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Church Register Index, Christchurch City Library

Surname: EATON Births, Deaths or Burial dates

Albert Ernest b. 22 December 1885 to Seymour Lyttelton & Eliza of
Leithfield, labourer
Albert b. 23 April 1879 to Seymour Lyttelton & Eliza of
Leithfield, labourer
Alice Maud b. 19 March 1875 to Arthur & Eliza of Lyttelton, labourer
Alice Maud b. 4 April 1888 to Seymour Lyttelton & Eliza of
Leithfield, labourer
Annie Maria b. 5 August 1863 to James & Harriett MILES of
Riccarton, farmer
Arthur bur. 23 March 1905 age 80, of Lyttelton West, labourer
Arthur Daniel b. 1 April 1870 to Arthur & Elizabeth, Lyttelton,
Arthur Daniel bur. 27 April 1872 age 2 years.
Arthur Henry b. 15 December 1880 to Arthur & Eliza of Lyttelton,
Arthur Thomas b. 7 October 1906 to Arthur Henry & Nellie, clerk in
Lands Office
Catherine b. 26 July 1861 to James & Harriett MILES of Ilam,
Charles Henry Roy bur. 12 May 1913 NOK Henry & Emma Maud, Amberley,
age 2 years
Charles James b. 23 August 1866 to James & Harriett
Charles James bur. 5 May 1950 age 83 Linwood Cemetery
Clifford Augustus b. 23 February 1914 to Arthur Henry & Nellie
Dorothy Evelyn b. 25 August 1901 to Caroline Eaton, Samaritin Home
Dorothy Helen b. 19 November 1903 to Percy Seymour & Helen, chemist
Edith b. 2 September 1902 to John & Rebecca, St. Albans
Edith May b. 20 May 1890 to Seymour Lyttelton & Eliza of
Leithfield, labourer
Edward James b. 4 June 1872 to Seymour Lyttelton & Eliza of
Leithfield, labourer
Elizabeth b. 15 December 1864 to Arthur & Elizabeth, Lyttelton
Elizabeth bur. 19 August 1952 age 87, Lyttelton
Elizabeth Ann b. 29 April 1858 to James & Mary ASHBY, Riccarton, gardener
Elizabeth Ann bur. 9 December 1862 to James & Mary age 5 years
Elizabeth Harriett b. 12 May 1859 to James & Harriett, Ilam, gardener
Ellen bur. 18 September 1889, age 29
Eliza bur. 27 February 1936 at Leithfield, age 84, wife of Seymour
Elsie bur. 6 April 1944 age 41
Emily b. 28 July 1869 to James & Harriett, Riccarton, gardener
Emma Maud bur. 21 February 1969 of Amberley, age 90
Eric James b. 29 November 1902 to Charles James & Jean, Merivale, painter.
Eric James bur. 2 January 1903 age 1 mth.
Ernest Ethelbert b. 27 October 1856 to Thomas & Jane Susannah, Ohoka,
Evelyn Kate Lucinda b.4 February 1904 to Arthur Henry & Nellie,
Evelyn Mabel b. 28 November 1900 to Charles James & Jean, Andover St.
Fanny b. 24 November 1853 to James & Mary ASHBY, Riccarton
Fanny bur. 21 February 1855 James & Mary age 1 year
Florence Edith b. to Walter & Edith, bricklayer
Florence Jane b. 23 June 1862 to Thomas & Jane Susannah, Kaiapoi.
Francis Edward b. 11 August 1896 to Charles James & Jean. painter
Frank b. 23 September 1883 to Seymour & Eliza, Leithfield.
Frank Verdun b. 6 January 1917 to Walter & Edith
Gertrude b. 3 February 1894 to Tom & Miriam, Jubilee St. Sydenham
Gladys Winifred b. 17 March 1898 to Charles James & Jean
Harold Charles b. 1 February 1895 to Charles James & Jean
Harriett bur. 20 July 1905 wife of James age 73
Harriett Ellen b. 13 July 1867 to Arthur & Eliza, Lyttelton
Harriett Ellen bur. 22 July 1952 age 85 of Lyttelton.
Hazel Winifred b. 10 November 1928 to Walter & Edith, New Brighton
Henry b.20 November 1855 to James & Mary
Henry b. 1857? James & Mary, Leithfield
Henry bur. 29 December 1973, Amberley age 68
Horace Charles bur. 14 October 1952 age 31 Bromley Cemetery
NOK Mrs M. Eaton Public Works Camp Ealing, mother
James b. 20 November 1855 to James & Mary, Riccarton
James bur. 9 December 1855, James & Mary
James bur. 27 September 1867 age about 68 gardener, Riccarton
James bur 13 September 1915 gardener, age 84
Jane bur. 18 June 1917, Lyttelton West, age 81
Jemima Ann b. 16 March 1861 to James & Mary ASHBY
bur. 8 October 1863 age 2 years 7 months
John Robert bur. 28 February 1957 NOK M.W.Eaton wife, age 61 of
120 George Street, Tinwald. buried Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch.
John Worgan b. 21 February 1865 to Harriett of Lyttelton, child died.
buried 13 March 1865
Martha Matilda bap. 16 February 1851 to James & Mary, Christchurch.
Mary bur. 8 October 1863 NOK James, marr. age 42 res. Riccarton
Mary bur. 29 August 1907, NOK husband. age 43
Maud Seymour b. to Henry Seymour & Abigail WATTS
Noel John Charles Alfred & Ellen Mabel, blacksmith.
Percy G. bur. 16 June 1916 age 32
Richard Augustus bur. 1 July 1913 age 85, Lyttelton West.
Ross Seymour b. 25 August 1922 to Henry Seymour & Abigail
Seymour Lyttelton bap. 16 February 1851 to James & Mary
Trevor Charles b. 7 May 1917 to Charles Alfred & Ellen Mabel, blacksmith
Veronica Maude Whitehouse b. 29 August 1901 to Arthur & Nellie, of
William Henry b. 22 September 1873 to Seymour Lyttelton & Eliza, of
William Michael bur. 4 August 1879 NOK Thomas, father, age 6weeks. Amberley
Church register index Marriages: surname EATON Christchurch City

