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April - June

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday April 1st 1881

Mr. O'BRIEN has left at our office a monster potato, weighing 2-1/2 lbs., which was in a lot purchased from Mr. Harvey SLADEN.

We have received from Major ROUTLEDGE a cheque for 5 pounds 1s, the amount collected by him on the cricket-ground yesterday in aid of the charitable aid fund. Major ROUTLEDGE went to considerable trouble in collecting the money.

A number of gentlemen interested in the health and beauty of the town metin Messrs. BLYTHE and CO.'S offices on Wednesday, and agreed to offer to the Corporation trees of various kinds for planting along the streets on the reclaimed land. The question of planting a portion of the Ware-o-maranui reserve was also mooted, but was deferred for the present.

Mr. G. GILLIES' exhibition was well patronised yesterday. In the afternoon Mr. D. COTTON drove up all the school children and their friends from the Spit at his own expense. They were very much pleased with the exhibition. Saturday is the last day of the exhibition in Napier as Mr. GILLIES intends to leave for Auckland next week.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday April 2nd 1881
The special train from Hastings last evening with passengers for the theatre had a curious mishap at the Shamrock. The connection between the engine and the carriages snapped off, and the engine came on to Napier without the passengers, for whom it had to return.

The prevalence of sharks in the bay is becoming much talked about. A fishing party on board the Loch Fleet yesterday morning, after getting a few gurnets and schnappers could not hook anything but young sharks, and these could be got as quickly as lines could be thrown in and hauled aboard.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE,
R.M., Alexander ROBINSON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. He was also fined 1 pound and costs, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment, for using obscene language in Carlyle-street. Paurini te WIUTI was charged with feloniously stealing, on March 25th, from the railway train at Te Aute, a box, containing books valued at 10 pounds, the property of the Rev. G.E. SASS. Mr. DEWES appeared for the prisoner. (After much deliberation His Worship was convinced there had been no felonious intent in taking the box -Judy).
The case was dismissed.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday April 4th 1881

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Mr. H. EYRE KENNY, R.M., Catherine HUNT was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

A gentleman well-known in business circles left Napier somewhat suddently one day last week, and a good many of his friends are sorrowing at his departure, and are making anxious enquiries as to his whereabouts.

Captain Charles F. HELANDER, who has been master of the steamer Southern Cross for some three years past, and master of other steamers belonging to the Auckland Steamship Company, has severed his connection with that company. Captain HELANDER is well-known here, and was much esteeemed for his seamanship and obliging disposition.

Our Ormondville correspondent writes under Saturday's date:- A destructive bush fire is raging at Makatoku, close to the railway station. The inhabitants were greatly alarmed all yesterday, and some of them removed their effects to a place of safety. - Constable LAURENSON yesterday arrested a boy named William O'LEARY for stealing property from a house during the absence of the owner. - A resident policeman is required at Ormondville, for petty thefts and larikinism are on the increase.

The experiment made last year of exporting butter to England in hermetically sealed tins having proved successful, a further quantity is to be disposed of this year in the same manner, and with this end in view a large order for this is now being executed in Christchurch.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 5th 1881
Birth HOOD - At Onepoto Gally, Napier, on the 4th April, the wife of Mr George HOOD, of a daughter.

Deaths - CARTER - At Clyde, Wairoa County, on the 2nd April, Benjamin Richard, second son of the late Edwin CARTER, J.P.

GRAHAM - On April 2nd, drowned from the cutter Clara, in Hawke's Bay, N.Z., Joseph GRAHAM, aged about 26 years. Auckland and Dunedin papers please copy.

From the Home News we learn that the heir to the D'Arcy IRVINE estate has died at the early age of 17 years and three months.

The Simonsen Opera Company left by the Tararua last evening for Auckland, where there are indications they will have a very prosperous season. Mr. Simonsen expressed himself highly pleased with the result of his season of three weeks here.

A sad accident happened on board the cutter Clara on Sunday afternoon, resulting the loss of a seaman named Joseph GRAHAM. The Clara left the Spit on Saturday at midnight with the intention of proceeding to Mohaka, but the wind being from the N.E. she was forced to come to an anchor off Petane Valley on Sunday morning. At about 1 p.m., there being a heavy swell on, Capt. FERNEY thought it would be advisable to return to harbor. With this object GRAHAM was engaged in lifting the anchor, and had got some 30 fathoms to which she was riding, when the fall of the winch canted, while the sudden jerk on the chain carried the lever of the winch forward and the man with it. The lever came with such weight on the rail as to split it, and it is presumed that GRAHAM must have hit his head with like force on the rail and got stunned. He fell overboard and was seen but for a minute by Captain FERNEY under the bluff of the bow and then disappeared. ............... The deceased was a quiet and orderly young fellow. It is not certain whether he leaves any relatives in the colonies, though it is believed he had a brother in Auckland or Dunedin.

The Rev. W.O. OLLIVER will on Sunday next preach his farewell sermon in Trinity Church. Sunday will also be the anniversary of the Church. On Tuesday evening a valedictory tea meeting will be held, when the congregation will say farewell to Mr. OLLIVER.

Detective JEFFREY arrested a passenger by the Rotorua from South, named W. EVANSON, suspected of intending to clear out by the Zealandia, on a charge of obtaining 9 pounds on false pretences from Adam ARMSTRONG of Carterton. He was brought up at the R.M. Court this morning and remanded for eight days. Bail was accepted.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 6th 1881
Birth - HOOD - At Onepoto Gully, Napier, on the 4th April, the wife of Mr George HOOD, of a son.

The present year, 1881, has two peculiarities; whether read backwards or forwards, or even upside down, it remains the same in value, and this circumstance has not occurred since 1111, and will not recur again till 8008. Further, this is a year of "nines", like 1863, the first two and last two figures each making nine, the four units added together being 18 - twice
nine - the two first, as they stand, being also 18, and the two last being 81, or nine times nine.

Mr. BECKER has taken the Taupo Hotel and leaves by the coach this morning to take possession. He was entertained at supper at the Criterion Hotel last evening by a few friends.

A foot race of 100 yards between a well-known local pedestrian and a "bagman" was run early yesterday morning on the Marine Parade. The local man conceded a start of seven yards to his opponent, and came in an easy winner by a yard, the "bagman" falling down on the way.

On Monday there was some excitement at the Spit over an intended elopement. Just as the Boojum was about to leave the wharf an excited husband arrived in search of his wife, who, it appeared, had taken passage for Sydney with a certain Lothario. The wronged husband induced the erring wife to return with him, and the gallant was left in despair.

Petane, it appears, it not behind Meanee in growing large potatoes. Two were brought to our office yesterday, one of which weighed over 2lb and the other turned the scale at 3lb 9oz. They were grown by Mr James MARSHALL, and the smaller one was about the average of the crop. Mr MARSHALL we believe, has always had good crops of potatoes.

Mr Robert DOBSON has made arrangements to join Mr Roope BROOKING, and the agency of the New Zealand Insurance Company will be conducted by Messrs BROOKING and DOBSON. We have no doubt from the well-known business abilities of both the partners that the new firm will have a prosperous carrer. We understand that the New Zealand Insurance Company's premises in Hastings-street have been taken by the Bank of New South Wales.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Captain PREECE,
R.M., Charles COLE, a seaman on board the steamer Go-ahead, was charged with disobeying lawful commands. The prisoner pleaded guilty. It appears that when COLE was asked by the mate to turn to at 6 o'clock yesterday morning he refused, and threatened to knock off the heads of both the captain and the mate.
The prisoner was ordered to forfeit two days' pay, and to pay all costs, including counsel's fee of 1 pound 1s.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday April 7th 1881
An Irish "patriot" has, we are informed, been distinguishing himself in Napier of late. He carried round a subscription list in aid of the funds of the Irish Land League, and collected something like 85 pounds, in sums varying from half-a-crown to ten shillings. The collector has suddenly disappeared - so has the collection.

