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1864 July- Dec
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
July 19 1864
Birth LARGE- at Napier, om the 18th July, the wife of Mr J S LARGE, of a daughter.
July 16 Lady Bird from Wellington.Passenger. R.FARREL.
July 17 Rangatira from Auckland cargo for southern ports. Passengers-Messrs M BOROND, WESTON, SHERSON, MUSKILL, SCOTT, DIBLIN, MacKAY.
Sailed July 17 Lady Bird ftrom Auckland with original cargo for Napier and Auckland from southern ports..Passengers from Napier- Lieutenant RUSSELL,Robert PARKER.
July 18 Rangatira for Wellington with original cargo from Auckland for southern ports;Cargo for BETHURNE & HUNTER,Charles ALLEN,H.B.ROTTON. Passengers Messrs JOHNSON,BURNS..
July 23 1864
All about Election requirements.

Baron De THIERRY a very old colonist died the other day aged 71 yrs. He landed in NZ 1835.
ROBOTTOM on 19th July at his father's residence, Shakespeare Road, Napier. Charles Henry, aged 10yrs 10months. Daily Telegraph Surrey,London papers Please copy

Port of Napier July 19 Ladybird for Wairoa-Stores for MORETON, J.CARROLL, LOCKWOOD, ATTWARD, PEAKMAN.- Passengers. LOCKWOOD, GASON, ATTWARD., J.CARROLL, and 10 natives.

July 26, Arrived Success frim Auckland, ploughshare for H.STURLEY, iron,nails,GARRY, 91 bars iron for FLETCHER, Passengers- Messrs. STUART and WILLIAMS.
July 23 Rangoon, from London, Stores for; LUFF, GRINDELL, CATCHPOOL, NEWTON, ELLISON, HUTCHINSON, KNAPP, Brooke TAYLOR. Passengers- 45 male, 38 female adults, 10 male, and 17 female children.
Names previously published.
July 25 Lady Bird from Auckland. Passengers- Mrs CARTE, 2 children and servants. Mrs WARNECKE and 2 children, Mrs CARR,Mrs
JAMES,Mrs KERSON,Mrssrs.DAVIS,GARNER,ROBINSON,WATT,PARKER,HURLEY,RUSSELL,GRAY, 2 privates, 2 women and 7 children of Royal Artillery.
BARCLAY - at the Manse, Napier, on the 24th inst, the wife of Rev.P.BARCLAY, of a daughter.

Aug 23 Ahuriri from Glasgow- Passengers from Cape of Good Hope-Messrs. SMITH,DOYLE,James and Michael O'BRIEN, Wm HALL>

August 25 Ladybird- Passengers- Commandent WALMSLEY( Colonial Defence Forc), Messrs. R.J.DUNCAN, McCASKIE, GILLESPIE, BIRCH, HARTRESS, FORBES, Mrs LYNCH and son, 1 non commissioned officer and 1 private. H.M> 14th regt, 1 women and 3 children.

August 26-Lord Ashley from Auckland.Passengers- Miss NICHOLAS, Mrs MacREADY, Messrs.POOLE, SMITH ,BEGG, MALTBY, RHODES, FARCHEY, PEARCE, John PEARCE, Mr DANIELS and 2 children, Commandent EDWARDS (C.D.F.) and 22 for the north.

Aug 27 BIRTH BOWMAN- At Napier on the 26 August, the wife of Mr George BOWMAN, of a daughter.

Married CARTER-McKAIN- At Eskdale, on the 19th augusts, by the Rev.E.REIGNIER,Captain J.C.L.CARTER, of Maraetara, to Maria Theresa, eldest daughter of Mr James B. McKAIN, of Eskdale.

ANDERSON-NESBITT- At Auckland, on the 16th August, by thhe Rev.D.BRUCE, Mr W.E.ANDERSON to Mary Bruce NESBITT, second daughter of Mr Wm.NESBITT, Edonburgh.

Died HAMLIN-At the residence of the Rev.J.HAMLIN, Waipuna, Panmure, Auckland on 8th August, George John, youngest son of the late Job HAMLIN, of Papakura after a short but painful illness, aged 13 yrs and 9 months.

HAMLIN- At her father's residence, Waipuna, Panmure, Auckland, on 20th August, Marian Elizabeth Middleton, only daughter of J.M.HAMLIN., Esq., aged 7 years and 4 months

The Imperial Government have very distinctly expressed their intention of taking away the troops now, in the Colony, in no very gradual manner, after the end of the year 1864. Mr CARDWELL, in his place in the House, seems very distinctly to have given such a pledge. The first of the Regiments to go with be the 70th, and their departure may be reckoned upon in the month of January.This may seem premature to the colonists.

B troop (Capt ANDERSON's)will be again stationed at Waipawa, and the A Troop(Capt La SERRE's) at the stockade, Waipuna..
27 August 1864

Colonial Defence.- His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to announce the following appointments:- In the Napier Militia.- Ensign Vautier JANISCH, to be Lieutenant. Date of Commission, 28th July.1864;Alexander INGLIS, to be Ensign. Date of Commission, 29th Jyly,1864; In the Waipawa Cavalry Volunteers,- Lieutenant Thomas TANNER, to be Captain. Date of Commission, 22nd July, 1864; Cornet John Russell DUNCAN, to be Lieutenant, date of Commission, 22nd July 1864; Frederick Martin CHAPMAN, to be Cornet. Date of Commission, 22nd July, 1864. His Excellancy has also been pleased to accept the resignations of Captain Alfred D. CORFIELD and Lieutenant J.D.CANNING,
both of the Napier Militia- New Zealand Gazette, August 110.

The incumbent of Napier- as would be seen from our extra of Thursday,- The Rev.Dr. SAYWELL- is now on his way to this province, by way of Auckland. We learn from a private letter received by this mail that Colonel RUSSELL, who upon proceeding to England was empowered by the Bishop to select a suitable clergyman as successor to Mr St.HILL, FAILING IN HIS SEARCH, GAVE UP HIS POWER TO ACT TO THE Rev.Mr.LAWRELL of London, who, on behalf of the Bishop, nominated Dr. SAYWELL. The latter, who accepted the offer partly on the score of his health, de preparations for his departure. He was then curate of a large parish under a grandson of the late Duke of Marlborough. He is married, aged 35, and, though not strong, equal to a good amount of work. He is said to be a gentleman well fitted for his new sphere of labour, and we wish him God speed.

Commandant EDWARDS, of the Defence Force, Wellington, and Commandant WALMSLEY, of the Defence Force, Auckland, are both now in Napier. The former per Lord Ashley, and the latter by the Lady Bird.

Military-In the notices of army promotion we are glad to observe that the officer in command of the troops at Napier has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
In the army list we observe that Lieutenant-Colonel DWYER served in the trenches at the siege of Sebastopol and assault of the 18th of June, medal and clasp, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th class of the Medjidee and Turkish medal. We heartily congratulate the Lieut.-Colonel on this promotion, which is certainly most richly deserved after 33 years' military service.
Dunedin August 20, On Monday last great excitement was occasioned in Dunedin by a report that a gentleman who had engaged a bed
at the Shamrock Hotel on /Sunday night had poisoned himself. The rumour turned out to be true:- The gentleman, Mr Joseph WOOLF, a well known brewer,bore the character of being fond of the gaming table, and after losses at "play" would occasionally become very much excited.(other details etc)- then Mr WOOLF, who was only about 35 years of age, was a widower and has left two children, a boy and a girl- both it said to be totally unprovided for. The jury after considering the case, returned the verdict of "poisoning himself while labouring under temporary insanity."

Public meeting of the unemployed was held at the Octogen on Monday, August 15. Between 700-800 men were present. Their six representatives urged provincial government to do something to ease the distress of working men and their families.
There were then two advertisements inserted into the paper:- Notice to Unemployed Laborers-30 Men can obtain Temporary Employment, at Bell Hill, on Thursday 18th inst. Application to Mr STODDART at the Gaol, during the day.

150 Men can obtain Temporary employment, on the Port Chalmers, Waikouaiti and Saddle Hill Roads, on Monday next, the 22nd inst.
H.J.MILLER, Secretary of Public works.

