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Abbott    Robert  Tuam St East Cain  Robert Whatley St
A`Court  Samuel  Manchester St Calder  George  Peterborough St
Adams  Frederick Thomas  944 Lichfield St  Town Reserve Caldwell  John Colombo St North
Adams Frederick Thomas  St Asaph St  House and Garden Callaghan William  Christchurch
Adams William Oxford Tce West Callaghan  William  St Asaph St
Adams William James High St Calvert Christopher Alderson Chester St
Adams Henry Williams Christchurch Calvert William Sumner Rd
Adley  Antill Alfred Oxford House Campbell James Colombo St
Aikman Colin Campbell Ferry Rd Candy William Davis Lichfield St
Ainger Henry James St Asaph St Candy Artemus Christchurch
Aitken  John Christil Thornton Melborne  
Owned 19 Town Sections
Cant   Ambrose Christchurch
Aldred   John Durham St Carruthers William Douglas Christchurch
Allan Magnus Lyttleton Carstairs James Lichfield St
Allan  George William   Whately St Carter Benjamin Chester St
Allchin Henry Manchester St Carter Benjamin   Chester St
Allen               George St Asaph St Carter James   Chester St
Allfrey         George  Stanmore Road Carter James   Durham St south
Allen                Richard    Oxford Tce Cartman John   Peterborough St
Allison         Charles  Mancester St Cartwright  William Fendalton Rd
Allsop  Charles Lamb Section 14 Town Reserve Caton  John Henry  Ferry Rd
Alport Herbert Edward Market Pl  Armagh St Cawkwell William Oxenforth Sumner Rd
Allwright Harry Lyttleton Caygill James  Durham St
Amy Francis Montreal St Caygill John  Whatley Rd
Anderson  David Clarke Colombo St Champion Isaac Riccarton
Anthony  John Emanuel Madras St North Chapman James Tuam St
Andersen Donald McIntyre Tuam St East Chapman John Allwent Manchester St
Andersen John William Colombo St Charlesworth William Saxon Villa Ferry Rd
Andersen Robert Christchurch Chisnall George Taylor Christchurch
Andersen Thomas Hereford St Chisnall Thomas Colombo and Gloucester St
Andersen John Cashel St Chisnall George Edward Cnr Whatley and Peterborough St
Andersen Musgrave Wroughton Cashel St East Chudley Robert Tuam St
Andrew  John Richards Hereford St Clark Charles  Colombo St South of the Heathcote River
Andrew  Walter Madras St Clark George Oxford Tce
Andrews Samuel Paul Whatley St Clark John     Marton and Colombo St
Andrews John Richard Hereford St Clark Robert   St Asaph St
Angus  John Craib  Cashel St Clarke Robert   Christchurch
Anning  Charles  Barbadoes St Clarke  Samuel   St Asaph St
Anning Frederick  Barbadoes St Clarkson Samuel  Cashel St
Appleyard  Jeremiah  Peterborough St Clepham  Robert   Colombo St
Armitage John  Marton St Clephane             Alexander   Colombo St
Armitage John Francis Hambleton Cottage Tuam St Clephane              Thomas Colombo St
Ashton  John Montreal St Cliff  George   Kilmore St
Atack William Sumner Rd Cliff  James Christchurch
Atkinson John   Colombo St Coates  Giles Colombo St
Atkinson  John Charles Christchurch Cobb Reginald Christchurch
Atkinson  Thomas Christchurch Cockcroft Joseph Christchurch
Atkinson Henry Whatley Rd Coe John  Gloucester St
Attwood William Colombo St Cole Herbert Page Christchurch
Aukland John Salisbury St Cole  John Walker Peterborough St
Austin  Benjamin George  Colombo St Collins  William  Cashel St
Austin  Robert Salisbury St Collins James Hereford St
Aulsebrook John  Colombo St Collins William  South  Town belt
Avey George  Cashel St Connel Ebenezer Colombo St
Axup  Henry  Colombo St Cook Thomas Oxford Tce
Ayers Aaron  Colombo St Cook Charles Papanui Rd
      Cook Charles Christchurch
B Cookson  Isaac Thomas  Green Hammerton Heathcote
Baber  Thomas Primrose Cashel St Cooper  Charles   Christchurch
Back Alexander  Armagh St Cooper  William Binion Christchurch
Backhouse  Joseph Lichfield St Cooper  Thomas Durham St
Baggett  George Devereux Hereford St Corbett William Durham St
Bailey Joseph Christchurch Corbett William Market Square
Bailey Joseph Henry Durham St Corner Edmund John Tuam St
Bailey Samuel Newberry White Hart Hotel Coster John Lewis Opawa
Baker George Christchurch Coton Bentley   Tuam St
Baker Hastings  Cambridge Tce Cotterill George The College
Baker William Simpson Colombo St Coupe Herbert Tuam St
