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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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4th and 5th July 1878
At the Resident Magistrate's Court today- George STACY was sentenced to two month's imprisonment with hard labor in Napier Gaol, and Stephen STACY to one month's imprisonment without hard larbor.
8 July 1878

Births HATCH-On July 7, at West Clive, the wife of R L HATCH of a daughter.

HILL-On July 7, at Napier, the wife of Mr H HILL of a son.

Marriage MURPHY-SULLIVAN-At St Mary's Church, Napier, on July 6, by the very Rev.Father FORREST, Thomas Martin MURPHY, of Napier, to Ellen fourth daughter of Mr Martin SULLIVAN, of Tulla, County Clare, Ireland.
16 July 1878

The Taupo correspondent of the Bay of Plenty Times writes:-"I am sorry to say that Mr HOBBS, who has been so many years driving the coach between here and Napier, is leaving to drive on another line of coaches at a higher salary. It is a pity his present employer should let him go for the sake of a slight increase of the 'filthy lucre,' as he had the full confidence of travellers along the dangerous line of road on which he drove, and was a general favorite amongst all for his obliging disposition and genial manner; however, the residents and others along the line are now taking steps to show their regret at his leaving, and as a mark of their esteem, are going to present him with a suitable souvenir, of which more anon."
23 July 1878.

Resident Magistrate's Court.
John HOWARD -charged with drunkenness at Taradale. Fined 1 pound or 48 hours imprisonment.
George BOGGS-charged by Sergeant O'MALLEY with having ill treated a horse in Carlyle St. Several witnesses were called in support of the information. Fined 10s.

Annual Meeting of the Dannevirk Highway District held in the Tamakai Hotel on Tuesday last.

Following gentlemen were elected as wardens for the coming year. George Douglas HAMILTON, Henry GAISFORD, Donald McMASTER, William Frederick KNIGHT, Alexander SCRIMGEOUR.
A vote of thanks to Mr HAMILTON, who was elected Chairman. Frederick George COWPER and William John GRAHAM, auditors.

A change in the volunteer command at the Thames will bring with it the distinction of Major for senior Captain of the district, Captain T L MURRAY, and from the interest taken in Volunteer matters by that gentleman since he assumed command of the Scottish, the honor is well and judiciously bestowed. Captain MURRAY will be gazetted Major, and will take charge of the district under Major WITHERS, his office being honorary.
Thames Advertiser.
26th July 1878
Birth WARREN-At Gough Island, Port Ahuriri, on July 24, the wife of Henry James WARREN, of a son.

Marriage CAMPBERLL-BUCHANAN-At the residence of the bride's father, Carnavon, on June 19, by the Rev J DOULL, Andrew, fourth son of Archibald CAMPBELL, farmer, Argyleshire, Scotland, to Jane, second daughter of Mr Neill BUCHANAN, Carnarvon. Scottish and Wellington Papers please copy.
Resident Magistrate's Court. Thursday July 25.

Thomas FLOYD, -charged with drunkenness- fined 5s, or 24 hours imprisonment.

John BROW- Drunkenness- First offence and defendant stated he had only just come from Patea. He was fined 5s or 24 hours imprisonment. Fines were at once paid.

John BRIGHT-for drunkenness- it being his third offence- 20s or 48 imprisonment. Elizabeth GALLAGHER-charged on information of Thomas HANSEN a carpenter,with having unlawfully beaten him to the ground. The defendant pleaded not guilty.

James MORLEY, a carpenter, stated that as he was riding past HANSEN's place, he saw Mrs GALLAGHER take up a paling several times to strike HANSEN with. She also abused him, and called him names.

Robert GALLAGHER, husband of the accused, also stated that he witnessed the assault by his wife on HANSEN.

Another charge of assault was then preferred against the accused by her husband, who stated that when going home from his work, his wife commenced abusing him, and then scalded him by throwing some hot substance out of a pot on the fire over him. She also took up a knife to him (knife produced), and said she would have his life. In consequence he had gone to ASHTON's Hotel and stayed there since.

His worship after hearing evidence said he should dismiss first charge against her. She was bound over, on the second charge, with two sureties of 25 pounds each.
28 and 29th July 1878

Shipping Port of Napier Arrival

26th Hawea from Wellington and southern Ports. Passengers-Mrs RICH, Mrs MacFARLANE, and 2 children, Mrs LIMBRICK, Miss KILLING, Messrs CAMERON, GOLDSMITH, MATHISON, SHAW, WILLIAMS, SHARP, CULLENS, HARRIS, and 2 natives.

Birth HESLOP-On July 27, at Chesterhope, the wife of William Heslop, of a daughter.

20th Taiaroa, from Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passemters-Mr and Mrs PEARSE and family, Mr and Mrs CLAYLEY, Messrs LEONARD, COOMBS, CALDWELL, DEWES, PILLING, LIDINGS, BLOOMFIELD, FREMAN, BADCOCK, TANNER, Von TEMPSKY, BIGGONS, KENNEDY, RHODES, LEWIN, BROWN, MONTEITH, LEVISON, several others, and 1 prisoner.

27th Rangatira for Wellington. Passengers- Mesdames BLACKEN and TANNER, Messrs GILLARD, BLACKEN, SOLOMON, PYE, and 27 natives.

28th Tairoa for Wellington and southern Ports. Passengers-Captain RUSSELL, MHR. Mr de LATOUR, MHR, Mr FITZROY, MHR, Mr F SUTTON, MHR., Miss SCHULTZE, Mrs FITZROY, and servant, Messrs KINROSS, RENNER, WILSON, SHEPPERD, BIRCH, STEEL, HANDYSIDE.

Resident Magistrate's Court.

William LANIGAN fined 5s for drunkenness.

Martin DEEGAN-abusive language.

A Bazaar in aid of the United Methodist Fre Church, Waipawa. Stalls presided over by Mesdames PARKIN, McDOUGALL, MEREDITH, BLANK, and NICHOLL. Sales amounted to close upon 50 pounds.

1 August 1878

The City of New York arrived this afternoon with the European and American mails. Passengers- Mr KELLER, Mr BOOLE, wife and child; Mrs DARROCK, Mr BELL, wife and child; Mr BRAMWELL, Mr GARDINER, Mr WINTERHOUSE, nephew and niece; Messrs LEWIS, PERCIVAL, DAWSON, McDOWELL, BOULTER, SHIP, and Alexander McNEIL..

August 1878

Death SEON-At the Meanee Mission Station, on July 31, Rev Father SEON, aged 72 years.

A man named Michael BUTLER has been arrested for kicking a neighbour, a settler named CALLAGHAN, causing a rupture of the bowels. Callaghan is dying.

The body of Mr MARSHALL J.P. was found at the beach.

Local. Disappearance of Peter KANE- being looked for extensively. It has been suggested by Constablet SHAW that Kane got lost in the bush, and there died, and that appears to be very probable solution of the matter.

2nd August 1878

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier

1st Taupo from Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers-Miss SHIRLEY, Mr and Mrs ASHTON and child, Mr and Mrs CHAMBERLAIN and 2 children, Mr and Mrs PETERS and 1 child, Messrs BAMFORD, STUART, PHILLING, WHITNES, 5 steerage and 15 for the North.