Mr Charles WILLIAMSON, Warden at the Upper Shotover, was charged a few days ago before the Police Magistrate with having on the 30th of May last assaulted Eliza Emma POCOCK, with intent in doing so to ravish her. He has since been committed to trial before Supreme Court. Mr WILLIAMSON WAS IN "TROUBLE" BEFORE THIS CRIMINAL CHARGE, HAVING BEFORE BEEN ORDERED TO TOWN TO STAND AN EXAMINATION TO AN ALLEGED FRACAS WITH HIS CLE

Mr and Mrs Clarence HOLT left for Melbourne en route for England by the Aldinga on Thursday last. On his benefit night, to give his audience an idea of the financial difficulties he had to contend with he made the following statement-During the last two years he had paid
7000 pounds as rent for the Theatre; during the last twelve months, for benefits and charities 1300 pounds; to stars during the last fourteen months 6000 pounds; while the working expenses of the theatre, with the exception of rent and stars, has never benn under 200 pounds per week.- Notwithstanding the magnitude of these figures however, Mr HOLT was able to announce the balance on the right side of the ledger, and it is believed he has made 2000 pounds during his two years sojourn amongst us. The LYSTER Troupe are expected by the Alhambra, which was supposed to leave Melbourn last Monday; and at the conclusion of their engagement Mr.WOLFE re-opens the theatre for dramatic entertainments for 12 months..

30th August, 1864
Shipping Sailed
August 27th Lord Ashley for Auckland with part of original cargo fro Napier and Auckland.Passengers:- Miss RYE,Messrs. A.BROWNE, GARNER, RUSSELL,WALTERS, LAXTON, MIDDINS, NEAL, ROBINSON, MACK, WILLIAMS, three soldiers 14th Regiment. Cleared
August 27 Ahuriri SHUTTLEWORTH, for Wellington, in ballast. Passengers- Mr R.J.DUNCAN, Miss BOYLE.

Married CAULTON-HATTON- At Napier, on the 27th August, by E.CATCHPOOL, Esq., Registra of Marriages, Stapleton Cotton CAULTON, of the Colonial Defence Force, to Emily, fifth daughter of Mr John HATTON, of Weymouth, Dorset, England.

Private John EGAN Has been appointed Corporal of the Hawkes's Bay Police Force. Appointment to date from September 1, 1864.

Mr Henry KRAEFT has been appointed Assistant Pilot for the Port and Harbour of Napier, Hawke's Bay. Appointment to date from the 1st of August 1864.


3rd Sept 1864
Return of lands Sold for month of July- unagricultural land.
1534 W.McKAY Hampden
1535 W.BURTON Meanee Flat
1536 WHITMORE and McNEILL Ahuriri
1537 A.C.F.KOCH Meanee Flat
1539 John JOLL Clive
1540 James BOYLE Clive
1541 Henry HAWKEN Clive
1542 E.S.CURLING Oero
1543 S.ROBERTS Tukuwaru Bush
1544 A.CAMPBELL Oero
1545 J.HALLETTPakiaka

Schedule of Unagricultural land Auction at Noon Nov 1864 at upset price of 5/- per acre.
Mr SPEEDY's run- LOT 752-754 Total of 330 ACRES
RHODES' and CAMERON'S RUN- 755-759-Total of 980 ACRES
K.GOLLAN'S RUN- 760-769 Total of 2500 ACRES
D.GOLLAN'S RUN 770-772 Total of 760 ACRES
G.C.CARLYON'S RUN 782-806 Total 7655 ACRES.

Notices Colonial Life Insurance 5 George St Edinbugch,
81 Lombard -street, London.
Samuel JACKSON Agent and Secretary in Auck;and Board of Directors in Auckland
The Hon Reader Gilson WOOD, M.G.A., Colonial Treasurer Robert WATERSTON, of HENDERSON & MacFARLANE James WILLIAMSON M.G.A. President of the Bank of New Zealand. Joseph NEWMAN, M.P.C. of Messrs NEWMAN and EWEN Medical Adviser Dr.Samuel John STRATFORD.

John MONRO- Timber
W.HOBBS Waipawa -strayed cow- one pound reward
G.A.OLIVER Meanee-Strayed Bay Mare

Tenders to Builders for erection of Schoolhouse and teachers dwelling house at Puketapu

Block of land approx 900 acres. 20 miles from Napier Late Mr MUNN's Run. Now in possession of R.Foster.
F.S.ABBOTT- stock sale at Meanee
John STUART-Auction of ales, spirits etc.
Purvis RUSSELL Woburn Station Waipukurau- Horses and Cattle sale.
J.K.TATUM- Parcel delivery service to Waipawa
A.E.RUSSELL Mangakuri.- wanted shearers 8500 sheep and lambs at twenty shillings per 100.
LAW & SUMMER & Co WHOLESALE & retail Seedsmen Octogen Dundin-Prairie grass.
Thomas Dillon SMITH's-Furniture. and Funeral Establishment Shakespeare Rd near Catholic Church
6th September 1864
Shipping. Sailed Sept 5th Lord Ashley from Auckland transhipped ex Flying Foam from London, ex Prince Alfred from Sydney.Passengers Co.McNEIL, Capt.LUCAS, Messrs.RUSSELL (2) CARLON, SWINDELLS, WILLIAMS, CAMPBELL, FERGUSON, GARDINER, and 7 for the south.

TANNER- AT Napier, on the 7th August, the wife of Thomas TANNER of a daughter.
COLLINS- At Patangata, on the 9th August, the wife of Mr.James COLLINS of a daughter
STUART- At Benmore, Napie, on the 15th inst, Mrs J.Meliss STUART, of a daughter
BOWMAN- At Napier, on the 26th August, the wife of Mr George BOWMAN of a daughter.
KRAEFT-CODD- At Napier on the 17th August, by Rev.P.Barclay, Mr Henry KRAEFT to Miss Sarah CODD.
CARTER-McKAIN- At Eskdale, on the 19th August by E.CATCHPOOL Registrar of Marriages, Stapleton Cotton CAULTON, of the Colonial Defence Force to Emily, fifth daughter of Mr John Hatton, of Weymouth,Dorset,England.
Deaths MUNN- At Napier on the 12th August, Mr Daniel Munn, sen, aged 49 years.
DYETT- At Clive, on the 27th August, Frederick, son of Mr.F.DYETT, aged 3 years.
ROLFE-At Napier on the 5th inst., Mr John ROLFE, sawyer, aged 68 years. The funeral will leave the Hospital this day, at four pm.

The only event of importance, since our last, in connection with the war, has been the establishment of peace at Tauranga. The terms are favourable to the rebels. They are to have three fourths of the conquered territory restored to them, and have been furnished with supplies.
Casualties On Sunday, a man named Charles CROSSLEY was received into the hospital suffering from serious burns received in a maorie pah at Pakipaki.

Yesterday a man named 0'BRIEN, who recently arrived in the Province, was also received into the hospital he having attempted to cut his throat at a station on the Tutaekurir. It is supposed that intemperance was the cause of both occurrences.
Public Notifications- The following appointments are notified in the New Zealand Gazette of the 1st inst- Walter Hippolyte PILLIET, of Havelock, in the province of Marlborough, to be the Justice of the Peace and resident Magistrate;- John Nathaniel WILSON Esqq., of Napier, to be a Crown Solicitor within the Province of Hawkes' Bay for the conduct of Prosecutions under the regulations of the 23rd Feb 1864.-J.A.SMITH of Hawkes'Bay, to be an Enumerator under the Census Act-James FRAZER to be Captain of the Napier Militia; Arthur TUKE to be Cornet in the Napier Cavalry Volunteers;William MARSHALL to be Postmaster at Clive, from July 1st 1864, vice F.A.LINCOLN resigned.
The name of George LAW of Taupo has been removed from the commissioner of the peace, and his appointments as Civil Commissioner and Resident Magistrate cancelled.

The Defence Force of this province was inspected on Monday the 29th ult, by Major WHITMOTRE and Commandants WALMSLEY and EDWARDS- the officers commanding in the neighbouring provinces of Auckland and Wellington-who are at present on a visit to this district.
Sept 10 1864.

Birth LESLIE.At Napier 7th inst wife of Mr D Leslie of a daughter.
Married *GILMORE-SCOTT. At Kauranaki on 8th inst by Rev.P.BARCLAY, Mr William Gilmore, late of Edinburgh, to miss Isabella Sott, late of Montrose.

Port of Napier Sept 6 West
Australian from London via Wellington- cargo for- GORDON,TUXFORD,TYLEE,Mrs WILSON.


Sept 9 Zillah from Auckland-Passengers- Messrs. LAMPAUGH,ALLEN,McKENZIE,KELLY,HICKS,WALLACE.

Sept 9 Star of the South from Auckland-Passenger T.SHERSON

Sailed Sept 6 Lord Ashley for Wellington with part of original cargo from Auckland. Passengers- Commandant EDWARDS(C.D.F.) Messrs. Mr and Mrs REDWARD, Mrs JOHNSTONE, plus 2 children, Mrs EVANS,Messrs CARLYON,STAFFORD,MURDOCH.

Regret to learn that Captain John BLAIR formerly of the "ESTHER" is supposed to have been lost at sea. He left Chatham Islands some 4 months ago in the "Sicilian" bound for Dunedin or Port Cooper and has been heard of or reached destinations.