Baker Henry Francis Christchurch Coward John William Smith Christchurch
Baker James George  Christchurch Cowlishaw William Patten  Cashel St
Balcke Augustus Hereford St Cox  Orlando Salisbury St
Baldwin  Fielding Durham St Cox Thomas Cashel St
Baldwin  Joseph Colombo St Coxhead Edwin Osmond College
Ballard  John Frederick Town Belt SW Christchurch Craddock  Michael       St Asaph
Banks Enock Henry  Cnr Montreal and Tuam Cranston John Dobson    Cashel St
Banks Enock   Oxford Tce Crawford James         Madras St
Banks Frederick Riverlaw Near Christchurch Creyke Alfred Richard  Christchurch
Banks James Salisbury St Cricks Joseph St Albans
Banks James Brightwell Christchurch Croft  Archer Charles   Kilmore St
Bannister Robert Elijah Salisbury St Crooks Henry  Salisbury St
Barnes William Henry  George St Crowe William       Halswell
Barker  Alfred Charles Worcester St Cryer Moses Waterfoot Station
Barker Joseph Manchester St Cuddon  William Tuam St
Barnard    Thomas Cashel St Cuff  Cornelius  Christchurch
Barnard  William David Cashel St Cuff   Edwin  Royal Hotel
Barrett  Thomas Halswell River Culbert  William Donald Christchurch
Bartram David William Montreal St South Cullen George  Madras St
Bartrum George Ferry Rd Cunningham Peter Christchurch
Barter  Eli Christchurch East Town Belt Currie Samuel  Madras St
Barwell Samuel Christchurch Currie William Madras St
Bastion John Webb South Town Belt Curtis Thomas James Heathcote Valley
Bates George Cashel St D
Bates Thomas  Tuam St East Dale George Oxford Tce
Bates William Lichfield St Dallas Alexander     Christchurch
Bates William  senior Tuam St Dampier  Christopher   Edward    Waicliffe Port Lyttleton
Bates George Lichfield St Dann Joseph   Papanui
Batt  Edward Cambridge Tce Danvers Cecil  Eugene  Armagh St
Baylee John  Durham St Danvers Danby Horton Armagh St
Baynes Mathias William Peterborough St Davenport William Harry High St
Bealey  John Worcester St Davey   William Wild  Christchurch
Bealey Samuel   Gresford  near Christchurch Davie Cyrus Armagh St
Bear James Percival Ellesmere Davidson Alexander Colombo St south
Beath George Lowe Hereford St Davis  William Marton St
Beeby  Charles Frederick   Colombo St Davis Henry Asher  Christchurch
Beeston Raymond Clacy Gloucester St Davis Richard Christchurch
Beer   Thomas Pope Kilmore St Dawson Robert Antigua St
Beken Thomas Tuam St Day Joseph Ashe Kaiapoi
Bell James Antigua St Day William Lyttleton
Bell Samuel Colombo St Daymond James  St Asaph St west
Benjamin Samuel Colombo St Deacon Rogers Colombo St
Bennett Alexander St Asaph St Deamer William Armagh St
Bennetts Hugh Christchurch Dearnsley Edwin Oxford Tce
Bennett Joseph  Henry Hereford St Dearing Christopher Christchurch
Bentley James Christchurch Dearsley Robert St Asaph St
Bently John Manchester St Dearsley William St Asaph St
Berry Thomas cnr Manchester and Peterborough St Delamain Frederick William Christchurch
Betts Joseph Colombo St Dell  George  Christchurch
Beynon John Allen Worcester St Dempsey George Andrew Tuam St
Beynon  William Melville Worcester St Denham  Edward  Christchurch
Bing Morice Kilmore St Denham  James Christchurch
Binning George Cashel St Denny Joseph At Mr Cooksons Heathcote Valley
Birchall  James Stanley  Chester St Dennis Alfred Kilmore St west
Bird George  Kilmore St Dennistoun Robert Blare Barbadoes St
Bishop Charles Christchurch Dewsbury Benjamin Antigua St
Bishop Charles Wellington Christchurch Dewsbury Benjamin senior Antigua St
Bishop Edward   Brenchley Somerfield Farm Heathcote Dickson Robert Blare Barbadoes St
Bishop Frederick Augustus  Christchurch Ditfoot Christian Tuam St
Blakesley Benjamin Thornley Christchurch Dix John Sumner Rd
Blackie Robert Madras St Dixon John James Chester St
Blakiston Charles Robert Christchurch Dobson Edward  Sumner
Blanchard Henry Pridham Christchurch Dollan John  Chester St
Bleakley Thomas Kilmore St East Doran Alexander William  Christchurch
Bloom David Christchurch Dorsett William George  Cashel St
    Douglas George Broomfield Station River Kowai
William Christchurch Douglas Thomas Kilmore St
Boggis George Colombo St Downs Thomas Madras St
Bonnington Charles Colombo St and Cashel St Doyne William Thomas Christchurch
Booth James Tuam St Doyle Theodore Cashel St              
