, and has also for several seasons been a performing member of the Operatic Society was intimately associated with cricketing circles in town.

In consequence of Mr NICHOLLS' proposed departure from Napier Mr E.F.POLLOCK has been elected to the position of honorary secretary of the Cathedral Choir. We understand that Mrs NICHOLLS does not intend leaving Napier at present, but will continue for the study of painting as usual, and she contemplates shortly holding an exhibition of her own and pupils' work, of which due notice will be given.


page 4

Following gentlemen have been elected as members of Road Boards: -




Messrs: C.E.BEETHAM, G.H.SAXBY, A.M.WILLIAMS, J.N.WILLIAMS (one still to be elected).




Heretaunga Road Board election

Following is the result of the HERETAUNGA Road Board election: -


The first five are declared elected.

There will be a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) re the Bridge at PAKOWHAI.
Wellington Races pay out

The principal amounts were paid over in connection with the Wellington races: -
George M'RAE

During the past month two hundred have been provided with employment through the agency of the Labor Bureau.

HBH 1892 May 5

Some time ago we stated that Mr WEST had sent to ENGLAND a trial shipment of new potatoes, to test the probable value of the Home market.

He has now received the returns, and we are sorry to state that they are of such an unsatisfactory nature as to make the sending of further shipments undesirable, if profit is to be expected.

Mr WILSON of the SPIT, who is well known in connection with his enthusiastic and intelligent devotion to chrysanthemum culture, has been very successful this year. He had a fine lot of blooms on view at the Working Men's Club.

An occasional correspondent at Woodville writes as follows under yesterday's date: -
There was a very representative gathering at the Club Hotel last night, for the purpose of making a presentation to Mr BUCK, the station-master, and to protest against various attacks made upon Mr BUCK in the local papers.

There were present: -

As will be seen, these thoroughly represented the business people of the district.

Mr C.HALL, who occupied the chair, stated that the Mayor, who could not attend, had asked the speaker to make the statement of object of the meeting.

A two year old son of Mr Tipene MATUA died last night at WALL'S buildings, Waipawa, and there is to be a proper tangi this evening.

A preliminary One is on now, and the weird "keening" or moaning is not too pleasant.

Hon R.E. O'CONNOR, Minister for Justice in the New South Wales Ministry, and Mrs O'CONNOR, are at present in NAPIER, having arrived from TAUPO on Tuesday night.

Mr O'CONNOR yesterday visited the Cathedral, the breakwater, Mr TIFFEN'S beautiful grounds, and other places of interest in the neighbourhood.

He is greatly impressed with NAPIER and its surroundings, especially the spirit of enterprise that is so apparent in a variety of directions and in conversation with Mr G.H. SWAN he complimented him on having during his mayoralty initiated such a magnificent work on the esplanade.

Mr O'CONNOR is the leader of the Ministry in the SYDNEY Legislative Council. The Minister and party propose to leave for WELLINGTON by todays express. They intend visiting the southern lakes before returning to SYDNEY.

Court 1

The hearing of the three other charges of obtaining money by false pretences against Harold BEY and Michael ALEXANDER was proceeded with yesterday. Mr CORNFORD and Mr. LASCELLES appeared for ALEXANDER and Mr SHEATH for BEY.

"That on the 13th April last Harold BEY and Michael ALEXANDER did unlawfully and knowingly, by certain false pretences, obtain of and from James HERON the sum of ?9 14s, and on the 19th April, of and from one Sarah PREBBLE, the sum of ?8 9s, and from Andrew Blake GREEN, of HASTINGS, the sum of ?6, with intent to cheat and defraud them of the same."

Mr TURNBULL R.M. said that he would accept bail as follows:

Each accused in his own recognisance's of ?50, two sureties of ?50, and two sureties of ?25 each, for each separate charge, or two responsible men would be accepted as sureties for the total amount involved in bail for the six charges.

Napier Borough Council

Meeting-Wednesday May 4.


His Worship the Mayor-Mr G.H.SWAN M.H.R.

Inwards Correspondence:

Young Men's Christian Association, asking permission to erect a lamp over the entrance of the Athenaeum-granted, subject to the approval of the overseer.

Major WOOD, relative to the erection of a bastion on the Marine Parade; The question for a grant for the work was under the consideration of the Defence Department-Received.

Harbor Board, consenting to pay half the yearly interest in the additional sum of ?680 for strengthening part of the break-water road wall-Received.

Mrs OAKLEY of Fitzroy Road is urging the necessity for a storm water channel there, and complains that in heavy rains her property is damaged by the water flowing from the road on to it. - Overseer to report on the matter to the Public Works Committee.
From Mr H.R.PYKE, complaining that few of the streets had their names up, which made the work of compiling a directory of the town very difficult.-Overseer to report on the cost of the work?

Public Works Report

Inspector of Telegraphs-Obstructions from sign-boards-That Mr BOLD is requested to furnish a list of the sign-boards which obstruct the telegraph wires and be informed that the council will then order their removal.

Damage to wall-road to breakwater; J. J. CARR-Since writing the above letter Mr CARR reported that the damaged portion of the work has been rebuilt and the necessary repairs effected.

Hawke's Bay Farmers' Co-operative Association's Store, SPIT-That Mr GOOCH be informed to reply to his letter that when the gas mains are extended the Council will favourably consider his application, and also that the approach to the store is in fact a quay and is under the control of the harbour Board.

Captain CHICKEN of the Napier Rifles, assures us that the correspondent who asserted that the 12s per hundred was charged for cartridges is quite in order.

No ammunitions has ever been sold at that price, and further, what ammunition has been supplied to the men free of charge.

Captain CHICKEN also states that the price of AUCKLAND ammunition is 12s per hundred, but if the metal cases are returned a rebate of 4s per hundred is made.

Notices Page 3

No 522
Impounded at Rissington on May 3rd 1892, 39 Romney Rams, left in my paddock by John ELLIOTT.

Trespassing Notice
Adv No 620

Persons found Trespassing in search or game of the Properties of the Undersigned, Puketitiri without authority will be prosecuted: -


Notice No 510
Any person found on the WHENUAHOW Estate, Takapau, in pursuit of Game without permission will be prosecuted for trespass.-AMB. POTTS

Trespassing Notice any person found trespassing with Gun or Dog on my Run will be prosecuted.- James HEBBERLEY-Tarawera.

At a meeting of the Napier Football Club, held at the Criterion Hotel on Tuesday evening:

Messrs LOGAN, COTTERILL, and JARDINE were re-elected judges to select the most consistent player in the first fifteen during the ensuing season, for the purpose of awarding the handsome trophy presented to the club by Mr P.GORMAN.

The first season the cup was awarded to Mr R.H.WHYTE, and last season, through some misunderstanding, the judges omitted to take any notes on the various matches, and the cup therefore could not be presented.

We understand that Sergeant-Major RICHARDSON of the Permanent Artillery is to visit NAPIER shortly to join the F Battery through a course of gunnery.

This seems to be like a waste of money, for Sergeant-Major HUDDLESTONE, the resident drill instructor for the government is an artilleryman, and should therefore be quite competent to do what another man is coming here to carry out.


We have received from the author, the Rev J.F.JONES, of the Napier Baptist Church, a pamphlet entitled "Sinai and Calvary, or Law and Grace; Their Agreement and Difference.


At the R M Court yesterday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

John BARRY and Alexander BEARD each pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness and were both dismissed with a caution.

John M'LEOD also charged with drunkenness fined ?1 and costs.

Road Boards

Messrs A.S.G. CARLYON, S.W. HARDY, J.HOLDEN, J. HOWARD, J.MATHEWS, and G.PARKINSON, senr, are nominated for NORTH RUATANIWHA Road Board

Messrs J.M.BROWN, W.BUSBY, A. LOGAN, L.H. M'HARDY, G.C. WILLIAMS elected as the TAMUMU Road Road.

The Board of Reviewers will sit here on the 17th of May to consider assessments in PATANGATA County, and on the 19th to deal with the WAIPAWA County.
Waipawa Coursing Club drawing

There was a meeting the other night of the Waipawa Coursing Club for the purpose of drawing for the opening match of the season, which takes place (tomorrow) Thursday at ASHCOTT.

The result was:

Mr S. BRIDGE'S Countess meets Mr F. HARVEY'S Waitiri
Mr J. O'KANE'S Maccaroni meets Mr W M'NEILLIS'S Elsthorpe
Mr L. MACKERSEY'S Swindler meets Mr J.T.SULLIVAN'S Young Emperor
Mr F. HARVEY'S Juliet meets Mr D. MORONEY'S Erin
Mr J.B. RHODE'S Guy meets Mr J. O'KANE'S Pearl.
Waipawa Court

May 4, 1892

Resident Court this morning before Messrs S.JOHNSON and MIRBACH, justices.

John RYAN alias James KELLY charged with breaking property of T.PARKINSON, at the Exchange Hotel. He pleaded guilty and did the damage owing to a grievance he had with Mr PARKINSON last March.

Sergeant DONOVAN stated the circumstances and added that the damage was premeditated, as accused told him he intended to do it, when he cautioned him.

He was fined ?3, with 7s costs, and ?3 12s damages, or in default two months with hard labor in Napier gaol.

HBH 1892 May 6

At the Resident magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr W.R.BLYTHE, J.P.,

Michael BROWN-drunkenness-cautioned and discharged.

An old offender named Frederick LYNASS, just out of gaol after serving a sentence for six months for vagrancy, pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness.

He promised to leave the town if dismissed. On that understanding he was allowed to depart.

Debating Society

The annual meeting of the members of the Union Debating Society was held in the old Provincial Chambers last evening. There was a fair attendance of members, and the following office bearers were elected for the ensuing season: -

President-Mr J.W.CARLILE-re-elected.

Vice-President-Mr W. WOOD

Secretary and Treasurer-Mr G.STOCK

Committee: -


RM Court was held today-Mr A.TURNBULL R.M., and Mr S JOHNSON J.P.

Civil list was very brief:

Mr WISEMAN v Pine PANE-judgment for plaintiff with 10s costs and solicitor (Mr LEE) 10s 6d.

One case adjourned, one confessed, and one was settled

Henry MONTEITH appeared to anger two charges under the Sheep Act 1890, section 59, of neglecting to give notice of his intention to drive sheep over Mr J.B. RHODES' run, and of so driving. Mr RHODES of NAPIER appeared for the complainant. Adjournment was asked for as one of the principal witnesses was not available-case held over.

William MANDER charged with stealing four wedges, value 14s, the property of S.ROBINSON Te Aute. Conviction was recorded after hearing evidence and was also ordered to return the property and pay 7s costs. Sergeant O'DONOVAN prosecuted and Mr E.H.LEE was for defendant.


The bowling green will be available on Saturdays for those members who desire to play their tournament games, in order that the winners of trophies may be decided before the end of the season.

Only four members now remain in the match for the championship of the club. Namely, Messrs STUBBS, EVANS, C.D.KENNEDY, and FIELDER, but no fewer than 24 have still to play for Dr HITCHINGS' trophy.

The following is the fourth draw for the latter: -


Joseph Von PEIN charged with neglecting to support his child, who had been committed to St. Mary's Orphanage, AUCKLAND.

He was very desirous to obtain possession of the child, who was aged 8 ? years, and the Bench took considerable pains to make him understand the position.

He was ordered to pay 4s per week every four weeks until a fresh order was made, together with 28s arrears at the same time. In the meantime his proper course was to apply to the Minister of Education for leave to take possession of the girl.

He paid the ?1 8s, but positively refused to pay any more in future

Received from the Dresden Piano Company a copy of a work entitled "Voice Culture," by C.N.BAEYERTZ. It is a useful little work.

The people of NAPIER must be financially in a good position, judging from what occurred at the Cathedral during one of Mr GRUBB'S sermons. The preacher, rightly enough, had been inveighing against getting into debt, and he concluded by calling upon everyone in the Cathedral who was in debt to stand up. Not one person rose, but perhaps that doesn't involve the corollary that no one was in debt. Possibly it was modesty that kept the people seated.

