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Hawkes Bay Herald
1892 April
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site
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HBH 1892 April 1

The entertainment at the Theatre Royal tonight in connection with the visit of the Canterbury Wanderers will provide patrons with an enjoyable bill of fare.

The characters in the comedy "Barbara" will be taken by Miss HITCHINGS, Miss Una HITCHINGS, and Messrs C.D.KENNEDY and W.DINWIDDIE.

Bowling Club team

An interesting bowling contest with a very unexpected result took place at the green yesterday afternoon.

The four players, who were chosen to represent the Napier Club in the champion match at the Easter Tournament having met together for practice for the first time yesterday, were challenged to play a friendly match by four other members of the club, all of whom, however, are playing in the approaching tournament.

The result of the match was that the "champions" were badly beaten by the outsiders 21 points to 3.

The respective teams were as follows: -
Champion Four:

Club Four:

The game naturally excited the greatest interest amongst several members of the club who were present, and the "champions" were subjected to much good-humored chaff over their defeat.


Canterbury Team to play Hawke's Bay at FARNDON Park are: -

E.C.J.STEVENS (Captain)



Adverts new

Applications to Mrs VICKERMAN, Union Bank, Hastings for a young girl for housework in the country.

The interests of Ke HAPIKA will be sold in certain land near Te HAUKE

Tenders are invited by Mr R. M'LEOD, Papakura for clearing and burning rushes.

Imperial Insurance Co

It will be noticed by reference to our advertising columns that the agency of the Imperial Insurance Company, Limited of LONDON, established as far back as 1803, has been transferred to Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, who will carry on the business in the place of Mr John ROBERTS, resigned.

It may be mentioned that the Imperial was the first British office to establish itself in the colony, and issued its first policy in 1854.

It has recently established its Head Office for this Colony in WELLINGTON. The distinguishing characteristics claimed for this old and wealthy company are moderate rates, undoubted security, and prompt and liberal settlement of claims.

The team to represent the Pirates in their match against the Melrose Club will be chosen from the following players, who are requested to go into training:


The Rev. Mr GRUBB, the Church of England evangelist who visited Napier some time ago, is now holding a Mission in Dunedin.

Speaking of smoking he said "he advised young men to lay aside the weight of the pipe. If God had wanted them to smoke He would have put their nose on the top of the head, and then they could have had a chimney; but what did they want to make volcanoes of themselves for?" It would be just about as sensible (remarks an irreverent newspaper critic) to say that if God meant men to preach He would have attached a pulpit to their hind legs.

local news

There was no business at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday

A large specimen of the blackfish tribe was cast up on the Spit Beach yesterday by the heavy seas. The animal measured 12 feet in length.

Te WHITI appears to be coming to reason. He now advises those who believe in him to lease their lands to Europeans who want them.

Mr FAIRHURST, Manager of the Canterbury Wanders team, has consented to sing at the concert tonight. He is said to possess a good tenor voice, well cultivated.

In our AUCKLAND exchanges we notice the death at Perth, Western Australia, of Mr H.A.D.MOWBRAY, formerly in the Union Bank NAPIER.
HBH 1892 April 2
Notice No 240
J.F.JARDINE-Deputy Assignee
April 1 1892.

Filed Accounts in respect of the following Estates. Intention to apply for a Order releasing me from my office in respect of the following Estates on 30th April 1892.: -

Isaia TIPUNA of Kopuawhare
R. MACMILLAN of Mangatoro
W.I.BENNET of Norsewood
G.ANDERSON and Co of Napier
H.SHAARE of Matamau
W.H.JONES of Napier
A.DOWELL of Napier
Thos. MILIN of Napier
W.J.GARRY of Napier
A.K.HARLOCK of Napier\
J.A.EASINS of Napier
R.GEDDES of Waipukurau
W.R.VERNALL of Napier
W.A.LYNANS OF of Napier

AHURIRI Football Club

A.G.M. of the AHURIRI F C was held last evening at the CRITERION Hotel when
*nb-different spelling to below? Mr A.HILLSON presided.

President-Mr P. GORMAN
Captain-Mr a HILSON
Vice-Captain-Mr W.FINLAYSON

General Committee:
The Captain and vice-captain, and Messrs F.GAY, J.DOUBLE, M.FRANKLIN, H.GORMAN, F.WILLIAMS

Match Committee:
The Captain and vice-captain

Secretary and Treasurer: Mr T.JAMIESON.

Several new members of conspicuous ability were elected, and it is expected that through their agency the club will be raised above its old standard, which was not a bad one.

It was decided that the club should play in the old AHURIRI colors, black and amber.

A & P Society meeting

A committee meeting of the Agricultural and Pastoral Society was held yesterday.

Present: Messrs C.A.FITZROY (Chair)

Horse Race Entries

Entries for Maiden Hack Handicap


Napier School Com

Napier School Committee present at the ordinary meeting held last evening:
Messrs T.SIDEY (Chairman)

Miss GOULDING wrote reporting the average attendant at the Hastings Street School for the month to be 174.

Letter read from Sergeant CULLEN, promising the assistance of the police to enforce school attendance, and enclosing a list of children found to be absent. The Secretary stated that he had served summonses to be served on the parents.


M T.MORRISON, complaining that his name did not appear on the merit board s dux of the school for the year 1882.

Mr W.DINWIDDIE asking for the use of rooms in the main school for holding winter evening classes. Approved-make arrangements with caretaker and make arrangements for the gas used to be paid for.

Board wrote confirming the appointments of Mr J.CAUGHLEY as fourth master and Miss A. MAGILL as pupil teacher, also granting an allowance for the provision of soil bins and curtains applied for.

local news

Editorial on the Penny Inland Post

There was no business at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday

Messrs HUNT Bros of Emerson Street can boast of being able to show one of the largest specimens of the gourd family ever seen in Hawke's Bay, in the shape of a vegetable marrow weighing 85 lb.

A committee meeting of the Hawke's Bay Jockey Club was held yesterday.

Present: Captain RUSSELL, Hon J.D.ORMOND,

Mr James LYON elected treasurer of the club.

The caretaker was voted a bonus of ?10.

Edward OAKENFALL was elected a gentleman rider.

Waipawa Correspondent under yesterday's date: -

I understand the formalities required for vesting the Waipawa river bed as a recreation reserve for the town of Waipawa have been completed, and it will be gazetted immediately.

Mr SKIRRETT left by the express for Wellington today. His duties as clerk of the Court during his absence will be performed by Sergeant O'DONAVAN

Mr STURDY, formerly of Woodville, passed through here today. He has just come from India, where he went to seek the Mahatmas


HBH 1892 April 4

A comet is visible at Napier now from shortly before 3 o'clock in the morning till daylight.

A magnificent meteor trailed across the sky at about ten minutes past 11 o'clock last night. Its track was from north to south, and as it rushed across the heavens it left behind a long stream of
ruddy light.

The box plan for Mr Horace CHESTER'S entertainment is now open at Messrs MILNER and THOMPSON.

At the Resident Court on Saturday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.
William BENDALL pleaded guilty to drunkenness, and was discharged with a caution.

The Government say they like to see local industries flourish, but they have not managed to get any colonially made galvanised iron into public buildings yet.

A small boy named Frederick William ROWSEY, about nine years of age, yesterday qualified himself for a good birching. He went to the rear of a small fruit shop at the bottom of Milton Road Broke a window, entered the premises as la the enterprising burglar, and was loading himself up with fruit when he was caught red-handed. The Resident Magistrate will have to decide upon how the boy shall be dealt with.

At the Free Methodist Church last night the Rev J.W.WORBOYS preached an affecting funeral sermon in connection with the recent death of Mary Eleanor
GRAHAM (Mr R.G.GRAHAM'S daughter), who was an energetic member of the congregation until failing health laid her aside.

HBH 1892 April 5

Page Two

The small boy Frederick William RAUZI, whose house-breaking adventure in search of fruit as recorded in our last issue, was brought up yesterday before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

His Worship ordered the young rapscallion to receive six strokes with the birch, and these were subsequently administered.

F.BATTERY Artillery
Page Two

The F. Battery of Artillery yesterday held their third firing competition for ex-Lieutenant PRAIN'S gold medal.

The following were the highest ranked scorers: -

Corporal KING
Corporal SWAN
Trumpeter STARKEY
Corporal MARSHALL.

Hastings Athletic F.C.

The team to represent the Hastings Athletic football Club against Havelock at Hastings on Easter Monday will be selected from the following players, who are requested to go into practice at once: -


Practice is held every Tuesday and Friday morning at 5 o'clock and every Saturday afternoon on the Hastings racecourse.

INGLETON-At KAIKORA on 2nd April, Francis, infant son of John and Emily Ingleton,
aged 4 months

HBH 1892 April 6 Page Four


In January 1891 a firm of Sydney solicitors received instructions from their London principals to hunt up a party named LEMONBY, or, to be more precise, George Herbert LEMONBY.

With the letter of instructions was a bank draft for £300 for certain costs of advertising, passage money to London, or rather Birmingham, and law costs. Sydney Solicitors were also supplied with photos, facts, dates, details, and such information as would place identification beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Immediately advertisements were inserted in all the Australian papers containing a conspicuous “personal” column. Weeks and months passed by and no tidings were received of the man inquired for.

The London principals wrote out to Sydney, notifying that they were instituting inquiries in America and South Africa, and urging greater search in the colonies. Fresh advertisements were therefore inserted the other day in the hope of some information of LEMONBY, dead or alive, being supplied.

There was better luck this time. A Salvationist dropped into the solicitor’s office the other day and gave a clue. He said that some weeks ago a man and his wife, the former giving the name of G.H LEMONBY, had received some food, &c., AT Lower Alexandria, but that they had since been ejected for non-payment of rent, and that he had not seen them for a fortnight. This clue was followed up; with the result that he discovered the individual he wanted lying ill with fever in a wretched tenement.

Having made his mission known in guarded language, Mrs LEMONBY said to him: “Make as little noise as possible, for he’s very ill”; and, bursting into tears, She added imploringly: “But you won’t turn him out, will you?”

Where the sick man lay what a scene presented itself! No furniture-nothing to fill the melancholy vacancy but the hollow-eyed invalid stretched out on a pile of rags in a corner of the room. He turned his fevered eyes on the intruder, and prayed to be allowed to remain where he was until he died-from disorders due entirely to starvation and want of necessary comfort.

The clerk asked the name of his wife, who married them, the ship he came to Australia in, and various other family and private questions. These were all answered correctly-that is, they tallied with the instructions. Then the clerk compared their faces with photos and detected similarity. He asked them if they had any photos, and they had, for the bailiffs had not sold these, as they were valueless. Some of these were exactly similar-that is, from the same plates as the pictures he drew from his pocket-book.

The clerk was now satisfied he had discovered the right man. He asked the couple if they could bear to hear bad news. They assured him that no news could make them sadder or more hopeless than they were. Then the clerk gradually unfolded bereavement.

The father of the man was dead. He had died fifteen months ago in Birmingham.

“Well, I’m not interested, and don’t care,” cried the invalid almost fiercely. “But you will directly,” continued the clerk. “Your father, just before he died, forgave you for marrying this poor but respectable wife. He left everything to his only son, and prayed for your forgiveness of him for his harshness.”

There was commotion in that little household, and when the shock of the news was over the clerk told the man that his interest in his father’s estate was valued at £85,000, and that his immediate return to Birmingham was desired.

It needs only to be added that the LEMONBYS were promptly removed to healthy quarters at Redfern, where the husband made rapid recovery. It seems he was the only child of a wealthy citizen of Birmingham.

About eleven years ago he fell in love with a young girl, and he married her against his father’s wishes. The angry parent disowned him in a fit of passion and said he should never get a shilling.

