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Hawkes Bay Herald
1892 Aug
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
HBH 1892 Aug 1 Waipawa accident

Our Waipawa correspondent writes under Saturday's date: - A man employed by Mr HASTIE was returning to the Milbourne station with a team of bullocks and a dray, and he fell off the dray and beneath the wheels and he was shockingly hurt.

Mr AUSTIN, who saw the accident, had the sufferer conveyed to the Waipukurau Hospital, when it was found that his left shoulder was smashed, and that he was suffering from other painful injuries.

The correct name of the injured man is not known, but he is known all over the District as
"Tommy DOD."

Rev Joseph Sydney HILL

The Rev Joseph Sydney HILL announced in our cable messages as having being appointed Bishop Designate of the Niger, was formerly stationed at WAIROA.

He is well known to a large number of Hawke's Bay residents and while in this district and he was known as a man of varied knowledge and a good chess player.

**NB by Elaine he may also have been in the Auckland District?

Napier Poultry and Canary Association

Donated Prizes from the following:

PHOENIX Assurance-Henry LASCELLES, District Agent
John M'VAY

Notice 487
Danevirke content

Per United Press Association


In the divorce Court-DANEVIRKE case of ALLARDICE v ALLARDICE, the wife was granted a judicial separation as applied for, with the custody of her children. The respondent was ordered to pay as alimony ?2 3s 4d per month during the currency of the lease of the hotel held by the wife, and after that ?80 per year to the wife, and ?30 for each child living with her.

At GREYTOWN yesterday Mr PAPWORTH, proprietor of a flour mill, was caught in the belting, and before he could be extricated had n arm and a leg broken, while one thumb was also severed from the hand.

Dismasted Vessel
Per United Press Association

The Collector of Customs here has information from the Collector of Western Australia that the barque AARHUS, which arrived at Perth on July 12th, reported speaking to an English vessel showing the letters 'W.D.H.G." dismasted. The captain signalled that he was bound from Cardiff to the Thames (New Zealand). The captain wished his condition reported to Lloyd's agent, and also wanted a boat, but night came on and the Aarhus lost him. No vessel of that name is expected at the Thames or any other New Zealand port.

No 531
I.O.G.T.-Notice of Meeting
The members of the Bond of Unity Lodge, No 59 (suspended), are requested to
Meeting on Thursday 2nd instant at Orange Hall
Important Business
B? BURLEY-Lodge Secretary

No 533
HUNT CLUB-Meet of members and all persons interest in the Hawke's Bay
Provincial Hunt Club will be held in the Hawke's Bay Agricultural and Pastoral
Society's Rooms, Napier, on Friday next, 5th August, at 2 p.m.
Hon Secretary

Henry GALVIN accident

An accident occurred late on Saturday night by which a man named Henry GALVIN, aged 22 years, met with his death.

At about a quarter past 11 o'clock on Saturday night Hans HANSEN, who resides on the Western Spit, while passing the Spit bridge found GALVIN lying stretched out of his back, unconscious, and evidently in a bad state.

HANSEN at once reported the matter to Constable RIORDON, who was on duty at the Spit, and he and Constable HARVEY immediately proceeded to the spot where GALVIN was lying, and had him taken to hospital.

He never recovered consciousness, and died at the hospital at a quarter past 5 0'clock yesterday morning. Inquiries made by the police go to show that the accident was due to decease riding a horse while under the influence of drink.

GALVIN, it appears, has been employed the past two summers as ferryman to the North British Freezing Works. Some short time since, when there was no employment at the freezing works, he went up to POHUI way bushfelling.

He came down with some mates at the end of last week for "a day in town," and was I town on Saturday night drunk, mounted on a horse. He was seen at about 10 o'clock at night by one of the drivers I the employ of the Napier 'bus Company.

Deceased got off the horse he was riding, and it was very evident then that he was under the influence of drink, but he mounted again and rode off down Carlyle Street and he then fell of his horse, and laid in the road till picked up and assisted to remount.

One of the men who helped put deceased on his horse saw that he was drunk, and after helping him into the saddle the man kindly held him and walked alongside him, keeping him safe till the Western Spit, where deceased was staying.

The man went back on his way home, but on reaching Battery Point he was surprised to find that deceased had ridden back from the Western Spit. He expressed his intention of riding up town again, but was persuaded to turn back and go home. He consented to do so, and rode on to the bridge again, following two other horsemen who were going in the same direction.

William BOYD, who lives at the Western Spit, saw the two horsemen leave the Western Spit end of the bridge, and shortly after he saw a horse, riderless, but with saddle and bridle on, come galloping along. He caught the animal, and then saw that one of the stirrup leathers was gone.

This stirrup leather was subsequently found near deceased, and from that, and the appearance of the planking of the bridge for several yards, it was evident that deceased fell of his horse, which his left foot caught in the stirrup, and that he was dragged along by the leg till the stirrup leather parted. He did not bleed a great deal, but his head was much bruised, and the cause of death will no doubt prove to have been concussion of the brain.

An inquest will be held at the hospital this day.


R M Court on Saturday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

Desire VERSCHAFELT was find 5s and costs for drunkenness.

Morgan Davis and Ernest LUTZOW were each sentenced to seven days hard labor for being illegally on the premises of James PAGET.

Per United Press Association-Saturday

The Collector of Customs here has information from the Collector of Western Australia that the barque AARHUS, which arrived at Perth on July 12th, reported speaking to an English vessel showing the letters 'W.D.H.G." dismasted. The captain signalled that he was bound from Cardiff to the Thames (New Zealand). The captain wished his condition reported to Lloyd's agent, and also wanted a boat, but night came on and the Aarhus lost him. No vessel of that name is expected at the Thames or any other New Zealand port.

A general meeting of the Wanganui United Farm Association was held last night to consider the question of the owner acquiring the freehold and it was decided to petition Parliament asking that power to acquire the freehold be given, and also asking for an extension of time for compulsory residence to the end of the fourth year.


In the divorce Court-DANEVIRKE case of ALLARDICE v ALLARDICE, the wife was granted a judicial separation as applied for, with the custody of her children. The respondent was ordered to pay as alimony ?2 3s 4d per month during the currency of the lease of the hotel held by the wife, and after that ?80 per year to the wife, and ?30 for each child living with her.

Winton Murder

>From Invercargill under Friday's date, in reference to the murder near WINTON appears in the New Zealand Times of last Saturday, but not wired to NAPIER. The inquest on Richard BELL, who was shot at Lora Gorge, was adjourned for two weeks to enable the police to trace the ownership of the gun.

John M'RAE, an old settler in the district, and the father of a grown-up family, was arrested yesterday

Local Notices

Advertisement No 30
Hay for sale-apply to J.COUGHLIN, Caretaker, Racecourse or to F.D.LUCKIE, Secretary, H B Jockey Club

Advertisement No 502
TARADALE RIVER BOARD-Tenders for removal of willows is extended because of bad weather. W.WATERHOUSE, Clerk.


Mr Charles PRICE, who sent fifteen exhibits to the Taranaki poultry and pigeon show held on Friday and Saturday last, received a wire from the secretary informing him that his birds had been awarded eight special and eight first, five second, and two third prizes.

On page four will be found the commencement of an account of a trip round the pas by a few of the young Maoris studying at Te Aute College. This account is written by one of them, and practically appears as written. As a specimen of English Composition, and at the same time of a well-told narrative, it is highly creditable to the writer. He will continue his story by weekly instalments.

At GREYTOWN yesterday Mr PAPWORTH, proprietor of a flour mill, was caught in the belting, and before he could be extricated had n arm and a leg broken, while one thumb was also severed from the hand.


The bad times appear to have affected the revenue of the churches there. On Sunday night the Rev. Father DAWSON made this fact the subject of his sermon at the Hill Street Cathedral.

HBH 1892 Aug 2 p3 WELLINGTON deaths

Mr E.H.CREASE, the well known coffee and spice merchant, died today. He was a colonist of 33 years' standing. He was one of the promoters of the Endeavor Inlet Antimony Company, and became a director of the new company formed to work the property.

The death is announced of Drum-Major James PHILLIPS, late of H.M. 78th Highlanders. He served under Sir James OUTRAM in the Persian war of 1857. He was through Indian mutiny, and took part in many important engagements, including CAWNPORE, the relief at LUCKNOW, and the final capture of the latter city under Sir Colin CAMPBELL, receiving for that campaign a medal and two clasps.

A man named Carl KILNAST, was killed today on Mr BOOTH'S estate at Belvedere, near CARTERTON, while engaged bush falling.

DENNAN-At Napier, on August 1st, James John Dennan, aged 58?-R.I.P.

Funeral will leave the Napier Hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at
11.30 for the Napier cemetery.

Mr E.M.SMITH M.H.R. for New Plymouth, in addressing the House during the financial debate last week, is reported to have stated that the reason why Mr G. HUTCHISON won in his action for libel against Mr BALANCE was because "there was only one Liberal on the Jury."

Apparently Mr SMITH thinks that one of the advantages of being a Liberal" is that if you go before a jury, and you have sufficiency of men of the "right color" on the jury, you may depend upon a favourable verdict whatever the facts. We are afraid that Mr SMITH does not libel "Liberalism" so much as easy-going Conservatives might imagine.

Shovel gangs and Govt


Ministers make a great brag about the success of their Labor Bureau, and the large number of pick-and-shovel men for whom the Minister of Labor has found profitable employment.

It is, however, a notorious fact that whilst the pick-and-shovel gangs make from 8s to 20s a day at pick-and-shovel work in country districts, men of education-men who are thoroughly capable clerks-are walking about the streets of Wellington in a state bordering on starvation, and would be only too glad to accept five shillings a day for casual work in the Government departments.

Meanwhile the permanent hands and the favored casual hands in the department are worked up to 10 o'clock each night, greatly against their wills, for they would like very much to give themselves a rest, and their needy brothers an opportunity of making at least enough to keep body and soul together without becoming absolute beggars for State charity...more....... This is "Liberalism" with a vengeance-Wellington Press.


The man described as "Tommy DOD," who met with an accident and was run over on Friday, died in the county hospital yesterday. His name was William HENWOOD. The police are investigating the matter.

CONNOR Henry Charles

At the R.M. Court-before Messrs F.SUTTON and H.P.COHEN J.P's

A lad named Henry Charles CONNOR was charged with riding a horse round a corner at faster than a walking pace. As it was his first offence he was dismissed with a caution.

Irvine Eng Cable

The invention of Rear-Admiral Sir George NARES-received honourable mention (using kites as carriers)

Commander J. D'Arcy IRVINE-a relative of the Rev. D'Arcy IRVINE, formerly of NAPIER-invented a gun which would have received the award had a final decision been in favour of the use of guns.

The scheme finally selected was that of Messrs NOBLE and THOMSON, of Southampton.

Baron HUBNER, whose death was recorded in yesterday's cable messages, visited New Zealand about 20 years since, when, making a tour round the world.

On his arrival at home he published a large volume of travels which obtained and deserved a wide circulation. In fact we do not remember any book of travels, covering so wide an area that has been published since then which is equal in merit.

He was a keen lover of natural beauty, and had an enthusiastic admiration for our New Zealand scenery. He was greatly impressed with the tranquil loveliness of the inner Sea of Japan, and the only spot he ever saw to vie with it was the Sounds in Cook Strait going up to Picton.

At the time he wrote New Zealand scenery was not praised so warmly as at present, and undoubtedly Baron HUBNER'S book did a great deal towards making it known.

The Baron, who was born in Vienna in 1811, began his career as a diplomatist in 1833, when he received from Prince METTERNICH a post in the Austrian "State Chancellerie."

He was Austrian Ambassador in Paris at the time of the Crimean war and was credited with having, by his influence, prevented the Emperor of Austria taking sides with Russia.
His greatest book, "Through the British Empire," is full of praise of the British rule in India, and of the colonies generally.

A child of Mr A. FREDERICKS was drowned yesterday in the Tutaenui stream.
District news


The City Council tonight deferred inviting tenders for lighting the city at the request of the GULCHER Electrical Company, who state that in October they will be in a position to tender for lighting the city by electricity.

A twelve hours' contest between SCOTT and BOWEN commenced this morning.

The following returns from the mines are reported:
Sew Hey Big Beach Company-119oz 10dwt 9gr of gold
Six mile Beach Dredging Company-32oz 1dwt of amalgam
United Hercules Sluicing-106oz 12dwt 15gr

Nothing further so far has been elicited to throw any light on the OTAPIRI tragedy, and Inspector DICKSON and a number of police officers are still in the district.
No one has yet been identified as having fired the gun.


At the half-yearly meeting of the Bay of Islands Coal Company held today, the report showed that no dividend could be declared owing to the present condition of the company's affairs. Mention was made of the remarkable immunity of the mine workmen from accident.

