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Hawkes Bay Herald
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspapers
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine, and her Fantastic team
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Transcribed by Judy

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Hawkes Bay Herald, January 1 and 2, 1884
Tuesday - January 1 1884 - No publication.
Wednesday - January 2 1884 -

Local News -
The following town cricketers have been selected to go into practice for the inter-provincial match with Wellington:- Messrs J. MARTIN, H. MARTIN, SPACKMAN, G. NEWTON, R. HUNTER, W.C. YATES, MOUNTIER, W. ASHTON, POOLE, FULTON, CARGILL, and GILPIN.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday, before Captaion PREECE, R.M., John THOMPSON pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness, and was fined 5s and costs.
John SMITH, charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse, admitted the offence, and was fined 1 pound and costs.
Patrick HAWLEY, charged on the information of Constable WEATHERED with obstructing him in the execution of his duty, while arresting the defendant in the preceding case, admitted the offence and was fined 2 pounds and costs.
Frederick JOHANSEN, who recently chopped off the tips of three of his fingers when suffering from mania, was charged on remand with lunacy. A medical certificate of defendant's sanity was put in, and he was accordingly discharged.
Martha Jane COBB and Gerald O'FARRELL, severally charged with lunacy, were committed to the Napier lunatic asylum.
John BIRBECK was charged on the information of Sarah PIERSON, storekeeper, of Ormondville, with the larceny of a gold brooch, gold watch, pair of gold earrings, and a silver chain. The prisoner was committed for trial at the next sittings of the Supreme Court. (There is a lengthy report of the hearing which I will be happy to supply on request - Judy).

Advertisements -
Mrt W. SJERNING advertises for sale YEUELL's Restaurant, Hastings-street; also a freehold property on Shakespeare-road.
Tenders are invited for cutting and stacking 50 acres of grass. Applications to Mr John HOLDING or Mr
Mr Robert LAMB extends the time for receiving tenders for erecting a five-roomed house in Napier to Saturday next.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday January 3rd 1884

Local News -
Mr W. PARKER, jun., has been appointed Registrar of Electors for Napier, Hawke's Bay, and Waipawa, vice Mr W. LAING.

The election for four members of the Napier Hospital Committee takes place next Tuesday. The election is by subscribers of not less than 1 pound, from among whom the persons to be elected are to be selected. Messrs S. CARNELL, E..W. KNOWLES, M.R. MILLER, and H. WILLIAMS are the outgoing members, and are eligible for re-election.

The Wanstead Hotel was destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. No details of the occurrence had reached the police up to a late hour last evening. The fact of there having been a fire up country led to several alarming rumors, the tenor of which varied from the destruction of half the hotels in the province to the total destruction by fire of the whole township of Waipawa.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Messrs E. PATTEN and F.E. HAMLIN, J.P.'S,
James CONNOR admitted a charge of drunkenness, and was fined 5s and costs.
Thomas LONG, a disreputable character who has been before the Court a number of times during the past year or two, was charged on the information of Constable WEATHERED with disorderly conduct whilst drunk. Defendant admitted the offence, and asked to be given one more chance, as otherwise he would only be giving the Court trouble again in the future. Sergeant BURTENSHAW asked that a substantial fine might be inflicted. Defendant had only come out of prison the previous day, and had immediately got drunk. He then went into the Clarendon Hotel and destroyed property to the value of 1 pound 10s. A fine of 1 pound was imposed, or one month's hard labor in default. The alternative was compulsorily accepted.
A civil case, NEAGLE v. ANDERSON, a judgment summons, was adjourned till the 15th inst.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday January 4th 1884

Death - ST. CLAIR - At Napier, on January 3rd, 1884, the infant son of J.M. and E.C. ST. CLAIR; aged five weeks.

The Bishop of Waiapu will hold an ordination on Sunday morning next in the Church of St. Matthew, Hastings, when the Rev. Hubert MACLEAN will be admitted to the order of the priesthood, and Mr R. PENTY, of Wairoa, to the order of deacons. The Rev. F.E. Telling SIMCOX, incumbent of Porangahau, will preach.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday January 5th 1884
Mr Ben B. JOHNSON will sell at Makatoku next Wednesday morning horses, waggons, drays, ploughs, and other articles, under instructions from Messrs SAUNDERS and SCALLEY, their contract being completed.

Mr M.R. MILLER, in conjunction with Messrs M.R. MILLER and POTTS, will sell at the Ram Fair at Hastings on the 30th and 31st instant a number of Lincoln, Romney Marsh, and merino rams. The Lincoln and Romney Marsh rams will be sold on the 30th, and the merinoes on the 31st.

Alfred RANKIN is requested to write to his mother, at the address in the advertisement.

Mr. J.A. REARDEN's Napier Commercial Academy will be re-opened for boarders and day scholars on the 21st instant.

Mr Thomas JEFFARES, sen., has to let the Blue Gum store and dwelling, Taradale.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday January 7th 1884
Marriage - SWAN-STOPHER - On January 5th, at Napier, George Henry SWAN to Frances STOPHER.

The Rev. E. ROBERTSHAW, secretary to the Danevirke library, acknowledges, with thanks, a donation of 5 pounds from Mr W.C. SMITH, M.H.R.

Mr. H. WILLIAMS left Napier by the Manapouri on Saturday, en route for Melbourne, on a visit to the other colonies. Mr WILLIAMS expects to be absent six or seven weeks.

The young man M'DERMOTT, who was recently shot at by a man named JONES, manager of the Onehunga Iron Sand Company, in consequence of a quarrel over cards, is progressing
favorably towards recovery. The wound inflicted was a very dangerous one, and fears were entertained that the result would involve a charge of murder. JONES is in custody.

An inquest was held last Thursday at Mr COWPER's station, Kaitoki, on the body of Edward CONKIN, who was found hanging from a tree on the previous day. It appeared from the evidence of Daniel M'KELLAR, a shepherd in the employ of Messrs COWPER and KNIGHT, that the deceased was last seen alive on the previous Monday evening, when after having tea he went towards the creek and stood for about five minutes looking into the bush. M'KELLAR then lost sight of deceased, and surmised he had gone to Danevirke. On the previous Sunday afternoon deceased asked for some money, and witness gave him 1 pound. On Wednesday, in consequence of deceased being missed, witness went in search of him. Witness had not gone more than two chains in the bush when he saw the deceased hanging by the neck from a totara tree with a piece of flax. The jury returned a verdict "That deceased came by his death by hanging himself."

At the Resident Magistrate's
Court on Saturday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., John POMERCY, a Kanaka, was charged on the information of Constable LAWLESS with being unlawfully by night upon premises belonging to Henare TOMOANA. Major SCULLY asked his Worship to impose the heaviest penalty allowed by law, as there could be no doubt that defendant went to the premises in question for the purpose of committing a felony, but lowing to lack of proof the present charge had to be laid. (Abridged by Judy).

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday January 8th 1884

Our Wellington telegrams announce the very sudden death of Mr Jacob MONTEITH, chemist. Mr MONTEITH was the son of Dr MONTEITH, who came out to New Zealand with one of the first of the New Zealand Company's vessels, and he was well known to many Hawke's Bay residents, who will regret his untimely death.

Advertisements - Mr Edward LYNDON will sell at his rooms next Thursday morning a quantity of house-hold furniture, &c.

Messrs HOADLEY, LYON and CO. will hold their monthly land sale at the Hawke's Bay Wool Stores on the 22nd instant, when they will offer the section in Hastings-street that was occupied by the late Mrs GRANT, together with shop, dwelling, stable, store, &c; also, part of Havelock town section No. 19.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday January 9th 1884

Birth - REDWARD - At Ormondville, on January 5th 1884, the wife of F.W. REDWARD, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Thomas MURPHY was charged by the police with being drunk and incapable at Hastings on the preceding day. Defendant admitted the offence, and was fined 5s and costs.
James MACKINTOSH, similarly charged, failed to answer to his name when called, and his bail of 1 pound was estreated.

Judgment for plaintiff was given in the following civil cases:
J.A. REARDEN v. A. FOSTER, claim 27 pounds 10s; costs, 1 pound 6s.
FORTUNE and BLACK v. STEEL, claim 9 pounds 18s 3d, costs 11s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s; execution to be stayed for one month by consent.
HAYES v. M'DERMID, claim 4 pounds 11s 6d, costs 1 pound 2s, witness's expenses 5s 6d, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
THOMSON and CO., v. E. SMITH, claim 23 pounds 17s 6d, costs 2 pounds 13s, solicitor's fee, 2 pounds 2s.
RUDDOCK and FRYER v. Pohuka
HAPUKA, a judgment debt of 37 pounds 18s 4d; ordered to be paid on or before the 26th of February, or one month's imprisonment in default
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday January 11th 1884

Death - SWEETAPPLE - At Napier, on January 10th, Richard SWEETAPPLE, aged 82 years. The funeral will leave his late residence, Tennyson-street, at 3 o'clock this (Friday) afternoon.

