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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaineand her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

Hawkes Bay Herald January 4 1862
The Elections
The nomination for the Porangahau district took place on Monday, the 30th December. Mr J.D. ORMOND was proposed by Mr J.D. CANNING, and seconded by Mr D.S. HUNTER. There being no other candidate, Mr ORMOND was declared to be duly elected.

Napier Malitia We learn that Captain LAMBERT has resigned the Adjutancy, or is about to do so. We have not heard whether any gentleman has applied for the appointment.

Runholders Pasture Licenses--Jan 7, 1862
111, Richard COLLINS, North Porangahau
112, W.J. SNODGRASS (tranferred to Joseph TANNER), North Porangahau
113, J.B. REDWARD (tranferred to Alfred PRICE), North Porangahau
114, Joseph HERBERT, South Porangahau
116, A.H. PRICE, Ruahine
117, H.A. DUFF , Ruahine
118, T.P. RUSSELL, Waipukurau
119, J. JOHNSTON, Ruataniwha
120, W.L. LUCENA, Ruahine
121, John BEGG, Ahuriri
123, Samuel BEGG, Ahuriri

January 11 1862

Died At Waipukurau, on Sunday, the 5th inst., Isabella Desavges, the youngest daughter of Captain NEWMAN, aged 3 years and 8 months.

January 18 1862

At Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, on the 17th inst., by the Rev. Peter BARCLAY, Presbyterian Minister, Alex. IRVINE, merchant, Napier, (late of Glasgow, Scotland), to Annie Ogilivie, eldest daughter of F. LAMONT, Esq., farmer, East Maine, Airlie, Porfarshire, Scotland.

January 21 1862

Death by Drowning
It is our melancholy duty to record the death by drowning of Mr William STEWART, who built, and who has since managed, the Wahaperata Mill on account of the native proprietors. He was last seen alive on Wednesday evening, by Mr MOON, and on Thursday his body was found in the Ngaruroro, where the unfortunate man had gone to bathe, and to which his footsteps were traced. An inquest upon the body was held on Friday, at Clive, when the jury, after hearing the evidence, returned a verdict of "Found Drowned". The deceased was a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and was much respected by both races.

Another inquest It has latterly been our task to record many deaths under very painful circumstances. We have now another addition to the list. Some numbers since we mentioned the disappearance of Mr G. IMRIE, formerly owner od a sheep staion, but who had latterly sold it. The body of the unfortunate man was found on Sunday morning by a native named Utiku, whose attention was attracted three days before by a disagreeable smell. It was discovered in a small creek about 800 yards from Mr I. McKAIN's. The creek contained three feet water, was covered with raupo and toi-toi and considered highly dangerous. Deceased was last seen alive by Mr ELWYN at 9 pm on the 3rd Jan. He was then suffering from the effects of drink. He said he wanted to go to Mr F. McKAIN's, and Mr ELWYN put him on the track. He was not seen again alive, and had, no doubt, fallen into the creek on his way and perished. An inquest on the body was held yeaterday, at Petane, before T. HITCHINGS, Esq., coroner, and a jury.

Town of Napier
The nomination of candidates for the seat vacant through the resignation of Mr NEWTON, takes place tomorrow (Jan 22).
January 25 1862
At Napier, on the 20th inst., Mrs CURTIS, of a son.

At Napier, on the 21st inst., the wife of Mr ROBJOHN, of a son.

At Elmshill, on the 18th inst., the wife of F.J. TIFFEN, Esq., of a daughter.

At the Parsonage, Napier, on the 24th inst., the wife of the Rev. H.W. ST HILL, of a son.

Election for Napier
Wednesday last having been the day appointed for the nomination of a fit and proper person to serve in the Provincial Council, in lieu of T.K. NEWTON, Esq., resigned,--at twelve o'clock the writ was read by the returning officer. Mr James WOOD was then nominated by Mr John BEGG, seconded by Mr Peter SEARLE, and, no other candidate offering, declared to be duly elected. Mr WOOD briefly thanked the electors present, and the meeting seperated.

Inquest at Waipukurau
On Saturday last, the 18th inst., and inquest was held at Goodwin's Hotel, before Charles R. ENGLISH, Esq., coroner for the district, on the body of Ebeneezer RUSSELL, who was accidentally drowned whilst bathing in a creek at Newlands, an out-station belonging to H.R. RUSSELL, Esq. A verdict was returned of "Accidentally drowned whilst bathing".

January 30 1862

At Napier, on the 30th instant, the wife of Mr A. KENNEDY, of a son.

At Napier, on the 30th instant, the wife of Mr F. SUTTON, of a son.

February 1862

February 1 1862
At Clive, on the 31st January, the wife of Mr F.E. HARLIN, of a daughter.

February 8 1862
At Napier, on the 3rd inst., the wife of Mr James GRINDELL, of a daughter.

DiedAt Napier, on the 6th inst., Kate Florence Susannah, infant daughter of Mr R.M. SKEET, aged 5 months.
February 11 1862

At Napier, on Saturday, the 8th inst., the wife of Mr R. HOLT, of a son.

At Napier, on the 8th inst., Mr Charles BENTON, aged 50 years.

Accident and Narrow Escape
On Saturday last, as some soldiers were engaged in cleaning the well in Coote-road, which is about 110 feet in depth, one of their number, named Martin WALKER, volunteered to go down for the purpose of more effectually finishing the work. He accordingly commenced the descent, but three turns were not off the windlass before the rope broke and the unfortunate man was precipitated to the bottom. A new rope was precured as quickly as possible, and James LINGARD undertook to bring up the body-for it was scarcely expected that the poor fellow would be alive. On being brought to the surface he was found to be dreadfully cut and bruised, but, strange to say, with whole bones. He was immediately conveyed to the military hospital, where he now lies in a very precarious state; but with every prospect of being all right again in a few days.

New Justice
In the "Gazette" of the 14th ult., the name of Michael FITZGERALD, Esq., Napier, is included in a list of gentlemen whose names have been added to the Commission of the Peace.

February 18 1862

At Napier, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Peter BARCLAY, Mr Samuel WINSOR to Harriett Maria, fifth daughter of the late Mr John SLATER.
March 1862

March 1 1862

At Napier, on the 23rd ult., by the Rev. P. BARCLAY, Mr Henry SARGENT to Miss Margaret FITZGERALD.

Died At Turanga, Poverty Bay, on the 23rd ult., Samuel LONE, aged about 55 years. For many years a settler in New Zealand, and formerly of harleston, or thereabouts, in Norfolk, England.

At Dunedin, Otago, on the 8th ult., of fever, Mr Walter CLAYTON, late of Napier.

March 4 1862

Birth At Napier, on the 1st inst., the wife of Mr A. LUFF, of a son.

At the nomination last Wednesday the 26th Feb, of a member to serve in the Provincial Council for this district, in lieu of John TUCKER, Esq., resigned, George Gwavas CARLYON, Esq. was proposed by Purvis RUSSELL, Esq., seconded by Henry RUSSELL, Esq., and no other other candidate being brought forward, declared to be duly elected.

March 8 1862

Died At Napier, on the 4th inst., Miss Caroline BURWASH, late of Wellington, and formerly of Albany street, Regent's Park, London.
March 11 1862

Birth At Faraday street, Napier, on the 8th inst., the wife of Thos. HITCHINGS, Esq., Provincial Surgeon, Coroner, &c, of a daughter.

Provincial Council met yesterday (10 Mar) at 3 o'clock. Present, Capt. CARTER, Messrs. COLENSO, HITCHINGS, TRIPHOOK, DOLBEL, WOOD, M. FITZGERALD and TIFFEN. The Speakership being vacant through the resignation of Mr TUCKER, on the motion of Capt. CARTER, seconded by Mr WOOD, Mr M. FITZGERALD took the chair.

At Napier, on the 19th inst., the wife of Capt. GORDON, of a daughter.

