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HBH April 18 1888 Births Page 2

BEAMISH-At Okawa on April 16th, the wife of G R Beamish, of a son.
MASON-At Havelock, on April 17th, the wife of Maurice MASON, Taheke, Te Aute, of a son.
HBH April 18 1888 Anglo Colony page news

Mr GIBSON, leather merchant, claims £10,000 from the government for the injuries he sustained in the Windsor railway accident

Mr DESSON, of London, has made a proposition to the government, in which he expresses his willingness to undertake an Antarctic expedition for a premium of £5000.

Mr GILLIES has written to Sir Henry PARKES with reference to the proposed establishment of a cartridge factory, expressing the willingness of the government of Victoria to take ammunition from a factory in Australia, wherever established, and urging Sir Henry PARKES to withdraw his objections and arrange with Captain WHITNET for a site.

Executive has authorised the Agent-Colonel to purchase war material for the colony to the amount of £96,000.

South Australia

Bishop KENNION (Roman Catholic), at present in England, has received a legacy of £10,000 by the death of his uncle.\\Over 1000 tons of silver and lead bullion are awaiting shipment to England.

Australia New South Wales Sydney-Tuesday

Both KEMP and HANLAN are in splendid trim for the sculling match, which takes place on the 5th May. There is a far amount of wagering on the match, the odds being in favor of the Canadian.

Charles O'SULLIVAN, who was shot dead-a man named MacLEAN who was in the act of committing burglary, has been charged with manslaughter and acquitted.
Queensland Brisbane-Tuesday The victims of the 'Mount Merlin tragedy', reported yesterday were first poisoned and then buried. In addition to the cases reported another black woman was killed, making five deaths in all.
Obituary-Baron MACLEARY, formerly member of the Legislative council of New South Wales, aged 79;

Matthew ARNOLD, poet, aged 66.

The Ionic arrived at Plymouth yesterday from New Zealand.

The steamer Yarouba, with the London portion of the cargo of the Messareries steamer Yarra, has been totally wrecked on the Guernsey coast. The crew were saved, but it is expected the cargo will be lost.
HBH April 18 1888 Waipawa Court



LLOYD v HORNSBY-In this case plaintiff, owner of a house at Richmond Park, Waipawa, sued to recover damage for the demolition of a fowl house. Mr LOUGHNAN for defendant. The defendant had occupied plaintiff’s house.
Waipawa News

James WILKES, who lost his wife some few days since, is now trying to lose his senses by getting constantly drunk. Last evening he was run in and fined £1.

J SULLIVAN unable to tender 5s to the Crown for getting too drunk to take care of himself, was sent to gaol for 24 hours.

The Police are escorting two more desirable colonists from Ormondville.

One is Hugh McDONALD, who two years ago stole a watch at Tahoraite, and has been “waited” ever since. He is going to Napier for two years’ mediation. The other is Eugene SULLIVAN, from Herbertsville, who is going into retreat for two months for having been detected upon the premises of Mr W FISHER without authority, and for some unlawful purpose.

Not to be outdone by the new brewery, Mr H J BAKER is making great improvements to his establishment, new cooling room, &c., so that between the Waipawa Truman and Hanbury, and the Barclay and Perkins our affairs will be in a flourishing state of liquidation.
HBH April 18 1888 Invercargill

Tuesday The successful tender for the Bluff Harbor Board’s slip-way is Mr William BUSH,,at

£693 12s. The highest tender was £1008.

At the Supreme Court today Alexander COPELAND, who pleaded guilty to larceny was sentenced to six month’s hard labor.

Otto REINK, a lad of 14, pleaded guilty to a charge of breaking and entering a dwelling house, and was sentenced to nine month’s hard labor. Both the accused were industrial school bnoys.

John COUTTS, charged with indecent assault on a girl of nine years, was acquitted.

Timothy GORMAN, indicted on four charges of sheep stealing, was acquitted on the first charge.

Inquest on Carl HANSEN, a seaman of the s.s. Kakanui, who was drowned in the Mataura River. It was shown that the steamer ran into a bank in such a position that her boat was jammed in the bush. HANSEN was sent in to crank skiff to carry a warp to the opposite bank. ……………more. The jury strongly censured Captain BEST for sending deceased in an unsafe boat, and also for his inhumanity in not making more efforts to rescue the man or to recover the body. (No lifebuoy was thrown to him)

HBH April 18 1888 Currie

Tuesday Christchurch An adjourned inquest was held today on the body of Edward CURRIE, who died in a padded cell at Addington gaol on Friday. The medical evidence showed that death resulted from failure of the heart’s action, brought on by excessive drinking. A verdict to that effect was returned.

The Hon G R RICHARDSON left for Wellington by the Rotorua this evening
HBH April 18 1888 Dunedin

A trial crushing of 100 tons of stone from the Advance Park, Arrowtown, yielded 102 oz retorted gold.

Yielding to the solicitations of his congregation the Rev Dr STEWART of Knox Church, has consented to go Home on a lengthened furlough, and leaves by the Kaikoura next month.

At a meeting presided over by the Mayor tonight it was stated that £10 above the sum required to pay off the remaining liabilities on BURN’S statue are in hand.

HBH April 18 1888 ARNOLD

Mr Matthew ARNOLD, whose death is announced in this issue, made his literary reputation chiefly by verse, although he was the author of some high-class prose on a variety of subjects. - He held a lucrative appointment-that of lay inspector of schools under the “Committee of Council of Education”-from 1851 up till a year or two ago. From 1857 he held the position of Professor of Poetry at Oxford, and while holding the two positions named he also filled other well-paid posts at different times under the Government. To sum up his careers briefly he may be said to have been “clever and fortunate,” a by no means common combination.
HBH April 18 1888 Court
Civil cases


Mary BARRY vREIHANA-Mr MOORE for plaintiff and Mr DICK for defendant
LLOYD v HORNSBY-In this case plaintiff, owner of a house at Richmond Park, Waipawa, sued to recover damage for the demolition of a fowl house.
Thomas SNELLING deposed re case of grog addressed to McALPINE, by BATLEY's dray. McDONALD charged £3.

Alexander McDONALD stated that he was the son of Mr McDONALD, licensee of the Kuripapanga Hotel-deposed

Mr CORNFORD gave notice of appeal after defendant was fined £5 1s
HBH April 18 1888 Tramway Company
A meeting of the provisional directors of the Napier and suburban Tramway Company was held yesterday at the offices of the Napier Park Company
It was decided to register the company, and to adjourn the meeting till the 6th of June, as the directors hoped to place the requisite number of shares before that date.
HBH April 18 1888 Frasertown
At what age do girls marry in Frasertown? The query is prompted by a letter from the school committee there, read at yesterday's meeting of the Education Board, asking whether the Board would pay capitation on "married women under school age." As the maximum school age is fifteen years, there must be some very young wives in Frasertown, or else the committee is indulging in unseemly joking. The Board seems to think the latter suggestion the true solution, and declined to answer the query.
HBH April 18 1888 North News

Auckland By the Manapouri, which left today, 124 bags of ore from the Marototo mine, Thames were shipped to Sydney.

Mr B C MALLOY M.P. Left for Sydney this evening.

A dispute has arisen in the management of the civil Services Supply Association in consequence of Captain DALDY, chairman of Directors, having dismissed the manager, Mr George WHITE.

The Hon Mr FISHER today inspected the shools of the Marist Brothers and Kindergarten school. When he was at the latter institution, the secretary, Mrs LILLY, suggested to Mr FISHER the desirability of raising the school aged to seven years, so that young children migh be better cared for under the Kindergarten system. The Minister of Education expressed himself doubtful of the practicability of the idea, but promised to give it consideration.

Wanganui Supreme Court today found true bills against all the prisoners except Charles HENRY, charged with arson at Fielding, and Whewhe NGARAPO, charged with unlawfully wounding at Marton. W J SIMMONDS was found not guilty of the larceny of a watch and chain at Hunterville.

Wellington Detective CHRYSTAL was presented with £40 in recognition of his skill in the arrest of the incendiaties HIND and DUNKIN.

On the application of Mr JELICOE the bankrupt John MADDEN has been lodge in gaol, on the ground that he was about to leave the country.

Mr F SIDEY has been elected Mayor of the new borough of Melrose.

The Mariposa with the English mails has left San Francisco on the 8th April, 3 days late.

The Zealandia, with the colonial mails arrived at San Francisco 14th April a day early.

HBH April 18 1888 local

In Correspondence was a letter from William COLENSO re Renata KAWEPO.

A POST OFFICE AT GREENMEADOWS will be opened today at Mr ATTENBORROW’S. This will prove a great convenience.

Received from Messrs FORTUNE and BLACK, and from Mr G FAULKNOR donations for the bush fires relief fund.

A meeting of the provisional Directors of the Napier and Suburban Tramway Company was held yesterday at the Offices of the Napier Park Company.


