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Hawkes Bay Herald
Sept - Oct

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday September 1st 1881

Births -BROWNE - At her residence, Pakowhai, near West Clive, on Saturday, 13th August, the wife of Mr Wm F. BROWNE, of a daughter. Wellington and Gisborne papers please copy.
HARVEY - At Taradale, on the 25th August, the wife of Mr Henry HARVEY, of a son.

Local news - Mr B. STEVENS, late of Mohaka, has purchased the Pacific Hotel, Hastings, from the mortgagees. The price is stated to have been 2100 pounds.

Mr S.Y. COLLINS, being no longer in Government employment, will proceed to Auckland shortly. It will be a source of regret to many that the reductions in the Civil Service have rendered necessary the removal of Mr COLLINS, than whom no one could be more courteous or obliging in the discharge of his duties.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday September 2 1881

Marriage - MAYNE-GOSSNELL - On the 24th August, at St. Andrew's Church, Wairoa, by the Rev. P.J. RIDDLE, Josiah, only son of the Rev. J. MAYNE, deceased, of Leamington, England, and step son of J.S. WILLEY, present Mayor of Ipswick, Queensland, to Ellen Louise, eldest daughter of J. GOSSNELL, Wairoa.

Local news - The case against RENDLE will be proceeded with this morning, without a further remand being applied for.

The following additional subscriptions towards the building fund of St. John's Church are acknowledged with thanks:
M.S. BELL (second subscription), 2 pounds 2s.
A.C., 1 pound.
Through Miss MILLER - John ANDERSON, 2 pounds.
J. GEMMELL, 10s.
"Birdie", 5 pounds.
A.S., 10S.
D. DRUMMOND, 1 pound 1s.
T. ANDERSON, 1 pound.

At the District Court yesterday morning, before Judge KENNY, the case of TURLEY v. The Taradale District Board of River Conservatives was adjourned for a week, Mr SAINSBURY, solicitor for the defendants, having omitted to put in a statement of the defence.

In the case of ATHERTON v. J.R. DAVIS, claim 90 pounds 1s, professional fees, Mr LEE, who appeared for the plaintiff, objected to the pleas put in by Mr LASCELLES, solicitor for the defence. After argument the Court was adjourned to 12 o'clock to enable amended pleas to be put in. On resuming, Mr LEE said he was unable to go on with the case then, as the
new pleas opened up new ground. The case was consequently adjourned for a fortnight.

Mr N. WILLIAMS desires to acknowledge the following subscriptions in aid of the widow and orphans of the late Stephen PAGE:
Bishop of Waiapu, 2 pounds.
Hugh CAMPBELL, 2 pounds 2s.
Mrs CROWLEY (collected), 2 pounds 14s.
Nath. WILLIAMS, 2 pounds 2s.
Isaac WILLIAMS and Sons, 2 pounds.
C.B.W., 2 pounds.
John GRIFFEN, 1 pound.
J. SPARROW, 1 pound.
Mr THOMPSON, 1 pound.
James ROCHFORT, 1 pound.
E.T. WOODCOCK, 1 pound.
Andrew BROWN, 1 pound.
Colonel LAMBERT, 1 pound.
Mrs Robert FOSTER, 1 pound.
William CORBIN, 1 pound.
G. SMITH, 10s.
Robert HOLDER, 10s.
Richard WILLIAMS, 10s.
C. DAVIES, 10s.
Mr BENNETT, 10s.
H.R. HOLDER, 10s.
G.F.G., 10s; Mr S., 10s 6d;
S. LARGE, 5s.
J.J.D., 2s 6d., ? 2s 6d.
Gaiety Club, 23 pounds 15s.
Richard BARROWS (collected), 10 pounds 16s 6d.
Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, 1 pound 5s.
M.R. MILLER, 1 pound.
Friend, per Herald office, 1 pound.
R. DOBSON, 1 pound.
J. MORRISON, 1 pound.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday September 6th 1881

Local news - Messrs. W. COMMON and Co's offices at Gisborne were entered on Saturday or Sunday night and the cash box abstracted.
The box contained 54 pounds in cheques, which are identifiable, and 7 pounds in notes, gold, and silver.

Sittings of the Native Land Court, under the presidency of Judge FENTON, will be held in Napier, Waipawa, and Wairoa, in about six weeks' time. Parties having business to bring before the Court should send in applications immediately.

Mr Stephen PELL yesterday reported to the police that when he and a companion were on the Okawa ranges, looking for some stock, they observed some linen, apparently belonging to a female, and close by the ground was disturbed. This led them to remove some of the soil, when they uncovered two feet, which appeared to be those of a European woman. They did not examine further, but returned and informed the police of the affair, and returned with an officer to point out the place. From the description given, the spot would appear to be near where Mr BEAMISH some time ago found the skeleton of a Maori and buried it, and this may have been what Mr PELL found. On the other hand, from what he said, the body would appear still to retain its flesh. It is rumored, though with what foundation we cannot say, that a European woman a short time since left the district to go to Sydney, but was not again heard of. When the constable returns something more definite will doubtless be lea! rned.

Advertisements - Mr DANVERS notifies that he has removed to his new buildings adjoining the Hastings racecourse. Should sufficient inducement offer, Mr DANVERS will start a training establishment.

Mesdames SIDAY, DINWIDDIE, and M'VAY will be glad to receive all contributions for the Presbyterian bazaar on or before Tuesday next.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday September 7th 1881
Death - PARR - At Napier, on September 5, John PARR, late of London, aged 45 years. Home papers please copy. The funeral will leave his late residence, Shakespeare-road, this day (Wednesday), at 5.15 p.m. Friends will please accept this intimation.

Local news - The quarterly sittings of the Licensing Courts for the districts of Napier, Petane, and Ngaruroro were held at the Courthouse yesterday. Present - Messrs J.A. SMITH (chairman), BATHAM, TUKA, and J.N. WILLIAMS, Commissioners. In the Ngaruroro district a transfer of the license of the Konini Hotel from John MADDEN to Robert HUGHES was granted. In the Napier district an application to transfer the license of the Masonic Hotel from T.A. SHIRLEY to John HISLOP was granted.

