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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspapers
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine, and her Fantastic team
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HBH Oct 1 1883
At West Clive yesterday a death occurred under somewhat peculiar circumstances. Early in the morning a lad named Robert CALDWELL, going out with milk, found the body of a woman lying in a ditch at the side of a road, in about six inches of water, and on examination ascertained that it was Mrs Annie O’REILLY (sister of Mr HALL, wheelwright), who was in the service of Mr RUDDICK, of the West Clive Hotel. She was removed into the house of Mrs HALL close by, and it was at once perceived that she was nearly dead.
Every endeavour was made to restore warmth to her body, but without avail, and the woman died about 8.30 this morning. Others mentioned in this article were:-Mrs DIAMOND. An inquest will be held on the body at 2 o’clock this afternoon at the West Clive Hotel, before Dr HITCHINGS, coroner
This article has been abridged by me and is available upon request-Elaine

Dr Anna M L POTTS, accompanied by Drs George E and J C HARRISON, arrived on Saturday afternoon by the Ringarooma, and took up their quarters at the Criterion Hotel.

Napier will shortly be visited by Madame SUMMERHAYES, the celebrated pianist. Madame holds high testimonials from such leading musicians as Sir Julius BENEDICT, Sigismund THALBERG, and Prospere SAINTON. Should there be sufficient inducement she will settle herself permanently in the town. She is pronounced to be “one of the first English pianists and teachers.”

The wrestling match between Geo ROBERTSON (The present champion in the Border style) and Joseph STRONG stripped a little over 14 stone, took place at the Caledonian Society’s grounds this afternoon.

ROBERTSON, the half caste nearly turned the scale at 17st won the match with 2 falls. Capt Jackson BARRY, to the amusement of the crowd, stripped and tried a fall with the gigantic champion.

Five inches of snow fell at Nasby yesterday.

Per United Press Association

Mr J R SOMERVILLE charged in the Resident Magistrate’s Court with failing to take reasonable precautions to clean his flock of infected sheep after receiving notice from the Inspector to do so. Defendant was fined threepence per sheep (320) and costs.

Information laid and a warrant issued against Te Aro PETERA, the Maori Chief who interfered with Mr THORPE’s survey at Murimotu.

Wellington-Saturday. The Hon Major ATKINSON and the Hon F WHITAKER, late Premier, will represent New Zealand at the Anexation Conference at Sydney in November.

Greymouth-Sunday Mr REDMOND lectured to a large audience last evening on his personal recollections of Mr FORSTER’s Coersion Act. He will shortly join his brother in Australia.

Christchurch-Saturday Criminal sittings of the Supreme Court opens on Monday. Five charges of forgery against Robert HELLER, and a charge of arson against Mario and Fanny SIMATTE are the most important.

Yesterday Detective NEIL arrested a passenger by the steamer Dorie for having in his possession a quantity of smuggled jewellery.

The chess match between Wellington and Christchurch was continued last night, when a second man Mr A SCOTT, resigned. The match is to be concluded next Saturday.

HBH Oct 1 1883 local On Saturday the employees in the Herald office, to the number of between thirty and forty drove out to Petane, to celebrate their “annual wayagoose.” The intention was to engage in out-door sports, but the inclemency of the weather prevented the anniversary being observed in the usual way. Mr VILLERS did his utmost to provide amusement indoors, and the party spent a most enjoyable day, winding up with a dinner which did great credit to Mr VILLER’s catering. Before Mr VILERS was warmly thanked for his exertions to make the day pass pleasantly for all. Mr WALKER in the unavoidable absence of the senior partner, occupied the chair, and Major RICHARDSON the vice chair for the speeches and winding up dinner.

Mr Hugh McDONALD announces that the Clydesdale entire Clansman will travel the Taradale and surrounding districts this season.
Messrs Hoadley, Lyon and Co will offer, at their stock sale at Beecroft’s yards, Hastings-140 head of cattle,

At Hastings on the 12th inst, 6 pure Lincoln rams from the flocks of Mr T TANNER, and the purebred shorthorn bulls Baronet and Knight of the Shire from the herds of the Hon H R RUSSELL.
Mr A GROSSMAN-surgeon dentist from Gisborne will visit Napier within a few days and may be consulted at Percy House.
Correspondence to Harbor Board from W CULCHETH,
M. Inst. C.E.

Stawell Victoria, Sept 17, 1883 Also letter to Editor from E.MENZIES Regarding paying a annual subscription to the Hospital

Wellington Saturday John Loftus WILSON, aged about thirty, late a Lieut. In the Royal Navy, was today charged in the Resident Magistrate’s Court with stealing a watch and chain and other articles from Catherine McCRAE, keeper of a brothel called “The Blue Gums,” to whom he had previously sold them. The bench after hearing his explanation said they would be lenient and sentenced him to one weeks’ imprisonment.
***This item has been abridged by me and is available upon request.-Elaine

Sunday Warder FLANNERY having applied for an inquiry into the cause of his dismissal, has been informed that he has been dismissed without compensation.

Out of forty trout transferred from Lake Wakitipu to a creek, only five remain. The rest are supposed to have been taken by poachers.

About noon yesterday an altercation took place which has caused great excitement. Mr ASHCROFT, journalist, when coming out of the post office deemed a remark made by Mr SMITH was insulting. Mr ASHCROFT asked Mr SMITH to repeat the remark, and on doing so the former struck Mr SMITH with a stick he was carrying, but the friend succeeded in preventing further hostilities.

HBH Oct 2 1883

Births LOWMAN-At the Shamrock Hotel, Awatoto, on September 20th, the wife of John LOWMAN of Woodville, of a son.

TUCKER-At Waitangi on Sept 30th, the wife of John TUCKER, of a son.

Headline The LONGHURST case.

An inquest was held today at the West Clive Hotel, before Dr HITCHINGS, Coroner, on the body of Annie O’REILLY, who was found on Sunday morning lying insensible in a ditch at the side of the road, and who died shortly afterwards. The evidence, with the exception of Dr CARO, did not disclose anything beyond what was stated in yesterday’s Herald. Dr CARO deposed to making a post mortem examination and found that death had resulted from inflammation of the lungs induced by cold and exposure. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned. During the examination Mr HALL, brother of the deceased, was suddenly seized with faintness and fell down on the floor. He received prompt attention, but was some time before he recovered.

Letters of naturalization have been issued to Rudolf Louis Arnoldt MAURITZEN, Danevirke, and Joseph DONGHI, Te Aute.

The Manawatu Times hears that Mr H ADSETT, a well known sawmiller, has taken proceedings against the Manchester Road Board for the sum of 2500 pounds, being the estimated amount of damages caused by a fire destroying tramway &c., belonging to him some months ago.