HBH April 18 1888 Bankruptcy

In Bankruptcy Payment of Dividends as under will be payable at the office of Mr F W GARNER, late Deputy Assignee, Hastings street, Napier, to those Creditors who have proved their Claims in the following Estates on and after Thursday, the 19th April 1888

Martin Richard ASHWIN Frederick Wm BUTLER Alexander CAMMOCK Duncan CAMPBELL Ernest George S BRAHAM George HUTCHINGS Clement HARDING Robert HOADLEY Richard JONES Joseph JEFFARES Ed. Anderson LAURVIG James NICHOL Neil O’NEILL. Denis O’CALLAGHAN Geoffrey POTTS William ROSE Henry START Webber Samuel SEAVEY Donald SINCLAIR Henry SELIG Robert SPORIE Frederick Wm TAYLOR Leonard WILSON Robert George WILLIAMS J F JARDINE Deputy Assignee Napier 16th April 1888
HBH April 19 1888 BD'S
BIRTH WHITE-At Oakbourne, on the 15th April, the wife of John WHITE, Esq, of twin sons.

DEATH McALPINE-On April 17th 1888 at East Tamaki, Auckland, George Edward Robert McALPINE, late of Napier and father of Mrs R WATKINS and Mrs J CHICKEN, of this town; aged 60 years. Deeply regretted by all his sorrowing friends.
HBH April 19 1888 Aus News 2


Three men were drinking at the WALSEND Hotel on a Saturday night, when one of them dropped a lighted match upon a small cask of rum, with the result that it ignited and a explosion followed. All three men were burned. John STRELTON, a Sydney engineer, was seriously burned and was removed to hospital, where he lies in a critical condition. Part of the ceiling of the room was blown away.

Mr Henry William WALSH, M.L.C., while walking to Brisbane from his residence near BULIMBA was knocked down by a parcels delivery van and fatally injured. Mr WALSH was an old colonist, and for a long time took a prominent part in politics. He arrived in Sydney in 1844, and was for three years on a sheep station near Bathurst, and was for many years engaged in squatting pursuits in the Burnett district. In 1850 he was returned to the New south Wales Parliament. He was elected a member of the Queensland Government in 1865, and occupied a Seat in the Assembly for a number of years. He was elected Speaker in 1874, and was Minister of Works in the PALMER Ministry from 1870 70 1873. In 1879 was appointed to a seat in the Legislative Council.
Amazing disclosures were revealed by the examination of an insolvent named George SHUE before Mr Justice MAIN at Brisbane……………………..more
HBH April 19 1888 Aust News

Per steamer at the Bluff

Two cases of inequality of "Justices justice" was afforded by two cases that came recently before the Melbourne Police Court.

Robert J THOMSON, a new arrival, who stated that he was a doctor of medicine, was fined £10 or three months' imprisonment for striking a keeper of a coffee-stall over the head with a stick, while under the influence of liquor.

Peter REGAN, a well known Collingwood larrikin, who has served many sentences, the last being two years for assault and robbery, was charged with insulting behaviour and wilful damage, by marking a drover named CAMPBELL severely by throwing of an empty glass. This was after he deliberately retrieved metal from outside and threw it at bottles on the shelf. He also threatened to ship everyone there and was only halted by the arrival of the police. He raced out to the cart and drove rapidly away. He got off with a fine of £1 and like amount for the damage, or seven days' hard labor.

It is reported that Miss A H THOMPSON, daughter of the "Levisthan" bookmaker, goes to Europe to complete her musical education. Her father is placing £5000 at her disposal. She is possessed with a splendid voice.

A shocking fat accident happened on the railway line near Sandhurst. Some children were attending school were over a level crossing at a time when there was a dust storm blowing, which prevented the children seeing the up-passenger train coming. Two of the children named James RUSSELL (aged six years) and Emily THOMAS (aged seven years) were thrown down by the train and were picked up insensible, dying shortly afterwards.

Alfred LEWIS, a seaman aged 30 years has died of consumption in the Sailors' Home, bequeathing £50 each to the Melbourne and Alfred hospitals and the remainder of his money, almost £700 to the Salvation Army.

A disastrous fire with fortunately no loss of live, but some very narrow escapes from death were experienced when a fire broke out at REID and Sons' Coffee Palace, Ballarat on the 7th of April.

Names mentioned were the bread baker-William SEWELL,
All unharmed except for a housemaid named Jane LAWN, who rolled off the penthouse and broke her arm when falling.

***Note-This is a full report and available upon request to Elaine.
HBH April 19 1888 Australia News

New South Wales

A large meeting under the anti-Chinese League was held in Newtown. The meeting was addressed by Mr V L SOLOMON, from the Northern Territory…………..more
Mr MELVILLE also spoke.

A man named Fred GILBERT had placed a charge of an explosive substance in the place preparatory to blasting, and was prodding it with an iron rod when the charge exploded and he was overwhelmed by large masses of rock. His skull was very badly fractured and both his eyes were fearfully injured.

The lowest tenderers for the additions to the Sydney Lands Office are Messrs WAITE and BALDWIN. The tender of £97,000 will probably be accepted. The work will afford employment for 400 to 400 men for three years.

Probate has been granted in the estate of the late Gregory BOARD, a very old resident of Sydney and a large owner of Sydney property. The value of his estate was declared at £208,292. During the last few months of his life Mr BOARD was feeble in intellect, and one of his sons declared that he was kept a prisoner by his housekeeper, who denied his relatives access to him and went the length of shooting at the eldest son when he force his way into the house. The housekeeper, who was criminally proceeded against, is now undergoing imprisonment for the shooting business. It is understood that the property is distributed among BOARD's children.
HBH April 19 1888 local 1

Harriers Football Club

In the Senior Cup Match on Saturday at the Recreation Ground.

Full-back-J FLEMING

Three-quarter backs.



Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr E LYNDON J..P.,

Three youths named Edward HOWELL, Thomas KENNEDY, and John DOYLE were charged with vagrancy. Inspector KIELY said the accused belonged to the criminal class, and had come to Napier from the Waikato district. He therefore asked for a remand, as he believed that a more serious charge might have to be preferred.

The remand was granted-
George HARDING was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

In one of our Australian telegrams yesterday Bishop KENNION was referred to as a Roman Catholic. The Rev H S FREELAND, as one of Bishop KENNION'S chaplains, desires us to state that the bishop is an Anglican.

The Native Minister, accompanied by Mr LEWIS, Under-Secretary, is on his way from Taupo to Napier. The trip is being made in order that the Minister may attend RENATA'S funeral tomorrow.

The Woodville correspondent of the Post writes that an expert in Mining, recommended by Sir James HECTOR, has been inspecting the Maharahara copper field, and will report very shortly.

At the Herbertville Police Court on the 13th, before Messrs H HANDYSIDE and A H PRICE J.P's

Hugh McDONALD pleaded guilty to stealing a silver watch, and requested to be dealt with summararily. He was sentenced to three months' hard labor.

On the 17th inst before Mr H HANDYSIDE J.P. Eugene SULLIVAN received two month's hard labor for being illegally on premises.

R M Court today John HEENEY was charged before Mr McLEOD J.P., with disorderly conduct and resisting the police.
The Selwyn County Council have struck a poor rate of two-fifteenths of a penny in the pound on the rateable property in the account on account of the difficulty they experience in meeting the demands on them for hospitals and charitable aid.

A lengthy and acrimonious discussion took place lasting some hours, at the City Council tonight on a motion by Councillor SMITH to discharge the gas committee and appoint a fresh one. In the end he was prevailed to withdraw his motion.

The Hokonui School was destroyed by fire at 6 o'clock last night. A defective chimney is supposed to have been the cause of the fire, which broke out in the roof and destroyed school furniture and library, which contained 200 volumes

A careful search has been made for the bodies of the missing men SCOTT and LOUDEN, who were supposed to been drowned in the river on the 3rd instant, but no trace of them has been found. It is said that they had no desire to go to Macquarrie Island in the Awarua, for which they had signed articles, and it is thought possible they may have gone out of the way.

At the Supreme Court today Timothy GORMAN, charged with sheep stealing. His Honor discharged the accused.

A bakehouse at Orepuki, owned by Mr Cornelius BERRY, was destroyed by fire on Monday night.

Amongst the Sydney passengers by the Pukaki is Mr ANDREWS, a representative of Lloyd's, who comes over with the object of getting Pleione off the Otaki Beach.

Richard HOGARTH, who was severely injured in the train accident on Saturday, succumbed today to his injuries.

A Magisterial inquiry into the circumstances of the stranding of the barque Weathersfiled, at Ohau, on the 8th inst., was held today.

HBH April 20 1888
Auckland Per United Press Association Thursday Auckland

An application on behalf of the Law Society to have the name of William RIGBY or RAMWELL removed from the roll of New Zealand law practitioners was again brought before Mr Justice GILLIES yesterday by Mr BUTTON.

Peter O’DOWD who recently attempted to poison himself, appeared at the Onehunga Police Court yesterday and was bound over to keep the peace for six months. Dr SCOTT deposed that O’DOWD had taken sufficient phosphorous to cause death, in additional to a fatal dose of laudanum, but the prompt measures taken restored him.

The proposed expenditure by the city of Auckland next year is £32,445.

An analysis made by Mr J A POND shows the city water supply to be very constant and pure for drinking purposes.

Dunedin A deputation of about 200 working men waited on the Premier this morning, and expressed a hope that the Government would provide work for them. They said the condition of affairs here was very bad, many families being on the border of starvation. They were willing to take work in town or country.

