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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine,and her wonderful team
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Hawkes Bay Herald Dec 1857

Special Note on Wonga Wonga detained in Wellington owing to a fatal accident. On Tuesday at 11pm a man named John McEvoy a provincal Govt labourer fell overboard and drowned

Another fatal accident reported was a seaman who came out in the Alma- as a seaman under cogoname of John Jones- Hit by screw and disappeared.

Births At Mangakuri on the 21st ult wife of W.Fred, Hargreaves Esq a daughter

On 27th ult at Doonside Maraekakaho (Hastings) Wife of Frederick F.Ormond Esq of a son

Death on the 1st Oct 1857 in Saint Mary"s Convent of Mercy, Patrick st Cork, Ireland, Sister Rose Doherty, daughterof late Nicholas Doherty,Esq J>P>Ballydruid near Cahir, County of Tipperary, greatly loved and lamented by all.

Married the 24th inst by Registrar of marriages Mr Samuel Davis to Miss Catherine Breingan

On 29th inst at St.James River Hutt by Rev T.B.Hutton, Alexander third son of the late Rev Alexander Kennedy Minister of Jura and Colonsay Argyleshire, Scotland to Martha Ridgway, second daughter of Charles Brown Esq of Wellington New Zealand
Hawkes Bay Herald 1858

Post Office Unclaimed Letters Napier
Allsop T.V Mussen H.G.(4)
Blygh Mussen P and H.G.
Hill,Ninian Tully J.
Law, Chas W (5)
Wetere Kia Inia
Returned Letters - Loye.N, Post Office Melbourne
Venner,Thomas Post Office Melbourne
Detained for postage
Gumersal-agent, Brierly Avenue Ardwick Manchester England
Robert Goode, bricklayer Prahrar Post Office Melbourne Victoria
Mrs Powdrell, Bar Hill, near Malpas Cheshire, England
Bunton Mr John Paterson, New Jersey United States, America
Mr E.C.Lawrence,customs,Topsham, near Exeter, England. Posted at sea without necessary pre payment.

1.Death at Mayfield Sussex, Charles Hardaway Hitchings Esq, Barrister-at-law, of the Middle temple, aged 35. The deceased was brother to Thomas Hitchings Esw., Native Surgeon and others for this district.
2.Death at Wairoa on the 14 ult Mary Elizabeth, aged 2 years and 1 month the beloved daughter of Capt.R.P.Burgess(P.s) have cutting which states circumastances of her drowning at Wairoa)

Birth at Wairoa 8th inst the wife of Capt.R.P.Burgess of a son, Mother and child doing well.

Married on Thursday 28 inst. by the Registrar of Marriages for the district of Ahuriri, Mr Henry Alley to miss Isabella Walker.

Australian Bishops- Mr Labouchere, on the part of the Government, has given formal assent to the erection of an independent episcopal province. Dr.Selwyen ther Bishop of New Zealand being metropolitan. In addition to the two existing bishoprics N>Z> and Christchurch three others to be formed-one Nelson-one Wellington- one Tauranga -The Rev.O.Hadfield,Archdeacon of Kapiti-will be Bishop of Wellington. Rev William Williams Archdeacon of Waiapu-Bishop of Taauranga and the Bishop fo Nelson will probably be conferred upon the Rev.Charles J>Abraham, B.D.Archdeacon of Waitemata, formerly Fellow of Kings College Cambridge.

Feb 28 from Spectator Wreck of American Ship Alexander -One Man Joseph Soldier death by drowning
Death by drowning- William Smith at Petane. The deceased was a whaler and lately from Hawkes Bay

Married at Te Aro on Monday the 22nd March by the Rev.W.Kirton,Agnes, third daughter of Mr James Craig to Mr James Ross Bain, Master Mariner of Wellington.

The Magistracy -Mr J.B.Ferguson has been added to the Commission of the Peace for Province of Wellington after resignation of J.V.Smith Esq

Proclamation by his Exellancy Col -Thomas Gore Browne,Companion of the most honourable Order of the Bath,Governor and Commander-in-Chief over Her Majexty's Colony of New Zealand- to do with all parties Aboriginal Natives and conflicts at New Plymouth and to do with unlawful assembly with Arms.

