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Hawkes Bay Herald
1892 June
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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HBH 1892 June 1 Local and General news

Acknowledge receipt of the second volume of Mr H.H.HAYTER'S "Victorian Year Book for 1890 91." It is a most useful work, a credit to both the colony it deals with, and to the compiler.

A Wellington settler claims to have solved the problem of a practical flying machine, and that the government are to be asked to experiment with it as a possible instrument of destruction for warlike purposes.

Staff-Sergeant RICHARDSON, R.A. will take the F. BATTERY in hand and put the men through field battery movements.

At the General meeting of the NAPIER Bowling Club last night Mr T. WATERWORTH was appointed by unanimous resolution, to supervise the carrying out of the levelling and other necessary work to be done on the bowling green, in order to prepare it for next season.

Messrs BECK and Co of Hastings, announce that they are discontinuing business in that borough, and in consequence will be holding a monster clearing sale on the premises on the 7th inst.

Captain BECK wires as follows: -"North to east and south-east gale, with heavy rain and heavy sea sixteen hours from now; glass falling and unusually high seas." If his prediction is correct we are in for some lively times.


One of the unemployed, named Simon MILLER, sent here from Auckland on Sunday last by the Labor Bureau, was ordered to Napier gaol for six weeks this morning by the Resident Magistrate, for using obscene language. He had been previously convicted at "Picton" for false pretences.

Five men, who were sent out bush felling on one property, have decamped, taking tents, tools, and food supplied by their employer. The police are looking for the men.


The barquentine CHARLES and ARTHUR, which was reported by wire from WELLINGTON to have been abandoned to the underwriters, has been floated off. She has been grounded inside the bar about ten days, during which time the tides have been low. She was brought up to the wharf as soon as she was floated, and has since only made very little water. Statements are conflicting as to the circumstances of her grounding, but a magisterial inquiry will be held next Thursday morning.


An extraordinary accident happened at PAHIATUA this morning. The Rev. Mr FARROW was driving across a bridge when he met a settler named ALEXANDER on foot. When they passed each other the minister's horse kicked out and knocked ALEXANDER down. He was carried to a neighbor's house, but died almost immediately.

Cassidy and Bailey Estate

Somebody or other has set a story afloat that the government bought the s.s.. TERRANORA from the Roman Catholic Church in New Zealand through Father CASSIDY.

The tale lacks truth. The Terranora was port of the Estate of the late Mr BAILEY, a Wellington man, and was sold by his widow through the trustees. Father Cassidy's share in the arrangement was not in his capacity of representative of the Church, but as representative of quite other interests altogether.

St Matthews Gymnastics

A committee meeting of the St Matthew's Gymnastic Club was held last night, with the Rev. J. HOBBS in the chair.

It was resolved that the captain and vice-captain should act as instructors for the season. Messrs WAWN and OLSEN are two thoroughly competent men, and have, moreover, been diligent attendants at the gymnasium during the past two seasons, so the instruction given to regular attendants given to regular attendants will be good.

It was also decided that ladies' nights the entertainment should consist of an assault and singing, winding up with a short dance.

Overseas NZ and Aus content
(Ref Cable News-England-London May 26)

The Times says that the leaders of the Liberal Party are pleased at the discussion in the House of Commons with regard to the Queensland Government and the introduction of black labor into that colony.

It considers that in the event of a Liberal win at the general elections, the question will force a quarrel with the most independent of the Australian Colonies.

Half a million acres of land in New Zealand is said to have been secured by the Salvation Army.

Napier Bowling Club

FAREWELL and Presentation:

A very pleasant little reunion took placer last night in a large drawing room of the Meanee Hotel, when nearly thirty members of the Napier Bowling Club assembled for the purpose of bidding farewell to Mr George SMITH, one of the most useful and energetic members of the club, who leaves by today's express to settle in Palmerston North.