Alfred Freemantle Eaton & Ellen MATHIESON m. 1 June 1910, at Trinity
Congregational Church, Worcester Street. ages: 42/29,
bachelor/spinster, occupation: Softgoods Buyer/coat maker, born:
Dunedin/Airdrie, Scotland,
parents: Edward F--- & Emily Gates Eaton nee DEADMAN, accountant
Alexander & Susan Mathieson nee DONALDSON Joiner
witness: Percy Seymour Eaton, Addington, chemist. Lily Mathieson,
928 Colombo St.

George HALLIDAY & Alice Maud Eaton m. 14 September 1898 at St.
Saviour's Lyttelton.
ages: 25/23, bach/sp, occ: railway shunter/dressmaker, born:
parents: William & Allison Halliday nee LUDLOW
Arthur & Lucinda Eaton nee CHAMBERS
witness: Stephen Eaton, Lyttelton, labourer,
William COOTE, Lytteton.

Annie Mina Eaton & John Edward JENKINSON m. 3 July 1890 at St.
Michael's, Christchurch, ages: 31/25, bach/sp, occ: boilermaker, born:
parents: John Hartley & Jane Jenkinson nee MATHEWS
James & Harriett Eaton nee MILES, gardener.
witness: J. Eaton, Riccarton, G.H.Golding, Sydenham.

Arthur Eaton & Eliza CHAMBERS marr. 20 February 1864 at the House of
Charles William Chambers, Salts Gully, Lyttelton, both full age,
witness: Charles William Chambers, shipwright, Lyttelton
witness: Richard Augustus Eaton, Dampiers Bay, Lyttelton.

Arthur Henry Eaton & Nellie TATNELL m. at the House of Arthur Eaton,
ages: 20/17, bach/sp, born: Lyttelton/Lyttelton,
parents: Arthur & Eliza Lucinda Eaton nee CHAMBERS
Thomas & Sarah Tatnell nee RABBITT, mariner
witness: Thomas Tatnell, Lyttelton

Arthur Tom Eaton & Augustina Louisa WRIGHT m. 11 May 1909 at
res. of William Wright, Frenh Farm, Banks Peninsula, ages: 26/20, occ:
b. Bristol, England/French Farm,
parents: Tom & Ellen Eaton nee WILCOX storeman
William & Elizabeth Wright nee HARRIS, farmer

Harold MAXWELL & Caroline Eaton m. 9 May 1906 at the res. of Mr. T.
Randolph Street, Woolston. ages: 25/25, bach/sp, occ:
shopkeeper/domestic, born: Dunedin/Amberley
parents: John & Louisa Maxwell nee SHEALS (occ: Cook)
Thomas W. & Annie Eaton nee LONEY (labourer)
witness: Robert Eaton, Woolston, ( moulder),
Ellen Jane Eaton (domestic)

Charles Alfred Eaton & Ellen Maud PRESCOTT m. 5 April 1915 at St.
Saviours, Sydenham,
ages: 26/28, b/sp, born: Wellington/Christchurch,
parents: Frederick & Anne Eaton nee MALLETT bootmaker
John & Jane Prescott nee LOADER
witness: John Prescott, Jane Prescott, Sydenham.

