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Hawkes Bay Herald
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
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HBH Dec 1 1888 local news

The concert in aid of the prize fund of the Hastings Street School will be given in the Gaiety Theatre on Friday next.

Dr PRESTON J.P., presided in the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, and inflicted the usual penalty for drunkenness on one PHILIPS, who over celebrated Mr BROUGHTON'S victory in the famous will case.

The wrestling match announced for last evening at the Theatre Royal did not come off, Wi MACKIE, one of the competitors, failing to put in an appearance. In another column will be found a letter from jack DONOVAN on the subject.

At a meeting of the Board of Rabbit Trustees at Porangahau Mr BAIRD, C.E., was authorised to prepare plans for a timber dam in the AKITEO river, estimated to cost £200. It was reported that satisfactory progress was being made with present contracts for clearing, and the tenders of Mr C GREEN for carting material and fencing at ORINGI and DANEVIRKE, and of Mr BROWN for four miles of fencing at £70 5s per mile, were accepted.
Page 2
Cable news
London November 29th

Mr Mc ARTHUR, member for St ANSTELL, intends to introduce the Samoan question into the House of Commons.

Baron de WORMS, replying to Mr Pritchard MORGAN, said the government did not intend to consult Queensland in the choice of a Governor.

Miss WIEDEMANN, a German governess, brought an action against Mr Robert WALPOLE, heir to the Earldom of Oxford.

At the hearing of a case today, Miss WIEDEMANN brought an action against Mr Robert Horace WALPOLE claiming £10,000 damages for breach of promise of marriage, and libel in accusing her of the theft of a ring. Defendant denied the libel, and pleaded that the promise of marriage was not binding, having being made in TURKEY. The evidence showed that whilst residing at Constantinople Mr WALPOLE stole the key of Miss WIEDEMANN'S bedroom, and entering the room forcibly seduced her. He subsequently denied the paternity of the child, and went about traducing his victim and blackening her character.

He afterwards deserted her, and left her in a penniless condition at STAMBOUL.

The defence of this action to levy blackmail, and that the plaintiff was a mere adventuress. As already reported, damages to the amount of £700 were awarded to the plaintiff.

The Committee of Admirals have awarded the victory of recent naval manoeuvres to Admiral TRYON, who commanded the squadron originally blockaded.

Mr W H SMITH announced in the House of Commons that the proposed wheel tax would be abandoned; time not permitting the proposal to be sufficiently discussed.

The bill to extend Lord ASHBOURNE'S Act has passed through the committee stages.

Henry GEORGE, the land reformer has been addressing crowded meetings in various parts of the kingdom. Referring to IRISH affairs he said that the attempt of the Tories to compensate the Irish landlords showed that they realised the necessity for dealing with the problem. He approved of taxing landlords out of IRELAND rather than kicking them out.

In reply to a letter from the Exhibitors, Sir James Mc BAIN, president of the Exhibition commission, states that he is unable to say when the Exhibition is likely to be closed.

Mc COWEN musical director leaves here about the end of January

Another shooting case is reported from Wallan Wallan, a town of about thirty miles to the north of this city. It appears that in a fit of jealousy a driver named RICE met a man named BENNETT in the street, and drawing a revolver, fired at the latter, wounding him dangerously.

BUCHAN-At Waipukurau, on Thursday morning, 28th November,
the wife of A BUCHAN

The funeral will take place today-Saturday at

Telegraphic Auckland

The WAIWERA HOT SPRINGS Hotel and the SANATORIUM have been sold to a Melbourne syndicate. The terms have not transpired.

The residence of Mr FUNEKE, tanner, at PANMURE, was destroyed by fire. The cause is supposed to have been a defective chimney. Insurance was £220 in the New Zealand Office.

The Hospital and Charitable Aid Board last night resolved to advertised in the local papers to the public requiring labour inviting applications.


HBH Dec 3 page 2 Auckland

Friday-Per United Press Association

A piece of land of 3000 acres at Lower Waikato, lately sold by Major Te WHEORE for £1500, has been again sold to Mr TANNER, an Australian Capitalist, for £2 5s per acre.

