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Hawkes Bay Herald
1868 July -Dec

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Saturday 04 July 1868

John STABLES - Master - Napier High School
Thomas LOWRY & James WILSON , Sheepfarmers - Maraetaha, Poverty bay - have dissolved their partnership
William AUSTIN & Samuel ROE , Carriers, Hampden - dissolved their partnership.
James MATHERS - Storekeeper - Hampden

Birth LIVINGSTONE : At Kaikora, on 30 June, wife of John LIVINGSTONE, of a daughter

Marriage JOHNSTONE - SKELTON : At St. Johns, Napier, on 27 June, by the Rev. J. TOWNSEND, John J. JOHNSON to Mary SKELTON of Ryegate, Surrey.

On Thursady last, Thomas SMITH died suddenly at Kaikora. He was an old 65th man, and had been working for a long time as a sawyer inn the Te Aute Bush. We believe, he had been drinking for sometime. He suddenly fell down, suffering from a fit and died soon after.

Tuesday 07 July 1868

Marriages STRATFORD - SMALLWOOD ; On June 20, at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. W. WORKER, Edmond Woodgate STRATFORD M.R.C.S. of Auckland to Mary Jane, second daughter of James Peek SMALLWOOD, Mangawai, NZ, late of Birmingham England.

JOHNSON - SKELTON : At St. John's, Napier, on 27 June, by Rev. J. TOWNSEND, John T. JOHNSON to Maria SKELTON, only daughter of Benjamin SKELTON, Reigate, Surrey

Saturday 11 July 1868

Birth Elliot : At Clive, on 10th inst, Mrs ELLIOT, of a son

Death ELLIOT : At Clive, on 10th inst, within two hours after the birth of a child, Mrs ELLIOT

The natives committed for cattle stealing at Wairoa are: Timati PAETI, RUTENE, MATENE & ERNETI. Charge - stealing a heifer belonging to Stephen THORPE and selling it for 30s to Messrs MAYO & GREY, storekeepers at the military settlers township.

A laborer named DOWD was drowned at Waipawa yesterday.
An oil spring of kerosene has been discovered at Waiheki, Province of Auckland

Tuesday 14 July 1868

Births HOLT : At Napier, on 5th inst, wife of Robert HOLT, of a daughter.

FERGUSON : At Te Wairoa, on 6th inst, wife of A. FERGUSON, of a son

COUPER : at Havelock, on 13th inst, wife of William COUPER, Esq, of a son.

John WOOD - Bootmaker - Napier
James POCOCK - Plumbing, Painting, Glazing & Paperhanging- Hastings St. Napier.

Yesterday evening, telegraphic communications was opened with Wellington and this province.

Richard PHILLIPS - Carpenter - Waipawa
Saturday 18 July 1868

Birth HAGUE : At Napier, on 16 Jul, wife of John HAGUE, of a son

Five children were left orphans by the death of their father, James DOWD, of Waipawa, who lost his life crossing the Waipawa river, arrived in town wholly unprovided for. The eldest is about 11 and the youngest 5. 8 pounds was availed for immediate wants.

It appears 180 Hau Hau prisoners have escaped from the Chatham Islands after seizing a French whaling boat. they landed at Whareongaonga, Poverty Bay on Saturday last. They are fully armed. Whareongaonga, is on the coast between Mahia & Poverty Bay. It is on the run lately occupied by Messrs WILSON & LOWRY and at present by the Messrs JOHNSTON. Whareongaonga is a strong natural fortification only accessible by descending 200 feet into a ravine and ascending a similar height on the other side. It is the site of a Pa occupied by Ihaka RANGIOUE and his people - The Ngaitahupo hapu.
Tuesday 21 July 1868

Births BENDALL : At Napier, on 20th inst, wife of Capt. BENDALL, of a son
CHAPMAN :At Poukawa, on 13th inst, wife of F.M. CHAPMAN Esq. of a son

W. ROBINSON - Blacksmith- Meanee

New Justices gazetted for this province. A.S. BIRCH, Oswald CARR, J.R. DUNCAN, B.A. FERARD, Frederick NELSON, Phillip H. RUSSELL & Thomas TANNER - Esquires
Saturday 25 July 1868

Birth PARKER : At Waitangi, on 22 inst, wife of Henry PARKER, of a daughter.

Chatham Island Prisoners
After all that has been said and written of whalers - it turns out the ship used in their escape was the Government schooner ,"Rifleman", which had been sent from Wellington with supplies for the prisoners. Information to hand on Thursday by electric telegraph - as assuring us only 70 of the 165 prisoners have left the island.

News from Lieut Col. WHITMORE "The fugitives had made for the interior, pursued by BIGGS & Col. WHITMORE having sent for Major FRASER, will follow immediately on being joined by that officer".

Negociations (that's how it was written) were suspended by order from Wellington, in the purchase of the Hikutoto Block.

The escaped prisoners have killed one native WARIHI, by throwing him overboard, as he was intending to tell everything to the authorities. It is said that Tamihana TEKETEKE, one of the Hau Hau prisoners, killed one of the guards on the Chatham's, with an axe
Tuesday 28 July 1868

W.G. NOBLE - Poundkeeper - Napier
Archibald BRYSON - Napier
John PALMER - Tailor & Clothier - Waipukurau

Compensation Court - To sit 4 August - hearing for claims for compensation & losses during the war on the East Coast
J.H. CAMPBELL commissioner

Births DAVIDSON : At Napier, on 25th inst, wife of Alexander DAVIDSON, of a daughter

JOHNSON : At Onepoto, on 26th inst, wife of B. JOHNSON, of a daughter

LARKIN : At Eastern Spit, on 27th inst, Mrs LARKIN, of a daughter.

