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Haleigh Church, Suffolk

To free me from domestic strife Death called at my house but he spoke to my wife. Susan, wife of David Pattison, lies here, October 19th, 1706 Stop, reader, and if not in a hurry, shed a tear.


ALLOM On 28th September 1855 of consumption, Mr William Carey Allom, late of Melbourne,  aged 29 years. [NZ’er 3 Oct 1855]

BACOT At Howick on Saturday 9th June 1855 of dysentery, John Leslie Bacot, aged 5 yrs 6 mths,  only son of Staff Surgeon Bacot. [NZ’er 13 June 1855]

BOURNE At his residence, on Sunday evening, on 2nd December 1855, William Bourne, in the  57th year of his age. [NZ’er 3 Dec 1855]

BRAITHWAITE On the 9th April 1855, at her residence near Auckland, Britannia, the beloved  wife of Assistant Commissary Braithwaite. [NZ’er 11 April 1855]

BROWN On the night of the 12th November 1855, at St Stephen’s School, Auckland, Charlotte,  the beloved wife of Alfred N Brown, Archdeacon of Tauranga, aged 59 yrs. Interred St Stephens  burial ground. [NZ’er 14 Nov 1855] BURTT At Windsor, Berkshire, on 4th February 1855, Francis Burtt Esq., aged 85 yrs. [NZ’er  2 June 1855]

CAMPBELL On Tuesday 24th April 1855, in Wellesley-street, Auckland, Isabella, wife of William  Campbell, aged 40 years. [NZ’er 25th April 1855]

CANTY On Wednesday 11th April 1855, at the residence of her son, Mr Thomas Canty, Mrs Mary  Canty, aged 80 yrs. [NZ’er 21 April 1855]

CHAPMAN On Sunday 9th December 1855 at Maketu, Bay of Islands, Anne, beloved wife of Rev  Thomas Chapman. [NZ’er 19 Dec 1855]

CLENDON On Saturday 11th August 1855, at Russell, Bay of Islands, of apoplexy, Sarah Isabella,  aged 49 yrs, the wife of James Reddy Clendon Esq., Resident Magistrate. Her death is universally  and sincerely regretted for her well known charity and disinterested benevolence have rendered  her, for years, a beloved benefactress of the poor, the sick and the afflicted. Requiescat in pace.  [NZ’er 18 August 1855]

CORNISH On 20th September 1855, Mary Wynn, second and beloved daughter of Sidney H  Cornish. [NZ’er 22 Sept 1855]

CREW At Howick on 31st July 1855, Joseph, only son of Mr Joseph Ralph Crew, aged 3 yrs.  [NZ’er 4 August 1855]

GILFILLAN On 18th April 1855, William Davies, infant son of J A Gilfillan, aged 7 months.  [NZ’er 21st April 1855]

DUNN At his residience, Wakefield-street, on Monday evening 30th July 1855, Mr Tim Dunn,  Blacksmith, aged 40 yrs.

DUNN At Auckl,and on Friday morning [3 Aug 1855] the widow of the late Timothy Dunn,  aged 20 yrs. [NZ’er 4 August 1855]

EVANS On Sunday 22nd April 1855, Caroline, wife of Mr Robert Evans, Publican of Russell,  Bay of Islands. [NZ’er 9 May 1855]

GELLINGHAM Suddenly on 4th February 1855, of a disease of the heart, at the Isle of Wight,  in his 73rd year, David Gellingham of Canfield House, Shaftesbury, Dorset and of Gedshill Park,  Isle of Wight. [NZ’er 13 June 1855]

GEORGE On Saturday 13th October 1855, at his residence, Royal Hotel, Onehunga, Mr Edward  George, an early and much respected colonist of Auckland. [NZ’er 20 Oct 1855]

GILFILLAN At Sydney on 14th July 1855, John, infant son of Robert Gilfillan, aged 7 mths.  [NZ’er 28 July 1855]

GOLDSWORTHY On Sunday 27th May 1855, at the residence of her son in law Mr William  Dunne, Shortland-street, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Mr John Goldsworthy of this city, aged 40  years. [NZ’er 30 May 1855]

GRAHAME On 16th April 1855, William Smellie, infant son of William Smellie Grahame,  aged 5 months. (J Halyday, Undertaker) [NZ’er 18 April 1855]

GUNDRY On Thursday 20th December 1855, at his residence Albert-street, Mr William Richardson  Gundry, in his 42nd year. [NZ’er 22 Dec 1855]

HANLEY On 7th May 1855, at Bay of Islands, Mr H E Hanley, Merchant, aged 38 yrs. [NZ’er 16 May  1855]

HOLT On 9th March 1855 at his residence, Wedderburn House, Yorkshire, Thomas Holt Esq.,  aged 75 yrs. [NZ’er 7 July 1855]

HULME At Auckland on Tuesday 21st August 1855, in the 68th year of his age, Lt Col Hulme,  late of HM 96th Regt., Postmaster and Manager of the Bank of Issue. The deceased officer at  one time commanded the troops in New Zealand. His death is lamented by a large circle of  friends by whom he was beloved and respected. [NZ’er 22 August 1855]

JOLLIFFE At Landguard House, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, on 18th November 1854, Col.  William Jolliffe, RM. [NZ’er 14 March 1855]

JONES At the residence of her father on Sunday 18th May 1855, Emily Elizabeth, third daughter  of Phillip and Sophia Jones. [NZ’er 16 May 1855]

LEWIS In Auckland on 5th May 1855, Jane, wife of Mr B Lewis, Howick, aged 58 yrs. [NZ’er  9 May 1855]

LUNDON On Sunday 19th August 1855, at his residence, Queen-street, after a short illness,  Mr David Lundon Snr, in the 52nd year of his age. [NZ’er 22 August 1855]

LYTH At the Wesleyan College, after a short but severe attack of diarrhoea, Eliza, daughter of  Rev R B Lyth, aged 9 years. [NZ’er 7 March 1855]

MANEARY On Monday 21st May 1855, at the North Shore, Mr John Maneary, aged 66 years,  formerly of Co. Armagh, Ireland, and for many years a respected settler at Auckland. Funeral  will leave Wynyard-pier at Noon this day. [NZ’er 23 May 1855]

MAUNDRELL At Lyttelton on 1st March 1855, at the residence of her brother Major Hornbrook,  Elizabeth Constantia, widow of the late Capt C F S Maundrell of the barque Norman Morrison.  [NZ’er 1 April 1855]

McKAY On 17th August 1855, at the North Shore, of rheumatic fever, the wife of Mr Alexander McKay, aged 36 yrs. [NZ’er 22 August 1855]

MONAGHAN Died, on Sunday 18th February 1855, at Mt Albert, Mr Patrick Monaghan, aged  36 yrs. He leaves a wife and seven children to deplore his loss. [NZ’er 21 Feb 1855]

NATHAN On Thursday 5th July 1855, Miriam, youngest daughter of David & Rosetta Nathan,  of this city, aged 2 yrs 6 mths. [NZ’er 11 July 1855]

PARTINGTON On Friday 24th August 1855, at his residence, Queen-street, George Partington,  aged 63 yrs, after a long and painful illness. [NZ’er 25 August 1855]

PELICHET By an accidental shot from a gun, at Ahuriri, on 18th June last [1855] Charles Harris  Louis Pelichet Esq., late Surveyor in the service of the New Zealand Company and the Government.  His death is much regretted by all who were acquainted with him. [NZ’er 4 August 1855]

NICHOLL On Sunday 2nd December 1855 at Maxwell’s Station, of consumption, Mr William  Nicholl, late of Fifeshire, Scotland, aged 28 yrs. [NZ’er 5 Dec 1855]

PHILLIPS On 13th April 1855, of consumption, at the residence of his brother P A Phillips,  Shortland-street, John, youngest son of Mr S E Phillips, of Brighton, Sussex, England, aged  21 yrs. [NZ’er 13 April 1855]

POTTER On Tuesday 26th March 1855, at Epsom, Mary, the wife of Mr William Potter. [NZ’er  28 March 1855]

PURCHAS On Tuesday 17th April 1855 by drowning, Arthur Guyon, the beloved only son of the  Rev A G Purchas, Minister of St Peter’s Church, Oneh7unga, aged 8 yrs 3 mths. [NZ’er 21 April 1855]

RUSSELL On 27th June 1855 at his residence, Hokianga, George Frederick Russell Esq., aged  46 yrs. [NZ’er 18 July 1855]

RUST At Waitangei, Wangarei, on Saturday 27th January 1855, in his 23rd year, Joseph Hare  Rust, junior partner of the firm J & J Rust, of this City. [NZ’er 3 Feb 1855}