The number of members in the New Zealand House of Representatives from the first Parliament have been as follows:
First Parliament - population 32,000, 37 members.
1860 - population 83,000, and 53 members.
1862 - population 200,000, 54 members.
1865 - population 250,000, 70 members.
1875 - population 375,000, with 84 members, being one member for 4,400.
At the present time the population is about 500,000, and it is proposed to increase the members to 94, making one member to every 5,400 persons.

Advertisement - Miss LANGLEY has commenced business as a dressmaker in Shakespeare-terrace.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday September 8th 1881

Local News - The North Ward Election -
The election of a councillor for the North ward takes place to-day. The candidates are Messrs R.G. GRAHAM and J. RENOUF, neither of whom, so far as we know, possesses any particular qualifications for the office. However, the rate-payers will have to choose between them. Of the two, we rather prefer Mr RENOUF. He has issued an address setting forth some of his views, but no one knows what Mr GRAHAM would do if he were elected.

Advertisement -
Mr W. RAINBOW proposes to open a boys' private school at Hastings on February next.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday September 9th 1881
Birth - TONG - At Hastings, on September 7, the wife of Samuel Thomas TONG, of a son.

Death - EDGAR - At Waipukurau, on the 6th September, David Edgar, aged 61 years. Ayreshire and Glasgow papers please copy.

At the District Court yesterday morning, before Judge KENNY, the case of Joseph TURLEY v. the Taradale District Board of River Conservators, claim 30 pounds for surveying and making plan of Taradale, came on for hearing. After evidence had been taken and counsel heard, his Honor reserved judgment till Thursday next.

James SMART, butcher, was dining at the London Hotel, Spit, yesterday, when a large piece of meat stuck in his throat. He was evidently choking, and a messenger was dispatched
for Dr SPENCER, efforts being made in the meantime to remove the obstruction. No relief could, however, be given, and before Dr SPENCER arrived the man was choked to death. An inquest will be held to-day.

The business at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning was light. William THOMAS was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness, and Michael SHEILDS, failing to appear in answer to a similar charge, had his bail of 1 pound forfeited.
John MOORE was sentenced to one month's imprisonment for being illegally on the premises of the Rev. D. Berdt HOVELL.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday September 10th 1881
Death - SMART - At Port Ahuriri, on September 8, Robert SMART, of Oamaru, aged 45 years.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Thomas PATON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

Mr WHITE applied yesterday to the Native Trust Commissioner for an adjournment of the Onepu West case for another week. Mr COTTERILL agreed to the proposal, and the adjournment was accordingly made.

Mount Egmont has been permanently reserved by the Government for the "growth and preservation of timber." The land reserved takes in an area of 72,382 acres.

Lord BEACONSFIELD's executors have sworn to the sum of 75,000 pounds as the gross assets of the late Earl's property. This amount, it is stated, will be reduced by 15,000 pounds as outstanding claims. It is estimated that if the estate was to be realised at once it would hardly clear off all claims upon it.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday September 12th 1881
It is reported that Mr William HESLOP has sold his share in the Chesterhope station, Puketapu, to his brother, Mr George HESLOP, for 15,000 pounds.

Mr S.Y. COLLINS, late Deputy Property-Tax Commissioner for Hawke's Bay, left on Saturday with his family for Auckland, where he intends to reside.

The body of the unfortunate main Robert SMART, who was choked while at dinner at the Spit on Thursday, was forwarded to his friends at Oamaru by the Rotomahana yesterday.

A little boy, eight years of age, named John TODSON, was accidentally shot dead yesterday at Norsewood by his brother, a lad of 13 years. An inquest wsill be held on the body to morrow.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Henry M'KINLEY was charged with being illegally on the premises of Mrs E. TURPIN,
White-road. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to one month's imprisonment, with hard labor. In sentencing him, his Worship said it was disgraceful to see so many men wandering about pretending they could find no employment. If they would take reasonable wages there was no reason why they should not get work. He never saw so many vagrants in any other place; on the opposite side of the island it was not so. Scarcely a day passed here without someone who would not work being brought up.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday September 14th 1881
Birth - COOK - At Pukahu, on September 8th, the wife of Mr F. COOK, of a daughter.

At the District Court on Thursday the following cases are set down for
hearing before Judge KENNY: J.G. KINROSS v. SMITH and WALKER (adjourned case),
ATHERTON v. J.R. DAVIES (adjourned case),
Judgments in the cases A.R.W. LASCELLES v. Arthur PALMER, and Joseph TURLEY v. The Taradale District Board of River
Conservators, will be given.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., in the following civil cases judgment was given for the plaintiffs with costs:
HALLENSTEIN Bros. v. Manaena TINI, claim 14 pounds 7s,
SELBY v. MURROW, claim 12 pounds 3s 5d, to be paid in weekly instalments, Mr LASCELLES for plaintiff;
KNOWLES v. James CORRIGAN, claim 2 pounds 7s;
KNOWLES v. Alexander M'KAY, claim 2 pounds 2s 6d,
ROLLS v. D. YOUNG, claim 6 pounds 7s 8d, judgment for 5 pounds 17s 8d, Mr LASCELLES for defendant.
In a case of Samuel GOLDING v. W. JONES, plaintiff did not appear and judgment was entered up for the defendant with costs.

The old store and post-office at Meanee was burnt to the ground early yesterday morning. Mr SIMMONDS, the occupier, was awakened by the cat making an unusual noise about 2 o'clock in the morning, and on getting up he found the store on fire. The flames appeared to have originated on the outside of the store. When discovered the fire had made such headway that it could not be put out, and the efforts of Mr SIMMONDS and his neighbors were directed to saving the furniture, part of which was got out. The building, which was
the property of Mr Benjamin CLARK, was insured for 200 pounds, and the stock was insured by Mr SIMMONDS for 100 pounds, both policies being in the National office.

The "North Otago Times" calls Gisborne "the sweet Sodom of the north". The editor of our contemporary would do well not to visit Gisborne for a few years.

A "benefit" was given recently in Wellington, in aid of a disabled carpenter with a large family. The expenses of the performances amounted to 14 pounds 12s and the receipts to 10 pounds 1s!

Advertisements -
The fares to London by the Orient line have been reduced from 6 to 25 per cent.

Mr F.W. WILLIAMS has on sale four cases of Nelson's patent soups, beef peas and vegetables, &c.

