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1864 Jan- June
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

HBH Jan 6 and 9th 1864

Birth at Napier 1st inst, wife of W F PALMER of a daughter
Death on 27 Dec 1863 from injuries occassioned by fall from horse. Mr George BOORER of Waipawa aged 32 years.
At Napier on 2nd inst Charles Alexander,infant son of Mr J. GILL aged 11 months.
Inquest was held re death of George BOORER 28th ult. Verdict Accidental death.

Mr F.A.LINCOLN appointed Master Clive School
Found Mr HESLOP's paddock a riding whipe- apply F.A.LINCOLN Clive
J.K.TATUM- licensed Gunsmith and Mechanist at Eastern Spit Ahuriri
James EVANS= is the Poundkeeper
J.DINWIDDIE= Cabinetmaker Hastings Street.
Jan 9th 1864
Ship Arrival
Jan 7 Henry,KEKE, from Poverty Bay, Passenger: Mr PARKER,ALBERT, 21 NATIVES
Jan 7 Lord Ashley from Auckland.Cargo for THOMAS,WILLIAMS. Sundry goods for Lyttleton and Southern ports.Passengers: Messrs. SIMPSON,SHERSON,FORD,Capt CHOFIELD and 23 in steerage,14 saloon and 5 in steerage for Southern ports.

Intelligence:Raglan force is now all embarked and Greater part landed. It consists of 50th Regt-700 strong, and 500 plus of 2nd Waikato Regt. under Col HAAULTRAIN, Col. WADDY of the 50th commands the expedition. JACKSON's corps of Foreest Rangers accompany the regiment.Alexandra and Kangaroo carry ment and stocks constantly between Onehunga and Raglan

A native up for Murder of THOMSON Family on trial at Assizes.

Another up for murder of young DROOMGOULD WHO WAS SHOT GETTING IN A HORSE AT MAUKU.After examination of this native, and flimsy evidence there is doubt expressed about identity.
Jan 11 1864
Arrival Jan 10 Pilot from Hobart cargo only
Queen H.B.FRANCIS from Otago,Lyttleton.Passengers for Auckland-Capt.LEGGET and 57 volunteers.Messrs.,TAYLOR,ARAMAN: For Napier- Mr LEVERET,Miss McGUIRE
Departure. Jan 8 Lord Ashley for Wellington with original cargo from Auckland. For Southern ports Passenger-Mrs KINROSS,Miss JOHNSTON,Miss McLEAN,Miss LEMON,Capt RHODES,Mrssrs; SHERSON,WILSON.
Jan 13, 1864 Unclaimed Letters for quarter ended 31 Dec 1863
BELL, Charles Wm,Mr
HUNT, Richard Mr
KELLY Patrick Mr
SHORT William
WATH E.M. Esq.,

Jan 16 1864
Local Intelligence.
Singular Occurrence- On Monday last, about 11am, a sea fight was distinctly visible from the neighbourhoodof the Maori pah, near Clifton, Cape Kidnappers. It was truly what play-wrights would call a "terrific combat." The belligerants were two whales, each 30 feet long, and they fought desperately for nearly 2 hours- the one ultimately succeeding in killing the other. The conqueror then went off to sea, and victim drifted ashore. One old man and two women from the pah immediately took possession and commenced proceedings in a small way, but ultimately had to get assistance from Clive, after which the carcass was secured, and a considerable quantity of oil obtained from it. The natives are now luxuriating in the latest delicacy of the season; and as will be seen from advertisement, Mr Dyett is offering to throw some light on the subject by means of the oil, which is now open for sale.

J.K.TATUM Easter Spit, Napier Saddle and draught horses on hire
Frederick DYETT "Citizen Hotel" - Casualty- re whale came ashore. Selling oil.
Oskar BEYER- Commenced business as a Engineer.

Jan 19 1864
Birth on 16th inst wife of Alexander IRVINE of a daughter

Jan 19 1864

Laws act passed re Compulsory vaccination for every child born after 1864.
Letter from John BUCHANAN re borrowing of money.
Another European imprisoned by Natives- a few days ago, Mr George WILLIAMSON, in travelling from Turanga to Napier by the inland route, was stopped by the natives when within a short distance of Reinga-they stating that no Europeans were allowed to pass over the country belonging to the King.
They required him to pay 40 pound, or four horses; which he refused to pay; in consequence, detained some days. He was ultimately released onthe ground that the resolution to stop Europeans had not been made public at Turanga. One Maori said that the next European coming that way; either to lease the land, or for any other purposes, would be killed. This route our informant adds, is superior to the other, or outside track, there being plenty of forage and water.
Wairoa.- Major WHITMORE, Civil Commissioner for the district, arrived from Wairoa by the Gipsy on Friday night. He has been, it would appear, on an official visit, and rumour says that he was pretty stiff in demanding of the residents (Ngati Kura Pakiaka) what authority they acknowledge. Under what King, Bezonian, Speak or die. Not exactly to this extent, but still, as rumour has it, he put the question firmly, and demanded a definite answer. This they promised to give him on the occasion of a large meeting of the opening of a new church.
Jan 23 1864
Birth at Napier 19th inst wife of Michael FITZGERALD Esq, of a daughter
Marriage at Napier on 22nd inst by Rev.P.BARCLAY, Mr John HAMMOND to Miss Catherine Eliza GEBBIE

Jan 20 Sea Serpent.CLEMMET, from Wellington No Passengers 21 Queen,FRANCIS, from Auckland. Cargo for- LECHNER,TURNBULL,SUTTON,BRAITHWAITE.- and original cargo from Auckland to Southern Ports.

Jan 27 Papers
Tikokino Reserve Act 1863- Supplementary Land Regulations.

Resident Magistrates Court before Mr FITZGERALD Monday 25th.
J.K.TATUM finded 10/- and costs 6/6d for non attendance at drill as a militiaman on previous Tuesday.
James SYMES fined for like offence.
Charles ALLEN ditto also for cost of the summons.
William FAULKNER Same as above.
HEREWHITAU a native fined 5/- for drunkenness.
Nicholas GEORGE A SAILOR CHARGED FOR FURIOUS RIDING. Exercise of clemency- got very comfortably out of it.

Jan 29 Paper Past
Birth At Napier, on the 19th inst, the wife of Mr Andrew LUFF, of a son.

Jan 19 Napier. C.G.PETHERIDGE, from London via Nelson. With parcels and cargo for- J.N.STUART ,Capt CARLYON, E.BIBBY, Thos LOUND, Miss RICH,N.WILLIAMS , J.G.GORDON, C.J.ANDERSON, H.W.CARR, R.M.BIGGS, H.R.RUSSELL, Capt VIVIAN, J.WILKINSON, J.CHAMBERS, Major WHITMORE ,A.W.SCAIFE. No passengers
Jan 18 Rangatire, MUNDLE from Wellington Passengers- Messrs TOLLEMACHE, LYOPN, ROGERS, JONES, COTTEREL, WILKINSON

shipping intelligence

We regret to have to record the wreck of the schooner Success which took place on Wednesday, the 30th ult, in Palliser Bay, by which two lives were lost. The Success was from Lyttleton, bound to Auckland, and in ballast. She was running before a heavy S>E> gale when the master mistaking Turakirae Head for Cape Palliser, ran into Palliser Bay, and unable to get out again was driven to shore at 2am, about a mile from the mouth of the Wairarapa Lake. The mate Mr BURGESS, who formerly belonged to the schooner "Crest of the Wave", and a boy who was shipped at Auckland, were unfortunately drowned.Mr BURGESS has left a wife and four children to mourn his loss.-Independent,Jan 7.