The bazaar in aid of the building funds of St. John's Church opened in the school-room yesterday afternoon, and was very extensively patronised by the public. The school-room was nicely decorated with flags, and the varied articles for disposal were well displayed, and gave a gay appearance to the scene. The fancy goods' tables were well supplied, and the refreshment stall was equally good. The ladies in charge of the stalls were Mesdames HOVELL, BURKE, LOCKE, KEMP, BANNER, PARKER, and KNOWLES, and the Misses BELL and KENNEDY; and the refreshment stall was presided over by Mesdames SAINSBURY and HOADLEY. These ladies were assisted by a host of willing helpers, who were constantly flitting about seeking buyers. The bazaar was kept open till after 10 o'clock, and so far has been a great success. It will be open to-day and to-morrow.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday April 8th 1881
Death - BRIGHTWELL - At Princess-street, Hawera, on the 31st March, Samuel John PEARCE, the beloved child of L. and A. BRIGHTWELL, aged 16 weeks.
From our own correspondent - Wairoa - Thursday -
The enumerator taking the Maori census was assaulted and natives will not allow the census to be taken amongst them.

A Woodville landlord has hit upon a novel expedient. Failing to obtain his rent from a tenant, he advertises that he will seize and sell the wife and family of the defaulter on a certain date if ready cash be not forthcoming in the meantime.
(N.B. - On reading the above our private "imp" suggested - very impudently - that if this became general he knows some other men who would not pay their rent. Of course we kicked him out of the office).

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday Charles WAYGOOD, who failed to answer a charge of drunkenness, forfeited his bail of 1 pound. - Edward BRIGHOUSE was charged with being illegally on the premises of Mr. R. NEAGLE, Taradale. Prisoner said he was drunk at the time, and did not know what he was doing.

It will be seen by our commercial report that Messrs HOADLEY and LYON have disposed of Mr T. PARSONS' Willowbrook property to Messrs BICKNELL and Sons for the sum of 7250 pounds cash, which tends to prove that there is plenty of money available for bona fide investment.

Joseph WILLIAMS, who has taken the first prize at the Society of Arts' competition at Auckland, is a nephew of Mr N. WILLIAMS, of this town, for whom he works. He has also been studying under Mr RAWLINS. The subject of the prize picture was a group of fruit.

Mr. G.S. MACDONALD has been appointed agent for the Hawke's Bay Herald and Weekly Courier at Hastings.

Mr. DALZIEL announces that he has commenced business in the Norsewood district as a general commission agent.

Hawkes Bay Herald, April 9th 1881
.Marriage - SMYTH-ROBINSON - On the 31st March, at St. Mark's, Wellington, by the Rev. R. COFFEY, Charles GEE, second son of Colonel H.M. SMYTH, of Edgbaston, Birmingham, to Miriam, fourth daughter of the late John Russell ROBINSON, of Cannock, South Staffordshire.

On Thursday, 21st inst., Messrs HOADLEY and LYON will sell all the stock and implements on Mr PARSONS' homstead. The auctioneers, by the kind permission of Mr PARSON, will be able to offer other stock at this sale.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday April 11th 1881
Birth - LOFLEY - On April 7th, at the Hot Springs, the wife of Edward John LOFLEY,of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Mr. H. EYRE KENNY, R.M., James PILCHER was charged with not providing adequately for the support of his son, aged five years. The defendant was ordered to pay 7s a week, until the boy reached the age of ten years. - The wife of John W.H. SCOTT applied for a protection order, alleging habitual drunkenness and cruelty. The order was granted, the applicant being at the same time instructed to seek the protection of the Court should her husband interfere with her in any way.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 12th 1881
We are informed the directors of the Southern Cross Petroleum Company have accepted a tender for erecting cottages, engine shed, derrick and machinery. They have also accepted a contract for boring up to 1000 feet, if necessary, commencing at 10s per foot, and rising to 50s. The contractors agree to forfeit10 per cent if the bore proves dry, while the company will give them a 10 per cent bonus on the contract price if a yield of not less than 20 barrels per day is obtained. The contractors have to keep the pipes going day and night under a penalty of 5 pounds per day, so we may soon expect to hear something definite as to the prospects of the company.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M. Hone KUITI and William GAINEY were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
William THOMSON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 13th 1881
The inner harbor presented quite a deserted appearance yesterday, the steamer Sir Donald and the ketches Three Brothers occupying the breastwork - the ketch
Maid of the Mill the corner berth, the steam-launches Boojum and Bella occupying Watts' wharf and the ketch Why Not the breastwork in the pot; the cattle wharf and the Government wharf were vacant.

Birth - BURNETT - On the 9th April, the wife of Mr William BURNETT, of Hawkden, Otago, of a daughter.

Marriage - PURVIS-BARTLETT - At St. Luke's Church, Havelock, on April 2nd, by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, William PURVIS, fourth son of Thomas PURVIS, Jedburgh, to Bessie, second daughter of S.P. BARTLETT of Manawata.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday April 14th 1881
Mr and Mrs E. MOORE left for Wellington yesterday en route for England, where they propose to remain for some month before returning to Napier. Mr MOORE's absence will be a source of regret to the customers of the Union Bank, for his invariable courtesy and tact have made him most popular among business men; but we are pleased to say that there will be no new face in the managerial chair, Mr TORR, the accountant, taking Mr MOORE's place during his absence. Mr TORR is thoroughly acquainted with the business of the branch, and the directors could not have made a wiser selection, or one more acceptable to the clients of the bank here. Mr MOWBRAY, the former teller, goes to the accountant's desk, and the other officers have also been promoted. Prior to his departure Mr MOORE was presented by his subordinates with a handsomely fitted travelling bag, the presentation being accompanied by hearty good wishes.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Sarah MARTIN was charged with using obscene language in Dickens-street on Sunday evening. Defendant did not appear. Constable FOSTER gave evidence of previously convicted of a similar offence and also on a charge of larceny, was fined 1 pound and costs, the the option of seven days' imprisonment.

Hawkes Bay Herald, April 15th 1881

The Gazette contains notices of the following land reserved for different purposes in Hawke's Bay:- Four sections township of Clyde, Wairoa, as a site for a hospital; two blocks, 100 and 95 acres respectively, Norsewood survey district, as endowments for primary education; 15 acres, Norsewood district for school site.

GRANT's Havelock coach was upset yesterday afternoon. When the coach was a little way out of Napier the driver of SIMPSON's coach endeavored to pass GRANT's on the wrong side and ran into the horses, upsetting the vehicle. The passengers, among whom were Mrs M'LEES AND Mrs MOTLEY and three children, were thrown out and received numerous bruises. It is quite a miracle that more serious consequences did not ensue.

The Poverty Bay Standard contains the following remarkable item:- "It is stated that a dwarf, measuring only two feet three inches in height, has arrived in Gisborne, and will exhibit himself in aid of the Roman Catholic Church funds. He is said to be a native of Bengal, and reputed to be very wealthy."
Saturday April 16th 1881 - Missing Issue.

Monday April 18th 1881 -
Birth - BIRCH - On the 14th April, at Otterington Hall, near Northallerton, Yorkshire, the wife of Azim S. BIRCH, Oruamatua, Hawke's Bay, of a son.

The train from Napier on Friday morning was very full of passengers. This had its effect when going up the Te Aute incline, where it stuck, the engine not having power enough to drag it up entire. The train was therefore divided and was hauled up in two instalments.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 19th 1881
SHIPPING: Bluff, April 18. The Union Company's s.s. Te Anau arrived at the Bluff at 7.30 a.m. She left Melbourne on the 12th at 3 p.m., and cleared the heads at 5.30 p.m., passed Swan Island on the 12th at 11 p.m., Cape Pillar on the 14th at 3.30 a.m., and arrived at Hobart the same day at 6.30 a.m., and cleared the land at 3 p.m. Experienced strong S.W. winds throughout. Passengers for Napier - Mrs and Miss GREENWOOD, Messrs YOUNG and NAIRN.

Birth - KETTLE - At Te Whare, Napier, on the 17th April the wife of N. KETTLE, of a daughter.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday April 20th 1881
Marriage - TANCRED-BELL - At St. John's Church, Napier, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Waiapu, assisted by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Harry George, the youngest son of the late Sir Thomas TANCRED, Baronet, of Water and Castle Eaton, Wilts, and of Napier, to Emily Alicia de CONSEY, eldest daughter of Major Slingsby BELL, Esq., of the Bungalow, Napier.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, Dugald M'DONALD was brought up on suspicion of being of unsound mind. He was brought down from Porangahau on Saturday, and was so violent that he had to be put under restraint in the guard's van. He was remanded till next Saturday for medical examination. William GOODWIN was charged with a breach of the peace and with assaulting and resisting the police. He was fined 1 pound on each charge, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday April 21st 1881

Death - GROOM - On the 20th April, at her late residence, Carlyle-street, Jane Abercrombie GROOM, aged 70 years. The funeral will leave her late residence, Carlyle-street at 3 p.m. this day (Thursday).

