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Weekly Times
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspapers
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine, and her Fantastic team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Transcriptions taken from the Hawke's Bay Weekly Times which was published
for 2 years only. 1867 and 1868. All available papers will be transcribed.

The Hawke's Bay Weekly Times was first published on 6 February 1865. It was published weekly as a summary of the stories in the Hawke's Bay Times in the previous week. The paper was intended as a cheap alternative to the daily version for people living in the isolated rural areas of Hawke's Bay but it struggled to survive and finally stopped publishing in December 1868.

7 January-Missing Issues

14th Jan.
Death of William THOMPSON.
The Daily Southern Cross, of 1st Jan., informs us that "intelligence reached town yesterday that William THOMPSON, the renowned Maori Leader, died on the way between Cambridge and Matamata. He expired on the 28th December, while being conveyed across the Maungakawa ranges. We believe that THOMPSON wrote to Mr FIRTH, stating that he would die on the 28th; and accordingly at half-past four o'clock on that day he expired.Up to the hour of his death THOMPSON used his influence in favour of the peaceful settlement of the country by leasing land to Europeans."

HART-Mc LEAN On Thursday, 10th Jan, 1867, At St Andrew's Church Wellington, by the Rev. J S MUIR, Robert HART, Esq, Barrister-at-Law, to Miss Catherine Mc LEAN, sister of Donald Mc LEAN, Esq., Superintendent of the Province of Hawke's Bay.

Marriage of Miss Mc LEAN- The following is from the New Zealand Advertiser, of the 11th instant; The holy bands of matrimony were celebrated yesterday morning in the new Scotch Church Lambton Quay, between of the oldest and most respected settlers in this Colony, Robert HART, Esq., . The Rev Mr MUIR officiated upon the occasion, and great interest appeared to be manifested with regard to it, not only by the personal friends of the bridge and bridegroom, but also by the public generally. The church was thronged by spectators, and we noticed that there were present many of the elite of the city. After the friends of the newly married pair had partaken of the wedding "breakfast," at the residence of Mr STRANG, the happy couple drove off to Blackie's Horokiwi Valley where they will spend their Honeymoon.
HBWT 21st Jan 1867.

Shipping Inward Port of Napier.

Lord Ashley, A KENNEDY, from Auckland and Tauranga, with part of original cargo short landed at Napier, 4 cases-ROUTLEGE, KENNEDY & Co; 2 cheeses-HALL; 1 case AYERS and AUSTIN; 1 pcl -WHITE; 1 pkge-RUNCIMAN; Passengers-Mrs SHARP, Mrs MARSHALL and 4 children, Mrs CONNOR and child, Miss BLAKE, Miss FLANEY, Mr and Mrs PURCELL, Messrs WATT and WISHART, Master NICHOL-ROUTLEDGE, KENNEDY & Co agents.

Star of the Evening-A.C. TURNER, from Auckland.- 2 rolls saddlery HOLDER; 3 pkgs do., COSGROVE; Oats-BOYD, Butter-SMITH; 7 horses-WALTER Passengers-Messrs S. 1 box glass-WILLIAMS;BANKS, LEWIS, McLEOD-Kinross and Co Agents.

Outwards 15th. Lord Ashley-KENNEDY, for Wellington. Passengers-Mr and Mrs ROSCAR, Mrs BEECHAM, Mrs McKIBBIN, Mrs CARTER,,,, Messrs KEOGH, GOUGH, and YOUNG.

16th-Taraipine, LEWIS, for Wairoa. Cargo for TAYLOR; supplies-HARMER; Do-CARROLL. Passengers-Messrs HARMER and PEAKMAN.
HBWT 21st Jan 1867.
Decease of WAATA KUKUTAI.-
We regret (says the New Zealand Herald, 10th January) to have to record the death of this chief, who expired at Waiku at half-past six o'clock on the evening of the 8th instant, Waata KUKUTAI, with the exception of Tamata Waka NENE, has been perhaps, the most loyal native in New Zealand. His actions have been above suspicion, and during the late Waikato campaign he, with his followers, rendered the Government essential service in assisting in carrying on the river traffic, by which a regular commissariat, supply was kept up for the troops. For some time his health has been failing, and to this we may in a great measure trace the cause of the increased demoralisation of the Raglan natives as some months depicted by our correspondent from that place. As was the case with William THOMPSON-not that we mean any disrespect to the loyal Waata KUKUTAI by naming him with the late chief of the Ngatihaua-we do not apprehend that his decease will any way affect the existing peaceful ! relations between the two races.

Shocking death of a child in Auckland from Suffocation in Night Soil- (Please note that there is two columns of details
of the inquest. Abridged by Elaine)

An inquest was held on the 31st ult, at the Wynyard Hotel, Auckland, before T M PHILSON Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of a little boy named Henry HURRICKS, who was found dead in a privy in the Albert Barracks on Saturday, 28th ult. After hearing the verdict to the effect that the deceased died from suffocation. He was aged 2 years and 5 months.

Singular Fatal Accident-The Tuapeka Press gives a account of a fatal accident which occurred a short time back at the Tuapeka Mouth Saw Mills, belonging to McCOLL, BUCHANAN & Co., to one David ______?*. It appears, that on the Monday, 24th ult, the deceased, while standing on the travelling bench, reached over to turn on a jet of water to cool the saw, when one of the other men turned back the crank causing the bench to travel in the contrary direction without his being aware of it. This bought his left elbow into contact with the large circular saw, and cut the bone right through. In trying to extricate himself the unfortunate man brought his other arm against the saw, and severed all the muscular parts in front of the arm, cutting through the blood vessels etc. He was immediately taken to Tuapeka Hospital (a distance of 15 miles) arriving there at 4 o'clock the next morning. Resident surgeon Dr STEWART, sent for Dr HALLEY, the honorary surgeon, and they decided upon a! mputating the left arm. The right arm was then dressed, but the poor sufferer was so weka from immense loss of blood he sunk under the shock about 2 p.m. next day, and was buried on the Thursday following. He was followed to the grave by a large concourse of persons.

*Note surname not given.

Papers Past 21 Jan 1867

Shipping Arrivals Port of Napier 19th-Southern Cross from Gisborne and Auckland. Passengers-Messrs E J WHITE, SMITH, FOYA, HAULTRAIN, ANDERSON, WHITTENS, and prisoner FITZGERALD.

Mr REARDEN's Academy in Coote road reopens on Monday. This is now the only private boys' school in Napier, a somewhat remarkable fact, when our population is considered.

The coach running between Waipukurau and Wallingford, formerly owned by Mr Edmund PTERS, has now become the property of Mr Denis RYAN.

The jury in bringing in a verdict of "accidental death" in the case of Minnie THOMAS, drowned at Wairoa while bathing last Tuesday, added a rider to the effect "that people unable to swim should be cautioned against bathing at Lockwood's Point," the river deepening rapidly at this particular locality, and the tide having great force. One of the jury suggested to the Wairoa County council, being the only local body, should place a notice-board up at this point, cautioning bathers, but the proposal fell through.
HBW Times 28 Jan 1867
Preliminary Notice The following blocks of land, chiefly Agricultural, will be offered for Sale by the Provincial Government:-

1. A Block at or near the entrance to the 40-mile Bush, comprising about 5,000 acres.
2. A Block of 12,000 acres at Table Cape.
3. Suburban Allotments at the Ngaruroro Bridge.
4. 500 acres of Agricultural land at Waikari.
5. 800 acres of Rural Land at Te Wairoa.
6. 400 acres of Bush Land at the Pohui.Z
7. Block containing 1,905 acres of rich Agricultural Land, situated on the main line of road and in the centre of the Ahuriri Plains, distant about 2 miles south of the Town of Havelock, and about 16 miles from the Town of Napier. This block admirably adapted for agricultural purposes.
8. 4,500 acres of good Grazing Land at Waikari.

The size of the several allotments in each of the Blocks specified, and date of sale will be duly notified in the 'Provincial Government Gazette." Block 7 will be laid off into sections varying from 40 to 400 acres.
Donald McLEAN Superintendent.

HBWTimes 28Jan 1867

Outward Shipping Port of Napier. 22nd-Balmoral, brigantine, 107 tons, ROBERTS, from Hobart town with 10,000 rails, 100,000 shingles, 8,000 ft.timber, 5,000 palings, 200 bags (1,000 bushels) bran, 20 bags oats, 100 wooden hurdles, 26 cases jams, 2 opossum rugs.-Watt, Bros.; WATT, Bros agents.