SOMERVILLE On 25th May 1855, Thomas James, youngest son of Thomas Somerville, aged  15 months. Residence Wynyard-street. [NZ’er 26 May 1855]

TAYLOR At his residence, Fernside, on 25th January 1855, Theophilus Edward Taylor, Chief  Clerk and Warehousekeeper of HM Customs, Auckland, NZ. [NZ’er 27 Jan 1855]

THATCHER On 24th February 1855, at St Matthews Parsonage, Auckland, Robert Eton  Thatcher, aged 12 months. [NZ’er 24 Feb 1855]

WEBB On 21st December 1854, (after giving birth to a daughter on the 6th) at her residence,  Miller’s Point, Sydney, the beloved wife of H R Webb Esq, and second daughter of E Vaile Esq,  MCC for this City. [NZ’er 27 Jan 1855]

WELCH At Otahuhu on Monday 17th December 1855, of palpitation, Mary, the beloved wife  of James Henry Welch, aged 34 years. [NZ’er 22 Dec 1855]

WILD On 21st April 1855, at Onehunga, Marian Stuart, only child of William Stuart Wild, aged 

7 months. [NZ’er 28 April 1855]

WILLIAMS At Horotutu, Bay of Islands, on Tuesday 27th November 1855, Maria Jane, the  beloved only child of Henry & Jane E Williams, aged 5 yrs 4 mths. She is not dead but sleepeth.  [NZ’er 3 Dec 1855]

WILSON At Auckland on Thursday 1st February 1855, Mr John Ralph Wilson, Book-binder,  aged 48 yrs. [NZ’er 3 Feb 1855]


BOLGER On the 27th March 1856 at the residence of Mr George Duke, Auckland,  Elizabeth  wife of Capt Edward Bolger of the Bay of Islands. [NZ'er 29 March 1856]

BUTT At her residence, Albert-street, on Wednesday 5th November 1856, Anne, Beloved wife of Mr John Butt. [NZ'er 8 Nov 1856]

CAMPBELL On the 21st August 1856 at High-street, Auckland, Daniel Campbell, late  of Paisley, aged 45 yrs. He was one of our oldest colonists, having arrived by the  Duchess  of Argylle in 1842. [NZ'er 23 Aug 1856]

COLLARD At Waterloo Quadrant on 6th July 1856, the infant daughter, and on 7th July 1856, Mary Jane [next line indecipherable] COLLARD, of Her Majesty’s Customs. [NZ'er  9 July 1856]

CONROY On Monday 1st September 1856, at Harbour View Hotel, Chapel-street, John Conroy, aged 33 yrs. [NZ'er 3 Sept 1856]

CORBETT On 1st December 1855, of cholera, on board HMS St Jean de Acre (sic) at  Constantinople, John Augustine Corbett Esq., MD, aged 34 yrs. [NZ'er 10 May 1856]

DAVIES On Monday 21st July 1856, William Davies Esq., MD, Provincial Surgeon, Aged 52 yrs. [NZ'er 23 July 1856]

DERROM On 11th November 1856 at his residence, Victoria-street, Mr John Derrom, aged 31 yrs. [NZ'er 12 Nov 1856]

de THIERRY At Ivy Cottage near Auckland, on Wednesday 19th March 1856, after a long and lingering illness, Emily, wife of Baron de Thierry, aged 65 years. [NZ'er 22 March 1856]

ELLIS On 3rd June 1856, after a lingering illness at the Windsor Castle, Parnell, George Ellis, aged 50 yrs. [NZ'er 7 June 1856]

FENTON At sea on 11th June 1856, on his passage to England on board the African steam ship Ethiope, Abraham Boyd Fenton Esq., Queen’s Advocate, Bathurst. Mr Fenton was a  very amiable and promising young man, much and deservedly loved by those who were related  to or intimate with him. [NZ'er 18 Oct 1856

FIELDING On 5th August 1856 at the Steam Mill Flour Store, Shortland-crescent, Catherine, wife of Joseph Fielding, aged 42 yrs. [NZ'er 6 Aug 1856]

FINLAY On 2nd October 1856, Jane, youngest daughter of Thomas Finlay, Mount  Maringi, Panmure, aged 9 yrs. [NZ'er 4 Oct 1856]

GARLAND At Whanganui on 13th February 1856, at the house of her son in law, Rev  WWoon, Mrs Garland, aged 73 [?75] lately of Brixton, London and formerly of Truro,  Cornwall. [NZ'er 8 March 1856]

GILLINGHAM On Thursday morning 6th November 1856, Mr Robert Gillingham. [NZ'er  8  Nov. 1856  GRAHAM At Manukau on 6th November 1856, Mrs Mary Graham, mother of Mr William Graham, late of Adelaide, formerly of Renfrewshire, Scotland, aged 76 yrs. [NZ'er 12 Nov 1856]

HADLOW Yesterday evening, Tuesday 2nd September 1856, at Shortland-street, Anne Alice, wife of Mr Henry Hadlow, aged 61 yrs. [NZ'er 3 Sept 1856]

HALL At Otahuhu on Sunday 9th March, Thomas, son of John Hall, aged 14  months. [NZ'er 12 March 1856]

HASLAM At Albert Barracks, on 23rd January 1856, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of  Sergeant Patrick Haslam, 58th Regt, at the age of 9 months. [NZ'er 30 Jan 1856]

HENRY On Monday morning, 19th May 1856, Eliza, the wife of Mr John Henry, aged 63 years. Late residence West Queen-street. [NZ'er 21 May 1856]

HILL On 11th July 1856, Emily Margaret, infant daughter of Mr C H J Hill. [NZ'er 12 July 1856]

JARVIS On 9th January 1856 at his residence, Circus-road, St John’s Wood, John Jarvis Esq, aged 76 yrs, and of Bridge, Canterbury. [NZ'er 28 May 1856]

LAMACH On Monday 1st September 1856, William, infant son of James Lamach, [LARNACH?] aged 3 months 26 days. [NZ'er 3 Sep 1856]

LAW At his residence, Barrack-street, on 6th March 1856, after a long and painful Illness, borne with patience and Christian fortitude, Mr John Hague Law, aged 29 yrs.  [NZ'er 12 March 1856]

MACDONALD At Howick, on Monday night, 10th March 1856, aged 56 yrs, from disease of the heart, Capt Alexander Macdonald, Staff Officer of Pensioners. [NZ'er 12 March 1856]

McINTOSH At her residence, Bay-street, Wooloomooloo, on 13th September 1856, Francoise, relict of the late Charles McIntosh Esq., Barrack Master and late Of the 73rd Regt., aged 64 yrs. [NZ'er 18 Oct 1856]

McKELVEY On Friday 10th October 1856, at his residence Wellesley-street, after a few days illness, Mr Alex. McKelvey. [NZ'er 11 Oct 1856]

MEARNS Accidentally drowned on 8th October 1855 off Nargen, whilst discharging Stores into HMS Duke of Wellington, Mr Alexander Mearns, the Commander of the Jessie, of Montrose. [NZ'er 22 March 1856]

MILLS On Friday morning, 4th January 1856, at his residence in Parnell, Mr James Mills, Carter, in his 46th year. [NZ'er 5 Jan 1856]

MONK On 19th October 1856, William Henry, infant son of William Henry and Mary Monk, aged 7 months. [NZ'er 22 Oct 1856]

MORISON On 12th March 1856 in the Military Hospital from a wound on the head received at the battle of Inkermann, Gunner Neil Morison of the Royal Artillery.  [NZ'er 15 March 1856]  MURDOCH At his residence, Onehunga, on Monday morning, 29th September 1856,  Mr John Murdoch formerly of the 1st Battalion, Scotch Fusilier Guard, aged 54 yrs.  The deceased fulfilled his term of service in the Enrolled Pensioner Corps in this  province and was highly respected by his fellow Pensioners and by all who knew  him as a citizen. He was an intelligent and thoughtful man and by his industry  has been enabled to leave his widow and family comfortably provided for.  [NZ'er 1 Oct 1856]

NICOL On Tuesday 2nd September 1856, at Freemans Bay, of dropsy, after a long and painful illness which she bore with Christian fortitude, Mrs Nicol, wife

of William Nicol, in the 47th year of her age. Much regretted by her friends and acquaintances. [NZ'er 6 Sept 1856]

O’BRIEN At his residence, Eden Hill, Kyber Pass-road, Tuesday afternoon, 22nd April 1856, in the 73rd year of his age, Mr Andrew O’Brien, one of the Earliest  settlers of New Zealand. May he rest in Peace. Amen. The friends of the late Mr  Andrew O’Brien are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late residence,  Eden Hill, Kyber Pass-road, at 2 o’clock and St Patrick’s Cathedral at 4 o’clock on  the afternoon of  Thursday 24th April 1856. James Halyday, Undertaker.  [NZ'er 23 April 1856]