Steam traction on common roads another trimph of steam with a load of seventeen tons, travelling about 3 and a half miles an hour and consuming one half to three quarters cwt of coal, finishes off article and states" could prove that horses may be superseeded to a great extend in agriculture"- Signed Engineer ( I love it just think what this would mean now days, 100 years makes a difference)

Written a letter to the Chairman of Ahuriri Settlers Association -Capt J.C.Lambton Carter from Mr Wm Bowler Chairman of the Wellington reform Association dated 23/2/1858

unclaimed letters Post Office Napier
Fitgerald W.T
Robertson H.B. Forbes Alex(2)
Sullivan E care of Walter Sullivan
Goullett Mr Felix Heath James Horsfall John
S Lavirich Win
Lewis R.A.D. Wilson F.H.(2)
Harvey John Smith J.V.
Thompson W (2)
Wilkinson J Care of Mr Kennedy
Powles W.P
McNeil Archibald
Smith Elizabeth
Robertson H.B.
Detained for postage Miss R.Martin at Miss Crockford's Le Boiage,Fairman Bay Guernsay, Englis Channel - also-
Walter Rodney Abbott Esq, Bow Brewery Bow,Middleses,London.-signed-Edward Catchpool deputy postmaster.

Birth at Napier on Wednesday the 10th inst Mrs Sebley of a son

Married at Lyttleton on 16th March by the Rev.W.Dudley, Robert Heaton Rhodes Esq J.P. of Purau to Sophie Circuit, youngest daughter of Robert Latter J.P.Lyttleton.

Married 25th March at St.James Church Hutt, by the Rev T.Biddulph Hutton,George Sisson Cooper Esq, J.P. of Napier Ahuriri Commisioner for the purchase of Native Lands for Hawkes Bay district, to Ellen Chaffers, eldest daughter of Daniel Riddiford Esq, of Woburn, the Hutt.

Married at St.Pauls on the 21st April by the Rev J.F.Lloyd, Captain James Braund late of Bideford,Devonshire, England to Mary, Eldest daughter of the late Mr William Dennet of Auckland

Married at Napier on the 13th inst by the Registrar of Marriages Mr Henry Howard to Miss Eliza Burton.

Birth at Napier on the 23rd inst Mrs John Sim, of a daughter. Birth at Patangata on 24th ult the wife of Samuel Lozell of a daughter dated May 8th

Birth on the 17 ult at her residense, Parnell Aucland Wife of Capt.Wm.Ellis of a son 12/8/1858
Birth at Eden Crescent Auckland on the morning of Sunday the 8th May 1858 the wife of Henry De Burgh Adams Esq.Military Purveyor's Staff, of a daughter. -PP. June 5th H.B.Herald.

Death at Napier on the 4th inst,aged 21, from injuries sustained through her clothes having caught on fire, Elizabeth Gould, wife of Private Gould, 65th Regt, after severe and lengthened suffering.
Death at Waipukurau on the 12th inst Mr Joseph Harris late of Patangata paper dated 15th May 1858
Death by drowning -Laurence McDermott,aged 22yrs private in 65th Reg-Sat 15th inst.Verdict of inquest after coming in contact with Salopian"s hawser.
Death at Wellington on the 31st ult J.Charles R.Wood Esq. Assistant Com.General. 12/8/1858 paper.
Coroner for Napier Thomas Hitchins
Wardens to carry out provisions of public health act. - R.M.Skelly,J.J.Kelly,Edward F.Harris,Robert France, Thomas Williams.

Daniel Munn Sold Store -

29th April Wonga Wonga s.s. A.Kennedy from Wellington via Castle Point landed at Castle point were- Mr and Mrs Valentine Smith and servant, Mrs Langdon and 4 children,
passengers from Castle Point- Mr Guthrie and Miss Guthrie,Mr Groves aand two Misses Groves, Mr and Mrs Lechner, 2 children and servant, Mr Wilden.Passengers from Wellington Mrs Evison,Messrs J.Woodward,A.C.McDonald,Mrs Lambert and 4 children,3 Misses Lambert,Mr and Mrs Cooper,Miss Lovelock,Mr W.Lyon,Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald,Mrs Munn,Mrs Harding, and 4 children,Mrs Farmer,Messrs Curtis,F.George,Harris,Slater,Clayden,Hinten,McCormick, wife and child

May 2nd Wonga Wonga for Wellington Passengers- Mrs Catchpool,Mrs Harris,Mrs McGregor,Mr and Mrs Lechner, 2 children and servant,Messrs A.C.McDonald,T.H.Fitzgerald,Erskine,Groves,Guthrie,Mrs Murray and child, 12 invalids of 65th regt.
May 19th Zillah D.Bristow, from Auckland Passengers- Messrs.Lawrence,Carroll,Hamlin.
May 20 Wonga Wonga from Wellington Passengers-Mr Adams(A.C.G.) Mrs Adams,Messrs E.Lyon,J.Shaw,Morrison,B.Ferrers.T.H.Fitzgerald, Mr and Mrs Jones.-T.H.Fitzgerald Agent
May 25 Esther J.Blair from Wellington Passenger Mr S.Cooper-Agent
May 26 Wonga Wonga for Auckland Passengers R.J.Duncan,J.Woodward,Wm Lyon,A.St.C.Inglis,J.C,.R. Wood,J.Morrison,Miss Taunton,Mrs Sherley,Mr and Mrs McCormack.
May 21 Zillah D.Bristow for Auckland via the coast- Passengers Mr Fitzgerald.Capt Charlton
May 22 Salopian Bain for Wellington Passengers Mrs Bain,Miss Thompson,Mrs Shirley and child.