Resident Magistrate’s Court before Captain PREECE-Ezekiel ROWE was fined 5s for drunkenness. Alpine GRANT who was on bail for a charge of false pretences failed to appear. Komino Te ITO was fined for neglecting to furnish a sheep return.-Mr PASLEY stated that the return has since been furnished.

A queer Dispute In regard to the Wanganui Education Board and Mr FOULIS, Inspector of Schools.

In relation to a report on a country school and a teacher Mrs BROWN.
HBH October 2

Mr F W GARNER has been appointed trustee in the estate of Robert WEST, of Taradale.

Papers 3rd

The anniversary of the Wesleyan Trinity Church Sunday School last evening was well attended. The table were amply provided over for the 100 children and adults who sat down. Mesdames HUTCHINSON, GARRY, BANBURY, GODDARD, Misses BOWLES, DAVIS, CHEGWIDDEN, ARNOLD, ANDREWS, KELLY, WILLIAMS.

The Rev J J LEWIS presided, Mr J H NEAL, the Secretary of the Sunday school read the annual report and Mr W L PRIME read the financial report and balance sheet.

Addresses were then delivered by the Revs J J LEWIS, E O PERRY, J T PINFOLD,

T F JONES, and also by Mr J S WELSMAN, the Superintendent of the Sunday school. Mr PRIME the leader of the evening school children led several hymns in very good style, with Mrs PRIME presiding at the organ.

Quarterly inspection of the Spit Volunteer Fire Brigade, Mr W MILLER, the Inspector, presented long service medals to the following members;-

Superintendent-WILKIE Sub-Superintendent-RIDDELL Foreman T CONNOR Branchman-LYNCH And Fireman F G SMITH MORONEY COTTON

The medals which are silver, chastely designed and embellished, bear on one side the following inscription-“United Fire Brigades Association. Auxilius in Periculo” On the Mr side the name of the recipient is engraved, with the statement that the medal is presented for five years’ service, dating from 1878.


Solomon PHILLIPS, who keeps a pawn shop in Wellington, objected to being sworn at the Resident Magistrate’s Court last Saturday on the ground that Saturday was his Sabbath, on which day members of the Jewish persuasion are not permitted to append their signatures to any documents whatever.

HBH Oct 3 1883 local

Resident Magistrates Court before Captain Preece, yesterday

Ramiera WATENE-fined for drunkenness. A number of civil cases were heard and judgment made for amounts claimed, with costs.
Neal & Close V JONSEN
Blythe & Co V JONSEN
T WATERWORTH v B KEMP-case adjourned
SOMERVILLLE v Oteni POMARI-judgment summons

Mr DALE, a well known engineer, who has been for twenty years at Mansurah, writing to a friend at Alexandria respecting the cholera epidemic says:-“During a run of less than an hour on the Nile I counted thirty seven diseased bodies of animals and some skinned carcases tied to the banks to enable the fish to have a good feed, and the fishermen a good haul. The fish are afterwards sold and eaten. Other carcases are sold ashore and eaten by the Arabs. The skins of the diseased beasts are stored in the town. We have only Arab medical men who act and report according to orders from headquarters. The town is short of medicine, disinfectants and food.”

A short time ago Mr CARR, district engineer, obtained permission to live in Napier, or at least to make the town his headquarters for residential purposes. He hardly had his house finished, before he received peremptory orders to remove back to Kopua, where there is no telegraph office, or other means of communicating with him in an emergency.

Captain PREECE-Trust Commissioner

Deeds-Conveyance of part of Pakowhai block between two and three acres, from Mr John SHEEHAN as trustee of the estate of Karaitiana TAKAMOANA, to the crown; conveyance of undivided interests of Piripi NGAHURA, TIKA, Heni HEI, HIRATA, in Kahurangi block No 2, 2440 acres, to George BURTON; transfer of undivided interest of Tamati MAIRE in Urnumango block No 2, 700 acres, to Daniel PAGE

Mr W Y DENNETT is a most unfortunate man so far as regards fire. Two of his children obtained matches and went into a loft over the stables, where they set fire to some hay. The alarm was given by a boy employed on the premises, but nothing could be saved

Mr R WILLIAMS seems to be one of those unhappy men who are never satisfied. At the Working Men’s Club meeting on Monday evening he called the steward “an ‘ard working man,” and otherwise committed havoc with the English language. We made him speak
HBH Oct 4 1883

A Porangahau correspondent telegraphs that two rabbits were killed at Waimata on Monday.
Hegarty’s Court Minstrels will not be able to commence their season at the Theatre Royal until Monday owing to the late departure of the Manapouri from Auckland
The only prisoner brought before the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday was a native TIPENE, who was condemned to pay 20s and costs for being drunk while in charge of a horse and cart.

Mr John FORSTER, of the American Coach Factory, Napier, will have for sale on the A and P’society’s grounds at Hastings on the 12th, buggies, dog-carts &c.

Marriage LYS-GROVES-On September 20th, at St Luke’s Havelock, by the Rev H W St HILL, Charles Gilbert, eldest son of C P LYS, Hastings, to Mary Ann GROVES. London papers please copy.

Headliner BUYING NATIVE SHARES-If reports of the proceedings of the Gisborne Land Court, which appear in the local papers, are to be relied upon, the agents of the New Zealand Land settlement Company by their actions fully justifying the intense distrust felt in them by those who successfully prevented the bill promoted by the company from passing Parliament during the late session. Mr REES last Wednesday applied on behalf of the company for the subdivision of the Tangihanga block, and…………………….more

HBH Oct 5 1883

Marriage FISCHER-SCHWABE-On October 2nd, by the Rev D SIDEY, at the residence of the bride’s father, Charles Oscar, second son of Mr Aaug. FISCHER, of Norsewood, to Gertrude Bertha Aleoine, eldest daughter of Mr Aug SCHWABE, of Napier.
Gisborne papers please copy.

Estate M H PURCELL and Hugh McLEAN-meeting of creditors. No Shipping arrival or Departure
HBH Oct 5th 1883

Thursday Per United Press Association Auckland..

At a meeting of the Congregational Union a resolution was passed, expressive of warm congratulation at the amalgamation with the Southern Congregational Union. The Rev J ROBERTSON was elected Chairman.

The inquest on the body of J J MILLS a patient in the lunatic asylum will b held this week, He was killed by another patient named SCHNELL
MILLS was an old Auckland resident, and had been here for many years. He was formerly a furniture dealer in Victoria street. He came out from Home with several thousand pounds, but through losses in business lost nearly all his means. This preyed so much on his mind that reason became dethroned, and his friends were obliged to place him in the asylum. He leaves a wife and nine children. Some time ago, it will be remembered that SCHNELL, actuated by a frenzy, killed his fellow-laborer on the roadside in rural district in Taranaki.

