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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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3 Jan 1878-
Hospital subscription lists for the building fund and for the children's ward are inserted.
Messrs HARDY and SIDEY have for sale mowing machines,reaping machines, horse rakes, also a shipment of electro-plated ware,including bachelors' teapots, &c.
Messrs BLYTHE and Co opened yesterday one small case of coloured sash ribbons.

Annual election of four members of the Napier Hospital Committee will take place next Tuesday.

A meeting of the ratepayers of the Okawa road district, will be held in the Puketapu school-room on the 11th instant.

Round up around district.
Gum-digger named Frank MARTIN. Dropped dead in the Mangawhare Hotel, Kaipara, yesterday.

Gazetted-Paul Adolphus Frederick BIRCH, to be Registrar; George Walter CULLEN, to be Deputy-Registrar.

Vital statistics for Wellington district during the year are roundly as follows:- Births 1200; deaths, 430; marriages, 278.
It is understood that the vacant governorship of the Hokitika gaol is about to be conferred on Mr James DONALDSON the senior warder of the Wellington gaol. New system introduced by Captain HUME, under which a regular method of promotion will be carried on from the lowest to the highest positions.

At the inquest on the body of the lad READY, who was killed on Christmas Day, a verdict was returned that his neck was dislocated either by a fall or through the deceased coming into contact with a truck.
By Cable-Reuter's Telegraph.
England-London, Jan 1.

Lord Edmond FITZMAURICE, M P for Culne, has been appointed Palriamentary Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, vice Sir Charles DILKE appointed President of the Local Government Board.

Obituary-The Earl of WEMYSS, aged 86.
The Rev. Canon SANDFORD has been appointed Anglican Bishop of Tasmania.

France-Paris. Jan 1.
Mr Leon GAMBETTA died this morning of erysipelas and pyamia, aged 44. His remains will be publicly buried at the expense of the state.

3 Jan 1878.

At the Wesleyan picnic at Cambridge yesterday a boy named KINGDON(m), aged 13, while bathingin the Waikato river, was drowned. The current swept him away.
Mention made of a gum-digger named Frank MARTIN.

Sydney Tuesday. The inquest at Clarence on the bodies of those drowned by the wreck of the New England has been concluded. The jury censured the pilot at the heads for neglect of duty in not rendering assistance to the steamer.

Adelaide, The steamship, Natal, 4000 tons, has arrived here from Marseilles. She is the pioneer of the Messengerie Maritime Company's line to Australia and New Caledonia.

Local Summary:
Mr H MONTEITH will sell on Friday at the Shamrock yards 200 head of cattle.
Mr T J RYAN inserts particulars of his sale.

Resident Magistrate's Court.
Two charges of drunkenness were disposed of.- John PRINGLE and William MORGAN, both discharged with a caution.
Civil cases dealt with: SIMPSON V SANDERS- claim for hire of a buggy-judgment by default for amount claimed plus 10s.
RICE V BRIGHOUSE-claim for goods- as above with costs 7s, and costs of travelling expenses of 3s.
SWANSON V PEDDIE-balance of account for Sign-writing &c. Amounts charged were disputed by defendant. After evidence was heard from both sides, judgment was entered up for plaintiff with costs 7s.
Mr Edward PATTEN and Mr Edward LYNDON, Justices of the Peace, presided in the absence of the Resident Magistrate on circuit.

4th Jan 1878

Otter CHRISTOFFERSEN is at Norsewood
William GRIFFEN at Norsewood

Divine services will be held Sunday next as follows:-
Rev J WHITE at Hampden at 11am, at Onga Onga at 3pm, and at Waipawa at 7pm.
Rev J M FRASER at Kaikora in Gaelic at 12 0'clock, and in English at 3pm, and at Waipawa at 7.40pm.
Rev R FRASER at Waipukurau at 11 am and 7 pm, and at Tamumu at 3pm; Church of England, at Havelock Church at 11am, at Hastings Church at 3pm, at West Clive church at 7pm.,
Rev G H JOHNSTONE(acting for the Rev W MARSHALL.
4th Jan 1878

Shipping Arrival
2nd Mohaka from Mohaka. Passengers- Miss BEE, Mesdames BURTON HAWKINS, and SUTHERLAND, Messrs HAWKINS, BURTON, and 2 natives

3rd Langstone for London. Passengers- Mr and Mrs CASTON and son, Messrs DOUGLAS, JOSLAND, and J D OSBORNE.

10th Jan 1878

Ships Arrival Port of Napier 9th Rangatira from Wellington. Passengers Rev D SIDEY, Mesdames YOUNG, GEORGE, THOMAS, Messrs GEORGE, YOUNG, SMITH, GRIFFITHS, WHITE, ATKEN, 5steerage, and 7 for the North.

9th Rangatira for Poverty Bay. Passengers- Captains REID and SMITH, Mrs MELDRUM, Mr and Mrs scotter AND CHILD, Mrs SCRIMGEOUR and 3 children, Messrs WALL, WESTBRIDGE, GIBBONS, 7 natives and 7 original.

9th Manaia p.s. for Wairoa. Passengers- Mr POYZER and several others

Death CAULTON at West Clive on January 9th. Maude Rose, beloved infant daughter of Harry and Eleanor, aged 7 months.Funeral leave West Clive Hotel at This day.

11th Jan 1878-R.M.C.

Tuesday April 9th- before R BEETHAM Esq., R.M.

John INGLETON- railway Station Master at Te Aaute, laid a charge against a person named JENSEN for obstructing him in his duty, contrary to the by laws; but as the proceedings instituted were informal, the case was dismissed, so that information might be amended.

James ALLARDYCE, who was a party to three cases set down for hearing, telegraphed from Wellington that he was unavoidably detained at the Supreme court in attendance there. The hearing of the cases was adjourned by the Court to the 14th May Next.
Other cases:-
Write ups available upon request- trivial cases.
11th Jan 1878

Shipping note.- Renfrewshire.
Immigrants will be landed from Renfrewshire this morning. We believe they will be towed opposite breaswork by one of the steam launches- when they will be cast adrift and proceed to the quarantine station.

Marriage- source p2
CLARKE-WELCH- At Napier, on January 3, by the Rev.Father REIGNIER, Mr John Smeaton CLARKE, eldest son of the late Mr George CLARKE, Rosstrover, County Down, to Miss Johanna WELCH, eldest daughter of Mr Richard WEBB, County Tipperary.- Home and Auckland papers please copy.

Death CROMPTON- At Napier, on January 10, James Joseph, only sone of Joseph and Mary Crompton, aged 3 months. The funeral will leave the residence of W.H.SELLARS at 3 o'clock this day.
12th Jan 1878
BAKER at Empire Hotel Waipawa on 10th January, wife of Mr H J BAKER, of a daughter.
PEDDIE at Clarendon Hotel Napier, on 11th January, wife of Thomas PEDDIE of a daughter.

Shipping Arrivals
11th Wanaka s.s. from Wellington and southern

11th- Rangatira, s.s. from Poverty Bay. Passengers- Miss

11th-Manaia, p.s. from Wairoa. Passengers- Miss ATWARD, Rev.Father REIGNIER, Messrs MANEY, BURTON, DUFF, and 2 natives.

10th-Fairy, s.s. for Mahia. Passenger-Mr McKENZIE

11th-Wanaaka, s.s. for Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers- Rev W MARSHALL, Misses MARTIN, PEARCE, HARRIS (2), PALMER, ELLIOT, Mesdames NEILL, MURRAY, Messrs DYEL, NEALE, JARMAN, HINLEY, ORR, SYMONDS, PRICE, HEWELT, WANGH, TWIDDLE,
Typed as read- some names are suspect??? Check carefully.
14th Jan 1878
On Friday morning a case was heard at the R.M. Court (before R. BEETHAM, Esq., R.M.) involving a somewhat curious question in respect of an agreement between master and servant. The plaintiff BARROWS, sued BALFOUR for 6 pounds 13s 4d for wages, and was represented by Mr LEE, Mr CARLILE being for defendant. The plaintiff had agreed, in consideration of his being employed and being paid certain stated wages, that he would neither drink on plaintiff's station, nor would himself be intoxicated. He did, however, get very drunk on Sunday, and was therefore discharged and his wages stopped. His Worship held that, as the intoxication of the plaintiff was on a Sunday, the agreement did not apply in this case, as plaintiff could not be required to work on that day. Judgment therefore was given to plaintiff. The judgment was reduced by 5p 7s 3d, by deducting an amount sued for by Mr BALFOYR for cash lentand goods supplied to BARROW

The Renfrewshire immigrants were all landed at the Quarantine Station on Saturday
(Account- will be supplied upon request..E)

From Chicago Times
Professor BELL, the inventor of the telephone, finds the penetrating and diffusive as the instrument is, it does not answer all the craving of his nature, and he is going to be married. With a telephone and a wife, a man ought to be able to hear all that's going on.-
14th Jan 1878
Death WATKINS at Carlyle St Napier on Jan 12th, William Rees, infant twin son of Mr Rees Watkins. Railway Guard. Aged 9 months. Funeral will leave Mr Watkins residence at Carlyle Street, this Monday at 3.0'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

Taupo s.s., from Auckland, Tauranga and Poverty Bay. Passengers- Archdeacon and Miss WILLIAMS, Mrs PARKER, Rev.Mr TAYLOR, Messrs WITHERS, LINGUARD, BURROWS, BURNETT, ELERIG, STUART, BUTTLE, PEARCE, NISSELL, COUPLAND, CAMERON, DAVIS, GRACE, PUGH.

12th Rangatira s.s., for Wellington. Passengers- MissesTHOMPSON and BALLENTYNE, Mesdames TRASK, STUART, CHAPMAN and child, Mr and Mrs ROSS, Messrs MacKERSEY, LEOPOLD, McGRATH, MORTON, and 7 children, and 5 others.

13th Taupo s.s., for Wellington and southern Ports. Passengers-Misses ROBERTSON, MOORE, Mesdames STUART, COTTERILL, Mr and Mrs BANNER, Mr and Master LEE, Rev J BERRY, Messrs FREY,TURIDGE (2), DOWDING, BAYLISS, STRANGE, Master FAULKNOR.
Jan 14 1878 Monday.
Local intelligence.
We have received from Wellington the following information from an authentic source:- The Port Ahuriri Bridge is a fact; it would be commenced directly, if the Harbor Board would give facilities to the site.

We learn that on Saturday afternoon several of the male immigrants made their way from the quarantine barracks to Taradale, and were there served with liquor before it was know who they were. Mr W J BURTON, it will be seen corroborates this in a letter which was published in this issue and adds that eleven of the immigrants were in Taradale yesterdaya.

This evening Miss Tilly ANDREWS and others of the company who have been performing in Napier, under Mr WHEATLEIGH's management, will play in the Oddfellow's Hall, Waipawa.

The Clydesdale horse owes its origins to the Dukes of Hamilton, who crossed some of the best Lanark mares with stallions which he had brough over from Flanders.

We have been requested to call the attention of the members of Court Sir Charles NAPIER, A.O.F., to the advertisement notifying changes
of place of meeting. As will be observed, the meetings will be held in future in the Oddfellow's Lodgeroom.

The Wanganui Herald says; "uira, Mr STEVEN's mare, which ran so gamely for the produce, has been sold to Mr LYON of Napier, for 100 pounds. He has sent her, together with Tamatea, to be prepared for Wellington by Frank PALMER>
15th Jan 1878
Births BAILEY at Lowe Street Gisborne, on Jan 9th Mrs J BAILEY of a daughter.
CAULTON at West Clive on Jan 11th, wife of W J CAULTON of a daughter.
Death PARRELL at Port Ahuriri, on Jan 14th, S PARRELL- Accountant.

Shipping news. The s.s. Fairy, Capt. James CAMPBELL, cleared at the customs yesterday for the Blackhead with a cargo of station stores.

s.s. Mohaka was on shore at the last advices. She struck going over the bar on Saturday. She was got off by the settlers and natives, but unfortunately struck again, and was beached on the northern side of the river entrance, but was eventually got off at 5pm on Sunday.

The ship Renfrewshire having entered at the Customs ,the agents request conisgneees to pass entries with as little delay aspossible.

The cutter Rapid is now engaged in loading wool for the barque Crownthorpe.

The schooner Nellie, which it will be remembered, arrived here last month from Auckland with some gunpowder, and then proceeded to Lyttleton with a cargo of timber, was wrecked yesterday on Astrolabe Reef. She was bound from Lyttleton to Auckland. We are glad to learn that she was pretty well insured.
16th Jan 1878.
BirthsRENOUF- At Napier, on December 15th, the wife of John RENOUF, of a daughter.
NEAGLE- At Taradale, on January 14, the wife of Richard NEAGLE, of a son.