PEEK On the 11th February 1856, Mary Patey, daughter of William Patey Peek, aged 8 months. [NZ'er 13 Feb 1856]

POWDITCH At Moreton Bay, in May 1856, W G W Powditch Esq., of Hunter’s River NSW, only son of W Powditch of Auckland, aged 29 yrs. [NZ'er 2 July 1856]

RAMPLING On Wednesday morning, 4th June 1856, at his residence Wyndham-street, after a long and painful illness, James Rampling, in the 80th year of his age. [NZ'er 11 June 1856]

SHALDERS In August 1856, Mr J Shalders of Worstead, Norfolk, the late father of  R B Shalders, Queen-street. [NZ'er 15 Nov 1856]

SKINNER On 23rd April 1856, William Skinner of Russell, storekeeper, aged 43 yrs. [NZ'er 21 May 1856]

TURNER On Thursday 4th September 1856 at East Tamaki, William Turner Esq, Snr, aged 69 yrs. [NZ'er 6 Sept 1856]

VAILE At her residence, Claydon Farm, Gloucestershire, on 5th September 1855 Emma, the beloved wife of Henry Purser Vaile Esq, who also sunk under his painful  bereavement and expired on the 19th November 1855 following, in the 47th year of  his age. [NZ'er 12 April 1856]

VICKERS On Thursday 24th July 1856, Harriet, wife of Samuel Vickers Esq, Epsom- Road, late of New Plymouth. [NZ'er 26 July 1856]

WOLLASTON At the Parsonage, Albany, King George’s Sound, on 3rd May 1856,  the Venerable John Ramsden Wollaston, MA, Archdeacon of WesternAustralia, at  65 yrs. [NZ'er 2 July 1856]

YOUNG On the 26th April 1856 at St George’s Bay, the infant daughter of William Young Esq., aged 8 months. [NZ'er 30 April 1856] 1863

ANDERSON Suddenly at Louden, Wanganui, on Sunday morning the 20th Dec 1863,  Rebecca,  the beloved wife of Mr Henry Anderson, aged 19.

BLAKEY November 24th 1863, Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr T G Blakey, Vincent- street,  aged  17 years.

COMBES Dec 4, 1863, at her father’s residence, Hobson-street, Kate, the infant daughter  of Mr  Walter Combes.

CROUDACE At his residence, Chapel-street, on the 17th November 1863, Henry Croudace  Esq,  Civil Engineer, son of the late Thomas Croudace Esq, late agent to the Earl of Durham,  Lambton  Castle, aged 46 years. Much regretted. Sydney papers please copy.

CUNNINGHAM Dec 1, 1863, at Dedwood, Mrs S J F Cunningham, wife of Joseph Cunningham,  Resident Magistrate’s Court, Auckland.

HAYDON Michael Haydon, aged 44 years, after a short and severe illness, which he bore  with  Christian patience and resignation, died a very holy death at his residence, Mechanics  Bay, at a  quarter to 8 o’clock a.m. yesterday. [Wednesday 16 December 1863] Requiescat in  Pace. At 8 o’ clock this morning [Thursday 17 Dec 1863] there will be a funeral service for  the repose of his soul in the Church of St John the Baptist, Parnell. At 3 o’clock this afternoon  his remains will  leave the same church for interment. Friends will please accept this invitation.

HOBAN On Saturday last, the 26th December 1863, Austin McGarry, infant son of Mr D H G  Hoban, Parnell.

HOBEN On Saturday last, the 26th December 1863, Austin McGarvey, infant son of Mr D A G  Hoben, Parnell.

HOLDEN Dec 3, 1863, at St George’s Bay, George Percy Foster, the beloved child of Edward F  Holden Esq., aged 4 months.

HOWARD On Saturday, December 26th 1863, at St John’s College, Tamaki, Mabel Kate, infant  daughter of Fred’k Howard Esq.

LONNERGAN Dec 13, 1863, the beloved wife of Daniel Lonnergan, Wynyard Hotel.

MAIR December 13, 1863, at Deveron, Whangarei, Mary Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of Mr  Robert Mair, aged 16 months.

MURPHY On Saturday the 12th December 1863, at her residence Wellesley-street, the beloved  wife of Thomas Murphy, aged 49 years.

PATTERSON Dec. 4, 1863, at Victoria-street, Annie Maria Stewart, infant daughter of James  Patterson, aged eleven months.

PAUL On November 10th, 1863, at her residence, Symonds-street, Auckland, Annette, the  beloved wife of Major James Paul, H M’s 65th Regt and Major of Brigade, aged 34 years.

SLEIGH On the 30th December 1863 at Abbey Lodge, St Johns Wood, England, William  Wilcocks Sleigh Esq, MD, FSA, aged 69 years. . [NZH]

STEWART On the 4th December 1863, at Victoria-street, Annie Maria Stewart, infant daughter  of James Patterson, aged 11 months.

TROY On the 31st December 1863, at the Library, Barracks, Theodore Morgan Troy, aged  8 months.

WARDELL Dec 21, 1863, Walter Longhurst Wardell, aged 5 months.

WHITE Dec 15, 1863, at Short-street, Arthur Fingall Esdmonde, infant son of Dr Thomas  Esmonde  White, HM 65th Regiment.

WOOD On the 26th December 1863, Bessie, eldest daughter of Mr Michael Wood, aged 7  years and  9 months. 1864

ALEXANDER On August 16th, 1864, of scarlatina, Mary Isabella, daughter of Frederick and  Sarah Alexander, of Otahuhu, aged 5 years.[NZH]  ALEXANDER On the 27th February 1864, Mrs John ALEXANDER, aged 67 yrs. Residence  Symonds- street. [NZH 29 Feb 1864]

ALLEN On the 14th March 1864, at her son in law’s house, Henry Sherrard, Hobson-street,  Elizabeth  Allen, aged 80 years, of Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, Ireland. . [NZH]

ALLENDER On 5th January 1864, George Allender of Londonderry, Ireland, aged 60 years. .  [NZH] 

ANTROBUS At Auckland, on the 24th August,1864 Edward Crauford Antrobus Esq., Major  2nd Regt., Waikato Militia.[NZH]

ARBUCKLE On the 27th February 1864 [NZH 1 Feb 1864] at Union-street, Freeman’s Bay,  David A H Arbuckle, aged 18 months, youngest son of Robert Arbuckle, late of Edinburgh.

ASHTON On the 16th March 1864, Ada Ellen, only and beloved daughter of William and  Jessie Ashton, aged 1 year 5 months. . [NZH]

ASHURT At her residence, Graham-street, Mary Ashurt, aged 52 years. [NZH 7 July 1864]

AUSTIN On 17 February 1864 at Papakura, Edward Adolphous Austin. (Victorian papers  please copy). [NZH]

BALDERSTON On 6th April 1864, Henry Balderston Esq, late Surgeon on the ship  John Duncan,  aged 33 years. London papers please copy. [SC 20 April 1864]

BALLIMY At Plymouth, Dr Ballimy, RN, at the advanced age of 90. He was with Lord  Nelson in  various actions. [NZH Saturday 5 March 1864]

BELL On the 23rd February 1864, William Armstrong, only son of Mr Thomas Bell, aged  1 year and  10 months. Residence, Brook-street near Victoria-street East.[NZH]

BELLAIRS On the 16th March 1864, at North Head, Eugenie Amelia, aged 1 year 7 months,  second daughter of Mr Eugene Bellairs. . [NZH]

BERRIDGE On July 21st,1864 Clara, only daughter of Mr H Berridge, aged three years and  three months.[NZH]

BETTANY On June 25th, 1864 Elizabeth Ann, the beloved daughter of Arthur and Ann Bettany,  of Nelson-street, Auckland.[NZH]

BETTS On the 18th January 1864, at the residence of her son in law, Mr James Baber Jnr,  Remuera,  Mrs Betts, aged 70 years.[NZH]

BEVERIDGE On January 21st 1864, on board the Ulcoats, the day before the arrival of the ship  in Auckland, William, second son of John Beveridge Esq., London-street, Edinburgh.[NZH]

BLACKBURN On August 30th 1864 at Rosewood Terrace, opposite the Newton Post-office,  Rebecca,  infant daughter of George and Margaret Blackburn, aged 1 month.[NZH]

BLACKBURN On 11 February 1864, at St John’s College, Elizabeth daughter of Rev John  Blackburn, Rector of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England. [NZH]

BOLGER On June 4, 1864 at the residence of his father, Walter John, eldest son of Capt  Edward Bolger, Harbour Master, Russell, aged 21 years.[NZH]

BOND On 20th April 1864, at his father’s residence Nelson-street, Edrige A Bond, son  of James Bond,  aged 1 yr 7 mths. [SC 22 April 1864]

BOND At his residence on Sunday, 25th September 1864, at the Criterion Hotel, Hobson- street, after  a short and painful illness, Mr James Curtis Bond, aged 45 years.