Dunedin Captain BARRY, in a late lecture at Dunedin, said when he married the “great Maori chieftess,” and got hold of her land in the North, he would take very good care that the government would get none of it.

Bits Mr Richard PROCTOR makes a very curious suggestion in a recent number of his paper, to the effect that the spreading of so large a quantity of iron upon the surface of the earth, as modern science is doing, is likely in the future, to exercise a very decided influence of its own upon electric currents and magnetic storms, and in this way to exercise a very material meteorological influence.

In the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday Ebenezer DIXON was fined for being drunk and disorderly. Duncan CAMPBELL’s bail was forfeited. IRVINE v REES was a civil action.

Mr F H WOOD, Greytown, Wairarapa. Has for sale the property known as “The Manaia,” within two miles of the Masterton Post Office and close to the Kurupuni railway station.

A cricket match between the Petane and Napier Clubs will take place tomorrow at Petane.

The following are the teams.
HBH Oct 6 1883

Mr Edward LYNDON has been appointed creditors’ trustee in the estate of Hugh McLEAN

H J GLAZEBROOK and St George RYDER will apply for their discharge at the sitting of the Supreme Court on 22nd inst.

Wairoa Friday
The Rev Mr GOODYEAR has left this district for Maketu. Before leaving, his congregations, both at Wairoa and Frasertown, presented him with addresses of thanks for his past services, enclosing cheques for the purchase of tokens of esteem felt for Mrs GOODYEAR and himself. A public tea was given at Wairoa to bid him goodbye.

Mr M MacKENZIE, proprietor of the Abercorn Hotel Woodville, announces that the hotel is now open.

New Zealand Clothing Factory Hastings street, white washing vests are being sold very cheap.

Mr John ORR, Port Ahuriri, has a six horse power portable engine for sale.

Messrs J MERRYLEES and Co, storekeepers Kaikora, have been appointed agents for Hawke’s Bay Herald and Weekly Courier.

Mr F H STEVENS has leased the Beaconskeld Hotel, in the Makatoku station yard

Mr Charles VILLERS, poundkeeper, Petane, inserts an impounding notice.

Mr D LEVI, tobacconist, Hastings street, strongly advises smokers to try his cigarettes.

The Hawke’s Bay Weekly Courier (price sixpence stamped) contains the monthly summary.

Friday Per United Press Association-Auckland

A man named Thomas MILLER was found dead this morning near the Post dining-rooms. At the inquest on the body this afternoon the medical evidence showed that death had resulted from the bursting of a blood vessel on the brain. The deceased had been drinking heavily, and fell into a right of way, falling down 9ft. He came to Port Chalmers by the last trip of the British King. He leaves two children.

A bushman named MACALISTER, cut his throat while in delirum tremens.

At the coroner’s inquest held by Dr GOLDSBRO’ today on the body of J J MILLS, a patient in the Lunatic Asylum, the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against *** Anthony G SNELL, another patient in the asylum, who inflicted the injuries which caused the death of MILLS.

***note different spelling from earlier edition.

New Plymouth Friday The charge against BOSWELL of stealing cheques belonging to the Lighter Company occupied the Court all today. The Magistrate dismissed it without comment. Two other charges against the accused will be heard next Friday.

There were 2000 persons at WOODYEAR’s circus last night.

Wanganui AROPETA, the Murimotu native, was brought up at the Resident Magistrate’s Court today and remanded.

An enquiry was held today by Mr LUNDON, Collector of Customs, into the stranding of the St Kilda whilst entering the river yesterday morning.


At the Supreme Court today, Walter Joseph NEWTON, who was accused of burning a quantity of books and papers the property of the West Harbor Borough Council, of which he was Town Clerk-was found guilty. It seemed that he felt wronged after he was discharged by them. The prisoner received one month’s imprisonment for this wanton act.

The Harbor Board are calling for tenders for 250 yards of additional wharfage for accommodation of the larger class of vessels coming into the wharf.


Mr Joseph PETRIE, the member for this district, addressed a large meeting of his constituents this evening on the work of last session and his share in it. He expressed confidence that the East and West Coast railway would be made within the next five years.

Wellington At the divorce sittings in November, the case of

EDWARDS v EDWARDS and REMINGTON will be heard. The petitioner is resident here and seeks a dissolution of marriage on the grounds of adultery and desertion. The petition sets forth that both parties were married on the 24th of October 1867, at the Parish church of St Clement’s Hastings, in the County of Sussex. The couple resided in England for a short time, and afterwards emigrated to New Zealand. They lived at Bulls, Wellington and Napier, and it was while her husband was carrying on business in the latter place that the respondent left him and went to cohabit with a chemist in the Rangitikei district. There were five children, three of whom, aged 13, 11, and 10 years respectively, are now alive.
HBH Oct 6 1883 Wgtn

At the Magistrate’s Court today E MULLENS charged with setting fire to his house at Tawa Flat with intent to defraud the insurance company.-further remanded.

The Ionic will take 5000 carcases of frozen mutton from here, and the Triumph about 4000 carcases.

Christchurch The Rev E O LINGARD, urged the selling of church property to the extent of 100,00 pounds.

Timaru-Friday A man named T MILLARD, a veterinary surgeon, was killed by a fall from a horse near Geraldine last evening.

At the Magistrate’s Court today a charge of assault brought against

Capt SMITH of the Salvation Army, by James GRAHAM was dismissed. SMITH having already been fined for breach of peace.

HBH Oct 8 1883

Miss GILROY, has just arrived to assume the position of first assistant in the Napier district school, received a flattering proof of esteem on leaving Greymouth last week. The children of the Greymouth town school subscribed for the purchase of a handsome gold watch, which was accompanied by an illuminated address. After school hours, on Monday week, Mr KERR, chairman of the local committee, made the presentation, and in doing so, we learn from the Grey River Argus, we learn that his commendation was to Miss GILROY and her long association with the school. He was also sorry she was leaving, but she was bettering herself. He was also sorry the committee was not able to increase her salary so that they could keep her there.

Tenders are invited by the Public Works Department for the Tangahoe contracts (formation and permanent way) on the Foxton and New Plymouth railway.

Messrs LEE and SHEATH have 20,000 pounds to lend in sums of 1000 pounds upwards.

Mr Arthur McCARTNEY advertises that on the race and show days visitors will be supplied at his booth with articles of the same quality as sold at the Caledonian Hotel.
HBH Oct 8th 1883
Page 2 New Plymouth Saturday Richard Coleman, an old settler, when driving home this afternoon was thrown from his conveyance and killed.


