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Hawkes Bay Weekly Times
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspapers
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine, and her Fantastic team
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HBWT 6 Jan 1868

Births BIBBY-At Waipawa on the 1st Jan, Mrs E Bibby, of a daughter.

McCREEDY-At Te Wairoa, on the 16th December, the wife of John McCreedy, Military Settler, of a son.

Marriage LEE-POWELL-At Napier, on the 2nd January, 1868,by the Rev J TOWNSEND, Richard Egan LEE A.A. formerly of H M C S, to Susas Seline, youngest daughter of the late Mr Thos POWELL, of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.

Death VAUTIER-At Napier, on the 30th December, Theodore Arthur Ernest, infant son of Mr and Mrs J H Vautier, aged 3 weeks.
HBWT 6 Jan 1868

Summary on Page 2-Hanging of Robert WILSON-Final day.
Alleged Confession of TRICKER-RAYNOR Murder. Letters to Editor plus column.
Also letter from Arthur STOCK Wellington re Petition to the Govt regarding possible innocence.

HBWT 13 Jan 1868

Birth McCREEDY-At Te Wairoa on the 16th December the wife of John McCREEDY, Military Settler of a son.

Deaths CURLING-At his residence, Te Kopanga, on the 3rd inst, Edward Spencer CURLING, Esq., aged 53 years.

JEW-Drowned at Napier, on the 6th inst., Wm John, son of Samuel JEW, steward of the s.s. Star of the South, aged 2 years and three months.

MORTON-At his residence Napier Hotel, on the 7th inst., of apoplexy, Mr Henry Luttrell MORTON, aged 42 years.

HBWT 20 Jan 1868

Marriage MARSH-HOWELL-At Clyde, Wairoa, on Thursday, 16th January, 1868, by the Rev Father REIGNIER, Mr Herbert MARSH, late of Buckingham Place, Cork, Ireland, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Edward HOWELL of Napier. Hawke's Bay N.Z.
HBWT 20b Jan 1868

Governor Hunia, a friendly native, to whose exertions Dr FEATHERSTON was indebted for much of his success in the settlement of the Manawatu land dispute, has received from England the very becoming and handsome present of a full suit of Highland chieftain's costume. The liberal donor was Mr KENNARD, who became acquainted with HUNIA during a recent visit to the Colony, having visited the Manawatu district in company with Dr FEATHERSTON at the time the negotiations were pending. Governor HUNIA will doubtless show himself off to advantage during the expected visit of the duke of Edinburgh.

A Goat Case. In the Resident Magistrate's Court on Tuesday last, Mr R G HAWES sued Mr McMURRAY, of the Shamrock Hotel for damages for detention and use of a ewe-goat, purchased by prosecutor from Mr DYETT. Defendant proved that he had previously purchased the goat from Mr DYETT, and the case was dismissed.

HIGGINS V SWANSON- A man named SWANSON was sued by L HIGGINS, boot maker for the sum of 1 pound, damage to a pair of boots nearly new, which had been left with him for repairs. Not knowing where to find the owner he had left them in his workshop for some months. He missed them and found that defendant had worn them out. Judgment for defendant.
HBWT 27 Jan 1868
Births TYLEE-At Napier, on Tuesday, 21st January, the wife of J T TYLEE Esq., of the Commissariat Department, of a son.

CARTER-On the 22nd January, the wife of J C Lambton CARTER, of a daughters.

Napier Rifle Club- handed in by Mr F W GARNER Hon Secretary to the Rifle Club.



Magistrate's Court
STUART & Co v McGREEVY. Claim for 10pound- defendant, who belongs to the firm SEBLEY & McGreevy, carriers. A new account was opened in the ledger, and error was not discovered until after a settlement had been came to. Defendant afterwards refused to pay as charged, alleging he had already done so. Plaintiff was non suited and there was a prime facie case before the Magistrate.

Earthquake-A slight shock of earthquake was felt in Napier shortly before 10am Wednesday; another on Sunday (yesterday) afternoon.

Schedule of Unagricultural Land for Auction at the Crown Lands Office at Napier on Thursday 12th March 1868, at noon.

Kapuawhara Block Application Nos 1792, 1797,1797,1806, 1808.

HBWT 27 Jan 1868sh

Another Wreck at Auckland Islands Seventy-Three lives Lost. Ten Survivors rescued after 18 month's imprisonment (From the Nelson Examiner, 10th January.)

On Sunday night last, nine men and one woman, the survivors of the crew and passengers of the American ship General Grant, eight-three in number, who sailed from Melbourne on the 4th May 1866, were landed at Bluff Harbor, by the whaling brig Amherst, having been rescued from the Auckland Islands on the 21st November last, where the General Grant was wrecked upwards of eighteen months previously.

The names of the survivors brought off by the Amherst are:- Mary Ann JEWEL (stewardess), Joseph JEWEL, William FERGUSON, Patrick COUGHEY, Nicholas ALLEN, Cornelius DREW, James TEER, A M SANGILLY, A HARPMAN and David ASHWORTH.
HBWT 27 Jan Land 1868

Grantees, Crown Lands Office, dated Napier, 21 Jan, 1868.

1702 Allan McMASTER Block No 148 Ruataniwha
1703 John BINSLEY Block No 14 Wakarara
1704 Joshua LEAR Block 7 Wakarara
1705 Wm CANNON Block 20 Wakarara
1706 Joseph GOSNELL Block 16 Wakarara
1707 John COE Block 18 Wakarara
1708 Wm PEAKMAN Block 17 Wakarara
1709 Thomas NEAGLE Block 17 Wakarara
1710Patrick FLANAGAN Block 199 Ruataniwha
1711 Charles HUDSON Block 8 Wakarara
1712 Joseph ROBINSON Block 21 Wakarara
1713 John ROBOTTOM Block 80 Western Side of Harbor
1714 John Jude TAYLOR Block 26 Mohaka
1715 Thomas SCULLY Block 175 Ruataniwha
1716 Edward HOWELL Block 81 Western Side of Harbor
1717 Adama A MATHERS Block 13 Wakarara
1718 Michael HALLIDAY Block 19 Wakarara
1719 G E G RICHARDSON and E TOWGOOD Sections No 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, and 15, Nuhaka
HBWT 3 Feb 1868

Attempted Suicide-The Wllington Independent, Jan 28, says:- On Friday last, Mr RICGARDSON, landlord of the Waaigawa Ferry House, attempted suiced by cutting his throat with a razor.

Suicide of Charlotte DAWSON- also known as Nancy DAWSON, who was some time ago a resident in Hawke's Bay. From the Westport Times, ***Full account of- Available upon request to Elaine.

HBWT 17b Feb 1868

Committed for Trial- the man named James DOUGLASS, charged with the wilful murder of Hugh CARMICHAEL, at German Valley, Waimea, on the 1st December 1867, has been committed for trial at the next criminal sittings of the Supreme Court. DOUGLASS has confessed to having committed the dreadful deed.

Shortland- Arrangements are being made to erect an English church in the above township.

Fiji Islands-The Melbourne Argus advocates Australia taking possessio of the Fiji Islands.

The Late murderous assault at Parnell- On the case of Joseph CAMPBELL, charged with assaulting his wife with intent to kill and murder her, being called on, there was no appearance of the accused, and Mr NAUGHTON said he had to make a rather peculiar application in this case- for a remand without the appearance of the prisoner; but he (Naughton) had received a Medical Certificate that prisoner was unable to attend; in consequence of illness, and was in the Gaol Hospital, and doing well. He would ask the Bench for a remand for a week. This was granted accordingly-Evening News 11th February.

HBWT 24b Feb 1868

Bits and pieces. The Tarndale Tragedy- The Nelson papers report at length the inquiry before the Coroner relative to the murder of German CHARLIE and suicide of the murderer, Ivanhoe Stanley AUGARDE. A brief report as telegraphed by the Wellington Independent. German Charlie had been entrusted by AUGARDE to convey a letter to a Miss GEE, a young lady to whom the latter had been paying his addresses; that he had opened it and showed it all round the neighbourhood, in order, as he said, to "spite Ivy." The young man resented this, and a fight ensued with the German, the former, it appears came off second best.

AUGARDE subsequently obtained a rifle and shot him dead. He then subsequently blew his own brains out. Facts,-"murder" in the one case, and "felo'-de-se" in the other.

Murder at German Gully, Hokitika- A man named James Douglas, committed for trial by the Hokitika magistrates, on charge of murdering Hugh CAMPBELL, 6 December last. Body was found by Charles DAY, secreted in a water-hole on the 17th December On the 22nd he confessed to the murder to a fellow-prisoner named Thomas WILLIANS. Conversation heard by Constable HICKSON.

Death by drowning-The Wairarapa Mercury says:- A man by the name of James or Joh KENNEDY met his death by drowning in the Tinui River near Castle Point a short time ago. It appears that the unfortunate man had been sly grogging at Wakataki, and shortly afterwards when returning to work, suffered from a attack of delirium tremens. Owing to their being no Magistrate the remains were consigned to the ground without an inquest. We may mention that particulars of the death inquired into by Mr MAUNSELL, and no suspicion of foul play is entertained. We hope that government will see the necessity of appointing a Coroner there as soon as possible, as this is not the first time that a body or victims of accident have been buried without an inquest. There has been one in that place since Dr SMITH left.

Death of Mr William GARNER of Wanganui- Mr William GARNER, son of Mr John GARNR, of Wanganui has met his death under painful circumstances. There was no doubt on the minds of his friends that he was suffering from aberration of intellect. On Friday he accompanied his brother-in-law Mr J PEAKE to Kai Iwi, where he remained until Saturday night, and after he retired, got up dressed, and disappeared. His lifeless body was found about 180 yards from Mr PEAK's house. He had committed self-destruction by cutting his throat whilst labouring under a fit of temporary insanity.

HBWT 2 March 1868
Marriage RYMER-HARVEY. At Napier on 27th February by Rev G MORICE, Mr G RYMER to Miss Ann HARVEY of Napier

Full account Page 3 of fighting at Opotiki as at Feb 11th.
Wounded Michael GLENNON severely.
Fredk JONES Volunteer Rangers.

Cavalry called out to escort Major MAIR.

HBWT 2nd March b 1868

The Auckland papers record the total wreck at Hokianga, on the 3rd February of the brig Fortune, and the loss of ten lives- only one man being saved.