23rd-Hero, cutter, 29 tons, JOINER, from Lyttelton, with 90 sacks(18,000lbs flour) 600 bags (30,000lbs) flour, 6 casks cheese, 16 bags cheese, 50 bags bran, STUART & C0-Master agent.

23rd-Mahia, cutter 20 tons BAXTER, from Porangahau, with 43 bales (11,100lb) wool KINROSS and Co agents.

23rd-Star of the South, s.s. 147 tons, BENDALL, from Lyttelton in ballast-WATT Bros agents.

24th-Success, schooner, 58 tons, FROST, from Auckland, with 20 tons guano, 16,000 feet timber, 10 pkgs door sashes, order-KINROSS & Co Agents.

24th-Wellington, s.s. 261 tons, RENNER, from Wellington with 5 qr-cask rum- J STUART; 2 pairs springs, 4 axle arms, 6 do boxes, 16 bars iron, 2 bundles iron- G FAULKNOR; glassware-BOYLAN; rope, hardware-NEWTON; brushes-H WILLIAMS, wool basket-J BROWN; fancy goods- T MORRISON; 2 cases acid -GOWING; stationery-NEWTON; fancy goods BREWER;; 1 case India rubber, 1 box CARVER; PASSENGERS-MISSES MASON (2), MESSRS HOOKEY, BIGGS, MEIKLE, MCDONNELL, BROWN, YLE, MILLER, DOUGALL, CAULTON AND MRS CAULTON-KINROSS and Co agents.

Outwards. 24th- Wellington for Auckland. 9 bags grass seed Colonel HARRINGTON-KINROSS and Co agents.

Tawera, BAKER, for Poverty Bay, with 20 cases ale, 10 cases Geneva, 1 1/1 tierce tobacco, 2 qr-casks rum, 5 mats sugar-READ; 55 cases drapery, 1 cwt tobacco, 8 coils rope, 8 mats sugar-order; 2 guns and 1 revolver Lieut WILSON; 270 ewes-READ. Passenger-Mr BROADMENT.-G RICHARDSON, agent.

25th-Hero, JOINER, for Mercury Bay and Auckland, in ballast-Master, agent.

26th-Star of the South, W BENDALL, for Lyttelton, with 115 head cattle-WATT Bros, agent.


H.B.Weekly Times for month of FEBRUARY are missing from archives
March 4th & 11th Missing Issues.

HBWT 18 March 1867

Shipping port of Napier-Arrivals
15th-Lord Ashley, KENNEDY from Auckland and Tauranga, with merchandise &c. Passengers-Captain PERCIVAL, Mr and Mastr HILL, Mrs HARPHAM and 4 children, Mrs NESBITT and 5 children, Messrs NESBITT, MARSHALL, BIBBY, CHAPMAN, LEONARD, RATCLIFFE, STEWART, SMITH, STANLEY, BROWN, SIRINP, and 40 for the south-Routledge, Kennedy and Co, Agents.

Departures 15th-Success, schooner 58 tons, G FROST, for Lyttelton, with 120 balesd of wool-Kinross and Co agents.

Donald McLEAN, schooner, 43 tons, Chas BAKER,,, for Poverty Bay, with sundries and three horses. Passengers-Messrs W PARKER, and W THRENKIELD-G RICHARDSON, agent.

Lord Ashley, s.s. 296 tons, KENNEDY, for Wellington and Southern Ports, with 10 pkgs sundries, order; 40 bales wool, KINROSS & Co. Passengers-Mr HECTOR, Mrs GOWING and child, J JOHNSTON, Esq., Messrs NELSON, CAREY, LYNDON, and GORDON, Miss McKEE, Mr and Mrs HARRISON, Messrs FITZPATRICK, O"BRIEN, HODGSON, BROOMWICK, and SWEENEY-Routledge, Kennedy and Co., agents.

Local. A night with the poets-Before leaving Napier Mrs Charles POOLE will favour the Hawke's Bay folk with one of her admired readings.

The Elections.on Monday last resulted in the return of the late member Jas WESTON Esq., without opposition; that for Mohaka was to have taken place on Wednesday last, but the result has not yet reached us.

18th March,
Death. McKAY-At the Eastern Spit, Napier, on Thursday, the 14th March, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr George McKAY, aged 25 years.

Coroner's Inquest. An inquest was held at the Commercial Hotel on Friday, 15th March, before T HITCHINGS, Esq., Coroner, and the following jury:- George CHARLTON (foreman), G BRISK, H CONNOR, W McCALLUM, F TUXFORD, J WILLIAMS, J FERGUSON, J McKEE, T NORCROSS, J McDOUGALL, J GARNHAM, and W E BAXTER, on the body of Peter CADENHEAD, alias SMITH.
George FROST deposed-Master of the Success. Recognised the body. He last saw him 3 weeks ago when he came on board the cutter Duncan CAMERON to Auckland. (More upon request.)

Rifle Firing-The competition for the Government prizes took place as advertised. Circumstances were unfavourable to good practice as there was a strong wind and some rain. There were 35 competitors, however only 11 scored 30 and upwards they were:- Capt KENNEDY, Corp McKAIN, Corp NORTH, Capt BUCHANAN, Privates CRESWELL, COLLINGE, A IRVINE, W SMITH, W PARKER, CAULTON, GARRY.

Auckland. Resignation of the Syperintency by Mr WHITTAKER. The New Zeaaland Herald of the 12th inst says:- "The past week has been one of considerable excitement in Auckland, when the Syperintendent resigned on Saturday week, on the same day it became know that a person in business in Onehunga absconded, leaving a heavy amount of debs unpaid, and on the next day, Sunday, a solicitor in large practice did the same, going, apparently, to America by the Panama route, having for years been engaged in a system
of wholesale swindling.

Taranaki Murder of a European Capture by a half-caste by the Rebels/

"A report was brought into town on Tuesday that a man had been on the road in the neighbourhood south of Stoney , and found killed and brutally hacked to death.

We have since learned that a man named CLEMENTS left town a few days ago with Mary RAHANA and Maori Martha's boy, who remained at Kaihehe, while CLEMENTS went on with a half caste named JACKSON. Some rebels were on the beach just returning from fishing who fired on the two travellers, and shot CLEMENTS, who was walking, and took the half-caste prisoner who was on horseback.

Wellington Sentence on Alfred J COX. Alfred J COX brother of the Auckland Swindler E J COX, was placed on trial at the Supreme Court, Wellington, on the 4th inst., on a charge of bigamy. Alfred COX, was placed in the dock charged with having married one Anne BOWLES, his first wife being still alive.
Mary Ann ADAMSON, deposed to the marriage of her sister Ellen ANDERSON with the prisoner in Auckland in 1863, and said she was alive and well on Saturday last.
The second marriage was proved by the Rev Mr FENTON and Ann BOWLES.
His honor considered it a most flagrant case of profligacy, and committed the prisoner to two years with hard labour.

Removal of Troops. We also believe that arrangements will shortly be made for sending home the 2nd battalion, 18th Regiment, in which case we shall see the departure of the Last Imperial troops left in this Colony.
-N Z Herald. Canterbury "Further to the murder committed on Mr CAMPELL's run. It appears that two men, the one named KERR, and the other only known by the name of Jim, travelled in company with the fifteen Chinese who lately landed in Hokitika, to go overland to Otago,

Fatal Boat Accident at Madras-from the Times of India.
A melancholy accident to:- Col TEMPLE, the president of the Municipal Commission, Captain HOPE, aide-de-camp, to H Enor, and the two Misses McIVER, daughters
of Mr John McIVER, the secretary and Manager of the Bank of India, lost their lives whilst on a boating excursion on the River Adyar, near Madras.
***Full accounts of above article and one below available upon request. To Elaine)

Fatal Accident to Mr Thomas ASHMAN aged 20, and the eldest son of Mr ASHMAN tailor, of Shortland Street. He went to take the rifle for some target shooting..He
had twenty rounds of ammunition with him. Mr HAZARD first discovered the body and Mr HILL, who was passing by brought the information to the Police.
HBWT 25 March 1867.