Meeting was also called to order to afford an opportunity of presenting Mr SOUTH with the gold medal he had won as first prize in a recent tournament. Mr M?VAY vice president of the club, made the presentation, and in doing so expressed the regret at which he was sure every member of the club felt at Mr South's approaching departure and warmly thanked him in conjunction with Mr WATERWORTH for his untiring efforts, as members of the ground committee, in furthering the interests of the club in every respect. Mr M?VAY then handed Mr South the gold medal, which is really a beautiful piece of workmanship, manufactured by Mr F.W.COLLINS.

Local plus adverts

Carl HERTZ and the Empire Company will open a short season at the Theatre Royal this evening.

Messrs F.A.SHEATH and Co. will hold a sale of wool, sheepskins, hides &c.

Finder of a young collie dog, black and tan, will be rewarded on leaving the animal with Mrs CLARKE, Napier Terrace.

The address of Mr Augustus IRONMONGER are invited by Mr Stanley SCOTT

Tenders are wanted by Mr S.G.THORNTON for raising the West Clive Store.

At the R.M.Court yesterday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

Judgment was given for plaintiff in each of the following civil cases.
NEWTON and Co v Paora KURUPU
Murray, Roberts and Co v Henare TOMOANA

HBH 1892 June 2

At the R M Court yesterday, before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

William HUMPHRIES, alias John HUMPHRIES, was fined 10s and costs for drunkenness, alternative being three days' hard labor. The money was paid.

Charles HAMMOND, similarly charged, was similarly dealt with, and he elected to go to gaol for three days.

Closing case of Ngapaeruru

To celebrate the closing of the case of NGAPAERURU, Messrs J.M. and A.L.D. FRASER invited a number of principals interested therein, and their friends, to a dinner at the Empire Hotel last night.

The company included: -
Messrs EDWARDS-accessor
Alex. MACDONALD, Wirihama HUNIA-Rangitane, Paratene NGATA, Wi NEARIRA, SPENCER,

Mr A.E.JULL-Chairman of the town Board, several gentlemen of the Town, and the representatives of the Hawke's Bay Press; your own was invited, but unfortunately was at Danevirke, and he is indebted to a gentleman present for an account of this event.

Eloquent speeches followed, especially that of Mr MACDONALD, in proposing "The Native Race," which was responded to by the native gentlemen named above, all of whom are noted men in their own districts.

Mr J.EDWARDS was very happy in proposing "The Agents and others connected with the Native Land Courts," which was responded to by the recipients,

During the evening Dr GODFRAY recited two pieces and Messrs A.G. JULL, EDWARDS, and A.L.D. FRASER sang a number of songs suitable to the occasion.

Paratine NGATA also sang in the native tongue a song indicative of the good fellowship existing between the Europeans and the Natives.

Alexander Patten ROGERS

An elderly man named Alexander Patten ROGERS, who will be remembered as having wandered about NAPIER for a short time in the guise of a pioneer of the early days was very much out of luck, has had a nasty experience.

On Monday week last he left NAPIER to walk overland to GISBORNE. It is believed that he had a very rough time of it almost from the start, but it is known that he did for a good portion of his journey. He became lost on the WAIKARE run, and on Thursday evening last he was found on the run by Mr M'IVOR in a very bad state. He was barely conscious, in a helpless condition, without boot or socks, and with but a scanty supply of other clothing.

He had been three days and two nights out in the inclement weather and during that time had no food. Mr M'IVOR, who was on horseback dismounted, and placed the unfortunate man on the animal's back, took him back to his own house, where he carefully attended to him till he was recovered. He then, as ROGERS wished to go to MOHAKA, put him on the road for that place, a little better equipped than when he was found.


Mr John PIERCY'S patent turnip fence, for which Murray, Roberts and Co, are the Napier and Hastings agents.

Members of the Loyal Napier Lodge, I.O.O.F., M.U. are request to meet at the lodge room at 2.30 today to attend the funeral of the late Bro. James BANKS.

SIDEY & LOCKIE draw special attention to their stock of guns, ammunition, and sporting requisites, which they are selling at popular prices.

BIRTH MACLEAN-At Waipawa on the 29th of May, the wife of C.G H.MACLEAN of a son.