A slip took place yesterday in the rear of the police station, part of the hill that is being trimmed to receive a concrete retaining wall falling. The damage done looks more serious than it really is, for although it will involve expense to Mr CLOSE, who owns the houses above, the completion of the wall now in progress will make the face of the hill safer than if no slip had occurred, as the wall will have to be made thicker and with a more acute "batter."

Local Advertisements

Mr John M'VAY reference to his horse covers

Mr J.BEATSON notifies re trespassing on the Whare-o-maranui reserve will be prosecuted.

A low four-wheeled phaeton, the property of the late Miss HEWETT is for sale

Persons having claims against the late Miss HEWETT are requested to send them in at once to her executor, Mr P.S. M'LEAN, solicitor.

Messrs CROWTHER and M'CAULEY-reward for return of a pony mare.

Mr J. SPENCE requires a competent assistant for a country store.

Messrs MONTEITH Bros have been appointed sub-agents at Woodville for the National Insurance Company.

The coroner received information today that an infant, five weeks old, son of Mr John LINEHAN, platelayer, KOPUA, died this morning unexpectedly. As a doctor had been in attendance on deceased, who was suffering from whooping cough, which is very prevalent about there, and the child had every care and attention the coroner decided that no inquest was necessary.

MAORI v PAKAHA football

The football season will be opened tomorrow by the customary match between Maori and Pakeha, which will be played on the Recreation Ground.







I regret to learn that the Rev. Father DAWSON has been recalled to WELLINGTON by the Bishop, and a new priest is to be sent here. The Rev. Gentleman has been very assiduous and unsparing of himself, and is highly respected by many outside of his own Church.

There was considerable ferment last night about the Maori child, whose death I mentioned yesterday. It was suffering from whooping cough; being attended by a man named PALMER, an irregular medical practitioner, and died suddenly. The police inquired into the matter, and the result was the coroner saw no reason for intervening.


PAIPA-On May 4th at the Napier Hospital, Hone PAIPA of Waiapu aged 20.

Mr SPAWN and fruit evaporation

Some time ago Mr SPAWN, an expert in fruit culture and its after treatment, visited NEW ZEALAND for the purpose of exhibiting and explaining his process of fruit evaporation, and it was hoped that his stay in this Colony would result in the establishment of a new and profitable industry.

We regret to say that so far as this town is concerned, very little was done beyond calling public attention to the fact that a large and ready market could be found for all the fruit that is now allowed to go to waste in the district.

Mr SWAN and a few other gentlemen interested themselves in the project, but the class whom Mr SPAWN'S mission more directly concerned held aloof, and the erection of an evaporating establishment is still but a dream of the future.

Rugby Union Meeting

Meeting held last night at the Criterion Hotel

Present: -

Messrs SIDEY (Chair)

Mr HUGHES was instructed to make arrangements with Mr J.P. SMITH for the leasing of Farndon Park (Clive) for the season by the rugby Union.

Thomas TUCKER death

This morning a man named Thomas TUCKER was found dead in a ditch at MAKOTUKU, with his head in the water.

The only particulars I can learn at present are that he was drinking, and it is supposed was "under the influence." An inquest will be held this evening.


A correspondent at Wellington writes:

Mr SNAZELLE opened here on Saturday evening to a full house. The entertainment of its kind is first-class. The programme opened with a selection of Scottish airs on organ, piano and bells.

This in itself was something out of the common, and was well received. The effect was quite charming, but it would take more space than you could possibly spare to go over the various items.

Suffice to say that never before in WELLINGTON have we had such lovely scenes shown to us illustrating the different sketches, songs, &c.

Mr SNAZELLE is heard to great advantage in singing "Nazareth," "Simon the Cellarer," &c., and his funny tales are inimitable.

Mr GOURLAY deserves credit for the energetic manner in which he has ushered Mr SNAZELLE.


It transpired in Court today that the Commissioner of Taxes had appointed the Court-house, WAIPAWA, as the place where the Court of Reviewers should sit on the 19th May, without consulting RM. sits, for which there is a long list of cases already provided.

Mr TURNBULL requested the clerk to inform the reviewers that they would have to get another place for their business

HBH 1892 May 7 A & P Meeting

A meeting of the Hawke's Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society was held yesterday, at the society's rooms, Tennyson Street.


Mr C.A. FitzROY (Chair)
Captain RUSSELL M.H.R.


The Chairman and Cartwright BROWN were appointed delegates on the 16th of May at Christchurch Conference.

The sub-committee appointed at the pre-ceding meeting recommended that classes for farmers' stock should be inserted in the programme, on the following conditions:

Classes to be open to settlers occupying not more than 1000 acres of land in the aggregate in the Hawke's Bay Provincial district.....more...

Mr L. BINNIE, Puketapu wrote offered a prize of ?5 5s for the best yearling foal, filly, or gelding by the stallion Trickster, to be shown at the society's next gathering; three entries of no prizes. Offer accepted with thanks.

Mrs A. BARRY, the licensee of the Beaconsfield Hotel, MAKOTUKU, has disposed of her interests to Mr G.WARD, of DANEVIRKE, who will enter at the end of the month.

ARNOLD from India

At the Baptist Church tomorrow evening Miss ARNOLD, a Zenana missionary from India, will preach in her capacity of agent of the Baptist Missionary Society.

Miss ARNOLD will also conduct a children's service in the afternoon, when some of the children will be dressed in Indian costume


The service at St. Augustine's Church tomorrow morning will be conducted by the Bishop of Waiapu. During the service the Bishop will induct Canon FOX to the cure of the district.

Mr H.OWEN, Napier agent for RADAMS' microbe killer, has received a telegram stating that the preparation was awarded a first prize gold medal at the TASMANIAN EXHIBITION

Inquest Thomas TUCKER
(Typed as written by Elaine)

An inquest was held last night at the Beaconsfield Hotel, Makotuku, before Mr S. JOHNSON, coroner and a jury, of which Mr W. ROBINSON was foreman, on view of the body of Thomas TUCKER, a man of 55 years of age.

The evidence of Messrs W. TUCKER, A.HUNT, J.C.DAVIS, D.SIDEY, P.CROSS, J.SHAARA, J.SIDDELLS, and Mrs DAVIS was taken, but the story elicited may be described in a few lines.

TUCKER was a firewood splitter, and occasionally drank to excess when he had the means, but during the last few months he had followed no occupation.

The last time he drank to excess, so far as disclosed was a month ago, and he was dependent on his son and daughter.

On Wednesday he went to a smithy and assisted all day. At the finish he had a lone beer, and afterwards he went to the Makotuku Hotel and remained from a little after 7 till 9.30, reading the paper and playing bagatelle, and during this time he was served with five long or medium beers by several persons at various times.

On his leaving, Mrs DAVIS jokingly asked if he needed any one to see him home, and he replied in the negative. He had come from Ormondville several times in a much worse state than he then was he said, and was quite capable of walking home by himself.

He was overtaken on the road by a witness who noticed that he seemed to have had some drink, but "was not to say drunk," and was walking steadily in the middle of the road. Yet next morning his body was found a little further on lying on its face in a ditch by the road side containing a few inches of water, which nearly covered his head, and his hands were below and in front of him.

A paper bag which had contained 6 lb of sugar lay where his hands were. He was then quite cold and stiff. The coroner went over the facts, and after a short adjournment the jury found that deceased was drowned by falling in the water while under the influence of drink.

In reply to the constable the coroner said the verdict did not attribute blame to Mr or Mrs DAVIS, and in dismissing the jurors he complimented them on their honest and straightforward verdict.

Coursing opening match

The opening match of the coursing season took place yesterday at ASHCOTT.

The day was fine, and the attendance good, mostly Plains people, very few coming from Waipawa.

Mr S. M'GREEVY, junr., acted as slipper, and Mr D. MORONEY as flag steward.

First round:
Mr F. HARVEY'S Waitiri beat Mr S. BRIDGE'S Countess
Mr L. MACKERSEY'S Swindler beat Mr J. SULLIVAN'S Young Emperor
Mr O'KANE Maccaroni ran a bye
Mr HARVEY'S Juliet beat Mr D. MORONEY'S Erin
Mr J.B.RHODES' Guy beat Mr O'KANE'S Pearl

Second Round:
Swindler beat Waitiri, leaving Swindler, Maccaroni, Juliet, and Guy to finish next Thursday, when the order will be: -

Maccaroni meets Juliet
Guy a bye, and the last round. The hares were scarce.


The weather was very bad last night, but the strong attraction of "Jane" at the Theatre Royal drew a large and enthusiastic audience.

The comedy went briskly throughout, and, as on the preceding evening, was so successful in compelling mirth that the laughter of those before the footlights was hearty and unrestrained during the whole of the performance.

The curtain had to be raised at the conclusion of each act in response to peremptory recalls.

"Jane" was preceded by Clement Scott's little play, "The Cape Mail," in which the cast as follows: -

Miss Myra KEMBLE
Mrs Walter PRESTON
Major Hugh MARSDEN

The company will produce at HASTINGS tonight that side-splitting comedy "Dr. BILL." Country residents will thus have an opportunity that hitherto has been obtainable only by a visit to NAPIER.
Page 2

A pleasing little ceremony took place in St. John's schoolroom last night at the conclusion of the Cathedral choir practice.

The occasion was the approaching departure from Napier of Mr A.R. NICHOLLS, and the adult members of the choir took the opportunity of showing their esteem for their late honorary secretary by making him a slight present on the eve of his departure.

The presentation, which consisted of a handsome gold pencil case, was made by Dean HOVELL in a few most appropriate and kindly remarks. He expressed the regret that he (the Dean), and he was sure all the members of the choir, felt at Mr Nicholl's departure.

Mr NICHOLL'S leaves for Masterton Monday next.

Napier Council Meeting

A letter was received from the Hon. R. SEDDON stating that the tender of Mr ADAMS of ?576 15s for building a Courthouse in HASTINGS, being the lowest tender, has been accepted.

Auctioneers Licenses were granted to Mr F.J.BOWES, Mr F.A.SHEATH, and Mr A.C. M'LEAN.

Letter from the Napier Gas Company, regretting that they could not light, clean and extinguish the street lamps for less than ?7 a lamp. - Resolved, "That the arrangements for lighting the streets remain as at present."

>From Mr HORTOP, complaining of the state of the footpath in front on his house.

Hastings R M Court

Before Mr GILPIN and Dr. LINNEY J.P'S the following stray cattle cases were dealt with: -

APEA or APOA-two horses' fined 5s and 12s costs
HAPUKA-two horses-fined 5s and 12s costs
George SCOTT-four calves-fined 5s and 7s costs
J.WRIGLEY-one horse-fined 5s and costs 7s
J.REDMOND-one horse-fined 2s 6d and 7s costs

H B Jockey Club
The committee of the Hawke's bay Jockey Club met yesterday afternoon in the club's room at the Criterion Hotel.

Hon Captain RUSSELL (Chair)

Messrs LOWRY, CREIGHTON, and WINTER, a deputation from the RISSINGTON Racing Club, waited on the committee and stated their views with regard to certain matter which the committee of the Jockey Club had adjudicated upon at their last meeting.

HERBERTSVILLE Jockey Club asking the committee to reconsider their decision with regard to HAWAIKORANGI, and his owner J.MUNRO.

WOODVILLE Racing Club wrote stating that they had disqualified the horse ROGER and his rider JONES for three months for pulling

Designs of bracelets were received by HARDY Brothers, of SYDNEY.

Plan of the alterations and additions to the grandstand were submitted by Mr T.R.COOPER, architect, and approved.

Tender to be called for the work by the secretary.

Mr John BURTON, Woodville was elected a gentleman rider.

Mr RHIND, Inspector of the Bank of New South Wales, Mr T. TANNER, member of the Education Board, with Mr T SIDEY, of the school committee, yesterday visited the main school.

Mr RHIND and Mr TANNER expressed themselves as highly pleased with all they saw, the general appearance of the children, and their ready answers to questions put by the visitors, and quite justifying the opinions arrived at by them.


