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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
1 Oct 1878

Marriage LIVINGSTONE-HOWARD-At Wellington on Sept 14, by the Rev Mr PATTERSON, William J LIVINGSTONE, of Napier, to Harriet, second daughter of Mr Charles HOWARD, Christchurch.
Magistrate's Court.
An individual named McMINN-drunkenness-discharged with a caution.

Local News. We learn from a correspondent that the 25th September was a red-letter day at Onga Onga, the occasion being the marriage of Mr W E COMBS,of Napier, with Miss COLES, of Onga Onga.

This day was kept by all the townspeople as a general holiday, and the principal streets were decked with flags and evergreens.
2 Oct 1878 Local.
Mr MACDONALD, solicitor late of the Thames, who has just commenced practice in Napier, made his first appearance in Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday in the case of the
Res.Mag.Court-R. STUART Esq., R.M.-Tuesday Oct 1.

John THOMAS-Drunkenness- fined.

McCORMICK V TUKE-claim for breaking in a horse to harness and farrier's expenses connected with same.-Sume of 2pounds 18s has been paid to the court.

WILLIAMS V OATLEY-claim for 10s for rates due to the Corporation.-Judgment given.

WILLIAMS V WATERWORTH- Claim for 1pound 5s for rates due the corporation. Case withdrawn.

Waipawa Court of Petty Sessiions
Tuesday Oct 1. Before James LAWRENCE Esq.,
Lieut-Colonel HERRICK and Sydney JOHNSTON Esq., Justices of the Peace.

Terkel HANSEN pleaded guilty to having been drunk while travelling ON THE RAILWAY LINE FROM Kopua to Waipukurau.

Sergt. McGUIRE stated that it was his first offence and he had been locked up all night. The prisoner was discharged with a caution.

A petition for the reduction of the sentence passed upon two Scandinavian brokers SCHMIDT, who were convicted on the charge of unlawfully wounding at the last sitting of the supreme Court at Napier, has been successful, and that three months has been taken off the sentence of each of the two prisoners.

An accident which was attended with the most serious results occurred to Mr F E HAMLIN's valuable horse Hikutoto yesterday morning on the Shakespeare road. It will be remembered Hikutoto won the Hawke's Bay Maiden Plate about the year 1874, beating Dr RUSSELL's well known colt.

The horse was shot after injuries received, when his fore leg was broken in two places, with the bone protruding three inches through the skin. It is supposed that the animal took fright at the people rushing to and from the fire yesterday morning. An inquest was held last Saturday at Porangahau, before Dr C E TENNENY, coroner, touching the death of John MILLER, whose body was found on the 20th ult, in the bush near Wainui. After a great deal of evidence was taken, the jury returned a verdict to the effect that the death had been the result of natural causes.
2b October 1878.

Oddments.-All Page 2.

Telegrams-Tauranga Oct 1.
The Bay of Plenty Times this morning strongly animadverts on the action of the Government in re-appointing Major ROBERTS R.M., for this place. The public, however, do not hold the same opinions on the subject as this sapient editor of the local luminary. Major ROBERTS held the appointment of R M in this district before Mr BRABANT, and did so with credit to himself and the Government under whom he served. He is an able and conscientious officer, and should never have been removed from the position he held. A substantial testimonial was presented to him by the inhabitants on his transfer to Taupo, which evidences the feeling of the people at that time. (Brabant surname has direct family in this area. My Aunt was married to a Herbert Brabant CARVER- now deceased.)

Press Agency-Auckland October 1.
Malcolm MacDONALD, second mate of the brigantine Luida, when going from the vessel to the wharf by a plank, fell into the water, and was drowned.

A boy named Henry COLLINS, was walking along, when a stack of timber rolled over, crushing him to death instantaneously.

Henry ALDRIDGE, a man apparently occupying a fair position, was committed for trial today on a charge of rape on a girl aged fourteen. The offence was committed in the middle of June, but nothing was heard of it for months after. The evidence disclosed shocking immorality.

The cases at the criminal sessions commencing on Monday, include forgeries, larceny, perjury, attempted murder, manslaughter, murder, robbery, and rape.

The horses of the Wanganui coach bolted yesterday into the surf; one horse was drowned.

A race for 50 pounds a side, between DELANEY and STAUNTON takes place tomorrow.
2 October 1878.

Marriage TUCKER-HARRIS-At St Mark's Church, West Clive, on September 20, by the Rev H W St HILL, Richard TUCKER, fifth son of Mr Edward TUCKER, to Marie(a) HARRIS, third daughter of Mr John HARRIS, both of West Clive. Auckland papers please copy.

Porangahau correspondent writes; -"The first meeting of the Porangahau Cricket Club took place on Saturday last, the 28th. Following Officers were elected for the coming season.
Thomas CROSSE, Hon Secretary and Treasurer
Committee of Management. Messrs T CROSSE, E BOSTOCK, J HERBERT, J W HUMPHRIES, C L MACKERSEY, T POOLE, G CROSSE. Meting was closed with a vote of thanks to Mr W A WARREN for the able manner in which he had carried out his duties as captain in past seasons."
3 October 1878

Birth SMITH-At Mohaka on the 14th September, the wife of Mr W SMITH, of a son.

THAYER-LANGLEY.- At St John's Church Napier on October 1, by the Rev De Berdt HOVELL, Robert Jones THAYER, eldest son of Mr S THAYER, late of Somersetshire, England, to Elizabeth Esther LANGLEY, eldest daughter of Mr J LANGLEY, late of St. Lawrence, Jersey. Home papers please copy.

AMNER-WELCH- At St John's Church Napier on October 2, by the Rev De Berdt HOVELL, William Ambrose AMNER, to Sarah WELCH, both of Napier.

3a October 1878

Resident Magistrate's Court-before R STUART Esq., R.M., and E TUKE Esq., J.P.,

A lad named Arthur SMITH-charged by James GRAY, of the Albion Hotel, with having stolen on 27th Sept, stolen a china tea set, knives, spoons, &c., of the value of 3 pounds.-Sentenced to 14 days imprisonment with hard labor.

A number of impounding cases by Alexander JONES of Taradale, were dismissed.

The Lutheran Church Committee acknowledge the receipt of the following subscriptions. H STEVENS, J LARGE, Thos WATT, Thos SCULLY, J CHAMBERS, Rev S WILLIAMS, AA.H. PRICE, Hon H.R. RUSSELL.

4th October 1878.

Local News. Another of our old settlers returned to Hawke's Bay yesterday. Mr M E GROOM, of Hastings, who has been away from the colony nearly two years, came back from the colony nearly two years, came back by the St Leonards, which recently arrived at Wellington, and was a passenger thence by the Taupo yesterday. We understand Mr GROOM intends taking up his abode in the district permanently.

We have received a circular from Mr H Neville MONTAGU, manager for Mademoiselle Alice CHARBONNET, the celebrated pianiste, who, with Miss Florence NEVILLE and company, will shortly appear in Napier. There are references from the Sydney Town and Country Journal:-"One of the grandest and most classical concerts that ever took place in the city was given by Mademoiselle Alice CHARBONNET, in the Masonic Hall, on Saturday night last."

>From New Plymouth Oct 4. At Mr COURTNEY's cattle sale calves fetched 2.10s to 8 pounds.etc.,

5 Oct 1878.

Birth HORN-At Mount Erin, near Havelock, Mrs William Horn of a son.

General news. Grahamstown Oct 4. A fall of earth in the Moanatiri mine killed a workman named Thomas PUGH. He was a respectable young man, only twelve months married. He leaves his wife with an infant. At the inquest a verdict was returned of accidental death, and that no blame was attachable to anyone. The earth killed him instantly.

Hokitika Oct 3. In the Supreme Court today, W T FOWLER, pleaded guilty to larceny from a dwelling house, and was sentenced to six month's imprisonment. The Grand Jury threw out the bill for criminal libel against POTTS, of the Reefton Times.
5th Oct 1878.

INQUIRY INTO LATE FIRE resumed yesterday at the Commercial Hotel t the Spit, before Dr HITCHINGS, coroner.
Deposed witnesses.

Frances FLINT- wife of Mr FLINT-Storekeeper at Wairoa.-saw accused GRIGSBY.

James NASMITH-engineer, residing at Port Ahuriri-aroused by fire bell-saw a man between Mr WARNE's large house and between Mr BEUKER's house and shed. Could not describe the man, but think he had dark clothes.

John PRIOR-employ of Mr COTTON.

Alexander BEAN- Cook of the Sir Donald.-saw accused twice.

Louisa FUSZARD- wife of George FUSZARD.
Jas GRIGSBY-son of Henry GRIGSBY- saw him with another man-engine had left town before then.\Minnie ASHTON-wife of John ASHTON, of the London Hotel.
Verdict by jury to the effect that the cause of the fire was unknown.

Resident Magistrate's Court-before R STUART Esq., R.M.
Drunkenness EDWARD WHELEAN-fined for this offence, with the usual alternative.
Vagrancy George MOWBRAY-information of Constable CLANCY.
SLADEN V MILLIGAN-damage caused by non-delivery of hay for amount claimed with costs

7 October 1878.

Resident Magistrate's Court.
Before A KENNEDY Esq J.P. and E LYNDON Esq., J.P.

Drunkeness William BAIN-fined 5s
John FRAY- same manner
John KEATING-out on bail, not answering when called on, forfeited amount of his bail of 1 pound.

Malicious stabbing Andrew TAYLOR-with having stabbed Tom RICHARDSON with a knife at the Western Spit.-information of Constable BYRNE.
Deposed- Tom RICHARDSON-station hand living at Western Spit.;
Thomas JOHNSTONE-work with his father at the Ferry Hotel Western Spit.-Proceeding.

Telegrams- Waipawa Oct 5. Own Correspondents.