BOULTER On Tuesday 5th January 1864, Thomas, youngest son of Mr J Boulter, British  Hotel, Queen -street, aged 12 months.[NZH] BRACKENBURY On March 31st, 1864, at  Queendon Rectory, Essex, the Rev Joseph Brackenbury, M.A., Rector of Queendon, aged  77 years. [NZH]

BRADEY At Upper West Queen-street, on the 17th March 1864, Emily Catherine, beloved  wife of James Chas Brady, in her 26th year, of scarlatina and consequently regretted by all  who knew her. Residence opposite Mr Young’s, West Queen-street.

BRADLEY On July 22nd,1864 at Symonds-street, Margaret, fourth daughter of the late  Mr Bradley,  farmer, Mongonui. [NZH]

BRAY On June 29th,1864 the eldest daughter of George Bray, Mount Albert, aged 4 years  and 5 months. Wesleyan Chapel, High-street. [NZH]

BRAY John, youngest son of Mr Thos Bray, of Newton, in his 19th year. [NZH Sat 6th Feb  1864]

BROPHY On September 15th, 1864, Margaret, aged 10 years, only daughter of Edward  and Catherine Brophy. Funeral from residence Hepburn-street.

BROPHY At Takapuna, on Monday, 29th February 1864, Mary, daughter of Captain  Brophy, aged  8 years, of tetanus. Funeral at Roman Catholic Chapel. [NZH]

BROWN On the 19th February 1864, William Walter Brown, son of L H Brown, aged  14 months.  Residence, Cracroft-street. [NZH]

BRYCE On 12 September, 1864 Marion Stark, infant daughter of William Bryce, at his  residence, Cook-street.

BUCHANAN At Grafton-road, on January 11th 1864, the infant son of Mr W Buchanan.  [NZH]

CALEY On the 27th September,1864 John James, eldest son of Mr Daniel Caley, aged  14 years. [NZH]

CARADUS On 19th July 1864 at his father’s residence, Napier-street, David, fourth son of  James and Elizabeth Caradus, aged 3 years and 8 months. [NZH]

CARADUS On August 11th, 1864, Alexander John Grierson, youngest son of James and  Elizabeth Caradus, aged 18 months. [NZH]

CASEY On the 28th March 1864 at Parnell, Eliza Frances, wife of the late John, aged 49 years.  Funeral from St John the Baptist Church. . [NZH]

CHAPMAN On Wednesday morning, the 31st August, 1864 James Chapman, aged 2 months,  infant  son of James Chapman, Victoria-street. [NZH]

CHARLTON On January 26th, 1864, of croup, Emilia, infant daughter of John Charlton,  Otahuhu,  aged 8 months. [NZH] CHRISP On January 20th, 1864, at his brother’s residence, Victoria-street, Wm Shiply Chrisp,  after a lingering illness, aged 20 years. [NZH]

CLARKE On 20 February 1864, William O C Clarke, aged 10 years, son of Thomas Clarke  of the ship Tyburnia. [NZH]

CLARKE On the 25th February 1864, Mary Jane, aged 1 year 3 months, daughter of John  Thomas  Clarke of the ship Tyburnia. [NZH]

COCKRAM On June 9th, 1864 after a lingering illness, Luke Cockram, aged 36 years. Residence,  Hobson-street. [NZH]

CONDON On 10th February, 1864, at his residence Albert-street, Thomas Condon, aged 48 years. [NZH]

COOMBE On the 31st March 1864, at the Savings Bank, Florence Coombe, aged 29 years. [NZH]

COOPER On 27 February 1864 at her father’s residence, Eliot-street, the infant son of  James Cooper. [NZH]

COSTELLO On the 10th January 1864, after a short illness, at the Hibernian Hotel, Onehunga,  Mr Jas Costello, aged 40 years, late 58th Regt. [NZH]

COTTINGHAM On July 27th,1864 Rosina Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Wolfran and Rosina  Cottingham. [NZH]

CRAMER On 23rd April 1864, Christian Frederick, aged 15 months, infant son of C Cramer,  Albert-street. Melbourne and Hobart papers please copy. [SC 25 April 1864]

CRESS On 29th April 1864, Mary Cress, eldest daughter of William Cress Esq, Ballykelly,  Ireland.  Home papers please copy.

CRISP On January 25th, 1864, Urquhart William, son of Mrs Crisp, at her residence, York-street,  Parnell, aged 1 year and 4 months. [NZH]

CURRIE At the Provincial Hospital, on 27th September 1864, Mr David Curtis, son of the late  Dr Currie, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland.

CURTIS On the 25th September 1864, John Curtis, late of the 58th Regt., aged 37 years. Funeral  from residence, Chancery-street.

DARBY On the 8th August, 1864 at 11 a.m., Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr P Darby, aged 3 years  and 9 months. [NZH]

DAVIES On Wednesday 1st May 1864, beloved daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Davies, Albert- street, aged 2 yrs 8 mths. [NZH]

DAVIS On Tuesday, August 30th, 1864 Ephemia Ida Davis, aged 19 months, youngest daughter  of Charles Davis, Victoria Point. [NZH]

DAWES On 18 March 1864, drowned in the Waipa River by the upsetting of a canoe, Joseph ,  aged  19 years, only son of Joseph Davies of Onehunga. [SC 11 April 1864]

DAY On the 17th February 1864, Mary Jane, infant daughter of Mr J S Day, aged six months.  Residence, Albert-street. [NZH]

DAY August 14th 1864, Thomas John Day, son of J S Day, aged 4 weeks. [NZH]

DEANS On the 18th August, 1864 at her father’s residence, Isabella Margaret, youngest daughter  of Mr Walter Deans, aged 2 years and 6 months.

De THIERRY At Auckland, on Friday 8th July, 1864 after a short illness, Charles, Baron de  Thierry,  aged 71 years. The funeral to leave his late residence, Wellesley-street. [NZH]

DEVENPORT At the residence of his father, Wakefield-street, Oliver, only son of Samuel  Devenport  Esq., aged 17 years, late of Walsall, Staffordshire. [NZH 3 March 1864]

De WITTE On 15th May 1864, at her residence, St George’s Bay Road, Adele Celestine, beloved  wife of Charles de Witte Esq, Waiheke. Requiem Mass at St John the Baptist’s Church, Parnell.  [NZ 16 May 1864]

DIMOND On May 6th, 1864 in Honolulu, aged 26 years, Ellen Dickenson Dimond, wife of W H  Dimond, Esq., eldest daughter of J T Waterhouse Esq., and grand-daughter of the late Rev John  Waterhouse, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Missions in Australasia and Polynesia. [NZH]

DINNIN [September 1864] At the residence of his son, Ponsonby-road, Michael Dinnin, aged 84 years.

DOLPHIN On 5th May, 1864 Ann, relict of the late George Dolphin Esq., of Peachley-Hallow,  Worcester and mother of Mrs Dalton of this town, Cheltenham.

DOONIN On the 17th March 1864, Amelia, youngest daughter of T W Doonin, aged 2 years  3 months. . [NZH]

DOYLE On 24th April 1864, Thomas Doyle, aged 64 years. Residence West Queen-street. . [NZH]

DUDLEY On August 25th 1864 at Rangiora, Canterbury, NZ, Mary Frances, wife of the Rev B  W Dudley, Rural Dean of the Northern District. [NZH]

DUDLEY On the 12th February 1864, at Parnell, Mary Catherine, daughter of the Rev B  Thornton Dudley, aged 15 weeks. [NZH]

EADE On January 18th, 1864, at Remuera, Henry, third son of Mr Richd Eade, aged 10 years. [NZH]

ELLIS On the 8th March, 1864 drowned, Thomas Sidney Colebrook Ellis, second son of Oliver S  Ellis, of Auckland, from the Ida Ziegler on her passage home to England, aged 6 years. [NZH]

ENSOR On August 11th, 1864 at the residence of his father, Nelson-street, James Alfred Villiers  Ensor, aged 13 years. [NZH]

EWEN On the 7th April 1864, Laura Isabella, daughter of Charles Ewen, of West Tamaki, aged  8 months. . [NZH]

FALLWELL On January 24th 1864, at Papakura, Edward William, youngest son of Mr S Fallwell.  [NZH]

FARRELL On 11 February 1864, at her residence, Pitt-street, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Thomas  Farrell, eldest daughter of Mr James Denis Kelly, North Shore, aged 20 years. [NZH]

FEATHERSTON At Wellington on Wednesday morning, the 16th March 1864, Bethia Campbell,  wife of Dr I E Featherson, Superintendent of the Province, aged 18 years. . [NZH]

FENNELL On the 29th June, 1864, from diarrhea, Sarah Danning, infant daughter of Arthur  Fennell, aged 3 months. [NZ’er 4 July 1864]

FLETCHER On Sunday 3 July 1864, to Mrs John Fletcher, Wesley College, of a son ???(birth???)