No news of Col. WHITMORE & the Hau Hau's.

Aug 1st 1868
LEE at Napier on 27th July wife of G E LEE Esq., of a daughter.

WALTERS on 30th July, Mrs WALTERS of twin daughters

Marriage BLACK-McLURE at Napier on 28th July by Rev G MORICE. John Scott BLACK of Wairoa and 8th son of Mr Samuel BLACK Ramelton, to Margaret Eldest daughter of Mr Joseph McLURE both of County Donegal Ireland.

Notices Mrs HARMER at Wairoa Hotel.
John WOOD Estate of

Mrs HORAN (late Mrs ELLIS) nurse Waipawa.


Subscription opened for provision of 5 orphons. Children of late James DOWD of Waipawa. Subscribers are:- E A CARLYON, Thomas TANNER, James WOOD, James ANDERSON, John BUCHANAN, F SUTTON, ROUTLEDGE KENNEDY & Co, G RICHARDSON, H S TIFFEN, H R HOLDER..

Trees planted by Government along Marine Parade Napier- Prisoners digging holes in preparation for planting of trees.

Important from Wairoa- Late News from Disturbed districts- Arrival of the Waipawa- WESTRUPP's defeat fully confirmed.


Piece as printed newspaper:- "The engagement at Poverty Bay.- The following correct list of the killed and wounded is supplied by a correspondent of the N Z HERALD:- F HILBON, gunshot wound in moutn, slight, F EVANS, gunshot wound in shoulder, slight; Robert GOLDSMITH, gunshot wound in arm and side, severe; John PILBROW, gunshot wound in arm, slight; Thomas UREN, gunshot wound in back, slight; William WOOD, gunshot wound, dead; Wi KOARO, gunshot wound, dead; Leckey FARRELL, gunshot wound in shoulders and arms, not expected to live."

PEACKOCK at Meanee on 1st August prematurely, wife of Hector PEACOCK of a son.

HAMLIN at Clive on 1st August, wife of F E HAMLIN of a son.

Wellington- Debate upon Resolution that Government should declare its policy before proceeding further with business.
Speakers were- BROWN, HEAPHY, HARRISON, CARGILL, JOLLIE, COLLINS, ATKINSON, CURTIS, STEVENS. Meeting Adjourned due to lack of time.

Headlines IMPRISONMENT OF THE EDITOR WANGANUI HERALD- Mr BALANCE- not appeared on parade- Col GORTON sent written order- both letters in Paper page 2.

Local Notice
Lease of Maungaharua Block

Octavius Lawes Woodthorpe BOUSEFIELD of Woodthorpe
Charles ARNOLD of Pohui Central Hawkes Bay.
8th August 1868 Saturday. Page 2

Births CUTBILL At Marine Parade, Hythe, on the 18th May, the wife of Lieut.CUTBILL. 12th Regiment of a son.

CARVER-At Napier on the 4th inst, the wife of Mr R WVInd CARVER, of a son.

PRICE-At Napier on the 5th inst, the wife of Mr T T PRICE, of a daughter.

SCULLY-At Napier, on the 5th inst, the wife of Mr T SCULLY, Inspector of Police, of twins, a son and daughter.

HUNTER-At Porangahau, on the 5th inst, the wife of D S HUNTER Esa., of a daughter.

Death STUART- on the 4th inst, Daniel STUART, of Clive, aged 52 years. The funeral will leave his late residence at Clive on Sunday, at noon.

THE escape of the Prinsoners stopped by the Snow.

Col WHITMORE in Close Pursuit.

Abridged. By me E.

Col WHITMORE and force 200 strong, European and natives, was within sight of the ex-pprisoners fires on Wednesday last, the day the messenger left. Orders have been sent for Capt.RICHARDSON to join him without delay.

The Waipara was in the Wairoa river last Thursday, when Mr LOCKE left, and has been there all the time, it having been deemed advisable that she should remain there in preference to going on to Poverty Bay.

Claims for Compensation Court Saturday.
Philip DOLBEL Claimant- Statement made by Edwin HUDSON his shepherd, overseer Joseph VANT- received by Mr LANIN J P Mohaka.

Oscar BEYER- verified statement by Hirini KARARUA and Apirana- under oath.

Tame TUKE= corroborated by son Nirau RUNGA.
Wirihana PONOMAI- Paora TOROTORA, KATENE- WIRIHANA confirmed detailes.

Herini KARURUPE- mentioned- Kopu Ihaka WHANGA, Henare POTOE.

Te RETIMANA PAI- witiness
Mr CAMPBELL Commissioner- to Wairoa to hold further court there then afterwards to Turanga(old name for Gisborne) Waiapu.

Hector R DUFF-Iolrig Station

Thomas Henry FITZGERALD Esq., Property.

G H NORRIS at Te Tree Cottage Karamau Plains. notice re laying poison
11th August 1868

Burglary- A very daring burglary was committed on the night of Friday last, in the house of Dr SPENCER. The Dr. Had not long left the house, when two men, one with his face blackened, entered the house, the only inmate of which at the time was a women servant. Upon entering the house in one of the rooms she saw the men, of whose presence she was unaware and screamed out. They told her to be quiet, as they had no intention of hurting her; but she ran out and gave the alarm at a dwelling house adjoining. Assistance was promptly rendered, but before the house was reached the men had decamped, taking with them a quantity of silver plate, altogether of considerable value. Information of the outrage was promptly reported to the Police, but as yet have not succeeded in tracing it to the guilty parties. Footnote the articles were sometimes later hurled back over the fence.

15th August Saturday, 1868 page 2
Births STEVEN at Kaikora, on the 10th inst, the wife of A STEVEN of a daughter.