At a meeting of the Auckland Racing Club today Major GEORGE strongly commented on the management of the club. A resolution was passed on the motion of Mr A.E. DEVORE that racing in Auckland was excessive, and also the use of the totalisator.

Waipawa DENNAN

We regret to announce the death of James John DENNAN, an old settler in the district, at the age of 58 years.

Deceased, who at the time of his death had been nearly 20 years connected with the Napier Crown Lands Office, had been for some time ailing.

On Wednesday afternoon last he was taken with paralysis, and was removed to the Hospital, where in spite of unremitting attention he gradually sank and died.

Deceased leaves a widow and several children and the funeral will take place at 11.30 a.m. tomorrow.
HBH 1892 Aug 2 Page 4 AUBERT

**NB by Elaine-typed as written

A trip up the Wanganui River-From the Otago Witness.

When we reached Hruharama (Jerusalem) we went ashore to pay our respects to Sister Mary Joseph, whose name and fame have recently been blazoned forth in the chemists' shops and advertising columns of the newspapers of the Colony.

We found the old lady at home dispensing medicinal aid to a number of waiting Natives in front of the Mission buildings, where there is a level grassy space over-shadowed by well-grown oaks of no inconsiderable size. We found her to be a pleasant, shrewd old Frenchwoman, speaking English with a slight foreign accent, and she received us graciously.

Asking us to excuse her for a few minutes, she attended to the wants of the waiting Maoris, and then invited us to inspect the schoolroom. She informed us that it was a difficult matter to do much with the Maori children, as they are subjected to little if any, parental control, being free to go to school or run wild as they list, and they choose the latter alternative-as I fear most children, whether white or dusky, would if left to their own sweet will.

The good sisters, of whom there are eight, have some half dozen white children of vicieus parents as the nucleus of their school, and we saw these children at play in the sunshine, looking healthy and happy. The old lady informed us that progress was rather slow, but that they had influenced the Maoris for good.

A neat little church, with a lofty, tapering spire, stands on an elevation above the village, forming a pleasing feature in the landscape, and is a monument to the self denying labours of the sisterhood by means of which the funds have been recently provided for its erection, the former church having been burnt down not long ago.

Besides the nuns there is a missionary priest resident here, who occasionally visits Ranana, where there is also a little church. The Rev. Father has also another flock besides his dusky parishioners, as he owns 700 acres of land which he has acquired from the natives, and which has been cleared of bush and sown down in English grass. Sister Mary hospitably presented us with some enormous and delicious apples, besides a glass of raspberry vinegar and water.

In the Bankruptcy Court J.H. POLLOCK, butcher and turf commission agent was granted his discharge, but it was suspended for six months on the ground that a short time previously he had been through the Court.

HBH 1892 Aug 3

Mr W.J. NAPIER, of AUCKLAND, has received a lengthy communication on the state of French politics from Lieutenant PARIZE, who was in Auckland a couple of years ago in the French Gunboat VOITA. The writer makes interest comments with reference to the Anarchists: "…………………more"

HBH 1892 Aug 3 3 W.J.NAPIER of Auckland

Mr W.J. NAPIER, of AUCKLAND, has received a lengthy communication on the state of French politics from Lieutenant PARIZE, who was in Auckland a couple of years ago in the French Gunboat VOITA. The writer makes interest comments with reference to the Anarchists: "…………………more"

Advertisement No 506

Land Sale at Auction in the Estate of William BLACK deceased.
Lot 1-Hastings Street, Napier, Town Section 304, Lot D containing 12 perches, together with dwelling house thereon insured for £150

Lot 2 North Street and Delhi Streets, Napier-Town Sections 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, containing 1 acre and 3 roods together with buildings thereon.

Hastings Gymnastic Club

Entertainment was given last night by the Gymnastic Club.

Instructorsof the Heretaunga School-Junior boys-Mr J.CATHERALL, Mr FRITCHLEY.

Names of the "pocket Herculeses" are as follows: -

Senior squad consisted of: -
Messrs WAWN-captain
Messrs HODGE and WRIGLEY had a sharp bout at singlesticks.
Musical accompaniment by Miss KELLY

Districts 2

Mr H.S. M'KELLAR, formerly Secretary of Customs and who was recently retired on a Pension, was this afternoon presented with a purse of sovereigns by the officers of the department and also with an address expressing the esteem in which he had been held during his many years' connection with that branch of the service.

A young woman named Mary BROWN was today committed for trial on a charge of stealing £8 from a Chinese fruiterer-she spent the money in jewelry and wearing apparel.

A fire broke out at the Club Hotel. The building is situated in the central block of Broadway and was occupied by Mr P.RYAN and owned by Mr Hans JACOBSEN.

Mr JEFFS,storekeeper-adjoining. Stock ruined and building partly destroyed.
MAGILLICUDDY'S Store on the other side was considerably damaged.

George WHITFIELD, postman, was charged at the R.M. Court today with stealing a letter containing £3, the property of the Postmaster-General. Accused had been in the employ of the Government for 16 years and he was remanded with bail being refused, as a second charge is pending.

James DUNCAN, a cabman was committed for trial on the charge of assaulting W.G.MORRISON on the South Belt on May 27th.

Four men were charged at the Police Court today with assaulting and robbing a man in Cashel Stret on Saturday night. Two of the men were discharged, and two named William HEENAN AND William SOLOMAN were committed for trial.

At the Police Court-William CHARLES, late of Wellington, theatrical agent and Medicine vendor was sentenced to a month's hard labor for larceny as bailee of a watch, the property of a young man who supposed he was joining CHARLES as partner.

Supreme Court today an application was made to Mr Justice WILLIAMS for an order that T.W.WYLIE, co-respondent in the recent divorce case of THOMSON v THOMSON, should pay the £1500 damages awarded against him to the petitioner, and to pay the money into the Court this morning. As he had neither property of assets to satisfy the writ issued WYLIE was subsequently lodged in gaol



The Magisterial inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the wreck of the schooner Edith May was commenced this morning before Mr C.D. KETTLE, R.M., and Captain ADAMS, Nautical Assessor. The case is now proceeding and is expected to finish this evening


Grand-Master NICCOL visited the Ruahine Lodge, No 80, and last night presented a charter.


A fire was discovered on the schooner Janet Ramsay at 4 .m. It had got a good hold in the galley, but after hard work it was put out. It was only just discovered in time. The vessel was uninsured and the damage is not large.

Annual General Meeting of the delegates of the Amalgamated Railway Servant's Society was opened this morning in the Foresters' Hall. President Mr W.HOBAN was present.


Intelligence has been received from Melbourne of the death of ex-Inspector BULLEN at the YARRA Bend Asylum, VICTORIA on the 16th of July. He joined the OTAGO police force in 1861 under Commissioner BRANNIGAN.

During the past month 166 selectors have taken up 36,000 acres of Crown Lands and 3461 acres of purchased lands.

The Liberal Association has passed a resolution requesting the government to support Mr SHERA'S Property Law Consolidation Bill. A motion is to be considered at the next meeting requesting the government to impose a duty of baulk timber.

A man named W.R. HOLBEN, of NEWMARKET, was found dead at night on the floor of his bedroom by his wife. At the inquest a verdict was returned to the effect that the diseased was suffocated by his food getting into his windpipe while vomited after a debauch.

The new buildings of the Institute for the Blind were formally opened today by Bishop COWIE.


It will be seen by our telegraphic news that ex-Inspector BULLEN has died in a lunatic asylum. Most people who had much to do with him regarded him as suffering from insanity when he was stationed in NAPIER, and when he left here and went to WELLINGTON he behaved in a still more mad fashion.

Clive correspondent under yesterday's date:-

The Road Board met yesterday afternoon.


Messrs LOUGHNAN-Chairman


Permission was granted to the Clive River Board to use the old Ferry Road for embanking purposes

2 Parke Island

Cemetery site

Crs. NEAL, M'VAY, WELSMAN, and COHEN, members of the committee appointed by the Municipal Council to endeavour to obtain a suitable site for a new cemetery, drove out to PARKE ISLAND yesterday to see if it would be fit for such a purpose.

The general opinion of the committee is that owing to the comparative inaccessibility of the island from town, and other reasons, it is not likely to prove suitable for a cemetery.

**NB by Elaine-Time has proven them wrong?

Mr Allan CAMPBELL, who a few weeks ago met with a railway accident, one of his legs being broken, has developed bad symptoms, and at a consultation of doctors it was decided to operate. The operation was carried out yesterday by Drs. LINNEY and de LISLE.

Miss Alice Sydney BURVETT, the great pianiste, has arrived in NAPIER, and will shortly give a grand performance.

This eminent artiste comes to Napier with a very high reputation, being pronounced by the English and Continental Press as "The Queen of Pianistes" and "The Paganini of the piano," and "The compeer of the great RUBENSTEIN, Arabella GODDARD, and others who occupy the foremost rank among musicians."

Miss Burvett, has given grand performances in all the principal capitals of Europe and the chief cities of the United Kingdom and Australasia, often under royal or vice-regal patronage, and she has been decorated with several gold medals (some of which are orders of merit) and presented with diplomas.

She is described as possessing extraordinary delicacy of touch and mastery of the keyboard, combined with wonderful power, expression, and versatility, her repertoire being very extensive, and ranging from the most classic to the popular compositions.

The last concert in the Opera House, Wellington, was under the patronage of the Earl of Glasgow and the Countess, and attracted one of the largest and most fashionable audiences ever gathered within the walls of that building.

Mr W.F.BURGESS, a capable art teacher, certified by the South Kensington authorities, now resides in NAPIER seeking to interest members of the Education Board and others
In a scheme for establishing provisions for the teaching of mechanical drawing to teachers, under the auspices of the Board...If founded the school would be affiliated to South Kensington, and all work would be sent Home for competition for prizes and certificates.

A Mr John JORDON, writing on New Zealand to the Tyrone Constitution, says of Sir George GREY, "He is the greatest Irishman on this side of the Equator. Like Saul among the Israelites, he stands as a warrior, statesman, and orator head and shoulders towering afar above all his contemporaries.....wearing out his days in benefiting his race by his wealth and wisdom

HB Jockey Club

Election of Officers:
The following gentleman duly elected and as the requisite number had been nominated, there would not be any need for an election.

President-Hon. Captain RUSSELL
Treasurer-Mr J. LYON



New members:



WILLCOCKS-On August 1st, 1892, at Thompson Road, Napier-the wife of W.J. Willcocks of a son.

Pirates and COLLINS

The following players will represent the Pirates in their match against PAKI PAKI on the Recreation Ground on Saturday:


*NB by Elaine-I have a Michael Collins b 1857 Ireland who married a Mary REARDON and until recently had a Uncle Robert James Collins who played for the Pirates also

Napier School committee met last evening and present were: -

Messrs M.HEBDEN-Chairman


Leave of absence was granted to Mr C.H.EDWARDS.


The new dairy factory at Mangtainoko will be fitted up with an engine and boiler from the workshops of Messrs GALLOWAY and Co., Port Ahuriri. The engine will be of the horizontal design, working up to ten horse power.

The manager of the Melbourne Mutual Providoring Company received an order from an up-country Victorian station lately for "a dozen of your best New Zealand souls in ice." He sent him a dozen soles.

Persons on the look-out for purchasing trees, shrubs, and flowers at auction will note that Messrs E and W. LYNDON will from the nursery of Messrs MACDONALD and Son, AUCKLAND

A great rarity in NAPIER-a frost fish, between four and five feet long-was thrown up at the Spit beach yesterday. The guests at the Criterion Hotel will this morning have the pleasure of breakfasting on this special New Zealand production, Host GORMAN having secured the fish.

Received from Mr CRERAR a copy of George MacDONALD'S "The Flight of the Shadow," published by Kegan Paul, French, Trubner and Co, as one of their Indian and colonial series.

HBH 1892 August 4 2 New Adverts

The whole of Mr Percy MARTIN's furniture and effects will be sold on the premises Martindale, Hastings-by Messrs J.F.BOWES and Co.

Messrs GARLICK and CRANWELL, Queen Street, Auckland insert particulars of the prices of furniture-owing to the retirement of Mr Robert CRANWELL retiring from the business.

Mr L.FREEDMAN inserts a new advertisement in reference to his sale of undamaged salvage stock.

Information is required by Messrs CHAPMAN, FITZGERALD and TRIPP, Wellington,
Respecting James DUNN and Margaret DUNN.

DENNAN J J funeral

The funeral of the late Mr. J.J. DENNAN, of the Lands and Survey Office, took place yesterday at half past 11 o'clock in the presence of a large number of the deceased's friends, including the whole of the staff of the Lands and Survey Office and many members of the Survey professions.