Mr O'CONNOR, Minister of Justice in New South Wales, was Mr. W.C.SMITH'S guest at WAIPUKURAU yesterday, leaving for the South in the afternoon for DANEVIRKE and Wellington.

Mr SMITH introduced the visitor to Mr HAZELDEN, Under-Secretary of the Justice Department at Ormondville.

Although no official notice has been given, Mr J.ADAMS, of WAIPAWA, has obtained the contract for the new Court-house at HASTINGS.

In all probability Mr J.SPEEDY of HERBERTVILLE, will be place on the Commission of the Peace, as owing to Mr HANDYSIDE being absent in ENGLAND, and Mr PRICE'S removal to MAKARETU, there is no Justice in the neighbourhood now, and great inconvenience has resulted.

Waipawa 2

WAIPAWA school committee met last evening, when there were present:

Messrs WHITE-Chairman

The headmaster's report showed that the attendance was improving, 220.5 being the highest average for the past month, the children suffering from whooping-cough had recovered, and Miss M. NICHOLSON had taken up her duties, and the school was progressing satisfactorily.

Finance Committee of the WAIPAWA County council met at noon today, Messrs SMITH and HARDING being present.

Weber Road Board

The election of the Weber Road Board excited considerable interest on account of the extensive works to be undertaken at that end of the WAINUI-DANEVIRKE road next season.

Messrs W. BOYLE, K.F.CAMERON, L.G.CROSSE, S.FRANKLIN, and A.WARD were the successful candidates, and their election has given great satisfaction.

HBH 1892 May 9 Rev. Father KEEGAN

Waipawa correspondent writing on Saturday says: - The Rev. Father KEEGAN, of the HUTT, has been appointed to the charge of St. PATRICK'S Catholic Church in succession to the Rev. T.G. DAWSON.

A Spit correspondent writes: - I see that you are to have an exhibition in NAPIER this week of a set of views by Mr ROBSON.

Mr ROBSON gave an exhibition here in St. ANDREW'S Hall last Wednesday primarily for the benefit of the school children at low prices, but a few adults were also present, and very much pleased at what they saw.

Most of the views exhibited had been sketched by Mr ROBSON himself, who I believe is the only artist in this line in New Zealand and he gave great delights to all present.

Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, Napier agents for the Colonial Mutual Life Society, justifiably boast of the promptness of that office in settling claims.

Mr J. SIM, jun, a Hawke's Bay Settler, was insured in the Colonial Mutual Life for ?300. Probate in the estate was produced in Wellington on the 5th of May, and within an hour afterwards a cheque for the amount was signed and forwarded to Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, who paid the executors on Saturday, the 7th inst.

Clive Road Board Elections

Clive correspondent writes as follows:

The Road Board Elections, which were really run on the question of whether the Board should be merged into the county council or not, resulted in a win for those opposed to the proposal.

Messrs LASCELLES, THOMPSON, and CONROY were the principal supporters of the merging proposal, and they were rejected.

The following were returned: -

CLIVE ward
Messrs H M'PHERSON - 53
J.L. M'ILROY - 51
T.KELLY - 48

Messrs J.P.SMITH - 6
C.H. ALLEY - 5

Returned unopposed.

The body of Tipene MATUA'S child started for PORANGAHAU this forenoon, as the crooning which was continued till the last moment was not calculated to raise one's spirits.

HBH 1892 May 10

Saturday half holiday is to be an institution in HASTINGS, and Messrs H. WILLIAMS and sons, W.F.BURNETT, and B.L.KNIGHT, ironmongers, publicly announce their determination to close at 2 p.m. every Saturday, commencing on May 21st.


COUPER-At Barrack Hill, on May 7th the wife of W.J. Couper of a son.

Clive correspondent writes as follows under yesterday's date: -

A slight accident happened at the HIKITOTO fellmongery today. The men were engaged in erecting a smoke-stack, and while hoisting it up the hook of the block and tackle broke, and the whole affair came down smash.

One of the men named George F DIXON got his thumb badly crushed

Athletic Football Club
*NB Elaine's family tree

Hastings Athletic Football Club against Havelock on the 24th instant:

Selections are: -


First H B Philosophical Institute

The first ordinary meeting this session of the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute was held last night in the society's rooms at the athenaeum.

The first paper was by Dr. MOORE, the vice-president of the Institute, who occupied the chair. His address was a very able and interesting upon "Microbes."....more

Mr HEATH read a short paper on "Science in Cricket."

Mr G. WHITE, the honorary secretary, read a paper written by Mr. H. LUND of Makatoku on "Numismatics." As illustrations of the paper a number of coins were handed around for inspection. Some of these were of very ancient origin, Greek and Roman, and were objects of much attention.

At the next meeting Mr T.HUMPHRIES will read a paper on "The Waitomo Caves."


Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

John BOYLE-sentenced to 14 days' hard labor for drunkenness.

Edward KEYS similarly charged-was dismissed with a caution.

George O'BRIEN, who left gaol on Saturday last after serving six months as a habitual drunkard, pleaded guilty to another bout, and was dismissed with a caution.

Te Roera TAREHA, for exposing for sale at HASTINGS lice-infected sheep was fined ?1 and costs.

Taradale Town Board Meeting

Taradale Town Board Meeting met on Friday night.

Present: -


Chairman reported that the works authorised on the Lees and Coiling Down roads have been carried out.

Mr C BROWN, complaining of the state of a pigstye near Mr TIFFEN'S new orchard, and attributing a case of fever which has ended fatally to this cause, also pointing out that the Taipo Creek required draining badly.

Inspector of Factories, notifying the registration of J. and T. ALEXANDER'S bakery under the Factories Act.-Received.

Artesian well- In the matter of sinking a second artesian well at Mr OULAGHAN'S corner. Mr HARPHAM accused the members of the Board of going to unauthorised and unnecessary expense in sinking it, and contended that a meeting should have been called to discuss the matter.

Chairman stated the circumstances and he was assured that to connect with OULAGHAN'S side from the 3-inch well could cost two thirds of the money for sinking the second well, and as extra water was got he considered that he had acted in the interest of the ratepayers in the sinking of the second well.

Mr JEFFARES supported Mr HARPHAM, and the other members supported Mr NEAGLE. Mr RYMER moved that the Board approve the action of the chairman and was seconded by Mr DRUMMOND and carried. Messrs HARPHAM and JEFFARES dissenting.

The ordinary business being resumed, Mr JEFFARES moved that as the Board seemed in the humor for spending money they should send to Scotland for two Peterhead marble fountains to put on the wells lately sunk, but the motion was not seconded.

Mr RYMER moved that a 6 inch pipe culvert be put across the road near Mrs LUCAS'S place to take the water across the road from the Taipo Creek........more.......(a very lively meeting. Elaine

HBH 1892 May 11 Caledonian v Havelock football

In the match Caledonians v Havelock to be played at Farndon on Saturday next, the Havelock team will be picked from the following: -

L.COOPER (Captain)
George JOLL
George ULPH

Mr A.F.BRIDGES, the well-known Hawke's Bay representative of the Mutual Life Association of Australasia, has received notice of removal to the WANGANUI and TARANAKI districts, where he will, we are sure, make many friends.

Mr F.HELPS, who, for some time has held the position of Inspector of Agents for the South Island will take Mr BRIDGE'S place.

Members of Court Robin Hood A.O.F, are requested to attend the funeral of the late wife of Bro. D. HYDEN at 3 0'clock this afternoon.

Selling property in the Reservoir-road now in the occupation of Mr. M.R.MILLER.

Mrs VILLERS, Coote Road, has board and residence for two gentlemen.

A peculiar case was heard in the resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, when a Maori sued to recover ?20 from Mr Cartright BROWN....morn

On Monday afternoon, a little girl three years of age, daughter of Mr J. HERDMAN, of Nelson Street, Wellington, while standing at the door of her father's shop was attacked by a large Newfoundland dog belonging to another resident in the same street, and sustained considerable injuries.

The savage animal tore the child's left ear nearly off, leaving it hanging by only a strip of flesh, made a deep cut in her left cheek, besides a scalp wound on the back of the head four inches in length, the dog's teeth also cutting into the bone and forming a regular groove. The little one was at once taken to Dr. MacCARTHY'S surgery, where her injuries were found To be as described above, and it was also found that an artery in the scalp had been severed.

Chloroform was administered to the child, but as she was very weak cauterisation was not attempted. The wounds were all stitched up, and the ear stitched in its natural position. Dr MacCARTHY anticipates that though not out of danger she will make good progress towards recovery, and that the ear will heal up all right.

Clive River Board

Clive correspondent writes under yesterday's date: -

A meeting of the Clive River Board was held last evening.

TANNER (Chairman)

Charitable Aid Board met yesterday at the Town Hall.
Present: -
H.S.TIFFEN (Chair)

Some applications for relief were dealt with.

With reference to a case at Woodville, brought before the Board by Mrs BURNETT, president of the Woodville Benevolent Society, it was shown that five children were growing up neglected and in ignorance. It was decided to ask the Board's almoner at Woodville, Mr HALL, to make a recommendation as to the best course for the Board to adopt.

The question of improving the refuge was brought up. It was stated that Mr DUGLEBY had estimated the cost of proposed alterations at ?402.-held over until hearing Dr. MacGREGOR's Government proposals re providing certain facilities in country areas for the poor.

A man named Michael HARE was brought up at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, charged with drunkenness, with refusing to leave the Greenmeadows Hotel when called upon to do so, and with resisting a police constable in the execution of his duty.

Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 10s and costs for drunkenness, and sentenced to a month's hard labor on the other charges.

Page Two-Wednesday

HYDEN-At her residence, Battery Road, on the 10th May, Emily Smith beloved wife of
David Hyden, aged 23 years.

The funeral will leave her late residence at 3 p.m. today (Wednesday). Friends will please accept this intimation.

Waipawa correspondent under yesterday's date:-
The manufacture of tobacco by the natives is carried on a much more extensive scale than I anticipated when I wrote you before on this subject. Mr CORSKIE showed me today a powerful press he has made for this purpose, four of which he has supplied to different settlements from PAKI PAKI southwards.

The tobacco as prepared by the natives is of good quality, and the result must be largely affecting the Customs I should imagine.

The Ormondville people who own properties in the road district are anxious to be merged in the County.

I am asked to call the attention of the police and all interested in a case in this town where a man pursues his ordinary occupation on Sundays, much to the annoyance of his neighbors and passers-by. He is engaged in fencing a section and the noise and clatter, to say nothing of the bad example to his own and other people's children, is most disturbing to all and sundry for a considerable distance around. Evidently he either does not know of the existence of the Police Offences Act, or he is setting it at defiance.

Messrs CARLYON, HARDY, HOLDEN, MATHEWS, and PARKINSON were re-elected for the North Ruataniwha Road Board on Saturday.

At last a night watchman has assumed the responsibility. Mr G.ROBINSON has secured the confidence of the trade's people in the centre of the town, each of whom has engaged to contribute a weekly quota fixed by himself.

It is understood that some of the original ladies' committee who got up the never-beaten leap year ball of 1884 at Waipukurau, purpose promoting another in July next.

Napier Hospital Board
Page four

The Napier Hospital board met yesterday at the Town Hall.

Messrs H.S.TIFFEN (Chair)

The Chairman stated that a question had arisen as to whom the nurses' uniforms belonged? - To the wearers or to the hospital? He would like to the Board to answer.

Court Civil cases

Judgment for plaintiff was given in the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday in the following civil cases-Mr TURNBULL R.M. presiding: -

HBH 1892 May 12 Land Assess objections B

After an adjournment the following cases: -

PETANE District

Messrs M'DONALD and MUNRO..more.Mr COTTERILL for the objectors and he called: -

William Henry SMITH-sheepfarmer who deposed that he knew the property well...more


William NELSON appeared in person..more

John BENNETT (the chairman of the Board) had objected to the valuation of 706 acres in the Petane District, accessed by the government at ?4326.

