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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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HBH May 16 1888 Tenders

Tenders were opened:- Contract No 3 Lagoon Reclamation- P SCULLION-accepted Other tenders from GLENDINNING and GRIFFIN CRANBY and PREBBLE P SCALLEY J O’KANE J CORCORAN J BEATSON

Timber for Wharf HAWKE’s BAY TIMBER Company accepted

Other tender from-B L KNIGHT Ironbark Timber J FOX –Dunedin accepted

Other tenders from- J CHAPMAN-New South Wales CRANBY and PREBBLE Charles DOLBEL ***Prices have been omitted and these or newspaper article available upon request to Elaine

HBH May 16 1888 Australian

NB*** These Three items have been abridged by Elaine and are available upon request.

Per Steamer at the Bluff Victoria

An occurrence of an exceedingly tragic character took place a few days ago at the Auburn railway station, in full view of a number of travellers, who were on the platform. ………………………..more

Two men, named LAWRENCE and LAHN, bricklayers, accompanied by Robert CAMPBELL, bricklayer’s laboror, were at the station waiting the arrival of the Camberwell train for Melbourne……………………more

CAMPBELL, was under the influence of drink, and was lying asleep on one of the forms. As the train came into the station LAH called out to the sleeping man, so that he might take his seat. CAMPBELL suddenly jumped up, and seizing hold of LAHN staggered backwards towards the edge of the platform, dragging his companion with him.

The wheels of the van passed over Campbell’s legs, nearly severing them; besides which his back was broken, and in fact he was killed on the spot. All who witnessed the occurrence were surprised at LAHN escaping unhurt.

A railway fireman named Jas DONALD, employed on the Brighton railway, suffered a heavy loss of money in Collins street in a very mysterious manner. Under circumstances which recall to mind the experience of a farmer named SIKES.

DONALD states that he received £875 from Mr CURTIS, a stock and sharebroker of Sydney in respect of a sale of certain mining shares.

He entered GEMMELL and TUCKER’s auction room with money secured in his breast pocket with a rubberband…………………………………..more

New South Wales The sculling championship race between KEMPT and HANLAN was witnessed by 70,000 persons. ……………….more

HBH May 16 1888 Wellington 1 Tuesday

It is stated that Captain LAKE is not to remain on the Australian station in command of the flagship ORLANDO. He has only been appointed to bring her out, and on arrival he will hand over the command to Captain HAMMIL, now of H.M.S. NELSON. Captain LAKE will then assume command of the NELSON and take her Home.

Archbishop REDWOOD contemplates visiting Rome shortly. During his absence the diocese will be in charger of Father McNAMARA.

In Chambers this morning Mr Justice WILLIAMS, on the application of Mr TREADWELL, granted an interim injunction restraining the PERMAN “Pinafore” company from playing in the West Coast without a license from Mr GILLON, the agent of the proprietors of the copyright.

HBH May 17 1888 CROSSMAN

Board of Health

Dr F I de LISLE wrote as follows: - “There is a child of the name of CROSSMAN, residing in the Wellesley Road, who, I believe, suffering from Scarlatina simplex, and i would like professor BLACK to call and see the child to verify or negative my diagnosis.” (A similarly worded letter reported a similar case, the patient named BESSON ?BENSON, living in Lighthouse road.)

HBH May 17 1888 Local Gen Meeting of the Board of Health


Waste Land Board Board met at 10. 20 o’clock. Present The Chief Commissioner in the chair Messrs S CARNELL R HARDING C HALL.

Correspondence from Mr A BARNETT, holder under the Board of land on perpetual lease, applying for time in which to pay rent due-granted

Mr S CAULTON, applying per permission to transfer a license-granted.

Mr J RICHARDSON, similar application in respect to a section held on perpetual lease-granted.

Mr G W SIM asking that some land in Wairoa district be put up for occupation as small grazing runs-Agreed to.

Mr A P SHEATH, on behalf of a client, applying to lease section 38, Block 8, Pohui-Agreed to.

Mr H MONTEITH reporting on the value of land at Meanee-Received.

Mr T GILBERT, asking to be allowed to pay capitilised value due on section 5, Block 13, Tahoraite.

Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, onbehalf of clients, applying for a twenty head right of water from the Oruakerataki.

HBH May 17 1888 Notices 3

W M NEWMAN Late LANGLEY & NEWMAN Tennyson Street Has removed to his new premises Tennyson Street Advert 709

St Andrew’s Spit The Congregation of the church are invited to a Social gathering on Thursday Evening May 17th at 7 o’clock. Signed F RUSSELLF COGSWELL Church Wardens. Advert No 160

Hawke’s Bay Sheep-Dipping Fluid Manufactured by MURTON and WHITE Napier NZ

Agents for Canterbury-Messrs HENDERSON and McBEATH

Agents for Hawke’s Bay-The Manufacturers

Advert 716

Local Option Pooll Heretaunga Licensing District Thomas FOREMAN Chairman Heretaunga Licensing District Hastings May 16th 1888.

DINWIDDIE, WALKER and Co Publishers Tennyson St Napier

HAWKE’s Bay Weekly Courier Price Sixpence Agents JOHN CRERAR-Hastings St J W CRAIG-Hastings street R T SMYTHE-Hastings StreetE HARWOOD and Co-Waipawa Advert 161

REID and GRAY The New Zealander Twine BinderTestimonials from Te Rore West Waipa, August 11 1887 Isaac HODGSON Centre Bush, March 27, 1888 Alexander SHAND Wairuna, Clinton, October 17, 1887 John MOFFATT Otama, Gore, October 8 1887 WALKER Bros

HBH May 17 1888 Notices

Advertisement No 689 John POLLINGTON Napier This is to give notice that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife.

Advert 707 Credit-The Creditors of Mrs POLLINGTON are requested to send in all bills owing to them through her up to the 14th May to her husband John POLLINGTON.- Charlotte POLLINGTON

Advert 316 A SHIELD-Trespass Waikonini Estate

Advert 581 C P BRANDON-Brooklands, Puketapu – Trespass on Wharepunga

Advert 391 N E BEAMISH April 11, 1888 Trespass on the OKAWA or WHANA Estates

Advert 520 James BOYLE, April 25th, 1888 Poison will be laid on the Paddocks at Hastings, Havelock, and Pukeku after this date.

Advert 684 Napier Swimming Baths-F BRADFIELD, Proprietor

Advert 640 Estate of the late James REIDY, of Tomoana, Deceased. All claims against the above estate are requested to be sent in before the 31st instant to A P SHEATH Executor to the late James REIDY May 9th 1888.

Advert 711 Notice of application for a Publican’s License. Thomas GILBERT, of the borough of Woodville, Accommodation House Keeper. For a License for a house situate at Vogel Street, Woodville, containing 18 rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of family. Date 12 May 1888 Signature Thos. GILBERT

HBH May 17 1888 General News

America New York May 14

The REBECCA CROWELL has arrived from Auckland in a damaged condition, having been in collision with another vessel.

Telegraphic Per United Press Assoc Wednesday Auckland

The yearling filly the Te Anau today took Necklet, full sister to Necklace and Thunderbold, taken to Sydney in charge of John KEAN. On her arrival at Sydney she will join Pearlshell in Mr T LAMOND’s stable. Mr J MARSHALL, her owner was a passenger by the Te Anau.

Mr J A POND at the instance of Warden NORTHCROFT made a test of some stuff taken from the Broken Hill Marototo mine at the Thames.

Mr PRECIOUS, who was recently in Auckland stated that former tests made in Auckland and also in Sydney from the stone brought by Mr G S JAKINS gave from 800 to 1999 ounces to the ton.

In response to a message the patent holder of the WHITE and HOWELL revolving roaster has agreed to come to the Colonies on a brief visit, and he will leave San Francisco either by the May of June mail boat…………………more

Mr A S BADDELEY R.M. has sent the Government his resignation of the office of Sheriff of Auckland and Police Magistrate.

The steamer Te Anau, which left today for Sydney, took 180 passengers. It is said that 50 applications for passages had to be refused through want of room.

HBH May 17 1888 Districts 2

Wellington Wednesday The SHERARD OSBORNE which has arrived here to repair the cable, will not leave here for three to four days as she has to take in a quantity of cable. Dr LEMON will superintend the operations and Captain GRAY, late of the Government steamer STELLA, will pilot the steamer in the Strait..

Christchurch The Plumpton Park coursing meeting was concluded today. Participants were: - Mr D ROBERTS Mr J NOTTs Mr J KERR Mr F STRATFORD Mr J CAPSTICK Mr D M ROSSO Mr T ALEXANDER Mr S NUTT D MAHONEY

HBH May 17 1888 RODGER

The following from a late POST will interest many of our readers: -

Mr RODGER being well known in Napier: - Last evening the elders of the Presbyterian Church Lower Hutt, convened a meeting of the congregation, to take leave of their minister and pastor, the Rev D RODGER, on the eve of his departure for the province of Canterbury. Mr CAVERHILL read the testimonial and presented it, with a purse of sovereigns as a mark of affectionate regard and affectionate regard of the congregation for himself and Mrs RODGER and their esteem for him as their minister Mr RODGER in reply stated that he would always connect with the Hutt where his first home was formed, his children born, and his father buried..