Shipping Port Of Napier Inwards. 22nd-Ahuriri-FLOWERDAY, from Wellington. 1 case drapery Miss MAQUIRE, white lead and linseed oil- ? WILLIAMS; 2 cases drugs-GOWING; 1 bale leather-REARDON; 1 case-WINSOR; 1 case-Miss MUNRO; 2 buggies-PETERS; hop-Neal and Close; luggage-PARKER; 1 cawe-MANOY; 2 boxes-KILDREW.
Passengers-Mr and Mrs PETERS, and 2 children, Mrs BENNET, Mrs LORD, Mrs ADAMSON and child, Mr and Mrs WITHEROW,, Mr HARDING and Miss HARDING, Mrs TYLEE, Messrs HEWITT, WILLIAMS, MOREHOURSE, MARTELLI, CRAYMER, GORDON, GUTHRIE, WITHERS,-Kinross & Co agents.

24th Montmorency, McKENZIE from London. Passengers-Saloon; Miss H H HERBERT, Miss J OGILVIE, Miss R STARKEY, Miss CLEARY. Second Cabin; Mr and Mrs ORR and family, Miss SPEARS. Steerage; 49 single women, 22 single men, 63 children, 7 infants, and 138 adults, being in all equal to 169 1/2 statute adults-Stuart and Co, Agents

Outwards 28th-Hero, CAMPBELL. For Wairoa and Mohaka, with half ton flour, 5 h hinds, 3 cases, 2 cwt sugar, 4 cases preserves, order, 5 bags grass see-CARROLL; 3000 fett sawn timber-McNAMEE; 1 dray-BLACK; Passenger-Mr NORCROSS- C E G RICHARDSON, agent.

21st Beautiful Star, MORWICK, for Bay of Islands, with 962 sheep, Kinross and Co-Kinross and Co Agents.

Provincial Council for Hawke's Bay. Elected members are:- Messrs: McLEAN, SUTTON, KENNEDY, NEWTON, LOCKE, BUCHANAN, EDWARDS, BRENDON, (in the name of Mr MALTBY), and BUCHANAN (in the name of Mr STUART) .

Return-Porangahau. Mr ORMOND.
Havelock-WOOD and BIRCH*
Note on Mr WOOD will take his seat as a independent member, having gone in against strong government influence.

Wanganui. Votes polled 372.

Murderous assault at Hokitika-From the West Coast Times 12th March.
A quarrel which resulted in the death of a barmaid, who also filled the situation of housekeeper, a fine young woman named Anne KEELAN, of Irish parentage. The cooks concerned was named George VINCENT, a colored man, a native of Cape de Verd Islands.
Her screams were heard by a butcher named SKEEN (whose shop was adjoined to the kitchen). Saw the murderer knife in hand.
***Abridged by Elaine-available upon request.

HBWT 25 March News 1867

To Electors of the District of Havelock- from James WOOD. Dated Napier
March 20 1867.

More on the Vincent case: Constable RICE volunteered to swim after VINCENT after he was pursued into the water By a crowd of persons into the surf, after the Constable reached him there was a struggle. A young fellow MORGAN observing the rope when it broke because it was old and rotten, made his dash at the end, which he caught it was disappearing into the surf, and was aided by a score of willing hands, succeeded in hauling the two men to shore. Vincent immediately taken to camp, and at a later hour appeared before the Resident Magistrate, but only to be remanded until the young woman could appear in evidence against him. She having been attended by Dr DERMOTT. Was pronounced to be dangerously- but not fatally wounded, and is now lying at the Provincial Hotel, with every chance of recovery. The knife was picked up after it was thrown down by VINCENT. It is a formidable weapon, having ma blade nine inches in length, and is stained with blood six inches from the point. The intrepid conduct of Constable RICE is deserving of the highest praise, as he placed his own life in jeopardy to bring the offender to justice.

Miraculous escape-On Tuesday last a child 2 1/2 years old, belonging to Mr BAINES, residing on Captain BAILLIE's estate, some six miles from Picton, was missed by its mother. Night came and the poor mother was frantic, when a young man named Peter (in Captain BAILLIE's employ) discovered the poor thing sitting by the roadside, about a mile from its home, to all appearances well and hearty, although so long a period had elapsed during which it was without food. - Marlborough Express.

The Nelson Evening Mail of the 14th inst says:- "The murderer SULLIVAN has at length found his place in the Nelson prison gang. It has not escaped observation that he is not in irons, and that some hardship is cast on the men who, suffering for minor offences, are placed in the same category with so great a criminal

HBWT 8 April 1867.Shipping

Outwards. 1st-Taranaki, FRANCIS, for Southern Ports with original cargo and passengers from Auckland and (from Napier)-28 bales of wool, 2 cases, order; 2 pkgs-Miss

2nd-Lady Wynyard, TURRIG, for Great Barrier in ballast-J K TATUM agent Bittern, McKENZIE, for Auckland in ballast.

2nd-Star of the south, BENDALL, for Wellington, with wool, sheep, drapery. Passenger-James WATT. Watt Bros agents.
3rd-Betsy, TRIMMER, for Auckland, with ginger wine, rum, biscuits, sundries, tobacco, tea. 6 PASSENGERS. J K Tatum AGENT.

4TH-Lord Ashley, WORSP, for Auckland, with a parcel for SMITH; Ammunition, and baggage, H M 12th Regiment. Passengers:-Misses ARMSTRONGS, Mrs MILLER, Capt PERCIVAL, Messrs MARSHALL, WALL, BROOGES, Major MILLER, Lieuts CUTBILL, BRITTEN, and 76 rank and file of the 12th.

Intelligence of a startling character received from Opotoki by the Sturt, to the effect that the Whakatones had left for the bush with a view of joining the Hau-Haus. Reason given was that they were dissatisfied with the decisions of Mr Commissioner MAIR, in his adjudication of the compensation cases. The Tauranga sails in a day or two for Auckland with 80 of the 12th Regt/
Heard than an engagement has taken place at Rotorua. Two Arawas killed, two Hau Haus killed, and two taken prisoners.

Later from Tauranga.-By the s.s. TARANAKI. "Mr CLARKE came in yesterday evening, and brings intelligence that the Native Contingent, under Major McDONNELL, attacked one of the Hau Hau pas, about eight miles from Rotorua camp, and took it, killing numbers of the Hau Haus. 8 bodies of which ere found on the field. Most of these unfatuated men are natives from the Waikato.

Rangi WEIA, March 25, 1867. A native women arrived here from the Thames viz Kati Kati, and reports that the Ngatimaru are busily employed in conveying all their movable effects up the Piakoa. A day has been named to attack the Waikato settlements, Wanganui, Taranaki, Napier, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Opotoki. The same women reports that Mr MACKAY endeavoured to form the Ngatimaru tribe into a native contingent similar to the Arawas. Signed F JOHNSON.

HBWT 8 April 1867.
Death COOTE-At Mulgrave St Wellington on 25th ult, the Hon Major COOTE M.L.C.

Shipping inwards Port of Napier. 1st-Taranaki, FRANCIS, from Tauranga and AUCKLAND, WITH PARCEL, MRS CARR, 1 DO, COSGROVE AND BOWES, 1 PCL LOWRY, DO MANOY; 1 CASE drapery ROBINSON & Col; 1 pcl E BIBBY . passengers-Messrs P McGREEVY, A H PRICE, R WRIGHT, P McDONALD, J TAYLOR, Kinross and Co., agents..

4-Lord Ashley, WORSP, from Wellington and Southern Ports, with 5 pockets, hops, galvanised iron, matted material, stove, gas pipes-H WILLIAMS. Supplies for McREAD, HIGGINS, BREWER, maize for FAULKNER; cases for CLOSE, Miss MAGUIRE, REARDEN, NELSON, GOWING, A PEARL, sheep-NAIRN. Passengers-Mrs COLLINS, Miss CUFF, Miss HAMILTON, Messrs GARRIE, LEADEN, BERWILL, CARLYON, NAIR, NELSON., HECTOR. Mrs CUNNINGHAM, Miss THOMPSON, Miss MOORE, Messrs ENGLAND, KNIGHT, KNIGHT Jnr, CARTER, EVANS, Barren GALLOP, and 20 for the North

6-Mahia, BAXTER, from Wairoa, in ballast. Passengers-Lieut HURST, Dr WALLACE, 2 sergeants, 23 rank and file, 4 woemn and 3 children 12th Regiment; Constable CITADINE and 2 prisoners.

