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Hawkes Bay Herald
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Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday March 1 1884

A man named Ebenezer DIXON, who was discharged from prison yesterday after serving a term for vagrancy, was behaving so strangely in the public streets during the afternoon that he had to be arrested by the police on a charge of lunacy. When last before the Court he was suspected to be insane, but the contrary was certified to by the medical officer of the asylum.

We learn that the committee of the Napier Amateur Dramatic Club have voted the sum of 5 pounds for the assitance of the widow and family of the late Richard CARVER, and the sum of 5 pounds for the relief of the widow and family of the late Charles PRESLING, who died last week in the Napier Hospital. As both these cases are really deserving the club is to be commended for their promptitude in voting the amounts.

Some first-class specimens of celluloid dentistry may now been seen at Messrs BARRAUD and BOWERMAN's establishment. The specimens are to exhibit the advantages of Chatfield's patent "Triumph Base," the right to manufacture which has been purchased by Mr H.C. WILSON, of Napier. It is claimed for the new base that it is not oly lighter and stronger than any base yet invented, but is also more flexible. The specimens are well worth inspection.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Joseph SNOW, an intelligent-looking lad of eight years of age, was charged on the information of Constable VILLERS with being a neglected child. An aunt of the lad's gave evidence, from which it appeared that he had been supported by her for the past eight months. The lad's mother died about that time since, and his father left Napier and went to Christchurch, where he now was. The witness had written to the father, and had received a letter in return stating that the lad was to be told his father was dead. Witness could not afford to support the boy any longer. His Worship ordered the little fellow to be sent to the Nelson Industrial School till he was 15 years of age, and to be brough up in the Roman Catholic faith.
Stewart M'GISHAN was charged on the information of Constable LEITCH with vagrancy. The police stated that defendant had only been discharged from prison on the preceding day. As doubts were entertained about defendant's sanity, he was remanded under section 6 of the Lunatics Act, 1882, in order that he might be examined by two medical men.

Mr A.W. CHATFIELD, surgeon dentist, Auckland, announces that he has sold to Mr H.C. WILSON the sole right for Napier of his (Mr CHATFIELD's) "Triumph Base." Specimens may be seen in the window of Messrs BARRAUD and BOWERMAN, Hastings-street.
Hawkes Bay Herald, March 5 1884

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Ebeneza DIXON was brought up on remand charged with luncay. His Worship, in discharging defendant, said his principal failing appeared to be drink, and advised him to give up the use of intoxicants before he got into serious trouble.
Albert HASKETT, also charged with lunacy, was committed to the Napier Lunatic Asylum.
Robert ALPIN, charged with allowing the chimney of his residence to be on fire on February 28th, in contravention of the bye-laws, pleaded guilty. Sergeant BURTENSHAW asked the Bench to inflict a light fine upon defendant, who was a poor man. He was accordginly fined 2s and costs, and at his request was allowed a fortnight to pay the amount, 9s in all.
Arthur M'CARTNEY was charged, on the information of Martin RYAN, with having used language calculated to provoke a breach of the peace on February 15th, at Tarade. Defendant was fined 10s, costs 11s, witness's expenses 5s, and solicitor's fee of 1 pound 1s.

Madame SUMMERHAYES has removed to Clyde-road, opposite Bishop STUART's.

Hawkes Bay Herald, March 5 1884

In the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, Mr KELLY being absent on leave, Mr F.E. HAMLIN acted as Court interpreter at the request of his Worship.

The following tenders for the erection of a strong-room in the offices now occupied by the Land Registrar, but formerly held by the Municipal Council, have been received by Mr E. BAMFORD:-
EDSER and Son, 98 pounds 15s,
THACKER, 116 pounds,
GLENDINNING, 118 pounds,
FRASER, 130 pounds.
EDSER and Son's tender was accepted.

There were seven candidates nominated for the Woodville Licensing Committee last Saturday, viz.-
Five of these, our Woodville correspondent writes, are on the temperance ticket, and it is probable that two will retire to save an election.

The following were the prices realised for the Hawke's Bay Jockey Club 's privileges, sold yesterday by Messrs HOADLEY, LYON and Co.:- Grand stand and lawn bar and second stand bar, 70 pounds and 80 pounds respectively, Mr. E. ASHTON Confectionery booth 13 pounds, Mr VAUGHAN Second stand luncheon booth 1 pound, Mr M'CARTHY Fruit stall 5 pounds 10s, Mr LANSDOWNE Cards of the races 40 pounds, Mr GARNER Fancy goods and games 10s, Mr JACOBS. The total amount realised was 210 pounds, being 6 pounds less than last year.

A case of disputed accounts, FOREMAN v. TUCK was heard in the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, and judgment deferred. The claim of the plaintiff was for 18 pounds 14s, and defendants had paid into Court all but 20s. Over that small item two counsel argued and pleaded, and examined the cross-examined for nearly three hours. As the expenses of the hearing will foot up to a tidy sum, it is a question whether plaintiff and defendant could not have more cheaply settled the matter by a "toss-up."

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., judgment for plaintiff was given in the following cases:-
KNIGHT BROS. v. CURRY, claim 8 pounds 17s, costs, 1 pound 2ls, witness's expenses 4s 6d, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
DELISLE v. MACKENZIE, claim 1 pound 12s 6d, costs 7s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s
WILLIAMS v. GALLAGHER, claim 12 pounds 7s 1d, costs 1 pound.
MURRAY, ROBERTS AND CO. v. LYCOTT AND CROSS, judgment debt of 21 pounds 18s. An order was made that defendants pay 10 pounds on the 10th of March, and the balance of the account on or before April 10th, or 14 days' imprisonment in default.
HOLT v. TAYLOR, claim 45 pounds 18s, costs 1 pound 6s.
ELLISON v. Renata TE PAWA, claim 31 pounds 10s, costs 1 pound 15s, interpreter's fee 10s 6d.
FULTON v. OLIVER, and BATTEN, claim 10 pounds 16s, costs 19s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
BELL v. HOLLIS, claim 5 pounds 5s, judgment for 4 pounds 13s 6d., costs 11s, witness's expenses 9s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
Hawkes Bay Herald, March 6 1884

Births - GORMAN - At the Criterion Hotel, Napier, on the 2nd March, the wife of Mr P. GORMAN, of a son.
M'CONBRIE - At Hastings, on the 3rd March, the wife of Mr T. M'CONBRIE, of a son.

Mr M.S. BELL, J.P., and Mr T.K. NEWTON, J.P., presided at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, when an old offender named James MURPHY was charged with being illegally on the premises of Mr A.R.W. LASCOTLES, at Clive. The man, who pleaded that he was drunk, was described as an incorrigible loafer, and he was sentenced to a month's hard labor.

At the Waipawa Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
John MILDEN pleaded guilty to trespassing on the railway line on the 17th of February, and was fined 1s with 7s costs.

Alexander GRANT was charged with having travelled in a railway carriage on the 20th of February, between Napier and Faradon, without having first taken out a ticket. It appeared that the defendant had refused to pay the extra charge of a shilling, imposed according to the regulations when a passenger has not obtained a ticket previously to entering a railway carriage, his reason for the refusal being that the railway department had some time ago damaged a chest of tea belonging sto him when being conveyed from Napier to Takapau. A fine of 5s, with costs 10s, and witness's expenses 3s, was imposed.

James SCOTT was charged with disorderly conduct in Mr PETTIT's hotel, Kaikora, on the 23rd of February, and with refusing to quit the hotel when requested by the landlord. Defendant denied the charge. John PETTIT deposed that on the day named defendant came into his house the worse for drink, and asked for a glass of beer, but was refused. Defendant called witness names and abused him, using very bad language. John M'INTOSH gave corroborative evidence. Defendant was fined 8 pounds, with costs 9s, and witness's expenses 9s.