March 25 1862

At Clifton, near Clive, on the 20th inst., the wife of Mr William Finlayson, of a daughter.
April 1862
At Shakespeare House, Napier, on the 7th inst., Mrs HOBEN, of a son.

Died December 1st, 1861, at North Duro, County of Peterborough, Canada West, North America, James Henry A. LILLICRAP, Esq., Captain retired Her Majesty's 5th Regiment, Madras Army, second son of the late James LILLICRAP Esq., Vice-Admiral, R.N., deeply and sincerely regretted by all who knew him.

April 12 1862

Appointment We learn that Mr Brooke TAYLOR has been appointed Coroner for the Gaol and Hospital districts of this province.

At Napier, on the 8th inst., the wife of Mr M. BOYLAN, of a daughter (prematurely born).

At Tukituki, on the 10th inst., the wife of Mr F. DOUGLASS, of a son.

Died At Merville, Tutaekuri River, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, on Sabbath evening the 13th April, aged 56 years, Mrs Eliza DONALDSON, relict of the late Robert DONALDSON, Esq., Merchant, of Leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland. The funeral will leave Merville on Thursday the 17th inst., at 11 o'clock am., and reach the end of Hastings road about 1 o'clock. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

April 19 1862

The Annual Licensing Meeting was held on Tuesday last, the 15th inst. The Bench consisted of J. CURLING Esq., R.M., (Chairman), J.A. SMITH, H.B. SEALY, and M. FITZGERALD Esquires. There were no new applications, unless that of F. DYETT for his new house at Clive, the "Citizen" Hotel, may be termed one. All the applications were granted, those of G. CHARLTON and F. DYETT excepted, who were not present, and on whose account the meeting was adjourned till Tuesday. On that day Mr DYETT appeared and said that he had been misled by an error in the Hawke's Bay Almanac. His application was then granted. Capt. CHARLTON did not appear, and the court again adjourned till Tuesday.
April 22 1862

Married On the 19th inst., at the bride's residence, Napier, by the Rev. Peter BARCLAY, Mr William DENHOLM, to Margaret, sixth daughter of the late Mr John SLATER.

Died At Napier, on the 20th inst., Anne E. MURRAY, daughter of Mr Thomas MURRAY, pilot, aged 14 months.
April 26 1862
Births At Napier, on the 19th instant, Mrs J.H. VAUTIER, of a son.

At Lambertford, Ruataniwha, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. E. WHEELER, Alexander ST C. INGLIS, Esq., to Maria, second daughter of Charles LAMBERT, Esq., J.P.

April 29 1862

Birth At Napier, on the 28th inst., the wife of Capt. Alex. BLAIR, of a son.

Resident Magistrates Court Friday April 25 (Before John CURLING, Esq., R.M., and M. FITZGERALD, Esq., J.P.)

BUCHANAN v FITZGERALD Action to recover the sum of £18 15s 10d., amount of a promissory note that had been dishonoured. The court gave judgment for the amount claimed.

Saturday April 26

James WILSON was fined £2 for carelessly driving through the streets, whereby he knocked down and injured a native chief named Paul.

May 1862

At Hawkhill, on the 2nd May, the wife of Peter CHEYNE, Esq., of a son.

May 6 1862

The following persons are objected to as not being entitled to have their names retained on the list of voters for the Electoral District of Napier:--
AARONSON, Simon, Napier
ANDERSON, Cjarles James, Pekapeka
ANDERSON, James, Napier
AUSTEN, John, Auckland
BEERMAN, William, Shakespeare road
BOYLE, Thomas, Ruataniwha
BRAY, John, Shakespeare road
CAMPBELL, John Cameron, Pehui
CARSWELL, David, Carlyle street
CLAYTON, Walter, Chaucer road, Napier
COCKBURN, James, Petane
FURNESS, Henry, Napier
GARRY, John, Napier
HAYDN, John Long, Napier
HILL, Matthew, Ohotu
IMRIE, George, Hukanui
LEADAM, Herbert Edward, Pekapeka
MacNAIL, Archibald, Meanee
MOANANUI, Waipureka
O'CRONIN, John, Carlyle street
PEACOCK, Gavin, Hukanui
PEACOCK, James, Puketitiri
RAY, Walter, Napier
REID, James, Napier
REYNOLDS, Thomas, Napier
RICHARDS, Edward Smallwood, Napier
SEED, William, Wellington
SHARLEY, Thomas junior, Tutaekuri
SKEET, Henry Lufkin, Napier
SMITH, James, Napier
TOWGOOD, Edward, Pohui
WILLIAMS, James, Napier
WILLIAMS, Thomas, Napier
WINSOR, Samuel, Napier

The following persons are objected to as not being entitled to have their names retained on the Electoral Roll for the Electoral District of Clive:---
BIRD, Henry, Clive
BLAKE, Andrew Hope, Clive
BLEWITT, Charles, Whanganui
CAVILL, Benjamin, Clive
COLLINGS, Alfred John, Oero Bush
COOPER, George Sisson, Napier
EDWARDS, Thomas, Napier
FANNIN, George Thomas, Napier
FLYGER, Edward Samuel, Porangahau
GULLY, Charles James, Ruataniwha
HAWTHORNE, James, Waikatukuhuku
HURLEY, William Alexander, Waipureku
JOHNSTON, William, Tukituki
MARSHALL, John, Napier
MOANANUI, Waipureku
MONTEITH, George Dalrymple junior, Elsthorp
MONTEITH, Jacob, Elsthorp
MOSS, John Pitts, Waipukurau
NESBITT, Nathan, Clive
NIA NIA, Hori, Waipukurau
NOONAN, John, Oero Bush
POOLE, George, Tukituki
REYNOLDS, Thomas, Patangata
TAKIHI, Te Meihana, Tanenuiarangi
TAPLEY, John, Clive
TIFFEN, Louis Ansel, Homewood
TRIPHOOK, Thomas Dawson, Napier
TUCKER, William Henry, Woodlands, Waipukurau
TUKE, Edmund, Aorangi
WELLS, David, Kauranaki

Resident Magistrate's Court
Tuseday April 29

(Before John CURLING, Esq., R.M., Wm. MALTBY, Esq., J.P., and H.S. TIFFEN, Esq., J.P.)

The plaintiff supplied Thomas SHEPHERD with goods to the amount of £14 15s 10d, for which he received an order on defendent, payable out of moneys accuring to SHEPHERD under a contract with the Bank for erecting a fence.Plaintiff took the order to defendent, who said that he could not then pay it as SHEPHERD had done no work, but that he would pay it out of the moneys coming to him. On the completion of the work defendent refused to pay, on the grounds that he had no funds. The order was originally left with him and he kept it several months.
Mr BRAITHWAITE, for the defence, denied having promised to pay the order; he told FRANCE that he must take his chance with the other creditors of SHEPHERD who had left their orders with him. The Court, after consideration, gave judgment for defendent, with costs 15s.; but at the same time expressed an opinion that the conduct of defendent had not been quite satisfactory in the matter, and that, had he been a little more explicit, this and similar cases would not have been brought before the Bench.

KENNEDY v DAY The defendant, a private in the 14th Regt., was charged with having, in company with another soldier, assulted plaintiff on the night of Wednesday the 22nd April, on Shakespeare road.
Defendant, whose conduct when under the influence of liquor is that of a madman, was fined £2, or, in default of payment, 14 days imprisonemt. He was subsequently committed.

Wednesday April 30
TUKE v McLEAN In this case the Court, which had taken its time to consider the decision, gave judgment for the plaintiff--£20, or the cattle to be delivered to plaintiff, with costs £2 13s.

McHARDY v GRAY This was a re-hearing of a case formally decided for plantiff in default of defendant, who, it appeared, was prevented by floods from having being present. The case involved a lengthened statement pro and con of past transactions, resulting in the affirmation of former judgment (for plaintiff) with 9 s additional costs.

Friday May 2
(Before John CURLING, Esq., R.M.)

ROSE v McNALTY Plaintiff charged defendant with having assulted him on the 1st inst. in the Star Hotel. Fined 5s and 17s costs.