Shipping Port of Napier
Arrival 15th Rangatira, from Wellington. Passengers- Miss DAVIS, Mrs SMITH, Mr and Mrs GRINDALL and family, Mrs J SMITH, Messrs MOORE, SHAW, BOOTH, TUROA, HURST, SMITH, DONOVAN, SMITH, and 6 steerage.

14th- Fairy, for BLACKHEAD. Passengers- Masters TICH and TYLEE(2).

17th Jan 1878 R.M.C.

Before R. BEETHAM, Esq., Res Magistrate. Thomas ROBINSON, George STANFIELD, Alexander STOLDT, were each find 5s for drunkenness. Daniel 0'KANE, who had been employed on the harbor works, and appeared to be suffering from the effects of drink, was brought up and charged with lunacy, and was remanded for seven days.
(Note the term LUNACY- quite relieved to find I have no official lunatics in my family now. E.)

There was a tea meeting held last evening in connection with the United Methodist Church and was moderately well attended. After tea and
accompanying goods had been disposed of, addresses were delivered. The Rev S MacFARLANE, occupied the chair. Rev Mr BAXTER spoke eloquently on the distinctive features of Free Methodism. He was followed by the Rev H B REDSTONE, Mr JEDSON, the Rev R TAYLOR, Mr J COUPLAND (of Auckland), and the Rev W LOCKWOOD.

There was exhibited yesterday in the window of Mr BENJAMIN's shopm Hastings Street, the first pineapple grown in Hawke's Bay. It was grown by Mr LASCELLES from the top part of a pineapple imported by the Fijis. We understand that Mr Lascelles has several others growing..

Tomorrow the electors of the Napier electoral District will be addressed in the Theatre Royala by Captain RUSSELL and Mr F SUTTON, the members of the district.

Waipukurau Road Board -meeting was held on Monday, at 11am. Present- The Hon. H R RUSSELL (Chairman), and Messrs W.L.NEWMAN, W.C. SMITH, and Peter GOW.

The question put before the board was- opening a direct road from the Takapaua railway station to Ashley-Clinton, Makaretu. It was stated that Mr A GRANT had been written to, asking him on what terms he was willing to open that portion of the proposed road passing through his run on which the late Provincial Government had spent over 200 pounds.

17th Jan 1878
Death SCORGIE at Carlyle Street Napier, Jan 16, Agnes Mary SCORGIE, infant daughter of Alfred and Eliza, aged 9 months.


16th Manaia for Wairoa. Passengers-Mesdames W.JOHNSTON and KENNEDY, Major RICHARDSON, Messrs JOHNSTON, THOMPSON, McMURRAY, and several natives.

16th Stella, C.G.s.s., for Wellington.

The Rangatira, Captain Evans, left the outer wharf for Poverty Bay yesterday at 2.30p.m. with a good number of passengers and 210 sheep. She also took two rqcehorses belonging to Mr McGEE, which were brought to this port by the s.s. Taupo last Sunday, she being unable toland them at Gisborne owing to a souther setting in. The horses are engaged in the races that take place at Poverty Bay today and tomorrow.
18th Jan 1878

BirthSTURM- at West Clive, on January 15, the wife of R.C.STURM, of a son.

DEATHANNETT-At Fitzroy road Napier, on January 17, Jane, second daughter of Thomas and Catherine ANNETT.
The funeral will leave her late residence to-morrow(Saturday), at 3 p.m.

17th Kiwi, s.s., for Wellington.Passengers- Miss AMERS, Mr STAPLE.

Telegraphic Shipping-
Auckland Jan 17. Sailed -Wanaka. Passengers for Napier: Mr and Mrs GRANVILLE, Miss HILL, Messrs KINROSS, CUDDON, De BRANMERE, Hogan THATCHER(LEVY's AGENT), C.H. GARRETT, W PRUNE, J MAY, U.S. MINSTRELS.

Sailed N.Z. Co's ship Rakaia, for London, with a cargo of wool, tallow, and gold, valued at 181,000 pounds.
18th Jan 1878 Page 2

In the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, befire R BEETHAM, Esq., R.M.

George CAULTON fined 5s for drunkenness.
Three boys, George CLAREBURT, Thomas ASHTON, and Arthur Parker, were charged with removing rolling stock from the Napier and Waipukurau railway line on the 30th December. The defendants pleaded not guilty. Alfred GIFFOD, a boy of 7en years, gave evidence that the defendants and himself had pushed the truck off the line near the repairing shed on the day in question. W J MILLER, railway manager, stated that the truck was in course of repair, standing on a temporary siding, and had been pushed off the extremity of the line, and one end had dropped off. He also stated that considerable damage was frequently done by boys on the railway line, such as breaking carriage windows, shifting the trucks, and other damage. A girl named Margaret Allan, was called by the police said that she had seen ASHTON
sitting in the truck, but he did not push it off the line. His worship said the offence which defendants had committed was a much mor serious
one they realised, for all they knew, c! ould have caused loss of life. At present he would find the two ender boys, Ashton and Clareburt 7s 9d each. The youngest boy was discharged. His Worship also stated that could have find them 50pounds each or two months imprisonment, if they came before him again he would not deal lightly with them so lightly; he hoped it would be a warning to them as to their future behaviour.

Marriage RUDDOCK-hamer At Auckland on 17th Jan. Harry Sherwood RUDDOCK to Annie, 2nd daughter of Rev Thomas HAMER, Onehunga Auckland.

Wairoa. Scandinavian boy named James JENSEN(OR hansen0 IN THE EMPLOY OF Mr LLOYD Nuhaka was found drowned in the Tahainui Creek
near Nuhaka last Wednesday- dec'd was missing since Friday. Dr ORMOND has gone to hold a inquest.

Local The following Agents have been appointed Agents for the Hawke's Bay Herald, in addition to the list previously published.
E METARD, Palmerston
Thomas MUNROE,Bulls
H J JONES, Wanganui.
19th Jan 1878

Shipping Port of Napier
Arrivals 18th Hawea from Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers- Mr and Mrs BANNER, Messrs CAMERON, McGEE,HOGG,HOLDSWORTH, AXUP, PIERRI, THOMPSON, MURRAY, CASE, JACK, MARTIN, HEYLAND, ABBOTT, MARTIN, three steerage, and 37 for the North. Cargo- 60 tons.

18th Hawea for Poverty Bay, Tauranga, and Auckland. Passengers- Misses DAVIS, GAME, PIERCEY, VAUGHAN, LOWRY, ROBERTS, Mr and Mrs FIRTH, Mrs DAVIS, Mr and Mrs CATLEY, Mr and Mrs OATES and 2 children, Messrs WILSON, IRVINE, ANDERSON, MANARAPU, JACK, PETERS, SMITH, KELLS, HARVEY, one Native boy, and several others.

Local A cricket match between the Civil service, and an eleven from the Banks and Law offices will be played on the ground of the Napier Club at Taradale this afternoon. The names of the members of the respective tea,s are-Law and Banks: COTTERILL, A.E.DEWES, CARNELL, GILPIN, W U BURKE, P BOURKE, McSHANE, GORDON, VICKERMAN, MOWBRAY, CALDWELL,
J.BEGG (twelfth man).
Civil Service: CRAWFORD, MOGRIDGE, BATES, McKAY, FULTON, CARR, CORRRY, HALLETT, INGPEN, CARTER, EVA, D.A. MILLER (twelfth man). The coaches conveying the players will leave the Criterion Hotel at 1.15 p.m. sharp.

21st Jan 1878-Inquest

Our Wairoa correspondent writes:-
"An inquest was held on Friday 18th instant, at Tahaenui, before F F ORMOND Esq., coroner, touching the death of Julius HANSEN,(Also reported as James JENSEN?) A Scandinavian boy, aged 17 years, who was drowned in the Tahaenui Creek, at the Willow"s Ford on Friday, the 11th instant. The following gentlemen were sworn on the jury:-
F M McKAIN ,senr (foreman), C LLOYD, C LAKE, W ALLISON, M RYAN, G SANDERSON, W JAY, H O"REILLY, J HARVEY, J CAMPBELL, G BALLINGHAM, G HODGES, and M ANGLIM. The jury having viewed the body the following gave deposed evidence. Charles LLOYD- deceased in his employ; on Friday last he left Mohaka for Wairoa. He did not return. Sent a man to make enquiries about him. He returned stating that the deceased had not reached Wairoa. On Wednesday I went with two others to look for him and found him at the ford of the Tahaenui stream. The body was floating on its back in about four feet of water. I had a good look at the body of Julius HANSEN and there were no marks of violence about it. I had directed the boy to travel by the beach, the mouth of the river being blocked up.. He should not have attempted to cross at the deep ford. Some further evidence, both European and Maori, was taken, corrobating the above, when the jury, after consulting a few minutes returned a verdict of "! Accidentally Drowned."

After the inquest was over, deceased was buried in a Maori burial ground near the spot, a chapter in the Bible being read over the remains by a gentleman present.

The following are the names of the passengers who took their departure by the Rangatira on Saturday for Wellington. Mesdames BEYER and 4 children, and MONK. Miss CLARK. Messrs GRIFFITHS, WILLIAMS, SMITH, WHEATLEIGH, HILL, BOWLER, DAVIS (2), and 3 in steerage. The Rangatira will leave for Poverty Bay at 7 pm on Wednesday

21st Jan 1878

Shipping-Arrivals 18th Manaia p.s. from Wairoa. Passengers- Miss HEALEY, Mesdames CATLEY, and DOUNCER and family, Messrs NEWTON, SMITH, SUTHERLAND, CATLEY, and RICHARDS (2).

19th Wanaka., s.s. from Poverty Bay, Tauranga, and Auckland. Passengers- Misses GILL, CLARK, MILLINGTON, WHITTINGHAM, Mesdames LEE, ANDERSON, Mr amd Mrs GLADVILLE, Masters GIBBONS, CATO, Mrssrs MAY, THATCHER, CAMPBELL, HOLLY, HUDSON, CONDUIT, AMERY, THOMSON (2), DWYER, PRIME, CUDDIN, MAY, HURLEY, FOSTER, BOYLAN, WILLIS, and 29 for the South.

19th Rangatira., s.s. from Poverty Bay. Passengers- Messrs HURST, THOMSON, BETHELL, MILLS, HUNT, WOOD, WELLS, EVANS, DOUGLAS, REARDON, ASHTON, RAVEN, GILPIN, GRIFFITHS, BENNETT, WADSWORTH, COOPER, 7 steerage and several for the south.

Departures 19th Fairy., s.s. for Poverty Bay.Passengers- Mrs JOHANSON, Masters IRVINE(2), AND 4 NATIVES.

19TH Rangatira, for Wellington.
19th Acadia for Auckland

20th Wanaka for Wellington and southern Ports.Passengers- Captaiaaan and Mrs McINNIS, Miss COOK, Mr and Mrs STONE, Mr and Mrs JENSEN, Messrs HURLEY, COOK, LYEL, CAREY, PEACOCK, HAYHURST, JENSEN, LEVI, J.COOK, and several others, and 29 original.

Telegrapahic shipping.Lyttleton 19th Jan.
Arr- Hereford-
Left- Plynouth Oct 21-80 days voyage.
One member of the crew- Peter HILMAN died of heart disease.

Birth MULINDER- at the Patangata Hotel, on the 10th January, wife of Mr G or(c) MULLINDER
Marriage. SWEETAPPLE-SHEPHERD- At St John's Church, Napier, on the 20th January, by the Rev H W St HILL, Mr Robert SWEETAPPLE to Miss Martha SHEPHERD, both of Napier. Home and China papers please copy.

Death LENNIE- At Napier, on the 18th of January, Margaret Johnston(Note -should this be a surname?), infant daughter of J A LENNIE of a son.

Sum of 1800 pounds have been subscribed toward Testimonial of late Mr Alexander RUSSELL- late Editor of the Scotsman.

Theatre Royal- Performance of the United States Minstrels, tonight. Ballads, quartettes, jokes etc. plus- HUDSON and HOLLY's Medley clog dance, BRAHAM, the great tenor, - G.W. ROCKEFELLER. Bus.iness Manager.
22nd Jan 1878

Death SPEEDY- Death at Meanee on 21 January- Graham Bell only son of Mr J C SPEEDY, aged 4 1/2 yr at Meanee.

Telegraphic Auckland 21 Jan Arr- Rotorua from Sydney 16th- Bishop QUINS and 13 Saloon plus 20 steerage.

Sailed Port Chalmers 21st. Passengers for Napier-Mr HANDEPEDE.