David MORONEY was charged with permitting an unlawful game - to wit, a game of cards - to be played for money in his licensed house on the 20th of February. Mr GUY appeared for defendant, and raised the point that card-playing for money was not an unlawful game within the meaning of the Gaming and Lotteries Act, 1880. His Worship reserved his decision until next Court day.
Hawkes Bay Herald, March 7 1884

Birth - WELLWOOD - On the 6th March, at Maxwell Lea, Mrs R. WELLWOOD, of a daughter.

Marriage - M'CALLUM-HEINRICHS - At Makatoku, on Sunday, March 2nd, by the Rev. Edward ROBERTSHAW, Duncan M'CALLUM, eldest son of Colin M'CALLUM, ERsq., of Essex, England, and nephew of the late Captain Duncan M'CALLUM, C.E., of Mataura, New Zealand, to Bertha HEINRICHS, second daughter of the late Albert HENRICHS, Esq., Babubof, Inspector, Bosiock, Germany.

At the Waipawa Police Court yesterday, before Mr S. JOHNSON, J.P., John KENT and James SCOTT were severally charged by the police with drunkenness. The offence was proved in each case, and both defendants were discharged with a caution.

Another evidence of the advancement in importance of the township of Hastings is furnished by an advertisement in another column, announcing that Mr E.H. WILLIAMS, solicitor, has established himself at Hastings. Mr WILLIAMS will commence practising on Monday next.

In the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday Capt. PREECE, R.M., gave judgment in the case of FOREMAN v. TUCK, a disputed case heard on Tuesday. The claim was for 15 pounds 19s 8d. Judgment was given for 15 pounds 16s 4d, with costs and expenses amounting to 3 pounds 5s.

In MORRIS v. GRIFFITH, claim 10 pounds, his Worship directed a nonsuit to be entered, as a partnership question was involved, and proper accounts had not been filed.

Wm. MOTLEY was charged on two informations with asaulting his wife on the 17th November and 3rd March. The defence was that the complainant had first assaulted defendant's sister and defendant. Owing to some discrepancies in the evidence the first case was dismissed; in the second a fine of 10s, with 7s costs, was imposed.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday March 8 1884.

Mr P. MARTIN's horse Leonato has been scratched for all his engagements at the Hawke's Bay Jockey Club's meeting this month.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Margaret SYMONDS was charged with lunacy, and remanded for eight days for medical examination.

Stewart M'GLASHAN, in custody on a charge of vagrancy, was charged with lunacy, and was remanded till a certificate authorising his removal from the gaol to the asylum, in consequence of his lunacy, should be received from Wellington.

An intelligent-looking lad named HEDLEY was charged with the larceny of a watch, the property of W. FORREST, on the 6th of November last. Detective GRACE stated that the lad had not attempted to sell the watch for money after stealing it, but had exchanged it for a wheeled toy. Mr LEE stated on behalf of HEDLEY that he was a good boy, and was very sorry for having taken the watch. His Worship, after reasoning with the lad on the results of giving way to criminal temptation, and the dishonor and misery likely to accrue thereby, ordered him to receive four strokes from a birch, to be inflicted by the police in the presence of Seargeant BURTENSHAW.

Our Ormondville correspondent writes:- The following gentlemen were nominated for election to the Licensing committee:-
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday 10 March 1884

Marriage - MOYLE-WATT - At St. Paul's Church, on March 6, by the Rev. J.G. PATERSON, James, second son of Mr Thomas MOYLE, Auckland, to Ellen Jane, second daughter of Mr Samuel WATT, Clive. Auckland papers please copy.

Among arrivals by the Te Anau on Saturday was Dr SINCLAIR, M.R.C.S., England and Licentiate of the Dental College, Ireland. Dr SINCLAIR, who devotes himself entirely to dentistry, is making a professional tour through New Zealand, and intends to make a short stay in Hawke's Bay.

We hear that pigeons are being shot by the score in the Seventy Mile Bush. It wants nearly two months before the season commences, the pigeons are so lean as not to be worth killing, and some are even sitting yet. We should be pleased to see some of these enthusiastic sportsmen (?) fined heavily by our Resident Magistrate.

Lieutenant ROSS won the Union Steamship Company's cup at the recent prize firing at Auckland, in addition to the champion carbine bolt.

The grating usually kept over the drain at the corner of Tennyson and Hastings streets was off for a considerable time yesterday evening, and no person was near to warn pedestrians of the fact. It is fortunate for the ratepayers' pockets that an accident involving costs and damages did not ensue.

There is a dangerous hole in the footpath at the rear of Messrs RUDDOCK and FRYER's premises, apparently caused by the late rains. The hole, which is about 18 inches across by several feet in depth, may cause accident unless promptly covered, and the overseer of roads will doubtless see the necessity of attending to the matter at once.

Messrs J. GALLALGHER and J. BRADY's racehorses Carbineer and Revolver arrived here on Saturday morning from Auckland by the Te Anau. Both horses are entered for all the two-year old events at the Hawke's Bay Jockey Club's Autumn meeting, which takes place on Monday and Tuesday next.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday 11 March 1884

Birth - JONES - At Puketapu, on March 10th, the wife of W.J. JONES, of a daughter.

We are requested by the honorary secretary of the Petane Library to acknowledge the receipt, with thanks, of two cases of books from Mr J. GRINDELL.

Lady MORGAN, widow of the late Sir W. MORGAN, Prime Minister of South Australia, with her son and daughters, arrived by the Waihora on Sunday, and they are at present staying with Mr and Mrs HINDMARSH at "The Villa."

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Thomas MURPHY was charged on the information of Constable MARSH with selling to informant a piece of mutton on March 4th, the vendor not being a licensed hawker.

Creditors having claims against the estate of William KING, of Tarawera, must forward proofs of debts to Mr John M'VAY by the 18th instant.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday 12th March 1884

Death - GOLDSMITH - At Portland, Victoria, on March 10th, of typhoid fever, Adeline GOLDSMITH, aged 14 years; beloved sister of W. GOLDSMITH, of Waipawa.

>From Wairoa we learn that hop-picking is nearly over. Mr NAIRN has secured a splendid crop from his plantation at Liston. Mr PIPER has not been so successful at Clyde.
- Mr SCOTT has been vaccinating some of the natives in the Wairoa district. He has met with a good deal of opposition, several of the natives refusing to be vaccinated on the ground that they did not want to be branded with the Government brand. Argument proved useless.

- A great deal of burning off has been achieved in the country districts round the Wairoa. Taking advantage of the splended weather many of the settlers have broken in a good deal of farm country.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Samuel COCK was charged on the information of Constable LAWLESS with being drunk at Hastings while in charge of a horse. Defendant admitted the charge, and was fined 1 pound and costs, or three days' hard labor in default. The money was paid.

HAMILTON v. Henarre PARACUE, claim 6 pounds 8s 6d; This was a case in which plaintiff sued for remainder of an account alleged to be due for medicine and professional attendance. Judgment would be for 5 pounds 15s, with costs of Court and service 1 pound 1s, interpreter's fee 5s, and solicitor's fee 10s 6d.

Judgment for plaintiff by default was given in the following cases:-
EDDIE v. WHITE, claim 2 pounds 2s 6d, costs 7s.
M'LENNAN v. PEEBLES and DUNCAN, claim 21 pounds; costs 1 pound 13s, solicitor's fee 2 pounds 2s.
BLAIR v. J. READY, claim 4 pounds 12s 10d, costs 7s, witnesses' expenses 3s.
NEWTON and CO. v. W. CANTLE, jun, claim 15s 6d; costs, 7s.
Same v. M'INTYRE, claim 2 pounds 8s 5d, costs 7s.
HAYES v. SULLIVAN, claim 34 pounds 4s; costs 1 pound 12s, witness's expenses 4s 6d, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
VAUTIER v. LEWIS, judgment debt of 13 pounds 2s 4d; defendant ordered to pay the amount in weekly instalments of 10s each, commencing March 18th, or in default to go to prison for 14 days.

