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Some early GOLDEN-BAY names ( this information has been taken from various sources ..every care has been taken with this list ,but mistakes could of been made. It is, by no means a complete list, but serves as a starting point for people seeking their ancestors.
Golden Bay was called Massacre Bay, Collingwood was called Gibbstown.
ABBOTT, HENRY store keeper & Publican 1859..stock agent in Takaka 1866.
ADAMS, THOMAS goldminer at Aorere in the 1850,s
ADAMS, GEORGE (Black George) a gold-miner, a Butcher.
ADDISON, WILLIAM was a packer at Collingwood. he was marr to Eveline Cook in 1902
ADDISON, CECIL HENRY b, 6th May 1908 at Collingwood. died 24th Dec at Mangarakau.. He was the 3rd son of Billy and Eveline Addison.
ADDISON, LILIAN EMMA b, 27th march 1903 at Collingwood died Waimate, South Canterbury 1976. Lilian was the dau of William John Addison & Eveline Cook.
ALLAN, WILLIAM a pioneer farmer in the Bainham district. He died in 1956 at the age of 96.
ALLAN, GEORGE HENRY (Buster)took over as proprietor of the "Golden Bay argus" in 1891.. which had been estab in 1883 by T.J Metcalfe.
ALLAN, DICK ( R.N) a bootmaker in Collingwood. Later he had a store , his sons Nugent & Bill were well known in the district.
ANGUS, DAVE a miner in 1891.
ASKEW, T store-keeper and publican Takaka 1859
AVERY, HARRY a goldminer. Harry and his sister died as a results of burns from a fire.
BAIGENT, THOMAS JOHN b, 27th July 1849 d, 19th May 1910. marr Alice best 23rd Nov 1875. They lived in Takaka where Thomas and brother Henry established a saw-milling business in 1873.
BAIGENT, WILLIAM CHARLES 1857-1939 He is buried at East Takaka
BAIGENT, ANNIE LOUISA marr Howard (Bob) Taylor 16th march 1948 at Takaka
BAIRD, J builder at Motupipi in 1859
BAIN, JOHN a Bainham farmer. He built an accomadation house at Bainham in 1887
BALL, FRED STIMPSON b, 1902 at Takaka. marr in 1926 to Mary Esther Hayward
BANFIELD, CLEMENT HARVEY laeased abt 150 acres of land on the Takaka Hill in 1877. He was marr to Alice HOLYOAKE in 1872.
BARNETT, W a Tailor at Takaka in 1859
BARNETT, WILLIAM marr Sara Ann Plumridge in 1856. (Sara Ann is said to have been a half-sister to Queen Victoria) They farmed in Takaka and reared 9 children. In April 1877 William was appointed Post Master at East Takaka. When his health force him to give it up Sara-Ann took over as postmistress till 1901.
BARNETT, CHARLES EDWARD b, 1859 Takaka. son of William Barnett & Sara Ann Plumridge.. Charles marr Rose Anne Amelia Fowler 1st Feb 1882.Charles brought a farm in Upper Takaka. In the 1890s he sold and moved to Riwkaka. In the years of ww1 Thomas moved again to a farm in Riwaka
BARNES, H owner of a hotel in Collingwood in 1859
BASSETT, JOHN was the manager of the Parapara River mining Company
BASSETT, STAN marr Leila Small.
BATCHELOR, T.C on the goldfields in 1859
BATE, brothers TOM & HENRY lived in Upper Takaka and worked for the Road boards in the 1870s.
BATE, IVY PENELOPE b, 1891 at Upper Takaka died in Auckland. marr Robert Cleaver ANCELL (b 1890 Nelson). They married in Waikato.
BAY, WILLIAM OTTO marr 23rd Dec 1939 to Emily Jane JAMES. William was the son of Otto Bay & Frances Henrietta Wells. William & Emilys children were
BAY, ELLEN RITA b, 19th March 1941.. Ellen was a school teacher.
BAY, MARGARET GRACE b, 11th sept 1942 collingwood. marr Brain Norman Gibbs 31st Dec 1984.
BAY, PHILLIP STEPHEN b, 11th Oct 1944 at Takaka, marr at Blenheim 25th Feb 1967 to Helen Andrea Wall.
BAY, PATRICIA ANN b, 22nd March 1946 Takaka marr at Wellington 2nd Jan 1977 to Basil John Wakelin.
BAY, JUDITH ISOBEL b, 6th July at Collingwood marr 17th Aug 1968 to Gary John Andrews.
BAY, JAMES HUGH b, 31st dec 1949 at Takaka marr Pauline Joy Betts 28th Aug 1971.2nd marriage to Jane Anderson.
BEARDMORE, JOSEPH COPE b, 1871 Takaka. His parents were Joseph & Jane.
BEARDMORE, AMY JANE from Takaka, marr Charles Best.
BEAUCHAMP, J.W.C a Surveyor in 1859
BENNETT, GEORGE at Patarau in 1907.
BERRY, F.T owner of a Hotel in Collingwood in 1859
BERRY, WARDEN and his father ARTHUR were farmers.
BIRD, FRANK brought his Engilsh bride Sara Eva Letten home to Golden Bay. Frank had been wounded at Gallipoli and sent toHospital in Hornchurch, England. One of his nurses was Sara Letten who lived near by. They travelled back to N.Z with their baby daughter on a troopship in 1919.
BISHOP, JOHN FREDERICK b, 4th Aug 1873 Collingwood. d, 16th Jul 1948 Feilding Parents were John Bishop & Mary Sarah Berry.
