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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

Fri 01 Aug 1879

Bankruptcy Court
Order of discharge - Philemon PALMER
Deed of arrangement - Theophilus STARKEY
Probate was granted for the wills of Bartholomew CHEER, Robert WALKER & Joseph HARMON

Mr E. BAKER, present clerk to the Wellington RM Court, has been appt R.M. at Wairoa with jurisdiction up to 50 pounds

Horry, a bankrupt of Gisborne, has been committed for trial at the District Court for concealing property from the trustees of the estate

Dissolution of Partnership - Tom WATERWORTH & Samuel TONG , Napier, Storekeepers & Monumental Masons
Sat 02 Aug 1879

Mr W.A. DUGLEBY, Architect, Napier, has received an intimation that he has been elected an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Arcitects. there are we believe only some 4 or 5 members of the Institute in New Zealand. It is of worthy note that two of them Mr DUGELBY & Mr LAMB F.R.I.B.L are resident in Napier

The BNZ has stopped the Gisborne Borough's overdraft. When will our turn come ?
Bankruptcy Court
Michael BALDWIN - Awatoto - Fellmonger
Joseph John TYE - Waipawa - Auctioneer
Mon 04 Aug 1879

Chief RENATA is now fully recovered
Tues 05 Aug 1879

Thomas BISHOP - Stock & Station Agent - Hastings
R. SOMERVILLE - Hastings Store
KNIGHT Bros - Hastings Timber Yard
Francis WELL - Hairdresser - late of Waipawa now in Dickens St, Napier
J.B. VERNON - Engineer - Corner Hastings & Dickens St
H. MICHAELSON - Toyshop & Fancy goods - Emerson St
F. BETHELL - Saddler - Havelock

Candidates for Pupil Teacher Examination

Caroline DAVIES - 426/620 - Port Ahuriri
Mary PALMER - 425/620 - Port Ahuriri
L. Jas TE URUPU - 390/620 - Te Aute College
Abigail MURRAY - 375/620 - Port Ahuriri
John DOWNES - 339/620 - Te Aute College
Emma CLIFTON - 325/620 - Clive
Edith L. HANSARD - 310/620 - Clive
Emily BERRY - 293/620 - Port Ahuriri
E.H. CALDER - 244/620 - Port Ahuriri
Adeline BALDWIN - 263/620 - Meanee
Louis CHAPMAN - 178/620 - Hastings

Pupil Teachers Examination. End of First Year

Jane MONTEITH - 609/710 - Napier
Florence REID - 550/710 - Napier
George WALKER - 533/710 - Napier
A. CORBIN - 524/710 - Napier
A. FRAME - 443/710 - Taradale
E. M'ALPIN - 415/710 - Napier
Kate HARRISON - 407/710 - Napier
Mary MURRAY - 355/710 - Port Ahuriri
A. BEE - 349/710 - Havelock

Scholarship Examination . Class A

C. COWELL - Aged 11 - 401/620 - Napier District
Frdk. STEELE - Aged 9 - 394/620 - Gisborne
H.B. JEFFARES Aged 12 - 375/620 - Clive
Harry CHAPMAN - 291/620 - Hastings
Mabel BROWN - Aged 11 - 275/620 - Gisborne
Ernest A. WILLIAMS - Aged 12 - 264/620 - Gisborne

Scholarship Examinations . Class B

C. EVANS - Aged 12 - 489/620 - Napier District
Eva OATRIDGE - Aged 12 - 389/620 - Gisborne
C. THOMSON - Aged 12 - 377/620 - Gisborne
Ethel BROWN - Aged 12 - 343/620 - Gisborne
E. M. GLASHAN - 332/620 - Clive
Grace ADAIR - Aged 12 - 300/620 - Gisborne
E. M'PHERSON - 275/620 - Clive
Margaret LINCOLN - 255/620 - Hastings
Elisa ROWLEY - Aged 12 - 242/620 - Gisborne

Wed 06 Aug

Rev. J. SPEAR - All Saints Church. Taradale

Thurs 07 Aug 1879
H.F. CLIST - has taken over the Pacific Hotel, Havelock
Friday 08 Aug 1879

Court Robert WILLIAMS - obscene language & drunkenness

We learn from Wairoa that at Mahia, William HARTLETT shot at one of Mr WALKER's shepherds, a man named GILLANDERS, while the latter was killing pigs on the run. A warrant was issued at Wairoa for the arrest of HARTLETT

Mr COLTMAN - Storekeeper & Hotelkeeper at Kopua & Makatoku

Monday 11 Aug 1879

Death M'CARTNEY : On Aug 9, at Taradale, Arthur Ernest M'CARTNEY, the only beloved son of Arthur & Anne M'CARTNEY. The funeral will leave the Greenmeadows Hotel at 3.30. this afternoon

Tuesday 12 Aug 1879

Death KELLY : At Hastings on Aug 10, very suddenly, John Joseph KELLY. Aged 63 years. The funeral will leave his late residence at 2 pm today

Court Thomas HOGAN - Drunkenness William MATHIESON - Theft - remanded
Thursday 14 Aug 1879

Court John JEFFARES & Patrick O'SHANNASSEY - charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on the Greenmeadows property of H.S. TIFFEN. Both men pleaded guilty. Mr L. Ansell TIFFEN stated that trespassers who went on the run after game did considerable injury to the sheep and this was the reason why the prosecution
had been undertaken. Fined 2 pounds & costs each.
Richard CAMPBELL - Charged with being illegally on the premises of Mr BECKER , Criterion Hotel - remanded
Fri 15 Aug 1879
Birth BROADBENT : At Pakowhai, on 12 Aug, wife of J.S. BROADBENT, of a son

Peter SORRY - Blacksmith, Makaraka, Poverty Bay

Tues 19 Aug 1879
Birth BATHAM : At Gladestone Rd, Napier, on Aug 18, wife of J.M. BATHAM Esq, of a daughter

The ceremony of driving the first pile of the Port Ahuriri Bridge this afternoon promises to result in one of the largest demonstrations yet held in Napier

Court Before Judge KENNY & a Jury Samuel LUPTON _ charged with stealing a gold watch, chain & seal the property of John EDDIE. Found guilty. 12 months hard labor.

HB Education Board
Chairman - J.D. ORMOND. Rev D. SIDEY, Capt. RUSSELL. Messrs TANNER, WILLIAMS & SUTTON Mrs E. DORIA - Mistress - Porangahau School Miss CHAPMAN - Pupil teacher - Hastings School Mr Thomas TANNER offered to give Section 141 Hastings as a school site. Board thankfully accepted and agreed to purchase adjoing section at the upset price. Miss Annie MANEY - assistant mistress - Kaikora
Mrs. E. HANSARD - Sewing Mistress - Clive
Miss E. CLIFTOn - Pupil teacher - Clive
Mr INGPEN - Teacher at Te Aute
Mr MURRAY - 2nd master - Napier School
Miss Caroline DAVIS - Pupil teacher - Napier School

Scholarship Examination. Class C
Agnes DOWN - 427/620 - Protestant Native Girls School
Charles GALLIEN - 421/620 - Hastings
A.C. WEBBER - 385/620 - Rev. J. CAMPBELL's School
A.E. WEBB- 382/620 - Gisborne
W.R. DROWER - 316/620 - Napier High School
Isabella MORGAN - 313/620 - Gisborne
Robert C. TYLEE - 309/620 - Napier High School

Pupil Examination. End of First Year
F.H. SHEPPARD - 528/680 - Gisborne
Jane BROWNE - 419/680 - Gisborne
Mary BATY - 436/680 - Matawhero
J. DUNNE - 247/680 - Matawhero
E.A. ROSIE - 214/680 - Gisborne
R. FORBES - 344/680 - Gisborne ( candidate)

Peder MADSEN - will not be responsible for any debts contracted by his wife - Emmy MADSEN

Bankruptcy Henry Charles Adolphius WUNDRAW - Painter - Napier
Thomas William BEAR - Painter - Napier
Wed 20 Aug 1879
Marriage COOPER - VAUGHAN : At St. John's, Napier, on 7 Aug, by Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, James COOPER to Margarette Loughlin, daughter of J. C. VAUGHAN, both of Havelock

Page 2 - Large write regarding the driving of the first pile of Port Ahuriri Bridge

Thurs 21 Aug 1879
Court James MORRISSEY - Drunkenness
James M'IVOR - Allowing a stovepipe to catch fire
Richard BURROWS , Licensee of the Caledonian Hotel - Allowing impure water to remain on his premises
Paora Te HEREWINI - assaulting Here HAKIKI - Found guilty
Elizabeth EDDIE - charged with assaulting Selina Jane HOPKINS - dismissed
Friday 22 Aug 1879
Birth THOMSON : At Waipawa on Aug 17, wife of Hugh THOMSON of a son
Marriage GLENNY - UDY : At St. Andrews, Epsom, on Aug 18, by Ven. Archdeacon PRITT, Thomas Struitt, youngest son of R.M. GLENNY, Onga Onga to Maria, youngest daughter of George UDY Esq, Mt. Eden, Auckland

A magnificent bust of the celebrated chief TE HAPUKU, of Napier, has just been completed. The bust was ordered by the Govt and wil cost 200 pounds
Mon 25 Aug 1879
A laboring man named STACEY, who had been at Kopua was found dead in his bedroom.