HBH April 20 1888 Race Meeting Town and Suburban Racing Club Winter Meeting To be held on Town and Suburban Racing and Sports Company’s Ground. Taradale. Friday 22nd June 1888 President-W HESLOP Vice-President-W BROUGHTON Hon Treasurer-G RYMER Stewards- W LORD, T JEFFARES, junr., M RYAN, T LAWTON, L BINNIE, G RYMER, W STOCK, John JEFFARES, E HOGAN. Judge-G HESLOP Handicapper-A T DANVERS Starter-W HESLOP Clerk of the Course-W HOWARD Clerk of Scalers-J TURLEY Clerk of Totalisator-T WARRINGTON Secretary-Wm B HILL.

Meet of Creditors in the bankrupt estate of Samuel GRAHAM, sheep farmer was held at the Court-house yesterday, the Deputy Assignee presiding.

Mr CORNFORD for the debtor

Mr COTTERILL for the Loan and Mercantile Agency company and Mr DICK for another.

The debtor attributed his bankruptcy to losing about 2000 sheep and lambs last season, and to having to purchase £200 worth of feed for his stock in consequence of deficiency of grass.

The debtor commenced business 12 years ago with £800 capital.
HBH April 20 1888 Napier Football Club

Match played will be Captain v Deputy-Captain



Harriers v Pirates match will follow

HBH April 20 1888 Rugby Committee

Officers Elected President Mr T TANNER M.H.R
Vice-President-Mr W BROUGHTON
Hon Secretary and Treasurer-Mr FRASER


Match Committee of last year was re-elected. Messrs WARBRICK and KING appointed delegates to the Union. Messrs O’LEARY, BUSH, T H GIBSON-elected members.

Invercargill Thursday At the Supreme Court today a case in which considerable interest was taken was concluded. Mrs NEWALL, the widow of one of the men killed in the collapse of the Glenham tunnel some time ago, sued Mr MENZIES, contractor, for £1000 as solatium for the death of her husband. The case was tried before a special jury, who returned a verdict for £150 on the ground that the defendant had not used sufficient care and diligence in ascertaining whether the man he appointed to the charge of the work was an expert.


Mr John ROBERTSON, at present master of the Auckland steamer STAFFA, has been appointed harbour-master and pilot at the Manakau.

Lieut-Colonel BUTTS, No 3 Militia;

Lieut. DOUGLAS, R.N.

Captain COLEMAN, of the permanent militia

Captain HUME, late of the Cameron Highlanders; have been appointed as the Central Board for the examination of candidates for commissions in the New Zealand Volunteer force.

Lieut – Colonel BUTTS to be president.

Mr S W D’Arcy IRVINE is appointed inspector and superintendent of branches of the Government Insurance Department.

It is notified that in consequence of the abolition of the council of military education the appointments of Lieut-Colonel BAILEY as president and Lieut. DOUGLAS as secretary of that council has been revoked.

New Plymouth Thursday Joseph Watson KENNEDY, a prisoner in the gaol serving a sentence of two years for forgery in Napier, was brought up before the Resident Magistrate today for refusing to work. KENNEDY sometime since charged a warder for giving tobacco to a prisoner, but having failed to substantiate his case, for bringing a groundless charge he was sentenced to 10 days’ bread and water. He has been punished twice by justices for refusing to work, and was now brought before the R.M., for the offence. He was sentenced to 14 days’ bread and water, and to forfeit 30 days (180 marks.)

Wanganui At the Supreme Court today

Charles McLAUGHLIN, charged with larceny of money from a dwelling at the Manawatu Gorge was acquitted.

HBH April 20 1888 Invercargill


At the Supreme Court today a case in which considerable interest was taken was concluded. Mrs NEWALL, the widow of one of the men killed in the collapse of the Glenham tunnel some time ago, sued Mr MENZIES, contractor, for £1000 as solatium for the death of her husband. The case was tried before a special jury, who returned a verdict for £150 on the ground that the defendant had not used sufficient care and diligence in ascertaining whether the man he appointed to the charge of the work was an expert.
HBH April 20 1888 Dannevirke

Police Court under yesterday's date
Before Messrs W F KNIGHT and M HENDERSON J.P.'s.

Charles WILEY
William PAYNE

Charged with larceny of a case of schnapps, the property of James ALLARDICE.

Prosecution conducted by Sergeant RYAN.

After hearing evidence prisoners convicted and sentenced to three months' hard labor in the Napier gaol

HBH April 20 1888 Skating
Between pressmen and telegraphists to take place at the Colombia rink this evening.

HBH April 21 1888

Birth PROFFITT-At Napier, on the 20th April, the wife of W PROFFITT, of a daughter.

HBH April 21 1888 Tenders Advertisement No 152 Alternative tenders are requested for-Purchase of the Residue of Lease of part Town Section No 171, with the building thereon, lately in the occupation of BERRY, DANIEL and PHILLIPS, Auctioneers and Agents. Lease expires on 31st October 1891. Address, Box No 37, Post Office Napier.

Advertisement No 150 Hawke’s Bay County Council Napier, April 18th, 1888. Tenders for getting and carting metal on the Petane-Puketapu road. A distance of one mile, near Mr SPENCE’s old homestead. G T FANNIN C.C.C. H.B

Advertisement No 119 Napier Harbor Board Discharging of Punts. John GOODALL Engineer, Napier Harbor Board No 168 11th April, 1888.

Bankruptcy Court Napier James DAVIS of Napier, Builder, was today adjudged bankrupt. No 165

Lost and Found 10th inst, a Black and Red Collie Dog at Hastings-Found. Fed EVANS Frimley 17th April, 1888

HBH April 21 1888 Telegraphic Friday Per United Press Association Auckland

A cottage in Cobden Street, Newton, owned and occupied by Mr Isaac WILCOCK, was destroyed by fire this morning.

Board of Education state they see no reason to adopt Mr O’SULLIVAN’S recommendation that a chief inspector be employed to superintend the working of the education system in the provincial district. Board state in making appointments they abided by the written reports of the inspectors.

The New Zealand Shipping Company have applied to have the direct steamer Kaikoura docked in the Calliope graving dock free of charge on her arrival in this port.

New has been received of a death by a singular occurrence in the bush in the Oruru district on the 9th inst. A man named John CLARK, a half-caste, and half witted, set fire to a large kauri tree, it is supposed with the object of gaining possession of a large piece of kauri gum which he had seen. It is believed he went a short distance away to sleep, with night coming on, and it is believed that the tree fell upon him and burned him, his charred bones being afterwards found at the spot.

Wanganui Relative to the telegram re a derelict seen by Captain McGREGOR of the Florence, on his way to Lyttelton, it cannot be the Catlin, as she is here loading timber for Lyttelton, and has been here since the 10th.

In the Supreme Court today Whewhe NGARAPE, charged with unlawfully wounding with intent to murder Hori WARENA, of Rangitikei, was found guilty of unlawfully wounding under great excitement and provocation, and was bound over in his recognisances of £100 and one surety of £100 to keep the peace.

HBH April 21 1888 Hastings Court

At the R.M. Court before Messrs FITZROY and WELLWOOD, J.P’s.

PELL, charged with driving a vehicle without a light after dark, was dismissed with a caution, the case being the first of the kind brought before the court.

Hugh Mc LEAN fined 10s for obstructing the footpath by allowing his horse to remain on it.

George SMITH fined £1 for assaulting W MILLIGAN-Mr CUFF for complainant.

Walter SUTHERLAND fined 5s for killing three turkeys, the property of R H MACKENZIE.

H DENNETT, for having a turkey in his possession the property of R H MACKENZIE, find 5s. In each of the foregoing cases the defendants were muleted in costs.

HBH April 21 1888 News Friday

The Harbor Board have received eight tenders, in reply to an application sent to seventeen English and American firms for tenders for electric lighting.

Mr John STEVENSON, for many years engaged in the commercial department of the Evening Post, died suddenly this morning, having ruptured a blood vessel. Deceased had been suffering from asthma for a considerable time.

Dunedin-Friday The escort brought down £36,000 worth of gold.

Information was received this afternoon by the police that Mr WILLIAMS, a farmer at Otaki, drowned himself today in the Taieri river. The body has been found. The deceased had been drinking. An inquest will be held at Otaki tomorrow.

It was reported tonight that John TAYLOR, of Kirkhill farm, near Mosgiel, a man whose stacks were fired recently, has hanged himself. The police are making inquiries.

HBH April 21 1888 Educations Reserves ***Note Schedule available upon request to Elaine

Notice No 447 W PARKER Junr. Secretary to Commissioners

For Lease Office of the School Commissioners Napier 17th April 1888 Schedule for lease for 21 years Land at Tahoraite Woodville Norsewood Kumeroa Vil. Wallingford Vil Hampden T’ship Norsewood Vil. Ormondville T’ship Porangahau T’ship Tarawera T’ship For lease for 42 years Meeanee No 37 Western Spit No 51

HBH April 21 1888 Finn V McLINDON

***Note Schedule available upon request to Elaine

Public Notice Under Court. Hugh Joseph FINN v Bernard McLINDON Notice 374

Under Write of Sale at the suit of the Execution Creditor (Hugh Joseph FINN, of Gisborne, Solicitor hereon. Paul A F BIRCH, Sheriff, of Hawke’s Bay, being the officer executing the writ.