BOGGIS, GEORGE lived in the Collingwood area. Mrs Boggis was drowned in the Aorere river. George was marr to Sarah Sharp in Nelson 5th sept 1887
BOYCE, ANN b, at Motupipi abt 1874 marr Cecil Augustus Nicholl
BRACE, DURHAM JOSEPH was a wine and spirit merchant in Collingwood in 1869
BRAY, JACK a ex-miner lived at Bainham
BRICE, J a Butcher at Collingwood 1859
BRIDGER, CLAUDE b, 1945 worked at Tarakohe Cement Works. Later moved to Motueka. Claude marr in 1919 to Vera Hickmott.He served in ww1.
BROWN, DAVE a miner in 1891
BRUCE, J.D a bricklayer at Collingwood in 1871
BRUCE, WILLIAM EDWARD b, 25th Aug 1901 lived in Takaka
BRYNE, PATRICK HENRY b, 17th March 1924 at Takaka. son of Henry Arthur & Ellen (nee Dennehy)
BUCHANAN, NOEL & JANET lived at Patarau.They arrived there in 1897
BURFORD, J.C lived in the Collingwood area in the 1890,s
BURNETT, J land Surveyor at Motupipi in 1859
BURT, FREDERICK R in the area in 1895
BURT, H.W storekeeper at Motupipi in 1859.
CALDWELL, T.P in the Collingwood area in 1857
CALDWELL, W.S.O died June 1901 at feilding. He was from Parapara.
CAMPBELL, P store keeper and publican at takaka 1859
CAMPION, MICHAEL died 25th Dec 1873. buried at Takaka
CANN, ROBERT b, in the 1850,s at Takaka. marr Ellen Brunton Scott 24th July 1873..
CANN, WILLIAM MATHEWS & JOHN DAVID brothers sons of Robert & Ellen
CANN, J a Bricklayer at Collingwood in 1859
CAVANAGH, WILLIAM THOMAS b, abt 1877 in Golden Bay
CEDERMAN, GOTHERD owned a farm in the early days.
CHRISTISON, P a Baker at Slate river 1859
CLEAR, ALBERT in the Kaituna area in the 1890s
CLEAR, ARTHUR was living in Collingwood in the 1900s
CODRINGTON Rev R.H was appointed to take care of the Golden Bay Missionary District in 1860.
COFFEE, JAMES a miner in the 1880s
COLLINS, J a Shoemaker at Collingwood 1859
COOK, WILLIAM was born at berkshire, England 7th March 1839. he died 27th July 1916 at Collingwood. He married Susannah Horton ( parents were John Horton & Phoebe Curtis) Susannah was b, 27th Aug 1851 at Nelson and died 26th Sept 1925 Golden Bay.. some of their children are
1,.COOK, EVELINE b, 20th July 1880 Golden Bay d, 10th Aug 1943 ChCh. She marr William John Addison 29th Jan 1902 at Bainham.
2..COOK, LOUISA b, 23rd June 1881 Golden Bay d, 29th June 1962 at Richmond, Nelson.She marr Tukiaka ISAAC 6th Feb 1901 at Bainham. A son Wilfred Henry was born at Bainham 24th Dec 1902. Wilfred d, 9th July 1941 Nelson Hospital.and is buried at Collingwood.
3..COOK,PHOEBE b, 22nd Oct 1882 Golden Bay d, 6th Sept 1957 at Nelson. she was married to Benjamin Alexander LOVELL 8th June 1899 at Collingwood. Benjamin was b, at Greymouth 1876 and die Nov 1945 in Auckland.. Phoebe,s 2nd marriage was toWilliam Henry Sheppard abt 1947 in ChCh.
4.. COOK, MABEL b, 29th Dec 1885 Golden Bay d, 16th Sept 1900 Collingwood
5..COOK, EDWARD b, 10th dec 1887 d, 13th dec 1887.
6 .COOK, CLAUDE CECIL b, 28th June 1889 Golden Bay d, 11th May 1936 Nelson Hospital
6..COOK, ARTHUR b, 29th May 1891 Golden Bay.Arthur marr Esther Elizabeth Walsh 23rd Jan 1924 in Auckland
COOPER, CHARLES & JULIA ran a sawmill at Bainham in the 1890s
COSTER, T Shoemaker at Takaka in 1859
COTTIER, PETER ran a Billard Saloon in Collingwood in 1880,s
COTTON, ALFRED marr FANNY HAWKINS at Kaituna on 4th April 1903.
COWIN brothers Farmers.
CROOK, CHARLIE worked at the Pakawau Coal mine
CROOK, JANE b, 7th Jan 1895 at Ferntown. The 8th child of William Crook (a miner) & Jane Appleyard.Jane marr Francis Harold Devanny (a miner) in 1911. They had 3 children Harold (known as Karl) b, 1912..Patricia b, 1913 and Erin b, 1915..
CROOKS, J had the Golden Age hotel in Collingwood in 1859
CROUCHER, Miss a school teacher at Rockville in 1887
CROWTHER, WILLIAM in the Collingwood area in 1857
CROUCHER, BILLY a Flax-mill worker 1906.
CURNOW, FREDERICK JAMES b, 8th Feb 1868 Collingwood. d, 4th Oct 1942 Tauranga.Fredericks parents were William Henry Curnow & Helen Charlotte Berry.
CURNOW, CHARLIE worked at the Pakawau Coal Mine.
CURNOW, CECELIA WINNIFRED b, 19th Oct 1898 Kaituna..d, 17th Oct 1976 Wellington. Cecelia was marr in Hamilton to Harry George GRIGGS on 11th Nov 1925
CURRIE, JAMES a Baker at Collingwood 1859
CURRIN, REGINALD CLAUDE b, 2nd Oct 1884 at Wakefield. marr 1904 at Collingwood to Louisa Graham. Reg died at Hamilton 7th May 1981. Louisa was b, 10th April 1872 at Collingwood & d, 1958 Manurewa.
CURRIN, HAROLD EDWARD REGINALD b, 25th Jan 1905 Bainham. marr Evelyn Annie Aston 28th Jan 1926 at Hamilton.. Annie was born in England.