August 1st Taupo for Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland.Passengers-Mrs PARKER, Mrs McPHEARSON and child, Messrs McLEOD, SMITH, and 3 natives and 15 original.
3rd Aug 1878

Hawea with a large number of Passengers taken from Gisborne still missing. List of Passengers:-
From Dunedin:- Rev Mr GOW, Mrs GOW and family (4), Miss HARDWICK, and Mr GREATBACH.

From Lyttleton:- Messrs RAWE, John GRIGG, McPHILL, and JAMESON.

From Wellington:- Messrs CALL and DAVIS.

From Napier-Sir Thomas TANCRED, Major and Mrs WITHERS and family (2), Messrs COMMON, LIMBRICK, NICHOLLS, BATHAM, TUCKER, MOORE and LAYHER.
3 August 1878

Death PILFOOT-At Port Ahuriri, on the 2nd August, Sarah Jane, the wife of Alfred Pilfoot, aged 22 years. The funeral will leave her late residence at 3 p.m. today.
Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier

Resident Magistrate's Court

Thomas MANSFIELD fined 10s for drunkenness- or in default 48 hours imprisonment.

R NEAGLE V Luke MADIGAN- Claim of 7 pound 4s.

5 August 1878

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier

4th Rangatira from Poverty Bay. Passengers Miss MOORE, Mr and Mrs SWIFT, Mr and Mrs VINCENT, Mesdames COOK and CUNCAN, Messrs W L REES, M.H.R. DUNCAN, COMMON, LOCKE, GRACE, HOLDER, BROUGHTON, LINDON (2), DOWLING, FERRIS, JOHNSTON, CURTIS, 2 Steerage, and 8 for the South.
6 August 1878

Birth Jacobs-At Tennyson Street Napier, on August 5, the wife of Mr N Jacobs, or a daughter.

Deaths BASKERVILLE- At Emerson Street Napier, on August 5, William Baskerville, of Dunedin, and Devonshire, England, aged 25 years..

Magistrate's Court, before R STUART Esq., R.M.
Thomas MANSFIELD- fined for drunkenness.

Arthur TURNER- same offence\

Henry PULFORD of Clive, drunk whilst driving a cart through the street on the night of Friday last. He was fined 5s for drunkenness, and 20s and costs for having no control over his horse and cart.

Joseph LEATHEM- same offence-discharged.

Frederick STONER- same offence and using abusive language.-fined 5s for the first offence, and 20s and costs for the second.

6 August 1878- Seymour GEORGE

Mr Seymour Thorne GEORGE, who, as our readers are aware, is no stranger in Napier, is thus referred to by the Lyttleton Times' correspondent:- "The new member for Hokitika is the youngest son of Lieut-Colonel Thorne GEORGE, of the 4th Hussars, who was an old friend and boyhood companion of Sir G GREY. Colonel GEORGE served at the Cape in the Kaffir war under Sir Henry SMITH, and was well known in the army, as for thirty years as honorary secretary for the Grand Military Steeplechase, and also for the
annual Balaklava Steeplechase, and also for the Balaklava Commemoration Dinner Committee. The friendship entertained by Sir George GREY for the father descended to the son, and led to the ultimate relationship which now exists. Mr Seymour George was born in 1851, and is consequently only 27 years of age, the youngest member in the House. He was educated at Cheltenham College, being intended for the army (in the Royal Engineers.) An accident he met with in a game at football ! rendered him an invalid for nine months,
and interfered with his studies for the army, he subsequently entered the office of a Civil Engineer in London. This was in 1869 he arrived in the colony, went to Kawau, and then in 1872 married the niece of Sir George GREY, by whom he has four children. He has managed for the last five years Sir George's estate at Kawau."

7 August 1878 Local

Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before R BEETHAM Esq., R.M.,

James ROLFE sued RATIMA, a native for the sum of 14 pounds for making a mere from a greenstone about 12 months ago. Defendant not appearing, judgment by default for amount claimed, with costs of 2pound 6s-

J N WILLIAMS V Henare TOMOANA, claim of 51 pounds balance of account for sale of 200 sheep. No appearance by the defendant, judgment for amount claimed, and cost
5 Pounds.

>From Onga Onga Correspondent:-" Our usual quiet settlement presents rather a busy appearance just now, two surveyors being engaged in laying out townships, Mr W ELLISON laying out one for Mr John GLENNY, and Mr J TURLEY for Mr BRIDGE. An application will also be made for a 'licensed house' (at the next sitting of the powers that be), by Mr James M NEWMAN, and if successful, will be a great boon to the travelling public and present visitors trespassing on the hospitality of settlers. Under the present circumstances, unless one prefers the kindly shelter of a flax bush, or wire fence, a consummation at this season of the year 'not devoutly to be wished.' One of our most enterprising settlers also contemplates the erection of a flour mill, for convenience of our grain growers."

Telegraphic Shipping Bluff August 6.
The first attempt to float the ship Ann Gambles was made today, but it proved unsuccessful.

8th August 1878.

Death GRANT-At Milton Road Napier, on August 7, Chas Oswald, eldest son of Mr Andrew GRANT, aged 4 years. The funeral will leave Mr GRANT's residence at o'clock this day (Thursday)


A very handsome landau, which has just been built by Messrs VINSEN and FORSTER, is now on view at the coach factory, Tennyson Street. The new carriage is intended for the road, and will be an important addition to our hack carriages.

The only business at the Magistrate's Court yesterday was a charge of habitual drunkenness against John BRIGHT.

Telegraphic Shipping August 7. Lyttleton.

Arrived-Olive from London, 106 days from the Downs. She left on April 23, and had very unfavourable weather while running down her easting. She brings saloon, and second and third class cabin passengers. On July 31st a second cabin passenger named George COTTON died of consumption. He had been ill all through the voyage.

Port Chalmers, August 6.

Arrived- James Nichol Fleming, ship, 89 days from Glasgow. She bring 39 passengers, and 1700 tons of cargo. Off Tristan d'Acunha, in latitude 35 south, on June 26, she encountered a heavy north-east gale with high sea, which washed Patrick McLEAN, a seaman, off the jibboom, and took him to windward of the ship. The boat was lowered, and after pulling for an hour and a half rescued him. Off Tasmania a sea broke on board, flooded the deck, and jammed John GIBB, a seaman against the bulwark,, and broke his right arm.

Wellington Augst 7. Sailed at noon: Taairoa for Napier. Passengers-Miss PALMER, Messrs FRASER, GARDE, ALGIRL, PALLOT, and 13 members of the Dramatic Club.

Sydney August 7.

The Hero, sailed for Auckland yesterday. Amongst the passengers per Rotorua for the South yesterday was Mr ORMOND, member for Clive, who goes to Wellington, to attend his Parliamentary duties.