H.B. County Council inviting tenders formation of 2 miles of road- Western Spit and Petane.

This is the ?Anniversary Day of late Province of Wellington.
Napier Grammar School- Master is G M D'Arcy IRVINE M A.
Arthur R EVA Secretary Napier Rowing Club
Cricket Canterbury eleven V Australia
Notice re fencing at Wairoa-(Royse, Stead & Co.) John PEARSE, Manager.

Resident Magistrates Court.
John MURRAY find for drunkenness.
Michael HAYDEN on information
James CLARKE, assault. Mr CORNFORD cross examined, Const IRWIN, with Duncan MacKENZIE, Edward BRENNAN- Witness. Deposed- John Maloney, Blacksmith at Petane; Bridget SHEEHAN of Dickens St Napier;

Mr William Young DENNETT, Hotelkeeper Star Hotel Napier.
Frank STODDART- information
22 Jan 1878.

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier

19th-Maori, from Mohaka. Passenger-Mr H GIFFORD.


Departures 20th-Lucy James for Poverty Bay.
20th-Arawata for Melbourne viz Wellington and southern Ports. Passengers- Messrs W KNOWLES, Thos ANDERSON, N O'NEILL, GIBBES, JENKINS, CLEFFEY, P HERBEY, J CURRAN, SCOT, Jos CARPENTER, McDHA, George WILSON, Robert COWIE, Master KNOWLES.

23 Jan 1878

Marriage RUSSELL-LeCREN- On the 5th November, at St James the less, Westminter, by the Rev G D W DICKSON, assisted by the Rev R L GIVERN, Philip Henderson RUSSELL of Otipua, Canterbury, New Zealand, to Margaret Douglas, eldest daughter of H J LCREN, of 117, St George's Square, Belgravia, London. No Cards.

Death WATKINS- At Carlyle street Napier, on the 22nd January, Sarah Catherine Ann, infrant twin of Rees WATKINS, railway guard.

Various about and around. In addressing his constituents at Bruce, recently, Mr W A MURRAY said that he believed the present Government was far superior to Sir Julius VOGEL's, but he would oppose them in regard to universal suffrage, which was a democratic proposal. He did not believe in descending to anarchy. He would stick to the Government in everything but universal suffrage, which he regarded as a disaster, and confiscation of the land fund. When other members had deserted the standard, he did not so value a seat in Parliament that he would vote against his principles. A vote of confidence in Mr MURRAY was passed, the show of hands being about forty for the motion of confidence, and seventeen in favour of an amendment thanking him for all his past services in supporting the present Ministry, but declining to support him in future.

During the last trip of the s.s. Wakatipua from Wellington to Sydney (says the Post), and soon after her departure, Mr John SMITH, the second engineer of the steamer, who came out wit her from Glasgow, was seized with an epileptic fit. Everything was done that could be done to revive him, but he only lived for a short time, dying on the third day out. He was a clever and promising young man, about 24 years of age, and was like and esteemed by all who knew him. His death is greatly regretted by a large circle of friends.

Among the obituary notices which appear in our columns this morning (says the N.Z. Herald of the 14th inst. Will be observed that of Mr James ALISON, a very old and respected colonist. He passed away very peacefully at his residence Carleton Gore Road, on Saturday morning. The deceased gentleman arrived in Auckland by the ship Duchess of Argyle, thirty-six or thirty-seven years ago, and on landing started in business as a blacksmith, which he continued till the bodily infirmities incident to old age compelled him to give up active work. Mr and Mrs ALISON had six children, who are all married, and many of those children are also married and possess families of their own.
The descendants, it is said, number fully a hundred.

A item of humour also noted- A sailor was recently brought before a magistrate for beating his wife, when the magistrate attempted to reach his heart by asking him if he did not know that his wife was the "weaker vessel." "If she is", said Jack, "she oughtn't to carry so much sail."
23rd Jan Cont'd 1878

Notice to Mariners: After 10th February next, a light will be exhibited from the Lighthouse at Porland Island- S E Mahia Peninsula Hawke' Bay.

Dunedin Herald says- W.D. MURISON former editor of Otago Daily Times, whose death was recently announced was a foremost athlete and ran several races with Mr Julius VOGEL

Marriages HOLDSWORTH-CHAMBERS- On January 23d, John HOLDSWORTH, of Manchester, to Maggie, youngest daughter of John and Margaret Chambers, Te Mata, Hawke's Bay.

GIBLIN-CHAMBERS- On January 23, at Te Mata, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev A SHEPHERD, John S, second son of Charles GIBLIN, Esq.q, Penge, London, S.E, to Alice Mary, second daughter of John CHAMERS Esq., Te Mata.

Deaths GLEN- At Napier, on the 23rd January, Catherine May, infant daughter of P.Glen, aged 7 months. The funeral will leave her father's residence at 4 o'clock today (Thursday.)

DONNELLY- On January 23, at Shakespeare Hill, Mary Langley Prior; aged 68 years, relict of the late P DONNELLY, Esq., Ballynahow House,
County Tipperary, Ireland.

Port of Napier shipping arrivals
23rd Rangatira from Wellington-Passengers- Mesdames JOHNSON, HARRIS, Messrs ZINMANN, HARRIS, 2 steerage, and 1 for the North. 23rd- Fairy, from Poverty Bay viz Wangawhei.-

Fairy left on Saturday with a load of sheep, returned from that port with a cargo of grass seed.

A painful accident occurred yesterday at the Spit to Mr John FRASER, of the steameter Sir Donald. As far as we could learn, he was driving the donkey engine while discharging cargo from the ship Renfrewshire and had his hand drawn in by the powerful cog wheels and severely
mangled; he was at once taken to the doctor, and the proper remedies adopted.

A proclamation in the New Zealand Gazette of the 11th instant notifies that Frederick Irving deLISLE, Esq, has been appointed a member of the Medical Board constituted under the "Military Pensions Act, 1868." The Constabulary officers in the different districts, are again appointed as Inspectors, first and second class Superintendents &c. Thomas SCULLY is appointed Inspector, date of Commission 4th November, 1857; F J W GASCOIGNE, Sub-Inspector, date of Commission 27th November, 1868.

Feb 1st 1878
Birth SIM-At Porangahau on the 8ths January, at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, the wife of Mr William SIM, of a son.

Sailed Taupo at 5pm. Passengers for Napier- Messrs SESSOND, McCARTHY, BROOK, O'BRIEN, THREKELD, Rev Mr BRUCE, Mrs McINTOSH, HOME, RESS, HOME, Misses BRUCE, and Morris.

Wellington Jan 31. Sailed- Wanaka for Napier at 11am. Passengers- Mr SHANNON, and the Australian Cricket Team.

Shipping Port of Napier Departure Manaia for Wairoa- Passengers Messrs SMITH, JACKSON, HOOD, 10 natives, and a large number of others.
2nd February 1878.

Shipping Port of Napier Arrivals 1st Rangatira from Poverty Bay, Passengers- Messrs WINTER, JOHNSON, and several others.

1st Wanaka from Wellington and southern ports.- Passengers- Mr and Mrs REDWARD and family, Mrs MAY, Misses CARTER, DARMANT, GODDARD, Rev J BERRY, Messrs McKENZIE, ARMESLEY, WATKINS, STONE, STRANGE, GREGORY, SPOFFORTH, MURDOCH, GARRETT, BAILEY, HORAN, BLACKHAM, KENDALL, BOYLE, GIBBS, BANNERMAN (2), 2 in steerage, and 27 for the North.

Departures 1st Wanaka for Poverty Bay, Taurange, and Auckland. Passengers- Miss BLAKE, Messrs CUCKSEY, O'MEARA, BLAKE, FINNERMAN, BUTTER.

Deaths cont'd SCORGIE At Carlye St Napier on Jan 10, Agnes May, infant daughter of Alfred and Eliza Scorgie, aged 9 months.

ANNETT, At Fitzroy road Napier, on January 17, Jane, second daughter of Thomas and Catherine Annett.

LENNIE- At Napier, on the 18th of January, Margaret Johnston, infant daughter of J A Lennie.

SPEEDY-At Meanee, on the 21st January. Graham Bell, only son of Mr J C Speedy of Meanee aged 4 1/2 years.

WATKINS- At Carlyle Street Napier, on the 22nd January, Sarah Catherine-Ann, infant twin of Rees Watkins, railway guard.

GLEN-At Napier, on the 23 January, Catherine May, infant daughter of P Glen, aged 7 months.

DONNELLY- On January 23, at Shakespeare Hill, Mary Langley Prior; aged 68 years, relict of the late P DONNELLY, Esq., Ballyahow House, County Tipperary, Ireland.

NEALE_ At White Road Napier, on Jan 23, Albert Burnard Neale, youngest child of John and Emma Neale, aged 13 weeks..

FINLAYSON- On January 23, at Moeangiangi, Elizabeth, daughter of William and Elizabeth Finlayson, aged 16 years.

SELLARS- At Napier on the 24th January, Mary Eliza, youngest daughter of William H and Mary Sellars; aged 14 months- Auckland papers please copy.

WELSMAN- At Napier on January 24, John Stentiford, infant son of Mr J S Welsman, aged 3 months.

HARDIMAN- At the Napier Hospital on the 28th January, Martin Hardiman, aged 29 years.
2nd February 1878.

Please note a big chunk of this paper is missing. Right in the middle of the Births. Most of these have already been read as this is a summary of.

BIRTHS. RENOUF- At Napier on December 15th, wife of John Renoufe of a daughter.
DUFAUR- At Gisborne, on the 31st December, 1877, the wife of F Dufaur of a son, premature, still-born.
LANGLEY- At Shakespeare Road, Napier on Jan 7, the wife of John Langley, of a daughter.
SIM- At Porangahau on the 8th January, at the duke of Edinburgh Hotel, the wife of Mr William Sim of a son.
BAILEY- At Lowe Street, Gisborne, On Jan 9, Mrs J Bailey, of a daughter.
BAKER- At the Empire Hotel, Waipawa, on the ? January, the wife of Mr H J Baker of a daughter.
CAULTON- At the West Clive Hotel, on January 11, wife of W J Caulton, of a daughter.
PEDDIE- At the Clarendon Hotel, Napier on the ? January, the wife of Thomas Peddie of a ?
E(N)AGLE- At Taradale, on January 14, the wife of ? of a son.

Birth unable to be read- missing- At West Clive, on January 15, the wife of ? of a son.
MULINDER- At the Patangata Hotel, on the 10th(16th?), wife of Mr G Mulinder, of a son.z
HUTCHING At Woodville on January 24th, the wife of James Hutching, of a son. Both doing well. Wellington .papers please copy.
BALHARRY-At Napier, on the 27th January, the wife of D.Balharry, of a son.
HOADLEY- At Shakespeare Hill, Napier, on January 28, Mrs C B. HOADLEY, of a son.
GRANT- On February 1, at Havelock, the wife of ...?erge GRANT, of a daughter.

Marriages HOLMES-DENNAN- At Texas Corsicana, U.S., North America, on the 4th November, 1877, by the Rev. L.R.SCRUGGS, Frank M HOLMES to Miss A.G. DENNAN.

RUSSELL-LeCREN- On the 5th November, at St James the less, Westiminster, by the Rev G D W DICKSON, assisted by the Rev R L GIVERNm Philip Henderson RUSSELL, of Otipua, Canterbury, New Zealand, to Margaret Douglas, eldest daughter of H J LeCREN, of 117 St George's square, Belgravia, London. No cards.

Clarke-WELCH- At Napier on January 3, by the Rev Father REIGNIER, Mr John Smeaton CLARKE, eldest son of the late Mr George CLARKE, Rosstrover, County Down, to Miss Johanna WELCH, eldest daughter of Mr Richard WELCH, County Tipperary, Home and Auckland papers please copy.

RUDDOCK-HAMER- AT Auckland on the 17th January, Harry Sherwood Ruddock, to Annie, second daughter of the Rev Thomas HAMER, Onehunga Auckland.

SWEETAPPLE-SHEPHERD-At St John's Church, Napier, on the 20th January, by the Rev H W St HILL, Mr Robert SWEETAPPLE, to Miss Martha SHEPHERD, both of Napier. Home and China papers please copy.

HOLDSWORTH-CHAMBERS- On Jan 23, John HOLDSWORTH, of Manchester, to Maggie, youngest daughter of John and Margaret Chambers, Te Mata, Hawke's Bay.

GIBLIN-CHAMBERS- On January 23, at Te Mata, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev A SHEPHERD, John S, second son of Charles GIBLIN, Esq, Penge S.E. London, to Alice Mary, second daughter of John Chambers Esq., Te Mata.