Dolphin, SCHON, from Wairoa with 12 tons Commissariat luggage. Passengers-Captain DAWSON, 2 sergeants, 37 rank and file 12th Regiment.

HBWT 15 April 1867
Shipping Inwards Port of Napier

9th-Star of the south, from Wellington.- a bull- WILLIAMS; 20 sheep-MASON.. Passengers-Messrs WATT, IRVINE, and MASON-Watt Bros, agents.

11th-Beautiful Star, MORWICK, from Poverty Bay, uin ballast. Passengers.-Messrs PARKER, MOORHOUSE, ARMSTRONG, THOLOUGH-Kinross & Co agents.

10th-Mavis, PURCHASE, for Auckland with 28 bales (10,896 lbs) wool, Stuart & Co. 2 European passengers-John STUART, agent.

10th-Dolphin, SCHON, for Wairoa. Passengers-Mrs BATY and two children, Miss POWDRELL, Messrs POWDRELL (3), and 6 others.-Watt Bros, agents.

HBWT 15th April b 1867.

The General Government Prize Firing.
>From the Evening Post, 6th April.

Took place Hutt Race Course. Captain and Adjutant KIRWAN has been appointed to superintend the entire arrangements, and will be assisted by Captain JUNOR, Musketry Instructor, and Captain CLELAND. Host VALENTINE has received instructions to provide luncheon for the competitors and staff on the ground.

4th Waikato Regiment-GRAHAM
Wanganaui-E GIBSON
Canterbury- J GAINE
HBWT 1867 22nd April.

Birth BATY- At Meanee on the10th April. Mr John Baty, of a son.

18th Regiment- 200 men are to be stationed at Napier.

Annual Licensing Meeting- was held on Tuesday, 16th. The following Justices
being on the Bench:
John CURLING. Esq., R.M, M FITZGERALD Esq., J.P., and H S TIFFEN, Esq., J.P.
The following Licenses were renewed:-
J ASHTON-Exchange Hotel Napier
C CAMPBELL-Albion Hotel, Napier
T EDWARDS-Shaklespeare Hotel., Napier
J GILL-Masonic Hotel, Napier
L JRFFARES, Crown Hotel, Napier.
R JEFFARES-Clive Hotel Clive
P McHARDY-Havelock Hotel, Havelock.
C McINTYRE, Sea Vew Hotel Napier
J McMURRAY-Shamrock Hotel Clive Road
R D MANEY-Meanee Hotel Meanee
M McNALTY-Commercial Hotel Napier
H L MORTON-Napier Hotel Napier.
T REYNOLDS-Exchange Hotel Havelock
G H SWAN-Mac's Hotel Napier
F TUXFORD-Ferry Hotel Western Spit, Ahuriri Napier.

Following new licenses were granted:
J ASHTON-Provincial Hotel, Spit Napier
W CALDWELL-Provincial Hotel, West Clive
H BEUKERS-Ferryman's Hotel, Ferry Reserve, Western Spit, Napier. This License was opposed by Mr LEE on the grounds that there was no necessity for the house, the traffic on the Western Spit being so small that the Government had refunded half the license money of the one already existing there. Mr CUFF argued that it was customary in the Middle Island for public houses to be built on Ferry Reserves..

Mr McINTYRE was reminded by the Bench that he had been recently brought before the Court for receiving stolen property. Although acquitted, the case was very strong
against him, and now were doubtful of renewing his license. They had, however, decided to give him another change, but he must be aware how he conducted himself.
The application of John ROBOTTOM for the Native Club Hotel was withdrawn.

HBWT 29 April 1867 Land

Preliminary Notice
Blocks of Land, chiefly agricultural, will be offered by sale by the Provincial Government.
1-40 Mile Bush, about 5,000 acres.

2-12,000 acres at Table Cape.
3-Suburban Allotments at the Ngaruroro Bridge.
4-500 acres of Agricultural Land at Waikari.
5-800 acres of Rural Land at Te Wairoad
6-500 acres of Bush Land at the Pohui.
7-1,905 acres of rich Agricultural Land, situated on the main line of road and in the centre of the Ahuriri Plains, distant about 2 miles south of the Town of Havelock, and about 16 miles from the Town of Napier.
8-4,500 acres of good Grazing Land at Waikari.

The size of the several allotments in each of the Blocks specified, and date of sale, will be duly notified in the Provincial Gazette. -Donald McLean Superintendent.

Also Napier 21 Jan 1867. Session XI. No 6. 1866, of the Province of Hawke's Bay.

On 29th Day of April, 1867, at noon. Sections 54-551 Frontage to Byron Street Napier upset prices from 49-123 pounds. Signed Joseph Rhodes

HBWT 6 May 1867
Death of Mr F H WATTS, of Wanganui.-The Wanganui Times of the 19th April, contains the death of Mr Francis Henry WATTS, who started the first newspaper in Wanganui.He hade previously been connected with the London Gazette He laboured on at the Record and did good service to the struggling settlers up to 1856, when Mr Henry Stokes issued a prospectus for the establishment of a larger paper. (Ed- Full column obituary available upon request.)

HBWT 13 MAY 1867.


Election o f Speaker.
Moved by Lieut Col WHITMORE and seconded Mr ORMOND that Mr A'DEANE be elected speaker. Mr FANNIN again appointed Clerk of Council.

Donald McLEAN elected Superintendent of the Province.

Young man named SMITH has been discovered murdered in his Whare in the Victoria Valley about 26 miles distant. The deceased SMITh, was a very quiet, inoffensive young man, and well liked by the settlers at Mononui, near which place he has resided for about eighteen months. He was formerly we hear, a lawyer's clerk, and then an assistant surveyor upon first coming to Auckland, and afterwards wend down the coast to settle upon his land. Very gory details available upon request to Elaine
HBWT May 20 1867.

Birth FITZGERALD-At Napier, May 17, Mrs M Fitzgerald, of Napier.

Deaths CUFF-At Napier, May 16, George Devereaux, infant son of Joshua and Emily Letitia CUFF, aged 5 weeks and 4 days.

INGLIS-At Spring Hill, Ruataniwha, May 11, of diptheria, Eveline Mary St.Clair, daughter of Alex St.C INGLIS, Esq., aged 7 months.

***This article has been abridged by E-available upon request. Also a full narrative of the survivors is there. Auckland-from the N Z Herald, May 11.

Capsizing of a Cutter and Loss of Life.-Sea-Flower in charge of Mr W M TATLOR on her passage up from Matakana, Mr TAYLOR and two sons were struck by a heavy north-westerly squall. On board with Mr W M TAYLOR-master, his two sons Frank and William as crew. Mr TAYLOR senior was last seen floating astern of the cutter, he was drowned, it being impossible to save him. His two sons managed to reach the up-turned vessel and cling to keel until rescued.

Mr TAYLOR senior, was well known amongst us as a shipwright, for many years at Smale's Point, and where he turned out several fine vessels; he left here about twelve months since for Matakana.
HBWT 20 May 1867.

Shipping Inward Port of Napier

15th-Lord Ashley, H WORSP, from Tauranga and Auckland with 7 packages of clothing. Officer Commanding Militia and Volunteers. Passengers.(Saloon) Mr and Mrs Alexander BROWNE, Captain MERSON, Messrs BULLOCK, TAYLOR, LEWIS, LAWSON, and 2 for the South; Second Cabin:- Mr JAMES, and 18 for the south-ROUTLEDGE, KENNEDY, & Co, agents.

16th-Meteor, JONES, from Auckland via the Coast, with timber, supplies, spirits-order-BARTLETT. Passengers-Messrs ALLEN and SMITH-G E G RICHARDSON, master agent.

16th-Dolphin, SCHON, from Wairoa and Table Cape, with 1 ton flax, 200 pumpkins. Passengers-Messrs POWDRELL and ANDERSON.-WATT Bros, agents. 17th-Vistula, PATON, from Newcastle, with coals, WATT Bros.-Watt Bros, agents.

May 27th Missing Issues

June 3rd Missing Issues
HBWT 10 June 1867.

Missing Papers June 3rd.

BIRTH WILLIAMS-At Napier, on the 5th June, Mrs N WILLIAMS, of a daughter.

DEATHS. FLOOD- At his residence, 197 Elizabeth street, Sydney, on the 11th May, after a short and painful illness, deeply regretted by all who knew him. Thos. FLOOD Esq., aged 64 years, brother of Edward FLOOD, Esq., of Botany street, a native of the colony.