The Rev Mr MURRAY, of the Wesleyan Church addressed the meeting.

HBH May 17 1888 Waipawa Wedding

Our little town was “in frills” yesterday, the occasion being a wedding at the Church of England. The happy bride was a Miss BRITTEN, of this place. Few males attended, but the opposite sexes were there in scores. If “happy is the bride that the sun shines on,” then there will be any amount of happiness for MRS ELLINGHAM, as “old sol” shone out most gloriously all the afternoon.

At the coffee supper at the United Free Methodist Church down came the rain. About 70 persons, however managed to brave the inclement weather, and a very pleasant evening was spent. Mr J T M HORNSBY occupied the chair.

The Rev Mr BENNING, Mr RUSH, and the chairman made some good speeches. The Rev R McCLEAN was unavoidably absent. Mr MADISON presided at the organ, and a good programme was gone though by the choir
HBH May 17 1888 Waipawa Court By Captain PREECE R.M. Judgment given for Plaintiffs in each case.




Same v KURU




Same v D SMITH




Same v HOERA.

HBH May 18 1888 Pirates RFC

The second fifteens of the Napier and Pirates Football Clubs will play a match tomorrow on the Recreation Ground.


HBH May 18 1888 Church Entertainments

The first of a series of social entertainment in connection with St Andrew’s Church was given in the schoolroom last evening, with the Rev H J FREELAND, B.A., in the chair. Items by Rev H J FREELAND C L HOFFMAN Mr HAWKINS Mrs TRASK Miss HOLT Mr J COTTON Miss KRAEFT Mr EDWARDS Miss M FLETCHER Miss HIOLT Mr HAWKINS

The choir of St Paul’s Church, together with some members of the congregation, spent a very pleasant time in the schoolroom last evening.

After choir practice was over, refreshments were served during the evening, with songs &c., the affair being moist enjoyable throughout. There was no formal chairman but Mr N K McDIARMID exercised a smiling all-round supervision that prompted fun rather than tended to suppress it.
HBH May 18 1888 Local News

A case involving the ownership of some furniture was heard yesterday at the Resident Magistrate’s Court, before Mr G A PREECE R.M. Both plaintiff and defendant were well-known Spit residents. Mr LOGAN, and the defendant, Mr H NELSON, by Mr CRESSWELL, represented the former, Mr B W WARNES.

In the January number of CHAMBERS’ Journal is an interesting article entitled “A new Theory of the Universe,” largely founded on what is termed the “cometic Theory,”……………….more then Professor NORTON calculates that every year 146,000,000,000 meteorites reach the earth or four hundred millions every twenty four hours. This calculation does not include the vast number of shooting stars which are called telescopic………………..more

HBH May 18 1888 Local 2 News received from Mr SHAW, clerk to the Wairoa County Council.

A lengthy letter in reply to Mr MAHON’

Woodville Meeting of settlers in and around the neighborhood of the village settlement was held at Mr LEWIS’s house this evening

Advisability of endeavouring to get a side school at or near the junction of the Woodlands and Palmerston roads. Proposed by MrLEWIS Seconded by MrBRIGHTWELL

Messrs TAYLOR and O”MARA appointed to collect signatures.

A committee appointed to inquire into the acquiring of a site were: - PEEBLES LEWIS CARLILE

A rough estimate of the number of children likely to attend and to be taught up to the 3rd standard amounted to 100. This it was considered would relive the district school and to prevent over-crowding.

HBH May 18 1888
Land for Sale

Advertisement No 722 S G RADFORD London House Napier For Sale Cheap, an 8 roomed house and section known as “LAURVIG’s” Property. Now occupied by W A HOWARD.

Valuable Properties At Dannevirke Suburban Section No 5 Dannevirke-containing 8 perches

Pieces of Land, situated at Woodville and being lot Nos 9 and 83 of rural sections no 6 and 175

Piece of land, situate in the Parish of Mangapeke and being allotment no 1676 of the Township of Alexandra East, containing 1 acre

Six undivided interests of and in all that piece of land situated in Hawke’s Bay, containing 227 acres and being the block of land called or known as Waihengahenga.

Also piece of land situated in Hawke’s Bay containing 1 rood, and being section 118 of the township of Wanstead

Land situated at Napier, containing 3 roods and 26 perches, and being portion of Suburban section no 45, Napier, and being the subdivision marked P2R of suburban Section 45, subject to a Deed of Mortgage to secure the sum of £850 and interest. There is a first-class Family Residence built on the section, and thoroughly planted and grounds thoroughly laid out. Is now occupied by the Mortgagor.

Sale at request of the Mortgagees-Messrs William RUDDICK, and Henry Rhode LASCELLES, under the provisos containing in a certain Deed of Mortgage from Herbert Thomas Halsey KNIGHT to them. Paul; A F BIRCH Registrar Supreme Court Joseph CRESSWELL Solicitor for the Mortgagees Napier Advertisement No 602.

Advertisement No 595 John S SOMERS Practical Tailor Emerson St Napier Opposite MAYO’s Grocery As a MILITARY TAILOR the Advertiser has had large experience. Having held the position of Sergeant Tailor in the Service of the Hon. E.I.C., and the same rank H.M. 85th Regiment
HBH May 18 1888 BMD

Death ROBINSON At Takapuna Lake, Auckland, on the 16th May, William ROBINSON father of R H ROBINSON, of Napier.

Marriages PRICE-NICHOLSON On 2nd May James K C PRICE, third son of James PRICE Esq., Larragh House, Enniskillon, Fermanagh, Ireland, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of John NICHILSON, Esq., Waipawa.

YOUNG-HUSBAND-ROBJOHNS At Stanhope House, Napier, on 5th May, by the Rev D SIDEY, John YOUNGHUSBAND, to Annie E ROBJOHNS.

Wellington A young girl named Matilda SIMPSON was sent to the industrial school today for stealing several gold bracelets and lockets from Messrs HISLOP and LITTLEJOHN, jewellers.

A Maori woman named Mere ROKI, at Otaki, the wife of ROACH, a half-caste, cut her throat yesterday, but not seriously. She will be brought to Wellington tonight. She is considered to be insane.

The GAZETTE notifies the appointment of Frederick William FRANKLAND as Deputy-Commissioner in the government Insurance Department.

The immigration and emigration returns for the month of April last gave the total arrivals in the colony at 775, and the departures from the Colony at 1725. The estimated population of the colony on the 31st March last was 646,913.

The Rev Father PATTISON of Palmerston North, will accompany Archbishop REDWOOD to Rome.

A curious double bankruptcy has occurred at Masterton, Mr and Mrs F W PELLING, formerly carrying on a confectionery business, having been adjudged bankrupts on separate petitions.

Christchurch The inquest on the body of John MORTON, who was found dead at Lyttelton on Monday, was concluded today. A letter was read from the deceased to a resident at Timaru, stating that he intended committing suicide on account of troubles connected with money matters……………….more

HBH May 20 1888

Hastings Court At the R.M.Court today, before Messrs F SUTTON and W O McLEOD, J.P.’s.

Antony GORDON charged with allowing his horse to stray.

Elizabeth WOON allowing six head of cattle to stray/


Robert WARREN allowing horse to stray

James LYNN similar offence

Charles HUGHES fined 1s and 7s costs for allowing his chimney to catch fire.

Friday Masterton A fire occurred in Queen street at 2 o’clock this morning, when a private house, the property of Mr W GREATHEAD, was completely destroyed.

Christchurch The sixteen-month-old son of Mr CLARK, biscuit manufacturer was drowned last night, by falling into a bucket of water in the scullery of his father’s house.

Dunedin A fire at CROSSAN’s Hotel at Stirling,

There has been £176 collected locally for the Irish National League.


HORTOP-At Hastings on the 15th May, the wife of Charles R HORTOP, of a daughter

HOGG-At Tomoana on the 18th May, the wife of J A HOGG of a son


JOHNSTONE-SPRATT On the 16th May at St Paul’s Manse, by the Rev J McINTOSH, M.A., John Riddiford JOHNSTONE, commission agent, Hastings, to Margaret Jane, only daughter of Mr George SPRATT, Napier.

Mr T P HEWITT of Kumeroa, notifies that at the next licensing meeting for Woodville he will apply for a license for a house at Kumeroa.

Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, land agents have 96 acres of land near Pahiatua for sale on deferred payments.

Mr F FISCHER, mechanical engineer, Dickens Street, inserts a business advertisement

Divine Service will be held at the Athenaeum Hall tomorrow morning, when an address will be delivered by Mrs ATTENBORROW..
Pahiatua May 17 1888 Own Correspondent

The people here have gone stark mad on licenses. The present hotel is run by

Mr STEWART, and is incontestably too big for the business done.

Four more houses applied for

Applicants are Mr CREWE; he is present conducting a private hotel

Mr CRUMP; he has a large boarding house.

Mr ELLMERS will open a large boarding house now carried on with indifferent success by Mr HULL

Mr NAYLOR: he is the south end blacksmith, and will open a large house just south of STEWART’s on the same side of the main road.

The house is to be put up by Mr McCARDLE.