Southern Cross Capt Mourylan sailed from Wellington to London on 5th inst-First Cabin passengers were Mr and Mrs T.Barlow and child,Mr and Mrs Struthers and 2 children,Archdeacon and Mrs Hatfield and child,Mrs Johnson and 2 children,Major and Mrs D'Arcy and 5 children,Dr.Garrett,Mr Stutfield,Mr B.Gordon,Master Taylor,Master Hall.

Notice to Thomas Craig Carpenter from John Helier Vautier dated 16th April
Notice to Electors regarding resignation of Dr.Featherston-from Henry St.Hill.-Candidate for Wellington dated 18585th April
Select comm be appointed to enquire and report on all matters relating to the province.Committee of Messrs,Varnham,Hunter,Bowler,Fox,Gollan.(Ahuriri District)

21st June Ambrosine from London-left Deal on 27th Feb-passengers W.A. and J.N Wood,Capt and Mrs Marshall, and 3 children(note arrival back in the colony after a absence of two years in England),Miss Bowler,Messrs J.Dalrymple,N.Jacobs,Steerage Messrs.W.Jones,G.Dyson,W.C.Carver,J.Longsod,C.Gamble,C.Haigh.C.D.Lockwood,Miss Sophia Cook

Post Office letter detained for postage
Mr Thomas Dawes,Iseworth,Middlesex,England
T.Tanner,Grosvenor Place,Bath,England
Francis Sheriff,Spring Gardens,London
Unclaimed list of letters-James Gray Stuart,
William Watkins, George Winter Poter Perillio, John Smith, John Neale, G.F.Maberly,Win Lawrence, Henry J, Osborne Gibbes, John Wilkinson, Messrs E.& W. Ray

Married at Napier on the 29th inst by the Registrar of Marriages, Mr John Harvey to Miss Emma McClatchie

Married on Thursday 17th June at Sans Souci by the Rev.D.Bruce,Capt Hugh Anderson,late of Aberdeen to Margaret,youngest daughter pf Rev Norman McLeod of Wangari

Birth on 21st June at Tredenham House, Hutt, the wife of George Gwavas Carlyon Esq of a daughter

Died on the 31st May at the residence of Mr Dinnin,Posonby Road, Mr Daniel Davis of the firm of Dinnin & Davis of Auckland and band master of the 58th Regt aged 33 years.( H.B.Herald Sat 19th 1858)

$100 reward a prisoner escaped from Gaol at Wellington John Wood
Resident Magistrate Court James Sturley plf.v.Tokitatu re one whale boat Signed Henry Groom Corp of Police

Inquest on Wednesday and inquest was held touching death of infant child of Mr J.Smim, found dead in bed same morning-verdict of accidental death,

Escaped prisoner Wood seen in this area and is belived to be on his way to Wairoa

Arrived-26 July Wonga Wonga-A.Kennedy- from Wellington-Passengers-Mrs Harris,Mrs Catchpool,Messrs Fugere,Sturm,Preston,Ferrers,Imlay,J.W.Pilcher,Henderson,Bray and Wife,Wilson,Pilcher,wife and 8 children.
Emily Allison Jas Ruxton from Auckland-Passengers-Messrs T.Williams,M.Fitzgerald,Capt McLean=Newton and Browne Agents.
August 16 Sea Serpent-Alex Blair from Wellington-Passenger Mrs Hill and family Wonga Wonga A.Kennedy from Wellington-passengers-Messrs.Gully,Saunders,Willis,Crombie,Mrs McGregor,Mrs Kennedy,Miss Guthrie,Mr and Mrs Ware,Mr and Mrs Creswell,Messrs.Robinson,Tonks,Parsons

The brigantine Esther-Capt John Blair, arrived
in Wellington on Sunday 8 inst.She brought passengers, the master and crew of the brigantine Leveret of Sydney, which was wrecked at Kangaroa on the 8th July

Cleared 24 July Spray for Auckland,in ballast-passengers-Capt.Lyon,Mrs Wilson,Mr Kempthorne and son,John Aitken.
28th July Wonga Wonga s.s. A.Kennedy for Wellington in ballast-passengers-Miss Burwash,Mrs Kennedy,Miss Guthrie,Messrs.Gully,Preston,Pilcher.