Deaths LONG-On Jan 5, Daisy, the well beloved infant twin daughter of Walter and Margaret Long, of Carlyle St, aged 3 months.Auckland papers please copy.

SAINSBURY- At Napier, on the 5th January, Francis Meyrick Canning, infant son of George and Edith Sainsbury.

CAULTON-At West Clive on Jan 9, Maude Rose, the beloved infant daughter of Harry and Eleanor Caulton, aged 7 months.

CROMPTON- At Napier on Jan 10, James Joseph, only son of Joseph and Mary Crompton, aged 3 months.

WATKINS- At Carlyle St Napier, on January 12, William Rees, infant twin son of Mr Rees Watkins, railway guard, aged 9 months.

McLEAN_ At Gwavas, on January 13, Murdoch Thomas McLEAN, infant son of Hugh and Anniie McLean, aged 5 months.

PARRELL- At Port Ahuriri on January 14, S PARRELL, Accountant.
4th February 1878

Birth HALLETT- at Napier. Wife of W HALLETT of a daughter.

Shipping arrivals 2nd Result from Wairoa
3rd Taupo from Poverty Bay, Tauranga, and Auckland. Passengers- Rev BRUCE, Misses WILLIAMS, WORRY, BRUCE, STUART, Mr and Miss RESS, 4 children, and servant, Mrs WEBB, Mesdames REID, and McINTOSH, Mr and Mrs HOWES, Mr and Mrs HILL and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Ben ALLAH, Messrs


3rd Manaia from Wairoa.
Departures2nd Rangatira for Wellington. Passengers- Mrs Robert STUART, Mr and Mrs MARTIN, Messrs GRAY, SMITH, GIBBS, MORLEY, WILSON, RYAN, STEVEN, ROBINSON, and 5 in steerage.

3rd Taupo for Wellington and southern ports. Passengers- Dr GIBBES, Miss PARSONS, Mesdames ROBINSON, GIBBES, and PAPE, Mr and Mrs PUCK, Messrs ADAM, YOUNG, MAHON, POWELL, FRANCIS, DONALD, DUNK, BROWN, TUXFORD, McKEE, CAULTON, SCOTT, CAMERON, AUSTIN.


Telegraphic shipping February 2,- Port Chalmers.
A seaman of the barque Angus Frederick, named Simon NEILSON, has been the victim of a murderous attack by the cook of the vessel, a Japanese, who threw the man's dog overboard. Words and blows ensued, and the Japanese getting worsted, he seized a meat-chopper and inflicted a terrible blow on Simon NEILSON's head, fracturing the skull. A second sailor was also cut across the arm by the Japanese. He was arrested by Sergeant HANLON. Dr McDONOUGH attended Neilson, and found the skull was fractured. He odered the man's removal to the Dunedin Hospital.

6th Feb 1878.

The ship Renfrewshire, Captain PEATTIE, cleared at the Customs for Wellington yesterday, and will probably leave some time during the day.

The Evening Post says during their last trip of the s.s. St Kilda to Wanganui, a very pleasing ceremony took place on board. This consisted in the presentation of a testimonial to the master of the vessel by the officers on board. The testimonial which was accompanied by a letter, consisted of a very handsome pair of field-glasses. Very pleasing to the recipient as most of the signatures are those of officers who served under Captain FLOWERDAY for nearly seven years. Expressions of warm recognition for his "kindness and consideration for those under him," and wishes him and Mrs FLOWERDAY "many year of happiness and prosperity."
6th February 1878.
Marriage. SURRETT-PARKINSON- At Hampden, on the 30th January, by the Rev J WHITE at the residence of the bride's father, Emanuel SURRETT, Esq., of Waipawa, to Emily, second daughter of George PARKINSON, late of Yarborough Hall, Lincolnshire- Home papers please copy.

A correspondent at Hampden writes:- "On Wednesday last the quiet town of Hampden was thrown into an unusual state of excitement by a fashionable marriage- that of Emanuel SURRETT, Esq., to Miss Emily PARKINSON. The ceremony was performed by the Rev J WHITE. About 50 of the friends of the bride and bridegroom sat down afterwards to a splendid dejune a la forchette, LAID OUT IN A MARQUE ERECTED for the occasion in the Home Park of the bride's father. After the usual toasts had been drunk, the bride and bridegroom left in a carriage and pair for the bridegroom's residence. The juvenile portion of the company adjourned to the ball-room, where dancing was kept up with great éclat till the small hours of the morning."
7th February 1878

Tlegraphic shipping Port Chalmers Feb 6
Arrived- New Zealand Company's ship Piako, 76 days from London, with 176 passengers and 1200 tons of cargo- Albion Company's ship Wellington, 74 days from Glasgow, with 315 passengers and 1200 tons of cargo.

Port of Napier
Arrivals 6th Rangatira from Wellington. Passengers- Miss BENDALL, Messrs WADSWORTH, DAVIS, PICKFORD, TOD, MOUNYARD, McDONALD, THOMPSON, and 3(8?) steerage.

6th Kiwi from Wellington via Castle Point.

Departures 6th Manaia for Wairoa. Passengers- Messrs MANEY, HORAN, McKENZIE, HAMLIN, STEVENS, and 10 natives.

Marriages REIDY-MADDEN- At Napier, on the 2nd February, by the Rev Father FORREST, Mary MADDEN, to Thomas REIDY.

WILMER-GORING- At St John's church Napier, on the 6th February, by the Rev W H St HILL, H C WILMER, to Ida Julia RICHARDS, daughter of Foster GORING, Esq., and of the Hon Mrs GORING.

DEATH LAMBERT- At West Clive on the 6th February, 18778, Francis Jane, infant daughter of George and Elizabeth LAMBERT.
8th Feb 1878

Death FRIEBERG at his Residence at Norswood on 3rd February, B E Fieberg Esq., 38 yrs.

Arrival Port of Napier 7th Kiwi Capt James CAMPBELL put back. High seas running.

Departed 7th Falcon Capt.J.HAIR for Newcastle N S W

Body of a man Solomon ZIMON recently drowned at Wainui was conveyed to Wellington by the Kiwi

Marriage DENCH-GIBSON Something rare, if not altogether new, in connubial alliances has taken place in Port Chalmers. The Otago Daily Times describes it as a "very interesting marriage." It took place at Holy Trinity Church, in the presence of a very large number of spectators, when Mr Henry F DENCH.,J W of the Port Chalmers Marine Lodge, No 947, E C.., was united to Miss GIBSON, a daughter of a well known member of the Lodge. A dispensation from the R W D G M., permitting the brethren to appear in Masonic clothing
had been obtained, and the W M with the officers and brethren of the Lodge, were present. On the arrival of the bridal party a wedding march was played by Bro.BOTT, organist of the church, and the bride, attended by ten bridesmaids (daughters of the W M and several P M's of the Lodge, including three of the bridegroom's sisters), moved up the aisle to the front of the altar, where the ceremony was very impressively performed by the Rev Lorenzo MOORE, incumbent of the church. After the marriage, the W M., Bro C De L GRAHAM, presented the bride, in the name of the Lodge, with a very elegant bouquet of white and blue flowers, the centre forming a square and compass, together with a silver hilder appropriately engraved.

The Rev J M FRASER will preach on Sunday next at Mt POPE's Motuotaria, at 3 pm. Mr J N SPENCE will preach at Porangahau at 11am., and at Wallingford at 3 pm.
8th Feb 1878
Telegraphic shipping Auckland Feb 7.

Sailed- City of New York for ?San Francisco. Passengers from Auckland- 9 saloon, 18 steerage; also 5 original saloon and 15 steerage from Sydney.

The Wanaka sailed South at 4 pm.

Bluff Feb 7.

Sailed- Ship Jessie Readman, for London, with 14 passengers, 3907 bales wool, 225 tons preserved meat, 23 bags horns; total value 82,000 pounds.

Wellington Feb 7 Arrived Margaret Galbraith, from Glasgow, and London, having made the passage in 85 days from London. She brings 2 passengers and a full cargo.

Mr CRAWFORD R.M at Wellington, had a curious civil action before him a few days ago. According to the Post, a Mr BIRD sued a Mr BUCK for sixpence, the value of 24 lb of coal, which plaintiff alleged were short in a hundredweight supplied to hime by defendant. Mr EDWARDS appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr FITZGERALD for defendant. The plaintiff alleged that when he received the coal he weighed it in lots in a pair of small shop-scales and found 24lbs short.

9th Feb 1878
Death WILLIAMS at his residence at Clyde Road Napier on February 9th. William WILLIAMS late Bishop of Waiapu in his 78th year of his age.

There will be a obituary in the papers of the 12th.

Shipping arrival at Port of Napier



8th Hawea for Poverty Bay, Tauranga, and Auckland. Passengers- Captain RUSSELL, Mr and Mrs RANDALL, JOHNSON, Mesdames FRASER, ALLEN, MORRIS, CLOSE, Messrs

Local Telegraph Station now open at Kopua. Present terminus of the Napier and 70 mile Bush line of Railway.

Meeting of Working Mens club Library Committee- held last night. Dr SPENCER in chair, when it was decided to open library at once, the librarian Mr PLOWMAN, to be be in attendance on Saturday nights between the hourse of 7 and 9 pm. The following contributions were acknowledge:- Hon H R RUSSELL, Mr Peter GILLESPIE, Mr PLOWMAN, Mr E COOK, Mr T REDWOOD, Mr John MORRISON. The committee now have about 100 volumes altogether in hand to open with, and a small sum to expend in new books.

There was a very good attendance at the Oddfellow's hall last evening, and the entertainment seed to be highly appreciated by those present. A very large number of prizes were given away, besides three principal ones. Mr George CANTLE obtaining a very nice lounge, Mr T CONNOR- second prize of a silver watch,
and Miss Anna HENRISHEN the third prize, a washstand.
11th Feb 1878
Port of Napier Arrivals

10th Wanaka from Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers- Ven.Archdeacon WILLIAMS, Misses NEAL, READ, McALPINE (4), JONES, Mesdames READ, WILLIAMS, BENNETT, DEMPSEY and 3 children, McALPINE, ROBERTSON, CARLETON, Messrs CROSS, FRITH, SHAW, SOMERVILLE, IRVINE, BENNETT, CARGILL, DYER, LOCKWOOD, JERRAM, NEALE, CAULTON, Masters IRVINE, BLOOMFIELD, McALPINE (3), 4 steerage, and 35 for the south.

10th Rangatira from Poverty Bay. Passengers- Messrs WILSON, HAMILTON, BROWNE, 2 natives and several others.

10th Pretty Jane from Auckland.

Departures 10th Rangatira for Wellington.-Passengers-Miss DAVIS, Mesdames SMITH, MARTIN, Messrs R STUART, H WILLIAMS, DENTON, SEYMOUR, Master WILLIAMS, 3 steerage, 1 original.

10th Wanaka for Wellington and Southern ports. Passengers- Rev R FRASER, Miss GOUDY, Mrs TAYLOR, Messrs ARMSTRONG, ROGERS, McSWEENEY, J M WOOD, ALLEN, and 35 original.

The Wanaka, Captain McGILLIVRAY, left the Bay of Island at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the 5th instant, and arrived in Auckland next morning. Sailed again on Thursday, the 7th instant, at 5.15 p.m., and arrived alongside the wharf at Tauranga at 8.30 a.m. the next morning; proceeded again at 10 a.m., and anchored in Poverty Bay at 9.30 a.m. on Saturday, the 9th inst. She left the latter port at 5.40 p.m. the same day and anchored in the roadstead at an early hour yesterday morning. She had a strong north-west wind, and a heavy beam sea across the Bay of Plenty, bit fine weather the rest of the passage.

The Steam launch Bella proceeded for her inward passengers early in the morning, of which there were a large number, and at 10 sharp left with the outward passengers.

The Wanaka proceeded on her voyage at 10.30 a,m, We are indebted to Mr R B PRINGLE, the courteous porter of this boat, for the above report.
12th Feb 1878

Our long spell of summer months was abruptly broken on Thursday by a wet and heavy souther. The rain fell in torrents, causing a fresh in the river, which brought down a welcome supply of firewood. I have not heard of any damage having been done; the crops, luckily, had all been harvested.

Among the recent arrivals to the district are a photographer and a lawyer. A studio is being fitted up at the back of the Clyde Hotel, and we will shortly have an opportunity of forwarding our likenesses to distant friends without having to journey to Napier.
12th Feb 1878

Death of Bishop Williams - There is another printed article if anyone wants it. Details of his life and his health.
13th Feb 1878.