Papers Past Jan 30 1864
Birth at Napier on 28th inst wife of C.H.WEBER of a daughter.
Birth at Blmshill on 27th inst, Mrs F.TIFFEN of a sun.

Papers Past March 2 1864
List of Immigrants per "Rangoon"
As most of readers already know, the "Rangoon," has on board a number of immigrants for this province. They number in all 101 souls, equal to 87 1/2 statute adults. Of those, several have paid their own passages; but the greater number are brought out under the system of guaranteed immigration.Some have been nominated, and others selected from agricultural districts by the agents of persons residing here.
Familes are:=
ASHTON, James and wife; Edward,Mary Ann,John,Helen,Catherine,James,William,Henry.
BEE, George and wife; Helen,Frank,Betsey,Mary,Ann.
BROUGH, Per and wife; Mary,Ann.
CRERAR, Alexander and wife; Alexander,Peter,Christina,Catherine,Robert.
ELLIOTT, J.R.W. and wife.
GREGORY, Elizabeth; Frank,Henry;Adult,E.POTTINGER.
McKAY, Charles and wife; Jane,Alexander.
McLEOD,David and wife; Mary,Janet.
0'DONNELL, Francis and wife;William,?...en,Fanny;Adult Charles.
WATT, Samuel and wife;James,Nancy,Mary Ann,Samuel,Anne Jane- all adults; Samuel
Single Women.
CHASE, Elizabeth
CONNELL, Elizabeth
CORKE Phoebe
McNAUGHT Eliza and Mary Ann
McWILLIAM Isabella
WALTERS Sarah (Matron)
WHALE Hannah and Eliza
Wheeler Sarah - 19

Single Men
GREY George
HIGGINS Laurence
MALONE Michael
MANTLE Benjamin
McKAY Thomas
OATHAM Cornelius
PEEBLES Alexander
STEWART, Archibald,Andrew,James, and Thomas
VICKERS William - 25

News from Southern Cross (Feb 25) Per Rangaura from Wellington.
The rebels have sent proposals for peace and the General has replied. The result is not known. Col NIXON and the other wounded officers are progressing nicely.
The following is the list of the killed and wounded:-
Killed Corporal Horatio ALEXANDER, Colonial Defence Corps: Private McHALE, Ditto
Wounded Colonel NIXON, shot through the chest- dangerous
Corporal DUNN, Defence Force, wounded in thigh.
Private James BRADY, Defence Force, severe wounds in the hand.
Private Charles ASKEW, 65th Regt, shot through the head, brain penetrating-mortally wounded.
Private William SMITH, 65th Regt, slight wound in face.
Private John BALLENDEN, Forest Rangers, shot through the hip=ball lodging in abdomen.

The bearer of the peace proposals is a native who went home by the Novara.
On the 23rd, the troops marched to Kehikehi, REWI's place and burnt down his house. They took away all the poultry, pigs, potatoes, and all the fruit the men could carry away.

The New Zealander says that the Maoris were suing for peace, to the effect that General CAMERON, by whom it was of course "referred to his Excellency the Governor'. Whatevever may be the ultimate result of these overtures, General CAMERON in the meantime is proceeding vigorously in the work of pacification, through the agency of the rife and the bayonet. He is harassing them constantly wherever a small body of them collect, thuse redering it unsafe for them to be within a radius of several miles from headquarters. It is hard to say what the natives will do next.

Article by Military Electric Telegraph.
700 natives arrived at Rangiawhia from Paterangi at daylight this morning. About 12 o'clock they commenced entrenching themselves in a strong position (apparently the site of an old pah), about two miles on the road from this place. I moved out with the greater part of the force against them, at 1.30, and attacked their position, which was carried in the most gallant fashion by the 50th, under Colonel WEARE. The enemy broke and fled towards Maungatautare. While marching to attack them I received a despatch from Cap.WADDY, announcing the evacuation of the Paterangi Pah, which he at once occupied, Pikopiko and Rangeatea have been abandoned. Rangiawhia is now occupied by us. I have ordered the greater part of Col.WADDY's force to this place, where they will arrive tonight, 22nd instant. Commodore Sir W.WISEMAN was present with me during the attack. Enemy's loss is not ascertained, but probably not very heavy, as his resistance was short when once the 50th regt. Entered the position. Our loss was 2 men killed and 14 wounded. Lieutenants DOVETON, 50th, and PAGAN, 65th, severely wounded.

Important From Aucklandf- by arrival Star of the South, yesterday morning we received this news.
Another Skirmish at the Front. Colonel DIXON dangerousdly wounded.
From the Souther Cross Feb 23.
"The Colonial forces, it will be seen, have suffered most. This following is the telegram.Received in Auckland 10-15 pm., 22nd Feb.1864, from Meremere.
From General CAMERON, Head Quarters to the Governor Auckland.

I regret to say that we had seven casualties;three killed, and four wounded; among the latter Colonel NIXON, damgerously wounded.
The names of the killed are Corporal ALEXANDER and Private McHALE, both of the Colonial Defence Force, and Private AITKEN, 65th Regt. Wounded,John BALLINDEN, Forest Rangers; Private W.SMITH, 65th Regt; Corporal DUNNE, Colonial Defence Force.
We returned and encamped at Awamutu. The convoy arrived safe at two p.m."

Arrived Port of Napier
March 2 Rangatira from Wellington.Passengers:- Mr and Mrs R.J.DUNCAN & child.Mrs J R DUNCAN & 2 CHILDREN,Mr COOPER plus 1 in steerage.
Sailed March 1 Star of the South for Mahia.Passengers;. A.A.WATT, G.WALKER.
2.Henry-KERE for Mahia. Passengers: 40 Natives.

March 5th Papers.

Death Notice
Killed in Action at Rangiwhia on 21st ult, Horatio ALEXANDER, of the Colonial Defence.Corps. 3rd surviving son of Frederick ALEXANDER Esq., late of Drury, Auckland. Aged 26.

On 21st February at his residence, Hawthornden, half way bush, Province of Otago, J.ROY Esq., in the 41st year of his age.

Obituary of Corp.ALEXANDER of Defence Force, who fell in a gallant attempt to storm a whare, held by the rebels. The deceased gentleman was brother to Mrs Brooke TAYLOR of this town.

Also death of Mr John ROY, for many years road engineer Ellington Government, in which capacity he was as a settler associated with this province. He was much respected by a large circle of friends.
Papers 9th March 1864.
Defeat and Dispersion of the Rebels. From the New Zealand Herald Feb 24.