The pallbearers were:

The late Mr DENNAN came out to the colonies nearly 40 years ago, landing first in AUSTRALIA in 1855. He spent several years there, being at one time on the goldfields at Ballarat, and afterwards assisting in the ordinance survey of VICTORIA.

He then came to New Zealand. And commenced work as a private surveyor, first in OTAGO and then in the WAIRARAPA District, subsequently being one of the earliest who surveyed the 70-Mile Bush.

He was afterwards employed by the Hawke's Bay Provincial Government, and under the late Mr WEBER, Chief Provincial Surveyor, made some surveys near the Mohaka river.

In 1874 he entered the General Government services as a draughtsman in the NAPIER Survey Office, where he remained continuously till within a few days of his death.

He became Chief Draughtsman in 1886, latterly being in addition chief clerk of the Lands branch. Like a true veteran he died in harness. The funeral ceremony was performed by Father DOUGHERTY.


This committee met again today. Mr T.THOMPSON, the member for AUCKLAND City, gave evidence as to the encouragement to the cartridge making industry conducted by the Colonial Ammunition Company at Auckland………….MORE

AdvertisementNo 550

Tenders-Scrub Cutting-1000 Acres (more or less) in one or more blocks on WHANA WHANA STATION.- G.R.BEAMISH-WHANA WHANA

Railway Servants

Deputation from the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants waited on Mr SEDDON tonight.

Thos present were:
Messrs SANDFORT, J.W.KELLY, JOYCE, TANNER, HOGG, PINKETON, EARNSHAW, W.HUTCHISON, M.H.R.'s: Messrs SKINNER (Manawatu Railway company), COOK (Midland Railway Company), BLAKE (Wanganui Branch of the society), W.HOBAN (President of the society), W.J.EDWARDS (Secretary of the society.)

The member of Egmont, Mr M'QUIRE, resumed the financial debate this afternoon, and made a shrewd and sensible speech.

Mr SEDDON says - there were in the colony last year 500 efficient Volunteers more than in the previous twelve months.

3 Districts

This morning Mr Justice DENNISTON gave judgment in the case of BAILEY v ROSS, an action brought by the widow of the late Benjamin BAILEY, of Timaru, to have David Mitchell ROSS removed from the position of executor and trustee under the will of her husband, to have ROSS revoked on the ground that it did not express the testator's intentions………more His Honor pronounced against the will, which was dated in 1888, revoked the probate thereof, and granted probate of a previous will dated in 1885. Costs were given against the defendant.

At a meeting of the Knights tonight it was resolved that a letter be sent to Mr E. SANDFORD M.H.R., asking him to move in the direction of appointing a committee to consider the question of national pensions for old age.

The STANMORE Brass Band's annual meeting held last night.
Mr W.MANSELL the retiring Secretary and secretary of the New Zealand Band's Association was accorded a vote of thanks for his past services and the energetic manner in which he has managed the band's finances.

At the adjourned meeting of the creditors of ROSS, SIMS and Co., the assignee and supervisors submitted a long report and a report by an accountant……………..more there is reason to believe that some of the books have not been produced, and some leaves have been cut out of the letter-book. A large proportion of the liabilities of both the firm and Mr ROSS consist of moneys misappropriated.

Mrs CURLING'S Petition

Captain RUSSELL presented a petition today from Mrs Mary Ann CURLING, widow of the late Captain John CURLING, of NAPIER, who was for 43 years in the service of the colony as Resident Magistrate, Receiver of Land Revenue, and Commissioner of Crown Lands at NAPIER.

He also was a captain in the Napier Militia, and for the last 15 years was native teacher at the native school, Little River.

Mrs CURLING states that her husband died about three years ago at the age of 72, without leaving any means, and that she is consequently in her advancing years left in comparative poverty.

She prays the House to grant her a compassionate allowance in consideration of the long services rendered to the colony by her husband.

HBH 1892 August 5 . MASTERTON
Thursday Two swaggers named JANEY and WILKINS were arrested at Eketahuna yesterday of a charge of intimidating. Two men went to the residence of Mr J.F.HECKLER, Mangamahoe to ask for refreshments. On being refused they became abusive

Trees were planted in close proximity to the rotunda by Lord and Lady GLASGOW, the Hon H.J. MILLER (Speaker of the legislative Council), the Hon. M.J.STEWARD (Speaker of the House of Representatives), the Premier, and the Hons. J M'KENZIE and J.G. WARD.

The Governor and the party afterwards drove to the Botanical Gardens, where trees were planted by his Excellency and the Countess of Glasgow, the ladies Augusta ALICE and Dorothy BOYLE, and several others


The following players will represent the PAKI PAKI Club in their match against the Pirates on the Recreation Ground tomorrow:


Emergencies-NIKORA, POHARAMA, and POHE.

The following players of the NAPIER Football Club have been picked to play in a practice match at FARNDON tomorrow: -

No 1 Team:


No 2 Team:


A drag will leave the Criterion Hotel at 2 o'clock and all players are requested to turn up punctually.

Mr C PRICE, well known in NAPIER for his enthusiasm in matters appertaining to poultry, has been very successful at the Wellington Show. He was yesterday awarded four first prizes, ten seconds, and eight thirds.

All Saints Social

The fourth of the third series of socials in connection with All Saint's Church, TARADALE, was held in the schoolroom on Wednesday night. Notwithstanding the dry roads and beautiful moonlight rather a small audience attended to hear the capital programme which had been prepared for them. Unforeseen circumstances prevented several of the performers from being present, but most of them who did come very kindly contributed two items, and so prevented any shortening of the programme. The committee, through the medium of our columns, wish to convey their thanks to the following ladies and gentlemen for their kind assistance : -

Piano forte solo, "Jack Ashore," Miss RYMER
Song "Three Smiths," Mr E BLACK
Reading, "A Dusky Love Affair," Mr A.J. Le ROY
Song, "Fiddle and I," (with violin obligato by Mr Frank SKELTON), Miss A. HARPHAM.
Reading, "John Brown's Patent Umbrella," Mr James M'FARLANE
Song, Miss Bena WILLIAMS
Song, "Nature's Music," Mrs T. LORD
Recitation, "Ellen M'Jones Aberdeen," Mr T.M.LUCY
Song, Miss BOWES
Song, "It was a Dream," Miss A. HARPHAM
Reading, "The Tramp," Mr E.BLACK
Duet, "Larboard Watch," Mr and Mrs T. LORD
Reading, "Raising a mother-in-law," Mr M'FARLANE
Song, "The Nightingale," Miss BOWES
Song, "Then you'll Remember Me," Mrs ANDERSON\Recitation, "The Road to Heaven," Mr E. GRAIN
Song, "The Better Land," Miss WILLIAMS


R M Court yesterday-before Mr E.LYNDON J.P.

Joseph GOLDSMITH AND Henry THOMPSON each convicted of drunkenness and discharged with a caution.

William Benjamin GARNHAM, charged with vagrancy, pleaded that his wife supported him. The police gave him a bad character and it was stated that he had done no work for years, but got money from his wife, who lived in brothels. He had been imprisoned for receiving stolen goods from his children, who were now in an industrial school, being maintained at the cost of ratepayers. Defendant sentenced to three months' hard labor.


STUART-DOWNIE- On the 3rd August at St. Paul's Church, Napier, by the Rev J. G. PATERSON, Alexander, eldest son of Alexander STUART, Esq, Chappier of Garioch, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND, to Helen Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John DOWNIE, Esq., of DUNEDIN.


HARDING-At KERERU on Tuesday 2nd August, Arthur John, youngest child of Arthur and Isabel HARDING, aged 11 months.

News has been received by cable that David M'KELLAR, who with his brother Peter and A. M'NAB, was the first to use southland as a pastoral country, landing sheep at the Bluff in 1856, has been shot in NEW MEXICO.

David M'KELLAR latterly owned Brooksdale, Tapanui, on which he spent ?30,000, and left it in a model state.

Selling out he went to MEXICO some years back and took up a large area from the government. Over this land the Mexicans previously had free range for cattle, and they resented violently M'KELLAR'S fending in the land.

Letters received at the beginning of the year from him stated that it being the dry season the Mexicans had torn down his fences to let their cattle get at his grass, which was better than that outside

It is supposed that M'KELLAR lost his life in an altercation over this fencing question. He leaves a widow and six children and he was 60 years of age.
Advert. No 562


We shall be glad to receive any information of the whereabouts, or if dead, of the Death, of James DUNN and Margaret DUNN, the children of William DUNN, late of Newburgh, in the County of Fife, Deceased.

Both James and Margaret DUNN were last heard of at BALLARAT, in the Colony of Victoria.

12 Brandon Street

BELL murder

The police have returned from the HOKONUI district without discovering anything conclusive regarding the murder of Richard BELL or as to the owner of the gun that was found at the fatal spot.

HBH 1892 August 6 4 Waipawa County Council

WAIPAWA County Council met today when there were present: -
Messrs W.C.SMITH, M.H.R.-Chairman

A series of special orders were passed for bye-laws regulating the width of wheel tires; for altering the boundaries of the Takapau and Norsewood road districts on the 31st of March, 1893; for merging the Ormondville road district in the county.

Circulars from Agriculture Department suggesting united action re small birds.

Mr F.MORRISON Makaretu, offered to give the land, and forwarded a cheque as part payment of the costs of conveying the land, for an alteration in a road. The overseer approved the deviation, but thought the Board should not take the money. On the motion of the chairman the council accepted the offer, but returned the cheque with thanks.

Mr A.D.CRAWFORD wishes to fence Mr T.P.RUSSELL's land in the Gorge, but could not do so without closing the present road, which encroached within the survey line, and he asked for an assurance that it should not be taken advantage of.

G.A.GANNON and Co asked leave to place a tramway across the main road between Tahoraite and Oringi, which they would agree to keep in good order. Overseer that deposits should be paid in regard to all these crossings, to ensure their repair.- Granted

Mr L.W.T. CARTER, Woodville wrote re a bad piece of road in continuance of Pinfold Road.

Mr WORRALL for Mr Sydney JOHNSTON wrote re fencing where a road trespassed.
Manga-atua Board wrote. The same applied for a subsidy for HOLDER'S Road alleged to have been promised a long time ago.

Waipawa Town Board asked the Council to repair a bridge giving access to a road in Sedgwicke, which they wished to metal.

C and F. SCHMIDT received permission to fence and gravel reserve at NORSEWOOD.
Repairs to the Waipawa Courthouse for an iron roof was approved-cost of ?70 asking for a ?20 subsidy. ?10 was authorised.

Mr S.BRIDGE wrote regarding a road at the WASHPOOLS was on their property and wished a guarantee.

Mr N.P. ROSSVAL, MAKARETU, asked that a road be opened up to the property behind Block 1, overseer to apply to Mr MATTHEWS to see on what terms he will allow it to go through his land.

The Takapau Road Board complained that Charlotte Street leading to the station was too low and needed draining.

Mr CARLYON, GWAVAS asked that the Maraekakaho Road, about half a mile on the flat between the two rivers be repaired.

Erection of a roadman's whare near HERRICK'S was authorised.

Mr KNIGHT complained of a piece of road neglected by the contractor.
Mr BIBBY on behalf of the Waipawa Town Board and Dr. TODD, applied for sanction to an exchange of a small piece of land near his residence to widen and straighten Ruataniwha Road.

Messrs SKETTITT and TREANOR as clerks of licensing committee passed for payment.

Mr GROOM applied on behalf of the Ormondivlle Road Board to close or sell a piece of land leading from the line at Ormondville through Block 6, section 10, to BUCKLAND'S Road and adopt one by Messrs BROWN and WEBB.-GRANTED

It was decided to inform Mr LYONS that it was intended to bridge the Mangatoto river.

Messrs HARDING, ROSS, and SCRIMGEOUR, should meet on the 2nd September,

Decided to erect a toll-gate at Te Whitu clearing, Norsewood and that a toll be levied on travelling stock,

The Chairman and Mr ERICKSEN make arrangements with Mr GOLLAN to take charge of the gate.

WAIPAWA School Committee met last night, when there were present:

Messrs W. WHITE (Chairman)

Chairman explained with regard to Miss ROSIE'S leave of absence and said that he had misread the Board's letter. He explained to Mr FANNIN and he was satisfied.

Attendance had varied during the month 207 to 214.

Miss NICHOLSON left on the 22nd of July
Miss ROSIE resumed on the 25th.


A meeting of persons interested in the formation of a Provincial Hunt Club was held yesterday in the Agricultural and Pastoral Society's rooms, Tennyson Street.

Present: -

Mr LYONS was voted to the chair.