FUNERAL OF THE LATE BISHOP WILLIAMS. Close to the grave of the late Sir Donald McLEAN now lie the mortal remains of Bishop WILLIAMS- a man no less useful to this country in his day and sphere than the late Native Minister. All classes of the community were present at the buriel service yesterday, and expecting the occasion of Sir Donald"s funeral, which took place on Sunday, we do not remember seeing so large a gathering in the cemetery. Most of the clergy of the diocese attended in their canonicals, and the service was impressively read by the right Rev. E CV STUART, the new Bishop of Waiapu, and the Rev H W St.HILL, the temporary Incumbent of St. John"s. The Rev. Samuel WILLIAMS also read a portion of the burial service in Maori, which seemed appropriate at the funeral of the first missionary Bishop of Waiapu. This part of the service was read with much solemnity and feeling, and was heartily engaged by all the Maoris round the grave. As a make of respect to the deceased, nearly all the places of business! , public offices, and banks were closed from 2 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We noticed at the funeral most of our leading residents in Napier, and many of our country settlers. It was a touching scene, and one that will not soon be forgotten. The ministers of the other denominations in Napier were also present, a fact which goes far to prove the estimation in which the late Bishop was held by all Christian religionists. All who spoke of the late Bishop mentioned him with deep respect, and the feeling throughout the large multitude who assembled to shew honor to his memory was that for affability, geniality, sound experience and caution, for Christian feeling and demeanour, together with a deep insight into the character and wants of the native race, the late Bishop stood almost without a rival.
Feb 13 1878.

Marriage LEOPOLD-MUSH. 4th February at Christ church Wanganui, by Rev T L TUDOR. Carl LEOPOLD of Napier to Henrietta MUSH of MARTON.

GUTHRIE and LANARCH have purchased a frontage in Grey Street for 100 pounds per foot.

BOLTON the owner of LARA, has sold him with all engagements to STEVENS, of Wanganui, for 450 pounds.

Twelve hundred extra salmon were liberated in the Hutt river yesterday.

Marshall WOOD leaves by the Waikatipu to-day en route for England.

The stewards of the Wellington Jockey Club paid away with the following sums when settling up the winners:- Bolton, OWNER OF Lara, 427. 10s; R RAY, 261 5s; D FRASER, 209 pounds; D CAMPION 99 15s; HAYWARD 95 pounds; GILLIGAN, 61 15s; HEATON. 47 10s; REDWOOD 47 10s. All the other sums were under 20 pounds.

It is expected that the branch Railway to the racecourse will be completed before the next races.
16 Feb 1878

Shipping Arrival Port of Napier 15th Taupo from Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers-Misses BOSTOCK and BARGROVE (2), Mr and Mrs C JOHNSTON, Mr and Mrs DEAN, Messrs FITZHERBERT, STRACHAN, STEWART, MOORE, MATHESON, and 7 in steerage.

Departure 15th Taupo for Poverty Baya, Tauranga, and Auckland. Passengers-Major JACKSON, Captain MOWLEM, Misses O'BRIEN and PHILLIPS, Mesdames, ROSE, GARDINER, KINNON, and WILLIAMS, Mr and Mrs HILL, Mr and Mrs McLEAN and child, Mr and Mrs WALDRM, Messrs SCARFE, CHAMBERS, WESTON, SINCLAIR, AUSTIN, HARKIS, ELLIOTT, and several excursionists.

The Taupo, Captain CAREY, left Port Chalmers, on Monday at 5 p.m., called at Akaroa, and arrived at Lyttleton at 1.30 p.m., on Tuesday; steamed again at 9 p.m., and arrived in Wellington at 1.15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon; left again at noon on Thursday, and arrived in our roadstead about 8 a.m. yesterday. The steam launch Bella attended her for passengers, and after landing them, made two more trips to the Taupo for sheep, of which there were 193 merino rams. After being landed, the sheep were driven to the Government dipping yards, where they went through the usual cleaning, preparatory to their going to the country by train. It is a pity now so many sheep are travelling up and down the line, the authorities do not provide some means by which the sheep could be run into the carriages- say a stage- so to obviate the necessity of lifting each sheep into the upper floor of the carriage.

The s.s. Taupo also brought two young emus for this place, which were viewed during the day by a good many of the curious.

18th Feb 1878.

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier. 16th Rangatira from Poverty Bay. Passengers- Miss LEAF, Mrs A?(o)BLE, Messrs REED (2EVANSRYE, EBBETT, MARTIN.

16TH result from Wairao. Passengers-Mrs ATWARD and child, Messrs HAMLIN and son, KENT, TERRY, McKENZIE, NICHOL, and 4 natives.

16th Manaia from Wairoa. Passengers- Major RICHARDSON, Mesdames WEBB,WITTY, and Mr WITTY.

17th Hawea from Poverty Bay and Auckland. Passengers-Mesdames FRITH, SMITH, DAVIS, WINLOVE and son, Messrs HUSSEY, SHIPTON, COOPER, MORRISON, WEBB, HARDING, McLEAN, WHAUGH, GRAHAM, McKENZIE, McALPINE.

17th Isabella Pratt, schooner, from Oamaru- Bno listed details.

16th Pretty Jane for Thames and Auckland0-No listed passengers.

16th Rangatira for Wellington. Passengers- Misses GREER,SMITH, Mesdames FAULKNOR and child, and DEMPSEY, Messrs BLIGH, CROSS, SMITH (2), DEMPSEY, HOWARD, SHAW, BOOM, LAW, BENTLEY, ROBERTSON, and 5 original.

17th Hawea for Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers-Hoh J N WILSON, Mrs GILBERD, Mr and Mrs CARLETON, Messrs RHODES, ANDERSON, NICOLL, BESON, AITCHESON and PICKERTON.

The Christchurch Press says:- "Mr HORSFALL has imported from Napier a very fine lot of thorough-breds which are well worth a visit of inspection. The lot comprises amongst others three two-year-olds purchased by Mr HORSFALL at the Randwick aautumn yearling sales-Ratcatcher and Rosalie two three-year-olds who have already performed in New Zealand; and a useful looking mare, purchased from Mr YOUILLE. The horses are now at the RINK stables."

At the Resident Magistrates Court on Saturday, before R.BEETHAM, Esq., R.M., a native named MAREKO was sentenced to 14 days' hard labor for stealing an overcoat valued at 30s.

Per Taupo yesterday, there arrived a second consignment of about 200 merino rams to Mr M R MILLER, from the flocks of John ANDERSON Esq., of Otago. These were hardy, compact animals, well suited to hold their own on our hills; 170 of them are purchased by Mr ROYSE, Kereru, the balance of the shipment for Mr GEMMELL, of Mohaka.

The following promotions viz:- Corporal SELLERS to sergeant.
Bombardier ROSS, corporal,
Vice SELLARS, promoted;
Gunner J M PARKER, bombardier, vice ROSS promoted;
20 Feb 1878

Wellington. Feb 19, An order has been given by the Defence Minister to give a pension of 10 pound a year for life to Major ROPATA and Te REEPA, an Uriwera chief, for holding the New Zealand Cross.
21st Feb 1878

Shipping arrivals Port of Napier

20th Rangatira from Wellington. Passengers-Colonel WHITMORE, Mrs ISAACS, Messrs R STUART, HARRIS, LEWIN, BLACK, DEMPSEY, 6 steerage, and 2 for the North.

Birth MEINERTZHAGEN at Waimarama on 17th February, wife of F H Meinertzhagen a daughter.

Death NASMYTH at Port Ahuriri on February 20, Mathew James, infant son of James Nasmyth, aged 7 months. Funeral will leave his father's residence at 3 pm today.

The Head Master of the Napier Grammar School has received the following intimation from the Secretary of the Civil Service Examaination Board, Wellington- "Your son passes 3rd out
of 99 Junior candidates who came up, and 2nd out of 34 Seniors." We understand that Mr IRVINE's other candidates (four) have also passed their examination.

J N WILLIAM's Mangakuri run out of the Oero Road Board district. Property now re-included in that district.-re Government notification.

Resident Magistrate's court.
Peter BLOOM- fined for drunkenness.
John Thomas Dale (late surgeon-superintendent of the Renfrewshire) was brought up on a warrant, issued from Oamaru, on the charge of having to support his wife and child from the 8th of August 1877, to the 8th of February, 1878. Inspector SCULLY asked that the defendant might be remanded to Oamaru.- an objection to the warrant was made by Mr REES and upheld.
Ann MILLER v Jane MARTIN- complaint for assault. Case was adjourned because of non appearance of the defendant.
EVANS v HAPUKA- claim for extras for building a house- case postponed.

The Government have appointed John William THOMSON, of Norsewood, as interpreter and paymaster for the Scandinavian settlements, in place of Mr FIRBERG, lately deceased.
22nd Feb 1878

Births HARDING-At Mount Vernon, Waipukurau, on the 17th February, the wife of Mr Josiah HARDING, C.E. of a daughter.

AISLABIE- At Wairoa on the 19th February, the wife of John H Aislabie, of a son.

SUTTON- At Roysten, on the 20th February, the wife of Mr F SUTTON, of a daughter.

Death KELLEHER-At Masterton, on the 5th February, Ellen, beloved wife of Mr T KELLEHER, and mother of Mrs DEMIAN, of this town, aged 60 years. R.I.P. Late of Portland Victoria.Australasian papers please copy.

21st Rotorua from Sydney and Auckland. Passengers-Miss CAMPBELL and servant, Mesdames BURKE and servant, HYLAND, OCNICHE and child, Messrs HYLAND, FISHER, WARDROP, SKEET, NEAL, CAMERON, CARR, DYSON, CAMPBELL, and 20 for the South.

Departures 21st Rangatira for Poverty Bay.Passengers-Messrs POCOCK, TILLEY, BUTTLE, GRAY, COOPER, MANEY, JACKSON, BLACK, and 4 original.

21st Totorua for welllington and southers ports. Passengers-Mrs GILMAN, Misses KENNEDY and IRVINE, Messrs GORDON, HUSSEY, McINTYRE, McKENZIE, CROSS, HASSAL, and 20 original.

An invention which, if it succeeds, will be a triumph of united chemical and mechanical science, is being tried by a series of experiments at Constantinople. It is the work of a Greek, and consists of a submarine boat intended to act against torpedoes when sunk in the sea or rivers, and to cut the wires connecting to them with electric batteries on shore by means of a kind of screw-chisel. The boat is lighted by electricity, and float as well above as below the surface of the water. A special apparatus provides for the absorption
of the carbonic acid gas, and to supply the necessary pure air to enable the crew to breathe.

On dit that the late Mr W B RHODE's money amounts to about 4000,000 pounds. It is all left to Miss RHODES. The house and furniture, which are to be left for life to Mras RHODES, are to revert to Miss RHODES at the decease of Mrs Rhodes.

Judging by appearances, the township of Taradale must be in a flourishing condition at the present time. Mr JEFFARES is erecting an extensive store on a plot at the corner adjoining his old place of business. Mr BUTLER has just opened a new and commodious store at the Meanee end of the town. Mr NEAGLE's old premises have been taken, are shortly to be opened with a large general stock.

The roads are all alive at the present with sheep on the move. There must be between 40,000 and 50,000 in transit. The following is a list of some but by no means all of them:- Mr McHARDY-5000, Poverty Bay; Mr GEMMELL-6000, Mangaharuru; Mr NEWMAN-3000, Poverty Bay; Mr LOCKE-2000, Poverty Bay; Mr TEAT-1200, Poverty Bay; Nr R KELLY-2500, Waikato; Mr LYON-2500, to station; Mr DRIFE-3000, Auckland and Tologa Bay; Mr MERRIT-3000, different destinations; Mr George BEE- 1500, Mohaka; Mr HALL-300, different destinations.
23rd Feb 1878.

Marriages SCARROTT-PARKINSON- At Hampden on the 6th February, by the Rev Joseph WHITE, Emmanuel SCARROTT Esq., of Waipawa, to Miss Emily PARKINSON, second daughter of George and Catherine PARKINSON, late of Burton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire.

FITZROY-BEETHAM- at St James's Lower Hutt, on the 21st, February, Cecil Augustus FITZROY to Susannah, youngest daughter of W BEETHAM, of Taita.

The Gazette issued
to-night says that the following candidates have passed the Civil Service in the order of merit in which their names appear:- Junior examination, Napier Candidate: J L D'arcy IRVINE, D J GRANT, G.R. BEAMISH. Senior examination: J L D'Arcy IRVINE, F A RICH.

Four government clerks have been told off to work up the evidence in the case of Frederick WHITAKER, late Attorney General versus George JONES junr. All papers in connection with land transactions in the Waikato since 1870 are being raked up, and all original letters in connection with these transactions will be produced in the supreme Court by Mr CLARKE, Under-Secretary in the Native Department.