Harriet WEST, on whom an inquest was held at Taradale on the previous Saturday, had afterwards come to life having been in a state of trance, but not dead. There was absolutely no
foundation for the rumor.
Tues 26 Aug 1879
Birth BARRY : At Taradale, Aug 17, Mrs BARRY of a daughter

The new Presbyterian Church at Wairoa is to be opened next Saturday when Rev. D. SIDEY of Napier will conduct the service

Wairoa Court George BARTLETT, who shot at a man named GILLANDER on Mr WALKER's run, was committed for trial.
Two men M'LEOD & POLGRIEM were sentenced to a months imprisonment for stealing a bottle of brandy

Wed 27 Aug 1879

Court Thomas KAVANAGH - assault against Patrick READY
Thurs 28 Aug 1879

The tender of Mr GLENDINNING of Auckland for the Port Ahuriri Bridge contract is 11,200 pounds.

Mr MARTIN, photographer, Christchurch, is going around the schools in the province and photographing the children in groups with the teacher in the centre
Fri 29 Aug 1879
Court A boy Albert WILLIAMS, aged 12 years, was charged with stealing a pair of boots, the property of J.M. BATHAM. He pleaded guilty. He was sent to Burnham Reformatory for 4 years and to be educated in the Roman Catholic faith
Sat 30 Aug 1879

Marriages RAYMOND - TUKE : On 27 Aug, at St. John's, Napier, by Rev. de Berdt HOVELL, William Theobald, second son of J.G. RAYMOND Esq, Thornegrove Hall, Gillingham, Dorset to Clara Constance, second daughter of Edmund TUKE Esq, JP. Hawkes Bay

BRIDEN - SKELLY : On 23 Aug, at St. John's. Napier, James Charles BRIDEN late of Camden Town, London to Ellen, fourth daughter of the late Mr Alexander SKELLY, of her Majesty's Inland Revenue Office, London

Court Daniel FLOYD - Aged 8 years, brought up as a neglected child. It appears that the little fellows father was in prison and his mother died a week ago. He was sent to the Burnham Industrial School for 5 years. ( NOTE : There is a Burnham Industrial & a Burnham Reformatory School. The Industrial School will not take any children who have committed a crime )
Elizabeth EDDIE -Sent to prison for 48 hours in default of paying a fine of 10 s for drunkenness

Nominations for candidates for the Electoral District of Napier took place yesterday.
Nominated are:
Frederick SUTTON
Capt. William Russell RUSSELL
Richard David MANEY

Mon 01 Sept 1879
Nominations for candidate for Electoral District of Clive ORMOND, SHEEHAM & SMITH ( Waipukurau)
Tues 02 Sept 1879
Birth GUSH : On Aug 30, at Port Ahuriri, wife of Fred GUSH, of a son.

Education Board
Mr CRAWFORD - Master - Woodville School
Mr HANSARD - Master - Clive
Te Aute school is to be re-opened on 25 Aug. Mr INGPEN to be appointed temporarily as Master, the school committee guaranteeing an average attendance of 20
Alfred PRITCHARD - Butcher - Napier

Wed 03 Sept 1879

Vital statistics for Napier during August:
Births : 47
Marriages : 4
Deaths : 9
Thurs 04 Sept 1879
An accident occured between Te Aute & Kaikora on Tues evening. Donald KENNEDY, overseer of Hon. H.R. RUSSELL's station at Te Aute, was thrown from his horse. He was conveyed to Mr HICKEY's Hotel at Kaikora where Dr. TODD attended him, sadly he expired a few hours later. Mr KENNEDY arrived in N.Z. in 1852. He was for many years in charge
of Kawakawa station, Cape Palliser

Court Robert THOMSON - Allowing his chimney to catch fire
Owen O'DONNELL - Driving furiously through the streets of Napier
Frank BRIND - Obscene language - Dismissed
Frank BRIND, Samuel PHILLIPS & Thomas
KIRBY - behaving in a riotous manner in the licensed house of William LIMBRICK
. Dismissed

Fri 05 Sept 1879
Death KENNEDY : On Tuesday 02 Sept, Donald KENNEDY of Te Aute in the 64th year of his age. The funeral will leave Kaikora for Waipukurau Cemetery at 11.30 am

NOTE : Long list of the sections that were sold at Hastings. Happy to do look ups.
Tues 09 Sept 1879
Birth SHEARMAN : On Sept 5, at St Mary's Parsonage, Waipukurau, Mrs SHEARMAN of a son.

Konini Hotel has now been finished and will be opened as an accomodation House & General Store by A.D.G. M'LEOD.

Joseph CHICKEN - Watchmaker - Waipawa
Wed 10 Sept 1879
Marriage WATKINS - M'ALPINE : On 4 Sept, at brides fathers house, Emerson St, Napier, by Rev. C. PENNEY of Waipawa, Rees WATKINS to Orissa Edith M'ALPINE, third daughter of G.E.R. M'ALPINE, both of Napier

Thurs 11 Sept 1879

Mr R.P. GIFFARD, a very old H.B. settler, yesterday met with his death in a very sudden manner. His inquest is to be held this afternoon. Mr GIFFAD was the brother of Hardinge GIFFARD - Attorney General of Earl BEACONSFIELD's cabinet and also related to Baron GIFFARD

Court William SWANSON - Drunkenness
John Thomas HARVEY & William LUCAS - furious driving
John CURTIS & James BEAGLEY - threatening Thomas NALBERT - Dismissed
Samuel COLLINS - charged with having assaulted Daniel ST. JOHN at Clive.
Mr Lee appeared for complainaint. Mr CORNFORD for defendant.
>From the evidence it appeared that ST.JOHN had just received and was counting his wages when COLLINS struch him unexpectedly, knocking him down, making his face bleed. In answer to a question St. JOHN said he might have lifted an iron spanner to strike COLLINS after being struck, but did not remember it as he was almost stunned. Letters to a third party, in which the defendant was called names and threatened by complainaint were produced as proof of provocation, but his worship disallowed them, he considered they aggrevated the case. Defendant was fined 20s & costs, with council fees of one quinea and expenses of three witnesses.

Fri 12 sept 1879
Inquest Was held yesterday at the Farndon Hotel before Dr. HITCHINGS, coroner, on the body of Richard Plantagenet GIFFARD. Mr M'GLASHAN was foreman of the jury
Evidence by:
John HARRIS - servant to the deceased for last four years. Stated the deceased had been constantly of intemperate habits since his return from England, 14 months ago. He was just walking along after voting at Clive when he fell down and never exhibited any signs of life.
Frederick COX , Mr POCOCK & Mr GRINDELL came along in a trap and took the deceased to the Farndon Hotel.
Jury returned a verdict to the effect that death was caused by apoplexy, accelerated by intemperate habits.

Court Michael BALDWIN , Bankrupt - secured his discharge
Sat 13 Sept 1879

Marriage D'ARCY IRVINE - CAREW : On Sept 6, at St. Mary's, Parnell, by Rev. Archdeacon Maunsell SOMERSET, William D'ARCY IRVINE, second son of Rev. C. M. D'ARCY IRVINE, M.A, Headmaster of the Grammar School, Napier to Emily, eldest daughter of A.W. CAREW Esq, Wanganui and niece of F.J. MOSS Esq MHR.

Birth FRASER : On 11 Sept in Coote Rd, wife of E. FRASER, of a son.

Death THOMSON : On Sept 3, at Norsewood ( after 4 days illness), John David Ross THOMSON, only child of John William & Elizabeth THOMSON. Aged 1 year & 6 months

Results of Elections for 3 Borough Councillors
SWAN : 483
LEE : 398
BENNET : 294

60 immigrants per " Rakaia" at Wellington will arrive here by the "Rotorua" today. We are afraid that the labor market is already overstocked here and unless the new arrivals
have friends to go to they may have to suffer some temporary hardships, until properous times again dawn upon us
Mon 15 Sept 1879
Birth PARKER : On 14 Sept at Port Ahuriri, wife Thomas PARKER, of a daughter

Following are appointed Land Tax receivers for H.B.
W.PARKER - Napier
J.H. WEAVER - Waipawa
R. WHITE - Clyde, Wairoa
G.J. BROWN - Gisborne

Court P. DONOVAN - Drunkenness

The Immigrants per "Rakaia" - 6 married couples, 24 single men, 7 single woman. The single men comprise 22 farm laborers, 1 shepherd & 1 carpenter. Single
woman 1 cook & 6 general servants
HB Herald 16 & 17 Sept 1879
Court Wm THOMSON alias "Darky Bill" remanded to Wanganui on a charge of theft at Mr STOKES station at Millbank. He pleaded guilty.