Messrs CAZNEAU and CONNOLLY have not been long in Napier, but they are able to make a large display of photographs taken here. Mr BESES, the manager of this branch, certainly understands his business most thoroughly, and the photographs shown are not only true portraits, but they are finished in a very superior style. The studio is fitted with all the most modern appliances from England and America, including a camera which will produce negatives 24 inches long by 17 wide.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday 13th March 1884

Lieutenant ROSS, who is returning from Auckland to Napier overland, will arrive in town on Friday evening. Major ROUTLEDGE and Captain GARNER will meet him at Petane, and accompany him to Napier, where he will be received by the Artillery and Rifle Volunteers, and escorted to the Garrison Band Bazaar, at the Theatre Royal. His Worship the Mayor will be present. There will be a supper at the Criterion Hotel afterwards.

Our Woodville correlspondent writes:- - I regret to have to report a very serious accident which occurred last Friday to a little boy, son of Mr James MORGAN. It appears that the boy was playing with some other children during the dinner times in the school grounds, and when passing a horse the animal kicked out and struck the boy a blow on the left side of the head, fracturing the skull. The little sufferer was conveyed to the schoolmaster's house, and Dr MENZIES was quickly in attendance, and attended to his injuries. It was very fortunate that a doctor was staying in the township at the time. The boy remained unconscious until the next morning, when he came to a little; since then I learn he has improved, and has been removed to his parents' home.
- The election for the licensing committee resulted as follows:- N. CAMPBELL, E.T. STUDY, C. HALL, J. HUTCHINS, H. HAWKEN.

Dr. SINCLAIR informs us that he will positively leave Napier to-morrow, and that his visit to this town has been highly successful.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday 14th March 1884

Death - WILLIAMS - At Napier, on March 13th, Lewis WILLIAMS, Inspector Permanent Way, Napier Railway, aged 42 years. Auckland papers please copy. The funeral will leave his late residence, White-road, for the cemetery, at 12.30 p.m. to-morrow.

A cricket match between the employees of Messrs R. HOLT and J. M'VAY will be played on the Recreation Ground to-morrow afternoon. The following are the names of the players:- M'VAY's team: OTTON, WATKINS, M'VAY, MORLEY, EDSER, MILLS, LESLIE, FERNANDEZ, CHARLTON, COLLINGS, and NEAGLE.

Mr Freeman R. JACKSON will sell at the St. Hill-street yards, Wanganui, on the 2nd of April, 177 Shropshire Down sheep.

Mr H. MONTEITH has for sale privately, the racehorses Radames, Leonate, and Ngapuku.

Mr H.J. TWIGG, Petane, has for sale 2 heavy Clydesdale colts and 1500 young cross-bred ewes.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday, 15th March 1884

Birth - JEFFARES - At Taradale, on March 13th, the wife of Isaac JEFFARES, of a son.

Mr John COLLINGE, returning officer for the Hastings licensing district, announces that Messrs J.H. WILLIAMS, E. WELLWOOD, C. DONEY, H. SMITH, and T. FUREMAN have been elected members of the licensing committee, and appoints to-day for the first meeting of the committee, to be held at the office of the Town Board, Hastings.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday 17 March 1884

Mr. E. ASHTON has taken the Occidental Hotel, and notifies that he desires to see his old friends, and as many new ones as can make it convenient to call. Mr ASHTON made himself popular as a public caterer for many years at the Provincial Hotel, and his long experience will stand him in good stead in his new venture, and doubtless ensure him the success he so well merits.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Stewart M'GLASHAN, in custody on a charge of vagrancy, was charged with lunacy. Two medical men having certified to the insanity of defendant, he was ordered to be sent to the Wellington Lunatic Asylum.
Thomas Edwin WALTERS and William O'Connell WALTERS, two small boys, were brought up under the Destitute Persons Act, and ordered to be sent to St. Mary's Orphanage, Nelson, to be brought up in the Roman Catholic faith till they attain the age of 15 years.

Letters of naturalisation have been issued by the Executive in favor of Niels Peter JENSEN, Jens MATSEN, Axel Pedar ROSWAL, Peder CHRISTIANSEN, farmers, Makaretu; Hans OLSEN, laborer, Waipukurau; and Louis ZIEGEL, salesman, Napier.

A meeting of creditors in the estate of Frederick HARFORD will be held at the Court-house on the 27th instant.

Tenders are invited by Mr Frederick FULTON for filling in a section at the corner of Paradise-road and Carlyle-street.

Mr BEECROFT's cab will ply for hire to-day and to-morrow between the Railway Hotel, Hastings, and the grand stand on the race-course.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday, 18th March 1884
Deaths - TODD - At the Black Bell Inn, Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland, John, eldest son of Alexander TODD, Petane, aged 24 years. Deeply regretted.

TYLEE - At Napier, on 17th March, John Thomas TYLEE, aged 58 years. The funeral will leave his late residenced at 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday. Friends will please accept this intimation.

The Post-office at Kopua, recently closed, is now re-opened, Mr T. M'GRATH being appointed postmaster.

Eighteen births took place in Napier last month, and eight deaths during the same period.

The inner harbor presented quite an animated and pretty appearance yesterday, there being a number of sailing boats cruising about during the major portion of the day. Several picnic parties landed at different spots on the shores of the inner harbor, and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Mr J.T. TYLEE, a very old and respected resident of Napier, died yesterday. Mr TYLEE came to Hawke's Bay as paymaster in one of the Imperial regiments. He was afterwards Treasurer to the Provincial Government, and subsequently succeeded Mr H.B. SEALY as Commissioner of Crown Lands. He also filled the posts of Immigration Agent and Returning Officer under the General Government. The latter office was filled by Mr TYLEE until about two years since, when he retired on a moderate pension. The funeral will take place at 10.30 a.m. to-morrow.

The annual general meeting of the Waipawa County Ploughing Match Association was held in the Oddfellow's Hall, Waipawa, on Friday last. The following gentlemen were appointed as a committee to arrange for the ensuing ploughing match:- Messrs WHITE, A. JONES, A. HOBB, A. CORSKIE, J. LOUDEN, R. HALLIBURTON, S. M'GREEVY, J. BAIS, J. NAIRN, J. PETTIT, D.S. FLEMING, E. WATTS, H.J. BAKER, P. GOW, and A. LOGAN.

Mr. J. LINEHAN having disposed on Saturday last of his interest in the Settlers' Arms Hotel, Ormondville, in favor of Mr O. LEACH, lately of Te Aute, requests that all accounts be paid to him (Mr LINEHAN) by the 30th of April next.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday 19th March 1884

Mr C.J. NAIRN, Mr VAMBOOS, Mr KING, and Mr FAULKNER are passengers for Napier by the P. and O. Co's steamer Mirzapore, which left London on January 17th. Mr HANKEY is a passenger by the same company's steamer Cathay.

There was a good deal of talk on the course yesterday respecting an offer that had been made to Mr DOUGLAS for the purchase from him of his horse Loch Lomond. From enquiries we made we learned that the price offered to Mr DOUGLAS was 500 pounds, but on finding that the purchase would be for betting purposes Mr DOUGLAS refused to sell the horse.

There was a good deal of talk on the course yesterday respecting an offer thathad been made to Mr DOUGLAS for the purchase from him of his horse Loch Lomond. From enquiries we made we learned that the price offered to Mr DOUGLAS was 500 pounds, but on finding that the purchase would be for betting purposes Mr DOUGLAS refused to sell the horse.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday 20th March 1884

At the sitting of the Supreme Court in Bankruptcy on the 31st instant, Hugh M'LEAN will apply for an order of discharge.

It is notified that the Rev. D. SIDAY and Messrs Eschab HARDING and William WHITE have been elected members of the Hawke's Bay Education Board.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr F.E. HAMLIN, J.P., John GIDIGHAN, charged with being drunk at Taradale, failed to put in an appearance, and his recognisance of 1 pound was estreated.

