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Hawkes Bay Herald
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July- Aug

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JULY 1884
Hawkes Bay Herald - Tuesday July 1st 1884
Birth - BISHOP - At Hastings, on June 29, the wife of Thomas BISHOP, of a son.

Death - NESBITT - At Napier, on June 30th, Mariane NESBITT, aged 19 years. The funeral will leave her father's residence, Marine Parade, at 11 a.m. this day (Tuesday).

The four gentlemen who have promised lamps to light Clive-square - if the improvements suggested in Mr BLYTHE's letter to the Borough Council are carried out - are Mr J.D. ORMOND, Mr John SHEEHAN, Mr Douglas M'LEAN, and Mr H.S. TIFFEN. Though Mr M'LEAN is away in England at present, he has not forgotten Napier. We are also informed that a number of public spirited gentlemen have promised 200 pounds, if necessary, towards the cost of the improvements.
Hawkes Bay Herald - Wednesday July 2nd 1884
Deaths - TAYLOR - At Surrey Hills, Sydney, N.S.W., on the 30th June, Louisa, the widow of the late John TAYLOR, Sydney.

HAWKIN - At Taradale, on July 1st, Hannah HAWKIN, aged 82 years. The funeral will leave the residence of Mrs RYLIE at 1 o'clock this day (Wednesday).

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., the following civil cases were heard and disposed of:-
SPENCE v. CLEARY, claim 5 pounds, judgment for plaintiff for the amount, with costs 10s.
GLENDINNING and GRIFFEN v. COLLINS, judgment debt of 9 pounds 15s; order made for payment of the amount in instalments of 1 pound weekly.
CARLILE and M'LEAN v. MACALISTER, claim 50 pounds; judgment for amount claimed, with costs 2 pounds, witness's expenses 1 pound 1s, and solicitor's fee 3 pounds 3s.
MONTEITH v. WINTER, claim 2 pounds 2s 6d; judgment for amount claimed, with costs 1 pound.
GRAHAM v. MACALISTER, claim 64 pounds 10s; judgment for 58 pounds 14s, with costs 2 pounds, witness's expenses 10 pounds, solicitor's fee 3 pounds 3s.

The Trust Commissioner at Napier has had the following deeds submitted to him for investigation, and will issue certificates unless objections are lodged within the ensuing five days:-
Lease of one undivided interest in Tewhiti block, 1370 acres, from Inia WHANGATANA and other natives to H. WILDING and G.W. BULL, for 21 years, from the 14th June, 1881.
Conveyance of undivided interests in the Tukekihi block, No. 2, 4588 acres, from Hirini MOKAU to John Hunter BROWN.
Conveyance of undivided interests in the Pukehou block (74N), 730 acres, from Watene WAEWAE to H.R. RUSSELL.
Conveyance of the Te Kopua block, 93 acres, from Rarati HINEARANGIA to William MURRAY, Charles Cains MURRAY, and John ROBERTS.
Conveyance of undivided interest in the Kaokaoroa block, 4132 acres, from Pukepuke TAWHINU to William DOUGLAS.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday July 3rd 1884
Death - LAFFOLY - At East Clive, on July 2nd, Charles William, only beloved son of George and Angeliun LAFFOLY, aged 1 year and 8 months.

The last Gazette to hand contains a notification of the appointment of Mr Rechab HARDING as a member of the Hawke's Bay Land Board.

Mr S. BADDELY writes for the informationof travellers generally, and of Mr John HARDING in particular, that he intends to keep the Matamau Hotel open for the accommodation of the public.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr R. LYNDON, J.P.,
Thomas ALLEN was charged with drunkenness. Defendant, who pleaded that it was his first offence, was discharged with a caution.

Mr A.W.L. COTTRELL has opened a saloon, adjoining the Criterion Hotel, for hair-cutting, hair-dressing, shampooing, &c. The saloon is well arranged for the convenience of customers, and as Mr COTTRELL is having baths erected on the premises he will no doubt secure a large share of public patronage.

Mr John COLLINGE, returning officer for the Hawke's Bay Electoral District, announces that the nomination of candidates for that district will be held at the Town Hall, Hastings, on the 15th instant, and the poll, if necessary, on the 22nd, at the polling places specified in the advertisement.

Miss SMITH's preparatory school, The Quadrant, Sealy-road, will re-open next Monday.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday July 4th 1884
Death - SEALE - On June 30th at Mesopotamia, Canterbury, N.Z., Frederick Fortescue SEALE, aged 33, youngest son of the Rev. E.T. SEALE, Hatwell, South Devon, England.

The premises lately occupied by Messrs R. HANNAH and Co., the well-known bootmakers, are being raised so as to bring the floor of the building above the footpath. Other improvements in connection with the raising are also to be carried out, which will materially enhance the value of the premises for business purposes.

The following are the names of the players selected to represent Hastings in the football match to be played between the Union and Hastings Clubs to-morrow on the Napier Recreation Ground:- BEAMISH, BOLD, CHAMBERS, HOKI, KING, LEMUEL, LOUGHNAN, PAUL, STEWART, ST. HILL, THORPE, H.F. WILLIAMS, G.A. WILLIAMS, and "HOKI'S friends".

In reply to the question asked in our columns, "Who is Mr DESMOND?", a correspondent who has known him for a number of years says that he is 25 years of age, and bears a good character as a sober and upright working man. He is a native of New Zealand, his father being an Irishman and his mother an Englishwoman, who came out in the early days of the colony. Mr DESMOND was once a sailor, but of late he has been a shepherd and drover, and a musterer in the Kereru and Patea districts.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday July 5th 1884
Births - DUCKETT - At Taradale, on June 29th, the wife of Thomas DUCKETT, of a daughter.