HBH 1892 May 12
Valuation Objection

John Davies ORMOND objected to the valuation of ?32,150 upon 1270 acres in the Heretaunga district. Decision reserved

HBH 1892 May 12

Napier will soon be visited by a company of conjurors or illusionists who are described as babbling all investigators. The company comprises 19 performers, and Mr Carl HERTZ and the CRAGGS Family are the bright particular stars. Judging by the Press notices Mr HERTZ outshines all the stage conjurors who have so far visited the colonies.

Here are some of his feats: .........more........
Page Two-Thursday

NEALE-At Waipukurau on May 11th, Mary Ellen, the loved wife of William Augustus Neale, aged 43.

The funeral will leave Hastings for the Havelock Cemetery at 1`2 o'clock on Friday,
The 13th inst. Friends kindly accept this intimation.
Land Commission Board

Board of Reviewers for Hawke's Bay County under the Land and Income Assessment Act opened their sittings at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, in the Court house.

The Board consisted of:


John BENNETT (Chairman)
Mr. C.D.KENNEDY represented the commissioner
Mr M'GOWAN, Deputy Commissioner was present on behalf of the Department.
Messrs COTTERILL, LOGAN, M'LEAN, and LASCELLES represented various objectors.


TARADALE Town District-James BURNESS appeared in person


OKAWA District-William Russell RUSSELL, partner in the firm of RUSSELL Brothers objected to the valuation of Tunanui.-H.L.DONNELLY called by Mr KENNEDY stated that the valuation of ?69,000 was a fair one at Tunanui, including everything.

John BEGG objected to an assessment in the PETANE District.-The objector sworn, deposed that the land consisted of swamp and hills, and that it was only worth ?150. It was let for ?6 a year. Reduced valuation?3530, to ?292, of which sum ?10 was allowed for improvements.

Kenrick Jones HILL
Valuation Objection

Kenrick Jones HILL, for whom Mr M'LEAN appeared, objected to the valuation of Fernhill, 3153 acres, valued at ?20,033

Kenrick Jones HILL, sworn, deposed that he was sole owner of Fernhill, formerly the property of GORDON and HILL. On the 22nd of February last he purchased Captain GORDON'S half interest for ?750. Mr J.N.WILLIAMS was asked by both parties to value the property for the purposes of the transaction and he valued it at ?18,000. The average number of the sheep shorn during the past six years was 4000. The property was originally purchased in 1873 for ?7500....more..reserved decision.

HBH 1892 May 13 HBH

***NB abridged by Elaine

In the estate of the late H.R.RUSSELL (GAISFORD'S), at a point next land occupied by Mr J.EVANS, and on three occasions he had killed rabbits there.

Inspector QUARTLEY reported to like effect and the only traces were on GROOME'S or RUSSELL'S. He interviewed Mr LOGAN (Mr. GAISFORD'S attorney), who promised to have the matter attended to at once.

Inspector SPEEDY'S diary Showed two rabbits caught on T.P.RUSSELL'S run, signs on GAISFORD'S (Mount Herbert); Had served notices on D.GOLLAN, Tamumu;

ORMOND'S run, Wallingford saw signs near homestead;

MACKERSEY'S boundary found indications, rabbits not decreasing, and a thorough poisoning was necessary;

No signs near McLEAN'S and rabbits were reduced.

Found traces on several parts of HUNTER'S sandhills near Blackhead Point.

Inspector M'PHERSON found many fresh signs between Mangarapa creek and Taputaki, also on Isaac CRIPPS' and C. HALES', on the burnt ground near Taputaki, and on SERGEANT'S and G.CRIPPS';

South of fence on M.FRANKLIN'S started two, and one on STEWART'S, saw many traces.

Saw traces on back of RYAN'S and MABBETT'S;

Fresh signs on CHARTER'S, near Rhone creek;

On Rakautatahi block near Makaretu river killed five. Considerable time this month has been taken up with the sea wall.

Clive correspondent writes under yesterday's date: -

The School committee met last night, when there were present:

Messrs: FAIL (Chairman)

Letter re relief work

Although this letter was from the Wellington Region I thought I would post. This is typical of my ancestor who also had to find work and he was sent from Hastings to Auckland doing relief work. Leaving his wife and children behind and if he had written a letter it would have been very similar to this one-Elaine


One of the men sent by the government to the relief works at MANGATAINOKO, in a letter to his wife, gives the pitiful story of the condition of affairs at the works. He says:-"Our gang has broken up. I have joined another, but would not have done so if I had any money to clear out.

I had to borrow to make the cost of telegraphing the ?2 I sent you. I am sorry now I sent it. I ought to have left this cursed job-it is really a humbug from beginning to end. We have now been a fortnight and never earned a shilling..I have made enquiries about Napier and other places, and find it would be folly to think of travelling about. Men are continually doing so, and you would be surprised to see the number of poor wretches asking for work...I intend, as soon as I can get enough, to come home, for what with bad weather and bad pay I am almost distracted.

One of the party I have now joined had a finger partly taken off about a week ago, while 'jacking' a log, and to make matters worse he is a married man, with a young family. His party, when they settled up at the last pay, only had 10s to send to their wives, so they were worse off than our gang.

People may talk and say what they please, I consider the prices and delay and humbug in connection with this relief work a fraud, and a great disgrace to all concerned."

The wife of the writer placed the letter before the Wellington Benevolent Institution trustees, and asked that the help she and her family had been receiving might be continued.

The Chairman strongly denounced the relief system as at present managed by the government, which he said, simply had the effect of burdening the institution with additional responsibilities.

The woman's request was acceded to.

Yesterday afternoon the Rev. Father DAWSON visited the St. Patrick's day school at the invitation of the teacher, when the children presented an address through Master W. MORONEY, together with a silver teapot and egg-stand which had been purchased by the scholars.....more...then he regretted having to leave them, but he had to obey the orders of his superiors. He then introduced Father KEEGAN his successor.....more

Mr J.A.SUBRUTZSKY writes to an Auckland paper from AWANUI under date May 3rd:

"Dear Sir,-On the last trip of the schooner Medora my son (the captain) saw the sea serpent between the Poor Knights and Cape Brett. The sketch enclosed is as near as he described it to me. The Medora was going with a fair wind and nearly ran over the serpent.

They passed it within 12 feet, and the serpent lifted its head and part of its body out of the water, and turned round to have a good look at the vessel, but made no movement to attack her.

From the head to the striped part it was nearly black. The striped part of the tail was like that of an eel,, with a fin each side. As far as they could see, the tail part was almost the length of the Medora, so the serpent must have been about 90 feet long.

You can depend upon this story being correct. My son did not want me to send this to the paper, as he says people will only say it is nonsense."

Mr ALEXANDER, agent in advance for Wirth Brothers' Hippodrome, is in Napier making arrangements for a short season. With the exception of the Wirth Brothers and Mr MONTGOMERY all the artists are new to this colony.

Mr A.B. GIBSON, who has been for many years past in the Napier Office of the Government Insurance Department, has been appointed to represent the Colonial Mutual Assurance Society in this district in conjunction with Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, district agents for the society. In losing Mr GIBSON the government will miss the services of a very zealous and efficient officer, to whom we hope the new appointment will mean well deserved advancement.

HBH 1892 May 14 Waipawa

The Ngapairau case broke down unexpectedly owing to the claimant's case being allowed to re-form their case. Consequently the Court adjourned.

A new feature next week, there will be two Land Courts sitting here at the same time. Major SCANNELL will open a Court in the Oddfellow's Court on Monday, for the purpose of clearing off some succession cases, lasting about a week. On the 25th of May he will proceed to Wairarapa to take a re-hearing. Judge O'BRIEN will remain here and go on until his list is finished.

The Waipukurau Debating Society commenced its session the other evening, when officers were elected.

The North Ruataniwha Road Board has had a difficult in procurring a chairman, ultimately Mr J. MATHEWS has been induced to accept it.

Mr A.E.JULL P.G.M. of the Oddfellows in Hawke's Bay gave a very interesting lecture last night at the Abbotsford Lodge, on the signs and emblems of that order, and was accorded a vote of thanks by a full lodge.

HBH 1892 May 14

Waipawa news

Three fine young fellows named Pat and Daniel SULLIVAN and T.ALLEN left here several months ago in search of fortune on the other side. All were in good and permanent employment on the railway staff, but, dazzled by the yarns that reached them, they started for Western Australia

They landed at PERTH, but as work was not plentiful, and the waged only 6d per day more than they had here, while the cost of living was much higher, they determined to try some new goldfields known as the Merchants, 700 miles distant, and carrying swags of 150 lb each to start with, they eventually reached their destination, and found they had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Work was still scarce, the climate fearful, and all felt sick. Dan SULLIVAN was the worst, and so ALLEN hired a trap and pair and started to drive him to the bay, where was the nearest town, 300 miles distant. When about half-way, on the 3rd of April, poor SULLIVAN died, and next day he was buried at the station on the road.

Allen came on and reached PERTH on the 13th, whence he wrote to some friends here. He says "he is still very bad himself due to climatic influences; that it is a poor country, and there is no work to be had in it, and as soon as he can get the passage money, he will make tracks for HAWKE'S BAY again."

It is to be hoped our young men that are discontented will take the lesson to heart and let well alone.

Pat SULLIVAN has got some work as an ordinary labourer for the PERTH Harbor Board, and he wishes that he had stayed here.

Mr J.S.MACKINTOSH of the National Bank is severing his connection with that institution to enter the service of the government Life Insurarance Department as accredited agent in Hawke's Bay. Mr MACKINTOSH is well and favourably known in the district, and has good business ability, so that he should prove a valuable addition to the staff of the department.


The Free Association of Employers and Workmen insert a new list of men wanting employment.

Messrs KIRKCALDIE and STAINS change their advertisement.

Mr D.N.ADAMS makes additions to the list of properties he has for sale.

Mr Frank MOELLER notifies that he will apply at the next licensing meeting at NAPIER for license for the Masonic Hotel and for an extension of the hour for closing till midnight.

Mr William PERRIN notifies that he will apply at the next licensing meeting at NAPIER for license for the Exchange Hotel

Mr Charles Ross THATCHER notifies that at the next licensing meeting he will apply for a license for the Royal Hotel

Mr T.J.BOWES, WAITANGI advertises for the owner of a bay gelding.

The Roseneath property at TARADALE is for sale. Applications to Mr E.LYNDON, NAPIER, W.HILL, TARADALE; Mr A PETERS, WOODVILLE

Mr C. CLARK, KAIKORA, has 500 crossbred lambs for sale.

Henry Richard LOW has been adjudged a bankrupt.

Wairoa County Council

Usual monthly meeting took place on the 7th instant and present were: -

Crs. GRIFFIN (Chairman)

Correspondence from:-

Mr T. M'INTYRE, Nuhaka-wishing to get access to his section.

Mr J.T.LARGE-re amount spent in printing.

Mr W.GILMOUR stating that he would maintain the branch road at Waikari to local satisfaction, or else not hold the Council liable to pay him.

Constable SHAW, stating that he was about to fence off the track across his section at Mohaka, and suggesting that the burnt logs on the track be removed.

MALONE and M'LOUGHNAN contractors Waikaremoana and Mahia roads asking the council not to place them in a false position by having two engineers over them, as two seldom agreed.

Chairman explained that while Mr HALLETT, the clerk of works was away, Mr GARDINER saw that the contract was not being carried out according to specifications

HBH 1892 May 16
Monday-Page Two.

DEATH - CLOSE-On the 13th May, at his residence, Kasby, St Mary's Road, Ponsonby, AUCKLAND. John CLOSE, late of PUKEHU, in his 82nd year.

Page two

There was a loud clanging of the fire-bell at midday, when it transpired that Mr FERGUSSON'S chimney in the main street was badly on fire.

Secretary of the Public Library received from the Minister of Education today a handsomely bound volume entitled "A Manual of New Zealand Entomology, by Mr G.V.HUDSON."
Local news
Page two

On the fourth page - a review of "David Grieve" (Mrs Humphrey WARD'S latest work.)