HAYMES-At Napier, on the 1st June, Emily Elizabeth, daughter of Mr A C HAYMES, jeweller, aged 2 years.

MITCHELL-At Reeve's place, Glebe-St, Sydney, on the 26th April, Glebe, youngest sone of John and Sarah MITCHELL, aged 15 months.

SHEPHERD-At Napier, on the 5th June, Mr Thomas SHEPHERD, carpenter, aged 40 years.
HBWT 10 June 1867

Shipping Entered Inwards Port of Napier. 1st-Wellington, RENNER, from Auckland. Passengers:- Right Rev, The Bishop of Waiapu, Mrs WILLIAMS, Misses WILLIAMS(2), and 2 servants/ Mr FOX, DAVIS, and daughter, Miss BUCHANAN, Rev S WILLIAMS, Mrs WILLIAMS, and child, His Hon The Superintendent, Mr TOWGOOD, Mrs HILL-Kinross & Co, agents.

2nd-Lord Ashley, WORSP, from Wellington and Southern Ports. 1 case-BRITTEN, 3 sacks seed-GUINESS, 1 case-TOWNSEND; Book-HARDING; plants-STURM. Passengers-Messrs BALFOUR, HEWITT, MOORHOUSE, SHEATH, MR and Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs FLETCHER and CHILD, Mrs ROCHFORD-Routledge, Kennedy and Co, agents.

3rd-Beautiful Star, H MORWICK, from Auckland. 1 case plants-STEWART; trees-McLEAN; zinc, nails, sashes-HOLT; 3 bales paper-WOOD; 1 case, 1 bale-E W KNOWLES. Passenger-Mr PERSTOM-Watt Bros, agents.

4th-Star of the South, BENDALL, from Auckland. Leather-L HIGGINS; saddlery-HOLDER; drapery- W R ROBINSON, cask-ASHTON. Passengers-Mr and Mrs McNALTY, Mrs ASHTON, Miss EDWARDS, Messrs WATT, TOWGOOD, HESLOP, McHARDY, FRANCON, CLARKSON, Dungate HENARE (a Native chief), and 12 other natives.

6th-Nautilus, LOVEROCK, from Wellington, with supplies.

Outwards 1st-Wellington, RENNER for Wellington and Southern ports. Passengers-Mr and Mrs CUTBILL, Mrs CUFF, and Mr FRASER.

3rd-Lord Ashley, for Tauranga and Auckland with 1 parcel books CARRICK. Passengers-Messrs HARDING, BULLOCK, WHITE, DAVY, SMITH.

3RD-Beautiful Star, for Wellington with supplies.

HBWT 17 June 1867 Loc

17 June 1867.
Resident Magistrate's Court- The business before the Court during the past week has not been heavy. One or two debt cases, drunkenness, and a claim for expenses and delay in driving cattle.

Damages- BARRY v MARSHALL, a claim for 50p value of two horses plaintiff had given in exchange for one of the defendant's, which plaintiff had returned as being unsound.
Judgment for defendant, with costs.

Cattle-Driving Expenses- ROPER v TANNER.-Case Dismissed.

Debt- OLIVER v CASEY-Judgment by default for amount claimed and costs.

Drunkenness-A TEWKESBURY, a Coal-Messrs WATT Bros announce that in consequence of the increased rate of freight, they have been compelled to raise the price of coal to 50s per ton.

HBWT 24 June 1867

Entered Inwards

18th-Lord Ashley from Auckland and Southern Ports. Books-WOODS; 1 case-BRITTEN; case-TOWNSEND; books-T HARDING; plants-STURM; drapery-SIMS; iron and sundries-FAULKNOR; Iron-work for BENNETT; ***Passengers-Mr and Mrs B........? Mr and Mrs SMITH and child, Mrs EDWARDS and 2 children, Messrs T KIRKBRIDE, J McLE....? J HARDING, SOLOMAN, J EASTWOOD, WALCH, CARTER. >From Tauranga-Mr STEPHENSON and child, Messrs LEGG and DEMERRA.

***note right part of this paper was unreadable.


HBWT 1 July 1867
Shipping Inwards Port of Napier

24th-Herald, from Dunedin and Oamaru with cargo for CANNING and RUSSELL;root pulper and wheel-NAIRN Bros; Passengers McLEOD and MUNRO.

24th-Star of the South from Auckland. Case-COSGROVE and BOWES, 1 box-BURKE; hay-NENDALL; 6 pigs, 5 dogs-BROWN; Passengers-Messrs GRAHAM, COLLMAN, Jane SMITH, Mr and Mrs HARRIS, Miss ASHWELL, Messrs CHAPMAN, DUNCAN, FRASER, STEVENS, and 3 children, 9 emigrants.

24th-Taranaka, FRANCIS, from Wellington. 1 case-BREWER; drapery-KEMP; drugs-GOWING; 1 American coach-PETERS; 1 bale S WILLIAMS; paper-FELLS; 1 parcel, 1 box- CONVENT; 15 pkgs, 1 hhd-FERARD; Passengers-Mr and Mrs PARKER, Messrs FERARD, PEPPARD, GRAYMERE, MORRISON, BRUCE, and two Maoris.

27th-Bittern, from Auckland viz Mercury Bay and Poverty Bay with timber and shingles-MILLLER & LINDSAY; sashes-HAMMOND. Passengers-two men of the wrecked cutter Agnes.

28th-Hero, JOINER, from Auckland and Wangapoa with timber-Master, agent.

28th-Ringleader, MOSES, from Auckland and Poverty Bay with boxes of tea, tobacco, wearing apparel-order; Passengers-Messrs LEWIS and SMITH-G Richardson, agent.

27th-Success, TRIMMER, from Auckland and Wangapoa. Passengers-Jauntaia BU?DEN, SPILLER, CAW, G CAW, LENAWA, Mrs and Miss MEEHAN

24th-Taranaki, FRANCIS, for Tauranga and Auckland, with original cargo from South.

27th-Star of the South, from Auckland, with cattle, sheep-Watt Bros agents.

Lengthy Letter published from Isaac R SUTTON, Meanee Flat- In regard to the Thistle Act.
***available upon request to .Elaine

HBWT 8th July 1867

Death ORR-At the Eastern Spit, Napier, on the 3rd July, in her 20th year, Margaret Malcolm, only daughter of Mr William ORR, late of Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland. (Home papers please copy.)
Shipping Inwards
3rd-Betsy from Auckland viz Wangapoa with timber. Passengers-Messrs WAIDE and SPENCE.

3rd-Lord Ashley, from Wellington and Southern Ports. Seed for STURM; cases-MURRAY & Co; earthenware-BIGGS; wheels, bars, steel-MORGAN; boxes-SWAN; case-BURTON; merchandise-KNOWLES. Passengers-Capt and Mrs BIGGS, Mr TOOGOOD, Judge WARD, Messrs ROSS, HUGHES, GOFF, CLARK, ALLEN, Mrs MUNROE and two children, 2 Maoris.
HBWT 15th July 1867.

22nd July-Missing Issues

29th July-Missing Issues

Native Intelligence- from the "Daily Southern Cross," dated 12th July.

Alarm was felt at Opotiki for the safety of Mr LAWSON, of the 1st Waikato Regt. He has arrived back in camp safe.

**In another column a narrative of the murder of Mr Bennett WHITE, and Wi POPATA. Bodies been found in a shocking state. All doubt is now at an end as respects the fate of BEGGS and MOORE, the bodies of these been also found in a shocking condition.

**Abridged by me-full account available upon request. To Elaine.

HBWT August 5th 1867.Auckland
From Own Correspondent
June 27, 1867.

For the past fortnight there has been scarcely any news of importance. One principal item is the departure of troops on board the "John Scott" on the 18th inst, for England, comprising the remaining portion of the Army Hospital and Commissariat Staff Corps, and also the remnants of regiments remaining here. In this we see carried out the orders of the Home Secretary, viz, that only one regiment shall be stationed in New Zealand. Now we have only 30 men doing duty in barracks at Auckland. On the 2nd of August, General Sir Trevor CHUTE, K C B., and Staff, will embark on board the steamship "Auckland" for Melbourne, and this colony will be abandoned as the head-quarters of the Imperial forces.
HBWT 5 Aug 1867

Shipping inwards Port of Napier.
July 29th-Mondewai, schooner, 23 tons, W.HARRIS, from Poverty Bay, with 1 ton pork, 1 ton maize-STUART & Co; 10 passengers-G E K RICHARDSON, agents.