BIRCH - At Napier-terrace, on July 4, 1884, Mrs P.A.F. BIRCH, of a son.

A meeting of the Licensed Victuallers Association was held last Wednesday evening at the Empire Hotel, and was very numerously attended. The following officers were elected:-
Mr P. GORMAN, president and treasurer
Mr J. BELL, vice-president
Mr G.T. CROSS, secretary

The opening meeting of the sixth sessionof the Clive-square Mutual Improvement Association was held last evening. There was a large attendance of members. Twenty-two new members were proposed, eight of whom were ladies. The following were elected office bearers for the ensuing session:-
The Rev. J.J. LEWIS, president
Messrs J.S. WELSMAN and T. LAWS, vice-presidents
Mr G. WHITE, secretary
Mr J. HUTCHINS, treasurer, and
Messrs WILSON, LEPETIT, and BISSON, members of committee.

Mr N. O'NEILL, watchmaker, jeweller and optician, Emerson-street, inserts a business advertisement.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday July 7th 1884
Mr J. SELBY, butcher, of Clive, was the fortunate winner of those magnificent pictures - "Battle of Trafalgar" and "Waterloo" - which were raffled at Mr ASHTON's Occidental Hotel.

Mr WEAVER, the telegraphist at Waipawa, deserves much credit for the scrupulous care with which he sent through the report of Mr W.C. SMITH's speech on Friday evening. Not a single error crept into the report during transmission. A share of this credit is of course due to the telegraphist who received the message at Napier.

Some of the grown-up larrikins who are now making themselves notorious by such funny little jokes as carrying gates away from the gardens of private residences, injuring fences, and in other ways manifesting their irrepressible sense of the humorous, will probably be interested in the fact that they are known to the police. A repetition of their horse-play will result in a summons to the Police Court.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Laurence CURRY was charged with drunkenness. Defendant pleaded duilty, and was fined 5s and costs.
John CLIFFORD, charged with a similar offence was fined 5s and costs.
John PETERSEN, charged with drunkenness, followed the example of the two previous defendants, and pleaded guilty. He was fined 5s and c osts.

It is notified that William BARLOW, of Woodville, has been adjudicated a bankrupt, and that a meeting of his creditors will be held next Thursday at the Court-house, Napier.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday July 8th 1884
As the harbor dredge was at work yesterday morning, opposite Mr F.W. WILLIAMS' store, the men at work were startled at seeing a dead body brought up by the scoop. The body was held upright, the teeth of the scoop having seized it by the chest and back. Mr DOWELL, who was in charge of the dredge, immediately gave information to the police. The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition, and the blackened features were unrecognisable. An inquest was held in the afternoon, before Dr. HITCHINGS, coroner, when two men, named BAIN and GALBRAITH, identified the body by means of the clothing as that of James CRAIG, one of the crew of the s.s. Weka, who had been missing since May 26th. The dredge had taken about four feet of silt out of the same place before bringing up the body, from which it would appear that it was deeply buried, and the manner in which the scoop seized it would indicate that the corpse was in an upright position.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
John THOMPSON was brought up on remand charged with forgery. At the request of the police the defendant was further remanded till Monday next.
John HAYES was charged upon the information of Henry KRAEFT, harbor-master, with using abusive language on Thursday last, in contravention of the bye-laws. Defendant pleaded guilty under great provocation. Defendant was fined 2 pounds, costs 9s, witness's expenses 8s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s, or in default of payment 14 days' hard labor.
A second charge against defendant, said by Mr MORGAN to be of a more aggravated character than the one just heard, was adjourned for a week because a principal witness was not in Napier.

Messrs PARSONS and SMITH have purchased from the trustees of Mrs FRIBERG's estate the Makatoku saw mills.

Mrs A.B. WARD is very sorry that Dr MENZIES is leaving the hospital.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday, July 9th 1884
Birth - WOOSTER - At Waipawa, on Sunday, the 6th inst., the wife of Thomas WOOSTER, of a son.

Marriage - THOMAS-JACKSON - On July 5th, by the Registrar, at his office, Woodville, George Harris THOMAS, third son of Mr Henry THOMAS, Penwarn Farm, Woodville, to Louisa, second daughter of Mr Thomas JACKSON, also of Woodville.

The late Mrs HAWKINS, of Taradale, who died on the 1st instant, leaves a large number of descendants. She had four sons and two daughters; 47 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren. Mrs HAWKINS, who was a native of Galway, came to Hawke's Bay twenty years ago.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
John MADDEN was charged with drunkenness at Taradale on the preceding day. Defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 5s and costs.
Mr LASCELLES stated that another charge, of defendant ill-treating his wife, should have been heard, but Mrs MADDEN would not lay the information. Defendant was in the habit of behaving badly to his wife when he was under the influence of liquor and he (Mr LASCELLES) hoped his Worship would caution defendant that if he were brought to the Court on a charge of assaulting his wife, drunkennes would not be admitted as a palliation. His Worship strongly admonished defendant, and warned him that if he were brought to the Court after the caution just given him he would be severely dealt with.
A civil case, F. GARNER v. T. GILPIN, claim 13 pounds, money lent to defendant, was then heard. Judgment for the amount was given for plaintiff, with costs 1 pound 3s. Defendant did not appear.

Mr Roope BROOKING has a six-roomed house to let within three minutes' walk of the Post-office.