It will be seen that the Maori position at Rangiawhia has been carried by the General, and the enemy have been evacuated the nest of pahs on the delta of the Waipa and Mangapiko rivers, before which number of bullocks were also secured and driven in, eleven of which were discovered to have strayed a week or so ago from Te Rore, having been used for commissariat carriage. Upwards of twenty hoses, including foals, must have been looted, some of which appear well fitted for any amount of work as hacks. Our casualty list may ben given as follows:-
Wounded 50th Regt.
Ensign DOVETON, dangerous, shot through the back.
Sgt.Joseph PAYNE, slight wound in hip.
Private Thomas BEECH, severe wound through the arm.
Private WARBURTON, severe wound through the right shoulder.
Private Walter BRETT, slight wound in hand.
Private William KENNEDY, slight wound in left groin.
Private William BAILEY, slight wound in right shoulder.
Private William MATHEWS, slight wound in right ancle.
Private Thomas BURKE, wound in groin.
Private John McEVOY, wounded in the hip.
65th Regt.
Lieut.Andrew FAGAN, severe wound through the leg.
Private Thomas EVANS, slight wound on the chest.
70th Regt.
Private John MORRIS, severe wound on the scalp.
Private Isaac MUGGERIDGE, slight wound on left hip.
Colonial Defence Force.
Corporala Thomas LITTLE, severe wound in thigh.
Corporal EB.GILMER, wound in arm.
Private Charles TUCK, Royal Artillery.
Sgt.William HAWKINS, 50th Regiment.

In addition to the above, two troopers of the Mounted Artillery, named STEERS and BAXENDALE, received very slight wounds, one of the hand, and the other on the face; and a forest ranger named James TAYLOR had the flesh of one of his fingers torn.

March 12th, Papers
NEILL-MONTEITH- at St John's Church, Napier on 10th March by Bishop of Wellington.Dep.Assist.Commissary General G.J.NEILL second son of of Capt NEILL late HM 65th Regt. To Maria 3rd daughter of late Mr G D MONTEITH, Col.Surgeon of Wellington New Zealand.
Papers Past March 12 1864
Resume of-Report re fighting. Monday 24th - A maori bought into camp was found to be in a very low and feeble condition from loss of blood and want of proper nourishment and attention. The injury he received appeared to be that of a ball penetrating the right hip. He died after being brought into camp the same night. Another Maori who was found wounded in the fern had lain undiscovered for four days, and, of course, must have been without food or water all that time.
The detachment of the 50th Reg occupying Rangiawhia have commenced the construction of a redoubt.
The rebels have non shown in close proximity since Monday night, when a sentinel of the 50th Regt. Named MORRIS, was shot at his post. After being shot in his chest he was taken to the verancah of the Priest's house, and whilst remaining there expired.
Mr.MINHINNICK, a servant for many years in the employ of Mr MORGAN, whilst residing at Te Awamutu, and afterwards engaged by Mr. GORST, is in camp, having come to act as guide, if necessary. When hostilities recommenced last year he took five of his children away with him to Auckland; leaving behind at Mr ASHWELL's station, a girl aged about 11yrs and a boy aged 9. These children were afterwards taken from Mr ASHWELL's mission and placed under the care of HOHAIA, who had Government property there. Mr MINHINNICK has now recovered his little daughter, but the boy has been taken up the country by the rebels.
Wounded man ASKEW of the 65th Regt, shot on Sunday last, expired last evening.

Barbarous Murder by the Rebels at Taranaki. (from Daily Southern Cross, March 3.)
By the Schooner Abeona, which arrived in the Manakau last evening, we have received a copy of the Taranaki Herald of Monday last, for which we are indebted to Captain FAIRCHILD, of that vessel, it having obligingly conveyed to us by Mr BREWER, the sub-collector of Customs at Onehunga. The news, it will be seen, is most important and calamitous. Mr George PATTERSON, and old and respected settler, was barbarously murdered and mutilated on Sunday last, by the Souther natives, within but a short distance of the town of New Plymouth. Mr PATTERSON was a settler of long standing, universally respected, and the proprietor of a large saw-mill. The account of the murder was given by the Taranaki Herald:-
"It is our most painful duty to record the death of an old and respected settler, who was killed by the natives with their usual atrocity. Great anxiety was caused in town yesterday, by the report that five settlers had been shot at, and Mr Patterson was missing. Mr Patterson had been riding on horseback and went to look for strays and was 200-300 yards ahead. When the others cost to the top of the rise they saw Mr PATTERSON raise his hand to them as a signal close to Mr Dingle's house. They went to help as they only had one gun between them they turned back when they saw the Maories coming towards them"

March 15th,
General and Bishop SELWYN. The Bishop has left the camp in consequences of difference which has arisen between himself and the General.
Latest scientific wonder is Photographing on steel. The engraving thus obtained it is said will yield 5000 copies- this will make a revolution in affairs of art and literature.
TAYLOR- at Napier on 15th March, wife of John TAYLOR of a son.
Death at Waipawa on 7th March, Ratima, eldest son of Toha KAHURAHU of pulmonary consumption.
Fatal accident 9th March to Mr Eustace FANNIN.
Talk of young Toha been done to death by witchcraft by an old man called Rehana KOHIPUTIO and a youth named Paora ONEKAWA.

Local Alleged deserters from his Majesty's 14th Regt.2nd Battalion- Matthew O'DWYER admitted deserting in Wellington June 1862. The other who called himself Michael SMITH, but charged as Michael CAFFERY denied he was a deserter.
Lance Corp.FINN, and Private HARVEY, both said they knew him well as he enlisted as MULLINGAR. Both prisoners were apprehended by Sgt.McCARTHY and handed over to authorities. A sum of 28 pounds was found on prisoners, which was handed to Major Commanding.

Resident Magistrates Court held March 8- Alexander CAMPBERLL sued by Capt WINTER for damages and ill treatment of a horse- which had been left at stables in charge of Mr LANGFORD. Witness called by Capt.HUNTER was Mr FOOKES- a vetinary surgeron- Defendant ordered to pay 4 pounds total or in default 7 days imprisonment with hard labor.
Defendant subsequently paid 2 pound on account and plaintiff stayed proceedings.
March 23,
Married RICHARDSON-CHASE- at Napier on Saturday March 19th by Rev.P.BARCLAY. Mr George RICHARDSON TO miss Elizabeth CHASE
Provincial Gazette announcement that W A RICHARDSON Esq., Member of Country District and C.Hunter BROWN Esq appointed at Provincial school at Wairoa as Inspector.
Princess of Wales a son.
Wellington News. Headlines. Death of Mrs FEATHERSTON (ind.March 17)

Death of Dr.BONAR "EdinburghWitness' convenor of Colonial Com. Of the Free Church.

Fire at Invercargill. Great destruction of property. Loss of two lives- 2 young women one of them lately married and far advanced in pregnancy-(Mrs HALL)

>From the Southland News March 5.
Losses by Proprietor of the Invercargill Times-valuable plant almost totally destroyed. Union Bank-a wealthy organization and it is to be hoped- they do not rebuild with wood.
Landlord Mr HALL of Excelsior Hotel hastily departed on 1st alarm leaving his young wife and barmaid behind him to suffer ther most cruel of all deaths. The latter has roused him from sleep, and this had been the means of saving his life. The poor creature then went in to save her mistress then apparently sacrificed her life to try to save her mistress. She was found with her arms entwined round charred remains. It was an act of devotion and Heroism that should secure some tribute to the memory of the girl.

Other losses were.
Mr R.ROSE Bookseller
SPENCE & Co- Kerosene and Lamp Warehouse
NEUSTADT-Tobacconist.Criterion Hotel and Concert Hall.