CURRIN, NORMAN GROSS b, 15th Aug 1906 Collingwood.marr Zita Marie JOYCE Zita was b, 1906 d, 1967.
CURRIN, EMILY LOUISA b, 24th March 1891 Collingwood. died at Nelson 3rd July 1986.She was marr to James King at Wanganui
CURRIN, GLADYS ROSE b, 24th Jan 1901 Collingwood..marr 19th Jan 1921 at Wellington to Simon Phillips.
CURTIS, G had the Aorere Hotel in 1859 was also a storekeeper.
DABINETT, Lighthouse keeper
DALL, JAMES lived in the Collingwood area. He was from Yorkshire
DARBY, W civil engineer 1888.
DEW, S.J was a clerk in 1895 at Collingwood.
DIAMOND, WILLIAM & JOHANNE (nee THOMPSON) were living at Rockville 1889
DIAMOND, EDNA PAULINE b, 13th march 1906 at Rockville.d, 4th Nov 1980 Collingwood. marr Wilfred Henry Isaac 27th June 1928 at Rockville. marr again to Lawrence Harwood 10th June 1944.
DOUGLAS, TOM a miner in 1891
DRUGGAN, GEORGE at the Slate River in 1901.
DRUMMOND, DANIEL 7th child of John and Marjory Drummond. Spent some time at the Aorere goldfields before settling at the Moutere. he married Jane TANNANT in 1885.
DRUMMOND, WALTER STANLEY 5th son & 11th child of Ernest & Dinah (York) Drummond. worked for the Ministry of Works in Takaka from 1941. He marr Muriel Fowler in 1933 and reared 6 children. In 1962 he brought the "Junction Hotel"
DURDON, JAMES a goldminer from Australia who died August 27th 1872 and is buried near Anatori.
EDGAR brothers had a coach-building and blacksmith business in Takaka abt 1906
ELLIS, JOHN 1817-1908 discovered gold at Collingwood.
ELLIS, CAROLINE (Williams) d, 25th July 1907, Collingwood. wife of John Ellis
ELLIS, M.A a Carrier in Collingwood 1859
ELLIS, M shoemaker in 1872. Hotel owner at Collingwood in 1887
ELLIS, RICHARD owned a butcher shop at Collingwood. It was destroyed by fire in 1904
EMMS, WILLIAM ROBERT (1833-1901) was born in Norfolk,England . he married Amelia Emma JONES(1844-1902) in Nelson in 1866. They settled in Takaka and had 9 children. ARTHUR 1865-1929...SARAH-ANN 1867-1935...EMMA CHARLOTTE(1868-1915)...WILLIAM HARDING(1871-1961)...FREDERICK OLIVER b, 1873....ROBERT HENRY (1876-1950)...EDITH MARY (1878-1901)...ERNESR GEORGE (1880-1900)...CHRISTOPHER FRANK (1883-1905)...
ENGLAND, JACK at Paturau in the 1900,s
EVANS, J a tailor at Collingwood 1859
EVERETT, EDWARD in the Collingwood area in 1857
EVERETT, ATHALIE BARBARA b, 29th Nov 1929 Takaka. marr Malcolm Cargo 2nd Aug 1952 at Temuka.
EVERETT, PETER b, 2nd Nov 1931 at Takaka
EVERETT, SHIRLEY ANN b, 6th Aug 1939 Takaka.
EVES, GEORGE JOHN 1862-1916 marr Mary Jane Beardmore and they lived in Takaka with their three children, Elsie, Eileen & Cuthbert
EXCELL, SIDNEY WILLIAM was a Labourer in Takaka in 1915
EXTON, TIMOTHY & ANN-AMELIA were living in Collingwood in the 1900s
EXTON, HAROLD & FLORENCE farmed in the Collingwood area.
EXTON, ELLEN (Nellie) marr Arthur Page.
FEARY, BERTRAM EDWARD. b, 1885. was a farmer in Takaka.
FIELD, FREDERICK WILLIAM b, at Pakawau in 1870 marr AMELIA DIAMOND . They lived at Rockville.Fred worked in the Pakawau Coal Mine
FALCONER, F.W owned the Rockville Store in the early 1900,s
FALCONER, FRANCIS brought the Rockville Dairy Factory in 1904
FEARY, HORATIO JOHN b, 1883 in Takakad, 1975 in Nelson.
FEARY, BERTRAM EDWARD b, 1885 Takaka. d, May 1952 Takaka. never married
FEARY, HUGH b, 16th sept 1877 Takaka.
FEARY, KEMSTER HOWARD b, 1888 Takaka d, Sept 1947 Nelson. was marr to Delcie Anita BENSEMANN
FELLOWES, ROBERT of takaka in 1860
FERGUSON, HUGH lived at Pakawau in the 1890,s
FIELD, FRED was in the a.m.p show with his winning horse in 1913.
FIELD, OLIVE was born in 1905.
FIELD, BERTA a school girl in 1913
FIELD, LAURIE at school in Rockville in 1909
FISHER, J district constable in Collingwood in 1870
FISHER, HARRY He cooked for the Flaxmill workers abt 1906 at Patuarau
FLETCHER Bros Collingwood Butchers 1890,s
FLETCHER, JOHN E Harbourmaster in 1883.a accountant at Collingwood in 1884.
FLETCHER, JOSEPH b, abt 1855 Collingwood. marr Mary Louise Riley
FLOWERS,CEDRIC GEORGE b, 22nd July 1923 at Collingwood. d, 25th nov Hamilton. Cedric,s parents were Arthur Flowers(1876- 1959) & Malvina Harvey.
FLOWERS, JACK a sheep farmer near Collingwood.
FLOWERS, JAMES was a foreman of a Stamper battery in 1900.