I the undersigned at the Supreme Court Buildings Napier cause to be sold subject to a mortgage of £900. Dated 15th April, 1887, No 3380, to June INGLIS, of Crail, Scotland, widow, together with interest thereon at a rate of nine per centum per annum.

Description of Lands 19 acres and 2 roods, situated in the Hawke’s Bay District, being allotments numbered. All that land in the said district containing 21 acres 3 roods 4 perches allotments.

Also all that land situated in the Provincial District of Hawke’s Bay containing 223 acres, being Rural Sections 184 and 185 on the plan of Woodville.

Solicitor for the Creditor-E J CHRISP, of Gisborne Dated at Napier 1111th Day of April 1888. Paul A F BIRCH

HBH April 21 1888 School Meeting Napier

Napier District School Committee Committee present: - Met last evening Messrs S FREEMAN (Chair) T W BEAR M PARKER P GLEN J McANENY

Following report was presented to the householders.

Our committee at the termination of their year of office, congratulate the householders on the continued success of the schools in this district. The number of children is now as follows:-

Central School-864: average attendance 700;

Hastings street school 262; average attendance 191

There were presented from the Central schools 600, of whom 508 passed.

The Hastings street school being newly opened was examined for classification only………………….more.

Ranks and Classification is as follows:- Central Schools- Mr A H THOMSON, head-masterC1 Mr D A SHURROCK, second master. D2 Mr C HESLIN, third master, E3 Miss H F GILROY, head-mistress. E2 Miss E D ROBOTTOM, second mistress. E2 Miss M PALMER, third mistress. E and partial D Miss D M BROWN, fourth mistress. D3 Miss L BURDEN, fifth mistress. E1 Miss H B ANDREWS, sixth mistress, E Mr J WILLIAMSON, junior assistant teacher. E Miss M MILLER, junior assistant teacher, N.C.

Pupil teachers Mr T WATT, Misses N RENOUF, A WYLIE, A MONTGOMERY, M MAGILL. Trainee:

Hastings Street School Mr R GOULDING, head-master. D1 Miss J MONTEITH, head-mistress. E3 Miss J E GOULDING, second mistress. E2.


Through leaving the district Mr C F WORTH resigned his position on the committee, and Mr J C FOWLER was elected to fill the vacancy. There were 27 committee meetings held during the year, the attendance was as follows. Mr J PARKER-26 Mr P GLEN-26 Mr T SIDEY-24 Mr T W BEAR-24 Mr J McANENY-22 Mr S J FREEMAN-16 Mr C F WORTH-13 Mr J C FOWLER-5

Additions to the Hastings Street school is greatly needed, consideration postponed by Board of Education, through lack of funds in hand.

BEE and FIELDER audited the accounts and found them correct
HBH April 23 1888 B D'S

BIRTHS WALKER-At Napier, on April 22nd, the wife of R T WALKER, of a daughter.
McCARTNEY-At Napier, on April 22nd, the wife of Arthur McCARTNEY, of a son.

DEATH STYCHE-On April 16, at Avonside, Christchurch, William STYCHE, late of Napier. Aged 53.
HBH April 23 1888 Glasgow news

Under the heading

“A remarkable divorce Case.”! Why, it was excruciating, and excelled the solemnities of pantomime. We owe the parties a vote of thanks for having done their best to enrich our experience with something like a new wrinkle. The early stages of the story are simple, if not indeed idyllic and pastoral. It was at the beginning of 1871 that Joseph MILLIGAN, mason, Lauriston, Kirkendbrightshire, married the gentle Jane BONE, who became bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh.

The Trader’s name who was involved was McINTOSH

****Note-This has been abridged by Elaine and is available upon request..

HBH April 23 1888 English Footballers.

London Correspondent of the Auckland Star writes as follows of the English football team

Backs: HASLAM J T Yorkshire County and Batley age 25
PAUL A Lancashire & Swinton age 23
STODDART A E Blackheath & English International. Best scorer England has
SPEAKMAN H C Chestshire & Runcorn age 22
BROOKS DR H Durham & University aged 38
ANDERTON J Lancashire & Salford
BURNBY Q Lancashire & Swinton age 27
NOLAN J Rochdale Hornets age 24
BURNETT W Roxburgh County & Hawick age 23
MATHEWS C Yorkshire & Bramleyage 27
WILLIAMS S Lancashire & Salford age 26
BANKS T Lancashire & Swinton age 30
SEDDON R L Lancashire & Swinton age age 26
EAGLES H Lancashire & Swinton age 26
STUART A J Yorkshire & Dewsbury
THOMAS W H Cambridge University & Wales age 21
CLOWES J P Yorkshire & Halifax age 21
KENT T Lancashire & Salford age 28
PINBETH A P CAPTAIN Douglas Isle of Man, F.C. age 25
BURNETT R Roxburgh County & Hawick age 26
LAING A J Roxburgh & Captain Hawick, age 23
Edinburgh University, Corinthians & Scottish International. Has Captained Scotland for years.. Dr SMITH will act as umpire, but may occasionally be expected to play.
HBH April 23 1888 HB Football

Two Cup matches played on Saturday Pirates v Harriers in Town County v Te Aute at Hastings

County Team included Messrs JOSEPH, WILLIAMS and Fred WARBRICK, J TAIAROA, W and G WYNYARD, STEWART, and WEBSTER, of Mr J WARBRICK’s representative native team, all these playing for the county club.

In the town contest the teams were regarded as very evenly matched.

COUNTY v TE AUTE-Hastings ground


HBH April 24 1888 Henry COHEN Inquest

***Newspaper full article available upon request to Elaine

Inquest was held yesterday at the Temperance Hotel, before Mr G A PREECE, coroner, and a jury of which Mr G LLOYD was chosen foreman, to consider circumstances attendant upon the death of Henry COHEN.

Deposed-John DALE-proprietor Temperance Hotel

Margaret MURPHY-servant at Temperance Hotel

Thomas ROBINSON-boarder at Temperance Hotel

Dr INNES-attended deceased.


Stated he made a post mortem examination of deceased and there were not external marks of violence.
HBH April 24 1888 Race Entries


Signed E GRAY Secretary

HBH April 24 1888 PELL to BAKER Transfer

Application 291

To Transfer Deferred Payment License to Hawke’s Bay Waste Lands board to transfer interest in the undermentioned sections in terms of Clause 117 of “The Waste Lands Act 1885.”

Section 19, Tautane Village Settlement Block and Weber Survey District from Sydney Arthur PELL, of Otonga, to Sydney William BAKER, of the same place, settler.

G W WILLIAMS Commissioner of Crown Lands Crown Lands Office Napier 5th April 1888

HBH April 24 1888 Marston, Reid, Barry.

Overseas News


The barque Queen’s Island, which has arrived at Newcastle from San Francisco, reports that when passing Palmerston Island, situated in latitude 18 deg, 50 south, and longitude 154 deg 13 min west and supposed to be uninhabited, a boat containing eight persons put off to the vessel. The chief of the island, William MARSTON, stated that he ran away from the British barque Rifleman at Tahiti 25 years ago. He undertook to plant it with coconuts and had resided there ever since. There were 33 persons on the island. MARSTON had married a half-caste Kanaka woman, and was the father of eleven sons and four daughters. All the islanders speak English fluently and the family appear to live on the happiest terms. Captain REID supplied the islanders with a variety of articles and provisions and received coconuts in return. MARSTON stated that he did a good trade in copra with small vessels.,

Bishop BARRY in his visitation charge at St Andrew’s Cathedral laid special stress upon the increase of Sunday desecration in Sydney…………………….more

HBH April 24 1888 South

Monday Dunedin

Mr O’NEILL, the victim of the Roxburgh shooting case on the 5th inst., died on Friday night. Charles WORTH has been committed for trial for murder.

The English football Team arrived by the Kaikoura today. Dr CAUGHHEY, the president, met them, and they were driven in drags to the Grand Hotel.


Sophia KIDD was charged today at Winton with stealing 16 head of cattle, the property of Alex. ROSS, of Forest Hill, and was remanded for a week.

Bail being allowed in two sureties of £50 each.

It is alleged that the accused drove the cattle to Gore, a distance of 20 miles, and there sold them, giving the name of Mrs ALLAN. She is a daughter of a land holder of the same name, and is of a very attractive appearance and a noted horsewoman
HBH April 24 1888 Australia

At the Sydney quarter sessions, Ebenezer DORSET-pleading guilty to forging and uttering a cheque for £1200, was sentenced to be imprisoned for nine years.

The prisoner is undergoing a sentence of six years for forgery committed at Queensberg.

Norman CAMPBELL, James LAMOATE, and Abraham ELLERMAN, young men, were found guilty of forging a passbook on a savings’ bank and embezzling money thereby. CAMPBELL, a gentlemanly youth of about 20 years of age made an address to the Bench and was then sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment in Paramatta gaol. LAMONT was sentenced to four years’ in Darlinghurst, and ELLERMAN to four years’ imprisonment in Maitland gaol.


The hostile attitude of the Rugby Union to the English team of footballers has proved most discouraging to the promoters on the eve of the departure of the team, it adopted a resolution that J P CLOWES, of Yorkshire, one of the forwards, was a professional within the meaning of the Union laws.

Ah HOW and Ah QUACK were sentenced at Melbourne to 15 months’ imprisonment for keeping disorderly houses.