Hop-picking at Mr T. TANNER's plantation commenced yesterday, about 40 persons being engaged in the work. The yield is said to be much above the average for a first crop, and the quality of the hops is first-class.

Messrs OAZNEAU and CONNOLLY, photographers, Hastings-street, have on sale sets of view of Napier and of the grand stand at the Hastings racecourse.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday 21 March 1884

Deaths - LOURIE - At Napier, on the 20th March, Jno. LOURIE, aged 58 years.
RICHARDSON - On the 6th March, at his residence, Upper Hawthorne, Melbourne, Alfred RICHARDSON, (son-in-law of the late Rev. L.B. BROWN), aged 37 years.

Mr John GILLIGAN, of Papakura, desires us to state that he is not the John GILLIGAN who was yesterday charged with drunkenness.

There has been a good deal of endeavor to contradict the statement with regard to the offer made to Mr DOUGLAS for the horse Loch Lomond. We can only say that our authority was Mr DOUGLAS himself.

Mr SHEEHAN has brought with him from Auckland some specimens of glassware of Auckland manufacture. They are somewhat rough, but the quality of the glass seems good, and no doubt the finish will soon be improved. Mr SHEEHAN intends to present twelve two-handled goblets to the Working Men's Club.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday 22nd March 1994.

Mr H. MONTEITH reports having sold the racehorse Emir Bay privately, for 150 guineas. The horse will not leave the province in consequence of the change of ownership.

We hear that the attendance at the Hastings school this week has fallen to nearly half, owing to so many of the children being absent hop-picking at Mr TANNER's.

There is now on view in the window of Mr D.B. WATT's confectionery estyablishment, Hastings-street, a pen-and-ink sketch of considerable merit, executed by Mr S. BOGG, who resided in Napier some years since. The sketch is entitled "On the Way Home," and is worthy of inspection.

We are informed that a writ has been issued against Mr J.T. LARGE, proprietor of the Wairoa Guardian, at the instance of Mr STEELE, of Cricklewood. The writ is for an alleged libel contained in an article headed "Justices' Justice," published in the Wairoa Guardian of the 5th inst. 550 pounds is claimed as damages.

Mr DOUGLAS yesterday called upon us with reference to the conflicting statements as to the offer made for Loch Lomond. He informs us that no offer was made direct to him, but that
he heard indirectly that such an offer was talked about, and he then declared that he would not sell the horse at any price. On hearing rumors of the affair our reporter went to Mr DOUGLAS on the course and asked him the facts. Mr DOUGLAS then explained the matter, but our reporter understood that the offer was made in a more direct form.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Ezekiel ROWE was charged by the police, under the provisions of the Licensing Act, with injuring the peace and happiness of his family by excessive drinking. Constable FOSTER deposed that defendant had been in a state of muddled drunkenness for a long period. He was continually drinking, but never got sufficiently drunk to justify an arrest. When under the influence of liquor he behaved very badly to his family. He had also been charged with lunacy brought on through drink. Sergeant BURTENSHAW corroborated the constable's statement, and asked that a prohibition order should be made against defendant. His Worship made an order prohibiting the sale of intoxicants to defendant for one year.

Mr LIMMER, Hastings, notifies that unless two trespassing pigs are claimed within 14 days, they will be killed to pay expenses and damage.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday March 24th 1884

Death - NEWBOULD - On Sunday, 23rd inst., at Willow Home, Papakura, after a short illness, Simeon NEWBOULD (of Patley Bridge, Yorkshire), aged 60. Deeply regretted. The funeral will leave his late residence at 2 o'clock to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon for the Taradale cemetery. Friends will please accept this intimation.

A life-size half-portrait of Mr J.A. SMITH, painted by Mr LINDAUER for the Hospital Committee, is now in view in Mr S. CARNELL's studio. The artist has been most successful in producing a life-like picture.

A sample of hops from Mr T. TANNER's plantation has been forwarded to our office, and we may say that if the whole of the crop is to be judged by the specimen sent Mr TANNER has been remarkably fortunate in his experiment. The hops, although part of a first crop, look quite equal in development to the product of two-year old bines, and the appearance
and aroma are equal to the best Nelson growths.

A meeting of gentlemen interested in the formation of a football club was held at the Petane Hotel last Saturday evening. A good number put in an appearance. Mr F.A. LEWIS was voted to the chair. It was decided that a club be formed to be called the Petane Fern Crushers Football Club. The following officers were appointed:-
President, Major RICHARDSON
Vice-president, Mr Wm. VILLERS
Hon. secretary and treasurer - Mr E.A. LEWIS.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday March 25th 1884

Birth - FITZROY - At Ringstead, Hastings, Mrs FITZROY of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., John SPENCER was charged with being the owner of a ferocious dog. Patrick FLANNAGAN deposed to being in the White-road on the 8th inst., and to seeing a bull-terrior dog bite a little girl.Witness afterwards went in company with the police to defendant's house, and saw the same dog tied up in the yard. Clara JOHANSEN, a little girl nine years of age, deposed to being bitten by the dog as stated by last witness. Sergeant BURTENSHAW said defendant had been warned about the dog before it bit the child, and the police had unsuccessfully tried to capture the animal to kill it, because of its savage disposition. Defendant admitted that he was the owner of the dog on the 8th inst., but said he had now parted with the animal to a butcher in the country.
Adam SMITH, charged with leaving a horse and cart unattended, and with the wheels of the latter unchained, pleaded builty.. A fine of 1 pound and 7s costs was inflicted.
Frederick EVANS, charged with furious riding at Hastings, pleaded guilty, but said the horse he was riding was one purchased shortly before, and that it ran away with him. Defendant was fined 1 pound and 9s costs. Thomas FOREMAN, charged with leaving a horse and vehicle unattended at the Spit, admitted the offence, and was fined 10s and 7s costs, his Worship intimating that in future cases of this kind he would inflict substantial penalties.
Eustace FANNIN was charged with allowing two horses to wander at large, contrary to the bye-law. Defendant admitted the charge, and was fined 2s and 7s costs.
Margaret SYMONS, charged with lunacy, was ordered to be committed to the Napier Lunatic Asylum.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday March 26th 1884

Death - BICKNELL - At Willowbrook, on the 24th March, John, the dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth BICKNELL, after a few days' illness, aged 54. Deeply regretted by his family and numerous circle of friends. A colonist of 42 years standing. The funeral will leave his late residence to-day (Wednesday) at 2 p.m. Friends please kindly accept this intimation.

Mr A. YOUNGHUSBAND is about to settle at Danevirke, having entered into partnership with Mr RASMUSEN of that place.

The Governor has appoined the following Licensing Committee for the Hampden district:- N. CAMPBELL, S. HARRIS, H.J. MURCOTT, J. STODDART, and T.J. WATKINS.

The road at the bottom end of Dickens-street, near the railway station, is getting into very bad order. A little expenditure now may save a considerable sum in repairs that will be necessary if the road is neglected till winter sets in.

At the first meeting of the Havelock licensing committee Mr Thomas GILPIN was elected chairman.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday March 28th 1884

The second quarter of Mr J.A. REARDEN's evening school will commence on Tuesday, April 1st. Mr REARDEN had nearly 40 young men attending his night school during the past year, and over 60 day pupils during the same period.

A meeting of the creditors in the estate of F. HARFORD was held in the Suspreme Court-house yesterday morning. The resolution passed at a prior meeting, agreeing to accept a composition of 12s 6d in the pound, 2s 6d payable in cash, and the remainder in guaranteed bills extending over twelve months, was confirmed.

Residents of Napier are cautioned against using that part of Hyderabad-road which passes what is known as Pandora Point. Quarrying operations are proceeding there, with a view to widening the road, and the works are at present dangerous to passers-by.