COSGROVE At Napier on the 14th August, the wife of Mr P COSGROVE, of a son.

Death ATKINS At Homewood on the 11th August, Mr Norcott ATKINS, aged 38, Manager Hawkes Bay Steam Boiling-down company, formerly of Geelong Victoria.

The 18th Regiment- It is rumoured in the barracks that the companies of the 18th Regiment now at the outstations will be all concentrated in Auckland with the remainder of the Regiment, the whole to go on board the Himalaya, for Sydney. It is spoken that the companies now on detachment, will remain with the head-quarters in Australia, the outstations there being garrisoned by companies which have been in Auckland since the arrival of the Regiment from Wanganui. Evening News August 11th.



Nine casualties on our side

Capt CARR of Petane and Mr Davis CANNING among the killed- Both esteemed settlers of this province and accompanied Col WHITMORE as gentlemen volunteers, and who fell while leading the men against the enemy. In following up the enemy, the colonial forces, 130, all told, had to sleep some nights in a foot of snow, without tents; had to melt the snow in the morning to procure water. In passing through high fern and scrub, their clothes were cut to pieces and their persons scratched and torn. They had to cut a track for their pack-horses as they followed on the enemy's trail.

Telegraphic from Wellington.

The account given by the fugitives of their escape is so far incorrect that one of the guard was killed by them before leaving. His name was HARTNETT. He made resistance, but was taken and immediately tomohawked. Three prisoners remained. They were averse to the rising and informed the guard that a surprise attack was intended; but the intimation, through some unexplained reason, was not followed up.

Further particulars. They took a chest from Custom House 600 pounds- a portion which belonged to the government and the remainder to the inhabitants. They also took 4000 rounds of ammunition and 20 to 30 stand of arms. They marched Capt THOMAS, handcuffed from the redoubt to the Custom House, telling him they would not hurt him if
he would shew them where the money was.
11th August 1868 2.

McCARTHY, BILKINGTON and 3 children.

Notices John HAHUE Butcher at Carlyle St Napier

Mr J GILL- relinguishing his business- Masonic Hotel Napier- up for Auction

Marriage FORDHAM- THOMAS- at no 8 Frankville Tce Wellington on 8th inst, by Rev W KIRK, William Henry, eldest son of Frank FORDHAM Esq., Melbourne, to Mary, eldest daughter of William THOMAS Esq., of Napier.

15th August.

Obituary- We deeply regret to chronicle the death of a comparatively recent, but most valuable settler, Mr Norcott ATKINS, manager of the Hawke's Bay Steam Boiling-down Company, who suddenly expired at Homewood, whither he had gone the day before on the business of the Company on the evening of Tuesday last, while partaking of a cup of tea. Mr ATKINS was an active, intelligent, obliging, and amiable man, and his loss will be much felt. He leaves a widow and five young children, who have but recently arrived from Geelong, to lament their irreparable loss. An inquest was held by Dr ENGLISH upon the remains. It was shewn that deceased was apparently in his usual state of health. A very short time before his death he appeared well and hearty. Soon afterwards, he was seized with convulsions, and died almost immediately. The jury returned a verdict of "died from natural causes."
22nd August 1868

Birth STABLES at Napier on 16th inst., wife of John STABLES of a son.

WILLIAMS at Napier on 20th inst, wife of Henry WILLIAMS, of a son.

Meeting at Kaikora on Monday September 14th to form a joint Stock Company for erection of a flour Mill.
22nd August 1868 page 3.
Source Herald Tribune.
The Panama Mail A portion of the following appeared in a Herald extra issued on Tuesday last.

"Napier,August 18.

The s.s. Kaikoura, with the Panama mail on board, arrived in Wellington this morning at 7.30. She left Panama at noon on July 21, and arrived at Opara on the 6th instant.

Passengers:- For Wellington:
B. LEWIS and Master LEWIS
Lord BURGHLEY and servant,
Mr and Mrs HOOD
Mrs GANNAWAY and child.

For Canterbury:
Bishop of Christchurch, Lady, and daughter;
Mr and Mrs TANCRED, nurse, and child;

For the Bluff:

For Melbourne:

For Auckland
Bishop of Lichfield and Mrs SELWYYN
Mr and Mrs DAVENER and four children
Mrs POTTER and child,

For Sydney
Mrs STEWART and two children

Papers Past Aug 22nd 1868 Cont'd
Saturday Issue






The twin screw steamer Waipara arrived from Wairoa yesterday afternoon, having on board Major FRASER, Capt HRRICK. And 25 Napier volunteers, as well as 42 Hawke's Bay natives, and the Native Contingent of the Armed Constabulary, all engaged in the late skirmish. Also Captain TUKE and three wounded men.

List of wounded who have arrived by the Waipawa. Capt.TUKE's wound we are happy to say, is not likely to be serious, although the bullet remains in his arm. The other three have been removed to the Provincial Hospitals.

Captain Arthur TUKE, gun shot wound in arm. Ball not extracted George McKAY, Napier Volunteers. Gun shot wound through the scapula and shoulder; severe.

James BEATTIE, Armed Constabulary. Gun shot wound in the thigh. Ball not extracted. Severe.

John LEWIS; Armed Constabulary. Gun shot wound in buttock; slight.The position of affairs is very serious, and is not rendered less so by the reflection that all this has been brought
about through the most culpable neglect of ordinary precaution on the part of the Executive Government."

25th August 1868

Marriage MOORE=CANNING on June 25th at the Parish Church Weyhill Hants. By the Rev Robert COLE M A Officiating Chaplain to the Earl of Rosslyn, former Colonial Chaplain Wellington, New Zealand. Assisted by the Rev J M HALL M A, George MOORE Esq., to Elizabeth Mary, 3rd daughter of late Davis CANNING Esq., of Ogbourne St Andrews. Wilts.

