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July- Aug
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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Friday, July 1st 1881 - Missing Issue.

Saturday, July 2nd 1881:

CENSUS OF HAWKE'S BAY: The detailed census of Hawke's Bay has now been prepared, and we extracted he following items:

The borough of Napier has a population of 5757, the males numbering 2897, or just 17 more than the females. There are 21 half-castes, of whom 20 are females and one European has a native wife. The inhabited dwellings number 1071, and the uninhabited 78.
The population of the different wards is: North, 1955; Central, 1890; and South, 1912.
The population of Petane riding is 306, including one half-caste. Here there is a considerable preponderence of males, who count 187 against 119 females.
In the Meanee riding the males number 517 and the females 433; total 950, including 11 half-castes, all males, and
four male Chinese. These are the only Chinese in the provincial
district, their occupation being market gardening.
Hastings can boast a population of 1062, of whom 613 are males and 449 females. The ladies should be in great demand in that district.
In the Puketapu, however, they should have still better times, as there are only 151, while the males number 312, or more than two to one.
From Cook County the details have not yet been received, but the European population of the Gisborne police district is returned at 3289; Tologa Bay, 53; Awanui, 90. The total European population of the county is 3432, and Maoris (approximate) 4250.
The totals are: Napier borough, 5757; Hawke's Bay County, 4885; Waipawa County, 5869; Gisborne, 3432; ship-board, 219: grand total, 20,162, exclusive of Maoris, but including about 100 half-castes.
The return of the sexes in Cook County is not to hand, but in the southern portions of the provincial district the males outnumber the females by 2000. The total number of inhabited houses is 3079; and of uninhabited, 181: 17 were being built when the census was taken.


Mrs. A. TAYLOR, of Hastings, acknowleges, with thanks, the following further donations on behalf of the SUTHERLAND family: Mr. T.A. WHEAT, 10s; G.P. DONNELLY, 1 pound 1s., and Mr WATT, 10s.

At a meeting last Tuesday evening of the directors of the Hastings Town Hall Company tenders for the erection of the building were received from Mr Angus M'KAY, Messrs BRISTY and WILLIAMS, Messrs LUCAS and HUMPHREYS, Messrs BARTLETT and NORMAN, and Messrs THOMSON and M'LEAN. The tender of Messrs LUCAS and HUMPHREYS
for the sum of 898 pounds was after some discussion accepted.

Two skeletons were yesterday uncovered by some men who were removing a cottage in the White-road, owned by Mr EDSER. They were seen by Dr. HITCHINGS, who pronounced them to be the remains of Maori children. They were found close by the plates of the house, and within a very short distance of the surface, and it is a wonder that they were not unearthed when the place was built, if, indeed, they were then there.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Creditors of the estate of the late Dr. G.M. STOKES must send in their claims to the executor in England before October next.

Mr ROUTLEDGE will on the 13th inst. sell, under mortgage, a suburban section in Norsewood, with the buildings now occupied by Messrs CREAMER and GRIBBLE as a dwelling

W. CALCOTT will apply for an order of discharge at the next sitting of the Bankruptcy Court.

Mr P.F. COLLEDGE has opened offices and sample rooms in Emerson-street. A list of his agencies will be found in his advertisement.

Thomas STANLEY, of Hastings, has filed a declaration of insolvency.
Monday July 4th 1881:
Births -
CONNOR - At Awatete, on July 2nd, the wife of Thomas CONNOR, of a daughter.
MULLANY - At Napier, on July 3rd, the wife of Richard MULLANY, of a son.
BENJAMIN - At Taradale, on July 3rd, the wife of G. BENJAMIN, of a daughter.

LOCAL NEWS: We have received from H. H. MACKENZIE 1 pound for the SUTHERLAND family.

The Makatoku Hotel was opened last Friday, the occasion being celebrated by a supper and a ball.

By the Rotomahan Messrs Arthur KENNEDY and Russell J. DUNCAN left for Melbourne for a holiday.

Mr PARSONS, lateof Papakura, has, we learn from the "Hawera and Normanby Star", purchased 400 acres at Otakeho, and intends to settle there.

Mr. W.E.W. MORRISON, late head-master of the Napier Grammar School, left here for Auckland on Saturday by the Te Anau.

We hope to see a good house at the performance given by the Gaiety Amateur Dramatic Club this evening in aid of the SUTHERLAND family. A special train will enable country sympathisers to patronise the performance.

We have received the following subscriptions collected by Mr James WALKER, Te Aute, for the SUTHERLAND family:
James WALKER, 1 pound 1s.
James WILSON, 1 pound.
George WINTER, 5s.
Mrs KENNEDY, 10s.
Le COUTER, 5s.
Mrs HOWELL, 2s.
S. SUTTON, 5s.
C. LEACH, 10s.
M. M'KENZIE, 10s.
Mrs M'KENZIE, 5s.
S. WATSON, 5s.
H.J. BAKER, 1 pound.
TOTAL: 6 pounds 17s.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday July 5th 1881

Marriage - HALLETT-TURNER - On the 4th July at St. John's Church, by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Mr Thomas HALLETT, of Hawke's Bay, sheep-farmer, to Miss Elizabeth Langley TURNER, of Napier, eldest daughter of the late Mr Donald TURNER, of Brooklyn, U.S.

Deaths - MEINERTZHAGEN - At Liverpool, on May 8th, of scarlet fever, Ellen, wife of Frederick Huth MEINERTZHAGEN, of Waimarama, aged 22 years.

MEINERTZHAGEN - At Liverpool, on May 18th, of scarlet fever, Beatrice Alice, third daughter of F.H. MEINERTZHAGEN, aged 7 years.
MEINERTZHAGEN - At Liverpool, on May 18th, of scarlet fever, Hilda Elizabeth, youngest daughter of F.H. MEINERTZHAGEN, aged 3 years.

Local News - Information was received in Napier yesterday that a man named William DOUGLAS drowned in the Manawatu river on Sunday night. He was trying to cross the river while half drunk and was carried down the stream.

The consecration of St. John's new chancel will take place next Sunday. The offerings of the congreation throughout the day will be devoted to the fund for defraying the cost of the alterations.

We have received the following additional subscriptions for the SUTHERLAND family:
Mr M.S. BELL, 2 pounds.
Mr W. THOMAS, 1 pound.
Mr Charles MITCHER, 10s 6d.
Mr CASH, 5s.
This makes the amount in our hands about 40 pounds.

About 11 o'clock last night the Spit firebell gave the alarm, which was quickly taken up by the town bell. The people were just leaving the Theatre Royal, and naturally there was considerable excitement. The town engine was got out and was just ready to start when a telephone message stated that its services would not be required, the fire being got under.
It seems that Mr Jas. SMITH, carter, living in Scully's Gully, opposite the Spit, had just gone to bed when the noise of his horse kicking and plunging in the stable aroused him. His son at that moment came home and exclaimed that the stable was on fire. They got out the horse, which was singed in several places by the flames, and with buckets attempted to put out the fire, which appeared to be on a level with the horse's head. The alarm being given at the Spit, the brigade quickly got their manual engine across the lagoon. However, the fire had such a hold that it was impossible to save the stable, which, with its ! contents, was entirely destroyed. It is a wonder that the cottage did not catch fire, as at one time it was in great danger owing to its close proximity to the stable. The loss, which amounts to about 50 pounds, is not covered by any insurance.


An important land sale will be held by Mr LYNDON on the 26th inst., when he will sell the FITZGERALD estate of 32 town acres, sub-divided into building sections, to be leased for 99 years.

The inhabitants of Hastings are requested to attend a meeting to be held in Goodwin's Hall to-morrow evening, to appoint a committee with whom to lodge the money raised for the SUTHERLAND family.

Mr M.R. MILLER has 4500 acres of pastoral country near the Wairoa for lease on favorable terms.

Mr A. BRYSON has a large quantity of sawn timber on hand, which he offers at low rates for cash.

Mr John STUART being about to leave the colony, is determined to sell off his stock of soft goods within a month. Particulars will be found contained in the advertisement.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday July 6th 1881
Local News -

We hear that a balance of about 25 pounds is expected to result, after payment of expenses, from the Gaiety Amateur Dramatic Club's performance in aid of the SUTHERLAND family.

The exact amount we have received for the SUTHERLAND family is 39 pounds 3s 6d. Of this amount we have handed 35 pounds 8s to the treasurer of the Charitable Aid Committee, who will hold it until the subscribers appoint trustees.

A few days ago a warrant was issued for the arrest of Robert COOPER for the non-payment of the fine inflicted on him for using abusive language towards Mr REES. He was arrested at Gisborne yesterday, when he immediately paid the fine and costs.

The concert to be given at the Theatre Royal on Friday evening for the benefit of the SUTHERLAND family promises to be very successful from a musical point of view, and that should ensure its being largely attended.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., judgment was given in the following civil cases for the plaintiffs:

M'VAY v. Louis EVANS, claim 4 pounds.
M'VAY v. WHELAN, claim 6 pounds 19s 6d.
M'VAY v. John EVANS, claim 9 pounds 10s 6d.
T.K. NEWTON v. W.H. FLOOD, claim 6 pounds 9s 10d.
MAYO v. W.L. JACKSON, claim 3 pounds 6s.
In the judgment summons case of BENJAMIN and CO. v. John ANDERSON, claim 3 pounds 7s 6d, the defendant was ordered to pay 1 pound forthwith, and the balance within fourteen days.
ELLIS v. Union Steamship Company was adjourned till next Tuesday, the summons not having been returned from Dunedin.
BARRY's Estate v. Meihana TAKIHI was adjourned for one month.
The case of Trustee in James TAYLOR's estate v. FLOOD was ordered to be heard at Waipawa.

