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Hawkes Bay Herald
1870 April-Dec
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Newspaper & Date
Friday 01 April 1870
29 Mar - Wild Duck from Poverty Bay. Messrs BLAIR, CAULTON, BARTLETT
30 Mar - eagle from Auckland via Wangapoa. Mr. A. HOLLIS

Birth WATSON : At Clyde, wairoa, on 26 Feb, wife of W, WATSON, of a son (prematurely). Stillborn

Death WATSON : At Clyde, Wairoa, on 20 Mar, after a severe illness, the beloved wife of William WATSON. Aged 32 years.

W. RATHBONE - Haberdashery - Waipawa
John MCLEOD - Coach Builder- Napier
James HASTIE - Late, publician of the Albion Hotel
Martin PEARCE, John PEARSE and Thomas Allen PEARSE, sheep
farmers of Mohaka, trading as PEARCE bros.
Joshua CUFF - Solicitor - Napier
John HARE - Registrar- Napier Court
John HARTLEY - Brewer - Napier
Mr ROCHFORT - Provincial Engineer
John & Henry Charles ROBJOHNS - owners of the building that houses the Albion Hotel.

Tuesday 05 April 1870
04 Apr - Star of the South from Auckland. Messrs BROADBENT & RHODES
02 Apr - Wild Duck for Poverty Bay & the coast. Mr BARTLETT
03 Apr - Wellington for Auckland. Miss KEAN, Capt. KEAN, Mr. WATT
02 Apr - Rangitoto arr Bluff from Hobson's Bay. For Dunedin. Misses WISHART & KIELLY, Rev. Mr & Mrs L. CALDWELL, Hon H. CORRY. Messrs Henry TONKS, Donald M'MASTERS, BARNETT, J.E. GORBATT & FITZGERALD.

J. DINWIDDIE - Furniture Warehouse
F. SUTTON - General Store
C. FOCETT - opening Napier Horse Bazaar

Birth JEFFARES : At Clive, on 29 Mar, the wife of Richard JEFFARES, of a daughter.

Death HUDSON : At Napier, on 04 Apr, William HUDSON, son of the late Capt. John HUDSON RN of London. Aged 25 years. The funeral will leave his late residence, Marine Parade, at 3 pm today.

Frederick Francis ORMOND Esq, Wairoa has been put on the Commission of the Peace and has been appointed Resident Magistrate, for the district of Wairoa.
Friday 08 April 1870
06 Apr - Star of the South for Auckland. Mr & Master MORGAN. Messrs F & E LEOTARD, BOURKE, SMITH & NICOLL.
06 Apr - Maggie for Newcastle NSW. Mr M'DONALD

The Township of Carlyle up for sale is in the Wanganui District, not the Hawkes Bay, as previously stated
Tuesday 12 April 1870
10 Apr - Wellington from AUCKLANd. Messrs CHARLES, HARRISON, RIDLEY, BROWN, Mrs HARRISON & child
11 Apr - Colonist from Auckland & Povert Bay. Messrs HORSFALL, DALY, ONIONS, PARK, MALONEY & TIBBATS
11 Apr - Tararua arr Hokitika from Melbourne. Mr & Mrs SEWELL, Mr & Mrs DODSON. Misses E & P DODSON, Mr H. DODSON, Mr & Mrs ULPH, Mrs WIDE, Misses R. HACKETT & USHUR. Messrs JAMES, M.DAVIS, BRIDGES, WODRIDGE, JOHNSTON, Chas WRIGHT & J.E. KAPP

John NICHOLSON - poundkeeper - Waipukurau
John LIVINGSTONE - sheepfarmer- Kaikora
Silas.J. STEDMAN - Solicitor in Napier

Marriage RIDDELL - HOLLAND : At Farndon, west Clive, on 7 April, by the Rev. G. Morice, Mr William A. RIDDELL to Royal, eldest daughter of Joseph HOLLAND, Deptford, Kent.

Friday 15 Apr 1870
13 Apr - Murewai for Poverty Bay. Mr & Mrs & Miss HARDY. Mr READ

Re: Sale of Gisborne Township
92 half acre sections were sold, only a few suburban lots found buyers. The sale realised 1758 pounds 5s. Waipawa is to have without delay, a Money Order Office and a Govt. Savings Bank.
West Clive School is to be opened today.

Tuesday 19 Apr 1870
18 Apr - Star of the South from Wellington. Messrs HARMER, TANNIER, Mrs TANNIER & 4 children
15 Apr - Claud Hamilton arr Bluff from Hobsons Bay. for Dunedin. Judge CHAPMAN. Mr & Mrs PARKER, Mr & Mrs BRIGHT, Miss FINLAY, Mr STEWART, Mrs M'NEILL. For Lyttleton Mr HASTINGS, Mr HEPWORTH. ForWellington Mr HAWORTH. For HOKITIKA Mrs BULLOCK

Births WILSON : At Meanee, on the 12 inst, the wife of James WILSOn, of a son.

WOOD : At Napier , on 13th inst, the wife of John WOOD, Bootmaker, of a daughter.

R. BRENTON - architect - Carlyle St. Napier
W.L. JACKSON - Gardener

Friday 22 Apr 1870
19 Apr - Star of the South for Auckland. Ven. Arcdeacon WILLIAMS. Messrs HAMMOND & WHITE.

Marriage M'LEAN - CHAMBERS : At Te Mata, on 14th inst, by the Rev. A. SHEPHERD, Allan M'LEAN Esq, to Hannah, eldest daughter of John CHAMBERS Esq.

The following were issued with Publicans Licenses :
J. ANDERSON - Taradale Hotel
J. ASHTON - Provincial Hotel, Meanee
W. BRITTEN - Clarendon , Napier
H. BEUKERS - Ferry, Western Spit
W. CALDWELL - Provincial , West Clive
S. C. CAULTON - Masonic, Napier
J. CHARLES - Commercial, Spit
A. DALZIEL - Albion, Napier
T. EDWARDS - Shakespeare Napier
H.FLETCHER - London, Spit
J. GILL - Exchange, Napier
R. JEFFARES - Clive Hotel
J. LEAR - Napier Hotel
R. D. MANEY - Meanee Hotel
P. McHARDY - Havelock Hotel
J. mcMURRAY - Shamrock, Tareha's Bridge
T. REYNOLDS - Exchange, Havelock
G. H. SWAN - Mac's Hotel, Napier
F. SULLIVAN - Settlers , Napier
J.H. TRASK - Crown, Spit

Tuesday 26 Apr 1870
22 Apr - Airedale from Wellington. Messrs ADAIR & ALLEN
23 Apr - Wellington from Wellington. Messrs KNAPP, STOBO, ROBERTSON, PEACOCK, MELVILLE, Mrs SMITH & 3 children
25 Apr - Coomerang from Auckland. Mrs CROSSLING. Messrs SMITH, MATHISON, BANKS, DAYS, CONNOR, EAGAN & READ
25 Apr - Three Brothers from Wairoa. Messrs FINLAYSON & POWDRELL
22 Apr - Airedale for Auckland. Mr & Mrs FRASER. Messrs ROBERTSON, BROWN, JOHNSTONE, MILLS & DAVENPORT.
23 Apr - Wellington for Auckland. Col. WHITMORE & THOMPSON

Arthur HARDING - Mt. Vernon Boiling Down Est.

Re: Sale of the Whare - O - Maraenui Block.
Offered for auction on Wednesday 27 April 1870 48 lots - Ranging from half acre - 8 acres.

Friday 29 Apr 1870
26 Apr - Coomerang for Thames. Mrs CAULTON & 5 others
28 Apr - Gothenburg arr Hokitika from ? . For Hokitika. Mrs & Master HARVEY, Miss KAMISH, Mrs HAMER, Mr MARSH, Capt. RICH

Thomas JEFFARES - Has the Taradale Dairy - supplying milk pure from the cow.
Tuesday 03 May 1870
29 Apr - Airedale from Auckland. Capt WALLACE & Mr ROBERTSON
30 Apr - Wellington from Auckland. Col. WHITMORE. Mr SOLOMAN
02 May - Star of the South from Auckland. Miss JOEL. Messrs MACMICHEAL & NICOL
29 Apr - Airedale for Wellington. Messrs ALLEN & OLLIVIER
30 Apr - Wellington for Wellington. Mr & Mrs MEINERTZHAGEN. Mr KINROSS & Mrs MOORE
01 May - Rangitoto arr Bluff from Melbourne. For Dunedin. Miss C. HARLEY. Mrs CHAPMAN. Mr HEYMANSON. MR. J. MOORE. For Wellington. Mr FITZGERALD. For Greymouth. Mr.H. KING. Mr D. GIRDWOOD.

DUNFOY : At Napier, on 29 April, the wife of Charles DUNFOY, of a son

BARRY : At Taradale, on 30 April, the wife of John BARRY, of a son.

KNOWLES: At Napier, on 01 May, Mrs E.W. KNOWLES, of a daughter.

Friday 06 May 1870
03 May - Star of the South for Auckland. Miss LORD. Messrs STOBO, ADAIR, BANNAN, BURNS.

The following persons are objected to as not being able to have their names retained on the list of voters for the Electoral Roll. ( if anyone has any particular interest in a person I will be happy to furnish additional information regarding their land, section etc).

AITKEN Alexander Stuart - Petane - Dead
BEGG Samuel - Napier
BOUSFIELD Octavius Lawes- Woodthorpe,Tutaekuri - No qual
BROWN Cartwright - Matapirau - No Qualification
BROWNE Micheal - Napier - "
BYGUM Hans - Napier "
CRESSWELL Albert Edwin - Napier "
DUNCAN John Russell - Tongoio "
FITZGERALD Micheal - Napier "
FLOYD Thomas - Napier "
HARGRAVE William Frederick - Wharerangi "
HORN James - Napier - Dead
JEW Samuel - Napier - No Qualification
MALTBY - William - Napier - Dead
PALMER William Frederick - Napier - Dead
PARK Robert - Wellington - Dead
ROBINSON William - Napier - No Qualification
SLATER John - Napier - "
SMITH Edwin Nonus - Hakowai - "
STABLES John - Napier "

BREWER George - Waipawa No Qualification
GIDNEY Samuel - Waipawa "
GOODWIN William - Waipukurau "
HALPIN Andrew James - Waipawa "
HARWOOD Ebenezer- Sherwood - Dead
HANCOCK Walter - Waipawa No Qualification
HARDY Samuel Whitaker - Hampden "
HOGG William - Gwavas "
LIVINGSTONe James - Kaikora "
M'KAY Murdoch - Ruataniwha "
MIDGLEY Thomas - Wallingford Qualification undefined
ROSE John - Waipawa "
SCULLY Thomas - Napier "
STEWART Thomas - Porangahau "
STIRLING James - Ruataniwha "
THOMPSON Thomas William - Hampden "
WILSON Isaac - West Clive "

The above objections will be heard by the Revising Officer

Tuesday 10 May 1870
06 May - Coomerang from Auckland. Messrs WALKER, SMITH & Mrs BRUCE
07 May - Coomerang from Thames & Auckland. Messrs KENNEDY, CLIPNELL, RAVEN & M'GOWAN.
08 May - Tararua arr Hokitika from Melbourne. Mrs BULLOCK, Mr & Mrs MILLER. Misses Annie & Florence MILLER, Mr Geo. MILLER, Miss GRANt, Miss DAVIDSON. Messrs T.K. BROWN, B. MENDELSON, ALMAN, W. POLE, E.J. TOUET, Geo BAYLEY, James THOMSON, WALTEN & INDER
Birth GORDON : At 11 Heriot row, Edinburgh, on 30th Jan, the wife of Capt. T.E. GORDON (late of the Dragoons & Inniskillings) of a daughter.