Mr TANNER has already engaged a manager to improve and work the estate.

The shareholders in the WOODSTOCK Goldmining Company held their annual meeting today, when the financial statement showed the sum of £116 16s 6d to the credit, against a liability of £28 13s

Messrs W GORIE
J A POND were re-elected directors..


The two-month sitting of the R.M. Court was held last Wednesday before Mr James BOOTH R.M. of the Poverty Bay District. (This being his first sitting at WAIROA.)

Principal being a charge of larceny of a riding habit brought by Mr W E GRIFFIN against a girl formerly in his employ named Maud POWER, aged 13. Mrs GRIFFIN and a number of others gave evidence.

Because of her tender years the Court did not punish her in any way, but allowed
Mr Thos. Mc GOWAN, a settler here, to take charge of her till she reaches the age of 15 years. A charge brought by Mr W E GRIFFIN against a small settler named William MAINE of setting latter's dog on Mr GRIFFIN'S sheep was dismissed.

A charge brought by Mr Charles ASHWIN against A J JAMES of the larceny of a butcher's basket was dismissed without the accused being called upon for his defence.

HBH Dec 5 page 2 1888 Court

E W KNOWLES v H BRIESKE heard in the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, presented a novel feature.

Mr KNOWLES sued as treasurer of the bush fires Relief Committee, and sought to recover £10 paid to BRIESKE in error.

Mr CORNFORD for defendant.
Mr P LANIGAN has agreed to accept £14,500 in settlement of his claim for extra work entailed in the construction of the CALLIOPE dock. The Harbor Board, however, have resolved to adhere to their decision to appoint Mr WARE as arbiter of the account, a step that is objected to by Mr LANIGAN.

MEYER, MOSSE, and CAMPBELL and the lad KNASH have been committed for trial for the alleged robbery from Mr ASHER's pawnshop.

The Auckland Presbytery have resolved to overturn the Presbyterian general assembly to take into consideration the WESTMINISTER Confession of Faith, as there is great diversity of opinion with regard to some of its teachings.

The principal creditor in the estate of C GOULD has expressed his satisfaction in the security for his debt, some £11,000, in GOULD'S Waitoa property, and has refused to prove. Proceedings are therefore being taken to annul the bankruptcy.

The Civil case of E W KNOWLES V H BRIESKE, heard in the Resident Magistrate's court yesterday,.

Mr KNOWLES sued as treasurer of the Bush fires Relief Committee, and sought to recover £10 paid to BRIESKE in error………….more

Resident Magistrate reserved his decision

Napier School Com

Held last evening

Messrs T SIDEY (Chairman)

Miss Jessie c BROWN of the Union street School Dunedin whose classification is D1 was recommended for the post of head mistress. She was chosen from 18 applications

HBH Dec 6 1888

The wife of Mr Joseph JEFFARES (writes our Taradale correspondent) had a very narrow escape from a serious accident the other morning.

She suddenly found her dress on fire, apparently from a spark from the fireplace.

It was not noticed until the dress burst into flame. Luckily Mr JEFFARES' baker was close at hand, and by a bucket of water prevented Mrs JEFFARES from suffering further injuries than a few burns on the hands and a slight shock to the nervous system.


At NAPIER-on the 1st of December, the wife of H OWEN, of a daughter.


HBH Dec 8 p2 1888

Taradale Town Board

Meeting held Thursday evening
All members present

The chairman was authorised to get the channelling in front of Mr LAWTON'S section put in order; and his action in clearing the thistles on the road to Mr MURPHY'S farm was approved.

At the Hastings R.M. Court yesterday before Captain G A PREECE R.M.

Following Civil Cases dealt with:-

Same V Pine Te NA


A PLUMMER charged-drunk in charge of a horse and cart-fined £2, and costs 9s, or in default 14 days' imprisonment; one month being allowed for payment.