The young couple soon afterwards sailed for SYDNEY. For eleven years they had had consistent bad luck. He was nearly always in ill-health, and mostly out of work.

To emphasise their troubles they lost all of their children-four-and the past four months found them in Lower Alexandria, he a member of the unemployed. All their little belongings were sold off before Christmas under a writ of distraint for rent. The week before they were discovered by the solicitor’s clerk they had subsisted on less than a loaf of bread, and at the moment of discovery there was not even a crumb in the house.

LEMONBY is much surprised at his father leaving him sole legatee, as he always was satisfied he would leave every penny to charities.

He has amply rewarded the Salvationist and solicitor’s clerk, and has promised to remember them both directly he takes formal possession of his fortune.

The wife and he leave for ENGLAND this month. – Truth.

HBH 1892 April 6

Band of Hope Cricket Club will be represented by the following team in their match against the second United, to be played at FARNDON next Saturday.


Emergencies: A.KING and R. ASHCROFT.

Young Men's Christian Association was held last evening:

President Mr G. Alex MARTIN in the chair.
Mr A.B.GIBSON appointed treasurer
Messrs CAUGHLEY and M'LEOD-librarians


Page two

A very large shark captured in the inner harbour yesterday is now on exhibition at the back of the Albion Hotel

A meeting of creditors was held yesterday in the bankrupt estate of Cornelius O'DRISCOLL, hotel-keeper-proceedings lapsed for lack of a quorum.

This match is the final match for Mr George WHITE'S medals.
HBH 1892 April 7 p2 Court

Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

Mrs C. LETT applied for s protection order against her husband, and it was granted.-Mr CRESSWELL for applicant.

Thomas MANLEY fined 5s and costs for drunkenness-John UNDERWOOD for a similar offence was fined 10s and costs.

Charles MORRISEY for attempting to convey a piece of tobacco to one of the hard labor gangs was fined ?2 and costs, the alternative being 14 days' hard labor

Those of us who take an interest in gigantic vegetables would do well to inspect a mammoth specimen of the marrow tribe which is on exhibition at Messrs CRANBY and PREBBLE'S seed shop.

The marrow, which weights 10 lb, was grown by Mr H. WILLIS, of MEANEE, and is probably the largest seen in NAPIER.

7 p2 Port Presbyterian Church

The bazaar at the Port Presbyterian Church was opened yesterday afternoon by Mr P.S.M?LEAN, who made a brief but humorous speech, and declared the bazaar open.

Stalls were in charge of the following ladies: -


p2 English Opera Company

Napierites are promised plenty of amusement for next month.

About the middle of May the MONTAGU-TURNER English Opera Company will open for six nights in legitimate English Opera, playing six operas, while the celebrated SNAZELLE will take up the running almost immediately the season is over.

Mr Duncan MACALLUM, who piloted the "Tambour Major" company through New Zealand in 1883, is the advance agent for the Montague-Turner Company.

Mr H.N.ABBOT is in charge of Mr SNAZALLE'S arrangements.

Free Association Council

The Council of the Free Association met yesterday afternoon in the Chamber of Commerce, Mr J.H.COLEMAN in the chair.

A letter was received from the Pastoralist's Union of New south Wales asking if the Association would assist if required in sending shearers to that colony.

The secretary stated that a reply had already been sent to the effect that no doubt assistance would be given provided the agreements were so worded that the men could return in time for early sheds in Hawke's Bay. It was decided to confirm the reply.

Three cases of accidents were reported, but only one could be dealt with, viz., a member who had scalded a foot. He was voted ?3, and the others were referred for further particulars.

The secretary reported that two ploughmen, one cook, one shepherd, one station had, and one married couple had been sent out to situations, making a total of 161 since the annual meeting in September.

Football Reps

The teams to represent the Napier Football Club in their matches with the Palmerston and Melrose Football Clubs on Good Friday and Easter Monday will be picked from the following: -


HBH 1892 April 8 p2
We publish on the fourth page the judgment of the Native Land Court in the Omahu hearing case. Briefly described, it excludes some of the smaller claimants who were found to be entitled under the original judgment, and practically declares the whole block to be owned by the contending BROUGHTON and DONNELLY factions.....more

local news

The auction and other announcements of Messrs C.B.HOADLEY and co are interserted today on the fourth page.

Mr PERCIVAL'S paintings which are referred to in some "Art Notes" published recently in the HERALD are now on view at Mr CRERAR's

The Rev H.T.ROBJOHNS, the popular and well-known agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society, will preach in St. Paul's Church on Sunday morning.

WIRTH Brothers' big circus is doing great business in WELLINGTON. The advance agent will be in NAPIER during next week to make arrangements for opening here.

A general meeting of the CALEDONIAN Football Club was held at GLASSFORD'S Caf? last evening, the captain Mr MACFARLANE in the chair.

Mr N.KETTLE was elected vice-president. Previously positions of Secretary/Treasurer done by one person-duty were then divided and Mr RENOUF was appointed Secretary and Mr MITCHELL appointed Treasurer.

Mr W.BLACK, the health officer for the borough, yesterday interviewed the medical practitioners in NAPIER with a view of ascertaining the exact number of typhoid fever cases at present under treatment within the borough, and was rewarded with the gratifying information that there were only six cases.

Of these Dr HITCHINGS-two cases
Dr MOORE-two cases
Dr INNES-one case
Dr CARO-one case
Drs SPENCER, De LISLE, and JARVIS not having any fever cases at all.

Mr BLACK also visited the hospital yesterday, and learned that out of about ten cases under treatment there were only four from the borough, this being the worst season of the year for typhoid.
Page Two

BIRTH: CROSSE-At HERBERTVILLE on April 7th, the wife of Geo. Crosse of a daughter.

HBH 1892 April 9 p2

AGM of St Paul's Band of Hope was held last evening in the schoolroom.
Rev J.G.PATERSON occupied the chair.

During the evening songs, pianoforte solos, and recitations were contributed by the following ladies and gentlemen: -



Port School committee met in the schoolroom last night.

Present: -
Messrs PUFLETT (Chair)

Headmaster's report gave the average attendance for the past month as 302.

Mr KROGH and Captain TONKIN proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman for his services and care of the school interests for and during the past year.

A letter received from Miss REDWARD asking that a license be granted her according to the regulations.


Our Danevirke correspondent writes under Thursday's date: -

We are enjoying most beautiful weather, cold nights and warm sunny days, but we begin to think we want rain, as in some parts of the town water is very scarce.

Our second consignment of influenza and whooping cough has arrived. The sufferers say they would like to know the consignor, so as to make things lively if he happened to come along

We have no drunkenness in Danevirke, as Mr COLENSO has informed you, but a comical affair happened this morning at the public school. A man named BRADY, suffering from delirium tremens, took it into his head that he was a full blown school inspector, and he consequently paid a surprise visit to Mr POPPELWELL'S academy.

Mr POPPELWELL objected to the examination, whereupon the examiner produced a very large nail and endeavoured to nail up Mr POPPELWELL to the school fence. Naturally this led to blows, and one of the scholars mounted a horse and rode off as hard as he could be the "man in blue," who was quickly on the scene.

BRADY consented to inspect the lock-up, and is now doing so. He will be called upon to explain to the Resident Magistrate

Constable LAWLESS is gazetted inspector of factories for Danevirke.

I hear that a labor bureau is to be opened here.
Page Two

It is with great regret that we have to record the death of Miss HEWITT, who for the last seven years has been the Principal of Girls' High School. Miss HEWITT studied in England with distinction, gaining the A.G.C. (Associate of Queen's College) degree, at that time the highest academic honor open to women. She started and for some time edited the "Cambridge Examiner," a journal which proved of great value to those going up to the Cambridge Examinations. This required not only a great deal of work, but also exceptional ability, and Miss HEWITT'S health broke down under the strain.

She then came to New Zealand, and for about six months had charge of the Dunedin Girls' High School during the absence of the Principal, and on the starting of the Napier High Schools she was appointed head mistress, and post she held until her death.

For some time past her health was far from good, but she attended to her duties until Thursday last, when, after teaching three classes, she came to town to transact some business. On Friday she became much worse, and gradually sank, the immediate cause of death being heart disease.

Miss HEWITT in 1889 published in London a volume of "High School Lectures," which has had a large circulation in England and the colonies. Some years ago, when better health enabled her to do more work, the proprietors of the HERALD were indebted for several thoughtful essays on social topics to Miss Hewitt's facile pen. Strong commonsense, expressed in terse language, was a marked characteristic of her writings.
Saturday page two.


HEWITT-At the Napier Girls' High School on the 8th of April,
Mary Elizabeth Grenside HEWITT, head mistress.
HBH 1892 April 11

Following will leave for the west coast by express from Napier on Good Friday: -


Matches will be played against WANGANUI, HAWERA, ORUA county and District at FIELDING.

Danevirke Court

The man Thomas BRADY whose capers while suffering from delirium tremens I wrote to you about has been remanded to NAPIER for medical treatment.

Civil Court cases: -
James ALLARDICE v Elizabeth ALLARDICE-plaintiff non-suited
Duncan M?RAY v H. MULLER
Carl SCHMIDT v J M?WILLIAMS-adjourned to 13th May.

p2 CRICKET Married v single

A cricket match was played at HASTINGS on Saturday between the married and single members of the county club, the game resulting in a win for the bachelors in the first innings by 46 runs. The benedict's made 76 in their first innings, GORE contributing 26 and TAIAROA 16. The single men replied with 121, F.NELSON (17), H.B.WILLIAMS (34), and DOVE (19) being the principal scorers. At the call of time the married men in their second innings had run up 92 for the loss of four wickets.-TANNER (17), GORE (not out) 50, and R.BRATHWAITE (not out) 12. R. BRATHWIATWE was most successful with the ball for the losers and H.B.WILLIAMS for the winners. Mrs M.WILLIAMS, with her usual thoughtfulness, very kindly provided afternoon tea for the players, which was much appreciated.

Bowling AUCKLAND Content

The following will represent AUCKLAND in the bowling tournament commencing HERE ON Good Friday

No 1 Rink-D.ROSS, R.CAMERON (manager of the Auckland Savings Bank), J, MILLER, and A. STEWART (Skip), a bowler of 40 years standing.

No 2 Rink-W.E.PAYNE (City Treasurer), J.HERON, P.OLIPHANT, C.B.KINGSWELL (Skip)

No 3 Rink-J.HARDIE, A.W.THOMSON (Manager of the Bank of New south Wales), president of the club and captain of the team, and James FRATER (Skip)

Emergency man-J.TAUNT.

The champion rink will be picked here.

HBH 1892 April 12

A meeting in the bankrupt estate of F.C. SELBY, butcher, should have been held yesterday, but lapsed through a quorum not being in attendance.

The statement of accounts showed debts amounting to ?238 10s, and assets set down at ?210.

Mr Rees WATKINS, who started as guard of the Napier railway as soon as the first length was opened, and who recently had to give up that position on account of a nervous affection, has now been compelled for the same reason to resign the service altogether.
Tuesday-Page two


BLACK-At the residence of his parents, FARNDON, on the 10th April, 1892, Charles, beloved son of William and Mary BLACK, aged 2 years 3 months.

The funeral will leave the house for Hastings Cemetery at 2 p.m. this day.
S.T. TONG-Undertaker.
HBH 1892 April 13
Wednesday-Page Two

GALWEY-RUTHERFORD-On the 8th April, at St. Mark's Church, WELLINGTON, by the Rev R. COFFEY.William Henry Lawrence GALWEY to Marion RUTHERFORD.

