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(the gold miners mentioned are mostly for the years 1861--1863)

Compliments of Nola Moses

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ALLAN, WILLIAM public vaccinator in Taieri in 1888
ALYWARD, RICHARD lost his life near the shotover in 1863 he was from Ireland aged 26
ANDERSON, JOHN in Central in 1878
ANDREW, JOHN died at north Tairei Feb 1909 age 75
APPLETON, WILLIAM 1889-1958 lived in Central Otago
AYSON,WILLIAM in Central in the gold rush days
AYTON, CHARLES JOHN 1846-1922 goldminer/rabbiter
BAIN, ALEX sold building materials
BALL, ERNEST EXCELL b, 1898 in Naseby. marr Jean Martha Graham 1925
BALL, LUMSDEN KENT b,1899 at Naseby
BALL, ELVA MARY b, 1901 at Naseby. marr, Frank george Kippenbeger 1925
BALL, HAZEL JEAN b, at Naseby 1903
BALL, LOINELLE CONSTANCE b, 1903 at Cromwell..marrm John Butcher 1924
BALL, MYRTLE GRACE b, 1907 at Cromwell..marr Stanley Norman Cotton
BALL, OTHO JOHN b, 1907 at Naseby.
BALL, SARAH died 1914 at Naseby
BALL, FREDERICK ARTHUR died 1929 at Cromwell
BARR, JOHN proprietor of a Hotel in Clutha 1875
BARRINGTON, ALPHONSE arr N.Z 1860s. In 1863 he was a miner on the Shtover river.
BARRY, JOHN a carpenter/Wheelright in Clutha in 1875
BECK, C.P a gold-miner
BEETHAM, R a Gold miner
BELL, FRANCIS dILLON leased a sheep run in the 1850s
BELL, SAMUEL charged with keeping his hotel oped after 10 p.m
BEUFORT, TOM a Stage coach driver
BISHOP, THOMAS was in the tairei area 1895
BLACK, CHARLES F and a brother had sheep runs
BLAKELY, JOHN in Central in 1865
BOREHAM, CHARLES STEPHEN 1857--1925 a Shearer at Ida Valley Station
BOWLER, EDMUND leaseda sheep run in the 1850s
BOYNE, WILLIAM in Central in the gold rush days
BRENT, GEORGE HERBERT bank manager at St Bathans 1887. He resigned in 1893
BROWN, FLORENCE ETHEL b, 6th Oct 1895 at Maniototo died 16th dec 1938 at Ranfurley. Parents were Moses Brown and Lizzie Osborne.
BUNNY, FREDERICK a Postmaster at St Bathans in 1874. He died in 1876. His wife, Mary remarried in 1883
BURNS, ANDREW in Central in the gold rush days
BUTLER, ROBERT b, 1844 a Criminal/Murderer . at Cromwell in 1876
CALDER, MAURICE DAVID born 1901 in Naseby
CAMPBELL, ALLAN.C a Tailor in 1875 at Clutha
CAREW, E.H was a Goldfields Warden
CARGILL, JOHN had a run at Tuapeka
CLARK, PETER a Tailor in 1875
COARD, SAMUEL while gold dredging in 1897 he found one of 3 Moa Eggs found in Central Otago.
COLCLOUGH, C in Cromwell in 1884
COOLEY, SARAH MORRIS 1836-1904.marr Sidney Hadley a miner. Sarah died in 1904 at Arrowtown. Her parents were James and Margaret Cooley.