REGINA, on the prosecution of H.S. TIFFEN, v SINCLAIR The prisoner, who had been remanded for a week on a charge of stealing some articles, the property of L.A. TIFFEN, was brought up and sentenced to six months imprisonment, with hard labour.


Married On the 17th ult., at Christchurch, by the Lord Bishop of Nelson, Depyuty Assistant-Commissionary General DRAPER, to Adele, eldest daughter of the late Alexander MacSHANE, Esq., Surgeon, of Nelson.

Died On the 7th instant, at Manahuna, Tutaekuri, Mr John Sawdon HARLAND, aged 33, eldest son of Wm. HARLAND, Esq., M.D., Scarborough, Yorkshire. The funeral will take place on Sunday the 11th inst., at 2 pm.

May 13 1862

Births On the 13th inst., at her residence, Hardinge road, the wife of Mr T.B. HARDING, of a son. At Napier, on the 13th inst., the wife of Mr T. JEFFARES, of a son.

Died At Napier, on the 12th inst., George Gordon BYRON, infant son of Mr W.W. YATES.

May 24 1862

Married May 22, at the residence of the Rev. Peter BARCLAY, Gavin PEACOCK, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr Francis BEE, Waipuka.

May 27 1862

Birth On the 18th inst., at Keikora, the wife of Mr W. ELLISON, of a daughter.

May 29 1862

At Mohaka, on the 19th inst., Mr John SIM, of a son.

June 1862

Papers Past 3 June 1862

Notices.- Town and suburban land for sale and lease- Napier,Havelock,Porangahau,Blackhead.

T.B.HARDING- Painter, Plumber,Glazier at Hardinge Rd Eastern Spit.Napier.

H.WILLIAMS- Locksmith and Bellhanger- orders at FORD & HARDY's Butchers Hastings Street.Napier.

N.WILLIAMS- Painter,Glazier and General Decorator

Wellington News- Obit and death record of Mr Gordon WAKEFIELD aged 66yrs Arrived in Wellington 1853 Wellington. Wellington Advertiser May 117.

Southland News. Body named FEARNS a bullock driver was found hanged in half way bush.
Inquest on a body named HAWKINS a new arrival.

Land for Sale:- E.COLLINS-Tamumu.R.COLLINS-Porangahau.J.HENTON's-Puketapau.J.G.GORDON-Kidnappers. 16,752 acres of land unagricultural and 5/-s per acre on 8/7/1862

LAND SALE EXTENSIVE held last Saturday township of Clive- 78 sections out of 367 average price of 7/6d 100/- per lot. Total amount of 572pounds 15s realised.

Mr Thomas SCULLY Appointed Corporal of Police

John DAVERN Appointed Turnkey Napier Prison

Taranaki people killed. Harry PASSMORE,Samuel SHAW,Samuel FORD,James POTE, William PARKER. Signed by Henry SEWELL Attorney General.

Notices- CANNON & MARSH- Township of clive- re erection of new fencing.

O.LEVER- wanted bricks for nothing.

William SMITH- lately a schoolmaster, at his residence, Hershell St,Napier. Photographic Views and likenesses of his own selection.

Robert HART- Public Notices re Election list Revisal for Clive and Napier Districts

June 10th Unagricultural land for Auction-Porangahau,Mangatara, Kidnappers owned by J.D.ORMOND,D.GOLLAN and E.COLLINS.

Total Abstinence Secretary is R.SINCLAIR

Resident Magistrates Court STURM v AARONSON regarding watch repairs.

D.L.MURDOCH Inspector for New Zealand- Bank of New South Wales.
Papers Past June 10 1862
Tenders Accepted Forming and Metalling 18 chaines at Clive-Mr F.DYETT- 6pound 17s per chain
Forming and Metalling 4 chains at Porangahau-Mr John WILLIAMS-7pnd 10s p.c.
Forming and Metalling 22 chains and 4 1/2 chains near Silverstream- Mr T.LIVINGSTONE./- 4pnd 19s per chain
Forming and Metalling 6 chains at Ferry(Clive) Mr.McKINNON.-sum of 79pound 10s
Forming and Metalling 5 1/2 chains Louisa Creek -Mr C.MILLER.- 9pound 9s p.c
Forming and Metalling Hospital road-Messrs.PARKER,LINGARD,MULLANY. Sum of 24pnd 10s
Forming and Metalling Brewster Street- Mr J JOHNSON.- sum of 24pound 10s
Making (Query,-moving) and erecting Ferry-house (Clive)- Mr J GORDON foe 50 pound
Making 50 ft Plank-road, at Eparima Bush-Mr W HALL.- sum of 24 pounds
Furniture for Napier Gaol-Messrs.DINWIDDIE and BRYSON. Sum of 43 pound 6s

Rejected Tenderers were:-
Rihare Pereihe PURIMU
J. BREAN( eds comments could be BREEN as I have a relative who could be brother of)
Hallasy & McDONALD

Papers Past June 21st 1862

Local News.

The Civil Commissioner returned yesterday from a tour in the southern portion of the Province. Whether his visit has been a "satisfactory" one, or otherwise, we have not ascertained, but we suspect that the native chiefs to the southward are still lukewarm on the subject of the news institutions. We have heard incidentally, that the late arrangement with respect to the Porerere dispute- made, it will be remembered, between Mr.McLEAN, on one hand, and MORENA and Te HAPUKA on the other, has been repudiated, or at least strongly objected to, by other natives professing to be interested. We learn that Colonel RUSSELL will remain in town till his duties as member of the upper branch of the legislature call him to Wellington.

The Legislative Council- We understand that Henry RUSSELL, Esq., of Waipukurau has now been called to the Legislative Council.

ACCIDENT.- On Wednesday evening a young cow, one of a mob of cattle that were being shipped on board the Victoria by Mr HARDING, broke away from the others at the Spit, and ran up the Shakespeare road towards the town, pursued by Mr HARDING and his son. The furious animal turned in at Coote road, and there knocked down Mr CROSSLEY, breaking his collar bone and otherwise injuring him severely. It then took to the island on the right, and Mr HARDING, thinking it would remain there, returned. It appears, however, that the brute proceeded at a furious pace and rushed down Brewster street into Shakespeare Road. Just opposite Mr DOHERTY's place it ran at Mr HILL, the saddler, and knocked him down- without, however, inflicting serious injury. Fortunately,the animal itself fell and was instantly secured by the bystanders. It was then taken to Mr DANVER's yard, and, next day, was sold to Mr ROSS-not we hope, with the intention of letting it run at large, otherwise we may have to ! record some more serious casualty

Papers Past June 24th 1862

Birth at Napier on 23rd inst, wife of H B SEALY Esq., Registrar of deeds of a son.

Gipsy, from Wairoa- 1 native(prisoner) passenger. (It was noted in local news that a prisoner called (HUKI) whose wife was found drowned in creek short distance from Wairoa. After a meeting on the Marae attending by some Europeans, it was decided to send him to Napier for further investigation as circumstances were suspicious and he had not been getting on well with her. After attending Court he was committed for trial on a charge of murder.

June 23 Sea Serpent, from Wellington- Passengers, Messrs. WALLACE,GILLIES.

Sailed- Hermoine Captain BERG sailed from Wellington on 6th inst and arrived at Port Cooper on 10th inst- on Friday last when 20 miles off the Kaikoras a dead body of a man was observed floating face up in the water- He had a black coat on.

Pole Star- This vessel, which strong fears are held, is lost, and Mr Charles BAKER, a passenger on board formerly of Otago- was on his way to Auckland to Napier, to enter his duties as Resident Magistrate- recently appointed. He is a near relative of Mr E BAKER of Native Department here.

Headline re Horrible and thrilling account and suffering details of Whale boat deserters off the boats "Daniel Webster" and "Angel Gibbs"(Ed' S note- there is a full column of this very descriptive and gruesome account of canniblism plus names, which as far I could tell were all americans. One came from Mass.)