The moa's skull that was picked up at Petane has unaccountably disappeared. The finder will receive 50 pounds reward on applying at the billiard saloon, Clarendon Hotel.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday September 16th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., George PYNE was charged with the larceny of 5s from the till of the Railway Hotel, Port Ahuriri. The prisoner pleaded not guilty. He was remanded till Monday on the application of the police. The same prisoner pleaded guilty to the charge of resisting the police, and was remanded for sentence till after the other case was heard.

The bazaar held yesterday in St. Paul's School-room was well patronised. There was a very good attendance in the afternoon, while in the evening the place was fairly packed with visitors. The room was prettily decorated with evergreens, and the stalls being nicely arranged with articles of all kinds the tout ensemble was very pleasing. The ladies in charge of the stalls were Mesdames SIDEY, M'VAY, and DINWIDDLE, and Misses BARRON and BROWN. Mrs CARO had charge of the flowers, and Mesdames M'KAY and TROY of the refreshment stalls. A number of other ladies gave good assistance to those in charge of the stalls. The total of the takings amounted to 180 pounds 10s, still leaving a large quantity of goods on hand. It was therefore decided to continue the bazaar this afternoon, commencing at 3 o'clock.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday September 17th 1881
Letters of naturalisation have been issued to Benjamin SILBERMAN, settler, Makaretu.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Frederick HOLMES was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

Our Norsewood correspondent writes that an inquest was held at Norsewood last Saturday, before Dr TODD, coroner, on the body of the boy Johan THODSEN, who was accidently shot by his brother on Sunday. The evidence was to the effect that the father of the deceased loaded a rifle with powder and shot and gave it to his eldest son, Nicolai THODSEN, for the purpose of frightening away the birds from some grain he had sown. About noon on the day of the accident Nicolai saw a bird and raised the gun to shoot at it. As he was in the act of pulling the trigger, his brother Johan, who was only eight years of age, ran between the sight and the bird, and the instant the gun was fired he fell down dead. The deceased was only about a yard's length from the gun when it went off. A verdict of accidental death was returned.

The following gentlemen have been elected by the various lodges to carry out the arrangements for the Friendly Socites' fete to be held on the Prince of Wales' Birthday
Foresters - Court Sir Charles Napier: Messrs SCORGIE, PARKER and ROBSON.
Court Captain Cook: Messrs WARNE and SYMONS.
Court Robin Hood: Mr G. WILSON
Protestant Alliance - Mr F.G. SMITH
Loyal United Friends - Messrs WATERWORTH and WHITE
Hibernians - Messrs MURPHY and MURNANE.
The Oddfellows will elect their representatives next lodge night.

The District Court sat again yesterday to concluded the hearing of the case of J. ATHERTON v. J.R. DAVIES. Counsel addressed the Court at great length. His Honor said he had carefully read over the evidence and had given the matter every consideration. It was a very disagreeable case, being a dispute between two professional gentlemen of good standing, and was one of that limited number which ought to be tried before a jury. There seemed to be a slight balance of probability on all the issues in favor of the defendant.
(Note - After much deliberation plaintiff was nonsuited, with costs amounting to 8 pounds 8s 6d, including counsel's fee of 4 pounds 10s).

Mr BOWES was driving Mrs BOWES, a little boy, and a baby in an express on the Hyderabad-road yesterday afternoon, and when opposite the lagoon near Onepoto Gully the train to the Spit came along. Mr BOWES' horse shied, and upset the express into the lagoon. The occupants fell under the vehicle which pressed them down in the water, and seeing their danger, Mr Rees WATKINS jumped from the train to go to their assistance. Mrs BOWES held up the baby, and managed to extricate herself and the boy, and Mr BOWES was afterwards got out. They were covered from head to foot with liquid filth of the most vile description, but with the exception of a few bruises received by Mrs BOWES they escaped without bodily injury.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday September 19th 1881

We understand the Waipawa people will shortly call a meeting for the purpose of forming that place into a town under the provisions of the Town Districts Act.

Buggy accidents are the rule just now. A Mr BYLES and a companion were driving from Clive yesterday afternoon in a new buggy, when the horse commenced kicking. It completely smashed the whole front part of the vehicle, and the occupants only escaped serious injury by jumping out. The horse kicked itself free, and bolted, but was afterwards caught.

Dr HITCHINGS met with an accident on Saturday afternoon, which, though not very serious, must have caused him much pain and inconvenience. He was driving into town along the Meanee-road when near Mr BRANDON's house the reins got under the horse's tail. While the doctor was disengaging the reins the horse commenced to kick, hitting Dr HITCHINGS' very seriously on the leg, and prettly nearly mashing up the buggy. The doctor's lad was sent into town for another horse, and the buggy having been temporarily repaired with improvised materials, Dr HITCHINGS was enabled to reach Napier.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday September 20th 1881

Mr H. Eyre KENNY, Trust Commissioner, notified yesterday morning that the following deed had been submitted to him during the week:- Lease for 13 years of 503 acres, Tarata block, from Renata KAWEPO and others to Hugh M'LEAN, dated July 19, 1881; WILSON and COTTERILL, solicitors for applicants.

Mr CLARK, the second officer of the steamer Oreti, had a narrow escape from drowning when the steamer was passing Lottin Point. He fell overboard unnoticed by anyone, but was fortunate enough to get hold of the tow line of the patent log. He was in the water fully ten minutes, and was dragged under twice before his cries were heard on board the steamer. He was then rescued, nothing the worse of his ducking.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Robert KENNEDY was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
The same prisoner was fined 10s and costs for attempting to enter a railway train while it was in motion.
Charles GOLDSMITH, for using threatening behaviour calculated to provoke a breach of the peace, was fined 8s and 7s costs, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment.
John HOWARD charged on remand with stealing a dog at Omahu belonging to Thomas GEBBIE, was convicted and fined 2 pounds and costs, with the alternative of 7 days' imprisonment.
George PYNE was charged on remand with the larceny of 5s from the till of the Railway Hotel, Port Ahuriri. He was found guilty and sentenced to 7 days' imprisonment.
The same prisoner received a further sentence of 14 days' imprisonment for resisting the police in the execution of their duty.
George SNELLER and Benjamin FLANDERS were each fined 5s and costs for leaving their vehicles unattended.
Hirini TAKAMOANA was charged with neglecting to furnish to the Inspector of Sheep, as required by the Act, returns showing the number of sheep and lambs of both sexes, with
their earmarks and brands, on his run. The defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 2 pounds and costs, including interpreter's fee of 10s 6d.