30th-Dolphin, cutter, 17 tons, SCHON, from Blackhead, with 1 steam-engine, 1 boat J.R.GLASS. Passenger-Mr J R GLASS-WATT Bros, agents.

30th-Miranda, cutter, 23 tons, Charles JUDD, from KAWAU, with 50 tons firewood, TATUM-Master agents.

Outwards 31st-Mondewai- schooner, 23 tons, HARRIS, for Poverty Bay with 20 boxes candles-Captain READ; drugs-Dr BROWN; Furniture-Captain BIGGS; spirits-CADLE and BLAIR; 120 sheep W and H PARKER; 1 passenger.-WATT Bros, agents.
HBWT 12 Aug 1867.

3rd-Lord Ashley, from Wellington and Southern Ports. Seeds-STURM; drapery and plants-SUTTON; 1 parcel-BYRNE; 2 ingots block tin-TOSS and GILLESPIE; nails-MILLER and LINDSAY; drugs-GOWING; 1 case-RUDMAN; books-WOOD; box-EVANS; 1 bundle trees-BRATHWAITE; 1 cask-HOLDER; 1 case-ADAMS; 1 case-DINWIDDIE. Passengers-Messrs JENNINGS, EVANS, FLYNN, and 2 Maoris.

3rd-Star of the South, from Auckland. 1 case-CRESSWELL; 1 case-TUKE; 1 bale corks-BOWMAN; glass-WILLIAMS; pkgs and Nails,-HOLT; 1 case-FELLS; 1 boiler, 2 cross-cut saws, 1 bundle axe handles, 2 half chests tea, 2 kegs nails, 2 cases sundries, 1 tin white lead, 3 boxes soap,-JEFFCOAT. Passenger-Mrs MILLER-WATT Bros, agents.

6th-Hero, from Wairoa and Mohaka, with 200 totara posts, 40 bushels maize, bacon, lard, 2 cases fowls-SUTTON; Passengers- HAWKINS (2),-G.Richardson, agent.

7th-Ringleader, cutter, 26 tons, ABRAMS, from Poverty Bay, with 1 horse, 4 cases bottlers. Archdeacon WILLIAMS, who was also a passenger and 3 others.

7th-Mondewai, from Poverty Bay with maize and lemons-Captain READ.

Outwards. 5th-Dolphin, for Wairoa with large misc cargo.

6th-Star of the South for Wairoa in ballast. Passengers-Major FRASER, Lieut. GASCOIGNE, Messrs ROUTLEDE, REDWARD, MORRISON and WATT, 38 rank and file Military Settlers, 52 women and children.

6th-Glimpse, cutter, 38 tons, RATTRAY, for Hokitika with (ex warehouse) port-wine, tobacco, and N Z produce-CAREY & GILLIS; beer, tea, and clothes-E REEVES & Co

7th-Miranda, for Auckland viz Whale Island with 199 sheep-SIMPKINS-Master, agent.
HBWT 18 August 1867

Missing Issue.

26th August, 1867.

Shipping Inwards Port of Napier.

21st-Star of the South from Auckland. Passengers-Miss McLEAN, Messrs JAME, WAIT(?or WATT) from Mahia., BOYLAN, O'SHANNASSY, and JEFFCOAT-WATT Bros-Agents..

24th-Dolphin, from Wairoa. Passengers-Mrs McKINNEY and infant, Messrs PRENTICE and GILLIGAN, 1 native prisoner.

Outwards 23rd-Star of the south for Auckland viz Mahia with supplies, also 900 sheep-WATT Bros. Passengers-Mr and Mrs CLARKE, Mr and Mrs UTTLEY, Mrs BENDALL, Captain PERCIVAL, Mr NEAL.

23rd-Murewai, for Poverty Bay with supplies for THODES, ditto for CADLE & BLAIR. Passenger-Mr SMALE.

Shipping Headlines
Heavy Gale on the Australian Coast Loss of two pilot boats and eight lives
>From Sydney Morning Herald, we learn that as two pilot boats were endeavouring to board the ship "Strathedon," from London, they both capsized during a very heavy gale.

The details are most harrowing The following are the names of those drowned:- Pilot Thomas ROBINSON, Pilot REEDER, Mr Robert GREEN, W PARK, R CURTIS, J WELCH, J DOMINGO, and J SANTES. Mr ROBINSON leaves a widow and seven children, Mr REEDER leaves a wife and two children, Mr GREEN a wife and four children.

Schooner 'Otago" went on shore at North Beach, Newcastle, no lives list.

Opotiki Tauranga Record, August 10.

A butcher named CANNON, a respectable settler who had left ten days previously for the purpose of bringing cattle from Whakatane, whilst on his return was waylaid and brutally murdered. CANNON was a butcher and formerly employed by Mr KELLY, the contractor. The horse which CANNON was riding was shot, but nothing could be found, or heard of him. The only conclusion being he was shot in the same manner as Mr WHITE..

HBWT 2nd Sept 1867

Missing Issue

9th Sept 1867
Birth SCHON-At Napier, on the 5th inst, wife of Mr T SCHON of a daughter.

Local. Cobb and Co Will leave the booking Office, opposited the Bank of New Zealand Napier, for Waipawa every Tuesday and Saturday at 7.30am, passing through
1.West Clive, 2, Clive, 3 Havelock, 4, Paki Paki, 5 Te Aute, 6 Kaikora.

Return Coaches will leave the Booking Office HALPIN's Abbotsford Hotel, Waipawa, for Napier every Monday and Friday at 7.30ama. Signed Andrew PETERS & Co, Proprietors

The Waipawa Mail and Passenger Conveyance leaves the booking Office, Napier every Tuesday Morning at 7.30an. Signed R W IND. CARVER agent..

Wanganui- Discovery of a Human Skeleton-The Wanganui Times August 6, says:- "as two of Messrs COOPER and PARSON's men were crossing the Nukumaru sand hills on their way from Wanganui to Patea, about three weeks ago, they observed a perfect human skeleton in the sand-hills, from which the heavy gales had evidently drifted the light sandy covering. The men admired the beautiful and perfect set of teeth in the head, which clearly that it was that of a young man, fallen in the prime of life. Later on the men reached a spot at Nukumaru, where the mortal remains of the men of the 18th Royal Irish who fell there are deposited, and there their horses made a dead stop in the midst of a terrific thunder storm.
Our informant describes the spot as a standing reproach to the settlers of these districts. We trust it is not long before the subscription list for fencing it in is rapidly filling up-only two members of this community have as yet refused their contributions.

Fatal Accident- when as Mr CAMPBELL of Brunswick, was ploughing, one of the team, being a young horse, and in some way not know to us, the iron of the plough struck Mr CAMPBELL a dreadfull blow on the temple, from which it is feared he can hardly recover. (Mr CAMPBELL died on Thursday last-Ed- N.Z.Advertiser)

Man apprehended on a charge of murder- GON CHU was brought from Lawrence to Milton to await the arrival of a New South Wales Officer. He was contained in the lock up at Milton. To that corner of the door GON CHU fastened a small silk scarf, which he must have worn under his shirt, and fastening the other end of the scarf around his neck, he sat down and strangled himself.

Serious Coach Accident. One of COBB's Coaches, with eleven inside and six outside passengers, was upset at the foot of Saddle Hill, on its way from Dunedin to Tokomairiro on the
8th inst. The driver McINTOSH, is one of the best in HOYT and Company's employment. One gentleman had his leg broken, and nearly all the passengers were more or less bruised or injured.

HBWT 9th Sept 1867

Inward Shipping Port of Napier.

August 31st-Lord Ashley from Wellington and Southern Ports. Passengers-Messrs MOORHOUSE, RUSSELL, DUNNAYS, Col and Mrs WHITMORE, Mr and Miss ALLEY, Messrs BARBER, WILLIAMS.

31st-Taranaki, FRANCIS, from Tauranga and Auckland with misc cargo. Passengers-TYLEE, GREENUP, McKAY, Mr and Mrs BROWN.

September 2nd-Dolphin, from Wairoa, with 5 tons potatoes. With 6000 bricks.

Outwards 2nd-Maggie for Auckland wityh original cargo from southern ports. Passengers-Rev Dr SAYWELL, Mrs SAYWELL, and 5 children, Miss TUPPER, Capt PERCIVAL, Mr and Mrs DAVIS.