FLYNN Ann, on the 28th March 1864, at Onehunga, beloved wife of John, aged 30 years.  [SC 1 Apr 1864]

FLYNN On 4th May 1864, at Onehunga, John, aged 57 years. [NZ 5 May 1864]

FOSTER On 20 February 1864, at Auckland, George Foster, late of Sydney. [NZH]

FRANKLYN At the North Shore, Wednesday 27th April 1864, Henry Bowles Franklyn, MB,  aged 36 years. . [NZH]

FRASER On the 22nd March 1864 at Russell, Bay of Islands, Peter Law Fraser, late of Stirling,  Scotland. English and Colonial papers please copy. . [NZH]

FRIEND On 2 March 1864, at her residence Hobson-street, Elizabeth, wife of G W Friend. .  [NZH 3 March 1864]

FRIEND On Monday the 14th March 1864, Elizabeth, beloved child of G W Friend, aged 4 years.  Residence Hobson-street.[NZH]

FURNESS On the 3rd January 1864, Henry James, son of Mr H Furness, aged 16 months. [NZH]

GAMBLE At Auckland on the 24th September 1864, Eleanor Mary, infant daughter of Lt-Colonel  Gamble, CB, Deputy Quartermaster General.

GIBBES On the 29th February 1864 at Takapuna, North Shore, aged 25 years, Robert Osborn  Gibbes, second son of Sir Samuel Osborn Gibbes, Baronet. [NZH 3 March 1864]

GILBERD January 11, 1864, James Henry Gilberd, aged one month. [NZH] GILHAM On the 23rd March 1864, at Onehunga, Hannah Bella Gilham, aged 6 months. . [NZH]

GOOD On the 19th January 1864, Agnes, aged 17 months. The funeral will leave Mr Jackman’s,  Fort Street. [NZH]

GRAHAM June 14th, 1864 Ellen, the second daughter of John Graham, painter, Remuera. [NZH]

GRAHAM On July 13th, 1864 John Anderson Graham, youngest son of Mr John Graham, painter,  Remuera. [NZH]

GRAY On the 24th Jan, 1864, at Parnell, Joseph Wright, twin son of Jas Gray, aged five months.  [NZH]

GREENWOOD On July 7th,1864 Walter, the infant son of William and Dorothy Greenwood,  North Shore, aged 9 months. [NZH]

GUILDING On 14 September 1864 at his residence Alten-road, John Guilding, aged 65 years.

HAMLIN On August 8th, 1864 at the residence of the Rev J Hamlin, John George, youngest  son of Mr Job Hamlin, of Papakura. [NZH]

HANNKEN On 22nd April 1864, of inflammation of the stomach, George Frederick, infant  son of F Hannken, Queen-street. [SC 23 April 1864] HANSON Catherine Mary Ann Hanson, on January 5th, 1864, aged 38 years. Funeral from  residence, Newton. [NZH]

HARRISON On January 5th, 1864, Mary Ann Harrison, aged 38 years. [NZH]

HEAPS On January 21st, 1864, at his residence, Wellesley-street, Mr Geo Heaps, aged 49 years.  [NZH]

HENDERSON On Wednesday 10th August, 1864, in Vincent-street, At Auckland, Sarah,  daughter  of Adam and Jane Henderson, aged two months. [NZH]

HESKETH This morning [NZH Sat 28 May 1864] at Remuera, Emmanuel Hesketh, aged 51 yrs.
HILL On February 29th, 1864 of scarlet fever, John Boucher, eldest and beloved son of Mr  T B Hill, Chemist, Victoria-street, Auckland, aged 5 years. Residence Victoria-street. [NZH] HILL On Thursday, August 18th,1864 Charles Boucher, youngest and beloved son of Mr T B Hill,  chemist, Victoria-street, aged 16 months. [NZH]

HILLS On January 20th, 1864, at her residence, Wynyard-street, Matilda Maria Hills, aged 43 years,  the beloved wife of Mr Chas Hills, coachbuilder. [NZH]

HOOPER On the 5th May, 1864, Mary Jane Hooper, infant daughter of Walter Hooper, aged 13  months. Residence, Lower Hobson-street

HOYE On January 26th 1864, at Newton, Josephine Sarah, infant daughter of Mr Geo Hoye,  of Wairoa, aged 8 months. [NZH]

HUNTER On 26th April 1864, at his residence, Victoria Quadrant, George Edward Hunter, aged  52. . [NZH]

HUNTER on 14th May 1864, Joseph, beloved son of Margaret and William Hunter, aged 15 yrs  10 mths. [NZ 16 May 1864]

JACKSON On the 30th August, 1864 Nathan, fourth son of Mr Thomas G Jackson, Tarnsfield,  Notts., England, aged 15 years. [NZH]

JACKSON On the 13th January 1864, at Remuera, Andrew, third son of Samuel Jackson, aged 2  years and 4 months. [NZH]

JAMIESON On the 5th May 1864, Janet, infant daughter of William Jamieson, Union-street, aged  1 yr 4 mths.

JOHNSON On Sunday 8th May 1864, Robert JOHNSON, aged 20 years, deeply regretted by all  who knew him. Residence, Royal Hotel. [NZH]

KEALS On the 8th 1864 inst., Catherine, beloved wife of Mr Richard Keals, aged 37 years. Residence,  Victoria-street. [NZH]

KELLY On the 12th June, 1864 at his residence, Cook-street, Captain Henry Kelly, aged 42 years.  years. Premises adjoining Printing Office, Durham-street. [NZH]

KERTH On 10th May 1864, John, only son of the late Mr Kerth, aged 3 years, from the residence  of his stepfather, Mr R Hewson of H M C, Parnell.

KIRKLAND On 28th May 1864, Mrs Jane Ann Kirkland, aged 53 years. Residence, Nelson-street.  [NZ 30 May 1864]

KUNST On Friday 13th May 1864, William Henry [NZH]

LAW On January 10th, 1864, at the Mission House, at Tarawera, aged 28, Charlotte Grace, the  beloved wife of Geo Law Esq., Civil Commissioner at Taupo. [NZH]

LEARY On 24th April 1864, at his residence Queen-street, F Leary, in his 58th year. . [NZH]

LEONARD On August 4th, 1864 at Camp Te Papa, Tauranga, of dysentery, Falcon Peter Leonard,  Lieut. HM 18th Royal Irish, attached to the Commissariat Transport Corps. [NZH]

LEPINE On 27th May 1864, at Upper Queen-street, Nanny Alexander, youngest daughter of Mr  W Lepine, aged 7 years. [NZH]

LEPINE On June 1st, 1864 at Walworth, London, Jane, wife of Mr William Lepine, formerly  of Canterbury, Kent, aged 79 years. [NZH]

LOCKWOOD On 14th April 1864, Elizabeth, beloved wife of D Lockwood. . [NZH]

LONNERGAN On 6th June 1864, Mr Daniel Lonnergan, of the Wynyard Hotel. Members of the  IOOFMU requested to attend. [NZ 7 June 1864]

LOOMB On the 25 Jan, 1864, at her father’s residence, Hobson’s Park, Parnell, Jane, the eldest  daughter of Jas Loomb, aged 5 years and 7 months. [NZH]

LORIGAN June 14th, 1864 Jane Lorigan, relict of the late D Lorigan, of Auckland, aged 68 years,  after a short but painful illness, borne with Christian fortitude, deeply lamented by a large circle  of relatives and friends. Residence, Chapel-street. [NZH]

LORIGAN On 25th April 1864, at his mother’s residence Albert-street, John F Lorigan, son of the  late P Lorigan, in his 17th year. . [NZH]

LUNDON On 9th Aug 1864 aged 69 years, Ellen, wife of P Lundon, at her residence, Green  Park, Great South Road. Funeral at St Peter’s Cathedral, Auckland.[NZH]

MacGREGOR At Raglan on the 11th January 1864, the infant son of Major MacGregor, 65th  Regt., aged one month. [NZH]