The annual meeting of the Union Rowing Club was held last evening at the Provincial Hotel, Mr S.E. COOPER in the chair.
The following office-bearers were elected for the ensuing year:-
President, Mr J.H. VAUTIER
Vice-President, Mr G.H. SWAN
Captain, Mr T.H. GIFFORD
Vice-Captain, Mr R.H. WITT
Secretary, Mr S. SPENCE
Treasurer, Mr W.J. UPCHURCH.
Auditors: Messrs E. ASHTON and S.E. COOPER.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday September 21st 1881
Births - BOWERMAN - At Napier, on September 19, Mrs J.N. BOWERMAN, of a daughter.
NEAGLE - On September 19, at Taradale, the wife of Mr Richard NEAGLE, of a daughter.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., judgment was given in the following cases by consent for the plaintiffs:- M'ILROY v. James NEAGLE, claim 5 pounds (Mr WHITE for plaintiff)
H. MONTEITH and CO. v. John HAYDEN, claim 18 pounds (Mr SAINSBURY for plaintiffs).
In a judgment summons case, R. NEAGLE v. J.T. STEELE, claim 9 pounds 6s 10d, defendant was ordered to pay the amount in a month or be imprisoned for one month.
In another judgment summons case, the School Commissioners v. Joseph HOLLOWAY and James REIDY, claim 19 pounds 4s, the defendants were ordered to pay the amount forthwith.
A case of SAEFFER v. NEALE, claim 2 pounds 7s 6d; was adjourned for a week to enable the plaintiff to furnish fuller particulars.
The case of Henry EVANS v. Hirini TAKAMOANA, claim 10 pounds for labor done, occupied some time. Judgment was given for the plaintiff for the amount claimed with all costs, amounting to 5 pounds 2s 6d, including counsels fee of 1 pound 1s.

Advertisement - Mr H. HICKEY, Kaikora, gives notice that poison is laid in his paddocks.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday September 22nd 1881

The law examination, which commenced on Monday morning last under the Supervision of Mr BIRCH, the Registrar of the Supreme Court, concludes this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., John MORRIS and James FLEMING were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

The beautifully finished concrete channelling recently laid down in Tennyson-street is now being broken up, to be raised a foot or two. That's the way the money goes.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday September 23rd 1881

Birth - WILKIE - At Port Ahuriri, on 20th September, the wife of Mr W. WILKIE, of a son.

Local News - A cheque for 1400 pounds was picked up in the streets of Napier yesterday.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Andrew AMOS and Frank KENNEDY were each fined for drunkenness. Samuel Walter Perry PEDDLE was charged with stealing a cow, valued at 15 pounds, from R.E. STEVENS, at Patoka, on September 21. The prisoner was remanded till Monday, bail being allowed - himself in 200 pounds, and two sureties of 100 pounds each.

In the District Court yesterday morning, before Judge KENNY, an order of discharge in bankruptcy was granted to CREAMER and GRIBBLE on the application of Mr LEE.
In a case of John JEFFARES v. the National Bank of New Zealand, Mr LASCELLES applied for an adjournment for a fortnight, to enable him to obtain the presence of a necessary witness from Christchurch.

An accident which may yet be attended with most serious results occurred in Hastings-street yesterday afternoon. It appears that a number of children were playing in Mr BRYSON's timber yard, opposite the Horse Bazaar, when a quantity of timber which was stacked ina loose manner fell and caught three of them, completely covering them. Their cries attracted several people who were fortunately near at hand, and they were released with all possible haste. Two of the children escaped without more injury than a few bruises, but the third, a boy named Hopkins, was badly cut about the head and body. Dr SPENCER was called in to attend him, and found the injuries to be of a very serious character. The little sufferer now lies dangerously ill..........It is very well to say that children should not climb on the timber, but "boys will be boys", and as long as the yard is left open, and without anyone permanently in charge, children will be found playing about the stacks).

(From Judy - September 23, 2003 - Keremos, B.C., Canada - Four boys were digging tunnels in a pile of sand when it suddently collapsed burying them. One boy was able to dig himself out and rescued two of the other boys, but the fourth was buried too deeply. He ran for help. A volunteer fireman undug the boy, he was airlifted to Vancouver and is expected to make a full recovery. A news comment: "boys will be boys"...... 122 years later - some things never change!)

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday September 26th 1881
Birth - BROWN - On the 24th September, at South Yarra Villa, Napier, Mrs J. Vigor BROWN, of a daughter.

On Saturday the employees of the HERALD Office, numbering about 30, and accompanied by several friends, paid a visit to Petane for the annual "wayzgoose," as a printers' festival is called in trade parlance. There a cricket match was played on the excellent new ground prepared by Mr VILLERS - a pitch superior even to that on the County Club's ground at Hastings. Afterwards the players adjourned to Mr VILLERS' hotel, where dinner was served in a style which would have done credit to any hotel in Napier. Mr P. DINWIDDIE occuped the chair and Mr A.B. THOMPSON the vice-chair.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday September 27th 1881
Births - TAYLOR - On September 25th, at Havelock, Mrs J.C. TAYLOR, of a son.
NAIRN - At Pourerere, on September 25th, the wife of John NAIRN, of a son.

The annual meeting of the Napier Volunteer Fire Police was held last evening at the Fire Brigade station, Captain BALFOUR in the chair. Fire Inspector KEMSLEY was present at the meeting. The resignation of Lieutenant SHIRLEY was accepted. The election of officers was then proceeded with, the following being the result:-
First Lieutenant, H.C. WILSON
Second Lieutenant, H.P. COHEN
Third Lieutenant, Mark ROLLS
Secretary, H. SELIG (re-elected)

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
S.W.P. PEDDLE, charged on remand with cattle stealing, was further remanded till next Monday, bail being again allowed.
Mr LASCELLES appeared for the prosecution and Mr M'LEAN for the defence. Peter M'LEAN failed to appear in answer to a charge of drunkenness, and his bail of 1 pound was forfeited.
Mrs Mary ROSE charged Hanna WILSON with using threatening behaviour and language to her on the 16th inst., and applied that the defendant be bound over to keep the peace. The evidence for the prosecution was to effect that the defendant while under the influence of liquor assaulted the complainant, dragging her by the hair of her head, and damaging her dress. Defendant was bound over to keep the peace for three months in two sureties of 10 pounds each.