HBH 1892 June 3
p3 the N Z GAZETTE

Wellington, Thursday

The appointment of the Hon W.P. REEVES as Minister of Labor is gazetted.
Following Justices of the Peace are gazetted: -


Mr J.C.MILLER is gazetted Inspector of Schools.

The CALEDONIAN BALL will take place on the 23rd of June. It is a strange co-incidence that this year, as in the two previous years, the ball has taken place on the night of the opening of Parliament. The dates of each function have been different each year.


GIFFORD-At the residence of his brother, Fitzroy Road, on June 2nd, Clara aged 22 years.

The funeral will leave her brother's residence tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 am.
(Private Interment.)

Annual licensing meeting was held today
Messrs RHODES-Chairman, HARDING and BIBBY.

The report of the Police was good and the licenses were renewed for the following: -

Resident Magistrate's Court held today before Messrs A.TURNBULL R.M. and S.JOHNSON J.P.

David HOUSE CHARGED WITH TRESPEASSING IN PURSUIT OF GAME AT Fairfield, and was admonished by the R.M. and fined 1s and costs.

Following Civil Cases were dealt with: -
Same v Kingi PAORA
Same v Karanama WAIROA
Same v H.G.ULPH alias JARVIS
Same v T.LYNCH
Same v PETE (wife of MORENA)
Same v Henare PAKINA
Same v John MANAHI
Same v T.JONES
Same v J. DUNCAN

Five cases were not served, three were adjourned, four withdrawn and four paid.

Defended cases were:

J.J.PALMER V PETA-re balance of wages said to have been deducted by one ERALD, who was "boss" of the shearing shed in which plaintiff worked.

Maria BUCKMAN v J.PETTIT-for Nursing less a sum paid into Court.

Referees appointed

Management committee of the Rugby Union has appointed the following referees for the following matches: -

Pirate v Paki Paki-Mr LOGAN
Pirate v Havelock-Mr MORGAN
Athletic v Paki Paki-Mr A FRASER
Te Aute v- Firebrands-Mr J. TAIROA
Trespass Notice

Advertisement No 566

Trespassing on MANTATUTIO Property with Dogs or guns will be prosecuted H.GLASS-Manager.

JOHNSON-At TARADALE, on June 2nd, Joseph Johnson, aged 78.

The funeral will leave his late residence tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m.
HBH 1892 June 4

Dunedin Friday

Sergeant JONES (KUMARA RIFLES) with 95 points takes the Government gold medal for the best shot in the South Island

Corporal TEMPERS (OAMARU RIFLES) with 94 points second

Later The new English Church at OWAKA was destroyed by fire this morning. Incendiarism is suspected, as no one is known to have been in the building since Sunday. The building was insured for ?75, and the fittings for ?25.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday-before Messrs E.LYNDON and F.C.FULTON, J.P's

Henry CALLINGHAM was charged on the information of George PRESLING, with having assaulted the latter's daughter, a small girls. Sir William WASTENEYS appeared in support of the information, and Mr LASCELLES defendant......more...then the bench decided that the case was trivial one and should not have been before the Court and dismissed the complaint. Each side to pay its own cost.

Havelock Licensing Committee sat yesterday: -


Messrs GILPIN (Chair)


Apology letter

Country Journalism in Hawke's Bay appears to be carried on nearly the lines of the "Eatonswill Gazette," judging by the following which appeared in a country paper on May 30th, 1892:

"An Apology.

I. Edward Alexander HAGGEN, hereby withdraw statement charging Mr A, BLACK with having lived on the spoils of embezzlement and having obtained property by a swindle, as I find that such statements are altogether false and without foundation, and I hereby express regret for having made any such statements.- E.A.HAGGEN, publisher of the Examiner,. Dated this 30th day of May, 1892." The Mr BLACK alluded to runs another country paper-the Pahiatua Star.

Hastings Wesleyans

The Hastings Wesleyans have made a good move in establishing a Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society, which meets once a week. Mr GOLDSMITH, the editor invites correspondence for the society journal. They also have a prospectus which includes debates, lectures, questions, and "social evenings."