THOMSON-On April 12th, at Te Aute, through being thrown from his horse, Matthew Auld Thomson, aged 35. The funeral will leave the deceased's late residence, Cameron Road at 3 p.m. this day (Thursday). Friends will please accept this intimation
HBH 1892 April 14 Local news plus

Sir George GREY attains his eightieth year today. We wish the veteran many more happy and prosperous years.

The city Band will give a sacred concert in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday next, in aid of the hospital funds.

Persons interested in the question of eyesight will note that Mr N. LAZARUS is only staying in NAPIER till Saturday, as he goes to GISBORNE by the Sunday boat.

The Road bicycle race from WAIPAWA to NAPIER tomorrow (Good-Friday) will be started from LIMBRICK'S Hotel, WAIPAWA. Our contributor "Cushion" considers that the race ought to be won by PATERSON, with NORRIS second, and HOWARD third. STUBBS is an unlikely starter.

HBH 1892 April 14

Our HASTINGS correspondent writes under yesterday's date: -
The local manager of the Napier Gas Company has kindly notified me that the purifiers will be opened again on Friday early in the morning.
Those suffering from whooping cough will be allowed to inhale the health giving fumes

Mr BARNARD of the Union Bank of Australia, is about to leave her for LYTTELTON, where he will receive a higher position.

He has been very popular and respected, and he is well known in amateur dramatic circles, his best role having been that of the respected Mrs JARLEY, of the "Waxworks."

HBH 1892 April 14 Garrison Band

The Garrison Band and corps paraded at the drill shed last evening for government inspection and drill. There was a good muster of all the companies. After inspection by Major WOOD the men, headed by the band, marched to Clive square, where a series of useful evolutions were gone through. Captain CHICKEN acted as right major, Lieutenant STUBBS as left major, and Sergeant-Major HUDDLESTONE as adjutant. There were 150 on parade, made up as follows: -

Navals under Captain SMITH, 50; Artillery, Captain M'CARTHY, 40; Rifles, Lieutenant SWAN, 45; Band 15. The Rifles paraded for the first time in full karkhee uniform, which was generally admired, the men having a smart and soldierly appearance.

At the R M Court yesterday, before Dr. CARO J.P., Thomas JONES, otherwise HAYES was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

A man named NIX, similarly charged, was dismissed with a caution.

James CROMPTON was charged at the R M Court this morning with being drunk in a public place. Fined 5s and 2s costs or 24 hour's imprisonment.-Mr BEILBY occupied the Bench.

HBH 1892 April 15 First Ostrich auction

In advertising columns

First auction sale of ostriches ever held in the colonies is announced by Messrs HUNTER and NOLAN, to be held at Whitford Park, AUCKLAND. The suitability of the climate has been abundantly demonstrated by the remarkable manner in which the birds have thriven, and with the unlimited demand for feathers there can be no doubt as to the profitableness of ostrich farming, and with a view of fostering the industry chicks will be disposed of to suit purchasers who only wish to begin on a small scale

Sir George GREY attains his eightieth year today. We wish the veteran many more happy and prosperous years.

The city Band will give a sacred concert in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday next, in aid of the hospital funds.

Persons interested in the question of eyesight will note that Mr N. LAZARUS is only staying in NAPIER till Saturday, as he goes to GISBORNE by the Sunday boat.

The Road bicycle race from WAIPAWA to NAPIER tomorrow (Good-Friday) will be started from LIMBRICK'S Hotel, WAIPAWA. Our contributor "Cushion" considers that the race ought to be won by PATERSON, with NORRIS second, and HOWARD third. STUBBS is an unlikely starter.

HBH 1892 April 15
Mrs DURNEY has a number of vacancies for servants, and wants a situation for a young man who would make himself generally useful.
Our Clive correspondent writes as follows under yesterday's date: -

A meeting of the school committee was held last evening to appoint a pupil teacher in place of G. M?GLASHAN, resigned.

The only application received was from Master Edgar O'CONNELL who was appointed.

Mr J. MURRAY is going to give up shoe retailing to become a farmer. He has purchased a block of some 8000 acres in the MOHAKA district and to make a clearance of his stock if offering on special terms.
The services at the Cathedral on Easter Sunday will as usual be full. In the evening the well known Wellington tenor Mr J.E.PAGE will sing the opening solo

The H B Cricket team left today by express.

All the above are requested to be at the station in good time as to secure seats, as the train will be crowded.
There was a fair attendance at the meeting of the Wesleyan Greenmeadows Band of Hope on Wednesday evening. A first-rate programme was gone through, in which the following members took part: -

Mr. A.D. GIBSON occupied the chair.
Winter Evening classes

The committee of the winter evening classes have secured the services of REV. J.F.JONES (ENGLISH) and MORGAN (ARITHMETIC) in addition to the gentlemen who performed the teacher duties last session. The young men should appreciate the opportunity these classes afford of continuing their education in a really practical direction.
HBH 1892 APRIL 18th
Marriage EWART-ROSS, on the 30th March at Makaretu by the Rev J.W.GRIFFIN, James EWART, stock agent, Hastings, to Nellie, youngest daughter of A.H.ROSS, Esq., J.P., Makaretu, late of DUNEDIN
GREENE-M?PHERSON-At the Town Hall CLIVE, on April 6th, 1892, by the Rev. R.FRASER.Theodore, eldest son of William Scott GREEN (N.B -spelling variant?), Matawhero, GISBORNE, to Hannah, fifth daughter of Henry M?PHERSON, Penton Farm, CLIVEAuckland and Gisborne papers please copy.
HBH 1892 April 18 Danevirke

Danevirke under Saturday's date: -

Police Court this morning-before Mr J.H.CLAYTON J.P.

James MARTIN-charged with being drunk in a public place and was dismissed with a caution in consequence of being in durance vile since Thursday night.

Martha SCOTT also charged with being drunk last night, but owing to the effects of very heavy drinking, and not being in a fit state to be brought before the Court. She was remanded till Monday 8th instant. This is a sad case of a different kind to that quoted the other day. I wish Mr COLENSO could see this poor creature in her present state. I hear that he is in the township. This woman has a large family, partly grown up, and the husband is a most respectable man. I am informed that this is only one of a great number of such cases that are to be found in Danevirke, and yet there is "no drunkenness here." It is most difficult to deal with those cases as the drink is taken to the houses by their children.
At the R M Court on Saturday before Messrs SUTTON and NEAL, J.P's

John UNDERWOOD ALIAS WATFORD-charged with drunkenness. He was in a bad condition from liquor, and was remanded till the 23rd instant for curative treatment.

Daniel SPENCE ALIAS George CLARKE-also charged with drunkenness fined 5s and costs.

Annie ERICKSEN, a servant at the Star Hotel, was engaged to be married. The proprietor of the hotel missed property, in the shape of pillow slips, a sheet or two, knives and forks, tumblers, spoons, a brush and a comb, and a plated cup. Suspecting the young woman he procured a search warrant, and the missing goods were found in her box. On the application of the police defendant was remanded till Thursday next.

Bicycle Race

The bicycle race from Waipawa to Napier on Good Friday was a source of great interest to the general public and to all 'cyclists. There were seven starters, only MORRISON, COWELL, and BOGLE not fancying the journey.

The starters were:

NORRIS 25 min
SWAN and BELL 21 min
DALTON 20 min
HOWARD 12 min 20 secs, the latter being the actual scratch man

NAVALS Shooting match

There was a shooting match on Good Friday at the Tutaekuri range, between teams of ten men each of the Navals.

Following are the competitors: -

Gunner HILL
Bugler WEBB
Captain SMITH
Gunner BULL
Gunner C.YOUNG
Gunner A YATES
Gunner GREEN
Gunner R YOUNG
Gunner Bis. YATES
Gunner KING.

HBH 1892 19 April
A serious accident occurred near the railway station on Saturday afternoon.
Harry PAUL, an elderly man engaged as driver for Mr. D. GRAY, was driving a dray in the direction of the Terminus Hotel. At this time a meat truck was being shunted on to the line which runs into Messrs NELSON Bros frozen meat stores opposite the railway station. The shunter seeing that the dray was about to cross the line, shouted out several times to the dray driver who apparently he did not hear at first, and when he did the horse in the dray was partly across the line. Mr PAUL, instead of driving straight on, in which case he would probably have avoided the accident, endeavoured to turn round to go back. While so engaged the truck struck the dray and capsized it, Mr PAUL being violently thrown to the ground. When he was picked up he appeared to be seriously insured and Dr. INNES was sent for. After examining the injured man Dr. INNES ordered PAUL to be removed to the hospital where he now is. At latest advices he was progressing as well as could be expected, and it is anticipated that he will soon be about again.

Marriage GUY-BIBBY. On the 18th April, at St Peter's, Waipawa, Mr Andrew GUY, of Palmerston North, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr E.BIBBY, Waipawa.

Marriage LAWS-ENGLAND-On April 12th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Christchurch, by the Rev. Wm. MORLEY, the Rev. C.H. LAWS of WELLINGTON, to Charlotte Emily, eldest daughter of R.W.ENGLAND, Esq., Papanui Road. CHRISTCHURCH

SAUNDERS-MAYSON-On the 18th April at the Cathedral, NAPIER, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Waiapu, Charles, third son of Mr R.SAUNDERS, the Limes, Streatley, Berks, ENGLAND, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr E.MAYSON, Emerson Street NAPIER.

Fourth page will be found reports on the race meetings held yesterday at Waipukurau, Auckland, Christchurch, and Sydney.

The man PAUL, who was injured as the result of the shunting accident reported in yesterday's issue, is progressing favourably.

Resident Court before Mr TURNBULL R.M.-Charles BOTCHELL pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness, and was dismissed with a caution.

The annual tea meeting in conjunction with St. Augustine's Church will be held on Wednesday the 27th inst. Advantage will be taken of the occasion to bid farewell to the Rev. Mr WILLS, who has been officiating as minister of the parish and who is leaving the district.

John EVANS is a waggoner. He is also a waggoner who ought to have, and probably has, most pronounced feelings of gratitude towards Messrs F.SUTTON and J.W. NEAL, the two Napier Justices before whom he was brought on Saturday at the R.M.Court.

John Evans was arrested at TARADALE in a state of drunkenness. Being at the time "in charge," ass the phrase runs, of three horses and a wagon.

Probably, therefore, John Evan's arrest prevented an accident. When he was arrested it was found that one of the horses was suffering very much, owing to the collar rubbing on old sores, which were very raw and inflamed.

The waggoner was therefore charged not only with being drunk while in charge of three horses, but with being guilty of cruelty to animals.

Both charges were fully proved, and the Justices saw the horse. On the first information John Evans was fined ?1 and costs, or 48 hours. On the second he was fined 10s and costs, or 48 hours. Defendant decided to "take it out."
HBH 1892 April 20 local

RM Court yesterday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

Charles BRILLIARD pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness and was dismissed with a caution.

We regret to learn that the unfortunate man PAUL, who was injured in the shunting accident on Saturday last was yesterday so bad that his recovery was considered hopeless by the doctor.

The Rev. Mr GRUBB, who conducted a series of evangelistic services in the Cathedral last year, is again on his way to NAPIER.

The women M'KAY, whose arrest was recorded in our last issue was brought before Mr TURNBULL R.M. yesterday and charged with illegally being on the premises of two women named ROWE and BARKER-Defendant remanded. The case is one involving title, as the defendant claims that she is the lessee of the premises. All the parties are well known to the Police, and the premise named in the information is a house of ill-fame.