Tuesday 01 Sept 1868

Births COLLINS : At Napier, 31 Aug, wife of T. COLLINS, of a son

RABONE : At Napier, on 27 Aug, wife of E. RABONE, of a son

Poverty Bay has been proclaimed a militia district and the militia called out for active service. Capt. BIGGS has been gazetted Major.

Tuesday 08 Sept 1868

Birth DUNFOY : At Napier, on 4 Sept, wife of Charles DONFOY, of a daughter.

The Armed Constabulary, some sixty odd strong, will march this day for Petane, where they will be encamped until further orders.
Saturday 12 Sept 1868

Marriage SHARP - WHITE : At Napier, on 3rd inst, by the Rev. Father FOREST, William, eldest son of William SHARP, Woolwich, England to Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas
WHITE, of Dublin, Ireland

R.P. WILLIAMS - Mangateretere , West Clive
C. LAMBERT - Overseer - Matapiro Station
Robert BRENTON - Architect & Builder - Napier
John SIM - Publican - Mohaka
W.H. HARGRAVE - Wharerangi

For Sale : Glengarry Station. 13,000 acres, held under Govt.
lease, 2,300 acres freehold & 2,000 ewes.

Intelligence from Wairoa: The escaped prisoners are at Puketapu, planting pottoes and that the bodies of Capt. CARR & Lieut. CANNING were lying unburied. Much alarm was felt at Wairoa and many were leaving the district.

Inquest : At the Settlers Hotel, before T. HITCHINGS, Esq, Coroner and a jury, touching the death of the infant of Jane ALLMAN.
Jury :
Alexander DAVIDSON
H.R. HOLDER (Foreman)
Jane ALLMAN - single woman living in Shakespeare Rd. Mother of the child now lying dead; it was 14 weeks old. She had left home on two seperate times, and each time purchased a half a pint of Brandy of which she partook. She lay on the bed with the child in her arms. When she awoke between 8 & 9
pm, the baby was cold
Patrick MAHER - Shoemaker - Shakespeare Rd- neighbour
William Isaac SPENCER - Assistant Surgeon, 2nd Battalion,
18th Regiment - Could find no marks to indicate that death was occasioned by violent means. He supposed the child had been suffocated.
Thomas EDWARD - Publican - Shakespeare Rd
Verdict : Found dead.

Tuesday 15 sept 1868

Marriage HUNT - RUSSELL : At Upper Queen St, Auckland on 10 Sept, by the Rev. D. BRUCE, William A. HUNT Esq, of Thames Goldfields to Jessie Fisken second daughter of John RUSSELL, Settler Auckland & formerly a mechant in Glasgow & Melbourne

Death BROWN : At Wellington , on 3 Sept, at her residence, Mulgrave St, Anna, beloved wife of the late Charles BROWN. Aged 56 years

George Hannay LAMONT - Accountant
Albert TUXFORD - Poundkeeper - Petane

Saturday 19 Sept 1868

Births CLARK : At Kaikora, on 12th inst, wife of C. CLARK, of a son

SKILLICORN : At Aorangi, on 13th inst, wife of Abraham SKILLICORN, of a daughter

Michael BOYLAN - Ironmomger - Hastings St
Margaret MORTON - Licensed Victualler
John HESLOP Jnr - Willow Bank, Patangata

Tuesday 22 Sept 1868

Birth BROWN : At Meanee, on 18 Sept, wife of James BROWN, of a daughter.

Marriages WATKINS - FITZPATRICK : At Te Mata, on 2nd inst, by Rev. E. REIGNIER, James WATKINS to Ann FITZPATRICK, both of Te Mata, Havelock district

BROWN - BROWN : At Waipawa, on 14th inst, by the Rev. E. REIGNIER, William BROWN, son of William BROWN, of Wolverhampton, England to Elizabeth Mary BROWN, daughter of John BROWN, London

WITHERS - HARDING : At St. John's, Napier, on 19th inst, William WITHERS, eldest son of Capt. E. WITHERS to Caroline, eldest daughter of Rev. I. HARDING, Brisbane, Queensland.

William CORBIN - Sheepfarmer - Te Wairoa
Donald M'DONALD, John M'KENZIE, John CHALTON, James BOYLE - Pukahu. they had a trespass notice in the paper.
Page 3 - Write up about Major Gustavus Ferdinand VON TEMPSKY- His life

Saturday 26 Sept 1868

Birth HOME : At Little Bush, South Meanee, on 21st inst, wife of John HOME, of a son

Marriage THOMAS - ASHDOWN : At Kaikora, on 22 Sept, by Rev. S. WILLIAMS, Mr P. THOMAS to Susan, second daughter of W. ASHDOWN, London.
Page 2 - The Disaster of Patea - Colonel MCDONNELL's Official Despatch . Re ; Major VON TEMPSKY
Tuesday 29 Sept 1868

Birth SUTTON : At Napier, on 22nd ist, wife of William Henry SUTTON, of a daughter

Marriage COOKE - WARD : At Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, on 18 June, George James COOKE esq, formely 53rd Regiment and late of Taranaki New Zealand to Margaret, widow of Crosbie WARD Esq, of Canterbury, NZ, and daughter of the late James TOWNSEND Esq, Rangiora, Canterbury, NZ.