Messrs MONTGOMERY and BARREN, M.H.R.'s, are now in Hawke's Bay. Our district seems to be becoming a centre of attraction to politicians. Why is it?

An old man named PRYOR, who was knocked down by a horse ridden by a butcher's boy about a month ago, died at the hospital yesterday, presumably from the injuries he received. It is surprising that more accidents do not occur from the reckless riding of some of these boys.

The four retiring members of the Hospital Committee - Messrs CARNELL, WILLIAMS, MILLER, and KNOWLES - have been re-elected.

An inquest was held at Wairoa yesterday on the infant son of Mr SPALDING, who on Wednesday fell into an old well, which was covered with rotten timber. A verdict of accidental death was returned, with a rider recommending that in similar cases in future medical assistance should be obtained at once, and proper efforts made to restore life.

A cricket match will be played to-morrow on the Recreation Ground, between the employees of Mr R. HOLT and those of the Hawke's Bay Herald. Play will commence at 2 p.m. sharp. The following comprise the team:- Holt's Employees, LE QUESNE, LANGHAM, SPIVEY, T. TAYLOR, J. TAYLOR, ROBINSON, BURTON, JOHNSTONE, SPENCE, ELMES and C. OLIVER. Emergency, RIGHT and SELLARS. HERALD

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday January 12th 1884

The little boy Frederick SANDS, who met with such a severe accident at Hastings on Wednesday, is at present progressing favorably at the Napier Hospital.

The prizes won in the tournament of the Napier Chess Club will be presented this evening in the chess-room at the Athenaeum. Mr KING takes first prize, Mr LESSONG second, and Mr LARGE third.

The Woodville paper says:- We hear on good authority that the Rev. Mr ROBERTSHAW, of Danevirke, is about to leave this district to settle in Sandon. During his residence here the rev. gentleman has shown himself very enthusiastic in the discharge of his duties, and the news of his departure will be received by many with regret.

The Wairoa Guardian has the following respecting the resignation by Mr H.J. WILLIAMS of his office as clerk to the Wairoa County Council:- "By the last mail Mr H.J. WILLIAMS received a letter from Home, informing him that he and his brother (at Christchurch) had been left considerable property. On receipt of a similar communication the brother in question left for England at once to receive his share, writing to Mr H.J. WILLIAMS, advising him to follow. In consequence of the above, Mr WILLIAMS on Monday last gave notice of his resignation of the post of County Clerk.

The selection of the staff for the Girls' High School is now complete. Miss HEWETT, Associate of Arts, Oxford, will be head-mistress; Miss RAMSAY, lately first teacher in the Sheffield High School, will be second mistress; and Miss FORSYTH, lately from George Watson's College, Edinburgh, will be mistress of the lower school.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday January 14th 1884
Death - MITCHELL - At Milton Terrace, Napier, on January 18, 1884, Andrew, youngest son of the late Dr MITCHELL, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland; aged 23 years.

Major BUTTS, adjutant of this volunteer district, arrived in Napier on Saturday. He comes on inspection business, and volunteers may look for lively times during his stay.

Mr ROGERS, the owner of Sussex, which was so well ridden by Mr W. BROUGHTON in the race for the Friendship Cup at Omahu, has presented the cup to Mrs W. BROUGHTON.

Madame SUMMERHAYES, the celebrated pianiste, arrived in Napier on Saturday, and, should sufficient inducement offer, intends to remain here permanently. It is her intention to give a concert soon.

At the usual monthly meeting of the Port Ahuriri District School Committee last Friday evening, all the members being present, it was unanimously resolved to select for the position of head-master, Mr R. GOULDING, classed D1.

A stable at Kuripapanga, the property of Mr STEVENS, proprietor of the Kuripapanga Hotel, was burned down about 7 o'clock on Friday evening. A young man who discovered the building on fire and attempted to extinguish the flames, had a narrow escape from losing his life. The building was insured in the National office for 130 pounds, which will about cover the loss.

A half-mile foot race took place in the Recreation Ground on Saturday afternoon, between two men respectively named M'GRATH and COLLINS, the latter being conceded 20 yards start. There was nothing very exciting about the contest, except, perhaps, a feverish eagerness on the part of the few spectators present to decide whether the race was a walking or a running match. The moot point was not satisfactorily settled by the onlookers, but the performers probably knew all about it. M'GRATH was behind COLLINS till within a few yards from the tape, when the former undid himself a little, and got in first by about a yard.

A few friends met at the Havelock school on Friday evening last, to bid good-bye to Mr Edward BISSELL on his leaving for the Clive school. The Rev. W. NICHOL, on behalf of the Havelock School Committee, presentedc Mr BISSELL with a neatly executed testimonial; and Mr TANNER, on behalf of the inhabitants, presented him with a purse of thirty-one sovereigns.

It is notified that application will be made at the sitting of the Supreme Court in Bankruptcy on Monday next for an order declaring the complete execution of the deed of arrangements between George Edward FUSZARD and his creditors.

Mr A. OLSEN tenders thanks to those who attended the funeral of his late son yesterday, and for the kindness the latter received at the hospital.

A meeting of the creditors of W.E. WOODS will be held at the Court-house on Friday afternoon, when the debtor will apply for a certificate that he has complied with the provisions of the Debtors and Creditors Acts.

Messrts CAZNEAU and CONNOLLY, photographers, of Lambton-quay, Wellington, announce that they have leased the premises in Hastings-street lately occupied by Mr CORBETT, where they will be ready to take photographs at the end of a month.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday January 15th 1884

Birth - WILLIAMS - At Puketapu, on the 12th January, the wife of T.W. WILLIAMS, of a daughter.

Death - MITCHELL - At Milton Terrace, Napier, on January 13, 1884, Andrew, youngest son of the late Dr MITCHELL, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland; aged 23 years.
The funeral will leave the residence of Mr George LAMBIE, Milton Terrace, to-day at 12 noon.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain Preece, R.M., William JOHNSON was brought up on remand charged with lunacy. A medical report certifying to defendant's sanity was put in, and his Worship, after strongly reprimanding JOHNSON for putting the country to expense as a result of drunkenness, discharged him.
Mary WYATT, charged with lunacy, was remanded till this morning for a report by the medical officer of the asylum. Accused was stated by the police to have escaped early yesterday morning from the hospital, where she was receiving medical treatment, by getting out of a window. She was apprehended afterwards at the Napier railway station,by Sergeant BURTENSHAW. William WILLIS was charged on the information of Constable FORSTER with furious riding on the 27th of December last. Defendant denied the charge. The evidence of John CUNNINGHAM, cab proprietor, and of William BULL and Charles MINETTE, who were travelling in the first witness's trap when the alleged offence was committed, was taken, and considered by his Worship conclusive. A fine of 2 pounds was imposed, with costs 14s, and witness's expenses 18s, or ten days' imprisonment in default of payment.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday January 16th 1884

Marriage - DIDDAMS-MOORE - On January 15th, at the residence of J.W. NEAL, Esq., Shakespeare-hill, by the Rev. J.J. LEWIS, William Henry DIDDAMS to Mattie MOORE.

It will be a gratification to creditors in the estate of J.C. WELLS, of Clive, a hawker recently declared a bankrupt, to know that a dividend of 20s in the 1 pound will be paid, the debtor having come into considerable property since his bankruptcy. The force of the gale prevailing yesterday stripped off a considerable quantity of the iron roofing on the house lately erected by Mr WALL, and situated immediately below the Wesleyan parsonage. A large tree in the vicinity had all its branches stripped off clean to the trunk, and some trees growing on the Government lawn also had branches blown off.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday January 17th 1884

Post-offices have been opened at Cricklewood (Wairoa), and Kumeroa (Seventy-mile Bush). Mr J.T. STEELE has been appointed postmaster at Cricklewood, Mr J. INGLETON at Wairoa, and Mr T.P. HEWITT at Kumeroa.

A young son of Mr J. CLAREBURT, expressman, met with a somewhat serious accident during the prevalence of the high wind which was blowing on Tuesday. The lad had climbed into a tree, and was blown from its branches to the earth by a sudden and violent gust, the fall breaking his left arm and right thumb, besides inflicting severe contusions about the head and body. His injuries were promptly attended to, and he is now progressing towards recovery.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr. E. PATTEN, J.P., George SCOTT was charged with drunkenness. As defendant had been locked up since 8 o'clock on the preceding morning, he was discharged with a caution.
HARAWERA, a native, charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse, was fined 1 pound and costs.
George WILLIAMS, charged with being drunk while in charge of a horse and cart, was also fined 1 pound and costs. The money was paid in both instances.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday January 18th 1884

Marriage - HUNT-OLIVER - At Puketapu, on January 16, by the Rev. C.L. TUKE, John, eldest son of Thos. HUNT, Thorington, Northumberland, England, to Jane Barnes OLIVER, second daughter of George A. OLIVER, Puketapu.