A man named Robert BUCKRIDGE was charged today before A St INGLIS Esq., J.P. on information of Chas STUART, of the Pacific Hotel Havelock North, with stealing several articles of jewellery. Prisoner arrested at Kaikora on Friday evening and the articles were found in his possession. Case adjourned till Tuesday next. Bail was allowed; the prisoner in 20 pounds and two sureties of 10 pounds each.
7 Oct 1878

Death FORD-At Napier, on October 6, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr Horace FORD, aged 37 years.
8th Oct a 1878

A New Zealand Gazette issued on Thursday notifies the following appointments:-

G W CULLEN-to be Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court at Napier during the absence of Duncan GUY;

R STUART- of Napier, to be a Trust Commissioner under the Native Lands Frauds Prevention Act, 1870, vice R BEETHAM, Esq., resigned;

J M ROBERTS to be R.M at Tauranga;

D SCANNELL to be R.M. at Taupo

Other Districts.-all Oct 7th

A man named Franz SCHOFF, or Franz SCHMIDT was found dead this morning near Lyttleton. He had been missing several days.

Grahamstown A man named Wm McDONALD, a bushman, near Whangamatia, was injured by a tree he had felled, and remained without medical aid for food for five days. A doctor
from here rode 130 miles to assist him, the County Engineer paying 5 pound expenses. He found the man suffering from concussion of the brain and in a comatose state, but he will recover with careful treatment.

Oamaru The body of a man named ASSLEY REED was found this morning in a creek of the lagoon opposite the Star and Garter Hotel. He was a stranger in this district
The body is believed to have been in the water several days. An inquest is being held this afternoon.

Wellington On of the native search parties saw HIROKI on Saturday, but failed to secure him. Yesterday he was seen again inland in the Mawhitohiti river. He is believed to be making for Parihaka.

8 Oct 1878

Death DROWER-At Waipukurau on Oct 8, Agnes Isabella, the beloved daughter of Frederick Howe and Isabella DROWER, aged 10 years.

Resident Magistrate's Court held 6th October before Robert STUART, Esq., R.M. Joseph STRINGER fined for drunkenness.

A lad named Michael HALL-charged with having-stolen a cricket ball, a bundle of cigars, two pocket knives, and a sum of 4s and 3 1/2d, the property of Nathaniel JACOBS, of Hastings Street.

George SHELLEM was also brought up, charged with being an accessory to larceny. Both remanded.

9 Oct 1878.

Bits and pieces-
Around the districts.-dated Oct 8th.

Auckland Dr BEALE of Hamilton, was today committed for trial on a charge of forcible entry. The dispute arises out of the seizure by Dr BEALE of premises owned by him which had been in the occupation of Mr HAMMOND.

The Hero brought 20 Devon heifers to the firm of McLEAN and WOODYERS.

Balclutha. The township is gradually getting cleared of water.

Timaru. At the R.M.Court today, Edmund BALLL, proprietor of the South Canterbury Times, was charged before R BEETHAM, Esq., R.M. with libelling the HAYES and BENHAM circus proprietors.

At Waimate yesterday, Charles GIRLING, a bushman, was committed on the coroner's warrant for the manslaughter of his wife. His parent's reside at Timaru.

Wellington. The Grand Jury threw out the Bill for wilful murder against Henare PETI and PENEMANI, but found a true bill for manslaughter.
9 October 1878.

Cricket match will be played on Thursday next at Hastings, between 11 and 18 of the Star Cricket Club.

The following are the names of the two teams:- Eleven-GILBERD, ROBINSON, F STEVENS, H MARTIN, E L INGPEN, CARNELL, W MAYO, J O'REGAN, D HUNT, H EDSER, W TILLEY; emergency men-D A MILLER, J LUMSDEN, S O'CONNOR, J NICHOLSON.


The Star Company, with Mr BYERS and Miss Julia HUDSON, had a very good house at the Theatre Royal last night. Others were:- Mr HODGSON, Miss Bessie VIVIAN,,, Kate VERNON, and Maud VINCENT, Jennie NYE.

Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday:- Michael HALL and George SHELLAN, further adjourned.

Henry LAW-charged with furious riding through Waghorne street.-Case dismissed.

James JARVIS-similar offence and proved by Constable HARVEY that the horse was galloping- defendant fined 10s and costs 6s 6d.

Waipawa Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday, before R STUART Esq., R.M., three cases of alleged fence breaking and other injury to property

The cases were:-
RUSSELL V HOKINGI, alias Johnny HAPUKU. After hearing evidence, judgment reserved until 12th inst.

POLICE V WARD, fighting in the public streets-fined and costs.

SHEMDER V DONOVAN-assault-fined 10s and 3p 5s costs.

Also letter written by Henare TOMOANA to the Wananga, dated Napier, 20th August, 1878.

Exception is being taken in Canterbury to the extremes to which the pupil system is carried. Mr WEBB, a member of the Education Board, made formal complaint about it.

10th October 1878.

Telegraphic Shipping-Melbourne Oct 9.
Sailed-Arawata with Suez Mails
Arrived-Claud Hamilton

Shipping News.-Napier
The Silver Cloud has cleared at the Customs for Newcastle, and will sail
first opportunity.

The Isabella Pratt has taken in her ballast and will
sail for Oamaru most likely today.


>From Our Own Correspondent
Wellington October 9.

A large crowd assemble on the wharf at 1.30 this afternoon to witness the landing of the immigrants ex Rakaia. They were brought from the ship to the wharf by the Moa. There was quite a chorus of praises on the cleanly, respectable and robust appearance of the new comers as they stepped ashore. It would be difficult to find a finer looking body of people anywhere. They are just the class of persons urgently wanted by New Zealand, and will form a most desirable addition to the population.

I understand that Luther SHEPHERD, ex M.H.R, has intimated that he is prepared to give a lecture on the "Press,".

>From Woodvillle Oct 7. "On Friday, the 4th instant, a serious accident happened to a man named Charles ROCHE, a Frenchman, who was engaged on a bush-falling contract for Mr HOLDER. It appears that the unfortunate man was in the act of getting out of the way of a tree, and while he was passing his leg over another tree, the one he was falling struck him below the knee, completely smashing his leg. It was fortunate that he was not working alone, as is the case with some bushmen. His mates, with the assistance of some others, conveyed him to the hotel, and Mr MURPHY, with his usual kindness and promptness, at once sent off for a doctor. Dr AKERS of Palmerston arrived, when his leg was attended to. He was sent to Napier Hospital next morning by HAMBLIN's Express. A subscription list was opened and 20 pounds or more must have been collected before night.

Wairoa correspondent telegraphs as follows:- "The Council met last night. Present- Messrs PARKER, FLINT, GEMMELL (Chairman) CARROLL, and SHAW. Correspondence was read, and it was decided to put a bridge over the creek at Mohaka, to cost two hundred pounds."

11 October 1878.

Death SHEARMAN-At St. Mary's Parsonage, Waipukurau, on October 10, Gaisford St. Hill, infant son of the Rev. Joseph and Elizabeth Gosse SHARMAN, aged 8 months.

Local At the Hawke's Bay Agricultural Show yesterday, the prize for the single-furrow plough was awarded to Mr A JONES, of Waipukurau, the plough being his own make. Also won a prize at last year's show.

Mr G FAULKNOR took first prize for double and single-buggy (own make). He was also awarded first prize at last year's show.

A Cricket match was played at Hastings yesterday between two teams chosen from the Star Cricket Club. Mr GILBERD chosen as Captain for one team, and Mr UPCHURCH of the opposing one

12th October 1878.

Christchurch October 10. >From the Press Agency. At the Supreme Court today, Henry JONES, for larceny, was sentenced to six years' penal servitude. Wm Jas MILLER, for obtaining goods under false pretences, to 18 months' imprisonment.

Inquest held today at the hospital upon the body of Wm McCLATCHIE, who was said to have died from the effects of injuries inflicted to him by John DEMPSEY, barman in the GARRICK's public house- verdict death by natural causes.

12 Oct 1878.

Local. A presentation of a very handsome silver tea service and inscribed silver salver, was made to Mr Edgar COX, of Titiokura, also a neat gold necklace and pendant to Mrs COX, on the occasion of their leaving New Zealand for New South Wales. Presentation made at Mr M.R. MILLER's residence whose guests Mr and Mrs COX at present are. Mr COX's only reason for leaving after four years residence, is the desire of his family that he should resume the management of his late father's estate in New South Wales.
(Abridged by Elaine-available upon request.)

The anniversary of the Napier Working Men's Club will be celebrated at Farndon on the 1st November.
14 Oct 1878.

A boy named James MARTIN, only eight years of age, was brought before the Resident Magistrate on Saturday morning charged with unlawfully on the premises of Frederick WATSON at the Spit.

Constable HARVEY made a statement in regards to boys being seen going under houses with matches. His Worship said that some day there would no doubt be a great conflagration through this habit of boys going about dwelling houses with matches. He then remanded the prisoner to the gaol till Monday, when he would see what was best done with him.

The Cheevers, Kennedy and Bent Minstrels arrived by the Taupo on Saturday and will appear for the first time on Thursday evening. The box office at Mr JACOB's will be open today.

On account of the excessive rise of the Clutha river at Clyde, it was on Sunday last, the 6th instant, found necessary to remove the hospital building to a safer position. The patients were therefore removed, and the structure in four sections, carried back to comparative safety.

Mr MONTAGUE, the agent for Mademoiselle CHARBONETTE, arrived here on Saturday to make arrangements for a concert season in Napier.

A new definition of universal suffrage was, according to the N Z Times, given by the Hon. Captain FRASER in the Council the other night. He said he thought this was really a knife and a fork question. If asked what he meant by the expression he would reply that he understood manhood suffrage to mean a good coat, and a good hat, a good dinner, and enough wages to keep a working man in plenty, at any rate to supply those necessaries of life that an active man requires. If this definition of universal suffrage be correct, no wonder many people desire it. We should have expected such an enthusiastic view from a more youthful politician than Captain FRASER.

Thursday September 15th 1881

Birth - BAILEY - At Taradale, New-road, on September 4th, the wife of Richard BAILEY, of a son.

Mr SUTTON, M.H.R., returns to Napier by the Ringarooma on Saturday. Mr ORMOND and Captain RUSSELL are not expected until next week.
15 October 1878

Marriage NELSON-STEVENS-On 12th October, by the Rev D SIDEY, at his residence, William NELSON to Julia STEVENS, both of Napier.