Deed bearing Date 13 Day of June 1862 between George Andrew OLIVER and Frederick Francis ORMOND, of Aorangi District, sold to Algernon Gray TOLLEMACHE- Witness Robert HART Solicitor of Wellington and Edwards STAFFORD his clerk.

Papers Past 28th June 1864

BIRTH at Napier 17th inst. Mr HOWARD of a son.

Married LOWRY-BRAMISH- on 12th inst, at residence of W COUPER Esq., Kauranaki, by Rev H W St HILL, Mr LOWRY of Okawa, in this Province, to Maria Townsend, 5th daughter of George BRAMISH Esq., Turakina.

July 1862

1st July 1862

Birth -
CLAYTON-on 30th ult- Henry Clayton of a daughter.

Public Notice- Country Post Offices have been established viz HAVELOCK ,MEANEE BRIDGE, KERERU. -Respective Postmasters- Mr BRAY,Messrs. POWLES and MANEYand J.N.WILSON
Papers Past 5th July, 1862
Unclaimed letters from Post Office dated July 4, 1862

AUSTIN Captain
EATON Captain
McLEOD Angus
REAID Mrs James

Letters detained for Sea Postage.
Henry de BLAQUIRE, Esq., Woodstocks, Canada West, B.N.America, 5d.
Mrs M BURKE, West Maitland, New South Wales, Sydney. 4d.
Robert Bristow TATHAM, Esq., Durham, Port Natal, South Africa. 5d.
Miss Elizabeth TOWNSELEY, 32 1/2 Parliamentary Road, Townhead, Glasgow, Scotland. 6d.
Mr WITHEROW, Louthalla, Rewer, Fiji Islands. 6d.

Returned Letters.
Mr John BURROP, Dunedin Otago.
Mr James BURTON, North East Valley, Otago, N.Z.
Mr James CHANNING, Wakapuwaka, near Nelson.
Miss Kate CHANNING, Nelson
Mr D.CROSS, Waipawa, Wairarapa, near Greytown.
David ENSHAW, in care of D.Ball,Kaipoi, Woodends, Canterbury, N.Z.
Mr FERGUSON F.R.S., Surgeon, 16 George Streets, Hanover Square, London W.
Joseph GORMAN, County Monaghan, Monaghan Post Office Ireland.
Mr G.GOLDSMITH, Post Office Otago.
Mr Thomas GOLDSTONE, Post Office, Picton, Marlborough.
Mr Alfred HARRISON, Tuapeka, Otago.
A.R.HEYLAND Esq., Gold Fields Otago.
Mr John HOWELL, Tuapeka Dunedin Otago.
Mr John JONES Picton New Zealand.
Dr. NEILL, Assistant Surgeon, 65th Regiment Auckland.
John ROBERTS, Water Lane, Leeds, England.
Mr Francis SIMPSON, Massacre Bay near Nelson.
Mr Wm SMITH, later of Hawke's Bay, N.Z. Sydney N.S.W.
Mr Jas WITTON, Otago New Zealand. Signed E. CATCHPOOL, Chief Postmaster, Napier.
Papers Past July 12 1862

Married ALLEN-BOORMAN-On Wednesday the 18th June, at St.Paul's Church, Thorndon, by the Rev.F. THATCHER, Emily Clara BOORMAN, relict of the late William BOORMAN, Esq., Solicitor, Napier to Charles ALLEN, Esq., Barrister-at-law.

MILLER CHURNSIDE- At Napier, on the 10th inst., by the Rev.P.BARCLAY, Presbyterian Minister, Mr Peter MILLER, late of Berwickshire, Scotland, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr CHURNSIDE, of Churnside, Berwickshire, Scotland.

Died. At Wellington, on the 1st inst., aged 55 George Dalrymple MONTEITH, Surgeon

At Napier on the 11th inst., Mr William JOHNSON, late of Kopanga, Patangata. The funeral will take place on Monday next, leaving the Hospital at 3 p.m..

12th July. Overseas intelligence.
Monument about to be erected at Castlemain to the memory of the late explorer, BURKE, is to be a plain granite obelisk. The site is the hill at the intersection of Mostyn and Wills-streets. The cost is to be 500 pounds. The last overland mail has brought us the intelligence that the exploring team of BURKE and WILLIS had managed at length to place a track across the island continent of Australia from south to north. (Item has been abridged-E..)

New Test for Preachers- The Rev. Mr HART, of St.David's Dundee, in preaching on the Apostle Paul on Sabbath night, gave us the follwing test for young preachers:- When a Presbytery licenses a young man, they should say to him, " Now, we will license you to be a preacher, give you an empty church to preach in, and perhaps your mother will be astonished to see Rev before your name. If you fill that church you will be a preacher of the Gospel- If not, we will apprentice you to a barber."
August 1862

2nd August b. 1862.

Lively debate on Native Policy under discussion. On the resolutions of Mr RICHARDSON, on 25th, Mr FOX moved the following:-

That while this house disclaims, on the part of the Colony, the exclusive responsibility of the cost of educating, civilizing, and governing the Native race; while it equally disclaims liability for the principal share of suppressing insurrections of people over whom the Imperial Government have never practically established authority; it will at all times cheerfully recognize its duty to cooperate to the extent of its ability and means with Great Britain for the attainment of these objects, so essential to the welfare of the Colony; and in conformity with these views it is of opinion that the interests of the Imperial Government and of the Natives themselves, as well as of the Colony, require that (reserving to the Governor both the initiation and the decision of questions where Imperial interests are concerned,) the ordinary conduct of Native Affairs should be placed under the administration of Responsible Ministers.

The debate was adjourned till Monday the 29th- continuing throughout that day and resulting in a later hour in the defeat of Ministers upon the following division:-
AYES (22)
BELL Dillon
WOOD Reader
WARD (teller)

NOEAS (22)
Mr CARLTON (aye) paired with Mr DOMETT (n)- The Speakerr voted with the noes and resolution was virtually negatived. The House met again on Tuesday at noon, when Mr FOX stated,in terms to be found that ministers had resigned. Subsequently Mr FITZGERALD ( who voted with the ayes) was closeted with thwe Governor; and it is reported, had formed a Government of which he himself was premier and Mr FOX Native Minister.

2nd august 1862

Henry WILLIAMS- is a Whitesmith

N.WILLIAMS - Painter

Richard WILLIAMS-Notice to Section owners of nos 39 and 72 Napier re fencing

R.TRESTRAIL- is a carpenter

EDW LYNDON-Manager of Napier Building Society.

J.McKINNON - Clive Ferry - re a horse

Schedule of Rural sections for sale- BLACKHEAD,WALLINGFORD. Sections Nos 19-38
For sale on 12th Sept and Noon. (page 2)

Birth PARKER:at Napier on 4th inst wife of Mr Henry PARKER of a son.

WILLIAMS: At Waerengaaniki Poverty Bay, on 21st Ult. Wife of Rev.W.L.WILLIAMS, of a daughter.

All persons indebted to John FAIRWEATHER -submit accounts forthwith

FORD & McHARDY- Butchers Napier

25 pound reward offered for information on poison laid destroying valuable dogs and endangering children's lives. Signed by:- R.D.DANVERS, S.BEGG. T.EDWARDS, R.THOMPSON, G.E.G.RICHARDSON,R.PARKHOUSE, F.PALMER,E.LYNDON,T.A.BRIDGE,G.F.HARRIS.

Dr LIVINGSTONE- Death report from Argus July 16

12th August,
A most successful sheepbreeder and a New Zealand Pioneer- late George RICH esq.,Daily Times 21st Ult.-reports lamented death by last English Mail of Mr RICH Sen who left Jan last for England he was 67 years. His son Mr RICH Jnr lives at Moeraki.

Musical Entertainment
-Gentlemen Amateurs for the benefit of funds for the Napier Choral Society. Those who took part were:- S.C.FOSTER,F.CHRISTY,H.WORK,G.P.KNAUFF,Dr CALCOTT,H.S.THORNSON, Dr ARNE,FREEMAN,M.W.BALFE.
Admission 2s.6d. Tickets to be hade of Messrs T.A.BRIDGE,G.F.HARRIS, and R.GILMOUR.