Public Notice- Portraits- Photgraphic
Artists, -SWAN & WRIGGLESWORTH. (from Wellington

W.P.FOOKS- Reward for strayed or stolen Gelding and a Bay mare. Waipawa,March 21st, 1864. 19,26,30 March 1864
Papers Past Land Returns March 20 1864
Application No
1457 Dominick KILCOYNE Town Hampden
1458 RHODES & CHAPMAN Mangakuri
1459 Samuel WINSOR Hampden
1460 James WATT Meeanee
1461 W.HENWOOD Town Secs Hampden
1462 James BOYLE Town Secs Hampden
1463 MUNRO & BLAIR Ahuriri
1464 Richard TAYLOR Ahuriri
1465 Hugh DUFF Town Clive
1466 C.H.WEBER Town Clive
1467 H.E.WEBB Town Clive
1468 C.LAMBERT Town Hampden
1469C.LAMBERT Ruataniwha
1470 Samuel WINSOR Town Hampden
1471 C.LAMBERT Ruataniwha
1473 W.WILLIAMS Town Hampden
1474 W & G SPEEDY Tautane
1475 Wm SPEEDY Tautane
1476 P.PIMLETT Town

Assessments on Runs
RHODES & CHAPMAN Ahuriri For 1863
H.W.P.SMITH Aorangi for 1863
W.COUPER Kauranaki for 1863

March 26
Arrived March 24th Lord Ashley from Otago,Lyttleton and Wellington.Passengers-Messrs.CATCHPOOL, CURTIS, BIGGS, BLACKER, BALDWIN, FERGUSON. 16 chief and second cabin Passengers for Auckland. March 19th,
Birth NEWTON at Wharerangi on 15th March wife of T.K.NEWTON Esq., of a daughter.
Arrival March 17 Queen from Wellington. Passengers for Napier;- Messrs JOHNSTON, SMITH, SWAN, Neil CAMPBELL, SMITH, NEAL, HUME, INGLIS GULLY.
For Auckland Mr and Mrs Justice JOHNSTON and servant-Mr THATCHER,Madame VITELLI, Mr SMALL and several others.
March 17 Victoria from Auckland Passenger;- Messrs McCALLUM,HANILTON.
Sailed March 17 Queen for Auckland with Apples, books for WOOD. Sheep and 2 horses A.McDONNELL, 2 horses H.SMYTH and original cargo from Wellington-Passengers:- Major WHITMORE,Capt HARMAN,Messrs. KNOWLES,A.WATT,PRESTON, Otto FREDERICK, John THORN,LOWNY and wife and 5 invalid soldiers.

Report from Taranaki- Capt.CELLUM of s.s. Wongawonga reports that on last Friday a force under Command of Col.WARRE proceeded
to Kaitaki Pah for the purpose of shelling it- they were met with spirited resistance as Lieut. LARMON was wounded with a ball in his shoulder, one soldier killed and 5 others wounded. The force again returned to town unsuccessfully for a 2nd time without capture of Pah in question.



1st April Arrived Port Of Napier.
March 8 Traveller's Bride from Lyttleton with firewood shipped at Dunedin.
9 Lord Ashley from Auckland, with (transhipped Claud Hamilton from Sydney) Cases and ctns for-MORRISON,ROUTLEDGE,A & M BROWNE, KNOWLES ,H.R. HOLDER ,SMITH, GREENSIDE, SUTTON, ORMOND. Southern Port's cargo carried on to Auckland and 198 packages shipped at Auckland. Passengers (for Napier):- Mr.ROSS ,Mrs BOYLAN and child, Mr and Mrs DAVIS, Mr SMITH.- and 20 for the South.
6th April
Birth BAXTER - At the Spit on 4th inst, wife of Robert BAXTER, Master of the Gipsey, twin daughters.
Papers April 9,
The Savings Bank was opend for the first time last Wednesday evening. The business, done, although limited, was such as to promise good results. Ten persons became depositors, and their aggregate deposits amounted to 26 Pound.

Open letter to Editor by Robert HOLLIS in regards to extraordinary letter by Mr O.L.W.BOUSEFIELD,

Also lengthy report of Fortress Monroe Feb 9th- re Gen.BUTLER Forces-Brigadier General WISTAR marched to Button's Hill. * 1
Burning of Cathederal Santiago- 2500 Persons mostly women destroyed.
Dated Dec 17 1863. * 2(Very graphic and three column details if anyone wishes- Elaine)
Papers Past April 9th
Births TAYLOR- at Napier, on the 15th March, the wife of Mr Jon TAYLOR of a son.
NEWTON- At Wharerangi on the 15th March, the wife of T.K.Newton of a daughter.
HARWOOD-on the 26th ult at Spring Field, Rua TANIWHA, Mrs HARWOOD of a daughter.
EVANS-At Napier, on the 28th March, the wife of Mr James EVANS of a son.

Marriage NEILL-MONTEITH- At St.John's Church Napier on the 10th March, by the Bishop of Wellington, Deputy Assistanct Commissary, General G.J.NEILL, second son of Captain NEILL, late H.M.85th Regt, to Maria, third daughter of the late J.D.MONTEITH Esq., Colonial Surgeon of Wellington.

RICHARDSON-CHASE at Napier on Saturday, March 19th by the Rev.P.BARCLAY Mr George RICHARDSON to Miss Elizabeth CHASE.

Death At Waiopawa, on the 7th March, Ratima, eldest son of Toha, RAHURAHU, from pulmonary consumption.

Capture of the Kaitake Pah which involved 100 men of the 57th Regiment, along with a detachment of artillery and three Armstrong guns,
under Captain MARTIN, advanced on Oakura, the whole under the command of Major BUTLER of the 57th; Colonel WARRE with his staff moved forward to the scen of hostilities.

Military Settlers- Capt. CORFIELD procees immediately to Dunedin, with a view of enlisting a company of 100 military settlers.

Report on another battle in which 65th took part, many natives killed, and some men including Captain HERFORD of the 2nd Waikato Militia Regt, fell mortally wounded by a shot through the left eye. Ensign CARTER of the 65th was also dangerously hurt. Maories left the Pah suddenly and made a rush between the 40th and 12th divisions. The killed and wounded were not ascertained, but they must be heavy. 49 bodies were found before dark, and 14 inside the Pah

Hawkes Bay Papers Past April 9th.
Brief resume of report by me- the enemy were without water at Oakura for 24 house and fought gallantly to the last. The defenders were not as
we thought at first, of the Ngati-Maniapoto tribe- REWI and twenty of his immediate relations having been the only members of that tribe present. Several now prisoner. The main body were Natiporos and Uriweras, with recruits from other tribes. The last report of native loss was 121 killed and buried-26 wounded and 7 unwounded prisoners. REWI's body has not yet been found, but he was very badly wounded in two places. A green stone mere, said to be his has been found in the swamp. The pursuit extended over 12 miles.

Also Article on Kakapos and Kiwis. All about how to hunt them down and best way to kill them.
A lengthy article available by request-Elaine)

Papers Past April 13,
Sailed from Napier
April 10 Lord Ashley, for Southern Ports. Original cargo and passengers for Southern Ports. Passengers from Napier-(cabin) Lord Bishop of Wellington, His Honor the Superintent, Mr and Mrs TIFFEN,Mrs KENNEDY,Messrs. J and H NAIRN, TUKE, SCULLY ,BEGG, BARNES, TOUET, STUART, IRVINE. (steerage) Mr THORBY.

SARGENT- at Napier, on the 10th April, the wife of Mr H.SARGENT, of a daughter.