Magistrate's Court- Charles STEWART (Late hotel-keeper at Havelock) V BUCKRIDGE- His Worship dismissed the case, stating that the defendant Buckridge left the Court without a stain on his character.

James MARTIN- the boys illegally on the premises of Mr F WATSON at the Spit.-discharged with a caution.(note by Elaine 3 days in Jail?)

Edward MITCHELL was brought up on a warrant, charged with threatening behaviour to Joseph WARD at Waipawa.-Fined 20s, 14s costs, in default, 14 days imprisonment.

At Auckland a photographer named POSSENISKI, has been fined 30 pounds for smuggling under peculiar circumstances. His wife's relatives, who are in Sydney, sent him a small case by the Rotorua on her last trip, and its delivery to a boy was intercepted by the Customs Officers, When bought to the scene POSSENISKI made a declaration that he was not aware of its contents. These, on examination, proved to be a silk dress, a lace collar, and other articles, which were valued altogether at 1200 pounds.

The Onga Onga, township, Ruataniwha part of the "Fairfield run," consists of 51 sections, varying in size from one fourth to three fourths of an acres, is situated on the main road from Waipawa to Ashley Clinton, Lambertford, and the Makaretu bush settlements, distant about nine miles from the corner township. There is already erected a store, public rooms, blacksmith's shop, and several private residences, when, by the time the land is submitted to auction, a large hotel, and steam flour mill, will be nearly finished.

Also a detailed report of an accident which occurred to Mr and Mrs LOCKE R.M., of Napier and his family- Karori Hill. Full account of.-(available upon request from Elaine.)

16 and 17 Oct 1878.

General news. From Press Agency 16th Oct. Auckland dated Oct 15.

A presentation in a purse of sovereigns and a farewell address to Mr LUCKIE, on the occasion of his departure for Wellington, took place today. The presentation was made by Messrs J RUSSELL, COSGROVE, AITKEN, and DONNAHER. The present Mayor Mr BRETT, having declined to stand for re-election, requisitions were circulated today to Dr CAMPBELL and Mr PEACOCK asking them to stand.

Wellington Oct 16. - Papers 17th

CHAPLIN and STEELE, open at the Imperial Opera House tonight.

A body supposed to be that of Captain PIGGOTT, of the Felix STOWE, has been washed up three miles from the wreck.

Mr TT L SHEPHERD, the "Smiler," withdrew the criminal information against the Chronicle today. Dr BULLER appeared for the Chronicle, but the "Smiler" had too much confidence in himself to employ counsel.

Auckland Oct 16. Captain CHEVALIER last night, after a slight mishap to the Zealandia, wrote a letter to the agents stating that the occurrence was nothing serious. The pilot was not in any way blameable. The occurrence merely caused an hour and a half's delay beyond the advertised time for departure of the steamer.

Dr CAMPBELL declines nomination for the Mayoralty.

Inspector GOLDIE seized a quantity of rotten fruit from various shops.

17 October 1878

Local We understand that in the case of MONTEITH v McNAMARA and ENWRIGHT, a write of prohibition in the Supreme Court has been applied for by the defendants to prevent the bailiff taking any further steps in the matter.

It is reported at the spit that a child suffering from small-pox has been allowed to run about the streets. We should hardly believe the report to be true, but the matter certainly demands enquiry.

19b Oct 11878.

Around about. 17th Oct.
Melbourne- Betting on the Cup continues very dull. 8 to 1 is wanted for Melita.
Woodlands gone wrong; scratched.

Our own correspondent.Wellington.The opening of the railway between Wellingtonand Wairarapa is looked upon as a matter of the highest importance, asit forms another link in the great chain which in a few years will uniteWellington with Auckland. There are great illuminations tonight in honorof the event.

CHAPLIN's Hamlet last night was the best ever seen in Wellington.
Everybody is talking about it.

The wreck of the Felix Stowe is to be sold immediately by the underwriters.

Six thousand persons travelled by the tramwayon Tuesday. The receipts were 75 pounds.

Auckland-Press Agency.A house at the North Shore, belongingto Mr A BEETHAM. Was destroyed by fire. The insurance was 300 pounds inthe south British.

Christchurch.Mr BILLS, the well known ornithologist, has arrivedfrom Australia by the s.s. Arawata. He proceds to England on behalf ofthe Canterbury Acclimatisation Society for the purpose of selecting some 200pounds worth of birds. The railway authority hope to abe able to run trains through Dunedin tomorrow. Mr CASSIDY, the coach proprietor, who returned from the West Coast today, brings some magnificent quart specimens from the newly discovered reef at Taipo Newelock.DRAKE, the bookmaker, in a race with another bookmaker yesterday, was capsized in a river and narrowly escaped drowning.

Grahamstown. A miner named ANDREWS was severely injured today by a fall of earth in the Moanatiri mine. He was working in the pass when two tons of stone broke loose, burying him up to the shoulders, and severely if not fatally injuring him.

Wellington. The convict HOFF, sentenced to death for the murder of his wife at Oxford, Canterbury, has been reprieved, and his sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

Feilding. A foreigner threw himself in front of the train shortly after leaving Palmerston this morning. The train was then going at twelve miles an hour, and the cow-catcher having brushed the prostrate man to one side, the train stopped and took the man in to Feilding. He is now at ROWE's Denbigh Hotel; the injuries are not serious.
19 Oct 1878

Resident Magistrate's Court Friday Oct 18. Before R STUART Esq., R.M.

William James- discharged.

PRIVE and Co V C STUART-Judgment went by default for amount claimed of 3 pounds 6s, plus costs 6s. Defendant-Did not appear

H C CAULTON V RUDDICK-Claim for 7p 10s-value of a kitchen dresser at present in the West Clive Hotel.

Harry Oakley CAULTON, Walter CAULTON-deposed and former proprietor of hotel. William RUDDICK-hotelkeeper. Case not proven.

21st and 22nd October 1878.

Births. BALFOUR-At the Bank of New Zealand Napier, on Sunday, the 20th of October, the wife of T W BALFOUR, of a daughter.

SMITH-At the White-road, Napier, on October 21, the wife of G J SMITH, of a daughter.

Marriage CHARLTON-WATERS- On the 10th October, at the Wesleyan Church, Manners-street, Wellington, by the Rev Alex REID, William Alder CHARLTON, youngest son of the late Captain CHARLTON, of Napier, to Martha, fourth daughter of the late George WATERS, both of Wellington. Home papers please copy.
22nd Oct 1878

Resident Magistrate's Court, yesterday, before R STUART, Esq., R.M., Daniel DRAGON, a half-caste, was brought up on a warrant from Wanganui, charged with having stolen a horse of the value of 12pounds the property of William HARRISON. Constable STRUDWICK, of Taradale, deposed, that having obtained a description of the prisoner from the Police Gazette, he arrested him near Patea, and charged him with stealing the horse. Prisoner stated that he had got the hors eto break in and he had gone on the "spree" and sold him for 7pounds 10s. At Inspector SCULLY's request, the prisoner was remanded to Wanganui, where the offence was committed.

Invercargill-October 21. District Court- John FISHENDEN was charged with having absconded with property belonging to his creditors. Immediately before his bankruptcy he sold his hotel to his brother and with the proceeds, amounting to nearly 300 pounds, decamped to Melbourne on the following day. He was arrested in that City on the 23rd June, living with a woman who had formerly been his barmaid, and 180pounds of the money was recovered. The jury could not agree and were locked up.

A destructive fire broke out in Dee street last night. It was discovered by Constable DRUMMETT, at 10.30 in the shop which had been the residence of LORENSON, tailor. It also took hold of CONDON's confectionery shop. (Abridged by Elaine)

23 October 1878.

Births HAMILTON-At Mangatora on October 18, wife of G D Hamilton, of a daughter.

GIBLIN-At Mangateretere East, on October 21, wife of J S Giblin, of a daughter.

Marriage THOMAS-FRANKLIN-At St Mark's Church Clive, on 16 October, Isaac Thomas to Miss Elizebeth Franklin.

Telegraphic shipping-22nd Oct.
Arrived-Mail steamer Australia, with the San Francisco mails. Passengers for New Zealand-Messrs SERVIS, McLEIRE, BURNELL and wifr, MacBETH, Hon Wm.McARTHUR, M P EDMISTONE, POTTER, CASE, RATTRAY, and W McARTHUR; 21 steerage.

Wellington. The Underwriters' Association report, under date London Oct 12-"The Lorraine, barque from Auckland, has collided with the Prins Carl, German barque, in the Thames. She has not received serious injury. The cargo appears undamaged.

Resident Magistrate's Court. Drunkenness Robert McMANE- fined 5s.

O'SHAUGHNESSY v W R ROBINSON-claim for three months rent of 16p 5s.-Defendant did not appear, and judgment went by default for amount claimed and costs.

MANOY V DRESKAY-claim for goods value of 7p 0s 6d.

NEILL v HOOPER-Claim for music tuition. For the sum of 8pounds 18s 6d. 7p 15s had been paid into court the balance disputed. Mrs NEILL-teacher of Music stated that her usual charge was 3p 3s per quarter. She agree to teach Mr HOOPER's son and his sister-in-law, Miss MORTON, for 5p 5s. Mrs HOOPER had arranged with her. She had printed lists issued with her scale of charges. She should not have brought the case into Court were it not for the impertinence shown by defendant to one of her young lady assistants. Did not receive a cheque for 2pounds 2s from Mr Stephen HOOPER for one quarter, and 4pounds 4s for half a year.

25 October 1878.

Birth CLARK-At Port Ahuriri on 24th October, wife of J S CLARK, of a son.

Wgtn-Oct 23. Mysterious robbery at Empire Hotel on Friday last, when Robert COOPER, well known in Napier was robbed of 200 pounds.
26th October 1878.

Local Major W ROUTLEDGE inspected the Napier Artillery Volunteers last night. There was a very good muster of the battery, who were in charge-for the first time-of Captain Frank GARNER, their newly appointed gazetted commanding officer.

