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GREYMOUTH EVENING STAR. Tuesday. June 1. 1869.
Copy of earliest existing paper.
Original printed and published by Montagu Lindsay BROWN, sole proprietor. Office Waite St. Greymouth, in County of Westland. NZ.

D. GIRDWOOD & CO. Merchants.
KILGOUR, Joseph. manager. Greymouth Tramway
HAMILTON & NICOL. Wine, Spirits, provisions. Mawhera Quay.
CARONO. W.W. Accountant.
WRIGHT. W. Shipping/custom house agent.
Dr. MORICE. Surgeon. late of S.S. ‘Great Britain’, formerly surgeon to Northampton Gen. Hosp. Liverpool eye, ear infirmary. Birmingham & Guys Hosp. Consultations Greymouth Dispensary, Mawhera Quay.|
Dr. SMITH. Surgeon & Accoucheur, formerly res. asst. surgeon to Navau Hosp. Co. Meath. Ire. Consultations Tainui St. opp. KENNEDY Bros.
GREENWOOD. J. Dentist. Mawhera Quay, above Telegraph Office.
STRIKE & BLACKMORE. Importers, Ale, Porter, Brewers., etc.
COCKBURN & Co. Saddler/Harness maker. Tainui St.
WHITE. Joseph. Bootmaker. Mawhera Quay.
ALDRIDGE. T. Bootmaker. removed to new premises, Mawhera Quay.
O’BRIEN. M. Bootmakers. Mawhera Quay.
DEARING. H RED HOUSE. Boot manufacturer. Gresson St. opp. The Camp.
O’DONNELL. Isaac. Wanganui Butchery. Mawhera Quay.
RAE & HAWORTH. Timber Merchants, cottages to let. Waite St.
WATSON & WICKES. Boundary Timber Yard. cnr. Herbert and Boundary St. Agents for Coal Creek Steam Sawmill.
THOMAS & McBEATH. Drapers. Mawhera Quay.
WILLIAMS. H. Fancy bread and biscuit baker. Next to MIDDLETONS Hotel Mawhera Quay.
JONES . William. Bread, biscuit maker, Confectioner.
McDAVITT. J. Tailor. Mawhera Quay.
REAY. Robert. Merchant Tailor. Boundary St.
ASHTON. Edwin. of Greymouth, and SPROTT. Mark. of the Hokitika saleyards.reduction of cartage etc., ..deliver goods to
DAVIDSON’S Hotel, Stillwater.
FAHEY’S Hotel, Teremakau......
FULLERTON. T. Johnson St.
STONE. W. H. Shoeing forge, Greymouth and Cobden.
TRIST. Thomas. Veterinary Surgeon. Werita St.
McGREGOR & CAMPBELL. General Blacksmiths, oldest estab. Greymouth.
TAYLORS Store. Goldsborough.
LAHMAN. H. H. Tobacconist. Albert St.
MAGOFFIN’S. Produce.
COOK & SAMPSON. Cabinet makers, undertakers. Tainui St.
BEER. G.W. Cabinet maker. Hardy St. Nelson.
EDWARDS N. & Co. will forward orders.
EVANS. Mrs. Dressmaker. Tainui St.
HURST. John. Sec. Paroa District Road Board.
Mr BEISSEL. Hairdresser. (late of City Baths, Dunedin) Boundary St. near Alliance Hotel.
Mrs BEISSEL. Ladies Hairdresser. Boundary St. two doors from HAMMOND & DAVIES, grocery store. Private room for ladies.
ALDOUS. G. Haircutting. next to Nonpariel Piehouse. Mawhera Quay.
RHODES Harmonic Hall, this evening, Mr. De. MAUS, celebrated comic singer, etc.
WHITMORE. H. Cordial manufacturer. Richmond Quay.
BROADBENT. C. Watchmaker, Jeweller, next to Union Bank.
SIMMONS . George. Tinsmith. Tainui St.
HOLDER. Charles. Carpenter. cnr. Mackay and Boundary St.
CRAWFORD.J.T. removed depot to Richmond Quay.
HARLING. C. Tobacconist. Mawhera Quay.
BASCH. J. Importer.
LEVINSKI. A. S. Photographic Artist. Boundary St.
BADGER.F. Painter/paperhanger. between Australasian & Union Bank.
ATKINSON.F.P. Wholesale leather merchant, (late DYSONS) Gresson St.
JONES. J. J. Coal delivered.
BRIMBLE. J. Carter and nightwatchman.
PARKINSON. J.W. Booksellers, Stationers. Mawhera Quay.
COOPERS . Nelson Dairy. Richmond Quay.
GUINESS. Arthur R. Solicitor. GILMERS Building. money to lend.
MACLEAN. D. & Co. horses for sale.
WILKIE. James. Cobden.
SKOGLUND & PURCEL. Waterloo House. Dissolution of Partnership, clearing sale.
HAMILTON. F. Acting Captain. Greymouth Volunteers.
CANNALL. Rev. Wesleyan Minister.

List of Letters detained for postage:
KILDEEF, Thomas. Collingwood. Victoria.
CROOK Miss. Auckland.
SLOANE C. W. Kilmore. Victoria.