Fire at Waipuna Stockade at that time occupied by the Hawke's Bay Constabulary, almost totally destroyed by fire.

Racecourse Boots-These wer Grand Stand Booth, to Mr ASHTON, at 20 pounds, two others, to Messrs MANEY and HASTIE at 7 pound each.

Gazette. Mr E LAMPLOUGH, resigned the appointment of Ferryman at Waihua, and Mr James HAMSHAR has been appointed.

John Davies ORMOND appointed to Deputy Superintendent,

HBWT 16March 1868

Marriage QUICK-THOMAS- On the 4th ult, at the residence of John KEBBELL, Esq., Taranaki Place, Wellington, by the Rev W KIRK Wesleyan Minister, William Henry, eldest son of the Rev W A QUICK, President of HORTON College, Ross, Tasmania, to Anne Elizabeth, only daughter of Capt George THOMAS, Wellington.


"Hawke's Bay desires to come under the General Government; she has exhausted her land fund, and is wise enough to know that without a land fund a Province cannot exist. She takes time by the forelock, wishing to retire with credit to herself."-Mr CARLETON in the Auckland Provincial Council.

HBWT 16th March 1868

Local News Accident-On Thursday last, as a milk cart belonging to Mr TORR, was going up Shakespeare Rd, the horse, from some cause, began to jib, and backed into the bank; one of the wheels coming in contact with a large boulder, the cart capsized. Two boys respectively Jas. CONNOR and Joseph JEFFARES, were thrown violently out, but only received slight injuries. The horse (which did not sustain any serious injury) was quickly extricated from the harness.

Forming and Metalling- Sealed tenders are invited for metalling 1 mile of main road between the Big Bush and Wahaparata, and for metalling 1 mile and 23 chains from Wahaparata towards Havelock-these to be given in by noon on Saturday, the 21st March.

Also for re-metalling 86 chains of the Te Aaute Road, between Kaikora and Messrs SEBLEY and McGREEVY's; for metalling 17 chains near Waipawa, at Mr COUPER's; for metalling 40 chains between Waipawa and Waipukurau; and for forming about 34 chains of the Porangahau road through the Motuataraia Bush- these to be given in by noon on Saturday the 28th March.

Poverty Bay-A gentleman from this district informs us that affairs between the government and natives there are in a very anomalous position. He states that the Land Court has sat twice at Poverty Bay, but that each time the Crown Agent has objected to all claims.

In consequence a large number of natives headed by Henare POTAE, a friendly chief, assembled in front of the Court House, and sang a song abusing the Government, and accused them of preventing dealings with the Europeans. A very large number of European residents openly express their sympathy with the natives, considering that the neglect of this splendid district by the Government during the last two years has been entirely obstructive to colonization.

The Hon John MORPHETT's son was drowned in the Sturt, Adelaide, on the 26th ult, while fishing.

Canterbury-Headlines Trial for murder Sentence of Death Murder of John RANKIN by John Densley SWALE with a verdict of guilty. Also known as John Swale
Sentenced to death by Mr Justice GRESSON.

HBWT 23 March 1868

The Horse-Stealing cases-Two cases were Hard on Monday last before the Resident Magistrate's Court. The first cased was a horse taken in Waipukurau and traced step by step and found in possession of a policeman named DONNELLY, who had purchased it from prisoners, John CAMPBELL, and James HUGHES. The prisoners were traced to Wellington and Marlborough where they were apprehended through the Electric Telegraph Agency. Prisoners remanded for evidence of the owner, the horse is now at Opotiki

Second cased was a horse belonging to John ROSE, of Clive. This horse had been turned out and found in possession of prisoner James PARKER, (of the same place). The horse it seemed, had been taken in error by the prisoner, who had supposed it to be the one he had directed to take by a third party. The case was dismissed.

Specimen of Quartz containing Gold- Captain GOLDSMITH displayed by him finding it on the Kati Kati Block.

HBWT 23b March 1868

Local News.

Artesian Well-We understand that another attempt is about to be made to bore an artesian well within the Town of Napier.

Vagrancy- A man named Louis BAKER, a Frenchman, was recently sentenced to three months imprisonment for vagrancy at the Resident Magistrate's Court Wairoa; was brought up to Napier in the p.s. Cleopatra on Tuesday last, to undergo the term of his imprisonment in Napier gaol. This man we may state, is also suspected of having been with the Hau Haus, fighting against the European settlers, but as yet nothing can be proved against him.

From Canterbury-Summary of news.

Stabbing Case-heard before Resident Magistrate,
C C BOWEN, Esq., on Saturday and Monday, 7th and 9th inst. The prisoner Mr H MONAGAN, was charged with stabbing G T FRISBY.-Plaintiff is likely to recover and evidence was taken from his hospital bed. Prisoner committed for trial at the next sitting of the Supreme Court.

Hester HOPKINS- In the Police Court, on the 9th March, sent to the Lunatic Asylum for safe custody. The Resident Magistrate remarked that a copy of her statement would be sent to England, and that action would be taken on the information given.

Medical Attendance- A medical gentleman in Canterbury has started a Medical Provident Society, for the purpose of supplying the working classes with medicine and attendance, by means of weekly payments; namely, for adults, sixpence per week, for children under twelve years, threepence per week.
HBWT 30 March 1868

Marriage CAMPBELL-McKIRDY- On the 21st inst, by th Rev J S MUIR of St Andrew's Church, Wellington, John CAMPBELL, of Hawke's Bay, to Margaret McKIRDY, lately arrived by the Leichardt, from Scotland.

Deaths HARDING-At Southampton, on the 3rd January, 18668, Mrs Mary Ann HARDING, relict of the late Mr Thomas HARDING, of Salisbury, Wils, aged 78 years.

IRVINE- At Airlie Mount, Napier, on the 26th inst, Alexander IRVINE, Esq., age 46 years.

>From Wellington Independent "Extra" March 27, 8.30 p.m.

Intelligence from Hon Mr RICGARDSON: Telegrams from Hokitika were received last night by the General Government. Everything quiet, but the people were in a state of excitement. The Celtic Cross had been removed from the cemetery some days. Father LARKIN, had applied to the authorities to be allowed to erect it again. This request was refused. Six hundred special constables had been sworn in during the day, which were increased to one thousand last night. Father LARKIN, had been arrested without exciting any disturbance.
The Colonial Government steamer St Kilda, had been despatched this morning to Patea, for the purpose of conveying a detachment of Armed Constabulary stationed there to Hokitika, to the number of sixty-five, in aid of local force should such be necessary.
Bishop VIARD, of Wellington, and his priests at Hokitika, Fathers McTAGGETT and McDONOUGH, have shown the greatest interest in aiding in the preservation of peace and order, and are entitled to the thanks of the community.

Special Item
Mysterious disappearance-Anxiety is felt regarding the safety of Mr WEAVER, the recently appointed inspector of telegraphs, who has not been seen since the early part of the week. It will be in the recollection of our readers that the missing gentleman was a witness for the plaintiffs in the late case KENNARD V FEATHERSTON, and that on his non-appearance his subpoena was called on-Wellington Independent, 13th March.

HBWT 6 April 1868

Headlines Sir George BOWEN and Lady BOWEN and family arrived at Auckland 25ult in s.s. Wellington to a enthusiastic welcome.

More Native Land disturbances Stoppage of the Road from Tauranga to Patatere.
Seizure of Mr BUCKLAND and FIRTH- Cattle by KING natives.
Heavy gales of wind, principally from the westward, have been experienced in Napier during the past week.

Wairoa Rifle Volunteers-Clement T SAUNDERShas been appointed Captain. Date of Commission 4th February, 1868.

Revising Officer-George Andrew OLIVER, Esq., has been appointed Revising Officer for the Electoral Districts of Clive and Napier.

Other Districts. Fire in Auckland-A destructive fire took place in Vincent street Auckland, on the 20th March, by which seven houses were totally destroyed.

An obituary notice in the Melbourne papers announcing the death of Mr George MARSHALL, the well known cricketer, at the early age of 37 years.

Notice to Immigrants-per ship Montmorency are informed that the second instalment of their passage money is overdue. Legal proceedings for the recovery of the same will be taken unless prompt payment is made.

Armed Constabulary-The following appointments in the New Zealand gazette dated, 25th March:-
Lieut Colonel George Stoddart WHITMORE to be Commandant date of Commission, 29th October 1867.

Major James FRASER to be Inspector, date of commission 29th October 1867.

Lieut Arthur TUKE to be Sub-Inspector, date of commission 29tth October 1867.

Lieut William Airey RICHARDSON to be Sub-ionspector, date of commission, 30th October 1867.

Child scalded to death- Account as per the Wakatip Mail of the 19th ult; "An inquest was held at Lake Hayes on Saturday last, before Lowther BROAD, Esq., Coroner, on the body of Frank MARSHALL, of Lake Hays Farm. The deceased who was only 15 months old pulled a cup of tea off the table; the hot liquid scalded the child severely over the chest, neck and stomach, and it died the next day from the shock. The jury after hearing evident from the doctor, returned a verdict to that effect The coroner, in summing up, warmly complimented James COLVILLE (a lad about 11 years old), and half-brother of deceased, for the efforts he made at the time of the accident to alleviate the pain of the poor little sufferer."

Native outrage at Patea- The Wanganui Times under date 24th March:" A settler named BAYLEY, residing on his own purchased land, a short distance from Kakaramea, was ordered off by a native, he refused to go. The native then came back 2 days later with some others, chopped up and destroyed the whole of his timber, and again ordered him off. Mr BOOTH should now do his duty firmly and impartially as Resident Magistrate, and not withstanding the manner in which Colonel McDONNELL has been treated, see that the decisions of the Magistrate carried out, and not allow Mr PARRIS to prevent settlements in those fine districts.
HBWT13th April 1868

Local news. Special Constable Mr John DAVERN appointed at Hampden.

Lengthy letter from F A DUNCAN Ruataniwha dated March 26 1869 to the regard to Provincialism, Centralism and other matters.

Page 4
District Court Mr Alexander McLEAN Raukawa, v John McDOUGALL, boundary shepherd claim of expenses.
Deposed Henderson James TWIG overseer, for the plaintiff.