Of the West Coast settlement reserves, leases of 97 sections, comprising 13,500 acres, were offered at an upset ranging from 1s to 7s per acre per annum. There were 104 tenders lodged for 42 sections, comprising 4300 acres, at rents ranging from 1s 6d to 12s per acre. In the Opunake South Block 1165 acres were taken up.


Considerable public interest has been felt in the opening of Messrs WATSON Bros’ new hotel, which is called the Grand Hotel. Yesterday the building was thrown open for public inspection and over 6000 persons visited.


The Waireke dairy factory, which will commence operations in a few days, will give 4 1/2d per gallon for milk, a price equal to 1s per lb for butter.


The twenty four hour walking match, SCOTT v EDWARDS, closed at 10 o’clock last night in the presence of about 3000 people. After starting on Friday night.


The Board have refused Mr WORTHINGTON, the headmaster of the Wellesley street school, to accept the Office of Councillor of the Borough of Parnell, on the ground that teachers should have nothing to do with legal politics.

HEGARTY’s Minstrels left today by the Manapouri for Napier

It appears that Mrs FEATON’s stock at the late fire in Karangahape road was insured in the Equitable Office for L140. Owing to the result of the investigations as to the origin of the fire, it is probable that an inquest will be held.

At the Supreme court today, John and Henry SUBRITSKY were acquitted on the charge of larceny.

A new steamer named Neptune was launched today.

HBH October 9 1883


KIRKER-LOCIE-On October 4th, at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Wellington, by the Rev James PATTERSON, James KIRKER to Marion, eldest daughter of James LOCKIE, of Wellington.

***typed as written note surname spelling different? Correct spelling?

Miss JERVOIS, daughter of his Excellency the Governor, is at present staying with Mr TANNER at Riverslea.

The sittings of the Native Land Court at Napier, were resumed at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, and adjourned to tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock at Waipawa.

The many friends of Mr HANNA will regret to hear that he has received notice that he will be removed from Napier. He will first proceed to Gisborne to take temporary charge of the

Loan and Mercantile.

A meeting of persons interested in formation of a boxing club at Waipawa was held on Friday evening last at the empire Hotel.

Committee consisting of Messrs A.D.H. JULL, MICHAELSEN, GOLDSMITH, LONG, FRASER, and BRINSON were appointed to purchase the necessary club adjuncts, and to arrange for hiring a room, &c. Mr W GOLDSMITH was appointed Secretary.

HBH Oct 10th 1883


HAMPTON-FAULKNER- On the 3rd October, at St Paul’s, Wellington, N.Z., by the Ven Archdeacon THORPE, Samuel James HAMPTON, to Alice Jane, daughter of Edwin FAULKNER, Esq., to Chelsea, London.

At the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday before Captain PREECE R.M

Martha SMITH, who had been remanded for medical examination with regard to the state of her mind was discharged.

Redmond EDWARDS, charged with lunacy, remanded for medical examination.

An elderly man named BARRY, had been indulging too freely in intoxicating liquors, was discharged with a caution.

12th Papers.

An accident occurred during the jumping match yesterday, by which Mr Daniel COTTON was somewhat seriously insured. After being examined by Dr de LISLE, showed result while severe contusions and a shock had been received, the injuries were not of a permanently serious nature.

HBH Oct 10 1883

Captain PREECE R.M., yesterday remanded for eight days John SYMONDS and Julius MATTIWIG, charged with lunacy, and fined Anthony NICHOLSON for drunkenness.

Mr FOULIS, the Wanganui Inspector of schools, is reported to have said, when the Board resolved to give him three months notice, that he was very sorry indeed at their action, but he felt he had only one sin-the original one of being a Scotchman.

The HEGARTY group are in Concert.

Mr W H TESCHEMAKER, WRITING FROM London To a friend of his in Otago says :- “ I went to a Leadenhall market, and saw a card on a sheep with “Bred by R RHODES, jun., Bluecliffs, New Zealand on it.” I waited, and saw the sheep cut down, and the hind quarters were sold at 9 ½ d per lb. FITTER, the butcher, declared the meat splendid. English mutton sold at the same time at 10 1/2d per lb.

Telegraphic-Auckland Tuesday

A boy named Herbert NEIL got his head jammed today by a patent lift at the New Zealand Meat Freezing Company’s establishment (formerly FISHER AND Co), and received injuries likely to end seriously.

Resolutions carried out at a meeting of shipbuilders re kauri timber have been printed in circular form, with certificates from Captain D H McKENZIE, Capt. M T CLAYTON, Lloyd’s surveyor, Capt H B WORSP, surveyor to the Auckland Marine Underwriters Association.

Mr Geo P PIERCE, general manager of the Thames Insurance company:

Capt BENDALL, surveyor; and Messrs J B GRAHAM and THWAITE.

Mr PIERCE’s letter contains the following remarkable testimony:- “In 1772 Marion du FRESNIE visited the Bay of Islands with two French Ships- of- War. CROZET his second in command………………………”more
Dunedin 10th October 1883

At the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday,

before Captain PREECE R.M.,

William GOUGH, on remand charged with lunacy, and an order was made for his committal to the Napier Asylum.

Lydia LAURENSON, also on remand on a similar charge, was released from custody on the strength of a medical certificate of sanity.

H A WALTER also similar charge remanded.

HBH Oct 11th 1883

A verdict for threepence and one quinea costs were award by

Mr HARDCASTLE IN THE Hutt Court Wellington, last week. W BURT, storekeeper sued Edwin PIKE, settler for 8pound 8s for goods supplied a long time ago.


A man supposed to be named Thomas GRAHAM,, has been drowned at Dargavillle, while attempting to step on board the steamer Durham.

By the City of Sydney, for San Francisco, Mr R P SAKE (who is a passenger) shipped 20 sheep and 44 head of cattle valued at 910 pounds. The animals were purchased while on a tour of the gentleman through the Waikato district.

Mr LIGHT, of Napier today instructed Mr HOLMES, shipbuilder to build a new steamer here for the Napier and Wairoa trade. She will have saloon accommodation for thirty passengers.

Auguste Andre RAFFIN,, the alleged fraudulent debtor was arrested at New Plymouth and brought up at the Police Court today and remanded.


In the Supreme Court today in Banco, Mr Justice REDMOND in the case Queen V TAYLOR-re illicit distillation of whisky in the Poritua district..


The insurance agents offer 20 poun reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons who burnt down HUGHES’ store and Rutherglen.


A lad named LYNHAM was killed at Templeton this morning in trying to prevent a horse bolting. Death was almost instantaneous.

