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Giles Births from Canterbury Public Library, Church register index

*Births GILES*
Ada Louisa b. 21 March 1872, to Lot & Margaret of East Eyreton.occ: farmer
Ada Mary b. 20 February 1877, to Thomas & Sarah of East Eyreton.
Alan James b. 16 June 1891, to Obed & Sarah, of Kaiapoi Island, farmer
Albert John b. 5 March 1869, to Lot & Margaret, Eyreton
Alfred Edward b. 6 March 1883, to Thomas & Sarah of East Eyreton
Alfred William b. 8 September 1920, to Archibald William & Elizabeth of Opawa, Chch occ: carters contractor, sponsor John Edward George Giles.

Allan Lancelot John b. 22 December 1911, to Albert John & Elizabeth, Clarkville
Arthur Oliver Michael b. 28 September 1883, to William Henry & Ann nee McMANAWAY
Arthur Samuel . b. 8 February 1891, to Edward & Kate, Clarkville
Arthur Thomas b. 16 April 1888, to Thomas & Sarah, East Eyreton
Ashley Herbert b. 11 September 1891, to Benjamin & Mary Ann of East Eyreton, farmer
Audrey Jane b. 1 December 1910, to E.G. & E.A. Giles of 57 Grafton Street, Chch
Avis Jane bap. 7 December 1856, to John & Sarah, Peel Forest, Canterbury
Bertha Daphne b. 22 August 1907, E.G. & E.A. Giles 57 Grafton Street
Charles Edward b. 25 July 1881, to Edward & Kate, Kaiapoi Island sponsor Charles Holland, Ada Augustus, Oriental Holland

Charlotte b. 31 October 1859, to John & Sarah Jane, of Accomodation House, Orari, South Canterbury

Clara Priscilla Minnie b. 11 May 1885, to Lancelot & Phebe of Clarkville
Clarence Martin b. 23 September 1916, to Alfred Edward & Emma Evelyn of Ashley,
Clarice Ellen b. 18 April 1914, to Leonard & Ethel of Clarkville
Edith Eleanor b. 11 May 1891, to Edmund Douglas & Bessie MORTIMER of Waikari, North Canterbury, sp. Eleanor Giles, Mortimer Davie, Edith Maud Davie,

Edith Malvina b. 14 January 1873, to Samuel & Frances Adele, of Duvauchelles Bay,
Elaine Myrtle b. 14 September 1928, to Maurice Dennis & Myrtle Olive Sophie of Kaiapoi
Eliza Jane b. 2 October 1865, to Lot & Margaret, Kaiapoi
Elizabeth Esther b. 21 August 1880, to Benjamin & Mary Anne of Kaiapoi Island
Ellen Sarah b. 17 October 1859, to John & Sarah Jane of Accomodation House, Orari.
Emily Charlotte Dora b. 16 October 1904, to Lance William Ernest & Florence Jane of Clarkville.
Enid Daisy b. 14 November 1915, to Leonard & Ethel of Clarkville
Eslet Ellen Mary Maude b. 23 October 1876, to Samuel & Frances of Barrys Bay, Banks Peninsula.

Ethel Charlotte b. 18 March 1905, to Albert John & Elizabeth of Clarkville
Florence Emma b. 31 December 1886, to Benjamin & Mary Ann of Kaiapoi Island
Florence Nita b. 26 July 1912, to William Ernest & Florence Jane of Kaiapoi
Francis William Alfred b. 1 September 1903, to Alfred & Mary Esther of Fosters Road, Addington, Chch occ: milkman

Frederick James b. 13 March 1884, to Benjamin & Mary Ann, Kaiapoi Island
George Edward b. 13 July 1877, to Benjamin & Mary Ann, Kaiapoi Island
Grace Margaret b. 12 August 1913, to Lewis Bradford & Grace of Spreydon, occ: engineer
Harkes Herbert Reuben b. 9 March 1884, to Lancelot & Phebe of Kaiapoi
Harold Cecil George b. 9 April 1877, to Shepherd Paign & Ellen Charlotte of Lyttelton, mariner.