It is notified that Willis Edmund COMBS has been adjudged a bankrupt, and that a meeting of his creditors will be held next Monday morning.
HB Herald, Thursday July 10th 1884
Birth - THORNTON - At Waitangi, on 8th July, the wife of S.G. THORNTON, of a son.

It is with great satisfaction we learn that Dr MENZIES will not be allowed to give up his appointment at the hospital without a substantial token of esteem being tendered to him. A testimonial, to take the form of a purse of sovereigns, is being raised, and will shortly be presented. Mr W. HARKER has the matter in hand, and it is to be hoped that the numberless acts of kindness
Dr MENZIES has shown to all with whom he has been brought into contact during the five years he has been in Napier will ensure a generous response. We believe that Dr and Mrs MENZIES purpose visiting the old country by the next direct steamer from Napier, and hope to be back within twelve months to settle permanently in Hawke's Bay.
HB Herald, Friday July 11th 1884
Mr SHEEHAN has purchased the house and grounds recently occupied by Mr Roope BROOKING. The transaction was effected through Mr W. HARKER.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Pohuka HAPUKA was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Hastings. A fine of 1 pound and costs was imposed, with the alternative of 48 hours' hard labor.

The following will represent Hastings in a football match against Napier on Saturday next at Napier:-
HB Herald, Saturday July 12th 1884
Birth - NEALE - At Napier, on July 11th, the wife of W.A. NEALE, of a son.

Mr Julius BULST, a settler in Kiwitea, is in possession of the "iron cross," a badge which is bestowed in the German Army for distinguished valor. Mr BULST went through the Franco-Prussian War, and on one occasion rescued the colors from the hands of the enemy.

A meeting of the creditors of G.A. KING, a debtor, will be held on the 24th instant at the office of Mr C.B. MORISON, Woodville.

Mr C. DOLBEL, Port Ahuriri, has a six-roomed house to let.

HB Herald, Tuesday July 15th 1884
Births - HITCHINGS - At Beaumont, Whareama, on the 13th July, the wife of T.B. HITCHINGS, of a daughter.
WALLIS - On July 14th, at Clyde-road, the wife of A.H. Wallis, of a daughter.

It is stated that the "John THOMPSON" who was charged with forgery at the R.M. Court yesterday is the man who was supposed to have committed suicide by jumping into the Tutaekuri some weeks back. The fact of his having forged a cheque would seem to account for his sudden disappearance at the time, and the consequent belief that he was the unfortunate man who was seen to jump from the bridge on the Taradale-road. If this be the case, who the suicide really was is a mystery.
HB Herald, Wednesday July 16th 1884

The following prisoners, sentenced at the late sittings of the Supreme Court, have been sent to Lyttelton to complete their sentences:-
Frederick JONES, forgery, four years
William EMERY, forgery, two years
James DAVEY, housebreaking, 18 months
Tamata HAUTUPAI, forgery, two years.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Ernest PELICAN was charged with lunacy, and was further remanded for one week, for medical examination.
The following civil cases were also disposed of:-
COHEN v. SMITH, claim 6 pounds 10s, judgment for plaintiff with costs 1 pound 18s.
WARMAN v. Tangata te HAPUKU, claim 2 pounds 12s, judgment for plaintiff, with costs 15s, solicitor's fee 2 pounds 2s.
ASHTON v. GALLAGHER, claim 5 pounds, judgment for amount claimed, with costs 1 pound 13s, solicitor's fee
2 pounds 2s.
KINROSS and Co. v. TAYLOR, claim 35 pounds, judgment for amount claimed with costs 1 pound 11s, solicitor's
fee 2 pounds 2.
In the case of BARRY v. DUNCAN and MUNDELL, claim 5 pounds, judgment was reserved till to-morrow.
HB Herald, Thursday July 17th 1884
Death - STANLEY - At West Clive, on July 15th, Grace Winnifred, the dearly beloved child of Frank and Kate STANLEY. Aged 12 months and 2 weeks.
HB Herald, Friday July 18th 1884
Captain PREECE, R.M., delivered judgment at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday in the case of BARRY v. DUNCAN and MUNDELL, a claim for 5 pounds for carrier's work done, the evidence in which was taken on Tuesday. Judgment was given for plaintiff for 3 pounds, with costs 14s, witnesses' expenses 16s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.

Mr S. CARNELL would prefer to have a cart load of shingle left at his door rather than have them thrown through his studio window.

HB Herald - Monday July 21st 1884
At the RM Court on Saturday, Robert HART was charged with drunkenness. The offence was proved, and defendant was fined 5s and costs, or 48 hours' hard labor in default. The money was paid.

A very heavy sea was rolling into the bay on Saturday night, and during that time the waves undermined the foundation of the sea wall opposite the fire station for a distance of about 40 feet. The Marine-parade at this point has sunk in considerably, and the part of the retaining wall damaged was yesterday overhanging the beach, and threatening to fall. The repairs will involve a considerable sum.
HB Herald - Tuesaday July 22nd 1884

Birth - COWPER - At Willow Park, Havelock, on July 13, the wife of W.A. COWPER, of a daughter.

Marriage - PRESCOTT-CONROY - On July 8th, 1884, at Takapau, by the Rev. Father AHERN, of Waipawa, Mr George PRESCOTT, of Takapau Hotel, to Miss Mary Anne CONROY, of Slough, Bucks, England.

Record your vote early, and call and see Neal and Close's warm overcoats, which are offered at half price.

At the RM Court yesterday, Ernest PELICAN was brought up on remand charged with lunacy, and was further remanded till Saturday next.