Down at the Port the south-east gale blowing on Saturday nights and all day yesterday was felt in its full force. The roof of the balcony of the Railway Hotel was blown away, most of it onto the roof of the main building. One of the telegraph poles on the Hyderabad Road was also levelled, and a gang of men were employed yesterday setting it up again. Several large trees were blown almost literally out of the ground.

Since the diversion of the Tutaekuri the water has been close up to the Government cottages, and the inmates find this very uncomfortable, to put it mildly. For several days the water has been up to the steps at the back of the houses.

Residents in and near Hastings will note that tonight Mr Grattan RIGGS, will appear at the Town Hall and he will be supported by Mr Robert L. INMAN and Miss Manda APPLETON, two old favourites, together with a company of fourteen.

The once-boasted "hop gardens of Hastings" are now a thing of the past. The land has been parted with in a number of sections, and speaking in general terms all the bines are grubbed up. The large oust-house stands empty and forlorn-a witness to what has been, but with little promise for the future.

HBH 1892 May 17 All Saints Church Social

The first social gathering this season in connection with All Saints' Church, Taradale, postponed from last Wednesday on account of the weather, was held last night in the schoolroom.

Following ladies and gentlemen contributed towards the evening's enjoyment: -


HBH 1892 May 17 DONNELLY Alice
Page Two-Tuesday


DONNELLY-At the residence of her uncle, James GARDENER, on May 16th, Alice Donnelly, aged 30 years, late of Maghera, County Derry.

The funeral will leave her uncle's residence for St Mary's Church at 2 o'clock tomorrow
(Wednesday) afternoon.
Friends will please accept this intimation.
T.P. FULLER, undertaker.
BIRTH - CRANE-At Tarawera, on April 25th, the wife of J.F. CRANE, of a daughter.

Court yesterday

W.GRIFFITHS charged A.CAMPBELL and A.CAMPBELL charged W.GRIFFITHS with same complaint.

Miss Fraser, till recently second mistress of the Napier Girls' High School, has opened a high-class school for girls at Palmerston North.

Miss Fraser, who was head teacher at Oldenburg House, Christchurch, before coming to Napier, holds honors certificates from Dublin University, and she also obtained one of the scholarships granted its women by Trinity College, Dublin.

Miss Fraser is regarded as particularly strong in modern languages, having resided on the Continent of Europe for more than seven years.

She has successfully prepared girls for matriculation in both Christchurch and Napier.

A new pest is making its appearance among the chrysanthemums in the WANGANUI District. It is of the nature of mildew, and kills all garden flowers and plants when it attacks. There is as yet no known remedy for it. Sir James HECTOR has sent to America for information as the treatment of it, as it is supposed to be an introduction from that country.

CLIVE correspondent reports under yesterday's date:- The great part of the township of CLIVE was under water last night. The Tuki Tuki River broke over its banks during the afternoon, and a great body of water spread over the flats in about the fastest time on record. The water was at its height at about 11 o'clock, and from that time it has been gradually subsiding.


At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

E.FRASER were each fined 1s and costs for keeping unregistered dogs.

Charles MARTIN-for leaving a handcart unattended in a public street after dark, through which a collision occurred-fined ?1 and costs.

Martin ANDERSON fined 10s and costs for getting upon a moving train.


Mr David M'LEOD of ONGA ONGA, when retiring with his sons and daughters from a concert and ball late on Friday evening, met with an accident which at first was supposed to be very serious. It appears that his horse slipped, and he fell over its quarters upon his shoulder, which was dislocated. Dr MIRBACH was sent for and succeeded in replacing the joint in the socket.

Before the local Bench:
Henry WEEDON, charged with being very drunk on Ruataniwaha Road on Saturday night and admitted to bail yesterday morning, failed to appear and his bail was estreated.

Mr A.H.KNOWLES, Manager of the Bank of Australasia here, goes away tomorrow on a three weeks' holiday. Mr HUTCHINSON of your city will fill his place.

TRUDA Brothers

Those who have hear the TRUDA brothers in their talented quartette playing will be glad to learn they have been engaged by the Cinderella ball committee for the opening of their season.

The first rehearsal of Gilbert and Sullivan's opera "Patience" will be held this evening at the Provincial. Those members of the Napier Operatic Society who possess vocal scores of the opera are requested to bring them to the rehearsal.

Te Aute v Paki Paki

The following will represent Te Aute in their match with the Paki Paki Club on Saturday next: -


Social occasion

Next social will be of special interest and will consist of a lantern exhibition with descriptive lecture of STANLEY'S last and greatest exploration in Central Africa. The slides, it is believed, are the only set in New Zealand.

Box plan for the opera season will be opened this morning at 10 o'clock at the music warehouse of Messrs MILNER and THOMPSON.

The prices charged are very moderate, considering the reputation of this company and undoubted talent of the leading artists: -

Mr Charles TURNER
Mr Edward FARLEY
HBH 1892 May 18 Easterbrook and McKain
Page Two


At St Paul's Church, Napier, on May 17th, by the Rev J.G.PATERSON, George Easterbrook of Wainui, to Grace Lavinia, youngest daughter of the late J.H. McKane of Petane.

HBH 1892 May 18 Court plus

Judgment was given for plaintiff at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday in the following two civil cases. Mr TURNBULL R.M. presiding: -




Messrs STEVENS and GORTON have for sale PARTRIDGE'S carrying and livery stable business, opposite the railway station, Palmerston North.

Messrs P.A.HERMAN and Co:
At Taradale make changes to their stock sale
At West Clive selling the estate of William ORR

A general servant is wanted by Mrs Thomas SIDEY, Napier Terrace, Milton Road (Napier)

Miss PAGE'S studio will re-open for classes on the 28th instant.

WAIROA County Council inserts a schedule of tolls payable at the Waihua Ferry on the Napier-Taupo Road.

Meeting of creditors in the estate of J.C.RANKIN will be held at the Court house next Friday morning.

Tenders are invited by the Hawke's Bay County Council for road formation and bridge work.

The Annual general meeting of the Hawke's Bay Farmers' Co-operative Association will be held on the 9th June in the rooms of the Agricultural and Pastoral society.

H B Education Board
Page 4

Tuesday May 17

Hon J.D.ORMOND M.L.C. -Chairman
Captain RUSSELL M.H.R.

Correspondence from:
Heretaunga stating that the inspector had recommended a monitor, and that C.READE had been appointed.

Ormondville, relative to a complaint by Miss KUHTZE, who had failed in her examination owing, as she alleged, to the master allowing too short a time for a certain paper.

Mr HEBBERLEY, Tarawera, objecting to the school house being let to Mr CRANE

Tiniroto, asking that a whare be erected for Maori children attending the school.

Appointment of Miss MATTHEWS, of AUCKLAND at the Napier High School, on condition that she accepted at once, and undertook to be in NAPIER one week before the school opens of May 31st.

Flags were generally at half mast at the port yesterday in sympathy with Captain PETERSEN, of the s.s. FANNY, whose daughter died early in the day.

PETERSEN-At Onepoto Gully on May 16th, Louisa, daughter of P. and Lena Petersen, Aged 15 years.

The funeral will leave her patent's residence today at 3 p.m. Friends will please accept this intimation.

Napier Harbour Board meeting at 2 o'clock
Tuesday May 17

Present: -


St Andrews Spit.

A vocal and instrumental concert in aid of the funds of St. Andrew's Spit will be held in St. Andrew's Hall this evening.

The following 20 ladies and gentlemen have promised to take part: -


WIRTH Brothers

At PALMERSTON North WIRTH Brothers gave a performance in aid of the hospital there, giving half the profits the sum of ?28 16s 6d, and was handed over to the hospital authorities. This earns Government subsidy and the total addition to the hospital revenue is over ?60.

The Rev. Edward WALKER, lecturer and organiser under the Alliance for the Suppression of the Liquor traffic, will address a public meeting tonight in the Presbyterian schoolroom. The bishop of Waiapu will occupy the chair.

HBH 1892 May 19
Thursday-Page Two


BRICKELL-At Napier 18th May, the wife of George Brickell, of a daughter


CHISSELL-At Sydney, on May 7th, 1892, of heart disease, brought on by rheumatic fever. William J. Chissell, correspondence clerk of Mines Department, Sydney, and eldest son of William and Maria Chissell, of Poplar House, Emerson Street, Napier, NEW ZEALAND, aged 29 years. Deeply regretted.

BRICKELL-At Napier 18th May, the infant daughter of George Brickell and A. Brickell

local news
Thursday-Page Two

Tenders are invited by the Wairoa County Council for the lease of the tolls for the Wairoa Bridge, Te Kapu Ferry, Mohaka Ferry, and Waihua bridge.

Two pick and shovel men wanted by Mr Frank JONES, agent for Wirth's Circus, Clarendon Hotel.

Furniture and effects etc, on the premises of Mr D. HYDEN, Battery Toad

Property at Hastings in the estate of the late John DIXON.


Hawke's Bay is an unknown land to nearly all the residents in the colony. That is to say, they know Hawke's Bay has a place on the map, and that it thus fills in what otherwise be a gap between Auckland and Wellington, but that is all.

If asked to venture an idea as to what sort of place it was, they would probably reply that there were a good many sheep in it, and that all the land was in occupation of a few unscrupulous men who "conveyed" it in the early times at the rate of a gill of rum or a few pounds of sugar per acre. In a word, and to avoid prolixity, what Hawke's Bay has been, is, and is capable of, are known to but very few persons beyond those who reside within its borders and have taken the trouble to find out a little about the district which provides them with a livelihood.

The principal cause of the ignorance about Hawke's Bay is due to what is dignified with in the name of politics, but which when translated properly has but one equivalent-sheer and inexcusable falsehood.

There is no part of New Zealand that has been so persistently lied about by political adventurers, and in consequence, whenever some daring traveller comes along and gets a glimmer of the truth, or whenever a brief fact relating to the district is telegraphed away, the general chorus is, "Dear me, how surprising! We thought it was quite different."

The curious part of the affair is that although surprises are so frequent, and that they therefore ought to have so ensured the permanence of something like truthful idea of the district, the absurd lying that does duty for political argument is so persistent that the facts have little chance except with very thoughtful people.

When a traveller comes here-nay, when ever Sir Robert STOUT comes here, after an absence of two or three years-and has to confess that there is no town in the Colony which has progressed as NAPIER haws, great is the wonder thereat. When our buildings, our well-kept streets, our esplanade, breakwater, sewerage system, water supply, &c., are pointed out to a visitor, as a rule he dreamily confesses that he almost expected to see NAPIER a sheep run. He has assimilated some the gross fables invented by residents who have no fear of what is predicted for those who foul their own nests, and is immensely surprised to find it otherwise than he has been led to imagine.

When our exports get yearly into the southern papers there is just the same professed astonishment. That NAPIER should export more than AUCKLAND or DUNEDIN, and stand next to LYTTELTON in that respect that indeed is wonderful. And so it would be if the falsehoods so unblushingly told were not falsehoods, but as the facts are our progress is just the result of our well-directed energy. Even the falsehoods about this being -re-eminently a district of immense properties, from which "waving fields and happy homesteads" are excluded, in the interests of wealth monopolists, are the most baseless of them all.

That there are some large properties very profitably worked, and upon which vast sums have been spent in the way of improvements, is true enough, but it is also true that we have a larger proportion of small farmers to the population than Wellington, Canterbury, or Otago. Take two of the districts on the plains, Clive and Havelock, popularly supposed to be in the possession of about half a dozen individuals, and what do we find?

First, that in those two Districts alone, the government allows that improvements to the value of ?262,622 have been made, ?106,427 in Clive, and ?156.195 in Havelock. Further that the district is so cut up, that one out of 271 properties in the Clive district; only 24 are large enough to pay any taxation at all under the land Tax, and of that 24 only nine come under the graduated tax. Of the 193 properties only 32 are large enough to pay taxation, and of those only 14 pay graduated tax.
That is rather different from the standing literary dish, served up "hot" for ignore-amuses, of "The whole province a sheepwalk for the profit of a few grasping Monopolists." But it is the truth, as shown by the figures from the government assessment. In Heretaunga the proportion of improvements is higher, and the whole district, indeed, leaving out the hills, will show a proportion of small and moderately large holdings that will compare with any other part of the colony except Taranaki and Canterbury.