Joe STRONG, the wrestler, committed suicide today by stabbing himself in the throat.

Hbh Oct 12th 1883bits

Auckland Some sensation was caused this afternoon by an assault on Mr J D WICKHAM, proprietor of the Free Lance, by Dr HARRISON, agent for Mrs Dr POTTS.

The facts being placed forward Superintendent THOMSON he ordered the assailants into custody and George Edward HARRISON, Richard Cole ASPINALL, and James MILLET were accordingly locked up on the charge of assault.

The body of Thomas GRAHAM, who was drowned at Dargaville from the steamer Durham was recovered yesterday. At the inquest it appeared from the evidence that the deceased was in liquor at the time of the accident. An open verdict was returned.


The notice with regard to the sale of the Kawhia township will be issued in a few days.
HBH Oct 12th 1883


Some sensation was caused this afternoon by an assault on Mr J D WICKHAM, proprietor of the Free Lance, by Dr HARRISON, agent for Mrs Dr POTTS.

The facts being placed forward Superintendent THOMSON he ordered the assailants into custody and George Edward HARRISON, Richard Cole ASPINALL, and James MILLET were accordingly locked up on the charge of assault.

The body of Thomas GRAHAM, who was drowned at Dargaville from the steamer Durham was recovered yesterday. At the inquest it appeared from the evidence that the deceased was in liquor at the time of the accident. An open verdict was returned.


The notice with regard to the sale of the Kawhia township will be issued in a few days.


This afternoon a man named A SUTHERLAND met with a serious accident on the Fairlie creek railway line. He was working in a gravel pit and stepping back to avoid some of it falling on him, got in front of an advancing ballast-waggon, two wheels of which went over his right leg. He was immediately conveyed to the hospital at Timaru. On examination it was found that the leg was injured so much as to render amputation necessary. This was successfully accomplished by the visiting hospital surgeon.


At the Police Court today a charge of insubordinate conduct was brought by Geoler PHILLIPS against a prisoner named TAIT, for whom counsen appeard. Mr WATT R.M. dismissed the case.

The SCOTT v EDWARDS 48 hours’ match began tonight.

HBH Oct 13 and 15th 1883

Messrs M R MILLER and POTTS report having sold the pure Clydesdale stallion “Berlin Congress,” at their sale of show stock yesterday, to Mr A SCRIMGEOUR, of Waipukurau.

A meeting of the creditors of Mathias SKINNER, storekeeper of Ormondville was adjourned because a quorum did not attend.

The A & P Show-Shoeing competition Mr DONEY placed first and Mr KIRKHAM second.

Eliza GOODIER, from the Hampden district, Waipawa was brought up at the Police Court yesterday, before Captain PREECE, charged with being a lunatic not under control.

Mr VILLERS has had another large coach built by Mr FAULKNOR, it will seat 40 persons

Papers 15th

A fatal accident occurred at Petane on Saturday afternoon to a man named Joseph RANDS, a carter in the employment of Messrs MILLER and ANDERSON, Upper Mohaka. The deceased left the Petane Hotel for Upper Mohaka at 2.30 on Saturday afternoon with a loaded dray drawn by three horses, and from what was seen afterwards it appeared that in turning a sharp corner in the road the near wheel of the dray went down in the cutting, causing the vehicle and the horses to topple over. A man named Peter FAGAN was travelling with the deceased, but had stopped behind to speak to a friend. With the assistance of Mr Arthur TOXFORD, who was passing in a cart at the time FAGAN removed the body of the deceased to the police station at the Spit, whence Sergeant BURTENSHAW had it removed to the Commercial Hotel, where an inquest will be held at 3 o’clock this afternoon, before Dr HITCHINGS, coroner.

The following curious or announcement appears under the heading of “Births” in the Post:-“On the 2nd October, at Bolton Row, Wanganui, the wife of F P COVENEY, of a son. A chip of the old block.”

At the last meeting of the Pakurangi Hunt Club a young lady named,

Miss McKELVIE, astonished the gentlemen by riding her horse over an iron fence, the height of which is 5’ 6”. The horse jumped 22 feet from off to where he landed

A lusus naturae is in the possession of Mr MENTHEL, Wellington, in the shape of a kitten, born in a litter of two, without any tail whatsoever and only two hind legs the front legs being supplanted by two incipient wings.

HBH Oct 15 1883


COOK-LeMOIGNAN-On October 13th, 1883 at St John’s Church, Napier, by the Rev de Berdt HOVELL, John Willia,s COOK, of Gisborne, formerly of Thames, to Louisa, second daughter of the late Charles LeMOIGNAN, of Jersey.-Auckland, Thames and Jersey papers please copy.

WALLIS-LASCELLES;-On the 13th October, at St Mark’s Church Clive, by the Rev H McLEAN, Lionel, youngest son of Dr WALLIS, Boxhill, Susses, England, to Lucy Catherine C., second daughter of A LASCELLES, solicitor, Napier.

Death AIKERS-At the Hawke’s Bay Hospital , on the 13th October, of atrophy of the heart, Captain W Ward AIKERS, aged 90.

The racehorses Mischief, Robina and Tim WHIFFLER left by the Te Anau for Christchurch yesterday to fulfil their engagements at C.J.C. meeting next month.

The wind blew with terrific force on Saturday, and one of the Petane coaches was blown over on the beach. Fortunately no one was injured.

A trolley coming to town on the railway line, with Mr BROWN and a ganger, was blown off the line and down the embankment near Clive, but this accident was also unattended with serious results.

Mr WATERWORTH, of the Provincial Hotel has shown us one of the alarm tills for which he is agent. Only those persons who know which keys to touch can open the till, and the catches can be greatly varied.

We hear from Woodville that Mr McKENZIE has been ordered to cease work on the bridge over the Manawatu river, as a new design has been decided upon.


Te HEUHEU, TOPIA, TUROA, and other chiefs residing on the south side of the lake, have sent an invitation to Tawhiao to have a discussion on native matters.


The mail steamer City of New York left for Sydney at 7 o’clock this evening. Her surgeon,,

Dr TRASK, died at sea of apoplexy before reaching Honolulu.

William WATT, bushman, fell over the Coromandel wharf last night at dusk and was drowned.

Among the through passengers by the mail steamer for Sydney are Dr THORNTON, Bishop of Ballarat, and Mr SAYMOND, correspondent for the London Daily news, who goes on to China and Annam as war correspondent.

Constable BURNS, while pursuing a burglar over a Queen street verandah fell through a skylight breaking his arm.


John SANDFORD, laborer, fell down dead this morning.