Napier is to be congratulated upon the quiet and orderly manner in which the elections were conducted. Feeling ran very high while the contest remained undecided, but when the numbers were known the large number of persons congregated in the streets quietly made their way home.

As showing great alteration of feeling in Hawke's Bay County since the last election, we append the returns on that occasion:-

Meanee - 36 29
Taradale - 76 78
Havelock - 50 41
Hastings- 111 132
Clive- 138 29
Petane - 12 36
Te Aute - 28 21
Maraekakaho - 8 26
Puuketapu - 25 37
Rissington - 10 27
Patea - 4 38

At the last election Mr SUTTON won by 10 votes: this year he is beaten by an overwhelming majority. We believe the electors have returned Captain RUSSELL instead of Mr SUTTON because of the latter's unfortunate tendency to talk one way and vote another.

One of the soldiers of the 19th Italian Infantry Regiment, quartered in the barracks at Napier, recently had a little massacre of his own. Having taken offence at some of his comrades for calling him a tinker, he waited until bedtime, and immediately after the signal for extinguishing the lights was given, took down his rifle, and commenced firing indiscriminately among them. Before he could be secured he had discharged no fewer than 57 shots, killing three men on the spot and wounding eight more, one of whom died soon after being taken to the hospital, while five of the others are reported to be in a hopeless state. It is stated that this is not the first set of bloodshed which the man, whose name is Salvatorie MIEDIE, has committed.
HB Herald, Thursday July 24th 1884

Birth - AMNER - At Napier, on July 22nd, the wife of William A. AMNER, of a son.
HB Herald, Friday July 25th 1884

Birth - FLETCHER - At Kaikora, on July 23, the wife of Mr H. FLETCHER, of a daughter.

At the RM Court yesterday, William ROGERS was charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Hastings. Defendent pleaded guilty. He was then further charged with resisting the arresting constable in the execution of his duty, and pleaded guilty to the second charge. The Bench considered the second charge involved the first one, and fined defendant 20s and costs.
John BARLOW, whose face was tatooed into a pretty criss-cross pattern by half-healed scratches, received in a "fight," pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct whilst drunk, and was fined 20s and costs.
Henry SMITH, similarly charged, and whose face also bore marks of rough usage, pleaded guilty, and was fined 20s and costs. The money was paid in each case.
HB Herald, Saturday July 26th 1884

At the RM Court yesterday, Thomas HENRY was charged with lunacy. It appeared from the statement of the constable that defendant had been found wandering about in the Mangakuri district, in a state of dementia. Defendant was formally remanded till this morning, that his case might be reported upon by the medical officer of the asylum.
HB Herald, Monday July 28 1884

The Wellington Post expresses pleasure at the return of Captain RUSSELL for Hawke's Bay, and says that Mr SUTTON's absence will be a decided gain to the House.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Erpest(Ernest?) PELICAN, Thomas HENRY, and Richard CARUE were severally charged with lunacy. The three unfortunates were remanded for eight days, for medical examination.

There was a good attendance at Professor ANDERSON's entertainment on Saturday evening. A distribution of gifts took place at the close of the entertainment. Among other presents, a hunting watch was awarded to Arthur M'GLASHAN, Clive; a silver-plated cruet-stand to Miss M'INTYRE, Napier; a clock to Mrs FENWICK, Spit; and a large family album to
H. SCARFE, Napier. It was announced that a horse will be among the gifts distributed this evening.

The finder of 19 pounds in notes will be suitably rewarded on returning the money to Mr BRIGGS, London Hotel, Port Ahuriri.
HB Herald, Tuesday July 29th 1884
The charge of perjury against Phillip MURTAGH, partly heard at Ormondville on Thursday last, was adjourned till this morning.

As it has been denied that the Post said Mr SUTTON's absence from Parliament would be a gain to the House, we quote our contemporary's exact words, as given in a leading article in its issue for the 23rd instant:-
"Mr PETRIE's absence from the House is a decided gain, and the same may be said of the defeat of Mr DANIELS,
HB Herald, Wednesday July 30th 1884
Mr S. SCRUBY, of Longlands, with thoughtful kindness, has forwarded twenty brace of pukekhos to the Napier Hospital, for the use of the patients. This conduct would bear imitation.

The clock presented by the relatives of Captain SETTON to Mr H. KRAEFT, pilot and harbormaster at the Spit, in recognition of his bravery in connection with the fatal boat accident in which several of Captain SETTON's crew were drowned, is now in Mr KRAEFT's possession. It is an elegant and substantial work of art, executed in black marble, and inlaid with gold, silver, and Sienna marble. On the base of the clock is a gold plate, bearing an inscription setting forth the circumstances under which the clock was presented.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., the decision in the adjourned case of alleged perjury against Phillip MURTAGH was given. His Worship, in dismissing the case, said he would not order a prosecution against the informant CRANE for perjury, but he would instruct the police to communicate with the Crown Solicitor in the matter.

Mary Alice RAE, charged with drunkenness, was fined 5s and costs.