Hastings Council

The usual meeting of the Hastings Borough Council meeting which was convened last night fell through for lack of a quorum, the Mayor and Crs. HUGHES, MURDOCH, and WILLIAMS being the only councillors who attended.

Some of the other councillors were known to be unavoidably absent, and Cr. BEILBY sent an apology for non-attendance, but others who might have been expected to be present did not even send an excuse.

The consequence was that after waiting over an hour the Mayor announced that the meeting was postponed till next Monday evening.

Local and General news

SNAZELLE, the celebrated entertainer who is now touring NEW ZEALAND, will be the next attraction at the Theatre royal. He will open on Friday evening next. Mr Robert GOURLAY, Mr SNAZELLE'S advance agent, is in town preparing for the opening of the season.

Sunday next is the twenty-first anniversary of the United Free Methodist Church, a departure from the ordinary practice will be made, as Mrs WORBOYS, a lady preacher, will conduct the service.

A beautiful display from Australian rugs, mats &c., received from Victoria will be offered for sale at the auction rooms of Messrs P.A.HERMAN and Co. It is worthy of notice that the furs are guaranteed free from the attacks of moths or weevil, and as they are all from the celebrated factory of S.R.CLARKE their quality is assured.

Chamber of Commerce

The usual ordinary meeting of the Napier Chamber of Commerce was held yesterday.

Present: -
Messrs: -

N.KETTLE (Chair)


Letter of resignation received from Mr A.C. LANG, of Messrs Murray, Roberts and Co resigning his position as member of the Chamber, and asking the Chamber to allow Mr MORRIS, his successor to take his place. The Chairman then explained that Mr LANG was likely to be away from Hawke's Bay for some time, and that his request was based upon the usual practice of the Chamber in such cases.

On the motion of Mr BROWN/FULTON seconded his resignation was received with regret and the name of Mr MORRIS was placed upon the roll of members.

Hastings Court

Hastings R.M.Court-Friday June 3
Before Messrs J.N. WILLIAMS and HUGHES, J.P's.

Cruelty to a horse-Pehikete TAKEIRO-Sergeant PICKERING deposed that on the morning of the 24th ultimo Mr F. BETHEL came to him respecting a horse which defendant had tied up tight to a fence at the back of his (BETHEL'S) premises and left it there from 5 o'clock on the previous evening till that morning....more

Stray Cattle nuisance charges all following fined with costs.

Arthur F.NORTHE - allowing two horses to stray
Robert ROBB similarly charged
C.FARMERY - allowing four head of cattle to stray
Daniel O'BRIEN-allowing two cows to stray.
Tom HORNE for - allowing two horses and two cows to stray.
Thomas SMITH - allowing a horse to stray

Walter STAFFORD was charged with allowing a horse to stray-Defendant pleaded not guilty. In the poundkeeper's book the signature of "Walter STAFFORD" appeared for the horse, but the defendant stated that his Christian name was William. The case was withdrawn in order that a fresh information might be laid.

William KITTO allowing a horse to stray-case dismissed

The great and only Miss MARSDEN, formerly of the Wellington Hospital, and since that of anywhere in general, is still in evidence, and we may trust the following paragraph from a late issue of the Sydney Mail: -"Miss Kate MARSDEN, an English lady who is endeavouring to combat the ravages of leprosy in Siberia, has undergone great hardships during a journey into the Russian province of Yakutak, in search of a plant which is said to grow in that region, and which was supposed to be a cure for leprosy. For two months she rode with a wooden saddle on a horse without either washing or dressing. The plant she found, but only to discover that it does not cure, although it alleviates the sufferings of the lepers."

HBH 1892 June 6 ALPERS and BROWN

The many friends of Mr ALPERS will be interested in the following paragraph from the Christchurch Press of May 31st:

"At yesterday's meeting of the Board of Governors of Canterbury College Professor J.M. BROWN, the professor of English history, was granted absence to go to Europe. The professor, after his eighteen years' service to the Board, has well earned his holiday, though we regret to know that continued ill-health is his chief motive in going Home.