***more –abridged by Elaine

Then I should expect at least three to come to awful grief within two years, dragging a lot of other unfortunates with them.

HBH May 20 1888 Harriers

Napier Harriers Football Club against Pirates Football Club

Played at Recreation Ground.



Over 1800 signatures were obtained here to a petition against the property tax.

A little boy, a son of Mr C CORNES, was injured at Te Aroha by the explosion of a dynamite cap, which he had picked up and was flattening with a hammer. A boy who was sitting near was also wounded in the face.

Team of Englishmen to play football tomorrow are:- A PAUL HASLAM SPEAKMAN ANDERTON NOLAN BUMBY SEDDON EAGLES KENT STUART PINKETH THOMAS BURNETT WILLIAMS The visitors are at a disadvantage as they do not have the services of STODDART and BANKS.


The steamer WAINUI, which arrived yesterday from Fiji, had a narrow escape off Cape Palliser.

Captain CROMARTY and the chief officer were on the bridge……………………..more

Then….. after the vessel came on to Wellington, and an idea of the density of the fog it took over twenty hours to reach here. She will be taken to the slip and examined for damage.


Annual meeting of the Northern Steamship Company today report showed a loss of £550 10s on the year’s business.

Directors recommended that Captain McGREGOR should retire and a traffic manager appointed instead.

Messrs CLARK, MELVILL, BALL and GREEN appointed directors. Auditor-Mr J MILNE- Appointed

Proposed by Mr BALL that Directors wind-up the company’s affairs and was negatived by a large majority.


Correspondent of the Post writes : -

Since I wrote to you about the supposed gold discovery at Eketahuna, I have now seen several natives who profess to know a great deal on the subject, and they have told me a very quaint story, one which is fit to take its place besides some of their old legends.

They say that an old Eketahuna chief was on his death-bed about a year ago, and, knowing that is end was near, he called all his friends to his bed-side, and showed them a quantity of gold which he had secreted near him.

He told them that many years ago he had gone up the Makakahi River, and there picked up the specimens, which he had in his possession. Having secured them, he pushed on up the river, where he suddenly came upon the perfect figure of a man, the whole of it being solid gold. At first he was awe-struck, and did not venture near it, but in the end he was overcome by a desire to possess the treasure, and walked up to it, exercising the greatest caution. As nothing unusual occurred, he plucked up courage and put out his hand to touch the figure. Then there was a blinding flash of lightning, followed by a fearful clap of thunder, which almost prostrated him. The thunder drove him down to the settlement, following him nearly all the way.

He never again had the courage to go up the river, but he thought some of his friends might try to obtain the treasure.

Some of the younger natives have, it appears, ventured up the river since then, but not finding the golden figure, they have crossed a saddle into another river, where, it is said, they are now busily engaged washing out iron pyrites in considerable quantities, being under the impression that it is gold.

At the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday-before Mr G A PREECE R.M.


Patrick WHYTE

Thomas JONES

Thomas FLAHERTY were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. The depression does not seem to reduce the “drunk average.”

F Battery of Artillery

Annual Meeting held at the Caledonian Hotel last evening. Captain McCARTNEY in the chair.

Gunner GILBERD and Sergeant Major BLACKWELL re-elected to finance committee.

Mr R D D McLEAN gave £10 as a special prize.

The battery voted a bonus to Lieutenant PRAIN as a slight recognition of his valuable services for many years as secretary and treasurer of the battery


The labor schooner MADELINE has been wrecked at Tonga. The French vessel IDALIA has also been lost at Ambryn, New Hebrides. In each case the crews were landed safely.

Two boys named ROMPTON and SPRAGG quarrelled, and the latter stabbed the former to the heart.

The steamers AFGHAN and TAINAN, will not be allowed to land pending the decision of the Appeal Court. The captains of the steamers waited on Admiral FAIRFAX today, and laid the matter before him.

Victoria Melbourne Friday

Mr GILLIES considers the present legislation sufficiently broad to block any rush of Chinese.

He prefers to await the receipt of Lord KNUTSFORD’s reply to the despatches forwarded by the governments of this colony and south Australia.


The Tasmanians decline to take any part in the conference on the Chinese question.

Queensland Brisbane

Mr MORETON, Colonial Secretary to the late government has been defeated at Burnett.

The mother of the girl BAKER who was found murdered at Bunya, and who it was supposed had been first outraged and then murdered by a blackfellow has been arrested on suspicion. The woman had frequently been heard to threaten the child’s life.

Western Australia Perth

A tragedy of a mysterious nature is reported from Lagrange Bay, on the northwestern coast. A teamster named GRAHAM and a blackfellow have been discovered in a tent, both shot dead. There is no clue to the elucidation of the affair.

HBH May 21 1888

Preliminary Notice No 749 Stock Sale on the Premises Papakura

Mr P H DICKSON having leased his farm at Papakura will hold an unreserved sale of all his valuable stock, Dairy Cows, and Implements &c., comprising 20 Dairy Cows in full profit, several Good Harness Horses, Plough, Harrow &c. Roope BROOKING Auctioneer

BURNETT At Hawkdun, Otago, on the 28th April, 1888, the wife of William BURNETT of a son.

THOMPSON At East Clive on the 20th May, Mary, youngest daughter of J THOMPSON aged 18 years and 9 months. The funeral will leave her father’s residence for the Napier Cemetery on Thursday 21st May, at 12 o’clock.

England Received May 19 at 11 am. London May 18

Mr TEBBS of Auckland, has obtained the chemistry scholarship at the Westminster Medical School.

In the House of Commons last evening Sir James FERGUSSON repeated the denial that England had concluded a treaty with Italy.

Sir John GORST-replying to Mr Howard VINCENT.

Also replying to Dr TANNER M.P. for Cork in regard to charges preferred by Sir Frederick Napier BROOME, Governor of Western Australia, against the Hon A.C. ONSLOW Chief Justice of that Colony/

Sir James FERGUSSON replied to Mr William McARTHUR-said the continuance of the Samoan convention was not desirable.

Advertisement No 753

Grand Concert St Augustine’s Schoolroom on Tuesday Evening, May 22nd.


Advertisement No 746 Theatre Royal Boxing Thursday 24th May 1888

A glove Contest to a finish Marquis of Queensberry Rules will take place between W MURPHY Champion Light-weight of Australasia, and F NEWTON of Tomoana.

Aus Saturday Victoria Melbourne

Mr WINTER-treasurer of the local branch of the National League has commenced a Libel suit against the AGE for publishing a letter.


Charles MARKHAM, an employee in a boot factory at Richmond, who on the night of April 27th attempted to murder his wife, from whom he had been separated since Christmas, has been committed for trial. The accused admitted that he had fired shots at his wife in a fit of jealousy.

Skating Columbia Rink. As today is Whit Sunday Mr GREGORY has decided to admit gentlemen to the morning session.



Mr JOYCE has received several telegrams from the Early Closing of Christchurch and private firms wishing him success in his efforts.

Mr VALENTINE’s Marriage

An interesting event is to take place on Monday afternoon, namely the marriage of Mr H S VALENTINE, member for Waikaia, to Miss LINCK, a young lady who arrived this morning from England by the Tongariro. It is certainly a very rare occurrence for a member of the House to become a Benedict while Parliament is in session, and it is more than likely that a larger attendance than usual will assemble at St Andrew’s to witness the ceremony.

Mr PYKE’s Illness Mr PYKE is much better after his attack last night, but is still confined to his room.

Notice No 740 Application for a Publican’s License by Thomas Pye HEWITT-Settler of Kumeroa applying for a Publican’s License at Kumeroa containing nine rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of family. Letter from Alex M McCLOSKEY to the Editor regarding remarks made by the Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney.

Notice 751 Geo A WARDEN D.S.-Hawke’s Bay District A.O.F. Meeting

642 Hawke’s Bay Acclimatisation Society Meeting C A FITZROY Hon Secretary

752 Taradale Hastings Ploughing Match society Notice Louis BINNIE Hon Secretary T & H. P.M.S.

703 Tenders INVITED by Mr F D RICH of Lichfield, Waikato for falling and Burning Two to three thousand acres of Bush in the THAMES Valley. Particulars-MURRAY ROBERTS & Co.

Overseas news

An Article Titled A BIG TRAP

A Mr ALSOP and one of his men, named JACKSON, were looking around the rocks one morning after their sheep (says the LARAMIE BOOMERANG), when the latter saw a crevice leading into a basin in the solid rock, which was about forty feet in diameter at the top, and was shaped like the upper half of an hour-glass. He thought he would go down into this basin and see what it was like. JACKSON walked around the corner of the rock and brought up very suddenly when he found himself face to face with an enormous mountain lion.

***This article is about the exploration of the cavern and what he found there and is three quarters of a full column and is available upon request to Elaine.

Local News One

Five person were in the lock up last evening charged with drunkenness

All the banks and solicitors offices will be closed today.

At Herbertville, on the 17th inst, before Mr H HANDYSIDE J.P.,

Harry BROWN pleaded guilty to practising cruelty to a horse.

Mr BRADFIELD has made arrangements at the baths for invalids who may required hot salt-water baths.