Dundin FIRE BRIGADE celebrated 2nd Anniversary on 22nd inst.

A concert in aid of cost of new organ for St.Paul's Church in Oddfellows on August 30th. Mrs W.H.MUNFORD nee Miss Julia MATHEWS made her first professional vocal appearance since her marriage some 4 months ago.

10th Sept. THOMAS'S Carlyle Street- Private Boarding and Lodging house.

Sept 13th Unagricultural land for sale for 5/- per acre. Lot 752-813 Total of 15,205 acres.

Shipping arrival Sept 11 Claude Hamilton from Melbourne via Auckland.Passengers- Miss KEYS and Mr BARRY and 6 for the south.

SailedSept 12 Claude Hamilton for Wellington-Picton-Nelson and Taranaki, with part of original cargo from Melbourne and Auckland. Passengers from Napier- Mrs WEMYSS, Mr C.J.CAZELY.

Auckland Annual Races- Edward WOOLFORD- Secretary

Birth at Clive on 27th ult Wife of William SIMMONDS, of a son.

Sept 7 Queen for Auckland with part of original cargo
13th Sept 1864

Same old story about the warnews. None, or next to none, stirring, and every one waiting in anxious expectation for something to turn up to enliven the scene. In some respects it has been lively, with a continual momevent amongst the troops, Imperial and Colinial, for the last week or two The Waikato men having been moving out, and the soldiers gradually moving in towards town. The 50th Regiment, which so long held the post of honour in the Horatin at Maungatautari, (I beg its pardon) Cambridge, has now come in to the camp at Otahugu, and its old headquarters at the front row now form the principal village of the third Waikatos. Scarcerly any of the Waikato regiments remain anywhere near Auckland now. There are quite a few of the 4th still at Onehunga and the Wairoa, and some of the first not yet out of the Transport corps as well as garrisoning one or two leading posts between Drury and Meremere, but this is nearly all. The 2nd, the 3rd, and most of the 4th are on their lands- which so far at least as far as town sections are concerned, have been divided up by lot- and they are now in the process and very busy in pitting up huts of various kinds at differenct places round the redoubts.
The Government steamers on the Waikato are now available for public use.
Steps are being taken to survey the whole extend of the Tauranga land, as natives have sold their share to the government for 2s an acre, only retaining the village sites promised them as entailed estates for their descendents. There is no word about THOMPSON and his tribe.
There have been only two arrivals from England since my last letter- The Ironsides and the Portland, bringing in all about 460 passengers to this province. Most of theser are 40 acre settlers, but a small proportion of each vessel consist of assisted immigrants brought out. About 8-10 ships are now supposed to be on their way to this port- to bring about 1200 settlers. Some of these are special settlement parties-two bodies of whom are to be settled in the north, one near Mongonui, our most northern settlement.
Two of the defaulting Captains of the Waikato Militia have been cashiered, and are to be tried before the Supreme Cout for a Military demeanour. It is thought that the charges cannot be sustained. The case of the Commissiariat officer demanding land from the Provincial Government on the ground they were military officers, has been tried before the Chief Justice and given in favour of the Province. Sir George ARNEY considering that combatant officers only were meant.

Tuesday Morning Aug 30-
The man WILSON, charged with the murder of YORKEY on Millers' flat in 1863, arrived per Airedale from Christchurch yesterday afternoon, and is now safely lodged in Dunedin Gaol. He is remanded until the 3rd proximo.

Sept 13 1864 Township of Queenstown late (Ngaruanahia) was to be sold 9th inst "The future City" says NZ Herald of the 8th, has been laid out by Surveyor General, Charles HEAPHY Esq.,

The "Black Diamond Catastrophe". Mr ASKEW's yacht has capsized at the Croixelles, and Mrs HAY wife of Captain William H HAY's
of the Brig "Black Diamond" and infant aged 13 months, Mrs Hay's brother (Mr George BUCKINGHAM from Auckland) aged 23 years and a 15 yr old servant have all been drowned. The Brig had been lying for the purpose of being caulked when Mrs Hay's determined to go to see Mrs RANKIN when hearing she was not in good health. (very full and graphic account). Mr Hay's was the only survivor and did his utmost to save all unsuccessfully.

Supreme court Sitting at trial of Alexander McLEAN for murder of his wife. Lasted 2 days and was going a further 1 more at least, with a locked jury.. He gave evidence that the gun was accidentally discharged when he went to shoot a hawk. He was overcome with anguish when he saw his wife had died and then determined to kill himself so they could both die together. Sixteen witnesses testified at uninterrupted harmony of their life together.

Inquest before Mr Brooke TAYLOR Esq., upon body of Charles Crossley who died Sat Morning after effects of terrible burns.

Magistrates Court. Other to appear before court were:- George AIKEN,John WILLIAMS,R McHARDY.-D&D Ann McDONALD Charged John PERRY,William McALLISTER damage to house window. BIRCH V SUTTON non attendance Militia Drill at Meanee. Daniel LAING. SEARES V SHERLEY. SULLIVAN &MUNRO v BLAIR. MUNRO & BLAIR V PEACOCK. William ONSLOW charged by Policeman EGHAN of Waipawa for desertion at Puketapu. Charge admitted.


Sept 17 1864.

Auckland- The Escape of the Maori Prisoners. 9From the Southern Cross Sept 13) The town was thrown into a considerable state of excitement yesterday by the report that the Maori prisoners, to the number of 200, the most of whom were captured at Rangiriri, had taken Maori leave of their guardians, and had effected their escape frim the Island Of Kawau, to the main land. This report has come from Mr JohnWHITE the Maori interpretor.. Kawau as most of our readers are aware is not far distant from the main land-probably not more than two miles. Captain KRIPPNE's company of the Waikato Militia had been relieved at the charge of them, no doubt much to the gratification of both parties. The mistake was made with only four Europeans left in charge of them, viz, the warden,the Chaplain(the Rev Mr ASHWELL), the interpretor (Mr John WHITE), and Dr. SAM.
The energetic pealing of the bell , however, brought Mr Ashwell no hearers, except Dr Sam, and suspicions began to dawn upon those of his companions that his congregation were either not very punctual in their devotions or had made an escape. Commander.PARKYN, of H M S Falcon was lying in the bay and information was conveyed. Authories were then informed. There was a fair wind blowing and after landing at the Thames by canoes which were seen in the area prior, they would be made welcome by THOMPSON.
They were believed to have made their way to the Kaipara and making their way towards the Nonconformist settlement of Albertland. Their chieftainship and prestige will not only have been recovered but increased by their outwitting the pakeha. It is expected that they will join MATTIEU's tribe, and thus stregthemed, the Native faud between MATTIEU and TIRERAU, cannot but be most grave and serious matter at the present time.
(This article was abridged by me)

The Sale of the Ngaruawahia- the great event of the week has certainly been the sale of the township of Ngaruawahia or Queenstown. This took place today, and the prices have realised must have been much more than come up to the most sanguine anticipations. The upset price was 100 pound per acre, but this was far exceeded, and the allotments in many cases averaged about 200 pound to 300 pound per acre. One lot was sold at the rate of 1,200 pound per acre.

Local- Auction of unagricultural crown land on November 4th, 1864. Application -Lot 752-813 Total of 15,205 acres with an upset
price of 5/- per acres.

Local- Editorial re connecting Auckland, Napier and Wellington by means of one main trunk line. Also improve inland communications.

Settler's Hotel Clive- Richard JEFFARES- opening of Hotel.

Commissariat, Napier. Service at Gore Browne Barracks, Napier- J T TYREE A C C

Notice under Patent Act. George DUNN, Samuel SAMUEL, and William GRANT. Invention of a Water engine.. Objections subscribed to George DUNN,Samuel's Express, Clyde, Otago, New Zealand.

Notice under Patent Act. William ROBERTS, Robert DALTON, and George Edward GREENFIELD. Invention of a gold solvent to extract gold, reduce to a fluid and afterwards restored to a solid state.- Objections to William ROBERTS, Blake's Family Hotel, Dunedin.

Schedule of Rural sections Tikokino Reserve at Hampden. Under Auction 7.October next. Numbers of sections are 1-33 with an approx average upset number of 65 pounds.

Birth at Waipawa. WINSOR-Saturday 10th inst, wife of Mr S WINSOR of a daughte

David CARMICHAEL- Meeanee Paddock open for all mares coming from a distance-Stallion-Young Cumberland. Single mare 4 pound. Tow or more from same person 3.10 pound each.

Mrs WILLIAMS- Straw Bonnet Maker at Dickens Street Napier.

Richard FARRELL- Cooper -premises of Messrs. WILLIAM & FOAN.Hastings St.

Mrs WRIGLEY- Milliner of Wellington has arrived with choice selections.