Secretary Mr HOWARD-gave a resume of what had already been done. On the 10th June last a meeting was held at Waipawa, to which 25 gentlemen were present, the idea being to start a hunt club for the provincial district.

After a general discussion on details as to hounds, kennels, &c., in which Messrs RHODES, GRAHAM, FAWKNER and others took part, it was decided to adjourn the meeting to Waipawa to be held 1st of September in the afternoon.


Messrs S.JOHNSTON and INGLIS, justices dealt with the few cases set down at the R.M.Court for hearing today: -



WYATT-WATERWORTH- On the 30th July, at St. Augustine's Church, by the Rev. Canon FOX.

Henry P.E. WYATT, of NAPIER, to Mary, third daughter of Tom WATERWOTH of NAPIER.

Saturday, Page 2


HOWARD-At HASTINGS o the 2nd August. The wife of C.H. HOWARD, solicitor of a daughter.

HBH 1892 Aug 6 3 Notices
No 584
The Annual Garrison Ball on Thursday 18th August 1892-R.GOOCH, Lieut.Hon Sec.

No 541
Hawke's Bay Provincial District Hunt Club, Meeting of members at Mr D. MORONEY's HOTEL Waipawa, On Saturday Next 6th August, 1.20 pm.
A.K. HOWARD-Secretary

No 540
J.V.BROWN-Chairman of the Napier Land, Building and Investment Company (Permanent) ASnnual Meeting on Monday 8th August in the old Provincial Council Chamber at 8 o'clock p.m.

No 579
T.WARRINGTON, Secretary - Annual Meeting of the Town and suburban Racing Club at RYAN'S Hotel, Tuesday the 9th instant at 7 30. p.m.

No 580
In Bankruptcy Notice - William MAYO adjudged a bankrupt
Judge HOLDEN at Napier-Superior Court.
J.F. JARDINE, Deputy Assignee, 5th August 1892.

HBH 1892 August 8


Dr. and Mrs HOADLEY, formerly of Hastings, Hawke's Bay, were this morning committed for trial for ill-treating a child five months' old. The evidence showed that the child was fed on oatmeal water. No milk was allowed. The nurse said the child preferred milk, and throve on it.

M T.A.DICKENS, clerk to the Spring Creek River and Road Board was committed for embezzlement.


At a meeting of graduates of Canterbury College today, Mr G. STEAD, was elected by 36 votes to the Rev J O'B. HORE'S votes as a member of the Board of Governors, vice J.S. EMY, resigned.


A Daily Times' correspondent reports that some startling disclosures are expected in connection with the murder of Richard BELL at Lora Gorge. The gun is said to have been identified at Invercargill, and another arrest is likely to take place. Against this, however, Inspector HICKSON says that he has no information corroborating the news.

General and local news

It is said that Archbishop REDWOOD is shortly to be the recipient of a Cardinal's hat.

The Ruapehu arrived at Rio on the 1st instant, all well, and with her meat in good condition. She left again the same day for England.

At the Resident Court on Saturday before Mr W. NEAL J.P-Patrick MULLER convicted of drunkenness and discharged with a warning.

In consequence of the GREENMEADOWS post office having been burnt down the post office business will be carried on at the residence of Mr ATTENBORROW (adjoining the site of the late post-office) until the new post office store is built.

Signor FOLI, the celebrated bass, will be piloted through NEW ZEALAND by Mr W.H. POOLE. All the great singer's dates are fixed, and NAPIER is left out, but Mr POOLE thinks that arrangements could be made for one night here.-September 28th- if sufficient inducement is offered.

Tenders will be received at Mr CARNELL'S studio for the erection and completion of a house and store at GREENMEADOWS.

Mr W.HAINES, PETANE, has a shop to let with room at back.

Donald MacDONALD, Hedgely Station, PETANE-Communication wanted regarding the find of a black and white and tan slut.

Representatives Football


Mr LOGAN has chosen the following players to represent the province in the annual match against POVERTY BAY, which will be played in GISBORNE next Saturday: -


The players will leave for GISBORNE Thursday night, and members of the team are requested to arrange their passage money with the secretary of the Rugby Union before that date.

Hastings licensing committee

The adjourned meeting of the Hastings licensing committee was held today
Present: -
Messrs HUGHES (Chairman)

Mr LOUGHNAN made applications in reference to the licensing of the proposed Criterion and Masonic hotels, but the committee came to no decision, and postponed further consideration of those matters for a month.

County Council tenders

Maintenance and repairs to bridges throughout the county

H. LLOYD-accepted

Filling and clearing and formation Ashley Clinton Road-26 ? chains:
WALSH and WALLACE -accepted

Maintenance of roads in Makaretu merged district
F.MARTIN -Accepted

A & P Society Meeting

The Committee of the Agricultural and Pastoral Society met yesterday when there were present:


A. M'HARDY (chair)

JACKSON bacon factory

The other day I paid a visit to Mr JACKSON'S bacon factory. Although, or rather because, it is a private venture, it is of public interest, because it is an instance of the superiority of private enterprise to public companies in small industries.

While people have been talking about a bacon factory Mr JACKSON has established one. It is conveniently situated on the banks of the creek at Longland's bridge.

I first entered a large curing shed, in which were the flitches and hams of a hundred pips undergoing the salting and hanging process. Near this was the smoke-house, in which the smoke of sawdust imparts to the meat the aroma, flavour, and color as prized by connoisseurs.

Further on were the abattoir, in which the pigs are killed, and the scalding trough and the boiler and furnace for heating the water. As a matter of humanity I was glad to learn from Mr JACKSON that he stuns the pigs before killing them and thus spares them unnecessary pain.

Before leaving I asked him how he managed to keep his bacon cool in summer. His reply was that he would have none left, as it was all going off as fast as it was cured, finding a ready sale in HASTINGS, NAPIER, and elsewhere

The Juvenile Foresters celebrated their twelfth anniversary by a social gathering last evening in the Foresters' Hall. There was a good attendance of members and friends :-

The following kindly contributed songs &c. : -


Addresses were delivered by Messrs GRUNDY and HORNSBY.

Mr BISSELL exhibited a series of dissolving views, which were much enjoyed.

Miss GILBERD and Mr C.P.LOUND presided at the piano.

Thanks were given to all those who had entertained the juveniles.

House Fire

This afternoon a fire-bell rang out an alarm, the cause being a chimney fire at Mr A.A. GEORGE's house. The Fire Brigade under Captain BRAOUSH and Fireman GOLDSBOROUGH ran out an engine and hose very smartly. The fire soon burnt itself out.

HB Caledonian Meeting

A meeting of the directors of the Hawke's Bay Caledonian Society was held yesterday afternoon, Mr P.S. M'LEAN in the chair.
Following committees were appointed:-





Messrs: A. M'HARDY, D. M'LEAN, G.S.V. WENLEY were appointed a committee to arrange for outside judges for the piping and dancing events at the next sports.


A Victorian genius has devised a certain death for rabbits. He has ascertained that if a rabbit sneezes violently it breaks its neck. So he advises laying down of sliced apples sprinkled with snuff or cayenne. The rabbits are fond of apples. As they attempt to bit the pieces laid down they sneeze, break their necks, and die.

R M Court yesterday before Mr F. SUTTON J.P.-Alfred TAYLOR for being illegally by night on the premises of James PAGET-sentenced to 48 hours' hard labor.

A concert to provide funds towards the enlargement and improvement of the Marist Brothers' Schools, Shakespeare Road, will be held at the Gaiety Theatre on the 18th inst.

A meeting of the officers and on-commissioned officers of the Garrison was held at the drill-shed last night, Major WOOD in the chair. It was decided to hold the annual Garrison Ball on Thursday the 18th inst.

As the ball is in aid of the Garrison Hall the public are being asked to contribute towards the supper. Double tickets are 10s each, and tickets for extra ladies 2s 6d. Lieutenant GOOCH is the honorary secretary.

Rugby Referees appointed
Mr MORGAN in the Pirate match
Mr WHITTINGTON in the Caledonian contest.


At the R M Court Hastings before Mr GILPIN, J.P.

A native named TAMATI was fined 2s 66d and 7s costs for allowing a horse to stray. This was his first offence but the same penalty was imposed on James SMITH and Thomas HOY for a similar offence although a previous conviction was recorded against each of them

A civil case FAULKNOR v Henare TOMOANA was dealt with-Mr HOWARD for the plaintiff

Hastings School and Gen news

The Hastings School Committee met last night.

Present: -
Messrs MADDISON -Chairman)

Messrs BRITTON and WEBBER were appointed to be the visiting committee.

The funeral of the late Mr CAMPBELL took place today at the HAVELOCK cemetery, and was attended by a large number of friends.

Sergeant PICKERING has been made Registrar of Electors

HBH 1892 August 9 2 COURT

A man named George Harper, remanded from Hastings to Napier on a charge of stealing two overcoats from a shop kept by Mr W.A.HANWELL was brought up at the R M Court yesterday to be dealt with. He was subsequently arrest at Hastings by Detective GRACE and defendant admitted his guilt, and was sentenced to seven days' hard labor for the first theft and 14 days' hard labor for the second, the sentences to be cumulative.

Alexander GILLIES before Mr WARDELL R.M. charged with failing to comply with an order of the Court to pay 10s per week towards the support of a child-another week was allowed to come up with the ?50 due.

Patrick CONNOR was charged with deserting his wife and child. Mr SHEATH in support of the information asked that the defendant be remanded till Saturday and was granted with defendant being allowed bail.

A youth named WALSH, apparently about 18 to 19 years of age was brought up at the R M Court yesterday and is likely to form a very unfavourable idea of his relation to society. He was arrested on Saturday night in an old house at the end of White Road and was sleeping in the house, which was a dilapidated building. All the windows broken, and anything but a comfortable lodging place and when arrested he told the following story: -"He came to NAPIER from PALMERSTON in search of work, having with him a little money. He stayed at a boarding-house till his cash was reduced to one shilling over the amount necessary to purchase a second-class ticket to Palmerston. He intended to start yesterday for Palmerston, where he had hopes of gaining employment. His Worship pointed out the dangers and practice of sleeping in uniet premises was becoming a serious matter and sentenced defendant to three days' hard labor.


Three of the "Makarini" (M'LEAN) scholarships, of the value of ?35 per annum each, and tenable for two years, are now gazetted.

One of three scholarships, to be called the senior scholarship, is open to all Maoris under 16 years of age at the end of the month preceding the date of the examination.

The other two scholarships are junior scholarships, and are open to all Maoris under 15 years of age at the end of the month preceding the date of the examination who have not been pupils at Te Aute or St. Stephen's, and whose attendance at school the previous year is considered by the Inspector of Native Schools to have been satisfactory.


SPENCE-On August 8th, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, NAPIER, the wife of the Rev. G. W.J.SPENCE, of a daughter.

GLASSFORD-At the Caf? on the 8th of August, the wife of G.Glassford of a daughter.

CAMPBELL-At POUKAWA, on the 4th August, Allan CAMPBELL, in the 66th year of his age.

Mr LASCELLES, who appeared for the accused, offered no objection, but asked for bail, and his Worship intimated that he would favourably consider the application.

Caledonian Football

The following will represent the CALEDONIAN Football Club in their match with the KAIRAU and WANGANUI College teams: -


Emergencies: -GRINDELL, HERON.

[From our own correspondent]
August 6, 1892.

Our main street presents satisfactory indications of the progress of the town. Next door to Mr MORGAN'S is a tobacconist's shop, which has been opened by Mr WHITE with a choice assortment of pipes, cigars, &d. A "ready money grocery store" further on is a step in the right direction, and I wish it may lead to the abolition of the baneful credit system which is as demoralising to customers as it is injurious to traders. Mr BLYTHE has opened a branch establishment in the same block. In JULL'S block Mr STUART has set up as a draper, tailor, and outfitter. His shop contains a large stock of ready-made clothes and of cloth ready for making into coats, vests, and trousers, by cutters and fitters in the room above. There are also several NAPIER men who have opened branches here with a view of gathering in some of the "plums."
HBH 1892 August 10

The many friends of Mr BICKNELL, the popular accountant of the Union Bank, will regret to hear that he has received notice that he is to be shifted to another branch of the bank.


R M Court yesterday-before Mr WARDELL R.M..

Augustus AMUNDSEN and Henry LORIGAN were charged that they, on or about the 3rd August, 1892, at Paritu near Gisborne, then being co-partners with one James FEARON in a bush felling contract, feloniously did steal the sum of ?30, which was money belonging to the said co-partnership then subsisting between the three. The police asked that the accused should be remanded to Gisborne, as the prosecutor and principal witnesses resided there.

Hawke's Bay County Cncl
Hawke's Bay County Council meeting Tuesday August 8.