Death GORDON : At 11 Heriot Roe, Edinburgh, on 31st Jan, Janet E.S. Robertson, the beloved wife of Capt T.E. GORDON.

James Anderson esq. j.P., has been appointed to act temporarily as Resident Magistrate for the Napier District.
Friday 13 May 1870
11 May - Stormbird from Wellington. Mrs WALSH. Messrs SAMUELS, LUSTADE & Nash
12 May - Stormbird for Wellington. Messrs STACK, HORNE & THORPE

Patrick MARONEY - Grocer & General Dealer - Hastings St.

Births COOPER : At Havelock, on 7th inst, the wife of James COOPER, of a son

CUFF : At Waitangi, on 11th inst, the wife of Mr CUFF, Solicitor, of a son

Tuesday 17 May 1870
14 May - lord Ashley from Auckland. Miss HOLLOWAY. Miss WILLIAMS. Mrs HARPER. Messrs LEVY, ISAAC & MOREY
14 May - Lord Ashley for Wellington. Hon Judge JOHNSTON & Mr INGPEN
15 May Claud Hamilton arr Bluff from Hobson's Bay. For Otago. Mr & Mrs MARTIN, Mr & Mrs G.L. COSTER. Miss CARR, Miss DALYRALL. Messrs M'FARLAND (2), KEMPTHORNE. For Lyttleton. Mr & Mrs OLDHAM. For Wellington Mrs GODEN. For Napier Mrs CAMPBELL. Mr NEILL. For Greymouth.

Birth FIELDER : At Napier, on the 14th inst, the wife of J.H. FIELDER, of a son.

Death PERRY : At Napier, on 13 May, E.J. H. PERRY, son of the Rev E. PERRY, Hangalloch Vicarage, Monmouth, Monmouthshire.

William MILLER - Keeper of the Lunatic Asylum - Napier.

The partnership between GLENNY & LARGE, Sheepfarmers, Mahia, has been dissolved

Friday 20 May 1870
18 May - Star of the Sth for Auckland. Master PELICHET
18 May - Coomerang for Auckland. Passenger Capt. BARNARD

J.T. JOHNSON - Baker
Joseph WITHEROW - Poundkeeper - Wautukai
George FIRTH - Schoolmaster - Meanee

Death SNEE : At Pukeho, on 28 April, Arthur Kereopa, second son of Edmund Leonard SNEE. Aged 5 and a half months.

Inquest into the death of James DONNELLEY at Mr CASHMORE's Sawmill, Big Bush.
Luke MADDIGAN - Laborer at the mill
Thomas WHEAT - Laborer.
Cause of Death.- A branch of the tree they were felling, hit Donnelley on the head. Verdict - Accidental death.
William MILLER - Gaoler - Napier Goal
Thomas HITCHINGS - Provincial Surgeon

Tuesday 24 May 1870
22 May - Taranaki for Auckland. Messrs GEE & MORRISON
22 May - Taranaki from Wellington. Messrs TOUET, FERRIS, NEAL & KINROSS. Mrs FOX. Mrs CAMPBELL, Mr & Mrs FERARD & 2 children & 2 servants. Mrs FISHER & 2 children, john bICKNELL, HARKAWAY & TUTAEKURI.
21 May Omeo arr Bluff from Hobsons Bay. for Dunedin. Mrs R. M'KENZIE, Mrs HOLMES, Mr W.E. NEILL, Mr KREITMEYER. For Lyttleton. Miss NISSEN. Miss SYKES, Rev W.E. PAIGE. Messrs PETERSON, FRANCIS & J. CLAYDE. For Wellington. William CALDER

John FRANKLIN - Barman at the Clarendon
Charles O'DONNELL - Tailor

Friday 27 May 1870
26 May - Ahuriri from Wellington. Mr MENZIES
Page 3 - Licensing Bill
Page 4 - Sheep Act 1869
Page 5 - report from the Provincial Concil.

Tuesday 31 May 1870

No paper printed

Friday 03 june 1870

Births BENDALL : At Auckland, on 27 May, the wife of Capt. W. BENDALL, of a daughter. (BENDALL is the Capt. of the Star of the South).

BOWERMAN : At Brighton, Victoria, the wife of J.N. BOWERMAn ( late of Napier ) of a daughter.

Marriage POWDRELL - PARSONS : On the 2nd inst, at Meanee Church, by the Rev. J. TOWNSEND, Mr J.D. POWDRELL of Wairoa to Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Mr J. PARSONS of Meanee.

Deaths COLLINS : At the Provincial Hospital, Napier, on 30 May, Thomas COLLINS, late of essex, england. Aged 40 years.

JEFFARES : At the Spit, on 01 June, the infant son of Isaac & Jane JEFFARES. aged 3 months and 6 days. The funeral will leave the Spit, today at 1 o'clock.

RILEY : At the Provincial Hospital, Napier, on 02 June, Patrick RILEY. Aged 42 years.

Martha, wife of TE KOOTI, is now in Napier, having arrived by the Luna. It is supposed she will give evidence against the prisoners, sufficient to convict most of them.

Tuesday 07 June 1870
CALDWELL : At Taradale, on the 2nd inst, the wife of William CALDWELL, of a son

RUDMAN : At Napier, on the 3rd inst, the wife of Henry RUDMAN, of a son.

William ELLISON - resided at Puketapu
Neil CAMPBELL - at Kaikora

Friday 10 June 1870
09 June - Tarawera from Poverty Bay. Messrs READ, HARDAY, SMITH, CORRY & 1 native
07 June - Tararua arr Hokitika from Melbourne. Mrs PATTERSON.Master PATERSON, Capt. LINDSAY. Messrs A.C. PRITCHARD, ELLIS & WALLACE.

Elsthorpe Station is to be sold Monday next, under the direction of the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Singleton ROCHFORT, has been gazetted District Judge and Resident Magistrate for Napier.

Miles HUDSON - store, Wallingford
Thomas TANNER - Riverlea

Tuesday 14 June 1870
12 June - Claud Hamilton arr Bluff from Hobsons Bay. For Otago : Miss GRAHAM. for Lyttleton : Mr PETERS. For Nelson : Mr GABLE. For Wellington. Mr & Mrs SHEA
13 June - Star of the Sth from Auckland. Miss MOORE, Capt HEALE, Messrs BROADBENT, HAGUE, LEVY, UPCHURCH, BENJAMIN, BROWN, POWDRELL.

H. FORD - Smithy - Kaikora
Stephen Filgate PRENTICE - Book keeper & Debt Collector - Wairoa.
J. TURLEY - Land & Building Surveyor- Poverty Bay

Deaths BROWNE : at Napier, on 11 June, William John BROWNE. Aged 55 years. Late of H.M. Customs at this port.

FIRTH : At the Provincial Hospital, Napier, on 13th inst, George FIRTH. Aged 41 years. Late Schoolmaster at Meanee. The funeral will leave the hospital at 3 o'clock this day.

POTTER : At Tareha's Bridge, on 13 th inst, Thomas POTTER. Funeral will take place at 12 o'clock this day.

William John BROWNE, died at his residence in Coote Road, last Saturday at a quarter past 6pm, after a long and painful illness.

Thomas POTTER, died from an unfortunate accident. Accidentally shot himself in the groin.

George FIRTH, died from the effects of a fall from a horse

Thomas GILLIGAN - Keeper, Toll - gate, tareha's Bridge.
James M'MURRAY - Proprietor - shamrock Hotel
G.I. RUSSELL - Surgeon, Napier

Friday 17 June 1870
15 June - Taranaki from Wellingto. Messrs STUART, FRAZER, AXUP, MEINHERTZHAGEN, HEYMANSON, MELVILLE, HART, HEWITT, BREWER, COX (2), O'HALLORAN, Mrs STUART & family & servant. Mrs GRIGG & 3 children.
14 June - Tararua for Auckland via Poverty Bay. Messrs READ, HARDY & Miss DUNLOP
15 June - Taranaki for Auckland. Mrs WALSH. Mr & Mrs CHARLTON.

Birth GEBBIE : At Napier, on 14th inst, the wife of Thomas GEBBIE, of a daughter.

Death WHETHAM : On 22 Mar, at Kirklington Hall, Southwell, Notts, Susanna, widow of major General WHETHAM. Aged 90 years..

The body of John HOOK, commonly known as "Flash Jack" was found dead in a shed near the harbour. He had been in hospital and had been discharged too early. John HOOK was an old whaler about 50 years old and a hard drinker.

Tuesday 21 june 1870
20 June - Coomerang from Auckland. Messrs BANKS, HURST, WAY & GEORGE
20 June - Taranaki from Auckland. Mr & Mrs ROCHFORT & 2 children. Mr & Mrs KENSINGTON. Messrs CARTER & BASTARD.
20 June - Taranaki for Wellington. Hon Col. RUSSELL. Hon Col WHITMORE. Messrs FRASER, HEYMANSON, HEWITT, HART, ORR & TUPPER. Mrs WHITMORE
20 June - Omeo arr Bluff from Melbourne. For Dunedin. Miss Rose EVANS, A. HERMAN & George CLAREMONT. For Lyttleton. Miss Jane RENWICK. Messrs RICH & WYATT. Rev W.H. COOPER & Mrs COOPER. For Wellington. Hon W. FITZHERBERT, Mr LORD. For Auckland Mr R.B. THOMAS.

Births POCOCK : At Napier, on 14th inst, the wife of James POCOCK, of a son

RICHARDSON : At Napier, on 20th inst, the wife of Capt.W. Airey RICHARDSON, of a son.

Death BIRCH : On 16 June, at Te Aute, in his 47th year, Edward Nicholas BIRCH Esq, son of the late Capt. James BIRCH .R.E. of St. Leonards. Sussex.

Thomas M'CARTHY - Storekeeper- Napier
Friday 24 June 1870
22 June - Coomerang for Auckland. Messrs HURST, WAY, SMITH, BOSTARD & SCOTT.

Births ROBINSON : At Napier, on the 22nd inst, the wife of W.R. ROBINSON, of a daughter.

JOHNSON : At Napier, on 23rd inst, the wife of B. JOHNSON, of a son.

Death GILL : At his residence, Exchange Hotel, Napier, on tuesday 21 June, in his 45th year, Mr Joseph GILL, after an illness about a fortnights duration

Tuesday 28 June 1870
24 June - Stormbird from Wellington. Mrs ROLLO & 2 children. Mrs MELVILLE & 2 children. Mr SHIRLEY
25 June - Stormbird for Wellington. Messrs COVENTRY, LOCH & DUNCAN.

The boat "Star of the South" has been stranded and now lays on the beach between Clive and Ahuriri Bluff. (Large write up on what happened ).

Births WILLIAMS : At Napier, on the 24th inst, the wife of Henry WILLIAMS, of a son.

RATHBONE : At Waipawa, on the 25th inst, the wife of William RATHBONE, of a son

Deaths KENSINGTON : At Napier, on the 24 June, Emily Selina, beloved wife of W.C. KENSINGTON, Esq, of Auckland. Aged 23 years.