MORSE, who invented the telegraph, and
BELL, the inventor of the telephone, both had deaf mutes for wives. Little comment is necessary (a contemporary remarks), but just see what a man can accomplish when everything is quiet.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday September 28th 1881
Births - WELSMAN - On September 24th, the wife of J.S. WELSMAN, of a son.
M'LEOD - At Hastings, on September24th, the wife of Mr D. M'LEOD, builder, of a son.

Marriage - GOOSE-M'LEOD - At Napier on September 25th, by the Rev. W.O. ROBB, of Waipukurau, John Edward, secondson of the late Daniel GOOSE, Southampton, England, to Christina, onlydaughter of Norman M'LEOD, of Mercury Bay, Auckland
.Death - RICHARDSON - On September 23rd, at Onepoto, Tom RICHARDSON, aged 14 months.
Mr W. HARKER, having heard of his appointment as Hospital Secretary when at Tauranga, has returned and entered upon his duties.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., in the following civil cases judgment was given for the plaintiffs, with costs:-
David GRAY v. MILES and WHELAN, claim 10 pounds,
KINROSS v. Peranika TEHURA, claim 2 pounds,
MOSEN v. TOLLISON, claim 3 pounds 15s,
M. PHILSON v. William LONG, claim 4 pounds,
E. ASHTON v. J. O'BRIEN, claim 22 pounds 16s 6d, defendant agreed to pay the amount in weekly instalments of 1 pound 10s.
A case of WELLS v. the Napier Munitipal Council was adjourned by consent till next Tuesday.
His Worship reserved his judgment in the disputed case of ROBERTSON v. BARRY, claim 29 pounds 5s.
Judgment for the plaintiff was also given in the case of WATERWORTH v. DONNELLY, (as trustee of the estate of TAREHA), claim 39 pounds 5s. Mr DONNELLY shortly afterwards appeared with his witnesses, he having mistaken the time of the sitting of the Court.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday September 29th 1881

Birth - M'RAE - On the 26th September, at Port Ahuriri, the wife of Duncan M'RAE, of a son.

Death - BOWERMAN - At Napier, on September 28th, Mary Ann, wife of J.N. BOWERMAN, aged 33 years.

The only cases set down for hearing at the District Court to-day are A.R.W. LASCELLES v. Charles HELANDER, and John JEFFARES v. the National Bank of New Zealand.

Universal sympathy will be felt for Mr BOWERMAN in the bereavement which is recorded elsewhere - the death of Mrs BOWERMAN. It is less than a year since he married a second time, and a second time have his young children been made motherless by the grim reaper. A week ago Mrs BOWERMAN gave birth to a baby, which still lives. The mother suffered a relapse shortly afterwards, and gradually sank, breathing her last yesterday evening.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday September 30th 1881

Information reached town yesterday that a six-roomed house at Puketapu, owned by Mr John HESLOP, but rented by Mr W. HUGHES, was burned down early in the morning. There is no accounting for the fire, as the house had not been occupied for some weeks. Mr HESLOP was inside the previous afternoon, but no fire was then lighted. The cottage was insured in the National for 200 pounds, and the furniture for 50 pounds.


Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday October 1st 1881
The annual meeting of the Hawke's Bay Rifle Association was held last evening at the Masonic Hotel, Mr GARNER in the chair. His Worship the Mayor was re-elected President, and Mr H.S. TIFFEN, Vice-President. Mr ROSS was elected Treasurer, and Mr PRAIN Secretary. The following were elected the committee for the ensuing year :- Messrs GARNER, CATO, REDWARD, GARRY, WILLIAMS, and GILPIN.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday October 3rd 1881
The Arawata brought on Saturday from Auckland two boats to swell the number of the fleet of the Hawke's Bay Sailing Club. They are named respectively the Buttercup and the Corcoran, and come from Mr C. BAILEY's yard. They are both very nice-looking boats. The Buttercup was for Mr John HINDMARSH, and the Corcoran for Mr Richard CARTER.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday October 4th 1881
Death - BROWN - On October 3rd, at his residence, Milton-road, Napier, Luke Bower BROWN, Baptist minister, aged 51. "The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

The lease of the Meanee Reserve was sold yesterday by Messrs HOADLEY and LYTON to Mr William ORR at 60 pounds per annum.

A very comfortable hotel, well furnished, has been opened at Mataumau, between Norsewood and Danevirke, in the Seventy-mile Bush, by Mr J. TOWERS, who was formerly inspector of railway bridges. This will be a great convenience to the travelling public, and when the railway works are in progress it will be necessary for the accommodation of those working at that end of the line. Mataumau has been selected as the site for the next station on the railway, and travellers will appreciate a place at which they can dine close to the terminus of the line.

It is with deep personal regret that we record the death yesterday morning of the Rev. L.B. BROWN. Mr BROWN was connected with the Baptist denomination, and for many years he ministered to large churches at Manchester, Barnsely, Berwick-on-Tweed, and Hull. About five years since his health failed, and he came out to New Zealand. After a temporary stay in Napier he went to Kyneton, in Victoria, taking charge of the Baptist church there, but about twelve months since he returned to Napier, and joined the staff of the HERALD. It is not for us to speak of his high abilities or cultured mind, but this we can say - that those who knew him best will regret his departure most. His kindly, true Christian spirit endeared him to many with whom his memory will be for ever green.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday October 7th 1881
Advertisements -
Mr W.J. JONES intends to open a smithy at the Kuripapanga bridgbe on November 1st. This will be a great convenience to travellers and the surrounding settlers.
Mr J. KELLY's "Consultation" on the Jockey Club's Grand Handicap will close on Saturday.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday October 8th 1881

Messrs FORTUNE and BLACK, having purchased the privilege of the confectionery and luncheon booths at the Jockey Club's races and the Agricultural and Pastoral Show, purpose putting up an addition to their booth so as to give increased accommodation, and will spare no effort to maintain the high reputation they have already gained as caterers.