FLOWERS, FRANK worked in the Pakawau Coal Mine
FOLWELL, JOE. a miner who died in 1906.
FOWLER, JAMES & ELLEN ( Duncan) lived in Golden Bay. James was b, 27th Jan 1833.
FRANK, PETER d, 1890 and is buried at Takaka
FRANKLYN , RITA THELMA bapt at Collingwood in 1913.
GASKIN, Rev RICHARD drowned while crossing the Aorere river in September 1872.
GIBBONS, JOHN PERCY b, 16th april 1880 at Takaka.son of John Gibbons & Isabella Walker.. John Percy (Perce) marr Myrtle Frances Norriss 10th Dec 1913. He worked as a farmhand and stockman for abt 10 years at Maruia. In 1916 they moved back to Takaka where he and 3 brothers set up a saw-mill that operated till 1923. He later worked as a road-man in Takaka. Myrtle d, 6th July 1981..John d, 25th March 1948..
GIBBONS, WALTER HERBERT b, 18th July 1913 Takaka marr in Wellington 3rd Feb 1945 to Patricia Joan Hunt.
GIBBONS, DARCY b, 18th Nov 1921 Takaka He was a Truck-Driver before becoming a Farmer. He marr Rilla Edith Cooper.
GIBBONS, ZOE FRANCES b, 29th May 1923 Takaka. marr at Takaka 9th June 1945 to Walter keith Taylor. Walter was b, at Wakefield. son of John Henry Taylor & Mary Stent. Walter & Zoe retired to Westport..
GIBBS, WILLIAM took up residence on the east side of the Aorere rivermouth in 1855.later moved to Totaranui. Founder of Gibbstown (Collingwood)
GILES, FRANK was a underground mine manager in 1897.
GILSTROM, CHARLIE a miner in the 1870s.
GLEDHILL, W had a hotel at Collingwood in 1889 William was b, 9th Nov 1853 in Nelson and d, 17th Jan 1920 at Takaka
GOULAND, HENRY GODFREY was appointed coroner at Massacre Bay in 1858
GRAHAM, T a Blacksmith at Collingwood in 1871
GRAHAM, G in Collingwood in 1883
GRANT, GEORGE owned a store at Rockville in 1902.
GRANT, WILLIAM arr at Ferntown,in the 1880s. He estab a saw-mill at Aorere & Rockville. He was from Scotland.
HAACK, GLADYS CATHERINE marr Arthur Cook in Collingwood 26th Feb 1914,
HAINES, CLARA THERESA b, 1869 at Takaka
HAINES, HENRY AUGUSTUS b, 1876 in Takaka
HALCOMBE, Rev C.H.J. in the area in 1865. a School master in 1871
HALDANE, JOHN born 6th Nov 1858 at Takaka d, 27th Nov 1936 in Australia. His parents were William Haldane & Margaret Black. John was married to Eliza Mary HARRIS
HALDANE, ROBERT BLACKWOOD son of William & Margaret was b, 13th June 1864 at Takaka. He marr Annie McCallum . He died in Queensland, Australia on 23rd Oct 1952.
HALDANE, ANDREW in Bainham in the 1900s
HALL, WILLIAM bapt in Collingwood in 1913.
HAMBROOK, G on the diggings in 1859
HARCUS, W owner of a hotel at Collingwood in 1859
HARVEY, FREDERICK & FANNY (nee Kenning) were living in the Collingwood area in the 1880s. They had 9 children
HARVEY, brothers FRED,PERCY, BILL, HARRY & CHARLIE sons of the above. Fred and Percy died in France ww1..Charlie died in Belgium ww1. Bill arr home from ww1, but later died as a result of his wounds.
HARVEY, MALVINA b, at Collingwood. dau of John William Harvey & Annie Burnett. She marr Arthur Flowers. Malvina died at Collingwood.
HARVEY, TOM a son of Abraham Harvey lived in Collingwood . ABRAHAM maintained a ferry boat in 1870.
HARWOOD, LAWRENCE b, abt 1902 at Rockville.
HAWKINS, GEORGE at school at Rockville in 1909
HAYS,J.R a merchant at Collingwood 1859
HENMAN, JACK at school at Rockville in 1909
HERRICK, ROBIN TENNANT b, 1940 at Takaka
HESLOP, G a mine manager in 1887
HESLOP, HAROLD b, abt 1888 at Puramahoi. marr May Prussing . May was b, 28th Nov 1892.
HICKMOTT, THOMAS b, in London arr Nelson 1875. marr Lilly Cordelia Fowler 30th Sept 1896. Tom went into a farming partnership with his brothers George & Jack. In 1905 Tom sold his share and moved to a small farmlet on the outskirts of Takaka
HICKMOTT, ARTHUR b, 28th June 1901 d, 26th June 1974. Arthur was b, in Collingwood.marr Violet Maria May Permant. They later retired to Motueka.
HICKMOTT, GEORGE & CLARISSA lived at Aorere with their 10 children. They arr N.Z in 1875.
HICKS, J store keeper and publican at Takaka in 1859
HIGGINS, W Inspector of roads at collingwood in 1859
HILL, KENNETH LYELL b, 28th Aug 1932 Takaka marr Dawn Edith GREIG 17th Sept 1935 at Takaka. Kenneth was a farmer
HOLYOAKE, RICHARD Jnr worked on the Goldfieds for awhile.
HOLYOAKE, HARVEY CLIFTON JACKA was granted 202 acres of land on the Takaka Hill. Outcrops of marble were on the land and this was cut into slabs and used on the building of Parliment House in Wellington.
HORNBY, J on the diggings in 1859
HORNIMAN, F.C was in Takaka in 1866
HORTON, JOHN b, 18th June 1815 at Warwick, England died 9th Aug 1890 at Motupipi
HORTON, PHOEBE wife of John d, 13th Oct 1903 at Motupipi. She had been born 12th Nov 1824 in Warwick, England..