Bankruptcy-On behalf of J J FELLS adjudged-application by Mr LEE

Release applied for Mr Thomas MULHERN-non appearance. Adjourned for 3 months.
HBWT 20 April 1868

Karaka Goldfields-The body of a miner identified as William MATHER discovered in one of the old shafts on the morning of the 7th instant.

At Onehunga a littler boy named BEDFORD, aged nine, fell from his father's horse, and dragged for some distance with his head on the ground, sustaining severe injuries. Little hope is entertained of his recovery.

At the same place a little girls Margaret McKENZIE has been poisoned by eating of the combustible matter from wax vestas.

Melancholy and fatal accident on Wednesday 8th a person named Edward MALCOLM lost his life. The deceased was a sail maker and having finished business for the day, leaving his work room fell down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck, and fracturing the base of his skull. His son a lad aged 11 who was with him at the time stayed by his body for an hour, hoping that someone.would come to his help.

Township of Parnell has had a very narrow escape from the destruction by fire. The kitchen of a house in the occupation by a Mr EDWARDS was discovered to be in flames, but for the prompt action by Mr COPLAND, it was checked in time.

Two prisoners named KELLY and CAMPBELL had effected their escape from Mount Eden Stockade.

The Falcon arrived alongside the Wellington Wharf. The company of the 18th Regiment under Captain DAWSON, debarked. She leaves for Hokitika this afternoon.

O'FARRELL found guilty on 30tth March and sentenced to death by Judge CHEEKE.
HBWT 27 April 1868
Birth DURHAM-At Nelson on the 6th April, Mrs F DURHAM(wife of the late Thomas DURHAM) of a son.

Death DURHAM-At Collingwood, Nelson, on the 27th March, in his 50 year, after a long and painful illness, Thomas DURHAM, formerly of her Majesty's R.N. The deceased was present at the relief and capture of Lucknow, for which he wore a medal, as also Crimean and Burmese medals-Nelson examiner.

HBWT 4 May 1868 Page
Birth JOHNSON at Wellington 21st April, wife of Mr Joseph JOHNSON, later of Napier, of a daughter.

Drunk and Disorderly-At the insistence of Mr McNALTY-Ann SEARLES sentenced to pay a fine of 2 pounds plus costs, or in default, prison for using profane and obscene language in Carlyle Street.

Horrible cruelty to a cat by a man named James MYTTEN charged at the Resident Magistrate Court for causing the death of a cat by throwing it into a copper of boiling water. The cat belonged to Mr BOWERN of the Commercial Hotel. He was fined on of the biggest ever under the Act. He also had the cheek to write a letter to Mrs BOWERN asking for the money to keep him out of prison.

Impounded at Meanee by James HAWKINS, George HESLOP, S.G. BRANDON.

S JEW-London Shop and Coffee Shop Hastings Street Napier.

For sale 20 water colour drawings by Mr T S KEMP.
HBWT 11th May 1868

Page 3

Article-Native Representation

Nominations of Candidates for Provincial Election.
Mr H GROOM proposed Mr Thomas EDWARDS Seconded T MORRISON
J.G.KINROSS proposed Arthur Bingham FERARD seconded Mr H S TIFFEN
Mr R BRENTON addressed the meeting on behalf of Mr EDWARDS.

Artillery Corps for the Spit-A spirited effort by the young men on the Spit to organise a Artillery Corps- Already upwards of 40 names have been signed to a requisition to Captain KENNEDY of the Napier Militia.
HBWT 11th May 1868 Page 4

Court News. James DEMPSEY-cattle stealing- property of George SPENCE, blacksmith Puketapu. Following Jury empanelled. H BRANSON, G F GIBBS, Edward HOWSE, G H NORRIS, H STAPLETON, W HUGHES, Luke BETHEL, C H WILSON, George WORGAN, John JOLL, Charles DAY, A McCORMICK laborer at Puketapu who saw heifer in Mr ELLISON's paddock at Omahu. Jury after short consultation found not guilty.

William RICHARDSON-indicted for burglary- store of F H DROWER Waipukurau. Jury:- F CURTIS, John HARVEY, Luke BETHEL, James HASTIE, Peter RUSSLL, G F GIBBS, C H WILSON, W LORD, JOHN, WHITE, H TROUTBECK, Edward COLLISON. Deposed; James DAVIDSON, W GOODWIN, James BENNETT AT policeman. Found guilty 4 years penal servitude.

P.O.Theft-Richard CLIFTON-sent to gaol with three years hard labor. Had no option said the Magistrate under the present law, he also stated that the gaoler has assured him that the lad wouldbe kept apart from the other prisoners

James HUGHES and John CAMPBELL on 2 charges of horse stealing.
One-property of John EVANS a carpenter at Meanee-Deposed Ann LESSINGTON married woman residing at Karori Wellington.

Two- property of Archibald INGRAM of Rangitiki. Verdict of guilty both counts with 10 years penal servitude each.

Criminal sitting-Friday May 8th- Friday 8th May-stealing from a Post Office- Grand Jury found a true bill against Richard CLIFTON of items taken from Branch of Hastings Street Post Office. Prisoner pleaded guilty- lad only 10 years of age. A plea Mr Mr LEE asking for someone to take care of the child. Meanwhile matter would stand over while further deliberation needed before sentence could be passed.

Thomas FLOYD indicted for illegally on premises of dwelling of one Thos COLLINS with intent to commit a felony. Jury:-John HARDY, John WHITE, Peter RUSSELL, Wm WITHERS, John FERGUSON, H TROUTBECK, James HASTIE, W LORD, W VILLERS, J MITTON, E COLLINS, F CURTIS. Prisoners pleaded not guilty. Deposed; Thomas and Elizabeth COLLINS. Verdict guilty- 2 years with hard labor.
HBWT 11 May P4
Death Captrain H WHITBREAD late of H M 73 Regiment Wanganui. Fell on his head after fall from his horse on Monday last. No serious consequences from the hurt he received; but an apoplectic fit subsequently seized him causing his death. Wellington Jnl 11 May

John BAPTIST and son Nursery and Seesman Surry Hills Sydney NSW
Joh HAGUE-Butcher Carlyle Street Napier
BALDWIN & HIGGINS-butchers Napier

Serious accident through drink and furious riding at White Road Taradale- valuable horse killed and 2 lives placed in jeopardy. Mr Thomas H M Customs was riding towards town and TAREHA newly elected to House of Representatives with a gang of Maories collided and both thrown from horses with considerable force, Mr Thomas is improving after being insensible for 4-5 hours- TAREHA suffered some disfigurements from his wounds.

Civil Cases-
Deposed- James WATT-Watt Bros-Dealing with Messrs STOPFORD and GETHIN sheep farmers at Wairoa owing about 2000 pounds.
Alexander GETHIN-came to Hawke's Bay about 1865 and entered p/ship.
Edward LAMPLOUGH, William James BIRCH, Montagu STOPFORD, George Neville DODD.

HBWT 18 May 1868 P3

Death DIXON- May 14th at Wellington, Mr Joseph DIXON, brewer, aged 53 years- deeply regretted- by large circle of friends.

Marriage FITZHERBERT-KNOX-On Monday April 27, at St John's Church Johnsonville Wellington, by Rev Thomas FANCOURT,, Mr Herbert H FITZHERBERT of Grassleas Porirua, to Janet McLEAN, youngest daughter of Dr KNOX Johnsonville.

Anchorage at Wangawehi- Mr GREENING alias "Happy Jack" keeps a light burning in his window every night wind is blowing from southward without any renumeration whatever-this is the only or beacon between Auckland to Wellington and distance of within 500 miles. Perhaps the poor man could be reimbursed with oil used or even Government look to a light house on the East Coast.
HBWT 25th May 1868

Marriage YOUNG -ENRIGHT On 16th may at ORR's Restaurant, by Rev John MOIR, Mr Chas YOUNG to Susannah ENRUGHT both of Wellington.

Death-TANNER at Napier 22 inst., Henry Selwood TANNER, 2nd son of Thomas TANNER Esq., aged 7 years.

HBWT 1 June 1868 Page 3

Resignation of Mr WATT the member for Rangitikei- Independent 20th May. Great North Road-Tenders by Provincial Government-remetaling 40 chains.
The Detachment of the 18th Regiment stationed in Napier were served out the Snider Rifle which are computed to fire 10 shots a minute.
Wellington Independent states that Major CHUTE having completed inspection of the 18th Regt has taken his departure for Australia-The gallant General has not yet paid a visit to Napier where there are two companies of the Royal Irish.

Otago-Headlines-Political Defeat and Resignation of Provincial Government.

Page 2 Fire loss at Taranaki. A young man named HIRIAN-from Correspondent of N Z Herald-dated New Plymouth May 19th.

Total destruction of Royal Hotel-kept by Mr COTTIER-situated Cnr Devon and Liardey streets, not far from the Wesleyan Chapel.

HBWT 8 June 1868

Birth WORSP-At Parnell, Auckland- On 31st May, wife of Capt H WORSP, of a daughter.
HBWT 15 June P3.

Provincial Council Meeting on Wednesday.
Death of a prisoner named BROWN-Died on Saturday last at the gaol-consumption cause of his death-formerly a Private in H M 14th Regiment-In 1864 conviction of horse stealing and sent to prison 4 years with hard labor.

Mr Wm MILLER has been appointed Gaoler in lieu of Mr Thomas BARNABY who has resigned.

Mr William MILLER and David Earl
LINDSAY builders have dissolved their partnership.
HBWT 22 June 1868 Page 3
Manslaughter-Man named William Henry MONAGHAN convicted at Christchurch for manslaughter of George FRISBY-4 years penal servitude.

Fire at Onehunga Court House Hotel-Burnt to the Ground. -N Z Herald 13th June.

Page 4
Snow Accident-Tuapeka Press-feared to be fatal and occurred near Mr ROBERT's Station (near Tapanui). During heavy snow storm it appears that a man named MURRAY returning to the station with a dray. Horses came home without him. He has not been found and we feel the poor fellow chances. Snow on the road lay 2 feet

HBWT 29th June 1868

Arrival Mr Carl SCHAFER the great Pedestrian traveller-arrived in town on Wednesday overland from Wellington.

Cutter-Dolphin-fate of this vessel a matter of painful uncertainty.

Wm Archibald MURRAY-Dated at Waihuna June 1868
Re letters patent- objections to Mr John B BENNETT Esq., Register General Wellington.
Notice inserted J CHEER at Meanee.