Thurs 18 Sept 1879
The Masonic Hotel has changed hands and will in the future be conducted by Thomas SHIRLEY

Three men Thomas CALLAGHAN, Hugh TRAVERS & John THOMPSON are in custody at Waipawa charged with stealindg a portmanteau containing goods af the value of 20 pounds, property of Mr Alfred EWAN, newly arrived agent of the BNZ
Fri 19 Sept 1879

Court Frederick RAVENSHAME - Drunkenness . Dismissed

The ship " Hyderabad" which lies stranded on the Horowhenua beach was again offered for sale by auction, but no bids were forthcoming
Sat 20 Sept 1879
Birth BOGGS : On 19 Sept, Mrs G. BOGGS, of Waverley Hotel, of a son

Court Anthony MONTEZUMA, Spaniard - charged with threatening and abusive language and assaulting Const. HARVEY. 21 days imprisonment with hard labor

Mon 22 Sept 1879

Death HALL : At West Clive, on Sept 20, wife W. HALL. Aged 39 years. The funeral will take place this day at 1 pm.

C.H. SMITH, late of Masonic Hotel has taken over the Foresters Arms

Three men were killed in Chaucer Rd, when earth collapsed on them They were: James CLARKE - 36 years. Leaves a wife & 7 children James QUAIN - 21 years. Leaves a wife & child
Bartelett TARAVERO - 28 years, unmarried

Tuesday 23 Sept 1879

Inquest Was held yesterday at the Royal Hotel before Dr HITCHINGS, coroner, upon the bodies of Patrick CLARK, John QUAIN & Bartolo TAPANARO, who were accidentally killed in the Chaucer Rd.
Jury :
J.A. REARDEN ( Foreman)
Ezekial ROWE
David GRAY.
Mr SPRATT was retired from the jury as he had been heard to make some strong remarks in reference to BRIGGS, the foreman, to the effect he would like to string him up.
Evidence by:
James Richard DAVIES - Contractor for the swamp reclamation
James ROCHFORT - Civil Engineer
Charles Herman WEBER - Civil Engineer
John BRIGGS - Foremanof the job
Francis TISO - An Australian laborer employed by DAVIES
John COGHLAN - Laborer
John HODGKINSON - Laborer
William FOLEY - Laborer
Verdict : Met their deaths by the accidental falling of a slip of earth. Jury adds that very great blame attaches to the contractors DAVIES & CONNOR for the slight nature
of the tunnel and the system of evacating in Napier is exceedingly dangerous and this subject be brought before the Mayor & Municipal Council

Bankruptcy William Payne OLLEY - Butcher - Waipawa
Wed 24 Sept 1879
An inquest will be heard today by Dr, TODD at Takapau on the body of Mrs TAYLOR, who recently died in childbirth, no medical man having been in attendance. Mrs TAYLOR was formerly housekeeper at the Presbytery.

Mr Joseph CHICKEN, Watchmaker, Waipawa was in the railway train when he was stung on one leg by the Katepo spider

Thurs 25 Sept 1879
Court W.H. SIMPSON - charged with leaving his express unattended in Hastings St.
HB Herald 27 Sept 1879
Birth WHITE : At Porangahau on Sept 21, Mrs John WHITE, of a son

Waipawa Court Charles O'NEIL - sentenced to one months imprisonment for obtaining goods under false pretences.
Mon 29 Sept 1879
Birth BIRCH : At Milton Rd, on Sept 27, wife of P.A.F BIRCH, Registrar of the Supreme Court, of a son

Mr W. DENNETT, late of the Star & Masonic Hotels has purchased the Albion from Mr James GRAY.
Tues 30 Sept 1879
Court H.M. WHITE v W.L. REES
John EVANS v Elizabeth LEE
Anne PEARCE v Walter ADAIR

HB Herald 01 Oct 1879
Mr HAMMIL has left Meanee School & is going to Auckland. Mr REARDEN has been appointed Master

Court The following are all charged on information of Constable BYRNE, Inspector of Weights & Measures.
William MILES
John Stuart JONES
Archibald M'BRIDE

Mrs E.W. GRIGG was charged with assaulting Mrs Elizabeth MAYO. She was throwing stones and using abusive language. Mrs GRIGG denied the charge, but his Worship said he could only go on the evidence produced. Fined 10 shillings
Fri 03 Oct 1879
Marriage WILLIAMS - BROWN : At St. Johns , Napier, on Oct 1, by Rev. De. Berdt HOVELL, William Alfred Rivers WILLIAMS, of Newcastle, NSW to Isabella BROWN of Napier.

Court J. Henry GRIGSBY & Byron ELLIS - Drunkenness
Sat 04 Oct 1879

Births M'LEOD : At Waipukuraru on Oct 2, wife of D. M'LEOD, of a son

VICKERMAN : At Cameron Rd, Napier on Oct 2, wife of Edward R. VICKERMAN Esq, of a son. Nelson & Dunedin papers please copy
Mon 06 Oct 1879
Court Anne DOWD - charged with being a habitual drunkard. Since 10 Dec last she had been convicted 3 times for drunkenness, 3 times for larceny & once for vagrancy. Found guilty. 3 months imprisonment with hard labor

Mr PARTINGTON a well known Napier resident has become the proprietor of the Te Aute Hotel

Wanstead Hotel changed hands last week, Mr M'GREEVY having parted with his interest to Messrs W. TYNE & C. DALTON. Mr TYNE is the proprietor of the Waipukurau & Porangahau line of coaches.
07 Oct 1879
Thomas LAWN - profane language
Patrick WALSH - illegally on the premises of Thomas WILLIAMS.
Wed 08 Oct 1879
Court William GONDOLI - Drunkenness
Thurs 09 Oct 1879
Court Thomas LESLIE & Robert DUNN - Drunkenness
Charlotte Elizabeth GRIGSBY complained her husband, J.H. GRIGSBY had failed to provide for the maintenance of herself and children. Her husband had left her six months ago and had not given her a penny and she wished to obtain the custody of her children. His worship made an order for the protection of her property and also for her to have the charge of the three youngest children.
Sgt O'MALLEY - allowing his chimney to catch fire

Fri 10 Oct 1879 Missing Issue
Sat 11 Oct 1879

Birth KELSALL : At Enfield Rd, Napier, on 9 Oct, the widow of the late Drill Inspector Walter KELSALL, of a daughter

Marriage LASCELLES - DAVIES : On Oct 8, at the residence of the brides parents, Hawthorn Villa, Meanee, by Rev W.C. OLIVER, Henry Rohde LASCELLES, third son of Arthur Rowley William LASCELLES Esq, Solicitor, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Edward DAVIES Esq, Sheepfarmer. Gisborne papers please copy
Mon 13 Oct 1879

Birth WILKINSON : At Napier on Oct 9, wife Rev. H.R. WILKINSON, of a daughter. Canterbury papers please copy

A young girl , Margaret WEBB who has been living with Mr & Mrs MILLER of Hastings up to the 9th inst has disappeared. She had been refused permission to go to the Agricultural Society's Show, until some domestic duties had been performed. Nevertheless she started to go and was last seen between 3 & 4 o'clock in the afternoon going along the railway track near the Show ground. From that time nothing has been heard of the girl. The girl we understand is about 16 years old and small for her age.

Court Patrick MULLEN & James Henry ENGSBY ( could it be GRIGSBY) - Drunkenness
Tues 14 Oct 1879
The homestead of Mr BOWDEN, Kaikora was completely destroyed by fire on Sunday evening. This is the third time that the same house has caught fire, but it was discovered in time on previous occasions.
William BARRY - Drunkenness
Richard WILLIAMs v Benjamin JOHNSON

Mr HARLOCK - Teacher, Hampden School

A child of Henry SERGEANT, Wairoa had a narrow escape from drowning after it fell into the river. It was playing on the riverbank when it fell in. The parents noticed the accident and succeeded in rescuing it
Wed 15 Oct 1879

Death SOWRY : At Rose Farm, Woodville, on 12 Oct, Wifred Leonard, youngest son of Joseph SOWRY. Aged 14 months

Inspector SCULLY has obtained information from Paki Paki regarding Margaret WEBB which is likely to lead to her being restored to her friends

A child, 14 months, son of Joseph SOWRY of Woodville died last Sunday from inflammation of the stomach and throat, caused by being scalded with hot fat on the previous Friday

James R. KINGSBY - Drunkenness
Patrick WALSH - Drunkenness & indecent & obscene language
Mary M'KENNA - Drunkenness

Thurs 16 Oct 1879
Death JOLL : At Harewood, Hastings, on Oct 1st, Frederick William, infant son of Mr D.J. JOLL. Aged 3 months

The son of Mr R. ANDERSON, Kereru, who fell over a cliff and injured his spine is progressing favorably