FANNIN- at Napier, on the 12th April, the wife of G.T. FANNIN Esq., of a daughter.

Notice.-Thomas EWART requested to send his address to F PERRY at Messrs St.Hill and PRICE's station Mangamaire Porangahau.

Papers Past April 16th
Suspected suicide at Nelson. - Mr John BUCKLEY, a clerk in the Registrar's office, Nelson. He had been sent up from Otago by the
Hon.Mr GILLIES, Post Master General, to overtake some arrears which additional business in the Registration of Deeds had caused to accumulate in Registrar's Office.
(There was a very graphic suicide letter which I will not print but is available upon request - Elaine).*3.
Papers Past April 16 1864
Napier Port Arrivals.
April 13 Corio -TURNER from Auckland. With transhipped ex Scimitar from London. Cargo for George SPENCE, 1 churn for W.CRUIKSHANK, 19 pkgs Captain WITHERS,wine for Captain CORFIELD,sheep Major WHITMORE.
April 14 Traveller's Pride SCHAN, from Wellington via the Coast. Cargo only.
April 15 Zillah SULLIVAN from Auckland Passengers- Messrs. Thomas LEVICK and Henry CARR.

WOODFIELD-McCONACHIE- at Napier, on the 13th April, by the Rev.P.BARCLAY, Mr William WOODFIELD to Miss Catherine McCONACHIE.

ELBOURN-HALLETT.- At Mandefield, Meeanee, on the 14th April, by the Rev.P.BARCLAY, Mr William ELBOURN, to Jane, youngest
daughter of Mr James.HALLETT.

April 20th, Papers Past.
The remains of Captain LLOYD were buried yesterday with military honours. A large part of the 57th, the mounted corps, bushrangers, and Victorians, attended the funeral. The remains of the unfortunate men who fell with him were buried at the same time. Captain LLOYD had not been here long having only lately joined the head quarters of his regiment, but he bore the character of being a brave and excellent officer. He leaves a window and two children to lament his loss.

Discovery of Gold in the Pelorus
Nelson Examiner Office, April 12th.
Last evening, Mr HARRIS, from the Pelorus arrived in town with nineteen ounces of gold. The result of the labours of a party of four men for two days and a half in the Wakamarina river, about six miles above the junction of that stream.
Results of the discovery are that on 4th inst Mr WILSON, of the Pelorus Valley Accommodation House, Mr Harris, who we believe is a schoolmaster, and two young men named RUTLAND, living in the Pelorus, made the journey to look at a lease and see what inducement is offered to purchase. While out for this object one of the party (believe WILSON) proposed they should prospect for gold. The gold was purchased by the Uni Bank of Australia. The gold is all scaly, and appears of good quality.

The following people inserted Advertisements in the papers.
John WILKINSON Chairman- re communication re tender for Dunedin Commissioners.
J.FELDMANN- Jewellery,pipes,cigars,Colonial Brooches,rings,Gold and silver hunting Levers.
T.E.GORDON- Napier Volunteer Cavalry meeting at Meanee Hotel.
Sydney JOHNSTON- Sale of 500 Ewes. Apply to- Orua Wharo, Rua Taniwha.

John FRANCON - Horses at Meanee flats.

Arrived Port of Napier
April 16 Queen H.R.FRANCIS, from Wellington. Passengers-Honor the Superintendent, Mrs JOHNSTON, MissMcLEAN, Mrssrs.PRICE, CUNNINGHAM, NAIRN(2), TORDO, LYON, BEGG, GULLY, BARRAUND, GAMMON, JONES, FLEMMING, DUKE (2Mr and Mrs DENWIES.
Sailed April 16 Queen- FRANCIS for Auckland, Passenger W. YOUNG
April 23,
Death BRIDGE- at Napier, on the 20th April, aged 26, Mr Thomas, Andrew BRIDGE, chemist, eldest son of the late Mr BRIDGE, Regent Street, London.
F.S.ABBOTT- Tow Pounds Reward -Filly. (Waipawa 16th March 1863,)

J.N.WILLIAMS- strayed on my run, Kereru, April, 21, 1864.
No passengers on shipping this day.
For Fire Insurance Home and Abroard.
Directors.-John White CATER,Esq.q,(Messrs J.W.CATER,Son & Co)
Deputy Chairman=Charles MORRISON Esq.q,(Messrs MORRISON,DILLON & Co.)
Anselmo De ARROYAVE, Esq.,(Messrs A.De ARROYAVE & Co)
Alexander Henry CAMPBELL (Messrs FINLAY,CAMPBELL & Co)
Philip Chas.CAVAN Esq., (Messrs CAVAN,LUBBOCK, & Co)
Pascoe Du Pre FRENFELL,Esq.,(Messrs.PASCOE,GREMFELL and sons)
Junius Spencer MORGAN
John MOLLETT Esq., Austin Friars Passage.
George Garden
NICOL Esq.,(Dep.Chairman Chartered Mercantile Bank of India,London and China)
Peter P.RALLI Esq.,
John Henry William SCHRODER Esq., (Messrs J.H. Schroder and Sons
Robert SMITH (Messrs Robert Smith and Co)
Frederick SOMES, (Messrs SOMES,MULLENS, and Co)
George YOUNG Esq., (Messrs BEGBIE,YOUNG, and BEGBies.)
Manager: George Henry WHYTING.
Sub Manager:- William James HAYES.

April 1864 War toll.
Captain LLOYD- gunshot wounds, penetrating- one through left chest,one through abdomen,two through pelvis,;also two through right shoulder, and one through right thigh, fractured femor, a tomahawk wound of right calf. And body decapitated. Private Jeremiah DOOLEY-gunshot wound of right shoulder, and body decapitated.
Private George SADLER-gunshot wound of right shoulder, and two tomahawk wounds of left arm, and body decapitated.
Wounded Private Andrew COLLINS- gunshot wound of abdomen, slight.
Private Laurence CRONIN-gunshot wound of groin, slight.
Private P.MURRAY-gunshot wound of neck, slight.
Private Isaac SMITH- gunshot wound of chin, slight.
Militia(Victorians). Killed.
Corporal H.BANKS-gunshot wound through abdomen and body decapitated.
Private James NAGLES-gunshot wound through abdomen and three through head.
Private H.HARILEY-gunshot wound through pelvis, and body decapitated.
Missing. Private John GALLAGHER.
Wounded. Colour-Sergeant
George BENTLEY-gunshot wound,in arm,bone fractured,severe (No 12 Company)
Corporal Robert STOKES-gunshot wound right shoulder,slight (No 12)
Private Francis Thomas TOMLINS-gunshot wound upper part thigh severe (No 12)
Private Edward WHATMORE -gunshoty wound calf of leg,slight(No 12).
Private James McKENNA-gunshot wound through left side (ball since extracted), dangerous (No 7)

Other names mentioned in article in vicinity of Ahuahu then Kaitake -Oakura were :-
Colonel WARRE
Captain LLOYD
Major BUTLER (57th
Sergeant APPLEBY (late of No 5 Otago Volunteers)
Lieut COX (57th)
Captain PAGE and Lieutenant JACKSON (No 12 Victorians)
HEMI acted as a guide
Private MILNE (No 12)
Sergeant BENTLEY
Private CHAMBERLAIN of the 57th.
Sergeant ANDERSON.