Present: -


Correspondence from Mr S. VAILE, AUCKLAND, forwarding circular in favour of the zone system of railway fares.

Residents at the Western Spit asking the Council to drain the swamp at Long Point.

Taradale River Board, asking permission to cut willows from the river bed
Mr THORNTON, Clive, complaining of the state of the approach to his premises.
Mr O'ROURKE, contracto for the Taupo road asking for an extension of time on account of bad weather.

Mr W. HARPHAM, Taradale, stating that Mr RYMER a member of the Council was drawing money under the names of HARVEY for cartage.........Chairman replied that there had been no infringement of the law (legal limit ?10)


A draft lease of the Farndon Domain was submitted and instructions given to advertise the domain for lease for three years. The lease protected the rights of the tennis, football, and cricket clubs, and the domain was to be open to the public free except on ten days in the year, when a fee could be charged for admission. The Chairman explained that the Council would not benefit through having charge of the domain, as all revenue from it had to be expended on it.

Special orders were adopted merging the Clive and the Papakura Road Boards in the council

Mr CONROY brought up the question of Muddy creek, Clive. The Chairman had taken the advice of the Council's solicitors, and found that although the land was recently sold with the middle of the creek as a boundary, the creek was a natural watercourse and consequently a public drain, which could not be stopped up.

Mr VILLERS mentioned a drain at Wharepunga and a culvert near MARSHALL'S crossing which required attention and the overseer was instructed to see to both matters.


Cruelty to Baby

The case against Dr. and Mrs HEADLEY, formerly of HAWKE'S BAY, recently tried in BLENHEIM, and which resulted in the two accused being committed for trial, revealed an astonishing system of treatment of a five months' old baby

Napier Park Racing

The annual meeting of members of the Napier Park Racing Club was held yesterday at the club's offices, Market Street.

Present: -
Messrs J.CLOSE (Chair)



Mr Samuel JOHNSON, and the Board's Almoner at WAIPAWA, wrote with respect to a very peculiar case in WAIPAWA County.

Some two years ago a man named JACOBSEN, of NORSEWOOD, started from there to go bush felling at PAHIATUA. He had three children at the time, two of whom went to WOODVILLE, and were provided for, while the third, a girl of about ten years of age, was left in the charge of somebody at NORSEWOOD, JACOBSEN promised to send ?1 10s a month for her support.

JACOBSEN had never since been heard of. He had been traced as far as PAHIATUA, but no further tidings of him could be obtained. It had transpired that when JACOBSEN left Norsewood he was the owner of a section (section 10, block 3, Norsewood) upon which there was a four-roomed house.

This house had been let by a man named WRINGER, who collected the rent. WRINGER stated that the key of the house was left with him by JACOBSEN when the latter left NORSEWOOD, and that he (WRINGER) had spent what rent he had collected in repairs.

At present three out of the four rooms had been let by WRINGER for 3s a week, the fourth room, which contained JACOBSEN'S furniture and effects, being kept locked. It was not know whether JACOBSEN was dead, but it seemed very probable that he was.

In the meantime the girl left at NORSEWOOD was being supported by the Board at a cost of ?1 10s per month.

After some discussion on the peculiarities of the case, a resolution was carried empowering the chairman to consult a solicitor on the subject, to ascertain how best to deal with the question of the property owned by JACOBSEN being utilised for the support of his child.

Waipawa News

Inspector EMERSON paid an official visit to the Waipawa and Waipukurau stations today and found everything satisfactory. He did not while here see half-a-dozen bicycles careering together along the footpath to the station, as I do sometimes, or lese there might have been "ructions."

The Native Land Court keeps very busy. An important case under the Equitable Owners Act has been occupying it for several days. Te Otini HUTANA and Co apply to be considered part owners of the native reserve behind the Waupawa Pa, known as Whatarakai, of 461 acres, and are represented by Mr Paratene NGATA. Mr F. O'B. LOUGHNAN appeared to oppose the claim on behalf of the children of Watene Te HAPUKA.

Judge O'BRIEN said the evidence on behalf of some of the claimants given yesterday was not satisfactory, and they wanted to hear more.

Mere IRAWAU came forward for the purpose, but her levity of manner on being sworn was such that the Court refused to hear her, and she was ordered down.

Pine PANE said he was a little confused yesterday, and asked that Iraia POURAKA be heard again. Iraia, being asked if he knew the four persons named as claimants, said that they were descendants of PANITANGAKORE, but he did not know if they had a right to the block; he was one of the original grantees, and remembered the Hapuka block being sold to the Crown, but did not know how portions of the block were reserved. The Court said that he had got the certificates of TAPAIRU, but they had the three others in, and they stated that the land was reserved for aboriginal natives, but which was not specified. Evidence given yesterday was unsatisfactory and useless, therefore they wanted to see KANENAMU, to see if they could get exact information, but this witness did not improve matters. Judgment postponed till tomorrow.

Due to Mr TURNBULL'S illness, the Trust Commissioner's Court had to be further adjourned.

HBH 1892 August 11

The Napier Fire Brigade desire to establish a fire station in Carlyle Street Napier.
Tenders are invited by Mr Robert LAMB for the erection of a Presbyterian Church at CLIVE.

A poor woman named Sarah Ann POINTON, who has on previous occasions betrayed symptoms of mania, was yesterday brought in from TARADALE by constable LEITCH and formally charged before Messrs F.SUTTON and S. CARNELL J.P's with being a lunatic not under proper control. The unfortunate creature was remanded for medical examination.


PILE-At the Napier Hospital, on the 9th August, Jennie Rosa, daughter of J.H. PILE, of Waioheka, Opotiki, aged 24 years, from typhoid fever.

The funeral will leave the hospital for the Catholic Church today (Wednesday), at 2 p.m. sharp.


At the Resident Court yesterday, before Mr J.W. NEAL J.P.,

George SMITH and Morgan DAVIS were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

HBH 1892 August 12


Now is the time to invest a few pounds in PERTH, the capital city of the youngest colony. Remember the enormous increase in land values in MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, and other capitals, and buy while prices are at the low figure of ?5 5s per lot.

Terms 5s monthly. No deposit, no interest.

Full particulars from P.CALLAGHAN, junr,
123, Swanston Street,

Mr W.H.TYLEE, who was former accountant in the Union Bank, will shortly return to again fill that position taking the place of Mr BICKNELL, who is leaving to take a position in another branch of the bank.

Advertisements New

Wairoa County Council notifies that Mess SIM brothers, stockyard at Mohaka has been appointed a public pound, and that Mr G.W.SIM has been appointed pound-keeper.

Mr A.STEWART announces that the Napier Working Men's Co-operative Society will open their store in Hastings Street tomorrow evening.

The partnership between James GILBERD and Robert D. SWEETAPPLE, soap makers at Awatoto has been dissolved. The business will continue to be run by Mr SWEETAPPLE, who will receive and discharge all debts due to and by the late firm.

Mr J.D. BRIASCO, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, Hastings Streets, inserts a business advertisement.

An elderly man named John PINYON, said to be a resident of Danevirke, sustained a serious accident last night near the Union Bank, Hastings Street.

HBH 1892 August 13 2 HARVEY

There was an unwonted spirit of discontent abroad at the Port yesterday when the inhabitants fully realised that Constable HARVEY, under whose "protecting wing" they had so long basked had been sent on to GISBORNE in the s.s. Australia. Earnest men and sad-browed women asked in faltering accents: "Can this evil thing be, and this a Christian land?"


R.M. Court yesterday, before Messrs F. SUTTON and H.P.COHEN J.P'S
Henare POHIO, a Maori who had been arrested drunk while in charge of a horse and buggy, fined ?1, with 12.6d costs, in default four days with hard labor. The money was paid.

James M'INTYRE, baker, Waipawa sued for balance of an account. He paid for delivery of goods which were lost in transit from Wellington.



Sir,-"Duncan" is only making merry a little over my supposed derivation of "bachelor" from cow-herd or coward. I said nothing, however, about the last two words only that bachelor meant, "a small farmer," who (poor fellow) evidently could not afford to marry. Some do connect the "bachelor" or farmer with vacca, a cow, and so make him to have been a "cow-man" but of that I said nothing, and certainly did not connect coward with cow-herd, and so deserve "Duncan's" gentle last. I am afraid I still prefer the "farmer" Derivation to the "laurel-berry" or the "bas-chevalier" one, which "Duncan" pleasantly Suggest.-I am, &c.,

Napier, August 12, 1892.


Tenders are invited by Mr Charles PALMER for the purchase of his late residence on the Marine Parade to be removed from its present site.

An advertisement on the fourth page referring to the safety of the Humber bicycle.

Mrs BAX, ladies nurse, at Miss SCULLIN'S registry office, Hastings Street, inserts a card.

Tenders are invited by Mr G.T.FANNIN for leasing the Farndon Park Domain.


Messrs HAWKINS and CROWLEY'S store and auction room were completely destroyed by fire at 3 o'clock this morning. Both partners slept on the premises, and escaped with some difficulty. They only saved a box of clothing and a few sundries from the auction room and was insured for ?500

The store was the property of Mr W. HENDERSON, and was insured.

Auction room was owned by Mr M'DERMOTT, on which there was no insurances.

Bowling Club AGM

President Mr E. LYNDON accepted the chair and their was a large attendance at the A.G.M

The thanks of the club were recorded to Mr WATERWORTH, under whose supervision the work had been carried out on the green.

The "Dr. HITCHINGS' Trophy" won this season by Mr A. STUBBS, This being his second time of wining it he now secures the prize. Mr J.G. GILBERD was runner-up, who together with the winner receives a gold medal. The trophy being presented by Mr P.DINWIDDIE, the retiring President.

The season's championship was won by Mr E. EVANS, the runner-up being Mr C.D.KENNEDY, who also wins a gold medal.

The trophy presented by Dr. de LISLE for the donkey game was won by Mr G. SOUTH, Mr J. BEATSON winning a gold medal as the runner-up.

A trophy was presented by Mr J.T.C. COOK, the club's former secretary for the highest aggregate scores on Saturday afternoon matches, which was won by Mr J.DINWIDDIE.

On the Queen's Birthday a very interesting pairs tournament played for two gold medals presented by Mr G.SOUTH, which were won by Mr J.B.FIELDER and G.F.MORLEY, Messrs W.MILLER and C.H.EDWARDS each won a gold medal for runners-up.

A pairs tournament was also played during the season for two pairs of bowls as prizes, which were won by Messrs J.BEATSON and W.SMITH, who kindly presented their winnings as trophies for the Northern Bowling Association's tournament.


President-Mr John M'VAY
Vice-President-Mr C.H.EDWARDS
Treasurer-Mr. J.B.FIELDER
Secretary-Mr W.HODGSON



It is a curious fact that, during the sinking of the well, no traces of soil, vegetable matter, or fossils has been met with. A temporary stoppage in the work occurred on Saturday, caused by an accident to an assistant named GIBBIE, who allowed a pipe to slip through his hands, severely lacerating one of his Fingers. The work will, however be resumed tomorrow.

The Waipawa Building Society's committee met this afternoon, when a good deal of business was done, but none of a public character.

In the Native Land Court today the cases in Te Ohu and Tapairu, under the Equitable Owners Act, were further adjourned as there was a probability of an amicable settlement. Pukekura East subdivision was adjourned indefinitely until the disposal of Hapuka Te NAHU'S claim under the Equitable Owners Act.

HBH 1892 Aug 15 Lands Office transfers

Mr R.W.BALLANTYNE, who has been for several years draughtsman in the Napier Lands Office, left on Saturday to take up a position in the Auckland Lands Office.

Among other changes in the local office, Mr ARMSTRONG from GISBORNE, and Mr DIXON from HOKITIKIA, are joining the NAPIER office as draughtsmen.

The position of chief draughtsman rendered vacant by the death of Mr DENNAN has not yet been filled.


Edward Samuel LACY has been adjudged a bankrupt.

Captain GLEADOW, Spit has to let a five-roomed house with out-houses.

A lady help is wanted-Applications to Mrs De Berdt HOVELL.


Sarah Jane POYNTON, on remand charged with lunacy was committed to the Wellington Asylum.

Patrick CONNOR, on remand, charged with wife desertion was represented by Mr LEE,
Mr SHEATH appearing in support of the information.-Case adjourned to enable defendant and his wife to come to some arrangement.

Sergeant CULLEN has now been definitely appointed Registrar of Electors for NAPIER.

Mr TURNBULL, R.M. who has been seriously ill, is reported to be slightly better.

Mr WARD, licensee of the Shamrock Hotel, will this morning answer to a charge preferred by the police of allowing gambling on his licensed premises.