Advertisements - Mr. T. BOWES intimates that he has sold his Napier business to Mr W. OLIVER, who has for some time past been in his employment. Mr OLIVER solicits a continuation of the patronage accorded to Mr BOWES.

J.H. CREAMER and M. GRIBBLE, of Norsewood, have filed a declaration of their insolvency.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday July 7th 1881

Local News - The Belgium Telephone Company have made arrangements so that any of the subscribers leaving word any evening may be awakened at any hour the next morning by means of a powerful alarm.

John M'CARTHY, a bushman, was yesterday morning burned to death in the Pipewhako bush, near Gisborne. No particulars are to hand, except that the man had been indulging in a drunken orgie, and met his death when drunk.

Inspector SCULLY begs to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the following subscriptions in aid of the SUTHERLAND
Messrs BEETHAM, BROS., 3 pounds 3s.
H. RATSEY, 1 pound.
From Mangakuri, per Mr Allen M. WILLIAMS, 9 pounds 8s. From Waimarama, per Mr Thos. R. MOORE, 13 pounds 10s.
A friend, 1 pound 1s.

There must be an uncommonly large amount of shipping in harbor now, judging from a Wellington telegram we received last night. This stated that 7,102 sailing vessels entered Napier harbor last year, and only 98 departed. What has become of the odd seven thousand or so? They are not visible now, and must either be of the phantom character of the Flying Dutchman or - shocking conclusion - they have been quietly wrecked on dark nights, and nothing has been said about them. The Harbor Board should make strict inquiries into this.

Advertisements -

Mrs NEIL's school will re-open on Monday next.
Mr H. LASCELLES has been apppointed trustee in the estate of E. BOURGEOIS.
W. ADAIR gives notice that at the next sitting of the Bankruptcy Court he will apply for an order of discharge.
Tenders are invited for alterations and additions to the Puketapu School.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday July 8th 1881

Birth - YOUNG - At Napier, on July 7th, the wife of W. YOUNG, of a daughter.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday July 9th 1881

Local News -

We have received 1 pound from Mr. John HARDING for the SUTHERLAND family.

A notification that the Rev. E. ROBERTSHAW is licensed to solemnize marriages appears in last week's "Gazette".

Two horses in a cab, owned by a cab-man named MARONEY, on Thursday ran away at the Spit, while the owner was attending to some business on the steamer Maori. The runaways dashed into a cab owned by J. MALONEY, sending the pole through it. MARONEY's horses commenced kicking, and one somehow managed to upset MALONEY's cab, which fell on him. The cab was raised by the crowd which had collected, when the horse did not appear to have received any injury.

A Hastings firm sends us a receipt for 10 pounds 11s 6d owing by the late W. SUTHERLAND to them. They think "it may induce others to do the same." The idea of our correspondents is no doubt to free Mrs SUTHERLAND from any liabilities, and the intention thus far is good, but as a matter of fact the receipt-stamp is simply wasted. Creditors of SUTHERLAND may strike off any accounts owing by him as bad debts. He left no estate worth realising, and death practically wiped out all claims against him. The money now being collected for his wife and family cannot be touched except for debts contracted by Mrs SUTHERLAND since the decease of her husband.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday July 11th 1881

Local News - At the annual meeting of ratepayers of the Heretaunga Highway District Messrs WELLWOOD, FITZROY, FOREMAN, and J.R. WILLIAMS were elected wardens for the next twelve months. Mr WELLWOOD was afterwards elected chairman. The new Board decided to obtain the opinion of Mr ROCHEFORT as to the best system to adopt in the drainage of Hastings.
The tea-meeting and concert in connection with the Presbyterian Church at Meanee, to be held on Wednesday evening, has every prospect of being a great success. The choir is assidiously practising to ensure that the signing shall be well rendered. Mr G. RYMER has kindly lent his large bus for the free conveyance of visitors from Napier to and from the meeting.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday July 12th 1881

Local News -

Mr STURM has just received direct from Germany some seeds of the three best varieties of sugar-beet - the Imperial, Silesia, and Ville-marine. They are taken from picked roots - that is, from roots which on analysis were proved to contain from 13 to 16 per cent. of sugar. Mr STURM proposes to distribute these seeds free, and will give l of each variety to settlers who will grow them with the object of testing the practicability of making sugar from beet-root at a profit in Hawke's Bay.

Our Ormondville correspondent writes under yesterday's date:- A case of very sudden death occurred at Makatoki yesterday morning. Carl SCHMIDT, an old and well-known settler there, was in his usual health on Saturday night, but next day he complained of feeling slightly unwell. He, however, attached no importance to it, and about 9 o'clock he strolled towards the bush. Very shortly afterwards his dead body was found resting against a log. The deceased was 62 years of age.
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr.
H. Eyre KENNY, R.M. -

Elizabeth EDDIE and Eliza WHIT E, alias GALLAGHER, were charged with misbehaviour on Sunday evening. The evidence of the prosecuting constable showed that both women were fighting on the Marine
Parade and creating a disturbance. One of the defendants said it was "a drunken woman's quarrel." His Worship inflicted a fine of 1 pound and costs in each instance, with the alternative of three days' imprisonment.

Elizabeth EDDIE was charged with keeping a house of ill-fame within the borough. After hearing the evidence his Worship said he considered the charge clearly proved, and fined defendant 5 pounds and costs, or one month's imprisonment.

William HARPER was fined 5s and costs for driving a horse and cart across the footpath in Hastings-street. His Worship intimated that in future cases of this kind he would inflict a much heavier penalty.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday July 13th 1881

Local News - Mr H.S. TIFFEN and Mrs RANDALL leave for Europe, via San Francisco, on Saturday. Their precise movements are uncertain, but they expect to remain some time in America, as Mr TIFFEN has to make various inquiries as to the sending of prairie hens to Hawke's Bay, to get Japanese plants and seeds for the Acclimatisation Society, and obtain all possible information as to the relative merits of beet and sorghum as sugar-producing plants. Mr TIFFEN and Mrs RANDALL will not stop long in England, but will make an extended
tour of the Continent of Europe before returning to New Zealand.

At the Napier School Committee meeting last evening the correspondence included a letter from Miss FRAME, applying for an appointment as pupil teacher. The secretary was instructed to reply that there was no vacancy.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday July 14th 1881

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr LYDON, J.P. - James M'HUGH, was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. For the like offence William MACK was let off without a fine, it being his first appearance.

We hear that the ladies of the choir at St. John's Church are a good deal hurt at the remarks made by Mr COTTERILL at the parishioners' meeting on Tuesday evening, and that there is some talk of their resigning.

A very successful concert was given at Havelock on Tuesday evening, in connection with the English Church. Songs and readings were given by Miss LASCELLES, Miss KNIGHT, Miss KELLY, Miss PERCY, Messrs EDWARDS, GILPIN, and LEIGH, and the choir of the church.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday July 15th 1881
he s.s. Maori, Capt. H. ANDERSON, returned from Wairoa yesterday afternoon shortly after 3 o'clock, bringing 4 passengers and some general cargo. The captain reports that there was a heavy sea breaking on the bar at Wairoa when he came out. Mr LIGHT, the engineer, desires us to state that a large school of whales were seen opposite Mohaka making in the direction of Mahia. Mr LIGHT thinks that from their size they must have been what is known as the "right" whale.

Marriage - COUPER-GLASGOW - On the 6th of July, at the residence of the bride's father, Ashley Turakina, by the Rev. John ROSS, William Alexander Xavier, eldest son of the late W. COOPER, of Havelock, Hawke's Bay, to Annabella, eldest daughter of J. GLASGOW.

Local News - We have received from Mr Edward DAVIS the sum of one pound on account of the SUTHERLAND family.

A meeting of the Ormondville School Committee was held on Wednesday evening. The resignation of the master,
Mr R.N. JONES, was received and accepted. The committee decided to request the Education Board to advertise at once for a head-master.

The business at the R.M. Court yesterday was light -. Robert STUART, for stealing a crosscut saw valued at 20s, was sentenced to fourteen days'
hard labor.
Johanna CROPP was summoned for an assault upon Marther PORTER. She pleaded guilty and was fined 20s, with the alternative of a fortnight's hard labor. The fine was paid.

The bazaar in aid of the education of the poorer children attending St. Joseph's Convent Schools was opened in the Theatre Royal yesterday afternoon, and will be continued to-day and to-morrow. There are eight stalls, loaded with every variety of ladies' work, the ornamental predominating. These stalls were respectively presided over
by: Mrs SHEATH and Mrs ST. CLAIR. Mrs DONOGHUE, Mrs RICE and Mrs SHANLY. Mrs and the Misses HAWKINS. Mrs BARRY, Mrs COOK and Mrs LEONARD. Mrs FLYNN and Mrs O'MALLEY. Mrs PETERS and Mrs PIERCEY. Mrs HIGHLANDS and Mrs HUNTER. Mr DYE provided the refreshment stall, which was presided over by Mrs BOWERMAN and Mrs MILLER.
The Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday July 16th 1881

Local News - District Judge KENNY leaves for Gisborne to-morrow by the Arawata, to hold the quarterly sittings of the District Court there. We believe that the two cases of REES v. GANNON and GANNON v. REES are set down for hearing.