2nd-Taranaki, for Wellington with general cargo. Passengers- Mrs BRATHWAITE and 3 children, Miss FOSBERRY, Miss CLEARY, Mr ASHLIN, 1 bative, 2 children.

5th-Maid of the Mill, CARTER, for Lyttelton with 20 sacks seed.-J STUART.

5th-Annie, HAMMILTONJ, for Wairoa. Supplies for PRENTICE, case for HALLET.

Passengers-Messrs PRENTICE & KENNEDY, Mrs McKINNEY, and 3 children.

5th-Dolphin, for Wairoa with misc cargo. Passenger-Miss AINSWORTH.

6th-Bee, CROUCHER, for Wellington viz Uriti, with 24 tons limestone-Master, agent. Mahia, for Wairoa tomorrow.

Auckland- Our own correspondent. Since the gold fields were opened, the weather has been such as to make it almost impossible to work on the alluvial ground.

Last week Captain BURGESS was down at the Thames buoying off the channel. A number of buopys have been laid down, so that the channel will allow of all vessels, drawing up to 9 feet of water, entering with safety.

Shortland TOWN, has been made a port of entry, and Mr WALLACE is appointed Customs Officer.

The society for the preparation of flax is progressing nicely, and exertions are being made to provide more hackles. Mr MASON, one of the promotors of this scheme, has also thought that flax might be worked into thread, and has therefore provided a few spinning wheels, and set some women to work. No doubt the result will be satisfactory.

Sudden Death- account of a sudden and extraordinary death- Mr NEILSON, of the Masonic Hotel, River Bank, called on Sgt KINSELLA, and reported that a man had choked to death at his hotel. He found the body of a man named FARLEY, a tailor by trade, lying dead. Dr FARLE accompanied Sgt KINSELLA, and it was decided to hold a post mortem later today.

Nelson-Brutal assault by a Maori- At a assembly at beach Road, a most brutal assault by one the Maoris named Ripena PARAMATEA, upon a woman named MARARA, and her half
caste child Arthur ELKINGTON. The arrest was made by Sgt NASH, both woman and child are in hospital, with the child and little hopes being entertained of the child's recovery.

Disturbing a Street Preacher- Reuben WAITE was charged before the Resident Magistrate with disorderly conduct in Trafalgar street. A street preacher, named COSTALL, was addressing in an excited manner proclaiming the speedy coming of Christ when Mr WAITE rushed at him.

HBWT 16 Sept 1867
Marriage FERGUSON-REID-At Wairoa on the 8th instant, Archibald Ferguson, to Jane Elizabeth REID.

Estate of Archibald McDONALD, Deceased All claims against the Estate of the late Archibald McDonald, to the undersigned within one month of this notice.
G.E.LEE, Solicitor, to the Administrator, Napier, 16th August, 1867.

Town Sections
Napier, White Road,
Clive, and Sections in Village of Wallingford.
Suburban sections,- Porangahau, Awatoto, near TAREHA's Bridge, West Clive.

Agricultural Sections.-
Between Porangahau and Blackhead.
Rural Sections;- Whangawehi No 2 Mahia. Signed Joseph RHODES, Deputy Superintendent. Dated Napier, 1st day August 1867.
HBWT 23rd Sept 1867

Fire in Shakespeare Road adjoining the premises occupied by M FITZGERALD, Esq., in the Shakespeare Road. It appears that Mr FITZGERALD was from home at the time. We believe there is no reason to suppose that the origin of this fire to be other than pure accident.

HBWT 4 Nov 1867

Birth LeQUESNE at Napier, on 28th instant, Mrs Joseph LeQUESNE, of a daughter.

Shipping Inwards October 28th-Dunedin, STEWART, from Dunedin with supplies for WATT Brothers and STEWART

30th-John Bunyan, ALLEN, from London viz Wellington. Misc cargo and whisky for CINTER; Package and case-BROWNLEE; wire-GIBSON. Passengers-Mrs ALLAN and child, Mr G W GRAY

30th-Annie, from Mohaka with maize and bacon for KNOWLES, and REARDON.

30th-Lord Ashley, from Southern Ports with:- trunks-BIBBY; ditto-RATHBONE; cases-SUTTON; q case horseshoes, 14 bundles iron, 4 iron plates, 1 cask horse shoes, 1 pkge files-MacFARLANE and GARRY; 1 case-BUCHANAN; q parcel, HUNTER; ditto WORGAN. Passengers- Captain, Mrs and Miss INGLIS, Mrs FLEETWOOD and child, Miss JOHNSTONE, Mrs McLEAN, Mr and Mrs WHITE, Mr DUNCAN and servant, Mr R H and Miss DUNCAN, Messrs ROY, BAIGENT, STUART, AXUP, RAYNES, FARUR, Mrs JENNINGS

November 2nd-Wellington from Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers (Saloon)-Miss ARMSTRONG, Miss STEPHENS, Miss PEACOCK, Mr and Mrs A BROWNE, Mr C C MANN, Mr GRAHAM, and 6? For South; (steerage)-Constable LLEWELLYN and prisoner CURTIS, Mr MacINTYRE, Mr Joseph DRUMM, Sergeaant and Mrs JONES, Sergeant HERN, Private DANS; 3 for the South.

2nd-Star of the South from Poverty Bay and Auckland. Passengers-Messrs JEFFCOATE, BUSBY, ROBOTTOM; 3 in steerage, and 17 immigrants per ship Ida Ziegler from London.

2nd-Hero from Wairoa and Waikokopu with 14 bales wool, Personal effects TOOGOOD. Passengers-3Maoris.

Outwards October 30th. Lord Ashley for Tauranga and Auckland, with original cargo from Southern Ports. Passengers-Mr JOHNSTONE, Miss BAIN.

Dunedin, STEWART for Dunedin viz Picton, in ballast.

November 1st-Dolphin for Wairoa with misc cargo. Passengers-Mrs ORMOND, family and servant, Mrs SCHON and 2 children, Mr ATWARD and 4 natives.

2nd-Wellington, for Southern Provinces with for Lyttleton- 1 camera pkg. For Otago- 1 case WITHERS and RUDMAN. Passengers-Miss L BILLSEY, Mr L HIGGINS.
HBWT 4 November 1867

Local News. Mr John MORRISON, agent in England for the New Zealand Government, will shortly visit the colony. Not improbably he will be a fellow passenger with Mr W FOX, who also intends to visit the country for which he has done so much during his sojourn in the "old country."

Embezzlement-Robert James CURTIS, apprehended in Auckland on a warrant, charging him with embezzlement of a sum of money the property of H M Customs at Napier.

Whaling-From Captain CAMPELL of the 'Hero', we learn that Mr BARTLETT, of Mahia, is fitting out his boats, &c., preparatory to making a raid upon any sperm whales, which may visit the bay. The season will commence about the end of present month.

Fire at Hampden- Last Wednesday evening, the Hampden Hotel, owned by Mr LIMBRICK, was totally destroyed by fire. The sewing machine was the only article saved out of the house.

Wool-The Hero, which arrived from Waikokopu on Saturday, was the bearer of some 14 bales of woo- the first, we believe, of this season's clip which has yet arrived in Napier.
HBWT 11th November 1867.

Birth WOOD-At Tennyson Street Napier, on 6th ins., wife of James WOOD of a son.

Shipping inwards Port of Napier6th-Saucy Lass-from Auckland via Mercury Bay, with sawn and dressed timber, and 33,800 shingles for LeQuesne.

6th-Onward. EDWARDS, from Auckland with supplies (transhipped Ida Ziegler from London) cases-Miss HERBERT; Cases-A E RUSSELL; Passengers-Mrs DAVIDSON and child, Miss DAVIDSON.

Outwards 6th-Maggie, HOWIE, for Newcastle NSW, in ballast

6th-Mahia, BAXTER for Poverty Bay.

6th-Star of the South for Auckland via Tologa andPoverty Bay Merchandise for BIGGS; preserved pigeons-Maoris; merchandise-Dodd; 1 case Wm PARKER.

Passengers for Auckland- Captain ALLAN, Messrs WATT, TOOGOOD, BUSBY (2), RIDDELL; For Poverty Bay-Mr and Mrs W PARKER and 4 children, Mr and Mrs HAYMES, Mr and Mrs CAMPBELL, Miss DAVIS,, and 60 Maoris.