ROBOTTOM On the 26 March, at her residence, Grove Rd, Acton, Middlesea, in the 72th year of her life, Ann, relict of the late William ROBOTTOM, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

Friday 01 July 1870
28 June - Rangitoto arr Bluff from Hobson's Bay. For Dunedin.Messrs ROAL, NEILL, MUNRO & LAMPTON. For LYTTLETON. Mrs WIGLY.

R. BARROWS - Storekeeper- West Clive

Marriage POWDRELL - HILL : On 28 June, at the Meanee Church, by the Rev. J. TOWNSEND, Mr H. POWDRELL to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr W. HILL. Both of Meanee

Promotions in the N.Z. Militia.
Lieut. Thomas William PORTER ( Poverty Bay Mounted Rifle Volunteers) to Capt.
Ensign James William WITTY ( Wairoa, H.B. Militia) to Lieut.

Tuesday 05 July 1870
03 Jul - Taranaki for Auckland. Messrs BUSTARD, THOMPSON, NEILL & servant, & CASHMORE
04 Jul - Coomerang from Auckland. Messrs M'MURRAY, M'NALTY, GAISCOIGNE & WATT

Joshua LEAR - Proprietor - Napier Hotel
John HAGUE - Butcher - carlyle St.

Alfred WYATT & Isaac CRIPPS -neighbours - Porangahau
Friday 08 July 1870

06 Jul - Coomerang for Auckland. Mr BANKS
06 Jul- Tararua arr Hokitika from Melbourne. Mr & Mrs LLOYD, Miss DOWNES. Messrs DUNLOP, SELBY, LOGIE, SCOTT, DAFF, ANDERSON, J.W. BLACKETT, CORBETT, EYRE & GOSLING.

Oscar BEYER - Licensed Gunsmith - Waghorn St
F.W.C. STURM - Nursery, West Clive, near Big Bush

Birth HILL : At Clifton H.B., on 04 July, the wife of Kendrick J. HILL Esq, late of the 14th Regiment, of a daughter.

Tuesday 12 July 1870
08 Jul - Keera from Manakau via Wellington. Mr & Mrs GILLIES
09 Jul - Taranaki from Auckland. Misses TOUET (2), Mrs ROPER. Messrs BARTON, COWIE & WATT
09 Jul - Taranaki for Wellington. Hon H.R. RUSSELL MLC, Mr MEINERTZHAGEN, Mr AXUP & Const. GEAL.

ROUTLEDGE & KENNEDY - Auctioneers - Napier
Mrs BLAKE - Accomodation - Summer Hill - Napier
E.H. BOLD - Telegraph Surveyor - Napier
Thomas M'CARTHY - Storekeeper - Napier.

Female Immigrants We are informed that the first instalment of female servants may be expected to arrive in the course of this month. They left Gravesend for Auckland on 23 April, by the Excelsior. The following is a list of names, ages and capabilities of those forwarded.
TUKSON Eliza - 22 - nurse or housemaid
BURN Ada - 20 - cook or housemaid
KLINGEN Dora - 24 - German - nurse or housemaid
HENGE Mary - 36 - German - cook or nurse
WHITTINGTON Ruth & Dora - 20 & 17 - general servants
PROUTEAUSE Mrs - 30 - widow- cook, nurse or general servant. Has a seven year old daughter.
MANCHESTER Mary Anne - 22 - cook or housemaid
OSBORNE Elizabeth - 20 - general servant
SMITH Agnes - 16 - general servant.
In addition to these ,5 or 6 scotch servants from Dundee may be expected in the same vessel. No particulars about them have been received.
Friday 15 July 1870

09 Jul - Eagle for Raratonga via Mahia. Mr WALKER
12 Jul - Meteor for Povert Bay & Auckland. Messrs ANDERSON, SMITH & MULLONEY.

John Murray GIBBS - Intention to be registered as a Doctor.
William NELSON - West Clive - Flax Maufacturer - Applied for a patent-
A new invention for the preparation of flax.

Charles DICKENS - died 09 June.

Constable Lott M'NAMARA - died suddenly on the 8th inst, at Tarawera. Verdict of the inquest - Heart disease.
Mr LAMPLOUGH, of Waihua, has died. He had the mail run between Napier & wairoa. He was found dead on the beach at Petane. Inquest to be held today.

Tuesday 19 July 1870
Missing Issue

Friday 22 July 1870
20 Jul - Coomerang for Auckland. Messrs CAULTON, LANGFORD & ANDERSON.
20 Jul - Coomerang from Auckland. Miss DAVIS
Deeds of Grants, having been duly executed.
No Grantee Locality Contents
1788 -J. JOHNSON Pukahu 162-0-15
1803- B.W. WARNES Clyde 0-1-39
1804 - T. POWDRELL ' 0-2-0
1806 - J. HUME " 0-2-0
1807 - S.F. PRENTICE " 0-1-0
1808 - M. WINTER " 0-1-0
1809 - T. SCHON " 0-2-0
1810 - T. HOLLYMAN & " 0-2-0 A. FERGUSON
1811 - B.A. FERARD " rural 35-0-0
1816 - H.R. HOLDER Mahia 0-2-0
1818 - E. M'DANIELL Western side of the 40-0-0 Harbor
1819 - E. CARTER Clyde 0-1-4

Births O'DONNELL : At Napier, on 16th inst, the wife of C. O'DONNELL, of a daughter.

WATTS : At Kaikora, on 19th ist, the wife of Mr WATTS, of a son.

WHITE : At Porongahau, on 25 June, the wife of John WHITE, of a daughter.
Tuesday 26 July 1870
25 Jul - Lord Ashley for Wellington. Hon W. STOKES & 5 armed constabulary.
25 Jul - Lord Ashley from Auckland. Mr & Mrs GOULAY & troupe. Messrs GEORGE, HATCH & LEWIS
25 Jul - Keera from Auckland. Mr DE BIEN

Births TAIT : At Waikiri, on 07 July, the wife of James TAIT, of a son.

TAYLOR : At the Clyde Hotel, Wairoa, on 21 July, the wife of J.J. TAYLOR, of a son.

COUCHER : At the Big Bush, West Clive, on 21 July,the wife of J.A. COUCHER, of a son.

Last evening, about 9pm, the alarm of fire was raised and the flames burst through the roof of Mr George PALMER's Stables, which for the second time have been destroyed by fire. Fortunately, the wind was blowing South - West, towards the sea, otherwise Mr F. TUXFORD's store and the whole block would of shared the same fate.

Friday 29 July 1870
G. PALMER - Napier Stables at the Clarendon Hotel

Births DIMWIDDIE : At Napier, on 20th inst, the wife of J. DINWIDDIE of a daughter

SUTTON : At Napier, on 27th inst, the wife of Edmund SUTTON, of a daughter

LYNDON : At Napier, on 28th inst, the wife of Edward LYNDON , of a son.

WILLIAMS : At Napier, on 28th inst, the wife of N. WILLIAMS, of a daughter

Tuesday 02 August 1870

Another, old settler, has met his death by drowning. James TAIT, who is engaged in carrying despatches for the Government, left Wairoa in the company of a trooper named BANNER, on Tuesday last, both of them on their way to Napier. TAIT was riding on the dangerous headland at Wairoa Beach, named Papa Point, when he was struck by the sea and was carried out by the retreating wave.

John HOLMES, who was once manager for H.R. RUSSELL of the Little Bush, who had left Napier for California. He had recently returned to Auckland . He was found drowned in the intake. He leaves a wife, Isabella and 2 children.

Friday 05 Aug 1870
03 Aug - lord Ashley from wellington. Mrs OAKLEY & 5 children.Messrs OAKLEY, HEWITT, NEILL & EBERMANN.
03 Aug - Lord Ashley for Auckland. Messrs M'DOUGAL, CARNIE, MAUNDIE, ROBERTSON, BREWER & SEYMOUR.
03 Aug - Taranaki for Wellington. Messrs DE BEER, ALLAN, JAMIESON, HARE, TANNER, JOHNSTONE, MOORE & Miss ELLISON.

T. A. WHEAT _ Manager of Big Bush Sawmill

Births BOLAND : At Gisborne, Poverty Bay, on 30 July, the wife of M. BOLAND, of two sons and one daughter ( three children), all doing well.

CLARKE : At Kaikora, on 3rd inst, the wife of Charles CLARKE, of a son

Marriage VESTEY - PARKINSON : At Hampden, on 25 July, by the Rev. Robert TAYLOR, Mr Samuel William VESTEY, of Ruataniwha to Anna Eliza, eldest daughter of George PARKINSON.

Inquest held at Wairoa Hotel, Clyde before Dr ORMOND, Coroner, on the body of James TAIT, Waikare.
Contable Thomas BRENNAN
Sub Inspector NEWLAND
Constable BRYSON
George MAYO
Verdict - Accidental drowning.
Poor TAIT was buried today, and there was a large attendance at the funeral. Thomas TAIT, brother of the deceased was present. The service ( Scotch form) was rendered by Dr.
BOYD. He leaves a widow and a large family.

Robert MACFARLANE - Accountant - BNZ
John James TORR - Teller - Union Bank of Australia
Charles TEMM - resided at Runanga.

Tuesday 09 Aug 1870
08 Aug - Keera from Auckland via Poverty Bay. Eliza INKSON, Ada BEVIN, Margaret THOMPSOn, Isabel CAMANGE, Anne YOUNG. Dora BLINZING, Ruth & dora WITTINGTON, Anne GRANT, Georgina GRANT, Eliza GRANT, Helen JONES, Elizabeth OSBORN, Alice PROUTEOUE, Alice PROUTEOUE jun, Mary HENGE, Agnes SMITH, Mary Ann BURN. M.A. MANCHESTER, Messrs W. STURROCK, James COSGROVE, Robert WILSON, John DICK, Archibald CAMERON, James CAMAZAR, Charles NOVEL, Charles YOUNG, Charles Young jnr, George GRANT, William GRANT, Alexander GRANT, David GRANT, WATT, DORNEY, CAREY, SMITH, CAULTON & BEECHER. A number of these were per Excelsior.

Names of defaulters, who are indebted to the Provincial Govt. for assisted passages from London - Napier.

Name Sureties
BARRY - Daniel Thos MURRAY & Thos MURIA
OATHAM - Cornelieus Samuel OATHAM & Joseph GILL
BEE - George Francis BEE & F.E. HAMLIN
MANTEL - Benjamin "
GREY - George "

Birth HARE : At Napier. on 8th inst, the wife of John HARE esq, of a son.

Death WALSH : At the Provincial Hospital, Napier on 08 Aug, Joseph, eldest son of Mr Robert WALSH, Haidresser, Wellington

Immigrants A number of immigrants we believe to be 32 adults who came out on the assisted principle, arrived in Auckland by the Excelsior on Thursday last and forwarded to Napier by the Keera. Sinle woman 5 or 6 in number, have all been engaged but two. The remainder, are chiefly for Waipukurau.

Inquiry into the fire at PALMER's Stables, before T. HITCHINGS Esq, Coroner & the following jury. Messrs BRITTEN ( foreman), JACOBS, GRANT, TUXFORD, HOOPER, LUFF, BOYLAN, FLETCHER, HOLT, NEAL, HOLLOWAY & SULLIVAN. Witnesses
Thomas BRIGHOUSE - Cordial manufacturer
William WILLIS - Groom at Mr CAULTON's
Charles FOCETT - Livery stable keeper
Verdict - There is no evidence as to the origin of the fire.