The stock market would appear to be showing some activity just now. A mob of 60 head of fat bullocks crossed over the Petane bridge yesterday morning en route for the Waikato. They were from Mr ORMOND's Karamu herd, and were sold by Messrs HOADLEY and LYON. For quality and size the cattle were some of the best that have left the district.

Advertisements -
Professor Edmond BOURGEOIS will commence giving lessons in French on Monday, and a class will be formed on the 18th of August. His address is Milton-road.

Mr G.T. CROSS has been appointed trustee to the estate of J.H. GROCOTT.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday July 18th 1881

Local News -
We have received 3 pounds from Messrs W. and G. HESLOP for the SUTHERLAND family.
Judge KENNY left by the Arawata yesterday for Gisborne, where he will hold a sitting of the District Court.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday July 19th 1881

Birth - HALE - At Tikokeno, Hampden, on July 17th, the wife of W. HALE, of a son.

Local News -
We have received for the SUTHERLAND family, from Mr A. M'RAE, a cheque for 5 pounds, being the amount of the following subscriptions:
A. M'RAE, 1 pound.
K.A. KENNEDY, 1 pound.
M. M'KAY, 10s.
J. M'CARTHY, 10s.
W. KEITH, 10s.
Miss TAYLOR, 10s.

The subject of debate at the meeting next Thursday evening of the Napier Mutual Improvement Association will be "Would the New Zealand Government be justified in passing an Act to prohibit, or to impose conditions which would virtually prohibit, the immigration of Chinese to this colony?"

The new infant school in Clive-square was occupied for the first time yesterday. It will undoubtedly prove of great service in relieving the overcrowded state of the main school, and it will also afford room for additional scholars.

A serious accident, we regret to state, occurred to Mr T.H. GIFFORD on Sunday evening. He went out in the Boojum to see some friends off by the Arawata, and when he was on board the latter he jumped on to the launch, but miscalculating the jump he struck the raised portion of the deck, and by the force of the blow he split his left knee cap and injured the other. Dr de LISLE was promptly in attendance, and attended to the injuries. The pain the unfortunate sufferer endured was intense, but there is every likelihood that permanent lameness will not ensue.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday July 25th 1881

Death - BYGUM - At Otahuhu, Auckland, on July 24th, Eliza, wife of Hans BYGUM, late of Napier.

Local News - Messrs CONNOLLY, E.J. HARRINGTON, KEYS, and FOX, the four telegraphists removed from the Napier office, were on Friday evening entertained at a supper at the Clarendon Hotel by their fellow employees. The health of the departing operators was drunk with musical honors, and much regret was expressed at their removal. Other toasts followed, and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Mr CONNOLLY and Mr FOX left by the Albion yesterday, the former for Blenheim and the latter for Wellington. Mr E.J. HARRINGTON and Mr KEYS will leave next Saturday, the former for Dunedin, and the latter for Timaru.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning -
Thomas CROWE was find 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Alfred CARRIE was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for the larceny of a set of gold studs, the property of D.J. KINGSFORD.

The following are the pupil teachers who passed at the recent examinations: End of third year:
Jane MONTEITH, Florence REED, Anne CORBIN, Catherine HARRINGTON (all Napier District School). Agnes DIWB (Native Protestant School) Mary BROWN (Gisborne).

End of second year:
Oscar ALPERS, Charles LAWS (Napier)
M. MORGAN (Gisborne)
Mary PALMER (Port Ahuriri)
E.J. LEVY (Norsewood)
Caroline DAVIS (Napier)
J. WORBOYS (Norsewood)
Rachael FORBES (Gisborne)
Eliza GRANT (Waipawa)

End of first year:
Ada TEYCHENNE (Napier)
Anne M'GLASHAN (Clive)
Amy ARROW (Waipawa)
Neil FRIBERG (Norsewood)
Eva OATRIDGE (Gisborne)
Mary COOPER (Havelock)
Fanny WOOD (Hastings)
A. INGLIS (Hampden)

Candidates for pupil teachers:
Lizzie M'PHERSON (Clive)
Alice SMITH (Taradale)
William CONNOR, Douglas BEDINGFIELD (St. Joseph's schools)
Kenneth CAMERON (Port Ahuriri)
James HAUGHEY (Gisborne).

The names are published in the order of merit.

The following failed:
Mary BATTY (third year)
Emma CLIFTON, Maggie PALMER, W. TAYLOR (second year)
Margaret RANGIRIA, AL BALDWIN, Lucy BERRY, M. POOL (first year)

Emily PRENTICE, James CAMMOCK, Margaret DAVIDSON (candidates).

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday July 26th 1881

Births - FLEMING - On the 24th July, at Flemington, the wife of D.S. FLEMING, Esq., of a son.
MACLEAN - At the Bank of New Zealand, Foxton, on the 22nd July, Mrs C.H. MACLEAN, of a son.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M..
Alfred LONG, Frank YORK, and Alexander CHAPLIN were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Charlotte BUTWELL, failing to appear in answer to a similar charge, her bail of 1 pound was forfeited.
CHAPLIN was further fined 10s and costs for indecency in Hastings-street, but a third charge against him of resisting the police was withdrawn.
George RICHARDSON was fined 1 pound and costs for resisting the police in the execution of their duty.
The case of O'DONNELL v. O'DONNELL, for wife-beating, was adjourned for a week.

We have received 1 pound from Mr J. M'LEAN, Pohui, for the SUTHERLAND family.

The name of William RYDER in our list of successful pupil teachers should have been Robert B. RYDER.

A meeting of creditors in the estate of John MADDEN was held at the Courthouse yesterday afternoon, Mr James IRVINE in the chair. The liabilities were stated to amount to
over 700 pounds, and the assets, consisting of a few book debts, were estimated at 150 pounds. Mr James IRVINE was appointed trustee.

The Maori entertainment is to be given this evening in the Theatre Royal. Mr LEVISON requests us to state, in answer to many inquirers, that ladies need not hesitate to go and see the haka, as nothing indelicate will be permitted. The Maoris who are to take part in the affair are expected this morning.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday July 27th 1881

Local News - There was a very large attendance at the Theatre Royal last evening to witness the entertainment given by the natives in aid of the Maori Football and Cricket Clubs. The pit and stalls were completely filled, the audience being no doubt attracted by the novelty of the affair. Those present, by frequent applause, testified that they enjoyed themselves well.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Capt. PREECE, R.M., and Mr J.M. BATHAM, J.P.,
Thomas TAGGART and Ann SEARLES were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
George W. SLATER was charged with disobeying an order of the R.M. Court at Kumara in not contributing to the support of his wife there. Mr LASCELLES, who appeared for the defendant, urged that as the cause of action arose at Kumara the case would have to be heard there, and having been signed by a Justice of the Peace instead of a Resident Magistrate as required by the Act. The Bench dismissed the case.
In the following civil cases judgment was given for the plaintiffs, with costs:-
SOMERVILLE's estate v. IHARA, claim 1 pound 3s.
SOMERVILLE's estate v. TANGATA KE, claim 1 pound 6s.
SOMERVILLE's estate v. PANAPA, claim 2 pounds 0s 11d (judgment for 1 pound 13s 6d).
SOMERVILLE's estate v. TAKERA, claim 14 pounds 15s 5d.
SOMERVILLE's estate v. Urupene TUHARA, claim 15 pounds 10s 11d (judgment for 15 pounds 3s 5d).
SOMERVILLE's estate v. Hirini TAKAMOANA, claim 43 pounds 4s 3d.
SOMERVILLE's estate v. NIKERA, claim 49 pounds 0s 4d.
P.O'CONNELL v. TANGATA KE, claim 4 pounds 12s 6d. (judgment for 3 pounds 17s 6d).
WHITIKI v. A.H. BARRON, claim 10 pounds.
In the case of FINLAYSON v. Paki PAIHAU, claim 19 pounds 18s, judgment was given for 3 pounds 9s. each party to pay his own costs.
Mr LEE for plaintiff and Mr LASCELLES for defendant.
A judgment summons case, COLLINGE v. Willliam CANTELIN, was adjourned for a month.
In another judgment summons case, BLYTHE and Co. v. Watene HAPUKU, the defendant was ordered to pay the amount in three months or undergo two months' imprisonment.

Mr GRINDELL interpreted in all the cases in which natives were concerned.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday July 28th 1881

Birth - KING - At Petane, on July 17th, the wife of James KING, of a daughter.

Death - PAGE - At Napier, on July 28, Stephen PAGE, aged 27, late of Brighton, Sussex, after a long and painful illness. Home papers please copy. The funeral will leave his late residence in the White-road at 2 o'clock on Sunday. Friends will please accept this intimation.

Local News - As the Clive settlers at their recent meeting could not agree to bring the district under the Rivers Conservancy Act, Messrs NELSON Bros. have determined to follow the example of Mr ROBERTS, and construct an embankment to protect their property from the overflow of the Tuki Tuki.

The annual meeting of ratepayers of the Tamumu Road Board district was held at the school-house, Tamumu, last Saturday, when Messrs A. M'HARDY, LYONS, J. NAIRN, LOGAN, and George CLARK, were elected wardens for the ensuing year. Mr A.R. LYONS was subsequently elected chairman.