MACKEY On the 3rd September, 1864 Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Hancock and the  beloved wife of Mr Hugh Mackey, aged 34 years. [NZH]

MALLINSON On the 11th Jan 1864, at his residence, Edwardes-street, Samuel C Mallinson,  aged 50 years. [NZH]

MARKS On Friday morning, Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Ann Marks, aged one  week. [NZH] ? MASON On 2nd March, 1864, at Papakura, Rupert Mason, aged 5 months, youngest son of Sub- Inspector Bower, CDF. [NZH]

MATHIAS On June 18, 1864 at his residence, Riccarton, Canterbury, the Venerable Archdeacon  Mathias. MAY On the 25th July 1864, Mr Nathaniel May, aged 44 years., Neil Murray, second  son of Mr Angus McFadyen, Charlotte Town, Ireland, of Moy, Invernesshire, aged 45 yrs. He  was one of the earliest settlers in Auckland where he resided during the last nine years and  has gained the universal respect of the inhabitants. He had frequent attacks of paralysis during  the last twelve months, of one of which he died, after a week’s suffering, on Sunday last. His  remains will be conveyed to the ground at 3 o’clock this afternoon. [NZH]

McFADYEN On the 20th March 1864, from exhaustion whilst clinging to the rig of the schooner  Rapid . [NZH]

McMICHIAL On 18th April 1864, William McMichial, aged 23 years, a native of England. [SC 20  April 1864]

McMILLAN On Thursday September 22nd, 1864, at the Waipu, after a long illness, Ann, the  beloved wife of Archibald McMillan of that place, aged 34 years.

MITCHELSON On the 28th March 1864, Alexander James, aged 12 years. Residence, Nelson-street. .  [NZH]

M’NAMARA On August 6th, 1864 aged 1 year and three months, Catherine, daughter of Mr John  Scott M’Namara, dealer, Queen-street.

MONRO On June 24th,1864 at her residence, Parnell, Mary, relict of the late Mr William Monro,  of Hokianga, aged 28 years. [NZH]

MONRO On the 9th October 1864, at his residence, Stockton-street, San Francisco, California, Mr  P Monro, formerly of Auckland, aged 70 years. [NZH]

MOONEY On 3rd August, 1864 Edith, second daughter of Mr M Mooney, Dunnstown, aged 1 year  and 6 months.

MOONEY On Thursday, August 18th, 1864 at her residence, Wellesley-street, after a short and  painful illness, Anne Mooney, the wife of James Mooney, aged 49 years. [NZH]

MOORE On the 11th March 1864, at Geddes Point, Onehunga, David, youngest son of James  Moore, aged 17 years. . [NZH]

MOSS On the 8th April 1864, at her residence Grey-street, Sarah Ann, beloved wife of Robert,  aged 23 (or 25) years. . [NZH]

MULRENNAN On 12 March 1864, at his residence Lansdowne-crescent, Tamaki, Thomas  Mulrennan,  aged 50 years, father in law of Sgt Crotty, 40th Regt. [SC 23 April 1864] NAUGHTON At the residence of his father, Hobson-street, on Sunday 14 February 1864, Joseph  Andrew, son of J F Naughton, aged 5 months. [NZH]

O’BEIRNE On Monday 18th July 1864, Mary Ann, third daughter of O’Beirne aged 14 yrs 6  months, funeral will leave the residence at Chancery Street. [NZ/er 19 July 1964]

PAGDEN On the 5th My 1864, at her residence, Forest Hill near London, Auguusta, wife of  J W Pagden Esq of Alfriston, Sussex and second daughter of J S Winstanley. [NZ/er 28 July 1864]

PAYNE On June 20th,1864 at Parnell, Maria Anne, aged 2 years and 6 months, only child of  Thomas W and Fanny Payne. [NZH]

PAYNE On the 24th March 1864, Charles, beloved son of George & Ann Payne, aged 14 months. .  [NZH]

PEARCE On Sunday, 7th February 1864, Margaret Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Thomas  Pearce Esq, Surgeon, Newton, aged 11 months. [NZH]

PEIRCE On the 19th March 1864, Arthur, eldest son of Mr Peirs, Surgeon, Newton. . [NZH]

PENMAN On 6th February 1864, John Robert, son of John Penman. [NZH]

PETTIT On 12 September, 1864 James, son of John Pettit, cabinet-maker, at his residence, Albert  and Wellesley-streets, aged 5 years.

PETTIT On 17th May 1864, William J Pettit, late of Sydney, aged 82 yrs. Sydney papers please  copy. [NZ 18 May 1864]

PHAIR On 14th April 1864, at the William Denny Hotel, after a short illness, Francis Phair,  formerly of Cork, Ireland, aged 49 years. Home papers please copy. . [NZH]

PHILCOX On 15th May 1864, Ellen, aged 4 years. Residence, Albert-street. [NZ 16 May 1864]

PHILLIPS On 14th April 1864 at the General Hospital, Auckland, Benjamin Phillips, Colour  Sergeant, 65th Regt. . [NZH]

PIERCE On the 2nd March 1864, William John Patrick, infant son of George & Horatia Pierce,  aged 13 months. . [NZH 3 March 1864]

PIERCE On the 18th March 1864, at Upper Symonds-street, Caroline Elizabeth, daughter of  George & Horatia Pierce, aged 5 weeks. . [NZH]

PIERCE On the 25th March 1864, Annie, eldest and only surviving child of T D Pierce Esq.,  Surgeon, Newton, aged 3 years 9 months. . [NZH]

PORTER On June 30th, 1864 at the Albert Barracks, Arthur George, the eldest son of Sergeant  C Porter, Royal Engineers, aged 9 years and 2 months. [NZH]

POWELL At his residence, Chapel-street, Auckland, on 25th April 1864, Mr Edward Powell,  formerly of Fountain, Co.Clare, Ireland, aged 77 years. Funeral at St Patrick’s Cathedral. . [NZH]

O’BEIRNE On 18th July,1864 Mary Ann, third daughter of Paterick (sic) O’Beirne, at her  father’s residence, Chancery-street, aged 14 years and 6 months. [NZH]

OWEN On 16 September 1864 at Mt Eden, Epsom, aged 14 days, Joseph, infant son of George  Burgoyne Owen, Esq.

QUARTIER On June 27th 1864 at Dedwood, Marc Aurele, infant son of Mr and Mrs Quartier.  [NZH] ?QUANTIER

RAINSFORD At Parnell, on 15th April 1864, Joseph M Rainsford, Deputy Asst Supt., Military  Store Staff, New Zealand, youngest son of William E Rainsford Esq, Rainsford Lodge, Co.Wexford,  Ireland, aged 33 years. . [NZH]

RAYMOND On 1st February 1864 at the Union Bank of Australia, Wellington, Phoebe Elizabeth,  wife of J C Raymond Esq, at the Union Bank of Australia, Sydney. [NZH]

READING On January 6th, 1864, Chas Reading, aged 16 months, son of Mr J W Reading,  tobacconist, Shortland-street, Auckland. [NZH]

REED On September 9th, 1864, at Onehunga, Alice, fourth daughter of Mr Nathaniel Reed,  aged 7 years.

REED On September 12, 1864, Thomas, the only son of Mr Nathaniel Reed, aged 14 years.

REED At Onehunga, on September 21st 1864, Amelia, third daughter of Mr Nathaniel Reed,  aged 9 years. Deeply beloved.

REED On the 1st January 1864 at Stokes Point, North Shore, Mr John Reed, aged 23 years.  Universally esteemed and regarded. [NZH]

RICHARDS On June 17th, 1864 at his mother’s residence, West Queen-0sgtreet, Mathias Richards,  third son of Mrs Catherine Cavanagh, aged 14 years. [NZH] RIGG On the 7th March 1864, Louis Michael, youngest son of J Rigg, Auckland, aged 10 months. .  [NZH]

RHODES On June 18, 1864 At Purau, Canterbury, Geo. Rhodes, Esq (brother of Captain Rhodes,  of Wellington). [NZH]

RHODES On January 14th, 1864, at her father’s residence, Mechanic’s Bay, Idia Matilda Rhodes,  aged 20 months.