High School Board

Meeting held yesterday afternoon of the Board of High School Governors: -


Messrs J D ORMOND (Chairman)

It was reported that Mr ROBINSON, of CHRISTCHURCH had accepted the third master ship, and appointment was confirmed
Mr A GIFFORD resigned his position as second master, and asked to be paid up to the end of January-Resignation accepted, but payment to be made only to the end of the present term.

Mr GIFFORD Sen-also resigned his position as Art Master at the Girls' School, and Mrs NICHOLLS was appointed in his place.

Applications for the second master ship were opened, and Mr PINKNEY locum tenens in the New Plymouth High School was selected at a salary of £250 a year and free house

Miss HEWITT-head mistress Girls' School, wrote suggesting that the fees in the lower forms should be lowered to eight guineas.

In the course of the discussion it was stated that the preparatory classes did not pay expenses, and the Inspector-General demurred to them being kept up unless they did so. It was agree to lower the fee as an experiment

Agreed on the recommendation of Mr WOOD and Miss HEWITT that the schools should close for the term on the 19th inst and prize distribution to take place at the Athenaeum

An increase of £10 per annum was voted in the salary of Miss FRASER on recommendation of Miss HEWITT-Mr WOOD and Miss HEWITT suggested dates for terms during the coming year, as adopted in most of the other colonial high schools, each term being slightly put forward.

Recommended that advertisements be placed in Fiji and Samoan papers

Mr TIFFEN and Mr NEAL thought it would be wise to advertise in FIJI, but useless in SAMOA. Mr WOOD to make own arrangements with £3.

It was stated that Miss SCHNACKENBERG was an excellent teacher, But that her salary was far in excess of the fees received. It was suggested that Mr RUDMAN, student and pupil teacher in the school, would take the position one-third the salary paid to Miss SCHNACKENBERG. It was decided to give Miss SCHNACKENBERG three months' salary in lieu of notice

Town Board

Taradale Correspondent sends the following report of the meeting of the Town board ON Thursday evening

All members were present.

Chairman was authorised to get the channelling in front of Mr LAWTON'S section put in order; and his action on clearing the thistles on the road to Mr MURPHY'S farm was approved.

The approaches to the plantation bridge in Church road ordered to be widened on the application of Mr GILBERD.

Clerk instructed to write to the Meanee Road Board relative to the cleaning out of drains on Waverley road.

An estimate of price per chain to be charged to property owners for channelling and footpaths was a joint responsibility. This was adopted on the motion by Mr NEAGLE and seconded by Mr HARPHAM, and it was agreed to charge the property owners £2 2s per chain for channelling opposite their properties.

Chairman was empowered to inquire as to the cost of putting down a 3 inch well, conjointly with Mr RYMER, with a view to flush the water table past the TARADALE Hotel, and to report to a meeting to be held Saturday next.

Waipawa Exhibition

In the case of the valuable exhibit of Mr Jas ADAMS of AUCKLAND, viz., the grand old Bible printed in "Basket" in 1717 A.D., and known as the old "Vinegar Bible." It is an imperial folio, in splendid condition, hand column-ruled, and printed on hand-made paper. It gets its name on account of a misprint in one of the headings to xxth chapter of St LUKE, "Vinegar" being substituted for "Vineyard." The book is 2ft long, 16in wide, and 6 in thick. Mr R C HARDING, of Napier, has thoroughly examined this interesting volume, and he pronounced the book alone well worth a visit from Napier. Mr SHAW, of AUCKLAND, is the fortunate owner. He is a well-known collector of rare literature. Mr Jas ADAMS, who is acting as agent for several AUCKLAND firms, has charge of the curios and his veneration for the good old book is highly commendable.

Hastings Court

Hastings R.M. Court yesterday before Captain G A PREECE

The following civil cases were dealt with

W O Mc LEOD V DONEY Bros-judgment against C DONEY
Same V Pine te NA

On the criminal side-A PLUMMER charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse and cart. Fined £2 and costs 9s, or in default 14 days' imprisonment-one month allowed for payment.


HBH Dec 10 1888

Received December 9.

