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Foxhill School, Nelson 1861--1900.
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Head TeachersAssistants

Mrs Rawlins 1880 - 1883
Miss Holland1866-1867
Mrs Francis Holder1887
Miss Duncan1868-1871
Miss Hinde1888
Miss Tunniclifll1872
Mr Gardiner1889-1894 MissC.A.Morrison1873-84
Mr H. Ladley1893
Miss H. Thomas1884-1892
Mr Alf Peart1894
Miss Black1892-1908
Mr J. T. Veysey1896-1902

27th January 1879 Meeting of Householders formed a School Committee as follows

Mr George Holland, Mr Joseph Price, Mr Joseph Holland, Mr David Thomas, Mr Wm. Boddington, Mr Thos Robertson, Mr James Rutherford
. The schoolroom was built by Mr John Webley of Nelson1888
Mr T. Arnold neighbour to the school on the north side built a well.
1888 Mr J. Taylor installed a fireplace and chimney
1889 Mr Plank of Wai-iti replaced the floor
1892 Mr J. Scott of Nelson extended added a room

Names from a photo about 1898
May Kinzett Hazel Higgins Reg Pepperil Effie Palmer
Minnie Kinzett Elsie Higgins Maud Pepperil Gertie Palmer
Bob Kinzett Elsie Holland Rose Pepperil Frank Palmer
Liz Hickey Ethel Holland Maggie Young Perc. Palmer
Janis Hickey May Holland Isetta Colthart Lill Hollis
Pat Hickey Cyril Holland Ada Gay Cis Hollis
Tom Hickey Malcolm Holland Maud Gay Dora Hollis
Clara Hayward Lew Holland Florrie McLeod Maud Hollis
Florrie Hayward Pearl Nicholls Vera Hunt P. Boddington
Bill Hayward C. Price Connie Hunt Nessa Woodham
Ada Mace Emily Tanner Archie Burge InnessWoodham
Sam Tidd Albert Tanner Eva Burge Frank Veysey
Bill Tidd Simon Godbaz Henry Gardiner Roy Veysey
Bert Higgins Bill Smith Carrie Thompson Perce Nesbit
Myrtle Price Fred Smith Len Nichol
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