In brief the bodies were found lying (one in and the others close by the rifle pits), stripped nearly naked, and from five of which the heads had been cut off and taken away. Another man, whose body could not be found, appears to have been otherwise mutilated, as some intestines were found upon the ground; could have been caused by a bullet wound. A rewarewa axe-handle was found, which seems to have broken in the work.
The last man to come out of the bush was one of No 21 Company Militia, who arrived back at camp about 4am on Thursday morning. He had remained hidden in the bush and escaped the search of the party who went in to bring out the bodies. He said while he was hiding he saw natives several times near him and they came down again to seemingly look around. They then returned to Ahuahu and set up a general howling (tang), which is certain proof that their victory was not a bloodless one.
The men present variously estimate the number of natives at 150,200,300,500. We should incline to believe first number as nearest reality until we get further information.
The decapitation of the bodies is a new feature in the war, and we have yet to learn the motive which induced the Maori to resort to a practice which can only find its parallel in the deeds committed to them in their cannibal state.
The bullet extracted by Dr.SPENCE, T.R.V. on Thursday, from McKENNA weighed over an ounce, and was spherical.

Papers Past May 3 1864

Obituary contains the name of Mr T.A.BRIDGE, whose remains were yesterday followed to the grave by a large number of townspeople and others..The deceased ) we refer more particularly to the early part of his residence among us) was a young man of fine and generous impulses- the first to move in a case of distress, and unostentatiously to render effectual aid wherever it was required. He was ready with the best assistance in every matter of public entertainment or utility; and, in many respects, we scarcely know by whom he is to be replaced. His premature death has been deeply felt throughout the community.- Herald, April 23.

The Exhibition
Building- An inspection of an excellent photograpah, by Mr McGREGOR, of Dunedin, from a drawing of the design by Mr MASON, for the New Zealand Exhibition, just been received by chairman of our local committee.

Late Theatrical Performance- It will be seen that this performance has yielded the handsome sum of 12 Pound 3s, which Major DOUGLAS has undertaken to forward to the Treasurers of the N.Z.Patriotic Fund.
May 4th- 1864 re Electoral

Voters objected to as not being entitles to have their names on List of Voters for the Electoral District of Napier.

BRIDGE Thomas Andrew.
BRYAN George Augustus.
COUPER William,jr.
GRAY George Marshall.
LECHNER William.
PILLIET Walter Hippolyte.
ROSE John.
ROY John.
SPEEDY William.
TUKE Edmund.
TUXFORD Franklin.
WORGAN George Buckland.

Objected to be on list of Voters for the Electoral District of Clive.
BEE Francis.
RAY John.
GLASS JamesRooke.
LUFF Andrew.
NORRIS GilbertHoneywood.
OFFER Henry Archard.
PILLIET Walter Hippolyte.
REEVES Andrew.
TUKE Edmund.

Persons objected to as not being entitles to have their names on List of Voters for Clive.
HARWOOD Ebenezer.
HENWOOD William.
REED Henry James
Wood James.

N.B. Objectors to most of above names were O.L.W.BOUSEFIELD Woodthorpe. Registration office AND Wm COLENSO.
On the grounds of not entitled because of 6 months before registration, not of value required by the Act, or not household as described in meaning of the Act.
Papers past May 18 1864
Arrived Port of Napier.
May 11 Corio from Dunedin. Passenger Capt.CORFIELD,Lieut TUKE, 18 Military settlers.
May 13 Rose from Auckland- cargo for No 4 Company Militia- A.S.BIRCH Capt.Commanding.
May 16 Rangatira from Auckland, Passengers:- Mrs CHARLTON,Mr and Mrs LOW, Lieut.RUSSELL, Mrssrs.SMITH GREY, SHERSON, R.J.DUNCAN, JACKSON, DONELLY, GREIG, and 1 private soldier.
May 17 Zillah from Auckland, Passenger; Mr A.H.BROWN
May 17 Queen from Wellington and southern ports.
Passengers:- Mr CHAPMAN,Mrs BROOKS.
May 18 Janet from Wairoa.Passengers :=CARROLL,PEAKMAN
Sailed May 14 Hero for Mohaka, with stores for -John ALLEN,J.SIM,HARDING,FRAME,CAMPBELL.
May 16 Rangatira for Wellington with original cargo from Auckland.Passengers:- Rev.Father SEAUZEAU, Mrssrs.R.FARREL, J.THOMAS, J.ROBINSON, J .NEVILLE,W.SMITH,W.WHITE,James MARSH, J.LEARD, WRIGHT, VENNEL, and J,McCARTHY for Picton.
May 20th 1864
Advertisement re National School Meanee Flat. Meeting to be held Mr DAVIS's house on Meanee Flat to elect trustees and other business. James HALLETT Secretary.

ULPH- At Clive on the 24th inst, the wife of Mr Frederick ULPH, of a son.
WOOD-BOORER- At Napier on the 30th May, by the Rev.P.BARCLAY, Mr John Wood,, to Miss Emily Jane BOORER, WIDOW OF THE LATE Mr.George BOORER.
*** Papers Past June 2nd, 1864.

Papers Past 21 May 1865
Public Notices
Sealed Tender required for Mail contracts.
For Sale 3 roomed cottage at Spit occupied by Mr HOWARD apply to William DENHOLM
Napier Volunteer Cavelry Assembly T.E.GORDON Captain.
No 5 Militia- Jasper L.HERRICK Captain Commanding
Militia Notice Assemble for drill -E.WITHERS Capt. And Adjutant.
Waipawa Cavalry Volunteers-Thos TANNER Lieut Commanding WCV
Rifle Volunteers- J.BUCHANAN Captain. Leave names with color Sgt. WEBB.

Birth HAYDEN at Napier on 13th inst wife of John Hayden a son.

May 21st Papers Napier Savings Bank -Money to lend -James ANDERSON- Vice president.

Tradesman Ball to be held 14th June. Tickets from

May 24th Papers past
Small Building to Let - Mr SEALY
2 Pounds reward-loss of mare.bring to Mr MOORCROFT at Poraite or W.R.D.FERGUSSON at Clive.
Information is requested about a Mr and Mrs BARRETT who are believed to have left England for Napier with a sister (Mrs E.BARRETT) two years ago. Apply with present address to Herald Office.
May 24, 1864
Return showing land sold. To April 1864.
Appl.No 1501 M.FITZGERALD Hampden
1504 K.J.HILL
1505 M.S.GRACE
1509 J.CHASE Jr
1510 J.M.P.LAVIN
1511 John EGHAN
1516 John SIM
1517 Wm CURRIE

Assessments on runs
J.M.P.LAVIN For 1861,1862,1863.

May 28 Papers
MarriedSOUTHEE-WIGGINS- at Napier on Monday 23 May by Rev.P.BARCLAY, Mr Henry SOUTHEE of Upper Hutt Wellington, to Letitia,daughter of Mr Robert WIGGINS.

