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CROWE BMD's Canterbury Public Library church register index.
Births: Crowe
Elizabeth Maud Beatrice, b. 27 January 1884 to Henry & Naomi,
West Oxford, North Canterbury, NZ
Ernest Charles, b. 15 June 1888 to Charles William & Clara Annie
Ethel Constance, b. 13 June 1890 to Thomas William & Mary Anne nee McMANUS
Hannah, b. 7 May 1863 to Thomas & Elizabeth of Oxford.
Herbert, b. 3 January 1876 to William & Julia of Irwell, Canterbury
Jenny Mabel, b. 4 April 1889 to Thomas & Mary Ann nee McManus
John Lionel, b. 16 September 1901 to John & Susan, Richmond Place.
Norman Baden Powell, b. 4 December 1899 to John & Susan, 17 St. Asaph St.
Priscilla, b. 8 November 1867 to William & Julia of Selwyn.
Rex Desmond, b. 22 July 1924 to Bertram Arnold & Kathleen WATTIE of Oxford
Richard, b. 14 october 1873 to William & Julia of Irwell
Sarah, b. 14 November 1877 to William & Sarah of Doyleston.
Thelma Estelle, b. 10 January 1903 to John & Susan of Richmond Tce.
Thomas William, b. 7 September 1864 to Thomas & Elizabeth.

Marriages: Crowe
male details/female details, bachelor/spinster, occupation, born,

Amelia & Arthur George BURGESS m. 10 december 1907
at the house of Mrs. Gillingham, 42 Lichfield Street, Christchurch,
bach/sp, ages: 25/24, occ: Groom/ Domestic, born: Albury/Mataura,
parents: William George & Mary Burgess, nee MITCHELL
George & Annie Crowe nee GILDER Farmer
witness: J. Gillingham, Lichfield St, carrier, T.W.Fyfe

Bertha Eveline & James SIMPSON m. 8 November 1896 at Durham St. Church,
ages: 23/23, occ: flour miller, b. Milltown, Southbridge/Christchurch,
parents: George Francis & Ellen Simpson, nee SPENCE (flour miller)
Wattie & Sarah Crowe nee McJARROW
witness: Herbert Walter Crowe, painter, Walter Crowe, baker

Catherine & Joseph Henry SMITH m. 21 January 1920, at Catholic Presbytery,
ages: 36/23, b. Uley, England/Tinwald, occ: labourer,
parents: John Henry & Sarah Smith nee BALL
Anthony & Annie Crowe nee RAPLEY
witness: Ellen Catherine Crowe

Charles William & Clara Annie TREMAIN m. 14 June 1888 at St. Lukes,
Manchester St. Chch, ages 25/25, bach/sp, occ: butler,
b.Christchurch/Maitland NSW,
parents: William & Sophie nee HUTCHINSON

Daniel Crowe & Marie Josephine BOURNIQUA m. 23 September 1903
bach/sp, b. Rolleston/Christchurch, occ: farmer/organist
parents: John & Eileen nee GOUGH
witness, Nellie Crowe

Elizabeth Ann & Joseph WAYLAND m. 28 February 1867 at St. Andrews,
Oxford, Canterbury, NZ, fullage/under age, occ: farmer/servant,

Elizabeth Maud Beatrice & Howard HARDINGE m. 22 April 1916, at St. Michaels,
ages: 38/34, bach/sp, occ: driver/tailoress, b. Sydenham/Oxford
parents: James & Amelia Hardinge nee ROUND
Henry & Naomi Crowe nee OSBORNE

Ellen Catherine & Walter Baden Powell Whitaker m. 3 January 1922 at
Catholic Presbytery
married previously at Christchurch 5 September 1921,
ages: 21/23, occ: farmer, b. Wellington/Rakaia,
parents: Patrick & Mary Crowe nee REILLY
witness: Mary Ida ? Crowe.

Elsie Sophie Bell & George WOOLLEY m. 24 January 1907 at house of Mr
Crowe 191 Manchester St. ages: 24/19, bach/sp, occ:
upholsterer/domestic, b. Manchester, England/Victoria
parents: Frederick & Maria Woolley nee McCALDON (compositor)
John & Susan Crowe nee PROWELL ? (tailor)

Emily Annie & Frederick FULLER m. 7 October 1891 at Holy Trinity Avonside,
b. South Australia/ Christchurch, ages: 28/26, bach/sp, occ: solicitor
parents: Frederick Richardson & mary Fuller nee Mc GRATH ( taxidermist)
William & Sophie Lydia Crowe
witness: John Fuller, (Law Clerk) Alice Crowe, William Crowe.(Bottler)

Ethel Adelaide & Ralph Louis REESE m. 28 October 1912 at St. Lukes, Chch
ages: 22/20, bach/sp, b. Christchurch/Christchurch, occ: butcher,
parents: Charles Leonard & Christina Louis Reese nee ANDERSON (Grocer)
John & Susan Crowe nee C. Powell

Frances Harriet Susannah & John Ford HARTLAND m. 6 February 1874 at St.
Papanui, Chch ages: 23/23, bach/sp, b. Lyttelton/Christchurch
parents: John & Marianne Hartland nee FORD (sheepfarmer ) Lyttelton
William & Sophie Lydia Smith Crowe nee Hutchinson
witness: William Crowe, Emily Crowe, Anne Hartland, W. Crowe.