Following in the footsteps of Professor BALDWIN of ILLINOIS, a local watchmaker named WILLIAMS has invented a parachute by which descent is made from a balloon at any altitude. Today at Ashfield, a municipal borough five miles from Sydney, Mr WILLIAMS, in the presence of a large concourse of people, ascended in a balloon to an altitude of 6,000 feet, and then pulled a slipknot, which connected the parachute to the balloon, and commenced his descent.

For a time the descent was like a stone, but when nearing the earth the bundle expanded, and presented the shape of a Japanese umbrella. Slowly the parachute descended and Mr WILLIAMS gracefully alighted at Homebush, three miles from where the ascent was made, not having received the slightest injury.

The inventor claims that the balloon is manageable in any direction, and that the descent can be made whenever desired.

Sydney Saturday

Mrs Louisa COLLINS, who was charged with the murder of her first husband ANDREWS some weeks ago, but whose trial on that occasion was abortive through the jury being unable to agree, was today indicted on the charge of murdering her second husband COLLINS. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and his Honor passed sentence of death on the prisoner.

A nine-roomed house, belonging to the MELANESIAN Mission Trust, was burned down at PARNELL on Saturday night. Furniture mostly saved. Insurances not known.

The Ada C OWEN arrived from RARATONGA today. A passenger, Captain George KELLY, died, and was buried at sea. He got injured in a scuffle with a Chinaman at RARATONGA, and was on his way to the Auckland Hospital.


The certificates won at the recent University College musical examinations have been awarded by Professor SCHMIDT as follows: -


Margaret CHAPMAN
Thomas Mc GINLEY

Essie CHEW
Annie HALE

Nellie CHEW

The man BRYANT has been committed for trial on the charge of indecent assault preferred against him.

The baseball match between teams representing all AMERICA and Chicago respectively was played at the Tramway Company's grounds at Epsom today, where the CHICAGO players won by 22 to 13. There were only about 1000 persons present, as the day was a busy one.

It was announced that Professor BARTHOLOMEW, who was a through passenger by the ALMEDA would ascend 3000 feet in a balloon and descend with the aid of a parachute.

Waipawa Correspondent: -

In the midst of the festivities of the season, and excitement of the exhibition, the grim monarch stalked amongst us this morning claiming one more victim of Adam's curse. William Norman KNIGHT, a clerk well known in NAPIER, came to WAIPAWA to make out a balance sheet at the Mail office for the proprietors some eight days since. This morning the deceased was noticed to walk out from Mr NICHOLSON'S Hotel, and some time after he was discovered lying dead with his face covered with a handkerchief. Deceased made a codicil in his will only yesterday, and was in somewhat low spirits.

Noticed at the exhibition the penmanship of the district school children. It is really very good. There are two large maps of the Holy Land that deserve special notice. One is by a lad named Edward G SCOTT, of Waipukurau, aged 14 years. It is beautifully finished and excellently mounted. It appears to be quite correct, and well deserving the special notice gained for it at Napier this time last year. Its value is £5. It took first prize twelve months since.

The other one is also from Waipukurau, the handicraft of James BARRIE, aged 15 years. This is also faultlessly mounted and varnished, and merits a large amount of praise.

HBH Dec 11 1888 Court

Before Captain PREECE R.M. yesterday

Fishery regulations are tearfully and wonderfully made in New Zealand. One is designed to prevent certain fish, including mullet, being taken in the spawning season. Accordingly one fisherman named Thomas BOYD was summoned yesterday, for selling mullet out of season. He pleaded guilty out of ignorance of the law. After the regulation was read to him in regard to the regulation (which was clear and explicit) when certain words (beyond doubt unintentionally) restricted its operation to a limited part of the harbor of KAIPARA. The information was accordingly dismissed.

John JACKSON forfeited his bail for non-appearance on a charge of drunkenness.

Richard HUIGSTON, (alias George THOMAS) -pleaded guilty to stealing a lawn mower and other goods-the property of Mrs Elizabeth LUCKIE, Coote road. He was sentenced to four months hard labor.