HBWT 6 July 1868 Page 3

Marriage JOHNSON-SKELTON-At St John's Church Napier, on 27th June, by Rev John TOWNSEND, Mr John T JOHNSON to Miss Maria SKELTON of Reigate, Surrey, England.

"Painful sudden death of a settler at Mohaka"***Summary only, abridged by Elaine

Mr John ALLEN after returning home from Napier arrived at Mr FINLAYSON's Waiakari-left there with some grog- Horse found next morning straying on PEARCE Bros run- Body not found until 23rd lying in the fern by the road quite dead-inquest held before S DEIGHTON Esq., R.M., Coroner and Jury of chief settlers of the District with the Foreman Mr T A PEARSE.- Verdict died while in a fit of apoplexy-post Mortem held by Dr ORMOND- Funeral held shortly after the inquest-in absence of a clergyman burial service performed by Mr PEARSE.
HBWT 13 July 1868

Suicide on the West Coast Gold fields- A chinaman named Ah HUNH better know as teapot.-Hanging himself in his cell after a stabbing incident and a sentence of 2 years imprisonment.

Fatal accident-Wangarei. Adolphus BACKMAN, a seaman on board ARGO-knocked overboard on sea between Auckland-Wangarei-was picked up after 10 minutes in the water.
Inquest held by Sir Osborne GIBBES, Bart.
Buried at Wangarei Wednesday last-N Z Herald July 11th
HBWT 20 July 1868


ARRIVAL OF VON TEMPSKY AT PATEA- Armed Constabulary about 100 from Waikato arrived in the Sturt on Wednesday.-Under Col McDONNELL. Armed Constabulary at Waihi "under Captain HUNTER, Captains McDONNELL and WALKER and at Turuturumoki Captain ROSS has a small detachment." Captain NEWLAND's squadron of cavalry,, led by HONI, the chief who once nearly caught General CAMERON at Nukumaru.

THE WELLINGTON RANGERS AT THE FRONT-encamped in the redoubt at Waingongoro under Capt PAGE, Lieuts, HASTINGS and HUNTER and Ensign NORMAN.



HBWT 27 July 1868

Birth BENDALL at Napier, on the 20th July, the wife of Captain Will BENDALL, of the s.s. Star of the South, of a son.

HBWT 3 August 1868
Page 3 Awfully sudden death-Mr SAND, General Manager for Cobb & Co's coaches at Otago, died on July 20 in an awfully sudden manner. He had taken his breakfast, and while in the act of rising from his chair, he fell down dead.

The Port Chalmer's Dock-Mr MACANDREW, Superintendent of Otago, performed the ceremony on July 20 of wheeling the first barrowful of earth for the new Dock at Port Chalmers.

The Hansard Reporting Staff-It would appear that one at least of the above staff have broken down, and we learn from the New Zealand Herald, that the head reporter had written to Auckland for Mr W MITCHELL, one of the best shorthand writers in the Colony, and chief reporter on the Daily Southern Cross staff.

Earthquake-A slight shock of earthquake was felt in Napier last Friday night.

Sealed tenders- will be received until noon tomorrow for leasing the weighbridge on the Eastern Spit.

Captain WITHERS-as paymaster of the Colonial Forces-was to have proceeded to Poverty Bay in the 'Waipara' on Saturday last, but for some reason did not go.

Insubordination-Three volunteer prisoners were brought to town, from Poverty Bay, on Friday last, charged with the above offence. They were discharged shortly after arrival.

Captain VILLEMANS, of H I M's s.s. 'Dorade,' was a passenger by the 'Rangitiria,' from Auckland, on Thursday last, en route for Wellington.

The 18th REGT-Referring to the order for the withdrawal, from the Colony, of the 18th Royal Irish.
HBWT 10th August 1868
Page 4.
The East Coast Engagement at Pararatu (Poverty Bay) >From the Correspondent of the New Zealand Herald.

Our quiet and peaceful district was suddenly thrown into a state of alarm and confusion on Sunday, July 12, by a report that the Hauhauas that were located at the Chatham Islands had taken French leave and landed on our coast, at a place called Whareongaonga, a few miles from Mr JOHNSON's sheep station.

On the news being spread that over 200 Hauhauas in an American or French whaler from the Chathams, Captain BIGGS, our Resident Magistrate and Commanding Officer, immediately ordered out the Cavalry Volunteers, and also every available man, including the friendly natives, they were served out with ammunition at the residence of Captain WESTRUPP and......................................more! abridged by Elaine.

Killed and wounded July 20
F HILNON, gunshot wound in mouth, slight.
F.EVANS, gunshot wound in shoulder, slight.
Charles FERRIS, gunshot wound in face, slight.
Robert GOLDSMITH, gunshot wound in arm and side, severe.
John PILBROW, gunshot wound in arm, slight.
Thomas WREN, gunshot wound in back, slight.
William WOOD, gunshshot wound, dead.
Wi KAORO, gunshot wound, dead.
Leckey FARRELL, gunshot wound in shoulder and arms, not expected to live.
Signed William BROWN,
` Assistant Surgeon.
P.B.M. Rifle Volunteers.

In addition to the news from our correspondent, we have also received the following particulars. At the skirmish of Paparatu the Hauhaus succeed in capturing about seventy horses, with saddles and bridges, belonging to the settlers of the district The whole lot stolen estimated to be worth 1000 pounds.

The T.S.S. Waitara not having arrived from Opotiki with reinforcements, Col WHITMORE had decided to advance without them. On Sunday last he was about six miles beyond WESTRUPP's place. An attack would in all probability be made about Monday or Tuesday last..

Export of Live Stock-The Star of the South which steamed for Auckland, at a late hour last night, was the bearer of about 30 head of fine fat cattle, some fat sheep, and about 1 dozen horses.

Local The brig 'Maggie' Capt HOWIE, left this port on the 22nd June, with a cargo of wool, hides, &c, and four passengers, arriving at Sydney on the 21 July. She cleared Napier viz Newcastle on the 31 July. Passengers-Mrs and Miss ADAMS. Captain HOWIE, has resigned command of the Maggie-Captain ARNOLD being now in charge.

HBWT 17 August 1868

Sudden Death- Mr Norcott ATKINS, the respected Manager of the Hawke's Bay Boiling Down Company, on Tuesday evening last. We understand that the deceased gentleman was, at the time of his attack, engaged in selecting sheep from the flock of Mr TIFFEN, and that no warning of the impending stroke was observed by those in his company at the time. We learn that he leaves a widow and young family to mourn his untimely end.

It is feared that Captain CARR and Mr Davis CANNING have died, and that there are another seven casualties. Just briefly (my words-Elaine) European Forces were encamped on an island and the Hauhaus attacked. Further particulars awaited anxiously.


Six of our force killed and five wounded.
List of Killed and Wounded
About twelve of the enemy killed.
Dated Times Office, Monday, 10.30am.
By Wairoa Mail this morning, particulars from the CLYDE, Dated August 13.

WHITMORE's force were pressing forward to get at the enemy, when they were led into an ambuscade, and had to beat a hasty retreat. The rebels held a good position, and our loss is severe. The following is a list of the killed and wounded.

Killed Captain David CANNING, shot through the heart.
Captain CARR- unknown where.
Patrick CONDON, shot through the head.
William COATS, shot through the head.
One friendly native.

Patrick BURNS, shot through the body (since dead)
Jams BEATTIE, shot in the thigh
George McKAY (N.V.) shot in the shoulder
Captain TUKE, shot in the arm
John LEWIS, shot in the thigh (slight)
One friendly native.

On the enemy's side about twelve were seen to drop. The wounded were brought into Clyde this afternoon. The whole force appear to have had a very hard
time of it.

HBWT 24 August 1868

Death MAXWELL-On the 19th August, at his residence, the Parsonage, Bolton street Wellington, the Rev. Patrick Hay MAXWELL, aged 49 years.

Marriage MOORE-CANNING-On June 25, at the parish Church, Weyhill, Hants, by the Rev Robert COLE, M A. officiating Chaplain to the Earl of Rosslyn, formerly colonial chaplain Wellington, New Zealand, assisted by the Rev J M HALL M.A. George MOORE, Esq., of Wellington, New Zealand, to Elizabeth Mary, third daughter of the late Davis CANNING Esq., Ogbourne, St.Andrews, Wilts.

Birth LEVER-At Meanee, on Sunday, 23 August, Mr J R LEVER, of a son.

Marriage. CANNING-McQueen At Mangatarata, on the 25th instant, by the Rev Samuel WILLIAMS, John Davis CANNING Esq., J P of Oakburne, to Elspeth, eldest daughter of the late John McQUEEN, Esq., of***?Achna?anet,***(very difficult to see what this name is) Strathspey, Inverness.

Local Headline

The Postage on Newspapers.

The question of the repeal of the impost of one penny on each newspaper transmitted through the Post Office was bought before the House of Representatives on the 19th inst., by Mr VOGEL.

Latest Telegrams Important from the Chatham Islands
Great Tidaal Waves
Total Destruction of Tupunga
Loss of life and property
(By Electric Telegraph)
Wellington Aaugust 28, noon.

By Evening Post's correspondent at Dunedin telegraphs as follows:-

The schooner Rifleman has just arrived from the Chatham Islands and brings sad news. On the 15 August the islands were visited by three tidal waves. The sea went inland about four miles. A house and its contents, belonging to Mr HAY, sheep farmer, was carried bodily to sea. Some Maoris in trying to save a boat which was being carried out to sea, were drowned. The settlement of Waitangi sustained great loss. A large quantity of Government stores destroyed and houses shifted and carried out to sea.

War on the West Coast (abridged by Elaine) Three killed was our loss and eight wounded.

Names of those killed are:
R WALLACE, KERR, and MACKAY. Dr WALKER was on the field, and attended to the wounded one of whom H GEAR has since died. At half past eleven Colonel Mc DONNELL commenced the march back he eventually arrived at Patea at midnight. The behaviour of both officers and men of our forces was excellent. No friendly natives took part in the above engagement.

The Wairoa mail has arrived, but with nothing of importance.
Mr GILLIES, one of the owners of the s.s. Star of the South, was a passenger by that vessel yesterday.
Flour in Auckland has fallen 5 pounds per ton-being now quoted at 19 pounds. The 20lb loaf is slling at 5d.
At Mr BUCKLAND's sale at Remuera on Thursday last, fat cattle from Napier averaged 16 pound per head.