Deaths HARRISON : At Havelock, on 25 Sept, Mr. V. HARRISON. Aged 76 years. After a protracted illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude,

BAXTER : At the Provincial Hospital, Napier, on Sunday 27th Sept, Andrew BAXTER, late of Forfarshire, Scotland, formerly Lieut. in HM 86th Regiment of Foot. Aged 60 years.
The funeral will leave the hospital at 3pm this day

3rd October 1868

Birth BATY at Meanee 1st Oct wife of John BATY of a daughter

Death McKAIN- by drowning at Wairoa half caste named McKAIN who had come on board The Hero in a state of intoxication. Fell overboard during the night. All efforts made to find him were unsuccessful. Body had note been washed up when the ship "Hero" left.

The ruahine steamship, from Panama, arrived in Wellington harbour, on Thursday last, at 5 pm.

The Atrato, from Southampton to Colon, broke down, and had to put back. Hence the delay of the Ruahine. She brings English papers to the 14th, and news viz New York to the 20th August. The following is the list of passengers:-

For Wellington
Capt J V HALL,
Mr and Mrs BENNETT
Mr and Mrs HARRIS and 5 children

For Canterbury

For Otago
Mr and Mrs W C YOUN,

For Nelson

For Auckland

For Melbourne
Mr, Mrs and Miss CARNEGIE

For Sydney
Messrs CLATE
Mr W MANGHAN and infant
Oct 6th 1868

Further note in papers of the 3rd relating to DEATH of BEATTIE or BEATY -spelt two different ways in reports. He was a father of 3 and a husband who left his wife destitute.

GILBERT Stephen at Provincial Hospital Napier on 4th instant of consumption aged 27 years. Funeral will leave the hospital at 3.0'clock.

Marriage DEMPSEY-GILLIGAN at Clyde Wairoa, by Rev E REIGIER, Mr James DEMPSEY sone of W DEMPSEY of Queen's County Ireland, to Mary, daughter of Mr James GILLIGAN of Clyde Wairoa.

Birth BIGGS at Poverty Bay on 4th September, wife of Reginald Newton BIGGS Esq., of a son.

Resident Mag.Court.
Charge of Conspiracy against John HAWKINS, William PINHOLM and his wife Mary PINHORN- severely reprimanded. (Note they were evidently stopped loading their furniture and effects on to another ship when it was found that it ALL did not belong to them.)

6th PapersNaturalization- Letters of Naturalization under "The Aliens Act 1866," have been issued in favour of the undermentioned persons, namely:- Frederick ELMBRANCH, of Wakaroa, Hawke's Bay, fencer, and keeper of an accommodation house- date, 18th Sept, 1868; William Henry SCHULTZ, of Hawke's Bay, storekeeper- date, 19th Sept, 1868.

Pa WHAKAIKO Fifty armed natives have gone from KARAITIANA's pah to Pa Whakariri, where they will remain. These, with 50 of TAREHA's and Renata's people, will form the garrison of the pah. They have repaired the outer palisading, and are throwing up earthworks inside- we presume as a matter of proper precaution in view of rocks ahead.

The Militia The first and second class militia will, this day, be called out for actual service. This step taken in order that, should any emergency unfortunately arise, a local force may be promptly available; but there is no reason to suppose that any duties will be imposed on the men beyond those of drill and ball practice.

Arrival at Wellington of the P.S. "STURT"

Latest intelligence from the front- Mr BOOTH, The R M and Native Commissioner at Patea, arrived from Wanganui this morning in the Sturt. His purpose is to watch TITOWARU's movements, who has not as yet recrossed the Patea River.
13th October 1868

Birth COX at Clive 12th October, wife of Mr Edwin COX of a son

Sat 17th 1868

Death ASHTON Henry at Meanee 13th inst., aged 7 yrs.
Ashton Henry - Exceedingly sudden death occurred Tuesday last at Meanee. A fine healthy boy of 7 yrs of age, a son of Mr ASHTON, took ill in the forenoon and died in the evening of same day. It is greatly feared that the cause of death was Diptheria. It has been the first case that has been heard of for some time.

Archibald McDONALD Decd- re Est- Tennyson st and Waikari.

Meetings of Creditors O L W BOUSEFIELD, William CORBYN, James CATHERALL, Robert BRENTON, John SIM, G H LAMONT, Margaret MORTON.

William Bell DAVIS has been gazetted as Ensign in Napier Militia.

Notice to Mrs T SANDERS late housemaid at Arlington

Headlines P 3 Important from Waira KARAITIANA and Party of Scouts believed to be Killed.


Reported death and write up of late Mr George MacFARLAN member for Lyttleton- he was elected in 1867.
Tuesday 20th Oct 1868

Births WORGAN at Wairoa on the 14th inst, the wife of Mr G B WORGAN, of a son

LOCKE at Napier, on the 19th inst, the wife of Samuel LOCKE Esq., J P of a daughter.

Deaths ROBERTS At Waipawa the 19th instant, the wife of Samuel Roberts, aged 55 years.

BRITTON At Waipawa on the 17th inst, William Alfred, only son of John BRITTON, aged nineteen months.


24th Oct 1868 p3.

Telegrams of English News viz Panama

Wellington, Wednesday, Oct 21.

The P., N.Z., and A.R.M. Co's steam ship RAKAIA arrived here this evening at 7 0'clock. She left Panama at midnight on the 21st September; experienced light south-east winds to Opara, where she arrived on the 9th October; left on the 10th at 5 p,m, and had a succession of strong head winds and high seas till arrival in Wellington. Her latest dates are- Europe direct, Sept 2nd; Europe viz New York, Sept 8th.