HBH April 24 1888 Redfern Police Court

Annie KELLY was charged at the Redfern Police Court with being a worthless character, and behaving in a riotous manner. The prisoner was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment. As she was leaving the dock she addressed his Worship, as follows: - “I don’t wish you any harm, but I hope you will be dead when I come out. I’ll go and water your grave.” On being recalled she reiterated her good wishes, and her sentence was consequently increased to six months.

HBH April 24 1888 Local a

Mr H C ROBJOHNS donated for the bush fires relief fund.

Captain EDWIN wired yesterday regarding falling glass and indications of rain.

Mr GREGORY receiving numerous entries for the ladies’ race at the Columbia skating rink.

Debating class was held last evening. Rev Mr McNICOLL in the chair. Two essays were read, one by Mr A ASHCROFT on “Lowell,” and one by Mr COULSON on “Life and its Objects.”

Resident Magistrate’s Court

Before Mr G A PREECE, R.M., and Dr PRESTON J.P.

James NOLAN for drunkenness

Michael SULLIVAN who did not appear and had his bail estreated.

William GOLDING-drunkenness and one month’s hard labor on the charge of obscene language.

\Thomas EWART-charged with horse-stealing and remanded to Masterton Magistrate’s Court.

HBH April 24 1888 Omahu Pa

***Note by Elaine-Typed as written apart from Capital Font for surnames.



HASTINGS, April 23.

I have just returned from the Omahu pa, where an interesting ceremony (especially to the Maoris concerned) took place. On my arrival I saw several drays drive up in front of the refectory or banqueting hall, in which a substantial meal was being engulfed. The drays were loaded with float, sugar, tea, tobacco, soap, “and other delicacies,” as the village shopkeeper wrote over his window, and constituted gifts to the amount (as I am informed) of .£500 to be distributed among the visiting tribes, under the will of the late chief RENATA, by Paul KAIWHATA, Mrs DONNELLY, and


Later on six line bullocks, presented by Mr Mc LEAN, through

Mr BROUGHTON, were brought on to the ground. During the day there was some speechifying as to the choice of a chief as successor to RENATA.

By the courtesy of Mr HAMLIN I am enabled to give the following resumé.

Henare TOMOANA said that this was a proper time to name a successor to Renata, but he would leave the assembly to decide this point.

Paul ROPIHA said that as far as he and his tribe were concerned they would not, name anyone, as he thought that that should he left for the will to decide.

(ROHIHA was supported in this view by a native chief from the Wairoa (Tiopera) HAPIMANA.

Another Wairoa chief, after eulogising the deceased, said that he recognised his successor, he thought the best thing would be to have a general meeting to discuss the matter fully, so that Henare TOMOANA might see that the different hapus here were not unanimous as to who should succeed.

The Rev. Tamihana HUTA said that he also thought it should he left for RENATA’S will to decide who should be his successor. Everyone present was aware that there were disputes on that. subject.

Te TEARA (Mrs Donnelly’s uncle) objected to letting the will decide. He thought the matter should he settled by the tribe.

Ultimately the matter was left in abeyance. Then came the distribution of gifts, -which had been piled into a farinaceous and saccharine barricade, at the end of which was a small banner of the strangest anti most expensive kind I ever saw, consisting as it did of a bundle of bank notes stuck in a cleft stick. These, to the amount £100, were the gift of Mrs DONNELLY. I was struck with the system and rapidity with which the long piles of goods were allotted to the recipients and the perfect order and absence of disputes. After the distribution some hakas were danced in very good style.

HBH April 24 1888 Auckland


United Press Association

Football season opened on Saturday with Ponsonby v North Shore played at Devonport.

POTTER’S Paddock Grafton beat Auckland by three tries to one.

The new Roman Catholic Church of St BENEDICT, Newton, erected on the ruins of the St BENEDICT’S Church, which was destroyed by fire, was consecrated yesterday. Bishop LUCK officiated at pontifical high mass at 11 o’clock. Archbishop REDWOOD preached the sermon.

Messrs G FRASER and Son has just completed a small crushing or very rich ore at reduction pans, Phoenix Foundry, for some prospectors who have recently made a rich discovery. The locality of the find is on the Coromandel peninsula, between the head of the Manaia and Mercury Bay..
HBH April 25 1888

Marriage PITT-YOUNG- On April 16th, at St John's Napier, by the Rev De Berdt HOVELL. Richard Charles, only son of R C PITT, of London, to Georgina, eldest daughter of the late William S YOUNG, of Lyttelton. Canterbury papers please copy.
Death MONTEITH-At Taradale, on April 24th, Robert MONTEITH aged 35 years. The funeral will leave his late residence this day (Wednesday) at 1 o'clock.
HBH April 25 1888 First Maori Martyr

***Note by Elaine-Typed as written with the exception of Capitals and paragraphs

The First Martyr of the Maori Church

In noticing some new gifts of Sir George GREY to the Auckland Public Library the N Z Herald says: -

We picked up a thin volume, one of the first books printed in the Maori language in 1835. It was a copy of the Gospel of St Luke. A native residing in the Bay of Islands district, named RETIMONA, had become possessed of a copy, and was filled with enthusiasm for the lofty and pure character of Jesus there displayed as our Savior. He determined to go and preach the Gospel to another tribe. Whether these people were at enmity with RETIMONA’S tribe, or whether the anger of some of the tohunga of the ancient faith was excited, we do not know: but a party set upon the missionary, and killed him. On the blank page at the beginning of the book is the following note in the handwriting of Mr John WHITE, who gave the book to Sir George GREY: - “This book belonged to RETIMONA, who was shot at Otakere by KAITOKE, on his going to preach to KAITOKE’S tribe. The marks on the Cover are from a blow of the butt end of a gun in trying to save his head after he had been shot through the body; also, blood to be seen on the cover. He was a member of the Wesleyan Church, and was the first martyr in New Zealand. This took place in 1835.”

While on the subject of natives who have sealed their testimony to their faith with their blood, we may mention the cases of MANIHERA and KEREOPA, who were killed at Taupo in 1847.

Of this event the Rev R TAYLOR gives a detailed account.

He held a prayer meeting at Wanganui in December, 1846. One of those present, MANIHERA, said that the people of Taupo were still heathen, and he would go and endeavor to bring them out of the darkness, KEREOPA stood up, and said that when the apostles went out and they went two by two, and he asked to accompany MANIHERA. The two missionaries first visited the famous warrior, RANGIHAEATA. He listened to them, and made a feast for them; but, when they were leaving, he laid his hand edgewise on the back of his neck, intimating that they were exposed to great danger in what they were attempting. They then went to the East Coast and then to Rotorua. At Rotorua they saw the Rev Mr CHAPMAN. They had a letter for him from Mr TAYLOR, but through a mistake it had been sealed with black wax. Mr CHAPMAN wrote an answer, and he also sealed his letter with black. MANIHERA remarked on this, and said, “This is a pure sign of death for us; nevertheless, God’s will be done.”

The people of Taupo had been at feud with the tribe to which MANIHERA belonged. A party lay in ambush for the missionaries, and fired at them as they came along the track. HUIATAHI, an old chief, nearly seventy, immediately rushed out of the thicket, and chopped at MANIHERA with his hatchet, but his blows were too feeble to kill him, and it was a long time before he fell. One stroke destroyed his sight; he then put up his hand, as it were, to wipe away the blood from his eyes. At last he fell, but still lingered from the morning, when this cruel tragedy was perpetrated, until sunset, ejaculating prayers for his murderers, that their eyes might be opened to the truth.

This little book, the gospel of St Luke, is well worthy of every care for many reasons. It is a specimen of one of the earliest books printed in the Maori tongue, and its stained covers bring to remembrances those early Maori martyrs, who are not unworthy to be held in recollection with the most famous of those who have died for the Christian faith. Most fitting it is that this relic should remain in Auckland. It will recall to our children’s children, hundred of years hence, the early days of New Zealand, and show them that Maoris had courage to be martyrs and well as to fight in the field
HBH April 25 1888 Timaru Court Tuesday

Sittings of the Supreme Court were opened this morning before Judge WARD.

True bills were found in all cases.

Edwin WILCOCKS-larceny of some wool found guilty, and sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment.

Jonathan ROBERTS received a sentence of 5 years’ penal servitude for horse stealing.

R BOYS a youth, sentenced to 12 months’ hard labor for attempted criminal assault on a girl 10 years of age.

Dennis MURPHY, alias Paddy SHINE sentenced to 10 years’ penal servitude, for burglary and four charges of larceny.
HBH April 25 1888 Dunedin

Dunedin Tuesday

A fire broke out in Mr HÚCKERS’ cabinet-maker’s shop tonight, and did considerable damage before it was extinguished. The origin of the fire is not known. Mr HÚCKER and his wife are out of town.

HBH April 25 1888 Aus news

The Police were despatched to Mount Merlin Station, CLONOWONG, to inquire into the reported murder of a white boy and four blacks by the manager of the station, have returned, and report that the rumor is entirely without foundation, and that its origination was the outcome of spite on the part of a boy engaged on the station.

Captain CUTTER, of the German steamer OTILLE, while on the voyage from Finchaven, New Guinea, to Cook Town, jumped overboard while in a state of high fever, and was drowned.