Danevirke Court

On Monday before Messrs CLAYTON and HENDERSON, J.P'S

George SWAN charged with the larceny of an overcoat the property of James M'NAUGHTON-case adjourned

On Tuesday before Messrs W.F.KNIGHT and J.H.CLAYTON J.P'S

Rudolph WOODHOUSE, a lad 13 years old, charged with the larceny of a pair of shoes, value 9s. The boy pleaded not guilty, but after hearing the evidence the Bench ordered the mother of the boy to pay for the shoes and the costs of the Court, or in default the boy to spend 7 days in NAPIER gaol. The shoes were of course paid for.

Mrs LIVINGSTONE was again remanded till the 25th inst.


Mr. J.CORRY, draper, Emerson Street, Napier; just opened up first shipment of household goods.

Mr F.J.TIFFEN, Elmshill, Patangata, wants bush-fellers.

Messrs CROWTHER and M'CAWLEY insert an advertisement in reference to their coaches between NAPIER and TAUPO

Dr HAIGH will commence practice this week at HASTINGS.


A Porangahau correspondent writes: -

The fine weather which has been enjoyed lately all along the coast unfortunately broke on Good Friday, and though the rain kept off on Saturday, Easter Sunday was ushered in by a chill south-east wind, accompanied by continual rain, which prevented many country people attending Divine Service.

Pourerere Church was the occasion of the harvest thanksgiving.

The chancel window, which was draped with red, was wreathed with ferns, branches of olive, and various grasses, brightened with bunches of chrysanthemums. On either side of the window was a sheaf of oats, or the corners of the chancel were decorated with nikau palms and toi toi. The windows in the body of the church were trimmed with large ferns and three bunches of grapes, while the swinging lamps had garlands of hops.

The tablet to the memory of Mr DIXON was encircled with ferns and bunches of feathery white chrysanthemums.

The organ had trails of hops and vine, while at the foot was an immense pyramid of fruit and vegetables - apples, pears, medlars, grapes, strawberries, melons, kumeras, tomatoes, &c., and at the foot of both pulpit and reading desk were smaller pyramids of fruit.

A small sheaf of oats was fastened at the head of each pew. The service was conducted by the Rev. E.F.T.SIMCOX, who delivered an earnest discourse. Looking at the profusion of fruit and flowers the congregation could sing feelingly

"Sweet flowers and fruit Thy love declare,
When harvests ripen Thou are there."
HBH 1892 April 21
Local Adverts

Messrs J.F.BOWES and Co at their rooms Hastings, next Saturday afternoon, furniture, oil paintings, cutlery, guns, &c.

Messrs F.A.SHEATH and Co Hastings will hold their next sale of wool, sheepskins, hides, and tallow next Monday.

Messrs P.A.HERMAN and Co inserts particulars of the unredeemed pledges which they will sell at their rooms next Saturday at noon.

The results of the drawing of Mrs BLACK'S art union is inserted.

Finder of a brooch will be rewarded on returning to Mr R.D.LEASK.

A public soiree will be given this evening to welcome the Rev G.W.SPENCE.

James ROSS has been adjudged a bankrupt.

All firemen are requested to attend the funeral of Alexander HARMAN to-morrow afternoon.

Free Association Council

The fortnightly meeting of the Council of the was held yesterday with Mr J.H.COLEMAN in the chair...more.....Mr COLEMAN was thanked for his past services, and a general wish was expressed that his trip to ENGLAND would be enjoyed by him, and that he would soon return full of health to resume his position as Chairman.

Court plus

The Rev G.W.SPENCE, the new minister of Trinity Wesleyan Church, has just arrived from DUNEDIN.

James M'EWEN appeared at the R M Court yesterday on the adjourned charge of using insulting language to the head master of the Napier district school was bound over to keep the peace, himself in ?50 and two sureties of ?25 each. Defendant was annoyed because he was summoned by the committee for not sending a child to school, and went to the school and abused the head master.

The woman Annie M'KAY, who took possession of a brothel against the wishes of its inmates, while they were out, was yesterday sentenced to three months' hard labor for being illegally on the premises. Sir William WASTENEYS appeared for the informant in the case, and Mr CARNELL appeared for defendant and gave notice of appeal.

R.M.Court yesterday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

Three inebriates were dealt with: -
Matthew GOLDING-an old offender, sentenced to 14 days' hard labor.

William THOMPSON and William CATLIN were each fined 5s and costs.

Thomas BRADY, who was recently brought down from Danevirke very bad with delirium tremens, was pronounced sufficiently recovered to be discharged from custody after some advice from the judge.


Wellington correspondent of the Christchurch Press says:- "I regret to say that Sir Harry ATKINSON'S health has not improved during the recess, but has changed in all aspects for the worse."

Napier Bowling Club

Napier Bowling Club has every reason to be satisfied with the position it has occupied in the tournament concluded yesterday. Our local men have won four inter-club matches out of five, having beaten the Wanganui, New Plymouth, Palmerston, and Gisborne Clubs. In the Wellington match they won in three rinks, tied in the fourth, and lost three.

They also won the third prize in the champion rink tournament. Messrs EDWARDS and EVANS were both in the fourth and fifth rounds for the champion Singles, and in the last round but one, EDWARDS only lost one of the prizes by 12 points to 11.

This is a capital record for a young club. Owing to the liberal programme of matches provided by the Napier Club for their visitors time did not permit of their playing inter-club matches with either Auckland or Christchurch, which is to be regretted, as both matches were on the programme.
Mr THEAKSTON, gardener to Mr J.H. COLEMAN, received intimation by telegraph yesterday that at the horticultural show at Palmerston North he had secured seven first prizes, two seconds, and one third for chrysanthemums.

A very enjoyable evening should be spent at the Oddfellows' Hall, Taradale tonight, when the entertainment in aid of Mr RUNDLE will take place. The object being a most deserving one there ought to be a full house.

Hastings correspondent writes that Mr J.N.WILLIAMS is getting on well towards recovery
HBH 1892 April 22

On the fourth page will be found several letters to the editor and a contribution from our Hastings correspondent entitled "Down South."

A working exhibition of PRIESTMAN'S oil engines will be given by Messrs WILLIAMS and KETTLE Ltd, at their Hastings premises this day.

Two engines, seven and five horse-power will be run all day, attached to a grass seed-cleaner and corn crusher respectively.

An expert will be in attendance, and those interested will have an opportunity of seeing these new motive powers in full working order, and of hearing the particular points explained by one thoroughly up in the mechanism.


Maharahara Land Lottery

APPLICATIONS FOR LAND IN THE Maharahara district were submitted to the lottery test (otherwise ballot) at the Lands Office yesterday, with the following result: -

Section 5, block 15, of 197 acres-Mrs Frances TANSEY (30 applicants)
Section 6, block 15, of 44 ? acres-J.A.DANIELSEN (12 applicants)
Section 2, block 17, of 325 acres-F.W.WITHEROW (30 applicants)
Section 3, block 17m of 362 acres-G.LOVEDAY (10 applicants)
Section 4, block 17, of 291 acres-T.PHILIP and M.CLARK, tenants in common (
20 applicants)

There were 13 informal applications.


A peculiar shooting case is reported from Australia.

A Mrs BRENEGER, of Cumanbah, was charged with having shot at a man named RYAN, whom she found on her premises during Wednesday night.

It appears that RYAN had made an appointment by letter with a daughter of the accused to meet him at a certain place near her home.

The letter fell into the hands of the mother, who went out about half-past 1 o'clock in the morning to meet accused with a loaded shot-gun.

Ryan was lying on his face on the grass when Mrs BRENEGER appeared. He, thinking her daughter was approaching, whistled, and Mrs BRENEGER said "It's all right," and immediately afterwards fired at RYAN, slightly wounding him in the legs.

RYAN ran down to a publichouse, situated a short distance away.

The publican sent him to the WALGETT Hospital. Accused was committed for trial, but general sympathy is expressed with her.


Resident Court before Mr. TURNBULL R.M., the following cases were disposed of: -
J. Von PEIN charged with failing to maintain his child in St. Mary's Orphanage, AUCKLAND; adjourned for a fortnight

Civil Cases: -

PALMER v PINE PINE-judgment summons balance ?1 32 6d-to be paid forthwith with costs &c., 28s, or one week in Napier's gaol.

Renata Te PENA v J.DUNCAN - judgment summons balance of ?3 14s-forthwith with 6s expenses or two weeks in Napier's gaol.

Dr MIRBACH v G.HAMILTON-for plaintiff
PATANGATA County Council v E.HUNT


Waipawa correspondent under yesterday's date:

One tender sent in to the school committee for improving the girls; school ground, E.MITCHELL ?5-accepted

Messrs W.C.SMITH and BIBBY met as a finance committee of the Waipawa County Council this forenoon.

Tenders were dealt with as follows: -

Labour only for new bridge on Waipukurau-Wanstead rod-W.LLOYD ?42 3s (accepted, J.ADAMS ?45;

Metalling BOYLE'S road Makaretu-H.LAWS 21s per chain (accepted), M.HANNON 25s

I learn today that Constable BEATTIE will return from WAINUI at or about the end of the week

HBH 1892 April 23
Advertisements new

Messrs Baker and Tabuteau will sell next Thursday on the premises, Brinkburn, Clive-catalogue in this issue.

Thomas SIDEY

Announce that they will be candidates for election on the Napier School committee next Monday Evening.

Mr G.T.CROSS has several good hotels in town or country for sale and lease.

KENNEDY and SLEIGH have dissolved partnership. Mr KENNEDY will continue to practise as barrister and solicitor in the offices hitherto occupied by the late firm.

Mr E.O.PLATFORD has to let the house in Gladstone Road lately in the occupation of Mr R.CARTER.

Pastor M 'CULLOCH will preach in the Seventh Day Adventist Church tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock.
Mr S.FLETCHER, of Pendle Hill, North Makaretu, one of the oldest settlers in the district, died last night.

He was seized with an attack of rheumatism about six weeks ago and came down here for medical treatment.

Two days ago a change for the worse took place, with the result stated, the actual cause being cardiac failure.

Concert for RUNDLE

The concert held at TARADALE in aid of Mr RUNDLE was an unqualified success, and reflected great credit upon all who took part in it.

Songs and choruses were given by the following: -

Misses HARPHAM (3)
Miss LORD and Mrs LORD
"Three Little Old Maids from School" by Misses A.HARPHAM, A.LORD, and K. O'REILLY was loudly applauded and Mr Le ROY took a character part as well as those mentioned.

Mr LUCY and Miss WILLIAMS-recited

Piano Duet contributed by the Messrs HESLOP,

Overture by Miss RYMER

HARMAN Funeral

There was a good muster of firemen yesterday to attend the funeral of the late Fireman HARMAN, of the SPIT Brigade.

There was also a large attendance of other friends of the deceased, the procession being a long one.

The coffin was taken first to St. Mary's Church, being concluded at the grave.

After the ceremony the officiating clergyman delivered an address on the difference between Catholic and Protestant teaching with relation to the condition of mankind after death.

The Catholic Church recognised that a man did not necessarily go straight to hell at death, unless he died in mortal sin. There was a third place, to which those who died in venial sin were sent, and after a period of punishment they were cleansed.

Mr S.FLETCHER, of Pendle Hill, North Makaretu, one of the oldest settlers in the district, died last night.

He was seized with an attack of rheumatism about six weeks ago and came down here for medical treatment.

Two days ago a change for the worse took place, with the result stated, the actual cause being cardiac failure.

Waipawa School Committee

Meeting yesterday of the Waipawa School committee last evening, when there were present: -

Messrs COLLETT (Chair)

Mr GILMOUR had been nominated for election on the new committee
HBH 1892 April 25
Mr J.H.COLEMAN and family left by the boat going south on Saturday on their way to England, where they intend to spend a short time.

There was quite a large assemblage on the wharf of old and prominent residents, to wish them au revoir and a happy time while away.