Birth on the 28th July, the wife of Mr William Lechner,Pourerere of a daughter.
Birth at Petane, on the 13th inst, the wife of Mr Joseph Torr, of a daughter)
Birth at Napier on the 15th inst, wife of Alexander Browne, of a son. )
H.B.Herald Aug 21, 1858

Married on the 7th July at Christchurch,Nelson, by the venerable Archdeacon Paul M.A, R.J.Duncan esq of Wellington to Mary Ann Blackmore, eledest daughter of J.R.Dodson Esqq of the firm of Hooper & Dodson, Nelson.

Married at Napier on the 2nd inst Mr James Hamshar to Miss Mary Barben

Supreme Court Notice in the matter of Estate of Charles Brown of Waipukurau,in the district of Ahuriri,deceased -Testate. -Trustees Frederick S.Abbott and Edward Collins. Estate granted to Robert Rodger Strang,Esq Registrar of the Court

Death by drowning on Wednesday man named Charles Collier lost his life while in charge of a punt being brought to the Gem for Capt.Sturley-man disappeared.

Capture of the Notorious John Wood by a party of three, viz,Lance Corporal James Connor,Private John Willis(65th Regmt) and a man named John Smith(.Have this article if wanted.)Evidently his real name was James Sinclair absconded from Hobart 4/3/1856-held on a charge of being an accomplice for the murder of Mr Dunne, of the Franklin river.

Births at Te Aro on the 24th ult, the wife of Captain H.F.Turner , H.M.65th Regt. of a son
Births at Napier on the 29th inst at Mount Pleasant,Kauranaki, the wife of Wm Couper Esq of a son.
birth at Waipureku Hotel, Mrs Dyett of a daughter.
Birth at Clive on the 14th inst, the wife of Joseph Rhodes, Esq of a son
Birth at Wellington on the 19th ult the wife of Wm Seed of a daughter )
Birth At Wellington on the 19th ult the wife of B.Ferrers of a daughter )Sat Oct 9 1858 H.B.Herald

Death at Wellington on the 20th ult at his residence the Union Bank of Australia,Adam Cumming McDonald Esq aged 35 years.

H.B.Herald Napier Oct 9 1858

Ellen has arrived and Capt.Ruxton reports the arrival in Auckland of the ships "Mary Ann" and "Avalanche" from London, the former with 240 passengers, and the latter in 94 days, with 144.

H.B.Herald Oct 16th,1858
Birth at Napier, on the 15th inst, the wife of T.D.Triphook Esq of a son At Napier on the 15th inst the wife of Alex Kennedy,Esq of a son.
On the 27th ult Mrs Henry Alley of a son

Death at Wairoa on the 29th Sept in the 21st year of age,Elizabeth,wife of Edward A Hamilton, and second daughter of Robert Hunt,Epsom,County of Eden,Auckland-(H.B. Nov 6th 1858)
Married at Napier on the 20th ult, by the Register of Marriages,Rebecca Corfield to John Dennet.
Married on the 20th ult at St.James, the Hutt, by the Rev.T.B.Hutton, assisted by the Rev.H.W.St.Hill, Thomas Coldham, fourth son of the Ven.Archdeacon Henry Williams, to Annie Palmer, eldest daughter of William Beetham Esq, of the Hutt.(H.B.Nov 13th, 1858)

Post Office Napier Letters detained for postage Capt.P.0'Brien, 8 Clifton Crescent,Birkenhead, England. Miss H.Miller,Dungerin,Londonderry,Ireland

Hawkes Bay Tribune 1858

Nov 19-Mary Ann -Ashby for Portsmouth.Passengers; Mr and Mrs Lake,Mr and Mrs Marsack,2children and servant.Mr J>S.Hickson,Lieut Herries (65th Regt Major Thompson,Captain Reynolds,Thompson Wynard,Lieutenants Tighe,Crosse,Harrison,Russell,Russel Mariner,Hill,Tighe,Ensign Wynard,McRae,Adjutant Bolton,Doctor Thompson,Snell,Tydd,Quarter-master Slattery,Mrs Slattery and 4 children,Mrs Bolton and 1 child,Miss Tighe,25 Sergeants, and 172 rank and fiole of the 58th regt.

Nov 20 H.B. 1858
Mr Joseph Bowler of Porirua had been accidentally killed.

Dec 4 1858 H.B.Papers

Birth at Napier on Saturday the 27th ult, Mrs William Miller of a son.

Papers Dec 1 1858-Presbyterian Church List of Donations for building shed. -Capt.Alex McLean,W.A.Woods.John McLachlan,John A. George, Fredk. George.Fredk. Gascoyne.B.D.Danvers. -Recd.James Wood.Hon.Sec.
Public Meeting held by settlers of Ahuriri at Ferrers Hotel- Separation Fete- to celebrate the new province of Hawkes Bay.
J.J.Kelly,Alex Browne,T.K.Newton,H.S.Tiffin,Thos.Dawson.Triphook. H.B.Sealy,Wm Rich,Wm.Johnson,W.H.Frame,Edward F.Harris,J.Rose,Amos Witherow,Thos,Reynold.John Seed,Thos.Williams.J.H.Sebley.