Great efforts are being made on the part of the Customs Department to obtain from the natives a suitable site for a lighthouse at Cap Egmont.
23d Feb 1878

Supposed loss of two Vessels with all hands.

It is now almost certain (says the N.Z. Times of the 15th instant) that two more vessels must b added to the already alarming long list of "missing vessels," namely, the schoioner EXCLSIOR. Besides the Master William HUNT, she carried five men, whose names we have been able ascertain, but from what we can gather the cook's name is supposed to be TAYLOR, and WELSH the name of another of the men. WEBB & Co of Peloris sound were her owners, they having purchased her some short time ago.

The Raven, was a small boat of five to six tons register, and left Picton for her on the 27th ult, but since then nothing has been heard of her. She was coming here for
sale, her owner and his two sons bringing her across. We have not heard their names, but we understand the owner's wife and one child are at present in Wellington. The poor woman is almost distracted at the non-appearance of her husband and sons. She went to Secretary of Customs some few days ago praying him to send a steamer to look for the missing boat, and the Hinemoa was accordingly instructed, as she came down from Taranaki to keep a look out for any traces of the boat, but nothing was seen of her. It is greatly feared that the tiny craft with all aboard has met with an untimely end.

25th Feb 1878

Births JOHNSON At Napier on Feb 21, the wife of J T Johnson of a son.

NICHOLSON- at Napier, Shakspeare road on February 22, wife of J Nicholson of a daughter.

Marriage STARK-WILLIS- At Napier, on February 24, by the Rev D SIDEY, Henry STARK, to Sarah Jane WILLIS, both of Napier.

Death CAMPBELL- At Auckland, New Zealand, on February 17, Margaret Gardiner. The beloved wife of Hugh Campbell, of Poukawa, Hawke's Bay, N Z, and formerly of the Lorquon Station, near Horsham, Victoria, aged 39 years.

Shipping arrivals
22nd Kiwi from Wellington viz the coast.Passenger Captain BATES.
23rd Wanaka from Wellington and southern ports. Passengers- Rev.Father KERRIGAN, 3 Sisters of Mercy, Misses McINTYR (2) Mesdames SELBY, PETERS, GILBERD, Messrs RHODES, FINLAYSON, PETERS, McINTYR, WALTHO, TYSON, PICKERING, McFARLANE, ORR, WOODS, POOLE, GILBERD, BREMNER, WHEELER, ANDREWS, SIME, BELL, OGILVIE.

23rd Rangatira from Poverty Bay.Passengers- Messrs MORRIS, HAMILTON, RUSSELL and POCOCK.

23rd Go-Ahead, from Poverty Bay and Auckland. Three Passengers. Unnamed.

24th Taupo from Poverty Bay, Taurang, and Auckland. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Randall JOHNSON, Mr and Mrs B H SOLOMON, Mrs MORRIS, Messrs BASKERVILLE, MANEY, HAWKER, McLEOD, BERRY, GRAY, SINDEN, W S PEDDIE, and 9 in steerage.
25th Feb 1878.

Gisborne Jan 24th.

Capt G E READ expired suddenly at his residence yesterday evning. The funeral taks place tomorrow.

Invercargill Feb 23 At an extraordinary meeting of the hospital committee last night, revelations were made in connection with the treatment of a female patient by the house surgeon. Her name is Ellen GREEN, and she was being treated for leuchorrhea, and a miscarriage resulted. The house surgeon Mr JACKSON, averred that he was misled by the symptoms. The evidence of the Matron of the hospital, whom the doctor had recommended to be discharge, and of the housemaid were strongly against him. The evidence of Drs HANNAH, GREGOR and COTTERILL was slightly conflicting, but they agreed that a medical man might have been misled. The committee decided to request Dr JACKSON to resign, and he complied.

Hokitika, Feb 23
Sailed Hinemoa for Jackson's Bay, with Mr MacANDREW, Mr GISBORN, Capt FRASER, and Mrs GISBORNE.

New Plymouth Feb 23

Mr COURTNAY yesterday sold land outside the boundary of New Plymouth for 75 pounds per acre, which only two months ago was sold for 35 pounds per acre. This is owning to the passing of th Harbor bill.

Lyttleton Feb 23.
An accident occurred at the harbor reclamation works this afternoon. One of the wokman named William WEARING was engaged in charging a hole in the face of the rock with an iron scraper, when the charge exploded. The man was blown about thre chains from the spot where the accident occurred, his body falling in the water. Death was instantaneous.

26th Feb 1878.

We regret to learn that Mrs JOHNSON, of Wellington, wife of the Hon. John JOHNSON, died on Friday last, of the malady to which she had long been subject.

We learn that the Chairman of the Clive road Board has been instructed by that body to write to the Hon. Colonel WHITMORE and request him to resign his seat in the Hawke's Bay County Council for the Clive Riding.

Owing to the drought in the Australian colonies the price of grass seed keeps up well this year. It is about 7s 6d a bushel. A paddock in Poverty Bay, 24 acres in extent, belonging to Mr Thomas JOHNSTON, has produced 1300 bushels. This, at the rate mentioned, would be a yield of a very high value per acre.

The Cook County Council have received a telegram from the Auckland Waste Lands Board informing them that the sale of the Potutahi block will take place in Gisborne in six week's time.

Public Notice Reliable Indemnity against Fire and Marine Losses for the New Zealand Insurance Company. Forms of Proposal and all information can be obtained from MONTEITH & FOUNTAINE, Woodville
SMITH & Co Waipukurau.
W L COWARD Waipawa
George BEE Havelock
KNIGHT Brothers Hastings
Eldred BECK West Clive
J Sutherland mohaka
W F SHAW Wairoa
Or from Leslie CAMPBELL, Manager for Hawke's Bay.
Office- Beach end of Emerson Street Napier.

27th Feb 1878

Birth FLYNN at Waipawa on February 24th, wife of M FLYNN of a daughter.
Shipping at Port of Napier Telegraphic shipping Wellington Feb 26 Rangatira, Capt. EVANS sailed for Napier today. Passengers-John SHEEHAN, Father REIGNIER, Messrs J E SMITH, HUNT, AMIS, GILL, Mrs THOMAS, Misses DUCK, Masters BLAKE (2).

An inquest was held on the body of the late Captain READ this morning. Dr POLLEN stated the cause of death to be fatty degeneration of the heart. No post mortem necessary.
The jury returned a verdict of "Died from the visitation of God." A large concourse of Europeans and natives assembled to follow the deceased to the grave. All business was suspended in town.

Invercargill Feb 25
Mr Cecil JACKSON, late surgeon of the Invercargill Hospital, was arrested this morning on a charge of attempting to procure abortion in the case of Ellen GREEN, a patient in the hospital. The evidence of Mrs WILLIAMS, was taken, It is not settled whether bail will be allowed.

Rotorua Feb 25
Mr KEYS had taken a contract for the erection of a flour-mill, and had already erected a portion of it, besides a large raupo whare for the accommodation of his men, when the Ngatatura tribe came and pulled down the whole fabric. The Government officer is now awaiting instructions from Government as to how he shall proceed.

Timaru Feb 25 A inquest was adjourned on the body of the female child of Margaret WILSON.

When jury re convened the verdict of Acquittal.Accused was accused of weak intellect who did not appear to realise her serious position until coroner explained it to her.
Feb 26 P3 1878

Tenders are invited for Additions and alterations to the new premises of the New Zealand Insurance Company, Hastings Street. Tenders to be sent to A Leslie CAMPBELL, Manager of N Z I Co. not later than noon on the 27th day of February, 1878. Adv No 810

In Bankruptcy- In the Supreme Court of New Zealand

In the Estate of Adolarious William Henry Humphrey Oakes LASCELLES of Waipawa, late of Kaikora, Woolclasser, a bankrupt.

Signed Richard Beetham, Deputy Registrar.
Inserted by A LASCELLES, Solicitor to the bankrupt. Notice of Advert No 887.
Dated 5th March, 1878, at 2.30 pm.

February 25.Captain ANDREW, master of the Taiaroa, who leaves that steamer to command of the s.s. Taupo,, was this afternoon presented by the officers of the Taiaroa with a gold chain and locket, before leaving, as a token of their respect and esteem.

28th Feb 1878

Death HOADLEY at his father's residence Shakespeare Hill Napier on February 27, Charles Douse HOADLEY, aged 1 month 3 days.

BANKS at Auckland February 24th, Malcom BANKS Esq.,

CHAPMAN at Hastings on February 25, Elsie youngest daughter of Henry C and Elizabeth CHAPMAN, aged 1 year.
2nd March 1878 Deaths Summary

FRIEBERG-at his residence Norsewood on 3rd Feb, B E Frieberg Esq., aged 38 years.

KELLEHER-At Masterton on 5th Feb, Ellen, the beloved wife of Mr T Kelleher, and mother of Demian, of this town, aged 60 years. R I P Late of Portland Victoria. Australasian papers please copy.

LAMBERT-at West Clive on 6th Feb, 1878, Francis Jane, infant daughter of George and Elizabeth Lambert.

WILLIAMS-at his residence Clyde road Napier, on Feb 9, William Williams, late Bishop of Waiapu, in the 78th year of his age.

JAMES-at Napier on 13th Feb, Albert, twin son of Mr John James aged 11 months.

REDWARD-at Port Ahuriri on the 14th Feb, Florence Annie, infant daughter of Leicester and Ann Redward, aged 8 months and 3 days.

BROWN-at Napier on Feb 17, Emily, infant daughter of Mr George Brown aged two months.

CAMPBELL-At Auckland New Zealand on Feb 17, Margaret Gardiner, the beloved wife of Hugh Campbell of Poukawa, Hawke's Bay, N Z and formerly of the Lorquon Station near Horsham Victoria aged 39 years.

MURPHY-at the Napier Hospital on the 19th Feb Ann Murphy aged 20 years.

NASMYTH-at Port Ahuriri Napier, on Feb 20, Matthew James, infant son of James Nasmyth aged 7 months.

BANKS- at Auckland on Feb 24, Malcolm Banks Esq.,

CHAPMAN- at Hastings on Feb 25, Elsie, youngest daughter of Henry C and Elizabeth Chapman aged 1 year.

HOADLY- at his father's residence Shakespeare Hill, Napier, on Feb 27, Charles Douse Hoadley, aged 1 month and 3 days.

ALLANACH-at the residence of Mr Gorge Davy, Napier, on Feb 28th, Mr John Allanach, at the age of 60. The funeral will leave Mr Davy's residence, Carlyle Street Napier, this day at 3 pm. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

2nd March 1878 Marriage Summary

REIDY-MADDEN -At Napier on the 2nd Feb, by the Rev Father Forrest, Mary Madden to Thomas Reidy.

LEOPOLD-MUSH -on the 4th Feb, at Christchurch, Wanganui, by the Rev T L Tudor, Carl Leopold of Napier, to Henrietta Mush of Marton.

WILMER-GORING -at St John's Church Napier, on 6th Feb, by the Rev W H St Hill, H C Wilmer to Ida Julia Richards, daughter of Foster Goring Esq., and of the Hon Mrs Goring.

SCARROTT-PARKINSON -At Hampden on the 6th Feb, by the Rev Joseph White, Emmanuel Scarrott, Esq., of Waipawa, to Miss Emily Parkinson, second daughter of George and Ann Catherine Parkinson, late of Burton on Humber, Lincolnshire.

HELLYER-ELMES -on the 9th Feb, by the Rev J Parkin, Arthur Stephen Hellyer, to Miss H Elmes, youngest daughter of J Elmes, both of Napier.

CRAIG-McMILLAN-at Wairoa, on 17th Feb, Mr Andrew Craig, telegraphist, Mohaka, to Miss Kate McMillan.

FITZROY-BEETHAM- at St James's Lower Hutt on 21st Feb, Cecil Augustus Fitzroy to Susannah, youngest daughter of W Beetham of Taita.

STARK-WILLIS-at Napier on Feb 24 by the Rev D Sidey, Henry Stark, to Sarah Jane Willis, both of Napier.

MONTEITH-JONES-at Waipukurau on March 1, by the Rev J M FRASER, assisted by the Rev J U SPENCE, Henry Monteith, to Helen JONES, eldest daughter of A JONES Esq., of Waipukurau.

2nd March 1878
Death ALLANACH- at the residence of Mr George DAVY, Napier, on February 28, Mr John ALLANACH, sen, at the age of 60.
The funeral will leave Mr DAVY's
residence, Carlyle street, tomorrow, at 3 pm. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

Shipping Arrival Napier
1st Hawea from Wellington and southern ports. Passengers- Rev Mr HODSON, Miss PORTER, Mrs BENNETT, Mr and Mrs CARLETON, Mesrrs HARDING, BRANDON, McDONALD, SMITH, BERKELY, and 30 for the North.