A wooden bridge that should be over the side-channel in Shakespeare Road, near the Government lawn, has been shifted from its position. As it is at present it is only a trap, and should be seen too.

Chess Club Officers

A special meeting of the Napier Chess and Draughts Club was held at the Working Men's Club on Saturday evening. Mr L. LESSONG, president (chair).

It was decided to accept with thanks the offer of the council of the Philosophical Institute of their use of their library at the Athenaeum for two nights per week, and that the meetings of the club be held there.

The meeting then adjourned and then adjourned meeting of the chess players was held, with Mr J.HINDMARSH Sen.(Chair).

The decision of the club having been communicated to the meeting, those present decided to become members, and the following officers were appointed: -
President-Mr J.S.LARGE
Hon Secretary and Treasurer-Mr H.C. PIRANI

Subscription was fixed at 10s per annum.

The Napier Poultry and Canary Association's show at the Gaiety Theatre again attracted large crowds on Saturday, and in the evening the crush was so great that locomotion was difficult. It may safely be said that the show was the most successful yet held here. A number of very handsome prizes were on view during the day, and were much admired.

A massive silver cup of elegant design was presented by Mr R.D.D. M'LEAN for the most successful exhibitor in the poultry classes, has this year been won by Mr Charles PRICE.

Some beautiful cats were exhibited, the prize-takers in this section of the show being as follows:


Black Cat
J.H.COLEMAN 1, T.SIDEY commended.

White Cat

Cat, any other color

Largest Cat

Any other variety cat
Guinea pigs

The Art Union in connection with the show will be drawn this evening.
In Saturday's issue we stated that Messrs W.MILLER and CRANNY judged the canaries, but this was an error and Mr F ROGEN in fact allotted the prizes to the feathery songsters.

HBH 1892 Aug 16

Advertisement No 651

Acknowledgment of prompt Payment.

Mount Vernon, 10th August, 1892.

To the Manager
Equitable Life Assurance Society

Dear Sir,-I have received your letter containing cheque for ?1000, being the amount assured by the late M.R.MILLER. I have to thank you for your prompt remittance, the cheque having reached me within 1 week of the proofs of age and death being posted.-Yours truly,


N.B. Cheque above mentioned was posted at Wellington the same day proofs of death reached the Society's Office.

Advertisement No 593
W.HAIMES-trespassers on the Maratara property, Inner Harbor will be prosecuted.


Mr Frank ALLEN, supervisor of the N Z Examinations of the Institute of Actuaries of LONDON, has received by the San Francisco mail a list of candidates who have passed the colonial examinations held in April last. Examinations were held on the 29th and 30th of April 1892, at Montreal, Melbourne, Sydney, and Wellington, with the following results: -

Part 1-Twenty-nine candidates sent in their names, of whom 22 presented themselves and 10 passed as follows: -

Class 1

Class 2

Part 2
Three candidates sent in their names and presented themselves of whom two passed as follows: -

Class 3

Part 3-
One candidate sent in his name, but did not present himself for examination.

The Native Land Court today proceeded to take the applications of Arapeta MEHA in the various applications sent in by him under the Equitable Owners' Act, but were withdrawn by him with the exception of Te OHU. In this Mr LOUGHNANM assisted by Mr A.L.D. FRASER, opposed the application, and Mr Paratene NGATA argued for the applicant.

The Court after hearing arguments for and against decided to take the case tomorrow and proceed with it.
Advert No 647

Tenders will be received for the purchase of last residence, Marine Parade, of
Mr PALMER up to 17th August, ample time allowed for removal.

Particulars on application to PALMER'S STABLES, NAPIER.


An action for libel has been instituted against the Pahiatua Star by Mr C.HALL, coroner for the district, who alleges that a recent article in that paper is calculated to injure him in his official capacity.

Mr ROBINSON R.M gave judgment today in a case in which the Wellington Biscuit Company sued James M'INTYRE, baker of Waipawa for the sum balance of a account for ?5 14s.

The following constitute the representative team against Canterbury:


The Poneke club have eight representatives, the Athletics three, Petone two, and Wellington two. The same team will go away to NAPIER if they can all get away.

T.CARRUTH, a labourer was convicted by two justices today of falsely representing himself as a traveller at two hotels on Saturday, thereby obtaining liquor. Three licensees were prosecuted on his evidence, two got off, but the third was convicted. He appealed, however, and the appeal is set down for tomorrow.

Gold returns received from the following: -
Waipari Deep Lead Company
Jutland Flat Company
Six Mile Beach Company
Upper Waipari Company.

A youth named Daniel MURPHY and a companion, when leaving the hut of a Chinaman at Speargrass Flat, near Roxburgh, pointed a double-barrelled gun at the Chinaman. The charge exploded, and the Chinaman was wounded about the mouth, losing much blood. The police are investigating the matter.

HBH 1892 Aug 17 Auckland

Tuesday-Telegraphic-per United Press Association

The thoroughbred stallion Dreadnought purchased by the Hon J.D.ORMOND, arrived by the Waihora from Sydney today.

Colonel FOX inspected today the harbour defences, the permanent artillery, and the torpedo corps.

The Tailoresses" Union have arranged a conference with the factory proprietors for the week.

A presentation was made today by the Customs Officers to Mr D. M'KELLAR, who is going as Collector of Customs to WELLINGTON. He leaves on Thursday.

Mr Herbert FERGUSON, Inspector of Factories, has received intelligence of his son Herbert, aged 16, being washed overboard from the barque Samoa on the passage from Lyttelton to London.

At the inquest on George KING an open verdict of found drowned was returned.




Sir,-May I point out to the members of the Napier Borough Council the desirableness of fixing in prominent positions nameplates of the various streets. The cost would not be excessive and the convenience much appreciated. The town is not so small but that it is difficult for a stranger to find his way about without some help, and I can assure those who know the place well, and therefore may not appreciate the difficulty, that is-from want of name-plates-on the wrong road, possibly maddening to find oneself possibly cornered in a cul-de-sac , with the necessity of retracing one's steps perhaps a quarter or half a mile. Besides, it gives the town-to the eye of a visitor-the appearances of being ten years behind the times. I trust something will be done in the matter-the community is not poverty stricken.

I am, &c.,
Joseph Milburn
Napier, 16 August, 1892.


Messrs E.BECK and Co's clearing sale will be continued in the afternoon by Mr W.H. COOPER on the Hastings premises. Afterwards Mr COOPER will sell on the ground at Mr. F. COOK's, Riverslea Road, Hastings the whole of the plant of the FARINA Company

Mr David LUNDON will sell at Auckland on the 4th of October, the block of land known ass Waitaha No 2, subdivided into twelve convenient sections.

Five strong lads are wanted for scrubbing light bush. Applications to Mr J. NEILL, Petane.

Mr W.ARMSTRONG, Survey Office, wants to rent a six-roomed house.


The following respecting Mr PATTEN, late Collector of Customs at NAPIER, appears in tonight's Post: -"It will be remembered that some time ago how Mr PATTEN, Collector of Customs at NAPIER, was superannuated as having attained the age of 65, and being too old for the region and when at WELLINGTON suddenly showed that he was some years younger and was in full possession of his faculties: and how the Government sought to cover their mistake by a sop and a temporary appointment to a bigger port. Now the man who was rules too old for Napier has been found young enough to be retained to the Collectorship at CHRISTCHURCH vice Mr ROSE, appointed Collector at Auckland vice Mr D. M'KELLAR, who has been appointed Collector here. Mr W. SIBBALD of AUCKLAND has been promoted to be Landing Surveyor at the same port."

Southern News

At a public meeting last night a Prohibition League was established in this city.

A young man named Charles HELLIER, a bush labourer, shot himself through the head with a pistol in the city Restaurant last night. He had influenza about ten months ago, since which he has been in ill-health, and out of employment. Of late he had been very despondent owing to his inability to obtain suitable work.

A man named Frank LOWE, who was arrested in Sydney on the charge of obtaining goods by false pretences here, was today committed for trial.

A man, name unknown, was drowned at Sutton's ford Wairau river, this afternoon. He was in a spring cart, and the river being in flood, cart, horse, and driver were washed over the ford. Constable SHERRY has been sent to the scene.

HBH 1892 August 18
Waste Land Board

Wednesday-August 17

The Board met at 10.30 a.m. Present-Messrs T.HUMPHRIES (Chief Commissioner),

Surveyor-General-requesting that the Board open up lands set apart in the Motu District for selection by holders of certificates under the Naval and Military Settlers and Volunteers Land Act, 1891.-It was agreed to recommend as desired.

>From Mr A.R.LYONS, Tahoraite, applying for permission to cut ten totara trees on section 11, block 16,-Permission granted.

>From Mr J.HEBBERLEY, Tarawera, asking to be allowed to cut timber on a reserve he was leasing for grazing purposes.-After some discussion he was to be written to inform him that he could use the dead timber on the run for fencing it, but that timber must not be used for other purposes.

>From Michael READY-applying to surrender his license of section 28, block 14, Pohui-Agreed to, and land to be offered for selection at 16s an acre.

>From Mr J. DAVIS-with respect to section 84, block 5, Weber. The license for this was mad out in the name of ADAMSON, but the rights in the section had been sold to the writer.-Board to issue a transfer of the license to the writer.

Mr T. M'INTYRE-on the question of rent. It appeared that the writer took up 500 acres, section 12, block 15, Nuhaka, on the 9th of July and paid in advance-application not granted

Mr A. HAGGENSEN, Norsewood, asking for an extension of time to pay instalment due on Sections 13 and 14, Danevirke-granted til October

Messrs OLDE and HOLMAN apply for a refund of fees paid by them on account of transfers applied for-Request not granted.

Waste Land Board
Wednesday-August 17

A.MILNER, section 14, block 14, Tahoraite-approved

P.NORMAN, section 5, block 1, Tahoraite
Job DOAK, section 40, WOODVILLE.

Section 27, block 14, Pohui, selected by Henry FORREST-To be put up for auction.

M. M'DERMOTT to SMITH and NEIL-section 20, block 2, WEBER
J.ANGLIM to H.DAVIS, section 9, Block 13, NORSEWOOD
J.BEARD to H.F. SYLVESTER, section 2 MATAMAU Village Settlement
All Approved.

A.F. M'LEAN to J.KRUSE, section 1, block 6, WAIMATA,
J.A.SPURRELL to A.GARDNER, Section 3, block 14, WOODVILLE
J.PITTAMS TO C. and J. PITTAMS, section 3, Block 14, WOODVILLE.

O.E.BARTRAM to Messrs BLAIR and RAYSON, section 1, block 4, WAINGAROMA and section 2, block 1, UAWA

J.H. BLACK to J. M'PHERSON, section ? block 17, TAHORAITE.
All transfers were agreed to.

Applications for land
C.REIDY, SECTION 35, MATAMAU Village Settlement, for cash, 2 acres, 1 rood, ? perches-Granted.

B.QUAILLEY, section 13, MATAMAU Village Settlement for cash, 2 acres, ? rood 4 perches-Granted.

A parlor maid is wanted by Mrs W.R.RUSSELL, Flaxmere, Hastings

Mr H.J.GILBERD of the Taradale Nursery, inserts a list of trees and plants which he is
Selling at reduced prices.

Tenders are invited by Mr George SOLLITT for additions to the Roman Catholic Church at Hastings.


Printed and published for DINWIDDIE, WALKER & Co., Ltd
by Peter DINWIDDIE and Richard Thomas WALKER, as their registered printing office, Tennyson Street, Napier.

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Friday, August 19, 1892.


Land Transfer Act Notice
Advertisement No 704

Parcel of land hereinafter described will be brought under the provisions of "The Land Transfer Act 1885," unless caveat be lodged forbidding the same within one month after the date of the "Gazette" containing this notice.

1075-Robert Donald Douglas M'LEAN, Applicant-1274 ? Acres (more or less) shown on deposited Plan No 721, being part of Blocks 9,10,11,12,16, and 18, Maraekakaho District and Block 1, Gwavas District.

In occupation of Applicant.

District Land Registrar.


BRYSON-At Napier, on August 18th, 1892, Archibald Bryson, aged 57 years, youngest son of the late Mr John Bryson, engineer, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

The funeral will leave his late residence at 3 o'clock this (Friday) afternoon.

Friends will please accept this intimation.


HENDERSON-At Napier Hospital on August 17th, Thomas HENDERSON, farmer, late of Papakura, aged 45 years.

The funeral will take place at the Taradale Cemetery today (Friday), at 3 p.m.
W.J.BROWN, Undertaker.

No 693

Mr CRESSWELL as resumed Practice as a Barrister and Solicitor in Napier.

Chambers-South British Fire Insurance Buildings, Browning Street, Napier.