11 Dec 1858

Birth at Napier this morning,Mrs John Garry of a son.
Sudden Death-inquest held touching death of Charles Hayes,Labourer-under named jury-Messrs.Ed.S.Curling(Foreman)D.Gollan.S.Hameling, L.Dunoyer,G.B.Worgan,W.Henderson,S.A.Tiffen,J.Witherow,F.J.Burton and J.Devereaux- One witness John Robjohn publican, Edward Lyon corrobated story and Mr Robjohn exonerated.
Sat Jan 1st H.B.Herald, Birth at Napier on the 27th ult, the wife of T.H.Fitzgerald Esq. of a son.
Dec 1858 and Jan 1859

In this Newspaper is an interesting article of the ship Eastern City from Liverpool to Melbourne. "Miraculous escape of Two Hundred and Twenty six person as printed from the "Cape Argus,Sept 14" Ship totally destroyed by fire 23rd August. Whole crew and passengers were rescued by transport ship "Merchantman" with exception of one man who suffocated in the steerage. All were transferred to the Caroline Elizabeth which arrived in Melbourne 19th inst. -Dec.25th 1858

Dec 25 H.B
Birth at Napier on the 22nd inst, the wife of T.K.Newton Esq, of a son
Jan 6- H.B.Paper- Marriage of Campbell-Babington-at St John's Church Napier on January 1, by the Rev.H.W.St.Hill- and sorry rest of it isn't too clear but seems to be Albert Leslie ? son of the lat Rev.W ?

Births Drower- at Waipukurau, on 13th Dec, Mrs Frederick Howe Drower of a daughter
Hair- at Port Ahuriri, on the 16th December, the wife of Capt.John Hair, of a son

Birth at Napier on the 18th instm Mrs J.J.Kelly, of a daughter
Married at Napier on the 19th inst, by the Registrar of Marriage,John Blain to Susan Rigby.(Jan 22,HB )

Danvers-At Waitangi on December 19, the wife of Aalfred T.Danvers, Esq, of a son
Hickey- At Kaikora, on December 24ttth, the wife aof Mr H Hickey, of a son
Joll- at Harewood,Hastings, on the 25th December, the wife of D.J.Joll of a daughter
Grigg-at Napier on December 29th, the wife of Mr E H Grigg of a daughter

at Mohaka on the 24th ult the wife of Mr W.H.Armstrong of two sons and one daughter-H.B.Paper Jan 8th 1859
Papers H. Jan 15 1859
At Priory Cottage,WellingtonTerrace, on the 7th inst, wife of J.H.Wallace Esq of a son
On the 8th instat Boulcott Street, Mrs William Lyon of a son-
Papers H.B. Jan1 15, 1859Sat Feb 5,
Married at the School house Napier, on the 29th ult by the Rev.Samuel Williams, Mr William Couper to Sarah Ann Eldest daughter of Mr J.Hallett,Tutaekuri

Jan 22nd, 1859 Pap. H>B- Birth at Napier on the 19th inst, by the Registrar of Marriages, John Blain to Susan Rigby
Jan 29 1859 H.B. Papers- Marriage at Auckland on the 31st December by the Rev.D.Bruce,Michael Fitzgerald,Esq of Napier,Hawke's Bay, to Fanny,daughter of F.A.Bell, Esqq, of Chadwell Park,Essex and De(o)dwood, Auckland
Birth-at Napier on the 118th inst,Mrs J.J.Kelly, of a daughter

H.B.Paper dated 24th Jan,1859 at Napier
Letter to H.S.Tiffen regarding nomination for Representative at forthcoming Election of member for the Provincial Council for the Province of Hawke's Bay.From.
Edmund Tuke, Wm.Villers,Senior George,.A.Oliver, John Begg, Frederick F.Ormond, John Garry James, N.Williams, Geo.Thos Fannin, B.D.Danvers, Robert Breingan ,J.L.Herrick, James Hallett, Joseph Torr, Wm.Couper,junior J.B.McBain, John Francon ,William Henry Torr, Monchalin Basill, John MacCarthy ,Thomas Sherley, John Steven,,Junior Edward Davis, George Herbert, Matthew Sullivan, F.D.McKain,James Hawkins ,Thos.Sherley,,Junior James Chase.

This letter was replied to and anyone wanting these letters can contact and I could e.mail or post. This applies to allitems that appear on this list.

