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April 8 1863 to 1864 Elect Roll

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
List of those Persons who during the months of January, February and March
sent in their CLAIMS to the Registration Officer for the District of Napier,
for the purpose of having their NAMES placed on the ELECTORAL ROLL for
the year 1863-64.
April 8 1863 H.B.Herald
Attesting Witness
Charles Section No 420 Milton Road Napier Andrew LUFF
ANDERSON Charles James Application 823 1200 acres,Mangaone J.C.Lambton CARTER
ANDERSON James Part of Section 121,Town of Napier about 1/4 acre A.KOCH
BATEY John Pekapeka,Mangaone G.S.WHITMORE
BEUKERS Hendrick Part of Section 486,Town of Napier,with a house
Thereon, of the value of 150 pnd.Rental 25 Pnd p.a
BLAKE Andrew Hope Town section 187 Napier
Dwelling house
BOWMAN George Shakespeare Rd Napier, part of Suburban section
54, containing quarter of an acre
BRODIE John Town Section 521, portion of the buildgs erected thereon,
The property of V.JANISCH Rent 23 Pd p.a.
BUCHANAN John Coote Rd,Napier on part of Section 423 A.KOCH
CHEER James On suburban section 36 town of Napier John C OXENBRIDGE
CLEARY Timothy

Subdivision No 36 of Town section No 57,frontage to
Lucknopw Tce,100 links by 167 links back