COWAN, ROBERT a school teacher at St Bathans in 1890
CROWLEY, DANIEL sentenced to pay fines of 20 pounds for resisting arrest
CUDOHY, MICHAEL lost his life as a miner on the shotover in 1863. he was age 24 from Ireland
CUMMINGS, DENNIS b, 1879 and JAMES b, 1885 Police Commissioners
DAY, EDWARD Bread and Biscuit maker
DEVINE, NED a stagecoach driver
DORWARD, WILLIAM JOHN b, Roxburgh Feb 1917
DRAKE, HENRY died 8th May 1925 at Omakau
DUERDEN, RICHARD and ELIZABETH (Pickles) settled in Central Otago
DUNN, THOMAS a Station Cook died in 1864
DUNNE, JOHN Hotel Ptoprietor in 1875
DWALLEY, CLARINDA marr 1876 in Naseby to George Thomas
DYSON, HUMPHERY b, 1826 in Bradford, England..died 25th April 1892 at Arrowtown
ELLIOTT, THOMAS born in Ireland .died 8th May 1917 at Middlemarch
ELLIOTT, ETHEL born 9th Sept 1899 at Middlemarch. parents were Thomas Elliott and Marion Mitchell
ELLISON, DANIEL a gold miner
EWING, JOHN known as the "mining king"at the turn of the century. He was born in Scotland in 1844. came to N.Z 1863 and worked the gold fields. He married widow Mary Bunny in May 1883. John died at Dunedin in 1922
FAHEY, PATRICK lived at St Bathans in 1906. He was from Ireland
FAHEY, HERBERT telegraphist in 1908
FALCONER, JAMES shepherd/farmer from Ettrick
FLETT, JAMES b, 23rd Nov 1881 at Taieri. marr 1920 at Naseby. His parents were George Edwars Flett and Janet McNeill
FRASER, WILLIAM had a sheep run at Tuapeka
FULTON, JAMES had a Homestead in 1861
GALLAGHER, ANTHONY in Central in the late 1880s
GARRETT, HENRY BERESFORD from Australia. arr in 1861. was a bushranger around the goldfields.. He died in 1888 aged 75
GAZZARD, THOMAS arr N.Z 1874 with his father Daniel
GEEDES, GRACE lived in Central Otago
GILBERT, JOHN drowned in 1862
GILKISON, ROBERT 1862--1942 born in Glasgow. He lived in Clyde until 1903. He was the author of sveral books
GLEESON, PATRICK drowned in the Shoover river
GRAHAM, JOHN a mail man in the gold rush days
GRETTON, SAMUEL lost his life at the Shotover in 1863
GRIGOR, ROBERT a storekeeper
HALL, ELIZA ALLAN born 27th Oct 1892 at Lawrence died 1968 at Dunedin. Parents were John Hall and Eliza Allan from Ireland
HALL, THOMAS STRONG born 1882 at Lawrence. a brother to Eliza. marr in 1911. died at Auckland May 1941
HANRAN, PATRICK FRANCIS was a gold prospector at Gabriels. he returned to Australia and marr Mary Ann Ogle.
HARPER, ROBERT marr Margaret Drummond at Middlemarch. Robert was from Ireland and arr in the 1890s
HAZLETT, JAMES a Clyde store keeper
HERBERT, EDWARD had a store at gabriels 1862
HOAD, R.W killed by a fall from a horse.Fell on a knife he was carrying in his pocket
HOGG, JAMES a watchmaker
HOLDEN,CHARLES and ESTHER TAYLOR arr N.Z in 1866, settled in Dunstan and Cromwell and had 11 children
HORNBUCKLE, JOHN lost his life in 1863. he was a miner
HUTCHINS, G.W a Chemist at Kaitangata
JACK, GEORGE. was a miner who lost his life in 1863
JAMIE, JOHN a Watchmaker
JOLLY, DAVID A opened a store at Cromwell in 1869
KEDDELL, JACKSON appointed police commissioner at Dunstan in 1862
KEENAN, THOMAS a Butcher in St Bathans,later a farmer. In 1904 he became bedridden, due to a stroke. (from the otago daily times 18th Sept 1904)
KELLIHER, HERBERT WILLIAM b, 1908 Central Otago.
KILGOUR, A ran a bread and biscuit factory
KILMINSTER, JOHN there in the gold rush days
KING, ADAM a butcher at Kaitangata.