Capabilities of Hawke's Bay as a fruit-growing country are pretty well known, but the Wairoa district seems to be exceptionally adapted for the cultivation of some of those fruit trees which only grow to perfection in warm climates. Mrs ANDERSON's garden at Wairoa, has proved quite a little fortune to its owner, so great its productiveness. There is of course a ready sale for the product of the tree, although the price charged in highly renumerative, it is yet far below that charged in the fruiterer's shops here for lemons that do not even approach in quality of size and freshness and beautiful aroma.

The Waste Lands Board held its ordinary meeting yesterday morning.
Present-The Chief Commissioner (in the chair),
Mr NEWTON, and Mr KENNEDY. The minutes of the previous meeting having been read and confirmed.
Correspondence from- Clark of the Wairoa County Council, enquiring as to the issue of the license to occupy the Wairoa Ferry Reserve.
It was stated by the Chairman that the license to occupy would be issued, and that a fee of 1 pound would be charged.

Mr TYSON-Agent for Messrs PROUDFOOT and MACKAY explaining objections to pay at a rate of 15s per tree for timber cut in the Tua Tua block. The board decided that when anay other timber than totara was taken, a royalty of only 5s per tree should be charged.

Applications agreed to-from Alexander JACK to transfer his interest in No 4 Victoria special settlement to Robert Eldon GRINLINTON. From Emilie BOTZ, for the issue to her of a Crown Grant for suburban section No 142 Norsewood.

In the case of the application of William JONES, for a lease of about 50 acres, known as the Mohaka fern reserve, the board decided it was not advisable to lease the land.

The ranger was directed to report upon the holdings in the Ormondville Special settlement, and to ascertain whether the conditions as to the improvements were complied with in respect to the land selected under applications No 2442 and 2423
26b Oct 1878

Resident Magistrate's Court-before R STUART Esq., R.M. Two civil cases disposed of. RUDDOCK and FRYER V PARR-claim for goods supplied. Judgment given for plaintiff with costs of 19s.

George MARSH and James SWAIN sued J G BECKER for the sum of 4 pounds, for emptying a water closet and cesspool. Defendant disputed the charges on the ground of its being excessive. He paid 2pound into Court, and 5s cost. Judgment given for plaintiffs for 3 pounds and costs 4s.

This afternoon Sergeant SMITH arrested a young man named Chas SCHMIDT on suspicion of being a perpetrator in a robbery of Mr COOPER of 200 pounds. The accused was employed as a night watchman. A considerable sum of money was found in his possession.

Christchurch. The immigrants ex Waitangi were taken out of quarantine today. A number of them proceeded to Ashburton and Timaru, but the bulk are in Addington Barracks at Christchurch.

Dunedin. The baths committee of the City Council, will report at next meeting as to the best site for salt water baths. The ocean beach will probably be chosen. Professor SCOTT lectured before the Otago Institute last night on the mechanism of the voice.
At this morning's Waste Lands Board, applications were received from settlers at Tuapeka Mouth and Moa flat, asking permission to be allowed to shift their dwellings out of the way of future floods. The body of Samuel O'KANE, landlord of the Commercial Hotel, Mosgiel, was found in the Waikouaiti river today. He mysteriously disappeared on Friday last, from his brother's hotel,, Waikouaiti. An inquest will be held.

Timaru. South Canterbury Acclimatisation Society held a meeting to take into consideration the allocation of 3000 young trout. They were distributed as follows.
COOK and RAINS, (Sherwood Bowers) 250;
A SMITH (Rollesby);250-
POTSTETHAITH (Rakapuaka), 250;
J A YOUNG(Winchester), 500;
A COX (Orari), 250;
A TURNBULL (Pareora), 500;

27d Oct 1878.
Paper 28th Missing.

Local. A document is being numerously signed by the parents of children attending the Emerson-street School, expressing satisfaction with the tuition given by Mr WRIGHT, thanking him for the pains he has taken with the children, and also highly commending Mrs WRIGHT and the kindness she has shown the pupils under her charge. We must certainly say, both in respect of the Emerson street and the Tennyson street schools, that the disadvantage under which the children have been placed, through want of accommodation and the absence of school requisites.

Resident Magistrate's Court held Saturday morning. A charge of drunkenness brought by Constable CLANCY against a women named Mary McKILLIN, who pleaded guilty to the charge, and was fined 5s, or 24 hours imprisonment. The accused, as she was leaving the box, bowed to the Bench, and said "Thank your Worship."

One of the immigrants was arrested on board the Hinemoa on a charge of being of unsound mind. He was brought before Messrs BALLANTYNE and WALLACE J.P's and remanded for medical examination.

From a Woodville Correspondent-A meeting has been made towards erecting a church for the Free Methodists.

Referring to the disaster that occurred last week, during a terrific gale, to the city of Auckland, from London to Napier with 245 immigrants, the Wellington Chronicle says:-"Otaki is situated on the long line of sandy beach, stretching North of the Pakakariki Hill, and is about 60 miles from Wellington. When a heavy gale blows there, the sea strikes on the shore with terrific force, in huge" beach combers" which roll in and suck back with terrible force. There is not a rock on the whole line of beach, so that the vessel will simply be driven up on the sand."

Missing Paper 28th October 1878.
30 October 1878.

The body of the missing man William HUNTER was washed ashore yesterday, near the quarantine ground. It was found about 4 p.m. by a fisherman named STUART. A post mortem
examination of the body was made by Dr de LISLE, and an inquest will be held by Dr HITCHINGS, at 3 p.m. today at YOUNG's Railway Hotel, Port ahuriri. The man Richard PERRY, who was last seen with the deceased, was a seaman on board the Admiral, but within the last day or two he has joined one of the woolships. We believe he was arrested last night.

We learn from Gisborne that the natives at Waiapu gave up fighting on 25th inst, and having arrived at a friendly understanding. They are now at Awanui, which swarms with grog shanties. Their fighting, after all, was of the mildest. They had only blank cartridges, and with these they kept firing over their respective pahs, making much noise, but hurting no one.

31st Oct 1878.

Marriage CLARK-STUART - On the 28th October, at the Pro-Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Napier by the Venerable Archdeacon CLARKE, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev de Berdt HOVELL, Incumbent Marsden CLARKE, of Waimate, Bay of Islands, to Frances Emily STUART, eldest daughter of the right Reverend the Bishop of Waiapu.

Death. DUFAUR-On October 27, at her residence, Plimmerton road Gisborne, Amelia Dunville, the beloved wife of Frederick DUFAUR, aged 24 years.

At the Dunedin Supreme Court, an aged carpenter, named Thomas HUNT, was charged with attempting suicide. The case is a singular one. While suffering from despondency he filled his mouth with powder and set fire to it. The result was an explosion, which cut his lips severely. He pleaded temporary insanity and was simply bound over to keep the peace.

The Wellington Chronicle relates that on Tuesday a man named William CLARK a carpenter, and an old resident of that City, met with a serious accident at the Thorndon baths. There being only three feet of water, he very foolishly dived in head foremost, and striking his head on the bottom, stunned himself. He was assisted home by some fellow-bathers, and at last report not expected to survive the shock.

Public Notice No 599
Artificial teeth- Mr H C WILSON- Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist.

Dentistry-Bichloride of Metheline.

This Anaesthetic being acknowledge by the Medical profession superior to Chloroform for short operations, Mr H C WILSON will be prepared from the 1st proximo to perform dental operations by its aid. Dated Oct 29.

4 Nov 1878
General News.

Grahaamstown November 3. The shocking suicide was discovered later last night, when the lifeless form of Captain GOLDSMITH, Mining Inspector, was discovered in a chair with a wound in his mouth and arm. (Abridged by Elaine). An inquest will be held on Monday.

Wellington, Nov 1. A new daily papers starts at Masterton next Monday.

An illicit still was discovered on the premises of SCHULTZ and BUCK. Palmerston. The proprietors of the premises have been arrested.

Christchurch. Mr HANNAY, who has for some taken the post of Assistant Traffic Manager at Christchurch, has been appointed Secretary of Railways for the Middle Island. He will be succeeded by Mr T EDWARDS, of the Invercargill line.

Local. Notice 535. Should this meet the eye of William Ross MUNRO, would he kindly communicate with his wife, at the Tamaki Hotel, 70 Mile Bush. Signed-Alice MUNRO. 23rd October,1878.
Nov 4 1878.

2nd November Missing Paper.

4th November.
Birth BARRON-At Kopua, on October 24, the wife of Mr J Barron, of a son. Thames papers please copy.

Deaths ELBOURNE-At Puketapu, on October 21st, the wife of W Elbourne, aged 32 years.

JOLL-At Havelock, on November 2md, John Joll, aged 40, after a long and painful illness. Auckland, Taranaki and Nelson Paper please copy. The funeral will leave his late residence for the Havelock Cemetery this day, 4th inst., at 5 o'clock. Friends please accept this intimation.
5th November 1878

The inquest on the body of Robert SEALES, who died suddenly at the National Hotel, was concluded last night. The jury returned a verdict to the effect that "death resulted from an overdose of chloral" and submitted the following rider:- "We feel it a duty we owe to the public at large to express our condemnation of the reckless manner in which the dangerous drug chloral has been handled and dealt with on the present occasion, and we would urge upon the Government the necessity of putting such restrictions upon it as deemed necessary."
6 Nov 1878.
Death LOADER-At Napier, on November 4, Alfred Henry James Daniel, infant son of Daniel Loader, aged two months.

Local news. It is stated that Mrs BENNETT has purchased Mr HICKEY's interest in the Kaikora Hotel. The price is said to have been 1000 pounds.

The Waipawa County Council meets today.

At Christchurch Nov 5.(abridged by Elaine The first day of the Canterbury racing carnival of Canterbury opened gloriously with magnificent weather, a large attendance and good
sport. The number of visitors was far in excess of last year.

The 1 mile race of 5 sov cash, with 100 sovs added.

J GILLIGAN's ch.h. Danebury, 5 yrs 9st (DORRITT) Danebury won by about two lengths. Mr Gilligan's victory was very popular, and the winner was very loudly cheered on coming to the scale.

Auckland- Inquest was held today, on the body of William Hudson DIXON, who was found dead in his bedrooms at the Auckland Hotel. The evidence showed he was subject to epileptic fits bought on by excessive drinking. He was a commercial traveller, a new arrival and leaves a wife and five children in Manchester.
6th and 7th Nov 1878.