J N WILSON- Solicitor Napier

James WHITE- Appointed Asst Turnkey to the Napier Gaol.

F M CHAPMAN- Stud Fees for Scimitar at 4 guineas each mare.

SUTTON v Owen O'BRIEN- Warrant for horse in distress. James EVANS Acting Bailiff.

17th and 20th Sept 1864.

Port of Napier
Sept 13 Beautiful Star from Auckland- Cargo only
Also Officer Commanding supplies 14th Regt.- some cargo and some 4 passengers for the South.
Sept 20th,
Arrived. Sept 16 Lady Bird from Wellington with cargo shipped ex Beautiful Star from Glasgow. Passengers- Miss BOYLE, Mrs GILVARRY,Mrs WRIGLEY, Messrs. DRANSFIELD,KINROSS,JOHNSON.
Sept 16 Janet for the Wairoa. Supplies for -CARROLL,LOCKWOOD,RIDDELL brothers, and,PEAKMAN. Passenger- Mr Joseph CARROLL.;
Sept 17 Lady Bird for Auckland with part of original cargo from the South. And fromNapier. Passengers. MrsGALLIEN, CaptainMINNET ,Messrs 0'REILEY, McNALTY, LAST.

BIRTH-THATCHER- at Barrett's Hotel Wellington, on the 5th inst, the wife of Mr C.R.THATCHER, of a daughter.

Intelligence The trial of A McLEAN for the murder of his wife terminated on the third ay- The result is thus given in the Weekly News of the 10th inst- the jury then retired and returned in about 20 minutes.- Verdict Guilty.
What have you to day that judgment shall not be passed upon you, that you should die according to law? The prisoner (in a firm voice): Nothing further your Honor, but of the wilful murder of my wife I am as innocent as the child unborn, so help me god.
The Chief Justice then assumed the black cap, and in the most profound silence and solemn manner, sentenced the prisoner. Alexander McLEAN.

Edward WOOLFIELD- Secretary of Auckland Race Club
Mr W. ELLISON- Land surveyor, Puketapu Hawkes Bay.
John PARSONS- lost Mare from Woodlands, Pohui. Pakowhai Plains.

DeathBryce- AT cook Street, Auckland, on the 10th inst, Marion STARK, infant daughter of Mr William S BRYCE, compositor.
From Wellington- Libel case is over.
Mr Joseph BULL - Appeared., Special Jury empanelled.
M P BRANDON Prosecutor's Council. Judge JOHNSTONE on Bench. Mr SCHULTZE placed in box ( he was at this time Speaker of the House), he did as much verbal damage as he could against Mr BULL. Mr Robert HARTm shrewd Scotsman that he is did not let him get away with anything and abandoned a plea of justification. Mr BULL was discharged.

Gold has been got again in Wellington. 3 men sold 15 cwts of gold to Mr SELIG watchmaker, Lambton Quary Wellington.

There seems little doubt that Wellington will be the seat of Government.

Sept 16,27 1864.
Ships Arrival in Port of Napier
Sept 16 Beautiful Star from Auckland. Passenger- George S HADFIELD.

Papers 27th Sept.

Sept 25 Lady Bird from Auckland- Passengers.- Col TREVOR 14th Regt.Messrs. E.A.CARLYON,G.E.LEE,Mr and Mrs ROBINSON and child, Mrs FORD,Mrs ARMSTRONG,Messrs. WHEELER,WHITLEY, 2 Privates 3 in steerage.

Sept 26 Lord Ashley from Wellington and southern ports with some cargo shipped x Otago from Sydney.Passengers:- Mrs PEARSW
and child, Mr and Mrs COOPER, 2 children and servant, Mrs BROWN and 2 children, Mrs JANISCH, Messrs. ORR ,BROWNE, DUNNE, YOUNG, MATTHEWS, SMITH,BANBY, and 41 for Auckland.

SailedSept 26 Lady Bird for Wellington. Passengers- Messrs. LYON,J R DUNCAN,DRANSFIELD,HARDING.

Death ARCHER- at Brodie's Abbotsford, Waipawa, on Friday 23rd inst at 10 0'clock. Thomas ARCHER aged 42 years.

Local Notices. Mr G.E.LEE- Solicitor from Auckland-staying at Masonic Hotel next 2 weeks-retainers for next court session.

MANOY & Co- Watchmaker and Jeweller, Hastings Street Napier.

Robert BRENYON- Building Contractor,Architect,Surveyor, Carlyle St Napier.

Cricket Match 14th Regiment V United 11 of Colonial Defence Force- Date.

John HARDING- Mount Vernon.

>From Wairoa Atrocious and cold blooded murder of an old maori named PORO IWI by 2 young men of his own tribe. It was believed by most that he was a witchdoctor and it appears that PARAIKETE and HOTENE undertookthe dead and it was pre-arranged, long meditated by a good many people who wished for "Utu". After an inquest a verdict of wilful murder was made against above 2 young Maori as above.

Local Intelligence.
Military Command of Troops will be Col. TREVOR and Col.DWYER proceeds to take Command of a detachment at Wellington. Major DOUGLAS has been gazetted Brevet-Colonel.

CROSSLEY Inquest. Evidence given by- George GREGORY,HOHEPA,Elizabeth GREGORY, wife of George Gregory,Valentine HARRISON, Sarah Ann REYNOLDS wife of Thomas REYNOLDS..
Verdict given that Charles CROSSLEY died at hospital with severe injuries, but how, when, or why is unexplained and unascertained.

Fatal Occurrence at Te Awamutu- On return of the Convoy from Te Rori, one of the escorts discharged his rifle amongst a number of his comrades wounding three- one of them ( a man of the 65th) is not expected to live. When in act of reloading to fire homicide was killed on spot.

Panama Enroute- Capt VINE was expected to leave England on his return to the Colony by Mail steamer in August.

Oct 1 1864

BIRTH CHAPMAN At Edenham, on the 25th September, the wife of Alfred Chapman Esq., of a daughter.

DEATH- DYETT- at Clive, on the 28th September, after a short but painful illness, Intus-susception, borne with great patience, Mary Ann, wife of Mr F. DYETT, aged 50.

Magistrates Court.
John ROBERTS, Samuel RIGBY, - Drunkenness.
PEARMAN V HARWOOD. Notice of appeal was given and requisite security necessary.
October 8th 1864

BIRTH HUDSON- at her Residence East Spit, Napier, on 5th October, wife of Mr Miles HUDSON, of a daughter.

Arrival Port of Napier October 5 Lord Ashley from Auckland. Cargo and supplies for- WILLIAMS and FOAN ,CHAPAMAN, MORRISON, BROWNE, HOLDER, also a small quantity for the south. Passengers- Messrs.BEGG ,GREENWELL ,JONES, FURNESS, MABLEBACK, FIRTH, MULLANDER, and 10 for the South.

Oct 6 Nautilus HOLMES from Auckland via Wangapoa. With timber 25,000 -order.

Oct 7 Queen- W.G.CELLUM, from Wellington and the south. Cases, boxes and bales EX TRANSHIPPED Hamilla MITCHELL from Glasgow,
Drapery transhipped ex Albion from Melbourne, for BROWNE, 1 Box ex Ataalas from London-TYLEE, Drapery J HILL,Parcel. REARDON, Parcels for WOOD. SWAN, CARVER, ROUTLEDGE. Passengers- Miss GREEN, Mrssrs.HARDING, STOKES, MARKS, INGLSI, WILKINS, MABBITT, SCOTT ,LEWIS, JENNINGS CRESS, McDONALD, FOSTER, HOWELL, HILL.

Sailed Oct 6 Lord Ashley for Wellington and the south. Part of original cargo from Auckland, and from Napier. Lieut-Col and Mrs DWYER, Capty. FURNEAUX,Lieut BUTLER,(2nd Batallion) 14th Regt. Miss TYLEE,Mrs WRIGLEY,Rev P BARCLAY,Mrssrs EDWARDS, BARNES, CANNING, 2 soldiers, 2 women and 2 children, 14th regt. Oct 7 Queen for Auckland. Passengers- Mrs TATUM,Messrs.BEDDOES, MAYERS, SHORT, COSKLIE, S.D.POWDRELL, YOUNG, McCALLOW, WHARTON, CARROLL CAUGHLEY, HARTNESS, BIRCH, FORBES.

(N.B. some of these below could be a repeat)
Births BOYLAN-On the 21st Sept, at Napier, the wife of Mr M BOYLAN of a daughter.
CHAPMAN- At Edenham, on the 25th September, the wife of Alfred CHAPMAN, Esq., of a daughter.
LESLIE- At Napier on the 7th September, the wife of Mr D LESLIE, of a daughter.
SIMMONDS- at Clive on the 27th August, the wife of Mr William SIMMONDS, of a son.
WINSOR-At Waipawa, on Saturday the 10th September, the wife of Mr S WINSOR, of a daughter.