Harold Edward Smither b. 17 February 1915, to E.G. & E.A. Giles of 57 Grafton St. Chch
Herbert George b. 5 October 1882, to Lot & Margaret of East Eyreton
Hetty Maud b. 21 October 1890, to Thomas & Sarah of Eyreton.
Howard Leslie b. 12 July 1893, to Howard & Amy res. Sydney N.S.W. occ: squatter
Isobel Kate b. 24 August 1912, to Leonard & Ethel May, Clarkville
James b. 31 July 1870, to Thomas Meredith & Sarah, Pleasant Valley
James b. 16 September 1880, to Lot & Margaret, Eyreton
John Francis b. 20 April 1875, to Thomas & Sarah, of East Eyreton
Launce William Ernest b. 1 February 1881, to Lancelot & Phebe, Kaiapoi Island
Launcelot b. 9 November 1892, to Obed & Sarah of Clarkville
Laura Hinett b. 5 October 1894, to Obed & Hannah Maria Kaiapoi Island
Leitte b. 25 January 1867, to Lot & Margaret, Eyreton
Leonard Rachel Emma Matilda b. 31 January 1879, to Samuel & Frances Adele of Head of Bay, farmer

Leonard b. 2 May 1886, to Edward & Kate, Kaiapoi Island
Leslie Harold b. 2 January 1905, to Alfred & Mary Esther of Dallington, Chch labourer.
Letty Rachel b. 25 May 1890, to Obed & Sarah, Clarkville
Lily Margaret b. 2 October 1900, to Albert John & Elizabeth of West Eyreton Lot b. 18 March 1867, to Samuel & Adelaide of Oxford, sawyer
Margaret Elizabeth b. 30 May 1907, to Edmund Douglas & Bessie Mortimer of Mt. Parnassus, Station Holder, sp. Allan Francis Giles, Edith Eleanor Giles

Marion b. 2 March 1894, to Edmund Douglas & Bessie Mortimer DAVIE of Horsley Down, North Canterbury, Station manager

Marjorie Allen b. 29 August 1914, to Lewis Bradford & Grace of Spreydon, Christchurch, electrical engineer.

Mary Ann b. 28 May 1874, to Lot & Margaret of East Eyreton.
Mary Jane b. 17 May 1867, to Hugh & Sarah, East Eyreton
Maurice Dennis b. 29 September 1904, to Edward & Emily of Clarkville
Obed Lot b. 26 September 1870, to Lot & Margaret, Eyreton
Olive Dinah b. 5 June 1902, to Albert John & Elizabeth of Clarkville
Otto Reginald b. 10 March 1888, to Obed & Sarah of Kaiapoi Island
Percy Merriville b. 17 October 1897, to Benjamin & Mary Ann of East Eyreton
Phoebe Caroline Mabel b. 23 April 1882, to Lancelot & Phoebe, Kaiapoi Island
Prudence b. 13 July 1895, to Edmund Douglas & Bessie Mortimer , Horsley Down
Rebecca b. 27 August 1878, to Lot & Margaret, Eyreton
Robert Benjamin b. 14 May 1882, to Benjamin & Mary Ann of Kaiapoi Island
Rosina May b.12 May 1884, to Edward & Kate of Kaiapoi Island
Roy Willis b. 27 February 1916, to L.W. Ernest & Florence Jane Clarkville
Samuel Thomas b. 21 July 1889, to Benjamin & Mary Ann of Clarkville
Sidney b. 24 June 1892, to Edward & Kate of Clarkville
Tryphena Harriet b. 8 April 1889, to Obed & Sarah of Clarkville
Vera Maud b. 28 November 1908, to Alfred & Mary Esther, Spreydon
Victor Lewis b. 9 January 1902, to Alfred & Mary Esther, Colombo Street South, Chch

Victor Rex b. 25 August 1909, to Lance W.E. & Florence Jane of Clarkville
Walter b. 9 May 1883, to Edward & Kate of Kaiapoi Island
William Herbert Stephen b.26 December 1881, to William Henry & Ann McMANNAWAY
William Obed b. 29 April 1879, to Thomas & Sarah, Eyreton
Winifred Martha b. 11 November 1884, to Thomas & Sarah of Eaast Eyreton
Winifred Mary b. 21 November 1918, to Lewis Bradford & Grace of Spreydon, engineer.