Mr W.E. WOODS, who has for some years occupied a responsible position in Messrs KEMPTHORNE, PROSSER, and Co's wholesale drug warehouse at Wellington, has leased the premises lately occupied by the Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, and has at considerable expense altered and fitted it up as a retail druggist's and chemist's establishment, which will be opened to-day. The front shop is very handsomely fitted in cedar and glass, and the shelves and drawers contain a most complete selection of drugs, including all the latest discoveries of chemical and medical science. Behind are rooms adapted for a laboratory, &c, and complete with all necessary appliances. Mr WOODS brings with him high testimonials, and he will no doubt obtain a fair share of patronage from the Napier public.

A meeting of the committee of the A. and P. Society was held yesterday morning, at the Criterion Hotel. Those present were Mr J.D. ORMOND (Chairman), and Messrs F. SUTTON, J.B. WINTER, J. HESLOP, R. WELLWOOD, C.A. FITZROY, W. DOUGLAS, J. ANDERSON,, H. CAMPBELL, J.H. COLEMAN, J. MACKERSEY, Allan M'LEAN, T. TANNER, W. SHRIMPTON, M.R. MILLER, J.N. WILLIAMS, and A. M'HARDY.

Advertisements -
All accounts due to the estate of CREAMER and GRIBBLE, Norsewood, have been sold to Mr J.W. THOMPSON.
Mr J.E. COX has for sale a section at Ormondville, with buildings and stock.
Mr J.T. CASSIN has opened a branch establishment in Hastings-street, opposite HOLT's timber-yard, where he is showing a large stock of crockery.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday October 10th 1881

Death - PRICE - At Whangaoehu, Porangahau, on the 9th instant, Annie, the beloved wife of Alfred Henry PRICE.

At the annual meeting of the Waipawa Town Cricket Club last week, Mr E.H. WADDINGTON was appointed secretary and treasurer.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning Manihera te NGARURA, on remand for lunacy, was discharged from custody on the certificate of two medical men that he was sane.

A cricket match will be played on the Hastings ground on Thursday between the Waipawa Town and Napier Clubs, which will be the first match of the season on this ground. The Napier Club will be represented by Messrs PRAIN, CATO, ELLISON, CARNELL, H. MARTIN, J. MARTIN, GILBERD, EDWARDS, WHITE, WESTENRA, and GILPIN; emergency, THOMPSON.
The following have been chosen to represent Waipawa:- Messrs A CRAVEN, HARWOOD, DEW, WADDINGTON, BISHOP, CHICKEN, A. FRASERL, J. FRASER, NICHOLLS, GOLDSMITH, and J. RHODES.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday October 11th 1881

Dr CARO, acting under instructions from the Government, will on Monday next attend the Napier District Schools for the purpose of vaccination, his instructions being to vaccinate all children under 14 years of age who do not show vaccination marks or produce certificates, and all children over 14 who do not produce certificates of re-vaccination.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Thomas MAIN was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Ezekiel ROWE, William SPRINGFIELD, and John Robert REDSTONE were each fined 2s and costs for leaving their vehicles unattended at the Railway Quay, Port Ahuriri.
A charge of maliciously injuring the property of William SIMPSON, at Havelock, brought against John FITZSIMMONS,
Joseph WILLIAMS, and Albert WARREN, was adjourned till Monday next on the application of Mr LASCELLES, who appeared for the accused.
A further charge against the same defendants and Richard HOGAN of using threatening behaviour, was also adjourned till the same day.
Honare TARARAPA and Enini TARARAPA were each fined 5s and 3 pounds 17s 6d costs for neglecting to furnish certain necessary returns to the Sheep Inspector.

Advertisements -
The store at Taradale lately occupied by Mr James NEAGLE may be leased for a term of years.
The paddock adjoining the residence of Mr Alexander KENNEDY, Shakespeare-road, is offered to lease for six months.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday October 12th 1881

The newest and largest of the Peninsular and Oriental Company's mail boats, the Rome, will leave Gravesend on October the 4th upon her first voyage for Australia. She picks up at Galle the outward mails which leave London on October 21st. Among the passengers already booked for New Zealand by the Rome are Messrs J.T. WRIGHT and J. DAVIDSON, for Dunedin; and Messrs R.G. HORTON and B. TONKS and Miss NEWLY, for Auckland.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday October 13th 1881

Birth - HOADLEY - At Napier, on the 11th instant, Mrs C.B. HOADLEY, of a daughter.

Marriage - SHELTON-PITCHER - At St. Peter's Church, Wellington, on 11th October, by the Ven. Archdeacon STOCK, Frederick James SHELTON, of Napier, to Isabella, only daughter of the late G.H. PITCHER, late of Wellington.

Local news - A message reached town last evening from Taupo intimating that Mr T. LOWRY, of Okawa, who has been staying at the former place, has had a stroke of paralysis. Dr de LISLE was sent for, and proceeded to Taupo last night.

We regret to have to report the occurrence last Saturday of a serious accident to Mrs SHEILD, of Waikonini station. When out riding with Mr SHEILD her horse suddenly reared up and threw her to the ground. She unfortunately alighted on her head, and received so severe a concussion as to be rendered insensible. Dr SPENCER was at once sent for, and remained in unremitting attendance until yesterday afternoon, when he returned to town. Mrs SHIELDS recovered consciousness on Tuesday, after having been insensible for over seventy hours. She is still in rather a critical condition, though in some measure the more serious danger has past. Much sympathy is felt for the unfortunate lady, who is deservedly esteemed among a wide circle of friends.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday October 14th 1881

Birth - BURKE - At Milton Grange, on October 13th, Mrs W. Ulick BURKE, of a daughter.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday October 15th 1881

Birth - GUSH - On the 11th October, the wife of Fred. GUSH, of Clive, of a daughter.

Local news - Mr S.A. DEACON, a Cape Town ostrich farmer, proposes, according to the POST, to settle in Hawke's Bay, with the object of establishing ostrich farming in that province.

Captain J.B. GLEADOW has been appointed examiner of candidates for certificates as master mariners and also as mates under the Shipping and Seamen Act. The necessary forms can be obtained at the Custom-house.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday October 17th 1881

Local News - Mr M'MURRAY, formerly second engineer of the Union Company's steamer Arawata has been appointed chief engineer of the steamer Ringarooma. Mr MOWATT, the late chief engineer of the Ringarooms, proceeds Home to bring out the new steamer Wairarapa.