The Telegraph-Our report only extends as far as Blenheim. An accident which happened to the wires south of this station, has prevented the arrival of the telegrams from the remainder of the stations.

Public meeting-held at Council Chamber Monday evening, to acknowledge the recent services of the Colonial Forces, and to express sympathy with the relatives of the fallen.

HBWT 7 Sept 1868

Headlines Page 2 Wairoa- Clyde 3rd September, 1868- Regarding Captain SAUNDERS-looking for enemy Parliament in session and Provincial Government

Advertisement dated 7th Sept 1868 No 370- Mr H E WEBB, Hastings Street, Napier-meeting his creditors and his statement of affairs.

TARANAKI (From the Correspondent of the New Zealand Herald) August 23, 1868

The overland mail from Patea arrived yesterday, but brings no intelligence of any active operations going on at the front. There must be nearly 1000 men under that district.
The Colonel with about 300 men, has made an advance but he took with him as a guide an old Maori woman, and being lost in the bush, had to return again to Patea. Honi PIHUMO (the mailman) states that the rebels are laughing at the delay, and declare that they shall have to attack McDONNELL before they will be able to get him to fight. The 300 natives from the upper Wanganui tribe, who were going to assist Colonel McDONNELL, are demanding 6s per day, their rations, and grog. The Court martial on Captain HUNTER has terminated in that gentleman's favour, evidence having been brought forward to prove that he was acting under orders. Two officers, I believe have been suspended, and will lose their commissions for indulging too freely.

Thanks-to Captain THOMPSON of the 'Colleen Bawn" for copy of the Wellington Evening Post, of the 28th ult.

Death by drowning-We (Evening Post August 228) regret to announce that a telegram was received from Castle Point this afternoon, containing the melancholy intelligence that Mr Harry BUXTON, was drowned in the Whareama river yesterday.

The Newcastle Chronicle of the 11th August, states that on the morning of the 10th a boat was capsized at the Ramsden paper mills in Victoria. It is said that a man named WILSON drowned.

Tenders-invited by the Provincial Government for forming about one mile of road through the Oero Bush, making about 40 chains of side cuttings, and doing other works on the road from Ngawakatatara to Oero; also for the purchase of the ferry punt and ferry house at Waitangi.
HBWT 14 Sept 1868

Editorial of about 2 and half columns- Headlines re REBEL CAUSE.

Marriage HUNT-RUSSELL At Upper Queen St Auckland, on the 10th September, by the Rev D BRUCE, William A HUNT Esq., of the Thames Gold fields, to Jessie FISKEN, second daughter of Mr John RUSSELL, settler, Auckland and formerly merchant in Glasgow and Melbourne.

Engagement at Ngutu o Te Manu Repulse of our Forces 19 Europeans Killed Lieutenant ROWAN dangerously wounded 27 Maories Killed

Electric Telegraph.) (From our own Correspondent-Wellington, Sept 9, 4p.m.) taken from a Wanganui Times "Extra" of Tuesday.

Colony will grieve to hear that Major Von TEMPSKEY is dead, but nobly fell in battle, and his equally brave fellow-officers Captain PALMER, Lieutenant HASTINGS, and Lieutenant HUNTER are also among the killed. Lieutenant ROWAN dangerously wounded. The names of those 14 other men killed are not recorded in the Intelligence to hand.

There is a column of Von TEMPSKY and his career-a whole column-available upon request to Elaine.)
HBWT 21 September 1868

Death of Mr Sandford ROWE- We regret to say that Mr Sandford ROWE, who performed in Auckland as a member of theatrical company of Mr George FAWCETT, died suddenly at Hokitika, on the 25th August. It appears that the deceased, who resided on the Hauhau Tramway, had been engaged in painting the "Casino de Venise," and had complained of pains in the region of the heart. He felt so unwell that Dr MOURILLYAN was sent for, who advised him to go to hospital at once. Deceased had hardly got as far as the door before he fell down and expired. Dr YOUNG held a post mortem examination of the body, and gave it as his opinion that deceased had died from "disease of the heart," and the coroner's jury returned a verdict in accordance. Deceased was 28 years of age. The West Coast Times, in recording the death, say:-"The deceased is brother of George and Thomas FAWCETT, the former of whom is on a starring engagement throughout England. His father is Mr ROWE, the very eminent lithograph! ic artist. There are few in New Zealand or Victoria who did not know 'Sandy FAWCETT.' He was a clever, kindly, generous hearted man, and one who did much more good for others, when it lay in his power, than he ever did to himself. His wife- formerly Kate GRANT-is, we believe at Charleston under a professional engagement.

Taranaki GREAT FIRE in Devon Street

Severe Shock of Earthquake-(Abridged by Elaine)

Store of Mr SHARLAND, Devon street, which resulted in the total destruction of the building and its contents, and has been the cause of disarranging and materially damaging
the type of our office. Fire was noticed by Constable DOUGHERTY. The Military under command of Captain THACKER, and Lieut NICOL, of the 18th Royal Irish, together with the Fire Brigade, headed by Captain HOLFORD, were quickly on the spot.more.............

HBWT Sept 21 1868

Deaths BAXTER-On the 15th inst, at her residence, Eastern Spit, Caroline, the wife of Mr R BAXTER, aged 29.

GROVES-On the 10th inst, at Castle Point, Sarah, the wife of Mr John GROVES, aged 20.

OGILVIE-At Nelson, on the 31st August, Mr James OGILVIE, of Her Majesty's Customs Nelson, aged 38 years.

POYNTER-At his residence Haven road, Nelson, on the 30th August, J POYNTER Esq., in his 68th year. Mr POYNTER was one of the oldest of our settlers, having sailed from England with the first body of emigrants for Nelson, in September, 1841, and arrived here in the Fifeshire, on the 1st February, 1842. The deceased gentleman held, for many years, several offices under the General as well as Provincial Government. Until quite recently. He filled the office of Resident Magistrate. Registrar of Deeds, Registrar of Marriages, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, and Provincial Treasurer. The latter office he resigned some 16 months ago; his General Government appointments were given up by him about four months since. He was also local Director of the Union Bank of Australia. Mr POYNTER's health had evidently been failing for some time, but he was at his office in town only a week before his death, when on his return home he was seized with paralysis, from which he never rec! overed. Mr POYNTER's hospitable board was well known to visitors, and the aged and infirm who resided near him have lost in the deceased a valued friend.-Nelson Examiner, September 1.

ROWE-At Hokitika, on the 25th August, from disease of the heart, Mr Sandford ROWE (better known as Mr Sandford FAWCETT), AGED 28 YEARS.

Local Headline

THE POLITICAL SITUATION- From the papers received on Tuesday night from Wellington by the s.s. Ahuriri, it would appear that the fate of the STAFFORD Ministry is rapidly approaching a crisis.

HBWT Sept 28 1868

Death- BAXTER- At Provincial Hospital Napier, Sunday 27th September, Mr Andrew BAXTER of Forfarshire, Scotland.

Formerly Lieutenant in H M 86th Regiment of Foot, aged 60 years.

HBWT 28 September 1868
Advert No 383
H B Brewing Co-Notice to Shareholders At Swan's Hotel. Signed A D CORFIELD.
Page 5

13th August, notice No 355-Signed J C Lambton CARTER-Commissioner of Crown Lands. Unagricultural Land to go to Auction at the Crown Land Office, at Napier, Tuesday, 29th Sept, at noon.

On J HALLETT's Pukitiri Run-Application No 1745-300 acres.
Lot 1144-100 acres
Lot 1145-200 acres

On Alex St Clair INGLIS's Run, Ruataniwah. Application No 752-250 acres.

Adjoining Messrs T P RUSSELL and J JOHNSTONE's Runs. Application No 1782/
Lot 1147- 320 acres
Lot 1148-320 acres
Lot 1149-207 acres
Lot 1150-320 acres.
Page 2
An interesting ceremony was gone through, at the Albert Barracks on Wednesday, when Colonel BEATSON, R E, presented in presence of the troops in the garrison and many non military spectators also, the handsome bronze medal of the Royal Humane Society , to Thomas WALTERS, a private of the 70th Regiment, for brabvery in saving, at the risk of his lown life, that of a child who fell down a well at the rear of the Belfast Hotel, in May 1867. -Weekly express, Sept 13.

The trial of Hami te HARA for the wilful murder of Charles William Sydney SMITH was resumed yesterday at the Supreme Courthouse before his Honor the Chief Justice. Mr HESKETH was complimented by Chief Justice, upon the able way in which he had defended the prisoner. The jury, after about twenty minutes' absence, returned into the Court with a verdict of "Guilty" The prisoner, whose demeanour throughout the trial had been quiet, but attentive, received the verdict without emotion. When asked in the usual waya why sentence of death shouldf not be passed upon him, he looked up and in a quiet firm voice, "Naku tenei hara"- "This is my crime." The Court adjourned until Monday next at 10am, when the trial of TAWAKE will be proceeded with.-Daily Southern Cross.

Mr FANNIN-Immigration Officer.
Page 4
Suffering of a wounded man in the bush at Waihi- The correspondent of the Evening Herald, under date 12th September writes:-A man belonging to the Wellington Rangers, named George DORE, crawled into Camp Waihi at daylight this morning, having been five nights in the bush without food or raiment. His story is that he was wounded at an early part of the engagement, and left; that some time after our man had gone on he heard the rebels approaching, and stretched himself on the ground feigning death; that the Hauhaus came up to where he was lying and stripped him of his clothes, boots &c., and thinking him dead, passed on; that whilst lying concealed he heard them take up another wounded man, whom he recognised to be the voice of Corporal RUSSELL, and drag him off to the pa, poor RUSSELL exclaiming, "You wretches, kill me at once." That they also took off another man who spoke Maori, that he was endeavouring for the ensuing days and nights to get out of the bush, often findi! ng he was travelling in circles, and had got back close to
the pa; finally that on the sixth day after leaving Waihi he managed to crawl into camp after unparalleled suffering from pain, exhaustion, and hunger. He states that he was lying close to the pa on the night after the engagement, and the noise was something fearful. DORE's arm is broken, and has festered. It will, I fear, have to be amputated. How the man
managed to exist for that length of time without food, and badly wounded seems incredible.