The following civil cases were also heard:-
STOCK v. COOPER, claim 5 pounds. judgment for plaintiff with costs 19s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
LARGE and TOWNLEY v. FOSTER, claim 4 pounds 8s 2d, judgment for plaintiff, with costs 11s.
SCARFE v. F.E. HAMLIN, claim 20 pounds 13s 11d, judgment for plaintiff, with costs of 1 pound 10s.
MOTLEY v. WARD, claim 10 pounds 9s, judgment for the amount, with costs 1 pound, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
MULVANEY v. NELSON Bros., claim 1 pound 10s. This claim was for one week's wages kept back by defendants because plaintiff absented himself from work without leave. After hearing the evidence, judgment was given for defendants with costs, and solicitor's fee of 1 pound 1s.
BROWNING v. HAMLIN, judgment debt of 8 pounds 9s; defendant was ordered to pay the amount on or before the 19th of August, or be imprisoned for ten days.
BLYTHE and Co. v. BARRON, judgment debt of 13 pounds 2s 8d; defendant was ordered to pay the amount forthwith, or be imprisoned for ten days.

A sad gun accident occurred at Petane yesterday, which resulted in the death of Mr J.M. GIRDLESTONE. (Details of the account can be had on request - Judy).
HB Herald, Friday August 1st 1884
Births - BALFOUR - On Tuesday, 29th July, at the Bank of New Zealand, Napier, the wife of T.W. BALFOUR of a son.
KIRK - At Meanee, on the 26th July, the wife of George KIRK of a son.
HB Herald, Saturday August 2nd 1884
Birth -
BARLOW - On the 13th of July, at Havelock, the wife of B.J. BARLOW of a son. Both well.

Mr F.W. THOMPSON, who has been with Mr H.C. WILSON, of this town, for the last three years, has successfully passed his examination as surgeon-dentist, and has bought the practice of Mr J.S. DICK, of Invercargill. Mr THOMPSON has made many warm friends during his residence in Napier, and they will heartily wish him success in his new home.

Mr William HARKER has for lease two sections of land at Hastings.

Tenders are invited by Mr Frank W. GARNER, Deputy Assignee, for the purchase of the stock-in-trade in the estate of
W.E. COMBS; also, for the lease of the premises in Hastings-street lately occupied by Mr COMBS.
HB Herald, Monday August 4th 1884

Birth -
DUDDY - At Hastings, on July 30th, the wife of A.H. DUDDY, of a son.

Death -
O'DRISCOLL - At the Taradale Hotel, H.B., on Friday, 1st August, 1884, the beloved wife of C. O.DRISCOLL, aged 46 years.

Mr W. HARKER went to Wairoa yesterday, and collected the amounts contributed in the various hotel boxes towards the Hawke's Bay hospital funds. The box at the Clyde Hotel contained 1 pound 18s 6d, that at the Wairoa Hotel 1 pound 0s 6d, and that at the Ferry Hotel 3 pounds.

Mr William M'KAIN, of Hope Farm, Petane, was very seriously injured by a bull yesterday. (Full details on request - Judy).
HB Herald, Tuesday August 5th 1884
We are pleased to state that Mr M'KAIN, whose serious misadventure with a bull at Petane was recorded in our yesterday's issue, is considered by his medical attendant, Dr MATTHEWS, to be progressing very favorably.

Owing to the "run" upon vaccination, due to the slight scare caused by the landing of the small-pox patient from the Waihora, the public vaccinator's stock of vaccine has run short. An ample supply will arrive from Wellington in a few days.

An inquest was held at Taradale on Saturday, to enquire into the circumstances attendant upon the sudden death of Mrs O'DRISCOLL, as already notified in our columns. The evidence taken showed the deceased to have been suffering from consumption, and that being attacked by a fit of coughing, a blood vessel was ruptured, resulting in almost instantaneous death. A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Ernest PELICAN, on remand charged with lunacy, was censured by his Worship for having induced his previous dementia by drink, and discharged.
Thomas HENRY, similarly charged, was also reprimanded and discharged.
Richard CARNE, also charged with lunacy, was discharged, but the police were instructed to see that defendant (an old and infirm man) was provided for until it could be ascertained whether he had any friends who could be compelled to contribute towards his support.
Thomas CALDWELL, charged with entering the carriage of a train in motion, pleaded guilty, and was find 5s and costs.
Henry START, charged with disorderly conduct while drunk on the 23rd of July, at Hastings, pleaded guilty, and urged in mitigation that he got excited over the elections. A fine of 1 pound and costs were imposed, with the alternative of seven days' hard labor.
A charge of drunkenness against a man named Richard WHITE, out on bail, was adjourned till later in the day.

A case of some interest to the public, as affecting their relations with the police, was heard before CAPTAIN PREECE, R.M., at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday afternoon, the case having been adjourned from the morning sitting of the Court at the request of Mr LASSCELLES, who wished to subpeona witnesses. Richard WHITE, charged with drunkenness the preceding Saturday evening, pleaded not guilty. (Full details available on request - Judy).
HB Herald, Wednesday August 6th 1884

The small-pox patient lately landed from the Waihora was yesterday conveyed to the quarantine station, in charge of a male and a female attendant. The vehicle in which the patient was carried will remain at the quarantine station. The authorities seem to have been very lax in not causing the vehicle to be attended by an official on foot as it journeyed through the town.

There is a fine collection of stuffed birds now in view in the window of Mr S. HOOPER's establishment, Hastings-street. The birds, which have all been shot in the province, comprise specimens of the tui, huia, bittern, silver pheasant (the latter a somehwat rare bird shot by Mr G. BEAMISH), the moho or native landrail, black stilt, native owl, and minah. The birds have been stuffed by Messrs HOOPER and STAIRMAND.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., judgment for plaintiff was given in the following cases:-
HOLLIS v. JAMES, claim 1 pound 2s 6d, costs 13s, solicitor's fee 10s 6d.
Same v. LONDERGAN, claim 1 pound 5s 4d, costs 10s, solicitor's fee 10s 6d.
Same v. BRINCOMB, claim 1 pound 13s 4d, costs 10s, solicitor's fee 10s 6d.
Same v. SNELLER, claim 2 pounds 19s 4d, costs 13s, witnesses' expenses 8s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
In the case of GILLELSPIE v. GREY, judgment debt of 23 pounds 0s 6d, an order was made by consent that defendant should pay 10 pounds on the 30th of August, and instalments of 5 pounds on the 30th of every following month till the debt was extinguished, with the alternative of ten days' imprisonment for disobeying the order.