Births BICKERTON-At Waipawa, on the 4th November, the wife of L D Bickerton, of a daughter.

PALMER-At Napier, on November 6th, the wife of Mr C PALMER, of a son.

Death. Bickerton-At his residence, Waipawa, on November 2, Mr Richardson F(?E) Bickerton, aged 46 years, late of St Kilda, Melbourne.

Our Wairoa Correspondent, writing yesterday, speaks in glowing terms of the appearance of the country in that district. "I must say," he remarks, "that we in Wairoa have not yet much cause to complain of the ways of Providence, for while it may be true that a little more rain would be highly beneficial, the country on all sides is in splendid condition, feed in most places being knee deep, and even our usually barren looking hills are as green as those of the Emerald Isle itself."
Nov 1878

Birth DAVIES-At Hastings Street, Napier, on November 10, the wife of John L Davies, of a son.

Nov 11 1878.

Victoria Insurance Company
J.L. STERRY-Waipukurau
C.BUTLER-Taradale and Meanee
Jun, B.C.WARE-Clive
J J KELLY-Hastings
Messrs HARSANT and ADAIR-Porangahau.

Entries and Handicaps for the Open Handicap Race at the Friendly Societies sports today.


Contractors for the swamp reclamation works will commence work tomorrow.
Mr J R DAVIES, junr., who was manager the harbor works contract, has joined Mr CONNOR in the contract for the swamp reclamation work.

Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday morning, before R STUART, Esq., R .M., Walter COLES, charged with being drunk, pleaded that he had been very unwell and had had only two glasses of brandy. The arresting officer stated that he had found defendant drunk outside the Court House, lying fast asleep.

James LECKE was dealt with in a similar manner for the same offence. Fined as well of 5s or 24 hours imprisonment.

James BARNES-charged with having assaulted a man named ROGERS at the Spit. Constable HARVEY deposed. Defendant was fined 10s and costs 6s 6d, in default 24 hours imprisonment.

Stephen LARKIN-charged with abusive language. Defendant denied the charge and state that a cabdriver had referred to Colonel NELSON, of the 40th Regt, as a coward, and that he had indignantly denied it, as Colonel NELSON was known to be one of the greatest heroes of his day. He denied being intoxicated, but was merely defending a gallant Officer. Dealt with in the usual manner.
12NovA 1878.

Imperial Hotel-Waipawa- John KELLY
Ex Bridge Hotel, Wallingford.
Albert Hotel Auckland-S C CAULTON
Tavistock Hotel-Waipukurau-Peter GOW
Te Aute Hotel-J ALLANACH
Ferry Hotel, Western Spit, Ahuriri-James JOHNSTONE

12 Nov 1878.

Land Transfer Act Notice-Signed J M BATHAM, Deputy Registrar, 10 January, at the Lands Registry Officer, Napier.

Notice hereby given that Alexander SHEPHERD, of Havelock, Hawke's Bay, Presbyterian Minister, claiming as remainderman upon the death of Elizabeth Mary Spiers, SHEPHERD, his wife, has applied to be registered as proprietor in fee simple of Suburban Sections No 10 and 11 Township of Havelock, containing 83a. 1r. 34p.

Fatal accident occurred yesterday on the railway to John ROBOTTOM, who was in the employment of Mr FOREMAN, butcher. The deceased was a member of the Artillery Volunteer Band. Returning on the last train from Farndon, standing outside a carriage, at the edge of the platform which was rather crowded, with his arm round the iron railing. Just as the train was nearing the area, misjudged and fell on his head. Death was believed to be instantaneous.

Resident Magistrate's Court, Thomas FLOYD, a boy about 10 years old was charged with having stolen a one pound note from the premises of David GREY of Napier. The prisoner
pleaded guilty. Inspector SCULLY said the reports were frequently received of the boy's misconduct, and that he would not be received into the training school in consequence of the bad character he bore. The boy had got hopelessly drunk with a portion of the money he was charged with stealing, and had to be carried home. He should suggest to his Worship the advisability of sending him to gaol for a lengthened period, for as far he (the Inspector) knew, the would learn nothing in gaol. He was sentenced to two month's imprisonment, and to be one privately whipped.

13 Nov 1878
Births HUNTER-At Kenilworth, Waverley, on November 3, Mrs David Hunter, of a daughter.

OAGAN-At Tikokino, Hampden, On November 7, the wife of Mr John Oagan, of a son.

Deaths. SYKES-At Wellesley Road, Napier, on November 11, of dysentery, the beloved son of Sidney and Alice Sykes, aged four months.

ROBOTTOM-At Napier, on November 11, John Robottom aged 29 years. The funeral will leave the City Terminus Hotel at 3 p.m. this day. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

13th November 1878.
A serious accident occurred at the Spit, yesterday about noon, to a little boy named James PEARCEY, aged between 6 and 7 years old, the son of a widow. The boy was alone with his little sister in the street, and it is supposed that he was kicked on the head by a horse. He went home and complained of his neck, and at first it was not supposed that he was seriously injured. When, however, in about an hour he showed symptoms that alarmed his mother, Dr. HITCHINGS WAS SENT FOR, BUT NOT BEING WITHIN, THE ATTENDANCE OF Dr CARO was procured. He found a small hole in the skull, apparently caused by the toe of the horse-shoe when the kick was inflicted by the horse. On probing the wound the piece of skull appeared to be detached and pressing on the brain. The probe would seem in some degree to have lifted the skull, as after the probing the child recovered consciousness. After being treated by Dr CARO the boy rallied, and though he still remains in great danger, his ultimate ! recovery is not entirely hopeless.

15b Nov 1878

Marriage TAYLOR-OSBOURNE-At St. Mary's Cathedral, Wellington, on the 9th November, by the Rev. Father McGUINNESS, Thomas TAYLOR, of Napier, to Elizabeth OSBOURNE, of Totness, Devonshire, England.

A fire occurred at Awatoto yesterday afternoon, by which a two-roomed cottage, owned and occupied by Mr James WALTERS, was totally destroyed. The house is close to the railway, but does not abut on it. At the time of the fire the only occupant of the cottage was a little girl, the daughter of Mr WALTERS. It appeared that she had removed the ashes from the grate, and thrown them against the fence at the back of the cottage, at the time the wind was blowing very strongly.

We hear that Signor POMPEI late of the CAGLI and POMPEI Opera Company, leaves for Gisborne on Saturday from Napier with Miss Amy SHERWIN the eminent star Prima Donna and Miss Eva DAVENPORT.

Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday Morning, Charles MURROW, a lad 11 years old, was brought up charged with having stolen the sum of 6s from the till in Mr BOWES' shop. He pleaded guilty to the charge, and was discharged with a caution. David MURRAY and Oliff CHRISTENSEN, for drunkenness at the Spit, were fined 5s, and 10s each respectively. J A SMITH and S R DRANSFIELD, Esq., were the presiding Justices.

Local. The CORA-ROSE combination appeared again at the Theatre Royal to a fair house. Quaker's duet between Mrs BROWN and Johnny TROTTER was particularly good. Madame CORA was as successful as usual in her magical illusions. We hear from our Wairoa Correspondent that Mrs BYERS (Miss Julia HUDSON) took a benefit on Wednesday night in that township. At the conclusion Mr BYERS thanked the people of Wairoa for their uniform kindness and the support afforded to him. Wherever he was, through New Zealand or Australia,
he would remember with kindly feeling the many acts of personal kindness he received since he came there, and always speak of his Wairoa tour with warmest feelings.

Papers Past 15 Nov 1878.

Napier School Committee have decided to recommend the Education Board to make the following appointments for the new school now in course of erection. Head Master-Mr THOMPSON, of Greymouth; second master Mr MURRAY of Dunedin; third master, Mr WRIGHT, of the Emerson Street school, Napier. There were over 40 applications for the head-mastership. We understand Mr GUSH of the Tennyson street school, did not apply for appointment to any position in the school. Besides the above recommendations, Mrs STANLEY, of Wellington, was recommended as mistress, and Miss MANN, of Auckland, as infant teacher.

16 Nov 1878

Resident Magistrat'e Court, before R SURART Esq., R.M., John FERGUSON and Thomas WALLIS, were each fined 5s for drunkenness. BOWMAN VBOYLAN, claim for 22 19s for rent. Defendant did not appear, and judgment given for amount claimed.

His Worship gave judgment in the TUCKER V CARNE, for unlawfully rescuing eight head of cattle, whilst being driven to the pound. Judgment was that CARNE be fined 20s and costs 5 0s 6d. Judgment also given in the affiliation case WILLING V HENDY, heard at Waipawa last Tuesday. Judgment that defendant be ordered to pay for the support of the child at 10s per week until it reaches the age of 14 years. Payments to be made in fortnightly instalments. Defendant further ordered to pay all the costs of the order. WITT Brothers v BOYLAN, claim 98 9s 5d, and WARDROP and Co V BOYLAN. Judgment was given in each case, for amount claimed and costs-MANOY V DRESKY, claim
10 7s 9d, on a judgment for an original claim of 7 0s 6d. Defendant was ordered to pay the amount, with all further costs, within 10 days, or to be imprisoned for one month.

Extract taken from N Z Herald of Tuesday last:- "A handsome presentation to Major WITHERS, the officer in command of the Auckland division of the Volunteers, is to be made in a few days. The gallant officer has for some years been in command of the Hawke's Bay Volunteers, and it is from them the presentation comes. It consists of a gold-framed
shield, enclosing photographs of the members of the Napier Artillery. It has been sent up by Major ROUTLEDGE, and will be presented by Major DERROM, on his behalf on the 19th inst., at a monthly inspection parade. It is a beautiful picture, and a presentation of which the commanding officer of the district from which it has been sent may well be proud."

18 Nov 1878

Marriage JONES-HUGHES- On the 30th October, at St James' Church, Sydney, by the Rev W HOUGH, Wm. James Jones to Edith Harriet HUGHES, eldest surviving daughter of William and Harriet HUGHES, all of Puketapu, Hawke's Bay, N.Z.