The Tuapeka Press give the following account of the inquest held at Tapanui, on the 10th August, on the body of Horace George MICHAEL, son of Sir John MICHAEL, the Commander in chief of the Forces in Canada. Mr MICHAEL was out shooting in the Tapanui Bush with a friend a Mr C RAWLINS, and it is supposed that, while drawing his gun after him up a tree, the trigger caught a knot in the trunk, and thus discharged the gun. The shot entered his head, under the right ear, and passed out through the top of his skull. Deceased was only twenty two years of age, and his father had recently brought him a station at Napier in the North Island. H A STRATFORD Esq., held the inquest, and a verdict of accidental death was returned. At the conclusion of the inquest, the body was placed in a spring wagon, to be conveyed to Lawrence, from, whence it was afterwards taken to Dunedin for interment in the cemetery there.

HBWT 5 Oct 1868

Page three

Page 2 The Wairoa Volunteers-Captain SAUNDERS has obtained a full complement of men, at 5s per day since I wrote last.

Napier Militia-His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments, viz-Ensign Alfred CHAPMAN to be Lieutenant; John WESTON to be Ensign; Date of commissions, 31st August, 1868.

Country Postmasters- Published in the New Zealand Gazette;
G HARDIE, to be Postmaster at Puketapu from 1st April 1868.
Hector PEACOCK, at Meanee, from 1st September;
James G BALLAND, at Waipukurau from 9th Sept.

Naturalization-Letters of Naturalization have been issued to namely:
Frederick ELMBRANCH of Wakaroa, Hawkes Bay, fencer, and keeper of an accommocation house-date 18th September, 1868. and Wm Henry SCHULTZ, of Hawke's Bay, storekeeper-date, 19th September, 1868.

Serious accident- occurred to Mr HOOPER of Hastings Street, Napier on Saturday. He was attempting to mount a somewhat young horse in order to attend the drill of the Volunteer Cavalry, when the horse was frightened by Mr HOOPER's sword, commenced to rear, and threw him forward, fell heavily on his head, and was considerably cut and bruised, but we believe he is doing well.

Mangaharuru Block- 7760 acres of the above block will be offered to be leased by public aution at the Crown Land's Office, Napier, at noon on Wednesday next.
HBWT 5b Oct 1868
Page 4 Armed Constabulary-Major Charles LAMBERT has been gazetted a Commandant in the above Corps. Date of Commission, 18th Sept.

The troops-Consequent on the serious aspect assumed by the rebellion, the detachment of the 18th Regt. Stationed at Wellington to garrison the town of Wanganui.

Death by Drowning- Incident at Wairoa on the night of Thursday Last. A young man named McKAIN, a half caste, went on board the 'Hero' on the day in question in a state of helless intoxication. During the night, deceased fell overboard, and although effort was made to save him he drowned. When "hero left for Napier" no trace of the body had been discovered.
****It will be observed that a discrepancy occurs in the name-From our Correspondent at Wairoa says " a sad incident occurred on Tuesday night last. A young man named Edward BEATTIE fell from the deck of the 'Hero' into the river and was drowned. Strange to say, his father was drowned not many hundred yards from the same spot, 23 years back."

Page One- A comprehensive and lengthy article on the life of:-Abridged by Elaine Account "ON TEMPSKY is dead, but he nobly fell in battle." He fought for the British flag, and whether as a soldier or a citizen, was universally beloved and respected. He has left a widow and three children as a legacy to his adopted country. As a husband and father, no man could have been more anxious for the welfare of his wife and children, or more domestic in his habits; and to have seen him playing with his little ones at home, or attending to his flower garden, or painting, no one would have guessed him to be the terrible "von TEMPSKY, the terror of the Maori warriors of the Waikato, East Coast, and Taranaki."

HBWT 12 Oct 1868

Boat Accident on the West Coast (Grey River Argus, 26th September.) A large whaleboat left the Grey River with a party of eight men bound on a prospecting expedition to Big Bay. A letter has been received by the County Chairman from Mr Warden PRICE, at Okarita, stating that the boat had met with an accident. Had it not been for Lieut WOODs and his survey party and his boat and men nothing would have saved them; they have lost everything. Lieut WOOD's crew behaved so gallantly that a public meeting was held in the evening to return them thanks, and a subscription was raised for them.
HBWT 19 October 1868

Death ASHTON-At Meanee, on the 13th October, Henry ASHTON, aged 7 years.

HBWT 19b October 1868
Militia summons.
On Friday the charges against the No 3 of Clove Company of Militia for non-attendance at drill on the 1st ult was heard.
Henry PARKER first called and stated he had taken his rifle to town to drill there, but he had been unable to attend. Fined 2s, and costs 8s. The costs were the same in each case of a fine.
Richard COTTER-produced a letter from his employer Mr GORDON.
William ORR-Lieut FERGUSON sad the summons was attended for his son-Mr ORR said his son was not old enough to be liable. Dismissed
Gordon ORR was called, absent from the Province-Dismissed.
James THOMPSON-belonging to Waipukurau Militia
Gilbert NORRIS
John BRAY-claimed he was exempt being 45 years of age-Dismissed.
Charles MULLER-over 42 years of age-dismissed.

Page 4
Lengthy write up of one column regarding the Late Mr George MACFARLAN- taken from the Advertiser of the 12th.

A very lengthy letter from James BURNETT Nelson, Sept 29 1868 REGARD-the NATIVES- to the Editor Nelson Examiner.

Otaki-Two Men drowned-Wellington Independent regrets to have to record the following accident which took place at Otaki on Saturday 3rd October:- two sawyers, named James BROWN and Thos HOLLOWAY, drowned while crossing the Otaki river. After the accident was heard of, Mr MARTIN and others proceeded at once to the spot and found the body of HOLLOWAY, but it was feared that BROWN had been washed out to sea. On Tuesday, Brown's coat and trousers were found on the beach. Both men were comparative strangers in the district, but it is believed that BROWN has relatives at Auckland, and that HOLLOWAY is related to Mr SPEEDY, of Castle Point.

Greytown-Correspondent of the Wellington Independent, under date 3rd October writes:- Captain and Adjutant CLELAND is busy preparing the Militia rolls prior to the calling out of the first and second classes of the Militia for this district.

Hbwt 26TH Oct 1868 Local

A rifle match is on the tapis between the Napier Rifle Club and the detachment of the 18th Royal Irish

Wairoa Militia-By a Provincial Government Gazette issued on Saturday, the third class of No 9 Company of Militia, in the Wairoa District, have been called out for actual service.

The Post Office at Waipukurau has been appointed from the 1st November next to be a Money Order Office and Post Office Saving's Bank.

Shearing has now commenced on some of the stations in this Province. On Friday last two drayloads-the first of the season-arrived in town. The above were from the station of Thomas LOWRY, Esq., OKAWA.

In the advertising columns are notices to the Militia and Volunteers, directing them to assemble in case of alarm.

HBWT 2nd Nov 1868
News from Wairoa. The Colonial Government gun-boat St Kilda, Captain FOX, arrived in the roadstead at half past four o'clock on Thursday morning from Wairoa. Passengers-Major GREEN and Mr CAMPBELL.

Page 2
***(Full report available upon request to Elaine)

Full account of a train crash CHESTER-HOLYHEAD Line half a mile from Abbergele on Thursday 20th August 1868.

Appalling Accident to the Irish Train 33 Lives Lost. A very full and graphic account of details-2 - 3 columns.

List of the Dead.
Lord and Lady FARNHAM
Eliza STRAFFORD, their housekeeper.
Edward OUTEN, His Lordship's valet
Mary Ann KELLET, his Ladyship's maid
Charles CRIPPS, his Lordship's footman,
William, Towerend LUND,
William B PARKINSON, and
Christopher S PARKINSON, all of BLACKBURN.
William SMITH, the guard (leaving a wife and eight young children in London)
William Henry OWEN, organist, Dublin
Miss Caroline LEA and Miss Augusta LEA, of Astley Hall, Stourpot
Judge BERWICK of Dublin (of the Bankruptcy
Court) and his sister Miss Eliza BERWICK.
Miss Louisa SYMES, Balleybag, Wicklow;
And Jane INGRAM, her maid.
Captain J Priestly EDWARDS, Fixby Park, near Huddersfield, and
Mr P Augustus EDWARDS, his son.
Mr John AYLMER, of Walworth Castle, Dundrum.
Mrs Rosina AYLMER, his wife,
Mr Arthur AYLMER his son.
Miss Rose FRANKS, Dundrum Dublin
Mr Whitmore SEWELL of Windsor Cottages, Croydon,
Miss Catherine SEWELL, of Wycroft, near Bray.
Joseph HOLMES -stoker.
Sir Nicholas CHINNERY
Lady CHINNERY, and
Miss ASKIN, of Kiddermaster.
And two others. (Thirty three in all)

HBWT 2 Nov 1868

Marriage MACKY-SHAW On October 23, at the residence of Mr James WALLACE of Otahuhu, near Auckland, brother of the bride, Samuel Cochrane, eldest son of the Rev John MACKY, the officiating minister, to Jessie, fifth daughter of Mr James WALLACE of Glasgow and relict of the late Mr Samuel SHAW of Taranaki. (The bridegroom was for some time a resident at Puketapu in this Province)

Death CAULTON-At the Masonic Hotel, Napier, on the 27th October, Handly Stendale Cotton, son of Mr and Mrs S C CAULTON, aged 3 years and 3 months.

Bank Holidays Anniversary of Province.

Page 2
Headliner- THE MURDER NEAR PATEA (From the Wanganui Times, 20th October.)
Mr Thomas COLLINS who left Wairoa redoubt for Patea, fired upon by fifteen or twenty Hauhaus. Mr SOUTHBY's horse saved him, but the animal rode by Mr COLLINS jibbed, and whilst vainly trying to push it on he was shot through the lungs, and afterwards fearfully mutilated. Mr SOUTHBY returned to Wairoa, and next day went out and brought in the mutilated remains of poor Mr COLLINS, with the exception of his head, which had been carried off. The road is now dangerous between Wairoa and Patea. Collins was a brother of Mr COLLINS, who formerly kept a store on Taupo Quay. This article has been abridged by Elaine.