Passengers for Wellington- Messrs


For Napier

For Otago

For Canterbury

For Melbourne

For Sydney
Mrs BRASIER and three children, Miss WATTS,

Papers Past Oct 24th 1868

Marrieage JOHNSTONE-JOYCE on 20th inst., at St Mary's Chapel Meanee Flat, by Rev E REIGNIER, John son of William JOHNSTONE to Margaret daughter of Edward JOYCE, both of Ireland

Death POCOCK at Napier 18th inst, William Henry, infant son of Mr J POCOCK

RUSSELL on 20th inst., at residence of G S COOPER ESQ., Meanee, William Hamilton, infant son of William Russell RUSSELL and Harrietta Julia RUSSELL, aged 5 months and 6 days.

Page 3- British Article written on a Pacific Island, People and habits etc- according to his view- interesting to look back on.
27th October 1868

Supreme Court held at Wellington re bankruptcies.

George Henry LAMONT- Licensed Victualler Napier
Edward LYNDON- Accountant

Notices and Advertisements.
Henry BURSTON- Smithy at Meanee (was John ORR)
Andrew McHUGH - Firewood

Charles Robert ENGLISH- J Murray GIBBS, Waipukurau
Medical Practice- Partnership dissolved.

Charles CLARK- Kaikora- Poisons laid

J W STEED now has the Hotel at East Spit
31st Oct 1868

Deaths CAULTON at the Masonic Hotel, Napier, on the 27th October, Handley Sterndaale Cotton, son of Mr and Mrs S C CAULTON, aged 3 years and 3 months.

Marriage GRAHAM-PURSEL- At Napier, on the 23rd October, by the Rev A SHEPHERD, S E GRAHAM third son of W J GRAHAM County Down, Ireland, to Eliza Jane PURSEL, only daughter of Nathaniel PURSEL, County Antrim, Ireland.

By the arrival of the St Kilda we learn that the Ngatiporou natives responded willingly to the call made upon them for their services in assisting to repress the present disturbance, and that, to the number of 157, they had reached Wairoa. IHAKA's men, to the number of 200, were also there; and, together with the Ahuriri and other friendlies, the total of our allies was about 550- all ready to march in quest of the enemy, and, indeed, rather eager than otherwise for the fray.

His Excellency has been pleased to appoint the Post Office at Waipukurau to be a Money Order Office and Post Office Savings Bank- to take effect from the 1st Nov.

That the following appointments have been made with the Napier Militia:
Henry WALLACE to be Captain- date of commission 9th October;
Frederick NELSON, to be Lieut, 9th October;
Leornard CARR to be Ensign, 9th October.

Tuesday 03 Nov 1868

Birth LANGLEY : At Napier, on 1st inst, wife of John lANGLEY, of a son.

Marriage MACKY - SHAW : On Oct 22, at the residence of James WALLACE, of Otahuhu, near Auckland, brother of the bride, Samuel Cochrane, eldest son of the Rev. John MACKY, the officiating minister, to Jessie, fifth daughter of Mr James WALLACE, of Glasgow, and relict of the late Mr Samuel SHAW, of Taranaki.

Death BLOOMFIELD : At Matawhero, Poverty Bay, on 26 Oct, at his residence, Thomas Read BLOOMFIELD Esq. Aged 56 years
Saturday 07 Nov 1868

J.W. STEED - Commercial Hotel - Eastern Spit
John HAMPDEN - A drummer in HM 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment.

Wairoa - By proclamation, published yesterday, the Wairoa is declared to be a militia district, and the whole of the militia, therein called out for actual service.

Saturday 14 Nov 1868

Births ORMOND : At Clyde, Wairoa, on 1st Nov, wife of Dr. ORMOND, of a daughter.

FINLAYSON : AT Wairoa, on 9th inst, wife of R.P. FINLAYSON, of a daughter.

Deaths LILLICRAP : At Southland, on 4th Oct, Welsford Longfield, twin son of Herbert.V. LILLICRAP Esq, late Capt. Ist Battalion,8th (the Kings) Regiment. aged 3 months

LILLICRAP : On 16 Aug, at the Recruiting station, Leatherhead, Surrey, Major Walter Welsford LILLICRAP, HM Royal Marines ( Light Infantry), eldest son of the late James LILLICRAP Esq,
Vice Admiral of the Fleet R.N., Superintendent of the Ordinary at Portsmouth. Major LILLICRAP served throughout the China War of 1840, with the Royal Marine Battalion,at the storming of Sidon and also at D'JOUNI, on the coast of Spain ( mentioned in despatches). He received the War Medal and clasp and Turkish Medal. He had been on full pay for 35 years, having entered the service in Nov. 1833.

Poverty Bay - Tuesday Nov 10
A party of the escaped Hauhau's ( number unknown) came to the district at 3 o'clock this morning and murdered the following: Major BIGGS RM, Emily, his wife, child & female servant (Mrs FARRELL) Capt WILSON, wife, 4 children & man servant Messrs DODD & PEPPARD - Runholders & 2 man sevants Mr & Mrs MANN & child
Mr CADLE - Firm of CADLE & BLAIR Lieut WALSH, wife & child Mr PADBURY 3 friendly natives and doubtless more are killed
There are a great number of settlers yet missing. Nearly all the bodies are sadly difigured. All the above murders were committed at or near Matewhero in the heart of the district

From another correspondent
List of the dead 2 of Mr GOLDSMITH's children Mr RATHBONE Major BIGGS, wife, child & female servant Capt. WILSON, wife , 4 children & man servant Mr & Mrs MANN & child Mr & Mrs M'CULLOCH, child & niece R. NEWNHAM, wife , chil & man servant Lieut James WALSH, wife & child John CADLE James PADBURY Mrs FARREL Messrs DODD & PEPPARD About 20 friendly natives

Henare POTAE , the Tologa Bay Chief & Herini
TE KANI chief of this place, have acted admirably.
Mrs JAMES with her six children escaped from Matewhero into the bush.
Charles JAMES - 17 years - servant of Major BIGGS, escaped
Mrs BLOOMFIELD ( her husband lately died) & 3 children, Miss STAGALL & Miss Minnie PARKER & the servant, Thomas NEWTON, ran through the bush for 7 or 8 miles to reach the Stockade, Turanganui, in safety.