The Census Returns - The whole of the census returns are not yet in, nor is precise information available, but sufficient is known to warrant the belief that, while Napier has remained practically stationary during the last three years, the population of the country districts within the Hawke's Bay County has largely increased. Napier shows a nominal increase, but it is known that the last census was very imperfectly taken, and that the then population was under-estimated, in addition to which a steamer was in the harbor with 195 souls on board, all of whom were credited to the town. The total population of the borough is set down at 5738, and the houses at 1125, of which 78 are unoccupied. The males number 2895, and the females 2843. The country districts show as follows:- Hastings township 616; Hastings outlying districts, 242; East and West Clive 773; Havelock and Pukuha 550; Petane riding 306; Papukura 147; Awatoto 56; Te Mata and Waimarama 95; Poukawa, Waitangi and Farndon 85. The Meanee and Taradale returns were not yet in.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday April 22nd 1881
Births - CREAMER - At Norsewood, on April 12th, the wife of J.H. CREAMER, of a daughter.
HUTCHINS - At Woodville, on April 13th, the wife of James HUTCHINS, of a son.

Death - HUTCHINS - At Woodville, on April 19th, John Henry, son of James and Ellen HUTCHINS, aged 6 days.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday April 23rd 1881
The harbor-master and Mr SAUNDERS, clerk of the works to the Harbor Board, have been occupied for the past two days in taking soundings to ascertain the exact position of the Auckland rock, so that one of the colored shades of the new port light should indicate the exact position of the rock, now unmarked.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday April 25th 1881
Death - COULTHARD - On the 23rd of April, at his late residence, Carlyle-street, Hiram Craven COULTHARD late of the Public Works Department, New Zealand, aged 43 years.

Just before the Te Anau was leaving for Auckland on Saturday evening the police arrested, on board the steamer, a man named Albert WILLIAMS, on a suspicion of having stolen 23 pounds from a man at Wellington.
At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Mr Eyre KENNY, R.M., George RICHARDS and William LIVINGSTONE were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. LIVINGSTONE was also fined 10s for resisting the police in the execution of their duty. Dugald M'DONALD, on a remand as a suspected lunatic, was ordered to be discharged on a written medical certificate of his sanity being sent in.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday April 26th 1881
Births - FLYNN - At Waipawa, on April 23, the wife of M. FLYNN, of a daughter.
HAULTAIN - At Tongoio, on the 24th April, the wife of Arthur T. HAULTAIN, of a daughter.

A man named George MONKS, employed on Captain RUSSELL's Tainanui run, was found dead yesterday morning. He was going to kill a wether and was last seen alive near the meat gallows by another of Captain Russell's employees named Robert GUPPY. Half an hour afterwards the latter found MONKS lying on his back dead. It is supposed that while struggling with the sheep he had an attack of heart disease and immediately expired.
An inquest will be held on the body this morning before Captain RUSSELL. There are just enough men on the station to make up a jury.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday morning, before Messrs. E. LYNDON and S.Y. COLLINS, J.P.'S, Phillip BARRY, charged with drunkenness, was discharged in consideration of his having been locked up sinced Saturday. James CHASE, charged with a similar offence, was fined 5s and costs. Albert WILLIAMS was charged with having stolen, from a man at Wellington, a pocket-book containing a 10 pound note and other money, in all 23 pounds. The prisoner was arrested on board the Te Anau on Saturday. The police applied for a remand till this morning, which was granted. Subsequently, however, from inquiries made by the police they became convinced that the accused had satisfactorily accounted for his possession of the money found upon him, and he was brought up again yesterday afternoon and discharged. Robert, alias Andrew GALLAGHER, was charged with having feloniously married, on December 9, 1876, one Eliza WHITE, his first wife Caroline being then alive.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday April 28th 1881

Marriages M'CARTHY-FERRIS - On the 26th April, at St. Mary's, by the Rev. Father REIGUITER(?), John M'CARTHY, son of John M'CARTHY, of Tulla, County Clare, Ireland, to Kate Nancy FERRIS, daughter of Patrick FERRIS, Abbeyfield, County Limerick, Ireland.

GILBERTSON-HINDMARSH - On 27th April, at St. John's Church, Napier, by the Rev. F.E. SELLING SIMCOX, assisted by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Edward GILBERTSON, of Brookfields, Meanee, to Florence Eliza HINDMARSHL, eldest daughter of John HINDMARSH, Esq., of Pohui.

BOLTON-HINDMARSH - At St. John's Church, Napier on the 27th April, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Waiapu, assisted by the Rev. De BERDT HOVELL, Samuel, third son of J.C. BOLTON, M.P., of Carbrook, Sterlingshire, to Mary Susan daughter of John HINDMARSH, Esq., of Pohui.

The Clarendon Hotel has been purchased by the present lessee, Mr. T. PEDDIE, for the sum of 1800 pounds cash. The sale was effected through Messrs HOADLEY and LYON. We understand that it is Mr. PEDDIE's intention to erect a large new hotel on the site immediately.

The appearance of two immense comets, visible from April 1 to June 12, is predicted by a writer in the London Times. The comet will, it is said, stretch across one-fourth of the heavens, and will eclipse in brilliancy the midday sun. They will occupy 2025-3/4 years in their revolution.

An exciting "bolt" occurred in Hastings-street yesterday afternoon. A two-horse buggy, owned by Mr HAWKINS, of Taradale, was being driven by Miss HAWKINS from the yard attached to Mr FORSTER's coach factory. The horses were restive, and knocked against a cab left opposite the factory for repairs. This frightened them and they dashed off. Getting on the footpath on the opposite side of the road Miss HAWKINS was thrown out, and the horses then dashed down the street under no control. ....... At the cabstand opposite Messrs RUDDOCK and FRYER's the runaways brought the buggy into a collision with a cab owned by a man named MYHILL. Both vehicles were overturned, the cab horses also being thrown on their sides - perhaps fortunately, as they were thus prevented from bolting. The buggy, when upside down, commenced to break to pieces.......Miss HAWKINS, when thrown out, was picked up and carried into Mrs FORSTER's house. She received some severe bruises, but was otherwise unhu! rt. The young lady deserves credit for the self-possession displayed until she was thrown out.

Three children, named SMITH, came up in the Result from Wairoa yesterday. They were deserted by their father there, and they have been sentenced to five years in the Barnham Reformatory.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday April 29th 1881
Birth - O'CONNELL - At West Clive, on April 28th, the wife of P. O'CONNELL, of a daughter.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday May 2nd 1881
Birth - BUDDOCK - On April 29th, the wife of H.S. RUDDOCK, of a son.

Marriage - RIDDIFORD-WARDELL - On the 29th April, at Newstead, by the Rev. A. HALBWACHS, S.M., Richard, third son of the late Daniel RIDDIFORD, Esq., of Woburn, Lower Hutt, to Beatrice Mary, second daughter of H.S. WARDELL, Esq., of Newstead, Featherston.

Captain HELANDER, late of the steamer Southern Cross, will take over the Farndon Hotel at the end of this month. Captain HELANDER should do well, as he has many friends in the district.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Captain PREECE, R.M., Robert PURVIS and Geo. SCOTT were each fined for drunkenness, the former 5s, and the latter 10s.

Mr CharlesKEEBLE, late agent of the New Zealand Steam Shipping Company at this port, and latterly purser of the steamer Rotorua, has been appointed wharf officer to the Union Steamship Company at Auckland.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday May 3rd 188

Vagrancy - Patrick LYNCH, an old offender, was charged with having no lawful visible means of support. The prisoner said he had only been out of gaol twnety minutes when he was re-arrested. He would leave the colony if he were released. Sergeant O'MALLEY stated that the prisoner came out of gaol at 6 p.m., on Saturday and was roaming about the streets with a mob of boys after him till about 8 o'clock, when he was arrested. His Worship said that did not constitute vagrancy. The prisoner had not had sufficient time to get means of support. He did not see how the police could possibly proceed with the charge. His Worship cautioned the prisoner, remarking that there were twelve convictions recorded against him, and he would have to get something to do. The prisoner was then discharged.