HBH 1892 August 20 Chess and draughts formation

Last night a well attended meeting was held at Mr TYERMAN'S rooms for the purpose of establishing a chess and draughts Club in Hastings.

Mr S.F. HASZARD was voted to the chair: it was decided that the annual subscription should be 2s 6d; and it was decided that the club should meet at 8 o'clock every Friday morning.

Mr HASZARD appointed honorary secretary and the following committee elected:

Messrs TYERMAN, J.REYNOLDS, *J.COLLINGE, and the hon. Secretary.

*This could be one of my family members-elaine

Land Court Judgment

The following is a copy of Judges SCANNELL and BRABANT'S judgment in the Awarua No 1 block: -"This case is a partial re-hearing of Awarua No 1, a portion of the Awarua block partitioned by the native Land Court, which sat at Marton by partition orders dated July 23, 1891, and for which a re-hearing was granted by the Chief Judge, by an order date 16th February, 1892, for the purpose of determining the relative interests of the persons who have been found entitled to this parcel of land, subject to the condition that each person who claims that the share or interest already awarded to him as insufficient shall on or before the 1st April, 1892, deposit with the Registrar of the Court in Wellington a statement in writing setting forth the grounds upon which he claims an increase of his share or interest, and the proportion of the whole parcel to which he claims to be entitled."

The parties claiming an increase were: -
1. Ihaka Te KONGA and 67 other members of the Ngati Tamakorako hapu claiming an aggregate increase of 77 interests, represented by Captain BLAKE, license native agent.

2. We WHEKO and seven others claiming an aggregate increase of 40 interests; represented by Mr VOGEL, solicitor.

3. Winiata Te WHARO and two others claiming an aggregate increase of 100 interests; represented by Mr VOGEL, solicitor.

4. Renata KAWEPO by his representatives ad four others claiming an aggregate increase of 110 interests; represented by Mr A.L.D. FRASER, licensed native land agent.

5.Airini TONORE and nine others claiming an aggregate increase of 96 interests; represented by Mr A.L.D. FRASER, licensed native land agent. Of this latter claim the names of five persons representing a claim of 36 interests were withdrawn during the hearing.

The following persons were represented as defending the shares already awarded them: -
Noa Te HEANGA, and W.M. PARAOTENE, represented by Mr LOUGHNAN, solicitor.
Weichanga HUNIA, represented by Mr A.L.D. FRASER
Matunga PEKA PEKA, Hoiaka RAMEKA, and others represented by Sir W. WASTNEY, solicitor.

It was decided to increase the shares of the following applicants by the number of interests set opposite the name of each: -

Ihaka Te KANGO and 67 others-26 interests
Atareta HOKAHOKA-3 interests
Harata HOKAHOKA-3 interests
Wirihana TIPENE-1 interest
Herarariki TIPENE-1 interest
Airini TONORE-2 interests
Iraia KAURAURIA-2 interests
Turanga KAURAURIA-2 interests
Pani KAURAURIA-2 interests
Erua KAURAURIA-2 interests.

All other claims were dismissed. The increased interests awarded as above will be deducted from those awarded by the Partition Court.

St Paul's Band of Hope held their quarterly social last evening in the schoolroom.
The following assisted in the programme: -

The Misses M.ROBINSON, Bessy MILNER, Katie BISHOP.

Mr GRAINGER gave an address and older members indulging in various games.

Mr KELLY announced details of next meeting to be held next Friday evening.

Monday Page 2


MILLS-On August 21st, at the residence of her father, Dickens street, Annie Jane only daughter of James MILLS, and grand-daughter of Mr R.G.GRAHAM, aged eight months-Deeply regretted.

The funeral will leave the residence of Mr MILLS at 3 o'clock this (Monday) afternoon.

Court news

Resident Court yesterday before Messrs J.H.VAUTIER and F.SUTTON J.P'S
Frederick LYNASS fined 10s and costs for drunkenness.

Hastings Court-before Mr H.WARDELL R.M.

A.A.GEORGE fined 5s and costs for allowing the chimney of his dwelling to catch fire.

William Henry PLUMMER fined ?2 and costs 7s for ill-treating a horse by driving it with sore shoulders.

Judgment for plaintiff given in each of the following civil cases: -

A BATCH OF RATEPAYERS were summoned for rates, but most of the summonses were withdrawn.

Following cases adjourned to 16th Sept next: -

The case of LEVY v BLAKE adjourned to NAPIER.

BOWLING Club Auckland content

While the operations connected with re-turfing the bowling green were in progress, the caretaker, Mr FORREST, found a gold ring on the inner circumference of which some initials were marked. He communicated the find to the secretary, Mr W. HODGSON, who wrote to all the clubs represented at the late bowling tournament. This resulted in the owner being found in the person of Mr J. O. LYELL, of the Auckland Bowling Club, who upon being apprised of the fact that his property was found promptly sent ?1 as a reward to the caretaker.

The Native Land Court has been sitting all day investigating the TAIPAIRU
Claim under the Equitable Owners Act.

The time of the R M Court was taken up for a long time on Saturday by a case in which a couple of Maoris were the litigants. It appeared the Reihania KAHUI was the proud possessor of a sow and a litter of ten young porkers. These animals strayed onto land owned by Matenga PEKA PEKA and commenced to investigate the nature of things. At this MATENGA allowed his angry passions to master him, and he rose up in his wrath and shot all those pigs.-judgment given in favour of Reihania


An unfortunate mistake has been made by the Auckland Evening Star in its Publication of the telegram sent on Thursday by the Press Association in reference to the warrant issued for the arrest of Carl MOELLER, cabinetmaker, of Wellington, for forgery. It appears that by some mistake, either in transmission or in the Star office the telegram was published as referring to Carl ZOELLER. A gentleman by this name is a resident in Auckland, and holds a responsible situation as a traveller for the firm of Seegner, Langguth and Co., of that City. He is at present in Wellington and was considerably startled by receiving a telegram from his principals ......more

Rev G.W.J. SPENCE will deliver tomorrow evening in Trinity Church the third of his series of discourses on the Book of Job, the subject being, "The Fugitive Arrested."


Mr J.B.RHODES, of Springhill, met with a very nasty accident on Thursday. While out on his run, his horse, which has a nasty trick of backing, backed into a barbed wire fence, and on feeling the barbs turned and dragged her rider's leg against the barbed wire over about a dozen of the barbs, thereby tearing and lacerating the flesh very seriously, with the consequence that he is now laid up and likely to be for some time.

The Hon. Mr WARD, Postmaster General, came to the district on departmental business on Saturday evening by the express train. He alighted at TOMOANA.

HBH 1892 August 20 Garrison Juvenile Ball

The Garrison Juvenile Ball last night, although got up with only twelve hours' notice was a most pronounced success. No less than a hundred couple were present.

The ladies' committee: -


Misses: NEWTON, SUTTON, HITCHINGS, JAGO, assisted by Major WOOD,

Lieutenant GOOCH, and the non-commissioned officers from the battery and the Navals, saw that the young people were well supplied with partners.

During the evening Master Tom PEDDIE danced the Highland fling most gracefully.

We understand the garrison intend making the ball a annual one.

HBH 1892 Aug 22


MILLS-On August 21st at the residence of her father, Dickens Street, Annie Jane, only daughter of James MILLS, and grand-daughter of Mr R.G.GRAHAM aged eight months.

Deeply regretted.
The funeral will leave the residence of Mr MILLS at 3 o'clock this (Monday) afternoon.

HBH 1892 Aug 23
Tuesday P2


HAGUE-MERRITT-At St Mark's Clive, on August 18 1892, by the Rev. Cannon St HILL, William HAGUE to Elizabeth (Lily), second daughter of G.MERRITT, both of Clive.

A very sad drowning case occurred yesterday morning at Kahurauaka, a station about 13 miles beyond Hastings.

It appears that at about 10 o'clock yesterday morning, a party consisting of Mrs G. NAUMANN, Mrs ALEXANDER, her infant, and another child named Flossie, left Mr W. COUPER'S station in a trap driven by a man named William SHERMAN, the destination being Hastings.

The Tuki Tuki had to be crossed, and as it was swollen owing to the recent rains the driver took the horse and trap into the stream a little below the usual fording place, as the current did not appear so strong there. When nearly in the middle of the stream the trap was capsized, and all its occupants were thrown into the water. Mr W. COUPER, two young men named STEPHEN, and another man named PILCHER saw the accident and at once launching a canoe went to the rescue of the persons struggling in the water.

They succeeded in saving all but the little girl Flossie ALEXANDER who was carried away by the current and drowned. The body was recovered by Mr PILCHER some 300 yards down the stream, and now lies at Mr W. COUPER'S house awaiting an inquest, which will probably be held this afternoon.

RM Court yesterday, a man called as Robert CARR but possessed of a string of aliases, was brought up on remand charged with stealing a waterproof vest. Accused, against whom fifteen previous convictions were put in, was sentenced to six months' hard labor.
Annual meeting of the Band of Hope Cricket Club was held last evening in the Wesleyan schoolroom, the President, Mr J.C. MARTIN (Chair).

Trophies promised by Messrs E.H.WILLIAMS and C.R. SMITH would be presented after the match with the United Cricket Club.

On the fourth page a contribution by Mr H.H.MURDOCH entitled
"The Patent Office and the Public."

What is profane language, and what is a suitable punishment for it? We ask, because on Saturday last at Masterton, a man named Michael THOMPSON, was sentenced to three months' hard labor in Wellington gaol for "using profane language."
At the R M Court yesterday before Mr WARDELL R.M.

An elderly man named Harry CLARK, sentenced to seven day's hard labor for being unlawfully in an unlet house.

Thomas MILNE-charged with slapping and pinching a little girl named Ellen BRYDON denied the charge.

For allowing a horse to wander Thomas GEBBIE fined 1st with 7s costs.

George THOMPSON-for allowing a horse to wander fined 2s and costs 7s

R.S.WILLIAMS, charged with intending to desert his wife and child, did not appear.

The new transept in All Saints' Church TARADALE, was consecrated last Sunday by the Bishop of WAIAPU.

A petition to the Bishop for consecration was read by Mr T. A.SHIRLEY, the minister's warden....more

The new transept was designed by Messrs COPPER and FINCH.

The new lead lights, a gift of Mr NEWBOULD.

Mr PLAYER is the contractor.

According to the Post, in the early days of the settlement of this district, Edward S. CURLING purchased a property and died, leaving it heavily involved in debt. His brother in England, Robert CURLING, took over the estate, paid all the debts, and expended large sums of money in developing the property, but never came to New Zealand.

Mr J.C.ANDREW is now petitioning the House through Mr HOGG on behalf of Mr R. CURLING, against the payment of absentee tax, as the latter claims that he is now so old that to compel him to come here would be "dangerous to life," and he cannot "traverse half the globe" to avoid tax "unless prepared to die and become incorporated with the soil of New Zealand.

HBH 1892 Aug 24

Reply by Editor to J.T. M 'MILLAN-Consult a respectable medical man. That is the best advice I can give you. You may possibly grow out of what you complain of, but it would be best to consult a doctor.


"Alone," which was so successful when produced at the Theatre Royal last June, by special request is to be repeated next Wednesday. It is to be preceded by an idyllic little drama called "Dream Faces," written by Wynn MILLER.


HALL-TOWNSHEND-At the residence of the bride's father, on 20th August, 1992, by the Rev. J.W. WORBOYS.

George HALL, of Woodville, to Camilla, only daughter of Mr F.TOWNSHEND, of Napier.

At the inquest on the body of the little girl Flossie ALEXANDER, whose death by drowning was narrated in our yesterday's issue, the evidence given was in accordance with the facts as stated by us. The jury returned a verdict of accidentally drowned.

St Paul's Christian Society

There was a large attendance of young people at St Paul's schoolroom last night, the object being to inaugurate the Christian Endeavor Society in connection with the church. The committee appointed at a previous meeting submitted the constitution and bye-laws which they had drawn up, and these were adopted with slight amendments. Mr George KELLY, jun, was elected president of the society, Mr J.COTTRELL vice-president, Mr J.A. M'KENZIE secretary, and Mr Herbert GRAINGER treasurer.

R M Court yesterday Matilda NELSON sued M M'LEAN, to recover a mangle and a sewing machine or ?10 in lieu thereof.

HBH 1892 August 25 2 Waipawa

Mr B.B.JOHNSON sold by auction this afternoon Mr S.CAMERON'S section at KAIKORA, near the railway station, quarter-acre section with nearly new three bed roomed house thereon to Mr Adam M'KENZIE for ?80.

Also part of block 37, Richmond Park, with six-roomed house on Patangata road to Mr Maurice FLYNN for ?132 10s.
At the Resident Court yesterday before Mr WARDELL R.M.