GILMORE-SCOTT- At Kauranaki, on the 8th Sept, the Rev P BARCLAY, Mr William GILMORE, late of Edinburgh, to Miss Isabella SCOTT, late of Montrose.

EWART-TAYLOR- On the 20th September,
by the Rev Peter Barclay, Mr Thomas EWART, Havelock, Marlborough, to Miss
Isabella TAYLOR.

ARCHER- At Brodie's Abbotsford, Waipawa, on Friday, 23rd September, at 10 o'clock, Thomas ARCHER, aged 42 years.
Port of Napier
Arrived. Oct 25 Lady Bird from Auckland, transhipped cargo ex City of Dunedin), from Glasgow.
Passengers- Ensigns OTTLEY,NOYES,14th Regt, Messrs. TUEMMEL,SHERSON,JONES,EVANS,AKERS,Mrs TATUM, 3 soldiers, 1 woman and 3 children, 14th Regt.
Oct 26 Lord Ashley from Wellington and south. Cases transhipped ex Gothenburg from Melbourne);Cask, leather (Transhipped ex Airedale and Otago, from Sydney; parcels for-HAYMES,BROWNE,SUTTON,MANOY, GREENFIELD, MARKS ,WINSOR, MrS WELCH, WILSON, CARVER, REARDON ,.Passengers:- Capt FURNEAUX,Lieut BUTLER, 14th Regt;Rev P BARCLAY,Mr C.R.THATCHER, SMALL, OAKEY, KNIGHT, MARKS, PARKER, BAINBRIDGE, BROWN, FORESTER,Mr & Mrs LYON, Mrs WEMYSS, Mr and Mrs BARNES,Mr and Mrs HAYMES, Mr and Mrs Parker,Mrs Adamson and child, Mrs CAMPBELL, 1 soldier, and 32 for Auckland.
Oct 26 Success-Frost, from Auckland.Passengers- Messrs. RUDMANN,GWYAR, WHITEHEAD, BULEY, WESTON, HOPPER, THOMSON, SOUL.
SAILED Oct 25 Claude Hamilton for Wellington,Nelson, and Sydney, with part of original cargo from Melbourne and Auckland. Passengers from Napier. Mrs Travers and Mrs EMMET.
Oct 27 Lord Ashley for Auckland with part of original cvargo and passengers from South. From Napier, Passengers- Messrs. C.BROWN ,FELDMAN,WHITLEY,FAULKNOR, and Williams.
Oct 28 Zillah, for Auckland via East Coast. Passenger Mr H.G.MORECROFT.

29th October,
Resident Magistrates Court.

Thomas E KING brought up on remand charged with forging of a signature of one Henry HARTSHORN. The cheque for 150 pound upon Union Bank of Australia. Intent to fraud.
James Butcher BRATHWAITE- Manager of Union Bank of Australia Napier.
Mr Hartshorn is a carrier on Te Aute Road.
Verdict committed for Trial.

Earthquake of 1848- Page 2- Full page of details and accounts from various newspapers.

Oct 24th Claude Hamilton from Melbuia Auckland- Passengers Capt and Mrs MINETT, and 4 children, and servant. Rev Dr and Mrs SAYWELL and 4 children, Miss TUPPER,Capt TURNER, Mrs WOODS and child, Messrs.STANFORD, THOMPSON, CPLLEN, FISON,HILTON,SPLUM.

Oct 29th Sale of Kaikora Hotel- Neil CHAPMAN proprietor.

STRATHAUAN Capt. J. From London- N.Z.Colonists back to NZ - Arrived with pool from Napier

Taranaki- Expedition 350 men of 70th under Major RUTHERFORD and SALTMARSH. Capts BACKHOUSE & RALSTON-Detachment Artilliary under Capt MARTIN,Capt MACE' mounted men and about 100 friendly natives- while under command of Col WARRE from Maroetahi- to Te HAPURONA's stronghold. Before engagement natives fled and were heard saying the KARAKIA (Prayer or incantation).
Commander returned to Te Arei occupied by 150 of the 70th under Major RUTHERFORD- No 6 redoubt by Capt PAGE's Military Settlers, Col WARRE with the byshrangers and a party of the 70th left for sentry hill in the neighbourhood of Maitaitawa.
The bush there is if it is understood will be felled preparatory to the occupation of Maitaitawa.

Est of Late Mr MUNN for sale by Auction.
Mr Purvis RUSSELL's departed to England- all sold without reserve at Waipukurau.
A J MASON- Shakespeare Road- Boot repairer.
HESLOP & THORPE- Drays Middle Rod Patangata.
Messrs BIRCH Marae Totara- lad wanted shepherd assistant.

Oct 11 1864

Mr R.M.SKEET formerly of this Province has been appointed Town Surveyor for Wellington. The other applicants for this position were: Messrs.R.COBHAM, BRADLEY, B.WALLACE.

Wakamirina Diggings by Havelock Mail of 28th Ult says "1400 oz of Gold came under escort of Seargeant KIASELLA.

Local Public Notices
Hector DUFF, Aorangi- erection of wire fencing-contactors required.
John WILKINSON is Parishioners Church Warden.
G.D.HUNTER- Thoroughbred horses.

Mrs VENABLES- widow of late Captain VENABLES, opened up a Registry Office - re supplying men and female servants, plus married couples. -Office Wyndham St Wellington.

15th October, Miss MacQUIRE- Children's and womens underclothing- at Carlyle St Napier.

C.O'DONNELL - Tailor, cutting,fitting, repairs. Shakespeare Road Napier.

Mr J.BRODIE, Abbotsford Hotel, Waipawa.-Stray Mare.

Magistrates Court Napier.
William INGRAM- riding furious down the street.
Henry SHARP- Drunk
THOMAS V RUSSELL - Assault dismissed lack of proof.
Witness on oath- John HARDING. 4 pounds total or 5 weeks imprisonment with hard labour-Chose latter.

18TH October,
Port of Napier
Arrival Oct 15 Queen CELLUM, from Auckland-Passengers- Messrs.McNULTY, JURY, ALSTON, HORN, NEWLAND, ALLEN, FERNEY, ROSS, HAYDEN.

Oct 16 Lady
Bird Renner, from Wellington and the south,Passengers:- Messrs.ROBERTS, HARWOOD, LOVELOCK, BRYANT,NAIRN, CANNING, DUNCAN, COOK, Mrs FORRESTER.
SAILED Oct 15 Effort-Hare TARAWANA, for Wairoa. Passengers, 10 Natives.

Oct 16 Queen- for Wellington and Southern ports, with parts of original cargo from Auckland. Passengers:- Passenger Captain CORFIELD.

Oct 17 Lady Bird for Auckland, with part of original cargo from the south, and from Napier. 200 sheep. Passengers:- Messrs.WANNOP SPODE, NICHOLS, 13 from the south.

Death MCkelly_ ON THE 14TH June, at his residence, 164 Liverpool-street, Sydney, of heart disease, Mr John McKELLY, printer, aged 52, native of Seacock, County of Lancaster, State of Pennsylvania, United States of America, many years in Australia.

The Superintendency of Wellington.The correspondent of the "Southern Cross" says:- The "coming man," then is William Baldock Durant MANTELL. It is generally understood that Mr HICKSON will soon retire.

Colonial Defence Force Regulations- The following regulations appeared in a GAZETTE published on the 7th inst:- the pay of the Force
will be as follows: Troop Sergeant-Major, 13s 6d per diem; Sergeant, 12s 6d ditto;Corporal, 10s ditto;Troopers and Trumpeters, 7s 6d ditto. The men will be expected to bear the whole expense of subsistence themselves and their horse, uniform maintaining and providing of, equipments (except arms and ammunition), and horses;

Military Operations- The Wanganui Chronicle says:- "The Taranaki Campaign is, if at all possible, to be a bloodless one. One vessel Alexandra has arrived this week, with a cargo of commissariat Stores, 50 horses,for the Land Transport Corps, drays, and other warlike stores, under the charge of Major TURNER of the 65th. D.C.G.STRICKLAND was a passenger by the same vessel, having come to take charge of Commissaria dept here. Lieut-General Sir D.A.CAMERON is expected daily. Colonel WARRE will be entrusted with the conduct of the Operations from Taranaki southwards. The troops at present here (about 700 of the 57th Regt) are to be reinforced by the 50th Regt under Colonel WADDY, and it is to be supposed by the 43rd. A road is to be made, but the troops are not to fight, unless attacked.

October 22nd,

BIRTH STARK- At Mohaka 10th inst, wife of Mr William STARK of a son.