The first receiving punt built for the Harbor Board by Mr BRIGGS was launched in the iron pot at the Spit on Saturday morning. The launching was quite successful, everything running smoothly. The punt appears to be faithfully built, and reflects credit on its builder.

The steam launch in returning from the Ringarooma on Saturday was flying the pirate's flag, white scull and cross-bones on a black ground, at her main-mast. It is stated that the authorities were meditating a seizure, but the flag was douced before coming to the breastwork, and the numerous crew bearing no appearance of the bloodthirsty calling which the flag denoted, were allowed to proceed to their respective destinations unmolested.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, on Saturday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., there were eight charges of drunkenness William SWANSON, Thos. SMITH, William THOMPSON, Jas. FLEMING, George OSBORNE and Robert WILFORD were each fined 5s and costs.
John HARRISON had his bail of 1 pound forfeited as he did not appear, and John BOYLE was remanded till Monday, as he was then too drunk to be dealt with.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday October 18th 1881

Local News - Mr. S.Y. COLLINS, late Registrar of Electors for the Hawke's Bay district, has been specially sent to make up the Marsden roll.

Owing to the serious illness of Mr LOWRY, upon whose lands the races were to be held, further negotiations in regard to the Woodthorpe races are held over for a time.

Messrs F. and W. NELSON are adding a tannery to their already large establishment at Tomoana, the building being now in progress. We believe that it is also the intention of Messrs NELSON to commence meat-tinning on a large scale.

The following are the cases set down for hearing at the District Court on Thursday before Judge KENNY:-


Mr Alexander JONES, of Waipukurau, draws our attention to a mistake in Friday's HERALD with regard to the number of prizes he took at the A. and P. Society's Show. He was given credit for six first prizes, whereas he gained eight - the two deficient in the report being the first prize for the best provincial-made collection, and the first prize for the chain harrows.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday morning, before
Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Michael LAPHAM was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
John BOYLE, charged with a similar offence, was discharged without being fined, as he had been in custody since Saturday.
Elizabeth EDDIE was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness, and 5s and costs for using obscene language, with the alternative of 48 hours' imprisonment in each case.
John FITZSIMMONS, Joseph WILLIAMS, and Albert WARREN, were charged with wilfully damaging property in Mr SIMPSON's hotel in Havelock, to the extent of 12s 6d. Mr LASCELLES appeared for the accused. After hearing the evidence his Worship dismissed the case.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday October 19th 1881

Birth - PETTIT - At Waipawa, on October 17th, the wife of Mr John PETTIT, of a daughter.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., John FITZGERALD was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

In the following civil cases judgments were given for the plaintiffs with costs:-
TAYLOR v. JAMES, claim 7 pounds 2s 6d;
HALLENSTEIN BROS. v. Henare TAMAARAK, claim 20 pounds 8s.
PEALE v. GILLIGAN, claim 9 pounds 15s.
M'VAY v. SIMPSON, claim 16 pounds 12s 3d, judgment for 10 pounds, the defendant having paid 6 pounds 12s 3d by cheque.
HENORI v. FLANAGAN claim 23 pounds 15s 4d.
A case of HARNS v. EVANS was adjourned for a month.
In the case of LARGE and TOWNLEY v. W.E.W. MORRISON claim 20 pounds 1s, balance of account, after taking evidence an adjournment was granted till November 15th, for the purpose of obtaining the evidence of the defendant, who new resides in Auckland.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday October 20th 1881

Local News - Mr F.W. COLLINS is now showing in his shop window the medal recently manufactured by him for presentation to Mr WILKIE by the members of the Spit Brigbade. It is a very handsome piece of workmanship. The medal is of burnished silver, mounted with a solid gold manual engine. On the reverse is the inscription "Presented to Superintendent WILKIE by the members of the P.A.V.F.B., 1881." Above are two bars, the top one containing the motto "United to save," and the lower the initial letters of the brigade. Between the bars are a fireman's belt in silver and cap in gold.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday Octobedr 21st 1881

Birth - ELSON - On the 18th October, at Brewster-street, Napier, Mrs G.E. ELSON, of a son.

Death - LOWRY - On the 20th inst., at Taupo, Thomas LOWRY, of Okawa, aged 67 years. The funeral of the late Mr LOWRY will leave the Criterion Hotel, on Saturday, at 11 a.m., for the Puketapu cemetery.

Local New2s - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., John FITZGERALD was charged with obtaining 1 pound 15s from S.A. SNELLING, under false pretences. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to one month's imprisonment, with hard labor.

Mr M.R. MILLER received a cablegram yesterday from Melbourne, stating that there was a large attendance at Messrs GOLDSBROUGH's wool sale on Wednesday, and the competition was very spirited. Inferior to good greasy realised 7d to 11-5/8d; washed 1s 4d to 1s 9-1/2d. There were 2200 bales sold.

We regret to have to record the decease of Mr Thomas LOWRY, of Okawa, whose death from paralysis occurred yesterday at Taupo. Mr LOWRY was a very old settler in this district, and was much esteemed by a wide circle of friends. The body will be brought down from Taupo, and the funeral will take place to-morrow at Puketapu.

There was very little business before Judge KENNY at the District Court yesterday.
The case of RUULICK v. HESLOP was an action for detention of a horse, but, it having been delivered up, the question of costs only remained to be decidced. Ultimately the defendant had to pay the costs, 7 pounds 4s 6d.
The cases of S.A. SNELLING v. R. STEVENS, and J.G. KINROSS v. WALKER, MORRING,, and RUSSELL were each adjourned, the first named to November 4 and the second one to November 3.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday October 22nd 1881

Local News - A telegraph office is to be built at the Napier railway station, and the posts are now being erected. We understand that the office will be used only for departmental business.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday Octobedr 24th 1881

Birth - M'CORMICK - On the 22nd inst., at Port Ahuriri, the wife of W.C. M'CORMICK, of a son.

Death - WARE - At Gisborne, on October 23rd, George Barsham, second son of B.C. and C.M. WARE.

Local News - Two important land sales are fixed to be held to-morrow at the Criterion Hotel. Mr M.R. MILLER will first offer in sections the Korokipo and Moteo estates, and immediately after Messrs HOADLEY and LYON will offer a number of valuable sections in Taradale. There can be no doubt that the cutting up of the Korokipo and Moteo estates will give an impetus to Taradale, which will increase the value of sections in that township.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday October 25th 1881

Local News - The GAZETTE of last Thursday contains a notification of the appointment of Messrs WARDROP and Co's new bonded store in Thackeray-street, to be known as "Wardrop's Bend."