GILES - Marriages from Canterbury Public Library Church Register cards.
male details/female details.*

*GILES - Marriages*
Ada Augustus Oriental Giles & Charles HOLLAND marr. 22 December 1872 at St. Thomas Church, Eyreton. both minors, bachelor/spinster, occ: farmer witnesses: Lancelot Giles, (Kaiapoi, farmer) Janet Jacobs, George Jacobs, (painter)

Albert John Giles & Elizabeth BORMAN m. 22 November 1899 at St.James, Cust, North Canterbury. ages: 31/27, bach/sp, occ: farmer, b. East Eyreton/England
parents: Lot & Margaret Giles nee MARSHALL Allan & Dinah Marshall formerly BORMAN

Amelia Giles & George BISHOP m. 4 November 1863 at St. Johns Church, Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula, full age, occ: teacher, witnesses: Maud Bryant, Thomas Revell, Agnes Thacker, Elizabeth Henrietta Torlesse.

Arthur Thomas Giles & Ethelwyn Ann SKEVINGTON m. 1914 at Methodist Church Ohoka, Kaiapoi, bach/sp, ages: 26/23 occ: farmer/domestic duties, b. Eyreton/Ohoka
parents: Thomas & Sarah Giles nee CUMMINGS Thomas & Margaret Cummings nee MOOR witness: Alfred Edward Giles

Benjamin Giles & Mary Ann BAILEY m. 22 December 1875 at St. Thomas Church Eyreton. ages: full/minor, farmer, witnesses: James Clothier, farmer, Eyreton, Elizabeth Esther Denford, George Bailey

Bertha Mary Giles & Arthur Gladstone POLKINGTHORNE m. 14 October 1911 at res. of Mr Giles. 109 Osborne Street, Linwood, Chch. ages:21/25, bach/sp, b. Kadina, South Australia/Winton, Southland, parents:William Jas. & Ellen Davis Polkingthorne nee TRETHEWAY, occ: plumber John Edward George & Margaret Giles nee McCORMACK occ: insurance agent witnesses: William McCormack Giles, Osborne St. Chch occ: blacksmith Archibald William Giles, Osborne St. Chch occ: Driver

Edith Malvina Giles & William BRICE m. 6 March 1890 at John Giles House, Shirley. ages: 24/19, bach/spinster, occ: labourer, born: Chch/Oxford, NZ. parents: Charles & Charlotte Brice nee SEDMAN farmer Samuel & Frances (Florie) Giles witnesses: Samuel Giles, Kaiakoura, John Giles, Shirley, farmer

Edmund Douglas Giles & Bessie Mortimer DAVIE m. 6 August 1890, at St. Lukes Church, Christchurch. ages: 37/25, bach/sp, occ: Station Manager, born: Taunton, Somerset, England/Christchurch, usual address: Waikari, North Canterbury parents: Charles Edmund & Jane Eleanor Giles nee CARVER (artchitect) Cyrus & Emma Radcliffe Davie nee MORTIMER (chief surveyor)

Edward Giles & Emily HARVEY m. 6 January 1904 at St. Marys, Addington. ages: 46/39, widower 27 January 1900/spinster, occ: farmer born: Clarkville/Gloucestershire, parents: Lancelot & Rachel Giles nee CLOTHIER Thomas & Fanny HARVEY nee DAVIS (Malster)

Eliza Jane DENTON & James MURCHISON m. 26 April 1906 at Lot Giles house Akaroa Street, Kaiapoi. ages: 34/39, widower, December 1899/widow, 3 August 1902, b. Ireland/Eyreton, usual address: Cheviot. parents: George & Agnes Murchison nee GRAY gamekeeper Lot & Margaret Giles nee MARSHALL

Eliza Giles & Robert James REID m. 11 May 1870, at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton ages: full/full, bach/sp, occ: farmer

Eliza Jane Giles & John Frederick DENTON m. 5 October 1882, at St Thomas, Eyreton, bach/spinster, ages: 21/17, occ: farmer, born: Heathcote/Eyreton, parents: Frederick Robert & Esther Denton nee KING Lot & Margaret Giles nee Marshall witness: Lot Giles farmer, Letti Giles.