Today’s Herald issued a lithographed plan of 73 sections in Napier and at the western Spit, to be offered by auction at the Old Provincial Council Chamber on Wednesday by Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU.

***Note by Elaine-Plan must have been separate because not included with this paper.

Resident Magistrate’s Court on Saturday, before Mr G A PREECE R.M.


Cornelius CORRIGAN




Each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

Frank PRESTON fined 10s and costs for same.

Large attendance on the bowling green on Saturday.

Among those taking part


Mr E W WAY-professional pastry cook has opened a class in Napier at disposal of persons requiring dinners or suppers served up artistically.

Meeting of the Napier Chess Club held with Mr R LAMB-President in the chair.

Mr HOBEN-appointed Secretary/

Mr PIRANI-handicapper

Mr L BINNIE honorary secretary of the Taradale and Hastings Ploughing Match Society, has called a meeting to be held at the Taradale Hotel next Saturday evening to make arrangements for the next annual match.

Auk Rugby Saturday-Auckland The football match between England v Auckland took place today at the Tramway Company’s ground Epsom. Despite the drizzling rain, which occurred all day 6000 persons witnessed the match and came from Thames, Tuakau, Waikato, Helensville, and other country places, being present. The following played for Auckland: - LUSK WHITESIDE McCAUSLAND MADIGAN CONWAY BRAUND ELLIOTT O”CONNOR LECKY KEEFE HOBSON WELLS TWINAME MARSHALL McKENZIE Dr SMITH acted as umpire for England, and Mr J ARNEIL for Auckland. Mr MACKAY was referee.

England team were as telegraphed except that LAING replaced THOMAS in the forward division.

HBH May 22 1888
Hawke’s Bay County Council

Meeting Held May 21

Present Mr J BENNETT (chairman) Messrs J N WILLIAMS R D D McLEAN W COUPER.

Correspondence From Mr TANNER asking for leave of absence during the Parliamentary session-Granted.

Mr T M CHAMBERS-offering the use of the gravel pit on the understanding that the Road Board should have free access to go the quarry.

From Messrs BAKER and TABUTEAU, on behalf of Mr P DICKSON, Papakura, stating that the Council had formed and metalled a road along the Tutaekuri on part of Mr DICKSON’s property, and offering to seel the land to the council-Referred.

***Please note this is an abridged article and is available upon request to Elaine

Legislative Wedding

As might be expected, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church was crowded this afternoon, the attracting being the marriage of Mr H S VALENTINE, member for Waikaia, to Miss Wilhelmina Margraf LINCK, daughter of the late Captain LINCK, of the German Imperial Yacht.


Miss REID-only bridesmaid sister-in-law of the Hon Mr FERGUS

Mr LOUGHREY-member for Linwood acted as groomsman.

Bridge given away by Sir Maurice O’ROURKE-Speaker of the House

Ceremony witnessed by the Premier and several other Ministers as well as other members of both houses.

Mr TIERARD organist played “Mendelssohn’s Wedding March”.

Mr and Mrs VALENTINE left by the afternoon train for Masterton.

They go on to Napier tomorrow, and remain there till the end of the week, when they intend to travel to Waiwera by Saturday’s steamer.

It is reported here that important reforms about to be effected by the government the Native Office will shortly cease to exist.

Resident Magistrate’s Court

Monday May 21-before Mr G A PREECE, R.M.


John KELLY, the male of the loving couple whose Saturday night adventures were recorded yesterday, and who appeared for the second time, fined 10s and costs. As his available cash m only amounted to 2s he accepted the usual alternative.

Harriet KELLY- wife of the above-named John, appeared for a third time to answer the charge of drunkenness. She was fined 10s and costs, and went to gaol with her husband.

Alexander MURCHISON, a respectable looking man, made his first appearance and pleaded guilty to being drunk in Hastings Street. He was fined 5s and costs.

Edwin THOMSEN also made his first appearance. He was much wiser than his predecessor, and made such a nice little appeal to the Bench, he was dismissed on condition that it should never happen again.

William PHILLIPS made his first appearance and an appeal. He had been 38 years in the colony, and never committed himself before. If allowed to depart he would never be found there again. He was dismissed with a caution.

William McFARLANE made his sixth appearance before the Court. He was sentenced to ten days’ hard labor, and informed that if he came up again he would get a month.


Tama WHATU a young Maori charged on the information of William HESLOP with assault at Puketapu on the 8th inst. He then assaulted plaintiff by kicking him and snatched his watch and chain from his vest pocket, and rode off. Repenting of such a serious act he returned the watch and chain next day.

His Worship said that he would take provocation into account and fined defendant £2 costs and expenses £2 4s or 21 days’ hard labor in default.

Defendant decided not to go to gaol.

Hokitika Wednesday

A painful and serious accident occurred early this morning to a miner named McQUIGGAN who was walking on the bridge on the Kanieri tramway going to his work before daybreak, and blinded for the moment by a flash of lightening, he fell into the stream below sustaining compound fracture of one of his legs. He lay there for some time trying to attract attention, but failing to do so he crawled to the nearest house and swooned, and was then conveyed to the hospital. His sufferings were intense, as the bone was protruding, but they were born heroically.

Letter from R C PASLEY-Dated 21 May-re Ritual at St ANDREWS

Notice 751 Hawke’s Bay District MCT, A.O.F. To be held at Foresters’ Hall, Dickens St Napier Geor A WARDEN D.S.

642 Hawke’s Bay Acclimatisation Society C A FITZROY Hon Sec. Business-Election of Officer and Mr COLEMAN to move that meetings get changed from Jan to March.

752 Taradale and Hastings Ploughing Match Society Public meeting at the Taradale Hotel, Taradale next Saturday. Louis BINNIE Hon Secretary T & H. P.M.S.

762 Stonebyres, Hastings The 2nd Term at the above School will commence on Tuesday 29th inst. Miss BOGLE will be at home on Monday 28th to receive the parents of intending pupils.

765 Napier Rowing Club J CROWLEY Hon. Sec

758 George T CROSS All claims against T C JOHNSTONE, Ferry Hotel, Western Spit, are requested to be forwarded to the undersigned.

767 Hugh CAMPBELL Re prosecution for Trespassing on the Endsleigh Property with Dog or Gun.

Christchurch Monday

The members of the club presented this evening Mr J DUNLOP, the well-known bowler of the Lancaster Park Cricket Club, who is leaving for Victoria, with a purse of sovereigns.

A man was arrested at Waddington on Saturday on suspicion of being Jonathan ROBERTS, the Timaru escaped convict, but he proved not to be the man.


The remains of Mr J BROWN, late store-keeper in the Public Works Department, who has been missing for some time, was found today in the Waikato river, between Ngaruawhia and Taupiri

A man named Patrick SARSFIELD, an inmate of the old men’s refuge, was found dead today in the yard of the Greyhound Hotel. The cause of death was heart disease..


The Chief Postmaster, Mr JAGO handed to us a letter from Mr R ALLAN WIGHT, President of the Ohinemuri Agricultural and Horticultural Association.

***The letter was submitted in full and is available upon request to Elaine.


A fine mob of 2000 fat sheep from Messrs DUFF Bros’ station Wairoa, and

Mr G WALKER’s station at Nuhaka, crossed the ferry here yesterday en route for Napier, having been purchased by Messrs SELWOOD and DUCKWORTH, of Hastings.

The sheep are a sample of what Wairoa can produce, and are under the charge of John ROSS, and are in fine condition for the butcher.


A fire occurred in GREGG and Co’s coffee and spice works, Ramsay Street on Saturday evening.

The fire originated near the chicory mill, but the cause is a mystery.

Mr DON, the foreman locked up at 2.30 in the afternoon.

A largely attended public meeting was held this evening to further the early closing movement. Support was pledged to support Mr JOYCE’s Shop Hours Bill by largely signed petitions and other means.

Wellington Gossip

By Telegraph



A deputation waited on the Minister for Lands this morning, consisting of the following members of the House : -

Major STEWARD-introducing the deputation. He also stated that Dr HODGKINSON and Mr DODSON were unable to attend.


“urge the Government with the expediency of devoting either the whole or part of the unallotted sum of £70,000 under the new Loan Act to the purposed of acquiring in suitable centres in the agricultural districts lands for the settlement of agricultural laborers.

The Clive square literary class met last evening in Trinity schoolroom. Mr J T TENNET in the chair.

Mr COULSON opened the affirmative and was followed on the other side by


Next Monday Mr G WHITE will read an essay on “TENNYSON”

Hospital Trustees met yesterday

Present-Messrs G H SWAN in the chair




It was desired that an assistant nurse or probationer should be on duty all night. It was decided to ask Dr MENZIES to report on the question.

It was decided to increased Nurse MURPHY’s salary to £40 a year.

Messrs COHEN and McDIARMID were appointed visiting committee.

Bankruptcy releases

The Registrar of the Superior Court of Bankruptcy held a sitting yesterday, and granted released to the assignee in respect of the following cases.