The Hon J Nathaniel WILSON, the mover of the Address in the Legislative Council, who (says the N Z HERALD's "special") admitted a solicitor in 1849, and arrived in New Zealand so long since as 1859, when he settled in Napier, in Hawke's Bay, and has carried on a practice there ever since. He was Crown Prosecutor in that district from 1859 until November, 1877, when he was called to the Legislative Council of the Colony, when he resigned the office. He was Provincial Solicitor in the Province of Hawkes' Bay from 1860 until the abolition of the provinces in 1876. He was captain in the New Zealand Militia, and received the decoration of the New Zealand medal for services rendered during the Maori War.

The Hon Mr WATERHOUSE and family returned to New Zealand on Wednesday, by the mail steamer, after an extended visit to Europe. The Hon. gentleman was going to proceed to Wellington at once.
9 August 1878

Births CROCOTT-At her residence, on August 7, the wife of Mr J H Crocott, of a daughter.

MARGOLIOUTH-At Milton Terrace, on August 8, the wife of C L Margoliouth, of a son.

Death TUPPER-At Mount Row, Guernsey, Channel Islands on June 7, Henry De Lisle TUPPER Esq., on the 32nd year of his age.

GRANT-At Milton road Napier, on August 7, Chas Oswald, eldest son of Mr Andrew Grant, aged 4 years.

The following are the latest census figures of population:- Auckland, 82,661; Taranaki, 9463; Wellington, 51,069; Hawke's Bay, 15,015; Marlborough, 7557; Nelson, 25,128; Westland, 16,932; Canterbury, 91,921; Otago, 114,469; Chatham Islands, 196.
9th August 1878.

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier

8th-Rotorua from Sydney via Auckland. Passengers- from Sydney: Mrs ROBERTSON, Mrs TOOP, and 6 children, Mr LEE. From Auckland- Messrs BLOXHAM, THOMAS, OLLEY, HARWOOD, and 30 for the south.

10 August, 1878.

Death BUTWELL-Te Aute, on August 8, Mr George BUTWELL. Persons wishing to attend the funeral will please meet the 10,20 train at the Napier Station this day (Saturday)

Resident Magistrate's Court.

Thomas TROUT, charged by Sergeant O'MALLEY, with having committed a nuisance in a railway carriage on the Napier and Takapau Line. Fined 20s, and costs 9s, or in default 48 hours imprisonment.

Daily Telegraph v J M FRASER, claim of 9 pound. Judgment went by default due to no appearance by the defendant.

DANVERS V AUSTIN- claim of 7 pound 10s, price of a bullock sold to defendant in 1874.-Defendant did not appear, judgment by default for amount claimed plus costs of 2 pound 16s.

Corporation V Baldwin FRANKLIN, claim of 18s 9d for rates.

Same v William CONNOR- two claims of 6s each for rates.

Mr and Mrs TAVARES, who will be remembered by theatregoers in Napier, have made a great impression upon Melbourne play goers.
Shipping Arrival Port of Napier

12 August 1878

Births SOWRY-At Rose Farm Woodville, on August 4, the wife of J SOWRY, of a son.

SHAW-At Cameron road, on August 9, the wife of W H SHAW Esq., of a son, still-born.

Death CAULTON-At the Railway Hotel Napier, on August 11, after a long and painful illness, Eleanor, the beloved wife of H O CAULTON, aged 85 years,.
12th August 1878 Obituary

On Saturday afternoon, a man named Denis DONOVAN died at Meanee, this side of the Mission, from the effect of an accident that occurred to him on Friday afternoon. On that day he was out with a cartload of potatoes, and he was standing between the cart and a gate- post endeavouring to adjust something that had got disarranged when he got jammed by the cart against the gate post receiving very severe injury in the region of the abdomen. The poor fellow became unconscious, but after a while he recovered a little, and was removed to his home by one of Mr RYMER's coaches. He was attended first by Dr CARO and afterwards both by Dr SPENCER and Dr CARO, but medical care was unavailing. His death was caused by the internal injuries he sustained. He was a young man only about 31 years of age. He has left a wife and four children, not entirely unprovided for. About half an hour before his death he made a will disposing of the little property he had.

15 August 1878.

Resident Magistrate's Court.-before T K NEWTON Esq., J.P. and S R DRANSFIELD Esq., J.P.,

Joseph PHILLIPS- fined 5s for drunkenness.

Charles MOLONEY- charged with drunkenness. Fined 20s, and costs 14s 6d.William
BISHOP, charged with embezzlement- remanded.

Ann SCOTT-for drunkenness at Port Ahuriri, forfeited her bail of 1 pound-

John CASEBY- for leaving his horse and cart unattended, was fined 5s, and costs 11s 6d.

Under the heading "Ministerial Sketches," a writer in the Lyttleton Times says in reference to the Colonial Treasurer:-" The Hon. John BALLANCE, was born in the parish of Glenary, County Antrim, in March, 1839, and is the youngest Minister in the Cabinet. His father is a tenant farmer, under the Marquis of Hereford. His ancestors came over with William III. His mother belonged to one of the oldest Quaker families, and his people have always occupied the same farms since the time of their settlement. He was educated partly
at the National school, and partly in a private school. When 14 years of age he was apprenticed to an ironmonger, and even then continually devoted his interests to literary pursuits. After having served his time he remained for 2 years at home, then went to England. For several years he was a commercial traveller for a merchant in Birmingham. He came to New Zealand and started the Wanganui Herald which has become one of the most marked journalistic success, in the colony."

We are requested to state that Mr Frank PELL will receive subscriptions to the fund to help defray the cost of sending to the Imperial Government the congratulatory message agreed to at the public meeting last evening.

Monday 19 Aug 1878

Birth HOVELL-At St John's Parsonage, Napier, on August 18, the wife of Rev De Berdt HOVELL, of a son.

PARKER-At her residence, Napier, On August 18, the wife of John M PARKER, of a son, still born.

Resident Magistrate Court. Ebenezer DIXON and Robert LAWSON were fined 5s for drunkenness. John JOHNSON, for assaulting LAWSON within sight of the Police, was fined 20s.

Blenheim August 17. There was a foot-race today for 100 pounds a side, between McIVOR and HART. The 100 yards easily won by HART, and the 150 yards easily won by HART.

Edmund ECCLES, secretary of the D'Urville Copper Company, died suddenly at 11 o'clock last night.

19th and 20th August 1878.

The remains of the late Mr Thomas MORRISON, of Hastings Street, were followed to their last resting place yesterday by a very large number of persons. As an old settler of Hawke's Bay, and one too in past years had taken an active interest in matters affecting the welfare of the community, he had gained the esteem of a wide circle of friends, a fact which was evidenced by a very large assemblage that crowded the cemetery to pay to the memory of the deceased a last tribute of regard.. At his own special request, made some short time before his death, the burial service of the Uniterian Church, of which the deceased was a member, was read at the grave. The service, which is almost the same as that in use in the Church of England, was very impressively read by Mr M D SPRIGGS.

Deaths HARRISON-At the Napier Hospital on August 10, George Harrison, aged 65 years.

CANNON-At the Napier Hospital, on August 10, John Cannon, aged 42 years.
Local Mr R P GIFFARD, Esq., has kindly offered the committee the use of a paddock opposite the FARNDON railway station, and on this ground the representative football game will be played against Poverty Bay.