So far as arrangements go, Mr and Mrs COLEMAN intend to be back before the end of the year. They take with them on their trip the good wishes of a host of friends.

Mr J.G.GILBERD, who has for the past four or five years been a member of the Napier School Committee, will not seek re-election tonight.

His reason is that he is now a member of the Education Board, and he holds that the two positions would be incompatible.



A remarkable case of mistaken identity has occurred near Evandale, Tasmania.

The body of a man was found in the bush near there, and was supposed to be that of James HAMMOND, a bailiff, who had been sent to distain on the goods of D.J.COX, Hammond's brother-in-law declared that the body, which was naked, was not that of James HAMMOND.

At the inquest which was held Sub-Inspector identified the body as that of James TRUMELLER, a half-caste. The body had been dead for about a fortnight, and was much decomposed.

TRUMELLER has since turned up; and the police on making a search, discovered Hammond's clothes about 400 yards from where the body was found.

Danevirke Court

Danevirke correspondent writes as follows under yesterday's date: -

At the Police Court today, before Messrs CLAYTON and HAWKINS, J.P's

Rebecca LIVINGSTONE charged with stealing from the person of Annie WOODHOUSE, on the 5th of April, a purse containing seven one pound notes and a half sovereign. The police applied for a remand till the 19th inst, which was granted.

This is a sad case, as the accused is the mother of five small children, the eldest being eight years and the youngest two years old. The father is a shepherd on the Mangatoro station, but has not lived with his wife since the last sitting of the Supreme Court, when he was acquitted on the charge of stabbing her.

The defence then was that Mrs LIVINGSTONE slightly injured herself in order to endeavour to get her husband into gaol.

MARAROA prisoners

By the Mararoa on Saturday seven prisoners sentence at the recent sittings of the Supreme Court went to Wellington in charge of a gaol official.

They were: -

ARNOLD and HOFF-garrotters
Wirimu MAPIHA-stealing from a dwelling
FITZGERALD and M'KENNA-horse-stealing.

Annual Meeting of the fire Brigade was held last night.

Captain A.E.JULL presiding.

Foreman SEBLEY gave resume of the business done at the Christchurch conference.

It was resolved that he be elected to the office of foreman, vacated by P.COSGROVE, and Fireman O'GORMAN to the office of branchman in the place of SEBLEY

Lieutenant ABRAHAMS, Foreman CRACKNELL, Branchman A.GARRY, and Secretary WILLIAMS were re-elected.

Secretary to write a letter to the Town Board for a grant in aid of ?15 towards the fire brigade's expenses.

Captain JULL promised to present a silver medal to the member who attends most meetings and practices during next year.

Vote of thanks to Mr CORSKIE for repairing the engine for which he declined to charge.

HBH 1892 April 26th R.P. PATERSON and GRUNDY


A few of the friends of Mr R.P. PATERSON, and admirers of the pluck shown by him, met together in the Working Men's Club last night to present him with a small token, consisting of a sovereign case and contents, as a mark of their appreciation of his consistent bicycle riding, and admiration as an athlete.

Mr W.J. GRUNDY made the presentation, and Mr PATERSON wrote his reply, thanking the contributors, and stating that he would keep it in memory when he got Home again as a memento of his bicycling in NAPIER.

HBH 1892 April 27

To be sold near Clive - Furniture and effects of F.F. FENWICK
Court Civil cases

Judgment was given for plaintiff at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday in each of the following civil cases: -Mr TURNBULL R.M. presiding.

Drs. de LISLE and INNES v KEAT
Official Assignee v D.MATHESON

All of above were judgment debts with various fines and costs to be paid or else time in prison.

Patangata Road Board

Messrs C.CLARK, J.COLLINS, T.HOWARD, E.WATTS, W.WHITE yesterday elected at the Patangata Road Board without opposition
HBH 1892 April 27 Wallingford Road Board

Messrs G.HUNTER, C.L.MACKERSEY, J.D.ORMOND, D.SIMS, J.WHITE are elected as the Wallingford Road Board without opposition.

Mr H.R.PIKE, who is connected with Messrs CLEAVE and Co, of AUCKLAND, has arrived here to make a house-to-house canvass with a view to issuing a complete directory of Napier and Hawke's Bay, including every householder.

It will be on the lines of Messrs CLEAVE'S well known Auckland directory, and will be divided into alphabetical streets, trades, and professions etc.

It will also include a directory of local bodies. No such comprehensive work relating to Hawke's Bay has yet appeared.

Monthly Report of Sales effected since 7th April at PEARCE'S LAND MART.

Palmerston North-Tuesday

Mr E.N.PEARCE reports as follows: -

Main Street, part 608. 3-5th of an acre and 5 roomed house-Mr F.MOFFART to Mr COULTER; ?190.

113 acres Shannon, Mr .W.M?KENZIE to Mr W.C.JENSEN; equal cash, ?851

33 acres Stoney Creek, Mr FLYGER to Mr Dan LYNCH; cash ?492

Main Street and Domain Street corner section, Mr WATTS to Mr George DENTON; cash ?450

Section and cottage David street, Mr CATTERICK to Mr T.W.HUGHES; cash vendor's price
Part section 1073 College Street, Sergeant DONNELLY to Mr DILLON; ?235
Mr J.M.CLELAND, Church street, property laid out in numerous building sites; 16 sections skid to Mr MORTINSEN; the lot ?825
Mr K. KEEN'S township, Old Brewery site, Rangitikei Line; 3 sections; the lot; ?110
Section Albert street, 1 ? acre and 5 roomed dwelling house and out buildings, Mr JENSEN to Mr William RILEY; cash ?165
Property is in good demand, especially those newly laid out township sections offering at low price and very easy terms, with title under Land Transfer Act, and within a few minutes of the Square; some at ?20 each.

Waipawa Road Board Messrs: W.H.J. BENNETT, A.GARRY, S.M'GREEVY, W.RATHBONE, A.C.SCRIMGEOUR are elected as the Waipawa Road Board
Porangahau Road Board Messrs T.CROSSE, C.HERBERT, G.HUNTER, F.E.T.SIMCOX, J.WHITE are elected to the Porangahau Road Board
HBH 1892 April 28
Sir Morell MACKENZIE M.B. and BERRY We are requested by the authorities of the hospital named to insert the following: - A meeting was held in LONDON on Tuesday, March 1st, when it was decided to raise a fund in memory of the late Sir Morell MACKENZIE M.B., the proceeds of which should be devoted to the enlargement of the Throat Hospital, of which institution he was the Founder and in which up to the time of his death he took the greatest interest. His friends in all parts of the world who may wish to join the committee now being formed in connection with the movement should communicate with the secretary Throat Hospital, Golden-Square, LONDON, W.

BERRY the English executioner, has resigned.....more

Mr A.MERCER who has just been returned to the LONDON County Council as member for St. George's in the East, is secretary to the Seamen and Firemen's Union, and is brother in law to Mr R. PUFLETT, the local Manager of the Union Steamship Company.

We mentioned on a former occasion that he was at one time employed at Messrs Murray Roberts, and Co., at the SPIT. He polled at the election 1276 votes, the defeated candidate only polling 642.

Local R.M .Court yesterday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M., an old man named James CHASE was charged with vagrancy. On his promising to go back to the Napier Refuge and stay there, he was dismissed with a caution.

Waipawa correspondent writing last evening says: -
Mr G.W. WILLIAMSON has spent all his leisure time for some weeks, including his school holidays, in preparing some large charts, containing diagrams illustrative of geometrical forms, with the formula and description of each printed and appended and the whole varnished, and mounted on rollers.
Albert Plummer of Hastings, butcher, has been adjudged a bankrupt. A meeting of his creditors will be held at the Court-house, Napier, next Monday morning.

Some further testimonials to the efficacy of Sister Mary Joseph's remedies are inserted

The Public Trustee inserts a notification in reference to the estate of the late Richard Lees MILLMAN of Hastings.

Dannevirke Correspondent writes as follows under yesterday's date: -

Court business-George SWAN charged with stealing a coat, admitted to the Court that he had burnt the garment in question after it was seen in his possession by the prosecutor-Charge dismissed him on the ground that though he burned the coat it was not proved that he had stolen it.

HBH 1892 APRIL 29


CARLILE-MONCKTON-At the residence of F.Monckton Esq., Featherstone, Miss Mabel M. Monckton, to William W. Carlile, Woodville.

Theatre goers need scarcely be reminded that on Monday next Miss Myra KEMBLE and her comedy company will make their first appearance in the now famous farcical comedy of "Dr Bill."

Of the play itself, little need be said, as the popularity it has enjoyed since its initial production in the colonies is too well known to need recording here. Of the company itself much may be said.

Mrs Myra KEMBLE, wherever she has appeared, always delighted her audiences, and at present there is no more popular actress in Australia.

Mrs Walter HILL and Miss Ada LEE-as bright as ever-are old favourites here

George LEOPOLD as funny as of yore, is well known here.

Then there is H.W.DIVER, who first made the acquaintance of the New Zealand public as the "Spider" in the Silver King company.

The new people are Messrs Edwin LESTER

Misses Nellie LYONS, Madge CORCORAN, and Lillie CLITHEROW.

Our old friend James KITTS looks after the money bags, and as he is wearing his best smile the inference is that they are full.

The officers, ex-officers, and non commissioned officers of the Garrison purpose meeting on Saturday night to discuss the question of erecting a monument to the memory of the Late Lieut-Colonel BUTTS.


MORRISON-TAIT-On the 20th April at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. R. FRASER

Matthew, son of the late Wm MORRISON, Wigtonshire, SCOTLAND, to Alice, eldest daughter of Mr. Alex. TAIT, Hastings, Hawke's Bay.

HBH 1892 30 April St Augustine tea meeting

The children's tea meeting in St Augustine's schoolroom last evening was a great success. The room was crowded. The tables were presided over by the same ladies and gentlemen with the exception of Mrs WILLS. After the tea had been cleared away a concert was held.

The following contributed songs and recitations: -

Miss Maud BULL
Master C.ELMES
Miss Lucy HATCH
Master Albert FAULKNOR
Master G. BAIRD
A pianoforte duet was contributed by the Misses FAULKNOR
Pianoforte solos by Miss R.CHEGWIDDEN and Miss BULL.

***NB by Elaine-FAULKNOR surnames could also be spelt FAULKNER.

St Andrews' Schoolroom Spit

The social and coffee supper held at St Andrews' schoolroom, Spit, last evening attracted a large attendance, and passed off very successfully. The programme was a varied one which included songs, readings, instrumental selections and games, all of which conduced to the pleasure of the company in no small degree.

A vocal solo "Barney take me Home again" was beautifully sung by Miss F.KENDALL, a young lady of tender years, but who possess a nice voice

Mr G.EDWARDS sang with inimitable humor a parody on the well-known song "Red, White, and Blue," and in response sang another comic ditty, so uproarious was the merriment caused by this funny piece called "Everything and Anyhow," the singer had to break off before concluding it.

Mr C.HODGSON was encored for a capitally rendered "yodelling" song "We'll all go a hunting today."

Mr T.M. M?CARTHY sang in excellent style "The Bells of Aberfeldy."

An instrumental duet was splendidly played by Miss KRAEFT and Mr W.B.PERCIVAL.-piano
Mr J. HUTCHINS received en encore for a pretty and well played banjo solo,

The Masters SAUNDERS played a nice pianoforte duet, as did the Misses FRANKLIN and GODDARD, and Mrs GODDARD was heard to good advantage in a pianoforte solo.

Two capital readings were given by Messrs WILKIE and M?CARTHY.
Monday-Page 2'



At the residence of the bride's brother, on the 30th April by the Rev. G.W.J.SPENCE, George Henry Freeman of NAPIER to Kate, eldest daughter of W.READING of FIELDING.