The "Tawera" arrived on Wednesday in Napier, with the following passengers who had come to Napier for refuge. Mrs W. PARKER, Miss MINNIE PARKER, 4 children & servant, Mrs SKIPWORTH & child, Mrs R. UREN, Mrs TUCKER & child, Mrs ROBB & 3 children, Mrs BLAIR, Mr PAULGRAINS & 3 children, George WILLIAMS, Capt REED & Mrs MILLS & 2 children
On Thursday morning, the "Eagle" from Mahia - Mr HARRIS & son, Mrs HARRIS & child, Capt. WETRUPP, Mrs DUNLOP & 6 children, Mrs FIRMAN & 3 children, Mr & Mrs GOLDSMITH & child, Mr CAMPBELL, MR & Mrs BENSON & child, Miss FERGUSON, Mrs GREENE, R. READ. Messrs ELSTON, BADGOOD, FERGUSON (3), JOHNSTON, Mr & Mrs HARDY & child. Messrs FIRMAN, GREEN & 5 children, Mrs STEPHENSON & child, T. CONNER, Miss UREN, Mr BLAIR & Mrs BURNS & 5 children.

Every house in Matewhero had been burnt down, except the large building erected by Capt. READ and lately occupied by his sister in law, Mrs BLOOMFIELD. The building has a turret on the top, commanding a view, 20 miles round, has been occupied by the Hauhau's

James HAMLIN of Napier died suddenly in Cambridge
Tuesday 17 Nov 1868

Birth BARRY : At Napier, on 14th inst, wife of John BARRY, of a daughter.

St. Kilda arrived from Wairoa early Saturday with the following women & children. Mrs COLE & 8 children, Mrs MARSH & 1 child, Mrs MAYO & 3 children, Mrs DUVAL, Mrs ROBB & 4 children Same day St. Kilda steamed for Mohaka where the sttlers were in the stockade. Landed ammunition and brought away Mrs PIERCE & family and Mrs SIM & family Thanks to Capt READ, all women & children this side of the waipawa River, with the exception of a few who would not leave, were shipped en route for Auckland & Napier. their passage across the bay was illuminated by the blaze of burning homesteads.

Napier Militia - Dr. John Murray GIBBES - appointed Assistant Surgeon

Saturday 21 Nov 1868

Mrs Alice WILSON and her son James, aged 8 years, believed to be among the number massacred, had proved to be alive. The poor lady had been cruelly wounded, but having survived six days, it was hoped she would recover

Monday 23 Nov 1868
Herald Summary - Recap on the all the news regarding the Poverty Bay Massacre

Tuesday 24 Nov 1868

A stockade is to be built at Meanee, in the paddock adjoining the Meanee Hotel. It is to be 40ft by 40ft of 8 inch White pine with two flanking bastions and with an earthworks thrown around.

Saturday 28 Nov 1868

Birth FRANKLIN : At Napier, on 27th inst, wife of B. FRANKLIN, of a daughter

Page 2- A full account of Mrs Alice WILSON- Events of the night and her days after the massacre.

In the event of an alarm in Napier, it is ordered that the rendezvous for women and children shall be the following: the gaol, the Presbyterian Church & Gore Browne Barracks.
Mrs LOWRY, took her depature for Poverty Bay, to take care of her suffering sister - Alice WILSON.

A 5 pound reward for every rebel man or boy captured. A 1,000 pound reward for the capture of TITOKOWARU.

Capt. CARLYON has been appointed Major and officer in command of Napier District

Sidney Griffiths BRANDON to be Ensign, 10th October.

1st Dec Tuesday 1868

Local Intelligence

RICHARDSON, WILSON return from Poverty By on the Ahuriri. On Board two wounded men. LAKE, HOWARD.- latter severely injured and arrived yesterday for treatment by the Provincial Surgeon.

KAREPA- Son of Tamaihan RUATAPU- Dead/





J N WILSON No 2 Company of H B M
5th Dec 1869

Harvesting Operations are being much facilitaded by the courtesy of Captain Wray, 18th Royal Irish, who considering the scarcity of labour at the present time and the anxiety felt by every farmer to get his crops in, has kindly granted passes to some of the men under his command.

Volunteer Corps- By proclamation appearing in a New Zealand Gazette published on Tuesday last, all the volunteer coorps in the North Island are called out for actual service. The Napier Rifle Volunteers are, under this proclamation, ordered to assemble this day. (Saturday).

KAURAURIA, who sustained two severe wounds at the first attack on Te KARETU, and who was carried down to the redoubt for medical treatment, expired on Sunday, a little before the Ahuriri left. KAURAURIA BEING A CHIEF OF HIGH BIRTH, IT IS SAID THAT THE BODY WILL BE BROUGHT BACK TO Napier, to be handed over to his friends.
Tenders receivable for erection of telegraph posts.

iPromotion which he so well merits, and Mr GASCOIGNE has been appointed Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary.

Poverty Bay Refugees.- It will be seen from an advertisement in another column, inserted by Major GREEN, that any of the Poverty Bay refugees who may feel disposed to go to Auckland, can have a free passage on the s.s. St.Kilda, which sails this day.

Advertisement no 490

Mr William BENSON of Peckfield Yorkshire, England, if this should meet his eye to communicate with his brother Mr James Lodge BENSON, at the Cass River Hotel, West Coast Road,
Canterbury, New Zealand, immediately, he will hear of something to his advantage.