In the Resident Magistrate's court, before Mr J A SMITH Esq., J.P. Edward RYAN, forfeited his bail of 1 pound for drunkenness.

21 August 1878
Page 2-H.B.Tribune.
Birth BYGUM-At Carlyle Street, Napier, on August 19, wife of Mr BYGUM of a son.

Death McKAY-At Port Ahuriri, on August 18, Elizabeth Margaret, daughter of D & Isabella McKAY aged 9 months..

Marriage MARTIN-SMITH A considerable amount of interest was occasioned in town yesterday morning by the marriage of Mr MARTIN, son of the Hon. John MARTIN, M.L.C., of Wellington, to Miss SMITH, eldest daughter of Mr Ben SMITH, of Napier. The ceremony was performed in St Paul's Church, by the Rev. R. FRASER, in the presence of a number of spectators. The bride, who was dressed in white silk, and looked very charming, was accompanied by her father and sister. Mr HAMILTON acting as "groom's man." After
the conclusion of the ceremony, and while the party were leaving the church, the "Wedding March," was played on the organ by Mr APLIN with good effect.
22nd August 1878.

Deaths CAMPBELL-At Hampden on August 18, Maggie, infant daughter of Neil Campbell, aged 1 year and 9 months.

TRASK-At Port Ahuriri, August 21, J H TRASK, aged 42 years.

Resident Magistrate's Court.- Before Mr T K NEWTON, Esq., J.P. and E LYNDON Esq., J.P.

Robert KIRKPATRICK was charged by Constable HARVEY with driving his hackney carriage through Waghorne Street without lights on the evening of the 19th August. The defendant pleaded that he had lit his carriage lamps about 6 o'clock on the evening in question, but that the wind had blown them out. He was fined 20s and cost 9s, or in default 24 hours imprisonment.

Thomas CLEARY-charged by Sgt O'MALLEY with maliciously setting fire to a certain stable in Hastings Street, the property of Edward ASHTON. Remanded.

24 august 1878.

Marriage MARTIN-SMITH- at St Paul's Church, Napier, on August 20, by the Rev. R.FRASER, Robert Smythe, eldest son of the Hon. John MARTIN M L C Wellington, to Martha Annie, eldest daughter of Ben SMITH, Esq., Napier.

Dunedin August 23. Mrs COWAN, who on Sunday last, at Maori Hill cut her throat with a knife, died in the hospital yesterday.

A person named Robert RINNIE, released some time ago from the lunatic asylum, and who has been in the city with his family, became possessed of the idea that it was his duty to cut the throat of one of his children, and for that he procured a razor, but instead of carrying out his extraordinary idea into effect he voluntarily proceeded to the Lunatic Asylum, and with the razor in his hand demanded admittance. He was detained until the arrival of the police, who conveyed him to the lock-up, and after medical evidence, he was committed to his old quarters in the asylum.

24th August b 1878

Death- A young man named Joseph Ellis SMITH, between 20 and 21 years of age, committed suicide at Taradale on Thursday evening, by shooting himself in the head with a revolver. He was last seen alive in the billiard room at the Greenmeadow's Hotel at Taradale, shortly after 6o'clock on Thursday evening, and in a little time after he left, the report of the firing of a fire arm was heard. At about 6o'clock yesterday morning the body was found lying in the road, opposite the Greenmeadow's Hotel, by Mr John CARTWRIGHT.

An inquest was held on the body yesterday afternoon by Dr HITCHINGS, when evidence had been taken, a verdict was returned to the effect that the deceased committed suicide while in a state of unsound mind. There were three letters found on the body, which were written in a very incoherent style. One to Inspector SCULLY, avowed his intention to commit suicide, and expressed a desire for certain things being done which were quite impracticable. The deceased was a baker, and had been working, up to the afternoon of his death, for Mr James HERON, of Carlyle Street.

Magistrate's Court-Friday August 23. (before R STUART Esq., R.M.)

Thomas CLEARY, a boy 13 years old, was charged with having, on the 19th instant, maliciously set fire to a stable in Hastings Street, the property of Edward ASHTON.
Deposed Edward ASHTON-Hotelkeeper;
William RADFORD-tailor;
Mary Margaret LONG, the wife of Walter LONG, stated that she resided in one of
Mr ASHTON's houses on the beach. Prisoner lived next door to her. Mr TINNEY called out to her that Mr Ashton's stable was on fire again. She saw prisoner about a quarter to 4 in a passage near Mr GRAY's hotel. He was alone.- Prisoner remanded.

ALLANACH V MOSEN- This was a judgment summons issued on an order of the Court for the payment of a debt by instalment of 10s per week, which order had been disobeyed, six weeks instalments were due and unpaid on the 9th instant. The defendant was ordered to pay the sum of 3p 11s 9d within ten days, or in default be committed to prison for one month.
Other Cases were:-

26th August 1878.

Birth NEAL-At her residence, Napier, on august 25, the wife of Mr H W NEAL, of a daughter.

Marriage Marriage of Miss ROBINSON, daughter of the Governor of New South Wales, with Mr Alexander KIRKHAM, Finlay, of Glenormiston, Victotia, was solemnised in the presence of a large assemblage in St James' Church Sydney, on the 15th instant, by the Rev Canon ALLWOOD, B.A.D.D. assisted by the Rev Mr HOUGH M.A.

(There is a full report available upon request-Elaine)

Magistrates Court.

Stephen TRENOR was fined 10s for drunkenness and Samuel MORLEY like offence.

Andrew GILMOUR-charged with a breach of the Municipal by laws- leaving a horse and cart unattended, without passing a chain through the wheels. Defendant proved that his cart was furnished with a patent double break, which was hard on at the time of the alleged offence, the case was dismissed.
27 August 1878

Births BUTLER-At Taradale, on Friday, the 23rd August, wife of Mr Charles BUTLER, jun, of a daughter.

ROBINSON-At Napier, on august 26, the wife of R H ROBINSON, of a daughter-Auckland papers please copy.

Local. The man Thomas HALL, who attempted to commit suicide in the Waipawa lock-up on Sunday morning, was brought to town yesterday and taken to the Napier Hospital. We hear he has severed his windpipe, though he did not cut an artery. He had not been so vigilantly watched as it appears from his state of mind.

George Gray RUSSELL, general Manager of the National Mortgage and Agency Company of New Zealand, notifies that an interim dividend of 2 1/2 percent, for the half-year ending 30th June last has been declared, and will be payable on the 3rd proximo.

Sydney Wedding. Follow up account of the Hon. Lady ROBINSON's wedding dress. Account abridged yesterday. (Available upon request.

28 August 1878

Marriage ARROW-BONE-At the residence of Joseph WITHEROW, Wautukai, Patangata, on august 24, Henry Thomas ARROW, of Waipawa, to Annie Mary, eldest daughter of Mrs BONE, of Porangahau.

The Napier Electoral Roll, for the election of members of the House of Representatives, contains this year 1904 names, as against 1653 electors on last year's roll. The number of electors on the Clive Roll this year is 1165, which is also a large increase of that of last year.