Death - WITTY - On Sunday, the 13th January, at Lytton-road, Gisborne, Charles Stanley, infant son of James William and Fanny WITTY, aged 11 weeks.

The other day a trout weighing 4-1/2 lb was taken from a shag at Mount Vernon. The trout was caught by the bird in Mr HARDING's irrigation canal. We hear that the trout have bred well there, and that the carp are very numerous.

The Napier High School land endowment in the Wairoa district was offered at auction in the Council Chamber yesterday, but there were no bids at the upset prices and the several sections were passed in. We believe the sections are now open for sale privately.

Mr. W. VILLERS desires to convey his thanks to Mesdames TWIGG, N. WILLIAMS, LEONARD, L.S. M'KAIN, Miss Ruth M'KAIN, and other ladies who kindly assisted at the children's fete at Petane on Tuesday. Mr VILLERS also desires to thank the members of the school committee, whose efforts largely contributed towards the success of the gathering.

The nomination of candidates for the office of Commissioners of the Hastings Town Board took place yesterday at the Town Hall, Hastings. The following were nominated:- William Arthur BEECROFT, Henry Charles CHAPMAN, Charles DONEY, George ELLIS, Thomas FOREMAN, Francis John KNIGHT, William Russell RUSSELL, Frederick Delauncy LUCKIE, William Henry SMITH, Thomas TANNER, and Samuel Thomas TONG.

The cup match between the Napier and Rovers Cricket Clubs will be commenced tomorrow, on the Recreation Ground, wickets to be pitched at 1.45 p.m. The following are the respective teams:- Napier: GILBERD, HUMPHRIES, PRAIN, H. MARTIN, J. MARTIN, SPACKMAN, LOGAN, WHITE, SWAN, M'VAY, and MULLANY. Rovers: ANDERSON, BUCHANAN, C. CATO, W. CATO, ELLISON, FULTON, GIBBONS, HUNTER, G. NEWTON, L. NEWTON, and VAUTIER; emergency, KENNEDY, LIDDLE. T. HUNTER.

Our Ormondville correspondent writes under Wednesday's date:- At about 3 p.m. today, while three men were engaged felling timber in Mr HOLT's bush at Papatu, a large branch fell, killing one man and seriously injuring another, while a third man escaped with a severe bruise on the back, the limb driving him from under it as it fell. The two survivors are married men, and are named respectively BROWN and HENSEN. The man killed was known as "JACK," there being very few who knew his full name here. Death must have been instantaneous, as the poor fellow's head was quite crushed. It is very doubtful whether BROWN will recover, as his injuries are on the head.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday January 19th 1884

Birth - FLEMING - On the 16th January, at Flemington, the wife of D.S. FLEMING, of a daughter.

Compared with the other colonies, New Zealand has nearly as much land under cultivation as the whole of them combined, as the following figures of the total land in crop, in fallow and artificial grasses, will show:-
New Zealand, 5,651,255 acres
South Australia, 2,730,880 acres
New South Wales, 734,582 acres
Tasmania, 318,555 acres
Queensland, 166,022 acres
Western Australia, 55,561 acres

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before his Worship the Mayor and Mr E. PATTEN, J.P.'s, Margaret SYMONDS was charged on remand with lunacy. A certificate from the medical officer of the gaol was put in, stating that defendant was sane, and she was accordingly discharged.
William GILDES, charged wsith drunkenness, pleaded guilty, and was fined 5s and costs.
William THOMPSON, lately before the Court, was charged on the information of Constable GILL with lunacy, and was remanded for seven days for medical examination.

A cricket match will be played at Petane this afternoon, between employees of the Herald office and Mr John M'VAY's saddlery establishment. The following team will represent the printers:- SIMPSON, MULLANY, W. YOUNG, C. YOUNG, YATES, LANGLEY, A. FREEMAN, PALMER, M'DOUGALL, ASHTON, TAYLOR; emergency, S. FREEMAN and WARNOCK.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday January 21st 1884

It would hardly be believed that a seemingly unwieldly bird like a duck could catch a sparrow, but one was seen to do so in Mr TIFFEN's garden on Saturday. The duck not only caught the sparrow, but swallowed it whole.

Here is a "wrinkle" for ladies travelling. The other day, on the Napier line, nearly the whole of one side of a first-class carriage was taken up by one of the gentler sex. She lay extended almost at full length, the lower part of her body being covered with wraps and shawls. The train was crowded, and many sought entrance to that carriage, but on seeing the wraps of the lady, and her pale and pain-stricken countenance, they retired. But as soon as the train had stopped for the last time before she reached her destination this daughter of Eve, with a laugh, threw off her wraps, stretched herself, and when the station was reached walked blithely away.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Messrs E. LYNDON and T.K. NEWTON, J.P.'S, William PUTMAN was charged on the information of Captain SETTON, of the ship Pleiades, with having failed to join the vessel, in terms of articles signed on the 28th of December last. Accused pleaded not guilty, and applied to have the case remanded so that it might be heard by Captain PREECE, who had dismissed a similar charge lodged against defendant by Captain SETTON a few days before. Defendant was accordingly remanded till Thursday next. John STEVENSON, charged with drunkenness, pleaded guilty, but said it was his first offence for twelve years. Defendant was discharged.
James GILDEA, who was recently before the Court on a similar charge, pleaded guilty to being drunk on the preceding day, and was fined 5s and costs.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday January 22nd 1884
Birth - SYMONS - On December 19th, at Maldon, Victoria, the wife of Mr F. SYMONS, of a daughter.

Death - STUART - Drowned, on the 12th inst., by the upsetting of his boat in Aharoa harbor, Arthur Louis STUART, fourth son of Mr Geo. F. STUART, fisherman, Spit; aged 27 years.

One of Mr PULFORD's drays, employed on the Kuripapanga metalling contract, fell over a cliff 60 feet high the other day. The horse was seriously injured and the dray broken.

The Registrar of the Supreme Court held a sitting in Bankruptcy yesterday. Mr DEWES applied on behalf of Adolf BREUER for an order of discharge.
On the motion of Mr DEWES the deed of arrangement in the estate of G.E. FUSZARD was declared completely executed.
Mr DEWES applied for an order of discharge on behalf of F.W. HOLLINS, of Ormondville, port butcher.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday January 23rd 1884

Marriage - DOUGLAS-YOUNG - At St. John's Church, Napier, on the 17th January, by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Robert Rutherford DOUGLAS (chief engineer Tomoana freezing works), second son of the late W.R. DOUGLAS, Dunedin, to Rachel Martha YOUNG, eldest daughter of the late John YOUNG, Port Ahuriri, Napier.

An ingenious household aid, in the shape of a parer and corer for fruit and vegetables, has been imported from America by Messrs RUDDOCK and FRYER. It is very simple, rapid in operation, and economical, as it takes off a thin uniform paring all round.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday January 24th 1884

Birth - MARTIN - On January 23rd, at West Clive, the wife of Mr John R. MARTIN, of a son.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday January 25th 1884

Marriage - HUMPHREY-ROBERTSON - At the Presbyterian Church, Hastings, on the 23rd inst., by the Rev. W. NICHOL, Edward HUMPHREY, only son of the late E. HUMPHREY, Esq., of the Lower Hutt, Wellington, to Agnes Walker, second daughter of William ROBERTSON, blacksmith, Hastings
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday January 26th 1884

Birth - LINEHAN - At Ormondville, on January 24th, the wife of Jeremiah LINEHAN, of a son.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday January 28th 1884

Mr BESSE, general manager for Messrs CAZNEAU and CONNOLLY, Wellington photographers, will open the Napier branch of the firm on the 4th of February, in the studio lately occupied by Mr CORBETT, Hastings-street. The studio has been enlarged and altered since taken by Mr BESSE, and fitted with approved modern appliances. Mr BESSE will conduct the business of the Napier branch, with a staff of five assistants. The fittings of the studio and dressing-rooms will be in the same style as those of the firm's Wellington establishment, and Mr BESSE states that the photographs will be quite equal to the specimens which have been exhibited in Napier places of business.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Messrs T.K. NEWTON and A. KENNEDY, J.P.'s,

William THOMPSON was brought up on remand charged with lunacy. Sergeant BURTENSHAW stated that defendant had been a great trouble to the Court, having been charged previously with lunacy, brought on by drink, and also convicted for drunkenness. Defendant, who was now certified to be sane, was reprimanded and discharged.