Mr Edward PATTEN, Collector of Customs, notifies that Mr Robert WELLWOOD, of Hastings, has taken out an auctioneers' license.
HB Herald Thursday August 7th 1884
Birth -
WARREN - At Wellington, on August 6, the wife of W.H. WARREN, of a daughter.

Mr N.E. BEAMISH, Okawa, wants a shepherd with good dogs.
HB Herald, Friday August 8th 1884
Marriage -
CLARKE-HATTON - At St. Mark's Clive, on the 29th June, by the Rev. Hubert MACLEAN, Marmaduke CLARKE, manager Nelson's(?) Meat Preserving Works, Tomoana, N.Z., to Emily A.A. HATTON, relict of the late G.T. HATTON, of Sydney, eldest daughter of E. BOOKER, late Lieutenant of H.M. 3rd Buffs, sister to Alderman E. BOOKER, Maryborough, Queensland.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Pohuka HAPUKA, on remand, was charged with drunkenness. Defendant pleaded guilty. He was then further charged, on the information of William Arthur BEECROFT, with refusing to leave informant's licensed premises at Hastings when requested to do so. Constable LAWLESS deposed to being called in to remove defendant from BEECROFT's Hotel on Tuesday evening. Defendant was drunk and quarrelsome, and was destroying the furniture of the hotel. In the first case a fine of 10s and costs was imposed, with an alternative of 48 hours' hard labor. On the second charge defendant was fined 3 pounds, costs 2s, witnesses' expenses 18s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s. The fines were paid.

Mr G.A. PREECE is gazetted Judge of the Assessment Court, under the Rating Act, for Hastings.

Mr Robert WELLWOOD is appointed a member of the Waste Lands Board for the land district of Hawke's Bay.
HB Herald, Saturday August 9th 1884
Birth -
BEE - At Mohaka, on August 8th, the wife of George BEE, of a son.

Death -
COTTON - At Port Ahuriri, on the 8th August, 1884, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr D. COTTON, aged 39 years.
The funeral will leave Mr COTTON's residence at 3 p.m. to-morrow (Sunday).

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Albert HACKETT was charged with lunacy. Sergt. BURTENSHAW stated that defendant had only been liberated from the asylum a fortnight ago, and had since been behaving in a very strange and irrational manner. His Worship accordingly remanded defendant for a week, for medical examination.

The newly-formed Napier Liberal Reform Assocaiton held their inaugural meeting last evening. There was a large attendance of members and over 16 pounds was received in contributions. The following officers were appointed:-
President, Mr A. GOLD
Vice-President, Mr W. HARKER
Treasurer, Mr T. MURPHY
Secretary, Mr A. WARD
HB Herald, Monday August 11th 1884

Birth -
STEELE - At Cricklewood, on August 3rd, the wife of T.J. STEELE of a son.

Deaths -
WILLIAMS - At his residence, Napier, on August 9th, Nathaniel WILLIAMS, aged 47 years.
The funeral will leave his late residence, Sealy-road, this day, at 2.30 p.m.

RADFORD - At the Petane Hotel, Petane, on Saturday, August 9th, Walter Leonard RADFORD, aged 28 years.

We regret to record the death of Mr N. WILLIAMS, which took place at his residence on Saturday morning. Mr WILLIAMS had been suffering for some time from a form of gout which centred chiefly in the head. On Wednesday last, while at his place of business, Mr WILLIAMS was suddenly seized with a fit, which unfortunately proved to be the forerunner of several others, and finally of an unconsciousness which ended in death. Mr WILLIAMS was a very old settler in the district, and was universally respected by all with whom he was brought in contact. Holding aloof from any prominent position in political and public life, he was yet widely known as exhibiting privately the greatest interest in the welfare of his adopted country. He was also, though without the slightest hint of ostentation, very charitable, and his loss will be deeply felt. His mortal remains will be interred in the Napier Cemetery this afternoon.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
William WATSON, John WATSON, William ADAMS, and Thomas WOLFE were charged on the information of Lillie LEONARD with committing wilful and malicious damage. All the defendants pleaded guilty, and Mr MOORE urged that there were mitigating circumstances in the case, as all the defendants had been in "durance vile" since the preceding day. His Worship desired to hear the facts, and Mr LASCELLES stated that the parties went to the house of the informant, at 1 o'clock the preceding morning, and demanded admission. This was refused them, and they then endeavored to force an entrance, breaking the street door to pieces..........Defendants were each fined 2 pounds 10s, with costs 4s 9d, solicitor's fee 5s 3d, and damages 15s, a total of 3 pounds 15s each, or 14 days' hard labor in default of payment
HB Herald, Tuesday August 12th 1884
Births -
TANCRED - On the 9th August, at Taratahi, Carterton, the wife of H.G. TANCRED of a daughter.
SMITH - At Shakespeare-road, Napier, on August 3rd, the wife of J.A. SMITH, Hastings, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Mr LASCELLES applied for leave to withdraw a charge of insulting behaviour, laid against one John TODD, as the defendant had made an ample apology to the parties aggrieved by his conduct. The charge was accordingly withdrawn by permission of the court.