HBH 1892 May 2

Mr E.H. WOLEDGE, of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company's staff, who has been promoted to the position of accountant at BLENHEIM, left by the express train yesterday morning to take up his new duties.

Before his departure the Napier staff of the company presented to him a handsome marble timepiece. Mr CRAIG in making the presentation, in well chosen phrases congratulated Mr WOLEDGE on having received well-deserved promotion, but expressed the regret of the Napier staff, and of his many friends outside the office, at his departure.

Mr WOLEDGE replied briefly, as time and tide wait for no man, and railway trains for only the favored few, and a hearty handshake all round ended a pleasant episode in the life of an officer of the Loan and Mercantile Company.

Adverts news

Mr T.E.BRILL of PETANE, notifies that at the next licensing meeting for that district he will apply for the license for the PETANE HOTEL.

C.B.HOADLEY and Co, have for sale the freehold site in Hastings Street owned and occupied by Mrs D. LEVI.

It is notified that Mr Philip DOLBEL having withdrawn his candidature for the PAPAKURA Road Board the number of candidates does not now exceed the number required and they are therefore declared elected.

Arthur John COOPER of GISBORNE, has been adjudged a bankrupt.

Mr W.J. M?Ginn ARMSTRONG notifies that at the next licensing meeting at Clyde WAIROA he will apply for an accommodation license for the UPPER MOHAKA HOTEL.

The finder of a purse containing money will be rewarded on returning to Mr E.H. WILLIAMS, solicitor, NAPIER.

local news

R.M.Court before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

James CAMERON pleaded guilty to drunkenness and was discharged with a caution.

Canon FOX M.A, the newly appointed minister of St. Augustine's Church arrived in NAPIER on Saturday.

By the Te Anau yesterday there arrived Miss Myra KEMBLE, with her manager Mr. James E. KITTS and members of the KEMBLE comedy company.

The Rev. G.C. GRUBB and his party of missioners arrived in NAPIER on Saturday for the purpose of conducting a week's mission here.


The companionship of the HERALD was strongly in evidence at a wedding which took place on Saturday, when Miss K.READING, daughter of Mr W. READING, of FIELDING, was united in matrimony to Mr G.H. FREEMAN, of NAPIER.

The wedding took place at the residence of Mr M.L. READING, brother of the bride, the officiating minister being the Rev. G.W.J.SPENCE.

The bridesmaids were Miss Mattie SMITH of Port AHURIRI, and Miss Nellie READING, youngest sister of the bride.

The latter was given away by her father, the best man being Mr W.T.C.READING, a brother of the bride.

A large gathering sat down to the wedding breakfast, at which the health of the bride and bridegroom was enthusiastically toasted.

The happy pair left by the boat yesterday for AUCKLAND, where they will spend their honeymoon

HBH 1892 May 3 REIHANA

A Maori named REIHANA, who comes from the neighbourhood of Clive, was yesterday let off very lightly at the R M Court when he was charged with ill-treating a horse.

It appeared that some three months ago the animal sustained a wound in its sheath. This was not attended to, and became a mass of shocking corruption, and the horse being evidently in great pain. Constable KENNEDY several times advised REIHANA to shoot the horse, but as he did not do so he was proceeded against.

When he received the summons he caused the animal to be killed, after it had been suffering great agony for nearly three months.

REIHANA'S defence was that he did not own the horse; he was only in charge of it. He was fined ?1 and costs.

Resident Court

At the R M Court yesterday, before Mr TURNBULL R.M.,

George BRADY and John M'LEOD pleaded guilty to drunkenness and were dismissed with a caution.

William STOREY fined 10s and costs for a similar offence

E.POLLOCK, G.S.THATCHER, H.J.STARKEY, Matanga PAHI PAHI were each fined 1s and cost for failing to register their dogs.

H.GLAZEBROOK fined 5s and costs for allowing cattle to stray

R.W.GROVE charged with selling goods as a hawker at CLIVE without being licensed, pleaded guilty. He explained that he had a license for NAPIER and PALMERSTON, and did not know that he needed another. He took out a license as soon as he was summoned. A nominal fine of 1s and costs were imposed.

Four boys named JOURDAIN, CROWLEY, CALDWELL (2), and CROSS were each fined 10s and costs for breaking windows at CLIVE.

SIM John jnr

The Government Life Insurance Department set a good example in the way of prompt payment of claims. The latest instance that interests Hawke's Bay residents is in connection with the late John SIM, jun., who was insured for ?500. Copy of probate was received by the district agent, Mr QUINN on the 22nd of April.

Householders Cert No 506
Page 3


We the undersigned ten House holders, residing in the immediate neighbourhood of the above-named house, do hereby certify that T.E.BRIL is a person of good fame and reputation, and fit and proper to have granted to him a Publican's License.

Witness our hands this 29th April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two.

Alfred Griffiths HEBBERLEY
Hugh ? OGUE
Joseph KING

Householders Cert No 50
Page 3
No 50


We the undersigned ten House holders, residing in the immediate neighbourhood of the above-named house, do hereby certify that T.E.BRIL is a person of good fame and reputation, and fit and proper to have granted to him a Publican's License.

Witness our hands this 29th April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two.

Cuthbert CARR
W. Henry SMITH
William HAIMES
Donald M. COUPER

Notice of Application for Accommodation License
No 506
William James M?Ginn ARMSTRONG of Upper Mohaka-known as the UPPER MOHAKA HOTEL
29th Day of April 1892.
Gilbert M. CLARK.

A short time ago Mr Samuel Vaile, land and estate agent, in looking through some family papers belonging to his father, the late Mr George Vaile, came across a tracing of a plan of the city of Auckland, made early in 1844 for Mr Vaile.

There is a plan of the city of Auckland in the Free Public Library by Mr Felton MATTHEWS, of 1841, in which the Barrack Hill was laid out in a series of crescents and terraces.

A second map of Auckland was published by order of the House of Commons in October 1842, the last-named being a very poor affair, not including a dozen streets.

In the second map, as well as in the map in Mr Vaile's possession of 1844, there seems to have been considerable change in the names of the streets.

In the later map, from the entry on an allotment in Wellesley-Street, 66 feet frontage, Mr Vaile's father appears to have purchased for ?4!

Mr Vaile has also in his possession other old printed documents, and old land sale bill of Brown and Campbell's of 1845, and one issued by Mr H.R.CRETNEY, auctioneer, relative to a sale of land in Hobson, Queen, and Victoria streets, and printed in the New Zealander office.

A curious paper is the Government Emigration Office Regulations, issued in England in 1842, in the selection of laborers for a free passage to New Zealand, and the conditions on which the passages were granted; all the adults were to be capable of labor, and emigrating with the intention of working for wages after arrival.

Persons in a workhouse, or in receipt of habitual parish relief were ineligible. Mr Vaile has also a copy of the land regulations issued in 1842 by Her Majesty's Commissioners for Colonial Lands and Emigration.

The lowest upset price for land was to be ?1 per acres. Governments could raise the price but not reduce it. No lands were to be sold by private contract except for ready money.

When sold at auction 10 per cent cash and balance in a month or forfeited. Land was not to be sold in larger blocks than a square mile, but in exceptional cases the Governor could dispose of blocks, at not less than upset price, of 20,000 acres or more.

Persons in England for every ?100 in invested in purchasing lands could within six months of payment nominate four adults (two children to rate as an adult) for a free passage.-N.Z.HERALD.

HBH 1892 May 4 Napier School Committee

The Napier School Committee met this evening

Present: -
Messrs M.HEBDEN (Chair)

Miss GOULDING wrote reporting the average attendance at the Hastings Street School to be 180. She also recommended the playground be planted with trees, asked for a supply of stationery, and named several children not attending school. The Secretary was instructed to have summonses served on the parents of the children named.

The headmaster reported that the average daily attendance at the main school to be 872 and requested better pen holders and stationary.

A reply to Mr T.MORRISON - his complaint of the absence of his name from the merit board -Secretary was instructed to write stating the merit board was compiled on the information obtained from the Education Board Office, where the dux of the school was registered each year on the result of the inspector's examination.

In Wellington the mission of Mr GRUBB who is now conducting a Mission in NAPIER, caused much heated controversy in the newspapers.

The Rev Richard COFFEY, Rector of St Mark's, in a letter in Monday's N.Z.TIMES, says that Mr Grubb professes faith healing and that "he preaches sensible conversion, final perseverance, and seems to belong to that school of Calvinism which is responsible for much of the infidelity of the present day. In DUNEDIN he alleged to have taught the doctrine 'annihilation.' He certainly came to Wellington under the auspices of the schismatic and during his stay acted the lines of the separatists."

The letter which is very long ......more

During the passage of the s.s. KIWI to NAPIER on Thursday last an accident happened to Mr DICKER, the chief officer of the vessel.

While the steamer was crossing PALLISER Bay during a gale with high seas, Mr DICKER was lashing some cargo on deck when an enormous wave broke on board the vessel.

The wave knocked Mr DICKER with great force against the winch thereby breaking his collarbone.

As soon as the vessel arrived here medical assistance was procured, and Mr DICKER was able to return to WELLINGTON.

The zoological and ethnological collection made by Herr REISCHEK during his travelling for twelve years over New Zealand and adjacent islands excited great interest not only in Austria but on the Continent generally on the naturalist's
Return to Vienna.

After being visited by thousands in the Imperial Museum for Natural History, many offers of purchase from foreign countries were received, but Herr REISCHEK'S patriotism was too strong and subsequently he sold the whole collection to the Austrian Government for the handsome sum of ?2400, and it will now remain permanently in the Museum.

A man was found yesterday in an unconscious state in a paddock in Sydney Street. He was taken to the hospital where he died a few hours later. He appeared to have been drinking heavily.

It has been ascertained that his name was William DICKSON, formerly a canvasser for a life insurance company.

Court Civil

Judgment was given for plaintiff at the R M Court yesterday in each of the following cases-Mr TURNBULL R.M. presiding




There was a bit of a "breeze" in the R M Court yesterday, during the hearing of the charges against ALEXANDER and BEY.

The question arose as to where a certain pawn ticket was, and Sergeant CULLEN, who was conducting the prosecution, stated that the accused man ALEXANDER had been served with a notice to produce the ticket. Mr LASCELLES loudly asserted that this notice was a "bogus" one, the police having in their possession the very ticket they called upon ALEXANDER to produce. The statement was denied by Sergeant CULLEN.

***There is quite a large item in connection with this case-Elaine

St John's Band of Hope

Held their fortnightly meeting in the schoolroom last evening, when there was a fair attendance of members.

The following contributed songs, recitations, &c: -

Pianoforte duet-Misses CROSS
Violin solo by Master Robert SKIPPAGE.

Mr SAUNDERS announced that the meetings in future will be held upon the first Tuesday in every month.

de LISLE presentation

Unity of Oddfellows Napier

The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows of Napier have marked their appreciation of Dr. de LISLE'S long services to them by presenting him with an illuminated testimonial.

It is a work in Mr H C A WUNDRAM'S best style,, the design being artistic and the coloring superb....more description of..

The presentation was made last night at Dr. de LISLE'S residence, the spokesman being Bro. J.B.FIELDER G.C.S.., who was supported by the signatories.

Mr S.E. COOPER's shop will display the wording of the testimonial and will be on view for a few days and reads as follows: -

"To Frederic Irving de LISLE, Esq., L.R.C.P.,

Dear Sir: The members of the Loyal Napier Lodge, No 4596, Manchester Unity, of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, desire to place on record the sincere regret with which they have accepted your resignation as surgeon of the Lodge.

You have held the position for the past fifteen years, and during the whole of that period have carried out the responsible professional duties of your office, to the entire satisfaction of the Lodge members.