HORTON, SUSANNAH marr David McCracken 12th Dec 1873 at Takaka.She marr again to William Cook..
HOULT, CLIFFORD JAMES b, 25th Aug 1897. marr Constance Fairhall. They lived in Takaka
HYLAND, THOMAS of Takaka , marr Winnifred Lucy Eves. They had a son Eric, who died young.
IORNS,ERNEST & CLARA (nee James) were living in Collingwood in the 1900s They ran a Bakery and Boarding House .
IORNS, HERBERT CLIFFORD marr Emily Ethel ROBINSON 26th July 1916.
IORNS, RALPH marr Effie Solly.
IRVINE, E a baker at Golden Gully in 1859
IVES, HORACE b, 20th Nov 1891. Wounded in ww1. marr to Ellen Phoebe Skilton. They lived in Golden Bay.
JAMES, JOHN & MARY-ANN pioneer settlers at Aorere. arr 1856. John was 11 years old when he arr in Nelson on the Fifeshire in 1842. His father James had died on the way out.
JAMES, EMMA born in Collingwood in 1862.
JAMES, CLEM, HATTIE & WILL at school in Rockville in 1909
JAMES, RALPH VINCENT of Collingwood fought in the Boer War
JAMES, FLORENCE marr Jock Grant
JEFFERIES, JOHN a Blacksmith in Collingwood in 1872.
JEFFERIES, CHARLIE a miner in 1891.
JEFFERIES, W.L in Collingwood in 1913.
JOHNSON, FRANK In 1905 he was charged with stealing 5 bars of gold, valued at 350 pounds.He was sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour.
KEOGHAN, ANNIE d, 19thsept 1936 buried at Takaka
KEOGHAN, JOHN d, 25th aug 1879 buried at Takaka.
KEOGHAN, MARY d, 17th aug 1923 .buried at Takaka
KENNEDY, J.M on the diggings in 1859
KING, WILLIAM & MARGARET marr at Collingwood in 1872.
KING, FRANCIS marr Emily Cederman 6th July 1910 Collingwood.
KING, RUBY at school in Rockville in 1909
KIRK, JOHN a saddler in Collingwood in the 1900s
KNOWLES, LEONARD b, 17th April England. marr Flossie Norriss 25th July 1935 at Takaka. Florence was a I.H.c Teacher. Leonard was a Engineer.
LANGLEY, BILLY a flax-mill worker abt 1906.
LASH, JOHN GOODRIDGE marr HENRIETTA HEYWARD at Collingwood in 1866. Henrietta,s father was Thomas Heyward
LEEBODY, ALEX a Flax-mill worker.
LEGGAT, BILL was in Paturau in the 1900,s
LETTEN, G in Collingwood in 1872.
LEWIS, HENRY a surveyor, was given the task of laying out the town of Collingwood
LOCKHART, N.T in the Collingwood area in 1857
LOVELL, JAMES one of the earliest traders in the bay.
LOVELL, PHYLLIS ADELINE b, 16th Oct 1906 Golden Bay d, 27th Oct 1942 at Auckland. She marr Oliver Drummond. Oliver was b, 1885 at Takaka and d, 15th June Northland.
LUNN, JAMES Jnr in the area in 1897
LUNN, SARAH ELIZABETH b, 22nd July 1849 at Motueka. parents were Henry & Sarah Jane Lunn. She marr Francis Flowers of Collingwood 5th Oct 1868. Sarah d, 17th March 1908 at Pakawau
McCALLUM,DUNCAN was b in Scotland abt 1827 He d, 6th Jan 1910 Takaka. He was a Wheelwright at Takaka in 1859 . Duncan was marr to Margaret Kennedy who was also from Scotland.Margaret b, abt 1834 d, 30th July 1905.
McCALLUM, ALEXANDER b, 2nd Dec 1871 d, 19th May 1953 Takaka. His parents were Duncan & Margaret . Alexander marr Sarah Elliot Hitchcock.
McCAULEY, ARTHUR ERNEST marr 28th Feb 1905 at Collingwood to Phyllis Maud Curnow. Arthur had been born in N.S.W Australia 10th May 1881 and died Jan, 1951 Palmerston North.
McCURDY, FRANK Snr was a Parapara goldminer .Later was the Manager for Westhaven Mill
McGRANE, F opened a boarding house in Collingwood abt 1898
McHARDY, TOM bought land in the Collingwood area.
McNABB, THOMAS b, abt 1858 Victoria, Australia marr Alice Niehoff 17th Aug 1892 Aorere. Alice d, 14th July 1932 at Collingwood.
McVEE, HENRY was a miner
McPHERSON WILLIAM a Farmer in Takaka. marr Mary Flowers. William was b, 16th Feb 1873.
MACADAM, ROBERT marr 17th June 1908 in Collingwood to Ada Charlotte May Curnow. Ada was b, 12th May 1888 at Collingwood and d, 12th Oct 1950 Nelson. Robert was born in Victoria, Australia 7th March 1881 and d, 18th June 1956 Collingwood.
MACINTOSH, J a Shoemaker at Collingwood 1859
MACE, FREDERICK goldminer in Aorere in th 1850s
MADEN, ARTHUR & WALTER brought a store in 1910 and ran it for abt 10 years.
MADIGAN, PATRICK a settler in Takaka in 1892/93. Patrick died in Takaka in 1913.. He was married to Emily Eliza HOLYOAKE. They are both buried in the Riwaka Cemetery.
MADIGAN, JAMES LACY he marr an Australian girl Emma Price in 1910. They lived and farmed in Takaka before moving back to Riwaka sometime after his father Patrick died.