Mr BOWES, who was formerly in business in Napier, has returned to this district. Mr BOWES has a dairy farm near Taradale, which has been leased for the last two years, but he now unexpectedly finds the farm thrown on his hands, while his old connection is dispersed. He has to start afresh, and in another column he invites custom, and assures customers that, as his farm is never flooded, they can rely on a constant supply of milk throughout the winter.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr A. KENNEDY, J.P., Anne WALSH was charged with the larceny of several articles of plate, jewellery, and wearing apparel, to the value of 6 pounds. The Bench decided to remand accused till Monday next, and to grant bail in two sureties of 50 pounds each.

The annual picnic of the scholars attending St. Andrew's Sunday School, Port Ahuriri, took place on Wednesday. The party left the Port at 9 o'clock a.m., for Petane, in Mr VILLERS' two large coaches. The coaches were densely packed with juvenile humanity, and presented a lively appearance on the road. The party alighted at a paddock kindly lent by Mr TWIGG, where the visitors were joined by the scholars attending the Petane Sunday School. The morning was spent in gathering blackberries, mushrooms, &c. After a substantial luncheon the children, with their teachers and friends, amused themselves with games and swinging until tea-time came round, when another substantial meal was enjoyed, after which the children returned to their homes gratified with the delights of an enjoyable day.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday March 29th 1884

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr T.K. NEWTON, J.P., Peter LUNDEL was charged with drunkenness. Defendant, who appeared to be suffering severely from the effects of drink, was remanded till Monday, on the application of Sergeant BURTENSHAW.

The New Zealand Times wants to know why we want a harbor at Napier. The answer is that we want a harbor because the products of Hawke's Bay are greater than those of the Wellington provincial district. The official returns show larger exports from the port of Wellington, but thos returns include part of the products of Hawke's Bay and other districts.

After many difficulties, which would have daunted a less determined man, Mr John CHAMBERS has had constructed a freezing machine according to his plan. Mail advices state that it was to be tested on February 27th, in London. Mr CHAMBERS expects that his system will reduce the coal used to one-sixth. Even if it reduces it only to a third, or half, the invention will prove a great boon to shippers of meat.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday March 31st 1884

A country resident desires us to mention the following:- Coming into town by train on Saturday he brought with him three dozen cucumbers for sale. He took them to a greengrocer, who would only give one penny each for the articles. Thinking that cucumbers were either very plentiful, or that he had got a poor price for his goods, he engaged a little boy out of the street to go to the same shop and purchase a cucumber. The lad brought back the smallest of the number that had just been sold to the shopkeeper, and said he had been charged threepence for it. The original seller of the cucumbers thinks gardeners have a very poor prospect if they can only get for their produce one-third of the price afterwards paid for it by consumers.

There was an extraordinary scene on the wharf on Saturday, when the second launch was about to leave for the Manapouri, with the female members of the Williamson Opera Company. It appears that on the previous Sunday a girl of eighteen, daughter of a well-known resident, met one of the chorus singers of the company, and on Monday they were married at the Registrar's office, the girl giving a wrong name and making a false declaration as to age. During the week she sang in the choruses and stayed with her husband at the Temperance Hotel, apparently without opposition. However, on Saturday, when she was about to follow her husband (who had gone in the first launch) a policeman stepped up and compelled her to remain behind. She went to her father's house, but was refused admittance there, and she was left in the street, absolutely penniless. A kind neighbor gave her food and shelter. The conduct of the father, in refusing his daughter a home after preventing her leaving with her husband, is inexplicable.



Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 2nd 1884

Marriage - DOUGLAS-PARSONS - At Ormondville, on 23rd March, by the Rev. J.W. WORBEYS, James Walter DOUGLAS, to Miriam Adelaide PARSONS, daughter of Mr Louis PARSONS, manager Makatoku Sawmills.

Dr MENZIES has returned to Napier, and has resumed his duties at the hospital.

The Registrar of Marriages states that he certainly did not marry any Napier girl to a member of the Williamson Opera Company, and that the statement made to the contrary is untrue. The girl persists in her statement, but says the Registrar who married her was "a tall, stout man," which description certainly does not fit either Mr GREBB or Mr HENN. The girl must be telling a deliberate untruth, or she must have been deceived by a mock marriage.

Mr MURDOCH, of Hastings, the other day sent us an abortion in the shape of a monster potato. It was about two feet long and proportionately broad and thick, and the weight was something under six pounds. We made preparations for a big roast, and invited our bosom friends to share in the phenomenal tuber. It was roasted with care, the butter and salt were all ready, and our mouths watered. But when the vile thing was opened it proved to be as rotten as it was big. The result of that feast was a hot quarrel with our closest friends, and subsequently, a feeling of heartfelt thankfulness that we escaped with life and sound limbs.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Peter LUNDEL was charged with drunkenness. Defendant, who was evidently suffering from a mild form of luncacy, made a rambling statement, in which he admitted getting drunk because he could not help it, having been born like it, and said he suffered from a "complexien" which wandered about in his inside. Sergeant BURKENSHAW stated that he had behaved like a lunatic in the lock-up. Defendant was remanded for three days.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday April 5th 1884

A pronounced shock of earthquake was felt in Napier yesterday morning, at 17 minutes to 11 o'c lock. Two very slight shocks occurred within an hour afterwards.

The trout turned out in the Manawatu river, near Mangatore, have thriven well, and are often seen. Those turned out at Patea, near Messrs BIRCH's station, also appear to be doing well.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before MR. E. PATTEN, J.P., John O'BRIEN was charged with drunkenness, and admitted the offence. A fine of 5s and costs was imposed, or 48 hours hard labor in default of payment. Defendant went to gaol.

Mr Geo. MUSGROVE writes to the New Zealand Times denying that any member of his opera company married a girl in Napier. He says:- "I am sure there is not a member of our company who would be guilty of such an act. Most of them have been with us for many years, and are alike a credit to themselves and their managers." Mr MUSGROVE seems to think marriage a very dishonorable thing indeed.

Mr and Mrs Sydney JOHNSON narrowly escaped serious injuries from an accident last evening. Mr and Mrs JOHNSTON and some members of their family were being driven in a waggonette homewards, and when near the Waipawa Hotel the horses in the vehicle shied at a perambulator and ran over a river bank. The vehicle was overturned and considerably broken, but the occupants luckily escaped serious injury, nothing beyond a few bruises and a thorough fright ensuing from the spill.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday April 7th 1884

Death - CONOLLY - At the Napier Hospital, on the 5th of April, Mary CONELLY; aged 50 years.

Messrs T.J. and J.G. ANDREWS are passengers for Napier by the Tongariro.

The newly-elected Taradale licensing committee met on Saturday, and elected Mr M'DONALD chairman.

The schoolmaster at Norsewood, Mr THOMPSON, is laid aside by illness, and Mr HILL, Inspector of Schools, leaves for Norsewood to-day to take charge of the school for a week. We wonder whether there is another inspector in the colony who would so act?

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Mr E. PATTEN, J.P.,
Peter LUNDEL was charged with drunkenness, and was fined 5s and costs.
Alice WRAY, also charged with drunkenness, admitted the offence, and was fined 5s and costs.
Patrick LYNCH was charged with using abusive language, and pleaded as an excuse that he had only recently come out of prison, and had partaken of some beer, which excited him after his enforced abstinence. Defendant was remanded till this morning.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 8th 1884

A meeting was held on Saturday evening at Mr KELLY's Hotel, Hastings, for the purpose of forming a football club. Very few persons attended. Mr ST. HILL, jun., was appointed secretary and requested to write to gentlemen likely to join.

Mrs H.J. BAKER, upon their retirement from the Empire Hotel, Waipawa, has had the following inscription artistically engraved upon the centre-piece byMr JARMAN:- "Presented to Mr and Mrs H.J. BAKER as a token of esteem by their Hawke's Bay friends." Before being returned to Waipawa the set will be exhibited in one of the windows of Mr BLYTHE's establishment, Emerson-street.