Death JOHNS-On the 17th November, at the Napier Hospital, after a long and painful illness, Robert Henry Jones, aged 27 years. The funeral will leave the Hospital at 3.45 p.m. this day. Friends will please accept this intimation.

Local From a telegram received from Kopua M LEVY's house and store at Norsewood were burnt down on Friday afternoon. The origin of the fire is supposed to be a spark from the opposite side of the clearing, when the burning of the education reserve, was being proceeded with. An inquiry will probably be held.

Contact for the conveyance of the Taupo mail, at present held by Mr PETERS, has been let for the next two years to Mr KELLY, of the East Coast.

We are informed that the Port Darwin line is interrupted north of Powell's Creek -

A correspondent writes to us from West Clive in high terms of the promising yield of fruit in that district this season. He mentions Mr Joseph MOTLEY's garden, One tree in particular is very full; of of its branches measures 46 inches in length and has 76 plums upon it.

The Waipawa Mail of Saturday says:-"We regret to learn that Mr John MacKENZIE, Tamumu, had his leg broken yesterday. He had been attending a meeting at the Tamumu road Board, after which he was proceeding home with Mr NAIRN and Mr McHARDY, when the accident occurred.

Resident Mag Court. William BLAIR and Thomas THORPE each fined 5s for drunkenness. John THOMPSON charged by Gales WILLIAMS, master of the ship Kildonan, with a breach of the Merchant shipping -ct, in neglecting to join that ship, on being lawfully engaged. Ordered to be imprisoned for one month with hard labor, costs of 1 12s.
19 Nov 1878.

Birth HELBYER-On the 14th November, at Napier, the wife of A S HELBYER, of a daughter.

Marriage FROST-SYMONDS-On the 2nd Nov, at Te Kopuru, by the Rev F T BAKER, Reuban B FROST, at Otahuhu, to Made D., eldest daughter of Mr James SYMONDS, Napier.
20 Nov 1878.

Births SMITH-On the 18th November, at Mangatoro, the wife of R Smith, of a son.

NELSON-On the 10th November, at Battery Point, the wife of Mr H Nelson, of a daughter.

Death. O'DWYER-on the 19th November, at Taradale, Mr William O'DWYER, aged 42, deeply regretted. Nelson, Canterbury and West Coast papers please copy. The funeral will leave his late residence for Taradale Cemetery, at 3 p.m., on Thursday, 21st instant.

Local. A man named BATIE, working near Havelock-at Mr TANNER's-died very suddenly yesterday. He was carrying a sack of potatoes and fell down, expiring almost immediately. The deceased, though able to be at work, had for some time under medical treatment. It is supposed that he was suffering from heart disease.

The Rev Mr HABENS, the Inspector General of Schools, has been for some little time lately on an official visit of inspection in this education district. He is now inspecting the country schools in company with Mr HILL, and has recently returned from a visit to the Poverty Bay schools.

21 November 1878.

Bits and pieces-Press Agency-21st November.

Auckland-Nov 20. The settlers at Wangarei propose to give a reception to Sir George GREY.

A man named James BEATH was killed at Riverhead by the falling of a crane. At the inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Lyttleton. Nov 19. The Kate, from Poverty Bay, reports that her mate John BLUMER, a native of Stockholm, was washed overboard during a heavy N W gale on Friday last, off Cape Palliser. The schooner was pooped by a heavy sea, which swept him over; another sea then struck the vessel and smashed her boat to pieces. A life buoy was thrown to the mate, but as there was a tremendous sea running he failed to reach it, and was drowned.
Nov 21. 1878.

Resident Mag Court Christopher LAUSON was charged by James DUNN, master of the schooner Orpheus, with unlawfully deserted. As the defendant was unwilling, under any circumstances, to return to the ship, he would ask to withdraw the charge, on the understanding that the defendant paid all costs in connection with the action. This was consented to and case was dismissed.

Death THOMPSON. At Nelson last week a child named Emma THOMPSON, nearly three years old, was killed by a fall. She had been playing in a manner very customary with children, viz., swinging round while holding her sister's dress. She got very giddy, released her hold, and fell on her head. Concussion of the brain followed and death resulted next morning.

Melbourne. David HENRY, jeweller and money lender, was sentenced to four years imprisonment and pay 500 pounds fine; IRELAND and FORREST, money lenders, were sentenced to two years' imprisonment and to pay 50 pounds each.

Our own Correspondent. Wellington. G A APLIN, a settler at Kaiwara, prosecuted a man named KELLS today, for attempting to shoot him.
A man named ARMSTRONG, a bully well known in Dunedin, was sentenced to two months' imprisonment. The Divorce Court was crowded to excess all day. This kind of entertainment suits Wellington taste. Especially as it costs nothing.

Today a man was charged at the R.M.Court with assaulting a sailor in a house of ill fame. He pretended to be a detective, took the sailor in custody down the streets for a quarter of a mile, and then him go with a caution. The Evening Post condemns LEON' "Rose Michon" as being immoral in its tendency..

Seventy emigrants arrived from Nelson today. There were a good many girls among them- quite a godsend to housewives here, where there is a dearth of Bridgets and Mary Janes, and they think they pay a high compliment to a householder to enter service at exorbitant prices.
25 Nov 1878.

Birth GIBBES-On October 9, at the Bradstone Rectory, Devonshire, the wife of J Murray GIBBES, M.B., of a daughter.

Marriage McDONALD-BETHELL-At St John's Church. Napier, on the 13th Of November, by the Rev DeBERDT HOVELL. William McDONALD, of East Woodville, to Elizabeth BETHELL, the only daughter of Francis BETHALL, of Auckland.

Death. LIGHT-At the Napier Hospital, on Nov 24, Phillips LIGHT, late of Waipawa, aged 37.
26 and 27th Nov 1878.

Births COLLEDGE-At Napier, on November 24, the wife of Mr P.F. COLLEDGE of a son.
28 Nov 1878.

Deaths GORDON-On September 4, 1878 at Richmond House, Appledore, North Devon, James Gillespie GORDON, of Clifton Hawke's Bay, N.Z. and formerly of Ray GHAT, Benares, aged 84.

MILLER-On November 26, at West Clive, Charles Edmund, infant son of Henry and Frances MILLER, aged 9 months.
29 Nov 1878.

Marriage TURNER-LAURIE- On November 13, at the residence of the bride's parents, Laurieston, near Henderson's Mill Auckland, by the Rev Robert SOMERVILLE, John TURNER, of Wellington, late of Napier, to Margaret, second daughter of Robert LAURIE.

30 Nov 1878.

Births RUSSELL-On November 24 at Wellington, Mrs William Russell RUSSELL, of Flaxmere, Hawke's Bay, of a son, (prematurely.) ?Please note surname as typed Russell RUSSELL.

RUDDOCK-On November 27, the wife of H S RUDDOCK, of a son

Marriage- TONG-WATERWORTH.On 27 November, at St John's Church, by the Rev De Berdt HOVELL, Samuel Thomas TONG, of Falsmouth, Cornwall. England, to Isabella, second daughter of Mr Thomas WATERWORTH, of Napier.

Deaths.- McLELLAN-At Cape Wrath, Hamilton, Victoria, on November 9, Marion, relict of late John McLELLAN Cape Wrath.

RUSSELL-On November 24, at Wellington, of Diphtheria, croup, aged 6 years and 3 months, George Howlett, son of Captain William Russell RUSSELL and Harriette, of Flaxmere, Hawke's Bay. Julia RUSSELL

Mon 02 Dec 1878

Death BARRY : At Napier, by a fall from his horse, on Nov 30, John BARRY of Taradale. Aged 42 years. R.I.P The funeral will leave Mr BOWE's residence, Shakespeare Rd at 8.30 o'clock this morning. Mass will be celebrated at St. Mary's at 9 o'clock

A fellow named SCHMIDT was found dead last Saturday at the Farndon Railway Station. For a considerable time he had been an inmate at the Napier Hospital.

The " City of Auckland" immigrants expressed their feelings of gratitude to Dr. R.F. ANDREWS for the kind treatment they received from him during their voyage. The delay in expressing their sentiments was due to the wreck of the ship.The letter was signed by John GIMBLETT ( constable of the married people) on behalf of 38 married couples. Thomas NOLAN & Timothy DONOVANE ( constable of the single men) on behalf of 102 single men. Miss Anna JOHNSON ( Matron) & Miss Emily SARGEANT ( sub matron) on behalf of 65 single woman.

Coroners Inquests The inquest was held on Saturday last at the Railway Hotel, hastings, before Dr. HITCHINGS, Coroner and a jury of whom Mr. P. RAMSAY was foreman, on the body of an infant child that was found dead in a bedroom of the hotel on Thursday last. Deposed Margaret Adelaide BEECROFT - wife of William Arthur BEECROFT. Stated- I have a servant in my employ by the name of Mary Ann RUNDLE. She represent herself as being single. She has been with me for about four weeks and is one of the immigrants by the " City of Auckland'. She become ill and was ordered to bed. I saw nothing of the girl until Mrs LANE told me she had, had a miscarriage and that she was a married woman. Laura TRIGILGAS - Milliner - Hastings - Knew the mother of the dead infant. Thomasine LANE - wife of William LANE, who is in the employ of Mr BEECROFT and resides at Hastings. Stated - that on entering the bedroom ,Mary Ann RUNDLE remarked " I am Glad you are come, it is all over". The child was dead when I looked at it. Anne LUCAS - mother of Mary Ann RUNDLE - Stated that they had come out with her on the " City of Auckland". Said her daughter was married on July 20th last , and I hold the certificate. Her husband did not accompany her out, he promised to come upon receipt of a letter from my daughter. I had not suspicion of her being pregnant. Alexander REID - Qualified medical practioner usually residing at Opotiki, at present on a visit to Napier. He found the body of a female child. Believing the child to be recently born, he tried to revive it. ( Goes into great detail about the post mortem he performed). Result of the post mortem was that the child never breathed.
Verdict: Child was still born

An Inquest was held on Saturday afternoon at Railway Hotel before Dr. HITCHINGS and jury, of whom W.K. M'LEAN was foreman, on the body of John Henry SCHMIDT who was found dead in the urinal building at the Railway Station, where he had been lying undiscovered for about 3 and a half hours. The deceased who was an inmate of the hospital had been suffering from disease of the kidneys and bladder for about 18 months. Verdict : Death from natural causes

On Saturday afternoon an inquest was held at the Foresters Arms Hotel, Shakespeare Rd, before J. E . MACDONALD esq, Coroner on the body of John BARRY who was killed by being thrown from his horse in Tennyson St on the same day.
G.E. LEE ( Foreman)
Dr. de LISLE
James M'MURRAY - Te Kapu - Wairoa
Verdict : Accidental Death

R. M. Court
John HEMPENSTLL - Drunkenness
William Henry GOLLOP was charged on the information of J. S. BALLANTINE with having disturbed a public school at Port Ahuriri. Deposed
John Somervile BALLANTINE - Master of Port Ahuriri School
Alexander ANTHONY - pupil of the school Case withdrawn.