Friday 12 Aug 1870
10 Aug - ragatira from Wellington. hon. J.D. ORMOND. Miss SUTTON, Mrs HEWITT & child. Messrs DUNCAN, HEALE, GREEN, SMITH, BOUSFIELD & BLOCKETT
09 Aug - Keera for Auckland. Messrs ISAACS & LEVY
11 Aug - Rangatira for Wellington. Messrs SEYMOUR, TUPPER, CARVER, Col. GORTON, Mrs CARVER (2) & family.

Births ANNING : At Napier, on 10th inst, the wife of Charles ANNING, of a daughter.

ANDERSON : At Taradale, on 15 July, the wife of J.R. ANDERSON, of a son.

Another list of Defaulters indebted to the Govt. for assisted passage from London - Napier

Name Sureties
WHALE - Hannah
CASHEN - Elizabeth Patrick DALTON & Samuel TAYLOR
MAYO - William George MAYO & James FRASER
TWINING - Mary "
PATTERSON - Henry James FRASER Thomas
INGLIS - J & family H.R. RUSSELL

John Nathaniel WILSON Esq, to be Crown Prosecutor for the H.B.

Tuesday 16 Aug 1870
13 Aug - Lord Ashley from Auckland. Mr ROBERTS
13 Aug - Lord Ashley for Wellington. Mrs BEETHAM, Mrs WILLIAMS. Messrs M'DOWALL, GIBSON, THOMPSON & JENNINGS.

Birth LANGLEY : At Napier, on 13th inst, the wife John LANGLEY, of a daughter.

Crown Grants Date Grantee Locality Block 1870
Apr 13 Te Waka KAWATINI Ahuriri - Te Whaiaangaanga 2 & others
Karaitiana TAKAMOANA " - Waipureku & others
Hinepaketia WAIHIKU " - Paeroa & others
Tarehu MOANANUI " - Te Pukeroa

Friday 19 Aug 1870
18 Aug - Keera for Auckland. Mr KENSINGTON
16 Aug - Keera from Auckland. Messrs BANKS, COOPER, DOBSON, BAKER & DAVIES.

Death WILSON : At the waipukurau Flax & Flour Mill, on 13 AUg, Duncan WILSON of Falkirk, Scotland.

Mrs ROLLINS, wife of the overseer of roads, residing in White Rd, expired suddenly on the night of Tuesday or morning of Wednesday. She was in the last stage of combustion. Her neighbour, Mrs DOHERTY, was attending to her wants.
John M'KINNON - Arawapanui - sheep farmer
Murdock MCIVER - Arawapanui - Road Contractor
William HUBBARD - Moeangiangi - Mgr ,Taylors Station
William MORRIS - Tongoio - Settler
Graham Douglas Hunter - Napier - Acting veterinary surgeon
Catherine M'KINNON - Arawapanui- Daughter of John
Pahira WHAKAKOKOE - Kohupapiki & Arawapanui - landed proprietor.
WHAHAPONGO - Kohupapiki - cultivator
Hemi PUNA - Kohupapiki - landed proprietor
APIRANA - Kohupapiki - cultivator
PAKU - Kohupapiki - cultivator

George RYMER - Coach Service - Meanee

Tuesday 23 Aug 1870
19 Aug - Rangatira from Wellington. Saloon: Miss STEDMAN, Messrs STEDMAN, GARDINER, MORRISON, BURNETT, MATHESON, ISAAC, CARTER & INGLES. Steerage : Mr & Mrs HOWELL.
20 Aug - Why Not from Wairoa. Mrs FINLAYSON & 2 children. Messrs STOPFORD & M'DONALD.
20 Aug - Rangatira for Wellington. Mrs HUDSON & child. Mr & Mrs KNIGHT & ch. Miss ROSS, Mr MATHESON Partnership between G.I. RUSSELL & Robert PRICE - Flaxdressers - dissolved.

Death PALMER : At Napier, on the 22nd inst, William Bautofft PALMER. Aged 72 years. The funeral will leave C. PALMER's residence at 3 o'clock this day.

An eel was caught close to WEBER's Flour Mill. Weighed 35lbs, measured 5'8" in length, 15 " in girth.

Friday 26 Aug 1870

Births OLIVER : At Willow Lea, Meanee, on 20th inst, the wife of G.A. OLIVER, of a daughter.

BRITTELL : At Meanee, on 22nd inst, the wife of Mr BRITTELL, of a daughter.

RYMER : At Meanee, on 23rd inst, the wife of George RYMER, of a daughter.

LEVER : At Meanee. on 24th inst, the wife of J.R. LEVER, of a son.

Gisborne - We have at last succeeded in getting a respectable medical man at Gisborne. It is the late Resident Magistrate at Maketu, Dr. NESBIT.

James Warden GOWING - Chemist - Napier
Charles WEBER - Mill Owner -Napier

Tuesday 30 Aug 1870
29 Aug - Keera from Auckland. Messrs A. M'LEAN, P.HALL, RICE, IRELAND, ROGAN & BOURKE
29 Aug - Lord Ashley from Wellington & Sthern Ports. Saloon : Mr & Mrs SAMUELS, Mr & Mrs DOUGLASS, Mrs FORDHAM. Messrs AXUP, STOBI, SWAN, MAFARLANE, COLTE, WILSON, MOSES & IZARD.
29 Aug - Lord Ashley for Auckland. Messrs KENSINGTON, ISAACS & INGEL

District Court
Charles Leo HART was fined 20 pounds and costs 3/6d to a charge of supplying spiritious liquors within a disturbed district, viz, Te Haroto. William M'KINLAY also found guilty on a similar charge

Friday 02 Sept 1870
31 Aug - Keera for Auckland via Maketu. Mr F.E. HAMLIN (Maketu)
01 Sept - Coomerang from Auckland. Mr & Mrs MANBY. Messrs MOREY & SNUFF
01 Sept - Gothenburg arr Bluff from Hobsons Bay. For Dunedin. Mr & Mrs FLAXMAN & children. Miss E. WILSON. Miss ROSS. Messrs FENWICK, SAND, TAITHEM, HUTCHINSON,WILLIS. For Lyttleton. Mrs PAGE, Mr & Mrs NIXON, Miss WALKER, Miss FIELDING, Mr HAY. For Wellington. Mr, Mrs & Miss RHODE, Miss NIBB, Mr PIRIE

G. SPEEDY - resided at Wainui

Birth CARVER : At Lambton Quay, Wellington , on 17 Aug, the wife of R.W. Ind CARVER, of a daughter

Death CURNIN : At Petane, near Napier, on 30 Aug, William John CURNIN. Aged 33 years

A notice appears in the N.Z. Gazette, that the Post Office, known as Turanga (Poverty Bay ) will henceforth be called Gisborne

John Launcey BUCHANAN - Master, Hampden School
Tuesday 06 Sept 1870

05 Sept - Lord Ashley from Auckland via Tauranga. Mrs THOMAS & 2 children. Mrs ROGAN. Messrs ADAIR, SHERRARD, PALMER, MILL, BROWN, MILNER & MCINNENY
05 Sept - Lord AShley for Wellington. The GOURLAY Troupe, Capt BAXTER. Messrs TEANGUE, GILBERT, AXUP, COOTE, MCNEILL & CROWHURST.

Alex BAIRD - Training Stables - Clive
G.P. DONNOLLY - Horse Stud - Gwavas
John BREWER - Watchmaker & Jeweller.

Marriage WORTHINGTON - CAMPBELL : At Napier, on 27 Aug, by the Rev. G. MORICE, Alfred Ernest Lionel WORTHINGTON, of Castile, Spain to Mary Jane CAMPBELL, of Auckland

: At New Mains, Ellerslie, Auckland, on 29 Aug, by the Rev. J.F. MANDERO, Joseph.S. BROADBENT of Napier, to Agnes Cross, second daughter of Mr John SNODGRASS, New Mains.

Wairoa. - W.H. PETTIGREW - One of the constabulary, stationed here, died last week. He was buried Tuesday 23 Aug, Sub Inspector STOPFORD, performing the service

Inquest - William John CURNIN
James H. TORR - Shepherd for his father Joseph TORR- Petane.
The deceased and a David ROSS, of Napier were play fighting when the deceased hit his head on the ground.
Verdict - Accidental death

Friday 09 Sept 1870
06 Sept - Muriwai from Poverty Bay. Pass. Capt READ
06 Sept - Keera from Auckland. Mr & Mrs BROADBENT. Capt HEALE
08 Sept - Tararua arr Bluff form Melbourne. Mrs FIELD. Masters FIELD (2). Mrs SIMPSON. Messrs ALCORN, MARTIN, GRAHAM, FRANKY, KELLY, JACOBSEN.

G. PEACOCK - Inspector of Sheep
Peter BOURKE - Chief Postmaster - Napier

Tuesday 13 Sept 1870
09 Sept - Hero from Wairoa. Mrs BELL. Messrs CARROLL, FINLAYSON & TENNANT
12 Sept - Coomerang from Auckland via Poverty Bay. From Auck. Mr & Mrs PARNELL & 2 children. Messrs ROSENTHALL, MARGETT & MOORE. From Poverty Bay. Messrs HORSFALL. HUME & ROSS & 2 native women
11 Sept - Keera for Auckland. Messrs ROBINSON, STOBO & CODD

Births M'DOUGALL : At Raukawa, on 10th inst, wife of John M'DOUGALL Esq, of a daughter. Stillborn

WEAVER : At Waipawa, on sunday 11th inst, wife of J.H. WEAVER, of a daughter

PEACOCK : At Meanee, on 11th inst, wife of Hector PEACOCK, of twin sons.

Tuesday 20 Sept 1870
17 Sept - Lord Ashley from Wellington & Sthern Ports. Col & Mrs WHITMORE, Mrs & Miss RUSSELL, Miss HERBERT, Capt & Mrs BAXTER, Col 7 Misses RUSSELL (2), Mrs WILSON, Mr MOORHOUSE, Mr CANNING.
19 Sept - Herald from Auckland. Mr KIRK

Death HILL : At Clifton, H.B., on 09 Sept, Mary Florence, infant daughter of Kendrick HILL Esq. Aged 2 months
Friday 23 Sept 1870

Thomas PEDDIE - Proprietor - Duke of Edinburgh Hotel - Taradale.

Winds are too strong for arrivals or depatures at the Port of Napier.

Birth SPEEDY : At Meanee, on 21st inst, wife of J.C. SPEEDY, of a daughter.