Daniel MUNN
COE John Section 279 Hastings Street, weatherboard cottage W.LECHNER
CONLEY Patrick Section 432 Coote Rd,weatherboard cottage W.LECHNER
DAVERN John Subdivision No 3 of suburban section No 20 Napier
Quarter of an acre
DOHERTY James Portion of Town section 141,dwelling house,shop,bakehouse,
And flour store,situated in Hastings St.Rent 20 pnd p.a
DOLBEL Charles 440 acres,application 1098 at Mohaka Philip DOLBEL
ELMS James Suburban section No 12 Napier Harbor,late the residence ofCapt.J.HENTON,before him of Mr A.ALEXANDER. G.S.WHITMORE
FITZGERALD Richard Chaucer rd Napier.Weatherboard lean to house.Rental Samuel TAYLOR
HAMSHAR James Western side of Harbor of Napier,being 8 acres portion of
Block No 63 Western side of Harbor.
HAYDEN John Part of Educational Reserve in Town of Napier, being lot 4 Thomas EDWARDS
HENDERSON Thomas Carlyle Street, a moiety of Town Section no 91 containing quarter of an acre Henry Charles ROBJOHNS
HERBERT George Part of Suburb section No 20.Scinde Island,Napier,being
Subdivision No 10 containing 1 rood.Section No 18 containing 40 acres.Section
no 19 containing 40 acres, 1 rood, and 24 perches
HILL Kenrick Jonas Napier part of section 60 containing about 1 acres James GRINDELL
IRVINE Alexander Subdivision of Suburban Section No 62 and 64,Town of Napier T.K.NEWTON
JANISCH Vautier Lambe Machado Town Section 521,with
stores and buildings,erected thereon.Sub section no 33 Town of Napier,containing
5 acres,Rental 15 pound p.a.
KING Thomas Edmund Part of Sections No 86 and 87 Shakespeare rd,w/bd house thereon Wm LECHNER
KNOWLES Edward William Marine Parade Napier.Sbdivision 3,part of Suburban section numbered 89
On Govt map on Napier containing quarter of an acre with house on.
Andrew LUFF
KOCH August Carl Ferdinand Subdivision No 2 of Educational reserve at
Clyde rd Napier.House on Town section No 438 Coote rd Napier.
LANGFORD William Town section no 231 Napier.Rental 26 pound per year. George Thomas FANNIN
LARGE James Stanistreet Dwelling house in Carlyle street opposite Mr FLETCHER'S,blacksmith
Rent above 15 pound per year.
LINDSAY David Earl Milton Road
Napier.Part of Suburban Section No 24, consisting of a quarter acre with
buildings thereon.
James WOOD
LINGARD John Section No 284, Hastings street,Town of Napier.Rent 10 pound per year
LOCKE Samuel Dwelling house on Town sections No 439 and 441 Coote Rd Napier
LOUND Thomas Tennyson street Napier Section 105 on William COLENSO
LYSTON James Part of Town section No 486,about 1-16th of an
acre.Situate on Eastern Spit.Rental 13 pound per year
MANEY Richard David Moiety of Section
No 8 Meeanee Flats, containing 1 and 3 quarters and house thereon
Joseph GILL
McGLASHAN Stewart New cottage
recently built,situated on the Mangaone Flats on Messrs Whitmore and McNEILL's
freehold,late HENTON's run
McLEAN Donald Town of Napier Carlyle streets Sect 78 quarter of an acre James GRINDELL
McLENNAN Donald Milton rd Napier Town section No 418 P.FLANAGAN
MORRISON Thomas House of part Suburban section no 64 Napier Rental 35 Pound p.a. James GRINDELL
MURRAY John Shakespeare rd, Section no 45555 containin 1 rood more or less Jno CURLING
NESBITT John Wilson Hastings street, part of section 276. Wm LECHNER
NEWTOBN Thomas Kennedy Milton rd Napier Town Section No 110.Carlyle
st Napier.Section No 194 and 195.Block 33, 105 acres Rural land,Wharerangi,Puketapu
Alexander IRVINE
NORAN Edward
Flax meadow,Patoka district, Hawkes Bay
PALMER William Frederick Part of Suburban Section No 21 and 24 Town of Napier,both of
3 roods more or less
PARKER Henry Section No 497 Town of Napier 3 roods more or less James GRINDELL
PARKER William Section 497 Town of Napier containg quarter of an acre. James GRINDELL
RICHARDS Joseph W/bd house of part of Section no 248 Town of Napier.Rental 30pd.p.a. Wm LECHNER
ROBJOHNS John House on Section No 90 Carlyle Street J.H.SEBLEY
ROUTLEDGE William Situate on Sections 514,515,Eastern Spit,Rental 20 pound p.a. W.MALTBY
SCULLY Thomas Town section no 156 Tennysons St containing 1 rood more or less. James GRINDELL
SEALY Henry Bowman 40 acres of Freehold land, being section no 120 in the Pohui bush. James GRINDELL
SEALY Henry John 540 acres at Patoka. On run lately in occupation ofM.HUTCHINSON. being land comprised in appl.Nos 1111 and 1112 and part of
Waghorn Street part of Town Section No 485
Stephen Filgate PRENTICE
SHEPHERD Thomas House on Coote Rd Napier Suburban Section No 83,.Rental 20 E.W.KNOWLES
SLATER John Part of section no 207 Napier.Dwelling House rental 40 pound p.a. A.KOCH
SMITH George Grey Tutaekuri River,homestead of Messrs WHITMORE & McNEILL's run (late HILL) G.S.WHITMORE
STUART George Henry Hardinge Rd Napier,wooden tenement,section 508,Eastern Wm LECHNER
SUTTON Edmund Near Rissington new house Pukepeka Mangaone G.S.WHITMORE
SUTTON Isaac Rogers Meeanee Flat.Electoral district of Hawkes Bay F.SUTTON
THOMAS Henry 30 perches of Section no 290 Hastings Street Napier with D/House on. Peter SEARLES
TRASK John Henry Dwelling house on part of Section No 487. W.MALTBY
TUKE Edmund Section no 55 Puketapu district, containing 100 acres. James GRINDELL
TURNER John Armstrong Town section no 434 Shakespeare rd Napier,Part Allot application
1148,Arapawanui River
TYLEE John Thomas Napier,Hawkes bay,house and land Subdivision C,being
part of Suburban section no 25 containing about 1-three quarters acres
Kenrick HILL
WATKINS William Cottage
recently built,situated near junction of the Mangatutu and Tutaekuri rivers
on run of Messrs WHITMORE & McNEILL.
WEBER Charles Herman
Dwelling house on section 452 Town of Napier.
WHITMORE George Stoddart Pohui,on run late Messrs TOWGOOD andCAMPBELL's 210 acres,appl 1251,200 acres,lots 424 and 440, each of 300
acres, on run lately held by Captain HENTON.Ssuburban sections 23,13,14,Napier
WILLIAMS Henry House in Shakespeare rd on part of Section NO 62,Town of Napier
Rental of 27 pound p.a.
WILLIAMS Nathaniel House on Town section no 134, Napier. F.SUTTON
WISHART James Block 19 Mohaka District, 52 and 1 quarter acres. A.KOCH
YATES Henry Leigh Office,shop and house,Hastings Street, Napier. E.W.KNOWLES
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