Booth  George South Town Belt Dransfield Joseph  Lyttleton
Boulton Phillip Baker Christchurch Dry James  St Asaph St
Bowen  Charles Milford Dudley Benjamin Woolley Rangiora
Bowen Charles Christopher Christchurch Dufty Samuel  Oxford Tce
Bowie David  St Asaph St Duncan Andrew  Gloucester St
Bowler Willaim Junior Marine Cottage Lyttleton Dunnage George River Styx
Bowler Frederick Charles Cathedral Square Duncan  Thomas   Smith Christchurch
Bowley John North Bank River Avon Dunlop David Durham St
Bowman James cnr Kilmore and Cramner Square Dunn  William Barbadoes St
Bradwell Albert Thomas Wardle Colombo St Durand Henry Tuam St
Brady  Edward   Manchester St E
Brett De Renzie Kirwee Villa Courtney township Coal Tack Eadie     William  St Asaph St
Brett James  Lincoln Rd Earnshaw  Jonathon Kilmore St
Brice William Colombo St East  Henry Market Place
Briggs Charles Edwin  Christchurch Eastgate William Kent Tuam St
Brightmore William Kilmore St Easton Samuel St Asaph St
Brighting Stephen Saul Sumner Rd Eayre James John Hereford st
Brittan Joseph  Linwood Avonside Edgar Noah Cashel St
Broadly Joseph  Christchurch Eldred William Cashel St
Bromwich Henry Christchurch Ellis Benjamin Ashley Gorge Station
Brock Donald Christchurch Ellman James Boys  North Town belt
Brock John Charles  Christchurch Elvines John Christchurch
Brooker   George senior Cashel St Evans James Armagh St
Brooker   John  Durham St Evans William Willis St
Brooker   Stephen  Kilmore St Evans David Manchester St
Brooker   George        junior Cashel St F
Brooker   George Christchurch Farr                         Samuel Charles  Montreal St
Brooks William  Gloucester St Faulkner   James  Madras St
Brown  Charles Hunter Springs Station Fawcett   James St Asaph St


Frederick Tuam St Fawcett   James Hereford St
Brown  Horace Simpson Christchurch Fawdington William Hereford St
Brown  John Thomas Mount Thomas Station Fereday  Edward Heming  Oakley Station Rakaia River
Brown  John  Tuam St Fereday                             Richard William    Christchurch
Brown  Thomas Kilmore St Fergusson  John  Antigua St
Brownell  Thomas Turner  Papanui Field                             James  Christchurch
Bruce  James Cashel St Field  Strickland Stonestreet   Worcester St
Bruce  Thomas Gloucester St Fielder              Henry Valentine Colombo St
Bruce  George St Asaph St Findley David Temuka
Bruce  Joseph Salisbury St and Montreal St Findley George Madras St
Brunsden Richard  Avonside Fisher William High St
Bryan George Augustus  Whatley Rd Fisher Thomas Oxford Tce
Buchanan Beverley Lyttleton Fisher Thomas Richard  Durham St
Buckley Andrew  Christchurch Fisher William Town Belt North
Bunting  Horatio Lichfield St Fitzgerald James Edward Cashel St
Burke  Michael John Halswell Station Flavel Henry Lichfield St
Burke William Ellison Kilmore St Fleming James Long  Antigua St
Burnell Edwin  Christchurch Fletcher Henry Oxford Tce
Burnell  Henry George Cashel St Fletcher George Colombo St
Burns  William Kilmore St Flint James Armagh St
Burns William Chester St Florance Augustus Durham St
Burrell John Peterborough St Flowers Charles Colombo St south
Burton John Henry  Lichfield St Foley  John Christchurch
Burton  William Montreal St Foley John senior Hereford St east
Bury  Maxwell Hereford St east Foley  Patrick William Hereford St
Bush    William Tuam St Fooks Charles Berjew  The Hermitage Avonside
Bust  Robert Day Gloucester St Ford Edmund North Town Belt
Butcher  James Christchurch Ford William Ambrose Durham St
Butler Gilbert Ferry Rd Ford William Henry Whatley St
Butterfield Isaac Armagh St Forgan Thomas  Cashel St
Button Benjamin Cashel St and Colombo Sth Foster  Henry Osborne Hagley Park
Buxton John  Springfield Rd Foster  Edward Manchester St
Buxton Joseph Shirley Christchurch Fowke  Charles Hereford St
  Fox  John Colombo St
Fox  Henry  Montreal St
Frankish John Davis Colombo St
Franks Francis William Anthony  Colombo St
Fraser Charles Christchurch
Free John Cambridge Tce
Free Joseph Manchester St
Free Thomas junior  Manchester St
Free Thomas Colombo St
Frogett George St Asaph St
Fuchs Joseph Colombo St
Fuller James Antigua St
Fulton Robert Chester St
Furby George Cashel St
Fysh James Henry  Papanui Rd
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