MAGINNITY, A.T Post and telegraph worker in the 1870,s
MALONE, JOE in the area in 1895.
MANSON, INA HUIA b, 27th March 1906 Motupipi marr Clarence (Mick) Hickmott 5th Feb 1930. They later moved to Motueka.
MEARS, ALFRED was the manager of the Collingwood Dairy Factory in 1929
MENDOZA, A on the diggings in 1859
METCALFE, T.J established a newspaper in Golden Bay in 1883.
MEYERS, C on the diggings in 1859
MILES, JAMES A a bootmaker who lived at Parapara
MILES, J.W owned a Hotel in Collingwood in 1871
MILES, THOMAS his wife taught school at Lower Kaituna in 1884. Their children were the brothers below and girls EMMA & EDIE..
MILES, brothers ALFRED, ARTHUR and HARRY. They were farmers and Hotel keepers.Alf was a bootmaker in Collingwood in the 1880s
MILLAN, BEN a sawmill worker in the 1900s
MOFFATT, HENRY LOUIS had a General Store at Anatori in 1872.He was later Harbour-master at Motueka.
MOORE, HENRY marr Ann Mathews Cann 23rd Dec 1869 Takaka
MORGAN, ARTHUR HENRY marr Margaret Fayen in Takaka 12th July 1916
MORTIMORE, THOMAS ran a Hotel in 1906
NEAME, J headmaster at Collingwood School which was opened in 1859. In 1860 his salary was 108 pounds per annum with a roll of 40 children.His assistant mistress received 24 pounds per annum.
NEW, HENRY b,abt 1840 marr Jane Elizabeth SOLLY 1st Aug 1877 at Takaka.
NEW, SARAH b, 1878 was dau of henry & Jane..she marr Arthur WINTER
NEWLOVE , EDWIN (war graves, ) d, Frid 12th Oct 1917. son of Mary Ann Newlove of Takaka.
NEWLOVE, LEONARD CHARLES (war graves) son of Mary Ann Newlove of Takaka died Thurs, 4th Oct 1917
NEWLOVE, LESLIE MALCOLM (war Graves) died Frid 12th Oct 1917. Husband of Maude newlove of Takaka.
NEWLOVE, CYRIL CHARLES (war Graves) Pilot.. died, 16th Aug 1942 aged 23. son of Herbert Francis & Essie Lavinia Newlove of Motupipi..
NEWPORT, LAVINIA marr Hugh Feary 1904 in Takaka
NICHOLLS, GEORGE & MARY lived at Patarau in the 1900,s
NICHOLLS, ELSIE LEONIE b, 25th march 1903 Takaka marr at nelson in 1928 d, 21st July 1980 and is buried at Takaka. her parents were Francis Herbert Nicholls & Elizabeth Jane NEW
NICHOLLS, JACK marr Amy Valeta Walker 27th July 1927. abt 1920,s Jack took over the mail run to Westhaven.
NORRISS, RICHARD LINWOOD b, 29th Nov 1869. marr 10th July 1918 to Fanny Lavinia Feary at Takaka. They lived in Takaka. Richard d, 4th Oct 1939. Fanny d, 15th Sept 1965.Son Lancelot Richard was born at Takaka 6th Oct 1920. marr in Motueka to Teresa Mary Duffy. Lancelot is buried at Taita Sevicemens Cemetery.
NORRISS, EDITH MARJORIE (Joy) b, 28th Dec 1899 d, 17th July 1966 buried at Takaka. Was marr to Robert Herbert Greig.
NUTTALL, RALPH b, abt 1876 Aorere. d, 11th Dec 1908. His parents were Jackson Nuttall & Ann Isabella Cleghorn.
ORR, FRED was in the Collingwood area.
O,SULLIVAN, P Resident Magistrate and Warden at Collingwood in 1871
OUTRIDGE, R.P a Merchant in Collingwood 1859
PACKARD, HUBERT WILLIE BAIRD b, 12th Set 1876 Motupipi. Parents were Peter Bartrim Packard & Jane Elizabeth Baird.
PACKARD, CONSTANCE ANNA b, 1877 Takaka. Parents were James & Mary Ann Packard.
PAGE, JAMES marr Adeline Catherine Cann 21st Dec 1876 Takaka.
PAGE, ARTHUR , NELLIE and son ALVA Kahurangi Lighthouse Keeper and Farmer.. Saw their house and Horse swept away by a landslide that was triggered by the 1929 Murchiosn earthquake.Arthur was the principal lighthouse keeper from 1916-1948. His son Alva and wife Jean (Win)were the last keepers at Kahurangi.
PAHL, CHARLES ATHOL LAURIE marr Frances Ruby Lovell 6th Jan 1921 at Takaka. Charles was born in Nelson 5th dec 1898
PEACOCK, R.G proprietor of the "Argus" newspaper in June 1885.
PENNY, ANDREW a Bainham farmer
PERRY, ROBERT a miner in the 1880s
PILCHER, E.G became the owner of the Pakawau mine in 1907
POLGLASE,ELLEN ELIZABETH b, 3rd Nov 1848 Nelson. d, 25th Nov 1925 Nelson buried at East Takaka.
POLLARD, ETHEL ANNIE b, 1898 Takaka marr 1st Gordon Bowers. 2nd Sidney Excell.
POLLARD, LESLIE GEORGE b, 20th feb 1900 Takaka d, 6th May 1983 Nelson. He lived in Takaka and was a Butter Factory worker.
POLLARD, MURIEL b, 1905 Takaka marr Robert Roy Hambrook. no issue.