Mr W H FLOOD's entertainment at the Theatre Royald tonight promises to be a success.

29 August 1878.
Birth LYNDON-At Napier, on the 24 August, the wife of Mr Edward LYNDON, of a son.

Marriage TRONSON-COLLINS- At St John's Church Napier, on the 20th August, by the Rev De Bordt HOVELL. Lucy Sarah, fourth daughter of Edward COLLINS, of Abbotsford, Waipawa, to Gerald, son of Col TRONSON, late of her Majesty's 13 Light Infantry, Somersetshire. England.

Local Mr Edward COLLINS, and old and respected Waipawa settler, was entertained at dinner by a number of his friends at the Empire Hotel, Waipawa, on Thursday evening, preparatory to his leaving for Palmerston.

Mr DILLON and Miss Edith PENDER are expected to arrive in Napier by the first steamer from the North, and will make their appearance at the Theatre Royal on Monday next.
Resident Magistrate's court- James GILL was fined 5s for drunkenness, or in default 24 hours imprisonment,

30 August 1878.
Marriage MURRAY-MORAN- At St Mary's Church, Napier on august 29, by the Rev Father FOREST, Mr John MURRAY, printer, to Miss Catherine MORAN, second daughter of Mr J MORAN, both of this town.

Commissioner THOMSON has received a further report from Constable BALFORD of Raglan, on the wreckage at that place. A board with name carved on it was given to the constable by a native living in a settlement near Aotea harbour. There can be no doubt regarding the identity of the Kaiuma.

John MORGAN, second mate of the barque Bella Mary, was washed overboard in a gale.

Local Mr LYNDON will sell today at the residence of William BURNETT Esq., West Clive, the whole of the furniture and effects, carriages, horses, cattle &c.,

The through railway journey from Christchurch to Dunedin is expected to take from twelve to thirteen hours

31 August 1878.

Birth ROSS-At Havelock, on the 30th August, the wife of Mr John ROSS, of a son.

Death PARSONS-At Springfield, on 30th August, Mr S PARSONS of Matawhero, Poverty Bay, aged ?36 years. The funeral will leave Mr P DOLBEL's residence at 12.15pm tomorrow (Sunday to be buried at Taradale at 1.45.

Local Thomas HALL the unfortunate man who attempted suicide at Waipawa on Sunday last, has expired from the injuries he inflicted on himself. An inquest will be held today.

Amongst the passengers by the Hawea yesterday, en route for Gisborne, was the Rev George MORICE, formerly of St Paul's Napier, but now of Hokitika.

The Occidental Hotel Wellington, which is generally patronised by visitors from Napier, has been sold by Mr COKER to Mr John INGLIS, formerly head waiter there, and latterly manager of the establishment, for 3500 pounds.

2 Sept 1878

Birth KENNEDY-At Napier on August 31, the wife of A KENNEDY, Esq., of a daughter.

Marriages BATHAM-SYMONDS-At St Peter's Church Onehunga, on august 20 by the Rev A R TOMLINSON, James Meacham BATHAM, Esq., District Land Registrar, Napier, to Meralina Grey, second daughter of Capt SYMONDS, R.M. Judge Native Land Court, and niece of Admiral Sir Thomas SYMONDS, K.C.B. Commander-in-Chief. Devonport.

HODGKINSON-CARBERS- At St John's Church, Napier, on August 29, by the Rev De Berdt HOVELL, Mr John Hodgkinson, to Miss Margaret Carbers, both of Napier.

Press Agency At the Resident Magistrate's Court held yesterday- Charles F SHERIDAN was charged on remand with making a false declaration before the Registrar of obtaining a certificate of marriage. Mr O'MEAGHER, Solicitor from Oamaru, appeared for the defence. The Magistrate committed the accused for trial at the next criminal session of the district Court.

Local Coroner's Inquest -held on the body of Thomas HALL who attempted suicide at Waipawa. Before S BEGG, Esq., Coroner for gaol and hospital.
Jury:- Messrs E W KNOWLES, Alfred OTTON, James EVITT, John FOSTER, Daniel LOADER, Robert BLACK, Thomas MORRISON, Charles WINKLEMAN, James ASHTON, James SWAIN, George BENJAMIN, Alfred AUSBERG.

Deposed- Alexander TODD-Medical Practitioner. Charles RAVEN-Master of the Napier Hospital
Naomi HALL-Wife of the deceased.

Jury returned the following verdict:- "That the deceased died from the wound in his throat inflicted by himself while in a state of insanity."

4 Sept 1878

Licensing Court Quarteryly meeting of Licensing Court for Napier and Petane Districts was held yesterday at noon. Present-Commissioners R STUART, (Chairman), J A SMITH, and John BUCHANAN.

Transfers Mr CORNFOD applied for a temporary transfer of Pacific Hotel, Havelock, from Charles STUART to Andrew GILMOUR.- Application was granted.

Applications for transfers from William MAYO to John COOK and from George JAMES to H C CAULTON- also granted.

New Licenses Robert BRISTY for the Caledonian Hotel in Hastings Street, recently erected by Mr A BRYSON-Application was granted.

Konini Hotel The Chairman said that an information had been laid by Constable STRUDWICK against Mr )'BRIEN, proprietor of the Konini Hotel. Mr CORNFORD appeared for Mr O'BRIEN, and said that his client had insufficient notice.

The Chairman said that as it would probably be a serious loss to 0'BRIEN if his license were taken away from him, the Bench were willing to grant an adjournment of the case
for a fortnight.

New Zealand Gazette issued on Thursday notifies the appointment of the following gentlemen to be sheriffs under the Act of 1858:- Edward WILLCOCKS, Esq., of Auckland; Charles Edward RAWSON, Esq., Taranaki; Duncan GUY Esq., Hawke's Bay; Alexander Sutherland ALLAN Esq., Wellington; Frederick de Carteret MALET, Esq., Canterbury; Alfred Hassal KING, Esq., Westland; Edward Francis WARD, Esq., Otago; William STUART, Esq., Southland;

vice Theodore Minet HAULTRAIAN, Charles Douglas WHITCOME, John Thomas TYLEE, Ebenezer BAKER, Alexander BLACK, William Alexander SPENCE, Isaac Newton WATT, and Henry McCULLOCH, Esq., respectively. The above appointments to take effect from the 1st September.

The only business at the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday consisted of two inebriates named William KELLY and William CHRISTISSEN being each fined 5s or 24 hours imprisonment.
5 Sept -Court 1878

William BARTLETT-Alleged Lunacy- remanded

Frank RICHARDS and John SMITH-Injury to property. Information laid by Thomas REYNOLDS- breaking windows in the Exchange Hotel, Havelock, damage to the extent of 5pounds 13s.- Mr LASCELLES appeared for the prisoners.
Deposed- George PLANT,-groom,
William FAIRHEAD-builder
Constable TATTON-
Charles SHARP-laborer
Inspector SCULLY
Samuel WYATT

The well known Harry BLACK ("Yankee Harry") is again in trouble in Auckland, where he has just been committed for trial on a charge of pocket-picking of 9 pounds. The accused who has frequently figured in the Napier Court, has lately attained some notoriety as the victim of a murderous assault at Newton, in a brothel.