Drunkenness - Findley FORDYCE failed to appear in answer to a charge of drunkenness, and his bail of 1 pound was forfeited.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday May 4th 1881
The s.s. Kiwi, Captain James CAMPBELL, loaded up yesterday with wool, tallow, and maize, utilising all the stowage room. Her departure for Wellington is indefinitely postponed on account of the heavy S. weather.

The cutter Clara, Captain F. FERNEY, succeeded in getting safely into the Mohaka river on Monday evening's tide.

The steamers Result and Maori for Wairoa, and the Fairy for Mahia are ready to leave when the weather looks more propitious.

Birth - TUCKWELL - On April 29th, the wife of William TUCKWELL, bootmaker, of a daughter.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Patrick LYNCH was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness, but he chose the alternative of 48 hours' imprisonment. Robert, alias Andrew GALLAGHER, on remand, was charged with bigamy. Sergt. O'MALLEY applied for another remand for eight days, as the witnesses had not arrived from Auckland. The remand was granted until Wednesday next.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday May 5th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Joseph CARTER was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. Robert PURVIS and Thomas SMITH were charged with having stolen at Napier on Monday last, a waterproof coat, valued at 2 pounds, the property of Thomas Russell COOPER. Sergeant O'MALLEY applied for a remand as the witnesses were not yet ready. They were also charged with stealing a cloth coat, valued at 2 pounds, the property of Arthur CHAPMAN, on the same day. A further charge was preferred against them of feloniously breaking into the dwelling-house of John MOYNAHAN, at Papakura, on Tuesday and abstracting three blankets therefrom. The prisoners were remanded on all the three charges till next Wednesday.
Three little boys named Alexander M'LEOD, James FRANKLIN, and Charles GODDARD were charged with throwing mud at the Masonic Hall to the injury of that building. The boys pleaded guilty. Constable FOSTER stated that he saw the boys throwing the mud all over one wall of the hall. Sergeant O'MALLEY said as the boys were young he did not wish to press the case very hard. There were, however, continual complaints about boys breaking windows, &c, and he only brought these boys up so that it should be a warning to others. He Worship told the boys they ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and if they got a good flogging from their parents they deserved it. The system of throwing mud and stones about and driving horses from paddocks would not be put up with. If the defendants had been bigger he would have punished them very severely, and he would tell them if they were brought up again on a similar charge this case would be remembered against them. The police were qu! ite right in bringing them up. They had not attempted to deny the charge, and were perhaps misled by others. He would fine them each 2s, the costs to be paid between them.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday May 6th 1881

At the Annual General Meeting of the Hawke's Bay Poultry and Canary Association, the following gentlemen were selected to the Committee: Messrs. SAINSBURY, GALBRAITH, W. MILLER, BALFOUR, WINTER, HOLLIS, GROSS, BURKE, WILLIAMS, H. LASCELLES, HOOPER, and CONROY.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Hawke's Bay Racing Club: New Members - Col. WHITE and Messrs J. PARKER and J. JEFFARES were elected members, and Messrs John HEALOP and H. FERGUSSON honorary members.
The following committee for the year was elected: Messrs LEONARD, BARROWS, MONTEITH, IRVINE, BEATSON, M'CARTNEY, HOOPER, G. HEALOP, PEDDIE, M'VAY, and HOLLIS.
The following officers were re-elected: Mr T. POWDRELL, President; Mr. G. HESLOP, Vice-President; Mr. G. SWAN, Treasurer; Mr. H. MONTEITH, Secretary.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday May 9th 1881

The running match which will come off this afternoon between GARRY and KEYS is exciting a good deal of interest. It is stated that GARRY's tactics will be to keep close behind KEYS till near the finish and then make a sudden spurt, but it is believed that KEYS will be quite equal to the occasion, and will not allow himself to be outmanoeuvred.

A serious accident happened on Friday afternoon to a boy named John HUNT, aged four years, living with his parents at Clive. He and a brother a year older were playing with matches in the pigstye when the younger boy's clothes caught fire. His cries attracted Mr CARNE, his grandfather, who wrapped a coat round him and so extinguished the flames, but not until the boy was badly burned about the lower part of the body.

The Te Aute College had a narrow escape from destruction by fire on Friday morning. One of the servants had been ironing, and left some of the clothes in the front of the fire to dry while she went into another room to attend to the dinner. One of the boys at the college suddenly noticed flames in the room, and on rushing in it was found that the clothes had caught fire, probably through a spark, and that the flames had reached the wall near the mantel-piece. The timely discovery of the fire enabled it to be extinguished before any serious damage was done.

Hawkes Bay Herald, May 10th 1881
Birth - WARREN - At Waipukurau, on the 7th last, the wife of W.A. WARREN, of a daughter.

Death - OLIVER - At Puketapu, on May 9th, Louis Edward, son of George Andrew OLIVER, of Puketapu, aged 13 years and 6 months.

An official enquiry into the collision between the Boojum and Sir Donald will be held on Thursday at the Court-house before Judge KENNY, Mr. E. Patton, Collector of Customs, and a nautical assessor.

The race yesterday afternoon between GARRY and KEYS for 10 pounds a side was won by the latter easily. The race was run at the Little Beach, the distance being one mile. KEYS led from the start and was never reached. Time, 5 mins. 7 4-5ths secs.
Wednesday May 11th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., Alfred POULSON was charged with being drunk on the railway platform at Hastings, and also with committing a nuisance in a railway carriage. He was fined 10s and costs for each offence, with the alternative of 48 hours' imprisonment.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday May 12th 1881
Death - GUSH - On 10th March, 1881, Elizabeth Phi the beloved wife of William GUSH, Esq., of Grange Old Malden, Surrey, and 15, Strat Place, London W., the loving mother of Frede GUSH, of Clive.

Breach of Railway Bye-Laws - Hugh M'DONALD was charged with entering a railway train while in motion on April 29th. Defendant pleaded guilty. Seargeant O'MALLEY said that occurrences of the kind were so frequent that the case was brought to put a stop to the practice. Defendant was fined 2s and costs.

Leaving Vehicle Unattended -
Patrick FLANAGAN was charged with leaving his vehicle unattended in Waghorne-street, on April 3rd. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 5s and costs.

Larceny - Robert PURVIS and Thomas SMITH were charged on remand with the larceny of a waterproof coat of the value of 3 pounds 10s, the property of T.R. COOPER. The prisoners said they wished to plead guilty, withdrawing their plea of not guilty which they had in the first instance made.

They were then charged on remand with the larceny of a cloth coat valued at 2 pounds. Both prisoners pleaded guilty.

Housebreaking - The same prisoners were further charged on remand with breaking into the house of John MONAHAN at Papakura on the 3rd instant. Both prisoners pleaded guilty, PURVIS saying that he was more to blame than the other. His Worship said as it seemed to him PURVIS was most to blame he would make a difference in their sentences. PURVIS was sentenced to six months' imprisonment on each of the three charges; SMITH to four months for each of the two first and to six months for the latter one, the sentences to be cumulative.
Saturday May 14th 1881
Births - WILLIAMS - At Frimley, Hastings, on May 12th, the wife of J.H. WILLIAMS, of a daughter. WATTS - At Richmond Park, Waipawa, on May 13th, the wife of J. WATTS, of a son.

Death - TUCKWELL - At Napier, on May 9th, the daughter of Willliam TUCKWELL, aged 10 days.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday May 16th 1881
Constable MOTLEY, of Clive, will on Wednesday proceed to Woodville, to take charge of the telegraph office there. As was recently explained by us the Woodville office is to be worked by telephone instead of by the usual instruments, thus dispensing with skilled labor. Mrs MOTLEY takes charge of the post-office, Mr M'ELLWAINE, the present officer-in-charge at Woodville, proceeds to Wellington
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday May 17th 1881
Marriage - GLAZEBROOK-WILLIAMS - At the residence of the bride's father, on May 15th, by the Rev. J. SPEAR, Thomas George GLAZEBROOK, second son of H.G. GLAZEBROOK, of Clive, to Harriet Rosa, eldest daughter of W. WILLIAMS, of Puketapu, both of Hawke's Bay, N.Z. Home papers please copy.