The duties of his chair will be carried on during his temporary absence by Mr O.T.J. ALPERS, M.A., who for some years past has acted as his assistant.

Mrs M?Millan BROWN, too, who for ten years has conducted the Girls' High School with some eminent success, has been granted leave also, and accompanies the professor to Europe."

Alexander Patten ROGERS

We recently described how Mr M?IVOR found on the Waikare run an elderly man named Alexander Patten ROGERS in an almost helpless and unconscious state and took him home and cared for him till he was ready to start on his journey again.

ROGERS left Mr M?IVOR'S house last Saturday week, intending to go to Mohaka on foot. Constable SHAW has reported by telegram to Sergeant CULLEN to this effect and also that as Rogers has not been seen or heard of, and was expected to be again lost on the run, he (Constable SHAW) had gone out in search of him.

The telegram from the constable was sent on Saturday last, so at the time Rogers had been out a week. It is feared that something serious has happened to him.

Local news


Correspondent writes under Saturday's date: -

At a meeting of the Papakura Road Board last evening it was decided that as the County Council had struck a uniform rate it would not be fair to ratepayers for the Board to Levy a rate also. It was also resolved that a petition be sent round for signature Requesting that the board be merged in the County Council, and to start the matter and the petition was signed by all the members of the Board

It may be of interest to carters and others to know that a fence is in course of erection over the top of the Redclyffe quarry, and that there is great danger of stones, &c., rolling down on the heads of passer-by, or on persons getting metal from the quarry.

FITTER H & Sons London

In view of the probability that New Zealand will at no distant date have to face very keen and active opposition in the frozen meat trade, the following extract from the circular of Messrs H. FITTER and Sons, the well known meat salesman of London, under date April 16th, is worthy the attention of our breeders of sheep.

The circular says: - "At the risk of being thought troublesome, we must repeat what we have several times stated before, that, taking into consideration the improvement in breeding that is going on in Australia, it is absolutely necessary for New Zealand breeders to go in more for the Southdown breed, and give up the large Lincolns and Leicester's."

Court plus

R M Court on Saturday before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

James POOLE and John WALSH were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness, in default 48 hours. The alternative was accepted.

Detective GRACE on Saturday night arrested a man known as Charles BOLNER, but with a lot of aliases, on a charge of stealing a pair of boots from a shop in Emerson Street. He was caught in the act of taking the boots away from inside the shop.

The firm of HERMAN and Co have opened business at HASWTINGS as auctioneers and general commission agents, in those centrally situated premises adjoining the Bank of New Zealand.

Mr J.A. MONTGOMERY, agent for Mr ALEXANDER, the Australian Blondin, arrived by the Wairarapa on Saturday. The season will probably open on Saturday next.


Robert BUTLER, charged with the murder of Arthur KETTAN, was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to four years' hard labor.

A deputation from the Irish National
Association waited on Sir George Grey, and asked him to move a resolution in the House affirming the principle of Home Rule for Ireland. Sir George declared himself to be fettered, while expressing every sympathy.

H.W.BRABANT, R.M., and Captain ADAMS, of Wellington (nautical assessor). Six or seven witnesses were examined, after which the Court adjourned until Tuesday Morning.

H.M.S.Goldfinch arrived today from Lyttelton, to take part in the demonstration on the arrival of the Governor.

Hugh GILROY, a labourer employed on the railway reclamation works, went on board the Ionic this morning and jumped off the bow. The cook saw him and got down on the wharf stringers, but the man was drowned before he could reach him. He probably struck his head on a pile. GILROY was before the Court three days ago for lunacy, but the charge was dismissed. He was a young man and unmarried.

At a meeting of the Featherston branch of the NZ Temperance Alliance a strongly worded protest was passed expressing indignation at the planting of a licensing district in the King Country gazetted on April 14th, and calling on Legislature to revoke it.

Mr HOGG addressed a large meeting of electors last night.

The Museum difficulty has been settled. The writ issued by Mr FORBES, late curator, against the chairman and Board of Governors, has been settled by the payment of a Cheque for ?400, compensation and dalary due, with costs.