Sept 6 1878

Death BEACHEN-At Brookdale, Ruataniwha on September 3, Emily, the wife of Mr T BEACHEN, aged 21 years. Poverty Bay papers please copy..
7 Sept 1878

Deaths MOORE-On September 5, at her late residence, Albert Street, Auckland, of typhoid fever, Martha relict of the late George MOORE, and the beloved mother of Thomas and John MOORE, of Napier, aged 57 years.

STACEY-On September 6, at the Napier Hospital, William STACEY, aged 62.

Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before R BEETHAM Esq., R.M., James ROLFE sued RATIMA, a native, for the sum of 14 pound for making a mere from a greenstone about twelve months ago. Mr LASCELLES was for plaintiff. Defendant not appearing, judgment went by default for amount claimed, with cost of 2pound 6s, claim of 51 pound balance of account for sale of 200 sheep. Judgment for the amount claimed with cost 5 pound.

10 Sept 1878

Birth THOMAS-At Waipawa on the 5th September, the wife of J E THOMAS, of a daughter.

Marriage BOYCE-BEAUMONT- On the 4th September, at St Mark's Clive, by the Rev H W St HILL, Charles BOYES, of West Clive, to Sarah Jane, fourth daughter of William BEAUMONT of Auckland.
11 Sept 1878.

Birth COTTERILL-At Napier, on the 9th of September, the wife of A J COTTERILL, of a daughter.

Also reported from Gisborne that the police arrived from Waiapu on Sunday night with the half-caste prisoner Henare PETA. PENIAMINI, a leading chief of the hapu, who is also supposed to be implicated in the murder of the native women HIRIA, has been brought to Gisborne as a witness, the natives having refused to surrender him as a prisoner.

In the Resident Magistrate's Court, an individual calling himself "John JONES" was brought up on a charge of drunkenness and discharged. Mrs SHRIES, on remand for lunacy, was committed to the Asylum.

Local A handsome wedding present has been manufactured by Mr WALL at very short notice, furnishes proof of his skill as a silversmith.
11 Sept 1878

Marriage Report- "Mr GAISFORD and Miss RUSSELL thought their wedding would have to be postponed because The Hon. H.R. RUSSELL, has been unwell for some time now. It came off yesterday at Waipukurau, and was made the subject of much rejoicing. Our Waipukurau correspondent telegraphs:- "Mr GAISFORD and Miss RUSSELL, Dr FROOD and Miss CAMPBELL, were married this morning. The church was elaborately decorated, and the town was made quite gay with flags &c. There was a large concourse of people in the church, and many were unable to obtain admission. The weather was find, and everything was a great success."

A concert in connection with the Trinity Church Sunda y School anniversary was given last evening. The Rev W SALTER, in opening apologised for the absence of Mr J W NEAL, and also for the absence of Rev W C OLIVER, who was unable to be present. Mr J S WELSMAN, the superintendent of the Sunday school, was then called to the chair, and in his opening remarks stated that the attendance of the scholars averaged from 110 to 120. Mr APLIN gave the base solo "Pro Peccatis."

Our own Correspondent-Wairoa Sept 9.

A most favourable reply has been received from the Government respecting the harbor improvements.

The bar is in a very bad state now, being both shallow and crooked, and about five hundred yards from the inside to the outside.

Mr H WILLIAMS (County Clerk) has been temporarily appointed by the Government to attest signatures to native deeds.
12 Sept 1878
St John's Church Napier, held yesterday. Marriage report of Mr John GEMMELL to Miss Mary Elizabeth WEBB,daughter of the Late Thomas WEBB, of Otago and niece to Mr M R MILLER, Miss HITCHINGS and Miss Agnes M MILLER; the groomsman was Mr R M STRACHAN, of Mohaka. The bride and bridesmaids were very tastefully attired, and the scene in the church altogether was a very brilliant one. After the ceremony the wedding party proceeded to Mr M R MILLER's residence, where about thirty-six of the principal residents of Napier, and others, including the Bishop of Waiapu, and Sir Thomas TANCRED, sat down to an elegantly served breakfast.

FROOD-CAMPBELL-On Sept 10th, at St Mary's Church, Waipukurau, by the Rev Joseph SHEARMAN, James N FROOD, Esq., L.R.C.S.I, grandson of the late Major James N FROOD, Life Guards, to Mary Catherine Isabella, only daughter of the J H CAMPBELL Esq., late R M Waiapu.
Birth WATSON-At Port Ahuriri on Sept 12, the wife of Frederick WATSON, of a daughter.
At Resident Magistrate's Court.
William LEE, a cab driver in the employ of Mr D
COTTON, was charged with embezzlement. The Justices considered that there was no case against the accused, and discharged him.

13th His Worship the Mayor gave his decision yesterday in the case Corporation V O'SHANNESSY, claim of 1pound 2s 6d for rates due.
13 Sept 1878

Magistrate Court Thomas TROUT an inebriate fined 10s, was the only case, brought by Thomas LIDDLE against John CLAYTON for stealing two dog cramps of the value of 3pounds.

14 Sept 1878.
Local- Page 2

We learn that Mr John BICKNELL of Puketapu, has sold to Mr E CAMERON, of Poverty Bay, his well known pure-bred Clydesdale entire "Young Lord Glasgow." This splendid horse is out of Mr HORE's prize mare "Lilly," bred by GIBSON Bros., Tasmania, by the imported horse "Lord Glasgow," who was sold in Melbourne to Mr William MORLEY for 600 guineas.

While regretting the departure of such a fine horse we must congratulate Mr CAMERON on securing a horse whose capabilities as a sure foal getter, and as the sire of first-class stock is unsurpassed in this district.

Marriage of Miss RUSSELL of Mount Herbert and Mr GAISFORD of Oringi, extensive and complete account - available upon request.

Marriage summary of- originally in papers of 10th. BOYCE-BEAUMONT- On the 4th September, at St.Marks's Clive by the Rev H W St HILL. Charles BOYCE of West Clive to Sarah Jane, fourth daughter of William BEAUMONT of Auckland.

Birth THOMAS-At Waipawa on the 5th September, the wife of J E THOMAS, of a daughter.

COTTERILL-At Napier on the 9th of September, the wife of A J COTTERILL, of a daughter.

16b Sept 1878

Local Received the first number of the Waipawa Mail, issued last Saturday. It is a good0sized paper-what is technically formed double demy-it is well printed and altogether it makes an exceedingly creditable appearance.


Abridged from Poverty Bay Herald and the Standard.

Mr Harry KENRICK resumed the enquiry touching the death of Hiria WHAKARAU, at the Court House, Gisborne, on Thursday the 12th inst. He said it would not be necessary to change the jury again, as that had been done at Wai-0-Matitini. He also explained that it had been absolutely necessary to place two of the witnesses on the jury. Deposed-Thomas MAZEY-employed near Awanui- saw Henare PETE. Edward WALKER, hotelkeeper at Awanui- saw PENEAMINE and Henare PETE. Major Ropata WAHAWAHA, chief of ther Ngatiporos-knew of Hiria WHAKARURU. Aru KAWHENU found deceased. The body was on its back, with a piece of wood under it causing the chest to be thrown out. The left hand was lying on the stomach and the legs were crossed. There were no clothes on the body. The skin was off the shins from knees downwards. Witness wrapped the body up in a shawl and went to tell RATENE and ROPATA about it. There were no clothes near the body, and the body was dry and was still warm when found.