A gun accident occurred at the Spit yesterday, presenting another instance of the folly of leaving firearms loaded. Two boys named John and Frank CROSS being left at home alone were playing with an old gun which, unaware to them, was loaded. Frank put a cap on the gun, pointed the weapon at his brother, and fired, a ramrod that was in the barrel penetrating between John CROSS's shoulder blades. Frank at once went to the neighbors and reported the circumstances, and on several of them entering the house they found the wounded boy lying on his face. Dr CARO and Dr SPENCER were soon in attendance, and a portion of the ramrod was taken out, but there was some left which could not at the time be removed. The unfortunate lad was then removed to the hospital. We learn that there are hopes of his recovery if the lungs are not penetrated. The poor sufferer is 12 years of age, the other boy being 11. At th time of the accident the father was out shooting, and the mother was at Petane.

Mr HILL, the well-known hat manufacturer, of Wellington, has determined to establish a branch of his business here, and has taken premises in Hastings-street, opposite the horse bazaar. We have no doubt that Mr HILL will succeed in establishing a good connection.

At Messrs HOADLEY and LYON's store are hanging some very superior sheepskin rugs. The skins were bought at a recent sale and dressed and cured by Mr W. ARNOLD, and he has certainly done his work remarkably well. When such rugs can be produced in town it seems a pity to send away money for an inferior article.

Further particulars to hand state that the man JANSEN, or JOHANSEN, who was lost in the bush, found his way to the whare of a man named JACOBSEN, who is employed felling timber for Mr ORMOND. Though dreadfully emaciated - almost too weak to speak - he was quite sensible, and gave a coherent account of his adventure. He believes that he slept the whole of two days and three nights.

We have been favored with particulars of some pumpkins, carrots, and parsnips grown by Mr BEECROFT, of Hastings, from Sutton seeds.
A pumpkin weighing 44-1/4 lb measured 3 feet 11 inches in circumference and 4 feet 3 inches round the length;

A carrot weighing 10 lb 9 oz measured 21-3/4 inches in circumference and 20-7/8 inches in length; Three carrots weighed 18-1/2 lb.
A parsnip weighed 4 lb 4-1/2 oz measured 25 inches in length and 17-3/4 inches in circumference.

The Artillery Band are desirous of obtaining better instruments, and the Gaiety Amateur Dramatic Club have promised to do what they can towards obtaining them by giving a performance of "The Rose of Castile" at the Theatre Royal on Tuesday evening. This is the first time such a play has eveer been attempted by Napier amateurs, but under the careful training of
Mr HODGSON we may be sure that a good performance will be the result. Mr GARRY has charge of the orchestra.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning -
C.H. SMITH v. James DINWIDDIE, claim 1 pound 5s.
Joseph STOKES v. Alfred RAMSDEN, claim 2 pounds 6s.
Henry M'KINLEY, Robert WILFORD and James GORMLEY were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Edward Andrew CLARK was sentenced to three months imprisonment for vagrancy.
James GRIFFEN was remanded till Wednesday on a charge of the larceny of two shirts and one hat at Hastings, the property of Michael LYNCH.
Honi RIAKA and Koti pi AIHI were charged with cattle stealing.

Spurious half-sovereigns are reported to be in circulation at Otaki, a number of them having been palmed off upon natives. Two of them were presented at the telegraph-office, but refused, much to the disgust of the Maoris, who said that the refusal arose out of a disinclination to part with silver. The local constable subsequently convinced them that their coin was of no value. The coins are said to be of good color and weight, but they lack the ring of gold, and are a little open at the edges, as if they had been stamped in two pieces and then put together.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday July 29th 1881

Local News - The Napier Mutual Improvement Association held their usual weekly meeting last evening at St. Paul's school-room. There was a good attendance of members. The question debated was:- "Is the New Zealand Government justified in imposing a tax on Chinamen for the purpose of preventing their influx into the country?". The discussion was conducted with great spirit, nearly all the members taking part in it. The question was decided in the affirmative by a majority of one.

The business before the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday was not of much interest. (Not my words)!
Hamiora TOPIRA, a Maori, was fined 5s, with the alternative of 48 hours' imprisnment, for creating a disturbance in the Criterion Hotel.
Willliam LORNIGAN was similarly punished for drunkenness, and he was also ordered to be bound over to keep the peace towards his wife for six months, himself in 25 pounds and surety of the same amount.
Messrs BATHAM and COLLINS, J'S.P., presided

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday July 30th 1881

Birth - RIGGER - At Aorangi, Maraekakaho, on July 26th, the wife of Mr John RIGGER, of a son.

Marriage - HARRINGTON-ALPERS - On July 27th, at the Lutheran Church, Napier, by the Rev. Geo. E. SASS, Ernest Joseph, second son of William HARRINGTON, Christchurch, to Jutta Emilie, only daughter of Mr T.S. ALPERS, of Norsewood.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. S.Y. COLLINS, J.P.
Alfred POULSEN and James CHASE were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
CHASE was also sentenced to three months' imprisonment with hard labor for being a vagrant without lawful visible means of support.
Mr LYNDON, J.P., having joined Mr COLLINS on the Bench, Mr LASCELLES applied for the adjournment of the day fixed for taking evidence in the Wairoa case of
George DUNCAN v. Henry GREEN. The adjournment was applied for so that Captain PREECE, R.M. for Wairoa, could hear all the evidence to be adduced here, and so be assisted in determining the case when heard at Wairoa, instead of having to go merely by depositions. The request was granted, and the taking of evidence adjourned till next Friday.

As will be seen from the prospectus in our advertising columns, a company is being floated for the purchase of the Theatre Royal buildings and the unexpired term of the lease of the land. The directorate includes names which are sufficient guarantee for the bona fides of the affair, while the terms upon which the property are to be acquired are so favorable that the venture cannot be other than a profitable one. The capital is fixed at 3500 pounds, in shares of 1 pound each, of which 5s is to be paid on application, 5s on allotment, and the remainder in three and six months after allotment. The profit is likely to be large, as the expenses are small, the ground rent being only 100 pounds a year, and that is partly covered by the rental of the adjoining shop. So good an investment has not been offered to the public of Napier for some time.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday August 1st 1881

Birth - DAVIS - On the 25th July, at Adlanson, Rissington, the wife of C.W. DAVIS, of a son.

Death - MILNE - On July 30th, at the residence of Dr CARO, Robert William, infant son of Mr and Mrs T.M. MILNE, of Tuua Nui, aged three months.

Local News - A fire broke out in an outbuilding at the rear of Mr MACDONALD's hotel, Taradale, early yesterday morning. The timely discovery of the fire enabled it to be put out before much damage was done.

The following cases are set down for hearing at the District Court on Thursday before Judge KENNY:-
Napier Municipal Council v. W.A. RICHARDSON,

Mr LEONARD having resigned his office as a member of the Municipal Council, nominations for a successor will be received on Wednesday week. As anyone elected would hold office for a few days only and would then retire and perhaps find his seat opposed, it is not likely that there will be any nominated.

Advertisements -
Mr W. OLIVER has a four-roomed cottage to let in the Milton-road.
Mr H.G. WILSON, dentist, has returned from Gisborne.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday August 2nd 1881

Local news - The following players have been selected to represent Napier in the football match with Gisborne to be played at Gisborne on Saturday: Messrs J. BEGG, F. DUNCAN, J. DOVE, T. EDWARDS, H. GIBBONS, T.A. GRACIE, C.D. KENNEDY, R. LANAUZE, R. MOWBRAY, Geo. POTTS, F. PARKER, PRICE, H. ST. HILL, Geo. WHITCOMBE, and T. BOSTOCK. Emergency men; R. WATERHOUSE, E. LEVISON, G. PRAIN, and H. DAVIS. It is expected the team will leave on Thursday by the Kiwi.

The Public Works Committee of the Municipal Council held their usual meeting last evening, and agreed that a sub-committee, consisting of Crs. M'KAY, MONTEITH, WALL, and M'DOUGALL be appointed to decide upon the prices and conditions of lease to be fixed upon all reserves within the borough. Cr. M'KAY to be chairman.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr. H. EYRE KENNY, R.M.,
John THOMSON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Arthur ANDERSON for leaving his coach unattended was fined 5s and costs.
Edwin HOLLAND pleaded guilty to furiously driving through Waghorne-street and was ordered to pay a fine of 10s and costs.
J.P. HAMLIN, for negligently suffering his chimney to take fire, was fined 5s and costs.
The complainant not appearing, a case of assault brought by Andrew DUNN against Eliza WHITE alias GALLAGHER, was struck out.
John Wentworth TRIGG was charged with deserting his wife and leaving her and two children without adequate means of support. The defendant did not appear. After hearing the evidence of the complainant his Worship made an order calling upon the defendant to pay 1 pound a week towards the support of his wife and children, the first payment to be made on Monday next.

Advertisements -
Mr RAWLINS, who is so favorably known as a teacher of drawing and painting, has vacancies for several pupils. We can confidently recommendMr RAWLINS as a competent teacher. Messrs BANNER and LIDDLE will on Friday sell a large lot of locally grown timber at Mr GUNN's Napier yard.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday August 3rd 1881

Death - TE MAANGI - At Liverpool, on May 27, of scarlet fever, Thomas Wi Turoa, only son of Wi and Horiana TE MAANGI, of Waimarama, aged 11 years.

Local News - SHULTZ, who was recently convicted of smugglling, and went to prison in default of paying a fine of 50 pounds, has now paid the fine, after two months' incarceration.

Winiata PAU, a Maori who was at the last sittings of the Supreme Court sentenced to imprisonment for horse-stealing, has died in the gaol from consumption. An inquest will be held to-day.