8th-Saucy Lass McKENZIE, for Mercury Bay, In Ballast.-Master-agent

HBWT 18 November 1867
Business Cards. Andrew PETERS- Proprietor-Cobb & Co Witness John N WILSON

John R LEVER-Pastry Cook and Confectioner, Meanee.

John STUART-Auctioneer and General Commission and Land Agent.

J LINGARD-Chimney Sweeper and Nightman

Mrs S KEMP-Milliner and Dressmaker- next door to Mr CARVER's Chemist.

Mr Robert BRENTON-Architect and Surveyor Carlyle St Napier

Mrs SENIOR- eating and boarding house at the Eastern Spit

Thomas B HARDING- Letter Press Printer-Times Office Eastern Spit Napier.

William HUGHES- Boot and Shoe Maker, Meanee Flat.
HBWT 18th Nov 1867

15th-Lordf Ashley, WORSP, from Tauranga and Auckland. Passengers-(saloon) Mr E WOODFIELD. Steerage-Mr and Mrs HALL, Miss McLEAN, Mr LINCOLN.

15th-Betsy, H TRIMMER, from Auckland via Poverty Bay with timber and building

16th-Dolphin, SCHON, from Wairoa with wool and maize. 1 boat, Mr FRASR. Passengers-Mrs SCHON and child, 6 military settlers, and 2 half caste women.

Outwards 13th-Onward, EDWARDS, for Poverty Bay, with misc cargo for CADLE and BLAIR. Two Passengers.

13th-Cleopatra, A PALMER, for Wairoa. With 1 pkge malt-J J TAYLOR; pcl-FINLAYSON; Grindstone and handle-J A THORPE; Passengers-Mr and Mrs CUFF, Mr R CUFF, Mr HAMMOND.

13th-Hero, CAMPBELL for Wairoa with sundries.

15th-Lord Ashley, for Southern Ports. Passengers-(Saloon) Messrs GRAY, GRAHAM, STUART, Rev J McMICHAEL; (STEERAGE) miss MURRAY, COKSAGE

HBWT 25 Nov 1867

Resident Magistrate's Court. Assaualt Winiata KEPA charged with assault on the 4th October, at Havelock, to one Sarah COLLISON, wife of Mr Edward COLLISON.
Mr HAMLIN sworn to interpret. Empannelled jury: J. DINWIDDIE as foreman, G McCAUL, W WHITE, G WILKIE, G SNELLER, A GRANT, R MARSHALL, J EVANS, W S BAXTER, Thomas CAMPBELL, Thomas NEAGLE and Joseph HAMMOND.
Mr WILSON addressed the jury-for prosecution. George Sisson COOPER-DEPOSED AND.......***.More if requested to Elaine.

Sittings in insolvency November 22nd. There being no minor jury sittings the jury was discharged. The Court then sat at 11 am in its insolvency jurisdiction.

William SIMMONS-Order made for final discharge from schedule debts at expiration of six months from date, protection meanwhile.

John RIGBY-Mr LEE for debtor-No opposing creditor. Mr LYNDON appointed trustee-discharge ordered after six months. As above. Re J A TURNER-A first hearing-Final hearing 14th may next.

Re W CAMPBELL-Mr CUFF for debtor. Mr J M STUART opposed, on the ground that the petitioner had obtained goods from him on a certain false pretences. Mr LYNDON appointed Trustee, final hearing on 14th May.

David BLACK-first hearing. Mr LEE appeared on behalf of William BLACK, the only creditor who had proved and applied that Mr LYNDON be appointed trustee.

John ANDERSON-Mr CUFF for debtor-Ordered that a Creditor's meeting be held on the 28th inst., to recommend a trustee be appointed and the mode of winding up the estate.
Samuel SAYWELL-First hearing-Stood over till the 29th.

HBWT 2 Dec 1867

Shipping Inwards Port of Napier-November-

26th-Cleopatra, PALMER, from Poverty Bay and Wairoa. Passengers-Rev.Father REIGNIER, Mr and Mrs FINLAYSON, Messrs CAULTON, DAVIS, SARGEANT, WORGAN, BOUSEFOELD, and one native.

26th-Annie, D. HAMILTON,, from Wairoa and Mohaka. Passengers-Two.

28th-Muriwai, Wm HARRIS from Poverty Bay with 19 bales of wool for WALLACE. Passenger Mr WALLACE

Outwards 25th-Queen W D VEALE, for Port Cooper, in ballast.

25th-Betsy TRIMMER, for Poverty Bay, East Cape, and Auckland. With order and rum for TRIMMER-Withers and Rudman, agents.

27th-Star of the South Wm BENDALL, for Nelson. Passengers-Cabin-Mrs CRESSWELL and Dr THORPE, 2 in steerage..

HBWT 2a and 9th December 1867

29th-Cleopatra for Wairoa and Mahia with supplies for Wairoa and Mahia, Capt WITHERS, SARGEANT,FINLAYSON, S DEIGHTON, rams-WALKER. Passengers-Captain WITHERS,, Mr and Mrs FINLAYSON, Messrs SARGENT, DAVIS, WALKER, WOODWARD, and 7 natives.

9th December,
Birth BEUKERS-At the Ferry Hotel, Western Spit, on the 7th December, Mrs H BEUKERS, of a son.

Death VICARS-At London, on the 4th Sept, Henry G A VICARS, Capt and Brevet Major 18th Royal Irish, late A.D.C. to the Viceroy of India, only surviving son of the late Hedley VICARS, Esq., aged 34.

Circuit Court-26th November-before Mr Justice JOHNSTON. TOOGOOD and another v BARLOW.
Attorney General Mr PRENDERGAST, appeared for the plaintiffs, Mr ALLAN for the defendant.
BROWN. There were twenty four issues and the Attorney General made a long and detailed statement and......?

Wednesday December 28th 1881 -

Births - PRIME - At Sealy-road, on Decmeber 25th, the wife of W.L. PRIME, of a son.
BISHOP - At Hastings, on December 26th, the wife of Thomas BISHOP, of a son.
DUFF - At Napier, on December 26th, Mrs H.A. DUFF, of a daughter.

Marriages - DYE-LAURENSON - On December 25th, by Rev. D. SIDEY, William Alexander DYE, of Norwich, England, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of John LAURENSON, late of Unst, Shetland.

GIFFORD-BOYLE - At Napier, on December 25th, by the Rev. D. SIDEY, Joseph GIFFORD, of Napier, to Mary Christina, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Henry BOYLE, Esq., of Limerick, Ireland.

Local News -
Sittings of the Resident Magistrate's Court were held on Monday and yesterday. On the former day Mr PATTEN, J.P., remanded James JAMES, who was charged with wilfully damaging property at Taradale, and two natives who were charged with assault upon a third Maori. John HIGGINGS was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness and using obscene language.

Yesterday Mr G.D. HAMILTON, J.P., presided. A man named COYLE was fined for drunkenness, and MANIHERA, brought from Taupo on a charge of lunacy, was remanded.

Mr F. NELSON returned from England by the Rotorua on Sunday. His many friends will be glad to hear that he appears well and hearty after his trip.

The cricket match Petane v. Waipawa County will be played at Waipukurau tomorrow. The following will represent Petane:-

A correspondent writes:- "The patients of the Napier Hospital sat down to an excellent Christmas dinner, most tastefully laid out by Miss STENSON and her assistants. After partaking of the many good things provided, Mr REDWARD, on behalf of himself and the other patients, moved a most cordial vote of thanks and gratitude to those kind friends who had by their liberality remembered them at this festive season of the year. This was carried, and a vote of thanks was also given to Miss STENSON and her assitants for their trouble."

Yesterday being the festival of St. John the Evangelist the ceremony of installing the Worshipful Master of the Victoria Lodge E.C., Bro. Frank BEE, was proceeded with. The installing officer was Bro. Past Master BEILBY, who performed the ceremony in a most impressive and efficient manner. The following officers were appointed, and all but two who were absent invested:-
S.W., Bro. R.J. DUNCAN
J.W. Bros. R.E. MACKAY
Treasurer, Bros. C. RAVEN
Secretary, Bros. J. UPCHURCH
Organist, Bros. RUDMAN
S.D., Bro. John CHICKEN
J.D., Bro. F. SMITH
I.G., Bro. W. WILKIE

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