Margaret WEBB who was missing from hastings was found at the house of Thomas WOODS, Paki Paki. He had offered her shelter as she appeared unwilling to go home

Kaikora School - has 31 boys & 39 girls a total of 70 in a school room calculated to accomadate 48. The teachers are Mr THOMPSON & Miss MANEY

Henry MONK, workman on a railway bridge above Kopua, fell a distance of 36 feet, alighting on his head. He was picked up insensible and taken by Mr CARR to Waipukurau Hospital. He is progressing as favorably as could be anticipated. The accident was due to a fellow workman who shifted the plank on which MONK was working

Court Dennis CALDWELL - Drunkenness
Albert WRIGHTSON & James MILLAN - charged with having destroyed 35 patent stopper lemonade bottles, valued at 17 shillings & 6d, property of James GILBERD. WRIGHTSON was a respectable looking boy of about 7 years old. MILLAN was a lad of 13 or 14. Both pleaded guilty. At the suggestion of the magistrate the charge against WRIGHTSON was withdrawn as it was thought he had been led into the mischief by the older boy. MILLAN was fined 5 shillings & costs & ordered to pay one half of the damages or in default to be imprisoned for 7 days
John HARRIS - charged on the information of William KYLE, with destoying plants valued at 5 shillings belonging to complainant on Chaucer Road. His worship said the defendant had been proved guilty of destruction of the plants and also of trespassing, but would deter sentence until the other case arising out of this one had been heard.
Sarah HARRIS - charged with abusive & obscene language to Mrs KYLE, Chaucer Road.
A witness named LOWRY said he had only heard the defendant tell Mrs KYLE to go and play in a German band. Mr RAWSON, however ,corroborated Mrs KYLE's evidence, saying the language could have been heard 40 or 50 yards away. Fined 1 pound ,in default 14 days imprisonment John HARRIS - fined 5 shillings and to pay damages of 5 shillings or 7 days imprisonment
Taniera Te TAITE, native policeman charged with assaulting Nikora TIKAOKAO at Paki Paki on 9 Sept. Case dismissed
Fri 17 Oct 1879
Bankruptcy Court William Payne OLLEY - late of Waipawa, applied for his discharge. Granted

Court John MAHONEY - charged with allowing horses to wander at large
Sat 18 Oct 1879

Death SPEEDY : At Meanee on 17 Oct, Isabel SPEEDY, infant daughter of J. C. SPEEDY. Aged 9 months

Court James M'ARTHUR - Drunkenness
Hirini TAKAMOANA - illegally on the premises of Mr BLYTHE,
Draper. F.E. HAMLIN acted as interpreter.
Mr LORENSEN - Night Watchman.
At his Worships suggestion the charge was amended to drunkenness
Mon 20 Oct 1879

Court Ranihia POTAKA - Abusive language. dismissed
Denis CROWIN - Drunkenness & indencency
Mr E. METHERELL has disposed of the Havelock Bakery to Mr G. GRANT, the well known coach proprietor.

Tues 21 Oct 1879

Birth HERRICK : At Forest Gate, on Oct 19, wife of J.L. HERRICK of a son

Deaths PEIRSE : At Napier Hospital on Oct 20, Octavius PIERSE. Aged 64 years. The funeral will the hospital this day at 2.45 pm

GUPPY : At Taradale on 17 Oct, Robert GUPPY. Aged 49 years.

Mr Robert GUPPY was one of the oldest of the Taradale Settlers. For years past Mr GUPPY had labored under a severe afflection. He leaves a widow, 2 sons & a daughter.

Mr Arthur WALKER has purchased 43,000 acres at Wairoa from the natives for 7,000 pounds

Wed 22 Oct 1879
Court AH FOO - Meanee. Forgery. Remanded to Dunedin

Thurs 23 Oct 1879

Court James SMITH - Drunkenness
Fri 24 Oct 1879

Court Thomas TAGGART - charged with burglariously entering the house of Richard Henry CLIST, Havelock and abstracting three one pound notes and 7 bottles of port. Remanded
Sat 25 Oct 1879

Birth HARRISON : At Blackburn, Makaretu, on 20 Oct, wife of A.V. HARRISON, of a son

Death GILL : At the Waipawa Hotel, on Mon 18, Thomas GILL of septicaemia
Mon 27 Oct 1879

Death HEBDEN : At Enfield Rd, Napier, on Oct 25, infant daughter of Michael & the late Mary HEBDEN. Aged 16 weeks. The funeral will leave this afternoon at 3 o'clock

Court James ARMSTRONG & Andrew ANTHONY - Drunkenness

John FOSTER - has stared business as a sweeper of chimneys and his place of business is in Dickens St.
Tues 28 Oct 1879
Death TOD : At Kaikora, on Mon 27 Oct, after a short but painful illness, Mary Barclay, aged 12 and a half years, eldest daughter of Robert & Eleanor TOD. The funeral will leave for Kaikora Cemetery on Wed 29 inst at 1 o'clock.

Court Andrew ANTHONY - Drunkenness RENOUF & Co v George SMITH John EVANS v Elizabeth LEAN John LEWIS v BAKER John O'BRIEN v Borough Council

Wed 29 Oct 1879

Court William SWANSON & Robert MORRIS - Drunkenness
Thurs 30 Oct 1879

Births AMNER : At Clive Squar, Napier, on Oct 28, Mrs W.A. AMNER of a son

DENNAN : At Sea Point, Napier, wife of J.A. DENNAN Esq, of a son

Death KELLEHER : At Timaru, on Oct 26, Anna Debroah, dearly beloved wife of John KELLEHER Esq, surveyor & sister in law of Mrs J.J. DENNAN. Aged 29 years

Sat 01 Nov 1879
DeathM'RAE : AT Napier on Oct 30, Jessie M'RAE. Aged 3 years 7 months, after a long and painful illness
The new hotel at Norsewood is now completed and Mr James WILKINSON, the landlord, late of the Railway Hotel Takapau ( the old hotel on the coach road) has obtained the necessary license
Mon 03 Nov 1879
Birth BRAITHWAITE : At Eskdale, Petane, Oct 30, wife of Robert BRAITHWAITE, of a son

Marriage PEBBLES - HARE : At West Clive, on Oct 30, by Rev. A. SHEPHERD, George, second son of George PEBBLES of Waipawa to Helen, fourth daughter of the late John HARE of Clive
Tues 04 Nov 1879
Patrick QUINLAN, R. BOHINO & Thomas WILLIAMS - Drunkenness
Thomas WALSH - Stowaway on Southern Cross
John MILLER V Corporation of Napier
John EVANS v Elizabeth M'LEAN

Mr. J. A. REARDEN has accepted the appointment of headmaster of St. Mary's School Meanee
Wed 05 Nov 1879
Births COTTERILL : At Napier, on Nov 2, wife of A.J. COTTERILL, of a son
M'CARTHEY : At Battery Point, Napier, on 3 Nov, wife of T.T. M'CARTHEY of daughter

Court John EDDIE - assaulting William APLIN

Waipawa Court
Karl F. MORTENSEN - stealing a pocket book the property of B.B. JOHNSON
Charles SHRUB - attemptong to enter a railway carriage with the train in motion
Charles NATION - being a nuisance at the Railway Station

Wairoa - Tues 4th
A young lad named MIDDLETON - 8 years old was walking from North Clyde to Frasertown when a man named NOBLE offered him a lift. NOBLE was driving a dray loaded with heavy timber. He put the young boy up on top of the timber. When near DUFF's gate the dray upset throwing the boy out and pitching the heavy timber on him. Dr ORMOND was sent for but medical skill was useless. The child died the same evening
Thurs 06 Nov 1879
Death LOADER : At Napier, on Nov 4, Alfred Henry James Daniel, infant son of Daniel LOADER. Aged 2 months

Mrs BENNETT has purchased Mr HICKEY's interest in the the Kaikora Hotel

Inquest - Wairoa Held on Tuesday at the Riverside Hotel before E. BAKER R.M acting Coroner and the following jury.
G.B. FLINT ( Foreman)
on the body of Laurence MIDDLETON, aged 9 years, son of Joe MIDDLETON, Cook at the Ferry HOTEL.
E. NOBLE - employed by MAYO & Co
: Laurence MIDDLETON came to his death at Hikawai Wairoa, on Nov 3 1879, through the accidental upsetting of a loaded dray in which he was riding.

Thomas O'BRIEN - Drunkenness
Two little boys, George ( 8 years) & Albert (6 years) WRIGHTSON were charged with stealing roses from the garden of William LUCAS in Carlyle St. George WRIGHTSON had taken a single rose.
Deposed :
Ellen BEEHAN - 13 years old
Henry COOK - 11 years old
His worship said that Albert WRIGHTSON was not criminally liable and so could not be prosecuted. Case dismissed
Fri 07 Nov 1879
Court John Frederick DEAN & Thomas O'BRIEN - Drunkenness
Sat 8 Nov 1879 Missing Issue
Mon 10 Nov 1879 Missing Issue
Tuesday 11 Nov 1879
Deaths FORD : At the residence of James CATTLE, Molesworth St, Wellington, on Nov 8 ( suddenly), Horace FORD, late of the Masonic Hotel, Napier.