1st Waiwera, schooner, from Auckland.

Feb 28 Christina, schooner for Auckland. March 1st Hawea for Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers- Karaitiana TAKAMOANA, M H R., Mr W L REES, M H R, Mesdames LONG, DONALDSON, SOBERS and 2 children, Mr and Mrs FERGUSOB, and servant, Messrs FARQUER, GRAHAM, HAYES (2), SMITH, BROWNN AND 80 ORIGINAL.

1st Mohaka for Mohaka with six passengers.


Mr Eustace FANNIN has sold his run at Mohaka, 9500 acres in extent, 600 acres of which are freehold, with 1400 sheep, to Mr MILNE, of Moeangiani, and has bought Mr MILNE's run, 3200 acres in extent, all freehold, with 3000 sheep.

Mr GAISFORD has met with a serious accident at Waipukurau. He was taking a horse that Miss HERBERT had been riding to the smithy to be shod. As he got off the animal's back one of his spurs struck on the side. The horse bucked, and saddle turned round. Both horse and rider came to the ground with the horse rolling over Mr GAISFORD. The animal put its foot on Mr GAISFORD's ear, giving him a nasty wound behind it. He was for a while unconscious, and afterwards delirious. We are glad to hear, however, that he is now progressing favourably. Dr FROOD and Dr TOD have both been attending him.

2nd March Births Summary

HALLETT- At Napier on the 3rd February, the wife of W Hallett of a daughter.
MITCHELL at Meanee of the 8th February, the wife of Mr James Mitchell of a daughter.
KILKENNY- At Puketapu, on 12th February, the wife of Patrick Kilkenny, of a daughter,
SHEARMAN- At St Mary's Parsonage Waipukurau, on February 17, Mrs Shearman of a son.
MEINERTZHAGEN-At Waimarama, on the 17th Feb, the wife of F H Meinertzhagen, of a daughter.
HARDING- At Mount Vernon, Waipukurau, on the 17th Feb, the wife of Mr Josiah Harding, C.E. of a daughter.
WHITE-At Waipawa on Feb 118, the wife of the Rev J WHITE, of a son.
AISLABIE-At Wairoa, on the 19th Feb, the wife of John H Aislabie of a son.
SUTTON-At Roysten, on 20th Feb, the wife of Mr F Sutton, of a daughter.
JOHNSON-At Napier, on Feb 21, the wife of J T Johnson, of a son.
NICHOLSON-At Napier, Shakespeare Road, on Feb 22, the wife of Mr J Nicholson, of a daughter.
FLYNN-At Waipawa, on February 24, the wife of Mr M Flynn, of a daughter.
4th March 1878

Marriage MACLEAN-WILLIAMS- At Holy Trinity Church, Gisborne, on February 27, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Waiapu, Christopher Haydon, third son of B Maclean, Esq., Auckland, to Margaret Ellen, second daughter of the Ven Archdeacon W L WILLIAMS, Gisborne.

3rd-Wanaka from Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers: Bishop of Waiapu, Mr W L REES, M.H.R., Misses STUART (2), WILLIAMS, BLAKE, OLIVER, MOORE, ADAIR, Mesdames MANN, O"BRIEN, LAWRENCE, McLEAN, CHAMBERS, ADAIR, and LYONS, Messrs HOWARD, FITZGERALD, SCARFE, KILLE, CHAMBERS, BENN, BUTTLE, McLEAN, HUTCHINSON, WEBB, KELLY, J NEILLE, McANENY, SMITH, HAUGHEY, and 32 for the South.

3rd-Rotorua, from Wellington and Southern ports. Passengers: Mr and Miss BRAY, Messrs MANN, NEWMAN, BLACK. FULLER, COMMON, SAWYERS, and 30 for the North.


2nd-Rangatira for Wellington. Passengers: Miss GOWING, Messrs NEWMAN, HARRIS, GRAHAM, and 1 steerage.

2nd-Fairy, for Poverty Bay. Passenger Mr PARKHOUSE.

3RD-Wanaka, for Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers: Mr W L REES, M H R., Sisters of Mercy, Misses SMITH, McCAMERING, and BEGG, Messrs PICK, PRICE, KETTLE, BLYTHE, BRUCE, and 32 original.

3rd-Rotorua for Auckland and Sydney. Passengers: Rev D BRUCE, Hon J SHEEHAN, M H R, Hon NAHE, M H R., Miss BROWN, Mr and Mrs GOLDEN and family, Messrs GRACE, Davidson and 30 original.
5th March 1878.

Local-Firing for Mr SHANLY's Medal.

Nineteen members of the Napier Artillery Volunteers mustered at the Tutaekuri rifle range at 6 o'clock yesterday morning, to take part in the competition for a very handsome medal, presented to the company by Mr W A SHANLY, working jeweller, of this town.
Corporal ROSS
Trumpeter CROPP
Gunner MOORE
Lieut. PELL

Notices. Ad No 972- Dissolved
Partnership formerly subsisting between Francis BEE and George BEE, at Mohaka.
Witness to Signatures-A.J COTTRILL, Solicitor, Napier.

Notice 2. Ad 973-Dissolved Partnership of- BEE and ROSS. Signed George BEE and David Melville ROSS.
Witness A J COTTRILL, Solicitor, Napier.

Ad 970- Partnership dissolved- Sydney Griffiths BRANDON and George BRUC, shepfarmers, at Waikari, in the
Provincial District of Hawke's Bay.Solicitor A.J.COTTERILL Napier.

J M St. CLAIR, Secretary- Ad No 981
St John's Branch No 93-Querterly meeting.

William SPEEDY- re patent for a Wool Press. Ad 979

P HANSEN Taradale- Totara posts for sale. Ad 977

W GOODWIN Post Office Hastings Ad 982- For Sale Brown Onions.

C E TENNENT M D Public Vaccinator at Porangahau, Ad 978

7th March 1878

Licensing Court.
Commissioners present were R.BEETHAM (Chairman), J RHODES, J A SMITH R STUART Esqs.

New applications- The Prince of Wales- Hyman Phineas COHEN applied for a license for a house to be erected at the cnr of Sale St and Munro St, to be called the Prince of Wales Hotel. Mr CORNFORD appeared in favour of the application, but Court refused the license.

Transfer of licenses were granted:-
Charles BUTLER to George Edward TOOP, for the Commercial Hotel, Port Ahuriri H O CAULTON to George ELLIS, for the Masonic Hotel Napier.
Joseph GOLDEN to J BELL, for the Crown Hotel, Port Ahuriri.

Havelock Licensing Court Tuesday March 5- Before J N WILLIAMS, R P WILLIAMS, J CHAMBERS, W COUPER.
Licensing Commissioners.

New Application was heard from Mr John HIGGINS for a new Hotel at Hastings. Mr LEE appeared for the applicant, Mr LASCELLES
FOR Mr WELLWOOD and Mr JOLL in opposition.

The commissioners retired for twenty minutes and on returning said that they thought another house was unnecessary, and refused the application.

Assessment Court at Wairoa, March 2.

Heard objections to the valuations of property in the County of Wairoa- before F F ORMOND, Jude. At the
Court House Clyde. There was a pretty fair muster. Mr BISHOP appeared for some absentees.
7thand 8th March 1878
Births McCARTHEY at Battery Point Napier on March 5, the wife of Mr Thos McCarthey of a daughter.

ORR at Moengiangi on March 3rd, wife of D G ORR of a daughter.

GIBBONS at her residence Fitzroy Road Napier, wife of R G GIBBONS March 4 a daughter.

Marriage DAVIES-GRINLINTON- At St John's Church, Napier, on the 4th March, by the Rev H W St HILL, Cradoc Davies, of Waipukurau, to Emma, eldest daughter of William NASSAU and Jane GRINLINTON, of Napier

Mr LANARCH, we hear was recently a passenger by the Rotorua, on his way to England. It is reported that the Ministry have found it absolutely necessary to export him, as the extraordinary liberality of his promises made him to expensive an adjunct for any Government to keep.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, before R BEETHAM Esq., R.M. John CONNOR was charged with drunkenness. It being his first offence, and in consideration of his having been in the lock-up for 24 hours, he was discharged without the infliction of a fine.

William MAYO appeared to an information against him of allowing impure water to flow from his premises. Mr SAINSBURY appeared in support of the information, on behalf of the municipality, and Mr CORNFORD for the defence. Case adjourned.

David KERRY, a man who a short time ago was on a charge of lunacy before the bench, was then discharged as not being sufficiently insane to warrant his being admitted to the Lunatic Asylum as an inmate. Was brought up charged with having tried to burn down Mr MEINERTZHAGEN's woolshed. After hearing evidence as to the prisoner"s conduct he was remanded for medical examination.

The Rev Wm MARSHALL preached his farewell sermon last Sunday, taking for his text the 20th chapter of the Acts, the 25th verse. We understand the Reverend gentleman intends taking his departure for England at the end of this week.

March 7th Telegraphic 1878

Auckland March 5

8th March 1878

Shipping. The s.s. Rangatira, Capt EVANS, will not go to Poverty Bay as anticipated this week, owing to her being unable to cross the bar yesterday, and doubts are entertained as to whether there will be sufficient water on it today to permit of her getting inside. The sea being rough at the time of her arrival here, the passengers could not be landed on Wednesday evening, and had to stop on board, greatly against their inclination. The Sir Donald went to their rescue yesterday morning, and brought them on shore. The following are the names of the passengers:- Mesdames COX, TAYLOR, STUART, Messrs BULL, HILL, COX, MAY, BARRETT, SKELLY, CROSS, TUXFORD, and 3 for Poverty Bay. She has a large cargo for this port, which she will land as soon as practicable.

The Sir Donald towed the schooner Waiwera into the roadstead last evening and made sail for Auckland.

The s.s. Mohaka Captain BAXTER, will steam for Mohaka with a load of stores this evening. Should she get inside the river she will return with a load of wool.

9th March 1878.

Marriage CHANDLER-BOWDEN:- At Woodlands, Kaikora, on the 7th March, by the Rev J C ECCLES, Samuel Livingstone CHANDLER, Esq., to Ellen, youngest daughter of Mrs BOWDEN.

Death. HALLETT- At Napier on the 8th March, Alice Louise, infant daughter of Walter and Louisa HALLTT, aged 1 month. Telegraphic Auckland March 7.
10th March 1878.

N.Z. Exhibition- F D LUCKIE Secretary.

Distict Land Registrar J M BATHAM

University of Otago- W H MANSFORD Registrar

Money to lend-G E SAINSBURY Solicitor

Judge of Assessment Courts- Richmond BEETHAM.

Commanding Militia District- E.WITHERS Major-Volunteer District Orders.

Auctioneer- M R MILLER}
Albion Hotel- R J GREENING}selling of horse MATAI bred by W LOWES- imported
by Hon E STAFFORD from New South Wales.

Selling of Rum-A MANOY & Co

S S ROSINA for sale- Property of late Captain READ of Gisborne.
11th March 1878.

Births LOADER at Napier, 4th March, wife of Daniel LOADER of a son.

PARKER at Napier 9th March, wife of Mr J PARKER of a daughter.
PARSONS At Willow Brook on the 4th of March, the wife of Mr T Parsons, of a daughter.

GREEN- At Onga Onga, on the 7th March, the wife of Mr George GREEN, of a son.

Deaths INGLETON- At Kaikora March 9th, Curtis, infant son of John Ingleton, aged 10 months.
McLEAN- At Tuki Tuki, on the 9th March, Isabel Jean Bernard, infant daughter of Allan and Hannah McLEAN, aged 10 months.

WILLIAMS- At her father's residence, Spencer Road, Napier, on the 10th March, Sarah Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Thomas and Sarah WILLIAMS, aged 8 half years.
The funeral will leave her father's residence at half-past 2 this (Tuesday) afternoon. The teachers and children of Trinity church Sunday school are invited.

11th March Shipping 1878

We hear that it has been found impracticable to collect census papers from the natives in this province. The collector, we are informed, has been out for about a fortnight visiting the different pahs, and has returned to Napier without having been able to get a single census paper filled up. Wherever he visited he found that the natives had been persuaded by some one that the taking of the census was a movement to upset Sir George GREY's Government, and so they would have nothing to do with it.