The expedition has returned from Finchaven, and they report that they have discovered what are believed to be traces of the explorers Von BULOW and HUNSTEIN and servant. The spot where the articles were found appears to have been the scene of an eruption, and it is believed that the party were engulfed.

New South Wales Sydney Tuesday

At a public meeting held in the Domain today a resolution was passed condemning the action of the Imperial Government in advising Her Majesty to refuse to assent to the Divorce Extension Bill and censuring Dr. BARRY, Anglican Bishop of Sydney, for the action taken by him in opposing the Bill.

HBH April 25 1888 News General

The Colonies and India of Feb 15 is responsible for the following: - The Marquis of Normanby, who is now visiting the colony of New Zealand, over whose destinies he formerly presided, as Governor, it, it is said, likely to return home in the spring, with a bridge chosen from the fair sex of Wellington, amongst whom the first Marchioness once dispensed viceregal honors.

Wellington Tuesday

A Frenchman named L´a MORTE was drowned at Castlepoint last night. He was crossing a reel to fish when a wave washed him away. The body has been recovered.

Captain CULBERT, of the stranded ship PLEIONE, has been appointed to the command of the ship PLEIDES, and he leaves tomorrow for Lyttleton, where the vessel is loading.

HBH April 25 Notices

Advertisement no 459 Banner & Liddle Sales Thursday 26hth April 1888 at 12 o’clock.

On instructions from Mr C VILLERS who is giving up business, to sell on the premises. Petane the whole of his Coaching Plant, Stock of general storekeeper, Blacksmith and Carrier.

500 Crossbred sheep and Trap horses and hacks, Head Cattle-Store cattle and Dairy cows, Horse Coaches.

Also land No 490-Lost and Found-

T.J.BOWES, Dickens street, Napier No 482

ALBION Lodge U.A.O.D Meeting at 1.30 p.m. sharp. For the purpose of attending the funeral of the late Bro. Henry COHEN. Visiting Brethren invited.


Notice 333

In the Estate of the late John JOHNSTON 299 acres being Sections 12-16, West Clive, near Napier JOHNSTON and Co Wellington.

No 300-For Sale 500 sacks prime spar Rowbill Oats


To let or for sale,, on easy terms

A family residence containing nine rooms, outhouses, and all conveniences at Richmond Park, Waipawa, eight minutes walk from the Railway Station.

Apply to G LLOYD Milton Road Napier. 20
HBH April 25 1888 Bush Relief Fund

Received by Mr W BOGLE Secretary of Relief Fund, £33 17s 1d collected in Taradale and forwarded to the secretary by Mr W BOTTOMLEY.

The items were made up as follows: -


Proceeds of Mrs ATTENBORROW’S lecture per Mr Cartwright BROWN

HBH April 25 1888 Schools’ elections a

Waipukurau A large attendance of between 50 and 60 householders, Mr A JONES in the chair

There was a passage of arms between Mr W C SMITH, M.H.R., and Mr ROBINSON, the latter by a question that Mr SMITH had only attended the one meeting.

The following committee were elected. Messrs J D McVAY J SCHOLES J D KNIPE A JONES T WILLIAMS J BISSETT W ROBINSON

Ormondville There was a very small attendance at the annual meeting of householders, very few of them caring to face the steady rain.

Mr MAYNARD occupied the chair.

Mr A WEBBER-head-master.

Messrs GROOM and SHUGAR spoke of the conscientious manner in which the master had discharged his very onerous duties, and expressed regret that the district.

Committee elected: - The Rev A S WEBB Messrs R R GROOM F C SHUGAR J MAYNARD W BEALE W CASTLES J BOVAND Mr GROOM chosen chairman Rev A S WEBB secretary.

Mohaka The following were elected for the current year: - Messrs G BEE J SIM junr J STARK M McGRATH P McGRATH A McMILLAN J McKENZIE Mr BEE elected chairman

Wairoa Meeting for the election of a committee was poorly attended.

Mr ASHWIN chairman of the outgoing committee.

The following gentlemen were elected a committee: - Messrs T PARKER G B FLINT-Elected Chairman POYZER, JANE PYKE PILSON H FLINT

Frasertown There was a moderate attendance.

The following were elected a committee: - Messrs W COUPER C SMITH J HIRD-Elected Chairman. W E GRIFFIN J FLETCHER B LAMBERT G V KINGLEY

HBH April 25 1888 Schools Meetings b

Spit There was a fair attendance at the Spit schoolroom, but probably more would have been present if several residents in the Port Ahuriri district had not preferred to attend the Theatre Royal and take part in the election of the Napier district committee.

Following were elected: - Messrs WILSON FULTON CRANBY KROGH MARTIN PLESTED McCARTHY-Elected secretary

Taradale Meeting of householders attendance was fairly attended considering the rain.

Mr WATERHOUSE occupied the chair.

Committee for the current year elected were: - Messrs SCOTT ORR-elected chairman NAPIER-elected secretary TAYLOR HARPHAM CODD SNELL

Clive Attendance of householders was fair.

Mr F SUTTON occupied the chair.

On motion of Mr MOSS the retiring committee was re-elected, names of it as follows: - Messrs SUTTON 9chairman) WEAVER McILROY THOMPSON BENNETT MERRITT TUCKER

Hastings Attendance was poor.

Following were elected a committee Messrs W R RUSSELL M.H.R., C A FITZROY-ELECTED Chairman J COLLINGE W C MADDISON G BENJAMIN A A GEORGE S T TONG Mr BEILBY-secretary

Havelock Good attendance of householders, who took great interest in the proceedings.

Mr T GILPIN elected in the chair.

On the motion of Mr J SUTHERLAND the report and balance-sheet were adopted.

Following candidates were proposed Mes T GILPIN-elected chairman for the year. J MUIR Alex> McRAE E HALLETT W A COUPER H COOK H SELIG J GLASS J MACKENZIE J BOYLE J McDONALD G PULFORD

The first seven were elected.

Waipawa Notwithstanding a heavy downpour of rain, there was a good muster of householders at the school committee election. Geo ABRAHAMS J V ANNAN H ARROW Rev J BENNING Rev J C ECCLES J T M HORNSBY L WHITTINGTON S JOHNSON B JONES J MILDON J MOGRIDGE R PHILLIPS

The first seven were elected. A vote of thanks to the retiring chairman Mr E BIBBY, for his valuable services and uniform punctual attendance for a number of years.

60 persons voted for one candidate only, and 25 others split their votes
HBH April 25 1888 Bush Relief Donations


HBH April 25 1888 Court Held yesterday


According to evidence FINNISTER, was engineer on board the S.S. Ahuriri, owned by

Mr J G KINROSS and commanded by Captain B B CREAGH.

Plaintiff objected to being ordered by a subordinate and spoke to the Captain that he (FINNISTER) was dismissed by Mr KINROSS. Plaintiff’s waged were £19 14s a month, and £9 was due at the time of dismissal, and this amount was paid into Court. Plaintiff was offered the option of working out the month, but declined. His Worship considered the dismissal was fully justified, plaintiff having been insubordinate. Judgment for amount paid into Court.

Judgment for plaintiff was given at the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday in each of the following civil cases.

Same v SMITH
MANDERS v JOHNSTONE-defendant ordered to pay amount forthwith or go to prison for fourteen days.

HBH April 26 1888 KARL Auction

In the Estate of J KARL Dannevirke Land and Dwelling House The Deputy Official Assignee has instructed Messrs BAKER & TABUTEAU To sell by Public Auction at their Rooms Tennyson street, Napier at 2 p.m. on Wednesday 2nd May The equity of Redemption Of Lots 57 and 64 of Suburban Section No 5, Danevirke, containing 3 roods 28 perches, subject to a mortgage for £100 The above land is situated in the centre of the township, about ¼ mile from the Railway Station and is good level building ground.

HBH April 26 1888 Telegraphic Auckland United Press Association-Wednesday

Auckland Grave fears are entertained for the safety of Mrs John BROWN, storekeeper in the Public Works Department at Auckland, who has been missing since last Saturday week. About a fortnight ago Mr BROWN was despatched to Hamilton to inspect a quantity of sleepers, and he was last seen on the afternoon of the 14th instant on the Hamilton Bridge. It is feared he has been drowned in the Waikato river.

HBH April 26 1888 Wellington
An old man named James GOULD, 74 years of age, was found dead under his bed this morning. The Benevolent Society has supported him for the last three years. He died from general debility.

Owing to indisposition the Native Minister was unable to leave Wellington today to be present at the native meeting at Wanganui.

The Wellington papers are divided over the recent wrecks, and do not know whether the enquiries result into them should be accepted. When Commander DRURY was surveying the New Zealand coast he recommended to the Admiralty that lights should be placed upon Steven’s Island and Cape Terawhiti. If this advice had been followed there would not have been such a record of shipping disaster in connection with the Manawatu bight.
HBH April 26 1888 Sundry news

The Wairarapa Standard says that no less than four wives ran away from their husbands in the Wairarapa last week, and one or more are threatening to do the same thing if their other halves do not mend their ways. The lovers and gossip and scandal are having a rare time of it in consequence.

***Note by Elaine-there is a full account of this story available upon request.

A young man named Benjamin GARNETT, residing in Gippsland was recently sent to Kew Asylum as a dangerous lunatic. He was engaged to be married to a young woman in his neighbourhood, and it was agreed that she should go to service until the wedding day, when her betrothed was to drive her to her home........................more.