MONAGAN : At his residence, Shakespeare Rd, on Nov 11, John MONAGAN. Aged 35 years

Court John DUTTON - Drunkenness & indecent exposure in Hastings St.
Edgar WEAVER - obstructing the police in the execution of their duty & obscene language in Shakespeare Rd
Walter SYMONDS, Edmund DAY, Charles NOBLE & William BARRY - Drunkenness. Edmund DAY was one of the immigrants " May Queen".
George Henry STUART - Forgery
David FORD - uttering a counterfeit coin
George GIFFARD - assault

Waipawa Court
Susannah CASSELLS - Vagrancy - 3 months imprisonment

Wed 12 Nov 1879
On Sunday an attempt was made to burn the residence of Mr LAURVIG, proprietor Working Man's Club , Norsewood.

Court One of the immigrants by the " May Queen" - Hugh PATTERSON was charged for drunkenness and assaulting Denis CRONIN. GIFFORD - assaulting John FRANKLIN
Thurs 13 Nov 1879
Court Thomas LONG - Drunkenness & obscene language. The prisoner had hung a man in the South Island and every time he arrived in a town the police were always bringing up the charge against him and they gave him a hard time.
John SHEPHERD & Robert DAVIDSON - deserting from " May Queen"
David FORD - uttering a coin with intent to impose upon W.H. GOLLOP

Waipawa Court
Karl Frithof MORTENSEN - Theft of a pocket book, property of Benjamin Bayley
JOHNSON. Dismissed
14 Nov 1879
Court James M'HUGH - immigrant "May Queen" - Drunkenness. He had imbibed a few pints of colonial beer which had affected him. Mr T. FOX, immigrant depot master, said he
had found the prisoner creating a disturbance at half past nine and had been ill treating his wife. His worship said although in England it was customary for men to beat their wives, in the colonies men treated woman in a different manner. Fined 10 shillings , in default 48 hours imprisonment with hard labor.
William HALIBUTON - disobeying the Captain of the Cleopatra.

The immigrants by the "May Queen" are not receiving engagements for work as speedily as immigrants arriving in previous ships. Up to yesterday 30 single girls, 23 single men & 4 married couples had found employment

Mr. H. LANE , landlord of the Shakespeare Hotel has recently suffered a parylatic stroke but is now out of danger of the effects

Sat 15 Nov 1879
Court Nathaniel BISHOP - stealng a book from H.A. BANNER

H.A. MANOY of Hastings St has purchased from Mr JEFFARES, the BLUE GUM Store at Taradale. It will be opened next week under the management of Robert HASTIE

Mon 17 Nov 1879

Death SHIRLEY ; At Taradale on Nov 15, Ellen , beloved wife of James SHIRLEY. Aged 64 years. Deeply regretted The funeral will leave her late residence for Taradale Cemetery on Tuesday at 1 pm. Wellington & Gisborne papers please copy.

Court Daniel COLLINS & William GUIDER - assaulting Constable LANCY in the execution of his duty.
Peter BUENDERS & Henry HOFF - breach of Fish Protection Act( netting fish in the inner harbor, they not being duly licensed fisherman). Witnesses to the crime - John LEIGHT & John ADAMS.

Tues 18 Nov 1879

Birth PEACOCK : At Fairview, Ponsonby, Auckland, on Nov 2, wife of Thos. PEACOCK of a son

Death PEACOCK : At Fairview, Ponsonby, on Nov 2, beloved wife of Thos. PEACOCK and sister of Rev. J. CAMPBELL, Napier.

Education Board
Mr HARDY - new school master at Hampden
Miss PALAMOUNTAIN - Pupil teacher - Napier School
Miss Alice DUNN - Pupil teacher - Matawhero
Mr.H. BULL - Second master - Gisborne School

Wed 19 Nov 1879
As there being on other nominations for the Mayorality, Mr VAUTIER was yesterday declared re-elected
Thur 20 Nov 1879
At present there are 11 persons committed for trial at the Supreme Court in Napier in December.
From Napier:
Roderick Hugh M'LENNAN - Murder
John Wood JERVIS - Forgery
David NELSON - Cattle Stealing
George STEWART - Forgery
From Gisborne:
META - Rape
TARAIA & Taite MARENGA - Forgery
From Wairoa:
Thomas DUCKETT - Larceny
William BARTLETT - Felony ( shooting with intent)
From Waipawa
John THOMPSON & Thomas CALLAGHAN - Felony

Harry HARVEY & Joseph HUTCHINSON - Drunkenness
Jamas M'CORBIN - Furious riding
John MURPHY - charged by William HAWKER with rescuing his cattle which were being taken to the pound
Denis O'BRIEN & Andrew ANTHONY - Larceny
George Henry STUART - Forgery:
Witnesses in this case were :
William DENHOLM - Storekeeper - Spit,
Edward Burt BENDALL - Storekeeper - Mahia,
Joseph BELL - Landlord - Crown Hotel - Spit ,
William Henry TYLEE - Clerk- Union Bank of Australia Detective Martin GRACE.

Fri 21 Nov 1879

Death TANKARD : At White Rd, Napier, on Nov 19, infant son of F. TANKARD. Aged 10 months

Court Charles NASH v Donald M'LEOD
A little girl, child of Charles PALMER had a narrow escape from serious injury yesterday. She was crossing the road in front of the Criterion Hotel when she was knocked down by a horse that was drawing a double seated buggy in which two clergymen were seated. A wheel of the buggy passed over one of her arms, put when picked up it was found she had sustained no serious injury.

Henry Martin WHITE & William Augustus CARNELL have passed their examination in general knowledge required by the Supreme Court of New Zealand, with credit
Sat 22 Nov 1879
Birth PEDDIE : At the Clarendon Hotel, on Nov 21, Mrs Thos PEDDIE, of a son
Mon 24 Nov 1879
Court Edward Anderson LAURVIG was charged on Saturday afternoon before J.A. SMITH JP, with wilfully setting fire to his premises at Norsewood. Remanded John ROSS - charged by Capt. TATCHELL, Master " May Queen" of being a lunatic. Postponed
James WATSON - stealing a bag of potatoes, the property of Louis WATT

Tues 25 Nov 1879

Birth MANOY : At Shakespeare Rd, Napier, on Nov 25, wife of A. MANOY , of a son.

Court Charles MITCHELL - Drunkenness
Same v Donald CAMERON
Same v Robert ROBINSON
Same v Gertrude EVANSEN
Same v Wate NAPUKU
Same v Otene MAHANA - Dismissed

Wed 26 Nov 1879

MarriageSOWRY - WILLING : On Nov 21, at Rose Farm, Woodville by Rev. H.R.WILKINSON, Joseph SOWRY, contractor & builder to Martha M. WILLING, both of Woodville

Thurs 27 Nov 1879

Birth DOBSON : On Nov 25. wife of Robert DOBSON, of a son

Death DENNAN : At Sea Point, Napier, on 26 Nov, Hamilton, Joseph, infant son of M.A.J & J.J. DENNAN. Aged 4 weeks

HAMI - indecent exposure
Samuel CARGILL & George EDWARDS - Drunkenness

Fri 28 Nov 1879
On Sunday night last, 5 maoris Hapi TUMUNU, Renata GRAAME, Whitu TIRANGI, Wiremu TE AWAI & Hori HIMI came across James RICHARDSON at Toi Toi Flat about 2 miles from Ormond & brutally assaulted him, leaving him for dead. RICHARDSON is not in any danger according to Dr. POLLEN unless Crysipelas sets in. Renata GRAAME has confessed all to the police

Court Ole CHRITIANSEN - Drunkenness
29 Nov 1879

We have every reason to believe a witness in the M'LENNAN murder case was drowned in the Tuki Tuki River. The witness in question was a servant at the Masonic Hotel, her name being then Ellen SMITH, daughter of Mr SMITH, carter of Battery Road, but some few days ago she was married to Mr MACKERSAY, lately in employment of Mr SAXBY, Patangata. She was attempting to cross the river to visit Mrs CLARK, who resides near the SAXBY place. She was on horseback, seated on a mans saddle. The horse arrived riderless and it was concluded that Mrs MACKERSAY had been washed off into the river. Last night the body still had not been recovered

Mon 01 Dec 1879

Birth RICHARDSON : On 25 Oct, at Pryland, George St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Mrs S. Alfred RICHARDSON ( nee Miss B. WALKER ) of a son

A female servant , Elizabeth BRODIE, in the employ of Mr CLIST, Pacific Hotel, Havelock was arrested on a charge of having stolen articles valued at 10 pounds from her employer