LANGE, FREDERICK storekeeper
LIDDELL, A in Central in the gold rush days
LOW, THOMAS a Gold miner
LOW, JOHN a saddler at Kaitangata
McDEVITT, JOSEPH occupied the original "Vulcon Hotel" at St Bathans from 1912-1922
McDONALD, MALCOLM retired farmer of Omakau died suddenly, while on a train , in Nov 1914
McGREGOR, JOHN a gold miner
McGREGOR, FRANK mail coach driver in 1903
McKINLAY, ARCHIBALD had a small store at Gabriels in 1862
McLEAN, JOHN leased a sheep run in the 1850s
McLEAN, ALLAN and ROBERT brothers of John. Obtained 450,000 acres and named it "Morven Hills" in 1858
McLENNAN, MARGARET born in Outram abt 1860. parents were John and Margaret (Stoddart)
McLENNAN, ANNIE marr in Sept 1885 at Maniototo
McNEIL, JOHN ran a Hotel
MACFARLANE, DUNCAN in central in 1878
MADIGAN, MICHAEL in Grabriels in 1862.
MADIGAN, PATRICK came to Gabriels with a brother . He was born Ireland. they went to the U.S.A 1st then followed the gold rush to Victoria and on to Otago. Patrick went to Nelson and married Emily Holyoake in 1866
MALONEY,WILLIAM ran a accommodation House in 1862
MARSHALL, G.N born in Outram.15th May 1915. He was wounded in ww2 in Nov 26th 1941.
MEIKLE, JAMES marr Annie Bolger abt 1869 in Naseby
MILLER, MATTHEW a Run Holder of "Popotunoa" in 1861
MINER, JOHN went missing in the shotover area in 1863 age 23 from Ireland
MITCHELL, JAMES drowned in May 1869
MITCHELL, MARION born in Scotland. died Aug 1925 at Middlemarch
MOONEY, PATRICK from Ireland. arr N.Z abt 1867/68
MORRISSEY, NED a Irishman . dissapeared, presumed murdered in the gold rush days.
MARTIMER, JOSEPH lost his life at the Shotover in 1863
MOYLE, SAMUEL in Shotover ares in 1863
MOYLE, FRANK in Central in the gold rush days
MUIR, JOHN in Central in 1878
MURISON, JAMES and W.D leased sheep runs in the 1850s
NICHOLSON, CHARLIE from Victoria to gabriels in 1861. He opened a store at ettrick and spent most of his life there
NICOLSON, NEIL marr in 1897 to a daughter of Patrick Fahey. Lake Nicolson is named after him
NIEPER, CHARLIE had a Hotel and butcher shop in the 1860s
NOAKE, REGINALD Postmaster in Central 1908-1919. He then went to Wakefield.
NORMAN, H wife and 2 children buried at hawea Juntion
OLIVER, JAMES marr (Mrs) Mary Connor in Lawrence in 1888
ORR, ERNEST JOHN b, 1920 at Cromwell
PARKER, WILLIAM a gold-miner
PARSONS, TOM a stagecoach driver
PAULEY, JACK resident of St Bathans
PEACOCK, LUCY.E born July 1907 at Arrowtown died Oct 1974 at Invercargill
PHELAN, JOHN in Central in 1878
POOL, FLORENCE GERTRUDE b, 10th Dec 1886 at Roxburgh
POOLE, JACK resident of St Bathans
POTTER, J.L gold miner in 1861
PYLE, FRANK owned "Hawkdun Station" for abt 50 years.
PYLE, WILLIAM was in St Bathans
RATTRAY, JAMES a Blacksmith
RAVENWOOD, HENRY came to Naseby in 1865
REES, W.G built his home in 1860 at Queenstown Bay
REEVES, CHARLOTTE lived in central Otago
REID, DONALD a Solicitor
REID, ROBERT JOHN born in Arrowtown Oct 1924
REIDY, JAMES born Feb 1872 at Tuapeka Flat. marr Margery Ann Saddler (b, 1872)
RIGNEY, WILLIAM a gold-miner
ROBB, JANET d, 14th Oct 1941 at Alexandra aged 73
ROBERTS, MURRAY was in Bannockburn in 1889
ROBERTSON, JAMES Mayor of Lawrence in 1911
ROBERTSON, JOSEPH Hotel proprietor
ROBERTSON, PETER was a shepherd on John Cargills run
ROBINSON, H.W a Goldfields-warden
ROBINSON, JOHN ALEXANDER born 1901 at Lawrence
ROYDS, CUTHBERT JOHN became a bank manager at St Bathans in 1893. He was from Invercargill
SAMPSON, JAMES a Store keeper at Alexandra
SAVAGE, MATILDA born 1867 in Alexandra
SCOTT, JAMES LYELL born in Scotland a gold miner
SCULLY, WILLIAM born Ireland abt 1817. was a gold-miner in Central
SCULLY, ELLEN died 1st April 1875 aged 29. buried at Cromwell. Also , her children buried there too. Matilda d, 30th April 1873 aged 11 months..John d, 27th March 1874 aged 7..Mary d, 2nd April 1874 aged 5..Sarah d, 7th April 1874 age 6..Daniel d, 7th April age 3.
