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The Gordon School 1888-1944
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Teachers listed:
Miss Minnie Robb Florence Smith Mr Bert Biggar from Wakefield
Mr George Lawn from Reefton boarded with Mr & Mrs Ellis and married Miss Blanch Cole transferred to Millerton 1923 Miss Florence McCarthy also boarded with Mrs Ellis married Mr Owen Sloss
Miss Irene Gilbert also boarded with Mr & Mrs Ellis married Mr Arthur Greig stayed 2 years Miss Jones from Karamea stayed 2 years married Mr Alf. Gilbert
Misses Maud O'Brien Clunies-Ross Miss Lucy Sloane (Mrs Hutchings )
Temple White Mr Wendelborn from Wai-iti. Grace Manson Messrs Charles Jordan
A new building was built 1838 and the roll varied from 12 - 20 but closed 1944. Many records were lost but those salvaged are held by the Isel Museum, Nelson
Names & birth dates sourced from the Roll dated 26 June 1888
Edward Dobson Smith b 25th Oct. 1880 Joshua Scholefield b 7th Oct 1879
.William Philip Smith b 30 Apr. 1880 George Raymond Davies b 3 Jul. 1882
John Brown b 3 Apr 1870 William Charles Fleming 22 Feb 1872
Arthur George Davies b 20 Jan 1878 Charles Evan Davies b 13 Nov 1873
Jemima Brown b 7 Jul. 1872 Catherine Maud Smith b 21 Oct 1882
Florence Smith 8 Apr 1874 Annie Maria Scholefield b 6 March 1878
Mary Anna Smith 21 Sept 1876 Alice Victoria Davies 4 Aug 1875
Mary Ann Scholefield 10 Jan 1882 George Vincent Gibbins b 31 May 1874
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