At the Resident Magistrate's Court on Saturday, before R BEETHAM, Esq., R.M., John McKERLIE was fined 5s for drunkenness- There was an information against Alfred PETERSEN, by Martineux BROOK, charging Pedersen that he did on the 4th day of March, assault, kick, and cruelly beat Henry BROOK, a male child of the age of two years, the son of the informant. Because of the non-appearance of both, evidently settled between both parties, the case was struck out, but not dismissed on its merits, and it is very likely that the informant will find himself compelled to proceed with the prosecution.- John MacKENZIE, a boy of about 14 years of age, was brought up on remand, charged with having daubed filth on the doors and in the keyhole of a door in the Protestant Hall. A boy named WATT was examined in support of the charge, but he contradicted himself so much that the Bench refused to give credence to his evidence. There being no other evidence the case was dismissed.. Robert KIRKPATRICK was fined 20s, with alternative of 24 hours imprisonment, for leaving his hackney carriage unattended in the Shakespeare road on the 5th instant.
13 and14th March 1878
Death KELLY- At Hastings, on the 12th March, Louisa, third and beloved daughter of John Joseph and Louisa Ann KELLY, aged 18 years.
The funeral will leave her parent's residence at Hastings at 2 o'clock on Thursday. Friends will please accept this intimation.

Telegraphic shipping
Auckland March 12. Arrived-Australia with English and American mails, after a sharp passage of 71 days 5 hours. Passengers for New Zealand-
Messrs CLAYTON, HAYMOND, BENJAMIN, ROCHELL, McGUIRE, PANORANT, KERNSLEY, and 21 in steerage. The Australia left Auckland on Jan 8th, and arrived in Honolulu on the 21st; sailed again on the 29th. She experienced fine weather throughout the passage, which occupied 22 days 19 hours. Left San Francisco on Feb 18th, and arrived in Honolulu on Feb 26th, at noon; sailed at 4.20pm. to-day. She had a strong westerly gale for 3 days after leaving Honolulu, and then 0fine weather and strong favourable winds to Auckland.

Shipping telegram was received by Captain THOMAS (says the Post) on March 7th, conveying the intelligence that the schooner CANTERBURY, a well known trader to this port, had been totally wrecked in the Tory Channel during the terrific southerly gale of last Monday night. It appears the Canterbury left this port in ballast for Pelorus Sound, to fetch a cargo of timber for Wellington. The heavy gale of Monday night compelled her to run into Tory channel for shelter. The gale increased to a hurricane, dragging both anchors the schooner
drifted on to the rocks. She struck very heavily, and continued bumping until her side was completely stove in, her sternpost torn off, and other serious damage done, the schooner ultimately was a total wreck. Captain PIKE and the crew were obliged to abandon her and seek their own safety ashore, but subsequently succeeded in saving all her gear. The Canterbury was owned by Mr Tabuteau, of Christchurch, and was valued at 400 pounds. She was insured in the Victoria Office for 250 pounds.
13th and 14th March 1878

The ship Gainsborough, which arrived at Wellington a few days ago, brought a few immigrants for Napier, who are coming in by the Rangatira, which is expected.

The following is the list:-
Married couple: Edwin and Hannah EASTBURB, husband, cartwright.

Single men:- William EWBANK, joiner; and William EWBANK- son of former, Michael COLEMAN, Michael DONOHUE, Jeremiah MURPHY, laborers.

Single Women: Catherine DUFFY, domestic servant; Agnes SHEVELIN, housemaid; Catherine COURHAN and Mary J HOWARD, servants.

Family; Elizabeth STEVENS (mother), Charles, Elizabeth A, Walter J, Martha J, Jesse, and John. (This family are nominated immigrants; Mr STEVENS, the head of the family, is a warder in the Napier Gaol.)

At the Resident Magistrate's Court, before Mr J A SMITH and F E HAMLIN Esqs., J P's. John MONTEZUMA, charged with drunkenness, DISCHARGE WITH AN ADMONITION,- Uriah KENNY, charged with being of unsound mind, who had been remanded for medical examination, was committed to the lunatic asylum, the certificates of the examining doctors being that the man is a lunatic.

16 March 1878

Deaths LINCOLN-On February 14, Sarah Jane, the beloved daughter of John and Lucy LINCOLN; aged 7 years and 10 months. The funeral will leave the residence of Messrs CONDIE, Redclyffe, at 3 o'clock p.m. this day (Saturday) Friends will accept this intimation.

PARKER- at Napier on March 15, Francis Morris, eldest son of Francis and Marion PARKER; aged 5 1/2 years- Edinburgh papers please copy.
Shipping Port of Napier
15th Wanaka from Wellington and southern Ports. Passengers- Major PAUL, Miss O'HALLORAN, Mr AND Mrs GLASGOW and family, and three servants, Mr and Mrs HADFIELD, Mr and Mrs GARDINER and family, Mr and Mrs KELLY, Mrs LOWES. Messrs. MATHESON, HUMPHRIES, PERRY McKAY, PARKER, EDWARDS, WEBB, WATT, KETTLE, and 20 original

15th Wanaka for Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers- Misses DePELICHET, HASTWELL, CALDWELL, Mr and Mrs WELLWOOD, Mr and Mrs HASTWELL, Messrs GOLLAN, DAVIDSON, WHITFIELD, JOHNSON, FRYER, BROWN, CLARKE, GRANT, SMITH, and 20 original.

15th Fairy for Wairoa.
Passengers- Messrs McMICHAEL, SUTTON, and several others.

17th Sunday No Paper
18th March 1878.

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier
15th Sir Donald from Pourerere.
15th Southern Cross from Auckland-Passengers-Mr and Master McGEE, Mr VAUGHAN
and 2 in steerage.

16th Rangatira from Poverty Bay. Passengers-Misses RENOUF 2), Mrs THOMPSON and child, Mrs Dempsey AND CHILD. Messrs AITKIN, PELL, CAULSON, DALEY, ROBIN, FENTON, VAUTIER, and COCKLIN.

16TH fairy from Mahia

16th Taupo from Poverty Bay, Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers- Misses CRAIG, BOYLE, LEARY; Messrs. GILBERD, BRACKET, CARTER, and several others.

17th Falcon, from Newcastle N S W

16th Venus for Wellington
16th Southern Cross for Wairoa
Taupo for Wellington and southern ports. Passengers- Captain and Mrs RUSSELL, Miss TAYLOR, Mrs BENDALL and child, Mrs SLADE; Messrs GIBBONS, FENTON, KEMPTON, BLACK, GILPIN.
18th and 19th March 1878

DEATH BAYLY- At oxford, Suffolk, on December 26th, 1877, Robert Deane BAYLY., Esq., formerly of Alderley, Gloucestershire, in his 80th year.

Notice to Correspondents
DAVUS-Lord Lewes who recently visited Napier is the eldest son of the Marquis of Abergavenny. He takes his father's second title by courtesy. Lord Abergavenny had his marquisate conferred upon him by the Conservative Government.

The Southern Cross, Captain HOLMES was brought inside on Saturday morning by the pilot, and landed 200 Lincoln ewes, and Mr McGEE's racehorse LUNA. About 40 horses came down on Saturday afternoon for shipment to Lyttleton, but we hear they had to return to the country again, they being a little too late for the Cross

19th Papers past

Death CARTER- at Gisborne, Poverty Bay on March 10th. Amy Hannah, 2nd daughter of the late Captain J C L CARTER.

Telegraphic Wellington Mar 18.
Sailed Rangatira for Napier and Poverty Bay. Passengers for Napier-Messrs LISTER, M JOSEPH, WILSON, MILLER, DIESCHLER, Mr and Mrs RUSSELL, Miss L NYE, Mrs MILLER.

No shipping arrival or departures.

20th March 1878

Ships Arrivals port of Napier

18th Sir Donald from Moeangiangi
19th Rangatira from Wellington. Passengers- Misses SMITH, NYE, Mesdames BARRETT, JOSEPH; Messrs PARKER, MILLER, WILSON, VERNER, BUTTLER, EVANS, PROCTOR, ELRIG, COATES, GREEN, JOHNSON; 7 steerage and several for the North.

19th Mohaka from Wairoa. Passengers- Mrs FLINT and 3 others.

19th Fairy for Mahia
19th Rangatira for Poverty Bay. Passengers- Mr WESTERBY, Mr F E HAMLIN, 1 native

19th Mohaka for Mohaka. Passenger-Mr COMMON.

The following notice to Mariner has been posted up at the Custom-house at the port for general information: Naval Training School, Kohimarama, Auckland- Boys educated and trained at the above institution are now available for sea service. Masters and owners registered, or trading within New Zealand, are invited to take these boys as apprentices, as by doing so they will secure the services of lads trained for the sea, and at the same time render material assistance in giving effect to the main objects for which the institution was established, viz, that of raising a constant supply of well-trained seamen for the rapidly increasing mercantile marine of the colony. By order, William SEED, Secretary of Customs. Marine Branch
Wellington, 25th February.

Marigrates Court 19th March.
Peter LONDON fined 5s

Other cases

22nd March 1878.

MarriageLIDDLE-McGOWAN-At Trinity Church, Napier, on March 10, by the Rev J BERRY, Jospeh, eldest sone of J LIDDLE, Esq., Brisbane Queensland, to Eleanor, only daughter of the late Thomas McGOWAN, Esq., of Liverpool.

Death COSGROVE- At Napier, on March 21, Joseph Patrick, youngest son of Mary and Joseph Cosgrove, aged 1 year.

The funeral will leave his father's residence at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Shipping arrivals Port of Napier

21st Rangatira from Poverty Bay. Passengers- Mesdames BUCHANAN, and EDWARDS. Messrs CLARKE, GREGORY, GOULD, QUIN, TOWLEY, STUART, ORR, McVAY, ELLIOTT, DAVIDSON, DEMPSEY, PRITCHARD (2), GOLDSMITH (2) BROWN, and 8 in steerage.

21st Rotorua from Auckland and Sydney. Passengers- Messrs HART, STUDHOLME, WILSON, LEWIS, SMITH, BROWN, LOCQUHART*, NELSON. 21st Mohaka for Mohaka
*Eds note unusual way to spell Lockhart???

20th Result for the Wairoa- four unnamed passengers.

21st Rotorua for Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers_ Mr and Mrs WILSON and child, Mr and Mrs LIDDLE, Messrs JARWIN, SCRIVEN, and a great number of through passengers.

25th March 1878. Local

Sale of racehorse by Messrs ROUTLEDGE, KENNEDY and Co, at Farndon (CLIVE), on Saturday last, brought together a good many country settlers and townspeople,
besides a considerable number from other provinces. The sale commenced at 1.30 p.m., when the following horses were put up and disposed of:- Skysail to Mr r LUTTRELL for 37 pounds 10s; Merlin to Mr R KELLY for 55 pounds; The Worm to Mr BUTLER, Mr POWELL 100 pounds; The Agent to Mr POWELL; Brigham Young to Mr WHEELER for 67 pounds 10s;Atlantic to Mr GILLIGAN 37pounds 10s; Laila Roach to Mr GOLDSMITH for 50 pounds; Matai and Bossilia werebought in. Several useful hacks were sold from 10pounds to 15 pounds.

The Ormondville school committee have appointed Mr R McKNIGHT to be Secretary and Treasurer. Following members were elected to the board:- Messrs ORMOND, SIDEY, FRASER, RUSSELL, W L WILLIAMS, MILLER, St HILL, KENRICK. For the ninth Miss HERBERT and Messrs ORR and HARDING equal

(note by Ed- other school Committees also named- were the- Puketapu, Meanee Schoolm Hastings School, Patangata School, Educations Board Elections- all available upon request).

The sale of the Arlington estate, by Mr J J TYE is to be held in the Theatre Royal on Thursday and Friday night place
25th March 1878.
Deaths SMITH-At Napier, on the 23rd March 1878, Hector William Pope SMITH, of Hawskville, Aorangi, aged 39 years. The funeral will leave his late residence, Edwards street, nearly opposite Swan's Brewery, on Tuesday, the 26th inst, at 2 p.m.

FINLAYSON- At Napier on March 24th, William, only son of Robert and Flora Finlayson, aged 7 years.

Resident Magistrates Court before R BEETHAM Esq., R.M. Richard SMITH- J K CAMERON,
A CAB DRIVER, WAS CHARGED WITH A BREACH OF THE municipal by-laws, in not having lights burning in his hackney carriage on the night of 19th March.
Fined 1s and cost 6s 6d.- Alfred & Charles STUART V MILLER

At the Theatre Royal the well know play "Lady of Lyons" was produced with the following cast-
Mr Sam HOWARD, Miss Flora McIAN, Mr HESFORD. Miss Jennie NYE, Messsrs
HOWARD, REDE, and HESFORD appeared at conclusion of performance.

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