Southern brewers appear to find Hawke's Bay a profitable field. We have another now competing, in Mr MARTIN, of Invercargill, whose ales took a first prize at the Sydney Exhibition. Messrs CROSS and SMYTH are the local agents.

Mr. C.W. MACKENZIE, who has been about nine years in the Napier branch of the Bank of New Zealand, and for a considerable time lately as a teller, leaves this morning overland for Wellington, having been promoted to the position of assistant accountant in the branch of the bank in that city.

As Mr LEONARD's resignation of his seat in the Brough Council has created no little curiosity, we may explain that the step was not voluntary, but was necessitated by the fact that several months ago Mr LEONARD's name was struck off the burgess roll. He no longer pays the rates on his house and shop, the landlord paying them instead. Mr LEONARD has in reality subjected himself to an action for the recovery of penalties for illegal voting, but as he no doubt acted in ignorance it would be an act of meanness and petty spite to bring the action. We have not been particular admirers of Mr LEONARD's action in the Council, but we have no wish to see him made to suffer for what was, beyond doubt, an accident.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. EYRE KENNY, R.M., and Capt. PREECE, R.M., judgment was given for the plaintiffs in the following cases:-

W.L. REES v. Pohuka HAPUKU, claim 39 pounds 15s, judgment for 28 pounds 15s.
WATSON and Co. v. Thomas TAIT, claim 5 pounds 19s 6d.
.WATSON and Co. v. Donald M'KENZIE, claim 2 pounds 5s.
George KING v. GLAZEBROOK, claim 24 pounds 17s 2d.
J.H.W. SCOTT v. Peter KOANA, claim 3 pounds 8s.
ROSE and Co. v. MOSEN, claim 4 pounds 11s 4d, defendant to pay amount in one month (Mr LEE for plaintiff).

In the case of W.H. SCHULTZ v. A. M'DONALD, claim 4 pounds 10s, judgment was given for the defendant with costs.
Mr WHITE for plaintiff and Mr LASCELLES for defendant

In two cases of John FARRELL v. Charles SAUNDERS, and JOHN FARRELL v. Thomas SMITH, judgment was given for the defendants.
Mr LASCELLES appeared for the defendants in both cases.

A case of William DONOGHUE v. Pawini te WHITU occupied the Court a considerable time. It was a claim for 49 pounds 12s, for work and labor done. Mr LEE for plaintiff
and Mr LASCELLES for defendant. Judgment was given for plaintiff for 9 pounds 18s, but plaintiff would have to pay all defendant's expenses, including counsel's fee of 2 pounds 2s.

A judgment summons case of BARRY v. Meihana TAKIHI was struck out, owing to the non-appearance of plaintiff.

Another judgment summons case of HIGGINS v. Dougal FERGUSSON was adjourned for one month.

The case of TUCKER v. Pohuka HAPUKU was further adjourned till next Tuesday.

The evidence of the plaintiff and one witness was taken in a case of Hohatana te APATERI v. Aparata HAPUKU, claim 12 pounds, and the case was adjourned for a week; Mr LASCELLES for defendant.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday August 4th 1881

Local News - It appears that Councillor LEONARD himself desired that his name should be erased from the roll of ratepayers, and that of his landlord inserted, as he then expected to leave Napier. Mr LEONARD has, however, paid all rates due to this date, although he does not appear as the responsible party.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr E. LYNDON, J.P., John HARVEY was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

The following advertisement appears in the London Times: "New Zealand Christian Settlement. - Christians about to emigrate and take up land for agricultural and pastoral pursuits are desirous of meeting with other like-minded capitalists to join them. - Apply to C., Young Men's Christian Association, Exeter-hall, Strand."

Upon this the Auckland Herald remarks that without at all depreciating the excellent intentions of the promoter, the history of past attempts at colonisation in this fashion shows that the spirit of discord speedily enters the Arcadia. A man may be a very good Christian, but a very poor specimen as a candidate for the "heroic work of colonisation." As the Rev. J. Upton DAVIS remarks, "Religion is religion, and business is business."

: Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday August 5th 1881

Death - CROSS - At the Napier Hospital, on the 3rd August, John Henry CROSS, aged 14 years. The funeral will leave Mr CROSS's house at the Spit, at 2 o'clock to-day.

Local News - Among the R.M. Court civil cases reported in Wednesday's issue there was one of KING v GLAZEBROOK which we learn was in mistake for one in which the parties were of similar names. We mention this in justice to Mr Henry GLAZEBROOK, of Clive, who, we believe, is the only person in the district bearing the name of GLAZEBROOK.

A report having been put in circulation to the effect that Captain RUSSELL intends, in the event of a division in this electoral district, to stand for Wairoa and Gisborne, we have been requested to give the rumor an emphatic contradiction. We have authority for saying that Captain RUSSELL is averse to having the Wairoa separated from the Hawke's Bay electorate. A canard stating that Mr ORMOND intends to stand for both Clive and Hawke's Bay districts is equally without foundation.

At the meeting last Saturday of ratepayers in the Danevirk Road Board district the following wardens were elected for the ensuing year:- James WALL, James ALLARDICE, George W. LINES, W.J. GRAHAM, and W.F. KNIGHT. At a meeting of the board held after Mr KNIGHT was elected chairman.

The cup presented by his Worship the Mayor to the Port Ahuriri Cricket Club for the best average score for batting in average matches last season has been won by Mr A.E. DEWES, and it will be presented to him at the Spit this afternoon. Mr DEWES' average in the seven matches played was 9-67; Mr GIBBONS coming next with 9-25; Mr BEGG 6-67; and Mr KENDAL 6-40. Mr DEWES leaves for Auckland to-morrow morning, he having obtained the appointment of managing clerk to a firm of solicitors in Auckland. He will be a great loss to the cricketing world here, and he has also made many other friends during his connection with Mr SAINSBURY's office.

At a sitting of the District Court yesterday Mr LEE, acting for William CALCOTT, a bankrupt, applied for an order of discharge. Mr LASCELLES, on behalf of Mr KINROSS, opposed the application, which was adjourned for a fortnight.

An adjournment for a week was also granted in the case of MOORE v. JAMES, in which the plaintiff sought to have the defendant made a bankrupt for non-payment of the costs in the recent pig-destroying case of JAMES v. MOORE, which were ordered to be paid by the defendant.

Judgment for 132 pounds 18s, the amount claimed, was given in the case of T.K. NEWTON and J. IRVINE (suing as trustees of R. SOMERVILLE) v. Ihaka KAPO.

The other business was also postponed.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday August 6th 1881

Local News - The recent rains have caused several landslips in town. Yesterday there were two more - one in an old quarry in Carlyle-street at the rear of Mrs BRENTON's cottage, and the other at Mr J. DINWIDDIE's, where part of a retaining wall recently erected gave way under the pressure of the earth behind it.

We recently stated that the Korokipo and Moteo properties would shortly be placed in the market in small sections. The date of the sale has been fixed for October, Mr M.R. MILLER being the auctioneer. The land will be subdivided into areas varying from 50 to 1300 acres, and there will doubtless be keen competition for it, as the soil is well known to be some of the best in Hawke's Bay, and the distance from town is short.

We regret that publicity has been given to an untruthful telegram from Gisborne, stating that Mr MOWBRAY, captain of the Napier football team, broke his leg yesterday. There is not the slightest foundation for the statement. Mr MOWBRAY is not even hurt in any way, and he will to-day head the Napier footballers in their trial of strength with the men of Gisborne. The perpetrator of the heartless hoax deserves the strongest censure.

Messrs ROBSON and WEIR, the contractors for the improvements to the Jockey Club's building on the Hastings race-course, have commenced work. The alterations and additions, which will cost about 300 pounds, include the extension of the lawn to about twice its present size, the enlargement of the saddling-paddock, the erection of an extensive range of scraping sheds, and a handsome weighing-room with glass sides.

Advertisements - A meeting of the creditors of J. NICHOLSON, of Kaikora, will be held on the 15th inst., to enable the debtor to apply for an order of discharge.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday August 8th 1881

Local News - The many friends of Capt. F. HOLMES, long and favorably known here as master of the steamers Queen, Wellington, Star of the South, and Southern Cross, will be pleased to know that he has been placed in command of the Union Company's steamer Waitaki.

Mrs A. TAYLOR, of Hastings, acknowledges with thanks the following further subscriptions for the SUTHERLAND family: - Mr A. ROBERTSON 3s; Mr SHEFFEIR, 5s; Mr C. HARRISON, 10s; Mrs SAADDEN, 5s; Mr J. SIDDLE, 5s; Mrs SCOTT, 3s; Mr George SHEARWOOD, 10s.

On Friday next the Gaiety Amateur Dramatic Club will give a performance in aid of the widow and orphans of the late S. PAGE. It is under the patronage of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, and as the Gaiety Club have never failed to amuse their audiences we shall expect to see a good house.

Among the passengers on board the Te Anau on Saturday there was a gentleman from Melbourne named WALKER, who was passing through with the intention of thoroughly inspecting White Island. Should he consider the resources of the island likely to prove remunerative a company for their development will be floated in Victoria with a large capital.

The annual meeting of ratepayers in the Te Mata highway district was held last Friday. The following wardens were elected: Messrs Thos. MOORE, Hugh HANDYSIDE, T. HILL, Allan M'LEAN, and J. CHAMBERS, jun. Messrs H. HANDYSIDE and W. NELSON were elected auditors.