Charles James Eaton & Jean FORBES m. 12 January 1895 at House of Rev.
Erwin , Fendalton. ages: 28/26, occ: painter, born: Riccarton/Oxford, NZ
parents: James & Harriett Eaton
William & Isabella Miles Forbes nee NICOL, tailor

William Robert DUNN & Elizabeth Harriett Eaton m. 25 June 1879 at St.
Peter's, Riccarton,
ages: 32/20, bach/sp, occ: storeman,
witness: James Eaton, Riccarton, gardener.
Charles Curtis, Christchurch, surveyor

Herbert Edward GARRETT & Elizabeth Jane Eaton m. 20 April 1908, at
house of bride's parents, 21 Queen Street, Sydenham. ages: 22/21,
occ:labourer/domestic duties,
born: Wellington/Woodbury
parents: Thomas William & Annie Garrett nee AUCHTERIONIE?
William & Emma Amelia Eaton nee Ralph
witness: John Robert Eaton moulder, 21 Queen Street.

Emil Gustaf GUSTAFSON & Emily Eaton m. 1 December 1915 at St
Michael's, Christchurch, ages: 44/39, bach/sp, born: Norrtroping,
Sweden/Riccarton, Christchurch,
parents: Gustaf Frederick & Johanna Gustafson nee LILJEGREEN railway
James & Harriett Eaton nee MILES
witness: Charles James Eaton, Christchurch, house painter.

Charles TIMMS Ethel Mary Eaton m. 30 September 1902 at St Pauls
Church, Leithfield.
ages: 32/25, occ: labourer/domestic, b. Ascot, Oxfordshire/Leithfield
parents: John & Caroline Timms nee NEWMAN platelayer
George Seymour & Eliza Eaton nee STEVENS
witness: Caroline Timms, Richard Thomas Gillard FORD

John WORGAN & Harriett Eaton m.15 April 1865 at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton.
both full age, widower/spinster, occ: miner
witness: J.B.Stout, Lyttelton, (builder)
Jane Stout wife of J.B.

Henry Eaton & Mary FORD m. 25 December 1880 at St. Pauls, Leithfield,
full age/19, bach/sp, occ: labourer, born: Riccarton/Plymouth, England,
parents: James & Mary Eaton nee Ashby
Thomas & Maria Ford nee POLLARD

Samuel Charles WALFORD & Susan Caroline Eaton m. 7 November 1907 at St
Mary's, Addington, ages: 32/30 occ: butcher, born: Gloucestershire,
England/Geraldine, NZ
parents: Albert & Ellen Walford nee BLAKE (miner)
Thomas & Susannah Eaton nee KIRBY
witness: John Robert Eaton, of Woolston,
Henry George Brunton, Sydenham.
Emily Howard, Marshlands.

Seymour Eaton & Eliza STEVENS m. 21 September 1871 at St. Pauls,
ages: 21/19, bach/sp, occ: flax contractor.

Thomas Eaton & Jane Susannah SMITH m. 3 January 1856 at St. Michaels,
bach/sp, witness: Stephen Payne Smith, Elizabeth Hariett Smith, Mary
Ann Smith.

William Henry Eaton & Nellie OATES m. 26 December 1910 at St.
Michaels, Chch.
bach/sp, b. Leithfield/Greenwich,
parents: Henry & Mary Ann Eaton nee FORD (labourer,)
George & Mercy Oates nee CORNWELL (engine driver)
witness: George Oates (engine driver) Oroma Bridge, Palmeston North,
Emily Barbara Oates, Christchurch, (domestic)

some children I managed to spot.
Henry Thomas BRYAN b. 13 October 1861 res. Rakaia Gorge.
Samuel Charles Walford died 4 October 1916 age 41 of Papanui.
Violet Geraldine Walford b. 25 April 1909 (butcher)
bur. 31 December 1929, age 20
Ruth Walford b. 26 August 1911


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