Elizabeth Giles & John Boyd RUTHERFORD, m.1st June 1910, at house of Mr Rutherford, Dover Street, St. Albans, ages: 19/23, bach/sp. occ: carrier/household
duties. born: Hobart/Devonport, Auckland. parents: John Boyd & Ann Amelia Rutherford nee POULTNEY missionary, Stephen & Mary Ann Giles occ: Gardener

Elizabeth Anne Giles & Henry ENGELBRECHT m. 28 November 1861, at Parish Church, Kaiapoi, ages: full/minor, bach/sp, occ: farmer. witnesses: Launcelot Giles, Mary Smith. Henry Peter Engelbrecht bur. 10 August 1930 at Kaiapoi Cemetery, age 90 Elizabeth Anne Engelbrecht bur. 18 June 1919 age 74

Elizabeth Esther Giles & Willman BOWMAN m. 20 April 1905 in the Schoolroom, Omihi, North Canterbury, ages: 28/24, bach/sp, occ: Engine driver/ domestic duties. born: Oxford NZ/Clarkville, usual address groom, Wellington, parents: Richard George & Emily Ann Bowman nee SMITH occ: settler Benjamin & Mary Giles nee BAILEY, witnesses: W. Giles, East Eyreton, Florence Giles, Omihi.

Florence Emma Giles & Thomas James HAWKINS m. 25 August 1915, at Church of St. Matthew, St. Albans. ages: 33/28, born: Burkinfield, Scotland/Clarkville bach/sp, usual address: Omihi, parents: Thomas & Janet Hawkins nee PURVES labourer. Benjamin & Mary Ann Giles nee BAILEY farmer witness: S.T. Giles

George Robert Giles & Isabella Robina BAYNE m. 7 July 1913 at res. of Mrs Giles 68 Mathesons Road, Chch, ages: 24/21, bach/sp, occ: carter, b. Winton, Southland/ Otago Heads. parents: John Edward George & Margaret Giles nee McCORMACK (Pipe layer) John & Margaret Bayne nee MAGGRORY (Settler) witnesses: Archibald William Giles 68 Mathesons Road.Christchurch.

Gertrude Martha Giles & Walter Victor CARPINTER m. 3 June 1911 at house of Mr Carpenter. 441 Barbadoes St. St. Albans, ages: 20/27, bach/sp, occ: carter/domestic servant, born: Fitzroy, Melbourne/Auckland NZ, parents: Daniel & Mary Ann Carpinter nee COOK bricklayer Stephen & nMary Ann Giles occ: Gardiner

Grace Ella Giles & Thomas Edward KINSELLA m. 4 June 1925, at St. Andrews ages: 38/25, divorced 28 July 1924/sp, born: Kyabram,Victoria,/Chch, usual address: Wellington,
Parents: William Charles & Gertrude Alice Kinsella nee RATCLIFFE farmer John & Agnes Giles nee McMillan engine driver. witness: G.Giles, Spreydon, Christchurch

Hetty Maud Giles & Horatio Benjamin BAYNES m. 29 January 1916, at St. Batholomews, Kaiapoi, ages: 28/ 25, bach/sp, occ: farmer/ domestic, born: Christchurch/Eyreton,
parents: Charles & Isabella Baynes nee GARDINER Thomas & Sarah Giles nee Coymns

Isabella Kate Giles & Robert Alexander DON m. 14 March 1931 at St. Augustines, Clarkville, ages: 28/18, occ: slaughterman/ domestic duties. born: Oamaru/Clarkville,
parents: Robert & Johanna Don nee HANNIGAN farmer Leonard & Ethel Giles nee Pearce. witness: Leonard Giles, Clarkville, farmer.

John Giles & Sarah GRACE m. 12 March 1855 at St. Michaels, Christchurch bach/sp, usual adress Christchurch.