A man named Harry HUGHES was sent to prison today for 14 days without the option of a fine for assaulting Sergeant DONNELLY. Superintendent THOMPSON said that midnight assaults on constables were so frequent that unless some exemplary punishment was inflicted it would be impossible for him to perform his duty with the limited forces at his command.

New Plymouth –17th

John G SCHUELL (brother of the lunatic murderer in the Auckland Lunatic Asylum) was charged with threatening to murder Dominie FISHER, of Inglewood. The case was however dismissed.

****note by Elaine-Note this spelling the 3rd different way up to date.

At Messrs Hoadley, Lyon and Co’s monthly land sale yesterday at the Hawke’s Bay wool Sales.

On account of:-



Subdivision O, part of town section 197 Hastings, containing 3 roods 34 perches, Mr WHITEHEAD

HBH Oct 16 1883

An inquest was held at the Commercial Hotel, Port Ahuriri, yesterday afternoon, on the body of the unfortunate man RANDS, whose sad death was described in our Columns yesterday. Dr HITCHINGS presided as Coroner, and Mr W BURTON was foreman of the jury. No additional facts were elicited. The jury returned a verdict of “Crushed to death through misadventure.”


At the Divorce Court today, a decree nisi was granted in the case of THOMPSON v THOMPSON. In the case of JOHNSTON v JOHNSTON there was no appearance and the case was struxck out

A sad accident occurred on the railway at Paki Paki last evening, on the arrival of the 4.20 train from town. Generally the train goes on until the engine can take water from the tank, but last night the train to Napier reached Paki Paki first, and was watering. The down train therefore slackened speed, and came to a standstill for a second or two, and then moved forward again as the up train left the tank. Mrs KIRK, wife of the platelayer working at Paki Paki, and her two little children were in the train, and when it appeared to stop at the platform they prepared to alight. Just as the train started forward again to the tank the youngest child, a little girl aged four years, fell between the carriages. Her sister bent down to seize her, but a passenger who was on the train, and who had not seen the accident, seized the second one and pulled her back, fearing she would fall. This hardly took a second, but it was sufficient to cause the death of the poor little child. She fell on the rails, and two wheels passed over her. Of course death was almost instantaneous.

HBH Oct 17 1883


KAY-At Hastings, on the 15th Octobertr, the wife of John Kay, of a daughter.


FRASER-At Napier, on the 16th October, John McGuffie FRASER, solicitor, Gisborne aged 28.The funeral will leave the residence of F S McLEAN, Clyde road this day at 2 p.m.

Mr HAMLIN has resigned his license as native interpreter.

Mr PARKER has resigned his office as Registrar of Electors for Napier. Mr LAING has been appointed in his place.

Mr G W CULLEN is gazetted as Deputy Sheriff for Hawke’s Bay

A Post office has been opened at Mohonga, Napier district, according to the Gazette. Where is Mohonga? Mr R T BATLEY is appointed headmaster

Captain PREECE, Trust Commissioner, has the following deeds submitted to him to him for his certificate.

Lease of undivided interests Ihaia te NGARARA and others, and John SHEEHAN, as trustee in will of late Karaaitiana TAKAMOANA, to Henry MONTEITH, portion of Tamahi Block, containing 5000 acres;

Conveyance of undivided interest Urupene PUHARA as trustee for Hineira TINO, to Adam BROWN, Tukemokihi Block No. 2, containing 1957 acres.


HAULTRAIN-At Petane, on the 17th October, the wife of Arthur T HAULTRAIN, of a daughter.


The COUNTIES ACT-We learn that a proposal to hang up the Counties Act in Waipawa County is likely to come up for discussion in the Council of that district shortly.
HBH Oct 17th 1883

An inquest was held at KELLY’S Hastings Hotel, yesterday, before Dr HITCHINGS, coroner, on the body of the child Ada KIRK, who was accidentally killed by the train at Paki Paki on Monday evening. Two independent witnesses, one the father of the child, stated that no blame was attached to the railway officials. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”

The body of another dead native was found on the beach near Horowhenua on Sunday last, but this time (says the Manawatu Herald) the bodily has been easily identified as that of an old preacher named KIPA. It appears that Mr John McDONALD was coming up from the beach from Otaki when he saw the body of a native. It was at once evident that the old fellow had fallen (presumably through the animal he was riding stumbling) from his horse and broken his neck. The defunct native was very strict in attending to his preaching duties, and had been returning from Horowhenua, where he had been conducting service, when the accident which caused his death happened
HBH October 18th 1883 local

Mr Edward LYNDON will hold a sale on Tuesday next, where he will offer the Grammar School paddock, in two lots, on lease for three years.

Mrs HEDLEY-Milton Road, for sale sheep dogs.

Mr F J TIFFEN is selling the house in Clive square that he is in occupation.

Mr R WILLIAMS is authorised to collect debts owing to Mrs Ellen GRANT.

Mr F W GARNER has been appointed creditor’s trustee in the estate of Edward GILLETT.

Meeting will be held in the matter of creditors-St George RYDER.

Land for sale In Napier, Havelock and West Clive, flour mill and cottage at Hastings-by Messrs HOADLEY, LYON and Co.
HBH October 18th 1883


Mr MAGINNITY, City Councillor, disgusted with the state of borough affairs, sent in his resignation.


The Dorrie’s passengers were passed today by the health officer, and she is now berthed at the wharf. She has scarcely any Government immigrants for southern ports. She has 1800 tons of cargo for Auckland.

Mr CONWAY. Lecturer, was a through passenger to Sydney by the Australia. He intends to lecture in Australia and thence to India to study Indian literature. It is not known whether New Zealand is in his programme.

Mr LUNDON, formerly M.H.R. for the Bay of Islands, writes from Samoa that a great deal of discontent prevailed there both Europeans and natives.
HBH Oct 18 1883 Wgtn

A divorce case



The case of PIZZEY v PIZZEY and another was heard. The petitioner is a shepherd, formerly engaged in Canterbury, where he met the respondent, and they were married in Burke’s Pass for some time after the marriage, after which they removed to Glentannon station, Canterbury, and he continued cohabitating with her until 31st March 1882, when the petitioner alleges, his wife left him without reasonable cause, and has not since returned to cohabitation with him. In April of the same year, the petitioner further states, his wife committed adultery with one, Henry TOOGOOD, a shepherd at Benhoe station, with whom she went to reside, and is now living with him at Riversdale station, Wairarapa East. In his evidence Thomas PIZZEY, the petitioner stated that while he lived with his wife they never had an angry word together. He knew the co-respondent with whom his wife became acquainted five or six months after they were married. Witness had no idea of her intention to leave him, and he had no suspicion of there being anything between her and the co-respondent. He gave her a cheque to go to the town of Timaru to purchase some things for the winter, and she took some other money with her and never returned. After a lapse of a fortnight he followed her to Timaru where he could hear no tidings of her. When returning back to Glentannon station he found some letters that had been written to his wife, from which it appeared that the pair were likely to come on to Wellington. He found them there in the service of Mr FINNIMORE’s farm. He found that his wife had gone on to Whareama, where he found them there living as man and wife.