We learn from a gentleman who arrived from the South on Saturday that Captain H.W.H. CHATFIELD, the present master of the Ringarooma, will go home to bring out the Union Company's new steam Wairarapa, a vessel to be of 1900 tons register and 1750 horse-power. Captain J. EDIE and Captain HOLMES have changed places - the former takes Captain HOLMES' late appointment of mate in the Ringarooma, the intention being for Captain EDIE to gain experience in the intercolonial trade, so that he may take command of the Ringarooma when Captain CHATFIELD goes home for the Wairarapa.

Mr J. SCOTT gives notice of his intention to apply for a patent for an improved steam boiler and engine.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., John RETTER was charged by Thomas ALDRIDGE, Inspector of Slaughter-houses, with having killed two sheep on his premises at Waipouriki, on August 1st, such not being a licensed abbattoir or slaughter-house. Mr. COTTERILL appeared for the prosecution and Mr LASCELLES for the defendant. The evidence was merely formal, and the case rested on the question as to whether defendant could be considered a butcher, he having no shop. His Worship reserved judgment till this morning.

We have received the folllowing subscriptions collected by Mrs. J. LAURENSON, of Kopua, in aid of the SUTHERLAND family:- Miss K. SINCLAIR, 1 pound; Mr. J. BROWNE, 1 pound; Mr J. STEWART, 1 pound; Mr. A. GRANT, 1 pound; Mrs. J. LAURENSON, 10s 6d; Miss A. KEY, 10s 6d; Mr R.O. THOMS, 10s 6d; Mr C.L. WHITE, 10s;
Mr F.H. STEVENS, 10s; Mr W. THOMPSON, 10s; Mr J. TOWERS, 10s; Mr R. KITTO, 5s; Mr James KEY, 5s; Mr J. LAURENSON, 6s; a friend, 5s; Mr P. KAILY, 5s; Mr J. SINCLAIR, 5s; Mr J. CREARY, 5s; Messrs PETHERSON and OLSEN, 5s; Mr W. GRIFFIN, 5s; Mr G. GRANT, 5s; Mr W. SLIPPER, 5s; a friend, 5s; Mr H. SEERUP, 5s; Mr D. TWOMEY, 5s; Mr G. WARD, 5s; Mr C. GIBSON, 5s; Mrs SMITH, 4s; Mr. H. HOWES, 4s; Mr ANTONIO, 3s; Mr P.H. SKAITH, 3s; Mr G.W. LERWOOD, 3s; Mrs BEUCK, 3s; Mr F.W. REDWARD, 2s 6d; Mr. C.R.F. GUNDRIE, 2s 6d; Mr A.J. CRAWFORD 2s 6d; a friend, 2s 6d; a friend, 2s 6d; assistant 2s 6d; Mrs D. SMITH, 2s 6d; Mr T. FOTHERGILLE, 2s 6d; G.W., 2s 6d; Mr W. ELLINGHAM, 2s 6d; Mr J. BUTCHER, 2s 6d; Mr C.A. MAY, 2s 6d; Mr A. OBERY, 2s 6d; Mr C. EUGLEBRETSON, 2s 6d; Mrs CALEDONIAN, 2s 6d; Mr C. SCHMYDT, 2s 6d; Mr T. TAYLOR, 2s 6d; Mr A. LARSON, 2s; Mr R. ISAACSEN, 2s; Mr H. JENSEN, 2s; Mr C. FINDSEN, 1s 6d; Mrs C. FINDSEN, 1s; Mr A. SMITH, 1s; Total 15 pounds 4s 6d.

Those who are not already aware of the fact may be interested to know that the heaviest rainfall in the colony takes place in Hokitika. The average for the previous 15 years is 119-057, and the number of days on which rain fell, 199.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday August 10th 1881

Birth - BAKER - On the 9th August, at Roslyn-road, Napier, the wife of Horace BAKER, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., and Captain PREECE, R.M:

Henry M'KINLEY was sentenced to one month's imprisonment, with hard labor, for vagrancy.

Judgment was given in the adjourned case against John KETLER, for slaughtering on his premises, without the place being duly licensed as an abattoir. Defendant was fined 5s and costs, with counsel's fee of 1 pound 1s.

In the following civil cases, judgment was given for the plaintiffs, with costs:-
NEAL and CLOSE v. William HIGGINS, claim 2 pounds 2s.
BLYTHE and CO. v. Thomas CLANCY, claim 3 pounds 13s.
BLYTHE and CO. v. H. HENSEN, claim 9 pounds 1s 2d.

In the adjourned case of TUCKER V. Hapuka POHUKA, judgment was given by counsel for 30 pounds 13s 10d.

In another adjourned case of Hohatara te APATARI v. Arapata HAPUKU, claim 12 pounds, judgment was reserved till next Tuesday.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday August 11th 1881

Local News - Yesterday was the day appointed for the nomination of candidates for the seat in the Napier Municipal Council rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr Joseph LEONARD. There were no nominations.

Mr BOGGS, licensee of the Waverley Hotel, died very suddenly yesterday evening. He was in town on Monday, apparently in the best of health, but he had two fits yesterday. Dr SPENCER was sent for, but before he arrived Mr BOGGS was dead.

We have received the following subscriptions in aid of the SUTHERLAND family collected by Mr Joseph JEFFARES, Taradale:- Joseph JEFFARES, 2 pounds 2s; Samuel LAIRD, 2 pounds 2s; Mrs BARRY, 1 pound 1s; Mrs O'DOWD, 10s; Samuel GRAHAM, 10s; Chas. GILLIGHAN, 5s; Geo. PRESTLING, 2s; Philip DOLBEL, 1 pound; William HARPHAM, 10s; Robert M'CAULY, 2s 6d; a friend, 1s; Total, 8 pounds 5s 6d.

We regret to have to record a fatal accident to Thomas M'DERMOTT, the carrier of the mail between Puketapu and Patea. On Tuesday morning M'DERMOTT left Puketapu on his usual trip. Shortly afterwards he was found lying insensible on the road, with a deep cut in the back of his head, and blood oozing from his ears. He was carried to the Napier Hospital, where he died yesterday, never having recovered consciousness.

The football match between the Napier and Waipawa clubs will be played on Saturday in GIFFORD's paddock, on the Pakowhai road, which has been kindly lent for the occasion by Mr LASCELLES. The Napier team will leave town by special train at 10 minutes past one o'clock. The Waipawa representatives will arrive by the early train, and will probably stay at Farndon. The following is a list of the Waipawa team:- G. POTTS, (Captain), T. HARWOOD, W. GOLDSMITH, C. EWEN, ORD, J. RHODES, E. RHODES, H. CROSSE, T. BOSTOCK, H. BOSTOCK, J. BOGLE, A. CRAIG, E. NEWMAN, A. WILLIAMS, and A. SMITH.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday August 12th 1881

Birth - PAGE - On August 11, the widow of the late S. PAGE, of a son.

Death - BOGGS - On August 10, at the Waverley Hotel, George BOGGS, aged 35 years. The funeral will leave his late residence this day, at 2 p.m.

Local News - A most successful gift auction in aid of the Catholic Church funds was held at Hastings yesterday and about 100 pounds was realised. At six o'clock in the evening a tea meeting in Goodwin's Hall took place which was largely attended and carried out most successfully, after which a concert was given at the school-room (kindly lent for the occasion), at which a number of Napier ladies and gentlemen assisted the local talent. The following is a resume of the performances: Pianoforte duets - Misses PERCY and WOODS, and Mesdames SHEATH and ST. CLAIR, Violin-cello solo with piano accompaniment - Mr HUMPHRIES. Vocal duet - Misses PERCY and KELLY Songs - Mesdames SHEATH and STURM, Misses PERCY, M'GREEVY, BOYLE, and KELLY, Messrs SHEATH, HILL, MORGON, EDWARDS, and ST. CLAIR.
The lateness of the hour of closing the concert prevents us from giving a very full report, but we may remark that the audience seemed to prefer simple ballads to any other kind of music.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday August 13th 1881

Death - WELLWOOD - On the 12th August, at Maxwell Lea, Hastings, Annie, wife of Robert WELLWOOD, aged 32. The funeral will leave her late residence at 12 o'clock on Sunday for the Napier cemetery.

Local News - Mr P.A.F. BIRCH, Registrar of the Supreme Court, held a sitting yesterday afternoon for the dispatch of bankruptcy business. There was only one application, which was made by Mr CARLILE to have deed of arrangement in Hugh M'LELLAN's estate declared completely executed. The order was granted.

Mr KELLY desires to thank the chairman, the ladies who presided at the tables, and all who assisted at the tea meeting and concert at Hastings on Thursday. The ladies' names are Mesdames NORTH, O'BRIEN, LAWLISS, and NEAGLE, and the Misses CHAPMAN, PERCY, KELLY, SCANLON, MARONEY, BOYLE, and M'GREEVY. Special thanks are also tendered to Messrs HOADLEY and LYON for conducting the gift auction free of charge.

A letter recently appeared in the Wairoa Guardian, attacking Mr H.J. WILLIAMS in the most personal manner, and reflecting upon his antecedents. Mr WILLIAMS demanded an apology, which is tendered in the last issue of the Guardian, with an explanation to the effect that the letter was inserted during the absence from home of the editor. The letter complained of was signed R. GARDINER, jun.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday August 15th 1881

Death - MURPHY - At Napier, on August 14th, Ellen, the beloved wife of Thomas M. MURPHY, aged 25 years. R.I.P. The funeral will leave her late residence, Coate-road, for the Catholic Church, at 6.45 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday), and will leave the church about 8 a.m. for the cemetery.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Thomas WEATHERLY was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

Mr A. M'DONALD's string of race-horses Foul Play, Badsworth, and the Squire, arrived here from Gisborne on Saturday, in charge of the trainer, Mr W. PROFFIT. They are all landed safely.