John Giles & Agnes McMILLAN m. 25 September 1895 at Presbyterian Church, Colombo St. Sydenham, Christchurch. ages:39/24, bach/sp, occ: Engine driver,
b.Tadley, Hampshire/Glasgow, Scotland parents: Abraham & Ann Giles nee STACEY (Labourer) William & Mary Jane McMillan nee HARRISON (Gatekeeper)

John Giles & Tamson Honey MENNEER m. 27 May 1880 at Island Church, Kaiapoi, bach/sp, both full age. parents: Samuel Thomas & Rachel Menneer nee WYATT of Kaiapoi Island.

Launcelot Giles & Phoebe MOORE m. 31 December 1879 at Weslyan Church Eyreton, ages: 61/26, widower/spinster, occ: farmer,

Leonard Giles & Ethel May PEARCE m. 11 October 1911 at St. Augustine Church, Clarkville, ages: 25/21, bach/sp, occ: labourer/dressmaker, b. Clarkville/Ohoka
parents: Edward & Kate Giles nee CLOTHIER Frank & Isabella Pearce nee HASP witness: Daisy Pearce, Ohoka, Frederick Flavell, carpenter, Fielding

Lot Giles & Sarah CLOTHIER m. 20 June 1883 at House of Stephen Harper, Linwood, Christchurch. both full age, widower 13 October 1882/widow 20 June 1865,
b. Eyreton/Kaiapoi, parents: Launcelot & Rachel Giles nee Clothier Benjamin Seymour & Anne GRANT

Lot Giles & Margaret MARSHALL m.29 November 1864 at parish Church, Kaiapoi, bach/sp. occ: farmer, witness: Launcelot Giles both full age. witness: Launcelot Giles & Henry Lusty

Martha Giles & William CARPENTER m. 28 July 1875, at Chapel of Esa, Kaiapoi, full age, bach/sp, occ: farmer, witnesses: Benjamin Giles, Launcelot Giles, William Wilson.

Martha Margaret Giles & George McGREGOR m.14 April 1897, at St. Thomas, East Eyreton, ages: 28/21, bach/sp, occ: farmer, born: Leithfield, North Canterbury, East Eyreton,
parents: William Weatherspoon(deceased) & Henrietta McGregor nee BOYLEN Lot & Margaret Giles nee Marshall. witnesses: William Obed Giles, & Ada Mary Giles.

Mary Anne Giles & William ALLISON m.9 July 1863, at St. Andrews Pres. Church, Christchurch, both full age, occ: carpenter.

Mary Esther Giles & John William BRIGGS m. 27 October 1920, at Holy Trinity, Avonside, ages: 30/29 bach/widow, 4 March 1916 parents: John & Elizabeth Briggs nee KITCHINGHAM Edward Lewis Wright & Mary Esther nee Wright, farmer

Mary Jane Giles & Alexander Augustus SMITH m. 2 July 1857 at House of Rev. Fraser, ages: 25/19 bach/sp, occ: labourer/dom. witness: Edward Clothier, Sarah Seymour.

Obed Giles & Sarah BAILEY m. 22 September 1887 at St. Thomas, Eyreton. ages: 25/22, bach/sp, b. Kaiapoi/Eyreton, parents: Launcelot & Rachel Giles nee CLOTHIER George & Hannah Bailey nee COGGLE

Rebecca Giles & Albert Edward DENTON m. 23 April 1869, at St. Thomas, East Eyreton,

Rosetta May Giles & David HARPER m. 27 December 1905, at St. Augustines, Clarkville, ages: 28/21, bach/sp, born: Kaiapoi/Clarkville parents: Robert Sizsland & Mary Ann Harper nee BOWRING, farmer Edward & Kate Giles nee Clothier, farmer

Thomas Giles & Sarah COMYNS m. 9 January 1873 at The Manse, ages: 30/23, bach/sp, occ: farmer/ domestic duties, witness: Mary Hannah Comyns & Katie Thornton

William McCormack Giles & Elsie May HENNESY m. 25 September 1913 at house of Mr J.E. Giles Grafton St. Linwood ages: 19/18 bach/sp, b. Winton, Southland/ Sydenham.
parents John Edward George & Margaret McCORMACK Alfred William & Ada Giles nee Wilson

William Pedlar Giles & Annie Maria HORNE m. 25 February 1885 at Weslyan Church, Leeston, Canterbury, occ: labourer, b. Melbourne/ New Norfolk, Tasmania, usual address: Waverley parents: James & Mary Giles nee Pedlar James & Caroline Horne nee COKER

*GILES* Deaths Canterbury Public Library Church Register cards.