ROBINSON On 23rd February 1864, at Onehunga, Ferdinand Warner, son of Mr T J Robinson,  of Mauku, aged 7 months. [NZH]

RUSSELL On August 17th 1864 at her residence, on the Great North Road, after a short and  painful illness, Elizabeth Mitchell Adam, wife of David Russell, aged 56 years. [NZH]

RYAN On August 17th, 1864 Michael, the ninth son of Mr Michael Ryan. [NZH]

RYLE On his passage to Sydney on board the barque Gazelle, on the 29th May 1864, Capt  John Ryle, late of Auckland (formerly commander of the brig John Wesley) aged 28 years.  [NZ 28 June 1864]

SCHAFER On the 24th March 1864, at West Queen-street, Frederic William, youngest son  of Charles Schafer, aged 16 years. . [NZH]

SCOTT On September 3rd,1864 at the residence of his father, Pitt-street, after a painful illness,  Thomas Scott, beloved son of Alice and Thomas Scott, aged 12 years. [NZH]

SCOTT On the 11th April 1864 at his residence, Grey-street, Thomas SCOTT, late of Mahurangi,  aged 64 years. . [NZH]

SEABROOK On 21st April 1864, Algernon Russell, youngest son of John Seabrook, Vincent- street, aged 11 months. [SC 22 April 1864]

SELLORS On Thursday morning, August 12th, 1864 at his residence, Victoria-street, Mr  George Sellors, aged 52 years, formerly of HM 58th Regt., and lately of the Auckland Armed  Police Force. [NZH]

SHANAGHAN On August 15th, 1864 Edward, youngest son of Quarter-Master Shanaghan,  4th Regiment, W.M., aged 5 years and 10 months. [NZH]

SHEPHERD At the Provincial Hospital, on 31st July, 1864 Mr John Shepherd of this city. [NZH]

SHERRET On 22nd April 1864, at Onehunga, William Alexander Sherret, aged 6 years, at  his stepfather’s residence. Presbyterian Burying-ground. [SC 23 April 1864]

SHORT On August 6th, 1864 Naomi, the beloved wife of Mr Thomas Short, of this city, aged  46 years. [NZH]

SIMS On the 28th January 1864, Mr Frederick Sims, aged 39 years. Funeral from residence,  Shortland-street. [NZH] SIMPSON On 25th February 1864, at Onehunga, infant son of Ralph Simpson, aged 10 months. [NZH]

SLEIGH On the 16th January 1864, at Bayswater, London, Sarah, widow of the late William  Wilcocks Sleigh, aged 66 years. . [NZH]

SMITH On August 22nd, 1864 at the residence of his father, Wakefield-street, William Leicester,  youngest son of Mr George Smith, aged 8 years and 10 months. [NZH]

SMITH On July 5th, 1864 Sabina Charlotte, the beloved daughter of Mr W Smith, Hobson-street,  aged 2 years and 9 months. [NZH]

SMITH On July 5, 1864 at his residence, Hobson-street, Thomas, third son of William Smith. [NZH] SMITH On 16th June 1864 at the Military Hospital, Auckland, from inflammation of the brain,  Capt Augustus Frederick Smith, formerly of HM 99th Regt and lately Inspector of Volunteer  Artillery, Southern Division, Tasmania. Tasmanian and English papers to copy. [NZ 28 June 1864]

SOALL On July 3rd, 1864 Mrs Ellen Soal, aged 55 years. [NZH]

SOUTH On the 5th January 1864 at Otahuhu, Mary, the wife of Mr Pvte South, aged 36 years. [NZH]

SPEIGHT On 25th July, 1864 at Parnell, Amelia Brighton, daughter of Staff Sergeant Major  Speight, aged 4 years and 11 months. [NZH]

SPICER On the 20th February 1864, Alexander Fredrick Woodhouse, youngest son of Mr A H  Spicer, aged 3 years. Residence, Glenlaverock, Titirangi. [NZH]

STEPHENSON On 4th August, 1864 Francis, only son of Mr T Stephenson, at his father’s residence,  corner Wellesley and Chapel-streets, aged 24 years.

STEPHENSON On January 30th 1864, Charles, infant son of Mr Chas Stephenson aged 8 weeks. [NZH]

STEPHENSON At Parnell, on the 6th inst., ? Sgt James Stephenson, 2nd Class, Auckland Militia,  son of Frederick Stephenson Esq., of Eagleaston, Birmingham. . [NZH]

STEWART On 8th February 1864, drowned at Whaingaroa, Herbert, Frederick Alexander, eldest  son of T S Stewart, of the Grove, Waitetuna, aged 3 years 11 months. [NZH]

SWINBOURN On 9th April 1864 at his residence, Trafalgar-street, Onehunga, Mr William Swinbourn,  in his 79th year. [SC 12 April 1864]

SYMS On Wednesday evening, 28th September 1864, Emma, third daughter of Thomas Syms, Baker,  Freeman’s Bay.

TATTERSALL On the 19th February 1864, Ralph, second son of the late Mr William Tattersall,  aged 31 years. Residence, Dean-cresc. beside the Auckland Club. [NZH]TAYLOR On the 20th  February 1864 at Alberton, Martha, wife of Allan K Taylor Esq, aged 24 years. [NZH]

TAYLOR On 15th July 1864 at Alberton, Allan Meredith, son of Allan K Taylor Esq., aged  5 months. [NZH] TAYLOR On the 20th February 1864 at Alberton, Martha, wife of Allan K Taylor Esq, aged  24 years. [NZH] THOMPSON On the 6th April 1864, at her brother in law’s residence, Upper Queen=street,  James Quinlan, Mrs Mary Thompson (Colpey’s), late of Shannonview, Knock, Co.Clare, Ireland.

TODD [Paper of 9th Sept 1864] At the residence of her son in law, William Dick, Wellesley-street,  Isabella Todd, aged 71 years.

TODD On the 9th April, 1864 after a short illness, Richard C Todd, son of Rev E Todd, Vicar  of St Austell, Cornwall, England. . [NZH]

TURNER On the 22nd July 1864 instant, Amelia, the beloved wife of Captain Turner, of the  American ship ‘Roslyn’, aged 27 years. [NZH]

VAILE On the 18 February 1864, Francis Samuel, son of J R Vaile, aged 13 months. . [NZH]

VERCOE At Takapuna on 21st May 1864, Joseph Lawry, youngest son of J L Vercoe, aged  2 yrs 9 mths. [SC 30 May 1864] VICKERY At her father’s residence, Albert Foundry, on the 25 March 1864, Ada Hutching,  youngest daughter of Mr W Vickery, aged 6 months. . [NZH] WAITE On 31st March 1864, Frederick, eldest son of Jerry W Waite, aged 16 years. Residence,  West-street, Newton. . [NZH]

WALDIE On the 4th February 1864, at Auckland of dysentery, John Phillips Waldie, aged 10  years, the beloved son of Jas Waldie. [NZH]

WALKER At Onehunga, on the 4th February 1864, in his 57th year, Mr F Walker, formerly of  Egham, Surrey, England. [NZH]

WALKER At Onehunga, on the 4th February 1864, in his 57th year, Mr F Walker, formerly of  Egham, Surrey, England. [NZH]

WALKER On 14th March 1864, Henry Walker, aged 14 yearsWALL On June 3rd, 1864 Mrs Ellen  Wall, aged 55 years. Funeral from son in law’s residence, Epsom. [NZH]

WALSH On January 4th, 1864, Geo Henry, eldest son of Corpl Henry Walsh, 65th Regt., Abercrombie- street, aged 18 months. [NZH]

WALL On June 3rd, 1864 Mrs Ellen Wall, aged 55 years. Funeral from son in law’s residence,  Epsom. [NZH]

WALSH On January 4th, 1864, Geo Henry, eldest son of Corpl Henry Walsh, 65th Regt.,  Abercrombie-street, aged 18 months. [NZH]

WARBRICK At the residence of Mr John Taylor, Davenport-street, Parnell, Christiana  Warbrick, aged 6 years. [NZ 1 June 1864]

WARD On the 6th Jan, 1864, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian fortitude,  Mr Bryant Ward, formerly of O’Connell-street, aged 70 years. [NZH]

WARREN On the 24th August, 1864 at the residence of Mr Lennant, Victoria-street West,  Mr J Warren, bookbinder, (late of the ‘New Zealander’ Office), aged 56.[NZH]

WATERHOUSE  On the 8th July 1864, of diphtheria, at Amhurst, Victoria, Florence Alexandra,  only daughter of Rev Samuel Waterhouse, aged 14 months [NZ’er 30 July 1864]

WATKIN On 4th May 1864, at Parnell, Mr William Watkin, Carpenter, aged 33. Private,  No.5 Co., second-class Auckland Militia. [NZ 5 May 1864]

WATTS January 3rd, 1864, at her residence, Nelson-street, Anne, beloved wife of Mr John  Watts, aged 34 years. [NZH]

WAYMOUTH On 27th April 1864, at his father’s residence, Napier-street, Freemans Bay, Walter,  beloved son of John & Ann Waymouth, aged 6 years. . [NZH]

WEIR On the 30th January 1864, at his residence, Otahuhu, John Weir, pensioner, late Royal  Artillery. [NZH]

WELBY On 7th September, 1864 at the Governor Brown Hotel, Patrick Welby, aged 29 years.