A new Anglican Church, to be called "St. Augustine's," will be shortly erected in Edwards-street.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Patrick LYNCH was charged with using abusive language. The evidence of Stephen HOOPER and Sergeant BURTENSHAW was taken, and fully proved the offence. Defendant was sentenced to one month's hard labor.

Colley Morgan WILLIAMS was charged with obtaining the sum of 1 pound from James WATSON, of Clive, by false pretences. The police applied for a remand, on the ground that accused had only been in custody two hours, and that several other charges of a similar nature were to be preferred against him. His Worship remanded accused till Tuesday next, and granted the request for bail, accused in his own recognisances of 100 pounds, and two sureties of 50 pounds each.
Mr LEE, for the accused, asked that if the other cases spoken of by the police were preferred, accused should not be arrested before the term of the remand was expired. His Worship agreed to the arrangement, but raised the bail to accused in 200 pounds and two sureties in 100 pounds each.

John HOWES was charged with shooting a swan at Taradale on the 25th of March. Sergeant BURTENSHAW applied to have the charge withdrawn, as the secretary of the Acclimatisation Society had communicated with the police, and stated that the society did not object to swans being killed, as they were a nuisance. Mr LEE, who appeared for defendant, opposed the withdrawal of the case, and asked for a dismissal on the grounds that swans were not game within the meaning of the Act, and that if they were his client had not shot one. The case was dismissed on the ground that swans were not game.

The same defendant was further charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on the 25th of March. John HARRISON and James BRADLEY deposed to seeing defendant in a paddock at Taradale, known as Dowling Bros'. and that he fired at a wild duck. Defendant made a statement on oath to the effect that he was shooting shags on the day in question. He also called Stephen HOOPER to prove that he and defendant had arranged to go out shag shooting on the 25th of March. Samuel SPENCE was also called by defendant, and deposed to being shown a shag which defendant had shot. Jeremiah DOWLING, owner of the land on which defendant was trespassing, deposed that he had no objection to shooting on his land. The case was dismissed.

Mary FISHER, charged with using obscene language, did not appear. A certificate from Dr CARO, stating that defendant was ill, was put in on her behalf, and the case was adjourned till May 5th.

Alick BAIN, charged with allowing a chimney of his residence in Waghorne-street to be on fire, was fined 5s and costs.

Robert REDSTANE was charged with allowing three horses to wander at large, and pleaded guilty. He was fined 3s with 7s costs.

The same defendant was charged with rescuing three horses from the constable, as they were being driven to the pound. Defendant admitted the offence, but said he drove the horses home because he thought the police could not impound. He had since learned that he was wrong. A fine of 1 pound and 9s costs was imposed.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 9th 1884

Miss E. MANEY, well known throughout the district as a clever pianiste, announces that she is prepared to give lessons to a limited number of pupils.

The secretary of the Napier Hospital desires to acknowledge, with thanks, the sum of 3 pounds 6s 6d, from Mr. G. BAKER's hospital box at the Mohaka Hotel.

A meeting of the newly-elected Petane licensing committee was called for Monday, for the purpose of appointing a chairman, but fell through for lack of a quorum. A meeting was consequently held in Napier yesterday, at which Mr T. TANNER was appointed chairman.

Mr HARKER, the energetic secretary of the Napier Hospital, has been granted a month's leave of absence on account of ill health. He will be much missed during his absence, and his many friends will be pleased to see him back again enjoying renewed health as the result of his well-earned holiday.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., judgment for plaintiff was given in the following cases:-
FULFORD v. BATTEN and OLIVER, claim 50 pounds, 4s.
deLISLE v. MAGER, claim 2s.
EDDIE v. JONES, claim 13 pounds 14s 6d.
KNOWLES v. ROGERS, claim 3 pounds
NEWTON and Co. v. Colley Morgan WILLIAMS, claim 4 pounds 2s.
PARKER v. KRAUSEA, b alance of judgmentg debt of 7 pounds 3s 4d.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday April 11th 1884

Birth - HALLETT - At her residence, Coote-road, Napier, the wife of W. HALLETT, of a daughter.

Death - WESTOBY - On April 8th, at Brucefield, Woodville, Robert WESTOBY, in his 39th year.

The HERALD will not be published to-morrow.

Hot-cross buns were eaten betimes this morning in the Herald printing office, Mr D.B. WATT having kindly sent down a sample of his make to the employees in the composing room shortly before midnight. The general verdict was that the buns were superior - and cheap.

The following are the players selected to represent the Napier C.C. in their match with the Mohaka eleven at Petane on Easter Monday - EDWARDS, GILBERD, H. MARTIN, J. MARTIN, WHITE, HUMPHRIES, LOGAN, MAYO, CARNELL, PRAIN, and C. MONTEITH. The coach to convey the town players will leave MAYO's hotel at 8.30 a.m. sharp.

There are two weighbridges at the Spit, Mr C. DOLBEL having had one constructed upon his premises. The new weighbridge is of the latest design, and differs in several particulars from the old patterns. It is also large enough to accommodate a horse and dray, thus doing away with the necessity for propping up a dray when being weighed, as is the case with the smaller weighbridges.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., James MURPHY alias John HIGGINS, pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness. A fine of 5s and costs was imposed, or 48 hours' imprisonment in default.
Thomas M'EWEN was also charged with a like offence, and pleaded that his apparently inebriated condition when arrested was due to sickness. Defendant, who certainly seemed to be out of health, was fined 5s and costs.

Our Makaretu correspondent writes under Wednesday's date:- Yesterday Mr Anders ANDERSON committed suicide. The affair has caused a great deal of painful feeling, as no reasonable motive can be alleged for the act. The deceased traded as a storekeeper, and was a buyer of grass seed, and as he could neither read nor write he was often much embarrassed in many ways, and this may have led to what occurred. An inquest was held to-day before Dr TODD, and from the evidence it appeared that the deceased had strychnia in his possesion, and died exhibiting the symptoms it would produce. A verdict of temporary insanity was returned.

An inquest was held at Clive yesterday, before Dr HITCHINGS, coroner, on the body of a man, Thomas MILGATE, who died on the preceding day from injuries received by falling from a horse. It appeared from the evidence taken that deceased, who had been drinking at Clive during the day, started off on horseback for his home, a distance of about two miles, shortly before six o'clock in the evening. He was found lying in the road, having fallen from his horse. Deceased was bleeding from the nose, and complained of pains in the head. Help was obtained, and deceased was assisted to his home where he died a little before 9. The jury returned a verdict of death from apoplexy, accelerated by a fall from a horse.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday April 14th 1884

Letters of naturalisation have been issued by the Executive in favor of Andrew JOHONSEN and Per MAGUSEN, farmers, of Norsewood; Carl JOHANSEN and Adolf. C. BERKHAM, farmers of Makaretu; and Frederick BECK, of Napier.

After morning service at St. Paul's Church yesterday two new elders - Mr COWELL and Mr R.C. HARDING - were ordained, and Mr LAMB (who was ordained in England), also took the office of elder of St. Paul's. The ordination service was impressively read by the Rev. Mr PATERSON.

There is no truth whatever in the statement that the natives have been obstructing operations at Messrs WILDING and BULL's sawmills. On the contrary, the natives and the interested Europeans met on Wednesday, and agreed to a deed by which the full rights of both parties are secured.

At a meeting of the Petane Library Committee on Thursday evening the secretary (Mr HAMILTON) reported that Mr GRINDELL had presented a parcel of about 60 books for the library. The committee passed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr GRINDELL for his handsome present.