October 25th, MARRIAGE STEVENS-HAMLIN- On October 18, at St Matthew's Church, Panmure, by the Rev. J.Gould, Herbert
Vickers, third son of Francis STEVENS Esq, of Grafton Road, to Jane Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. James Hamlin, Waipuna, Panmure.
REID- On the 22nd Oct, at the residence of Mr J Le QUESNE, Shakespeare Road, Susan REID.
PARSONS- At Napier, on the 23rd Oct, David PARSONS, aged 9 years.

Accident on Friday Last William WILLIAMSON a carpenter lost his life crossing Tuki Tuki at Nganhakatatara.

For Sale Ewes- John WILKINSON Napier

Magistrates Court
Peter MUNRO- charged by Sgt SULLIVAN -Drunk and
Disorderly.Fine 5/- or in default 48 hours imprisonment-Committed in Default.
Ann MacDONALD and Mary Ann FARROLL, charged with abusive language and threatening to injur. On a complaint laid by Mrs Winnifred DOHERTY. 5 pound each- and to keep the peace for 6 months.

Hampden store opened by S W HARDY and N RICH.

5th November 1864
Births CAMPBELL- At Napier, on the 10th October, the wife of James H.Campbell Esq., of a son.
HUDSON- At her residence, Eastern Spit, Napier, on the 5th October, the wife of Mr Miles HUDSON, of a daughter.
STARK- At Mohaka on the 10th Oct, the wife of Mr William Stark, of a son.
GARRY- At Napier, on the 31st October, the wife of Mr William Stark of a son.
COWPER- At the Bridge, Wallingford, on the 3rd November, the wife of Mr Thomas Cowper, of a son.
DEATHS. REID- On the 22nd Oct., at the residence of Mr J Le Quesne, Shakespeare Rd, Susan REID.
PARSONS- At Napier, on the 23rd Oct., David PARSONS, aged 9 years.

H.B.Rifle Club, Participants were-

Game of Cricket, Participants were:-

Foot Race at Rural sports.
All of the 14th Regt.-DALY,GREEN,HARVEY, and Mr GAISFORD.

Foot race civilian only. GAISFORD,MARSH,TODD,WOOD.

Hop Race, G.GREEN of the 14th Regt.

Hop Step and Jump. A.TODD (Civilian) Corp.BRODERICK and M.DALY 14th Regt.

Throwing the Quoit Prize 10 pound won by T. BURGON.

Magistrates Court Napier.
Henry CHAPMAN Private 14th Regt. Charged by William Miller
William MOYLAN-Robert HOWARD-James SMITH-MAUNSELL, Drunk and Disorderly.
Civil Cases.

Names mentioned were Henry CARR Sergeant 14th Regt.
Miss MacGUIRE- Dressmaker.

Accident Little Girl of A KENNEDY knocked down and run over by a cart by a man named CONOLLY.

Rifle Shooting Contest. First place to OWEN of Wanganui. 2nd was Corp.HUMPHRIES of Taranaki, best score for HB Scored by P.BRADLEY.

Foot Race between Mr GAISFORD and T.HARVEY of the 14th.
Wrestling match Christopher FINNAN and Patrick CLEARY both 14th Regt.

Putting the stone- John PURCELL 14th Regt

Mr R. WALSH- is a Chiropodist- Albion Hotel Napier
S.G.GRANDON BNZ of Napier.
BIRTHS GILL- At the Masonic Hotel, Napier on the 11th November, the wife of Mr Jospeh GILL of a daughter.
MANEY- At the Meanee Hotel, on the 12th November, the wife of R.D.MANEY of a daughter.
MARSHALL- At the Meanee Flats, on the 12th November, the wife of Mr Robert MARSHALL of a daughter.
SAYWELL- At the Parsonage on the 4th November, the wife of Rev Dr SAYWELL, of a daughter
.MARRIAGES. PEEBLES-PIRIE- At Clive, on the 5th November, by the Rev. Peter BARCLAY, Mr Alexander PEEBLES to Miss Jane PIRIR.
McKNIGHT-CHACE- At Napier on the 14th November, by the Rev.Peter Barclay, Mr R McKNIGHT to Miss Elizabeth Adliad CHACE.

8th Nove 1864
Port of Napier Arrived.
Nov 5th Lord Ashley from Auckland-Cases and parcels(some transhipped ex Prince Alfred @Sydney) for:- BROWNE,Rev Father FORREST,ELLISON,SUTTON,LEVY,RATHBONE, HUDSON-1 PCL; E.N.SMITH. Passengers: Messrs.OTWAY, FORTESCUE, WORRALL ,LEVY LEE ,POWDRELL, GREY, LUXTON, MEDDINS, HOWES, HALL, DAWSON, SOLOMAN, Mr and Mrs TUCKER, Mr and Mrs THOMPSON, 1 soldier and 8 for the south.

Nov 7 Queen, from Wellington, transhipped ex City of Dunedin @ London.Passengers- The Lord Bishop of Wellington, Mrs KING, Mrs ANDREWS ,Mrs 0'BRIEN, Mrs MILNE, Mrs SMITH and child, Miss WATSON, Messrs. SPRINCKLAND, TABOR BAKER, KITTS, FRIEND, LAMSDEN, RAIBELL, NATHANSON, STOCKMAYERS,T INUNS, DRANSFIELD, Machattie, Williams.

Sailed Nov 6 Lord Ashley for Wellington, with part of original cargo and passengers from Auckland. Passengers:- Misses WILSON (2)Mrs WEMYSS,Mrs TRAVERS,Mrs KNIGHT, Madame VITELLI, Messrs THATCHER (2) ,SMALL, STUART, KNIGHT, JOHNSON,(2) JENNINGS, WELD, LYON, KING.

Nov 7 Queen, for Auckland, with part of original cargo and passengers from Auckland and from South.Passengers. Cargo and parcels, for- Hunter BROWN, J.HILL, FOOKES. Passengers:- Hunter BROWN, J.HILL, W.O'CONNOR, W.MOYLAN.

Nov 7 Beautiful Star MORWICK, for Auckland with 900 sheep, J.S.McFARLANE and Co.Passengers; Messrs.HARPER, HENESSY ROBINSON.
12TH Nov 1864
Ships Arrival port of Napier
Nov 9 Atlas M.KOREN, from London via Wellington, 712 pkgs, merchandise.
Crockery-A.E.CRESSWELL,Cask-Mrs HARLAND,Plates and shoes- RUSSELL; 3cases-CATCHPOOL;1 case-HARDING.
Sailed Nov 1 Nautilus for Wellington, Maize-DRANSFIELD;20 pkgs furn-Rev H.W.St HILL.

Nov 9 Vivid SCHON, for Wairoa,Drapery-TOHA,Tobacco,tea, -FITZGERALD,Shears, -STOPFORD. Passengers- Messrs JEFFARES,PARKER and MUNN.

Nov 10 Eliza for Te Wairoa, Passengers- Mrs LOCKWOOD,Miss MITCHELL,Capt MARSHALL,Messrs CARROLL,PAKUKU,NIKORA.

Resident Magistrate Cases- Drunkards.
William WILLIAMs charged by Constable BENNETT.
John SMITH and Alfred ROSS charged by Constable FLANNAGAN
Civil Cases;
KNOX V HUDSON- A claim for 12 pound 14s for goods supplied to the defendant whilst in the Defence Force. Mr Taylor appeared for the defendant and consented to judgment for the amount claimed, with cost 15s.

NEWTON, IRVINE & Co V MACWHA- All these cases were for goods supplied whilst in the Defence Force.

Charles MacINTYRE appeared in support of an application made by him for a transfer of the license of the Royal Hotel, to a house upon Subdivisiion 9 and 8 on Govt plan of the Town of Napier. Present were Justices, John CURLING,R.M., J.H.CAMPBELL,ESQ., R.M.,J.C.L
CARTER,,Esq.,J.P., James ANDERSON,J.P.,H.S.TIFFEN,Esq.,J.P. and H.B.SEALY,Esq.,J.P.

ATKINSON V FRANCE- claim for 16 pound 18s.10d. for goods supplied, rent etc, In attendance were Mr LEE- ordered to pay Defence Witness Samuel HOLLOWAY 24/-

KOREN V MORRISON. Edward Morrison- Seaman of the Atlas. Norwegian Ship-Charged by Capt. Mems KOREN for wilful disobedience of lawful commands on the ship
Wellington to Napier. Case dismissed in its present form- Capt declined to take further procedure.

Ships Arrival Port of Napier
Nov 12 Don Juan J.GRIFFIN, from Newcastle (N.S.W.) with coal, leather,drays.8wheels.

Nov 14 Success G.FROST, from Auckland, with general cargo transhipped ex Lochnagar) Passengers:- JohnTHORN, C.FREDERICKS, W.JOHNSTONE ,J.FRAME,J.GABLE,W.GORDON, M.MAGUIRE.