16 Sept 1878

Marriage McLEOD-COGHILL-At Forest Gate, Ruataniwha, on September 12th, by the Rev Robert FRASER, Donald McLEOD of Waipukurau, to Isabella COGHILL, late of Caithness, Scotland. Auckland papers please copy..

17 Sept 1878

Births McLean-At Te Mata on the 15th?16th inst, the wife of Allan McLeana Esq., Tuki Tuki Station of a daughter.

BROWNE-At Riversdide Waipawa, on Friday 16th of August the wife of Mr Alexander Browne, of a son.

Marriage CAMPBELL-BUCHANAN-At ther residence of the bride's father Carnavon, on June 19, by the Rev J DOULL, Andrew, fourth son of Archibald CAMPBELL, farmer, Argyleshire, Scotland, to Jane, second daughter of Mr Neill BUCHANAN, Carnavon, late Loch Gilpit Scotland.

Deaths BUTWELL-At Te Aute on August 8, Mr George Butwell
CAULTON-At the Railway Hotel Napier, on August 11, after a long and painful illness, Eleanor, the beloved wife of H C Caulton, aged 35 years.

MORRISON-On August 16 at Hastings Street Napier-Thomas MORRISON, watchmaker aged 44 years. The funeral left his late residence on Sunday the 18th. Friends kindly accept this invitation.

Local We hear that the celebrated pianiste, Mademoiselle Alice CHARBORMET, with a concert party will arrive in Napier about October to give a series of concerts.

Messrs BANNER and LIDDLE, of the stock-in-trade of Mr Thomas MOORE, Carlyle street Napier. Sale entirely without reserve, being under instructions from the assignees under bill of sale.

18th Sept 1878.

Death COOPER-At Havelock on the 17th Sept, the beloved wife of James Cooper. Friends are respectfully invited to the funeral, which will take place today at 4 p.m.

Local We take the following from the Clutha Times of the 10th inst:- "Mr Robert DOULL, so long of the Kaihiku and Balclutha flour mills, leaves this district for Opoeta, Wairoa county, Hawke's Bay. Mr DOULL's property consists of about 4000 acres on the bank of the Wairoa river.

Mr Clinton the Manager, is certain the soil being excellent for growth of wheat, maize, mangolds, and hops.
19th Sept 1878

Local Wm Ulick BURKE-Manager of Bank of New South Wales Napier. Mr J T JOHNSON- who so justly acquired high fame as a caterer, re-iopened yesterday-refreshment rooms in Hastings Street Napier.

Wairoa news:- viz telegraph- "The signal, 'bar dangerous' has been flying all morning. The Captain of the Mohaka found sufficient water and took the steamer in, not withstanding the pilot's warning. It is reported that Sir Thomas TANCRED's son will come forward to represent the Mohaka riding in the Council.".

The meeting of the Petane Licensing board was adjourned- not being sufficient quorum.

Resident Magistrate's Court. Information by Sergeant O'MALLEY- John O'BRIEN of the Konini Hotel, for refusing to give accommodation to Thomas CASEY, and his wife and child.-case was dismissed.

Before T K NEWTON, Esq., and A KENNEDY Esq., presiding Justices.
George HOWE and James FERGUSON each fined 5s, or 24 hours imprisonment for drunkenness.

Civil cases heard were:-J A HOUGUEZ, builder late of Waipawa v FARRELL for a sum for the purchase of a horse.

HOUGUEZ v J NEAGLE-claim for repairs done to shop.
COLLINGE v MILES, claim for rates.

20 and 21st Sept 1878

Invercargill Sept 18. Telegram from Inspector FOX today says he has arrested WELSH, who is supposed to have committed the murder in Waikawa Bush, and that the inquest on the body of Mrs WELSH will be held at Waikawa on Friday. Mr H McCULLOCH, Coroner, goes from Invercargill to officiate. This is all the information to hand at present.

Waipawa Sept 19. One of the greatest events which have been known in Waipawa for a long time past occurred yesterday in connection with the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Loyal Abbotsford Lodge, I.O.O.F., M.U. Flags and bunting of every description were to be seen waving in all parts of the town, and everything bore a holiday appearance. A dinner and ball were to be held and a procession of Oddfellows was about to be formed just as the train was starting for Napier at 3.30p.m.

Resident Magistrate's Court before R STUART R.M.

James EDWINS-fined for drunkenness.

Denis DALY- an old offender, three previous convictions for vagrancy, charged with being on the premises of Charles PALMER. Sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labor.

The address to Major WITHERS, which is now being exhibited in the window of Messrs DINWIDDIE, MORRISON and Co's shop, is really a very creditable specimen
of Mr Percy BEAR's skill. Note-(related by marriage to Elaine)

Papers 21st The District Meeting of fifth anniversary was held at 10.30 a.m.,

Grand Master E H GRIGG presiding.
Deputy Grand Master ROBB.
Corresponding Secretary F BEE
And the following delegates from various Lodges were present:-
Loyal Meanee-P G JEFFARES
Loyal Clive-P G HATCH
Loyal Clyde-unpresented.

23b Sept 1878.

Brisbane Sept 13. A boat's crew of the island trader May Queen landed for water at Pentecost Island, when most of the natives rushed from an ambush and killed two of the crew, white men. Four Tann boys swan to the vessel and escaped.

The Murder At Moumahaki-(by Telegraph) per favor of the Native Minister. Waverley Sept 21.

The name of the suspected murderer is HEROKI. At the inquest held here today on the body of John McLEAN, cook to the survey party at Moumakahi, who was shot on Sept 19 at the survey camp, a verdict of wilful murder some person unknown. Suspicion points to a native named HEROKI, at Pahiapu, Waitotara, who is said to have fled. C A WRAY R.M. Coroner.

Patea Sept 21. A man of FRASER's survey party was shot dead, it is supposed by natives. FRASER (my partner) was surveying Moumaki for the Government. Edward TREGEAR.

Sept 22. Constable HAYMES who knows Heroki has telegraphed a description to Commissioner at Wellington. Captain WILSON at HAWERA, and with Captain KENNY of New Plymouth also communicated with.- GOODALL, Sub Inspector.

Patea Sept 22. Letter to the Hon Mr SHEEHAN-The death of John McLean was supposed by the surveyors to have resulted from his accidentally sleeping and impaling himself on a stake whilst drawing water out of the Moumaki creek, and evidence of its having been a murder did not transpire until after the post mortem examination yesterday, when the bullet was extracted. Hence the affair was not reported earlier.