The soiree in connection with the opening of the new Wesleyan Church at Hastings last Friday evening resulted most successfully. Tea was laid in the large town hall, fully 300 persons partaking. The tables were neatly arranged, and were presided over by Mesdames TAYLOR, FARMERY, BISHOP, ALEXANDER, COX, and the Misses WOOD (2) and DONEY (2). Sacred pieces were ably rendered by the choir of Trinity Wesleyan Church, Napier, and pleasing solos were given by Miss TUCKWELL and Miss MOGRIDGE. Messrs RIBINSON and WATSON also contributed songs, and the former took part in a pleasing duet with Mr H. MARTIN.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., John CUMMINGS was charged on the information of John TUCK, licensee of the Railway Hotel, Hastings, with being guilty of disorderly conduct in the hotel on April 10th. A fine of 10s and costs was imposed, or in default 48 hours' hard labor. The money was paid.
John WAITER, an elderly man, was charged with vagrancy.
Sergeant BURTENSHAW stated that defendant came to the lock-up on the preceding evening, and persisted in being taken in charge, saying he had no place to sleep in, and no means of subsistence. The police did not want to charge defendant, but he insisted upon being brought before the Court. Defendant, upon being questioned, said he was destitute, and had tried to obtain work, and failed. His Worship sentenced defendant to 14 days' hard labor.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 15th 1884

Mr ROBJOHNS informs us that he alone was concerned in getting up the petition in favor of keeping Stamford-street closed, and that, for certain reasons, Mr COLENSO was not even asked to sign it. Mr ROBJOHNS adds that it was to oblige him that Mr COLENSO applied to the Council to sell part of Stamford-street. A lawyer advised Mr ROBJOHNS that to enable the Council to sell any part of a street the occupiers on both sides of that part must apply. Mr COLENSO at first objected to make the application, saying he did not desire to
purchase, but he ultimately consented to apply as a neighborly act to Mr ROBJOHNS.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., William MALONEY was charged on the information of Constable WEATHERED with furiously driving a horse and cart on March 28th, in Shakespeare-road. Defendant admitted the correctness of the charge. The evidence of Kinross WHITE and William LUCAS was taken, from which it appeared that Mr WHITE was riding up the Shakespeare-road in a cab driven by the witness LUCAS, and that defendant and the driver of another cart were seen driving abreast down the hill at a rapid rate, and it was with great difficulty a collision was averted. Defendant was fined 1 pound, with 11s costs, and 5s witness's expenses, or in default three days hard labor. The money was paid.

A laughing jackass has been found. The owner can have it on applying to Robert HOLDER, Dickens-street.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 16th 1884

Letters of naturalisation have been issued to John Peter Andresen FRILS and Adolph Theodor THORTENSEN, of Norsewood, and Christoffer Olsen HEGH, Napier.

Messrs H. BAKER, H.S. TIFFEN, and J. BUCHANAN are gazetted as School Commissioners for Hawke's Bay, under appointment by the Governor. Mr. J.D. ORMOND and Mr F. SUTTON are also gazetted under appointment by the Education Board.
Hawkes B ay Herald, Friday April 18th 1884

Birth - M'EWAN - At Hastings, on April 14th, the wife of A.J. M'EWAN, of a daughter.

A meeting of shareholders in the Hawke's Bay Goldmining Prospecting Association was held last evening in the Town Hall, Hastings, Captain RUSSELL in the chair. Mr M'LEOD made a statement as to a gold-bearing vent having been discovered on private property at the Kereru district. The following gentlemen were elected directors:- Captain RUSSELL, Messrs M'LEOD, BEDBY, ANDERSON, HARDING, TANNER, and ROSS.

The following immigrants for Hawke's Bay, per Rangitikei, now at Auckland, left the latter port yesterday in the Waihora, and will arrive at Napier early on Saturday morning:-
W. AUSTIN and wife, G. BEST and wife, W. KENT and wife, W. SWEETAPPLE and wife, P. BURKE, A. DANIELSON, Dennis and Johanna GRADY, Arthur and Helen HARRISON, J. HAYES, D. HOURIGAN and Mary HOURIGAN, P. O'SHAUGHNESSY, J. ROURKE, Kate QUINN, Sarah ASHTON, Ann BOTWELL, Sarah and Mary DUGGAN, Emma FORD, Emma GOOCH, Emma HORNE, and Matilda PETT.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court. Colley Morgan WILLIAMS was brought up on remand charged with obtaining 3 pounds by false pretences from James WATSON, storekeeper, of Havelock, 4 pounds from William Alexander COUPER, of Havelock, and 17s 6d from Ernest INGPEN of Napier. (details of trial available on request - Judy).

Mr LEO asked his Worship to deal leniently with accused, and reminded his Worship that he had power to inflict a fine under the new Act.

His Worship said he would deal leniently with prisoner, and in such a way as would prevent him going to prison if he could pay the fine that would be inflicted. He did this partly because of accused's previous good character.

His Worship then imposed a fine of 10 pounds in the first case, with the alternative of ten months' imprisonment; a similar fine and alternative in the second case, and a fine of 5 pounds or one month's imprisonment in the third case.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday April 19th 1884

Birth - GUILLIARD - At Beach-road, Napier, on April 18, the wife of Henry GUILLIARD, of a daughter.

There was little business at the usual sitting of the R.M. Court on Wednesday. A man named John DAVIE was charged on the information of Constable LIDDLEA with breaking into the house of a native near Porangahau, and stealing a gun and some pieces of greenstone. The police were not quite prepared to go on with the case, and accused was remanded till the 24th. A charge against the lessee of the Waipawa Hotel, of taking articles in pledge as security for refreshments supplied, was withdrawn by the police with the permission of the Court. A long civil case, involving 4 pounds 10s balance alleged to be due for building a chimney, came to the same ending; a non-suit.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 22nd 1884

Birth - SELLARS - On the 18th of April, at Napier, the wife of W.H. SELLARS, of a son.

Death - MAHONEY - At the hospital, on April 21st, John MAHONEY, aged 55 years, late of Killarney, Ireland. The funeral leaves the hospital at 6.30 tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, for St. Mary's Church. The members of the Hibernian Society are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of their late brother - J. DAWSON, Undertaker.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Maria M'DONALD, charged on remand with lunacy, was certified to be sane by the medical officer of the asylum, and was accordingly discharged.
Henry DOUGLAS was charged on the information of Constable FORSTER with drunkenness. Defendant pleaded guilty and was discharged with a caution.
Thomas SMITH, charged on the information of Constable MAGILL with a breach of the borough's bye laws, by leaving a horse unattended, pleaded not guilty. After hearing the evidence His Worship inflicted a fine of 10s costs, or 48 hours' hard labor in default. The money was paid.

George PERFECT notifies that he will not be responsible for debts contracted by his wife.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 23rd 1884

Death - BIDWILL - At Pihautea, Wairarapa, Charles Robert BIDWELL, aged 6-1/2 years.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., judgment for plaintiff was given in the following cases:-
KNIGHT BROS. v. D.M. LUCKIE, claim 5 pounds 3s 6d; costs 9s, witness's expenses 9s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
LANGLEY and NEWMAN v. D.M. LUCKIE, claim 10 pounds 10s 3d; costs 1 pound 2s.
SIME v. DOHERTY, claim 5 pounds 3s 3d; costs 11s.

The usual fortnightly meeting of the Napier School Committee was held last evening. Present - Messrs LAWS (chairman), W.L. WHITE, Thomas SIDEY, F.W. GARNER, and Joseph PARKER. A letter was received from the Education Board, approving the appointment of Miss REED as third mistress and Mr Chas. HESLEN as fourth master.

Hawkes Bay herald, Thursday April 24th 1884

Births - LOFLEY - At Taupo, on the 21st April, the wife of Edward John LOFLEY, of a son.
ELLISON - At Morningside, Napier, on the 23rd April, the wife of H. ELLISON, of a daughter.

Marriage - SPACKMAN-COXALL - On April 22, at St. Peter's, Wellington, by the Ven. Archdeacon STOCK, Henry Goold SPACKMAN, organist of St. John's Napier, to Amy COXALL, only daughter of the late William COXALL, of London, England.