We also sincerely trust that your health, which has suffered so severely of late, may be speedily restored, and that you may be spared for many years to benefit the town and district with your wide experience and professional skill.

We are dear sir, for and on behalf of the Lodge, yours faithfully,
Frank BEE P.P.G.M;
Thomas SIDEY P.P.G.M;
J.B.FIELDER, Provincial Grand Secretary."

May 3, 1892


At last the town of Waipawa has got a reserve, and one that is worthy of the name, and in days to come those to whom the inhabitants are indebted for this boon will be deservedly remembered.

It is described in the Gazette as follows:-

"All that parcel of land in the Hawke's Bay land district, containing by admeasurements 51 acres (more or less), being a portion of the old bed of the Waipawa situated in Block 11, Waipukurau Survey District, in the Waipawa County. . . . for a public recreation ground."

The other day we were told that Messrs H.H.BRIDGE, R. HARDING, A.H.ROSS were appointed a Board of Review of assessments under the Land and Income Tax Act, but as there are two gentlemen named Archibald Hilson ROSS at Makaretu now it may be as well to say it is Mr A.H.ROSS jun, that is appointed.

Mr C.N.CLAUSEN, of MAHARAHARA, has secured a contract for 4000 totara sleepers at 3s 9d each, delivered at LYTTELTON

Mr F.JENSEN, Napier of NAPIER, a similar quantity at 4s, delivered at TIMARU.

H. CARLSON, DANEVIRKE, tendered at 4s and 4s 2d for hewn and sawn totara respectively, delivered at TAMAKI, but both were declined.

Mr SKERRETT has resumed duty at the R.M.Court.

Mr A.R.NICHOLLS, who has occupied the position of teller in the Bank of New South Wales, NAPIER, for over four years, has received notice of his appointment as accountant at MASTERTON, for which place he leaves on Monday next.

Although Mr NICHOLLS' numerous friends will regret his departure, they will be glad to hear that his removal from NAPIER means promotion in the service of the bank.

Mr NICHOLLS has for a considerable time been the painstaking honorary secretary of the Napier Cathedral choir, as well as an active member, and has also for several seasons been a performing member of the Operatic Society was intimately associated with cricketing circles in town.

In consequence of Mr NICHOLLS' proposed departure from Napier Mr E.F.POLLOCK has been elected to the position of honorary secretary of the Cathedral Choir. We understand that Mrs NICHOLLS does not intend leaving Napier at present, but will continue for the study of painting as usual, and she contemplates shortly holding an exhibition of her own and pupils' work, of which due notice will be given.


page 4

Following gentlemen have been elected as members of Road Boards: -




Messrs: C.E.BEETHAM, G.H.SAXBY, A.M.WILLIAMS, J.N.WILLIAMS (one still to be elected).




Heretaunga Road Board election

Following is the result of the HERETAUNGA Road Board election: -


The first five are declared elected.

There will be a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) re the Bridge at PAKOWHAI.
Wellington Races pay out

The principal amounts were paid over in connection with the Wellington races: -
George M'RAE

During the past month two hundred have been provided with employment through the agency of the Labor Bureau.

HBH 1892 May 5

Some time ago we stated that Mr WEST had sent to ENGLAND a trial shipment of new potatoes, to test the probable value of the Home market.

He has now received the returns, and we are sorry to state that they are of such an unsatisfactory nature as to make the sending of further shipments undesirable, if profit is to be expected.

Mr WILSON of the SPIT, who is well known in connection with his enthusiastic and intelligent devotion to chrysanthemum culture, has been very successful this year. He had a fine lot of blooms on view at the Working Men's Club.

An occasional correspondent at Woodville writes as follows under yesterday's date: -
There was a very representative gathering at the Club Hotel last night, for the purpose of making a presentation to Mr BUCK, the station-master, and to protest against various attacks made upon Mr BUCK in the local papers.

There were present: -

As will be seen, these thoroughly represented the business people of the district.

Mr C.HALL, who occupied the chair, stated that the Mayor, who could not attend, had asked the speaker to make the statement of object of the meeting.

A two year old son of Mr Tipene MATUA died last night at WALL'S buildings, Waipawa, and there is to be a proper tangi this evening.

A preliminary One is on now, and the weird "keening" or moaning is not too pleasant.

Hon R.E. O'CONNOR, Minister for Justice in the New South Wales Ministry, and Mrs O'CONNOR, are at present in NAPIER, having arrived from TAUPO on Tuesday night.

Mr O'CONNOR yesterday visited the Cathedral, the breakwater, Mr TIFFEN'S beautiful grounds, and other places of interest in the neighbourhood.

He is greatly impressed with NAPIER and its surroundings, especially the spirit of enterprise that is so apparent in a variety of directions and in conversation with Mr G.H. SWAN he complimented him on having during his mayoralty initiated such a magnificent work on the esplanade.

Mr O'CONNOR is the leader of the Ministry in the SYDNEY Legislative Council. The Minister and party propose to leave for WELLINGTON by todays express. They intend visiting the southern lakes before returning to SYDNEY.

Court 1

The hearing of the three other charges of obtaining money by false pretences against Harold BEY and Michael ALEXANDER was proceeded with yesterday. Mr CORNFORD and Mr. LASCELLES appeared for ALEXANDER and Mr SHEATH for BEY.

"That on the 13th April last Harold BEY and Michael ALEXANDER did unlawfully and knowingly, by certain false pretences, obtain of and from James HERON the sum of ?9 14s, and on the 19th April, of and from one Sarah PREBBLE, the sum of ?8 9s, and from Andrew Blake GREEN, of HASTINGS, the sum of ?6, with intent to cheat and defraud them of the same."

Mr TURNBULL R.M. said that he would accept bail as follows:

Each accused in his own recognisance's of ?50, two sureties of ?50, and two sureties of ?25 each, for each separate charge, or two responsible men would be accepted as sureties for the total amount involved in bail for the six charges.

Napier Borough Council

Meeting-Wednesday May 4.


His Worship the Mayor-Mr G.H.SWAN M.H.R.

Inwards Correspondence:

Young Men's Christian Association, asking permission to erect a lamp over the entrance of the Athenaeum-granted, subject to the approval of the overseer.

Major WOOD, relative to the erection of a bastion on the Marine Parade; The question for a grant for the work was under the consideration of the Defence Department-Received.

Harbor Board, consenting to pay half the yearly interest in the additional sum of ?680 for strengthening part of the break-water road wall-Received.

Mrs OAKLEY of Fitzroy Road is urging the necessity for a storm water channel there, and complains that in heavy rains her property is damaged by the water flowing from the road on to it. - Overseer to report on the matter to the Public Works Committee.
From Mr H.R.PYKE, complaining that few of the streets had their names up, which made the work of compiling a directory of the town very difficult.-Overseer to report on the cost of the work?

Public Works Report

Inspector of Telegraphs-Obstructions from sign-boards-That Mr BOLD is requested to furnish a list of the sign-boards which obstruct the telegraph wires and be informed that the council will then order their removal.

Damage to wall-road to breakwater; J. J. CARR-Since writing the above letter Mr CARR reported that the damaged portion of the work has been rebuilt and the necessary repairs effected.

Hawke's Bay Farmers' Co-operative Association's Store, SPIT-That Mr GOOCH be informed to reply to his letter that when the gas mains are extended the Council will favourably consider his application, and also that the approach to the store is in fact a quay and is under the control of the harbour Board.

Captain CHICKEN of the Napier Rifles, assures us that the correspondent who asserted that the 12s per hundred was charged for cartridges is quite in order.

No ammunitions has ever been sold at that price, and further, what ammunition has been supplied to the men free of charge.

Captain CHICKEN also states that the price of AUCKLAND ammunition is 12s per hundred, but if the metal cases are returned a rebate of 4s per hundred is made.

Notices Page 3

No 522
Impounded at Rissington on May 3rd 1892, 39 Romney Rams, left in my paddock by John ELLIOTT.

Trespassing Notice
Adv No 620

Persons found Trespassing in search or game of the Properties of the Undersigned, Puketitiri without authority will be prosecuted: -


Notice No 510
Any person found on the WHENUAHOW Estate, Takapau, in pursuit of Game without permission will be prosecuted for trespass.-AMB. POTTS

Trespassing Notice any person found trespassing with Gun or Dog on my Run will be prosecuted.- James HEBBERLEY-Tarawera.

At a meeting of the Napier Football Club, held at the Criterion Hotel on Tuesday evening:

Messrs LOGAN, COTTERILL, and JARDINE were re-elected judges to select the most consistent player in the first fifteen during the ensuing season, for the purpose of awarding the handsome trophy presented to the club by Mr P.GORMAN.

The first season the cup was awarded to Mr R.H.WHYTE, and last season, through some misunderstanding, the judges omitted to take any notes on the various matches, and the cup therefore could not be presented.

We understand that Sergeant-Major RICHARDSON of the Permanent Artillery is to visit NAPIER shortly to join the F Battery through a course of gunnery.

This seems to be like a waste of money, for Sergeant-Major HUDDLESTONE, the resident drill instructor for the government is an artilleryman, and should therefore be quite competent to do what another man is coming here to carry out.


We have received from the author, the Rev J.F.JONES, of the Napier Baptist Church, a pamphlet entitled "Sinai and Calvary, or Law and Grace; Their Agreement and Difference.


At the R M Court yesterday-before Mr TURNBULL R.M.

John BARRY and Alexander BEARD each pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness and were both dismissed with a caution.

John M'LEOD also charged with drunkenness fined ?1 and costs.

Road Boards

Messrs A.S.G. CARLYON, S.W. HARDY, J.HOLDEN, J. HOWARD, J.MATHEWS, and G.PARKINSON, senr, are nominated for NORTH RUATANIWHA Road Board

Messrs J.M.BROWN, W.BUSBY, A. LOGAN, L.H. M'HARDY, G.C. WILLIAMS elected as the TAMUMU Road Road.

The Board of Reviewers will sit here on the 17th of May to consider assessments in PATANGATA County, and on the 19th to deal with the WAIPAWA County.
Waipawa Coursing Club drawing

There was a meeting the other night of the Waipawa Coursing Club for the purpose of drawing for the opening match of the season, which takes place (tomorrow) Thursday at ASHCOTT.

The result was:

Mr S. BRIDGE'S Countess meets Mr F. HARVEY'S Waitiri
Mr J. O'KANE'S Maccaroni meets Mr W M'NEILLIS'S Elsthorpe
Mr L. MACKERSEY'S Swindler meets Mr J.T.SULLIVAN'S Young Emperor
Mr F. HARVEY'S Juliet meets Mr D. MORONEY'S Erin
Mr J.B. RHODE'S Guy meets Mr J. O'KANE'S Pearl.
Waipawa Court

May 4, 1892

Resident Court this morning before Messrs S.JOHNSON and MIRBACH, justices.

John RYAN alias James KELLY charged with breaking property of T.PARKINSON, at the Exchange Hotel. He pleaded guilty and did the damage owing to a grievance he had with Mr PARKINSON last March.

Sergeant DONOVAN stated the circumstances and added that the damage was premeditated, as accused told him he intended to do it, when he cautioned him.

He was fined ?3, with 7s costs, and ?3 12s damages, or in default two months with hard labor in Napier gaol.

HBH 1892 May 6

At the Resident magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr W.R.BLYTHE, J.P.,

Michael BROWN-drunkenness-cautioned and discharged.

An old offender named Frederick LYNASS, just out of gaol after serving a sentence for six months for vagrancy, pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness.

He promised to leave the town if dismissed. On that understanding he was allowed to depart.