Thames Advertiser say-"A painful accident, of the 11th inst, which fortunately did not result fatally, happened yesterday to a tributer named ROWE, working in the Alburnia mine. ROWE, it appears, was working alone in his tribute, his mate being employed at the battery, where a crushing was going on for the party, and coming through the drive he struck a match for the purpose of lighting his candle. The head of the match flew off into an open can of powder, which was lying near, and it exploded. He was very severely burned about the arms and face. The can of the powder had been lying on the floor of the drive for some days. Mr ROWE immediately came down to town and had the burns dressed.
24 Sept 1878
Marriage COTTRELL-DEAN- At the residence of the bride's father, Shakespeare road, on Sept the 22nd, by the Rev W LOCKWOOD, Alfred William Luckies COTTRELL, to Florence Maude DEAN.-Greenwich and Brighton papers please copy.

Resident Magistrate's court-Before R STUART Esq., R.M.

James DAKIN-charged with drunkenness.-Discharged..

Robert KIRKPATRICK-cab driver, abusive language- fined 1pound and costs.

Edward MULLEY and Isabella JONES-lunacy- remanded for three days.

Henry ROGERS-charged by Edward COOK, wharfinger, breach of Harbor regulations.-fined 1 pound and cost 9s,

Maurice O'CONNOR-similar charge laid.-fined 1 pound and cost 9s.

25 Sept 1878.

Magistrate's Court, before R STUART E.M.

Two civil cases.

DEAN V LEACH- claim for wages due and firewood supplied.35 pounds 4s.

Cross action


Judgment was given for plaintiff in both cases, in the first for 26 pounds 17s 6d, and 2 pound costs.

NEAGLE V JEFFARES-claim for 12pound 8s 3d.-Judgment for the plaintiff with costs 1 pound 13s.

The Southern Cross brought this trip from Auckland 17 pure Cotswold rams, from the flock of Alfred BUCKLAND Esq., They are, without doubt, splendid sheep, and are consigned for sale to Mr M H MILLER.

26th Sept 1878

New business places are increasing rather rapidly in Napier. The latest is a large new building that is being erected in Hastings street, opposite Dickens street, adjoining the premisers of Messrs BOYLAN and Co. The building is for Messrs STRIEN and CARSTENS, who will shortly open there a draper and millinery department.

The new hotel about to be erected at Picton by Mr JAMES, late of the City Terminus Napier. The building is to be or ornate character, far in advance of anything in Marlborough.

We observe from the Gazette that Charles LAMBERT Esq., J P., has been appointed a visiting Justice of the prison at Napier, and that Constable W T RAYMOND has been appointed an inspector of weights and measures for the Hawke's bay district.

The Wworking Men's club entertainment last night proved very attractive to a large number of members who were present. Mr KING gave a humorous reading of "Mark Twain," and also one on "Life Assurance," both of which were well given. Several songs were sung by Messrs MORGON, SCOTT, and others. Mr FLOOD presided at the piano.

27 Sept 1878.

Marriages DENNEHY-O'ROURKE-On Sept 24th at St Mary's Church Napier, by the Rev Father CLAFFEY, Bartholomew DENNEHY to Honora O'ROURKE, both of Napier.

COMBS-COLES-On Sept 25th at Onga Onga Church, by the Rev J SHEARMAN, Mr Willis E COMBS, to Miss Annie C COLES.

Resident Magistrate's Court.

Henry PALMER and Robert YOUNG- each fined for drunkenness.

Edward MALLEY and Isabella JONES. A elderly women has been in a similar state for past 18 months. Useless to keep her in custody-discharged.

Mr and Mrs TANNER of Riverslea, and family returned to Napier yesterday by the Wanaka after an absence in England of about 2 years.

A man named John MULLER was found dead on Mr St HILL's run, eight miles from Porangahau. An inquest will be held.

The man charged with stabbing at Kopua is a Dane, named Rasmus PETERSEN. He was arrested by Sergeant McGUIRE.
30 Sept 1878.

Local A correspondent from Porangahau under date Septembers 26th says:-

"A man named Jack MILLER, has been found dead on the road near Wainui. He is supposed to have died of heart disease. Deceased was an old bushman, long resident in the province, having worked in the Te Aute, Forty-mile, and Wainui bush. He is supposed to have a son well-to-do in Dunedin or Invercargill. He was found by John FERMGER. The deceased's little dog was guarding his body when found. The inquest will be held tomorrow."

Messrs T K NEWTON, A KENNEDY, and Horace BAKER, are appointed Commissioners for classifying rural lands in Hawke's Baya under the Lands Act 1877.

Mr SUTTON thirsted for some information in the House as to how the multitude of John SMITHs scattered over the colony, could be distinguished from each other in making up the electoral rolls, whereat an honourable member from Canterbury promptly suggested "Ear mark em." Mr REES said all the John SMITHS in the colony, however numerous, would have to placed on the roll if qualified, and as to distinguishing between them, it would be like the story of the man who calld in an American omnibus "Where's the Colonel," which was the
signal for eighteen gentlemen to rise up simultaneously, and exclaim "Here he is"-Wellington Chronicle.

Residfent Magistrate;s Court Wanganui on Wednesday last, George B WORGAN was charged on the information of Robert PHARAZYN with neglecting to support his wife and family. Adjourned until October upon application of defendant.

Italian section of the Paris Exhibition is to be seen a strange instrument the invention of Signor MICHELA. It is not larger than a lady's workbox. There is a small keyboard, like a diminutive piano, and a reel of paper. A girl, who is entirely ignorant of stenography, sits at the little machine, and "plays," a speech three house long. Law Times
Wakitipu, Captain CAMERON, her Commander remained ashore, having assumed the post of ship's husband at Dunedin for the Union
Steam Ship Company.
On the last trip of the U.S.S. Co's-A presentation was made by officer's attached to the vessel. Dated Dunedin Sept 21. 1878.

We learn that Mr GARRARD, formerly Chief Officer of the s.s. Taiaroa, has taken command of the Lady Bird, belonging to the same company.

The Home News, states that the ship Chile was to leave for Napier on the 30th August.

The following telegram appeared in the Evening Post on Friday last:-

"Mr S J STEDMAN, solicitor, lately of Greytown, was found dead in a water-hole by a search party in PARKER-s line today, after being missing since Tuesday afternoon." Mr STEDMAN, it will be remembered, was formerly practising for some time in Napier.

The Court of Appeal will hold its sittings in the Court-House, Wellington on the 11th November.
30 Sept 1878 Ch
The Rev F E Telling SIMCOX, acknowledges with thanks, the following sums
toward donations of a church at Puketapu.

NAIRN Mrs Henry Pourerere
St HILL A Esq., Wangaehu
NAIRN J and H Pourere
WILLIAMS Samuel Rev Te Aute

HUNTER George Wellington


LEVIN W H Wellington
TAUPE Aterata
Te ATUA Matene
HAWEA Morena
LOCKE Edward
HALES Thomas
McGOWAN William
KHYS Morgan
WALSH Thomas
SULLIVAN Cornelius
McKAY John
McLEAN Kenneth
McKENZIE Alexander
CROSS William
BARBER William

In addition to above J D CANNING Esq., of Oakbourne, has given a superb stained glass window of the value of 150 pounds. The estimated cost of the church is 800 pounds

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