Hannah & James NELSON m. 17 September 1885 at the house of S. Judd. Mays
Road, Papanui, ages: 32/22, bach/sp, occ: basket maker, born: Svedberg,
Sweden/East Oxford,
parents: Nels Christensen & Sissa Nelson nee MARTENSON ( occ: Tailor)
Thomas & Elizabeth Ann Crowe nee Tunbridge (labourer)
witness: Walter Crowe, Linwood, occ: Baker

Herbert Walter & Margaret SIMPSON m. 18 December 1907 at the House of
the bride Southbridge, ages 23/26, bach/sp, b. Linwood/Southbridge,
parents: Walter Crowe & Sarah Richardson nee McJARROW

Jane Edith & Richard Amor GREEN m. m. 30 March 1887 at St. Lukes Chch
ages: 24/20, occ: bacon curer, b. Christchurch/Christchurch,
parents: Thomas Hilier & Elizabeth Annie Green nee Amor ( Bacon Curer)
William & Sophia Lydia Crowe nee Hutchinson
witness: Emily Anne Crowe, Thomas H. Green, William Crowe,
Richard Amor Green b. 9 June 1862 Chch, bur. 12 April 1924 age 62.

John & Ellen SILK m. 24 February 1868, ages 33/21, bach/sp
witness Patt O'Brian of Temuka

John & Ellen GOUGH m. 20 August 1872, in Catholic Presbytery
ages: 32/32,

Lucy Janetta & Herbert TOD m. 7 December 1910, at St. Lukes Manchester St.
ages: 26/34, occ: farmer, b. Lincoln/Christchurch, usual address: Balcairn
parents: John & Elizabeth Tod nee BLAIR
William & Lydia Crowe nee HUTCHINSON
witness: William Crowe, commission agent, Linwood

Margaret (widow Bell) & Myles Randle MACDONELL
at Catholic Presbytery, ages: 53/45, bach/widow 21 February 1884
occ: merchant/Lady, b. Athboy, Co. Meath, Ireland/St. Johns Wood, London
parents: Randle F. & Louisa Mc Donnell nee PENTLAND
Alexander & Matilda Crowe nee TREZEVANT (merchant)

Mary Elizabeth & Lawrence Albert Scott m. 30 April 1913 at Roman
Catholic Presbytry
ages:30/30, bach/sp, occ: salesman/barmaid, b. Mataura/Makarewa
parents: John & Margaret Scott nee GIBSON (farmer)
Thomas & Julia Crowe nee FORD
witness: Sissie Crowe, domestic, Invercargill.

Rhoda & Frederick William COMYNS m. 9 September 1869 at St. James, Cust.
fell age/minor, bach/sp, occ: farmer
witness : Thomas Crowe, Oxford, labourer,
Frederick William Comyns bur. 28 January 1900 age 78 East Oxford, head
of Family
son, Frederick William Comyns b.16 January 1870, sp. Henry Crowe
bur.3 June 1944 at Addington Cemetery of 42 Peraki St. Kaiapoi.

Robert Henry & Miriam Florence WHALER m. 24 May 1910 at St. Andrews
Church, Oxford, ages 31/31, bach/sp, b. West Oxford/Oversland, England
parents: Harry & Naomi Crowe nee Osborne
witness Ivy Clara Crowe sister.

Violet Winifred & Edward Arthur Green m. 7 June 1919 at St. Saviours,
ages: 21/22, bach/sp, occ: Taxi Prop/dressmaker, b. Greymouth/West Oxford,
parents: Edward Patrick & Annie Green nee STOKES
Henry & Naomi Crowe nee OSBORNE (farmer)

Deaths: Crowe
Alfred Wilson, bur. 5 June 1872, age 1, NOK William & Sophie
Edith Mary, bur. 7 June 1882, age 12 days
Ernest Edward, bur. 20 April 1875, age 8mths, NOK William & Lydia Sophia
Frederick, bur. 21 February 1912, age 63, of Oxford.
John Henry Woodful, bur. 24 May 1904, age 42, Linwood Cemetery
Sophie Lydia, bur. 23 September 1906, age 68, Linwood Cemetery.
Thomas, bur. 7 June 1905, age 81, Head of Family, Oxford.
William, bur. 27 October 1911, age 75, Linwood, occ: brewer

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