Death - SABIN - On April 22nd, at Kaikora, Fanny, second daughter of Mr T. SABIN, formerly of Oxford, England, aged 27.

The firest of the series of fortnightly wintry entertainments at the Working Men's Club took place last evening. There was a large attendance, and the entertainment, which consisted of vocal and musical selections, was a most enjoyable one. Mr GARRYH presided at the piano, and was assisted by Mr CHAPMAN, violinist, and Mr MADDIGAN, cornetist.

Mr. W. WILLIAMS, of Puketapu, can claim to be the first man who has driven loaded drays as far as Moawhango, on the Patea-road. He recently took up three three-horse drays, heavily loaded, and brought back loads of wool. Moawhango is 36 miles from the Spit. The road is not yet finished to the Rangitikei river, though the contractor (Mr O'DWYER) is making good progress. From the river to Moawhango (fourteen miles) the road was made by Messrs A. and W. BIRCH ten years ago, and they have maintained it ever since.

A man named De CAMPS was found dead in the engine-cleaning shed at Makatoku at half-past 4 o'clock yesterday morning. The deceased man was given employment as an engine-cleaner by Mr SYKES on the preceding day. He then stated that he had been working at Mr ORMOND's for some time, but had been out of employment for a few weeks, and was staying at Napier. He had apparently died suddenly while engaged cleaning the under part of the engine, as the cotton waste he had been using was found lying beneath him. The body was taken to the Makatoku Hotel, where an inquest will be held this day.

A general meeting of members of the Napier Football Club was held last evening at the Criterion Hotel. The following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year:- Presidents, Messrs J.D. ORMOND and F. LOGAN; captain, Mr H.F. GIBBONS; deputy captain, Mr F. PARKER; honorary secretary, Mr W.J. ANDERSON; committee, Messrs H.D. ROBINSON, J.T.E. HARRAP, A.F. KENNEDY, F. FULTON, and H.F. THOMPSON.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday April 26th 1884

Birth - LEE -On the 23rd April, at Cobden-road, Napier, the wife of G.E. LEE, Esq., of a son.

Death - ANDERSON - At the Napier Hospital, on April 24th, the beloved wife of Richard ANDERSON, of Te Aute, aged 28 years. The funeral will leave the hospital at 3 o'clock this day. Friends will please accept this intimation.

An adjourned meeting of creditors in the estate of Anders FREDSBERG should have been held yesterday, but was not, for the simple reason that neither the debtor nor any of his creditors attended. Mr F GARNER, Deputy Asignee, was present, and adjourned the meeting sine die.

An accident occurred in Hastings street yesterday to a man under the influence of liquor. He was crossing the road at Newton's corner, after alighting from the Taradale coach, and walked direct into an advancing cab. The driver of the latter just managed to stop his horses as the man collided with the end of the cab pole. He fell down from the force of the blow, which caused some apparently serious injuries to his face. Sergeant BURTENSHAW conveyed the injured man to Mr WELSMAN's, where he was afterwards taken to the hospital. It is said that this man broke his collar-bone at Taradale on the preceding evening, when intoxicated, and that his visit to town was for the purpose of attending the hospital.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr E. PATTEN and Dr CARO, J.P.'s, Michael MURPHY was charged with drunkenness. Defendant, who appeared to be suffering very severely from the effects of drink, entered the dock with difficulty, and pleaded guilty. Sergeant BURTENSHAW asked for a remand, in order that defendant might receive medical attention, as he was not fit to plead to the charge. The Bench accordingly remanded defendant for a week.
Frank SIDNEY was charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at Hastings on the preceding day. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 1 pound and costs, or in default 48 hours' hard labor. The same defendant was further charged with the larceny of an overcoat vaslue 18s, the property of H.P. COHEN. Prosecutor stated that he had been engaged on business at the Railway Hotel from 10 to 4 the preceding day, and left his overcoat hanging in the hall. When he went to look for it in the evening it was gone. Witness spoke to the barman about the loss, and after some little delay, searching about the hotel, the barman noticed that prisoner looked very bulky, and he was searched, and found to be wearing witness's coat beneath another one. Prisoer admitted that he must have taken the coat, but pleaded that he was in liquor, and knew nothing of the circumstances as related. The Bench remarked that drunkenness was no excuse for larceny, and sentenced prisoner to 14 days' har! d labor.

The Collector of Customs notifies that Mr E. LYNDON and Mr H. MONTEITH have taken out auctioneers' licenses.

Shooting licenses have been issued to Messrs G. CARLYON, A. CARLYON, J.S. SPRY, F. SUTTON, A. KNIGHT, W. CATO, and J.H. COLEMAN.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday April 28th 1884

Births - LOGAN - On the 27th April, the wife of Frank LOGAN, of a son.
M'CARTIE - On April 25, at Coote-road, Napier, the wife of R.B. M'CARTIE, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., William BRENNAN pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness, and was fined 5s and costs, or 48 hours' hard labor in default.

The account published by the Melbourne Age regarding the death of a Mrs CLARKE, of Napier, on board the s.s. Waihora, has been called in question by the officers of the vessel. They say that the lady, who was in a dying condition when she embarked, was treated with the greatest kindness on board the steamer (which indeed has never been disputed), and that her clothes were thrown overboard at the husband's request. Mrs CLARKE, it is added, died in her husband's arms, and the stewardess states that the rings of deceased were given to the husband, and also an empty purse found in her pocket.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 29th 1884

Birth - HAMILTON - At Mangatoro, on April 24, the wife of G.D. HAMILTON, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Charles NELSON was charged with drunkenness at Hastings. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 5s and costs, or 48 hours' hard labor in default.
Patrick SULLIVAN, charged on the information of Thomas PATON with having assaulted informant on the 7th of January last, did not appear. Sergeant BURTENSHAW stated that a summons was issued immediately after the alleged assault, but the police failed to find defendant. He was seen in town during the preceding week, and a new summons was at once issued and served upon him. His Worship decided to hear the case ex parte. No provocation of any kind was given so far as witness could see, and the assault was a most cowardly and brutish one. His Worship inflicted a fine of 3 pounds, with costs 7s, and witness's expensess 5s, or one month's hard labor in default.
Peter FURZE was charged with being in possession of three wild ducks on the 21st of April, contrary to the statute. Constable LEITCH deposed that he saw defendant, who resided at Clive, at the Te Aute railway station on the day named. Witness suspected him of shooting game out of season, and watched him put a parcel on the train. Witness afterwards examined the parcel, which was addrssed to defendant's wife, and found the three wild ducks produced. Defendant admitted having had the ducks in his possession as stated by the constable, but denied having shot them. A fine of 1 pound was imposed, wikth 7s costs, or four days' hard labor in default.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 30th 1884

Births - M'LEAN - On 27th April, at Duart, Havelock, the wife of Allan M'LEAN, of a son.
WESTLAKE - At Ormondville, on April 27, the wife of W. WESTLAKE, of a daughter.

Some little excitement was caused at Waipawa on Sunday while service was going on at St. Mary's Catholic Church by the chimney of the Presbytery catching fire. The fire was soon put out, no damage worth speaking of resulting from the occurrence.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., judgment was given for plaintiff in the following cases:-
WATSON v. PEGRAM, claim 11 pounds 8s 10d; costs 1 pound 2s, witness's expenses 2s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
SAME v. J.W. DOUGLAS, claim 38 pounds 8s 8d; costs 2 pounds 10s, witness's expenses 3s, solicitor's fee 2 pounds 2s.
F.R. HAMLIN v. A. JAMES, claim 6 pounds 6s; witness's expenses 10s, soilicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
In the case of WATSON v. ROSS, claim 8 pounds 1s 3d; judgment was given for the latter; witness's expenses 10s; solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.

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