We understand that Dr John TUCK, formerly house surgeon and resident accoucheur at Guy's Hospital, London, is expected here shortly, and will probably settle at Hastings.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M..,
William SWANSON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness, and 1 pound and costs for assaulting a policeman in the execution of his duty.
A charge against Daniel COTTON of leaving his vehicle unattended in Hastings-street was dismissed.
George HILL, a young lad, was fined 2s and costs for driving a horse loose through the streets.
Charles E. TAYLOR was charged with committing an aggravated assault upon Christina CHRISTIANSEN. The evidence for the prosecution was that defendant, without any provocation, attacked and beat the complainant severely. Defendant said he had merely laid his hands on the woman. Two witnesses gave the complainant a very bad character as being a pest to the neighborhood. The defendant was fined 1 pound and costs, the Magistrate stating he had no doubt the case had been exaggerated, but the defendant had no right to interfere with the complainant.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday October 26th 1881

Deaths - PILCHER - At Wallingford, on October 24, Charles, infant son of George and Sarah PILCHER.
HIGGINS - At Napier, on the 24th October, the wife of John HIGGINS, aged 28 years. The funeral will leave the Cathoilic Church at half-past 8 o'clock on Thursday morning for the Napier cemetery.

Local News - Mr Austin Philip SHEATH, at present in the office of Messrs WILSON and COTTERILL, has passed his final examinations in law.

Captain PREECE, acting at the request of Judge HEALE, formally opened the Native Lands Court yesterdcay morning, and adjourned it till
the 10th January next.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
John COCKER, John SMITH, Johnnie LEWIS, Henry ROBINSON, and James GRIFFITHS were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. John SMITH was also fined 1 pound and costs for wilfully damaging a lamp to the extent of 15s, the property of Mr GRIFFIN, and 1 pound and costs for damaging certain earthenware drain pipes to the extent of 5s, with the alternative of 11 days' imprisonment.
David HORTON was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for vagrancy.
In the following civil cases judgment was given for the plaintiffs with costs -
L. HARRIS v. W.H. REES, claim 3 pounds 9s.
B. SAEFFER v. H. NEAL, claim 2 pounds.
James M'INERNEY v. Daniel FOX, claim 4 pounds 5s.
James M'INERNEY v. William CARROLL, claim 8 pounds 12s 6d. 4 pounds 8s 5d paid into Court, judgment for 1 pound 9s, 2 pounds 15s 6d being struck out.
James M'INERNEY v. Harry BROWN, claim 2 pounds 12s 6d, judgment for 2 pounds 1s.
In a judgment summons case of RUDDOCK v. GARDINER and OLSEN, a claim for 3 pounds 18s 6d, defendants were ordered to pay the amount within one month, or be imprisoned for 14 days.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday October 27th 1881

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M.,
Frank LANE and William SEYMOUR were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. SEYMOUR was also fined 1 pound and costs, with the alternative of 7 days' imprisonment, for using abusive and insulting language.

At the meeting of the Napier District School Committee on Tuesday evening a letter was read from Miss MANN, tendering her resignation as mistress of the infant
school. The resignation was accepted, to take effect at the end of three months.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday October 28th 1881

Tobacco planting has been started in several parts of New Zealnad in Nelson, Wanganui, Wairarapa, Hutt, Auckland, Napier, and Taranaki. Seed for this purpose has been furnished by a gentleman who has been laboring for some time past to promote this industry (Mr VOLBRACHT), and we (Wellington PRICES CURRENT) are assured that before the current month has expired there will be not less than 200 acres under cultivation.

Advertisements - Mr G.T. SEALE warns people against driving sheep through the Rissington estate without giving the notice required by the Sheep Act.

Mr S.E. COOPER announces that he will be in attendance at every station on the Napier railway by the first train on Saturdays to receive watches, &c, for repairs.

A black sheep bitch has been lost. The finder will be rewarded on returning the animal to Mr John M'BARNE, Clive Grange.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday October 29th 1881

Birth - BUCHANAN - At Hampden, on 22nd October, the wife of J.J. BUCHANAN, of a son.

Marriage - ADAMSON-GILLIES - On October 26, 1881, at the Trinity Church, Napier, by the Rev. Mr HANN, James ADAMSON to Mary Ann Eleanor GILLIES, daughter of Mr Gordon GILLIES, Hastings-street, Napier.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Laurence HAWK, a boy of 12 or 13 years of age, was charged on two separate informations with stealing two lambs from the Whare-o-maranei reserve, the property of John BEATSON. On the application of the police, the prisoner was remanded till Monday.

All those whose business has brought them into contact with the Land Transfer and Stamps Departments, as well as a host of private friends, will heartily regret the announcement that Mr BATHAM is about to leave Napier. He has been promoted to Christchurch, and we congratulate him on this recognition of his services and abilities, while we personally regret his departure.

Major ROUTLEDGE, an officer commanding the district, telegraphed to headquarters yesterday the information conveyed to him by Captain BLYTHE that a portion of the Napier Rifles had volunteered their services for the front, and received the following reply:- "Thank officers and men of the Napier Rifles, and state it is expected the number of men who have already offered their services and been accepted will be sufficient, but if more are required you will be communicated with. -

H.E. READER, Lieut.-Colonel."

A preliminary meeting of a number of gentlemen interested in getting a harbor for Napier was held in Messrs BANNER and LIDDLE's rooms last evening.
His Worship the Mayor occupied the chair, and amongst those present were Messrs BUCHANAN, J.A. SMITH, LIDDLE, CLOSE, MEREDITH, NEAL, LEONARD, P., DINWIDDIE, SWAN, BLYTHE, M'VAY, JACOBS, LARGE, KNOWLES, BRYSEN, and others.
The meeting being a semi-private one, we refrain from publishing a report of the speeches, which partook of a conversational nature.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday October 31st 1881

Birth - SEALE - On the 29th instant, at Rissington, the wife of G.T. SEALE, of a daughter.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court, on Saturday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Charlotte BUTWELL was fined 10s and costs for drunkenness, with the usual alternative in default of payment.

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