Death - M'BRIDE - At Port Ahuriri, on 14th May, Edward, eldest son of J. M'BRIDE, aged 4 years and 6 months.

Madame Simonsen, in a letter to the "Melbourne Bulletin" calls Napier "a little village," and seems to be surprised that crowded houses greeted the performances of the company so often. Madame calls the business done here "immense," when the size of the town is regarded.

We believe that Sir George Grey addressed an audience at Auckland last night. Shortly before midnight we received an intimation that 5000 words were coming over the wire for us. Fortunately we managed to stop the message in time, and so saved ourselves considerable expense and our readers a great infliction.

When Herr BANDMANN's luggage was being transhipped from the s.s. Bella to the Arawata yesterday the tackle broke, and three boxes fell into the water. They were fished out, but some of the contents, which were chiefly expensive dresses, were considerably injured. Herr BANDMANN stated that the value of the whole was about 800 pounds, and he estimated the damage at 300 pounds. He gave the captain notice that he should hold the Union Company responsible for the amount of the damage.
Wednesday May 18th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, S. PEROUN was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

It was from the Boojum and not from the Bella that the cases belonging to Herr BANDMANN were being shipped to the Arawata when they got immersed into the sea.

Thursday May 19th 1881
In our advertising columns will be found an advertisement of H. Scott Barrow and Co's. The representative of the firm - Mr H. SCOTT BARROW - is appointing agents throughout the colonies, and, amongst others, Messrs BARRAUD and BOWERMAN of this town, for the sale of the Pyramid Hair Producer, which is said to arrest the falling off of the hair by a single application.
Friday May 20th 1881:
Birth - PREECE, At Napier, on the 19th May, the wife of George A. PREECE, of a daughter.
Saturday May 21st 1881:
Mr A. CAMPBELL announces that he will to-day open the shop in Emerson-street recently occupied by Mr. A. GRANT. A large display of drapery will be made

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday May 24th 1881
Birth - SHAW - At Wairoa, on the 18th May, the wife of W.F. SHAW, of a daughter.

With the exception of the occasion when an entertainment was given by the Amateur Gaiety Dramatic Club - when the admission was free - there has not been so large an audience in the Theatre Royal as filled it last evening. Downstairs the people were packed together as closely as possible, while in the dress circle every seat was filled to the very back benches. Altogether there were over 700 persons present, including a considerable number of country visitors, who came by special train.

The entertainment gave entire satisfaction, as was evidenced by the loud and incessant applause, of which Master ORMOND (Dick Deadeye) and Master SALINGER (Captain Corcoran) came in for the largest share. Miss Mary POLLARD (Josephine) sang exceedingly well. Miss Olive POLLARD (Little Buttercup) played "Home Sweet Home", with variations, on the violin, in a skilful and pleasing manner, and was loudly applauded for her performance.
Wednesday May 25th 1881

A complaint has been made to us that one of the passengers on the down train last evening made himself particularly obnoxious to several ladies seated in the carriage with him, by using objectionable language. The ladies left the carriage at the first opportunity. It was only a few days ago that a man was fined by Mr. KENNY for interfering with the comfort of passengers by using strong language, but the lesson seems to have been lost on men who cannot take a holiday without getting drunk, and who cannot get drunk without using beastly language.

Thursday May 26th 1881: Missing Issue.

Friday May 27th 1881:
Death - HAULTAIN - At Petane, on the 26th May, Louisa Josephine, wofe of Arthur T. HAULTAIN, aged 29 years.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday: Robert WILFORD - fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.
William IRWIN - sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labor for indecent behavior in a public thoroughfare.

The man JANSEN, who was lost in the bush near Palmerston three weeks ago, suddenly made his appearance on the Masterton-road, near Woodville, on Tuesday. He had lived on berries and fern root for the whole of the time he was in the bush, and, as may be expected, was dreadfully emaciated when he once more found his way to civilisation. His weight was little more than half what it was when he entered the bush. Some settlers near gave him food, and then he was taken to the Woodville Hotel, where every possible attention was paid by the kindly host and hostess, Mr and Mrs MURPHY.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday May 30th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court Saturday morning, before Mr H.E. KENNY, R.M., a Maori named RAWHIRA was remanded till Wednesday on a charge of stealing a gold hunting watch-case; valued at 9 pounds, the property of Mr H.H. WALL, watchmaker.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday May 31st 1881
Birth - OLIVER - At Puketapu, on the 30th May, the wife of G.A. OLIVER, of a son.

Marriage - RAFTER-KEENAN - At Napier, on the 21st May, at St. Mary's Church, by the Very Rev. Father FOREST, Thomas RAFTER to Annie KEENAN, both of Napier.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday - S.Y. COLLINS, deputy property tax commissioner, v. William O'MARA, claim 1 pound 0s 1d.
S.Y. COLLINS, v Robert COOPER, 18 pounds 11s 3d.
S.Y. COLLINS, v John DICK, 3 pounds 6s 5d.
S.Y. COLLINS, v Kate GANNON, 13 pounds 4s 4d.
S.Y. COLLINS, v E.W. MILLS, 4 pounds 9s 7d.
Richard NEAGLE v William SMAILE, 12s.
SOMMERVILLE's estate v William TRACEY, 8 pounds 6s 1d.
BENJAMIN and Co. v John ANDERSON, 2 pounds 2s 6d.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday June 1st 1881
Birth - FITZROY - At Mangateratera, on May 28th, Mrs FITZROY, of a daughter.

Death - SWEENEY - At Pukahu, on the 29th May, Margaret, the beloved wife of John SWEENEY, aged 35 years, leaving a large family to mourn her loss. The funeral will leave her late residence to-day at noon for Havelock.

Mr Charles PALMER has for sale a handsome bay pony, with saddle and harness complete.

Messrs J. TUCKER, CATO, and P. PALMER, and Mrs Fanny M'LEES announce that on and after to-day they will deliver milk in Napier at threepence per pint.

Mr Charles HELANDER, lately the genial "skipper" of the Southern Cross steamer, has now taken over the Farndon Hotel, and will be glad to see his friends there.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday June 3rd 1881
Birth - BROADBENT - At Pakowhai and Little Bush Estate, on the 1st June, the wife of J.S. BROADBENT, of a son.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday - William GAINEY, Andrew ANTHONY, and J. SMITH were fined 5s each for drunkenness. Koti PIRIHI and Honi RIKA, two natives, were remanded to the Wairoa on a charge of cattle stealing.

Herr BANDMANN telegraphs to us that on his way from Auckland he will stay in Napier for a season of six nights only. "Richelien" will be the opening piece. The reception accorded to Herr BANDMANN at his recent visit here augers a good season.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday June 4th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday morning, John ALLEN was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

There were no passengers from here for the North by the Taiaroa last evening. This is only the second instance of any of the Union Company's steamers leaving without passengers from Napier; the Lady Bird was the first.

The Bishop of Waiapu acknowledges, with thanks, the following contributions received for the Maori Church,
Ohinamutu: J.S. WELSMAN, 1 pound; H.S. TIFFEN, 10 pounds; Mrs RANDALL, 2 pounds; Rev. H.W. ST. HILL, 2 pounds.

Almost every day evidence is being furnished of the presence of the wild rabbit in this province. On Sunday last some children came across sixteen rabbits in the Pukatapu cutting, on Mr DOLBEL's run. The children caught three or four of the bunnies alive and killed the remainder.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday 6th June 1881

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning - John ALLEN was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

His Honor Mr Justice GILLIES leaves Wellington for here this morning and will arrive tomorrow evening. He is to preside at the ensuing sittings of the Supreme Court, which commence on the 13th inst.

Mr E. PETERS has purchased Mr TAYLOR's interest in the line of coaches running from Waipukurau to Porangahau, and will therefore have all the traffic in his own hands. We have no doubt that from Mr. PETERS' reputation as a skilful driver and his uniform courtesy, his undertaking will prove a success.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday June 7th 1881

At the Resident Magistrate's Court Monday, June 6 - James FERGUSSON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness. John MOORE, charged withbeing illegally on the premises of Thomas WATT in the Shakespeare-road, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labor. The prisoner had installed himself with his swag in an empty house belonging to Mr WATT. James GRIMLEY was charged with deserting his wife and child at Waipawa.