POOLE, J a Carpenter in Collingwood in 1871
PROUSE, PERCY in Paturau in the 1900,s A flax mill operated their by the name Prouse & Saunders..ww1 saw the close of their mill due to all the able-bodied men leaving. Percy was also a JP. "Prouse & Saunders also ran a sawmill at Mangarakau in the 1900,s
PROUSE,JAMES was the father of Percy & Bert
PRUSSING, WILLIAM JOHN b, 18th jul 1839 in Germany d, 3rd dec 1919 at nelson. He was marr 1st Martha FLOWERS 3rd june 1869 ...2nd Ellen Gardiner YOUNG 17th Jan 1879 at Collingwood. There were several children born from both wifes.
PRUSSING, DORIS ELLEN marr HARRY BOLTON RILEY in March 1905 at Collingwood. Harry was b, 19th Oct 1875 and died Oct 1916 Somme, France
RHODES, JACK & ADA came from Levin to work for Prouse and Saunders.they took up property at Paturau. Their dau Avis Westhaven Rhodes was born at Mangarakau.
RHODES, CECIL marr Vida Flowers in 1929
RICHARDS, JACK & EDWIN were well known drovers & cattlemen in the Paturau and surrounding areas.John Henry & Amelia Richards were their parents.
RICHARDS, JACK(1881-1969) eldest son of John Henry & Amelia.
RICHARDS, EDWIN (Ned) the 2nd son of John Henry & Amelia.
RICHARDS, GILBERT the youngest son of John Henry & Amelia.
RICKETTS, J a Boatbuilder in the 1880s
RILEY, JOHN & MARY ANN,and their children WILLIAM JOHN & MARY ANN arr Nelson 1842.they settled on their farm at Aorere in 1855 John is said to be the first settler in the Collingwood area.
RILEY, GEORGE had the Collingwood Hotel.
RILEY, WILLIAM CALVERLY was a wine & spirit merchant at Collingwood in 1869
RILEY, ADA b, 25th Aug 1867 at Collingwood. d, Jan 1896. Her parents were William Calverlet Riley ( 1832-1903) and Susan Trist.
RILEY, G.W owned a boarding house in Collingwood in 1904
RILEY, LEN, SID & GERTIE at School in Rockville in 1909
ROACH, FRANCIS marr Agnes Cann 14th June 1871 Takaka
ROBERTS, SHERWOOD was in the Collingwood area in 1856.
ROBB, FRANK a Flax-mill worker abt 1906
ROGERS, SARAH-ANN b, 1869 Takaka. Parents were George John Rogers & Ann Elizabeth BURNETT. Sarah d, 10th Nov 1905
ROIL, family arr Collingwood 1856.
ROIL, ANNIE marr Francis Skilton 12th Nov 1863 at Collingwood
ROSS, JOHN a goldminer at Aorere in the 1850s. a store keeper in 1859
SALISBURY J.P a gold prospector at first. family lived in Collingwood
SANCTO, J.W on the education Commitee at Collingwood 1859
SANGSTER, ALLAN b, 14th feb 1930 at Takaka.
SAUNDERS, NORMAN lived at Paturau. Norman died from Pneumonic Influenza on the Troopship "Tahiti in 1918. and he is buried at Mangarakau,
SAVAGE, JACK and his family lived in a Hut on the takaka Hill in the 1930s. Jack was a Roadman.
SCADDEN, JIM in the Collingwood area in the 1900s
SCHAFER, WILLIAM owned one of the 1st Hotels in Collingwood. He drowned in 1873.
SCHROUDER, BILL a Flax-mill worker at Paturau in the 1900,s
SCHWARTFAGER, FRANZ a Collingwood settler.
SCHWARTZ, G a Carrier at Collingwood 1859
SCOTT, T Builder at Takaka in 1859
SCOTT, R Blacksmith at Takaka in 1859
SCOTT, SAMUEL a Ferntown school teacher in 1905
SCRIMGEOUR, GEORGE WILLIS RILEY b, 23rd March 1875 Collingwood. marr Edith Julia Curnow 6th sept 1932 Collingwood. George d, 7th Aug 1932 and Edith d, 6th May 1964..
SCIMGEOUR, WILLIAM married the only dau of the oringinal John Riley (Is he the same William as below?) William set up a small cheese factory and sent his cheeses to Nelson.
SCRIMGEOUR, CHARLES FREDERICK b, 19th Jan 1895. son of William & Annie.. Charles marr Lorna Emily Fowler 6th April 1921 .Charles d, 5th June 1963. Lorna d, 22nd Jan 1972.Both are buried at the Ruru Lawn Cemetery in ChCh.Their children , born at Collingwood were William Henry &.Barbara Marie
SCRIMGEOUR, WILLIAM HENRY(Harry) b, 31st July 1922 at Collingwood.marr Claire Vergurson 2nd Feb 1949 . Claire was the dau of William Verguson & Ina Walker.and was b, at Nelson 23rd Jan 1927.
SCRIMGEOUR, BARBARA MARIE b, 5th april 1932. marr John Spencer Vincent 22nd May 1958
SEYMOUR, G store keeper & Motupipi Hotel 1859
SHAW, JACK worked in the Pakawau Coal Mine
SHIRTLIFFE, A a Postmaster in 1897
SHIRTLIFFE, GRACE, KATH and MARGERY at school in Rocville in 1909
SIGLEY, MARY ANN marr Arthur Edward Langford June 1877 at Motupipi
SIGLEY, ELIZA marr Robert Young Langford 15th Nov 1880 at East Takaka.
SINCLAIR, ANDREW auctioneer at Takaka in 1885.
SKEET, W Store keeper & Publican at Takaka in 1859
SKELTON, J a Carrier at Collingwood 1859
SKILTON, OSCAR a miner in 1891
SKILTON, HERBERT b, 28th April 1880 Collingwood.Parents were John & Louisa (nee Norish)
SKILTON, LEONARD b, 11th Nov 1882 Collingwood d, 5th dec 1973 parents John & Louisa Skilton.