WHEELER On 27th April 1864, at his residence, Union-street, Freemans Bay, Mary, beloved  wife of George Henry Wheeler, aged 29 years. . [NZH]

WHITE On the 2nd March 1864, Frances Elizabeth, aged 3 years, daughter of William White,  carpenter, Howick. [NZH]

WILES On the 5th April 1864, at Newmarket, after a painful illness, Mr William Wiles, aged 43.  Leaving a widow and 6 infant children. [SC 8 April 1864] WILLIAMS On Monday 14th March 1864 at his father’s residence, Mr William Williams, Sergeant,  No.3 Company, Auckland Rifle Volunteers, aged 19 years. Residence, Parnell. WILLIAMS On the 29th March 1864, William J Williams Jr, stonemason, at his father’s residence,  Vincent-street, aged 21 years. . [NZH]

WHITE On the 13th January 1864, Thos. Son of Mr R White, Shipwright, of this town, aged 2  years. [NZH]

WINSTANLEY On the 18th March 1864 at her residence, Brighton, Sussex, Catherine, wife of  John Winstanley Esq of 10 Paternoster Row, London. [NZ’er 28 July 1864]

WILSON On 27th July, 1864 Caroline Dixon, beloved wife of Capt. John Wilson, 3rd Waikato  Militia,  at the residence of Mrs West, corner Wellesley and Chapel-streets [NZH]

WOOD On the 15th February 1864, Nellie, infant daughter of Mr Michael Wood, aged 15 months.  [NZH]

WOOD On the 9th February 1864, Mary Theodora, infant daughter of Mr E Wood, aged 6 months.  [NZH]WOOD On the 29th September 1864, from a fall from his horse, John Hutchinson Wood, Esq,  late 2nd Waikato Regt., aged 29 years. Funeral from residence, Alten-road, below the Scottish Church.  [A report on the inquest in NZH of 23 Sept

WOOD On the 29th September 1864, from a fall from his horse, John Hutchinson Wood, Esq, late  2nd Waikato Regt., aged 29 years. Funeral from residence, Alten-road, below the Scottish Church.  [A report on the inquest in NZH of 23 Sept

WRIGHT February 17th 1864, at his father’s residence, Albert-street, Frank, sixth son of William  Wright, Waterman.[NZH WYLIE At the Ferry Hotel, Panmure, on 6th January 1864, John, infant son of William Wylie. [NZH]


LORRIGAN John, son of the late Patrick Lorrigan, on Monday 25th April 1868, at his mother’s  residence, Albert-street. . [NZH] 1887
ASHTON    On Feb 15th, at his res,
Church St Devonport, Herbert Ashton aged 81yrs. BOOTH    On Feb 6  at her late res Marshfield, Archhill, Ann, the beloved wife of  Thomas Booth,  in her 68th year, - Doncaster papers to copy
CHADWICK    On Feb 8 after a long illness, Florence, eldest d/o JohnChadwick, Pukekohe.
CROUCH    On Feb 5 at her late res
Arney St, Sarah catherine, the w/o George Crouch and d/o  Mr Colin McIntosh Archhill.
CUNNINGHAM On Feb 23 at her daughters res,
Nelson St, Mary, the relict of the late George Cunningham, aged 82 yrs.  Sydney and Melbourne papers please copy.
DENNERLY    On Feb 11 at the res of her son (J Dennerly), Tararu, Thames, Hannah Dennerly aged 68yrs
DODS On Jan 4 at Salters Hill, Upper Norswood, near London, Andrew Chalmers Dods, late of of Higham, Kent, youngest son of the late Dr Andrew Dods R N., aged 47yrs
FERGUSON    On Feb 7 at Karaka St, Newton, Margaret (Meta) Kenip, the elder and beloved d/o Thomas and Emily J Ferguson, aged 5yrs and 10months.
FERRALL     On the evening of Feb 4 at her late res
Mt Smart Rd, Onehunga, Sarah,  relict of  the late George Ferrall aged 78yrs.
FOLEY    On Feb 7 at her res,
Pitt St, Mrs John Foley.
GARDINER On Feb 23, Jacob, the beloved son of Pearson and Ellen Gardiner aged 31 yrs.
GIBBS    On Feb 9 at his res, Hobson St, Charles Gibbs of Coromandel, aged 46yrs. HILL On Feb 27, at her res Mt Smart Rd, One-Tree-Hill Farm, Emma, the faithful wife of C V Hill, aged 43 yrs, leaving ten of a family to mourn their loss - five sons and five daughters.
HILL On Feb 27, at her parents res, One-Tree-Hill, Emma infant daughter of C V and Emma Hill aged 1 day.
HOPKINS    On the 9th Feb at the res of her son-in-law, T Moyle, Sandes St, Block 27
Thames, Margaret Hopkins, relict of the late Charles Hopkins, formerly Sergeant-Major H M, 58th Reg, aged 76ys.
HUME    At his res Willoughby St Shortland, after a long illness, Alexander Hume e  s/o the late  Dr A W Hume,
Belfast Victoria in the 51st year of his age.
Dec 27 1886, at Stranahil, Co Wicklow, Ireland, Mary, widow of the late Charles Fraser Johnson, solicitor, Dublin, aged 70 yrs.
     On Jan 10 at Tamanoa, Fiji, of acute dysentery, William Walter Harding,  second  s/o Rev Canon Johnston of KatiKati NZ and Fort Johnston co Monaghan Ireland aged ? KENNEDY On the 25th ult, at the res of her son-in-law, James WALKER, Ponsonby, Catherine Kennedy, aged 82yrs. Napier papers please copy.
KENSINGTON On Feb 7 at Mt Albert, Roland Georffrey Kensington aged 14months.
KINGOn Feb 23, the infant son of Thomas King, Ponsonby Rd.
LASTON     On Nov 7  at Clifton Crescent London SE, Edward Saumbrex De Hault  Laston second  s/o  the Captain Laston, R N and son-in-law to the late Mr George  Ferrall of Onehunga aged 65
LINDSAY On Feb 25, at Ngaruawahia, after a lingering illness, John Robert Reid, eldest son of James Purvis and Lucia Eliza Lindsay, aged 16yrs.

    On Feb 11 at his parents res, Franklin Rd, Dawson Barker, infant s/o Neil McLean, builder aged 3/2months.
McNIECE On Feb 24 at his fathers res, Waiotahi Creek, William John, infant son of James McNiece.
Feb 10 1887, alexander Rovert Melville, eldest s/o Robert and Janet Melville, aged 18mnths.
MINOGUE    On Feb 12 at her daughters res,
Grey St, Johanne Minogue, in her 58th year, after a long and painful illness.
NICOL    On the 1st instant at the res of Mr McMath England St, Annie Harriet,  second d/o  of  the late William Nicol, Masonic Hotel.
O'MEARA On the 24th Jan, at the res of his son-in-law, Melbourne, Mr F H R COOK, Michael O'Meara, aged 69yrs. A colonist of 58 yrs.
REILLY On Feb 28 at View Ave Mt Eden, Ellen , wife of John Reilly, G.E., A.B,. F.C.D. and daughter of James Hammond YOUNG, Esq., aged 25yrs.
RING    On Feb 3 at his late res Jervois Rd, Frederick Ring aged 63
SCOTT     On Jan 27 at the Provincial Hospital, Archibald Scott late of Ararimu  South ( Opaheke )  aged 74
TAYLOR    On Jan 31 at the res of his parents, Three Kings, Joseph Hornecastle, second s/o J F and  M C Taylor aged 13mnths.
TRENWITH     On Feb 6 James Harry Trenwith late of Penzance Cornwall England aged 38yrs.  Penzance papers please copy WILDING On Jan 1, resulting from injuries suffered from a gas explosion at his res, Holly Cottage, Sidcup, on Dec 30, Henry Wilding, aged 75yrs
WRIGHT     On Feb 3 1887 at her res Wellesley St East, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Winifred Wright aged  27yrs, d/o Mrs Zeigler.
YOUNG    On Christmas Day, at Wingfield, Upper Norwood, London, aged 65yrs, William Carr Young, only surviving s/o the late Rev John Lindsay Dent Young M. A. and of Catherine, his wife.

IN MEMORIAM O'BRIEN In loving remembrance of Michael O'Brien, who died on the 22nd Nov 1886, aged 88yrs, native of parish of Doors, Co Clare Ireland.  Inserted by his loving daughter, Bridget DONNOLY.

For the above names I thank Lyn DEAR, Jacqueline WALLES and others..