Herr BANDMANN announces that he will commence on Saturday evening next a farewell season in Napier of six nights. He will open with "Richelieu," and on Monday will present "Dead or Alive," a new play written expressly for Herr BANDMANN by the late Tom TAYLOR. Both pieces were performed by Herr BANDMANN's company in Auckland, and were highly spoken of by the Auckland Press.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday June 8th 1881
Birth - SHANLY - At Waipawa, on the 6th June, wife of F. SHANLY, of a daughter.

KRAUSE paid yesterday afternoon the fine of 25 pounds inflicted on him for smuggling, and SCHULZ will, we understand, pay his fine of 50 pounds this morning.

Mr Justice GILLIES arrived in town last evening by train. He was met by Mr BIRCH in his official capacity as Sheiff, and by the Secretary. Mr GILLIES was conducted to the Criterion Hotel, where he will reside during his sojourn in Napier.

Yesterday morning the Customs officers, in searching the Silver Cloud, found a further quantity of smuggled tobacco belonging to SCHULZ. The whole of the tobacco was exhibited in Court when the case against the two men arrested for smugglling was being proceeded with
Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday June 9th 1881

Marriage - MACKENZIE-BUCKERIDGE - On the 4th June, at St. John's Church, Napier, by the Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Charles Walter, youngest son of Mr Charles MACKENZIE, to Mary, fifth daughter of the late Mr Robert BACKERIDGE, of Wellington. (note: BUCKERIDGE/BACKERIDGE: copied as printed).
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday June 10th 1881

Marriage - GOODYEAR-DAVIS - On the 9th Junel, at All Saints' Church, Taradale, Napier, N.Z., by the Right Rev. Lord BISHOP, C.M.S., the Rev. William GOODYEAR,C.M.S., to Catherine, second daughter of Edward DAVIS, Esq., of Meanee, Napier.

We regret to state that the Rev. Mr SPEAR met with a somewhat serious accident at Taradale yesterday. He was alighting from a cab while it was in motion and was thrown to the ground, the hind wheels of the vehicle passing over his legs. The Rev. Mr HILL, who was in the cab, ascertained by examination that neither of Mr SPEAR's legs was broken, though both were otherwise much injured.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday June 11th 1881
At the Resident Magistrate's Court - The adjourned case of RENOUF v LINDSAY and H. EBDEN, came on for hearing. Voluminous evidence of no public interest was taken. After the addresses of counsel, judgment was given for the plaintiff.

The first football match of the season will be played on Clive-square this afternoon, unless the weather proves too inclement for play. The following sides have been chosen by the committee: No. 1 - WHITCOMB, THOMPSON, BEGG, GIBBONS, GILLIES, WEBER, EDWARDS, HOVELL, HUMPHRIES, I. NEWTON, ARROW, LEVISON, PARKER, VAUTIER, WATERHOUSE, RICH, TILLEY, and BLACK.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday June 13th 1881
Birth - GRAY, at Kaikoura, on the 10th June, wife of E. GRAY, of a daughter.

Mr H.A. BANNER, who leaves for England by the Rotomahana to-day, has been summoned on a jury for the Supreme Court.

Mr Henare TOMOANA, M.H.R., left for Wellington on Saturday by the Ringarooma to attend to his Parliamentary duties.

Captain RUSSELL left for Wellington by the Ringarooma on Saturday. Messrs ORMOND and SUTTON leave by the overland route this morning.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning - James BROWN and John ELLIS were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

A man named John WHITE, a navvie, was yesterday found dead at Waipawa in a pool of water on the road side near the Railway Hotel. About a quarter of an hour previously he was seen in the hotel. An inquest will be held on the body to-day.

Some mischievous persons destroyed last Saturday night two handsome ornamental trees that were in front of Mr Daniel WOOD's house in the White-road. The matter has been placed in the hands of the police, and it is to be hoped that the delinquents will be discovered and punished as they deserve.

Mr Rechab HARDING has received notice that the railway trains will no longer stop at the flag station near his residence. In consequence of this he has determined to resign his seats on the Land Board and Education Board, and the railway will lose one little item of revenue, which Mr HARDING will save. This is the sort of "management" which a private company would take care to avoid.

The town is full of witnesses on cases at the Supreme Court, over 60 coming from Poverty Bay. That northern settlement appears determined to keep up its reputation as the most litigious township in the colony. Lawyers, too, are here in unusual number. Messrs REES, WARD, BROOK-TAYLOR, and FENN are here from Poverty Bay; Mr J. SMITH, from Dunedin; Mr BUTTON, from Hokitika; and Messrs BELL, TRAVERS, and BUCKLEY, from Wellington. Mr BRASSEY is also expected from Gisborne.

Great interest is taken by the ploughmen of the Waipawa district in the coming ploughing match. At Waipukurau several ploughs are out, and we noticed some very good work done by Mr SMITH, of Woburn station, and Mr PULFORD, the Hawke's Bay County champion. All the intending competitors appeared to be using ploughs made by Mr JONES of Waipukurau. This is strong testimony in favor of Mr JONES' skill as a plough maker, and we hope that the match will again show that he can successfully compete with the imported article.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday June 14th 1881
We are informed that a general request has been made to Herr BANDMANN to repeat his performance of Hamlet, and that the request will probably be acceded to.

Mr Walter HALLETT yesterday claimed exemption from jury service on the ground that he was a civil servant, being employed in the Government Survey Department. The claim was allowed.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning - Judgment was given in the following civil cases for the plaintiffs with costs:
Deputy Property Tax Commissioner v. Catherine GRIFFIN, claim 11s.
Deputy Property Tax Commissioner v. Thomas GILLIGAN, claim 8 pounds.
The case of FINLAYSON v. PAKIPAIHAU was adjourned for a fortnight.

A public meeting was held at Kaikora last Saturday, Mr. A. DILLON in the chair, to consider the question of changing the school site. On the motion of Mr. W. WHITE it was resolved that it was necessary to obtain a new site for the public school, the old one being too small. Messrs GIBSON, LAWRENCE, WHITE, DILLON, and SCRIMGEOUR were appointed a committee to select the new site. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceedings.
The Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday June 15th 1881

Birth - GOLLAN - At Wallingford, on 12th June, the wife of Mr James GOLLAN, of a daughter.

The last case on the criminal list at the Supreme Court, which is that of PARSONS and HITCHINGS, charged with sheep-steeling, will be tried this morning.

GALLAGHER's trial for bigamy cost the country about 80 pounds, but as he is a first-class plumber no doubt this amount will be fully recouped to the country before his term expires.

The following uncertificated teachers in the Hawke's Bay district have received licenses to teach: Mr STEWART, Takapau, Mr MORTON, Ashley-Clinton; Mr BOLTON, Matawhero.

We understand that Mr W.L. REES has laid two informations against Mr R. COOPER, of Poverty Bay, for the alleged use of threatening language towards him during the last trip of the Ringarooma to this port from Gisborne. The cases will come before the Resident Magistrate's Court to-morrow.

One of the most trumpery cases which has ever come before a Supreme Court was that of the charge against INIA yesterday for the larceny of 2 pounds. The case could have been satisfactorily dealt with in an R.M. Court instead of subjecting the country to the expense of a Supreme Court trial, and bringing witnesses all the way from Gisborne.

The man COLLINS, alias PARKER, the bill against whom on the charge of burglary was ignored by the Grand Jury, got himself into trouble again very quickly. On the day of his release he was caught in the act of attempting to pass a small flask of brandy between the iron bars of one of the cells in the Supreme Court, to the prisoners inside. He was brought up before Mr KENNY yesterday morning and fined 1 pound and costs, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment. The alternative was chosen.
The Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday June 16th 1881
One of the jurymen in the sheep-stealing case yesterday held out for four hours and a half for PARSONS' acquittal.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr H. EYRE KENNY, R.M., William GARNEY was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

A dispute between the natives and the Manawatu County Council about the Manawatu ferry resulted in the natives yesterday pulling down the ferryman's house on the side of the road.

An old offender, Daniel MANN, was brought down in the train yesterday morning by Constable BROSNAHAN, having been sentenced by the Waipawa Bench to three months' imprisonment for vagrancy.

Sergt. BULLEN seems to be a sort of Rip Van Winkle. He left in the steamer on Monday for Gisborne, but, going to sleep when leaving here, he did not wake up again till he reached Auckland yesterday morning - at least so says a telegram from him received yesterday. The Sergt. is well known to be a little deaf, and that probably accounts for the din and clatter usually occasioned in landing cargo at Gisborne failing to awake him.