James MURPHY, charged on the information of Constable LAWLESS with having no visible means of support, pleaded that when arrested he was possessed of visible means of support in the shapeof a flannel shirt he was trying to sell, and said he had been working hard on several stations before he got "on the spree." He admitted that his drunken spell had given the police trouble, and was very sorry for it. Constable LAWLESS said defendant was a perfect nuisance in and about Hastings, and sometimes endangered property by the places he chose for sleeping in. He loafed around the hotels begging for drink, and when arrested was trying to sell his shirt to procure more drink. Sergeant BURTENSHAW
said defendant had been convicted for vagrancy in Canterbury. The Bench sentenced defendant to one month's imprisonment with hard labor.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday January 30th 1884

Letters of naturalisation have been issued to Michael NIEISEN, laborer, Onga Onga.

The Girls' High School was opened yesterday. Thirty-three pupils were entered in the books.

A report reached town yesterday afternoon to the effect that the navvies employed on Messrs JAY and HAYNES' bridge contract, near Tahoraite, had organised a kind of insurrection at Danevirke, and were looting the hotel in that township, and otherwise destroying private property. The police at Waipawa and Napier were telegraphed to, and a relay of constables was despatched to Danevirke by the afternoon train.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday January 29th 1884

Birth - BIRD - At Wallingford, on the 28th January, the wife of Mr J. BIRD, of a son.

A somewhat serious accident occurred at Mr HOLT's joinery mill about four o'clock yesterday afternoon. A piece of timber was being cut at one of the circular saws, and when partly cut through canted up, and was caught by the teeth of the revolving saw and hurled through the air. In its course it struck Mr John CHICKEN violently on the right side, between the lower rib and groin, and knocked him down quite senseless. Dr De LISLE was sent for, and the injured man examined, when it was found that no bones were broken, but that Mr CHICKEN was severely bruised, and that the muscles of his side were much strained. The injured man was at once conveyed home, and is progressing favorably.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, Monday, January 28, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,

Vagrancy: Stuart M'GLASHAN was charged on the information of Constable VILLERS with having no visible means of support. Defendant did not plead to the charge, and apparently did not understand it. Sergeant BURTENSHAW stated that defendant had been staying for some months on one of Mr SUTTON's stations, and could not be got rid of. He would not work, and by his eccentric behaviour gave reasons for supposing him to be insane. John PINFOLD, a laborer living at Omaranui, said that he had been keeping defendant and three dogs for a long time, simply because he would not go away. He had been turned out once, but had burst the door open and come in again. His conduct was very eccentric, and at last became threatening, and witness called in the police. Defendant was remanded till Thursday for medical examination.

Lunacy: Albert HACKETT, charged with lunacy, made no answer to the charge. Sergeant BURTENSHAW said defendant's condition was due to drunkenness. HisWorship said it was an unfortunate thing that men who drank themselves into lunacy could not be punished. Unless a man were found actually drunken he could not be punished, although he might privately drink himself into delirium tremens, and put the country to expense to cure him. Defendant would be remanded for a week for medical examination.

Hoera te UMU, charged on remand with lunacy, was further remanded for a week for medical examination.

Drunkness: John WOODCOCK, charged with drunkenness, admitted the offence, and pleaded that he had been locked up since Saturday. Defendant was discharged with a caution.

Breach of the Licensing Act:
Joseph KING was charged on the information of Constable MARSH with having sold spirituous liquors without a license on December 7th 1883. Mr LASCELLES appeared for defendant, and pleaded not guilty.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday January 31st 1884
Births - HUMPHRIES - On the 30th January, the wife of H. HUMPHRIES, of a son. BELL - At the Working Men's Club, on January 30, the wife of Thos. C. BELL, of a daughter.

Some gentleman in Napier, desirous of witnessing the athletic feats of Donald DINNIE, have been corresponding with him on the subject of a proposed visit to Napier. The athlete has replied asking a small guarantee, and a meeting will be held at the Provincial Hotel on Monday evening next to consider the terms. It is highly probable that an arrangement will then be arrived at, which will result in an exhibition of Donald DINNIE's powers in Napier at an early date.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday February 1st 1884

The demeanor in Court of the young woman Kate WYATT when brought up yesterday charged with lunacy, ill comported with the certificate of sanity on the strength of which she was discharged. For some time previous to the opening of the Court this young woman, who is remarkably prepossessing in appearance, was conversing in such a very rambling manner, and apparently seeing a number of pleasing visions in the air, that it was difficult for an observer to coclude otherwise than that she was badly insane. Sergeant BURTENSHAW represented to the Bench that the young woman was unfit to be sent out of Court in her present condition, and after some little deliberation the justices recommended that the police should persuade her if possible to go to the hospital. This was easily done, as the apparently demented girl was quite tractable, and she will therefore be for a time out of harm's way. There is one good feature about the ending of the case, and that is, that the subject of th! e proceedings has escaped for the present from the living death of incarceration in the horrible place called the Napier "Asylum".

Mr. C.P. HAYWARD, Criterion Hotel, wants about 100 of the lousiest sheep obtainable, which will be dipped gratis in the new Lincoln sheep dip.

Miss M.A. SMITH will open a preparatory school at the Quadrant, Sealy-road, on Monday next.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday February 2nd 1884

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday before Mr. E. PATTEN, J.P., Peter HARGREAVES was charged on the information of Constable LEATCH with drunkenness at Clive. Defendant, who admitted the charge, was described by the police as being a quiet and hardworking man, and was dismissed with a caution.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday February 4th 1884

Telegraphic Shipping - Auckland, Saturday. Arrived - Doric, steamship, from London via Hobart. Her passage was uneventful. The officers remain the same as on the previous voyage, except the captain and chief engineer. Two second saloon passengers died on the voyage - Mrs Mary HOWARD, aged 30, of consumption, and Master J.H. SMITH, aged 5, of convulsions. She brings 40 first saloon passengers, 61 second saloon, 35 third cabin, and over 300 Government immigrants. Among the first saloon passengers there is one for Napier - Mr E. FRASER. The health of the passengers generally was satisfactory throughout the voyage. Dr PHILSON, the health officer, complimented Captain JENNINGS and Dr LEVINGE, the medical superintendent, on the evident care that had been taken of the passengers, and the clean condition of the ship. The Doric sighted the James Wishart, from Glasgow for Otago, on January 14th, all well, in latitude 43 degrees 40 minutes south, and longitude 41 degrees 45 minutes east.

Deaths - MATTHEWS - On Sunday, 3rd February, Laura Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of James Forrestor MATTHEWS, surgeon. Her end was peace.
The funeral will leave the residence of Dr. MATTHEWS at 11 o'clock to-morrow morning. Friends will kindly accept this intimation.

OLIVER - At Puketapu, on the 2nd of February, George A. OLIVER; aged 62. The funeral will leave his late residence for the Puketapu cemetery at 2 o'clock to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday February 5th 1884

Death - MATTHEWS - On Sunday, 3rd February, Laura Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of James Forrester MATTHEWS, surgeon. Her end was peace. The funeral will leave the residence of Dr. MATTHEWS at 11 oclock this (Tuesday) morning. Friends will kindly accept this intimation.

At the annual meeting of the Philosophical Society yesterday Mr COLENSO resigned his position as secretary, and Mr HAMILTON, of Petane, was elected in his place. The Bishop of Waiapu was re-appointed President, Mr COLENSO Vice-President, and Mr BOWERMAN Treasurer.

Mr W. LIGHT the owner of the steamer Maori, returned here from Auckland on Saturday, where he has been superintending the erection of his new vessel for the Wairoa trade. She will have a carrying capacity of 40 tons and accommodation for over 30 saloon passengers. Mr HOLMES, of the North Shore, is constructing the vessel, Messrs FRASER and TINNE supplying the engines, which are to be compound surface condensing. She will be fitted with a Scotch patent steel boiler with half-inch plates, and her speed has been guaranteed at 10 knots. Mr LIGHT expects his new vessel, which will be known by the name of the "Wairoa", to be launched in about three weeks' time, and in six weeks from the present to have her running in the Wairoa trade.

Per United Press Association: Gisborne, Monday.
A small house and shop at Makaraka, owned and occupied by Mr D. MALONE, saddler, were burned down to-day. The cause of the fire is unknown. The insurance if 475 pounds in the Imperial.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday February 6th 1884

Birth - YOUNG - At Napier, on February 5th, the wife of D. YOUNG, of a son.

Mr. F.W. GARNER has been appointed as agent in Napier to the Official Assignee under the Bankruptcy Act.