Alfred Amory GEORGE-Hastings, compositor

Alfred HAWES-West Clive, wool-sorter

John HUGHES-Napier, builder

William ROGERS-Hastings, laborer

Bartlett STEVENS-Hastings, carpenter

Wm B ROUNTREE-Woodville, carpenter

J.M. MACDONALD-Napier, stock agent

Ralph BAILEY-Napier, carpenter

Wm FULFORD-Woodville, bricklayers

Arthur A STANLEY-Hastings, builder

William CORBETT-Hastings, builder.

Athletic Committee of the Napier Tradesmen’s Athletic Club met last evening. Following draw was made for the Birthday handicap.


David McCUNE, who was formerly well known in Napier, on Saturday walked at Wellington 50 miles against a Christchurch pedestrian named BOWEN. The walking was fast and good, the men keeping together till 32 miles had been covered, when McCUNE retired, Bowen went on and completed the distance, doing the 50 miles in 8 hours and 42 minutes.

Waipawa Correspondent writes under yesterday’s date

Resident Magistrate’s Court today before Mr A St C INGLIS J.P.

Florence KELLY fined 10s and costs for drunkenness.

The opening of the new bridge is kept very quiet, and the fixed day has not transpired. The river is washing away a great quantity of land along the front of the Maori Village, so much so that unless the stream takes another turn soon, or the natives effect some stoppage, the water of the river will be in their streets by the next rain.

The Rechabites received the award from the Town Board on Saturday, £120, and the best thing they can do with it is to remove the hall to the level of the street and repair it. Experts aver that if they don’t draw it down it will soon tumble down. The northern side is showing signs of bursting out.

New South Wales

The lad SPRAGG, who during a quarrel killed another boy named CROMPTON, has been committed for trial for manslaughter.

John TAIT, the well known sporting gentleman dropped dead today.

E on the Paramatta River, but states that so far he has not yet received any communication from TEEMER. HANLAN states that he was commissioned to back TEEMER against KEMP on the Nepean river.

Mr Neville BARNETT, late of Auckland, has been appointed organist of St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral.

The evidence as the cause of death of GILLOTT, who died in a restaurant recently under somewhat suspicious circumstances, revealed the fact that the deceased had made a will leaving the sum of £300 to Mrs SPANN, the proprietress of the restaurant, who subsequently poisoned GILLOTT by administering water acidulated with drops of glacial acid, which Mrs SPANN admitted she gave by accident as medicine. A verdict of wilful murder was returned against Mrs SPANN

Two kegs of butter (1511l net), sent Home by Mr Walter CRUMP, of Tikorangi, and sold at Liverpool at the beginning of the year, realised 112s per cwt, and the net proceeds to her were 9 1/2d.

Mr CRUMP informs the Taranaki Herald that he had sold the same class of butter in Waitara at 4d per lb. The butter was sent Home in kegs in the frozen chamber of the Rimutaka.

HBH May 23 1888

Birth LYBURN at Hastings on the 21st May, the wife of the Rev J LYMBURN, of a daughter


Kaikora A report states that Mr SABIN, veterinary surgeon, has been thrown from his horse, and injured in his ribs and shoulder blades.

Horace GREELEY’s sense of humour was of a peculiar sort, but it was allied to genius. Those who tried to joke with him to his disadvantage were generally worsted, whether they did it orally or through the Press.

One evening an associate editor of the Tribune accosted him as he came to his desk with some such question as this. “Didn’t you know, Mr GREELEY, that you made a dreadful editorial blunder this morning?” “No; how was it?” said GREELEY. “Why, you said something about ‘HEIDSIECK and champagne?’ Don’t you know Heidsieck is champagne?’ “Well,” said Greeley, quietly, “I am the only editor on this paper who could make that mistake.”

On another occasion a person who wished to have a little fun at the expense of Mr GREELEY said, while in a group of his constituency where Mr GREELEY was standing, “Mr GREELEY and I, gentleman, are old friends. We have drunk a good deal of brandy-and-water together.” “Yes,” said GREELEY, “that is true enough-you drank the brandy, and I drank the water.”

Kaikora A report states that Mr SABIN, veterinary surgeon, has been thrown from his horse, and injured in his ribs and shoulder blades.

Native Land Court

At Hastings yesterday decided to proceed with the rehearing of the subdivison of Kaparekore on Friday. The case will occupy two or three days, after which, the Court intimated, they could proceed to the rehearing of Owhaoko.

Mr BLAKE, on behalf of Mr W BROUGHTON, applied to have the Owhaoko case adjourned till after the Supreme Court shall have given its decision as to the will of Renata KAWEPO. The application was opposed by Mr McLEAN on behalf of Airini and others, and by Mr CUFF on behalf of Hiraka and others, and was refused.

The rehearing of Owhaoko will therefore be proceeded with at once, but an adjournment will be given to allow the parties in the will case and their witnesses to proceed to Wellington, where, by agreement between the solicitors, it has been arranged to have the case heard in June.

leases of Reserves

At the old Provincial Chambers yesterday, on behalf on the School Commissioners, Mr C B HOADLEY submitted to auction a number of reserves in the bush districts. Some village sections ere also sold. Many lots were passed in, and may be treated for privately, but the following were disposed of:-

TAHORAITE, block 13, section 6, 335 acres at £20 3s per annum. Mr T GILBERT

WOODVILLE, block 9 section 10, 283 acres, at £21 4s-Mr A BISHOP

WOODVILLE, block 11, section 8 43 acres at £4 8s-Mr C J WARREN

WOODVILLE block 1, section 45, 114 acres, £12 12 6dMr A CAMMOCK

WOODVILLE, block 2, section 18, 66 acres £6 13s-Mr J W LAIMBEER

Auckland Tuesday

The dead body of a Mrs Mary McKENZIE, a dressmaker residing at Wangawehe, Dargaville, was found yesterday afternoon on one of the banks of the Wangawehe River at ebb tide. There was a severe wound on the mouth, apparently from a blow, the front teeth of the deceased having penetrated her lower lip. Mrs McKENZIE was at church on Sunday accompanied by two gentlemen friends. About 9 o’clock a woman’s screams apparently proceeding from the direction of the river, were heard, but no one was seen. The case has created considerable excitement, as the circumstances point to murder or suicide. The deceased on returning from Church one Sunday in March last, found some men in her house, and she has since been in great fear. Her husband is said to be working at the gum-fields.

A twelve-roomed house in Grafton road, which has been unoccupied for some time, was burnt down last night. The property belonged to the trustees of the late S E HUGHES, and said to be insured in the South British for £600

RMC Mr G A PREECE Resident Magistrate.

William Y DENNETT of Hastings v James WATSON of Havelock-Mr COATES for plaintiff-Mr DICK for defendant.

Next case was one in which to Jehus named ROACH and OWENS gave some contradictory evidence. The only undisputed fact in the case was that on the day of Renata’s funeral, the vehicles respectively driven by plaintiff and defendant came into collision.

England Received May 23, 1.15 a.m. London May 22. Special to the Press Association

Obituary-Admiral O’REILLY

The correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph, wiring from Berlin, says that the betrothal of Prince Alexander of Battenburg to the Princess Victoria will be announced on Thursday.


George Robert NICHOLS, solicitor who recently went insolvent, was examined in the Bankruptcy Court at Sydney.

He admitted having appropriated to his own purposes several large sums paid to him on behalf of his clients. Mr Justice DEFFEL said, after referring to the scandalous conduct of the insolvent, said he would take good care that the Law Society was informed of the matter.
Wairoa Tuesday

At the R M Court last Saturday before Messrs H R DUFF and J T LARGE J.P’s


It being the first case of the kind brought before the Court, the Bench said that only a nominal penalty would be inflicted, but next time the sentence would be severe

The charge against H Brown for trespassing was dismissed.

Judgment in the Hereheretau No 2 block case, which was before the Native Lands Court here for the past three months, was delivered last Monday. Judge SCANNELL gave a long, and lucid exhaustive summing up of the voluminous evidence. About 9000 acres of the block (which contains 25,000 acres in all) were awarded to Hone NGARARA and party as representing the Ngatihine (Whakahi) tribe.

The remaining portion of 600 acres was given to the Ngatiraopaka (Mohaka) tribe.

The latter is the portion which has been such a bone of contention between the rival hapus, being situated partly between Opoho and Tahaenui inland.

Hone NGARA, the representative of the losing party, expressed much dissatisfaction with the decision, which he said his party should appeal against. But there is no doubt that it is a just and correct decision, as the Court has been most painstaking in the matter, having, in addition to the ground work in Court, been over the ground and examined the landmarks.

The court is now engaged on the subdivision of the Waihua Blocks, No 1 and 2.


The body of an infant, supposed to be prematurely born, was found at Oriental Bay this morning. The police are investigating.

Proceedings have been instituted in the supreme Court by Mr SKERRETT, acting on the behalf of the Attorney-General, at the instance of Mr James SMITH, cab proprietor, the object which is to restrain Messrs GRACE and GREENFIELD, proprietors of the Wellington city Tramways, from the use of several portions of their tramway lines, which are said to have been laid down without legal authority.

Owing to bad weather the Sherard Osborne was unable to proceed with the operations of repairing the cable. She is now at anchor in Worser Bay.

This season the Taratahi dairy factory disposed of 50 tons of cheese at 4 1/2d f.o.b. or 4d at the dairy.