SUDDEN DEATH AT SHORTLAND-The Correspondent of the Daily Southern Cross, under date 22nd October, writes:- "An inquest held at BATT's Hotel today, on the body of Bramah FASI, a civil Engineer, who died this morning. Dr LETHBRIDGE deposed he had attended him a few hours previous to his death, and there were symptoms of severe cerebral injury. He was unwilling to state the cause of death without a post mortem examination. Evidence was adduced to show that an altercation had taken place between the deceased and an old gentleman named ROGERS, in which the deceased, who was intoxicated was pushed or knocked down by the latter. The inquest was adjourned to hold a post mortem examination- Coroner issued an order to Drs WEEKES, SAIN and LETHBRIDGE. The jury later returned the following verdict:-That the deceased died on Thursday the 22nd day of October 1868, from disease of the brain, accelerated by a fall on the 20th October 1868.

A diving Feat:- A gentleman who was a passenger from Panama in the Rakaia, was unfortunate enough on landing at the Queen's wharf, drop into the sea a bunch of keys, which belonged to the numerous trunks, bags and boxes composing his travelling luggage. Some one suggested a diver should be employed, and GOUGH, who was for a long time engaged in the submarine work at the piles, had his services called into requisition. In half an hour he came up unsuccessful; rested a while and then went down again, and found the keys which were restored to their owner. (It will be remembered that GOUGH was sometime since in Napier, engaged on the wreck of the Montmorency.)

HBWT 2 November 1868 Misc

The Thames Advertiser of Friday last says:- "Lieut. GUNDRY, of the Engineer Corps, is raising a company of natives to join the Contingent Force now being raised on the East Coast and elsewhere. We believe that he has raised some sixteen during his visit to the Thames, and intends to proceed to Hokianga on the same errand."

The interesting ceremony of presenting three medals for good conduct and long service was performed at the Albert Barracks, Auckland, on Wednesday. The men who received the medals ( accompanied with the usual gratuity), were privates J MURPHY, T GILHOOLY, and T FOLEY, of the 2nd 18th Regiment.

BULLET-PROOF Cloth-We (United Service Gazette) hear of a perfectly flexible cloth, which is said to be absolutely impenetrable to bullets. We have not yet seen the article, but are disposed to think that, though the bullets may not be able to get inside the cloth, broken bones and other consequences of a bullet-wound will.

Accident-The Daily Southern Cross, 24th October, says that a serious accident occurred,, and the Cornwallis Saw Mills, Manukau, to a man named KELLY, On Monday October
19. The unfortunate man was at work, with some others, getting out logs about three miles back in the bush, when by some mischance a heavy kauri log rolled completely over. He was conveyed to the mills with some difficulty, and brought up to Onehunga, on the night of the 22nd Oct. Next morning he was removed to the Hospital apparently suffering severely.

HBWT 9 November 1868
Birth DRANSFIELD-At Wellington on the 30th October, the wife of Mr DRANSFIELD, of twins, son and daughter.

Marriage ELIOTT-SIMPSON-At St Peter's Church T Aro, Wellington, by the Rev A STOCK, Merldrum Whitcombe, son of G Eliott ELLIOTT, Esq., to Louisa Margaret, only daughter of the late R SIMPSON, Esq., Solicitor, Old Broad street, London.

Death CATHERALL. At the Eastern Spit Napier, on Wednesday, 4th November, John Herbert, infant son of Mr J CATHERALL, aged 10 months.

A detailed report of all the proceedings in the House of Representatives in connection with the passing of the absurd Registration Act for printers and newspapers.


Abandonment of Kakaramea
More Destruction of Property
Women and Children return to Wanganui from Patea
Abandonment of Weraroa
Colonel WHITMORE's action at the front.
An extra of the Wanganui Times, published on the 23 Oct.

On Page 4 Letter written by Charles DICKENS to Miss Ada Isaacs MENIKEN. ***available upon request to Elaine.
HBWT 16th Nov 1868

The Funeral of Major HUNTER- In the bright sunshine of Tuesday afternoon, the mortal remains of this brave and accomplished officer were laid in their grave in the Wanganui Cemetery. He had a soldier's funeral; the men of the 18th Royal Irish firing over the grave. Poor Major HUNTER! The bravery of his recent acts, and the manner of his death, have more than refuted the slanders uttered against him.-Wellington Independent 14th November.

Another article abridged by Elaine. The wounded men were forwarded to Patea, and would arrive there tonight. The p.s. Sturt leaves here about 12 o'clock tonight to bring such of the wounded men to Wanganui as are fit to be removed.

The re-reinforcement under Capt.ROBERTS (No 6 Company) was fired upon about two miles from the Wairoa redoubt, whilst on their march from Wanganui to join the force. They attacked and drove off their assailants, killing one Hauhau, without any casualty on their side. The following is a list of casualties. It is a heavy one, and will bring sorrow to many a home.

Sergeant KIRWAN
Constable Charles LEES
Constable G SLATER
And three others, names not correctly placed.

Wounded Constables

And 5 missing Wanganui natives

Missing Constables
NICHOLLS (Patea Yeomanry Cavalry)
PATH ditto
BROWN ditto

KENNALLY (Patea Rifles)

From the Special Correspondent of the Wanganui Chronicle
HBWT 23 Nov 1868

DEATH HUNTER-Killed in action at Moturoa, on the 7th November, 1868. Major William Magee HUNTER No 3 Division Armed Constabulary, aged 34 years.

HBWT 23 Nov 1868



The Contingent were marched to the Spit in two divisions, one about half an hour later than the other- each division being preceded by the Napier Brass Band, which played several popular airs with pleasing effect. The work of embarkation completed our allies were most lustily cheered by the spectators on shore-of whom, including both races, there could not have been fewer than 400-a compliment which they heartily responded to.

Napier Christy Minstrels-The Napier Christy Minstrels gave a concert on Friday last, in the Odd Fellow's Hall, which was fully attended. The performance was in aid of the building fund of the Hall. Another in aid of the destitute settlers of Poverty Bay, with a change of programme, is announced for this week, when we hope to see a still better attendance.

The Telegraph- Added to the Advertisement between Petane and Mohaka-"Two months from date of signing contract is the term allowed for completion of work."

Porangahau Flat- The Provincial Government Gazette invite tenders up to noon on Saturday , making 50 chains of the road through Porangahau Flat.

Coal-Government invite tenders for supplying coal to the steamers employed on the East Coast service.
HBWT 23 b Nov 1868

The Ahuriri took 3777 of MORGAN's men from Waiapu to Poverty Bay. MORGAN will not leave Waiapu unguarded, but offers to assist the Europeans in any attack they may make against the rebels.

>From Mr HAMLIN we have the following names of massacred natives, drawn up by Mr J WYLLIE, of Poverty Bay:-
Shot at Oweta Pa
Paratene Pototi TURANGI
Ihaia RIKI
Ihemaira HOKOPU
Te HIRA (dangerouslu wounded).

Shot at Puki Puki- Killed together
Paora Mahana KERE
Himoana KATIPA

Wiremu Kiri AHI
Ihaka TKAI
Wiremu KINGI

These are the principal men killed as reported to me, but to these must be added over 20 more young men and tangata iutua, making in all over 40 mean massacred, J. WYLLIE.

The bodies of both Europeans and natives, including the last six killed as far as possible, and decently interred.
Captain WESTRUPP is in command of the forces in Poverty Bay, and is a very popular officer.

Latest Intelligence\ARRIVAL of the S S AHURIRI THIS MORNING



MRS WILSON RECOVERING- Unfit for removal at present.
HBWT Nov 23 c 1868

Wanganui The town was patrolled at night, great alarm was felt, and a public meeting had been held condemning Colonel HAULTRAIN. The Hauhaus were elated at the success of the murderers at Poverty Bay, and expressed their desire to imitate them.

The new from Poverty Bay The intelligence of the almost miraculous escape of Mrs WILSON and her little son from the hands of the Assassins at Poverty Bay, which reached Napier shortly after we had gone to Press on Thursday last, was felt almost as strongly as though it had been a resurrection from the dead. In fact it seems scarcely credible that, suffering from seven wounds, of which two appears to be of a most severe character, inflicted by the wretches that murdered her husband and children almost before her eyes, she could be able to support the awful trials, mental and physical, to which for days she was subjected, as she must have felt herself cut off from all the attention and assistance which might avail to save her life. Under such circumstances her discovery by her eldest child-himself believed to be dead-must have appeared to her as a special interposition of Providence on her behalf, for without the simple aid he was able to afford her it seems hard to conceive the possibility of her surviving her terrible troubles. Even yet, we hear her condition is one of danger; but we trust that the septs taken by the Government to remove her to Napier, and attend to her comfort, will lead to her restoration of health.

Mrs WILSON is at the residence of Archdeacon WILLIAMS at Turanganui, where the unfortunate lady meets with the care and attention which, in her present enfeebled state, she so much requires. We understand that since Thursday last Mr DINWIDDIE has manufactured an easy couch, which was sent down by the Ahuriri on Saturday night, with the view to the early removal of Mrs WILSON to Napier.

****s article has been abridged by Elaine and is available in its entirety to anyone requiring it, either by e.mail or by snail post. Just let me know.

The accounts state that her little son James (nine years old) made his escape. He wandered about until Wednesday or Thursday, when he returned to the ruins of his home, where he found his mother where she had fallen, alive, though wounded by a bayonet in seven places, and assisted her to the out-house. He made several ineffectual attempts to reach Turanganui-whre, we may remark he had never been before-and on Monday last (six days after the massacre) was found near the court-house and taken across the river. The little fellow was the bearer of the following note, written on a card, from his mother:-

Could some kind friend come to our help, for GOD's sake. I am very much wounded, lying in a little house at our place. My poor son James is with me. Come quick. Alice WILSON. We have little or no clothing, and are in dreadful suffering.

Death of Mr James HAMLIN Telegram yesterday forwarded from the Waikato announcing the death of Mr James HAMLIN, eldest son of the late Rev J HAMLIN, of the Tamaki. At the time of his death, the deceased gentleman was engaged as interpreter in the Native Lands Court, now being held in Waikato. Messrs QUICK & Co, received a order yesterday to forward a vehicle to the Waikato for the purpose of conveying his remains to Auckland,, in the neighbourhood of which city his very numerous family connections reside. _N.Z. Herald, 7th November.