Witness told her “she should be jolly well ashamed of herself”, she stated that they were living very comfortably together.

His Honor granted a decree nisi

HBH October 19th 1883 RMC

Four lunacy cases occupied the attention of the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning.

Julius MATTAWIG (from the Hampden district) was discharged on the certificate of the medical examiners.

John SYMONDS, a poor looking specimen of humanity, deaf and dumb and apparently imbecile, was also discharged, his Worship recommending that his friends should seek to get him admitted to an institution for deaf mutes.

Naomi CHASE (an elderly native woman) and

Martha SMITH were remanded, the former for eight days and the latter for a fortnight.

The first cup match under the auspices of the Hawke’s Bay Cricket Association will be played at Petane tomorrow between the Petane and Country District Cricket Clubs.

Petane team


Umpires, Messrs H MARTIN and WALKER.

HBH October 20 1883 Friday


Captain LAING of the schooner Wanganui, which arrived today from Dunedin, reports that one of his men, named Peter OISTER, was lost overboard whilst running through Cook Strait in a gale of wind. All efforts to save the man were unavailing. He was a Russian by birth from Rega.


The Cemetery Board object that the site of the new cemetery is too small and is in the centre of a rapidly increasing populated district. Its area is 18 acres, and the locality is near the pumping station. The Board prefer a site at New Brighton.

The body of Hugh MINNES. Carpenter of the s.s. Doric, who was drowned in Lyttelton harbor nearly three weeks ago, was found this afternoon floating in the harbor.

The brothers REDMOND were today presented with an address from the Irishmen of Christchurch and surround districts.

A thirty horse-power boiler for the Southern Cross Petroleum Company has been completed at the Anderson foundry. The directors anticipate that within ten days or so operations at both bores will be in full swing.

HBH October 20th Friday 1883

Telegraphic per United Press Association


The origin of the fire at GARRETT Brothers boot factory is still unknown. William and Richard GARRETT reside in a dwelling house adjacent to the warehouse, with their mother and sisters. …………..…more

At the Supreme Court civil sittings today in the case of W QUINN v the Mercury Sawmill Company, a claim of 1000 pound for damages to property through the defendants driving logs down the Kaimaramara river.

Advices from Mr Vesey STEWART and other sources, by the last English mail, fully confirm the news of the Tauranga and Rotorua Railway being successfully negotiated for in London.

A corpse has been found in the Waikato river near Huntly, supposed to be the body of SPICER, who suicided at Cambridge, forty miles further up the river.

The first meeting of creditors in the estate of Robert MARTIN, of Auckland

A meeting of creditors of Thos Wayth GUDGEON, commission agent was held today. Money owing to John ABBOT, bill broker.

Reasons given for failure to meet his liabilities “is caused by depreciation and losses on shares, attempts to pay off former debts, domestic troubles, and expenses”


BURKE-On the 18th October, Mrs W U BURKE, of a daughter.

TUKE-On October 19th, the wife of the Rev C Lawrence TUKE, of a son


Baron HUBER arrived here today. He was received by the Mayor.


It has been deemed unnecessary to hold an inquest on the body of Sarah Ann BOOTE who died suddenly yesterday

HBH Oct 22 1883

Quite a gloom was cast over Napier yesterday by the news of a fatal boating accident on Saturday evening. Two of the lost men have no relatives in Napier, their friends residing in Wellington, but they were favourably known to many in Napier as hard working artisans. For Mr and Mrs REARDEN deep and wide felt sympathy is felt. The accident deprived them of their only son, a young man full of promise, and the trial will indeed be a bitter one for them.


DUFF-At Wood Pakr, Elgin, Scotland, on 1st August, the wife of Mr Hugh A DUFF, Kereru, of a son.


HUGO-On the 15th August, 1883, at her residence, Belmont road, St Heliers, Jersey, Channel Island, Blanche, widow of the late Harper Richard HUGO, Esq., aged

54 deeply regretted

One of the men in the pilot boat, named KNOWLES, received a nasty knock on the head when returning from the rescue of the young man STEWART and the recovery of his two unfortunate companions. The oar struck him severely and caused a sere cut over right eye.

HBH Oct 23 1883


BARBEN-On October 22, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs J B McKAIN, Petane,, Sussanah BARBEN, in her 90th year.

The funeral will take place at Petane, at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

HBH October 23rd 1883 Gis

Inquest held at Gisborne on the remains of a body found in the Waikohu river, Poverty Bay, on Thursday last. Conclusive evidence was given showing the remains to be those of a man named Lyster KAYE, who had been missing from a station in the district since February last. It was stated that the deceased was a married man, and that his widow resides at Greytown, Wairarapa.

Mr D COTTON, who was injured on the Hastings racecourse on October 11th, as reported in our issue of the following day, has not yet recovered from the injuries he then received. The injuries Mr COTTON received were contusions about the head, a broken rib, and a strain on the lower part of the spine.


Mr John SULLIVAN, who has been settled in the province since 1834, has died at Mahurangi, aged 73 years. He was the owner of a number of vessels loading north of Auckland.

A boy son of David CRUICKSHANK, of Matakana, aged 6 years has been drowned.

Captains MAHON and DIGNAN and Mr COOPER are endeavouring to arrange with the Racing club for the use of the Ellerslie Racecourse for the meeting of the New Zealand Rifle Association. It appears that the One Tree Hill estate is not available, being ploughed up and partly in crop.


A peculiar case came before Mr WARD R.M., today. W F CROSSE, now of Auckland, was charged on the information of the police with unlawfully removing from its burial place the body of a child without the Colonial Secretary’s license. The facts were that the defendant’s brother, Samuel CROSSE, unlawfully buried the child in October 1882, in his back garden, Avenue, in Wanganui, and then removed to Auckland. Whilst there he sent down to Wanganui for the body, and A F CROSSE, disinterred it accordingly last June. The police could not lay charges until they discovered the fact six months after the offence was committed. The Magistrate dismissed the charge on the ground that the information laid was bad, because the Act does not apply to the disinterment of a body that was not buried in a lawful burial place, and also because in any case the information could only be laid by a person having control of a burial place. The Magistrate’s decision has elicited much comment here, especially as W F CROSSE’s counsel pleaded guilty in Court today.