The Hawkes Bay Herald was first published on 24 Sept 1857, consequently tomorrow is it's 13th anniversary.
Tuesday 27 Sept 1870
26 Sept - Keera from Auckland. Major ROBERTS. Mr & Mrs FERGUSON & 2 children. Messrs HARRISON, GOW, SCARROTT, HENISCKE, NEAL, GODDARD, PILL & BOWDEN.
26 Sept - Coomerang from Auckland. Mrs HOLMES & 2 children. Mr SMITH & another.
23 Sept - Rangitoto arr Hokitika from Melbourne. For Nelson Mr & Mrs GOULD. For Wellington Mr WALKER. For Lyttleton Mr ROBINSON. For Dunedin Mr E.S. GIBSON & S.J. BELL. For BLUFF. Miss CHALMERS

Birth FANNIN : At Napier, on 25th inst, wife of G.T. FANNIN esq, of a son
Friday 30 Sept 1870
28 Sept - Coomerang for Auckland. Miss QUIGLEY
27 Sept - Keera for Auckland. Mr O'ROURKE MHR, Mrs O'ROURKE, Mr BREWER, Mr HIMES
27 Sept - Lord Ashley for Wellington & Sthern Ports. Right Rev. Bishop of Waiapu, Mrs WILLIAMS, Mrs BANNATYRE. Messrs FISHER, CANNING & SIMPSON.
29 Sept - Three Brothers from Wairoa. Mrs HARMER & 2 children. Miss SMITH, Miss PEAKMAN & Mr MAYO.
28 Sept - Hero from Wairoa. Mrs ANDERSON
27 Sept - Coomerang from Auckland. Mrs HOLMES & 2 children, Mr SMITH & another
27 Sept - Lord Ashley from Tauranga & Auckland. Mr & Mrs WOODROFFE, Mrs HEATLY, Miss CLOSE. Messrs SAMPEY, PEACHMAN, GILLARD, BRETT.

T.S. KEMP - Decorator & Signwriter - opp. Chief Post Office- Shakepeare Rd.

Marriages HALLETT - COLE : At the Episcopal Church, Napier, on 27 inst, by the Rev. J. TOWNSEND, Walter HALLETT, Surveyor of Meanee to Louisa Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. J. COLE, Veterinarian, Somersetshire, England.

PEDDIE - DUNBAR : On 25 Sept, at the residence of Rev. G. MORICE, Thomas PEDDIE to Kate DUNBAR, both of Scotland.

HUGGINS - ADAMS : At Napier, on 25th inst, by the Rev. G. MORICE, Mr Thomas HUGGINS to Miss Walterina Merser ADAMS, both of Napier.

Death POTHINGER : At Havelock, on 20th inst, Mr E. POTHINGER. Aged 69 years

Tuesday 04 Oct 1870

Missing pages in this issue
30 Sept - Rangatira from Wellington. Mr & Mrs SMITH & 3 children. Messrs BUNBURY, GRAHAM, HEWITT, MIEK, M'INTOSH, MITCHELL, PEARSON, READ, SMITH & J.B. SMITH
01 Oct - Rangatira for Wellington. Mr LEWIS & M'DONALD. Mrs ANDERSON & child

WORGAN & BURGOYNE - Architects & Surveyors
George WILLIS -Manager - Napier Brewery - Shakespeare Rd
Mrs James HORN - Milliner, Dress & Hat Maker - Evergreen Cottage - Waipawa
S. WEBBER - Cooper- Shakespeare Rd.

Deaths PEACOCK : At Meanee, on 25 Sept, William Douglas, and on 26 Sept, Hector Stephen, infant sons of Hector S. PEACOCK. Aged 2 weeks.

MANN : At Napier, on 30 Sept, Mary Ann, wife of Edward MANN.

HASTIE : At Napier, on 02 Oct, Mrs Grace HASTIE. Aged 32 years. The funeral of the late Mrs G. HASTIE will take place this day. Friends are informed that it will leave her late residence at 3 o'clock LARGE & TOWNLEY Undertakers.

Friday 07 Oct 1870
06 Oct - Coomerang from Auckland via Poverty & Tologa Bay. Messrs GILL, ROBINSON, BANKS, ROSKRANGE & another
06 Oct - Tararua arr Hokitika fro Melbourne. J.C. MILLAN, Rev. DUMBALL, Mrs DUMBALL, Miss DUMBALL & Masters DUMBALL (2), Mr & Mrs HAMILTON. Messrs SKOGLAND, FINSTEN, Henry YOUNG, GAY, James JOHNSTONE, CLAY, David MORTON, Thomas POWER, VALLANCE ( snr & jnr). M. HUDSON - Wallingford - has just
completed the building of a schooner, the Mary Ann Hudson, which was launched at Porangahau. It is intended as a regular trader between Port Ahuriri and Black Head
The BNZ issued new notes for the first time from Head Office, on Saturday last.
11 Oct 1870
08 Oct - Eagle from Poverty Bay. 1 constable & 6 natives
10 Oct - Lord Ashley from Wellington & Sthern Ports. Rev. Bishop of Waiapu. Mrs WILLIAMS, Mrs James WILLIAMS. Messrs ROBERTSON, GILBERT & ALLEN
07 Oct - Coomerang for Auckland. Messrs MARGUT, ROSENTHAL & ROSKRANGE
08 Oct - Keera for Auckland & Poverty Bay. Mrs RICHARDSON & 2 children. Mrs LANGFORD & 3 children. Mr ROGAN & Secretary.

Shearing at Rissington Station
- Peka Peka, will commence on 08 Nov (weather permitting). Any competent shearer will be employed. Terms 15s for Ewes , 17/6d for wethers

Birth SCULLY : At Napier, on 09th inst, wife of Thomas SCULLY of a son.

Mr KNOWLES - Storekeeper - Napier
Henry ALLEY - Farmer - Meanee

Friday 14 Oct 1870

Part of pg 2 is torn.
10 Oct - Lord Ashley for Tauranga & Auckland. Messrs BANK, WATT, M'FARLANE, JOHNSTONE & NEIL
11 Oct - Why Not for Wairoa. Mrs ANDERSON

Death COSSY : At Napier, on 8th inst, William COSSY. Aged 42 years.

Dullness reigns supreme in Napier. Business is stagnant, money tight and news of any kind exceedingly scarce.
Page 3 - District Highways Act 1856
Tuesday 18 Oct 1870
15 Oct - Keera from Auckland. Mrs ALLAN, Mrs HOHALL & 2 children. Messrs BLYTHE, CLARKE, ISAACS, KILLBRIDE, M'LEAN & WATKINS
14 Oct - Alhamba arr Bluff from Melbourne. For Otago. Mr & Mrs H. ROURKE, Mr & Mrs CORBETT. Messrs JEFFREYS, JACKSON, HEYMANSEN, WELLER, Capt GREY, Mrs M. KENZIE & boy. For Lyttleton. Mr & Mrs LANDSTEN, Mr E. MURTON. For Wellington Mrs BLACKLEY, Mr & Mrs MANWELL

Birth FERGUSON : At Clyde, Wairoa, on 11th inst, wife of A. FERGUSON, of a son.

Crown Grants - Duly Executed
No Grantee Locality Contents
1909 Rev. S. WILLIAMS Clyde 106-0-0
1910 " ' 75-0-0
1911 " " 57-0-0

Education Rate - of 1 pound per house is about to be collected. Thomas SCULLY & John FARMER - appointed collectors.

On the afternoon of Saturday last, TUPURUPURU, cousin to TE HAPUKU, drowned himself near Puki Puki. The old fellow tied a large stone around his waist and jumped into a deep pool. There being a belief amongst the natives that a Taniwha resided in this pool, no one attempted to save him.

Friday 21 Oct 1870
20 Oct - Lord Ashley from Tauranga & Auckland. Mr & Mrs DAWLEY & 8 children. Mr & Mrs M'KAY, Mrs SWEENEY, Mrs BRETT. Messrs BATHGATE, WATT, LODDER, MITCHELL & SIM
20 Oct - Rangatira from Wellington. Mr & Mrs NEWMAN, Mrs NEWMAN snr, Misses NEWMAN (2). Messrs CALLETT, DUNCAN, FIRTH, FISHER, HARCOURT, HASTY, MITCHELL, SCHRODER & STOKES
19 Oct - Keera for Auckland. Mrs PARKER & 4 children. Mrs CONWAY. Miss MOORE. Master CHARLES & another
20 Oct - Lord Ashley for Wellington & Sthern Ports. Mrs ROLLO & 2 children. Mrs STUART, Mrs FORDHAM. Messrs BROADBENT, CROSSLEY, HENDERSON, HEWITT & JOHNSON
17 Oct - City of Melbourne arr Auckland from honolulu. Sir George GREY, Miss MATTHEWS. Messrs J. DOITSH, HOWARD, FORSYTHE, M'EWAN, JONES, RUSSELL, CLARKE, PAULET, CHANG (giant, 12' high), BLAND, Mrs CHANG & infant, Mrs M'DONALD, Mr & Mrs FOSBROCK. Second Cabin. Messrs JACKSON & JONES - 21 in steerage

Marriage BISHOP - FALCONER : At the residence of the bridegroom, Tennyson St, on 15th inst, by the Rev. G. MORICE, Henry, youngest son of John BISHOP, Baker, 17 Great
Suffolk St, London to Helen FALCONER, both of London.

CHANG - The Chinese Giant, who is 12 feet high and for whose accomodation there is no room in Auckland large enough. He arrived in the city per The City Of Melbourne and is creating no small sensation

Tuesday 25 oct 1870
21 Oct - Coomerang from Auckland & the coast. Messrs ANDREWS, LEWIS, HORSFALL, FIELD, SMITH
21 Oct - Rangatira for Wellington. Mr & Mrs WOODROFFE. Messrs PEACHMAN, ALBAN, SCULLY & WHITEHEAD

Birth DENNETT : At Napier, on 22nd inst, wife of W. DENNETT, of a son.

A Wairoa correspondent, informs us that the skeleton of a man named J. RATHBONE, who was killed in the massacre of Poverty Bay, has been recently discovered. The body of RATHBONE was we believe the only one not recovered.

Frederick DYETT was complained against by the Police for being at such a distance from his horse and dray while in motion as not to have command at the time. It appeared the defendant had gone into a shop and was not above 15 yards away from his horse when they were stopped by the Serjeant of Police. The case was withdrawn at the suggestion of the court.

Friday 28 Oct 1870
27 Oct - Rangatira from Wellington. Messrs MYERS, AXUP, BENJAMIN & LYON

Births SOYE : At Sandhurst, Ruataniwha, on 21st inst, wife of N. SOYE of a daughter.

COLLINS : At Napier, on 21st inst, wife of T. COLLINS, of a daughter.

Death SPEEDY : At Meanee, on 27 Oct, Annie Caroline SPEEDY. Aged 5 weeks

There has been a terrible fire in Lyttleton.Two thirds of the town destroyed. Page 3 has an actual list of all the businesses lost in the fire

Tuesday 01 Nov 1870
29 Oct - Luna from Wellington. Mr Commissioner BRANIGAN, Mr D. M'LEAN, Major & Mrs CUMMINGS, Mr & Mrs HART, Mrs FERRIS & child. Messrs SEED, ROWE & ANDERSON. 37 men of the Armed Constabulary, 2 women & 12 children

31 Oct - Muriwai from Poverty Bay via Wangawehi. Mrs BLAKE, Miss MORRIS & Mr TWIGG
28 Oct - Rangatira for Wellington , Wanganui, Taranaki & Manakau. Mr & Mrs M'DERMOTT & child. Miss NICOL. Master THOMAS. Messrs DUNCAN, ISAACS, LEVI & KENNEDY.

Births WALKER : At Clyde, Te Wairoa, on 25 Oct, wife of Peter WALKER, of a daughter.

WOOD At roseneath, Meanee, on 27 Oct, wife of James WOOD, of a son.
death GREEN : At Waiapu, on 27 Sept, Henry GREEN, formerly of Napier.