Tauranga, Wednesday. The body of a man named W.H. MATHESON was found in the harbor today. He had been missing some days.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday June 17th 1881
Birth - NEALE - On 13th June, at Battery-road, Napier, the wife of W.A. NEALE, of Olrig, of a son.

A man named Andrew JOHNSON, alias JOHNS, who on Tuesday last passed a valueless cheque for 5 pounds on Mr WELLS, of the Occidental Hotel, was yesterday arrested at Masterton by Constable LAURENSON, who had gone in pursuit of him. JOHNSON was taken before the R.M. at Masterton, and remanded to Napier.

Father REIGNIER has been appointed parish priest at Hastings. Father SAUZEAU, from Blenheim, will take Father REIGNIER's place at Meanee. From the Marlborough papers we learn that at a soiree given to Father SAUZEAU he received a presentation, to which, it was stated, men of all denominations had subscribed. Among the speakers at the meeting were several non-Catholics.

Advertisements - Tenders are invited for the erection of a Town Hall at Hastings. Tenders are invited for the erection of a station-master's house at Makatako. Messrs Blythe and Co. advertise trousers and vests of colonial tweed.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Saturday June 18th 1881
Births - M'INERNY - On the 17th of June, at the Ferry Hotel, the wife of James M'INERNY, of a son.
PARSONS - On the 17th of June, at Coote-road, Napier, the wife of T. PARSONS, of Puketapu, of a daughter.

Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning - William CANNON was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

On Thursday a lady found in the street an endorsed bank deposit receipt for 280 pounds, which she kindly handed to Detective GRACE, who found the owner to be Mrs PRICE, of Carlyle-street.

The following additional subscriptions, towards the building fund of St. John's Church, are acknowledged with thanks; -
Right Rev. the Bishop (second subscription), 10 pounds 10s.
- T. TANNER, Esq. 10 pounds.
- Mary STUART, 8 pounds 10s.
- Mrs J.W. CARLILE, 1 pound 1s.

Mr FAULKNER has just completed a new carriage for Mr MONTGOMERY, the well-known cab proprietor. It combines all the latest improvements, including an opening top. Mr MONTGOMERY is the oldest cab driver in Napier, having been 16 years driving on the Napier roads.

A large quantity of timber has come down from up-country for Messrs WARDROP and Co's new warehouse near the railway station. We understand that Mr Robert HOLT has the contract\ for the building, and that the timber used will be all of provincial growth. The work is to be proceeded with at once.

At last evening's convocation of the Victoria Royal Arch Chapter of Freemasons, 1577, E.C., the following officers were elected:
Companion H.C.A. WUNDRAM, Z.
Companion W.A. M'LEOD, H.
Companion H.A. CORNFORD, J.
Companion R.M. MILLER, S.E.
Companion J.W. UPCHURCH, S.N.
Companion M.R. MILLER, Treasurer.
Companion W. BEILBY, P.S.
Companion G. BAILLIE, Janitor.

Mr H.S. TIFFEN has promised an annual gold medal, to be given to the boy or girl in the Hawke's Bay public schools who obtains the best pass in the annual result examinations of the Inspector, the only conditions being that the recipient shall have made at least 75 per cent. of possible marks, and shall bear a good character. This should be a great incentive to boys and girls in the upper forms to stick closely to their studies.

In building their new premises next to Mr LYNDON's auction rooms, Messrs CROSS and SMYTH have carried out a novel plan. The outside of the building is in ordinary corrugated iron, and between that and the inner lining is sawdust, rammed hard. The effect will be greater warmth in winter, greater coolness in summer, and comparative freedom from noise. The cost, we are informed, was very little more than the ordinary wooden weather-boards without sawdust, while the saving on insurance will very soon recoup this slight outlay.

A football match will be played in Clive-square to-day from two teams composed of the following players:

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday June 20th 1881
Births - TRACY - On the 6th June, at Meanee, the wife of John TRACY, of a son.
GARRETT - At Napier, on June 18th, the wife of Thomas GARROTT, of a son.

Settlers who wish to replenish their stock will shortly have an opportunity of doing so, as Mr ROUTLEDGE has been instructed by Mr J. MARSHALL of Meanee, to sell about the middle of next month a number of dairy cows, young cattle, and horses.

Mr COOPER apparently intends to proceed with his appeal from the decision of Mr KENNY, R.M., fining him for using abusive language to Mr W.L. REES. On Saturday Mr Justice GILLIES granted a rule nisi, returnable on Tuesday, calling upon Mr REES and Mr KENNY to show cause why the judgment should not be quashed on the ground of non-jurisdiction.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday June 21st 1881
Death - BEAR - At Napier, on June 20th, 1881, Clement Arnold, fourth son of Percival and Sarah BEAR, aged 2 years and 5 months.

The running match for 20 pounds a side between Messrs W. POOLE and CUMMINGS will take place on the Hastings race-course on Friday afternoon next, at about 3 o'clock. Both men are in good training, and a very close finish is anticipated.

Captain CROSS, late of the schooner Isabella Pratt, which was run down by the steamer Albion, passed yesterday through Napier on his way to Auckland by the Taiaroa. He will in Auckland take charge of a vessel for the Oamaru trade.

Some commotion was caused in the Supreme Court yesterday morning by a loud crash near the fireplace. A large piece of the plaster fell from the ceiling, passing perilously near a female witness who was sitting close to the spot. She was so near that she was covered with the dust.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning:

Henry JOHNSON was sentenced to two months' imprisonment for obtaining money under false pretences.
Patrick CROWE, for using profane language in a public street, was fined 1 pound and costs, with the alternative of three days' imprisonment.
Martin MOYLAN was also fined in the like amount for using language calculated to provoke a breach of the peace.

The following civil cases were adjourned till next Monday:

In the following cases judgments were given for the plaintiffs with costs:
Trustees in SOMERVILLE's estate v. CARTER, claim 6 pounds.
Trustees in SOMERVILLE's estate v. ANDERSON, claim 6 pounds 8s 11d.
Clara FORD v. C.H. SMITH, claim 1 pound 5s.
Clara FORD v. TEYCHENNE, claim 1 pound 5s.
BARRY v. STEELE, claim 2 pounds 16s 3d.
Thomas WILLIAMS v. Henry NEALE, claim 3 pounds.
In the case of BARRY v. HARAN a judgment summons
for 13 pounds 15s., an order was made that the amount be paid in instalments
of 1 pound 4s per month, or in default one month's imprisonment.
In the case of NEAL and CLOSE v. William GOODWINl, a judgment summons for 5 pounds 17s 6d, the defendant was ordered to pay the amount within seven days, or in default one month's imprisonment
Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday June 22nd 1881
An inquest will be held at the Napier Hospital this morning, before Dr HITCHINGS, on the body of William SUTHERLAND, a man well known about Havelock as the mail carrier between that township and Waimarama. On Sunday evening he was drinking at Simpson's hotel, Havelock, and left there at 9 o'clock. About an hour afterwards he was found lying insensible on the bridge over the old bed of the Ngaruroro river. He was carried to Simpson's hotel, and the next morning was brought down to the hospital, where he died on Monday night, the cause of death being concussion of the brain. The circumstances are considered sufficiently suspicious to justify an inquiry before the coroner.

The third quarter of the ladies' boarding school at Hastings, conducted by Miss BOGLE and Mrs GREENWOOD, will commence on the 11th July.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday June 23rd 1881
At the inquest of the body of William SUTHERLAND at the hospital yesterday, a verdict was returned to the effect that the deceased died from injuries received by a fall from his horse.

William SUTHERLAND, who died at the hospital on Monday evening, leaves a wife and ten children totally unprovided for. Mrs SUTHERLAND is not very strong, and at the present time is under treatment at the hospital. She does not yet know her bereavment, as it is unsafe to tell her the sad news.

Mr ALLEN, who was sent to prospect for gold in the neighborhood of Woodville, has returned to town. He reports getting the color of gold in a number of places, but the party had not the necessary appliances for bottoming the terraces, and so seeing whether the precious metal exists in payable quantities.

