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These Names have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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*DOELL - BMD's * Christchurch City Library, church register
in alphabetical order, male details/female details.

*DOELL - births and deaths*
Emily b. 20 December 1869 to James & Maria nee HAINES of Riccarton,
occ: labourer
sponsors: Emma de Bourbel, Sarah Hodgkinson, James Doell
Fanny b. 13 November 1852 bap. 25 July 1869, to James & Maria
sp. Joanna D.D.Harper, Sarah Hodgkinson, Charles Hodgkinson.
Frances Alice b. 25 September 1881 to Frank & Harriett nee CONN of
occ: coachman sp. Fanny Preece, and parents.
Frank bur. 21 April 1926, age 75, of Slater street, Richmond St. Chch.
Frederick James b. 30 January 1883, bap. 25 March 1883, Easter Day,
to Frank & Harriett CONN of Riccarton, sp. Thomas Preece.
Gwendoline Alice b. 28 May 1908 to Frederick James & Daisy Fanny
es. School Road, occ: packer, sp. Alice S.Doell, Ruby Shaw.
Harriett bur. 20 October 1923, N.O.Kin Frank res. St. Albans age 74
James bur. 22 May 1874, farmer, age 46
Maria bur. 13 April 1884, age 55, wife of James, , farmer.
Ruby May b. 14 May 1884 to Frank & Harriet, sp Annie Hay

*DOELL - marriages -*
Ann Doell & Richard RICHARDSON m. 17 October 1872, at St. Peters,
full age/minor, bach/sp, occ: trainer,
witness: James Doell, W. Hillier, accountant, Lyttelton. Fanny
Doell, spinster, Riccarton,
Mary Jane Hillier.

Elizabeth Doell & John WOOD m. 4 July 1878 at St Peters, Riccarton.
both minors, occ: general servant.
witness: Frank Doell, Riccarton carter, Emily Doell, Robert Wood,
Christchurch gardener.

Fanny Doell & Thomas PREECE m. 17 June 1875 at St. Peters Riccarton,
witness: Frank Doell, farmer & Elizabeth Doell

Emily Doell & Thomas CARLETON m. 24 October 1883 at St. Peter's,
ages: 23/19, bach/sp, occ: farmer, b. Belfast, Ireland / Riccarton, NZ,
parents: James & Jane Carleton nee ALLEN farmer
James & Maria Doell, nee HAINES
witness: Frank Doell, Riccarton, labourer, John William Carleton,
Riccarton, farmer,
Elizabeth Carleton,

Frances Alice Doell & Robert Henry BOOKER m. 16 July 1914, at St.
Michaels All Angels,
ages: 38/32, bach/sp, occ: butcher/shop assistant, b. Cheltenham,
Victoria/Riccarton, NZ
parents: John Dean & Mary Ann Booker nee Smith, butcher,
Frank & Harriet Doell nee CONN car cleaner
witness: William Lees Harrington, butcher, Jenny Carleton.

Frank Doell & Harriett CONN m. 5 January 1881, ages: 30/30
occ: coach proprieter, born: Wiltshire, England/ Worcestershire, England,
parents: James & Maria Doell farmer
Edward & Jane Booker nee HARRISS (labourer)
witness : James Irvine, Colombo Street, North, Emily Doell,
Riccarton, Elizabeth Irvine.

Frederick James Doell & Daisy Fanny BISHOP m. 19 March 1908, at St
Michaels, Christchurch,
ages: 25/20, bach/sp, occ: packer, b. Riccarton/Christchurch,
parents: Frank & Harriett Doell nee CONN tramway employee
Charles Alfred & Margaret Bishop nee DEMPSEY
witness: Charles Bishop, Moorhouse Ave, Lucy Martin, 38 King St.

Ruby May Doell m. Arthur Albert SHAW, 27 September 1905, at St.
Michael's Church, Christchurch, ages: 23/21, bach/sp, occ:
brushmaker, b. Christchurch/Riccarton,
parents: Henry James & Alice Shaw nee ABBOTT woodturner,
Frank & Harriett nee CONN
witness: William Ireland, Stratford, Frances Alice Doell, 7 Albert
St, Linwood.

Susanna Doell & William HIILLIER m. 3 August 1862 at St. Andrews
Church, Chch
occ: Constable, bach/sp, ages: 22/19,
witness: Alfred Missen, Police Constable, Police Office,
Elizabeth Hillier, sp. Worcester St.

Beatrice Ivy Carleton b. 1 April 1896, to Thomas & Emily,
Beatrice Ivy bur. 11 August 1896, age 4mths, Fendalton.
Frances Carleton, 12 January 1888, age 4 weeks.
James Carleton, b. 27 March 1884, sp. Frank Dowell, Fanny Preece.
Maria Jane Carleton b. 15 February 1886 whitsunday to Thomas & Emily
Ruby Carleton b. 6 May 1891 to Thomas & Emily

James Carleton & Elizabeth Maude Downing m. 27 October 1909,
at St. Marys, Addington. ages 25/18, b/s, b. Riccarton/Spreydon,
parents: Thomas Alfred & Emily Carleton nee Doell,
Alfred & Mary Jane Downing nee JOHNSON
witness: Ruby Carleton & Harry Bruce HIBBARD

Alfred William Silvester Hillier b. 17 May 1863. to William & Susan,
nee Doell, Lyttelton,
sp. Alfred Missen, James Henry Watts, Mary Jane Hillier.
Ellen Beatrice Hillier b. 30 January 1865, to William & Susanna,
Lyttelton, storeman
Ellen Beatrice Hillier, bur. 15 April 1865
Susan Hillier bur. 10 February 1866, wife of William, age 22 years
William George Hillier b. 14 November 1869 to William & Mary Jane
sp. George Scott, jnr, Emily & William Hillier.
Edwin Missen Hillier b. 25 May 1873 to William & Mary Jane, Lyttelton,
sp. Frances Amy Scott, Edwin Missen, William Hillier.
Emily Beatrice Hillier b. 7 July 1871 to William & Mary Jane,
Lyttelton, clerk

Alfred William Hillier & Honor Eliza IVES m. 25 May 1892 at St. Marys,
ages: 29/25, coachpainter.

William Hillier & Mary Jane SCOTT m. 9 July 1868 at Holy Trinity,
full age/minor, widower/spinster, occ: clerk

William George Hillier & Christina Elizabeth TISCH m. 18 April 1899 at
St. Pauls, Papanui.
ages: 29/26, b/sp, b. Lyttelton/ Christchurch,

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