Court William BROWN - Drunkenness

John LEGEYT, John ADAMS & ?THOMAS - committed a breach of the peace on Marine Parade. They all had a "rough and tumble' fight in the surf and had used bad language to each other after their fishing nets had become tangled. All fined 5 shillings

Alleged Arson
Against Eward Anderson LAURVIG with respect to the fire at the Working Men's Club at Norsewood on 9 Nov last.
Evidence by:
Lina Christine THOMASEN
Antoni THOMASEN - husband of previous witness
Ole CHRISTOFFERSON - father of last witness
John William THOMPSON
Adolf OLEIG - President of the club
Elizabeth IRVINE - worker at the club
William YOUNGMAN - Builder
John HINDMARSH - Clerk, MURRAY, ROBERTS & Co, Napier
Frances T.H. BULLEN - Sgt in Armed Constabulary
LAURVIG was committed for trial at the next sitting of the Supreme Court in Napier

Tues 02 Dec 1879

Birth JONES : At Puketpu, Mon Nov 24, wife of W. JONES of a son

Marriage WEBBER - WILLIAMS : On Sun Nov 30, at St. John's, Napier, by Rev. De Berdt HOVELL, Arhur Charles, eldest son of the late Simon WEBER to Mary RICHARDS, fourth daughter of Mr Jno. WILLIAMS, both of Napier. ( WEBBER or WEBER ???)

Court Thomas LONG - Drunkenness & obscene language
Thomas TRAVIS - Drunkenness

Education Board
Abigail MURRAY - Pupil teacher - Port Ahuriri
Mr BRUFORD - Teacher - Norsewood
Patutahi School: Was inspected by the Inspector. There were 11 children on the roll. Two of whom were infants, under school age. One of the pupils had to be called in from his work in the fields. The inspector doubted whether he ever attended school. There was no scholar in the school beyond the second standard, although one of them was 15 and a half and the other 14 and a half. The children were from three families . CARRIN - 6, BILHAM - 4 & GEDGE -1. The teacher is Mrs BILHAM and she is teaching school in her own kitchen. The board decided that under the circumstances the school could not be recognised any longer as a public school
Wed 03 Dec 1879

Birth SLUCE : At West Clive, on Nov 21, wife of George Edgar SLUCE of a son
Death WHITE : At Porangahau, on Nov 29, Arthur Edward, infant son of John & Fanny WHITE. Aged 10 weeks

The body of Ellen MACKERSAY was found in the Tuki Tuki River yesterday. The inquest will be held at Patangata this afternoon and the funeral will take place immediately after.

John Hill CURTIS & Thomas TROVIS - Drunkenness
Thurs 04 Dec 1879
Birth LEE : On 14 Nov, at Napier, wife of G. Edmund LEE, solicitor, of a daughter

A fatal accident occured between Waipawa and Hampden. Michael MARTIN was thrown from his horse, alighting on his head. He was removed to Mr PETIT's Hotel where Dr REID & Dr TODD examined him. His skull was found to be fractured and he gradually sank, expiring yesterday morning. An inquiry was held yesterday, but we have not heard the result

Licensing Court for Ngaruroro
New Konini Hotel - Mr SMITH - granted
The new hotel at Waikonini received a license

Waipawa Licensing
Beaconsfield Hotel - Kopua - Transfer from E. COLTMAN to F.H. STEVENS
Te Aute Hotel - J. MASSEY to Henry WILLIAMS

Thomas TROVIS - Drunkennness. Removed for medical treatment
Charles LEACH & Richard ANDERSON - ill treating a horse at Paki Paki.
Dismissed Ellen BRODIE - Larceny. Committed for trial at the Supreme Court
Anderson v FRAME
Fri 05 Dec 1879

Napier Licensing Court
Following transfers were granted
Masonic - W. T. DENNETT to T.A. SHIRLEY
Foresters Arms - W. ADAIR to C.H. SMITH
Albion - J. GREY to W.T. DENNETT

John BROWN - Drunkenness
John FREDERICK alias Dalton DEAR - passing valueless cheque
Sat 06 Dec 1879

John ROSS - Lunacy - dismissed
George Thomas CROSS - charged with selling a quantity of hock wine , under 20 gallons to William MAYO. Dismissed
TOHI - assaulting William CROW & Constable LIVINGSTONE
John GLOVER - unlawfully breaking a window, the property of Richard BARROWS, proprietor of Caledonian Hotel. He pushed another man's head through the window

Mon 08 Dec 1879
Births M'LEAN : On Dec 6, at Paki Paki, wife of Peter M'LEAN, of a daughter

ROULSTON : On Dec 6, at Railway Terminus Hotel, wife of James ROULSTON, of a son

Robert MARTIN, Thomas M'DERMOTT & Frederick TAYLOR - Drunkenness
Thomas TROVIS - On remand for drunkenness & obscene language. Case adjourned
Tues 09 Dec 1879
Death LEVY : At her father's residence, Roxburgh St, Wellington, Edith Mary, sixth daughter of Soloman LEVY. Aged 11 years

Mr Henry SMALL of Patangata was cutting grass with a horse mowing machine, when his little boy who had unseen got in front of the knives. The boy whose knee was completely shattered was seen by Dr. TODD & Dr. REID, who amputated the limb. The poor little fellow is still alive

Supreme Court
Before Justice RICHMOND
Grand Jury:
Archibald BRYSON

Horse Stealing
David NELSON - pleaded guilty - sentence deffered

Maori Morality
META, a maori was indicted for rape upon a girl under the age of 10 years. His worship said judging from the depositions the girl, Hene MATAKENO, had been a willing partner. Meta was remanded

Renata KEREAMA, Hori HEME, HAPI, Wiremu WHITURANGI & Wiremu TE O WAI, assaulting James RICHARDSON Renata KEREAMA pleaded guilty, the others pleading not guilty
John MOtely SMITH
Dr. William JACKSON
Jury returned a verdict of guilty against HAPI, acquitting the other three. Hapi & Renata KEREAMA will be setenced today

Forgery George Henry STUART - Pleaded guilty. Sentencing today

Larceny Thomas DUCKETT, larceny of three coats, pair of trousers & other garments, property of George William FLINT, Storekeeper, Wairoa. He pleaded not guilty
George MAYO
Peter JOHNSON - Tailor - Clyde
Prisoner was found guilty. 6 months gaol with hard labor
Wed 10 dec 1879
The examination of the sewing work of the competitors for Captain RUSSELL's prizes were concluded last week; Seating a pair of old trousers;
Minnie SPRIGGS - Napier - 100 marks
Sarah STEWART - Napier - 98
A. HAMLIN - Napier - 98
Hettie POOLE - Waipukurau - 98
Lucie WINLOVE - Waipukurau - 96
Hettie BRUMSKILL - Havelock - 90
Emma FAULKNOR - Napier - 84
Annie SCANLON - Havelock - 82
Making a Nightshirt :
Lizzie GRUCH - Napier - 90
Berths GALLIEN - Hastings - 85
H. CHRISTINA - Puketapu - 85
Annie SCANLAN - Havelock - 82
Martha GRUBB - Napier - 82
M . M'CORMICK - 80
Grace THOMAS - 80
Alice COLLINGE - Hastings - 80
Jane FAIRHEAD - Havelock - 80

Birth REDWARD : At Te Whiti, Norsewood, Dec 8, wife of F.W. REDWARD of a son

Supreme Court Horse Stealing David NELSON, who yesterday pleaded guilty. Sentenced to six months with hard labor

Assault Renata KEREAMA & HAPI were sentenced for the assault upon James RICHARDSON. 6 months with hard labor

Forgery & Uttering George Henry STUART - Sentenced . Imprisonment in the common gaol at Napier, for one year
Forgery Taraia TE RAIHI - charged with feloniously forging a certain deed with intend to defraud and Taite Te Hoko MOKE for aiding and abetting . Pleaded not guilty
Evidence by: John BROOKINg - Clerk- Native Land Purchase - Gisborne
Kerehona TE WHAKA - Native clergyman.
Pair were found guilty. Te RAIHI received 3 months gaol & MOKE 6 months, both with hard labor

Criminal Offence
Meta - indicted for a criminal offence with a maori girl under the age of 12 years. Found guilty. Will be sentenced today

Larceny Ellen BRODIE - charged with srealing from her employer - Richard Henry CLIST, Pacific Hotel, Hastings
Martha CLIST- wife of Richard
Andrea CLIST - Laundress
Found guilty. Six months gaol with hard labor
Thurs 11 Dec 1879
Birth SEALE : At Rissington, on Dec 9, wife of G.T. SEALE, of a daughter

Deaths ROULSTON : At Napier, on Dec 9, infant daughter of James ROULSTON, Terminus Hotel

WIGGINS : At Napier Hospital, on Dec 10, Robert WIGGINS. Aged 84 years. The funeral will leave the hospital at 10.30 this day

Supreme Court Criminal Assault META, who on the previous day was found guilty of attempting to criminally know a girl under the age of 12 years was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment at the common gaol at Napier.