Debating Society

The annual meeting of the members of the Union Debating Society was held in the old Provincial Chambers last evening. There was a fair attendance of members, and the following office bearers were elected for the ensuing season: -

President-Mr J.W.CARLILE-re-elected.

Vice-President-Mr W. WOOD

Secretary and Treasurer-Mr G.STOCK

Committee: -


RM Court was held today-Mr A.TURNBULL R.M., and Mr S JOHNSON J.P.

Civil list was very brief:

Mr WISEMAN v Pine PANE-judgment for plaintiff with 10s costs and solicitor (Mr LEE) 10s 6d.

One case adjourned, one confessed, and one was settled

Henry MONTEITH appeared to anger two charges under the Sheep Act 1890, section 59, of neglecting to give notice of his intention to drive sheep over Mr J.B. RHODES' run, and of so driving. Mr RHODES of NAPIER appeared for the complainant. Adjournment was asked for as one of the principal witnesses was not available-case held over.

William MANDER charged with stealing four wedges, value 14s, the property of S.ROBINSON Te Aute. Conviction was recorded after hearing evidence and was also ordered to return the property and pay 7s costs. Sergeant O'DONOVAN prosecuted and Mr E.H.LEE was for defendant.


The bowling green will be available on Saturdays for those members who desire to play their tournament games, in order that the winners of trophies may be decided before the end of the season.

Only four members now remain in the match for the championship of the club. Namely, Messrs STUBBS, EVANS, C.D.KENNEDY, and FIELDER, but no fewer than 24 have still to play for Dr HITCHINGS' trophy.

The following is the fourth draw for the latter: -


Joseph Von PEIN charged with neglecting to support his child, who had been committed to St. Mary's Orphanage, AUCKLAND.

He was very desirous to obtain possession of the child, who was aged 8 ? years, and the Bench took considerable pains to make him understand the position.

He was ordered to pay 4s per week every four weeks until a fresh order was made, together with 28s arrears at the same time. In the meantime his proper course was to apply to the Minister of Education for leave to take possession of the girl.

He paid the ?1 8s, but positively refused to pay any more in future

Received from the Dresden Piano Company a copy of a work entitled "Voice Culture," by C.N.BAEYERTZ. It is a useful little work.

The people of NAPIER must be financially in a good position, judging from what occurred at the Cathedral during one of Mr GRUBB'S sermons. The preacher, rightly enough, had been inveighing against getting into debt, and he concluded by calling upon everyone in the Cathedral who was in debt to stand up. Not one person rose, but perhaps that doesn't involve the corollary that no one was in debt. Possibly it was modesty that kept the people seated.

A slip took place yesterday in the rear of the police station, part of the hill that is being trimmed to receive a concrete retaining wall falling. The damage done looks more serious than it really is, for although it will involve expense to Mr CLOSE, who owns the houses above, the completion of the wall now in progress will make the face of the hill safer than if no slip had occurred, as the wall will have to be made thicker and with a more acute "batter."

Local Advertisements

Mr John M'VAY reference to his horse covers

Mr J.BEATSON notifies re trespassing on the Whare-o-maranui reserve will be prosecuted.

A low four-wheeled phaeton, the property of the late Miss HEWETT is for sale

Persons having claims against the late Miss HEWETT are requested to send them in at once to her executor, Mr P.S. M'LEAN, solicitor.

Messrs CROWTHER and M'CAULEY-reward for return of a pony mare.

Mr J. SPENCE requires a competent assistant for a country store.

Messrs MONTEITH Bros have been appointed sub-agents at Woodville for the National Insurance Company.

The coroner received information today that an infant, five weeks old, son of Mr John LINEHAN, platelayer, KOPUA, died this morning unexpectedly. As a doctor had been in attendance on deceased, who was suffering from whooping cough, which is very prevalent about there, and the child had every care and attention the coroner decided that no inquest was necessary.

MAORI v PAKAHA football

The football season will be opened tomorrow by the customary match between Maori and Pakeha, which will be played on the Recreation Ground.







I regret to learn that the Rev. Father DAWSON has been recalled to WELLINGTON by the Bishop, and a new priest is to be sent here. The Rev. Gentleman has been very assiduous and unsparing of himself, and is highly respected by many outside of his own Church.

There was considerable ferment last night about the Maori child, whose death I mentioned yesterday. It was suffering from whooping cough; being attended by a man named PALMER, an irregular medical practitioner, and died suddenly. The police inquired into the matter, and the result was the coroner saw no reason for intervening.


PAIPA-On May 4th at the Napier Hospital, Hone PAIPA of Waiapu aged 20.

Mr SPAWN and fruit evaporation

Some time ago Mr SPAWN, an expert in fruit culture and its after treatment, visited NEW ZEALAND for the purpose of exhibiting and explaining his process of fruit evaporation, and it was hoped that his stay in this Colony would result in the establishment of a new and profitable industry.

We regret to say that so far as this town is concerned, very little was done beyond calling public attention to the fact that a large and ready market could be found for all the fruit that is now allowed to go to waste in the district.

Mr SWAN and a few other gentlemen interested themselves in the project, but the class whom Mr SPAWN'S mission more directly concerned held aloof, and the erection of an evaporating establishment is still but a dream of the future.

Rugby Union Meeting

Meeting held last night at the Criterion Hotel

Present: -

Messrs SIDEY (Chair)

Mr HUGHES was instructed to make arrangements with Mr J.P. SMITH for the leasing of Farndon Park (Clive) for the season by the rugby Union.

Thomas TUCKER death

This morning a man named Thomas TUCKER was found dead in a ditch at MAKOTUKU, with his head in the water.

The only particulars I can learn at present are that he was drinking, and it is supposed was "under the influence." An inquest will be held this evening.


A correspondent at Wellington writes:

Mr SNAZELLE opened here on Saturday evening to a full house. The entertainment of its kind is first-class. The programme opened with a selection of Scottish airs on organ, piano and bells.

This in itself was something out of the common, and was well received. The effect was quite charming, but it would take more space than you could possibly spare to go over the various items.

Suffice to say that never before in WELLINGTON have we had such lovely scenes shown to us illustrating the different sketches, songs, &c.

Mr SNAZELLE is heard to great advantage in singing "Nazareth," "Simon the Cellarer," &c., and his funny tales are inimitable.

Mr GOURLAY deserves credit for the energetic manner in which he has ushered Mr SNAZELLE.


It transpired in Court today that the Commissioner of Taxes had appointed the Court-house, WAIPAWA, as the place where the Court of Reviewers should sit on the 19th May, without consulting RM. sits, for which there is a long list of cases already provided.

Mr TURNBULL requested the clerk to inform the reviewers that they would have to get another place for their business

HBH 1892 May 7 A & P Meeting

A meeting of the Hawke's Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society was held yesterday, at the society's rooms, Tennyson Street.


Mr C.A. FitzROY (Chair)
Captain RUSSELL M.H.R.


The Chairman and Cartwright BROWN were appointed delegates on the 16th of May at Christchurch Conference.

The sub-committee appointed at the pre-ceding meeting recommended that classes for farmers' stock should be inserted in the programme, on the following conditions:

Classes to be open to settlers occupying not more than 1000 acres of land in the aggregate in the Hawke's Bay Provincial district.....more...

Mr L. BINNIE, Puketapu wrote offered a prize of ?5 5s for the best yearling foal, filly, or gelding by the stallion Trickster, to be shown at the society's next gathering; three entries of no prizes. Offer accepted with thanks.

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HBH 1892 May 7 BARRY Mrs A

Mrs A. BARRY, the licensee of the Beaconsfield Hotel, MAKOTUKU, has disposed of her interests to Mr G.WARD, of DANEVIRKE, who will enter at the end of the month.

ARNOLD from India

At the Baptist Church tomorrow evening Miss ARNOLD, a Zenana missionary from India, will preach in her capacity of agent of the Baptist Missionary Society.

Miss ARNOLD will also conduct a children's service in the afternoon, when some of the children will be dressed in Indian costume


The service at St. Augustine's Church tomorrow morning will be conducted by the Bishop of Waiapu. During the service the Bishop will induct Canon FOX to the cure of the district.

Mr H.OWEN, Napier agent for RADAMS' microbe killer, has received a telegram stating that the preparation was awarded a first prize gold medal at the TASMANIAN EXHIBITION

Inquest Thomas TUCKER
(Typed as written by Elaine)

An inquest was held last night at the Beaconsfield Hotel, Makotuku, before Mr S. JOHNSON, coroner and a jury, of which Mr W. ROBINSON was foreman, on view of the body of Thomas TUCKER, a man of 55 years of age.

The evidence of Messrs W. TUCKER, A.HUNT, J.C.DAVIS, D.SIDEY, P.CROSS, J.SHAARA, J.SIDDELLS, and Mrs DAVIS was taken, but the story elicited may be described in a few lines.

TUCKER was a firewood splitter, and occasionally drank to excess when he had the means, but during the last few months he had followed no occupation.

The last time he drank to excess, so far as disclosed was a month ago, and he was dependent on his son and daughter.

On Wednesday he went to a smithy and assisted all day. At the finish he had a lone beer, and afterwards he went to the Makotuku Hotel and remained from a little after 7 till 9.30, reading the paper and playing bagatelle, and during this time he was served with five long or medium beers by several persons at various times.

On his leaving, Mrs DAVIS jokingly asked if he needed any one to see him home, and he replied in the negative. He had come from Ormondville several times in a much worse state than he then was he said, and was quite capable of walking home by himself.

He was overtaken on the road by a witness who noticed that he seemed to have had some drink, but "was not to say drunk," and was walking steadily in the middle of the road. Yet next morning his body was found a little further on lying on its face in a ditch by the road side containing a few inches of water, which nearly covered his head, and his hands were below and in front of him.

A paper bag which had contained 6 lb of sugar lay where his hands were. He was then quite cold and stiff. The coroner went over the facts, and after a short adjournment the jury found that deceased was drowned by falling in the water while under the influence of drink.

In reply to the constable the coroner said the verdict did not attribute blame to Mr or Mrs DAVIS, and in dismissing the jurors he complimented them on their honest and straightforward verdict.

Coursing opening match

The opening match of the coursing season took place yesterday at ASHCOTT.

The day was fine, and the attendance good, mostly Plains people, very few coming from Waipawa.

Mr S. M'GREEVY, junr., acted as slipper, and Mr D. MORONEY as flag steward.

First round:
Mr F. HARVEY'S Waitiri beat Mr S. BRIDGE'S Countess
Mr L. MACKERSEY'S Swindler beat Mr J. SULLIVAN'S Young Emperor
Mr O'KANE Maccaroni ran a bye
Mr HARVEY'S Juliet beat Mr D. MORONEY'S Erin
Mr J.B.RHODES' Guy beat Mr O'KANE'S Pearl

Second Round:
Swindler beat Waitiri, leaving Swindler, Maccaroni, Juliet, and Guy to finish next Thursday, when the order will be: -

Maccaroni meets Juliet
Guy a bye, and the last round. The hares were scarce.


The weather was very bad last night, but the strong attraction of "Jane" at the Theatre Royal drew a large and enthusiastic audience.

The comedy went briskly throughout, and, as on the preceding evening, was so successful in compelling mirth that the laughter of those before the footlights was hearty and unrestrained during the whole of the performance.

The curtain had to be raised at the conclusion of each act in response to peremptory recalls.

"Jane" was preceded by Clement Scott's little play, "The Cape Mail," in which the cast as follows: -

Miss Myra KEMBLE
Mrs Walter PRESTON
Major Hugh MARSDEN

The company will produce at HASTINGS tonight that side-splitting comedy "Dr. BILL." Country residents will thus have an opportunity that hitherto has been obtainable only by a visit to NAPIER.


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