Military Promotion in Feb 12 H.B. Paper( from London Gazette October 26)-To be Major-General,Col.Wynard,C.B,from 58th Foot.To be Col.Ieut-Colonel Patience, 65th Foot.To have commission ante-dated,Colonel C.A.Arney,half pay unattached.-Exchanges: 6th Foot,Capt.A.Cooper from 58th, v. H.L.Battiscombe, who exchanged into 58th.
The 65th-It is with much regret that we have to announce intended departure of Col.Wyatt-an order for his removal to Wanganui having arrived by the "Pegasus"

Drowning, On Wednesday last an inquest was held at the New Pa Petane, before T.Hitchings Esq, Coroner,touching the death of Aangus McQyarrie. The following jury were empanelled;John Macarthy(foreman),Joseph Torr,Wialliam Henry Torr,James.B.McKain,Frederick D.McKain,Isaac S.McKain,John Stevens,Samuel Lozell,James Hampshaw,George Herbert,Archibald McDonald,Samuel Single- Witness called William Henry Thompson. - Verdict unanimous- Found drowned.
Capture of a supposed Murderer- an inquest was held at the Hutt on the body of a person names Jos.Clarke, who was found murdered. A verdict was found guilty against a German named Peter Osteen, He was taken into custody at the Tutaekuri flat by a Waipukurau Policeman.He was then forwarded to Wellington in the "Adolphus Yates"

Married on the 2nd Inst, at St.Peters Church Wellington by the Rev.Arthur Stock,Frederick John Tiffen,Esq of Ahuriri, to Lucy Eleanor second daughter of G.D.Monterth.Esq,Coroner and Provincial Surgeon,Wellington

At the Tutaekuri Catholic Mission, on the 23rd February, by the Rev.E.Regnier, Mr Thos,Taylor, to Miss Maria Northe daughter of John Northe,Barrack Sergeant.

Birth at Petane, on the 10th Feb, the wife of Mr J.B.McKain of a son.

H.B.H.Tribune 1859

The Eliezer left Auckland at Midnight on Saturday. On that evening of that day the John Scott,with 200 passengers,anchored in Auckland harbour. The Eliezerin addition to a full cargo and 12 passengers, has on board Chloroform, a thoroughbred entire for Mr Riddell, and 2 mares for Mr Aitken.She called in at Poverty Bay in passing.
Married at Montose,Scotland, on the 12th Oct,1858,the Rev.P.Barclay, of the Presbyterian Church,Ahuriri, to Mary,daughter of the late William Gordon, Esq,Montrose.

Married at Napier on the 27th inst by the Registrar of marriages, Donald Gollan Esqq, to Fredericka, relict of the late C.L.De Pelichet esq. Reported April 30 1859

An inquest was held at Poverty Bay on the body of Mr Edward Deacon.He was 38 years old and had been a resident for 17 years. It appeared that on day before he disappeared, he had drunk freely and had suffered from derlirium tremens after drinking freely of Tartar.

Fatal accident on Friday the 11th inst, and accident by which two lives were lost-A boat carrying four persons in it-named-Charles Williamson,James Peacock,John Healy, and Christopher Griffiths were leaving the Wainui River-its destination CapeTurnagain. When a blind roller turned her over.Peacock and Healy perished.The bodies have not been recovered at the date of our informant leaving.

Melancholy event- on Friday last some children belonging to the garrison partook of the poisonous berry known as Tutu. To one of those children, the poisons proved fatal- The victim was a boy named John Greenaway, aged two years and nine months, the son a a private.Dr.MacShane attended at once, but his efforts proved unavailing. His death occurred between 3 and 4 0'clock on the Saturday finishing the child's suffering.

March 30th-Birth at Doonside, Maraekakaho, on the 24th inst, the wife of G.A.Oliver Esq, of a daughter
Reported April 9 1859.-Birth at Campden Station,Ruataniwha Plains,on the 22nd ult,Mrs Henry Howard of a son.

Reported April 2 1859 Birth at Napier, on the 1st inst, Mrs David Carswell, of a son

Birth at Doonside Maraekakaho on the 5th inst the wife of Wm Doubleday Esq of a son

Birth at Napier, on the 17th inst,Mrs W.W.Yates of a son. Reported April 23 1859

April 16 H.B.Tribune 1859
Birth at Poukawa on the 2nd inst, the wife of Peter Bourke Esq., of a daughter

Members of the Provincial Council of Hawkes Bay.
Napier District-Mess T.H.Fitzgerald,W.Colenso,T.Hitchings.
Napier County District-Messrs H.S.Tiffen & J.C.L.Carter
Clive District-Mr Joseph Rhodes
Mohaka District-Mr Robert Riddell
Te Aute District-Mr E.S.Curling
Waipukurau District-Messrs.J.D.Ormond and J.Tucker
Council will mett on Saturday 23rd inst, when election for Superintendent will take place

Justices of the Peace for province of Hawkes Bay
Anderson James
Alexander Alexander
Carter John Chilton Lambton
Curling John, R.M
Curling Edward Spencer
Ferguson James Burne
Gollan Donald
Lambert Charles
Newman Alfred George
Oglivie Walter
Russell Henry
Smith John Valentine
Tiffen Henry Stokes

Jun 11 1859

Fears are held for the safety of William Davis and old resident in Napier, who left in a boat and has not yet been sen or found.His boat was found with no sign of its late occupant.