(Over the past weeks, while transcribing the newspapers, I was surprised to notice the American spelling of many words, namely the omission of the letter "u" in colour, harbour, etc.) I have copied them as written. Was the editor an American? Interesting! Judy)

Advertisements -
Tenders are invited for the formation of two miles of embankment on the Tuki-Tuki river. On Wednesday next Mr. LYNDON will sell by auction the furniture of Mr W.E.W. MORRISON, who is leaving for Auckland.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Friday June 24th 1881
Death - LANE - At Meanee Mission College, on the 23rd June, Harry LANE, aged 66 years. The funeral will leave the Mission Station for the Napier cemetery at 9 a.m. to-morrow (Saturday) 25th instant.

Mr ROGAN, solicitor, of Gisborne, died yesterday afternoon. He recently fell down in a fit, and became paralysed. He was taken into Gisborne hospital for treatment, but he never rallied. Mr ROGAN is well known in many parts of the colony, having practised in Christchurch and Wellington and other towns before he went to Gisborne.

The following are the successful tenderers for hospital supplies for the ensuing twelve months, commencing on the 1st proximo:
Groceries, Mr G. SCARFE; bread and flour, Mr J. HERON; meat,
Mr J. HIGGINS; milk, butter, eggs, and fowls,
Mr T. BOWES; funerals,
Messrs LARGE and TOWNLEY; coal and coke, Messrs DOLBEL and Co.

The following have been elected office-bearers of St. John's Branch, H.A.C.B.S., for the next half-year:
President, Bro. F. MALCOM
Vice-Presidnet, Bro. T. M'CARTHY
Secretary, Bros. J.M. ST. CLAIR (re-elected)
Treasurer, Bros. T. HAYDEN
Guardian, Bro. C. M'CARTHY
Sick Visitors, Bros. D. O'DONOGHUE and J. SULLIVAN.

The case of the family of the late William SUTHERLAND, to which we drew attention yesterday, has strong claims upon the charity of the community. The family were visited yesterday by a constable, and he reports that he found the children, seven in number, in a most destitute condition, poorly clad and badly fed, and having only an apology for bedding. They would probably have been starving but for the kindness of Mrs BEECROFT in supplying them with food. The mother being in the Napier hospital, the children, including a baby five months' old, were left to the care of the oldest girl, herself but a child of eleven years. Sergeant MAHON, we understand, is sending them up some blankets and necessaries, and some kind Samaratins have already done something towards relieving the pressing wants of the unhappy children, but it is evident that more substantial help is needed, and we trust the appeal made by the correspondent in another column will meet with a hearty response. We! shall be glad to receive any contributions that may be sent to us for the family.

A fire occurred at Taradale early yesterday morning by which a four-roomed house owned by Mr Neil THOMPSON was destroyed. Mr THOMPSON has for some time past been at Woodville, but his wife and six children were living in the house. They went to bed at their usual time on the previous evening, leaving some pieces of wood burning in the fireplace. At 3 0'clock Mrs THOMPSON was awaked by a noise, when she found the kitchen in a blaze. There was barely time to get the children out before the fire communicated to the other rooms. The only article of furniture saved was a table. The house was insured in the Union Office for 120 pounds. The fire was observed at the Spit by Constable HARVEY, but it was seen to be useless to take the fire-engines.

Saturday June 25th - Missing Issue.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Monday June 27th 1881
Auckland, Sunday.
The City of Sydney arrived at 3 p.m. to-day. She left San Francisco on June 4th; arrived at Honolulu on June 12th, and sailed same day, landing passengers and mails only at Honolulu, and holding no communication with the shore. Until within 600 miles of New Zealand she had moderate weather, thence strong gales and rain. She brings 75 tons of cargo and 36-1/2 packages mails. Passengers for New Zealand - Mrs DAVISON, Miss HAYES, the Rev. J. SUTHERLAND, Captain Charles BARNETT and wife, Messrs HAYWARD, KEELE, HAYES, NELSON, COPLAND, WILLIAMS, SMITH, and EDNEY; 32 in the cabin and 12 steerage for Sydney. She will probably leave to-night for Sydney.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before Mr H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., James SMITH and Andrew ANTHONY were each fined 5s and costs for drunkenness.

We have received the additional subscriptions for the SUTHERLAND family:
M.R., 5s., P. GOW, 1 pound;
G.E. SAINBSURY, 21s; Napier Post-office officials, 4 pounds 4s;
TIFFEN, 5 pounds; Mrs RANDALL, 2 pounds; BUCHANAN, 2 pounds 2s.
Hawkes Bay Herald, Tuesday June 28th 1881
The following additional subscriptions have been received at our office for the SUTHERLAND family: T.F.C., 5s, G. STEVENS, 10s.

Yesterday morning the Customs authorities and the police instituted a search of the Frank Guy, which arrived here on Sunday, and found on board 10 lb of contraband tobacco in the possession of PICKARD, the boatswain. He was arrested, and will be brought up at the R.M. Court this morning.

Mr. A. TAYLOR, of Hastings, wishes to thank the following contributors to the SUTHERLAND family:
Mr Allen M'LEAN, 2 pounds 2s
Mr. T. BISHOP, 5s
Mrs FORD, 5s
H.M.S., 5s
Mr K. M'KIVE, 10s
Mr John TYACK, 10s
Mr John PEDDING, 10s
Mr G. RYMER, 10s
A friend from Napier, 6s
Irain KARAURIA, 2s 6d
Mr. W. DOUGLAS, 2 pounds
Mr N. WALLIS, 20s.

It has been decided at a meeting of the Roman Catholics of Hastings and Havelock to have a gift auction in August next for the purpose of raising funds for furnishing the new Catholic Chapel at Hastings, and the following gentlemen have been appointed as collectors of articles for the auction:

At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday morning, before Mr. H. Eyre KENNY, R.M., in the following cases judgment was given for the plaintiffs: ROBJOHNS, IRVINE and CO. v W. GILLIGAN, claim 14 pounds 19s 6d. ROBJOHNS and ELLIS v HICKEY, claim 18 pounds 3s. ALLANACH v S. SYMMS, claim 23 pounds 18s (Mr LASCELLES for plaintiff) James NEAGLE v John EVANS, claim 2 pounds 6s 9d. MARTIN v BOYD, claim 1 pound 5s, judgment for 18s. Deputy-Property Tax Commissioner v Martin M'MAHON, claim 18s 4d.
The case of SAINSBURY v ABBOTT was further adjourned for a month.
The adjourned case of GEORGE v POWELL, claim 40 pounds, came on for hearing, the evidence of CHASE having been forwarded from Wellington. His Worship gave judgment for plaintiff for 35 pounds, with costs and counsel's fee of 3 pounds 3s.
Evidence was taken in two cases to be forwarded to Wairoa:
Deputy Land Tax Commissioner v R.D. MANEY and v John SUTHERLAND.
The case of FINLAYSON v PAKI PAIHAU was adjourned for three weeks.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Wednesday June 29th 1881
Death - FROOD - On June 24th, at his brother's residence, Bulls, Rangitikei, William Owen FROOD, aged 27 years.

Inspector SCULLY acknowledges with thanks the receipt of 3 pounds 3s from Mr COLENSO, and 1 pound 1s from Mr Hugh CAMPBELL, for the SUTHERLAND family.

A Farndon correspondent writes under date yesterday: Another sharp shock of earthquake was felt here this evening at about 9 o'clock. This makes it the seventh shock since Wednesday night last, the 22nd inst.

The Albion took away from here yesterday for Gisborne a large number of persons who had been attending the Supreme Court sittings, including Mr REES and Mr BARKER, the plaintiff and defendant in the Whataupoko block case.

Hawkes Bay Herald, Thursday June 30th 1881
Telegraphic Shipping -

Dunedin, Wednesday. Arrived - Charles Worsley, ship, from London. The chief officer died on the voyage out, the disease being stated to have been chicken-pox, of which there were two or three cases on board, but the persons affected had recovered. The vessel has been placed in quarantine. The voyage occupied 104 days.

The English mail has brought news of the death of Mrs MEINERTZHAGEN in England. The deceased lady was widely known in Hawke's Bay, and the news of her decease will be read with deep regret by many friends.

Gisborne has got fairly on the way towards its contribution to the business at the next sitting of the Supreme Court.
HIKITIA MUTU, a native, was yesterday committed for trial on a charge of cattle-stealing

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