Crown Grants
NO Grantee
Locality Contents

1867 James Henry NORTHWOOD Pourerere 2688-0-0
1868 " " 210-0-0
1869 John BRIDGES Tarawera 126-0-0-

1871 F & W NELSON Waipukurau 237-0-0
1872 Richard COLLINS Porongahau 1249-2-0
1873 Nathaniel LEVIN " 42-0-0
1874 Thomas Purvis RUSSELL Waipukurau 612-0-0
1875 " " 1617-0-0

1876 Hugh Alexander DUFF Wakarara 105-0-0
1877 Hector W.P. SMITH Maraekakaho 4200-0-0
1878 Charles LAMBERT Ruataniwha 126-0-0
1879 " " 252-0-0

1880 " " 105-0-0
1881 " " 84-0-0

1882 " " 356-3-0
1883 James Henry NORTHWOOD Pourerere 672-0-0
1884 " " 105-0-0

1885 John GLENNY Wakarara 84-0-0
1886 Andrew LUFF " 262-2-0
1887 Ebenezer HARWOOD " 210-0-0 & another
1888 John GLENNY " 294-0-0
1889 Jonathan HOLDEN Hampden 50-0-0
1890 Daniel STUART Clive 0-3-0
1891 Harnett HUGHES " 0-0-30
1892 Mary Ann ALLEN " 0-1-0
1893 Thomas STEWART Porangahau 40-0-0
1894 Thomas COLEMAN " 40-0-0
1895 William COSSEY Wallingford 2-0-0
1896 Terence M'ANANAMA Turiroa 188-0-0
1897 Miles HUDSON Wallingford 4-1-23

1898 Fanny Fitzgerald Mahia 7-1-0

Mr Henry GREEN, died crossing the Waiapu River, on 27 Sept, on his way to Turanga, with the mai 1870
Friday 04 Nov 1870
01 Nov - Lord Ashley from Wellington, Lyttleton & DUNEDIN. His Honour Mr Justice JOHNSON & Secretary ( Mr INGPEN ), Mrs STUART, Mr KENNEDY & 3 others
01 Nov - Rangitoto arr Hokitika from Melbourne. For Hokitika. Messrs PARSONS & SUMMER. For GREYMOUTH Mr G. GILL. For Wellington. Messrs J.W. PEAKE & A.D. ALLEN. For Picton. Mr & Mrs NEAVE. For Lyttleton. Rev. E. BAILEY. For Otago J & W. RANKIN

Births NAIRN : At Newstead, Pourerere, on 22 Oct, Mrs H. NAIRN, of a son

WILLIAMS : At Te Aute, on 1st inst, wife of Rev. S. WILLIAMS, of a daughter

Death WILLIAMS : At Te Aute, on 2nd inst, infant daughter of Rev. S. WILLIAMS
Tuesday 08 Nov 1870
05 Nov - Hero from Wairoa. miss GILLIGAN
06 Nov - Keera from Auckland. Mr & Mrs GRIFFITHS & 3 children. Miss WILSON. Messrs M'FARLANE, VAUTIER, SCOTT, BANNATYNE & GOLDING
07 Nov - Eagle from Poverty Bay. Rev. Bishop of Waiapu, Capt. READ, Mr DONOHUE.

07 Nov - Luna from the coast. Messrs R. HART & T. HITCHINGS junior, Lieut PORTER. F.E. HAMLIN RM, Major ROPATA, Capt WALLACE. Inspector M'DONNELL & Mrs M'DONNELL
05 Nov - Tararua arr Bluff from Melbourne. Mr GAWLER, Mr, Mrs & Master TURNER, Mrs PYNE, mr BURDETT, Miss Mary MASON, Mrs James JEFFREY, Mr Thomas FERGUS, Mr NEIL 3 children & 2 servants. Mr T. DUNNING, Miss DUNNING, Mr DIXON, Mrs DALEY, Mr SAUNDERS, Mr W.S. NEILL, Mr MITCHELL, Miss ROGERS, Mr DAVIS, Miss JOHNSON, Mrs Colonel MATSON, Miss MATSON

Birth NEAGLE : At Clive, on 26 Oct, wife of Thomas NEAGLE, of a daughter

A native, named Buku ( hunchback) TANIERA, while engaged in feeding the scutching machine at HARRISON's Flax Mill at Paki Paki, had his arm drawn in , up to the elbow. It was crushed to a jelly. The man died the same night. The Natives demand Utu , threatening to burn down the mill and to kill Mr HARRISON.
George GARDINER, also had his right arm mangled in the same machine, at HARRISON's Flax Mill. We believe his arm will be amputated.

TE KOOTI, is said to be between Ruatahuna and Waioeka, with about 30 followers.

At the annual meeting of the Magistrates, John A'DEANE Esq J.P. was re-elected Chairman of the bench.

Inquest - Before T. HITCHINGS Esq, Coroner, at the Exchange Hotel , on the bodies of three boys : John GREENAWAY, James GREENAWAY and James MALONEY
George WILLIS - Lived at Sebley's Gully. He went for a walk with the three deceased and Michael MALONEY. They went to Battery Point, where the GREENAWAY's and MALONEY's decided to bathe. The three deceased went into the deep water and Michael MALONEY, only up to his knees. None of the boys could swim. Thomas LYNCH - Labourer - Carlyle St - helped search for the bodies.

Thomas WILLIS - Groom at CAULTON's Stables - Found one of the bodies as did Joseph RICHARDS and Joseph EDWARDS. Verdict : Accidentally drowned while bathing.

Friday 11 Nov 1870
08 Nov - Three brothers from Wairoa. Miss HOWELL. Mr M'FARLANE & 2 natives
09 Nov - Lord Ashley from Tauranga & auckland. Messrs MACPHERSON, QUENE, M'RAY, LUCAS, MANNING, MACARTHY
08 Nov - Keera for Auckland. James WATT

Inquest - Before T. HITCHINGS Esq. Coroner at the Commercial Hotel, Port Ahuriri, upon the body of Peter JOHNSON. John MABBETT - foreman of the jury.
Nicholas PAUL - Cook - Commercial Hotel
John CHARLES - Hotel Keeper and landlord of the Commercial.
The deceased was a Swede and employed at the hotel as a waiter. He appeared to be in good health. A servant girl, found him lying on the kitchen floor. He appeared to be
having a fit. Verdict : Died by the visitation of God

Supreme Court
His Honour Justice JOHNSON
The following Grand Jury was empannelled.
H.S. TIFFEN ( Foreman)
William ORR

John BOYLE - stealing money from John Buttry HOTSON
Jury :
Thomas BOWES
John Buttry HOTSON - Surveyor in Dunedin but at the time of the crime he was in the Polce in Napier
William BRITTEN - Landlord of the Clarendon
John FRANKLIN - Barman at the Clarendon
Henry NOTT - kept a dining room in Hastings St.
Verdict : Not guilty

John SIMMONDS - stealing clothes belonging to Miles HUDSON.
Jury :
Cornelius DEMPSEY
William TORR

Miles HUDSON - Hotel Keeper - Wallingford
John WHITE - Publican & storekeeper - Porangahau
Verdict : Found guilty - 12 months imprisonment with hard labour

Arthur WELLESLEY - obtaining money on false pretences
Thomas REYNOLDS - Hotel-keeper at Havelock
J.J. TORRE - Accountant at the Union Bank
Maurice Norman BOWER - district Quartermaster
Henry M'KENZIE- farmer- havelock
Verdict : Found guilty
- sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour for 12 months

John HAMMOND - Criminal Assault upon a girl
William TORR
John ORR
William BURTON
frank ROPER
Thomas BOWES
Mr David
, Mrs Margaret & Miss Jessie M'LEOD - Spring Hill - Ruataniwha Plains
Mary Jane WILLIAMS - Nurse and her husband John H. WILLIAMS - Cook at Mr BRIDGE's.
Verdict : Found guilty - Six years penal servitude.
A rider went with this case : The mere fact that sexual intercourse with a child under 10 was made criminal by the wise and humane laws of every civilised and Christian country.

Civil Cases
The plantiff sought to recover 500 pounds damages, for loss sustained by him through the alledged seduction of his daughter by the defendant.
Jury :
Cornelius DEMPSEY
Charles JONES
Samuel BARRY
John BENNETT ( Foreman)
John James
PRITCHARD - father of Elizabeth Ann PRITCHARD. Aged 14 years. She was unable to work for 3 months in consequence of her pregnancy and delivery.
He had employed two nurses to look after her as his wife was sickly. Her daughter if she was well and at liberty could earn 10s a week.
Elizabeth Ann PRITCHARD was employed by Henry PARKER as a servant. Mrs PARKER was confined while she was there, at which time Mr Parker began to take liberties
with her. He never gave her the silk dress and said he would put her in gaol if she did not consent to what he wished.
Henry PARKER - was formerly a butcher and grazier. He had a station- but the family had since left. Jury found a verdict for plantiff in all counts and assessed
the damages at 125 pounds

Damages for false imprisonment
Thomas BOWES
William BURTON
John ORR
William RITTEN
William TORR
Jury found a verdict for the plantiff for 75 pounds

Thomas Baldwin BUCHANAN
Precisely similar to the last case
Cornelius DEMPSEY
Verdict for the plantiff - 10 pounds

Tuesday 15 Nov 1870
14 Nov - Maggie for Newcastle- E.J. TOUET
12 Nov - Luna for Wellington. Justice JOHNSON & secretary, Inspector M'DONNELL, Col GORTON, Mr TYLEE
11 Nov - Wonga Wonga arr Auckland from Honolulu. Pass for Auckland from Liverpool. Saloon : Mr & Mrs C HOOD, mr & Mrs W.M. NEILSON. Capt GORDON. Messrs W.A. BERM & D. MURPHY

12 Nov - Alhambra arr Bluff from Hobson's Bay. For Dunedin Miss FLEXMAN, Mrs UNDERWOOD, Mr & Mrs HAWDON, Mrs HUDSON, Master WATSON, Mrs WHEELER, Master & Miss WHEELER, Mrs SCHOLES. For Lyttelton Mrs SCLANDERS. For Wellington Mr GIFFORD, Mr SHAW, Capt CORFIELD. For Nelson. Mr J. HOUNSEL

Birth BUCHANAN : At Hampden, on 3 Nov, wife of J.J. BUCHANAN, of a son

Deaths CULLEN : On 2 Sept, at his residence, James St, West Bath, Somerset, Mr George CULLEN. Aged 62 years. Deeply Lamented

HASTIE : At Napier, on 14 Nov, Alberta Feodore, infant daughter of George Hastie. Aged 3 and a half years. The funeral of Mr G. HASTIE's child will leave the Albion Hotel this day at 3 o'clock LARGE & TOWNLEY Undertakers.

The temperature during the past two days has been very high. The barometer having been over 80 in the shade.
"CHANG " the giant has been appearing in Auckland in conjuction with
KIN FOO, his pretty spouse and Fireworks, their baby.
Friday 18 Nov 1870
16 Nov - Luna from Wellington. Mr & Mrs GILL, Mr SEALYE & Mr COOPER
17 Nov - Rangatira from Manakau, Taranaki, Wanganui & Wellington. Mrs STUART, 2 children & servant, Mr SMITH, Mr ROLLS, Mr BLAIR, Master HARDING, Master TRASK, Mr John ROBERTSON FSNZ, Mr L. DE BEER FSNZ, Mr J. H. MORRISON FSNZ, Mr T.S. HARRISON FSNZ, Mr R.A. LOW - Conductor FSNZ.