The match committee of the Hawke's Bay Cricket Association have reduced the number of players selected for the Wellington match to the following fifteen:- ASHTON, BROUGHTON, FULTON, HUNTER, LOGAN, LOUGHNAN, H. MARTIN, J. MARTIN, T. MOORE, G. NEWTON, PRAIN, TANNER, A. WILLIAMS, G. WILLIAMS, and W. YATES.
The final selection of the eleven will be made after a game to be played on Saturday next, on the Recreation Ground, between teams respectively composed of twelve and eighteen players.

On Monday evening there was a well-attended meeting of railway employees at Mr ROULSTON's Terminus Hotel. The occasion was the presentation of a testimonial to Mr Thomas BROWN, permanent way inspector, who has been removed by the department to a similar position on the Kawakawa railway section, Bay of Islands. Mr W. BOGLE occupied the chair, and in a neat speech stated the objects of the meeting. He said that Mr BROWN had been invited to the meeting to receive at the hands of his fellow employees a token of their respect and esteem, which he had won by his unassuming conduct and integrity during a long period of service on the line. The speaker concluded by expressing a hope that Mr BROWN'S
future career would be as successful as it had been in the past. The testimonail, an elegant and artistic piece of work from the pencil of Mr P. BEAR, was then presented to Mr BROWN. A purse of sovereigns accompanied the testimonial. Mr BROWN, in thanking those present for the honor they had done him, and the kindness which had prompted the presentation, said his feelings were too deep to be expressed in words, but that he should always act so as to merit the esteem of his fellows wherever he might be.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Ambrose BROWN was charged with drunkenness. Defendant admitted the offence, and was fined 5s and costs, or 48 hours' hard labor in default.

The following civil cases were also disposed of:-
JACKSON v BANNER and LIDDLE, claim to recoved a medicine chest, books, &c, or 19 pounds in lieu of such delivery.
Plaintiff's evidence was to the effect that he left with a Mr BREUER, lately an hotelkeeper at Wairoa, a medicine chest, some surgical instruments, and some books. They were not left as a security for a debt. Messrs BANNER and LIDDLE afterwards took possession of all Mr BREUR's goods, and among them the articles claimed by witness. He had applied to defendants for the articles, but had been informed that until he paid a sum alleged to be due to BREUER, whose accounts Messrsa BANNER and LIDDLE were collecting he could not claim the goods named. (Note: After much deliberation, His Worship said the claim of a lien on the goods advanced by defendants could not be sustained.) Defendant had, however, estimated the value of the goods claimed at four times their real worth. Judgment would be for the delivery of the goods at Wairoa, or a payment of 5 pounds in default, with costs 19s. Judment for plaintiff was given
in the case of RUDDICK and KEMSLEY v. THOMPSON, claim to recover possession of a sewing machine. Damages 1s, costs 19s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
In the case of PORTER and Son v. MICHAELSON, claim 10 pounds 0s 2d
less 10 pounds paid, judgment was given for 2ds, costs 19s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday February 7th 1884

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr E. TUKE, J.P., William BRANNIGAN, an elderly man, who said he had only been a week in the colony, was charged with drunkenness. Defendant admitted the offence, and urged in mitigation of punishmen his recent arrival. He was discharged with a caution.

At the meeting last evening of the Loyal Napier Lodge of Oddfellows, past masters' emblems, very neatly framed, were presented by the Lodge to Past Masters A. WADDELL, W.H. COOPER, and W.N. GRINLINTON, in recognition of their valuable and energetic services to the Lodge and Order while fulfilling the various offices of the Lodge.

An inquest was held at the Napier Lunatic Asylum yesterday, before Mr. A. KENNEDY, J.P., acting coroner, and a jury, of which Mr J. LEONARD was chosen foreman, to enquire into the death of Ann TRASK, who died in the asylum on Tuesday. Mary BARRY, matron, deposed that deceased had been an inmate of the asylum five months. She had been under medical treatment during the last ten days. Dr HITCHINGS, medical officer of the asylum, deposed that deceased, who was 79 years of age, had been suffering from diarrhoea recently, from the effects of which she died. The jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes, and added the following rider:- "And the jury are further of opinion that the state of the accommodation provided at the Lunatic Asylum for the unfortunate inmates reflects the greatest discredit on the Government of New Zealand."

The quarterly meeting of the Bond of Unity Lodge, I.O.G.T., was held on Tuesday evening in the United Methodist school-room. There was a good attendance of members. The following officers were installed for the ensuing term:- Mr TEYCHENNE, W.C.T.; Mrs CARTER, W.V.T.; Mr TROY, W. Secretary (re-elected); Mr LONG, Assistant Secretary; Mr DENSE, W. Finance Secretary; Mrs LINGARD, Treasurer; Mrs EDSER, sen., Chaplain; Mr LINGARD, Marshal; Mr BLACKMORE, sen., I.G., Mr COX, O.G.; Miss WILKEN, D.M.; Miss RIBONSION, R.H.S.; Mrs EDSER, jun., L.H.S. (Details of the meeting abridged by Judy).

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday February 8th 1884

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., James Robert CLARKE was charged on the information of the police with having attempted to commit suicide on February 2nd, at Upper Mohaka. Sergeant BURTENSHAW stated that defendant had been working as a cook on a station at Upper Mohaka, and had taken some drug the precise nature of which was not known, as it had not yet been properly tested. The bottle containing the remainder of the drug had been submitted to a chemist, and he thought the substance was iodide of ammonia. If defendant were remanded, the drug could be properly tested, and the state of defendant's mind also enquired into by the medical officer of the gaol. Defendant was remanded till Monday.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday February 9th 1884

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., a youth named George RICHARDS was charged with the larceny of a saddle, saddle-cloth, bridle, and surcingle, at Wanganui, on January 24th. Accused was remanded to the Resident Magistrate's Court, Wanganui.

Mr Robert FRANCE, Coote-road, has for sale or lease a six-roomed house in Milton-terrace, with about half an acre of land.

Mr S.M. HUDSON, Pohui, has for sale 700 crossbred wethers.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday February 11th 1884

Mr. W. DOUGLAS has kindly placed his dip and 3000 sheep at the disposal of Mr HAYWARD for the sheep-dip trials on Thursday next, and Mr CARRUTHERS has consented to stop the 7.25 a.m. train from Napier at a point near the dip. The trial is open to all manufacturers of sheep-dip or their agents, under conditions advertised elsewhere, and an independent committee will be appointed to see that the makers' instructions are strictly adhered to in all cases.

Tenders are invited for clearing and burning about 40 acres of flax, manuka, and toitoi on Mr T. TANNER's Whirinaki property, Petane.

Messrs BLYTHE and Co. advertise ladies' melton cloth short Newmarket jackets at 6s 11d each.

Mr. A.H. RUSSELL, Fairfield, Ruataniwha, has for sale 1000 fat wethers and 2000 Romney Marsh and Lincoln ewes.

Messrs TOMLINSON and HAYWARD insert particulars of their butter powder for churning. Messrs BARRAUD and BOWERMAN, Hastings-street, are the local agents
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday February 12th 1884

Birth - WILKIE - At Port Ahuriri, on 9th inst., the wife of W. WILKIE, postmaster, of a son.

Deaths - MARDALL - On December 9, 1883, at Brighton, Major-Gen. F. MARDALL, Mad. S.C., late Judge Advocate-Gen. at Madras, and uncle of Edmund TUKE, of Napier.

JOHNSON - At Taradale, on February 12th, Mary Ann, the beloved daughter of Thomas and Margaret JOHNSON; aged 13 months. The funeral will leave her parents' residence at 3 o'clock to-day. Friends are invited to attend.

At the fire on Sunday morning, in the absence of any other available messenger, Branchman YUILL asked a boy to run towards the engine-house and tell the first fireman he met that the light hose-reel was required. The boy went as requested, but met no firemen. However, he went to the brigade station, and seeing the reel seized it and started for the fire with it. If that boy, whose name is unknown, will call at the brigade station on Thursday evening he will be rewarded for his intelligent exertions.

There was a tremendous sea on yesterday afternoon and evening. The waves repeatedly broke over the Beach-road, and entered the yards and some of the houses of residents along the road. Even where the wall is high, opposite the Supreme Court, the waves dashed over, and ran down Browning-street. The drain-trap at the foot of that street, at the Colonial Bank, was burst open by the sea driven through the drain, and as the large waves broke the water rose above the grating. It is years since there has been such a heavy surf.