J. S. BALLINTINE was charged by William Henry GOLLOP of assaulting a boy under 12 years of age. The boy, Albert HURFIT, the adopted son of the said W.H. GOLLOP. Found guilty Defendant was fined 40 shillings or 14 days imprisonment.

Tues 03 Dec 1878

Birth SCOTT : At Napier on Nov 30, wife of E. SCOTT of a son

R.M. Court John FRANKLIN & Nathaniel BISHOP - not having lights in their express carts.

Thurs 05 Dec 1878

Births MASSEY : At Napier, on Dec 4, wife John MASSEY, of a daughter. Wellington & Adelaide papers please copy

CAMPBELL : At Napier, on Dec 4, wife of A. Leslie CAMPBELL, of a daughter

Marriages VINSEN - GOODYER : On 29 Nov at St. Peters, Wellington, by Ven. Archdeacon STOCK, Robert VINSEN, fourth son of Henry VINSEN, Canterbury, England to Emma GOODYER, eldest daughter of Joseph GOODYER, Castlemaine, Victoria

MULVANY - GEORGE : On Dec 2, at Wesleyan Parsonage by Rev. W. OLIVER, Mr T.H. MULVANY, Napier to Catherine, youngest daughter of Thomas GEORGE, Gwehelog, Monmouthshire, England.

A maori youth ,Henry WILLIAMS was not seriously hurt after he fell from the train between Hastings and the Boiling down

Fri 06 Dec 1878

Marriage SPORLE - PRICE : On 1st Dec, at the residence of brides father, Waipukurau, by Rev. R. FRASER, Miss Alice PRICE to Robert SPORLE

Court Joseph M'CASSEY & Thomas M'VEY - Drunkenness

Sat 07 Dec 1878

Deaths RUSSELL : On Dec 4 at Wellington, aged 11 days, Hugh Heideman, infant son of Capt William Russell RUSSELL & Harriette Julia RUSSELL, Flaxmere.

RUSSELL : On Nov 24, at Wellington, of diphtheretic croup, aged 6 years & 3 months, George Howlett, son of Capt William Russell RUSSELL & Harriette Julia RUSSELL, Flaxmere

MILLER : On Nov 26 at West Clive, Charles Edmund, infant son of Henry & Francis MILLER. Aged 9 months

Judge GILLIES sat in chambers yesterday and granted to Mrs BARRY, probate of the will of the late John BARRY of Taradale. Probate was also granted to Renata KAWEPOof the late chief, HAPUKU.

R.M. Court
Thomas MONK - Drunkenness
WERETA - illegally in a bedroom at the Criterion Hotel. Found guilty and sentenced to one months gaol with hard labor.
Mon 09 Dec 1878
Marriage SEUKE - CURSNISKY : At Heavitree, Waipawa, on Dec 5, by Rev. SPENCE, August SEUKE of Heavitree to Anna CURSNISKY of Oswald, Norsewood

R.M. Court
Thomas MURRAY & John LENCHAN - Drunkenness
Edward KELLY & Alexander BARRON - getting off the train while it was still in motion
Ernest DILLON - throwing stones in Hastings St

Tues 10 Dec 1878
Birth WILLIAMS : On Dec 9 at Tennyson St, Napier, wife of Charles .T. WILLIAMS, of a daughter

Marriage HILL - DRAISEY : On Dec 7, by Rv. D. SIDEY, William HILL to Mary Ann DRAISEY, both of Napier

Supreme Court
Criminal before Mr. Justice GILLIES
Grand Jury:
Thomas TANNER(Foreman)

John Hardie ANDERSON - was convicted of embezzlement at the last sitting of Supreme Court, but to whom bail was allowed pending Court of Appeal, was brought up for sentence. Imprisoned for six months with hard labor

Forgery Thomas TROUT - forged a cheque to the value of 2 pounds on Joseph TORR.
W.J. GRAHAM (Foreman)
Louis BINNY - Publican of Port Ahuriri and formerly of the Waverly at the new Taradale Rd.
Henry SKELTON - Storekeeper
Harry TYLEE - Clerk, Union Bank
Joseph TORR - Sheepfarmer
Thomas TROUT had been in the colony for 19 years and had only been in court once for drunkenness.
Verdict : Guilty. 18 months with hard labor

Horse Stealing Kiriki KOROMAIHE - stealing a bay gelding the property of J.P. HAMLIN
A. SCORGIE ( Foreman)
Terence M'ANANAMA - Sheepfarmer
Josiah Pratt HAMLIN - Sheepfarmer - wairoa
HEI HEI - Shepherd for HAMLIN
John RYAN - Police Constable, Wairoa.
Verdict: Guilty. To be sentenced the following day.

Forgery William James HICKSON - Forgery & uttering of a cheque 5 pounds 10 shillings on the BNZ.
Verdict : Guilty on both charges. 9 months gaol on both charges with hard labor, sentences to run concurrently

Wounding with Inteny Erasmus PETERSEN - for stabbing Peter MAGNUS with intent to kill.
J. BURTON (Foreman)
William EAGER
Verdict : Found guilty. 12 months hard labor

Charles STEWART - stealing articles of jewellery from a post letter. Pleaded not guilty.
W.A. SHANLY (Foreman)
Joseph MAYOR
John GRUBB - chief Postmaster for Hawkes Bay
Frederick GRAHAM - deputy postmaster - Havelock
Charles Holme STUART - Sheepfarmer - Tutira
Martha CLIST - wife of Henry Richard
CLIST, sister in law of the landlord of the Masonic Hotel where she resided
Rose Frances MITCHELL - wife of Frances James MITCHELL, employed at RUDDICK's Hotel, Clive
Thomas SCULLY - Inspector of Police
James O'MALLEY - Sgt Armed Constabulary.
Verdict : Not guilty.
There being another charge against the prisoner he was remanded
Friday 13 Dec 1878

Births WILLIAMS : On Dec 8, at Napier, wife of R.P. WILLIAMS of a daughter

FITZROY : On Dec 12, Mrs Cecil.A. FITZROY of a daughter

R.M. Court Cruelty to Animals James HUGGARD - with having cruelly ill treated a horse, the property of George DURHAN . Adjourned

Threatening Behaviour George WILSON - trying to cause a fight near Mr GOLLOP's Hotel - Withdrawn

Births STUART : On Dec 9, at Western Spit, wife of A. STUART of a daughter. Akaroa papers please copy

M'BRYDE : On Dec 9, at the Spit, John M'BRYDE of a son

LAMBERT : On tuesday Dec 10, at West Clive, wife George LAMBERT of a son.

SUPREME COURT Kipa WHAREKURA - lived at the Pah, 10 miles from Waiapu and 130 miles from Gisborne, was a post officer charged with stealing a letter containing a cheque for 33 pounds & 3 shillings
John BURTON ( Foreman)
William SHRP
Robert BELL
Frederick HARFORD
Charles CLARK - Sheepfarmer - Anaura , Poverty Bay
Mary Grace LOZELL - servant at Mr CLARK's - Anaura
James CLARK - Hotelkeeper at the Waitotara, about 30 miles south of Anaura. Brother to Charles CLARK
Hone HEHI - Mail carrier between Gisborne & Waiapu
Carlo SMITH - Manager for GRAHAM & Co, gisborne
George Joseph Brown - Postmaster - Gisborne
James DORIS - Constable Armed Constabulary - Tologa Bay.
Verdict : Found guilty. To be kept in penal sevitude for 3 years

Sat 14 Dec 1878

Missing Issue

Mon 16 Dec 1878

Death SMITH : At Prospect, Napier, on 15 Dec, George Hope Ross, youngest son of the late H.W. SMITH of Aorangi, H.B. Aged 3 years

The body of the shearer TIBBS who was drowned in a water hole in the MangaoneCreek was found on Friday. An inquest was held on Saturday at Greenmeadows Hotel, Taradale.
Verdict : Accidentally drowned

Capt Thomas William PORTER gazetted as an interpreter

Supreme Court
For recovery of payment of a quantity of sawn timber, posts & shingle.
Special Jury:
Joseph RHODES ( Foreman)
Christopher RICH - Shepherd
George WALKER - One of the defendants in partnership with G.E. G. RICHARDSON.
William BECKHAM - Sawyer
Alexander MELROSE - Sawyer
Charles ROGERS
John FINLAYSON - Shepherd, formerly in the employ of RICHARDSON & WALKER at Nuhaka.
Verdict for plantiff 160 pounds 4shillings and 2d

Examination of Teachers
Out of a possible 860
W.A. M'LEOD -527
F. GUSH - 515
F. MACKIE - 417
Mrs L. GOSNELL - 417
Mrs E. DORIA - 340
A.P. TENNANT - 334
Mrs SHARLAND - 334
J. MANNING - 316
A.S. COVENY - 296
M. GUNTRE - 256
J.S. TAYLOR - 235

Examination for Scholarships
Class A - Edward COLLINGE - 1st - 488 marks
Class B - George HARDY - 1st - 340
Class C - M.PALAMOUNTAIN - 1st - 370

Wed 18 Dec 1878

Marriages GORDON - MARSHALL : At Naier on 17 Dec, by Rev. D. SIDEY, Thomas GORDON to Jane MRSHALL, both of Auckland