HBH April 26 1888 South Wednesday

Criminal sittings of the Supreme Court were opened here this morning before Mr Justice RICHMOND.

William RAMSAY found guilty of forgery, sentence deferred.

The case against Roman RONOWICO for stabbing was being proceeded with when the Court was adjourned.


Case of GRAY v The Equitable Insurance Company, in which Judge WILLIAMS had reserved a point as to whether the company had the right to establish branches in Australia, judgment was today given in favor of the defendants with costs on the highest scale.

A largely attended public meeting was held this evening to consider the best method to be adopted to retain and employ our population.

The Mayor was in the chair, and principal speakers were Mr FISH, Dr FITCHETT,

Mr DOWNIE-STEWART, M.H.R’S. For the motion.

Messrs Scobie MACKENZIE, ALLEN and BROWN M.H.R’s against the motion.

HBH April 26 1888 KETTLE and BOCK


Mr G C KETTLE, who defended a woman named Amy BOCK at the Dunedin Police Court, urged that she put under restraint till such time as the Colonial Secretary could satisfy himself of the bona fide character of her statements. So far as he was able to ascertain, there was a good deal of truth in her story.

The Bench said they were not there to countenance kleptomaniacs, though they would deal leniently, hoping that her story might be investigated.

HBH April 26 1888 Hampden

Correspondent writes under yesterday’s date: -

At the annual meeting of householders for the election of a new school committee there was a fair attendance.

Mr J McMILLAN was appointed chairman.

The ballot for the new committee resulted as follows: - BUCHANAN MATHEWS HALLASEY HARDY McMILLAN PEMBERTON HAZLETT T PARKINSON

HBH April 26 1888 Organ Recital

At St John’s Church last night attracted a fairly numerous congregation.

Organ solos by Mr SPACKMAN

Song by Mrs SOUTHWELL, a lady who has not hitherto been heard in Napier.

Vocal tenor solo by Mr A J CHAMBERLIN
HBH April 26 1888 Sundry news

The Wairarapa Standard says that no less than four wives ran away from their husbands in the Wairarapa last week, and one or more are threatening to do the same thing if their other halves do not mend their ways. The lovers and gossip and scandal are having a rare time of it in consequence.

***Note by Elaine-there is a full account of this story available upon request.

A young man named Benjamin GARNETT, residing in Gippsland was recently sent to Kew Asylum as a dangerous lunatic. He was engaged to be married to a young woman in his neighbourhood, and it was agreed that she should go to service until the wedding day, when her betrothed was to drive her to her home……………………more
HBH April 26 1888 Aus New South Wales Sydney Wednesday

His Excellency the Governor Lord CARRINGTON, accompanied by Lady CARRIGTON, left today in H.M.S. Nelson on an official visit to Norfolk Island.

His Excellency will return in about three weeks.

SMITH, the principal witness in the Mount Rennie outrage, while in Bathurst gaol awaiting sentence on a charge of arson of which he had been convicted, came face to face with DONELLAN, a youth concerned in the RENNIE outrage, but whose sentence of death had been commuted. The latter rushed SMITH and attempted to strangle him. SMITH was removed to a place of safety after warders’ overpowered DONELLAN.

Mr BONDFIELD, postmaster at PALMER’S Island, Clarence River, has been arrested for embezzling about £100 of Government money.

The House of Assembly last night agreed to a vote of £1000 as a grant to the widow of WERRILL, the gatekeeper at the Homebush railway station, who lost his life in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue from an approaching train a child wandering on the railway line.

Sir Henry PARKES, in submitting the vote to the House, eulogised the action of WERRILL as an example of brilliant heroism
HBH April 26 1888 Fowler and Land Sale

Mr J C FOWLER, formerly of the Bon Marché, is about to leave Napier for Palmerston, where he will assume the management of a large business there. Mr FOWLER will take with him the good wishes of numerous friends who will regret his departure.

Attention is directed to the sale this afternoon, in the Provincial Council Chambers, of building lots at Western Spit and along the Beach Road Napier.

(The Napier sections are adjoining the railway line, and between it and the lagoon to be filled in by the Harbor Board.)

The other sections are near the freezing works at the Spit.

HBH April 26 1888 Local Land Sale

***Note-Section Nos and prices available upon request to Elaine

Buyers Lagoon and railway line


Balance passed in.

Buyers Western Spit


Balance passed in
HBH April 27 1888 Telegraphic Thursday

Thursday Wellington

HEARN has received a letter from the chairman of the Riverton regatta committee stating that the body are anxious to arrange a sculling match between the champion of New Zealand and PALAMOUTAIN, of Port Chalmers.

Blenheim At the Supreme Court today William RAMSAY, late lessee of the Phoenix brewery, which was burnt down two months ago, was convicted of the charge of altering figures in a receipt given him by Messrs PICKERING and Co, and was sentenced to twelve month’s hard labor.

RONOWIEZ, a farmer residing near Blenheim was acquitted of the charge of stabbing Jeremiah TWOHY.

Christchurch Yesterday evening, John WALLACE, a small farmer, living at RECCE’S swamp, near New Brighton, had one of his legs broken in a scuffle among a party of larrikins who were engaged in tin-kettling a wedding party in his neighbourhood.

154 men, representing 681 men, women and children, have signed a petition to the Premier from the unemployed begging for work.

Oamaru An unoccupied cottage, the property of Mr A JOHNSTON, was destroyed by fire tonight

Dunedin A middle-aged woman named Eliza DEANS was committed for trial today for endeavouring to obtain from the post office savings bank £25 belonging to Mrs MOIR…………………….more.

HBH April 27 1888 N Z Gazette 1

Thursday Wellington Appointed Rangers for Cook County under the Animal Protection Act: - Frank Brayton PARKER William Knox CHAMBERS Philip Thornton KENWAY George SCOTT George John WINTER Gavin Ralston WYLLIE

An Order in-Council makes the New Plymouth Harbor Board subject to the provisions of the Public Bodies Powers Act.

The Hon George FISHER is appointed consular agent in Wellington for Italy.

Donald SUTHERLAND, late captain Waikowaiti Rifles, is appointed honorary major in the New Zealand Volunteer force.

HBH April 27 1888 NZ Gazette 2 Wellington


The N Z War Medals have been issued to the following: -
Captain George Rutt BURTON Taranaki Militia
Private William REVELL Taranaki Militia
Private William NOAD Taranaki Rifle Volunteers
Private Edwin FIELD No 4 Company Taranaki Military Settlers
Trooper William BATTEK Taranaki Cavalry
Volunteer Private Charles H GOVETT(Could be GEVETT) Wellington Rifle Volunteers.

HBH April 27 1888 Aus news

Victoria Thursday Melbourne

The Harbor Trust are communicating with the Admiralty with a view to having HOBSON’S Bay re-surveyed.

A signalman named COUCH on the Kensington railway was run over by the train today, and the body horribly mutilated.

SLAVIN’S backers offer to back him against BURKE for £500 a side.

A collision has taken place at the FOOTSCRAY railway station. An engine and van dashed into the centre of a goods train, striking it at right angles. A number of wagons were smashed up, and the guard who was in the van was severely shaken.

South Australia Adelaide

The vintage this year is excellent, and it is computed that the yield will be 140,000 gallons of wine.

Queensland Brisbane

H.M.S. LIZARD has stranded on a reef 95 miles north of COOKTOWN, but no further particulars are to hand.

HBH April 27 1888 Wairoa

Thursday-Own Correspondent

The regular two-monthly sitting of the R.M. Court, supposed to be presided over by Captain PREECE R.M., was held instead by Major SCANNELL and Messrs DUFF and LARGE, Justices of the Peace.

The only important case taken today was that of T J STEELE (of Cricklewood) and W JENSEN, watchmaker, Napier-defendant was sued for the retention of a watch, which had repairs done on it.

HBH April 27 1888

Auckland The half yearly meeting of Bank of New Zealand was held today, with Sir Frederick WHITAKER in the chair.

Chairman expressed regret at Mr WILLIAMSON’s death.

A petition is in course of signature praying the Mayor to convene a public meeting of the inhabitants of the city and suburbs for the purpose of considering a question to Parliament to abolish the property-tax.

The GARELOCK for WAITARA, left Onehunga wharf this afternoon.

The Legislative Assembly between HAYNES and FLETCHER has resulted in the former taking proceedings against Mr FLETCHER for assault.

HBH April 27 1888 Local 3

Letter to Editor Signatures


HBH April 27 1888 New Plymouth

Breakwater Wellington-Thursday

Mr BLACKETT, Engineer-in-Chief, has presented his report to the Minister of Marine on the alleged accumulation of sand near the new Plymouth breakwater, and whether in his opinion it is probable that it will be a parmanent injury to the harbor; if so, the best means of removing it and preventing it again accululating, with a estimate of the cost.

HBH April 27 1888 News frim Dannevirke

Says that poor Duncan McCALLUM has succumbed to the accident reported last Tuesday.

Reports have reached here that the young fellows who left for the diggings in New South Wales are doing very well-It would have paid some of the Napier butchers to have been up here for the auction sale of cattle by our local George ROBBINS.The first of our winter entertainments at St Augustine’s schoolroom last night was eminently successful.