William POPE, billiard-maker, who arrived here by the steamer Koranui from Dunedin, having booked to Greymouth is reported missing. The vessel arrived on Sunday night, and since then POPE has not bee heard of.

Richard SMITH a well-known settler t Pahautanui, was today arrested on a charge of alleged sheep stealing from Messrs WRIGHT and McMENAMEN’s station at Terawhiti.

A rich vein of manganese has been found at Makara. The assay shows 70% of ore.

The local branch of the Irish National League will forward £100 by next mail to the Lord Mayor of Dunedin.

Dunedin Tuesday

The Jockey Club have removed the disqualification from F G PARKES, concerned in the Warepa case.

The body found in the Clutha, near Deadman’s Beach, has been identified as that of James GRAY, who disappeared from Teviot Station last March.

A demand has arisen for suburban land suitable for subdivision, and representatives of foreign capitalists, who are seeking investments, have snapped up 30 acres near town.

The body of James GRAY, a miner who has been missing from Teviot, has been found on one of the beaches of the Clutha river. A large stone was found in each of the trousers pockets.

HBH May 24 1888

Thursday Page 2

Death BALDWIN on the 23 May at Napier, John, the only beloved son of the late M BALDWIN, aged 16 years 3 months. The funeral will leave his mother’s residence, dickens street, for the Havelock cemetery on Sunday the 27th inst at 12 0’clock. Friends please accept this intimation.

Auckland Telegraphic Wednesday

A conference of the New Zealand Medical Association was opened here this afternoon

with Dr DAWSON presiding

Delegates present were:-

Drs ZOUCHE (Dunedin)

THOMAS (Christchurch)

FELL and McKENZIE (Wellington)

A private telegram received here yesterday stats that the s.s. CHELMSFORD, which went aground on the Opotiki bar a week ago, is filling up with sand.


The arrest of Richard SMITH, or Pahautanui, yesterday by Detective CHRYSTAL caused some excitement, at the accused has resided at Pahautanui for years, and has taken a prominent part in the public affairs of the district. He was brought up before the justices at Pahautanui and remanded to Wellington. Bail was accepted-the accused in £200, and two sureties in £100 each.

The Police arrested Patrick MADDEN, butcher, last night on the charge of embezzling money from Mr John HIGGINS, at Napier.

At an inquest this morning on the body of the female infant found on the beach yesterday, the medical evidence went to show that the body was of a “still-born child”. A verdict of “found dead” was returned.

Districts 1


The records of the Registrar-General’s department show that about 270,000lb of tobacco is grown within the colony annually

A magisterial enquiry was held today into the circumstances connected with the steamer WAINUI striking on a rock off Cape PALLISER last Wednesday. The Court suspended Captain CROMARTY for one month and returned the other certificates.


Laurence SWIFT, a quarryman, was killed at the Cobden quarry by a slip, the stone, which killed him instantaneously, burying him completely. He was crushed to death.


The congregation has presented Father LYNCH, who has been ordered away on account of throat disease, with £147.


Legislative Council


Mr BUCKLEY introduced the Indictable Offences Act Repeal Bill and moved the second reading of the Criminal Code Bill-Agreed to.

Following bills were passed through all stages: -

Penalties Recover and Remission Bill

Justices of the Peace Act Bill

Demise of the Crown Bill

Westland and Grey Education Boards Bill

House of Representatives

Leave of absence for a month was granted to Mr VALENTINE on private business.

An inquest on the body of Mrs McKENZIE, whose remains were found in the Mangawhare river on Monday, was held yesterday before Mr WEBB, coroner.

The evidence did not throw any light on the circumstances, and the jury returned a verdict of found drowned.

Those who knew her scout the theory that the deceased committed suicide, and it is feared that she met with a violent death. Mrs McKENZIE, who was highly esteemed, was a widow, her husband having died in America. Two sisters and a brother of the deceased reside in the Taranaki district.

The Bush Advocate says that Mr E V DIXON made a curious discovery in the Gorge at the time he was erecting one of the iron bridges for the Gorge railway. In digging out the foundation for one of them he came across a Maori relic of very ancient make, judging by its appearance and the depth at which it was found, and possibly centuries have passed since it was deposited there. It lay buried fully 12 feet down in a compact mass of clay and boulders over an overhanging rock. Mr DIXON, who is an efficient Maori scholar, and well versed in Maori lore, pronounced it to be manufactured of a human thighbone. It is about eight inches long, and has three well-defined barbs filed out along its inner side. These barbs make the relic either a weapon of the war or the hunt or were intended as a record of time. In the latter case it was in Mr DIXON’s opinion, before the arrival of the Maoris. The curio may be seen at the officer of the Advocate.
Aus News 2

***-Copy of this full transcription is available from Elaine.

Three of the crew of the barque THUNDERBOLT, which arrived at Port Jackson last week, have been arrested on the charge of wilful disobedience on the high seas……………more…………………….then The Captain stated in his evidence that MAXWELL one of the ringleaders……………..more and TAYLOR, another ringleader……………………….more. All the men had in fact been very rowdy, and had combined to disobey lawful commands. He admitted striking the men and having them placed in irons……………more. After hearing the evidence the three men were each sentenced to twelve weeks’ imprisonment.

Demonstrations on the part of a crowded Court the Captain was favored with considerable hooting.

A middle-aged woman named LAVENDEN, the wife of an old resident of Young, was burnt to death in her own house. She was addicted to drink, and had in the last few has been in a state of almost constant intoxication. Her daughter-in-law left her alone in the house in an intoxicated state, standing besides a kitchen fire. Shortly afterwards a passer by saw smoke issuing from the house, and on rushing in found the poor creature in a half-sitting position on a sofa, with her clothes completely burned off. Her body was a mass of charred flesh, the sofa also being on fire. On the flames being extinguished it was found that the poor woman was quite dead.

Further particulars of the frightful outrage and murder of a little girl, reported last week, has been received. The outrage took place about noon on Saturday the 12th inst., in the scrub at the Bunya reserve, about 14 miles from Brisbane, in the Samford district. The little girl named Bright BAKER and was aged 9 years. She was the same child who over a year ago was assaulted by a blackfellow in the same district. On the present occasion, accompanied by her brother, aged 4 years, she was carrying her father’s dinner to him, and when halfway through the scrub an aboriginal jumped across the path and seized the girl. The boy being terrified fled home and told his mother. A search was quickly organised, and traces of blood were found ion the ground and on the bushes near the spot where the child had been seized, leading to the supposition that she had been killed and carried on the shoulder of the murderer. Eventually the dead body of the girl was found horribly mutilated. Her skull was smashed in with a blunt instrument in several places,

Aust Parker alias DARE

***NB difference of surname by the wife PORTER-PARKER

At the Newcastle Police Court last week Jas W PARKER, alias Wm Henry DARE, an ex-constable of police at Newcastle, who was arrested some days ago in Brisbane, was charged on remand with maliciously administering prussic acid to his wife at Bondi.

The prisoner’s wife said that they were married at Port Adelaide in 1880, and had three children.

Her father provided them with money to start them in a public house at Victoria, but this was not and her husband deserted her, and she traced him to Newcastle. Finding he had joined the police force there under the name of DARE, Mrs PORTER visited him, and insisted on stopping with him as his wife though he tried hard to persuade her not to do so, and return to Adelaide……………………..more

From our Own Correspondent Per Steamer at the Bluff

New South Wales

Explosion at BOM’s quarry, near KIAMA, referred to in a cable message have been a most disastrous occurrence. It appears the foreman named FERGUSON received part of the charge on his face, and WISEMAN his companion received part in his eyes. At the time there were six men working in the quarry below, and when they heard the explosion they attempted to escape from the hug mass of rock that was dislodged, but only one man managed to get away.

An old man named HAMLOND had both his legs crushed off. His son Timothy was buried beneath the falling mass, and was not got out till the next morning, the body being terribly mangled.

John HUGHES, also an aged man was killed.

Another poor fellow named MYERS was pinned down beneath a mass of rock lying upon one of his feet. He remained in that position until it was found impossible to extricate him and the foot was amputated. MYERS was then taken to hospital when it was found necessary to perform a second amputation on the injured leg, and also to remove the other foot. He lingered till the next morning then died. Little hopes are entertained for the recovery of WISEMAN and FERGUSON.

Mr F N ROBINSON offered on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Coy (Ltd), for sale by auction at the Criterion Hotel the properties known as Chesterhope and Prior Park, the former with 5881 and the latter with 5026 sheep depasturing thereon.

Chesterhope, containing 1440 acres of freehold, was bought by the mortgagee for £17,000.

Prior Park,, containing 2353 acres freehold and 1588 acres leashold, realised £13,000.

The sheep on both properties were quitted at 12s each.

Court news

Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday, before Mr G A PREECE R.M.

A woman named Ruby NEWTON was sentenced to 14 days hard labor for drunkenness-she was a frequent attendant at the Court.

James NOLAN-drunkenness

HARVEY vWESTLAKE heard at Waipawa 16th inst.

Columbia skating rink yesterday held a youth’s mile race:-


The prize will be a pair of skates.