Larceny Thomas CALLAGHAN & John THOMPSON were charged for stealing a portmanteau at Waipawa, property of Charles Alfred EWEN. They pleaded not guilty
Deposed were:
Michael MORONEY - Carrier - Waipawa
George PEBBLES - Carpenter - Waipawa
Charles EYRES - Barman - Empire Hotel, Waipawa
( witness on behalf of THOMPSON). He was brought down from the gaol to
give his evidence.
They were both found guilty and will be sentebced today.

Forgery John Wood JERVIS - charged with feloniously forging a certain order for money - Acquitted
Fri 12 Dec 1879
Death HASTIE : At Sydney on 9 Dec, Elizabeth Jane, only daughter of William & Mary HASTIE, Milbourne Station, Kaikora. Aged 1 year 9 months

Supreme Court
Thomas CALLAGHAN & James THOMPSON. Both received 12 months in Napier gaol with hard labor

Alleged Arson Edward Anderson LAURVIG - charged with setting fire to the Working Man's Club in Norsewood. He pleaded not guilty. Harald MICHELSON was sworn in as interpreter
Deposed were:
Benjamin Bayly JOHNSON - Sub agent - Nth British Insurance Co
Adolf OBERG - President of the Club
Elizabeth or Alice ( both these names were used )IRVINE - WorKer at the club. LAURVIG had asked her to marry him and she had refused as he had too many children. She stated that he had told her he was going to burn the place down Lena Christiana THOMSEN - Norsewood
Andrea DUNN
Josephine ANDERSON
The jury retired and were still not in at 10pm , so his Worship ordered the jury to be locked up for the night and the court was adjourned

Sat 13 Dec 1879
R.M. Court - Waipawa
John RAE - assault of Wm. MEREDITH at Woodville
Edward STANLEY - obscene language and indecency at Woodville

Supreme Court
LAURVIG Case the foreman of the jury repoprted that the jury had not agreed to a verdict nor was there any likelihood of an agreement as to a verdict being arrived at by the jury. His Honor relieved the jury and said that he had come to the conclusion that it was not a case for him to order a fresh trial. LAURVIG was discharged

Shooting with Intent William BARTLETT indicted for shooting with intent to murder Donald GILANDER. Second indictment- charging the shooting to be with intent to inflict bodily injury.
John SSTEPHENS - Foreman of the jury
Deposed were:
Donald GILANDERS - in the employment of Mr FLEMING, Mahia and on Aug 5 was killing pigs for Mr FLEMING John ROBINSON, Hirini PEKI & Felix MORRELL were all hunting pigs with GILANDERS.
Verdict of Jury : Not guilty

Mon 15 Dec 1879 Missing Issue
Tues 16 Dec 1879 Missing Issue
Wed 17 Dec 1879
Births WATTS : At Kaikora, on Dec 11, wife Edward WATTS Esq of a son.
PARSONS : At Puketapu, on Dec 16, wife T. PARSONS of a daughter
MarriagesGRAY - CARR : At the Manse, Havelock on Dec 16 by Rev. Alexander SHEPHERD M.A., David GRAY, Napier to Joan Mary CARR

Mr John SWEENEY's house at Mr M'HARDY's run at Blackhead was totally destroyed by fire

Samuel BOYLE has been drowned at Blackhead

Supreme Court

Alleged Wife Murder Roderick Hugh M'LENNAN - charged with wife murder. Alleged that he murdered his wife over a period of time with arsenic.
Deposed were: James SMITH - father of Ellen Anne SMITH. He was merely brought forward to prove the death of his daughter an important witness for the prosecution
Dr William Isaac SPENCER - described at great lengths the autopsy
Martha CLIST
George Prior DONNELLY
Edward SAUNDERS - Was the "Boots at the Masonic Hotel
James WILKINSON - Undertaker - in the employment of LARGE & TOWNLY
Margaret M'DONALD - Hastings

Thurs 18 Dec 1879

No traces have yet been found of Frank BOYLE who is supposed to have drowned at Porangahau

Rev. G.M. D'Arcy IRVINE has resigned the Head Mastership of Napier Grammar, due to the delicate state of Mrs D'Arcy IRVINE's health

Supreme CourtCharge of Wife Murder
Deposed were:
Edward Dale SMITH - One of WELSMAN's assistants
George Edward ELSON - Ditto
William MORLING - waiter - Masonic Hotel
Michael John MAHON - Sgt of Police & District Police Clerk for Hawkes Bay
James O'MALLEY - Sgt. of Police
Lucy KERNICK - worker at Masonic
Thomas George PUTMAN - Warder, Waipukurau Hospital but in March last he lived in Napier and was the dustman.
Catherine FRASER - she laid out the deceased
Caroline BEALES - was visiting her daughter
Mrs SCOTT at the hotel at the time of the death
Tom WATERWORTH - Monumental Mason
Constable SCULLY
Dr. James HECTOR - In charge of Government Lab in Wellington
Dr. Frederic Irving De LISLE
Friday 19 Oct 1879
Birth SHIELD : At Napier, on 16 dec, Mrs Arthur SHIELD of a son

Body of Frank BOYLE was found yesterday in a creek at Porangahau. Inquest to be held tomorrow

Dr. CARO is to leave Napier in February for Waipawa.

Supreme Court Alleged Wife Murder Summing up - Mr COTTERILL for the defendant, spoke for an hour and forty minutes Mr LASCELLES for the Crown - 2 hours & 25 minutes
his Honor concluded at 8.30 pm, his summing up occupying 2 and three quarter hours.
The jury at 9.25 pm, having been 55 minutes deliberating, returned "not guilty" verdict
Prisoner was discharged.

Roderick Hugh M'LELLAN, after being discharged for wife murder was again arrested for having forged a cheque at the BNZ at Christchurch for 25 pounds.

Convent Schools - Prizegiving

St. Josephs Parish School 1st Class
Good Conduct - M. CUNNINGHAM
Religious Instruction - C. BROPHY
General Knowledge - M.A. SMITH
Fancy & Plain Needlework - E. HAWKER
Arithmetic - Elizabeth BARRY
Music & Fancy work - Emma DOUGLAS
Reading - Mary M'DONALD
Housework - M.A. SMITH
Singing & Writing - E. HAWKER

2nd Class
Good Conduct - Lina BROPHY
Religious Instruction - Catherine O'ROURKE
Regular Attendance - L. DRYBERG
General Improvement - Fanny CROSS
Writing - Elizabeth WELSH
Application - Sarah O'DONNELL
Arithmetic - Mary M'GRATH
Geography - Maria WILLIAMS

3rd Class
Good Conduct - Nelly DOWLING
Regular Attendance - Maggie M'CARTHY
Cleanliness - Lina DRIBERG
Politeness - Maggie SWEENEY
Reading - Mary PURCELL
Arithmetic - Ellen PIERCE
Writing - Alice CLAREBUT

Other Prizes
Catherine M"GRATH
Catherine MURROW
Flora WEBB

St. Josephs Providence
Conduct - Margaret ALLEN. Honorably mentioned, Emma HIPIRINE, Julia BORELL,
Katey PAORA, Hareta HOERE & Jane SILLION
!st Prizes
Housekeeping - Margaret ALLEN
Application & Plain sewing - Gertrude GILMAN
General Knowledge - Mary TEKIHI
Writing & Order - Cecily WIMATA
Grammar - Julia BORRELL
History & Plain Sewing - Emma HIPIRINE
Regularity & Plain Sewing - Paungo PATIHA
Politeness & Regularity - Katey PAORA
Fancywork & Writing - Reuben PAORA
Arithmetic - Agnes MIHI
Music - Cecily WINIATA

2nd Prizes
Music - Elizabeth SILLION
Application & Reading - Emily CHASE
Arithmetic - Emily WALKER
Reading & Writing - Rose SILLION
Reading & Writing - MAKAIA
Writing & Spelling - Jane SILLION
Reading - WENERATA
Regularity - Mary Alice LIVINGSTON
Religious Instruction- Julia BORELL & Margaret ALLEN !st
Mary TEKEHI & Alice HALE - 2nd

2nd Division
General Knowledge - Aratia PIPI
Arithmetic - Puna PINIPI
Order & reading - APIA
Writing - Magdalen TEKIHI

Ladies School
Good Conduct - WILLIS 1st. BOWERMAN 2nd
Politeness - FANNIN 1st, ELLIS 2nd.
1st Class
TAYLOR 1st, COLGAN 2nd , MANEY 3rd
Grammar - JARMAN
Arithmetic - HAYDEN

2nd Class
Grammar - KEILEY
Sewing - M. NESBITT

3rd Class
Grammar - GLENN
Regular Attendance - DENNETT, BRYSON, SMITH
General Improvement - MAHON, PEARCEY & BRIGGS