The Government Taxation proposals will at least serve one good purpose-they will enable people who wish to find out what Hawke's Bay is like to get at the truth.

HBH 1892 May 20 LYONS

Resident Magistrate's Court

Joseph LYONS, well known to the police and an absconder from his bail on a charge of larceny and fraud by misrepresentation

R M Court

A loafer named Robert THOMPSON got off lightly at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, when Messrs W.R.BLYTHE and F.SUTTON J.P'S sat to hear two information's against him.

First charge-he appears to have been caught stealing or in the act of in the yard attached to Mr W.M.NEWMAN'S house in the Milton Road, and cleared out pretty quickly.

Charge Two-Later that night he was found sleeping in an unlet house higher up Milton Road, and was arrested and charged with being illegally on the premises.

The Bench sentenced defendant to seven days' hard labor on each charge, the sentences to run concurrently, so that he gets just a week in durance.

Caledonian Football Team

The following will represent the Caledonian Football club in their match against PAKI PAKI: -



The many friends of Mr William CHISSELL, who, about seven years ago left NAPIER for SYDNEY, will be sorry to hear that has died there at the age of 29, leaving a wife and three children.

He was the eldest son of Mr CHISSELL, of Poplar House, and when in Napier was for some time clerk in Messrs SAINSBURY and LOGAN'S office. Whilst there he acquired a good knowledge of shorthand, and upon reaching Sydney that acquirement enabled him to obtain a position in the New south Wales Mines Department, which he entered as clerk.

He gradually rose till he was head of the clerical staff, a position he occupied at the time his last illness incapacitated him/

He caught influenza at the end of last winter, and his whole system appeared to become poisoned by it, as he was never thoroughly strong again, and ailment followed ailment, until at length a rheumatic fever set in. This caused heart trouble and ultimately death.

The Waste Lands Board met yesterday and present: -
The Chief Commissioner-Mr T. HUMPHRIES

Following applications for land were received: -

For Cash:

L.W.AMUNDSEN, section 3, block 5 Norsewood Village
J.S. DODSHUN, section 4, block 8, Section ,1, block 11, section 3, block 12, Hikurangi.

On Perpetual Lease:

J.HEGARTY, section 4, block 11, Nuhaka North
F.TANSEY, section 5, block 16, Woodville.
J.A.DANIELSON, section 6, block 15, Woodville
F.W. WITHEROW, block 17, Woodville.
G.LOVEDAY, section 3, block 17, Woodville.
Thomas PHILIP and M. CLARK, section 4, block 17, Woodville.

Havelock Football Club
Page 4 Football teams

The following will do battle for the Havelock Football Club in the match with the Hastings Athletic Football Club tomorrow: -



Following will represent PAKI PAKI Club in their match with Te AUTE on Saturday:



The following will be the PAKI PAKI second fifteen to play against the CALEDONIANS:


Rugby Referees appointed

The management committee of the Rugby Union has appointed the following referees for Saturday's matches: -


Page 4 Waipukurau Mutual

Waipukurau Mutual Improvement Society met on Tuesday night and opened the session with a social.

Mr P.BARRIE, vice-chairman presided.

Readings were given by:

The Misses DROVER and PUTMAN and Messrs FERNLEY and THOMPSON contributed vocal pieces, and Mrs KNIPE not only accompanied them but gave two instrumental pieces.

Several new members joined
Hawke's Bay Herald 1892 May 21 BURDETT

The following telegram from Auckland published in the Wellington papers of last Thursday: -

A well known recipient of charitable aid, Sir Charles BURDETT, Bart., who for the past two years has been an inmate of the Costley Home for the Aged Poor, died at that institution on Tuesday night.

Deceased was the seventh Baronet of Benthwaite. He was formerly a lieutenant in the 54th foot, and afterwards in the Second Staffordshire Militia.

About 30 years ago he came to New Zealand, and fought in the Waikato War.
WARD F W ex NZ to Aus and London

Mr F.W.WARD, brother of Judge WARD of the Native Land Court, and of the Rev. C. WARD of WELLINGTON, who for some years filled the editorial chair of the SYDNEY TELEGRAPH, and latterly acted as LONDON representative of the Melbourne Age, has been appointed a leader writer on the staff of the London Times, AT A SALARY OF ?1,000 a year.

This is one of the most coveted appointments in the LONDON journalistic world. Mr WARD is a native of New Zealand

HBH 1892 May 21 Board of Reviewers
Waipawa-May 20, 1892

Following is the conclusion of the business done at the Court of Reviewers.

In giving his valuation of WOBURN Estate Mr FitzROY said it might be made to carry 15,000 more sheep, not 3000 as stated. He calculated the profit for last year after deducting all charges for rates, taxes, and maintenance and ?9644, which capitalised at 7 per cent made a capital value of ?137,000.

TAKAPAU Road District

Sydney JOHNSTON, by Mr WARREN, objected to the valuation of ?63,950 for 16,388 acres at ?3 18s 6d, was excessive. There were 7214 acres surface sown, 4744 acres ploughed, and the balance in native grass unimproved, 85 ? miles fencing, and 25,000 sheep were shorn last year-Valuation sustained.

DANEVIRKE Road District
Hawke's Bay Timber Company-Mr JENSEN objected to lessees' interest in 16,900 acres being assessed at ?2800. He said there was no lease in existence-Case adjourned to Woodville.


W. RATHBONE objected to a valuation of ?4 per acre-Valuation sustained.
Same. Sixty acres, valued at ?420-Reduced to ?274.
Same. Lessee's interest, valued at ?200. Reduced to ?100.

NORSEWOOD Road District
W.RATHBONE. Re PIRI PIRI block, 7870 acres at ?1 5s an acre. Valuation sustained and lessee's interest accessed at 10s per acre, fixed at ?3935

R.HARDING, ?135 reduced to ?100.

WAIPAWA Town District

J.BRITTEN objected
? TAGGART-Valuation sustained 73 acres.
M.FLYNN-Reduced by consent by ?20 leaving value ?50, improvements ?35

W.RATHBONE, Abbortsford run, 6571 acres, valued at ?39, 426; reduced by consent to ?36,140, improvements ?8110, unimproved value ?28, 130.

Mr B.B.JOHNSON mentioned two sections at HAMPDEN charged to Mr RATHBONE in error, but the Board had no objection to them, and could not do anything in this case.

A.ROOD, HAMPDEN, unimproved and full value reduced by ?20, improvements ?350.
J.G.BUCHANAN-valuation fixed at ?400, improvements ?280.

Honora LAWRY, HAMPDEN valuation ?90, improvements ?80; to be put on roll by consent.

The Board then adjourned to Wednesday and will open at WOODVILLE on Saturday morning.

Court Civil Cases

Hastings R.M.Court-Friday 20.-Before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

Wareto ROUTO v HOLLIS-Case was in regard to a wagering contract .........more

Last week Mr NEAL of Messrs NEAL and CLOSE, lost a brother, and Mr CLOSE lost his father.

THE N.Z. HERALD of Tuesday thus records their funerals: -

The funeral of the late Mr Robert NEAL, of Epsom, was largely attended on Saturday, the interment being in the new cemetery, ONEHUNGA.

There were over 20 mourning carriages in the cortege. The deceased had been a prominent temperance worker, and the New Zealand Alliance was represented by: -

Sir William FOX
The funeral of the late Mr CLOSE, of PONSONBY, another old colonist, took place yesterday at Symond-street, and a goodly number paid the last tribute of respect by following his remains to the grave.

Leap Year Ball Taradale

The Leap Year Ball given on Thursday night by the young ladies of TARADALE proved a great success, and nearly 50 couples were attracted to the Oddfellow's Hall.

Committee of management consisted of:


All the arrangements were carried out well, and the dancing was kept up till an early hour yesterday morning.


Mr F.T.R. JOHNSON, of the postal staff, who has been transferred to Wellington, was yesterday afternoon presented with an elegant gold locket subscribed for by the officers of the Napier postal and telegraph department as a token of their esteem and regard.

The presentation was made by the Chief Postmaster, Mr S.J. JAGO, who expressed to Mr JOHNSON the regret that was felt in the office generally at his departure, and the hope entertained that they would meet again.

Mr JOHNSON thanked Mr JAGO, and the officers of the department for their manifestation of goodwill, and hoped he would find in Wellington as jolly good fellows as he had met in the Napier office.

Unemployed to Gisborne

The Government have arranged to send up to GISBORNE by the s.s. Australia, 26 of the "unemployed." When the vessel reached NAPIER some of these men got ashore, and at once proceed to make themselves a nuisance. One party of four, which included a gentleman who boasted, with many "red" words, that he had been a labor member by the New South Wales Parliament, entered MAYO'S Empire Hotel and demanded to be supplied with four pints of beer "on strap." i.e. without payment.

They were told to clear out,, and after some time did so. Then one of them buttoned Father GROGAN, and subjected him to various annoyances and the hearing of expletives, while two of them go fighting. These two were soon interviewed by a policeman, and after a struggle they were taken to the lock-up.
Wesleyan Literary Association

Rev. G.W.J.SPENCE, the new president of the Wesleyan Literary Association wishes to make the evenings of the session attractive and profitable to all and young men are specially invited to meet at the Clive Square schoolroom on Monday Evening at 8.30

HBH 1892 May 23 John T MATSON

A Christchurch paper says: - "One of the black swans presented to the city by Mr John. T. MATSON, is now sitting on four or five eggs on the city council's river reserve....more.." and then if our Canterbury friends are wise they will slit their throats and crack the eggs.

Campbell and Crust
N Z Express Co

The New Zealand Express Company (CAMPBELL and CRUST) announce in our columns that under the supervision of Mr A. CRUST, the senior partner of the firm, they have opened a branch of their express, forwarding, and general carrying business in AUCKLAND.

The firm of Campbell and Crust commenced their carrying business in DUNEDIN 25 years ago, and about 15 years since added the express forwarding branch to it, appointing agents in all the principal centres in the Colony and abroad. As the business increased they opened further branches.

Caledonian Football Club

Following will represent the Club in their match against the Athletic Club's team at Hastings tomorrow: -


Emergencies: -

SHERLOCK-On May 14th at 93 Kingsley Street, Sydenham, CHRISTCHURCH, the wife of Arthur Sherlock of a daughter.

At the R M Court on Saturday, before Mr TURNBULL R.M

A man known as Thomas MILLER, and not unknown to the Police, was fined ?1 and costs for drunkenness. Alternative was seven days' hard labor, and this was accepted.

Unemployed in Court

The brace of "unemployed" whose riotous proceedings on Friday were referred to in our last issue were on Saturday brought before Mr TURNBULL R.M.,

Their names were William THOMAS and Thomas RYAN.

The pair were charged with being drunk and disorderly and were each fined ?1 and costs, or in default 14 days' hard labor.

RYAN was then charged with resisting arrest by the police and sentenced to three months' hard labor, and for destroying the constable's tunic fined ?1 and ordered to pay the amount of damage done ?2, in default two months' hard labor, the sentences to be cumulative.
HBH 1892 May 23 Wirth's Circus

Wirth's Circus attracted large audiences at both performances on Saturday, the matinee in the afternoon being very successful, while in the evening the huge tent was packed with a dense crowed who testified their approbation of the excellence of the bill of fare provided by frequent and hearty applause.

The equestrian performances of Master Carl WIRTH and Miss Madeline WIRTH were excellent exhibitions.

The grand statue on horseback by Mr P. MONTGOMERY and Miss Marizles WIRTH was one of the best performances of the kind ever shown in any circus and drew thunders of applause, while Mr G. and Miss Madeline WIRTH also gave a good double act.

Horizontal bar performance of the MURRAY brothers was exceedingly good.

Nothing better shown in NAPIER than the exhibition of the double trapeze by the VALAZIE brothers.