WRAY at Napier, on the 2nd instant, the wife of Capt WRAY 18th Regt, of a son.

WILLIAMS- at Napier, on the 2nd inst, the wife of Mr J N WILLIAMS, of a son.

DIDSBURY- At Wellington, on the 26th ultimo, the wife of Mr George DISBURY, Govt Printer, of a son.

DEATH TORRE- at Napier on the 30th ult., Anna Helena, infant daughter of J E E TORRE.

This is the last paper for 1868 8th Dec 1869 Page 2.

Poverty Bay Refugee Fund

The Napier Christy Minstrels ConceRt in aid of the above fund on Thursday next, December 10th.advert. No 478


Wanted a married couple- apply Harvey SLADEN North Meanee Advert No 485

P3 15th Papers Past

There is RESUME report of the tangi held for the Late Chief KAURIA PUPU.

Speech given of farewell by Mr McLEAN. And reply of Paora KAIWHATA who said EXACTLY AS PRINTED:

"We are back to our homes. We have punished the Hau Haus, and proved to all that his religion and his gods are helpless and deceitful. The murderers have been followed up and slain. We welcomed the Europeans to Heretaunga.We shall always be their friends; and you have kept peace among us. We are always ready and willing to fight when you desire us.

HARAWIRA proposed three cheers to Mr McLEAN, which were heartily responded to."

One of the largest meetings that has taken place in Auckland for some time past was lately held in the hall of the Mechanic's Institute. The building was crowded, and many persons being unable to gain admittance had to listen outside.

12th December 1868

Death LARKIN at Napier on 9th inst, Elizabeth Sarah, infant daughter of William and Ellen LARKIN.

15th Papers P3


15th December, 1868

Births HARDIE at Puketapu on 7th inst, wife of G.HARDIE of a daughter.

NORRIS at Ti Tree Cottage, Karamu Plains on Thursday 10th inst., wife of G H NORRIS of a daughter.

HEADLINES- Fresh Raid by Te KOOTI.
Death WILSON at Napier on 16th inst, Alice, widow of the late Capt WILSON of Poverty Bay, aged 30yrs. Funeral will leave Mr SEALEY's residence at 3pm this day. *Note there is a write up on same page.

BirthPEACOCK at Meanee on 17th inst, wife of James PEACOCK of a daughter.

Master James WILSON- lost one dog called punch- leave at Mr SEALY's Rooms. Papers Past 19th December Page 3

Departure of the 18th Regt.- On Monday afternoon Col R S BEATSON, R E., formally handed over the command of H M's troops in NZ to Lieut-Colonel ELLIOTT, 2nd battalion 18th Royal Irish, and the duties of officer of Engineers to Lieut. H W MALLOY R E. H M S Himalaaya was to leave Ireland on 23rd September for Gibralter, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Ceylon. From the latter place she was to proceed to this port, when the 2nd batallion 18th Regt. Will be embarked for conveyance to Sydney N S W., to relieve the 50th Regt..
N Z Herald, Dec 16.

A portion of another mention abridge " Removal of the Royal Engineers at this critical juncture in the affairs of N Z cannot, we should think, be viewed in any other light, even by the most sanguine, than as indicative of a desire on the part of the Home Govt to render the colonists no assistance whatsoever in quelling the disastrous rebellion now existings both on the East and West Coasts.Southern Cross, Dec 15th.

The following promotions are gazetted.- Lieut-Col William CHARLES-LYON to be Inspector; date of commission Nov 17th 1868; William John GUNDRY to be Sub-Inspector; date of commission, Oct 18, 1868

Wairoa Fire - A fire occurred a few days since at Maungaharuru, Mohaka district, at a station the Messrs. PEARSE have recently been forming there, which destroyed everything.

Intelligence has reached Napier yesterday that a party of friendly natives, accompanied by Mr G B WORGAN, had penetrated into the interior as far as Opioti, about three miles from Te Reinga. The succeeded in capturing 28 prisoners, chiefly women and children, and in taking possession of eight canoes. These people though not part of Te KOOTI's force, are believed to be the media through which that miscreant got his information.

Sept 22, 1868.

Arrival of the S S Kaikoura - with the English Mail viz Panama. By Electric Telegraph. Wellington Monday Dec 21.

The s.s. Kaikoura arrived in harbour this morning at 2.30, bring advices from Europe to 8th Nov., and from New York to the 9th.

For Wellington
Mrs MONTRESSOR and 4 children.

For Nelson

For Greymouth

For Canterbury.
Misses MORGAN (2)

For Otago

For Bluff.
Mr and Mrs WHITE.

For Auckland.

For Sydney.-

For Melbourne.

22nd Dec 1868 Page 2

Birth MACFARLANE at Napier, 25th inst, wife of John MACFARLANE of a son.

Death LILLICRAP at Southland on 7th December, of hooping cough. Henry Havelock, twin son of Herbert W LILLICRAP late Capt. 8th Regt. Aged 5 months.

24th Papers
Birth SPENCER at Napier on Xmas day, wife of W J SPENCER Esq., 18th Royal Regt. A son.

Magistrates Court
Thomas DOWLING charged with desertion of 14th Regiment. Apprehended Napier Xmas day.

24th Dec 1868

Resident Magistrates Court Napier. Margaret FRICK v John MACFARLANE- Barman Napier.\\George KNOWLES under malicious damage act- at Mr McMURRAY's bar.
Notice H B YEOMANRY Cavalry Ball will be held Oddfellow's Hall NapierFriday 1st Janurayr, 1868. Signed by Alexander MUNRO Secretary, Dec 24th 1868. Ad No 569 page 2.
Papers 26th Missing Issue.

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