4th Class
Good Conduct - K. TAZMAN
Application - DEWES
Reading - T. BOYLAN
Writing - SHANLEY
Music - N. BOYLAN 1st, MANEY 2nd
French - COLGAN
Drawing - TAYLOR
Needlework - TAYLOR 1st, WILLAN 2nd, BRITTON 3rd

Sat 20 Dec 1879

Birth WILLIAMS : At Milton Rd, Napier, on 12 Dec, wife N. WILLIAMS of a daughter

R.M. Court Roderick M'LENNAN for forgery - Remanded to Christchurch

Supreme Court PRICE v Renata KAWEPO - Claim for 2,000 pound damages for malicious prosecution

Napier District School - Prizegiving
Std V
General Proficiency:
Boys - Charles H. LAWES 1st, Andrew GUY 2nd, Walter HARDING & Harold LARGE 3rd
Girls - Louisa BURDEN 1st
Composiotion - C.H. LAWES & Louisa BURDEN
Drawing - Alice HAMLIN 1st, Andrew GUY 2nd
Singinng at sight - Edith REID & Harold LARGE
Mental Arithmetic - Elias CHEGWIDDEN
Std IV
General Proficiency
Boys _ A. WILLIAMSON 1st, T. LINDSAY 2nd, John WILLIAMSON 3rd.
Girls - Catherine DUNN 1st, Martha GRUBB 2nd
Physiology - Walter HARDING
Mapping - Alice HAMLIN
Composition - Minnie SPRIGGS
Std 111
Upper Division
General Proficiency
Boys - G.S. CUMMING 1st, T. MORRISON 2nd, John LANGLEY 3rd
Girls - Nellie M'DONALD 1st, Rachael LE QUESNE 2nd
Writing - A. CANTLE & Lizzie GRUCHY
Good Conduct - Johua LE QUESNE & Sarah MOGRIDGE
Std 111
Lower Division
General Proficiency
Boys - William JOHNSTON 1st, Charles LAMB 2nd
Girls - M.A. WATTS 1st, Eva PEACOCK 2nd
Std 11
Upper Division
General Proficiency
Boys - John CONNELL 1st, Edward GRUBB 2nd, John PREBBLE 3rd
Girls - Jane PEACOCK 1st, Sarah SNELLING 2nd, Polly DEAN 3rd
Std 11
Lower Division
General Proficiency
Boys - T. WATERWORTH 1st, W. REID 2nd, George BISSON 3rd
Girls - Catherine MILLAR 1st, Maude SHAW 2nd, Annie ODLEM 3rd
Std 1
Upper Division
General Proficiency
Boys - Arthur HEWALD & John M'DOUGALL
Std 1
Lower Division
General Proficiency
Percival BEAR, Thomas BEAR, Harvey RYMER, Victor KELSALL
Sewing - Minnie SPRIGGS
1st, Elizabeth GRUCHY 2nd, Mary M'CORMICK 3rd, Martha GRUBB 4th, Grace
THOMAS 5th, Mary GRUBB 6th, Lily MOGRIDGE 7th

Port Ahuriri School
Std 1V
Composition - W. WILKIE
Writing - Kenneth CAMERON
Reading - Emily KRAEFT
Grammar & Geography - Louisa BERRY
Dictation - Alec ANTHONY
Arithmetic - W. WILKIE
Drawing - James NORTH
Sewing - Emily KRAEFT
Std 111
Dictation & Politeness - Annie MOONEY
Politeness - Arthur GIBSON
Reading & Writing - Willie BERRY
Arithmetic - Susan BERRY & Jessie CAMERON
Spelling - Lizzie FRANKLIN
Drawing- Albert HURFITT
Exemplary Diligence - Herbert LE BAS & Etty TRASK
Preparing for Std 11
Arithmetic - Henry MITCHELL, Alec RIDDLE & John NORTH
Writing - Albert YOUNG, Alice HELANDER, Dotty FRANKLIN, Ada STUART
Geography - James WATSON
Dictation - Charles LARKIN
Reading - Mary MOONEY & Mary BOOT
Exemplary Diligence - William BURTON, Henry FOX, Ouida THOMPSON & Thomas ARNOLD
Singing - Minnie BERRY
Std 1
Reading & Writing - Catherine ANDERSON
Singing - Alfred LIGHT, Annie & Sarah WELSH
Good Conduct - Edith REDWARD & Jane FULTON

Mon 22 Dec 1879 Missing issue

Tues 23 Dec 1879
Birth BURKE : At Milton Grange, on 21 st inst. Mrs W.U. BURKE, of a daughter

Inquest Was held yesterday at the Foresters Arms Hotel, before Dr HITCHINGS, Coroner on the body of William Andrew BULLED, aged 45 years, who was killed last Saturday near the Shamrock Hotel.
He was on a horse and cart travelling at a furious rate, leaning forward on the shaft, apparently to catch the reins. He fell on the near side in front of the cart wheel, which passed over him. BULLED attempted to raise himself but fell down.
Deposed :
Mr SMITH - Landlord of Shamrock Hotel
John Pearce SMITH
William Elias BULLED - Aged 13 years, son of the deceased.
Verdict : Accidental death

Supreme Court Will of the late Karaitiana TAKAMOANA Probate on his will - Will be tried in Wellington in April next.

R. M. Court James MORIARTY & John HARVEY - Drunkenness

Henry CAMPBELL using threatening language to William Henry GOLLOP, Licensee of the Commercial Hotel at the Spit. Case dismissed
Wed 24 Dec 1879

Marriage BRIGHTWELL - PEARCE : On Nov 29, by Rev OLIVER, at the residence of Mr COURETT, Napier, Thomas BRIGHTWELL, Contractor, Palmerston North, to Miss Anne Bennett PEARCE, Napier.

Hugh CONNOR of Napier has received the medal of the Royal Humane Society. he has saved nine if not ten lives at different times. Andrew MARTIN was one, a child he saved in Napier in 1870

St. Mary's Prizegiving
Fourth Class
1st Division
Good Conduct - Richard JARMAN 1st, T. DOBSON 2nd
Spelling - W. SHANLY, J. DOWLING & H. REARDON 1st equal. Arthur MALCOM 2nd
Reading - F. SCULLY 1st, A. MALCOM 2nd
Writing - F. DENNAN 1st, J.BOWES 2nd
Arithmetic - J. DOWLING 1st, R. JARMAN 2nd
Menstiration - J. DOWLING 1st, O. COWEN 2nd
Algebra - O. COWEN 1st, J. DOWLING 2nd
Geometry - O. COWEN 1st, R. JARMAN 2nd
Grammar - O. COWEN 1st, H. REARDON 2nd
Geography - W.H. CONNOR 1st, O. COWEN 2nd
History - W.H. CONNOR 1st, O. COWEN 2nd
Map Reading - H. REARDON
2nd Division
Arithmetic - W. SHANLY 1st. Athur JARMAN & H.A. BOWERMAN 2 equal
Homer exercises - R. JARMAN
3rd Class
1st Division
Good Conduct - John T. BARRY 1st, G. CLAREBURT 2nd
Catechism - E. BROPHY 1st, M. O'ROURKE
Reading - J.J. SMITH & D. DOBSON 1st equal, M. AMBROSE & J. PAGE 2nd equal
Spelling - David DOBSON 1st, J.J. SMITH 2nd
Writing - David DOBSON 1st, J.J. SMITH 2nd
Grammar - John T. BARRY 1st, M. PEARCY 2nd
Geography : James M'CARTHY 1st, John T. BARRY & James CUNNINGHAM 2nd equal
2nd Division
Arithmetic - M' MAHONEY & John T. BARRY 1st equal. M. PEARCY 2nd
Geography : M. O'ROURKE
& M. PEARCY 1stvequal, James COGHLAN & John MAHONY 2nd equal
1st Division

2nd Division

3rd Division

4th Division
Royal LEE

Thurs 25 Dec 1879

Eliza GOLLOP - using obscene language in a public place
John MABBETT, Harry HUMPHUS & Robert WOOLMAN - Drunkenness
James GRIGSBY - Furious riding

John RYAN, a station hand employed on MR STUDHOLME's station at Papakura was drowned while crossing the river at Papaorangi. He was in the company of Mr BUCKNELL when the rapid current carried him off his horse. The body has not been recovered. RYAN was a married man and leaves a widow and 4 children

Walter ADAIr, late of Foresters Arms Hotel has become the proprietor of the Kaikora Hotel, having purchased Mr HICKEY's interest.
Fri 26 Dec 1879 Missing Issue
Sat 27 Dec 1879
Gisborne Court
Louis DIXEY - assaulting a baliff
Henry EVANS - Larceny. Acquitted
Mon 29 Dec 1879
Court Henry MITCHELL - Stealing a watch from John WHITING
John WHITING - Drunkenness
Tues 30 Dec Missing Issue
Wed 31 Dec 1879 Missing Issue


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