Arthur HARRISON-fined on a charge of driving a vehicle across the railway line when a train was within a quarter of a mile.
C H PARKER charged with allowing a horse to wander on to the railway line.
Because the defendant had locked the horse in a stable and taken every reasonable precaution to prevent it straying, he was allowed to depart with a caution.


Two accidents have occurred in this district during the week. In one case a young fellow named Percy ADAMS, living near Waikaremoana, accidentally shot himself through the hand while incautiously handling a revolver. He afterwards rode down to Clyde for medical attendance, but the ball has not yet been extracted, owing to the hand being so much swollen.

The other accident occurred to a man named STEWART, who broke one of his ankles in a tussle with another man at North Clyde yesterday.

Both patients are now in the Wairoa branch hospital under the care of Dr KEYWORTH, and are progressing as favourably as could be expected.


YOUNGHUSBAND-At her residence, Thompson road, Napier. On 7th December, the wife of John YOUNGHUSBAND, of a son (still-born) prematurely.


YOUNGHUSBAND-At her late residence, Thompson road Napier, Annie Elizabeth, the beloved wife of John YOUNGHUSBAND-"She rests in perfect peace."

The funeral will leave the house at 3 o'clock tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.
Friends please accept this intimation

BRISTER-At Napier, Robert BRISTER, known in New Zealand as "John JOHNSON," late of PATEA, aged 51 years.

The funeral will leave the Napier Hotel at 3 p.m. today (Tuesday).
Friends please accept this intimation
T P FULLER-undertaker.

Wednesday-page two
BIRTH CRESSWELL-On the 11th December, 1888, at Arundel Grove, FARNDON, the wife of Joseph Cresswell, solicitor, of a daughter.

HBH Dec 17 2 1888 TUKE
Page 2 Monday
Death TUKE-On the 15th December. At All Saints' Parsonage, Taradale. Maurice Melville, youngest child of Charles Laurence and Mary Eleanor TUKE, aged 1 year and 8 months. The funeral will leave the Parsonage for the Taradale cemetery at 4 p.m. this day (Monday)

HBH Dec 20 1888 DUNNp2

Thursday DEATH DUNN-At Auckland, on December 13 Alexander DUNN, aged 25 years.
Deeply regretted by all who knew him.
HBH Dec 22 2 1888 HANSARD & CARTER Marr and EDDY Hannah



HANSARD- CARTER-On the 20th December, at the Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Napier, by the Rev De Berdt HOVELL, Roger Walter HANSARD to Ethel Frances, second surviving daughter of the late Captain J C Lambton CARTER, 53rd Regiment.

EDDY-At Napier, on the 20th December, Hannah, the eldest daughter of Peter EDDY, aged 11 years 7 months.
The funeral will leave her parents' residence Spencer Road at 3.30 this (Saturday) afternoon.


James Mc EWEN-The statement complained of has not appeared in our columns.


HBH Dec 24 2 1888

Monday-Page Two

MARRIAGE KNIGHT-GIFFORD-On Saturday, December, 22nd at St John's Cathedral, Napier, by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Arthur Portal, third son of Arthur Charles KNIGHT of Akaroa, to Margaret, third daughter of E A GIFFORD, late of Auckland.

HBH Dec 25 2 1888
Tuesday-Page Two

BIRTH WOOSTER-At WAIPAWA, on 22nd December, the wife of T WOOSTER, of a son

DEATH MORONEY-At PAKI PAKI, on December 24th, Patrick MORONEY, aged 52, of bronchitis.
The funeral will leave the Napier Railway station for the cemetery on the arrival of the 1.10 p.m. train tomorrow (Wednesday).

HBH Dec 27 2 1888
MARRIAGE BOARDMAN-DOUGLAS On the 26th of December, 1888, at the Napier Cathedral, by the Rev De Berdt HOVEL, Alfred BOARDMAN of WELLINGTON, to Lillie DOUGLAS of NAPIER

HBH Dec 28 2 1888
DEATH GRAHAM-At Puketapu, on December 27th, 1888.
Samuel Cleland GRAHAM, aged 47 years. The funeral will leave Rosemount at noon today (Friday) for the Napier cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation


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