SKYRING, MARJORY b, 16th Feb 1911 at Puponga. Parents were Arthur John Skyring & Annie Carr. Marjory d, 1st Nov 1994 at Auckland.
SNOW, GEORGE & MARTHA (nee NEWTH) built a house in the 1860s. George and his brother EDWIN were early goldminers
SNOW, LAURA a school teacher at Rockville in 1880
SNOW, ALAN died as a result of a woodcutting accident in 1892. aged 22 years.
SOLLY, EDWARD landed at Lyttleton on the Isabella Hercus at the age of 19. he was listed as a Butchers Labourer. Finding that his line of work was either unavailable or unsatisfactory, he moved to Nelson where he purchased land at Waimea west before moving with his wife Mary and children to become pioneer farmers in the Takaka district
SOLLY, EDWARD b, 3rd Sept 1865 Takaka. His parents were Edward Solly & Mary Ogilive Moore.
SOLLY, TED, FRED & KEN at school in Rockville in 1909
SOLLY, TED drowned ,when his wagon team was swept away. July 1897
SPARROW, R.W a Chairman on the Takaka County Board 1904-1953.
SPITTAL, J on the Education Board ,Motupipi in 1859 also had the Takaka Inn 1859
STAGG, JIM worked at a Flax-mill Paturau
STALLARD, FRANK ran a bakery and boarding house . that was destroyed by fire in 1904.
STALLARD, FRANK marr Beatrice Kitching
STALLARD, ELLEN LUCY b, 24th oct 1851 at Collingwood. d, 3rd Dec 1906. Her father was William Stallard. Ellen married William Coleman.
STRANGE, T Sergeant-Major of police at Collingwood in 1859
STRANGE, ROBERT JAMES & BLANCHE (nee Crooke) marr at Nelson 1850. moved to the Collingwood area.
STRANGE, MARY FRANCES b, 1851 Collingwood died 21st Nov 1922. Dau of Robert & Blanche Strange.
STRANGE,HEATH . son of Robert and Blanche. a wagoner for many years. At times used as many as 11 horses in his team.
STRANGE, JOHN 1853-1925 son of Robert and Blanche. never married.he was a well known horse-man, blacksmith and wheelwright, and owned a farm.
STANTON, WILLIAM MOSES storekeeper on the Aorere goldfields in 1885.
SUTTON, L ran the general store in Collingwood in the 1890s
SYMONS, J a storekeeper at Collingwood 1859
TAYLOR, G Takaka District Constable in 1859
TAYLOR, HOWARD (BOB) b, 12th aug 1915. lived in Takaka.
TAYLOR, JEFFREY JAMES b, 1st June 1946 Takaka
TAYLOR, JOSEPH manager of the Puponga Coal Company.In 1897 Joseph had a farm at Mackays Pass, Bainham.
TAYLOR, brothers SPENCER & CHARLIE sons of Joseph.
THOMASON, NELLIE at school in 1913.
THOMSON, H in Collingwood in 1877
TIBBLE, GEORGE STEPHEN marr Matilda Cederman 27th Nov 1895 at Collingwood
TODD, ROBERT a miner at Rockville
TURNELL, HENRY W. Dr.a Doctor, & resident magistrate at Collingwood in 1870. Also gold-warden and postmaster In 1874 Dr Turnell was drowned in the Takaka river while returning from holding court session.. He was 46 years old.
TURLEY, ALBERT NORRIS (Curly) b, 26th Aug 1907 marr Nola Jean Feary at Takaka 5th Aug 1944. Albert was the son of James Parkes Turley & Mary McDonald Brown. He was a secondary schoolteacher.
TWIDLE, BERT & LOU Collingwood Dairy Factory workers in the 1930s
WALKER, brothers FRANK, TOM, & JOE came to Bainham abt 1894 and brought a saw-mill
WALKER, JIM worked in the Pakawau Coal Mine
WASHBOURN, HENRY a goldminer at Aorere in the 1850s. henry was the son of pioneer settler William Washbourn.
WASHBOURNE, W.E carrier at Collingwood in 1859
WATTS, J.A Blacksmith
WELLS, PHYLLIS JUNE b, 9th June 1929 Takaka
WELLS, RETA JOAN b, 12th Aug 1932 Takaka
WELLS, RICHARD NORMAN b, 17th May 1937 Takaka.
WESTRUPP, BOB at Patuarau abt 1906.
WHITE, BILL & MARTIN from Foxhill erected a saw-milling plant at Silverstream. which was sold in 1902
WHITE, FORBES, DORIS, EFFIE & ANNIE school children at Rockville in 1909
WHITMORE, J.G a cordial Manufacturer at Collingwood 1859
WIGZELL, THOMAS marr EMMA LOUISA JAMES in 1883. They lived in Collingwood.
WILKENS, CLAUDE operated the Collingwood Motors in the 1940,s
WILLIAMS, MARION GODSELL b, abt 1858 Nelson marr William Solly 17th April 1880 Takaka
WILLICOMBE, W builder and undertaker at Collingwood.
WIN, brothers NORMAN & WILLIAM bought 476 acres of land at Anatori
WINDLE, J.E member of the Golden Bay Power Board 1928-1975.
WINSTONE, JOHN a civil engineer living at Bainham .
WINTER, GEORGE chairman of the Takaka County Council 1904-1953.
WINTER, LEONI b, 7th Oct 1902 in Takaka. d, 1988. she was the dau of Arthur Winter & Sarah New. Leoni marr Albert Edward WOOLF in 1923
WINTER, GERTRUDE EMMA b, abt 1873. marr in Takaka d, 17th dec 1951 in Nelson
WOODFIELD, ABRAHAM early resiident of Pakawau.
WOODFIELD, STEPHEN b, abt 1846 Auckland.marr Harriet Harvey 1871 Collingwood.
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