HBH May 25 1888

Birth HARDING at Napier on the 24th May, the wife of R Coupland Harding, of a son.
Marriage ELLINGHAM-BRITTEN-At Waipawa, on May 15th, Alfred James, second son of W ELLINGHAM, sen., of Te Aute, to Emily eldest daughter of John BRITTEN of Waipawa.
Death LYNCH-At the Napier Hospital, on Thursday, May 24th, John Lynch, late of Dannevirke, aged 30 years, of hepatitis.

Mr George T CROSS has sold the Ferry Hotel, Western Spit to Mr Henry BEAUMONT, who will take possession next Thursday.

The subject of the Rev J McINTOSH’s discourse at St Paul’s Church tomorrow forenoon will be “Results of Affliction,” and in the evening “A contrast.”

Auckland Friday

Fifteen hundred children were fed by the Salvation Army yesterday afternoon.

Mr D GOLDIE M.H.R. Mr F G EWINGTON, and Sir William FOX read a paper each at the Temperance Conference yesterday.

The members of the conference of the Medical Association are sitting in private due to considerable comment evoked by the publication of a spirited protest by Dr Murray MOORE against the exclusion of homoeopathists from the society.

MADIGAN’s collarbone was broken in the early part of the match yesterday, but he continued playing.



A settler at Pahiatua named George HOWELL was drowned in the Mangatamoko river yesterday while crossing in a boat. He was paddling with one oar, and over balanced himself and was washed down the stream.


The discovery of gold is reported about midway between Blenheim and Picton, in a gully leading from Mahakipawa to Speed’s valley.

The warden today granted a special claim in length along the Wakamarina River to

Mr S J MACALISTER, with special conditions attached…………….more It is proposed to dredge the river.

We hear that it is intended by the Napier Rifle Company to shortly present to Major BLYTHE a mark of their respect for him as an officer and staunch friend by keeping with his elevation to the rank of honorary Major.

From a letter sent by Captain RUSSELL to a gentleman in Napier we learn that the member of Hawke’s Bay expects to be back in Hastings on the 28th June. At the time of writing he had only been up a day or two from a sick bed, having been very ill indeed. He has been ordered by the doctors not to leave England till the beginning of June, but has made up his mind to start by the AORANGI on the 5th of May.

A young man named Frederick GOODALL, 22 years of age, and employed at Mr DICKSON’S farm at Papakura, met with an accident yesterday, resulting in the loss of a hand. He went out duck-shooting about three miles from the farm, and while firing the gun the breech burst, shattering his left hand. The explosion was so violent that the hand was blown almost to fragments.


Mr E G TAYLOR, Manager of the Te Aro branch of the Bank of New Zealand, died today after a brief illness. He had been suffering from inflammation of the lungs.

A ball in honor of the Queen’s Birthday is proceeding at Government House tonight.


The Salvation Army gave a tea for 300 children.

The Mayor gave a dinner to the inmates of the Armagh Street Depot, winding up with a ball in the evening.

Ditchain Mansion, near Petersfield, Hamts, was destroyed by fire early on the morning of March 5. It belonged to Mr L T CAVE, banker of London.

It was being prepared for the occupation by Mr CAVE and has just been rebuilt at a cost of £100,000 and was elaborately furnished.

The damage is estimated at over £200.000.

It is believed that the fire was due to the overheating of a boiler in the basement.

HBH May 26 1888

Death PARSONS-At Makatoku on the 25th of May, Alice Maud, youngest daughter of Lewis and Sarah Ann PARSONS, aged 21 years. Canterbury papers please copy. The funeral will leave her parent’s residence tomorrow (Sunday) at 12 noon.
Resident Magistrate Court0before Mr G A PREECE R.M

William STOREY fined £1 for appearing too often for drunkenness.

John ROACH fined 5s for same.

Peter HUNTLEY dismissed with a caution.

The successful tenderers for Mr J W CRAIG’s new brick and stone premises in Hastings Street are Messrs COUPER and SUTTON.

Mr HUMPHREYS of the firm of LUCAS and HUMPHREY was very successful in visit to Australia to open up an export trade in timer. The Hawke’s Bay Timber Company (Limited), announced their formal floating.

A fatal accident happened yesterday afternoon to John FORSTER, a carter plying between here and Ross. The Deceased was descending a hill leading to Deep Creek bridge, near Rimu, when he fell, and a wheel of the heavily laden dray passed over his chest, crushing him fearfully. He was shortly picked up and conveyed to Rimu. Medical assistance was sent for, but FORSTER breathed his last ten minutes before the doctor arrived. The deceased leaves a wife and 10 children.

The Bank of New Zealand shipped today 1655oz 5dwt 3 grains of gold, valued at £7020


Yesterday afternoon Ethel and Augusta WILLIAMSON, aged 7 and 5 years, daughters of a farmer living near Papanui, were drowned in the river Styx. Their father took them with him when he went to cut a load of Manuka near the river. On arriving there he sent them home. Shortly afterwards his son found their shoes and stockings on the bank of the river, and further search revealed their bodies lying in six feet of water.


A serious accident happened at the Spit on Saturday night just as the s.s. Waihi was about to start for Wellington.

Captain RUTTER borrowed a horse to ride to the store when it was discovered that insufficient provisions were on board. He was later found unconscious after being thrown to the ground and when found conveyed to the Union Hospital. Dr MOORE was soon in attendance and removed Mr RUTTER to his own residence, where he is progressing favororably.

Napier Park Races paid out the following stakes to: -










Mr Napier BELL, engineer to the harbor Board, was entertained at a farewell ball on Wednesday night, and was presented with an illuminated address and gold chronometer.

HBH May 28 1888


Mr H J BAKER, a brewer, well known in Napier, Wellington and Auckland, was killed yesterday. He had been on a visit to Waipawa, and when in the act of mounting a horse, which he had recently bought, he was thrown heavily to the ground, falling on his head and lacerating the scalp dreadfully. He was rendered unconscious, and though he recovered shortly afterwards he relapsed, and died at 1 0’clock this morning. He was universally respected.

The Board of Trustees of the Hawke’s Bay Rabbit District met today.

Present were




The contract was for building the beach wall at Waimata in concrete was let to BOGLE and WATERWORTH at £240, including cost of material and freight.

Eleven tenders were received for clearing 18 miles of the Waimata rabbit fence line, 27 feet on each side of the existing cleared line. The lowest tender of A PERCY at 3s 4-3/4d

per chain was accepted.

Inspector CROSSE reported the SERGENT and SMITH’s contract for clearing 2 miles and 19 chains was satisfactorily completed, and that RYAN’s contract for fencing 4 ½ miles was progressing slowly.

The whare at Oporae was finished.

An inquest was held on Saturday at the Royal Hotel on the body of an infant named Grace James, four months old, who was found dead in bed between 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock that morning.

It transpired from the evidence that the child had been ailing for the past two months, and had been most carefully looked after. A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.


BAKER-At Waipawa, on the 27th May, Henry James BAKER, aged 46 years. The funeral will leave his late residence for the old cemetery on Tuesday May 29th, at 2 p.m. Friends respectfully invited to attend.

BISHOP-At Hastings, on the 28th May, Thomas BISHOP aged 16 years. The funeral will leave his late residence for the Havelock Cemetery at 1 p.m.

serious accident at the Spit on Saturday night occurred just as the s.s. WAIHI was about to leave for Wellington. It was discovered that sufficient provisions were not on board and Captain RUTTER borrowed a horse to ride to the store.

Shortly after starting the horse took fright, and rushed into the window of Messrs ROBJOHNS and Co’s premises, doing considerable damage.

By the concussion Captain RUTTER was thrown to the ground, and was picked up unconscious and conveyed to the Union Hotel. Dr MOORE was soon in attendance, and had Captain RUTTER removed to his own residence, where he is progressing as favourably as can be expected.

At the Resident Magistrate’s Court on Saturday before Mr G A PREECE R.M.

Frank CHRISTY was fined for too frequent drunkenness

John LEWIS and James NOLAN charged and making a disturbance at the Criterion Hotel, pleaded guilty.

Many previous convictions were put in against LEWIS he was fined with the alternative of one month’s hard labor and NOLAN pay fine or in default 14 day’s hard labor.

Our Hastings correspondent writes under Saturday’s date:-

I regret to announce the death of Mr Thomas BISHOP, which took place at 1 p.m. today. He had for a long time past been out of health, and for some time his illness was known to be incurable, but he bore his sufferings with exemplary patience, being soothed by the unremitting attention of his friends. Although his release cannot be regretted on his account, much sympathy is felt for Mrs BISHOP and family.

Mr BISHOP’s death has deprived our town of one of its oldest and most respected citizens.

The funeral will take place at 1 p.m. on Monday.



***Note by Elaine- Copies of original articles are available upon request to me.

Annual Meeting held at the Taradale Hotel this evening. Mr J DRUMMOND (Chair)


HBH May Tuesday 29th 1888

Birth ROBINSON-At Pakowhai on the 27th May, the wife of Edward ROBINSON of a son.

Mr W T SABIN, veterinary surgeon Kaikora, requests us to state that it was not himself, but his father Mr T W SABIN, settler, who recently met with an accident.