Thomas CORLETT, master of the Vacuna (late Flying Scud), appeared to prosecute a seaman named Henry MASON who was charged with refusing to obey the lawful order of his captain-adjournment of the hearing was applied for and granted.

Mr John CASSIN, it appears has been appointed clerk to Sergeant CULLEN in his capacity of Registrar of Electors.

*NB by Elaine-surname also listed in my family tree CASSIN/COLLINGE)

Wellington Pensions


The following officers in the Civil Service have retired on the pension set against the name of each: -

C.D. De CASTRO (Public Health Office), ?172
D.LUNDON (Customs), ?210
F.STEVENS (Lands and Survey), ?173

Also the following in the Postal Department:-

E.D.BUTTS, ?258
S.J.DICK, ?250
T.FALCK, ?125
G.TAYLOR, ?121
J.HENN, ?88
HBH 1892 August 26

William GRIFFITH has been adjudged a bankrupt. A meeting of his creditors will be held at the Court House next Wednesday afternoon.


R M Court-before Messrs St C INGLIS and LESLIE, justices.

G. ABRAHAMS was fined 2s 6d and cost 7s, for allowing his horse to stray on the railway line on the 6th instant.

Thomas PARKINSON fined 1s and costs 7s for allowing his chimney to catch fire on the 18th inst.

A SCRIMGEOUR charged with a similar offence on the 21st, fined 2s and costs 7s.

By the last mail we read that the launch of Messrs Huddart Parke's new steamer
Wiomerra was to take place of 23rd July. It was to be hoped that Mrs PERCEVAL
The wife of the Agent-General might be induced to travel North in order to perform the christening ceremony. Unfortunately the health of Mrs PERCEVAL compelled her to decline.

Our Hastings correspondent writes under yesterday's date: - Yesterday an old identity named CLARK (more familiarly known as "Old Bob") died suddenly at his house in HASTINGS. He was in Wellington in the "fifties," and afterwards came here, where he was much respected.


A BACHELOR'S plain and fancy dress ball held at WAIPUKURAU Town Hall last night had about 200 persons present with the dresses which included historical, pictorial, and enigmatic characters, and the ensemble was very lightsome and pretty. The general opinion was that the Misses JONES and STUBBS carried off the palm. Miss MACEY as pianiste gave every satisfaction and Messrs H.HARTLEY and B.B. JOHNSON were efficient M.C.'S.

Fire Brigade Waipawa

The fire Brigade held a practice last night and then a meeting was held under the presidency of Captain A.E.JULL

Mr GILBERD acknowledged receipt of ?1 1s subscription to the AHERNE fund on behalf of the New Plymouth Fire Brigade, thanking members for their generous sympathy.

P.J. and John COSGROVE tendered their resignations as members (not having enough time to attend practices)-accepted
HBH 1892 August 27


At the residence of the bride's parents, Wilson Street, WANGANUI, on August 16th, by the Rev. C.H.GARLAND, Alfred Ernest SYKES, pharmaceutical chemist, Petone, son of Mr S. SYKES, Railway Department, NAPIER, to Kate, eldest daughter of Mr D MURRAY, WANGANUI.
Saturday page Two


SMITH-At Park Road, Napier on August 28th, the wife of H. Martin SMITH, surveyor, of a daughter.

Passengers: -

Some changes are about to take place among the employees on the Woodville Napier line. Mr M'SHERRY, inspector of permanent way, leaves for AUCKLAND at the week's end, and Mr W. VENN, the popular stationmaster at KAIKORA is promoted to the charge of the Dunback Station, Otago.

The usual meeting of the Union Debating Society was held last night and Mr WOOD occupied the chair.


The subject of the next debate is "Should women be admitted in to professions?"
HBH 1892 August 29
Monday Page Two


FARRAR-At Meanee on the 27th of August, Caroline, the beloved wife of William Farrar, aged 68. The funeral will leave her late residence, Meanee, tomorrow (Tuesday), At 2 p.m., for the Napier Cemetery.

Friends please accept this intimation-W. BROWN-Undertaker.

Clive Correspondent under yesterday's date.

The annual meeting of St. MARK'S parishioners was held at the church last night. Cannon St. HILL in the chair.

Thanks were recorded to the conductor of the newly formed choir, the superintendent and teachers of the Sunday School, and to those who rendered services during the year.

Following gentlemen were re-elected as office-bearers: -
Minister's warden-Mr G. PRITCHARD
Parishioner's warden-Mr A.WEAVER
Auditor-Mr LAWTON junior.

Waipawa news

Our Waipawa correspondent writing on Saturday says: -

The Land Court has not dealt in public with any cases today, but on Monday the Tapairu decision will be given.

Mr Morris FLYNN is retiring from business, having purchased a farm on the Tamumu Road from Messrs SMART and BLAKE

Mr H. HILL commenced the inspection of our local schools yesterday, finishing the infant school. I am told the examination went favourably. He went to Napier last night
And will return tonight to be ready to commence with the main school on Monday evening, finishing on Tuesday.


W.J.GRAHAM has been adjudged a bankrupt. A meeting will be held of his creditors at Waipawa.

Mr G I LLOYD, Milton road has to let or for sale, a nine-roomed residence at Richmond Park, Waipawa.

Dorking eggs for secting can be had from Mrs PREBBLE, Hastings Street.

An advertisement is inserted in reference to COEMANE and Son's Eucelypte extract.

local partnership

Mr LANAUZE, formerly of the Loan and mercantile Agency Company, and later connected with Messrs NELSON Bros, and auctioneer for Messrs Murray, Roberts and Com has joined Mr G.S.V. WENLEY in business partnership. The new form will extend the business formerly carried on by Mr WENLEY and in addition to dealing with in wool and skins, will sell sheep and other stock. As both members of the firm are highly respected, a prosperous future should be assured.

HBH 1892 August 30
Tuesday page Two


VERCOE-CHEER-At the residence of the bride's mother on August 3, by the Rev. R. FRASER, John Franklin VERCOE, to Georgina Pollock, eldest daughter of the late James CHEER, both of CLIVE.

HBH 1892 August 30 Hawke's By Matters

Mr G H SWAN and Mr W C SMITH waited on the Ministers for Public Works and Lands a few days ago with respect to the claims of Mrs DENNAN of NAPIER, and Mr Rees WATKINS. Mr M'KENZIE promised to recommend the Cabinet to agree that 12 or 18 months' pay should be allowed to the widow of the late Mr DENNAN of the Napier Land Office. As regards Mr Rees WATKINS' petition, Mr SEDDON had promised that if the Railway Commissions recommended it he would put an amount on the estimates to meet the claim. Mr W.C. SMITH informs me that he has interviewed the Commissioners and that they have promised to recommend to the Minister that the sum of ?120 should be awarded to Mr WATKINS.


MILLER-At Port Ahuriri on August 28th, the wife of J.R.MILLER, of a son.

The Hastings District School opened today with an attendance of 398 pupils, the highest on record. Of these nearly 50 were new pupils, the children of recent arrivals in the district. This speaks volumes for the progress of Hastings.

There is one matter the full importance of which the parents of some of the children do not seem to realise, although it has more than once been mentioned by the head-master, and this is the importance of entering children for their first term immediately after the holidays following the examination. They thus are enabled to start fair in the curriculum and keep abreast of one another, whereas those who do not join till Christmas find themselves toiling hopelessly in the rear of their more fortunate comrades, and consequently "don't like school." This keeping back the children is unfair to the teachers, and places the children themselves at a disadvantage.

It is therefore to be hoped that parents whose children are of the school age will not fail to send them immediately
HBH 1892 August 31

Marriage GRAY - TIPPETT On Tuesday, 30th August, 1892, by the Rev. Mr BOWDEN, at St Michael's Church, Christchurch, Thomas Vassie GRAY of Hawke's Bay, to Mary Maria (Minnie), only daughter of John TIPPETT, Christchurch.

R M Court yesterday before Mr Wardell R.M.

A number of Civil cases were disposed of, the first batch were borough summonses, and judgment given for plaintiff in each case as follows.
Rate receiver v G.H.BRASSEY
Same v P.HALL
Same v J.T. RENOUF
Mr LOGAN appeared for plaintiffs in all the forgoing cases.

Judgment for plaintiffs given in the following cases.
W.M.NEWTON & Co v Ekingaranga HAPUKU
Same v Hamiora TUPAEA
LASCELLES v C.MORTENSEN-judgment debt of ?37 2s 10d
STUBBS v HATA-costs in a settled case), ?1


CLAMPITT-At Napier, on August 29th, Martha, the beloved wife of John Clampitt, aged 79 years.

The funeral will leave her late residence, White-road this (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

August Election Squibs

The Dunedin Star's London correspondent sends the following parody on Rudyard Kipling's famous "Tommy Atkins," which was circulated during the recent election at Home, and is really a very smart imitation, with some very hard knocks for both sides in it: -

(A song for both sides, with apologies to the Barrack Room Balladist.)

I walked in a percosshin with a banner and a band,
And they said I was a noosance in 'igh 'Oborn and the Strand;
I spouted at a meeting which was in Trafalgar Square,
But they sent the slops to charge me and to clear me out of there,

Oh! it's "Demmygog" and "Sochulist,' and "Damn the lazy lout,"
But its "Bless the British workman," with the ballot box about,
Oh! It's "Bless the British workman," with the ballot-box about.

I struck for better wages and they said I was a fool,
And the crafty hagitaiur merely used me as a tool;
And when the kids was starvin' and we hadn't sup nor bite,
They only shrugged their shoulders and they said it served me right.

For its "Ruin to the country," and its wickedness and crime.
But it's "Sacred Rights o' Labor" just about election time,
Just about election time, my lads, just about election time.
Oh! it's "Sacred Rights o' Labor," just about election time.

I'm lazy and I'm 'ulking, and a noosance and a cuss,
And I s'ts on trade and commerce like a blessed inkybus,
I'm a draggin' down the Hempire, and a swellin' of the rate,
And a 'orny 'anded 'umbug, what the hupper classes 'ates.

For its "Working men are duffers," and "They're n'ver worth a groat;"
But its "British bone and sinew" when they want your bloomin' vote,
They want your bloomin' vote, my lads; they want your bloomin' vote.
Oh! Its "British bone and sinew" when they want your bloomin' vote.



At the Cathedral, Napier, by the Dean of Waiapu, on the 24th of August, 1892, Charles Simpson Mager to Emily Esther Chassy Strudwick, late of Aldershot, ENGLAND



At St Mary's Catholic Church, Napier on 30th August, by Rev Father GROGAN, Thomas SEED of Tomoana, to Mary, second daughter of the late John HAYDEN, of Napier.



At Halcombe on the 29th August by the Rev.G. CARR, John Lister HASTIE, second son of the late Mr G Hastie of Napier, to Louise Lorne DICKSON, of Halcombe.

Surname correction for Flossie


We are requested to state that the correct name of the unfortunate little girl who was recently drowned in the Tuki Tuki, and who was called in the report of the occurrence "Flossie ALEXANDER," was "Florence Annie POWELL."

Electorate members


Earl of Glasgow
Page 3

Home papers to hand by last mail have several notices of our new Governor, the Earl of Glasgow, from which we learn that he forms an interesting link with the days of Queen Anne.

In his earlier years there was little prospect of his ever attaining the title. Born in 1833, his father was merely a very distant cousin of the then Earl-a young man who had sons of his own.

One of these sons became fifth Earl, and dying childless was succeeded by his half brother, the sixth Earl, who had only two daughters, and so the heir to the title had to be sought for in the time represented by our governor.

The ancestor from whom the present Earl derives his title was his great grandfather, the second Earl, who died in 1740. His younger son, the Hon. Patrick BOYLE, had a son David BOYLE, M.P. who son married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert ELPHINSTONE, and became in 1833 father of the present Earl, Governor of New Zealand.

Henry WILLIAMS, a lad of 16, employed by Mr HAYES, brass founder, was playing in Lambton Quay during the dinner hour to-day and ran his head against a telegraph pole in front of his employer's shop. He broke his neck and died instantly.

Dr ROBERTSON, a well known medico, called at the police station about 10 o'clock last night and demanded police protection, claiming that some people had tried to stab him, and he only escaped by taking to his heels. He appeared to be suffering from the effects of drink and was detained at the station, a constable placed in charge of him. When the constable's attention was not directed at him Dr. ROBERTSON drew a lance from his pocket and inflicted a severe wound on his throat. Medical assistance was at once obtained and the wound stitched up. Dr. ROBERTSON was removed to Hospital and the wound is not believed to be dangerous, unless inflammation sets in.

Mr Samuel OATES, a pioneer settler residing at Alfredton is dead.


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