Capital exhibitions of the trick horses and ponies and first class balancing feat by Mr H. BENHAM on a high pedestal of chairs was much appreciated. The many other amusing and excellent items on the programme are too numerous too particularise. This afternoon there will be a grand street parade of the company headed by the ban.
Page two-Monday

HBH 1892 May 24


WEAVER_On Friday, the 20th instant at CLIVE, the infant son of Alfred and Elizabeth Weaver.

Charge against Benjamin SKELTON for wilfully attempting to set fire to the Crown Hotel, Norsewood, by means of phosphorus, is to be heard Wednesday next at Ormondville. It has been discovered that the phosphorus was purchased at MOORE'S in Waipawa, and some curious developments are expected.

Pine PANE and a number of other natives who are interested in the Waikopiro block arrived at Ormondville from Waipawa, bringing with them considerable stores, wire and staples. They stated that they had six months work before them in fencing off their portions, adjoining Mr RATHBONE'S station at TURERERE. When told that some of the land they were going to fence belonged to Mr RATHBONE, they said it was only a piece of paper and they would soon drive him and his sheep off.

At the R M Court yesterday before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

James COOK pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness and was dismissed with a caution on paying one shilling, the cost of his ride to the lock-up in a cab.

Patrick CLEARKIN for a similar offence was fined 5s and costs.

William GRIFFITHS for tethering a horse on unfenced land was fined 5s and costs, with solicitor's fees 10s 6d. Sir W. WASTENEYS appeared for GRIFFITHS and Mr CARNELL for the ranger.

Improved hoof-clipper

Hastings Correspondent writes under yesterday's date: -

An improved sheep hoof-clipper, of which Mr Hugh M?LEAN of this borough is the patentee, has been shown to me.

It was made to his order by Messrs SPEAR and JACKSON, of Sheffield.

The improvements consist in hollowing out the back of the broad blade, bevelling off the back of the narrow blade, and rounding off the shoulder of the lever to which the broad blade is affixed.

The results of these modifications are that the clipper can be more easily manipulated and turned in the sheep's hoof, thereby getting more to the root of the malady, and that the excised portions are readily thrown off by the rounded shoulder, so that a considerable saving of time and labor is effected.

Mr Thomas CARROLL has had one in use at the Hurumua station, WAIROA, and found it greatly superior to the old form of clipper. It was also tested in Poverty Bay by Mr Ewen CAMERON with highly satisfactory results.

W.DINWIDDIE, barrister and solicitor, who for several years has been in partnership with Mr D. GUY, announces that the partnership has been dissolved by mutual consent, and that he has commenced business on his own account in those offices in LYNDON'S buildings lately in the occupation of the south British Insurance Company.


The KURIPAPANGA coach met with a serious accident in the PUKETAPU cutting yesterday. At a spot where the road runs some 30 feet up the side of the hill the coach was met by a wool-waggon coming towards NAPIER. The coachman, who had his horses well in hand, pulled up, but suddenly one of the leaders shied at the wagon, the other horses pranced restively, and the coach was precipitated down the steep side of the cutting.

There were several passengers in the coach, but all with the exception of two escaped with a shaking. The unfortunates were Mr A.J.COTTERILL, solicitor, whose right wrist was sprained, and Miss QUILTER, who sustained a fracture of one of the small bones in her right ankle.

The injured persons were taken to town, but the other passengers were taken on their journey by one of Mr RYMER'S coaches.

The coach which went over the cutting was completely smashed. No blame attaches to the driver.
HBH 1892 May 25 Waipawa News
Yesterday's date:

The adopted son of Mr George HENSON, of Papatoi, went out shooting in the bush on Sunday afternoon, but did not return. Today a search party consisting of 40 persons, accompanied by Constable SIDDLES, went out and scoured the bush, but when the last train passed this afternoon there was no trace of the boy. He is 13 or 14 years old, and has always resided in the bush, which causes his friends to believe that some accident has befallen him.

I had occasion to visit Danevirke today, and I participated in the pleasure experienced by the residents at having to go half a mile round by the now legal road, instead of reaching the place which I wanted to go in about 100 yards. If I had to go often I should join in the subscription towards enabling the Railway commission to erect a bridge over the line. Upwards of ?50 has already been raised towards the ?80 required.

The new cattle yards At Makotuku are completed and ready for use. They are of a most substantial character.

Mrs BARRY gives up possession of the Beaconsfield Hotel tomorrow, and will return to AUCKLAND.

The customary Queen's Birthday parade of the Garrison Band and corps was held yesterday morning in Clive Square. In the absence of Major WOOD (away at Gisborne to inspect the Volunteers there), Major BLYTHE acted as Inspecting Officer.

Captain CHICKEN was in command of the parade, the Navals being in charge of Captain SMITH, the rifles of Lieutenant SWAN, and the F BATTERY of Artillery under Captain M'CARTNEY.

Lieutenant STUBBS acted as right Major, Sergeant Major HUDDLESTONE as Adjutant, and Quartermaster Sergeant TEYCHAUNE as Sergeant-Major.

There was a splendid muster of all companies, there being with the band nearly 200 on parade. The royal salute of 21 guns and the feu de joie were fired, three hearty cheers being then given for the Queen. Subsequently the companies were formed up in a hollow square, and Major BLYTHE, in a neat and appropriate speech, presented a long service medal to Captain CHICKEN, who suitably responded.

The men were marched to the marine Parade for dismissal.

The Young Men's Christian Association gave a tea and entertainment in the Gaiety Theatre last evening in connection with their annual meeting. There was a very large attendance, the visitors being accommodated at eight tables, presided over by: -



Annual report was read by Secretary, Mr H.A.MOSSMAN who reported:

Considerable progress in the past year with membership having increased from 96 to 123.

Loss of their former president and Secretary Mr J.H.TODD and Mr J.D.RUSSELL.

Treasurer, Mr G. KELLY read the statement of accounts.

Addresses by the president of the Association Mr Alex. MARTIN, Dean of Waiapu and

Song by: Mrs PRIME and Miss GRIBBLE

Accompaniments were played by Mrs PRIME, Miss MARTIN, Mr.S MAYSON.

HBH 1892 May 26

The settlers of Wairoa county will be glad to learn that Mr John COUPER, of Frasertown, has purchased the s.s. Lily, a splendid little boat especially adapted for the Frasertown, Napier, and Mohaka trade and she is expected to be in commission on the 20th June, with reduced freights.

The Hawke's Bay Farmers Co-operative Association has been appointed agents.

***NB Specification of boat and description of not included by me in this transcription-Elaine

Mr G.HENSON'S boy was found last night near the old Railway Hotel, NORSEWOOD, main road by Mr PEERS, a shepherd, who took him in, fed him tenderly, and put him to bed. The little fellow was nearer dead than alive, but is now all right again.

A well-attended meeting was held in the Settlers Hotel this afternoon to consider the advisableness of forming a Hunt Club in the district.

Among those present were: -

Messrs H.H.BRIDGE (Chair)


Mr B.B.JOHNSON explained why the meeting was called. Mr BRIDGE stated what the probable cost of a pack of hounds would be.

It was resolved after a motion by Mr J.B.RHODES and Mr H. MASON be requested to hunt with his pack, with the support of the club, and that a committee consisting of Messrs RHODES, E.WHITE, and MACKAY interview Mr MASON and the report to be made to a further meeting. Mr J.F. WELLS, master of the Danevirke Club, explained that he could get the Wellington hounds one day for ?18, or on three days for ?50......more...and the first meet will be on Mr BRIDGE'S estate on the 9th of June.

Birth DAVIS-At Innismore, WANSTEAD, on May 23rd, the wife of D.E.DAVIS of a son.

From a private letter just received from Captain BURTON, of the Jessie Readman, we learn that he arrived in dock on the 1st April, having been 114 days out from NAPIER.

His voyage home was uneventful, but he fell in heavy weather in latitude 25 degrees north, and had the misfortune to lose some of his spars, which caused him considerable delay.

He was 14 days beating up the English Channel, but arrived in time to have his wool included in the April wool sales.

At the date of writing he was preparing to go to GLASGOW to load for NEW ZEALAND, the port not definitely fixed, but he hoped it would be NAPIER. It was probable that he would bring Mrs BURTON with him.

Miss MATTHEWS, LL.A, the newly appointed head-mistress of the NAPIER Girl's High School has arrived in NAPIER and commenced her duties.

Farmers and others interested will no doubt note that the whole of the farming stock and implements in Mr W. ORR'S estate will be sold today at the farm, West Clive, by Messrs P.A.HERMAN and Co.

Received from Messrs MOFFATT and PAIGE; the well known publishers of educational works, two specimens from their school series. One is a "History Reader," for teaching history by means of interesting chapters arranged as class reading books, and the other is entitled "Short Stories," and designed for fifth standard scholars. It is in plan somewhat like the well known "Percy Anecdotes," and consists of short narratives selected by Mr J.M. LAIRD, M.A., with a view to assist teachers in setting lessons for composition. Such a book is wanted in the New Zealand schools.
HBH 1892 May 27 Waipawa court plus

The man Benjamin SKELTON, charged with arson at the Crown Hotel, Norsewood, was brought before Messrs GROOM and ERICKSEN, Justices of the Peace and committed for trial at Ormondville yesterday
Mr B.B.JOHNSON held the most successful stock sale he had ever had in Waipawa yesterday, when there was a large attendance of buyers; 110 head of cattle were yarded, besides 15 horses. Following were the prices....more

The Waipukurau Mutual Improvement Society held another of their successful social meetings last evening, when about 40 members and friends attended.

Mr CHAMBERS took the chair, and submitted an excellent programme, the following ladies and gentlemen taking part: -

The Misses JONES

T the conclusion of the practice "Sharp Practice" was indulged in on the evergreen subject, "Should Women Vote?"

Messrs KNIPE, BARRIE, COOK, HOLLAND, DOWNES, Le COCQ, and CHAMBERS took part in the discussion, which resulted in a vote in the affirmative.

The proposal of new members and the usual courtesy to the chairman closed the proceedings.

Next Tuesday Mrs KNIPE will give a paper on "The French Revolution".

HBH 1892 May 27

A dog-cart and a dray came into collision in Clive Square about 7.30 last evening.

The cart belongs to Mr BOYD, fisherman, and was being driven towards the Spit by a lad. Mrs BOYD and a baby were also in the cart.

The Waipukurau Mutual Improvement Society held another of their successful social meetings last evening, when about 40 members and friends attended.

Mr CHAMBERS took the chair, and submitted an excellent programme, the following ladies and gentlemen taking part: -

The Misses JONES

T the conclusion of the practice "Sharp Practice" was indulged in on the evergreen subject, "Should Women Vote?"

Messrs KNIPE, BARRIE, COOK, HOLLAND, DOWNES, Le COCQ, and CHAMBERS took part in the discussion, which resulted in a vote in the affirmative.

The proposal of new members and the usual courtesy to the chairman closed the proceedings.

Next Tuesday Mrs KNIPE will give a paper on "The French Revolution".

We are asked to say that the remains of the late chief Paora KAIWHATU will be buried today at 2 p.m., at Moteo.
The finder of a chestnut horse described in the advertisement will receive £1 reward
Reward on returning the animal to Hemi NUKA, MOTEO.

Mr W. DENHOLM, Port, NAPIER, wants a dairy of good butter.

Cook and a baker want a situation. Applicants to H.SMITH, Star Hotel

HBH 1892 May 28 John TODD


A man named John TODD was brought before Mr S JOHNSON yesterday and Dr. von MIRBACH, justices today-charged with being an idle and disorderly person. The prisoner came here several days ago. He had been drinking and spent all his money and all he could get besides, and slept at nights in outhouses and the like on private property.