Insolvent Estate of Edward LYON. Accounts to Mr Charles McINTYRE, by order of the trustees.

Napier Church of England Building Fund. Edward LYNDON Treasurer, N.FITZGERALD, Secretary

Shipping news. Cutter ALPHA, 40 tons Capt IRVING, sailed from Otago for the Chatham Islands on 20th April, but has not arrived there up to the end of June and is supposed to be lost, as there are portions of a wreck washed up at Tupanga on the N.W. of the Island. There were three men on board, besides the Captain, who was a married man and has left a wife and 8 children resident in Launceston to mourn his loss.

The schooner Edward arrived on 1st May after a very boisterous passage. After vessel broke up Captain and crew managed to get to shore, but with the utmost difficulty. The crew lost everything but what they had on.

Birth NEWTON:At Warerangi, on the 5th inst, the wife of T.K.NEWTON Esq., of a son.

Death ROBOTTOM-At London on the 31st May after an illness of some duration, Mr William ROBOTTOM, keeper of the Newington Sessions house, aged 69. His remains were interred in the Norwood Cemetery on the morning of the 6th June; the service was impressively performed by the Rev.J.WILLIS M.A. The deceased was father to Mr John ROBOTTOM of this town.(Eds notes- there is an additional obituary if anyone requests it)

16th, Dwelling House for Sale- Robert WIGGINS Eastern Spit.

G.BOWMAN- Whiting for Sale. Shakespeare Road Napier.

Birth RUSSELL-On 11th inst Woburn Waipawa. Hawke's Bay, wife of Purvis RUSSELL Esq., J.P. of a daughter.

August 18th

HARLAND; At Tutaekuri on 13th inst, Mrs J.S.HARLAND, of a son.

MURPHY: 15th inst at Tutaekuri Mrs John MURPHY, of a son.

DAVIS: on 16th inst at Meanee Flat, Wife of Mr Edward DAVIS, of a daughter.

Lengthy letter from Alex ALLAN from Mohaka Dated Aug 8th. Page 2.

R.DONALDSON is New Zealand Agent for Monthly Marine Parade Napier.

August 23rd
Birth SIMMONDS: at Napier on 19th inst, wife of J.SIMMONDS, of a daughter.

WEBB: At Napier on 22nd inst, wife of H.E.WEBB, of a daughter.

John FORREST- Napier- notice re erection of a fence.

New Gold Fields discovered at Otago.

R.TOD Executor Claims-Late William JOHNSON, Settler at Te Kopanga Province of Hawkes Bay.

Aug 30 Charles CROSSLEY- Shakespeare Rd, Hairdresser. Col.Secretary's Office Auckland-notice re lost letters off wreck of White Swan. Appealing for any copies of. Signed G.Eliott ELIOTT for under Secretary.

J.N.WILSON -Solicitor for Trustees- later Mr FERRERS of Napier.
J. ROBOTTOM- Shakespeare Rd, Eggs and Dairy produce.

FLANAGAN-PARKER;At the Catholic Church by Rev.Father FORREST, on 26th inst. Mr Patrick FLANAGAN, to Mary Anne Relict of late Sgt PARKER of 65th Regt.
Sept 1862

Sept 2nd 1862

Birth At Napier on the 30th ult, Mrs James Meliss STUART, of a son.

Letter to Editor re Death of late Mr HAMMOND- late Ferryman at Napier. Signed John MACARTHY, Petane.

Mahia A large Runanga was hald at Mahia, or, rather on a hill in the vicinity, last week, for the purpose of settling a claim made by some natives of NUKUTAURAU, ON LAND OWNED BY Ihaka WHANGA, an influential and much respected Meori chief. Proceedings were open by Mr THOMPSON. Younger members of the tribe in regard to the division of land did not agree, but IHAKA made a concession, and gave over a small portion of land.

Letter re two whaling establishments about the Mahia- Mr BARTLETT's party, consisting of five boats, all managed by natives, and Mr J MORELL's of four, three of which are headed by Europeans.

Napier- letter to the Editor in regard to discovery of gold field and recording the departure with regret of so many who are in search of El Dorado, and are ignorant that they have their gold mine already in the shape of the Pohui forrest. If money was put into road for easier access, then perhaps they would be exporting timber and not importing.

To Editor re native plat, called the Tetrogonia Expansa, or New Zealand Spinach, is a most excellent vegetable. All about planting, cultivating etc, and making available seeds. Signed F W C STURM.
(All above letters were Abridged by me.-E.)

2nd Sept 1862 (2)

Native Land Act and Loans Act took up a lot of discussion and debates.

By Public Auction
E.J.WRIGHT- Furniture sale at residence Shakespeare Rd- leaving Napier.\\John
McKINNON- Arapawanui Registered Application for Crown Lands -2000 acres

James Gillespie GORDON As above 9000 acres

Hamapden Sections for Sale Town- and Kereru Sections- Bush.

Settlers Hotel Clive notice By Mrs FOUGERE- Proprietess.

J.DOHERTY Hastings Street Napier- Baker and Confectioner

Mr William SMITH-Photographer at Mr Thomas HENDERSON's next door to Mr KELLY's. Carlyle St.- another 2 weeks only.

Commissariate Napier Sept 44th- Bread Contract- Tender Signed J T TYLEE ACC

John FRANCON- Paddock for horses Meanee Flat

G.S. COOPER Waipukurau- letter to the Editor

10th September
The late Murder at the Wairoa- special commission will be issued for the trial of the native now confined in Napier Geol on the charge of murder.

Old Friend- We are glad to observe that Colonel WYATT, 65th Regt, formerly in command of the detachment at Napier, has been appointed an ordinary member of the Military Division of the third Class, or companions, of ther most honourable order of the BATH.-

Information under the Scab Act- Two cases were heard and decided by Capt.CURLING, the Resident Magistrate. On information laid by Mr F J TIFFIN, Inspector of sheep, and the defendants were severally Messrs RIDDELL Brothers, of Mohaka, and Mr W MORRIS, of Waikokopu. Sheep were brought by Mr A ALLAN, previously on RIDDELL's run. Also Mr WALKERs' sheep which were brought from RIDDELL's were also infected.

Committal for contempt. Upon hearing of the case TIFFEN V morris- Mr Brooke TAYLOR was committed for contempt.

Sept 6, 1862

Married EVINSON-NORTHE On the 1st September, at Onepoto, Napier, by the Rev.P.BARCLAY, Corporal Samuel EVINSON, 65th Regt., to Helen Sarah, daughter of Barrack-Sergeant NORTHE.

Death ALLAN-On the 4th inst, on board the "Gipsy," between Napier and Mohaka, Mr Alexander ALLAN, aged 32. Funeral will leave the Crown Hotel, Eastern Spit, on Sunday (tomorrow) at 3pm.

Mr R.M. SKEET- Coote Road Napier- Surveyor of land.
F.TUEMMEL- Shakespeare Road. - Tailor.
Charles S CROSSLEY- Hair Dresser
James WOOD- Printer. Herald Tribuen.

9th Sept. Letter from Thomas ATKINSON to Electors of Napier District.

Mr G HUNTER- Vetinary Service to H.Bay.

G A BRYAN- Emerson Street Napier- Paper Hangings.

Notice that Royal Hotel Goldsmith Road up for sale.

Birth RHODES-At Clive 7th Sept wife of J RHODES Esq., of a son

Resident Magistrates Court- Captain Curling R.M., H.S.TIFFIN, Esq., and M FITZGERALD Esq., J.P., on the bench.