Ada Louisa, bur. 2 January 1873, res. Kaiapoi
Ada Mary, bur. 13 August 1899, age 22, child of Thomas & Sarah,
Albert John, bur. 9 February 1942, age 73, of Church Cottage, Prebbleton
Alfred Giles, bur. 4 March 1916, age 41.
Alice Giles bur. 3 July 1876, age 5, of Shirley, parents Richard & Jane Giles
Arthur Giles bur. 1 December 1891, age 9mths, father Edward Giles. Kaiapoi Island
Benjamin, bur. 20 February 1913, age 65, Omihi formerly of Eyreton
Bertha, bur. 26 June 1876, age 6, child of Richard & Jane, Shirley,Christchurch, farmer
Bessie Mortimer, bur. 27 November 1928, res Avonside, Chch
Charles Edward, bur. 25 April 1882, son of Edward & Kate, Kaiapoi Island
Clara Priscilla Minnie, bur. 12 February 1889, age 3 and half, of Clarkville
Edward bur. 23 March 1929, age 71, Clarkville
Edwin William Richard, bur. 7 November 1881, Addington Cemetery age 8
Elizabeth bur. 1 December 1851, age 79, 34 Taylors Road Bryndwr, late of Prebbleton
Ethel Margaret bur. 1 May 1946, age 65, Sydenham Cemetery, of 20 Stanley St. Sydenham.
Francis, bur. 6 July 1876, age 3 years, parents, Richard & Jane Giles, Shirley
Frank, bur. 18 January 1934, age 58, of East Eyreton
Frederick J. bur. 1 February 1900, age 15, parents: Benjamin & Mary of East Eyreton
George Edward, bur. 12 November 1889, age 12 years, son of Benjamin
Hannah Maria, bur. 29 September 1918, age 63, hus. Obed, Kaiapoi.
Herbert George, bur. 10 December 1882, age 9 weeks.
James Walter Alfred, bur. 20 January 1876, at Lyttelton, infant.
Johanna, bur. 29 September 1902, at Linwood Cemetery, age 71, res. Wellington & 75 Chester Street East.
John, bur. 28 April 1909, age 50, Clarkville, labourer
John, bur. 8 December 1928, age 72, of Spreydon, Chch
Kate, bur. 30 January 1900, age 45, hus. Edward Giles
Launcelot bur. 10 March 1900, age 82, of Clarkville
Margaret, bur. 14 October 1882, age 42, wife of Lot of Eyreton
Mary Ann, bur. 25 July 1875, age 2mths, parents Lot & Margaret
Mary Ann, bur. 8 May 1929, age 72 ,Tancred St. Christchurch
Miss L. Giles bur. 16 April 1928, res Kaiapoi.
Rachel bur. 19 April 1879, of Kaiapoi Island, age 58
Sarah, bur. 23 February 1918, age 76, wife of Thomas, Eyreton
Sarah, bur. 22 August 1921, age 88, of Kaiapoi
Sarah Ann, bur. 10 November 1892, age 28 NOK Obed of Clarkville
Shepherd Capt. bur. 30 November 1898, age 77,
Sidney, bur. 21 August 1905, age 14, NOK Edward, of Clarkville
Tamson Honey, bur. 22 September 1923, age 64 ,Clarkville Cemetery
Thomas bur. 14 June 1918, age 76, of Eyreton
Winifred Martha bur. 9 February 1916, age 29, parents Thos. & Sarah Giles

GILES burial records from Canterbury Public Library Cemetery
database. accessible only at any Christchurch Library.