He pleaded guilty, but declared that he would leave town at once if allowed to go free, and that he had never been before a Court previously. The court recorded a conviction and ordered him to come up for judgment when called upon.
Page 4


Mr E.SAYERS, honorary secretary to the Napier Dramatic Association, which recently produced "The Guv'nor" in aid of the Athenaeum and the bicycle Club, has received a letter from Mr A.LEVI, secretary of the Wanderers' Bicycle Club as follows: -

" In acknowledging the receipt of your letter conveying cheque for ?25, I am instructed by my committee to tender the best thanks of the Bicycle Club to you in your untiring efforts, which resulted so satisfactorily in every way.

I am also to ask you to forward or convey to the ladies and gentlemen who assisted you so ably the heartiest thanks of the club. We have entered your name on the books of the society as a life member and trust to see your face at some of our club runs and meetings.

Once more thanking you for the handsome amount enclosed for us.- I am, &c."

The finder of a chestnut horse described in the advertisement will receive ?1 reward
Reward on returning the animal to Hemi NUKA, MOTEO.

Mr W. DENHOLM, Port, NAPIER, wants a dairy of good butter.

Cook and a baker want a situation. Applicants to H.SMITH, Star Hotel
Saturday-page two


ELLERY-On May 21st at Picton, the wife of Thomas Ellery, of a daughter.

At the last meeting of the Port School committee the need of planting the school grounds with shelter and ornamental trees was discussed, and one of the committee, Mr. G.PLEASTED, was appointed to wait on Mr H.S.TIFFEN and ask him for a supply of young trees suitable for that purpose. Mr TIFFEN at once willingly agreed to provide what was required, and the Port school committee desire to thank him for his prompt and generous gift.
Hamiora Mangakahia Est

A first and final dividend on 2s 2d in the ?1 in the estate of Hamiora MANGAKAHIA
Is payable at the office of Mr J.F. JARDINE, Deputy Official Assignee.

The Mohaka Crossing

Sir-There appeared recently in the local paper a paragraph stating that I had experienced inconvenience and loss whilst crossing over the Mohaka river.

This produced a letter signed "F. ROSS" in the next issue, and I replied to it. The editor suppressed the greater part of my letter, the reason given being that both sides of the paper were written on.

What I said in that letter I will with your permission say now, namely, that I made no formal complaint, but that my remarks on the subject formed part of a private conversation at the station of the owner of the sheep, the conversation being heard by the editor of the local paper. Publicity having been given to Mr. ROSS'S letter it is only fair that the same liberty should have been given to me, particularly as my name was fully used in the first instance without my consent.

I am, &c.,

Wairoa, May 24, 1892.

HBH 1892 May 29



The following account of DEEMING'S execution is culled from the Hobart Mercury;-

At 10 o'clock this morning WILLIAMS, alias DEEMING, paid the last penalty for the crime he committed. The day was dull and bleak, making the surroundings gruesome. There were a large number of Pressmen present, representing news-papers in all parts of the world.

The convict bore up well to the end. He was awake some time during the night until early morning, but he afterwards fell asleep and was aroused at 7 o'clock to have his irons struck off. The Rev. Mr. SCOTT, the gaol chaplain, having been taken ill last- night, the assistant chaplain and the Rev. Mr FORBES attended the condemned man in his last hours. At 10 o'clock the Sheriff presented his warrant to the governor of the gaol, and demanded the body of Albert WILLIAMS, who had been sentenced to death for the murder of his wife at WINDSOR in December last.

WILLIAMS was then brought out and led to the drop walking with a firm step, but evidently very nervous. No time was lost in adjusting the noose, and the Sheriff having asked him if he had anything to say or any statement to make, the convict replied, "No, sir, Lord, receive my spirit." The assistant chaplain then commenced reading the burial service, and when he came to the words, "Man hath but a short time to live," there was a click as the bolt was drawn, and the final act in the Windsor tragedy was completed, death being instantaneous.

Subsequently an Inquest was held and the usual verdict was returned, that the convict had been duly executed according to law. A large crowd had assembled outside the gaol, and gave brutal cheers on the news being received that the execution had been carried into effect.

The prospect of the gallows appeared to have broken the condemned man down towards the end. His rest during the night was fitful and disturbed, but he fell into a heavy slumber early in the morning and ate a fair breakfast. Shortly afterwards the two clergymen attended him, praying and reading with him prior to the hangmen entering the cell to pinion him, he was then on his knees weeping bitterly, and in prayer he exclaimed "Oh, Lord, forgive me for having despatched my wife and children without warning." This is considered an admission that he murdered his wife end children at RAINHILL. The gaol chaplain has made a statement to the effect that he could not make out whether the prisoner was a splendid actor or the subject of a diseased brain, but inclined to the latter conclusion.

Only twice did the condemned man show any signs of emotion-once when telling how he killed Emily MATHER, and once upon rising from prayer. The Rev. Mr SCOTT has read every line of the autobiography the condemned man had written, which is full of filth and fantastic imaginings, and cannot see the light of day until it has been rewritten, and which can be only done in such a way as would destroy all its originality.

DEEMING'S last letter was written on Saturday (May 21st), addressed to the Rev. H. SCOTT, and begged to tender him sincere thanks for the reverend gentleman's past kindness to him, and expressed a hope that he had always shown himself attentive to the reverend gentleman's teaching.

The prisoner continues in his letter: -

"I die a fully penitent sinner and a Christian, and I still tell you, as I always have, that I did not Intend to kill my poor Emily, nor did I know myself at the time that I did it, and I can only look on my execution as a murder."

The body was burled inside the walls of the gaol at dusk in the evening, in what Is known as the old men's yard, near the bodies of other notorious criminals. A cast of DEEMING'S head and face was taken by a phrenologist.

Saturday's date says: -

This morning Mr YOUNG showed me the leg bone of a man, which he had found yesterday when ploughing Mr RATHBONE'S land on the left side of the Hampden Road, near the roadman's whare, on limestone land.

Fire brigade held a general meeting after practice with Captain JULL presiding.
Correspondence received from the New Zealand Brigade Association, enclosing a subscription list in aid of Fireman AHERNE, of NEW PLYMOUTH, asking the brigade to contribute.

Fireman INGS asked the brigade to transfer him to the NAPIER Brigade and dates showing how long INGS had been connected to the Fire Brigade to be forwarded to NAPIER.

Annual Ball to be held on 17th June and the following gentlemen were requested to allow their names to be placed on the committee: -


The Waipukurau Road Board met yesterday when Mr A.JONES was elected chairman.

Waipawa Football Club met last night.

Mr H. RATHBONE (Captain) presided.
The Captain, Secretary, and Dr. GODFRAY to be the match committee.

HBH 1892 May 30

On the fourth page will be found correspondence, sporting news, a report of all the football matches played on the Recreation Ground on Saturday, and a telegraphed account of the execution of DEEMING, and our Hastings correspondent's letter.

The MONTAGUE, TURNER Opera Company left for WELLINGTON yesterday by the Waihora. Mr H.CROSS, the gentlemanly manager of the company, in departing takes with him the good wishes of all with whom he had to do business. Mr CROSS can always depend upon a welcome at NAPIER.

Mr Rees WATKINS, well-known for so many years as guard of the Napier railway, leaves town this week for the Makaretu district where he has taken up land.

His many friends, who regret ill-health has force him to sever his connection with the railway, will him every success in his new sphere.

His household property will be sold by auction today, on the premises, Carlyle Street.

Page Four
Advertisement No 52

LICENSES to Sell Game have been issued to the following persons:

Messrs Conroy and Co.
Alfred Pilcher
J. Higgins,
W. F. Cross
Joseph Baines
Harry Bennett
Mr G.SOUTH, a prominent member of the Napier Bowling Club, and winner of Dr. de LISLE'S trophy, is about to leave the district.

Nelson Bros
Re Piracy

Messrs NELSON, MOATE and Co. inform us that they have had considerable trouble with regard to the pirating of their trade marks and only a short time ago they instituted an action against a Melbourne firm in respect to their Tasmanian branch.

Mr A.DEAN and Mr. H. CATHERALL acted as umpires for Havelock and Paki Paki respectively for the second championship played at Havelock on Saturday last.

BIRTH REDSTONE-At Napier, on May 16th the wife of J.R.Redstone, of a son.
R M Court

Before Mr TURNBULL R.M in Court were: -

Harry O'GRADY and Patrick HALL each fined 10s and costs for keeping unregistered dogs.

Similar charge against Charles KNEEBONE was withdrawn.

William SPRINGFIELD was also charged with keeping an unregistered dog and said the dog was not his, it belonged to a neighbour, and secured an adjournment for a week to prove the statement.

Arthur H. BEAMAN fined ?1 and costs for exposing for sale sheep infected with lice.

Prohibition order applied for to have effect against Edward MAXWELL in the Borough of NAPIER. The latter appeared consented to this order, which was made as prayed.

Wesleyan Literary Association


G.W.J. SPENCE occupied the Chair.
Secretary Mr P. ASHCROFT

Following Officers were elected: -

President-Rev G.W.J.SPENCE
Secretary and Treasurer-Mr A.KING
Editor of "Magazine," - Mr E. SCHWABE
Reporter-Miss ANDREWS

Misses Smith, BEST, and BADLEY

shooting licenses

Page Four

The following person's .have taken out Shooting Licenses for the ensuing Season:-

Advertisement No 455

Abraham G
Alexander W.G.
Allen C. M.
Anderson Albert
Arrow C.
Bagnall H.T.
Beamish N E.
Bennett W.H.J.
Bergersen C.
Berney R.W.
Bierre F C W
Bird William
Blake Jas.
Blythe A. D.
Box Alfred T
Brinson Thos.
Britten J.
Britten E
Cammock T.
Canon Henry
Carlyon A.S.G.
Chapman Geo.
Chek Harry
Cook T.N.
Corskie A.
Cottle L.
Crane J.E.
Crowther S.
Croxton Hy.
DeLisle F.P.
Dolbe1 jun P.
Dolbel R
Faulknor D.E.
Fawkner W.
Fearn D
Foreman W.
Franklin George
Freemantle W.
Friberg J. H.
Friis Alfred
Frost J.E.
Gannon M.J.
Gavin W C.
Giblin A.
Gilberd J.B.
Gilberd W.J.T.
Gollan John
Gooch R.
Gordon F.L.
Goudy J.K.
Grant W.H.R.
Groom M.E.
Haines W.
Hardy F.
Hemmingsen C.
Herbert Frank
Herbert Charles A.
Hirtzeh Frank
Holroyd T. O. L
Howard T.S.
Howell T.G.
Hunter Paul
Hunter R.J.
Ireland F.
Ireland Thos.
James J.
Jardine J.F.
Jeffares William
Jensen Henry
Jones W.H
Jull H.L.
Karaitiana A.
King G.R.
Lane J.E.
Laws Henry
Logan F.
Lord John
Lord J.L.
Lovejoy George
Lowry T.H
Lyons Michael
Maclean C. H.
Marshall J.H.
Matheson F.
McKain J.F.
Nelson Mont.
Nelson F.G.
Nelson W. H
Nuttall W.T
O'Grady H.
Ormond J D.
Ormond Frank
Ormond jnr J D.
Paikia Hemi
Parkinson R.
Parkinson W.
Parkinson T.
Parsons C.
Pelichet L de
Pita Naera
Poppelwell S.G.A..
Potts D.H.
Potts Amb.
Prebble J.
Price R.D.
Rathbone W.H.
Rickard Joseph
Riddell James E.
Roulston T.S.
Russell F.C.
Sanders H.M.
Saxby Leo G.
Severne C.H.
Shaw L.
Shrimpton W.
Smith W.H.
Smith William
Stall George
Stevenson H.
Stone J.
Stuart G.L.
Studholme J.T.
Sullivan Michael
Tait G.|
Tanner Thos.
Tanner E.D.
Tanner C.O.
Taylor W C.
Tosland T.H.
Tuhua Anara
Vestey W.
Villers Thos.
Walsh A
Wardell H.H.
Warren H.G.
Wenley G.S.V.
Westmoreland A B.
Wheeler J.
White H.W.
Williams J.H.
Williams Jas.
Wilson T.
Wilson H.C.
Witherow J.W
Witherow A.H.
Witherow F.J.
Wood John
Young C.
Younghusband F.

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