W 0'HARA, on the prosecution of Mr JANISCH, John GORTON, Carpenter, Clive, was charged with stealaing, from Mrs FOUGERE's verandah, a saddle bag property of Capt.CARLYON. AIKEN V CHARLTON AND STURAT,KINTROSS & Co V CHARLTON.
Papers Past 10th Sept 1862

Local Intelligence
The Waipureku Punt- is now on its last legs- the wear and tear of some four or five years having seriously undermined its constitution. About ten days ago it filled and sank-causing, however, but a few hours stoppage to traffic, owing to the exertions of the ferryman. We understand that a new punt has been contracted for by Mr D DOLBEL, which in due time, may be expected to take the place of the present dilapidated one.

Land Sale- With two exceptions there was no competition at the sale of unagricultural land on Tuesday last. Lot 45om 160 acres, put up by Andrew LUFF on R FOSTER's run was brought by the latter at 14s 6d per acre. Lot 481, 90 acres near Hampden- also put up by A LUFF, was knocked down to the applicant at 11s 1d. All the other lots went for the upset price of 5s.

Mill at Pa WHAKAAIRO.- We understand that one of the passengers by the Queen (Mr CROWDISS) is a millwright, sent down by the Government to erect a mill at Pa Whakaairo for TAREHA- assistance towards this object having been promised that chief Sir George GREY; and that the machinery would be shipped either per Zillah or Lapwing.

Summary of Births Deaths and Marriages 10th Sept, 62.
On the 11th August, at Woburn, Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, the wife of Purvis RUSSELL, of a daughter.

On the 13th August at Sunnyside, Tutaekuriri, Mrs J S HARLAND of a son

On the 15th August, at Tutaekurir, Mrs John MURPHY, of a son.

On the 16th August, at Meanee Flat, the wife of Mr Edward DAVIS of a daughter.

At Napier on the 19th August, the wife of Mr J SYMONDS, of a son.

At Napier on the 22nd August, the wife of Mr H E WEBB of a daughter.

At Napier on the 30th August Mrs Jas Meliss STUART, of a son.

At Clive on the 7th September, the wife of J RHODES of a son.

Marriages FLANNAGAN-PARKER At the Catholic Chapel, by the Rev Father Forrest, on the 26th August, Mr Patrick FLANNAGAN, to Mary Anne, relict of the late Sergeant PARKER, of the 65th Regiment.

EVINSON-NORTHE-On the 1st September, at Onepoto Napier by the Rev P Barclay, Corporal Samuel EVINSON, 65th Regt, to Helenor Sarah, daughter of Barrack-Sergeant NORTHE.

Death On the 4th Sept on board the Gipsy between Napier and Mohaka, Mr Alexander ALLAN, aged 32.

Sept 13th,

Novel entertainment- by Miss Harriett GORDON a gifted singer, and Mr P J HYDE provided entertainment while in Napier.(Passengers of the QUEEN) on their way to the South.- They provided aa considerable amount of Dramatic talent- Napier Flour Mill- Battery Road Napier- up for Auction.

Capt EATON (Deceased of the Polestar) - query re order of a plough for him.

Thomas SHAW Jun. Woo-ri-wyrite,Elephant Bridge, Victoria.
Letter to Editor Dated July 28 1862.- re inter Colonial
Exhibition- wants our participation. Very full and well written letter.

Land purchases in Coromandel- Mr McLEAN 9,000 acres. Property of TARAHA'S tribe and Mercury Bay natives.

Local Land Sale- only 1 allotment taken- Demand almost nil- Wallingford and Blackhead.

Waikato Natives remain quiet- though watching with jealous eyes- it is thought they are waiting for settlers to be on their own without assistance to attack.

Sept 16

Town Section for Sale no 434 with Dwelling lately occupied by Mr John ROSE.

Land Purchases, lots to letters to and from Donald McLean

Papers Past Sept 20th 1862.

Mr T VENN M.R.C.S.L. and L.S.A. Surgeon and Accoucher Shakespeare Road Napier.

J.N.WILSON and Mr Brooke TAYLOR -notice re 300-400 pound Advances.

Township of Clive-Blacksmiths Business and dwellings for sale-Richard DOLBEL

Crosbie WARD- G.P.O. Wellington- Post Master General Notice.

Report from Robert PARK surveyor to the Chief Commissioner, dated Ahuriri, 7th June 1851.( This report is a full newspaper page. Details boundaries etc)

Also item re purchase of land from natives of Ahuriri and others.

Te HAPUKU's block of 279,000 acres @ 4,800 pounds
Ahuriri 265,000 acres @ 1,500 pounds
Mohaka 85,700 acres @ 800 pounds

Te HAPUKA & TAREHA and other Chiefs and boundaries and details of.

Also 5 columns of Native Land Bill in Full.

23rd Sept.

At Napier on the 18th Sept, the wife of Thos Dawson TRIPHOOK Esq., of a daughter.

At the Spit Napier, on the 18th Sept, the wife of Mr John THOMPSON, shipwright of a daughter.

POWLES- At the Meanee Hotel, on the 17th Sept, Mr William Plummer POWLES.

Lord Worsley, Steamship.- shipwrecked- went ashore on almost the only part of the coast were she would not have been dashed to pieces, and every sould lost on the extensive reefs which surround this coast. She has hit on the only spot between here and Wanganui inhabited by friendly natives, who, from all accounts, have behaved in a kind and hospitable manner to the shipwrecked people. The attival of the captain BOWDEN, was simultaneous with that of a letter from some "KING" natives at Kapoaiaia, that the iwi would assemble to bring up the shipwrecked people- that they considered it was a mate moana, a disaster of the worst kind

The full account of these proceedings was given by James BOWDEN. Captain.

27th September
Death at his Residence, on the 8th July ult, Sir Robert THROCKMORTON, Bart, aged 62.

Provincial Council met for the fifth session on the 25th, Present Capt CARTER,Messrs. COLENSO ,ORMODN, CURLING, CARLYON, TIFFEN, M.FITZGERALD, TRIPHOOK, HITCHINGS, RHODES, DOLBEL, WOOD.
In the absence of Capt.LAMBERT, the Speaker, it was moved by Mr TIFFEN and seconded by Mr FITZGERALD, that Mr RHODES should act as Speaker..
Oct 1862

Papers Past Oct 2nd 1862

Spreme Court- Criminal Jurisdiction- Tuesday Sept 30th Before his Honor Mr Justice JOHNSTON

Netane Te HUIKI, am aboriginal native, was placed at the bar, indicted for that, not having the fear of God before his eyes, and being moved and instigated by the devil, on the 26th day of May last he did feloniously and with malice aforethought, kill one Hiraina (his wife) against &c. Mr James GRINDELL was then sworn as interpretor.- after advising the prisoner the nature of the jury and the mode of empanneling the same. The following jury was then empanelled:- David EDGAR,Henry GROOM,Joseph GILL,Frederick DYETT,John GARRY,William FLETCHER,Charles GREENSIDE,Martin HAMLIN,Richard FITZGERALD,George FORESTER,John HESLOP,G.T.FANNIN.(Foreman)

Witnesses- Called-Wiremu Kereama Te Hura WAKA, TOHA,Thomas HITCHINGS-Surgeon, HIRIA- a female sworn,KATARINA,Frederick REID,William COLENSO,

(The jury after hearing all the evidence which was two newspaper pagers full) retired at half past 7, and, after an absence of 10 minutes returned to court with a verdict of not guilty..

The policeman Corporal EVANS and a turnkey named DAVERN, were mentioned going to the clive ferry to look for an escaped person called ANDERSON.

Immigration- The Provincial Government has received advice of assisted passages to the province amounting to 460 pounds., having been secured in the ship Constatine, now expected shortly at Wellington. This sum represents, we believe, 23 statute adults; as immigration consists of all ages we believe the actual number will be 30 to 40.

Education among the passengers arriving by the Zillah from Auckland is Mr THOMSON, who has lately arrived from England by the Indian Empire to take charge of the Presbyterian school, Napier.

There was a Anniversary Ball and Regatta held - separation from Wellington. Those taking part in the Regatta were:- Messrs. MURRAY,BRODIE,BEUKER,ROLFE,STEWART.