A middle aged man named Azaral LAMARCH, for indecent exposure in Hagley Park in the presence of a number of little school children, was sentenced by the Resident Magistrate to six months' hard labor.

John Thomas BISHOP, aged 63, recently from Christchurch, died suddenly yesterday. He was an accountant. Death is believed to have been caused by heart disease.

Mr T. CHALMERS, who has been appointed Receiver of Land Revenue in Wellington, was presented with a purse of sovereigns by the Chief Commissioner Mr MAITLAND on behalf of the staff.

The Annual meeting of the Meanee licensing committee was held on Saturday at the Court-house.

Present: - Messrs: G.A. MACDONALD (Chair)

Ten o'clock licenses were granted to the Meanee and Shamrock Hotels.

The police reports that both licenses and premises were good, but it was ordered that an addition be made to the outbuildings of the shamrock Hotel.

TARADALE Town Board met on Friday evening.
Messrs NEAGLE (chairman)

Chairman reported that the drains were in course of being cleaned out, and that a culvert had been put across the county road, near Mrs LUCAS'S, and across the end of LEE'S Road.

Inspector of nuisances reported that a number of pig-sty's were not situated in accordance with the bye laws, and one was very dirty. He had visited the slaughtering yards in the district and found them
Very clean

A Petition was presented praying that a narrow road leading to Mr BURNESS' property be re-formed and metalled.

>From the inspector of nuisances, covering a letter from Mr NEAGLE'S solicitors threatening an action for damages unless Mr SNELL withdrew the charges made in his report concerning the condition of Mr NEAGLE'S slaughterhouse and apologise through the papers.
>From Dr. INNES, stating that in his opinion the police premises were in a perfectly clean condition, and that the cause of the fever had been removed before the inspector's visit.

Levying a rate:
Mr DRUMMOND gave notice to move at the next meeting of the Board that a rate of a farthing in the ?1 be levied for the year 1892-93.

Mr HARPHAM gave notice to move that a rate of an eighth of a penny in the ?1 be levied.

Artesian Wells:
The question of finishing the artesian wells was again before the Board. Mr RYMER moved that a T piece be put on the top of the pipes, with a reducing socket and tap and bend, so as to have better control of the water in wet weather.

Mr HARPHAM drew attention to a culvert which was breaking down in Church Road, and it was agreed that a new box culvert be put in opposite the drain at Mrs HAMMOND'S, and the old one pulled up.

Advertisement No 810
E. BECK and Co
Due to Disposal of Premises and Mill in Hastings we are discontinuing business in Hastings. Monster clearing sale. Tuesday next 7th inst.

By special appointment
New Zealand Express Co
Established for a quarter of a century.
Auckland branch opening

No 791
Napier and Hawke's Bay Directory, 1892-93

Resident Representative
Tennyson St, Napier

MILLER Matthew
Monday-Page two.


MILLER-On the 4th June, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr R.Harding, Mount Vernon, Waipukurau, Matthew Robertson Miller, of Napier, aged 63 years.

The funeral leaves the Napier Railway station today (Monday) at 12.30 p.m.


We regret to have to announce the death of Mr M. R. Miller, which took place at Mount Vernon, the residence of his son-law, Mr Rechab Harding, on Saturday morning. The deceased gentleman, who was in his 63rd year when he died, had been ailing for some days from a brain trouble, and his friends did not expect him to recover, although at last the end came rather suddenly.

Mr Miller came to Napier nearly 22 years ago, and from that time to the present was prominent both as a business man and by his attention to local affairs. He had great faith in the district, and by his energy materially assisted to hasten its progress and to attract capital to it.

He was of a most kindly nature, always genial and obliging, and was always ready to find an excuse or an extenuation for those of whom others spoke harshly in his hearing.

To put it briefly, this side of his character, which made him liked by all he met, was a good illustration of the scriptural injunction: -"Judge not that ye be not judged."

The deceased leaves a widow and large family to mourn his death, and they have the fullest sympathy of the public under their heavy misfortune.

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