Superintendent's Office,Napier,June 15th,1859
The following appointments have been made by the Superintendent.
Edward Catchpool Esq-Provincial Treasurer, to take effect from 1st Jan 1859
William Colenso Esq-Provincial Auditor
William Boorman Esq-Provincial Solicitor
Thomas Gill Esq-Provincial Engineer.
George Thomas Fannin-Celerk in Superintendent's Office
C.LaSerre-To be Clerk and Paymaster in Provincial Engineer's Office
Signed T.H.Fitzgerald-Superintendent.

Melancholy Accident- 14/6/1859 "Gil Blas" from Auckland NZ, coming through the rip at the entrance of Port Phillip Heads.Heavy seas swept the decks,carrying overboard her Commander,M.H.Redwood;two passengers named Frederick.S.Brooke and J.Bell;and a seaman named James Simpson(who was at the wheel at the time) Mrs Wedgewood wife of the commander was on board.One of the passengers leaves wife and 6 children to lament his untimely death.Praise was given to the pilot schooner "Anonyma" who gave assistance and brought up to Hobson's Bay by Mr.Pilot Kerr.

Captain.Bowden of the "Moa" has been appointed Commander of "Prince Alfred".Capt Aanderson of the "Spray" to be successor of Capt.Bowden. New Zealander,May 28

Birth at Mohaka on the 29th May, Mrs John Sim of a daughter.
Birth at Bark Cottage,Ruataniwha on the 17th June,the wife of C.J.Gully Esq,of a daughter.
Birth at Eden Crescent,Auckland on Sunday the 12th ult,the wife of Henry De Burgh Adams,Esq,Military Purveyor's Staff, of a daughter.

Squatting on Native Lands-Mr H.St.Hill of Wellington had been fined by the Waipukurau Branch under the Native Land Purchase Ordinance Sess.7,No.19 for occupying native lands as a sheep run in the south Porangahau district Regrets were expressed that he was chosen to be a scapegoat,instead of all being brought within the influence of the law.

July 1859

Births at Petane, on the 16th inst,Mrs Fredk.MdKain, of a daughter
At Petane, on the 20th inst,Mrs Villers of a son
At Napier, on the 21st inst, the wife of John Christie, of a son.

Married at Napier, on the 19th inst,by the Rev Peter Barclay,Mr Edward Watts to Ann Mein, second daughter of Mr John Steven,Builder.

On the 5th May, at the parish church,Hartlepool,by the Rev.Henry Jones,curate of Wakefield,brother-in-law of thr bride, assisted by the Rev.Robt.Taylor,Thos Tanner.Esq, of Grosvenor-place-Bath, and Hawkes Bay New Zealand, second son of the late Joseph Tanner Esq, of Erchfont,Wilts,to Julia, second daughter of John.P.Denton of Hartlepool,Esq.,Justice of the Peace for the county of Durham.

ship arrival
July 23-Wonga Wonga-Archibald Kennedy
from Wellington;Passengers- His Honor the Superintendent of Hawke's Bay,Messrs.Towgood,HS.Tiffen,Harding,Parsons,Miss
Von Tonselman,Messrs Tucksford,R.Hart,Mr and Master Ramsden,Messrs.Wright,C.Allen,Boorman,Thompson,Humphries,Sharpe,Mrs
Carswell,,Mrs Shepherd and daughter,21 in steerage.

Sailing match-boat race between Henry Sherley's whale boat and the "Aquilla's" jolly boat.-distance run 8 miles. Whale boat was steered by Toby of the Wonga Wonga and the Aquilla by her owner Capt.Austen. After a spirited contest the former boat beat the latter by more than half a mile.