There is now on view at Mr F. TUXFORD's shop in Hastings-street, a handsome present which is to be sent to Mr C.W. M'KENZIE, of the Bank of New Zealand, who was recently transferred from the Napier branch to Wellington. The gift is a biscuit barrel mounted with solid silver, and has engraved on it, "To Mr C.W. M'Kenzie, from his Napier friends, 1881."

The remains of the late Mrs WELLWOOD were interred in the Napier cemetery yesterday afternoon. There was a large attendance of people on foot, on horseback, and in carriages, the cortege being one of the largest that has been seen in Napier for some time. A number of the friends of the deceased lady went out from Napier to Hastings and joined the procession there.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday August 16th 1881

Marriage - KEMSLEY-COLES - On August 10th, at St. John's Church, by the Rev. De Bordt HOVELL, George Vincent KEMSLEY, to Ada Barton COLES.

Local News - A house near Kaikora, occupied by Mr W. CRAWFORD, was destroyed by fire about half-past six o'clock on Sunday evening. The building, we understand, was insured in the National for 80 pounds.

A man named NELSON, fireman on board the Sir Donald, met with an accident yesterday afternoon. The winch handle flew back, dealing him a very severe blow on the face, splitting his cheek and lips open, and knocking his teeth through his tongue.

A meeting of creditors in the estate of John NICHOLSON, of Kaikora, was held yesterday, when it was resolved to recommend that a certificate of discharge be granted to the debtor. The trustees intimated that they had in hand an amount which would pay a first dividend of 4s in the pound, and they promised to lay a statement of accounts before an adjourned meeting to be held in a fortnight.

A meeting of the Lawn Tennis Club was held yesterday afternoon in St. John's school-room, Mr H. BAKER in the chair. The following committee was elected by ballot:- Mesdames CARLILE, LOCKE, HAMLIN, and SIME; Messrs BURKE, CARLILE, BOYLE, and BAKER. It was decided to limit the number of members to sixty, and that the annual subscription of one guinea be payable on the 1st of August. The committee were instructed to draw up rules for the government of the club, to be submitted for ratification to a general meeting. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings.

The committee of the Napier Football Club have selected the following names from which the team to play against Gisborne will be chosen:- Messrs BARCLAY, BEAMISH, BEGG, DOVE, DUNCAN, HOWIE, HUMPHRIES, MOWBRAY, POTTS, POTT, WHITCOMBE, LANAUZE, GIBBONS, BOSTOCK, THOMPSON, EDWARDS, MURRAY, PRICE, ORMOND, KENNEDY.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., John DALTON and William ORMOND were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Daniel MARTIN, a young lad, was found guilty of wilfully damaging a fishing net belonging to a fisherman named HANSEN, and was fined 1s, without costs; he was also ordered to pay the amount of the damage done, 10s, or be imprisoned
for one week. George MERRITT was charged with ill-treating a horse on August 8. Constable IRWIN stated that he examined the horse in defendant's buggy, which had been driven from Clive, and found a large sore under the belly-band and a smaller one under the collar. (There is a lengthy report on this case, the outcome being that the case was dismissed).
Charles BLUNDELL was fined 2s and costs for crossing the footpath in Emerson-street with a vehicle
Robert LEYMAN was charged with using insulting behaviour in Hastings-street, calculated to provoke a breach of the peace.
Mr LASCELLES defended. A great deal of contradictory evidence was taken. His Worship reserved judgment till this morning.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday August 17th 1881

Local News - The following are the cases set down for hearing at the District Court on Thusrday before Judge KENNY:-
Napier municipal Corporation v. W.A. RICHARDSON (adjourned case), and A.R.W. LASCELLES v. Arthur PALMER.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday August 18th 1881

Local News - A severe shock of earthquake was experienced yesterday afternoon, shortly after 2 o'clock.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Peter HARGREAVES and Peter MARTIN were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
James SMITH failed to appear to a similar charge and his bail of 1 pound was forfeited.

Councillor de LISLE was evidently in a facetious humor at the meeting of the Borough Council last evening. Upon Cr. ELLIS remarking that he had seen in one of the local papers that Captain RUSSELL had voted against the Representation Bill, Cr. de LISLE interjected, "Oh, that was in the evening paper, and you cannot accept the statement until it is contradicted to-morrow morning." "But it was in the morning paper," exclaimed Cr. SWAN. "Well," retored Cr. de LISLE "then you must wait until it is contradicted by the evening paper."

Advertisements - Mr SKITTOW, Meanee, notifies that he will destroy all fowls trespassing in his paddock.
Mrs CARO has registered under the Dentists' Act, 1880.
Mr TUXFORD has received his new season's stock of vegetable and flower seeds, ex Fernglen, from London.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday August 19th 1881

Marriage - LIMPUS-ELLINGHAM - On the 9th August, at his father's residence, Wautukia, by the Rev. J.C. ECCLES, Thomas George, eldest son of Charles LIMPUS, to Fanny, second daughter of William ELLINGHAM, of Te Aute.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Peter MARTIN was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Charles MENS failed to appear in answer to a similar charge, and his bail of 1 pound was forfeited.
Flora SUMMERS appeared on two charges of larceny, and was remanded till next Monday.
John ELLIS was remanded till next Monday on a charge of stealing a blanket, valued at 17s, from a man named LEITHIM.

A shingler named ELMES yesterday fell from the roof of Messrs WARDROP and CO's warehouse, and was picked up in an insensible state. He was carried into the railway station, and medical aid was procured. Dr CARO was quickly in attendance, and it was found that no bones were broken, the principal injury apparently being a severe cut on his face.

At the District Court yesterday morning, before Judge KENNY, the case of A.R.W. LASCELLES v. Arthur PALMER was adjourned for 14 days.

Advertisements - Dr CARO is prepared to re-vaccinate persons free of charge every Friday. The deed of arrangement in the estate of H. M'LELLAN is declared completely executed.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday August 20th 1881

Marriage - MONTEITH-PALMER - On August 17th, at the residence of the bride's father, Waipukurau, by the Rev. W. SHIRRIFFS, M.A., Robert MONTEITH, of Waipukurau, to Ann HUNTER, eldest daughter of John PALMER.

Death - SCHULTHZ - At Taradale, on August 18th, Agnes SCHULTHZ, aged 62 years. The funeral will leave Taradale for the Napier cemetery at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., the case of George CLARKE in remand as a suspected lunatic, was called on. Mr. W. MILLER, Superintendent of the Asylum, stated that CLARKE was then ill and in too weak a state to attend the Court. The case was, after some consideration, again adjourned till next Friday for further medical examination
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday August 22nd 1881

Birth - DANVERS - At Awaiea, Hastings, on August 20th, the wife of Mr. A.T. DANVERS, of a son.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday August 23rd 1881

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
Henry HUDSON, an old offender, was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for being a vagrant without lawful means of support.
Flora SOMERS was charged on three sepaarate informations with larceny, and was sentenced to four months' imprisonment on each, the sentences to be cumulative. The larcenies were
(1) stealing a sealskin jacket from Mrs TAIT, of the White-road;
(2) stealing a waterproof cloak from the Napier Hotel; and (3) taking a sealskin hat from Mrs BARRY's store at Taradale.
John ELLIS was charged on remand with stealing a blanket from John LEITHIM at Hasting, and being found guilty, was sentenced to 14 days' imprisonment with hard labor.
A case of Hugh HANDYSIDE v. Henry HICKEY was adjourned for a fortnight.

Advertisements - The creditors of the late Mr T. BECKETT, of the Wairoa, are requested to send in their claims to Mrs BECKETT.
Persons having in their possession Snider Artillery carbines of certain numbers must return them to Captain GARNER to avoid legal proceedings.
Mr TYLEE has lost a black and tan collie dog.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday August 24th 1881

Births - BATLEY - At Te Henga, Rangipo, on July 29th, the wife of R.T. BATLEY, of a son.
HAMILTON - At Mangatoro, on August 20th, the wife of G.D. HAMILTON, of a daughter.

Deaths - WOOLF - At Dunedin, on the 23rd inst., Mrs A. WOOLF, aged 80, mother of Mrs David LEVI, of Napier.
M'LEAN - At White-road, Napier, on August 23rd, Archibald John M'LEAN, Esq., of Glenorchy, Maraekakaho, in his 65th year. The funeral will leave his late place of residence at 1.30 p.m. on Thursday, the 25th inst.

Local News - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., in the following civil cases judgment was given for the plaintiffs, with costs:-
BLYTHE and CO. v. Annie MURPHY, claim 16 pounds 6s 11d, the amount to be paid in monthly instalments of 1 pound.
NEWTON v. W.W. YATES, claim 15 pounds 7s 11d.
WRIGHTSON v. CLAYTON, claim 8 pounds 16s 11d (Mr
LASCELLES for plaintiff and Mr WHITE for defendant).
A case of MONAHAN v. WHEELER was adjourned for a week on the application of Mr R.S. M'LEAN, solicitor for defendant.
In a judgment summons case, COLLINGE v. GANTELIN, the defendant was ordered to pay the amount claimed within 14 days, or undergo seven days' imprisonment (Mr LEE for the plaintiff).
A case of LEONARD v. Annie HARRIS was adjourned for a week to enable his Worship to consider a legal point raised by Mr LASCELLES as to married women's liability.