The difficulty experienced by the Fire Brigade in getting the steam engine quickly to the scene of the late fire, suggests the desirability of at least one horse, if not two, being kept for emergencies. The suggestion might be met in this way. When the Council build their new offices they might erect, among the other outbuildings necessary, a stable capable of accommodating two horses. The latteer could then be utilised by the Corporation undertaking the watering of the streets, and if a fire broke out at night the brigade could then get the use of the horses to draw the steam fire engine.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., two men named Frank FREDERICKSEN and Thomas DEBERI were brought up in the custody of the police. No charge was preferred, and the men were discharged. It transpired, unofficially, that the men were seamen, engaged at Auckland to serve on board the Helen Denny, and had been sent down to Napier in the Waihora for that purpose by the ship's agent. The men, who had not signed articles, were taken into custody on a suspicion that they were endeavoring to avoid signing articles for the voyage.
James Robert CLARK, on remand, charged with attempting to commit suicide, was discharged.
Henry RAWDON and William LINCOLN, charged with a breach of the peace at Hastings, were each fined 10s and costs.

Though Superintendent WATERWORTH was very late in getting to the fire on Sunday morning, in consequence of not hearing the alarm, there was an entire absence of that confusion, hurrying to and fro, and general muddle so often exhibited in moments of excitement when there is no acknowledged head to give orders. Mr GILBERD took the command, and his orders were obeyed quietly and methodically, and the members of the brigade deserve great credit for the manner in which they acted. In our report of the fire yesterday we should have mentioned the great exertions of Branchman COWLRICK and HARDING. Both had very unenviable positions assigned to them, especially the former, but they stuck to their posts right well. Constable WEATHERHEAD also deserves notice for his exertions - first in giving the alarm, and then in saving property.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday February 13th 1884

Our Ormondville correspondent writes with regard to the inquest on Monday on the bodies of the murdered wife and children of Roland EDWARDS:- The inquest was held before Dr REID. Mr R.R. GROOM was chosen foreman of the jury. After hearing the evidence, which was very conclusive, EDWARDS having admitted to several witnesses that he had committed the crimes, the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against the prisoner, who seemed cool and unconcerned. He was taken by the evening train to Makatoki, amid the
groans of the bystanders. During the inquiry EDWARDS answered all questions that were put to him in a clear and rational manner, giving the names of the children and the dates of their birth, the date of his marriage, his wife's maiden name, and the name of her former husband.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday February 14th 1884

At the sitting of the Supreme Court in Bankruptcy yesterday morning, before the Registrar, Mr. P.A.F. BIRCH, an order of discharge was granted on the application of Mr LASCELLES to S.G. RADFORD, and a like order on the application of Mr LOGAN to W.E. WOODS.

Mr Cartwright BROWN, Greenmeadows, sends us the following record of the rainfall at Taradale for 1883, suggesting that other correspondents in different parts of the province should send similar information for the purpose of comparison:-
January, 1.82 inches
February, 6.14
March, 4.56
April, 4.40
May, 4.16
June, 1.40
July, 3.56
August, 1.22
September, 3.00
October, 4.14
November, 9.92
December, 3.82
Total, 48.14.

Mrs MELVILLE, Market-street, Hastings, has private board and residence.

Tenders are invited by Mr A. KNIGHT, Clive, for the supply of 100 cords of matai firewood.

Madame SUMMERHAYES, assisted by amateurs, will give a pianoforte recital tomorrow evening, in St. John's school-room.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday February 15th 1884

Marriage - THOMPSON-DEMPSTER - At St. Paul's Church, Napier, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. J.G. PATERSON, Thomas J. THOMPSON, to Elizabeth A. DEMPSTER, both of Hastings.

A large crowd of persons assembled at the Napier railway station last evening, in the expectation of seeing the prisoner EDWARDS, charged with the murder of his wife and children at Ormondville, brought into town on his way to the gaol. Prisoner did not arrive as expected, and the large concourse of people seemed greatly disappointed. It may be mentioned that the police have made arrangements for conveying EDWARDS to gaol so as to avoid the congregation of a crowd.

An accident occurred at Waipawa yesterday of a somewhat serious nature. A lad named CRACKNELL, aged between six and seven years, was driving a trespassing horse out of the grounds attached to the Waipawa library. The animal kicked the boy on the right side of the face, cutting deeply the flesh on the cheek from the chin upwards. No bones were broken, fortunately Dr TODD was quickly in attendance, and the injuries of the lad were dressed. It is a pity the growing evil of straying cattle is not repressed by the local governing body.

The following additional civil business not included in our report in yesterday's issue, was transacted at the sittings of the Ormondville Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday:-
MURTAGH v. CRANE, claim 17 pounds. Judgment for plaintiff for 14 pounds, execution to be stayed till March 12th.
William PRENTICE, charged with vagrancy, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment. Four children of prisoner's were ordered to be sent to the industrial school at Burnham.

The match committee of the Hawke's Bay Cricket Association have chosen the following eighteen to play against the team selected to go to Wellington:- BUCHANAN, W. CATO,
The opposing travel will comprise:- ASHTON, BROUGHTON, GREGORY, J. MARTIN, H. MARTIN, A. WILLIAMS, YATES, G. NEWTON, FULTON, HUNTER, E. TANNER, and GILPIN. The match will be played to-morrow on the Recreation Ground. GILBERD will take charge of the eighteen.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday February 16th 1884

Birth - YATES - At Milton-road, Napier, on February 15th, the wife of C. YATES, of a son.

Death - CASSIN - At Fitzroy-road, on February 14th, Jane, the beloved wife of J.T. CASSIN; aged 29 years. The funeral will leave her late residence for the Catholic Church at 2 o'clock on Sunday.

Messrs W.R. BLYTHE and H.A. CORNFORD were present in Court yesterday, when six children were committed to the Burnham Industrial School, and generously engaged themselves to jointly pay the expenses of providing decent accommodation for the children until their departure by steamer for the South.

Captain PREECE gave judgment yesterday in the case of HARRIS and wife v. M'CREARY, claim for damages for injuries inflicted upon the female plantiff by defendant. The amount claimed was 50 pounds, on two counts, one for the damage occasioned to the male plaintiff by the loss of his wife's services, and the other for injuries suffered by Mrs HARRIS.
The defence was a denial of the assault, a plea of contribution, negligence, and a contention that the amount sued for as damages was excessive. His Worship, in giving judgment, said the assault had been proved. The plea of provocation was no justification for the assault. The damages would be 10 pounds on the first count, 9 pounds 10s on the second, witnesses expenses 2 pounds 5s, and solicitor's fee 2 pounds 2s.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Thomas RYAN was charged with drunkenness. Accused admitted the offence, and was fined 5s and costs, or 48 hours' hard labor in default of payment.
Six children named Emily, Ernest, William, Thomas, Mary, and Fanny PRENTICE, their ages ranging from seven to 14 years, were committed to the Burnham Industrial School as neglected children till they respectively attained the age of 15. They were the children of the man PRENTICE, convicted at Ormondville on Wednesday last as a vagrant, and sentenced to one month's imprisonment.
Henry BUTWELL, charged under the Volunteer Act on the information of Captain BLYTHE, of the Napier Rifle Volunteers, with being absent from three consecutive
parades, was fined 1 pound and 7s costs. David GLENDINNING, similarly charged, was also fined 1 pound and costs.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday February 18th 1884

There was no business at the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday.

Major ROUTLEDGE arrived at the Spit on Saturday, looking blithe and well after his well-earned holiday.

Mr. T.B. NOBLE, Taupo, telegraphs denying the statement of our correspondent there, that a gentleman's pocket was picked in Mr. NOBLE's hotel.

The London correspondent of the Post says:- Mr William BRITTEN, who lived for many years in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, is bring urgently advertised for in The Times "agony column."

A large two-storied house that has been for some time in course of erection on the Beach-road, has lately been discovered to have been built on the wrong section. The
house is now being removed in sections to the site it should have been erected on in the first instance.

The Rev. Father GROGHAN arrived in Napier on Saturday. He comes to take charge of the Napier Catholic parish, rendered vacant by the resignation of the Rev. Father FOREST, whose great age and increasing infirmities render further active work on his part impossible. Father GROGHAN preached at second Mass at St. Mary's yesterday.