Oct - Nov 1859
H.B. Nov 5 1859
Birth at Hawkhill near Napier on 1st Novembers Mrs Cheyne of a son
Death on Sunday 28th October 1859 aged 12 months and 1 week Marie Louis daughter of Mr J Harding Mount Vernon Waipukurau

Bush Licenses & Renewals of Existing Ones (Hotels Etc) 29th Oct
Waipukurau George Lloyd
Waipawa William Ford
Patangata J Robjohn
Ngawakatatara Mrs Large
Pokawa Peter Bourke
New Application Charles Lamb -Porangahau
Signed by H R Russell-Chairman of the Bench-Waipukurau Court House November 11th 1859

Dec 3 1859- On Tuesday last the barque "Eclipse was towed inside the harbour by the Wonga Wonga. The ship "Christopher Newton" one of Shaw Saville, arrived Sunday last from London, after a passage of 117 days.Among the passengers is Mr Tanner, of Ahuriri and we understand he has brought with him some pheasants,hares,rabbits, and an entire horse from a celebrated racing stud in England_-Spectator-Nov 28

Passengers per Christopher Newton are-Mr and Mrs W Tanner,Mr and Mrs T Tanner,Mr Tanner,Misses Tanner (3) Messrs., H.Edwards,S.Hamilton,Mr and Mrs Croxton,Sarah Croxton,Elizabeth Lye,Eliza Mathews.

Napier Mechanics Institute
His honor the Superintendent Mr Leckner
Mr Tiffen Garry
Kennedy Edwards
Capt.J.Curling W.Smith
Mr T.K.Newton Bray
Mr Kelly E.G.Wright
Rev.P.Barclay Unmack
Treasurer-H.S.Tiffen Esq.
Hon.Sec:- John N.Wilson
Annual Subscription one pound per annumDonations and annual subscriptions will be received at the Union Bank by the Treasurer and by the following gentlemen:
Messrs.Stuart,Kinness,&Co,at the Spit,Mr F.Sutton,Shakespeare Road,Messrs.Unmack & Co and Mr Kelly.

Coroners Inquest on the 26 ult an inquest was held at Sherley's Hotel Napier,before T.Hitchens,Esq., Coroner, and a jury, on the body of Josiah Joseph, a foreigner, who was cook and steward of the "Sea Serpent," brigantine,Capt.A.Blair. It appears that the vessel sailed from this port on the 25th ult, and whilst off the Bluff, seeing a boat making for her, fired a gun, which unfortunately burst into pieces, and the poor man was killed on the spot.It ws the recognised duty of the deceased to load and fire the gun, and he had always don so: no flaw had ever been suspected in it.A piece of the gun weighing two and a half pounds was taken from the base of the skull of the deceased after death.The jury returned the following verdict:-That the deceased met his death by the accidental bursting of a gun.

Nov.Dec 1859

H.B.Herald Napier 10, 1859

BIRTH At Napier on the 4th Inst, the wife of Mrs Thomas TAYLOR, of a son

BIRTH At Spring Hill Ruataniwha on Monday the 14th inst Mrs LUGONG of a daughter
Reported Nov 26 1859

Resident Magistrates Court -Nov 25-ALLEY V REYNOLD,debt 7Pound 5s.2d.
HORNE V ALLEY DEBT 2 POUND 10S., THE VALUE OF A PIG DOG.plaintiff Nonsuited with costs

McMANUS V EGAN debt 5 pound 10s for balance of a horse and board and lodging.Judgment for plaintiff 1 pound 6s.11d-the defendant to pay costs.

Trustees of Britannia Lodge Wellington V SHEPHERD- 12 Pound, amount of promissory note and interest.Judgment for plaintiffs, amount to be paid by instalment

EGAN V McMANUS -debt 5 pound 19s for balance of a horse and board and lodging.Judgment for Plaintiff 1 pound 6s 11d.-the defendant to pay costs
Moana Nui V CANNON - This was a charge of desecration,the defendant being charged with burning a bier used for the purpose of carrying to the grave a child belonging to Eraihia,and considered by the natives sacred on that account.Case dismissed,from non-appearance of plaintiff

BOORMAN V EGAN- debt 2pound 12s.6d the cost of a lease prepared by plaintiff for defendant.Judgment confessed. With cost SHERLEY V BUNSTER debt 16 pound 10s. for board,lodging and liquor.Case dismissed from the non appearance of the parties

(looks as if Egan v McManus had a little thing going between them as there were a couple of other cases with each in turns being plaintiffs)

Letter to His Honor the Superintendent Letter to His Honor the Superintendent,William COLENSO, and Thomas HITCHINGS,Esquires,Members of the Provincial Council for the Town of Napier.
Dated Oct 29 1859

Gentlemen-We the undersigned Electors and Freeholders of the Town of Napier, request that you will at your earliest convenience, convene a Public Meeting, in order that an opportunity may be afforded for the expression of opinion on the subject of the Land Regulations, by the Members of the Council for the Town of Napier and their Constituents.
We have the honor to be, Gentlement,
Your obedient Servants,

Thomas Dawson Triphook
William MILLER
James WOOD
Robert FRAME
Oliver VYE

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