In the case of FRAWLEY v. EBBETT, in which the defendant was charged with assaulting FRAWLEY, Mr MOORE, who appeared for plaintiff, stated that FRAWLEY had manifested signs of lunacy since the information was laid, the Court would therefore be asked to grant an adjournment. Mr LASCELLES, who appeared for the defendant EBBETT, did not object, and the case was adjourned till Monday next. Patrick FRAWLEY, plaintiff in the foregoing case, and who was not brought into Court, was charged with lunacy.

William CONNOLLY was charged with having been concerned, with four others already dealt with by the Court, in having committed wilful and malicious damage to the property of Lillie LEONARD. Defendant pleaded guilty. The defendant was one of the principals in the assault for which his Worship had already fined four defendants. As he had pleaded guilty, no charges were pressed. His Worship said defendant might consider himself fortunate in not being sent to prison without the option of a fine. As the damage done had been paid for by the four persons already dealt with, a heavier fine than that inflicted upon them would be imposed. Defendant was therefore fined 3 pounds, costs 7s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s, or 14 days' hard labor in default of payment.
HB Herald, Wednesday August 13th 1884
Birth -
ORR - At Eden Villa, on the 12th August, the wife of Mr John ORR of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., the following civil cases were disposed of:-
DOLBEL and PARSONS v. Enoch WALKER, claim 26 pounds, judgment for amount, with costs 1 pound 10s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
NEWTON and Co. v. C.C. SAUNDERS, claim 3 pounds; judgment for amount, costs 13s.
FORD v. KEATING, claim 4 pounds 6s 3d; plaintiff nonsuited, with costs 17s, witnesses' expenses 14s 6d, solicitor's fee
1 pound 1s.
TUKE v. T. WILLIAMS, claim 16 pounds; judgment for amount, with costs 1 pound 6s.

We clip the following from the Waipawa Mail:-
"On Saturday last Mr Wm. J. HARKER, of Napier, purchased from Captain MABBETT that property adjoining the Napier Hospital, comprising two acres and a half of land, together with a large and substantial dwelling-house, for the sum of 1100 pounds. It is Mr HARKER's intention, at the meeting of the Hospital Committee this day, to present his valuable property to the people of Hawke's Bay for a fever hospital, for which purpose it is admirably suited. This is only another of those munificent and graceful acts for which Mr HARKER is so well known; he is undoubtedly the biggest-hearted man in New Zealand."
HB Herald, Thursday August 14th 1884
Birth -
TONG - At Hastings, on 28th July, the wife of Mr S.T. TONG, builder, of a son.

A dividend of 2s 6d in the pound in the estate of G.A. KING will be paid to creditors in the estate next Tuesday, at the office of Mr C.B. MORISON, solicitor, Woodville.
HB Herald, Friday August 15th 1884
Birth -
BEAR - At Taradale, on August 13th, the wife of Mr Percival BEAR of a son.

Land in the Woodville district appears to be steadily rising in value. A 20-acre section near Woodville, fronting the Napier-road, has recently changed hands at 12 pounds 10s per care.

There was quite a dense fog in Napier last evening. It only needed a sufficiency of coal smoke to convert the fog into one of the celebrated "pea soup" variety, supposed to be indigenous to London.

Hotel properties in the district are changing hands. The Albion Hotel, lately in the occupation of Mr W. STOCK, has been taken by Mr T.H. GIFFORD, of the Napier Bottling Cellars, and Mr STOCK has taken Beecroft's Hotel, Hastings.

Tenders for the purchase of the trade stocks in the bankrupt estates of Alexander BROWNE and W.E. COMBE were opened by the Deputy Assignee yesterday. The successful tenderer was Mr J. PAUL, of Wanganui, who offered a total of 236 pounds; for both stocks.

The unfortunate small-pox patient Andrew MOUATT died between eleven and twelve o'clock on Wednesday night. He was delirious for several hours before his death. The authorities yesterday made all arrangements for burying the body of deceased on Parkes' Island, and for destroying everything with which the unfortrunate man came into contact during the progress of the disease. The doctor and attendants now on the island will be strictly quarantined for 14 days before they are allowed to leave, and all their clothing, personal effects, &c, will be destroyed, and new clothing will be furnished by the authorities.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Messrs E. PATTEN and A. KENNEDY, J.P.'s,
Matthew Robertson MILLER was charged with having used threatening language on board the s.s. Wairoa on August 2nd.
(Details will be furnished on request - Judy). The Bench decided to adjourn the case until next Saturday.
HB Herald, Saturday August 16th 1884
Death -
FRANKLIN - At her late residence, White-road, on Friday, August 15th, Ellen, the beloved wife of John FRANKLIN, aged 30 years.