A bolt occurred on Saturday evening which resulted in the death of a runaway horse and an injury to a lad. A horse and cab belonging to Mr. D. COTTON were standing outside the Post-office in charge of a lad, the driver having just hurried inside the building to pick up the mailbag. Something startled the horse, which bolted off at a terrific pace. The lad in charge stuck bravely to the reins, and succeeded in turning the animal safely down Dickens-street. Upon reaching Dalton-street the horse fell, and the boy was pitched from
his seat, receiving somewhat severe injuries to his head as the result of the fall. Upon getting the horse up it was discovered that the animal had broken its leg at the fetlock, and it was painful to see the poor quadraped limping on the stumps of its wounded leg, the hoof dangling the while. Sergeant BURTENSHAW, who was quickly at the scene of the accident, humanely despatched the animal, which was then conveyed away.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday February 19th 1884

Birth - PETTIT - On 18th February, at the Railway Hotel, Kaikora, the wife of J.W. PETTIT, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., James HENRY was charged on the information of Constable LAWLESS with drunkeness and disorderly conduct. The barman of the Railway Hotel and Constable LAWLESS proved the offence, and defendant was fined 1 pound and costs. His Worship refused to allow expenses to the barman for attending the Court, because it appeared from the evidence that defendant had been supplied when already under the influence of liquor.

Mr Edward LYNDON will continue to-day, at 11 o'clock, the sale at Beecroft's Repository, Hastings, of the stock-in-trade of Mr A.E. WARMAN.

A number of canaries and home birds are now being exhibited at Mr T.J. RYAN's auction room, Tennyson-street.

Messrs RUDDOCK and FRYER have just received a large assortment of canary cages, which they are selling cheap.

Debts owing to Mr V. JENSEN must be paid at once.

Mr E.C. FANNIN has a seven-roomed house to let in Goldsmith-road.

Mr N. O'NEILL, lately watchmaker for Mr R.W. JENSEN, announces that he has opened an establishment in Emerston-street, where he is offering a new stock of watches, clocks, and jewellery at considerably below the usual prices.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday February 20th 1884

The hospital matron desires to acknowledge with many thanks a large number of handsome foliage pot plants from Messrs


At a meeting of the Havelock School Committee on Monday evening it was resolved to vote for the Rev. D. SIDEY, Mr T. TANNER, and Mr W. WHITE to fill the vacant seats at the Education Board.

In Messrs DINWIDDE, WALKER and Co.'s windows are two oil paintings by Mr DENNAN, jun. The first, painted some two months ago, shows some artistic merit, bu the coloring is crude. The second, painted since the young artist has been receiving lessons from Mr RAIKES, shows marked improvement. Both are original paintings - one of the Kidnappers, and the other of the Petane beach, each taken from the Napier hills.

There was a squabble in Tennyson-street yesterday morning between natives, arising out of the action for damages instituted by one native against another for alleged seduction. One of the parties to the suit attempted to take away a buggy owned by several others in common, and then the trouble commenced. There was a deal of squabbling and yelling, and some wrestling and falling about before the matter was decided, and one or two enthusiastic disputants attempted a real "set to." It ended in the women interfering and patching up a truce.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., the following civil business was disposed of:-

COLLEGE v. FENTON, claim 4 pounds 15s. Plaintiff claimed on account of a number of almanacs supplied, and defendant, whose evidence had been taken at Palmerston, pleaded that the goods were not according to order. After hearing plaintiff's evidence, and reading the documents put in, his Worship gave judgment for defendant.

Judgment for plaintiff by default was given in the following cases:-
EDDIE v. M'GREGOR, claim 5 pounds; costs 18s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s, wsitness's expenses 3s 6d.
HAMILTON v. PREALING, jun., claim 3 pounds; costs 10s, solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s, witness's expenses 4s 6d.
HUDDOCK and FRYER v. MEADOWS, claim 2 pounds 1s 3d, costs 7s.
SAME v. STENBERG, claim 5 pounds 12s 2d, costs 13s.
HOLLIS v. MEADOWS, claim 10 pounds, costs 11s, witness's expenses 3s.
BLYTHE and Co. v. BULLOCK, claim 12s 6d, costs 10s.
SAME v. DAVIES, claim 15s 6d, costs 5s.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday February 21st 1884

Mr J.A. SMITH, lately appointed almoner by the Government, sat yesterday, in conjunction with Inspector SCULLY, at the police-office to receive applications from persons needing charitable aid. Nearly 20 persons applied. Strict enquiries were made of applicants as to their having relatives in the colony, as the police intend to take action in cases where needy persons have relatives able to contribute to the support of the former. It was decided that all accounts due for rations supplied before the first of February should be returned to the old charitable aid committee for direct presentation to the Government.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Messrs T.K. NEWTON and E. PATTEN, J.P.'s, Rewi TAIWHANGA was charged on the information of Constable MARSH with being drunk while in charge of a horse.

Messrs BANNER and LIDDLE (in conjunction with Mr A. HAULTAIN) will sell on the 6th of March, on the premises, Radsile, Petane, the balance of Mr R. BRATHWAITE's flock.

A gentleman desires to join a party of from two to five persons to drive to Ohinemutu, by way of Taupo. Applications to Mr W.H. ELLIOTT, Emerson-street.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday February 22, 1884

Private advices received in Napier convey the information that Mr J. SHEEHAN is rapidly recovering from his late serious attack of illness.

A cricket match is arranged to be played on the Recreation Ground to-morrow afternoon between employees at Mr J. M'VAY's establishment and a team from the Tomoana works. The following will do battle for the saddlers: WATKINS, M'VAY, OTTON, MILLS, EDSER, MORLEY, LESLIE, CHARLTON, COLLINGE, FERNANDEZ, and STARKEY; emergency, SHORT.

We are requested to state that ladies willing to assist the forthcoming Garrison Band bazaar, either by presents of needlework or otherwise, can do so by forwarding their contributions to Captain GARNER or Captain BLYTHE. As the members of the band have on all occasions shown themselves willing to aid in any entertainment for charitable purposes by giving their services free of cost, the appeal for contributions is likely to be largely responded to.

The trial pairs of the Napier Rowing Club are arranged to be rowed in the inner harbor to-morrows afternoon. The crews have been in active training for some time past, and some good
racing may therefore be looked for. The prizes to be contested for are two trophies presented by the captain, Mr J.G. GILBERD. The following are the crews:- First heat, BLACK and GIBBONS v. RICH and PARKER second heat, HARRAP and PROVIS v. TABUTEAU and ARROW third heat, the winners of the two preceding heats. Should the weather prove favorable there is likely to be a large attendance of onlookers.

A return cricket match will be played at Petane to-morrow, weather permitting, between Mr R. HOLT's employees. The conveying players will leave town at 1 o'clock sharp. Appended are the names of the players who will comprise the respective teams:- HOLT's employees: Messrs BROOKS, CANTLE, ELMES, John HOLT, James HOLT, LANGHAN,

The Ormondville tragedy was referred to in Trinity Wesleyan Church, Wanganui, on Sunday evening. The hymns and prayers were especially selected to bear on the awful collection of murders through strong drink, which have lately startled New Zealand throughout its length and breadth. The Rev. W.J. WILLIAMS delivered a striking and impressive sermon from the memorable words, "But who slew all these?" being part of the 9th verse of the 10th chapter of the Second Book of Kings. In the course of the sermon the preacher condemned the Government for establishing the license system, and showed how from the sale of liquor had proceeded the tragedy at Ormondville.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday February 23rd 1884

Letters of naturalisation have been issued to Hans LARSEN, Svend JOHANSEN, Gotfredt GULBRANDSEN, Albert LARSEN, Jans PEDERSON, and Fritz REIHER, all of Makaretu.

Madame Lottie WILMOT, the female lecturer, is lying dying in great distress near Wellington, and the New Zealand Times is raising a public subscription for her relief.

The following gentlemen were nominated as candidates for the office of licensing commissioners yesterday:- Messrsz J.D. ORMOND, S. LOCKE, W.L. SPENCER, F. TOWNSHEND, T. LAWS, R. PRICE and J.H. COLEMAN.

The Government apparently think that Captain PREECE, R.M., has not sufficient to do, as a considerable area on the Wellington side of Woodville, including Pahiatua, has been added to the district under his jurisdiction.

The concert in St. John 's school-room next Tuesday evening promises to prove exceedingly attractive, as some of the best instrumentalists and vocalists in Napier will take part in it. Mr Hugh APLIN will be the conductor.

Mr Alexander SMITH, of Oringi station, near Woodville, has just completed a most commodious flour-mill, the plant for which has been imported from Melbourne, and which is of the latest improved patents and style. The mill will prove a boon to the district.

Mr F. FULTON has received a supply of FULTON's patent wire strainers. This is a simple device for taking up the two ends of a broken fence-wire, and straining the wire, leaving the ends loose, so that they may be twisted before the tension is released. The instrument is also adapted for straining new wires. The local ironmongers have the invention on sale.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., a case of disputed accounts was partly heard.
F.W. GARNER (as attorney for AXFORD and MACKENZIE)
v. J. ORR, and J. ORR v. AXFORD and MACKNEIZE.
The first claim was for 17 pounds 4s 7d for gristing performed by plaintiffs, who are millers at Omahu, and the second claim was for 19 pounds 1s 8d, for 16 bags of wheat not accounted for, and short delivery of flour, sharps, and bran in connection with other wheat gristed. Judgment will be delivered on Tuesday next.