The Palmerston North Borough Council seems to be getting “hard up.” A public meeting has been convened by the Mayor to consider a proposal to sell the Town Hall site for the purpose of liquidating the borough overdraft.

The will of an old New Zealand colonist, Mr George DUPPA, formerly of Nelson and Marlborough, was recently proved. His money is divided principally among his relatives. His personally amounted to about £80,000

The Rev J McINTOSH who has been officiating at St Paul’s Church while the Rev J G PATERSON is away on a holiday tour and will shortly be leaving the district for South. He will formally bid farewell next Tuesday at a Tea Party, when Mr PATERSON will be welcomed back.

Sad as the fatal accident to the late Mr H J BAKER is to his wife and family, with whom he had a very large circle who sympathise, we are pleaded to learn that deceased’s life was insured with the Government Insurance Department, and also we believe with another company, the total being about £1200.

Our Hastings Correspondent writes under yesterday’s date:-

The funeral of the late Mr BISHOP took place this afternoon at the Havelock Cemetery, and was attended by a great number of his friends and of the general public anxious to pay the last tribute of respect. The Rev J TOWNSEND read the service.

Polly PRINCE Glasgow and Mary FRASER or ROSS

***Note by Elaine this cutting is available upon request to Elaine

Two ladies both over 100 years old, have recently died. One was “Polly PRINCE,” the Fir Vale centenarian, who was buried at the Burngreave cemetery, Sheffield.

Mrs PRINCE was born on March 1787, at Paisley, near Glasgow, and for some years was engaged in the latter as a domestic servant. She married a Sheffield soldier named George PRINCE, and accompanied him through the Peninsular war, and witnessed the battle of WATERLOO. Soon afterwards her husband obtained his discharge, and a pension was allowed him. The pair returned to Sheffield, and PRINCE followed up his old occupation as a cutler. Nearly 40 years ago he died, and his was not a perpetual pension. His widow, however, managed to maintain herself and her children several years, but eventually was obliged to become an inmate of the Fir Vale Workhouse. A year ago the celebration of her hundredth birthday took place in the wokhouse, in the shape of a tea party, to which the old ladies of the institution were invited.

She died on March 29th. The chief mourner was the youngest and only surviving daughter of the deceased, and herself between 50 and 60 years of age.

The other old lady was Mrs Mary McKay ROSS, or FRASER, widow of Simon FRASER, pensioner, who died in the 106th year of her ge at Perth. She was born in County Sligo, and went to Glasgow after the rebellion of 1798. Subsequently she removed to Inverness, and for the past 60 years she has resided in Perth, occupying the same house continuously for that long time. To the last her faculties were in full use. Deceased came of a long-lived race-one of her uncles being reputed to have reached the age of 112, and another that of 100 years.
HBH May 30 1888 Districts



An empty truck on the incline knocked down Mr George STEVENSON of Wanganui, an owner of racehorses, this morning. He was taken to hospital and died this afternoon from the injuries.


The police have ferreted out what appears to be an organised gang of thieves here. Detective T E NEAL and O’CONNOR have arrested three young men-Gilbert and Walter FRENCH and GOSLING-and a man named CONNOR and Mrs FRENCH on the charge of receiving.



Jonathon ROBERTS convicted on Tuesday of horse stealing and now awaiting transportation to Mount Cook gaol, escaped from gaol at 9 o’clock this morning. The police are in hot pursuit, Roberts is a powerful man and a famous athlete.

Port Chalmers

Albert GUSTI, eight years old, fell down a cliff under Observation Point about 200 feet, and sustained fracture of the skull and other injuries. No hope is entertained of his recovery

The prisoner CURRY who was arrested on Friday, was brought up at the Police Court on Saturday before Dr GILES, R.M., and in conjunction with GASPERINI, was charged with stealing the cutter MARTINET, the boat in which they escaped from Noumea, New Caledonia.

The case was adjourned for a week.


Our Hastings Correspondent writes under yesterday’s date: -

This morning, in honour of the Queen’s birthday, the Hastings Rifles mustered outside the drill-shed under the command of Lieut-W O McLEOD, and after inspection marched to one of Mr TANNER’s paddocks and there fired a feu de joie of three volleys, and gave three cheers for Her Majesty. Mr BARTLETT, the photographer, took the opportunity to photograph the corps, the men standing at ease in open order.


McCALLUM-On April 25th at Danevirke, Hawke’s Bay, Duncan McCALLUM, son of the late Colin McCALLUM, of Bunchrew, Inverness-shire, aged 33 years.


By the s.s. Mariposa a number of operatic artists under engagement to Miss Amy SHERWIN for a subscription season of English Opera at the Melbourne Opera House, were through passengers:-

Miss Marie HESTER

Mrs Arthur HUBBARD

Mr Alfred WILKIE

Mr Avon D. SAPON



Two Auckland musicians to accompany Miss SHERWIN to Australia

Mr George H CLUTSAM-pianist

Mr BUSH for the Chorus

The company netted £988 in Auckland after the season in Auckland and

Miss Amy SHERWIN left for Sydney last night, and the remainder leave on Tuesday.

Local news

The new Baptist chapel in Hooper’s Lane is chiefly lighted by the Wenham patent regenerative gas lamps, which give a beautifully white and steady light. The lamp and fittings ere generously donated by Messrs H WILLIAMS and Sons, who are the local agents for the Wenham light.

Mr GILBERD made comment re charges for lighterage and wharfage on the fire engine recently. He does not complain of the Harbor Board’s charges, but is inclined to fancy that there might be such a thing as lighter lighterage.

Mr R AHEARN-who is visiting the various racing and breeding studs in the North Island and is the travelling correspondent of the N Z REFEREE and arrived by

the s.s. Waihora from the north on Saturday.

Messrs BAKER and TABATEAU’s land sale on Saturday the following Makatuku sections ere sold: -





Lot 30-31-W WESTLAKE



The times are hard, but the crop of drunks keeps up.

Thomas FOSTER and Margaret HARRIS respectively fined 5s and 10s costs by


Mr JORGENSEN, a well-known Napier carpenter, is sending a good display of the result of his skill in rustic work to the Melbourne Exhibition.

Napier Bowling Club played a scratch match on Saturday afternoon.

Sides chosen by HITCHINGS and COOK

Players were: -


Heats for the pairs race ladies and gentlemen-Skated at the Colombia Rink Tomorrow evening.












Miss McVAY and Mr E FINCH


Mr F KEEN arranged a boxing contest at the Theatre royal on Saturday evening between NEWTON and DONOVAN.

HBH May 31 1888 p3


Yesterday a woman named Catherine PYE, 55 years old, a resident of Winslow, was found dead in bed at the house of

Mr William GUNNELL, where she was visiting/

At the inquest today a verdict of death from serious apoplexy was returned.

Mr Peter SINCLAIR who was shot by HEALEY at Springston on Monday, is progressing very favourably.

Baker Bros of Wellington, announce in our advertising columns that they will submit under the hammer at Wellington a number of Woodville sections

The Evening Post says of these agents: -

The firm of BAKER Bros, which is now commencing a new line of business in this city as land and estate auctioneers, affords a capital example of energy and perseverance on the part of young colonials. The founder of the firm, Mr C A BAKER, J.P., was originally an officer in the National Bank, but becoming disabled for a time from mental work by the result of an accident, he started on his own account in 1876 as a debt collector, and was soon afterwards appointed a certified accountant under the Bankruptcy Act. His business soon included land and estate agency, and increasing rapidly, he was joined by his brother Mr J E BAKER, from the Bank of New Zealand, and subsequently by his other brothers, Mr Horace and Mr Ward BAKER, the latter leaving the Justice Department of the Civil Service to join the firm.

Originally one small upstairs room supplied sufficient accommodation for the firm, but now the whole ground floor of the Star Chambers is occupied. The firm have several times been offered valuable insurance agencies, and one of its members was invited to accept a seat on the Board of Advice of a large life association, but determined to confine their energies to certain lines of business, these offers have all been declined, the firm dealing only with property……………..more then…………..Already they have established a representative in London in the person of Mr Frederick LARKINS, till lately a partner in the firm of William Mc ARTHUR and Co…………………….more

“The announcement that Messrs BAKER Bros, of Wellington, were going to auction the subdivisions of the town acres in the estate of the late Hon John JOHNSTON drew quite a crowd last week”

On the 23rd instant Messrs Baker Bros authorised by the Hon Randall JOHNSTON, H D BELL, and A H MILES, on behalf of the owners submitted under the hammer the subdivisions of a suburban block named Brooklyn, and to the present have sold 50 sections, comprising about 16 acres, for a little under £2500.

Notice No 828

Estate of the Late Thomas BISHOP of Hastings

Executors in the Estate of Thomas BISHOP, deceased.




Date 28th day of May 1888

Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday, before Dr PRESTON J.P.

William WOODHAM was brought up charged with lunacy and remanded for medical examination.

Members of the ALBION Lodge of Druids will assemble this evening to bid farewell to Past District President Bro GIBSON who is leaving Napier for Auckland.

Following players will form the bush team to meet Napier on Saturday at the Recreation Ground.

Takapau Club




Danevirke Club


Woodville Club


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