Wharf. Mawhera Quay. James MIDDLETON.
Brian Boru. Mawhera Quay. D. SHEEDY.
National. Boundary St. Mrs BURCELL. (late of Dunsian Hotel)
Boundary. Boundary St. Harry HOPE. (late of Star Hotel, Cobden)
Canadian. Richmond Quay. Caroline COCHRANE. (sole proprietess)
Melbourne. opp. Landing Wharf. James JOHNSTON.
Queens. Gresson St. (directly opp. Courthouse) J. C. MOORE.
Cove of Cork. transferred from cnr. Arney and Richmond Quay to Mawhera, premises formerly occupied by CASSIUS & COMISKEY. George MARTIN. prop.
Masonic. Mawhera Quay. Fred. CLARKE.
Harp of Erin. Mawhera Quay. Patrick FLANNERY.
Mac’s Royal. Newtownship, Ahaura. (opp. the Camp) D. McKENNA.
United States. cnr. Gresson and Johnson. J. PELLING.
Victoria. & Dancing Saloon. R.B.GOFF.
Alliance. re-opening as dancing saloon by new prop. John McGREGOR. (late of the Galatea Hotel, Hokitika.) MACAULAYS Quadrille Band.
Shamrock. Revell St. Hokitika. Jacob WAGNER.
Diggers Arms. & Temperance Home. G. PROCTOR.
Ashton’s Family Hotel. Richmond Quay. Edwin ASHTON.
Town of Greymouth.
The Crown Grant of these Sections are waiting delivery in the office of the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Hokitka.
Malcolm FRASER, Commissioner of Crown Lands. May 28. 1869
Grantee: No. of Sections:

ASHTON E. 77, 172, 173, 174.
BELL. R. 36.
BLAKE. J. 169, 170.
BREMOND B. and another. 22.
BROCKLEY. C. and another. 29.
BUTEMENT. Messrs. 66, 67.
COBURN. W. G. 92.
CRAIG. R. 154, 155, 177, 178.
DAVIS. R. B. 52.
DOYLE. D. and another. 56
.EAST. H. 152.
FISHER. J. 33.
FISHER. F. 71.
FORREST. C. 175.
GAMBLE. R. 86.
GIBBS. C. and another. 51.
GRIGGS. H. 112.
HART. N. 105.
HEALEY. F. 156, 157.
HILDEBRAND. A. and another. 16.
HORSINGTON. A. 166, 167.
HOSIE, A. 101.
HUNTER. T. 87.
KENRICK. H. 108, 113, 150.
KERR. A. 65.
KERR. D. 171.
KUHLMAN. H. J. 32.
LEWIS G. and another. 23.
LOW. G. and another. 75.
LYNCH. M. and another. 57.
McKAY. W. 93.
MacFARLANE. D. 17.
MARTIN. G. and another. 44.
MOODY. G. and another. 34.
MOORE. J.C. and another. 50
MUNRO. A. 107.
NATHAN. J. E. 38.
NOY. H. 35.
PAUL. J. 27.
POOLE. J. K. and another. 21.
POOLE. R. and another. 54.
POOLE. R. 181.
QUINN. J. 99, 100.
RAPSON. T. 41.
REVELL. W. H. 168.
RILEY. W. 102.
SIMMONS. G. and another. 25.
SKINNER. R. L. 180.
SMYTH. P.F. 19.
SOUTER. W. 110.
STEWART. G. M. 49.
STRETZ. T. O. E. and another. 31.
TAYLOR. J. 98.
WATSON. T. 74.
WEST. J. 72.
WHITE. G. 89.
WILSON. W. 47, 48, 109, 111, 76.
WOOD. W. 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165.


Advertisements and Articles

Wanted: female general servant, apply DAN O’CONNELL Hotel.

To Let: shop adjoining Mr J. McDAVITT, Tailor, Mawhera Quay.

Tenders required for painting and papering at Cove of Cork Hotel.

V.R. Canterbury Music Hall, Victoria Hotel

COBB’S COACH, will leave JOHNSON’S Melbourne Hotel, for Hokitika

Formation of Company, Stoney Lead.

Mrs GOFF, the landlady of the Victoria hotel, who met with an accident on the same day, by being thrown from her horse while returning from the Hoki to the Grey, is also recovering from her injuries, which fortunately are not so serious as was first supposed.

The Nelson papers report the sudden death of Mr James COOK, of Riwaka, one of the oldest and first settlers in this province. He came out on the preliminary expedition in the "Will Watch", which sailed from Gravesend on 27 April, 1841. and entered the harbour of Nelson on Nov. 3. of the same year.





A sad accident happened on Sunday last to a young lady, engaged in the capacity of governess to the family of Mark SPROT esq. of Hokitika. It appears that while riding with some friends on the Christchurch road between 4 and 5 o’clock on Saturday afternoon her horse ran away with her. Finding she had no control over the horse and probably losing her presence of mind she attempted to throw herself out of the saddle, but her right leg was caught at the ankle, by the horn. and in this condition she was dragged for some short distance. immediately on the patient arriving in town she was attended to by Dr. BESWICK, who after consultation with Dr. RYLEY, had her removed yesterday to a private room at the Hospital. She was found to have sustained a compound dislocation of the ankle joint, with fracture of one of the bones of the leg. An attempt is being made to save the limb, under the new method of treatment, by carbolic acid, which is thought will be successful, although under the old method of treatment, amputation would have been necessary at once, as affording the only reasonable chance of saving the patients life.

Mr MIDDLETON, who so seriously escaped a watery grave yesterday at the Teremakau, we are glad to learn, beyond a little stiffness, has quite recovered from the effects of an accident which so seriously threatened his life.


Specimen of Coke at offices of Messrs. D. MACLEAN & CO.


Gold found at Opuka Gorge, behind Fox’s Peak, Canterbury. Field promising, but snow has driven back the party who made discovery.




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