Nov 14 Vivid SCHON, from Wairoa, with maize,potatoes,lard,bacon,timber.

Nov 15 Queen CELUM, from Auckland, parcels, pkgs,boxes etc for- MORRISON,HOLDER,TATUM,Officers 14th Regt, ex Huntress -MASON. Passengers:- Messrs- REDWARD,BELFOUR,BELLEW,VAUTIER (2) A.CAMPBELL,H.DOLBEL,Mrs DOLBEL,Miss ROBERTS.

19th Nov,
Nov 16 Lady Bird RENNER, from Wellington and Southern Ports. Box for CARVER,Pkge for Mrs CORFIELD,Passengers:- Messrs. TANNER, ALLEY, STEVENSON, WYLLIE, FORSYTH,BROWN,GANNER,BELL,Miss CURTIS.

Nov 18 Beautiful Star MORWICK, from Auckland Passengers- M.HILL and T SHERSON.

SailedNov 16 Queen CELLUM for Wellington and southern Ports, with 3 boxes geological specimens. Dr. HECTOR.

Nov 16 Success G.FROST, for Wellington, with hides,sheepskins for TURNBULL & Co.
Nov 17 Lady Bird RENNER, for Auckland with cases for J.WOOD,J.PORTER. Passengers- Messrs KERR, ALEXANDER, PARKER, LENNOX,WORREL, COLENSO,BROWN,Mrs McNALTY and child.

Papers 22nd Arrived Nov 18 Beautiful Star from Auckland.Passengers- M.HILL and T.SHERSON.
Nov 21 Falcon PARKER from Auckland
N.B. Arrival of Falcon Capt PARKER dropped anchor in the Roadstead about 4.0'clock,Commanded under order to embark are:- No 1. Lieut KEOGH, Ensign HOUAT
No 3 Capt FURNEAUX and Ensign OTTLEY, No 55 Capt VIVIAN and Ensign SWANSON. Commanded off-Lieut Col TREVOR and Sgt Major CARTE, and Lieut and Adj BUTLER also leave by the Falcon.

Nov 22 Shamrock RYAN from Wellington Passenger Captain CHARLTON.

Ships arrival Port of Napier.
Nov 24 Strathallan, I.PADDLE, from London. Passengers Dr.BROWN,(Surgeon superintendent), Mrs BROWN, Miss ARMSTRONG, Miss M ARMSTRONG, Mr Joseph LUFF, Mr W.S.G.CHUCK, Murdoch McKAY, Mrs McKAY, Robert, Bertera, and Ann McKAY, Roderick mcCREA, Patrick GLACKIN, Maria GLACKIN, G.HARDIE, Mrs HARDIE, Margaret McKNIGHT, Peter POUNALL, Ann GORDON, Mary MAYLAN, John FLANAGAN, Lawrence HIGGINS, Thomas MILLER, Mrs DINWIDDIE, Jessie and Lizzzzie DINWIDDIE, Mrs Jane JENKINS and daughter,James WILSON, Mrs WILSON, Mrs Sarah WILLIAMS and 4 children.-James, Mariaaaaa, Eliza, Mary Ann, Jane SUTTLE, Agnes RANKIN, Ithiel PRICE, Murdoch McLENNAN, Charles SANDERS, James INGLIS, Mrs INGLIS and 3 children-Margaret, Helen, Janet
3 births were recorded on board.
10th August Mrs James INGLIS of a daughter
12th August Mrs James WILSON of adaughter
26th August Mrs Thomas PRICE of a son.
On board New teacher for Puketapu.
Voyage took 105 days from the Lizards. Left Gravesend in the 21st July; on 24th July off Beachy Head, came into collision with the schooner Ann-injuring the cutwater and splitting the main seam

Nov 26 1864 plus
Magistrates Court Names- McHARDY V HUDSON.-Recovery Baalance of Promissory note.
John HOLDEN- Mems KOREN master of ship Atlas made charges.
Lewis GREEN AND Timothy HANDLEY- 2seamen

Delia wife of Capt MARSH applied for sureties of the peace against her husband defaulted payments of 200 pounds. Pending.
Benjamin FRANKLIN charged with selling a gun to a native.

From Taranaki News..
On 18th Sir Duncan CAMERON and staff with 220 men of the 43rd and 30 men of the 70th Regts left Manukau by SS Alexandra for Taranaki.

29th November,
Port of Napier arrived.
Nov 26 Lady Bird Renner, from Auckland. Passengers- Mrs BRETON and child.Mrs McNALTY.

Nov 26 Success FROST from Wellington, with 10,000 bricks, 36 cask beer,rice. For S.BEGG.

Nov 26 Lord Ashley- RANDALL from Wellington and Southens Ports.Pcl for HARRICK. Passengers- Mrs RUSSELL, Miss RUSSELL, Miss WARBURTON, Messrs.FAULKNOR, JONES,FLETCHER, CLARK, PARROT LLOYD, BRODIE,
and 50 for the North.

Nov 27 Beautiful Star, MORWICK, from Auckland.Passenger- J.SHERSON.

Sailed. Nov 26 Lady Bird F.RENNER, for Wellington. Passenger Mr BROWME.

Nov 27 Lord Ashley RANDALL, for Auckland with four horses, 200 bags maizxe. Passengers- His Honor the Superintendent, Messrs. ORMOND, LEVY, BRITTON, WRIGHT, WAINRIGHT, Captain MINNETT, Mrs MINNETT, 4 children and servant, Mrs CARTE, 2 children and 2 servants, Mrs BLAIR, Mrs BELLEW.
29th Nov 1864.

Robert BATY- to let House.

Annual Contacts- Hospital, Barracks,Washing and Camp equip., Hospital supplies, and prison supplies. Signed J.T.TYLEE. Acc in charge.

Headlines- In the midst of our 3rd war with the maories in NZ.

Death of Preacher and Prophet John WROE from Collingwood Australia. On 5th February 1863. 81 years of age

Mention of Paora REREPU chief of Mohaka waiting to see Mr McLEA. Along with his chiefs they expressed the wish that their children get education at an English School.

Magistrates Court.
McWHA sued by Mr IRVINE selling a horse twice. First to Mr MARSHALL of the Settler's Hotel. Committed for Trial.

John HESLOP of Puketapu applied for a license for slaughtering cattle at Puketapu. Granted for 12 months.

Allan McLEOD charged by Sgt-Major SCULLY drunk. Defendatn did not appear-bail forfeited.

CARLYON V FORD & McHARDY- RE HORSE Euclid- Horse from John MARSHALL to Alexander McHARDY. G.B.WORGAN entered into a statement after the dissolution of partnership between G..CHARLTON and himself and circumstances of selling the horse in the belief that it was his to sell. Judgment for the plaintiff for 50 pound. If defendant returned the horse, then satisfaction to be entered.

Thomas E KING- Embezzlement. - pending- presumed he will be indicted before grand Jury.

KNOWLES V McKENZIE.- SMALL CLAIM .paid into court before hearing.

CONNOR V NEWELL- Paid into court before hearing.

McNALTY V HUDSON- A claim fo 22 pound 17s. on a promissory note for value received.Judgment confessed and costs 15s.

John MARSHALL charged Edward SMITH of 14th Regt. With stealing a bottle of porter. Sgt McCARTHY gave evidence. Sentenced to 7 days imprisonment with hard labour.

The case against FRANKLIN for disposing of a gun to a native has been further adjourned .

An information was laid by J.B.BRATHWAITE Esq., to obtain a warrant to search the house of Ann McDONALD, of Napier for certain articles the property of the Union Bank of Australia. The search resulted in nothing being found on the premises in question.

Shipping Dec 3 1864

Port of Napier Arrival
Nov 28 Tawera from Auckland viz Poverty Bay-Passengers- Messrs., FLEMING,MITHEVERETTT.
Sailed Nov 39 Success FROST FOR AUCKLAND- passengers BROWN,SMITH.
Dec 6th Papers
Death WYLIE- at Putoko Poverty Bay on 17th November, William Alexanders, aged 22 yrs. Youngest son of William Anderson WYLLIE Esq., Pensher House, County of Durham, England.

Dec 10th
Birth FLANAGAN- at Napier on 7th Decamber, wife of Patrick Flanagan, of a son.