Wreck of the Schooner Fancy- FOUR LIVES LOST- The Captain and three seamen were drowned-only one man escaping to tell the tale. The survivor is Michael WALTERS discovered by Capt FALCONER of the schooner Jane Anderson being on the cliffs for six days without food of any kind. Names of the drowned are not given. The Captain of the Fancy leaves a wife and three children, who are residing in Nelson.
HBWT 30 Nov 1868

Birth- At Eastern Spit Napier, on Sunday 29th November, of a son.

Ahuriri brings additional news-is very slight, and the accounts received on Thursday prove to be somewhat exaggerated. The number of the enemy killed at Te Karetu, instead of being 60, as at first reported, is officially stated to be 20. She reports that on Friday last and escort consisting of 15 friendly natives and 3 Europeans,, were taking 8 kegs of ammunition to the assistance of the friendly natives, when they were met by a party of about 30 mounted Hauhaus. The natives fled, leaving the ammunition with the Europeans, from whom it was taken by the enemy, who however did them no further harm. The gun sent up had been placed in position.

We are glad to hear that Mrs WILSON is doing well. Her sister Mrs Thomas LOWRY, is now with the afflicted lady. The bodies of two rebels had been found; these men were killed by the Europeans during the recent attack on the escort party.

Influx of settlers-Day by day the families of outlying settlers continue to come into town, the feeling having at length become almost universal that none of the stations at a distance from the port are safe from a possible attack. The Ahuriri on Saturday night, brought in more women and children from Wairoa; and the St Kilda, On Wednesday evening, arrived with others from Mohaka.

Rendezvous-It is ordered that the following places shall be the rendezvous for the women and children in case of alarm in the town of Napier, viz;-Gore Browne Barracks, the Jail, and the Presbyterian Church.

Major CARLYON is now in command of the Napier Militia district.

One Page 1 is a call out for the Militia of the province, including the Reserve Company.

Also a complete account as given by Mrs WILSON:- dated 24th November, 1868. Summary only by Elaine with names. ***any one wanting this account just let me know.
Edward MORAN
Mrs WILSON carried Jessie,
MORAN carried Alice,
One of the Hauhaus took up Edward Jemmy on his father's back.
Charley James calling out to Miss STAGGALE

Tom GOLDSMITH, one of the party, then took him upon his horse and brought him in, and a party then went off immediately with the doctor to bring Mrs WILSON down to Turanganui

Theft-at the Resident Magistrate's Court on Thursday last, a man named Henry Mc DONALD for many years an inmate of the Provincial Hospital charged with having stolen 4 pounds from another patient named George McKAY. -Offence proved-sentenced to four months' imprisonment with hard labour.

HBWT 7 Dec 1868

Page 44- Taranaki Herald Destructive Fire 12 Houses Destroyed About 7,000 worth of property burnt Known as BARTLETT's Boarding House between Liardei & Currie Sts. Mr LOWERY next door-house also consumed Also one recently occupied by Mr E M SMITH Mr E J CUDD's Furniture Warehouse and Grocery Mr WATSON's building and work shop Mr SMART's house HOBY's Photographic Gallery Mr NICHOLL Tinsmith

J HASTIE-prop The Albion Hotel
Robert BRENTON-Architect and surveyor Carlyle Street Napier
R T - St Dunedin
Mrs S KEMP- Milliner Hastings Street Napier
Joseph Le QUESNE-Coal and Timber Merchant
J LINGARD-Chimney sweeper and nightman
John R LEVER-Pastry Cook, also confectioner, Meanee
HAWTHORNE & Co Drovers
Bates, Hendy & Co, Newspaper Agents, 4 Old Jewry London E C
Isaac Rogers SUTTON-Bassingbourne Nursery Meanee.
HBWT Dec 14th 1868

Timaru Great Fire-Twenty Six Houses Destroyed. >From the Correspondent of the New Zealand Advertiser

Timaru, Dec 8, 1.27 p.m. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock a fire broke out in CAIN and MUNRO's premises, and burnt furiously before a strong north wester until half past six, destroying all the principal buildings of the town.

Amongst the rest may be named the premises of Mr MUNRO, furniture warehouse
CLARKSON and TURNBULL-general store
Herald Office
BYRNE-private residence
STUBBS and KING-butcher's shop and residence
MELTON-stables and residence
Mc RAE-Club Hotel
STUBBS and KING- butcher shop No 2.
Post Office
Telegraph Office
Bank of New Zealand

No lives have been lost as far as has yet been ascertained, but very little property has been saved.

HBWT 14th Dec 1868

Death LARKIN-At East Spit Napier, on 9th December-Elizabeth Sarah, only daughter of Mr William LARKIN aged 4 1/2 months.

Article and write up of Late Chief KARAURIA

William WYLLIE a lad, Son of Mr J WYLLIE
Finlay FERGUSON, brother-in-law of Mr J HARRIS And the son of HAPE. Full report available upon request to Elaine.

Page 1 -Wellington Independent

TOMAHAWKING AT OHAU Mr CORNRUPP formerly a Lieutenant Danish Army-Desperately wounded but managed to walk to Mr LANGLEY's Ferry House, Manawatu

Page 1 26 Houses Destroyed at Timaru on Dec 8- Will do as a separate article with details.

HBWT 21 b December 1868.

Death of a Veteran- KELLY, and old veteran aged 83, died on the 12th December, in the Hospital at Picton. Deceased was engaged in several of NELSON's engagements, including Trafalgar; and was afterwards lion and tiger-hunting in India; and until within the last few years he had been whaling and sealing on the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. After all his hardships he was able, within a few years of his death, to do a little gardening etc.

Death by Drowning at Nelson- A fatal accident on Tuesday night at the Port, to a man named Thomas LAKE, late carpenter of the ship "John Bunyan". It appears that the deceased, a man with a large family, and who had been in the employ of Captain ALLEN,,, for past eighteen months was returning, to the vessel, when he fell over the ladder into the water. ***more if requested inquest etc. Reference-Nelson Examiner Dec 10.

The New Bishop of New Zealand- From the Melbourne Argus Rev James Leslie RANDALL, the New Bishop of New Zealand, is the son of All Saint's Church Clifton. Mr RANDALL was educated B.A. 1851, M.A. 1855, therefore about 35 years of age. Ordained by Bishop of Oxford as deacon in 1852, and priest in 1853, and was presented to the Bishop if 1857 to the rectory of Newbury. (we learn from the Daily Southern Cross that the tile of Bishop SELWYN's successor will be, not "Bishop of New Zealand," but "Bishop of Auckland."-Ed H.B.T.)

Blenheim Cadets-From a telegram received on Monday Nov 30, by Captain BYTHELL,,, requesting him to forward to Wellington all the carbines and revolvers here. The former being in the hands of the Cadets, some of these promising youths felt disposed to get up a small mutiny but better counsels prevailing.

A Shark- 10 feet long, more than 4 feet in girth, and weighting 400lbs, was caught on Monday, Nov 30, near the Arrow rocks, Nelson, by Mr T ASTLE, while out fishing for Moki.

How to drive away Rats-A gentleman whose cellar was greatly infested with rats, found that they disappeared very soon after he placed a cask of petroleum in the place.

HBWT 21 Dec 1868

Death WILSON-At Napier on 17th December, Alice S WILSON, widow of the late Captain James WILSON of Poverty Bay aged 30 years.zz

In consequence of death of the widow of Captain James WILSON, several vessels in Port on Friday and Saturday last, displayed Bunting 1/2 mast as a mark of respect for the deceased.

Headlines on Page 1 A Monument to Alexander SELKIRK.

There is at present on exhibition at the works of Messrs J CHILD and Son, Valparaiso, a very handsome tablet, manufactured by them, for erection on the widely celebrated Island of Juan Fernandez. Its inscription will tell its own tale.

In Memory of Alexander SELKIRK A native of Largo, in the County of Fie, Scotland, who lived on this island in complete solitude for four years and four months.

He was landed from the Cinque Ports galley, 96 tons, 18 guns, a.d. 1704, and was taken off in the DUKE, privateer, 12th Feb., 1709.

He died Lieutenant of H M S Weymouth, a.d. 1723, Aged 47 years.

This tablet near "Selkirk's Look out," by Commodores POWELL, and the Officers of the H MS Topaze, a.d.1868.

Just briefly-He was the 7th son (no daughters intervening) of John SELCRAIG
Euphan MACKIE, and was born at Largo, in the County of Fife, in Scotland A.D.1676; he went to sea in 1695, when he changed his name to SELKIRK and was unheard of until 1701, when he returned to Largo. ***full transcription is available upon request. To Elaine. It is virtually his complete history.

HBWT 28 Dec 1868

Tragic accident- Occurred on Saturday last at a horse race at Waipawa. A man named, we believe Jas ROBINSON, in the employee of Mr KELLY, was watching the race, when his horse a relative colt, ran away with him on to the course, where they were run over by the riders. The unfortunate man was at once picked up, and conveyed to Mr COUPER's Hotel where he has since laid unconscious. He was still living when COBB's coach left this morning; but not the slightest hope can be entertained of his recovery.

The eight Hauhau prisoners that arrived in Napier by the Muriwai on the 19th instant, are now lodged in Napier jail, guarded by some the Royal Irish.

Our New Native Secretary-Mr George Sisson COOPER has returned from Napier with Mrs COOPER and family. This gentleman was for many years Private Secretary to Sir George GREY, subsequently entered the Native Department, where for upwards of fourteen years, his activity, zeal, and thorough knowledge of the native language and character, rendered him most valuable officer in the various districts from time to time entrusted in his charge. He was also for many years, Resident Magistrate in Hawke's Bay, and the Government judiciously selected him to fill the post vacated by Mr ROLLESTON, now Superintendent of Canterbury.. Wellington Independent,, Dec 12.

Military Movements-Departure of the 18th Regiment-On Monday afternoon Colonel R S BEATSON, R E formerly handed over the command of H M troops in New Zealand, to Lieut-Col. G A ELLIOT, 2ND BATTALION 18th Royal Irish, and the duties of officer of Engineers to Lieut. H W MULLOY, R E.

"A detachment of the Royal Engineers embarked in March 1867 on the ship Electric-NZ Herald 16 December." ***more available troop movements etc upon request to Elaine.

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