SEGUIN, WILLIAM JAMES born 1867 at East Taieri
SHENNAN, WATSONand ALEXANDER arr otago in Oct 1857 from Scotland and set up a sheep run in 1858
SHORTHOUSE,Mr had a store in Queenstown SIMPSON, W.L a Goldfields Warden
SLOAN, JAMES b, abt 1812 in ireland. d, Dec 1898 at Iad Balley. He was marr to Mary Shields. They had 5 children.
SLOAN, JOHN marr Sarah McNally.
SLOAN, JAMES marr Ellen Hastings
SLOAN, PATRICK WILLIAM b, abt 1870 died 1876 at Ida Valley.
SLOAN, MARY JANE marr Thomas Anderson Aug 28th at Ida Valley
SLOAN, ELLEN b, 1873 Dunstan marr George Button.
SMITH, F of the Diggers Rest Hotel
SPRATT, WALTER JAMES deid as a result of an accident at Outram in 1915. He was aged 39
STEWART, JOHN died in 1863
STEWART, WILLIAM a Paperhanger in 1875
STRODE, Mr took up a sheep station in the 1860s
TALBOYS, WILLIAM a Cromwell storekeeper
TALLENTIRE, HENRY marr Daisy Elliott in Middlemarch in Aug 1921
THEYERS, WILLIAM a store keeper
THURLOW, WILLIAM and JOHN came to Otago in 1861 from England. via Victoria.
TOMS, SAMUEL b, 1864 at Tuapeka
TOMS, WILLIAM HENRY b, 1866 at Gabriels
TOMS, GRACE ANN b, 1875 at Cromwell
TOMS, ELIZABETH b, 1876 at Cromwell
TOMS, LUCY b, 1879 at cromwell
TOMS, RICHARD b, 1883 at Cromwell
TOWNSEND, MICHAEL lost his life at the Shoover in 1863. He was age 27 from Ireland
TURNER, SAMUEL mine manager at St Bathans
WADDELL, JAMES appointed vaccination inspector at East Taieri
WALDRON, Mr and Mrs HERBERT at St Bathans. They were inviolved in the sheep business
WALKER, THOMAS married Janet Robb in Alexandra in Nov 1896
WALLINGTON, ETHEL ISABEL b, abt 1891 at Matakanui d, 17th May 1950
WALSH, EDWARD died 1875 at Gabriels
WALSH, WILLIAM d,1878 at Gabriels
WALSH, JOHN d, 1892 at Naseby
WALSH, ALBERT d, 1895 at Cromwell
WEAVER, CHARLES while working a gold dredge, found a Moa Egg in 1897. The last of 3 eggs found was by a Rabbiter in Ettrick in 1911
WILDREDGE, JOHN a gold miner
WILKINSON, THOMAS married a Miss Hanger of St Bathans in 1884
WILKINSON, JOHN married Jane Mary Hanrahan of St Bathans. He was a Cabinet Maker
WILSON, THOMAS was a shepherd, then a farmer. He was born abt 1839
WILSON, WILLIAM and SAMUEL lost their lives at the Shotover in 1863
WINNIFRED, G. in Naseby in 1888
WRIGHT, DAVID McKEE was a rabbiter working at "Puketoi Station" in 1895
WOOD, NUGENT a Magistrate
WOOD, EDWARD CHARLES in Central 1871 & 77
WOOD, JOHN arr N.Z 1863 from ireland. mined at the Shotover before moving on to the West Coast. Finally settling in Southland
YOUNG,HARRY a gold miner
YOUNG, ROBERT a Constable at St Bathans in 1912
YORSTON, Mr was a teacher at St Bathans. Mrs Yorston became a teacher in 1873
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