Mr J. PAUL, the successful tenderer for the purchase of the bankrupt stocks in the estates of Alexander BROWNE and
W.E. COMBS, has taken the shop next to the offices of the Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, where he intends to offer the whole of the two stocks for sale.
HB Herald, Tuesday August 19th 1884

Birth -
M'LEAN - At Sealy-road, Napier, on August 16th, Mrs J.A. M'LEAN, of a son.
HB Herald, Wednesday August 20th 1884
Marriage -
HANDYSIDE-CAMPBELL - At St. Paul's Church, Perth, N.B., on 2nd July last, by the Rev. Archibald FLEMING, B.A., Hugh HANDYSIDE, Esq., Clive Grange, to Amelia, only daughter of the late Colonel Archibald CAMPBELL, Staff Officer of Pensioners, Perth.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., the following civil cases were disposed of:-
M. BARRY v. EPARAIMA, claim 8 pounds 5s 11d; judgment by consent for 6 pounds, with costs 13s, witness's expenses 4s.
HOPKINSON and SMITH v. J. DRISCOLL, claim 3 pounds 7s 6d; judgment for amount claimed, with costs 1 pound 10s, witness's expenses 8s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
H.R. RUSSELL v. MANAENA TINI, judgment debt of sixty two pounds 13s 4d; 40 pounds had been paid since judgment was obtained, and defendant was ordered to pay the balance on or before the 11th of November, with the alternative of 14 days' hard labor for disobeying the order.
HB Herald, Thursday August 21st and 22nd 1884
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Te OHEPA, a youthful aboriginal was charged on the information of Constable HARVEY with being drunk while in charge of a horse. Defendant pleaded guilty, and his Worship, after remarking upon the sad fact of such a mere youth giving way to habits of intoxication, imposed a fine of 1 pound, with 12s costs, and 5s stable hire for defendant's horse, with the alternative of three days' hard labor. By permission of the Court, defendant was allowed to depart, guarded by a constable, in search of the necessary cash, his pockets being quite innoicent of te ufu.
HB Herald, Saturday August 23rd 1884
Birth -
WILLIAMS - At Waipaua, Hastings, on August 22nd, the wife of Joseph H. WILLIAMS, of a daughter.

Snow fell in Napier between 6 and 7 o'clock last evening.

Mr. G. WHITE, late of the Farndon Hotel, but now proprietor of the Albion Hotel, Napier, notifies that the latter well known hostelry is the booking office for the Taupo coach, which leaves for the Hot Lakes every Tuesday morning. For the special convenience of tourists and others, Mr WHITE has made arrangements by which, if desired, a coach will start for Taupo at any time.
HB Herald, Monday August 25th 1884
Marriage -
HARKER-SHEATH - At Rangiora, on August 23, William Jarvis HARKER, of Hawarden, Hawke's Bay, to Gertrude Mary, daughter of Isaac Brontall SHEATH, of Ashley House, Rangiora, Canterbury.

The Rev. J. TOWNSEND, formerly incumbent of St. John's Church, is now on a visit to Napier. He arrived by the Manapouri yesterday, and was warmly welcomed by many old friends.
HB Herald, Tuesday August 26th 1884
Birth -
BAIN - On August 23rd, at Brewster-street, Napier, the wife of William BAIN, of a daughter.

An accident of serious nature occurred at the Farndon railway station about one o'clock yesterday afternoon. A train was engaged in shunting, and Charles WATT, the porter at the station, was standing on the brake crank of a truck being taken from one row of metals to another. By some means he slipped, falling to the ground, with his left leg in front of one of the wheels. Part of his leg was caught by the wheel, a terrible gash in his left thigh being the result. Guard WATKINS, who was in charge of the train, was near at hand when the accident occurred, and pulled the injured man away from the metals. He was then placed in the train and brought rapidly to the Napier station, from where he was taken to the hospital. We are pleased to learn that the injured man was progressing very favorably at a late hour last night.
HB Herald, Wednesday August 27th 1884
The accommodation house at Maraekakaho, owned by Mr Douglas M'LEAN, and tenanted by Mr BURGESS, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning. The origin of the fire is not known. The building was insured in the National for 250 pounds, and the furniture and stores in the Standard for 500 pounds. A small portion of the furniture in the building was saved.

A good joke, apparently enjoyed even by the victim to it, amused those present at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday. A firm in town sued a native named Hirini TAKAMOANA for goods supplied, and Hirini duly answered to his name. It was then discovered that the wrong native had been sued, and the erring plaintiff had the grim satisfaction of paying 1 pound to Hirini for expenses. It is needless to say that the native laughed "all over his face" when apprised of the result of his summons to the Court.
HB Herald, Thursday August 28th 1884
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, Captain PREECE, R.M., gave judgment in the case of KINROSS v. M'DONALD, a claim of 3 pounds 5s for cattle trespass and damages. Judgment was given for 1 pound 1s, with costs 10s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s. An application for witnesses' expenses was disallowed.
HB Herald, Friday August 29th 1884
Death -
MONTEITH - On the 26th inst., at Mansfield, Victoria, Alex. Lamont, fourth son of Henry MONTEITH, of this town; aged 27 years.

A posse of the Napier police, in plain clothes, recently paid a visit to the premises formerly occupied as licensed hotels by Messrs S. BADDELY, D. SMITH, and S. CHAPPEL, all in the Ormondville licensing district, and seized a quantity of liquors of various descriptions. The liquor was lodged in the Ormondville Court-house. It is said that over 100 pounds worth was taken from one house alone. The matter will form the subject of a magisterial enquiry.
HB Herald, Saturday August 30th 1884
A standard examination of the pupils attending the Hastings district school was held yesterday by Mr H. HILL, school inspector. Very satisfactory results were obtained. Of the 231 children on the roll, 227 were in attendance, and of 161 pupils to be presented for examination in standards only one was absent. This fact speaks well for the interest taken by parents in the education of their children, and incidentally testifies to the energy of the master of the school.

An occasional correspondent at Woodville writes under yesterday's date:-
It will give you some idea of the progress Woodville is making when I tell you that there are in course of erection three shops in Vogel-street, and two shops, three dwelling houses, and a public hall in M'Lean-street, besides a Catholic church, and some offices and work-shops. Altogether there are about a dozen buildings being erected in the township
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