Arrival Port of Napier.
May 25 Queen from Auckland with supplies and stores for-BLAIR, ROBJOHN, RICHARDSON, SOMES HOLDER, KNOWLES, Osker BEYER, SIMCOX, Passengers:- Mr and Mrs WILSON,Messrs D.McLEAN,BUTCHER,AMPLETT,G.SWAINES.
May 26 Prince Aalfred from Wellington and Souther Ports. Supplies and cargo for:- WOOD, YATES, WATT, BOYLAN ,BEGG, McNALTY ,RUSSELL, ALLEN.Passengers-Miss McLEAN,Miss RYE, Messrs.STOKES, McKILLOP, THOMAS, WATT, SCHON, DONOHUE, CRAWFORD, ROPER.
May 26 Queen for Wellington.Passengers: Messrs.C.TURNER J.THOMPSON, W.GRAINGER, W.ATWARD, J.BURTON, W.ROBERTS, J.SANDALL, Mr and Mrs SOUTHEE.
May 27 Prince Alfred for Auckland, with original cargo and passengers for Southern Ports. Messrs. MALTBY, TOWGOOD, FELDMANN, MACKY, GILL, M.HILL, BOWMAN, CARROLL, LYNCH.

HOLDEN at Burnside, Rua Taniwha Plains, suddenly, on the 22nd April, Johathon HOLDEN, aged 42. He leaves a wife and 8 children to mourn his loss.
WILLIS- At Napier, on the 5th May, Mr Robert WILLIS, late Sergeant in 65th Regt, aged 39.

Papers Past June 7th
June 4 David and Jessie, Wm.PIE from Melbourne, via Nelson and Wellington. Passenger E.A.CARLYON.
June 5 Auckland from Auckland. Passengers- Messrs.MALTBY,NELSON,GILL,BOWMAN,A.WOOD,Chas RAE,O.WOYCE, and 11 for the south.
Sailed June 4 Corio for Auckland, Passenger J.WATT.
June 6 Auckland for Wellington and Southern Ports. From Auckland. Passengers from Napier- Miss RICH, Miss TAYLOR, Mr SWAN, Capt.SYNNOT.

Colonial Defence Force,
-Reisgnation of Sub.Inspector Herbert V. LILLICRAP is gazetted and sub inspector George ROSS appointed.

Letter from Alfred ECCLES Hon.Secretary, N.Z.Industrial Exhibition. To John WILKINSON chairman H.B.Local Committee.

Arrival of the Rangatira- Mr FOX Coloniaal Secretary on board. WI TAKO taken the oath of Allegiance- copy of letter in paper.
Large Land purchases at Manawatu.
Probability of a campaign on West Coast

McILRAITH-LYON at Wellington on 2nd June. By Rev.John MOIR, Hugh McILRAITH,Esq., of Culverden Amuri, to Gracer, eldest daughter of William LYON Esq., of Wellington

Reinforcements 150 of 57th Regt. Arrived Price Alfred from Taranaki. Under command of Brevet-Major-SHORTT with Lieut MILLS Adfj.Ensign
POWYS- 1250 more coming with Major BUTLER and Capt RUSSELL. Headquarters of 57th will be here but Co.WARRE will remain at Taranaki. 70th Fleet comes to Taranaki.
Papers Past June 11th 1864
Arrived Port of Napier.
June 7 Rangatira. From Wellington-Passengers- Mrs KINROSS,Miss THORNE,The Hon.W.FOX,Messrs.F.ALGAR,COOK,Geo THOMAS, and several steerage for Auckland.
June 7 Sea Serpent, from Wellington-Passengers- Messrs.WILLIAMSON,LUCKY,COFFIE,SHEARER.

Sailed. June 7 Rangatira for Auckland with original cargo and passengetrs from Southern Ports. From Napier.Passengers-Hon.W.FOX. A.J.WHITE, A.MAXWELL.

BRAITHWAITE- at Napier, on the 7th June, the wife of J.B.BRAITHWAITE,Esq., of a daughter.
PRICE-THOMAS- At St.John's Church Napier, on the 7th June, by the Rev.H.W.St HILL, Alfred Henry, second son of the late J.D.PRICE, Esq., of Twickenham and London, to Annie, second daughter of Wm THOMAS, Esq., of Napier.

At Nelson, on the 24th May, by the Rev.W.M.BISS, Mr Samuel FITTALL (late of this town) to Ellen Maria, only daughter of Mr.Edwin HOOPER, Hardy Street, Nelson.

June 18th
Fatal accident reported on the night of the 12th inst. Man named John WILSON was drowned, while crossing the Mangaone. He had been drinking at MUNRO's woold shed. -Verdict -Found drowned.

Edward LYNDON - re Napier Choral Society meeting.
Port of Napier Arrivals.
June 19 Rangatira, from Auckland. Passengers- Major DWYER,(Officer in command 2nd Batattalion 14th Regt)Surgeon Major CARTE,10 Sergeants, field band and band master, 6 privates, 2nd battalion 14th Regt., Mrs DRILL and 2 children, Messrs.MAXFIELD ,BELLOW CARROLL, FERGUSON, OCKLESTON, TOWGOOD.
June 20 Wellington from Wellington Pcls,crates and packages for- BOYLAN,CARVER,RICHARDSON,BARRAUND,FAULKNER,Mrs KENNEDY. Passengers- Capt MARSHALL,Messrs.SWAN,POOLE,Cross.

The s.s. Auckland,Capt WHEELER, arrived in Wellington on Saturday evening at 5 0'clock, having left Lyttleton on the previous day. She had on board over 200 passengers, including about 100 diggers for Picton, and 75 volunteers for the North.

Capt.McINTYRE resigned the command of the Wellington.

New Justices- The following gentlemen, residing in this province, have been gazetted
Justices of the Peace and Colony:- John WILKINSON,James GORDON,Edmund TUKE,James Gibson KINROSS, William Fannin Esqs.,

The band of the 14th, notwithstanding the disagreeable weather in which they landed, "discoursed some sweet music" on their march to barracks.

The weather- Tempestuous state of the weather and its effects, particularly to the flooded state of the Eastern Spit, which, however, was all right again next(Saturday) morning. The Ngururoa river rose very high, rendering it improssible to work the punt, which eventually filled and sank, and causing almost total stoppage of communication with the interior. Clive at the same time, was under water, as well as all the adjoining flat country.

Mr WHITE demanded restoration of halfcaste boy, Henry BATES, taken from Mr BOOTH at Piperiki. Eventually returned from Pah by Maori Elder.

A man named TRICKER tried for murder of Mr RAYNER- found guilty and sentenced to death. Most important evidence against him was by a half-caste named HAMILTON.(There were letters from public and others expressing doubt about the verdict and most said there was a possibility that they had tried the wrong man.)

Superintendent opened the Provincial Council on the 8th inst. In his address a number of important subjects are alluded to, amongst others a proposal to connect Hawkes Bay with Wellington by means of a road through the 40 mile bush, to be constructed out of Wellington"s share of the three million loan.

Destructive fire on Saturday the 4th at Hereford Street and Columbo Streets -Christchurch

Papers Past June 25 1864
Prospectus of the Otago Fire & Marine Company.
Francis COOKE
Thomas DICK
Alexander McKINNIN
Frederick MOSS
Bankers- The Bank of N.Z.
Solicitor:- James SMITH
Manager:- Henry HOUGHTON.
Interim Secretary and Accountant Charles WHITE.

The Otago Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Head Office: Stafford Street, Dunedin.
Frederick MOSS -Chairman
Francis COOKE
Thomas DICK
Marine Surveyor
From Thomas SHIRLEY Sen to Mr John HESLOP, Puketapu. -Notice re erection of a fence at Puketapu.

One Pound reward-Lost at clive Fery, a rough Scotch Collie Pup, answers to name of Donald, apply to Mr MacDONALD, at the "Club" Napier.