Public Works- we learn that the metalling of the road from Meanee Bridge to Puketapu will be one of the first works tendered for by the Provincial Government.

Waikato- A large party of natives, including KARAITIANA,TAREHA,KARAURIA, and other chiefs, have for some days been making preparations for a visit to the Waikato. The object of this visit is not clearly known, beyond that it is of a political character.

Wairoa- We are happy to learn from a correspondent that one of the finest black cow whales has been taken off the Wairoa and towed into Mahia by Mr BARTLETT's party.

Fire Engine- Some time ago we recorded the arrival of a fire engine, which was the property of Liverpool and London Insurance Co. We perceive that an engine house is being erected in a central spot- opposite Mr SUTTON's. The formation of a fire brigade should now engage the attention of our Townsmen.
Papers Past 4th October
at Papakihaua, Porangahau, on the 2nd October, the wife of W.H.HUNTER of a son.

Notice of Middle District-Petition hearing - Alexander John DEVERAUX-Butcher late of Waipawa.

Robert FRANCE, Coote Road- Sell Flour.

7th October,
Notice re application no 1134 for land.
Names in full are-George Stoddart WHITMORE, John Carstairs McNEILL,John Nathaniel WILSON.
Residence- Auckland- Occupation-Officers in her Majesty's army. Date 14th May, 1862.

Resident Magistrate's Court-October 6 KOPU V FORESTER

Frederick REID lives at Waihua.
Mr DEERNESS School at Waipawa.

PapersPast Oct 13 1862

Local Magistrates Court-
G.AITKEN and Alexander AITKEN - D & D J H SEBLEY and Bernard FERRERS- Alowimg their pigs to be at large
McLACHLAN v TUKE- recovery certificate for Heifer- Mr ALLEN appeared for Plaintiff
Mr McLACHLAN called Geo TAYLOR and John McLAY.- Mr TUKE had no witnesses 9 Judge Reserved his decision)

Thomas MASTERTON and Joseph JOHNSON - D D & John HARVEY was mulct in the costs for furious riding

BUCHANAN V LAMBERT Settled out of court.

A KOCH - Meteorological Registrar ( readings taken from Napier Observatory)

Separation Ball- Anniversary of Separation was to be held 3rd November.
Anniversary Regatta to be held- participants register with- J.A.TURNER Secretary.

Destructive Fire at TE ARO-Destroyed Albion Hotel -prop Mr ARCHIBALD.

October 14th- His Excellancy Visit to Otaki- Meeting between Sir George Grey and Wi TAKO. Arrangements in writing were made by -W.H.BUTLER.

21st Oct New Post Office was commenced- Contractor Mr VAUTIER.

Sale of Land a sorry affair with 7 sections at Hampden and 1 at Pohui Bush sold.

MAHOE LEAVES a selection of sketched of NZ and its inhabitants by Thomas MOSER Esq., This weeks -Runangas ( Independ. Oct 4)

Births At Cape Turnagain, on the 5th October, the wife of Mr R.D.WALLACE of a daughter.

Births Oct 28 At the Wairoa on the 14th October, Mrs Henry GASON of a son.

Magistrates Court Newton IRVINR & Col V HAMELING- re John WILKINSON late butcherof Waipawa D.DEVERAUX - insolvency Re James CHAPMAN a lunatic-evidence given by J D CANNING and Dr HUTCHINGS

Births 31th Oct At Napier on the 29th October the wife of W R MILLER of H M Customs of a daughter.

At Napier on the 29th October the wife of Fredk. LINCOLN of Poraite of a daughter.

At Napier on the 31st October the wife of Mr James WOOD, Tennyson st of a daughter.

Marriage BENNETT-SHIRLEY- at Puketapu on the 15th October by the Rev H W St HILL, Mr John BENNETT to Miss Elizabeth SHIRLEY.

Te HUIKI, the native tride for the murder of his wife and acquitted, was forwarded to Otago by last trip of the Queen- subscriptions in aid having
been collected throughout the town. The more immediate object of sending him away is the fear, well grounded we believe, that the connections of his late wife would not hesitate to kill him if they had the opportunity; while, by forwarding him to so thriving a place as Dunedin, it is supposed that he will find it easy to support himself by the labour of his hands. A report of the trial, printed in the Maori language by order of the Civil Commissioner, was forwarded yesterday mails to the Wairoa and other inland districts- a copy having been addressed to every native of note.

Scab- Mr TIFFEN Ispector of Sheep, arrived from the Wairoa district and find that this virulent disease is spreading- two more flocks condemned. One of Mr G WALKER. Other of Mr FANNIN, which numbers about 1000.

Pokawa- From a latter, dated Pokawa, Oct, 16, "The natives held a runanga at HAPUKA's pa, on a old man of 60 years, who it had seemed had illicit intercourse with a young girl, and sentenced him to be hung. The old fellow, after committing the offence, took off into the bush, and cannot be found. They have been searching for him for 2 days, armed with tomahawks, knives &c., and it is the belief of everyone that if he is caught they will carry out the decision of the runanga into effect."-

Pokawa- update- The old man WERA, to whose case referred to as above, has not been seen, and it is believed that he may have committed suicide, if however he is found alive, the case will be brought before the Court of the Resident Magistrate.
Latest from Auckland.
Startling news from Howick
Three settlers have arrived in Auckland reporting that two children of Mr.TRUST, on KENNEDY's farm, have been tomahawked by the Maories, and one
short through the breast. One hundred natives were at farm.Major PEACOCKE had just started with a force for the scene of the murders. The men who bring the information were fired on by the Maories, between church and Kennedy's farm, and one of them COURTENAY, was shot through the leg.

Drury Intelligence have reached Drury from Mauku that at least twelve Maoris were shot in the engagement yesterday between the first Waikato regiment
and ther rebels at Mauku.One officer and three men are still missing. Major RYAN had reached Mauku with 100 of the 70th, and 100 of the 18th. A portion of the defence force was also there under Col.NIXON.
Nov 1862

Papers Past 1st Nov 1862
Local Intelligence

KARAITIANA and the other natives who, some two or three months ago, departed on a visit to the Waikato district, returned to Napier on Wednesday last.
They were accompanied home by about 20 strangers- descendants, we understand, of Ahuriri natives whwo, in times past, were taken into slavery by their Waikato conquerors. Of the political results of this visit, nothing of course has transpired.

The Provincial Council- We learn that it is the intention of His Honor the Superintendent to apply by next steamer to Auckland for a dissolution of the Provincial Council. New writs will be issued as soon after as convenient.

Eathquake- A smart shock was experienced in Napier at 25 minutes to 1 yesterday. During a few seconds that it lasted the vibration was considerable. Another severe shock was experienced about 8 last evening.

The Weather- the drought continues, with hot and scorching sun. We remember no previous occasion upon which rain was so much wanted and so anxiously looked for.

The Provincial Engineer returned on Wednesday from a (for him) prolonged visit to the Porangahau and other inland districts. He is now fully engaged in preparing specifications for road and other public works.

The Inspector of Schools- Mr COLENSO, started for Wairoa on the morning of Tuesday last, on an official visit to the schools of that district. He weill, we understand, inspect the Petane school on his return.

Rescue of a Prisoner by Natives- Stephen McGREEVY, police constable at Clive, laid an information yesterday against TAMAONA,MANAHIA,KINITA,PARAONE, and other natives: A native named MITA was given in charge by Edward BODDINGTON for having stolen a pair of trousers from his shop. The door holding the prisoner was force open by 15-20 natives who overpowered the policeman and liberated the prisoner.

Post note on late case of Rescue- in European minds not a very satisfactory one. However, the natives have so far met with the Commissioner as to promise that the prisoner shall be brought in as soon as McGREEVY, the policeman, shall return, he now being at Waipukurau.

E.G.WRIGHT Esq., appointed Engineer to the Christchurch Gas Co- An enterprise which bids fair to be successful.

Horse Stealing- a soldier was yesterday committed to take his trial for stealing a horse, the property of Captain HARMAN.