Mr T.J. RYAN will sell, at his mart, this morning, a large number of Hartz Mountain canaries and other singing birds.

The residence of Mr C.C. MURRAY, near the Hastings railway station, is to be let or sold, together with 6 acres of land. Applications to Messrs MURRAY, ROBERTS, and Co.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday February 25th 1884

Mr. R.A.D. MOWBRAY was among the passengers for South by the Manapouri on Saturday. Mr MOWBRAY has been for nearly seven years in the Napier branch of the Union Bank, and is now removed to the Dunedin branch.

The following members of the F Battery Artillery Volunteers have left for Auckland to take part in the New Zealand Rifle Association's prize firing:- Lieut. J. ROSS, Sergeant J.M. PARKER, Bombardiers W.A. CARNELL and H. WILLIAMS, and Gunner W.H. SELLARS.

Mr James SIDEY, who has had charge of the National Insurance Agency in this town for a long period, has relinquished that position, having accepted the position of local manager of the South British. Mr James KIRKER, the late Napier manager of the South British, has been promoted to the managership of one of the Australian agencies of the office.

Mr J.M. COWELL, L.C.B., homeopathic practitioner, has returned from the North, and will resume his practice as usual at Shakespeare-road.

It is notified that Frederick, HARFORD has filed in the Superior Court of Bankruptcy a petition to be adjudged a bankrupt.

Mrs CARO has returned to Napier.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday February 26th 1884

Birth - HARVEY - At Taradale, on the 22nd February, the wife of H. HARVEY, of a son.

Death - PRESLING - At the Napier Hospital, on February 22nd 1884, of bronchitis, Charles PRESLING, aged 45 years. London and Ilfracombe papers please copy.

Messrs MURRAY, ROBERTS and Co. report the sale of Mr R.H. MACKENZIE's Kohinarauka leasehold property, with 2500 sheep, to Mr J.W. WILSON, late of Korokipioo, at a satisfactory price.

Saturday was the hottest day yet experienced this season. In Mr TIFFEN's verandah, which is one of the coolest places in the town, the thermometer reached 84, and in Dr de LISLE's verandah it stood at over 90.

On Sunday morning a son of Mr LIMBRICK, licensee of the Te Aute Hotel, found a man named SHIRLEY lying dead in a paddock at the rear of the hotel. SHIRLEY was an old resident of Te Aute, and had relatives living there and at Waipawa. Of late, it is said, he had been drinking heavily. Sergeant O'MALLEY was informed of the finding of the body, and
arranged for an inquest to be held before Dr TODD yesterday, but the result we have not heard.

The Salvation Army will shortly open a campaign in Napier. "Captain" and Mrs BEDINGFIELD, lately stationed in Dunedin, have arrived in this district, and services will shortly be announed. It is said that the Theatre Royal has been secured for weekly services on Sundays, and the Protestant Hall for week-night services. "Captain" BEDINGFIELD is well known in Napier, having previously resided and worked in the town for a number of years.

Messrs NEWBIGIN & Co. have commenced business as bottlers adjoining the White Swan Brewery. They have forwarded us a sample of their pale ale, brewed by Mr SWAN. It is a well-brewed, pleasant light dinner ale, and should meet with a large sale. Mr NEWBIGIN is no stranger in Napier, having been employed at Mr SWAN's brewery for many years past, and he has a reputation for courtesy and attention to business, which will stand him in good stead in his new venture.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., John LOGAN was charged with drunkenness. Defendant admitted the charge, and was fined 5s and costs, or 48 hours' imprisonment in default of payment.
Patrick O'C ONNELL was charged on the information of Constable LEITCH with furious riding at Clive on Sunday, February 17th. Mr LASCELLES appeared for defendant, and pleaded not guilty. James SMITH stated he saw defendant on the date named, in
the company of two other persons, riding furiously, as if racing

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday February 27th 1884

Mr and Mrs ANDERSON, sen., and two other persons, were driving out to Mr ANDERSON's station at Moeto, in a pair-horse buggy. A little beyond the Puketapu hill a waggon was met, and in endeavoring to pass it Mr ANDERSON drove a little too far off the road, the buggy capsizing in consequence. The occupants were thrown out and much shaken. One of Mr ANDERSON's fingers was broken, and he also sustained a severe shaking. Mrs ANDERSON received injuries to her face, and was also much shaken.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, R.M., the adjourned case of ORR v. AXFORD and MACKENZIE was further proceeded with, and the case for the defendants closed. His Worship stated that he would deliver judgment this morning.
Judgment for plaintiff was given in the following cases:-
M'DONALD v. E. WALKER, claim 12 pounds 1s 9d; costs 19s, witness's expenses 4s.
NEAL and CLOSE v. RIDINGS, claim 5 pounds; costs 8s.
NEAGLE v. MOSEN, judgment debt of 8 pounds 3s 7d. Defendant was ordered to pay 7s per week.
GILLESPIE v. COLLINS, judgment debt of 10 pounds 5s. Defendant, who had paid 4 pounds since receipt of summons, was ordered to pay 1 pound per week.

A meeting of the creditors of Frederick HARFORD will be held on the 10th of March.

Mr H. WILLIAMS, ironmonger, has just landed ex Doric cotton mill belting various widths, asbestos mill-board sheeting, and emery wheels.

Mr Fred FULTON has for sale 1500 full-mouthed and cull ewes at Whakamarumaru station.

Mr E.C. FANNIN has to let a seven-roomed house, with stable and land, in the Goldsmith-road.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday February 28th 1884

The Rev. J. PARKINSON is gazetted as an officiating minister under the Mariage Act, 1880.

The following players have been selected to represent the Napier Cricket Club in their match with the H.B. County on Saturday on the Recreation Ground:- EDWARDS, WHITE, H. MONTEITH, HUMPHRIES, GILBERD, LOGAN, PRAIN, SPACKMAN, WITHERS, H. MARTIN, and C. MONTEITH. Emergency: ROSKRUGE and GRANT.

An accident occurred to Mr H. RENOUF yesterday, which resulted in a dislocated arm. The chimney of Mr HOLT's private residence on the Cameron-road was discovered to be on fire by Mr RENOUF, who at once ascended on to the roof, with a view to extinguish the fire. While so engaged Mr RENOUF slipped from the chimney to the roof, receiving the injury stated above. The patient is progressing favorably under Dr SPENCER's care.

Mr BROWNE, who has hitherto been conductor of the Napier Musical Society, is about to leave town for some months. After the practice of the Society last evening a committee meeting was held to appoint another conductor. Mr CARTER proposed, and Mr APLIN seconded, the appointment of Mr SPACKMAN. That gentleman seemed unwilling to accept the position, but on Mr APLIN promising to assist, and to conduct in the contemplated absence of Mr SPACKMAN, he consented to be appointed.

Mr Taylor WHITE, Glengarrie, has for sale 30 merino rams and 1800 crossbred wethers.

Mr H. WILLIAMS, ironmonger, is just landing Smith and Wallsteed's celebrated cooking and laundry stoves, various patterns.

Electors are requested to record their votes, at the licensing committee election to-day, for ORMOND, COLEMAN, SPENCER, LOCKE, and PRICE.

Messrs HARDY and SIDEY have for sale Turner's best quality table and desert (sic) knives and electro-plated forks and spoons at lower prices than ever.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday February 29th 1884

Birth - LEWIS - At Cameron-road, Napier, on February 26th, the wife of Anthony LEWIS, of a daughter.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday Captain PREECE, R.M., gave judgment in the cross actions of GARNER (as attorney for AXFORD and MACKENZIE) v. ORR, and ORR v. AXFORD and MACKENZIE. In the first case, which was an action to recover 17 pounds 4s 7d, judgment was given for plaintiff, with costs 20s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s.
In the second case (which was the only one heard, as it involved all the question of accounts upon which both actions were brought) the plaintiff claimed 19 pounds 1s 8d as the value of 15 bags of wheat delivered and not accounted for, and for short delivery in connection with an additional 13 sacks of wheat, both lots of wheat being delivered to defendants for gristing purposes. His Worship, in giving judgment, said he had gone carefully over the evidence, and also over the accounts. The latter appeared to have been very badly kept.......Judgment would be given for plaintiff for the amount claimed, with costs 3 pounds 5s, with witnesses' expenses 3 pounds 3s, and solicitor's fee 1 pound 1s. Mr LOGAN, who appeared for defendants, asked leave to appeal, which was granted.

Mr A. SHEILD, Waikonini, has 2000 cross-bred wethers for sale

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