HARRIS - MOSS : On 11th inst, at the Synagogue, Wellington, by Rev. H. VAN STAVERN, Lionel HARRIS, Napier, only son of the late W.L. HARRIS, Wolverhampton , England to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr Henry MOSS, Wellington

Te Aute College Sports
Running High Jump - Thomas ALBERT (1), Christian RATAPU (2) (5ft 1')
Long Jump - Chritian RATAPU (1), Peter POTINI (2) ( 17ft)
Pole Jump - Thomas ALBERT, Lemuel JAMES, H. WAIT -ties (8ft 11')
Hop, Skip & Jump - Christian RATAPU (1), Thomas ALBERT & Peter POTINI (2nd equal) ( 37 ft)
Standing High Jump - Christian RATAPU (1), Thomas ALBERT (2) ( 4ft).
Half Mile Race - John SMITH (1), Peter POTINI ( 2) - ( 2mins 40 secs)

Joseph HUTCHINSON - Larceny
John THOMPSON & Thomas M'DERMOT - Drunkenness
Thomas M'VAY - Lunacy
Thomas PERRY - Disobeying orders on board the Halcione

Napier Boys Trust High School
Arithmetic Fourth Form
1st Div: W. SMITH & C. CATO 1st eq, W. CATO 2nd
2nd Div : A. WEBER 1st. W. DROWER & R. TYLEE 2nd eq
Third Form
Second Form
1st Div : Charles CATO & D. TOWNSEND 1st eq
2nd Div : J. JOHNSTON 1st
First Form
1st Div: R. HAMLIN & S. LYNDON 1st eq
2nd Div: E. GRUBB 1st
Geography Fourth Form
1st Div: W. SMITH 1st, C. CATO 2nd, W. HARDING 3rd
2nd Div: R.TYLEE 1st, N. GRUBB & A. WEBER 2nd eq
Third Form
C. SCARFE 1st, W. WINSOR 2nd, F. BOWMAN 3rd
Second Form
C. CATO 1st, A. BRYSON 2nd
First Form
1st Div : W. FIELDS 1st, B. HAMLIN 2nd
2nd Div : T. RICHARDSON 2nd
Writing Fourth Form
1st Div : F. ROBJOHNS & W. CATO 1st eq
C. CATO & W. SMITH 2nd eq
Third Form
A.H. GIBBONS 1st ,R. MILLER 2nd, N. WINSOR 3rd
Second Form
1st Div : O. TOWNSEND 1st, F. LYNDON 2nd
2nd Div : J. JOHNSTON 1st
First Form
Book Keeping
W. SMITH 1st
Fourth Form
1st Div : C. CATO & C. SPENCER 1st eq
2nd Div : R.TYLEE & A. WEBER 1st eq, F. ROBJOHNS 2nd
Third Form
J. BRYSON 1st, C. TYLEE 2nd
Second Form
C. CATO 1st, R. MILLER & O. TOWNSEND 2nd eq
C. CATO 1st, W. DROWER 2nd
Dictation & Spelling Fourth Form
1st Div : F. ROBJOHNS 1st, W. SMITH 2nd, C. CATO 3rd
2nd Div : A. WEBER 1st, W. DROWER 2nd, C.TYLEE 3rd
Third Form
C. SPENCER 1st, W. WINSOR & R. MILLER 2nd eq, J. BRYSON 3rd
Second Form
1st Div : F. LYNDON 1st, A. M'DONALD 2nd
2nd Div : R. LE QUESNE 1st
First Form
History Fourth Form
1st Div : C. CATO 1st, W. SMITH 2nd
2nd Div : A. WEBER 1st, R. TYLEE 2nd
Third Form
W. WINSOR 1st, C. SPENCER & F. BROWN 2nd eq
Second Form
O. TOWNSEND 1st, c. CATO & A.BRYSON 2nd eq
English Literature Fourth Form
1st Div: C. CATO 1st, W. SMITH 2nd
2nd Div : A. WEBER 1st, W. DROWER & N.GRUBB 2nd eq
Third Form
Second Form
Ist Div : O. TOWNSEND 1st, A. BRYSON 2nd
2nd Div : A. CARNELL 1st, G. HAMLIN 2nd
Extra prizes
G. WHITE - General Proficiency
R.O. HAMLIN - a prize for Latin & English, being absent at the examinations through illness

Friiday 20 Dec 1878

Marriage VICKERMAN - D'ARCY IRVINE : On Dec 19 at St. Johns, Napier, by Rev. de Berdt HOVELL, Incumbent, Edward Robert, second son of the late Dr. VICKERMAN, Nelson, N.Z. to Emily , eldest daughter of the Rev. George D'ARCY IRVINE M.A., Headmaster of Napier Grammar School.

The wedding took place at 11 am before a large congregration. Miss D"ARCY IRVINE was accompanied by her father and followed by her Bridesmaids, her own 3 sisters and Miss KENNEDY, daughter of Alexander KENNEDY Esq. Mr KETTLE, an old friend of the Bridegroom was Best man. The bride wore a white corded silk dress, white tulle veil and a wreath and ornaments of orange buds and jessamine. Bridesmaids had dresses of white and pale blue satin facings, with tulle veils and wreaths of forget me nots.

Dr. GIBBES has shifted his practice from Havelock to Hastings

R.M. COURt Breach of Harbor Regulations Capt. SCOTLAND of the Glenora was charged with having refused to strike his mast in the Napier Harbor when ordered to do so by the Harbor master, Henry KRAEFT. Fined 20 shillings

The following appeared in the Auckland Star of the 12th " On 9th Dec at the residence of the brides parents, Arthur MOTT to Anne SPINLEY. No cakes. No cards. Nobody's business"

Sat 21 Dec 1878

Birth WARNER : On 17 Dec at Woodlands, wife of W.A. WARNER Esq, of a daughter

Marriage YOUNG - GORE : On 15 Dec at Trinity Church, by Rev OLIVER, David YOUNG, eldest son of John YOUNG to Amander Louisa, only daughter of Capt. S. GORE, both of Napier. Westland and home papers please copy

Death LOVELL : At Napier, on Dec 20, James LOVELL. Aged 32 years

R.M. Court
William ELLIs - Drunkenness
Neglecting to Support a Family
Charles Henry BLAKE - charged with having neglected to support his children, who it was stated were in a state of starvation. Remanded.
HATCH v ROWE Larceny
Joseph HUTCHINSON - Charged with stealing jewellery from the Masonic Hotel, the property of Henry Richard
CLIST, Cook, Masonic Hotel
Martha CLIST - wife of Henry
Edward William HARLEY - Waiter - Masonic
John HAYES - Seaman - on board Maid of the Mill
Constable TATTON. Committed for trial at Supreme Court


Napier Commercial Academy
Principal : J.A. REARDEN

Algebra, Geometery & Mensuration
1st Class : Francis MANEY, Thomas ASHTON & George REARDEN
2nd Class : Michael CARROLL, Edward THAYER, Charles OLIVER
Arithmetic - Special Prizes
Thoas ASHTON, Wm BUNTING, George CUSHING, Walter

George REARDEN ( Instrumental) 1st,
William FLINT ( Instrumental) 2nd
Charles HARMER ( Vocal) 3rd

Penmanship & Cyphering
SARGENT, Henry SKELTON, John GREEN, George RAVEN, George RENOUF, William

Thos. ASHTON, Francis MANEY, Micharl CARROLL
George REARDEN, Charles OLIVER, Edward THAYER

Reading & Spelling
John COTTON, Patrick BARRY, Charles

Alfred YATES, John
& John GREEN

Tues 24 Dec 1878

Death WESTLAKE : At Napier, on Dec 23, Mary Ann, beloved wife of David WESTLAKE. The funeral will move from the late residence of the deceased on Beach Rd, at 2.30pm tomorrow.

Court Thomas THOMPSON & Thomas TRAVERS - Drunkenness
James HAGUE - Drunkennes & no means of visible support
Thomas RUSSELL - Drunkenness & abusive language

Thomas M'VAY - Lunacy - Dismissed
John BRUNSKILL & Peter HARGREAVES - Drunkenness

Held at the gaol on Tuesday morning
, before J. E MACDONALD Esq, Coroner, on body of Charles Henry BLAKE.
Edward ASTON ( Foreman)
Horace FORD
James GRAY
William OATLEY
James R. SCOTT
Michael HABDEN
Thomas Walter HILL
Thomas PAUL
O'MALLEY - stated that an information had been laid against the deceased for neglecting to provide for his children. He was then bordering on delirium tremens . He had been before the court and was remaned to this gaol. The deceased was a very heavy drinker Frederick Robert WARD - Warder in the gaol. He stated the deceased was suffering the effects of drink and had been quiet for about half an hour before his death. Previously he had been raving.
William ROBINSON - Chief Warder
Verdict : Had died through the effects of excessive drinking

Fri 27 Dec 1878

Birth LIDDLE : At Sunnyside, France Rd, Napier, on Dec 24, wife of Joseph LIDDLE, of a daughter

Marriage SIMON - ROBERTS : At Springfield, Puketapu, on Dec 26, by Rev W.C. OLIVER, Mr David SIMON to Miss Charlotte ROBERTS, both of the Island of Jersey

Deaths WARBRICK : At Tauranga, on Dec 24, of inflammation of the lungs, Alice, second daughter of Mr. A. WARBRICK

BAILLIE : At Milton Rd, Napier, on Dec 26, Alexander Cameron, only son of George BAILLIE. Aged 8 months. the funeral will take place today at 3 o'clock

Court George WILSON of Port Ahuriri - charged with threatening to use a knife to Thomas THORP. Case dismisses
Ebenezer DIXON - Drunkenness

Sat 28 Dec 1878

Marriage CARSTEINS - STRIEN : At Napier, on Dec 25, by Rev W.C. OLIVER, Otto Peter CARSTENS to Helena Augusta STRIEN, third daughter of F. STRIEN, both of Napier. Hokitika papers please copy

The five year old daughter of Mr. T. COWPER of Waipawa was bathing in the Waipawa River when she was seized with cramps. Fortunately the water was shallow and the other children had the presence of mind to pull her out of the water. As the children were unable to carry her they dragged her along the bed of the river. The child is now out of danger

30 & 31 Dec
Missing Issues

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