N SALOMON Propietor- late of Great Bourke St Melbourne- Jewellery shop etc.

Tenders for Roading Contracts- Te Aute Rd,Meanee Bridge, Corkscrew Gully -Te Aute Rd, Kaikora Creek to Waipawa.

Andrew LUFF late of Crown Lands Office now Land and General Agent.

Conveyance of Mail Tenders called for-Weekly and two weekly delivery.Napier-Porangahou;Clive to Pourere, Waipawa to Gwavas.

Letter from Na Paora TORO TORO- to all Europeans regarding cattle tuned out on fenced areas of land. Written in both European and Maori.

Nov 4th Partnership dissolved- J M STURAR & John G KINROSS=Witnesses: Jno Stuart, Robert GILMOUR

Notice to Draymen and others.- re vehicles from Waipawa-Waipukurau Sgnd G S COOPER, Woodlands.

8th Nov Page 4- Monthly summary of News for England and Australian Colonies dated October 1862.- Also full account of the Shipwreck (Lord Worsley).

15th Nov
Magistrates Court November 11th.
Thomas MASTERSON was commited for 10days to gaol for drunkenness in the streets of Napier. Having previously been punished for same offences being 3rd and 17th Octoberr,
and 5th November.

BARRY v HALLASEY- Claim for 8 pound- balance of a contact. Judgment for plaintiff for whole amount and costs of 23s.

Before J Curling Esq., R.M.
William DANNODY, a private in the second battalion of HM.14th Regt, stationed at Napier, charged with on Sunday 9th inst, at Te Onepoto, in the town of Napier, he did unlawfully assault one Jane DORAN, wife of John DORAN, private in the above named regiment, with intent &c. J DORAN and witnesses John PRESTON,Sgt William CRAWFORD,John LANGAN Private, Provost Sgt-William AISHER.. ( there is the full deposition and transcript of evidence available if required.)

Nov 29th
Thomas LAMB, D & D- fined 5/-s- Fine Paid.
John BROWN D & D and assaulted Police in execution of their duty. Fined 5 pounds or in default two weeks imprisonment. Committed in default.

Hare MATUA, fined for being drunk in the town of Napier. %/- Fine paid.

Thomas WILLIAMS private in H M's 14th Regt. Of Foot, stationed at Napier, was charged with stealing a horse of the value of 25pounds, property of Captain HARMAN. Remanded.

DOITCH v HUDDLESTON= Claim for 5pound 2s on two promissory notes. Judgment for Plaintiff.

MARSHALL V FORD- Claim for board, lodging, and refreshment. Settled out of court.

The New Native Policy- letter to the editor from Nuhaka- Messrs. BARTLETT,MORRELL,CAMPBELL, & c.,
Master Whalers, Mahia.- ( full transcript of letter available.) or will print in list if asked.

B D M November 1862
Nov 15th At the Meanee Hotel on the 11th ult, the wife of Mr R MANEY of a son

At Napier on the 13th ult, the wife of Alex.IRVINE of a daughter.

Nov 18th At Te Mata, on the 17th Ult, the wife of John CHAMBERS of a son.

22nd Nov, At Kaikoura, on the 17th ult, the wife of Mr Alex STEVEN of twin sons.

At Napier on the 19th ult, the wife of D E LINDSAY of a son.

At Clive on the 20th ult. The wife of William JARVIS of a son.

25th November At Napier on the 24th ult the wife of Mr Andrew THOMSON, teacher of the Presbyterian Church School, of a daughter.

15th Nov Married NEAGLE-JACKSON- At Napier on the 3rd ult, by the Rev. H W St HILL, Mr Thomas NEAGLE, to Miss Elizabeth Ann JACKSON.

Death 11th Nov At Petane on the 9th ult, Mr Williams VILLERS Senior.

At Napier on the 13th ult, the wife of John BUCHANAN esq.,

29th Nov At Napier on the 25th ult, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr Peter SEARLES, aged 47.

At Auckland, in October, accidentally killed by the fall of a tree, Mr George ATKINSON, brother to Mr Thos ATKINSON, of Petane.

Papers Past Nov 8th 1862.

Rumoured Resignation of Sir George Grey,- a report has obtained extensive circulation to the effect that Sir George GREY's resignation has been tendered of- or, as one version has it, been recalled from- the arduous post of Governor and pacificator of New Zealand.( Full article if required)

Resident Magistrates Court, Nov 5th

John MASTERTON was fined 10s for drunkenness or in default, 48 hours imprisonment. Committed in default.

Nov 7th Samuel HARRINGTON, was fined 10s for drunkenness; and John MOON 5s for a like offence.

LANGAN V HAMON. The plaintiff was non-suited- the defendant, thought since married, having being sued as a femme sole..

BARRY V FLANAGAN. Complaint of Assault. Case dismissed.

TIFFEN v Eustace and William FANNIN. -RE INFORMATION UNDER THE scab act. Plaintiff had inspected 5 sheep in the flock of the defendants and had found them to be scabby. It turned out however that these sheep were the property of an adjoining runholder; and the Inspector could not prove that any of the defendant's own sheep were infected.

Mr TIFFEN maintained that, under the terms of the Act, where one scabby sheep were seen in a flock, the whole flock was deemed to be deceased. The Bench, however, thought otherwide and dismissed the case.

TI under the Scab Act. Information sustained and defendant ordered to pay 6d a head penalty for the 20 sheep, and costs.

PATON V ALLEN. Action brought for an assault alleged to have been committed on plaintiff's child. This case was a trumpery one, and evidence conflicting. The bench dismissed the case- the costs 10s 6d, to be borne by the litigants in equal proportions.

CHARLTON V TIFFEN. Action to recover 20 pounds. Value of a foal sent to pasture.Judgment given for the defendant.

It is a fortunate thing for Napier in all respects that so active and vigilant a man as Sergeant SCULLY, is at the head of the police.- Herald Oct 25th

The Pokawa Case referred to previously- " It is true that he ran to the bush, but not that he was followed with tomahawks, & c., Another native was found guilty of a similar offence with the same person; he was find 50 pounds, and the girl 10 Pounds, but the latter sentence was afterwards reversed, as the lady was of higher rank than anybody there, and they thought they had not the right to find her.
Dec 6th Robert DONALDSON - leaving District

John SIM- Mohaka- lost mare- stables of G CHARLTON

W DENHOLM at the Spit- Sell Rails and Pailings

William LIDDELL- re opening of Butcher shop Waipawa.

Dec 20th
Birth at Edenham on 11tth inst Mrs Alfred CHAPMAN of a daughter.

Dec 20 Magistrates Court,
Mita KARAKA- surrendered to answer charge of stealiang- property of Edward BODDINGTON- case dismissed.

Henry Grey MORECROFT of Ngaruroa- charged by Edward CATCHPOOL- unklawful opening of a mail bag- Witness Te MUERA-
Committed for Trial.

SMITH V McNULTY- finish of furniture
CARROLL V EVANS-Const OATHAM gave evidence- case dismissed.

Remarkable Invention;
The Alden type setting machine and Distributing machine.

Letter from William LOCKWOOD -Wairoa- re shipping - very full and informational letter.

Dec 23 1862

Magistrate's Court,

Prisoner placed at the bar to answer the charge of stealing a saddle. -By charge of John ROSS. Maria ROSS identified the saddle and bundle attached to it, her evidence was corroborated by John CHASE and George CHASE. From Puketapu. John McLEARY on oath gave evidence- he was employed by Mr LOWRY. Witnesses bound over to prosecute.

Prisoner declined to say anything and was committed for trial.

Papers Past Dec 20 1862
Lancashire Relief Fund Subscriptions.
Napier List
SCULLY Sgt-Major
Waipukurau and Porangahau List
FANNIN William Jnr
FOULGER Edward(Eds note Fourgerre??)
GRANT Alexander
GULLY Charles J
KOROU Henera Porangahau
NEIL Thomas
RUSSELL H R(Damages recd-breach of conctract

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