Marriage HILL - BEAVEN : At Walcott Church, Bath, on 01 Sept, Matthew HILL Esq, of Rosemount, Hawkes BAy to Ellen BEAVEN of Bath.

Inquest : At the Havelock Hotel before T. HITCHINGS, Coroner, on the body of Thomas ROBERTSON.
Peter MCHARDY - Proprietor and Landlord of the Havelock Hotel
Peter LIDDELL - worked for Purvis RUSSELL

Thomas ROBERTSON was a labourer about 34 years old who lived at Patangta,. he had a convulsion and died
Verdict : Died by a visitation of God.
Tuesday 22 Nov 1870

21 Nov - Luna from Poverty Bay. Messrs FANNIN, M'DOUGALL, ROUTLEDGE, CAULTON, Mrs PARKER & family, Mrs KENNEDY, Mrs MORRISON & 2 children

18 Nov - Luna for Poverty Bay. Mr G.S. COOPER, Mr & Mrs GILL, Mrs William PARKER & Child, Mrs KENNEDY, Miss GLOVER. Messrs LOCKE, R.M. GRINDELL,
19 Nov - Rangatira for Wellington. Mr HALPIN. Mr NATION & Mr GIFFARD

Birth JACKSON : At Napier, on 9th inst, wife of W.L. JACKSON, of a son

Wairoa - great preparations are being made for the Scamperdown (bottle nosed grampus) Season, by the whaling communities,
North of Wairoa
Following is a list of boats to be employed
BARTLETT - 2 boats in the employ of Mr WALKER
MORRELL - 3 boats
SMITH - 3 boats
Natives under the auspices of Capt. READ of Turanga - 4 boats.
Whangawehi natives (Ngaetu) - a boat or two under Ihaka MYKABUA

Friday 25 Nov 1870
24 Nov - Saucy Lass from Auckland via Mercury Bay. Messrs ACK, GENIS, GREEN & BLACK
22 Nov - Lord Ashley from Wellington & sthern Ports. Mr & Mrs GOWLING, Miss LEYDON, Capt & Mrs THOMAS, Rev. Mr COPELAND, Rev. Mr ROSS. Mr ADAIR
22 Nov - Lord Ashley for Tauranga & Auckland. Bishop of Waiapu, Mrs CHARLES & Mrs BARNSDALE.

Marriage WITTY - PARTRIDGE : AT Penwarre House, Napier, on 23rd inst, by the Rev. G. MORICE, Lieut James WITTY, third son of the Rev. J. F. WITTY, Vicar of St. MAtthews, Sheffield, England to Fanny, fifth daughter of the late Thomas stanley PARTRIDGE Esq, of Wellington.

Deaths WEAVER : At Waipawa. on 19th inst, Minnie Eliza Francis, daughter of J.H. WEAVER. Aged 10 weeks

SMITH : On 22nd inst, at Maraekakaho, Mr James SMITH, of Meanee. Aged 33 years, only son of the Rev. James SMITH, of Port Chalmers, Otago

Crown Grants No Grantee Locality Contents

1782 John M'KENZIE Pukahu 21-1-25
1783 Sydney JOHNSTON " 42-2-0
1784 Geo. BOWMAN West Clive 8-2-16
1785 Joseph RHODES " 4-3-8
1786 Michael BOYLAN " 4-1-37
1787 Joseph RHODES " 11-3-12
1789 John M'KENSIE Pukahu 122-1-8
1791 William RATHBONE West Clive 44-0-6
1792 John M'KENSIE Pukahu 16-1-0
1793 Richard GIFFARD West Clive 15-0-10
1794 Benjamin W. WARNES " 6-1-4

1795 George MILL " 7-1-9
1796 Robert WILLIAMS " 11-2-0
1797 Charles H. WEBER " 16-0-0
1798 Joseph BURNS " 14-0-30
1799 Thomas EDEN " 8-2-25

1731 John Scruby GIBLIN " 1-0-0
1732 Arthur J. LAMBERT " 1-2-22
1916 James ELMES Kopu-a-whara 63-0-0
1917 Ralph GARDINER " 84-0-0
1918 William KELLY Ruataniwha 63-0-0
1919 Peter HART " 63-0-0
1920 John DOYLE " 84-0-0
1921 Abraham RICE " 63-0-0

1922 Patrick DALTON " 63-0-0
1923 David EDGAR " 63-0-0
1924 Andrew M'ANALLY " 63-0-0
1925 Augustus F. DANIEL Wakarara 84-0-0 1926 William LORD " 63-0-0
1927 Robert WILLIS ' 84-0-0
1928 James MCDERMOTT " 63-0-0
1929 John ELMES " 84-0-0
1930 James PEATON Waikarara 63-0-0
1931 John DAVERN " 63-0-0
1932 Edward SMITH " 63-0-0
1933 John MURRAY Arapawanui & 63-0-0 Moeangiangi
1934 Thomas CAMPBELL " 63-0-0
1935 Michael MCGRATH " 63-0-0
1936 William CALCOTT " 63-0-0
1937 James DOWD " 63-0-0

1938 Daniel MCBRIERLY " 63-0-0
1939 John MULHERN Waipukurau 84-0-0
1940 John M'CLEARY Tautane 63-0-0
1941 Geo. Stoddart WHITMORE Patoka 142-0-0
1942 " Western side ofharbour 315-0-0
1943 William ELLINGHAM Patoka 60-0-0
1944 thomas ELLINGHAM " 60-0-0
1945 James BENNETT Wakarara 63-0-0
1899 William FANNIN " 58-0-0
1853 Jeremiah FITZGERALD Tukuwaru 5-0-0
1902 Charles LAMBERT Ruataniwha 126-0-0
1903 Charles J. NAIRN Pourerere 275-0-0
1904 William BURTON Puketapu 10-2-0
1905 Marion FOUGERE Clive 0-0-37
1906 Kenrick. J. HILL Mahia 5-2-32
1907 Michael COLLINS Turiroa 85-0-0
1908 Hoel Thornwaite PATTISON Poututu 748-0-0
1912 John WESTON Clyde 3-0-28
1913 " " 4-0-0

Tuesday 29 Nov - Keera from Auckland via the coast. Mrs NASMYTH & family. Rev. Thomas NORRIE. Messrs BROADBENT, JACOBS, ISAACS, MONTAGUE & SMITH
26 Nov - Rangatira from Wellington. Col. ST.JOHN. Mr GIFFORD
28 Nov - Mary Ann Hudson from Wairoa. Mrs ANDERSON
26 Nov - Gothenburg arr Bluff from Melbourne. for Dunedin. Mr S.J. WALKER, Mr CASSELLS, Mr COCHRANE, Mr SOUTHPACK, Mr SMITH, Mr PURVIS, Mr & Mrs WHITE, Mr & Mrs ROSS. Mr C. BULL

Death ARMSTRONG : At Southsea, Hants, on 09 Aug, Joanna, relict of the late A. ARMSTRONG Esq. Staff Surgeon in the army. Aged 67 years.

Edward L. GREEN - Sheriff - Hawkes Bay
Thomas COLLINS - Musician - Napier
Edward LOCKLEY - Constable & storekeeper - Tapuaeharuru
A. B. HITCHCOCK - Sgt in the Armed Constabulary - Tapuaeharuru.
Patrick M'RORIE - Private, Constabulary - Tapuaeharuru
Henry Thomas CURTICE - Constable, Constabulary - Tapuaeharuru.
Cavendish REID - Constable - Constabulary - Tapuaeharuru
Mr SCHULTZ - Storekeeper - Havelock
W. MOTLEY - Government orderly - Napier

Nimblefoot won the Melbourne Cup.

Friday 02 Dec 1870
30 Nov - Lord Ashley from Auckland via Tolaga Bay & Poverty Bay. Bishop of Waiapu. Capt.GORDON. Mr & Mrs HOOD. Miss BRAITHWAITE. Miss FAIRBURN. Mrs & Master CHARLES. Messrs LE QUESNE, LEE, ROSENTHAL, NORTH, EVANS, ROBERTS, KING, HAPUKU, MANSENA, TAMAHAKA, TAREHA & RAKURU
01 Dec - Asterope from London via Auckland. Messrs JOHN, ROBINSON, RICHARDS & M'GREGOR

30 Nov - Keera for Auckland & Poverty Bay. Mrs REEGAN. Rev. Dr. COPLAND. Rev .T. NORRIE. Messrs ADAIR, CUTTS, MUNN & BOWDEN

Births SULLIVAN : AT Napier, on 30 Nov, wife of F. SULLIVAN, of a son

HARRISON : At the Paki Paki Hotel, Paki Paki, on 30 Nov, wife of F. HARRISON of twins

TAYLOR : at Waipawa, on 30 Nov, wife of Rev. R. TAYLOR, of a son.

Marriages NEWTON - M'KAY : At Napier, on 28 Nov, by Rev. G. MORICE, William Thomas NEWTON, of Napier, to Elizabeth M'KAY, second daughter of Ann & Donald M'KAY, of St. Lewis, Scotland.

BALHARRY - MACKENZIE : On 30 Nov, by the Rev. G. MORICE, at the residence of the brides father, David BALHARRY to Mary Louisa, second daughter of Chas, MACKENZIE of Napier.

Deaths SNEE : At Hampden, on 27th inst, Edward Leonard SNEE

SCULLY : At Ngaio Valley, Napier, on 29 Nov, Isabel Matilda, twin daughter of Mr Inspector SCULLY. Aged 2 years 3 months.

Tuesday 06 dec 1870
04 Dec - Rangatira from Wellington. The Lancashire Bellringers (7). Miss HAYES. Messrs FALLARD, ROSS, KENNEDY, GOLLAN, DRUMMOND, MADDOCK & LORKIN
05 Dec - Rangatira for Wellington via Blackhead. Miss HETH & Mr SMITH.

05 Dec - Tararua arr Bluff from Melbourne. Saloon : for Dunedin. Messrs CLAPPERTON, MUIR, PETTIMAN, J.F. PEAKE, GREIG, STRACHAN, GIDNEY, Mrs GREY, Mrs PATTERSON, Mrs SMITH. For Northern Ports. Messrs LOUISSON, LEROYD, TEMPLAR, LONGMAN, WOOD, GARWOOD, Mrs Miss & Master WHITE

Death JACKSON : At Napier, on 4th inst, infant son of W.L. JACKSON. Aged 15 days.
Te Roro - O - Kuri, an island in Napier Harbour of 70 acres, formerly the property of A. KOCH. Sold to G.E.G. RICHARDSON for 142 pounds.

Donald RAYMOND - Master Mariner residing at the Spit
John CHARLES - Commercial Hotel - Spit
Thomas WARE - Sawyer - residing Port Ahuriri
Friday 09 Dec 1870
08 Dec - Mary Anne Hudson for Wairoa. Mrs GRAHAM & 2 children. Mrs ANDERSON.
08 Dec - Meteor for Auckland via Poverty Bay. Mr CAULTON

Birth DALZIELL : At the Albion Hotel, Napier, on the 7th inst, wife of A. DALZIELL, of a son.

