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Napier District Courthouse Death Register 1881

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspapers
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine, and her Fantastic team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Page 62 Record Enquiry No 121363
Reg No
Date Of Death
1773 RUSSELL James Terawite Lionel 7 Oct d.Napier 1 month son of Frederick and Hannah nee BLETSOE bur Nap born at sea In NZ 1 month.
1774 RUSSELL Edward Dallon 9 Oct d Napier 1 mos son of as above.bur Nap b at sea. In NZ 1 month.
1775 HIGGINS Mary 1 Nov d. Napier 28 yrs d/o Thomas and Mary JEFFARES nee McNAMARA bur Nap b Wgtn marr Nap at 21 yrs to John HIGGINS
Issue-1male 1 Female
CURRY Margaret
2 Nov d.Napier 6 wks d/o James and Harriett nee WILLIAMS bur Nap bur Nap
Philip Henry
2 Nov d.Hastings9 mos sibs of Alfred Edward and Eliza Margaret nee LAFFOLEY bur H Nth b Hast
1778 SETCHFIELD Philip Alfred 3 Nov d.Hastings 1 mo s/p George William SETCHFIELD and Rose TALBOYS b Hastings
1779 DOWLING JOHN-Labourer-43yrs 9 Nov d.Napier
43ys Labourer s/p James and Margaret nee REARDEN bur Nap b Tralee Ireland.
In NZ 17 yrs marr Co Cork Ireland at 26 yrs to Mary Ann DARCY- 2 male 3
1780 STUBLEY Edward 2 Nov d.Napier Raukwat Porter 40?Yrs son of Jane bur Nap b
Lincolnshire.In NZ 7 yrs marr Plymouth at 30 yrs to Jane PAYNE 5 M 1 F
1781 QUINNAnn 15 Nov d.Tdle 4 mos d/p Mortimer and Ann nee McNAMARA bur Tdle b Taradale/
1782 LOWRYThomas 20 Oct Taupo sheepfarmer 67 yrs son of Thomas bur Puketapu b Crosby-on-Eden
Eng. In NZ 35 yrs marr H Nth at 48 yrs to Maria Townsend BEAMISH 1m 3F
Plot-old Nap. P 62 Plot No 1782 Burial Type B Block A.Informant Thomas
LOWRY-Interment 22/10/1882 Rec No 121363.
1783 ASLESON Edward 31 Oct Napier 44yrs shoemaker
s/o Edward and Dsartia nee JACOBSEN bur Nap b Norway In NZ 7 yrs marr Nap
at 40yrs to Louisa HEWINSEN
1784 LANGLEY Alfred 2 Nov Nap 4 YRS S/O john and Mary Jane nee RICHARDSON bur Nap b Napier.
1785 COLE Elizabeth Rachel 18 Nov Napier 22yra d/o Joseph and Ann nee HALLETT bur Nap b Napier.
1786 KING 20 Nov Nap.3days old d/o David and Margaret
Elizabeth KING nee McKEE bur Nap b Nap.
1787 TRACY John Thomas 15 Nov Meanee 5 mos s/o John and Sarah Jane nee PHILLIPS bur Nap b Meanee
1788 MICHAELSON Robert James 23 Nov Nap 5 mos s/o Harold and Kate LAYTON nee FRASER bur Nap b Nap
1789 STURM Irene Ellen Felkens 22 Nov Hast 22 mos d/o Charles
Rudolph and Jane nee BOSHER bur H Nth b Hast. Informant FWC STURM grandfather.
1790 EPPLETT Bertram 9 Nov
Pukahu 3 wks s/o Thomas and Evangeline nee EDWARDS bur H Nth b Pukahu
1791 MAGILL Mary 13 Nov Nap 34 yrs d/o Richard and Elizabeth RODDA nee NICHOLS bur Nap
b Pensence Cornwall. In NZ 10yrs marr Gisborne at 26 yrs to Robert MAGILL.
Informant H O CAULTON Bro-in-law
1792 WATKINS William Secomb 1 Nov Chesterhope Papakura-Manager
24yrs bur Puketapu b Plymouth Eng.In NZ 6 yrs
1793 EDWARDS Thomas 27 Nov Nap.Hotel Keeper
65 yrs son of Thomas THURLOW and Mary nee WALDEN bur Nap b London. In NZ
23 yrs marr London at 35 yrs to Jane RUDFORD. Informant George EDWARDS

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