The last of the Oxford’s immigrants have been released from quarantine.

Previous to the Hinemoa leaving for Nelson last night a seaman named James WILSON received severe injuries to his spine, owing to the winch breaking and a horse-box striking him.


At the inquest on the body of Edward DRINKWELL the jury returned a verdict of accidental death, but the evidence was contradictory as to the presence of one guard.


A young girl called CARSWELL, residing with her parents at Petane, went out for a walk on Sunday afternoon and did not return, and did not return home again. Her father gave information to the police, and it was afterwards discovered that the girl had slept at the London Hotel, Port Ahuriri, on Sunday evening, and that she had unsuccessfully tried to obtain a passage in the Kiwi to Wellington.

HBH October 24 1883.


GRIBBLE-PARSON- On October 20th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev John Wesley WORBOYS, M GRIBBLE, of Norsewood, to Annie Letitia, fourth daughter of Lewis PARSONS, Esq., of Makateku-Auckland, Thames and Canterbury papers please copy.

***Accident and inquests have been fully reported in paper. Available upon request to Elaine

***REARDEN-George, only surviving child of J A and Catherine REARDEN, born at Battersea, and drowned at Port Ahuriri, 20th October 1883, aged 18 years R.I.P.

***MEEK-Drowned at Napier, on October 20th, William Henry MEEK, second son of Arthur and Georgine MEEK, of Wellington aged 22.


A man named Charles WITTY died at Whakaki yesterday. The supposed cause of death is delirium tremens. An inquest will be held today.

A man named Patrick LAUGHRAN, a road contractor, fell off the wharf opposite the Clyde Hotel about 9 o’clock last night, and was drowned. An inquest will be held tomorrow.

The funeral of De La HAYE, one of the victims of the fatal boating accident on Saturday, will take place at 3 o’clock today. The body of MEEK will be taken to Wellington for interment.

Papers 25th


CLOSE-On October 24th, at her residence, Ponsonby-Auckland, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of John CLOSE, Senior.

The funeral of William De La HAYE, one of the victims of the fatal boat accident on Saturday last, took place yesterday afternoon. A large number of persons, both on foot and in vehicles, followed the remains to the cemetary, where the impressive and beautiful burial service of the English Church was read over the body by the Rev De Berdt HOVELLL

John BULLOCK, an elderly man, was charged at the Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday with drunkenness on the preceding day. The police gave defendant a good character as a inoffensive hard-working man, and he was discharged with a caution. Martha SMITH, on remand, charged with lunacy, was remanded for further medical evidence.
HBH Oct 24 1883 RMC

Following cases yesterday before Captain PREECE R.M.,





Napier Rate Collector v SCOTT


Same v PAGE

Same v KNOCK

Dinwiddie, Walker and Co v J WESTMORELAND


Mr WATT, of Hastings street, has been appointed purveyor to the governor.

Mr and Mrs MEEK, the parents of the unfortunate young man who perished in the boat accident on Saturday, arrived in Napier yesterday to make arrangements for taking the body of their son to Wellington for interment. They were met by Sergeant BURTENSHAW, and by Mr G H SWAN, who hospitably placed his residence at their disposal. The body will be conveyed to Wellington by the first steamer leaving for that part.

A meeting of creditors of Karl Frithjof MORTENSEN, of Makatoko, will be held on Monday next, when the debtor will apply for a certificate that he has complied with the provisions of the Debtors and Creditors act.

Mr F W GARNER, has been appointed trustee of the estate of Frederick William HOLLINS.

Mr WAITE, carter at the Spit, met with a severe accident yesterday afternoon. While engaged unloading, at the store of Messrs MURRAY, ROBERTS and &c., wool which he had carted from the New Zealand Shipping Company’s premises, the doghook he was using slipped, and Mr WAITE fell between the wheel and the body of the dray, his right leg passing through the spokes of the wheel. He was conveyed to his home and Dr MATTHEWS sent for, when it was found that a severe comminuted fracture of the leg had occurred.


The report was adopted, and the retiring directors, Drs ALLAN and BLACKWELL, were re-elected. Mr Isaac WILSON was re-elected chairman of directors.

**please note-top part of this paper was missing- e.g. name of Board.

Firing Volunteers-Important Decision


In the Supreme Court in Banco today, before Mr Justice RICHMOND, judgment was given in the case of WINTER v PARNELL. The plaintiff, who is caption of J Battery (Gisborne) of the New Zealand Artillery Volunteers, fined the defendant for non-appearance at parade. The defendant did not pay the fine, and a complaint was laid before a magistrate who dismissed the complaint. The complainant thereupon appealed.

The Annual meeting of delegates from the various Courts comprising of Hawke’s Bay District, A.O.F., was held last evening.

The Court was opened by D.C.R. Bros S BADDELEY, the remaining officer’s chairs being filled.

Present were-Court Sir Charles NAPIER,


Court Captain COOK, Bros WARD and BEECHAM;

Court Sir Henry HAVELOCK, Bros CHAPMAN and O’BRIEN;

Court Lord CLYDE, Bros McLEOD and SCHOLES;




Gisborne-Thursday-Telegraphic-United Press

At the Agricultural and Pastoral Society’s show on Tuesday the celebrated entire PRICKWILLOW, formerly owned by A McLEAN, of Napier, and now the property of

Mr Sam STEVENSON, of Makaraka, took the first prize against all comers in class II.


John WALKER, aged 92, a Waterloo veteran, has died in Mount Eden gaol. He had lately been committed for vagrancy. WALKER was born in India in 1791, and was consequently one of the first English born subjects of the British Crown in India. He was in the colony in 1840.

James TAIWHANGA, brother of Sydney TAIWHANGA, was found this morning hanging by the neck, dead, in his whare, at the loading ground, Russell. He had been suffering from mental aberration.

HBH Oct 29th 1883 dth


JOHNSTONE-At the Star Hotel, Napier, on October 27th, 1883, Margaret, the wife of James JOHNSTONE, aged 30 years.

The funeral will leave the Star Hotel at 3 o’clock, today. Friends please accept this intimation.


Mr Fred McKAIN, junior, dropped dead at Frasertown yesterday from heart disease. He had been ailing for some time.


The Standard, has ceased publication, but a new paper called the Telephone has been started under a new proprietary.


Last day for sending in claims against the Wave Queen

Meeting of creditors in the estate of K F MORTENSEN and estate J T CASSIN will b held at the courthouse at 3 o’clock

A requiem mass will be celebrated at St Mary’s Church at 7 this morning over the body of the late George REARDEN. The funeral procession will leave the church for the cemetery at half past 3 o’clock this afternoon.


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