Captain M'LEAN, brother of the late Sir Donald M'LEAN, died yesterday afternoon at his residence at the White-road, Napier.

The only case set down for hearing at the District Court on Thursday is that of P. SCULLIN v. J. KUHTZE.

Frederick Day RENDLE, clerk in the Napier Post-office, was arrested last evening on a charge of stealing letters from the office. He will be brought up at the R.M. Court to-day. Some extraordinary revelations are anticipated.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday August 25th 1881

Birth - SANDERS - At Hastings, on the 25th August, the wife of C. SAUNDERS, of a son.

Local News - When in Wellington recently Mr John HARDING informed the Native Minister that unless some steps were immediately taken to put him in possession of the disputed land at Mount Vernon he would shoot all the native stock on the land. In pursuance of this threat Mr HARDING and his son on Tuesday drove past the pa, and from the buggy Mr HARDING, jun., shot a pig owned by the natives. The natives are reported to be very excited about the matter, and threaten reprisals on Mr HARDING's sheep.

We hear that above 200 stamps torn from letters were found on the person of Frederick D. RENDLE, who now lies in gaol under a charge of opening letters passing through the post. As these stamps were all uncancelled they must have been torn from letters locally posted. Two of them were it is stated of the value of 5s, but most were sixpenny stamps. If the statement made to us be correct it would be well if those who recently posted important letters to England make inquiries at the police office, as no doubt scraps of writing which
may lead to identification will be found attached to many of the stamps. The letters can then be re-written and sent by the next mail.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday August 27th 1881

Local News - The late Mr James ARMSTRONG's properties at Wainui and Akiteo, on the borders of the Wellington province, will be sold by auction in December next. The total area of freehold land is about 36,000 acres, and of leasehold 39,000 acres, and the stock comprises about 64,000 sheep, exclusive of this year's lambing, 2,400 head of horned cattle, and 150 horses. The property is estimated to be worth about 140,000 pounds. Messrs T.K. MACDONALD and CO., of Wellington, have been entrusted with the sale.

Mr Allan M'LEAN has disposed of the racehorses Mavis and The Laird to Mr Percy MARTIN, and they have gone to keep company with the same owner's late purchases Mischief and the Mororo-Wainui filly.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday August 29th 1881

Local news - A man named Thomas CLOUD, who was residing at Clive, committed suicide last Saturday. He was found in the yard closet hanging from a rafter, a fishing line doubled several times being used for a rope. He was not quite dead when found, but though every means were used to resuscitate him, he expired within twenty minutes. He had been for some time out of work and in very low spirits. An inquest will be held on the body today.

Merchants and tradesmen who posted important letters recently, especially by the last English mail, would do well to call at the police station and see whether they can identify their letters by the charred remains. The police found a mass of burnt papers in RENDLE's apartments, and a few words here and there can be deciphered. The first piece of paper examined contained a number of Scandinavian words, and Mr MICHAELSEN was sent to translate them. He immediately recognised in the charred embers a letter he had forwarded to his sister by the last European mail. Several other letters have since been identified. RENDLE will be brought up at the R.M. Court this morning.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,

- MAKARINI, a native, was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

- George CLARK was charged on remand with lunacy, and was again remanded for a week for further medical examination.

-Christina JOHNSON was charged with stealing a bottle of horehound beer from Mr L. WHITE's store on Friday. The only evidence as to the theft was that of a little girl eight years old, who stated that she saw the prisoner lift the bottle off the counter and put it in her pocket. When arrested some time later no trace of the beer was found. His Worship said that as there was considerable doubt in the case, the little child being probably mistaken as to what she saw, he would discharge the prisoner, hoping it would prove a warning to her if she really had committed the theft.

- Henry, alias Andrew, JOHNSON was charged with obtaining 1 pound 5s from Mrs VAUGHAN of the Meanee Hotel, and 2 pounds 7s 6d from Charles HELANDER, of the Farndon Hotel, by false pretences. The prisoner pleaded guilty to both charges. It seemed the prisoner tendered cheques in both instances, receiving the sums mentioned as change. His Worship animadverted very strongly upon tradespeople taking cheques from persons who were unlikely to have any account at a bank, and without enquiring into their antecedents. Such great laxity, he said, was a strong temptation to commit the crime with which the prisoner was charged. For the first offence he was sentenced to three months' imprisonment, and for the second six months, the sentences to be cumulative.

- The case of the unfortunate man CLARKE, at present under remand as a suspected lunatic, appears to afford a bone for medical contention. Drs de LISLE and CARO were in the first instance appointed to enquire into the man's condition. Dr CARO reported that CLARKE was insane, but Dr de LISLE arrived at a different conclusion. Dr HITCHINGS was next consulted, and he sent word to the Court on Saturday that he believed the man to be insane. He will, however, be given another week in which to further investigate the case, when, if he adheres to his present opinion, two fresh medical men will have to be appointed; but if Dr HITCHINGS after more minute examination gives in his vote with Dr de LISLE, the man will
be discharged.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday August 30th 1881

Local news - Captain NEWMAN has headed Mr LEVI's subscription list in aid of the persecuted Jews in Russia with the handsome donation of 20 pounds.

ROPATA, a native chief living at Tikokino, near Waipawa, disappeared several days since. His body was yesterday found in the river.

A meeting of creditors in the estate of J. NICHOLSON was held yesterday at the Court-house, Mr J.S. LARGE in the chair. After a good deal of discussion it was decided that a full account of matters in connection with the estate should be filed, and that the remainder of the assets be realised.

In the expectation that the charges against RENDLE would be gone into, the Resident Magistrate's Court was completely crowded yesterday morning, but the spectators quickly dispersed when they heard another remand granted. RENDLE seemed to feel his position keenly. He did not lift his head once, and looked very troubled and ill.

We have been requested by the widow of the late Stephen PAGE to thank the lady who collected the following subscriptions, and all those who kindly subscribed:
Geo. SOUTH, 1 pound.
C.Y., 11s.
A friend, 5s.
A friend, 2s.
A well-wisher, 5s.
A friend 2s 6d.
M.A.S., 5s.
E.L., 2s.
A well-wisher, 2s 6d.
A friend, 2s.
Grocer, 5s.
A friend, 2s 6d.
J.N.B., 5s.
J.H.H., 3S.
B.F.A.P., 2s.
A friend, 5s.
C.P.L., 10s.
G. STEVENS, 10s.
Total, 5 pounds 0s 6d.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, Frederick Day RENDLE was charged on remand with stealing a letter from the Napier Post-office. Mr COTTERILL, who appeared for the prosecution, applied for a remand, which was granted. The case will be taken at 10 o'clock on Friday morning.

Charles KNOX, a youth of about 17 or 18 years, was charged with having at the Spit on Sunday night feloniously assaulted
Margaret SMITH. On the application of Inspector SCULLY the prisoner was remanded till Monday next at 10.30.

Edward CLARKE pleaded guilty to being a vagrant without means of support, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment whereby he cried out: "Six months, sir! I don't deserve it; I'll go back to Ireland."

Reuben COLLINS, Charles DICKSON, and Joseph STOKES were charged by J.T. TYLEE, Chairman of the School Commissioners of Hawke's Bay, with having felled, with intent to steal, three totara trees, on a reserve at Makatoku, the property of the Commissioners. Mr COTTERILL appeared for the prosecution and Mr LEE for the defendants. Mr J.T. TYLEE, in answer to questions from his Worship, said he had reason to fear dishonesty in regard to felling Government timber. In the Rakaitai block several hundred thousand feet had been taken. His Worship inflicted a fine of 2 pounds on each of the defendants, the costs of prosecution and damage done to the property, amounting to 3 pounds 3s each, being also added.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday August 31st 1881

Local news - At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M.,
In the adjourned case of LEONARD v. HARRIS, judgment was given for the defendant, without costs.

Judgment was given for the plaintiff in the case of CONROY v. G.J. SMITH, claim 9 pounds 3s 2d.

His Worship reserved judgment on a point of law in the case LASCELLES v. WHELAN, claim 31 pounds 15s.

The case of KNIGHT Bros. v. John EVANS, and judgment summons case of HIGGINS v. Dugald FERGUSON were adjourned for a week.

In a case of MOYNAHAN v. WHELAN, claim 17 pounds 10s, a set-off of 12 pounds 17s 6d was put in. Mr LEE appeared for the plaintiff and Mr M'LEAN for the defendant. After taking evidence his Worship allowed the plaintiff 14 pounds on his claim, and the defendant 3 pounds 11s 6d on the set-off, leaving a balance in favor of plaintiff of 10 pounds 8s 6d.

The annual meeting of the Napier Rowing Club was held at the Criterion Hotel last evening, Mr BOGLE in the chair. There was a large attendance of members. The election of officers resulted as follows:-
President, Mr. J.D. ORMOND (re-elected)
Vice Presidents, Messrs T. TANNER and T.W. BALFOUR
Captain, Mr A.P. SHEATH
Deputy-captain, Mr R.J. DUNCAN
Secretary, W.J. TABUTEAU (re-elected)
Treasurer, Mr J. BOGG
Auditors, Messrs C.B. HOADLEY and J. LIDDLE.

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