William INGRAM - Hotelkeeper- Sawyers Arms Hotel - Hampden
James M'MURRAY - Hotelkeeper - Shamrock Hotel - tareha's Bridge
John CHAUNDY - Labourer - Havelock
Alexander GRANT - Sawyer - Raukawa Bush
William BECKHAM - Sawyer - Raukawa Bush
Daniel BROWNE - Officer of the Napier Gaol
Michael SCANLAN - Officer of the Napier Gaol
Robert HOLLIS - Carrier - Poukawa
Tuesday 13 Dec 1870

09 Dec - Hero from Wairoa. 50 Hau Hau prisoners & 2 constables
12 Dec - Keera from Auckland & Poverty Bay.from Auckland. Mr & Mrs DANVERS, Mr & Master DUNBAR. Messrs BANKS, CARTER & PRASSER. From Poverty Bay. Judge ROGAN & secretary. Messrs CAULTON, COOPER, CUFF, GRAHAM, GRINDELL, LOCK, ROSS & 12 natives

At Wangaehu, on Thursday 08 dec, the sudden death of John CHARLES, Landlord of the Commercial Hotel, Port Ahuriri.

The Commercial Hotel has now devolved upon Mrs CHARLES, who is now the proprietress.

Birth PRICE : At Napier, on 12th Dec, wife of T.T. PRICE, of a son

Death CHARLES : Suddenly of apoplexy, at Wangeahu, on 08 Dec, John CHARLES, lanlord of the Commercial Hotel, Port Ahuriri. Aged 33 years. The body of John CHARLES, we are informed was interred at Porangahau. Deceased leaves a wife and 2 children.

Poverty Bay
Native Land Courts- commenced 25 Nov 1870.
Blocks of land ajudicated upon at a sitting of the Native Land Court, held at Turanganui,
Nov 25 1870 - Before Judge ROGAN

Friday 16 Dec 1870
15 Dec - Rangatira from Wellington. Mr & Mrs BUTT, Mrs FISHER & 2 children. Messrs COOPER, NEILL, MATHESON, TYLEE, MULLIGAN & PALMER Mr ATTWARD - Ropemaker - Wairoa William DRYBERG - Cook - Albion Hotel

Inquest at Porangahau, 10 Dec, before, W.W. HUNTER, Esq.JP on John CHARLES, whose body was then lying at WHITE's Hotel. Mr CHARLES, had gone on a trip aboard the "Three Brothers" to Wangaehu - shipping wool for Mr ST. HILL.
William SITEMAN- Labourer
Robert WIFFEN - Labourer - Mr ST. HILL
Hector ROSS, Robert BAXTER & Henry BROWN - Crewmen of the "Three Brothers"
Thomas WARNER - Employed by John WHITE- WHITE's Hotel - Porangahau
Charles Robert ENGLISH - Surgeon
Verdict : died of apoplexy, brought on by excessive drinking.

George FAULKNOR - Poundkeeper at Farndon
Miss Florence TIMMON - Schoolmistress - Puketapu School
Tuesday 20 Dec 1870
16 Dec - Mary Ann Hudson from Wairoa. Mrs NICHOLS. Mrs TULLY & 3 children
19 Dec - Lord Ashley from Wellington & Sthern Ports. Master & Miss LASCELLES, Mr SKINNER & child, Miss ELLIS, Miss RUSSELL. Hon A.G. TOLLEMACHE. Messrs FLOOD, TROWLEY, HEWITT, O'NEILL, REEVES & RUSSELL
15 Dec - Rangatira for Wellington via Castlepoint. Mrs WILLIAMS, Miss BATHAM, Miss M'COY. Messrs HILL, MITCHELL, MURRAY, O'BRIEN & WALLACE
19 Dec - Lord Ashley for Tauranga & Auckland. Judge ROGAN, Mrs HAMMOND. Messrs HILL, ISAACS, MONTAGUE, ROSENTHAL & Hemi TAUTAU
17 Dec - City of Melbourne arr Auckland from Honolulu. For Auckland. Bishop CROKE, J.H. LUSK, J. BROOK, J. CAMPBELL (snr & jnr), donald ROSS, T.B. SWEET, G. GRUBB, R. CASHMORE, Mrs MUIRHEAD & 3 children, B. BRITTON, wife & 4 children. Messrs LUKE & BLACKMORE (2)

Birth DOWN : At Clyde, Wairoa, on 15th inst, wife of I. DOWN, of a son

Death M'DOUGAL : At the Provincial Hospital, on 18th inst, Peter M'DOUGAL. Ages 43 years
Friday 23 Dec 1870
20 Dec - Napier from Auckland via Tolaga Bay. Mrs BENDALL & 3 children. Mrs REEVE & 2 children. Mrs MELDRUM. Messrs WATT, CASHMORE & JOHNSTONE
21 Dec - Rangatira from Wellington. Miss CARR. Miss HOGGARD. Miss BLAKER. Master TANNER. Master PEARCE, Mr BECK & Mr WILLIAMS
22 Dec - Colonist from Auckland via Poverty Bay. Mr FIRTH
22 Dec - Hero for Wairoa. Me HEBBERLEY, Mr IRELAND, 3 natives
22 Dec - Rangatira for Wellington. Mr COOPER

Prizegiving - Catholic Schools - Napier
Boys School
First Class:
Orthography, writing & general information . T. CORRY
English, grammar, history. T. CORRY & C.SIMON
Arithmetic. T. CORRY & C. SIMON
Book-keeping. C. SIMON & T. CORRY
Second Class:
Arithmetic. H.J. HARTLEY & W.A. CARNELL
Third Class :
English. W. FOX & T. TRASK
Arithmetic. E. THOMPSON & W, BISHOP
Fourth Class :
Arithmetic. G. BURTON. C. CORRY
Geography. G. BARTON. T. HAYDEN
Good conduct. C. SIMON

Ladies School
First Class :
Reading. BOWER
Writing. BEGG
Arithmetic. MILLER
Geography. MILLER
History. A. REARDON
Second Class:
Reading. A. MILLER
Writing. A. CORRY
Arithmetic. B. BOWER
Geography. BOYLAN
Third Class :
Reading. E. BOYLAN
Writing. L. BURTON
Arithmetic. M. KENNEDY
Fourth Class:
Reading. S. G. BOYLAN
Writing. C. BEUKERS

Music. 1st. KENNEDY. 2nd. A. REARDON
Needlework. PEACOCK
Good Conduct. A. CORRY
General Application. REYNOLDS

Girls School
First Class :
Reading. S. PARKER
Writing. S. PARKER
Arithmetic.E.A. HAMELING
Geography. S. PARKER
Second Class:
Reading. A. M'CREEDY
Writing. A. DOWD
Arithmetic. A. M'CREEDY
Geography. A. M'CREEDY
Third Class:
Reading. W. HUNT
Writing. M. CARROLL
Arithmetic M.A. BROWNE
Fourth Class:
Reading. M. MURRAY
Writing. W. DOUGLASS
Arithmetic. M. MURRAY
Fifth Class :
Reading. A. RICHARD
Arithmetic. M. LYNCH

Needlework 1st. M.A. HAMELING. 2nd. E. HARTLEY
Good Conduct. M. GILLIGAN
Workroom. R. M'KAIN

Girls Native School
First Class:
Reading: Magdaline LEWIS
Writing. E. LEWIS
Arithmetic Martha LEWIS
Second Class:
Reading. Jane MOREL
Writing. C. CANON
Arithmetic. A. M'ROBERT
Third Class :
Reading. C. TORR
Writing. Niupine PUHARA
Arithmetic Anna SHIRLEY
Work. S. PAGE
Good Conduct. RIPEKA

Napier Grammar
Upper School:
First Class :
English. J. GRANT
French. J. GRANT
Arithmetic. C. TABUTEAU
Algebra. J. GRANT
Geometry. C. TABUTEAU
Writing. C. TABUTEAU
Latin John GRANT
Second Class
Latin. William RHODES
English. C. ELLISON
French. W. RHODES
Arithmetic. B. CHAMBERS
Writing. B. CHAMBERS

General improvement. G.ORMOND
Good Conduct. C. ELLISON

Lower School
First Class :
English: J.MARTIN
Reading. H. GREEN
Arithmetic. F. PARKER
Writing. R.E.G.G. THOMAS
Drawing. J. BEGG
Elocution. H. GREEN
Good Conduct. H. GREEN
General Improvement.H. WILLIAMS
Second Class :
English, Reading, Ithama, Arithmetic. E. RHODES
Writing. C. CHAPMAN
General Improvement. D. GRANT

Napier Boys School
First Class :
Reading & Dictation. William Henry TYLER
Writing. Walter BEYER
Arithmetic. W.H. TYLER
Geography. James MORLEY
Grammar. W.H. TYLER & James WISHART
Second Class:
Reading. Charles MOGRIDGE
Spelling & Dictation. George LUFF
Arithmetic. Herbert MOGRIDGE
Writing. David BENNETT
Diligence & Good Conduct. Winter HAMMOND
Third Class :
Reading. William.F. BOWDEN
Spelling & Writing from Dictation. John MORISON
Fourth Class:
Reading. Henry FLETCHER
Spelling & Sums. Henry FLETCHER.

Simon WEBBER - Master Cooper - Te Aute
James BUTCHER - Sawyer - Napier
Robert Elliott - Carter - Poukawa
William ADAIR - Cooper employed at Boiling Down Est. at West Clive, making tallow casks
Tuesday 27 Dec 1870
CHAPMAN : At Edenham, on 18th inst, wife of Alfred CHAPMAN Esq, of a son.

HERRICK : At Napier, on 24th inst, wife of J.L. HERRICK Esq, of a daughter

CAULTON : At Napier, on 25 th inst, wife of S.C. CAULTON, of a daughter

Frederick SUTTOn - Storekeeper - Napier
Roope BROOKING - clerk to Mr LYNDON
John MACFARLANE- Blacksmith - Spit
Joseph HAMON- Manager of Hawkes Bay Brewing Co.
Marena TINI - Chief - Pakowhai. His brother Matenga was a shearer.

Friday 30 Dec 1870
NEAL : At Napier, on 24th inst, wife of J. NEAL, of a daughter.

TIFFEN : At Elmshill, on 24th inst, wife of Frederick TIFFEN, of a son.

Deaths MACSHANE : at Sea, aboard the ship " Glenmark", on her voyage from England to Canterbury, Eugene MACSHANE Esq, formerly surgeon to her Majesty's forces in New Zealand.

HASTIE : At Napier, on 28th inst, Gregory HASTIE. Ages 34 years.

Inquest - At the Three Brothers Hotel, Te Aute, before C.R. ENGLISH Esq, Coroner and the jury on the body of John CARTNEY, who had met his dath the day before, by falling off the front seat of Cobb's Coach between Paki Paki & Te Aute.
Patrick COGHLAN - Driver of the coach, said defendant and three others were picked up at Davy's Public House, Pukahu. They had all been drinking. He fell from the coachand the wheels of te coach passed over his body.
Verdict - Accidental death, caused by falling from the front of Cobb & Co. Coach, when he was in a state of intoxication.

John Henry TRASK - Publican - Crown Hotel - Spit
Thomas RICE - Constable - Napier
William Robert BLYTHE - Salesman - Messrs NEWTON , IRVINE & CO.


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