Married MORETON-CONNOR- At Napier on 7th December, 1864 by Rev.Peter BARCLAY, Mr William MORETON to Miss Winifred CONNOR.
Arrived-Lord Ashley from Auckland-Passengers:- Mrs LEE and child; Messrs.KING, OTTWAY, BROWN, BRIDGE, SHAW, M.WATT,PARDOE,MASSEY.
Dec 6th Eliza THURTON, from Mahia- Sperm oil-MORRIS. Passengers;Mr and Mrs MORRIS,Messrs MORETON,STURN and 2 children

Dec 7th Queen CELLUM from Southern ports_ Passengers;- Mr and Mrs KNIGHT,Mrs BROWN,Master KENNEDY,Mr and Mrs KILGOUR, Mr and Mrs SMITH,Mrs AUSTIN and 3 children, Captain SHARPE.Messrs. STUART,HUMSEY,FLINT BALBOUR and 19 in steerage.
Sailed Dec 3rd Lord Ashley for Southern Ports.Passengers: Miss MONTEITH,Mrs FORD,Messrs,J.N.WILLIAMS, NELSON, FLACHNEY ,JONES.

Dec 7th Queen for Auckland-Passengers: Mrs KOCH, Messrs. McNATH,KELLY,WILLIAMS, and 13 women and 33 children 2 nd Bat 14th Regt..

Dec 3 1864
New Zealand Exhibition.
Some contributions.
J.G.KINROSS - Water colour by an amateur "The Bluff, Napier."

TAREHA (Pa Whakairo):
Mat, TAAHA, ornamented with Pukikaka feathers.

KARAITIANA. (Pakowhai):
A.TETERE (Native Horn)
NGAKU (died flax mat)

Mr FINLAYSON (Moaeangiangi):
Model of contrivance for paying out wire in fencing.

Fine line engraving by Nanteuil, A.D., 1667- "Louis 14th".

Tobacco matting
Aboriginal utensils, &c. (eds note Maori utensils?)

Mrs THOMSON (Woodbine Cottage):
Bottle of "untoxicating" Wine, made from the wild bramble
Papers Past Dec 18th 1864

New Diving Apparatus purchased. It was stated that " not much use for finding wrecks, but perhaps could be of some use around harbour.

T.T.PRICE- Teacher of Pianoforte at Napier.

Trustees of Late John ROY, notice by William BURTON. In regard to Section 42 and part of 55 on Meanee Flat- dividing fence.

Resident Magistrates Court.

McNALTY V Charles HUDSON- RE HORSE AT Capt HUNTER's stables. Signed William CAMPBELL Bailiff.

McINTYRE V MARSH- re cheque maid out in favour of William NICHOLS.
MAYO- 2 Military Settlers, charged by Henry SMYTH Eastern Spit.
James Anthony KNIGHT- furious riding charged by Const FLANAGAN.

MARSH V MARSH- Charles McINTYRE and Thomas CAMPBELL each 50 pounds as sureties.
Michael ROBERTSON- violet conduct while drunk.
Breach of Merchant Ship Act. Capt Thomas RANDALL of Lord Ashley- v ELLIS- passage money from Auck to Napier.
George SINCLAIR,Thomas JOHNSTON,Richard IRELAND- Drunk
absent from drill- Thomas TORR,John HEYDON,A.B.STEVEN,G.H.STUART,
Paul BADLEY,Charles McINTYRE- Charged by Sgt WEBB Nap.Rifle Vol.Force.

Dec 17th 1864

Births BROWN- At Parnell, Auckland, on the 6th December, the wife of C Hunter BROWN Esq., of a son.

TAYLOR- At the Exchange Hotel Napier, on the 16th December the wife of Samuel Taylor of a son.

Marriage TYLER-SCOTT- At Napier on the 13th December, by the Rev.Peter BARCLAY, Mr William TYLER, late of Yarmouth, to Sarah Mitchell, daughter of Mr Alexander SCOTT, Contractor,Skene,Aberdeenshire.

Death BLAIR- At Napier, on the 13th December, John Malcolm, aged 1 year, son of Captain Alexander BLAIR.

Arrival Port of Napier Dec 15 Janet, TOKE, from Poverty Bay. Passengers- Messrs.PARKER and MUNN, 5 natives.

Dec 15 Queen CELLUM- from Auckland. 5 horses for CORBETT,portmanteau KING,Box SHAW, Passengers:- His Honor the Superintendent of Hawkes' Bay, Mr ORMOND, M.H.R., Col RUSSELL, M.L.C., Master PELICHET, Mrssrs. CORBETT and DUEKE, and 16 for the south.

Dec 16 Rangatira MUNDLR from Wellingtion and the south. Boxes of effects- Mrs CATHERALL, 1 case RABONE, 1 box TRASK.

Sailed Dec 16 Queen for Wellington and south with original cargo and passengers from Auckland and from Napier. Passengers- Messrs

December 20th AND 24TH December
Magistrates Court-
Breach of Police Act- Thomas JEFFARES D & D. Committed.
James GRIFFITHS - ditto
Owen 0'BRIEN ditto- fine paid.
GROOM V SHERSON,FRANKLIN V FRANKLIN- Breach of Destitue Persons relief
Ordinance. Wilful desert and neglect Catherine FRANKLIN., WILLIAMS V MULLANY-Archibald ANDERSON, agent for the bailiff. Witnesses called were Mr A KOCH, and Mr EDWARDS. BOYLAN V BEYERS. FORD and McHARDY V THOMPSON.

WEBB V McINTYRE- absent from Volunteer drill. MacQUIRE V HECKER.

Dec 24th Death GARRY- at Napier on 22nd aged 7 weeks. Frederick son of Mr J.GARRY.

Birth CARLYON- at Gwavas on 18th December wife of Capt CARLYON of a son..

Ships arrival
Dec 17 Effort KARAITIANA, from Wairoa. Passengers- 8 natives.

December 17th Rangatira for Auckland with original cargo and passengers from the South, and from Napier, Messrs OTWAY and HARE.

December 27th 1864
Shipping Arrival port of Napier

December 25 Rangatira MUNDLE, from Auckland with original cargo from the south, shortlanded at Napier on her upward trip reported in the Herald of the 17th. Parcel for Lieut LANGTRY, Passengers Mr COLENSO, M.H.R, Mr STOKES M.L.C., Messrs. BOYLE, DIDSBURY, POLLOCK, MARSHALL, and Capt SYNNOT..

Dec 26 Lord Ashley from Wellington and southern Ports. Passengers- Misses RHODES (2) Messrs.STRANG, OVERELL, STEWERT, WINGFIELD,HOGGET,CAMPION and 26 for North.

Sailed Dec 26 Rangatira for Wellington and the South with part of original cargo from Auckland, and from Napier. On Board Rev.H.W. and Mrs St HILL and 2 children, Miss Alice SMITH;Messrs.NATHAN,SWAN,NICHOLAS,GOODHELM.

Shippiong news. The fine Clipper Light Brigade, in command of Capt.H.EVANS, after a splendid passage from London in 84 days. She brings a large cargo of general merchandise and 435 troops, composed of all ranks. There are on board 33 Royal Engineers, 74 of the 12th Regt, 45 of the 43rd Regt, 84 of the 70th Regt, 171 of the 50th Regt, 18 of the Military Train, 10 of the Army Hospital Corps. Officer-
Lieut MULLOY, Royal Engineers.
Ensign HOBSON, Ensign BOLTON, 12th Foot,
Major HOLMES(in command), Ensign Brett,EnsignMILLER,Ensign ROWAN,Ensign
LYONS, 43rd Foot;Lieut ROGER. 70th Regt; Lieut YOUNG, Lieut McGREGOR, 50th
Regt; Assistant-Surgeon WALLACE, M.D.
On the 21st November one of the Royal Engineers named LOGAN, was washed overboard and drowned; and on the 20th December, a private of the 50th Regiment called CLAPHAM, died of fever.

Dec 31st 1864
J.C.J.OXENBRIDGE- is Fancy bread and biscuit maker Shakespeare Road Napier.
Marriage DAVIS- On December 27th, by E CATCHPOOL Esq., Registrar of Marriages, Mr John MANN, of the Colonial Defence Force, to Miss Emily Agnes DAVIS.

Deaths KING- on the 15th December, at Timaru, James KING, Esq., aged 32 years.
TOLLEMACH-on August 18 at Bath, the Hon Mrs Charles TOLLEMACHE, wife of the late Hon.Charles TOLLEMACHE, aged 85 years.
TOLLEMACHE- On August 14 at Ham House, Surrey, the Lady Francis Emily TOLLEMACHE, sister of the Earl of Dysart.

Movements- Preparations are being made for some important military movement. During this week it is entended to despatch detachments of H.M.S's 18tth and 50th Regiments of foot for Wanganui and Taranaki, together with detachments of the Military train, Royal Artillery, and Commissariat transport Corps, in all about 1,500 men. H.M.S.Falcon shipped in this harbour on Friday
last with supplies of ammunition and arms. Left for Manukau heads, to await troops destined to the above places. These movements we understand are not, we understand, made in consequence of any recent or alarming intelligence, but with the view of opening up the country by the construction of roads between the various settlements on the West Coast. (Southern Cross Dec 19th)


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