Agnes d. 12 July 1965 age 94, b. Scotland, 92 years in NZ. bur. Sydenham Cemetery,
Alan Leslie, d. 9 April 1981, age 47, bur. Waimari Cemetery.
Archibald William, d. 2 June 1946, age 57, b. Winton, bur. Bromley Cemetery.
Bessie Mortimer, d. 25 November 1928,
Brian William d. 26 November 1997, age 63, b. Chch, bur. Ruru Lawn Cem. engineer
Christopher d. 17 November 1958,
Edna Mabel d. 20 May 1986, age 73, widow, res.Aldwins Road, Chch, bur. Waimari Cemetery
Edward d. 10 January 1910, age 10mths, res. Aldwins Road, Linwood Cem.
Edward George d. 20 June 1946, age 61, b. Winton, blacksmith, bur. Ruru Lawn Cemetery
Eleanor Morse d. 22 November 1931, age 81, b. England, bur. Bromley, spinster
Elizabeth d.11 June 1965, age 82, b. NZ, widow, bur. Bromley cem.
Ellen d. 20 August 1925, age 84, bur. Addington Cem.
Emily Alice d. 17 November 1942, age 58, b. Ashburton, marr. bur. Ruru Lawn Cem.
Ethel Margaret, d. 29 April 1946, age 65, marr. b. NZ, res. 20 Stanley St, bur. Sydenham Cem.
Evaline Mary d. 2 March 1907, age 7 weeks, res. Dallington
Florence d. 27 July 1932, age 9 days, bur. Bromley Cem.
Francis William Alfred d. 4 June 1979, age 75, b. Chch, ret. lab. bur. Memorial Park.
George Robert d. 3 December 1963, age 72 b. Winton, ret. lift attendant. bur. Bromley
Gladys Violet d. 23 August 1997, age 94, occ Secretary, spinster, bur. Sydenham.
Harold Edward Smithern d. 23 August 1978, age 63, bur. Waimari Cem.
Harriett Annie Elizabeth d. 6 December 1946, age 80, b. Sydney, 9 yrs in NZ, spinster, bur. Ruru lawn Cemetery.
Herbert d. 5 August 2001, age 81, b. Chch, ret. truck driver, Yaldhurst.
Isobel Robina d. 12 March 1954, age 61, marr, b. Otakou NZ, res. 13 Wise St. bur. Bromley
James Henry d. 4 March 1924, age 43, b. Chch, res. Coronation Hospital, bur. Sydenham.
Jane Alice d.,4 November 1908 age 68, b. England, res. Hutcheson St. bur. Sydenham.
Johanna d. 29 September 1902, age 71, b. England, res. 71 Chester St. bur.Linwood Cem.
John d. 7 December 1928, age 73, b. England, res. 118 Roker St. engine driver, bur. Sydenham.Cem.
John Edward George d. 15 September 1935, age 74, b. Chch, res. 59 Osborne St.
Kathleen Elizabeth d.17 January 1998, age 72, b. Chch, bur. Ruru Cem.
Leslie Harold d. 29 October 1981, age 75, ret. truck driver, bur. Waimari Cem
Lewis Bradford d. 12 January 1924, age 53, b. England, engineer, res. 661 Ferry Road. bur. Bromley Cem.
M.W. d. 7 November 1881, age 8 years, bur. Addington
Margaret d. 26 October 1934, age 73 b. Scotland, 70 yrs in NZ, bur. Linwood Cem.
Marion d. 30 July 1935, age 42, marr. b. Timaru, res, 113 Lonsdale St.
Mona d. 12 October, 1999, age 81 b. Ashburton widow, bur. Waimari Cem.
Robert d. 4 March 1943, age 59, res. Orari bridge, Geraldine. b. Ireland 35 years in NZ, bur. Bromley Cemetery.
Royce Desmond d. 20 December 1978, age 42, bur. Waimari Cem.
Shepherd Capt. d. 30 November 1898, age 77, bur. Addington Cem.
Harry Louis (Lewis) age 62, b. Ballarat, Australia, 30 years in NZ. bur. Linwood Cem.

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