Pianoforte duo by Miss Emily WILLIAMS and Mr SPACKMAN

Solos were given by the following ladies and gentlemen. Misses MAYSON, BLACKMORE, WILLIAMS, and BUCHANAN. Messrs FINCH, APLIN, WILLCOCKS. Miss Kate BUCHANAN’S singing solo was very prettily rendered, and portion had to be repeated. Mr HAWKINS gave two recitations Mr LOUND contributed a flute solo. The Rev J PARKINSON, who was in the chair gave a brief but neat speech.

HBH April 27 1888 Native Minister’s visit

During the Native Minister’s visit to Whatiwhatihoe (says an Auckland correspondent), permission was asked and given to see the remains of POTATU (Te WHERO), which had been brought from the limestone cave where they had been deposited and placed in the upper portion of the carved house, where the body of his grandson, TUTUAWHAIO, lies. The head and face were in perfect preservation, even after so many years, the features being easily recognisable by those who knew him when alive. The mats and other clothing in which the body was wrapped were also in the same state of preservation as when placed in this cave. It is said that there are in the cave bodies of Maoris placed there 50 or 60 years ago, the features of whose faces have the same appearance as when living.

HBH April 27 1888 local news

Mr D McCUNE, well known in this district as a splendid walker, has been matched to walk 50 miles against a Christchurch pedestrian named BROWN. The match will take place in Wellington about the middle of next month.

At the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday Before Mr G A PREECE, R.M.

A Maori named PEKAMA and a European named William McFARLANE were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

Charles GREGORY sentenced to one month’s hard labor for vagrancy.

Captain DAVIDSON has become the purchaser from Mr LIGHT of the steamers Wairoa and Echo.

Advertisement 516 Notice Special Bank Holiday at Waipawa and Waipukurau For the Union Bank of Australia J PALMER Chief Officer for New Zealand

For the Bank of Australia E W MORRAH

Inspector For the Bank of New Zealand D L MURDOCH General Manager.

HBH April 28 1888 RIDDELL

RIDDELL-At Port Ahuriri, Napier, on April 25th, the wife of William RIDDELL, of a son.
HBH April 29 1888 LOIR-Australia


Among the passengers for Sydney by the R.M.S. CUZCO, which arrived at Adelaide on March 28th, was M LOIR, the nephew of M. PASTEUR, who comes to Australia for the purpose of claiming the reward offered by the New South Wales Government for the best means of eradicating the rabbit pest. M. LOIR who is a comparatively young man, is accompanied by Dr GERMONT, a French physician, and Dr HINDS, an English medico, and they will in conjunction make the necessary experiments in Sydney which are intended to demonstrate the efficacy of M PASTEUR’S method.
HBH April 28 1888 Sunday Services

All Reverends unless stated
St John’s Napier De Berdt HOVELL
St Augustine’S J PARKINSON
St Paul’s J McINTOSH
Trinity Wesleyan Church Mr BEECROFT
Baptist Church P H CORNFORD
Taradale C L TUKE
Puketapu C L TUKE
Meanee Presbyterian Church Mr M LASCELLES
Havelock R McCLEAN
Hastings J LYMBURN
Hastings Wesleyan Church D McNICILL
West Clive(mission-room) Mr T LAWS
Hastings St Mathew’s H W St HILL
Children’s service H MACLEAN
Havelock St Luke’s H W ST hill
Waipawa St John’s R FRASER
St Peter’s J C ECCLES
Methodist Free Church J WRIGLEY
Waipukurau Rechabite Hall J WRIGLEY
Wallingford Father AHERN
Hampden J C ECCLES
Kaikora R FRASER
HBH April 28 1888 Meanee

Meeanee Road Board From our Own Correspondent Meeting held Thursday evening

Present Messrs J A McDONALD (Chairman) SCULLION MARSHALL

Chairman state that he had seen a letter to the county Council notifying that the separation of Meanee and Papakura had been gazetted, and consequently he had instructed the clerk to proceed with the election of members for the Taradale and Meanee Wards.

Mr H MONTEITH wrote re-signing his seat for Taradale Ward.

Mr BRANDON wrote a letter declining to pay rates on his land, lately in the occupation of Mr P PALMER. It was allowed to allow the claim to lapse, as it was barred by the statute of limitations.
HBH April 28 1888 Auckland

The Frenchman CURRY, the mate of GASPERINI (who is custody on the charge of committing several burglaries), and whom it will be recollected, was rescued with GASPERINI at sea by the barque Howard, after having escaped to Noumea, was arrested tonight. The police intend to charge him jointly with GASPERINI with the larceny of the boat in which the HOWARD found the two men

Mr Mc BURNIE, the Victorian delegate of the Australasian Federated Seamen’s Union is at present in Auckland.

HBH April 28 1888 Wellington-Friday

Telegraphic news.

A meeting of creditors in the assigned estate of Messrs F H PICKERING and Co., Blenheim was held yesterday, Mr E W MILLS in the chair.

Over twenty creditors were present and Mr COOK of Messrs W and G TURNBULL AND CO laid the position of the estate before the meeting.

It was decided by the creditors to accept the trustees’ offer of the composition of ten shillings in the pound cash.

A divorce suit will be commenced shortly in the Supreme Court shortly in which Mr THURSTON, hotelkeeper, of Marton, is the petitioner, and Mr FLETCHER, until recently in the employ of Messrs NELSON, MOATE and Co., will appear as the co-respondent. The petitioner alleges that his wife left in 1886, and has since been living with the co-respondent in Wellington.

An elderly man named Thos. RUDD has been missing since Wednesday last

HBH April 28 1888 South Telegraphic

Friday Blenheim

Mr Justice RICHMOND concluded the sittings of the Supreme Court this afternoon.

A case in which RABONE a bankrupt had given a bill of sale to his mother-in-law,

Mrs POPE, but had not registered it, his Honor ordered the furniture to be handed over to the Official Assignee.

Also questioned was the printing-plant, now in possession of Mr BURNS, RABONE’S partner. His Honor refused to make out an order.

Partnership case also decided-

Frederick SMITH, farmer, who had been connected with the firm of J M McKENZIE and Co., afterwards bankrupt-ordered to pay £296, with interest to Mr RENWICK trustee

Christchurch This afternoon Roderick McKAY was thrown from his horse at Waikari, and received injuries to his spine from which he is not expected to recover.

Dunedin An adjourned meeting was held of the creditors of Messrs PATERSON and McLEOD, grocers.

HBH April 28 1888 Forrester’s Ball

Our Taradale correspondent writes:-

***note the full newspaper in available upon request to Elaine

The Forrester’s annual fancy dress ball took place on Thursday night in the Oddfellow’s Hall, and was a most decided success…………………..more.



Amongst the married ladies

The palm was given to Mrs DRUMMOND

The following impersonated characters:




Mr D B WATT supplied the supper and gave every satisfaction.

HBH April 28 1888 Aust News

The expulsion of Chinese from the Croydon goldfield was unauthorised by the Government.

Received April 27th

Abraham STREET, the confidential clerk to a well-known wholesale firm, was today committed for trial on twenty charges of embezzling money, the property of his employers. The amount involved is said to be several thousand pounds.

(Received by Telegraphic April 28.

HBH April 28 1888 General news


The author of the paper was Mr A NIXON, secretary to the Children’s Hospital. Widely known as a cyclist of note, cycled from Land’s End to John O Groat’s………………………..more.

Mentioned also

Mr G P MILLS rode 865 miles

Mr T R MARRIOTT same thing on a tricycle

Mr LENNOX of Dumfries

***Available upon request to Elaine

Colonel GORTON has shown the editor of the RANGITIKEI ADVOCATE a sample of splendid copper ore found within three or four miles of Woodville. The specimen was picked up by Mr SCOTT, manager of the Bank of new Zealand, who says where he found it there is a reef 12ft wide and 7ft thick.

It is reported, says the WOODVILLE Examiner, that the further end of the bush district will supply an interesting bigamy case shortly.

While wife No 1 is still in the flesh, wife No 2 has just discovered that her husband of thirteen years has a wife with prior claims and is said to be taking proceedings forthwith.

A German company has been formed (apparently in Berlin) for the manufacture of watches to be actuated by electricity…………………..more.

***Available upon request to Elaine.

The Rev Mr EWING, a missionary who has returned to the United States from India, sates that the natives of that country make occasional pilgrimages to and worship a phenomenon situated in the interior………………….more

***Available upon request to Elaine.

The great Dr METZGER, of Berlin, who has performed some wonderful cures of rheumatism, is…………………more.

***Available upon request to Elaine
HBH April 28 1888 Auckland

The Frenchman CURRY, the mate of GASPERINI (who is custody on the charge of committing several burglaries), and whom it will be recollected, was rescued with GASPERINI at sea by the barque Howard, after having escaped to Noumea, was arrested tonight. The police intend to charge him jointly with GASPERINI with the larceny of the boat in which the HOWARD found the two men

Mr Mc BURNIE, the Victorian delegate of the Australasian Federated Seamen's Union is at present in Auckland.

HBH April 30 1888

Death McCALLUM-On April 25th,, at Danevirke, Hawke's Bay, Duncan McCALLUM, son of the late Colin McCALLUM, of Bunchrew, Inverness-shire, aged 33 years

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