D & W HUNTER Porangahau. Reward for Gelding strayed from Mr DOUGLAS's Station at Ngawakatatara. Above reward will be paid upon delivery to Mr LAWRENCE at Homewood.

Mrs BRAITHWAITE- wanting a female servant.- apply at the Bank.

H.W.P.SMITH per Hector DUFF.- Horses and cattle trespassing on the OLRIG station.

Two pound reward offered for strayed gelding. F.M.CHAPMAN.

Mr W.ELLISON is a Land Surveyor, Springvale Puketapu.

Back ground to- Trial of Walter TRICKER for the Murder of Mr Robert Stillingfleet RAYNER, a settler in the Rangitikei. Called on Mr James BULL a publican on 27th August 1863 who resided a mile and a half away and transacted some business, received payment of 220 pounds. Posted it at once to Wellington and was not seen for several days. Was found 3rd September, the body was found buried in a gravel hole at a creek twenty yards from his own house, pierced by three bullets and cut on the head. An inquest was held and suspicion became directed against a native boy and a man named Walter TRICKER. The latter had been convicted of cattle shooting a few year before, mainly through RAYNER'S EVIDENCE, AND HAD FREQUENTLY UTTERED THREATS AGAINST HIM.

Inland Mails Successful Tender for between
Napier-Waipawa is Mr J.A.TURNER who has a 2 horse vehicle.

Case of "Crim Con" Plaintiff Mr HALKE from Wanganui sued def Lieut MUTETT of 57th Regt for seducing his wife (who the Judge stated was a Lady loose in her conduct)
Verdict-for Plaintiff Damages 25 pounds.

WINIATA charged for shop lifting-James
IRVINE Witness and Thomas SCULLY.(Prisoner to Gaol with ten days hard labour.
Papers Past 28th June 1864

BIRTH at Napier 17th inst. Mr HOWARD of a son.

Married LOWRY-BRAMISH- on 12th inst, at residence of W COUPER Esq., Kauranaki, by Rev H W St HILL, Mr LOWRY of Okawa, in this Province, to Maria Townsend, 5th daughter of George BRAMISH Esq., Turakina.


Papers Past June 28 1864
Rangoon from the "Downs" 24th January is bound for Napier with emigrans & Cargo. Only 1 death reported(an adult) on passage.

2 pounds reward for reurn of Gelding- apply T.D.POWDRELL Tutaekuri.

Dr GRACE wants a 5-6- roomed house in good condition with stables and paddock.

June 26 Lord Ashely from Wellington.Passengers Messrs.BLAKE, DUFF, BARRAND, STUART, SMITH, TURNBULL, BOWMAN, RICH,LUCAS, ATWARD, RANKIN, BURTON,Mr and Mrs BIGLEY and 6 children. Mrs J.EVANS and cargo and passengers for Auckland.
June 27 Wellington from Auckland-Passengers;- Mr and Mrs TIFFEN,Messrs.Robert BRATHWAITE,Archibald WATT,Louis KELLS, and 10 passengers including Dr.HECTOR for Southern Ports.
June 27 Lord Ashley for Auckland with original cargo and passengers from the south and Mr and Mrs Purvis RUSSELL. Messrs. CRUIKSHANK, WHALEY, from Napier.
June 27 Wellington for Wellington.Passengers:- Messrs.G.S.COOPER, SOMERS.

Wreck of Paddle Steamer Ballarat bound to this Port from Auckland on Government business-under command of Capt.Henry WHITE.
Rangoon is safe and shortly expected in port.

Important battle at Tauranga as reported from(NZ Herald June 23) . Col.GREER marched into camp with a force of 568 men and came across a force of maories of about equal nimbers with their own. It is fortunate that this active demonstration was made at this time by Captain Greer, otherwise in the course of the day or two a strong would have been constructed, and the loss of life in dislodging the enemy would have been even greater on our side than it even has been. The Colonel had a portion of the 68th and the men of the 43rd. He flanked and strongly posted the Commander and sent back for reinforcements. Two hundred and twenty men were despatched with an Armstrong gun. Menatime the 43rd and 68th, were manfully aided by our own Colonial Regt, the 1st Waikato, who were panting to wipe out remembrance of the late Gate Pa affair.
The shock of our troops was more,however, than the rebels could stand. They were unable to cope with our men in a hand to hand struggle with the bayonet! , after the few first few minutes they fled, leaving 68 dead men in the rifle pits. They were then pursued for many miles.
The troops returned to collect the dead bodies of the slain, one hundred and seven of which were picked up, and buried in the rifle pits. Thirty-seven prisoners were taken, twenty-seven of whom twenty-seven were severely wounded. It is hard to estimate their loss as not all were found and some wounded men crawl into the fern to die, and their bodies are seldom found.
The troops engage in the attack, were the 43rd, ther 68th, and the 1st Waikatos, the 43rd, under command of Major SYNGE, who lost his horse, shot under him in the charge; the 68th under Major SHUTTLEWORTH, and Capt MOORE commanded the 1st Waikatos.
The names of the wounded officers, six in number, are of the 43rd, Captains F.A.SMITH, and H.BERNERS; of the 68th,Captains. H.W.J.TRENT,
and T.CASEMENT, Lieut.H.J.R.V.STUART, and Ensign W.H.F.PALMER; of rank and file, the 43rd lost 5 men killed, and had thirteen wounded; the 68th had four men killed, and twenty wounded, the first Waikatos appear to have suffered no casualties. Among the killed natives, is Rawiri TAUIA, the head chief of the king party at Tauranga, and one of the three rebel generals. He was also the leader of the garrison at Gate Pa.
Capt CARKEEK our Respected Collector of Customs been presented with a piece of Plate on his retirement from Militia.

Venerable Octavius MATTHUIS Archdeacon of Akaroa Died on 18th Inst- also

Same date Mr George RHODES Justice of the Peace, and brother of Joseph Rhodes Esq., of this province.(There is a write up of his life in this article)

In a address to the Council from the Superintendent to Provincial council and Executive he congratulates that the facilities of steam communication have been increased as to enable us to have speedy and regular communication with all parts of New Zealand. Early information is crucial at such a critical time as recent war involved.
In reference to the progress made in the formation and improvements of roads,- The Provincial Engineer (Mr,WEBER), carried out with his usual skill and energy.Several lines have been opened, most crucial is the Taupo road, leading from Pekapeka to Patoka and the military settlement of Pukititiri. Line of road between Hampden and Northern portion of the Rua Taniwha to Aorangi, shortening the distance to Napier from the Rua Taniwha plains by 10 miles. Another road along the banks of the Tutaekuri, from the Meeanee flats, to the Taupo rd at Puketapau, to avoid cuttings on the original line, which were too steep for the drays, and ennables settlers at Tutaekuriri to reach town without crossing that river except at that bridge.
Several other roads were discussed - minor roads in the Mohaka and in the Tautane Districts, also a lien connecting Petane with the main Taupo road at Pekapeka. This will facilitate communication with the military settlements in the event of heavy winter flooding.
The importance of a tramway is becoming more and more evident. While I do not wish to embark on any undertaking involving a heavy outlay. I feel that this is a subject which deserves to be kept under your notice.
Acts discussed were- The Thistle Act-General Road Act,Drainage Act. All for earnest consideration.

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